October 31, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Six US soldiers killed in Iraq (Monday) + 20 killed in Bazra car bomb blast + Fight for Town Tall Afar Far From Over + A Top Iraqi Official's Brother Is Killed + Seven U.S. Troops Die in Deadliest Month for Americans Since January + One Bullet Away: A Former Marine Officer Who Commanded Platoons in Afghanistan and Iraq Reflects on Going to War - and Coming Home + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Iraq militants launch fresh attacks on government officials + Corruption cost Baghdad billions + Iraq's best and brightest driven abroad by violence, taking away skills needed at home

War prisons: UN keen to quiz Guantanamo detainees + US judge orders release of Guantánamo hunger strikers' medical records

AFGHANISTAN: 2 GIs in Afghanistan Charged With Assault

MIDDLE EAST: Saudi king meets Siniora after Syrian premier's visit

Gamal Mubarak launches 'battle of Cairo'

Israel, Palestine: Israeli troops kill two Islamic Jihad militants in shootout + Israel's disease: Never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity + Sharon to Knesset: Separation fence will be first priority + IDF arrests militant responsible for the death of 10 Israelis + IDF kills Hadera bomb mastermind + Kuwait, Bahrain, and Israel: Bridging the Gulf

RUSSIA: Russia's Putin won't seek third term + Russian-European integration depends on future generations - Putin + Putin calls manufacturing driving force of Russian economy + Putin says government does not want to control media + No hazardous waste on the Ukrainian-Russian border - deputy + Russia agrees to new countries joining transport corridor agreement + Russian Watchdog to make ruling on Siberian-Pacific pipeline + Company Watch: ConocoPhillips' green light to bid for fields + Russia, China set to discuss economic cooperation + Russia's chief auditor talks reform check, projects, watchdog + Techno- and industrial parks to be built in Russia with state backing + Viewpoint: Stabilization fund must secure Russia's intellectual leadership + Russia to finish building world's largest nuclear icebreaker + Official proposes independent body to audit financial watchdog + Russia, China to ink agreement on medical aid to Beslan children + Legalization of free arms sales in Russia to result in massive upsurge of criminality

EUROPE: Leader in Germany's Proposed Coalition Government to Step Down as Party Head

Latvian government grants bigger tax breaks to former Nazi collaborators

Ukrainian president nominates new prosecutor general + Ukrainian parliament members to distribute revenue from Kryvorizhstal sale + Russian businesses should up invest in Ukraine - ambassador

Armenian defense minister may run for president in 2008

CENTRAL ASIA: President pledges to foster booming economy in Kazakhstan

Defense Ministry says Georgia addressing MANPADS issue + Viewpoint: Georgia uses conflict with S. Ossetia to get U.S. financial aid + Russian official calls Georgia's South Ossetia plan unrealistic + Georgia aims to join NATO and EU - foreign minister + Americans will not replace Russians in Georgia-S.Ossetia conflict zone - Georgian minister

AFRICA: Uganda Takes Up Abstinence Campaign

Tanzania Election Sparks Clashes

Ivory Coast: President Rejects Demands to Leave Office

Nigerian court trying Russian tanker crew adjourns until Nov. 29

ASIA PACIFIC: Hu Jintao holds talks with top Vietnamese leaders + President Hu in Hanoi for official visit + China-Russia partnership enters "very important" stage

Koizumi grooms novice as successor + New Japanese foreign minister does not expect quick resolution of territorial dispute with Russia + Koizumi reshuffles ruling party leadership + US to reduce marines from Japan's Okinawa

SOUTH ASIA: Singh probes foreign link in bombings


AMERICAS: Ten years later, Quebec again flirts with independence

Beta spawns floods in Central America

Isolation, many dangers explain why Brazilians rejected gun ban + Brazil's president took donations from Castro, magazine alleges

Russia set to support UN resolution on lifting Cuba blockade + Venezuela Becomes Cuba's No. 1 Trading Partner

Venezuelan Soldier Allegedly Killed by Colombian Rebels Near Border + President Hugo Chavez Frias decrees 50% pay rise for public sector doctors

Colombia: Alleged Drug Boss Sought by U.S. Seized

Mexican rights group exposes government's whitewash of student massacres


AP Interview: Chertoff Says Disaster Preparedness Depends on Public Altruism

US government misses dozens of security deadlines

Australia: AWB 'set up' sham Iraq deal + New Zealand: Fonterra faces inquiry over sales to Iraq

Defense Ministry says Georgia addressing MANPADS issue

Putin says terrorist need to be stripped of support

British blunder may free terrorist suspect

Militants to bomb 5 capitals in South Asia: reports

Macao legislature passes bills against terror, money-laundering

Nazi `Dr. Death' has been hiding in Spain 20 years

Absence of leads frustrates Bali bombing inquiry

Women's lib becomes a gender jihad for Muslims

FBI Arrests Indian American Engineer for Sharing Military Technology+ Son says father innocent of selling U.S. stealth bomber secrets abroad + FBI: Former LANL scientist admitted to selling military secrets+ Secrets sold: 'I did it for the money' + Maui man had been up for DOD contract + 'Father' of the B-2 + Rural area was site of FBI search

Industrial Espionage is Continuous despite the End of the Cold War

Sri Lanka condemns killing of top intelligence officer


Supreme Court turns away Microsoft Web browser case

Supreme Court won't consider Holocaust-era case

Supreme Court rejects telecommuting case

Court to hear medical patent case

Supreme Court nixes appeal on cell phones

Inspector General: Serious Breakdowns in Government Settlement With Wal-Mart


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Russia, China could create spacecraft to explore Mars, the Moon + Russia to launch satellite for World Space Observatory + Russian space agency sets new date for first Venus mission

Clicking to find if you're hot or not

Big troubles may lurk in super tiny tech

ZAP Has Big Hopes for Brazilian Mini-Car in U.S.

Disney's Technology Grows Up

New Telescope Opens Its Eyes


Many employers AWOL on duty to guard members

Infrared Detects Sniper Gunfire

Military Wants to Own the Weather

Cdn troops to get mini spy planes

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Series of Nelson Mandela comic books launched

An international book fair: They've got it covered

Qatar's Al Jazeera Pursues Global Ambitions

New Live-Speech Translation

Is the Web Ready for Prime Time?

'The Blade' Takes Scalpel to GOP Funding in 2004 Campaign

Milwaukee Paper Apologizes for Accepting 'Cooked' WMD Evidence

The Return of Jeff Gannon! Ex-White House Favorite Finds New Outlet in Gay Papers

Scott McClellan Gets Apology from the 'Other' John Roberts

Why Google Print Is Good for Books

Rush & Molloy: Jay & Dave: Talk-show hosts who still aren't speaking

Today's papers


Why do we hunt deer?

The shame of bear hunting

Stakes are so high it's hard to wait

The builder of simple homeless shelters


Chiron OKs sweetened $5.1B Novartis offer

'View tax' triggers revolt in rural New Hampshire

Wal-Mart a juggernaut?

Dow Jones to increase number of indices in Islamic financial market

Australia: Pay for private water even if dams are full

Europe and Venezuela have cut their exposure to the insane US debt

Canada's No.1 gold producer, Barrick Gold bids US$9.2 billion for Placer Dome

Ellison's Fractured Friendships

Web Banking to Upgrade Security

Mergers, Acquisitions and Mayhem

Dell Says Sales Missed Forecast on Lower U.S. Consumer Demand; Shares Drop

FCC Approves SBC-AT&T, Verizon-MCI Unions

Judge Gives Preliminary OK to KPMG Tax Shelter Settlement

Rosa Parks: How I Fought for Civil Rights

Helen Thomas: Rosa Parks Showed One Person Can Incite Change


Scientists use `reverse genetics' to develop bird flu vaccine + Innovative vaccines may be critical in fighting bird flu + A Chicken-and-Egg Problem: How to Speed Up Production of Flu Shots

Bird flu confirmed in 10 rural communities across Russia + Canada discovers strain of avian flu in wild ducks

California: Bird flu not a problem in Pacific Flyway

China: No avian flu among migratory birds reported: official + Shandong activates daily surveillance of bird flu in migration season + Wild birds at HK's Mai Po tested negative for H5N1

Diagnosing Cancer From the Drug Store

Flipped Genetic Sequences Illuminate Human Evolution And Disease

Edible rice vaccine possible for allergies

Franklin's legacy to Medicine

'Start of life' gene discovered

New vaccine technology in the works


Drug mixers spike nurse's workload

Greenhouse effect occurred 5,000 years ago: archaeologists

At 50, Tylenol Brand Gaining Steam on Safety Image

FDA Expedites Review of Erbitux for Head, Neck Cancers

An Essential Regulator Of Body Weight Revealed

Zebrafish And CHIP Help Untangle Protein Misfolding In Brain Disease

Studies Clarify Risk Factors For Mother-to-child Transmission Of Hepatitis C Virus

Could Plain Soap And Probiotics Beat Hospital Bugs?

Restless Legs Syndrome Linked To Psychiatric Conditions

Montreal Surgeons Implant New Mechanical Heart

Structure Of Key Cancer Drug Target Identified

Vaginal Gel May Provide A New Approach To HIV Prevention

New Blueprint To Aid Physicians In Predicting Risk For Type 1 Diabetes

Wnt Signaling Controls The Fate Of Stem Cells In Adult Brains

Broccoli Sprouts, Cabbage, Ginkgo Biloba And Garlic: A Grocery List For Cancer Prevention

Baby's Genes Affect Mom's Cholesterol Levels

MBL Study Shows How Good Cholesterol Provides Human Immunity To Certain Parasites

How Hot Tuna (and Some Sharks) Stay Warm

Microfossils Show Promise In Prospecting Climate History

Cowpeas Could Add Sustainability To Cropping Systems


W urged to chain Cheney + White House Rebuffs Calls for Shakeup and Apology + Iraq War Critic Joseph Wilson Defends Credentials, Calls for Rove's Ouster

Security Council Adopts Watered-Down Warning to Syria Over U.N. Lebanon Probe

Bush, Berlusconi shun public pullout talk

Cheney names two to fill Libby's positions + Cheney's new security adviser linked to bogus information on Iraq

Republicans join call for Rove to resign + New York's mayor shakes off the taint of George Bush

Fed plan on protecting ports is delayed

New rules will combat money laundering

Russian drug control chief to discuss drug trafficking in U.S. + Russia, U.S. to exchange info on MANPADS in November - Ivanov

Sharon praises stands against Iran, Syria

New White House chef makes official debut

Violent US Mexico Border Clashes Surging

Supreme Court Nominee: Bush Nominates Alito to Supreme Court + Alito has affirmed abortion restrictions + Court nominee Alito holdings top $615,000 + Text of Bush, Alito remarks + Pol: W benched O'Connor


Iran: Leanne Piggott: What the Iranian President's rant was really about

Syria, Lebanon: U.N. Security Council OKs Syria resolution + Lavrov urges journalists to avoid focusing on economic sanctions against Syria + Lavrov says UN resolution on Syria can serve as basis for future work + Pakistan urges restraint by United States, Iran and Syria + To survive, Bashar Assad will have to fight his family + Russia voices concerns over UN Syria resolution + Syrian FM slams UN vote pressuring Damascus + Despite Warnings, U.S. Leans on Syria

N. Korea: Cultural Bubble Goes Pop

Social Security: Officials fear confusion over Medi-Cal shift (SactoBee) The poorest people on Medicare have less than two months to make a successful switch to the new prescription drug plan or maybe go without needed drugs in January. In January, they will be liable for co-pays of $1 for generic drugs and $5 for brand-name drugs. Those in long-term care facilities won't pay anything

Congress: Hutchison, DeLay cases have parallels + Senate Turns to Spending-Cut Plan, Alaska Oil Drilling

GOP: Mike Pence becoming voice of small-government conservatives


Xymphora: Rummy flu?

David Ignatius: Bush may move rightward, compounding his isolation

Cut & Paste: Only a true global alliance can deal with climate change

John O'Sullivan: Bush has a year to regain upper hand

Mark Steyn: Russia is dying and Islamists will grab parts of the carcass

Rangel says government will NOT take people's homes and possessions

(WSW)The political implications of the Libby indictment

Gloria Borger: Libby case puts W on trial

John Leo: It's '72 all over again for Dems

Bush picks a Supreme Court fight

(Spiegel) G

eorge W. Bush's Propaganda War Goes on Trial

Capitol Hill Blue: Propaganda Can't Hide the Facts + Oregon's Great Land Use Debate + The Outcome is Rigged


Robert Parry: Did Fitzgerald let the White House walk?

Berlusconi Backs Embattled Intel Director + Italy Defends Spy Chief Over Iraq Controversy

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Conservative Anglicans Say North American Priests Doing Too Little to Mend Church Rift on Gays + Supreme Court nominee alarms gay groups + Alaska Supreme Court rejects court ruling barring gay benefits + Gay church should be role model for others + US Methodist panel orders gay minister defrocked + Liverpool comes out for more gay pride

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Day of the Dead thick with history, tradition

Culture clash or varied tastes?

The good witch of Marin

Herbalist brings back ancient remedies

Dracula, Elvis, Easter Bunny and more; pugs make the scene

Long Beach: Dead Men Do Tell Tales

High Desert ghostbusters tread softly to hear voices of the dead

1611 The Maid's Tragedy, by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher

American Photographs: The First Century

Bijin-ga: Prints of Beautiful Women

The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult

Highland flings

Nationwide "Liu Xiang craze": to be or not to be?

Madonna defends her Kabbalah faith in light of public criticism

Mighty Martha: 'I really cannot be destroyed'

Writer told to take this Jobs and shove it

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The Governor:   Gov. Campaigns In San Diego + Gov. trolls for votes at San Diego restaurant + Gov. cools rhetoric in latest campaign stop + Election advertising push shows Latinos' clout + Central Valley: 250 protestors greet Gov. + Gov. Is Paying the Price for Breaking His Promise to Schools+ Wal-Mart, Waltons weigh in on state vote + Matier & Ross: Gov. losing star power in special election + First Lady Appears to Be Sitting Out This Election + Both Sides Go Trolling for Voters

Intellectual piracy tops list for Gov.'s China trip (SactoBee) "As it is, California's Silicon Valley is somewhat reluctant to go into China," said Ted C. Fishman, author of "China Inc". "Venture capitalists have been slow to move in there - slower than the rest of California - because of fears about intellectual protection." One reason for that fear may be that nine out of every 10 software programs sold in China are pirated. Another product apparently being counterfeited is Napa Valley wine

Election (Propositions): Analysis: Ballot measure ads deliver a personal pitch to voters (SactoBee) Using the voices of teachers, firefighters, police officers and nurses, they remind voters that Gov. broke a promise on education funding and began collecting massive amounts of political cash. Now the Gov. is responding directly, in a new ad in which he acknowledges that he's had a lot to learn. The buzz: Verdict is in: Campaign mailer outrages foes (SactoBee) Jury duty is good citizenship, but using that phrase to fool voters into reading your political mail is not. That's the feeling of Proposition 77 advocates, who were upset last week that opponents of the redistricting initiative sent mailers to Republicans with the words "JURY DUTY" next to a postmark

Rules slow state worker probes (SactoBee) a frustrating part of State Auditor Elaine Howle's job: She lacks enforcement authority, and, because of a new state law, she cannot share sensitive financial records she gathers when investigating state employee misconduct

The cost of medical care for illegal immigrants

Bob Shallit: To bosses overseas, rule misses the pint (SactoBee) California's new law requiring sexual harassment training for managers is creating lots of work for HR consultants. The final regs for the training law haven't been issued. But there's a good chance they'll require California-based firms to train managers who work outside the state

Editorial: Shortsighted regulation (SactoBee) Beware hospitals have choices. In Sacramento, where the Mercy and Sutter hospital chains are preparing elaborate and expensive expansions, the City Council, under union pressure, is responding with a proposal to start regulating them. In Sacramento, expanding a hospital may trigger a review of the hospital's compliance with "community benefit principles" and city examination of hospital debt collection practices, nurse staffing, and labor negotiation tactics. The message is pretty clear: Invest in Sacramento health care, and in return, get regulated even more. In Folsom, where Mercy is looking to expand its emergency room, the City Council has responded differently. Folsom is delivering Mercy a check ($1 million)

2 Californians at center of congressional storm (SactoBee) Dreier and Matsui battle on House rules panel. Democrats said majority Republicans have adopted tight rules that bar any amendments, convened emergency meetings late at night to discourage press coverage and held the voting roll open for hours while the Republican leadership twisted enough arms to win

Wine grape bonanza for state's vineyards

State Seeking Ways to Speed Cargo

Legislature: Dan Walters: Legislators spent a lot of time deciding who can legally drive (SactoBee) Effectively, a Californian without a driver's license and a car is doomed to second-or even third-class status - which explains, perhaps, why extending or withholding the privilege consumed much attention during the 2005 legislative session. The syndrome was most noticeable in the hotly debated measure that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain specially marked driver's licenses

Indian tribes: Valley Center: Casino crime must be reported to deputies



SF State launches investigation into arrest of professor

Despite testimony, Jackson limits ex-wife's child visitation rights

Jackson lawyer praised

Sempra Energy reaches settlement in $9 billion class-action lawsuit

Attorney General Bill Lockyer Announces Prison Sentences and Multi-Million Dollar Restitution Order Handed Down In Securities Fraud And Tax Evasion Case

Attorney General Bill Lockyer Releases Annual Juvenile Justice Report

State warns charities to fold 'em (SanJoseMerc) `CASINO NIGHTS' ILLEGAL. The recent surge of interest in poker has many California charities turning to the games to raise money. Now they're learning it's a bad bet.

Bren Aims to Keep Riches Private in Child Support Case

Sacramento & north: Garcia Charged With Murder In Christie Wilson Case + 'Operation Boo' Targets Sex Offenders + Domestic Violence Sweep Nets Probation Violators + Four Men Sentenced In Chico St. Water Hazing Death + Butte: Man, woman arrested in fatal 2004 shooting

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF: 3 different shootings leave 7 wounded + Son arrested in Sunnyvale murder

Alameda: Jail time for former Fremont firefighter + Shumate maintains innocence 10 years later + Oakland: Wayward bullet kills man in home + Oakland: Gunman kills one, injures three

Contra Costa: Apartment fire under investigation (CCT) A three-alarm fire that started in a second-floor apartment early Sunday morning gutted a commercial-residential building along the El Cerrito border

Marin: Bolinas man in fracas with deputies + Mill Valley girl bitten in face by dog

Sonoma: Judge to rule whether 3 face trial in death of teen on New Year's Eve

Napa: Attempt to con renters out of their apartments

Central Valley: Morgan Hill: Shootings a ‘wake-up call' for gang intervention + Merced County: Driver strikes and kills two children, flees the scene + Woman, 20, is charged in slaying of Norteño (MBee) A 20-year-old Modesto woman has been charged with first-degree murder in the May 2004 death of Auerelino Juarez, according to court records + News from the San Joaquin Valley + Fresno: Gang member arrested + Fresno: Police step up gang crackdown + Fresno police identify school shooting victim + Overwhelmed by serious crime, police say they lack the staffing to keep up (MBee) While on patrol in Modesto recently, officer Rick Applegate watched a call flash across a computer monitor mounted to the dashboard of his car

Southern California: Informant's Past Shadows His Testimony From '85 Murder Trial + Serial-Murder Trial Hinges on DNA Evidence + Aliso Viejo shotgun spree baffles police + Human body parts found in two SoCal locations + Human body parts found in San Bernardino park + Police try to uncover motive in SoCal rampage + San Diego: Gang slapped with injunction + Doctor links Camacho cop killing to drugs + Ex-con gets 27 years for Carlsbad pimp business + Affidavit outlines fleecing of schools


LOCAL NEWS:   UC Regents Run With the Devil on Los Alamos Lab Bid

Sacramento & north: Sacramento: New Metro Fire Chief Sworn In + Sacramento: 6 Years After Arson, B'nai Israel Celebrates Renovations + New low for tiny Delta fish (SactoBee) The threatened Delta smelt has notched another historic population low, prompting some observers to worry the tiny fish may be near extinction + Cordova eyes daytime curfew (SactoBee) Cordova High School senior Rosanna Olvera says she likes the idea of a daytime curfew for teens + Elk Grove: Truck Hits People Leaving Halloween Party + Highway 99: Women pulled from burning car + Paradise group to consider future trash contracts + Oroville: Water district to clarify deal with state + El Dorado Hills - Spending chasm gapes in incorporation race

San Francisco, San Mateo: Huge Crowds Expected At S.F. Halloween Party + Castro Halloween events + Golden Gate bridge barrier debate + Addicts Learn to Save Others From Death

Alameda: Livermore: Charter School Backers May Add High School + Livermore: Candidates Disagree on Most Issues + Livermore Valley Charter School Celebrates Grand Opening + Go Green Initiative Expands to Dublin Schools + Bernal Planning Discussion Postponed+ Zone 7 Raises Treated Water Rates, Reaffirms Trails Policy + Livermore: Measure D Arguments Present Differing Views of the Initiative + Pleasanton Residents Form Majority of Golf Course Panel + Livermore First to Have Official City Historian + Livermore: Vineyard Ave. Traffic Circles to be removed + Livermore: Catholic High School Gets OK + Livermore tech center moves downtown + Residents sound off on project (CCT) While residents were split over the wisdom of a striping project on Marin Avenue in Albany and Berkeley, there have been relatively few complaints since the bulk of the work was completed earlier this month. Council to look at car sales on street (CCT) Pleasanton Neighbors say Santa Rita frontage road is no place for vehicle deals Residents who live along the east side of Santa Rita frontage road may get some relief from the City Council this week to close down the makeshift auto dealership on their street + De La Fuente hopes to prove mettle as Oakland mayor (CCT) With a broad-shouldered swagger and bursts of fog-throated speech, Ignacio De La Fuente has been selling himself to Oakland since the day in 1971 when he arrived from Mexico with no local ties and a small wad of bills in his pocket + Union City questions bill's legality + Bitter legal sniping for Fairview neighbors + Livermore: Spending Big at the Ballot Box to Build

Santa Clara: City gets set to clean toxins (SJM) $2 MILLION RESERVED; FIRM HIRED TO CHECK PARK CONTAMINATION. San Jose officials have set aside $2 million for toxic cleanup in the Watson Park area and hired an international environmental consulting firm to determine the extent of contamination + San Jose's archives now have two homes (SJM) For the record, David Crosson has been telling people he's puzzled. As CEO of History San Jose, he's keeper of all of San Jose's public records going back to the founding of the pueblo. It's just that he hasn't seen any records lately

Contra Costa: Necessity of Measure J questioned (CCT) As the November special election date creeps closer, voters within West Contra Costa school district boundaries face a decision on whether to grant $400 million more for campus reconstruction + Nothing to fear on thoroughfare (CCT) City leaders plan to close the road here that leads to the "Gates of Hell." The City Council hopes that barricading Empire Mine Road to traffic will discourage decades' worth of haunted urban folklore that has created an unlikely tourist attraction

Marin: House on cliff in Bolinas nixed + Supervisor approve Forest Knolls Park renovations + Valley schools may leave federal standards behind + Proposed Tomales Bay cleanup is based on outdated science + Trust raises $1 million for affordable housing + Ross Valley district sued over sewage

Sonoma: More floors sought for Santa Rosa high rises + New curator of county museum + Windsor: Buildings vie for new permits

Napa: Wood returns as an alternative heating source + City offers council meeting audio recordings on Web site + City offers council meeting audio recordings on Web site

Solano: Vaca school candidates focus on improvement + Dioxin discovery closes water facility (CCT) A water line and pumping system were disabled at a wastewater treatment plant where small amounts of the toxic chemical dioxin were discovered last year

Monterey: Fresh slate for Pebble Beach Community Services District + Family homeless from clothes dryer fire + Man hit by train in Elkhorn + General plan gets more attention + A home for the holidays, hopefully + Your Town + Military briefs + Kiwanis Club appoints new officers

Central Valley: El Rancho San Benito, in the developer's words + Gilroy candidates discuss key issues + San Benito: Planning director on a fast track + Tracy eyes grants in bid to add parkland (CCT) City officials looking to preserve more open space in and around Tracy are talking about buying land or its development rights to do it + Stockton residents: Measure W hasn't done enough + Stockton: Railways seen as an option to get traffic on track + Fresno: Man runs car through motel; one woman dies + Protesting workers back on the job at Merced County poultry plant +Housing criteria laid out (MBee) Manteca: Regulation baseball diamonds, competition-style swimming pools, wildlife areas and walking trails are some things the Manteca City Council would like in housing developments + School bond on ballot in Tuolumne (MBee) Tuolumne County voters will decide Nov. 8 on a $9.3 million Groveland area high school bond measure, as well as a measure to create a Tuolumne County Resource Conservation District.

Central Coast: School race row in Capistrano + Race lawsuit could set precedent about where kids go to school + News briefs from California's Central Coast + Santa Cruz bus strike nears end + Caltrans Refines CA Highway in Effort to Reduce Driving Perils + Measure C proposes adding temporary tax to balance Scotts Valley's budget

Southern California: Getty Trust board forms panel to investigate claims + Bratton's Plans for Homeless Debated + Seeds of Dissension Linger re: South Central Gardens + Downtown L.A. Streets to Close for Roybal Mass + Valley's Orange Line a Hit Out the Gate + New Anti-Smoking Program Targets LGBT Community + LA: Lack of Tough Competition No Reason to Coast + LA: Huizar Has the Cash and Key Backers + LA: Pacheco Aims to Reclaim His Lost Job + 10 Candidates Compete to Fill the Seat Left Vacant by Villaraigosa + Carlsbad: City agrees to pay $150,000 to accident victim + Lake Elsinore: Dearth of hotels hampers tourism + Coachella Valley: Ominous warning of water crisis deserve our attention, action + Anaheim: The Urban Afterthought + San Diego: Mayoral Race Foes Are Doing the Math + Mayoral rivals warn of cuts

School days: Young futures on the line (SactoBee) Within the next few months, a staggering number of California high school seniors may see their worlds come crashing down. They are the guinea pigs in a tough new state experiment: the California High School Exit Exam. So many now are at risk of not graduating, it would take 60 + Placer has a second college plan (SactoBee) While one university development proposal in Placer County has garnered much of the attention lately, another has been gathering steam as it winds its way through the planning process + How to Write More Clearly, Think More Clearly, and Learn Complex Material More Easily + Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style + School race row in Capistrano + Mexico City university is free with right number + Students attempt high school exit exam again this week + Race lawsuit could set precedent about where kids go to school + UC Regents Run With the Devil on Los Alamos Lab Bid

Day of the Dead thick with history, tradition

Culture clash or varied tastes?

The good witch of Marin

Herbalist brings back ancient remedies

Dracula, Elvis, Easter Bunny and more; pugs make the scene

Long Beach: Dead Men Do Tell Tales

High Desert ghostbusters tread softly to hear voices of the dead

October 19, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Insurgents Kill 19 in New Iraq Violence + Elections Officials Among 13 Dead in Iraq + Soldiers killed in Iraq attacks + British soldier killed by Iraqi roadside bomb + Security incidents in Iraq, Oct 19 + Saddam's nephew arrested in Tikrit + Major Developments in Iraq on Wednesday + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: US to deploy military-civilian reconstruction teams in Iraq + Saddam Hussein goes on trial, but some still support him + Saddam: this court is not fit to judge me + Scharf: Tribunal could be cornerstone for a new Iraq + Saddam trial adjourned + Kurdish judge steps forward + Profiles: Defendants in Saddam's trial + Demonstrations, statements, supporting Saddam + 7 Iraqis, two American soldiers killed in Iraq + Iraqi Parliamentary elections should involve all political and ethnic groups - Lavrov + Teamwork lacking at water plant outside Baghdad + A Dynamic Advocate Is Now a Statistic

AFGHANISTAN: Militants Kill District Chief In Southern Afghanistan + Afghanistan's Recognition Of Israel Contingent On Independent Palestinian state + 'Taleban' kill school headmaster + Overseer of Buddhas' Demise Now in Office

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt seeks int'l support for Palestinians + Egypt Offers Historic Summit for Peace + Egypt's Foreign Min To Meet With UN Nuclear Agency Chief

Israel, Palestine: Israel plans 'apartheid' roads in W Bank + Russia, Egypt warn against unilateral steps on Palestine's final status + Abbas meets Spanish leader

RUSSIA: Russian and Norwegian foreign ministers discuss trawler scandal by phone + Lukoil's Romanian unit secures long-term IFC loan + Lukoil increases oil production by 4.3% in 9M05 + Berezovsky declared personal non grata in Latvia + Lithuanian foreign ministry reduces claims for Russian jet crash + Russia to borrow $100 mln from World Bank - Gref + Russian Railways strikes $600mln foreign loan deal + Egyptian govt. approves opening of Egyptian-Russian university + Russia prepares document on common air defense system with Belarus + Russia hopeful Latin American states will back its WTO accession bid

EUROPE: France snubs EU's trade talk plan + France makes new bid to rein in EU trade boss

German navy gets new submarines + The Uncertain Future of Germany's Grand Coalition

Italy set for early election

Britain: Serious concern over Libya "no torture" deal + Oxbridge bias denied by Falconer

Euro-Atlantic integration and joining NATO priority for Ukraine - President

Georgian foreign minister awaits presidential decision + Georgian general fired after officers skip class in U.S

Return of Soares to politics shows depth of Portuguese crisis

CENTRAL ASIA: Russian foreign minister to visit Central Asia

Kazakhstan's GDP up 9% in nine months

No Revolution Coming, Azerbaijani Leader Says

AFRICA: Archbishop: 'Mugabe should just be banished' + Zimbabwe police 'dangerously' underfunded

Malawi's top dog under fire

Botswana forces the Basarwa out

Violence brewing in Nigeria

Kenya: Draft Constitution Campaigns Push On

Ethiopia: Peacekeeping Presence in Mission Area Becoming "Useless" - UN

Tanzania: Country Now Making Its Own ARVs With Thai Help

Botswana: The Breakdown of Social Support Systems

Ethiopia says Eritrea building up troops on border

Congo army moves against ex-rebels in Brazzaville

Sudan: Escaping Africa's longest civil war

Restoring electricity a major challenge for Liberia's next leader

ASIA PACIFIC: Aceh peace deal implemented well: AMM

Beijing denies fudging arms cost + China issues 1st white paper on democracy + HK publishes proposals on selecting Chief Executive + CNPC reaches agreement with Kazakhstan over oil deal + Rumsfeld holds talks with China defense chief Cao + Manifesto of China-ASEAN Cities of Charm signed + Chinese Premier calls on to improve endowment insurance system + Int'l human settlements meeting to open in Nanning + Australia expects more cooperation in energy with S. China province + Russian ambassador: China to be second largest trade partner of Russia + PetroKazakhstan shareholders OK CNPC bid

Philippine bishops too involved in politics: Govt

Oil fears push ecologically-friendly cars into limelight at Tokyo show + Koizumi reiterates he sees new reason to stop Yakusuni visit

Vietnam to build 1st nuclear power plant

E Timor border at 'flashpoint'

SOUTH ASIA: India and Pakistan to open border + Disaster Brings Slight Thaw to Kashmir

US moving forward on nuclear deal with India + Poor countries need protections for farmers - India + Cisco unveils India investment

Aftershocks Trigger Landslides, Panic in Pakistan + Germany promises long-term aid for Pakistan + Pakistan strips sat images of quake-stricken region from Net + Quake-hit Kashmir linked by phone + Will an open Kashmir plan fall foul of military sensitivities?

AMERICAS: Hurricane Wilma 'strongest ever'

Chile court strips Pinochet immunity in tax case + Japan, Chile to begin free trade talks: report

Veterinary Crisis Could Benefit Argentina + Argentina Presents Ambitions on European Stage

Peru's Fujimori Cleared by Court of Illegal Arms Deal

The secret laboratories fuelling Colombia's 40-year armed conflict

More help for Amazon drought

UN presses for Haiti's elections

Fox favorite headed for Mexico primary defeat-poll + Mexico smugglers' village booming on US border + Castañeda's Bid for Mexico Presidency Gets Boost

Crops destroyed in Guatemala + Guatemalans wary of military aid

Venezuela's 2006 Budget Plan May Fuel Inflation, Lawmaker Says + US private contractors scheming to oust Chavez? + Venezuela Defends Right to Nuclear Energy + Portugal May Invest in Venezuela

Ecuador Mulls over Constituent Assembly

Bolivians Lash at Congressional Crisis

Blockade of Cuba Punishes People in the US


Ryan defense protests prosecution tactics

Beckhams go to court in defense of their marriage

Does the U.S. Constitution Allow Government To Limit the Use of Assisted Reproduction Technologies to Married Couples?

Tracking Every Move You Make, Part Two: Government Monitoring of Drivers' Cell Phones Raises Some Privacy Concerns that Can Be Easily Mitigated

In John Gotti's Shadow: Junior Gotti as a Sequel to Organized Crime's Infamous Dapper Don

Investigators Wait For DNA Results In Vitale Murder

Illegal immigrants can get workers' compensation, LA court rules

Feds hardly make a dent in illegal immigrants' 'invisible bankers'

State appeals court ruling favors Sen. Clinton in fundraiser case

Water Plan for Klamath Is Rejected

Impact of 3-Strikes Law Still Unclear

Suit Seeks to End Dispute Over Funding for Foster Children

Death of Abandoned Infant Death Points Up Difficulty of Reaching Mothers in Distress

State Sued in Probes of Care Homes

Illegal Immigrants Who Aided Police Sue for Federal Visas

Hubble Takes Rare Look at Moon to Gauge Amount of Oxygen in Minerals for Future Prospectors

Broadband net goes stratospheric

Call for British astronauts

Map shows Mars 'earthquakes'

Study lists top five tech trends

DVD Jon Lands Dream Job Stateside

Brenda Stardom: Not So HOTmail And A Yoohoo To Yahoo

Pedals From the Past

Tomorrow's Operating Room to Harness Net, RFID

Next-Generation Rocket Engine

R&D Revival

Backup Basics: What to Know Before a Crisis

Solar-Powered Bus Stops

China Makes Breakthrough in 'Space Ecological Chain'

Feeding The Monster

Are Comets More Like 'Icy Dust Balls' Or 'Dirty Snowballs'?

Mars' Climate In Flux: Mid-latitude Glaciers


S. Africa's police, spies squabble over elite unit, the Scorpions

Al-Qaeda-linked rebels coddle Bali bombers in Philippines + US counter-terrorism co-ordinator to visit the Philippines + Southern Philippines: Triangle of terror

Man accused of Bush assassination attempt assigned new lawyer

Russian space center loses control of satellite

A Year Later, Goss's CIA Is Still in Turmoil

Republicans Seek to Widen F.B.I. Powers

US intelligence reports predicted Iraq chaos

9/11 Panel Says Congress and White House Are Failing to Act + September 11 Panel Says Government Failing to Act: NYT

Spy plane crashes in Tiger territory

Vano and the KGB

Bustamante: The art of espionage

Making Sense of a Sea of Information

Intelligence Brief: Somalia

Los Alamos Lab and UCSB Devise Plans for New Institution

Abuse by U.N. Troops Entrenched

US deports four men in tunnel threat probe

Secret code 'traces copies'

New York's subway terror threat--was it a hoax?


Daily News Exclusive: Bush whacked Rove on CIA leak


Prez Iraq team fought to squelch war critics

Joseph Cannon: More from Larry Johnson on Traitorgate, Cheney and Ledeen

Click. Justin Raimondo: Niger uranium forgery mystery solved?

Click. Denis Hamill: Ex-doorman's (Patrick Fitzgerald) crucial clout.

John Nichols: The case against Cheney

Larry Johnson


Vedic home design said to provide health, prosperity

A Super Hornet's Nest


Stocks in U.S. Rally on Earnings; S&P 500 Has Biggest Gain in Six Months

EBay Earnings Gain 40 Percent; Shares Drop as Profit Forecast Disappoints

Amgen's Profit Rises as Sales of Aranesp Jump 38 Percent, Gaining on J&J

Humer Credits Roche Sales Jump To Cancer Drugs

An Autumn of Unholy Alliances

Web 2.0: Meet Venture Capital

Call centers

Guidant Says $25 Billion J&J Deal Still Makes Sense


Trial bird flu jab shows promise + China and Russia file bird flu reports today + Fresh bird flu outbreak in China + Bird flu spreads to European part of Russia + Thaksin says bird flu under control in Thailand + China, Australia Cooperate on Bird Flu Prevention and Monitoring + Vietnam to reestablish poultry checkpoints + Bird flu epidemic feared - will Israel, Syria cooperate? + Britain: Flu jabs are planned for all + Argentina says plans to produce own bird flu drug Tamiflu

Zambia starts clinical trials of herbal AIDS drugs

International stem cell bank opens in South Korea

Websites bolster chronically ill

IVF defects higher than expected

Weight-loss surgery: 4% die in a year

New Stem-Cell Methods Fall Short

Restoring Silenced Suppressor Gene Kills Lung-cancer Cells

Rett Gene Regulates Alternative Splicing

Researchers Show Beneficial Role Of Risk Calculator In Fighting Progression Of Glaucoma

'Big Picture' Of Brain Changes May Be Crucial To Recovery From Stroke Injury

New University Of Toronto Strategy Will Boost Cord Blood Stem Cells

UCLA Researchers Identify How Antibody Blocks Prostate Cancer Growth In Animal Models

Infertility Researchers Identify One Gene's Critical Role In The Human Embryo Implantation Process

New Genetic Link To High Blood Pressure Found

Subtypes Of Ependymomas Arise From Rare Stem Cells In The Nervous System

Notch Signaling Molecule Important In Type 2 Immunity

Large-scale Sequencing Research Network Sets Its Sights On Disease Targets

Biomarker Test May Give Early Warning Of Brain Woes

Dietary fat linked with dry eye syndrome

Radiation therapy helps treat liver tumors

Study: Junk DNA is critically important

Climate Model Predicts Dramatic Changes Over Next 100 Years

Antarctic species feel the warmth

Chad's first fossil unit sets sights on hunt for earliest human

Fugitive rat sets distance record + Rat's 'life code' read by science

'Zombie worms' found off Sweden

Seafloor Creatures Destroyed By Ice Action During Ice Ages

Removal Of Dominant Rivals Causes Male Cichlid Fish To Undergo Remarkable Transformation


Bush Panel's Tax Plans Target Key Deductions

Rove's fate leaves Bush agenda in the balance

Bush for guest worker plan, wants to deter illegal immigration + Mexico calls Bush position on immigration reform "significant"

Bono visits Bush at the White House

US urges Syria to change behavior

Key challenges for Palestinian President Abbas (Bush meeting Thursday) + US pressures Abbas on radical candidates + Abbas may get little but demands from Bush summit

Rice won't rule out US troops in Iraq in 10 years + Rice Wants to Follow Afghan Model in Iraq + Rice Won't Rule Out Force on Syria, Iran + Rice short on detail on exit strategy for Iraq

China sending `mixed signals' with military buildup, Rumsfeld says + Rumsfeld Urges New Political Direction for China

US welcomes Australia's deployment to Philippines

Supreme Court Nominee: Senators Say Miers' Answers Insufficient + Miers was vetted by few in administration + US Senators Demand More Responsive Answers From Nominee Miers + White House Strategy on Miers Seems to Be Pleasing Neither Side An AP News Analysis

Katrina/Rita: Panel Explores Connection Between Katrina and Race

Iran: President complains about France's policy toward nuclear program + Suspects Held in Pair of Weekend Bombings

Syria, Lebanon: US readies to challenge Syria + President Mubarak to meet Hariri's son + Palestinian support to Lebanon to remove groups weapons + Judge Charges Syrian in Slaying of Hariri + With the truth will come tough times

N. Korea: Korea seeks China, Japan logistics meeting + North Korea Marks a 60th Anniversary

Congress: Cunningham civil suit put on hold + Hil and Chuck slam tax plan + Senate Committee Approves $3 Billion in Farm Cuts but Keeps Dairy Subsidy + Specter Calls on Scientists to Lay Out Case for Stem Cell Money

Democrats: Hillary’s Chest Gets Bigger As ’08 Gets Closer

GOP: GOP Is Caught Between Alliances + George Packer on the Republican party’s troubles


Faith-Based War: Patrick J. Buchanan

A Town Without Pity: Leon Hadar

Maureen Dowd: Haughty Harry: Lawyering Without a License

Thomas Friedman: Leading by (Bad) Example

Deconstructing Nation-Building: James L. Payne

Plamegate: The Iraq War Runs Through It

Arthur Shaw: Bush got the bananas and he's eating them

David Simpson: Invade Syria? Insane

Bonnie Erbe: Bush recession on its way

Ted Rall: Put a woman in charge

Jill Lepore on the history of American democracy

No Experience Necessary

Capitol Hill Blue: The Conservative Manifesto + A Plague Upon All Our Houses + The War on Drugs is Over: We Lost + Tax Reform May Bite Bush in the Ass + Congress to New Orleans: Give Up on Some Parts of City + The Cost of Hurricane Recovery

Pepe Escobar

Jeffrey Steinberg: Cheney plots new wars to save his hide

MILITARY  Air Force Academy will be under closer scrutiny, outgoing chief says

1 in 4 Iraq vets ailing on return + Troops screened as never before

Japan, US struggle with military base realignment

Russian, British Navies set to mark Trafalgar anniversary in St. Petersburg

SHAPE’s Gen. Jones: Europe’s militaries need more cooperation

Talk show host Ed Schultz nixed by AFN

Frank: Zeese's Antiwar Campaign

Concannon Jr.: Electoral Cleansing in Haiti

NBA Order to Dress Up Doesn't Mean Selling Out

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Walgreens Attacked For Gay Games Support + Lawsuit filed against Hillsborough County over gay pride ban + Supporters, foes of gay marriage trade dirty tricks charges

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

The Death of Television

Guardian journalist believed kidnapped in Iraq

Spanish judge issues arrest warrant for US troops over Iraq death of TV cameraman Jose Couso

Robert Parry: When journalists join the cover-up

Publishers Sue Google Over Scanning Plans

Senators Question Miller on Shield Law Legislation + Full Text of Judy Miller's Speech Wednesday Before Senate Judiciary Committee

'Hoy' Jumping On Cold-Case Crime Craze With Telemundo

TimesSelect Draws Mixed Reviews from Columnists

'Californian' Reporter Fired for Ethical Lapses

Novel Treasure Hunt Explores Earth And Mineral Sciences Library

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

On Foot: Stepping back in time in Walnut Canyon

Astonishing ruins lurk in the dense rain forest of Guatemala

Alberto Hurtado, Servant of Chile's Poor

Mexican rockers bring visual theatrics to valley

Kutcher turns Moore romance into sitcom

Bed, Bath, and Benefactors

Sarah Silverman’s Mouth

Van Gogh’s Drawings: A Precise Draftsman, Emotional Cauldron

Rush & Molloy: Eyes wide open: Biographer digging for info on Cruise

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Not a mob sort of family

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Word of the day

October 18, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Iraqi ministerial adviser killed + Baathists threaten US military bases as Saddam trial opens + Tribes Hired to Guard the Border + Crisis In Morale Strikes British Troops In Iraq + Fixing Iraq's Water + U.S. Killed Civilians in Airstrike, Iraqis Say + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Dictator in the dock + Iran sends Saddam charges to Iraq + Iraq vote counts 'point to fraud' + Iraq's Election Commission Check Ballots + Iraq welcomes Mousa's visit + Trial of the century? Not for Iraqis + Saddam Lawyer to Seek 3-Month Adjournment + Procedures for Saddam Hussein's trial + Saddam's trial fails to focus on atrocities + Amnesty team for Saddam trial + U.S. Inspector General: Many Iraq Reconstruction Projects Will Be Left on Drawing Board

War prisons: Man held in Syria seeks Canada's role in 'torture by proxy'

AFGHANISTAN: Rights body warns of warlords' success in elections + Two more pro-govt clerics, police officer killed in Afghanistan + Afghanistan to probe Indian's arrest + Suspected arms dealers held in Afghanistan + US troops kill 4 Afghan police by mistake - official + President of Kazakhstan invited in Afghanistan + Afghanistan to recognize Israel + Ex-Taliban elected in Afghanistan

Middle East: Saudi Arabia aims to be top investment draw

Egypt builds security wall around Sharm Al Sheikh + Egypt taking charge of Palestinian Authority

The carve-up of Iraq will spawn a redivision of the Middle East

The struggle to survive in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon

Israel, Palestine: Killings spur Israel to close borders + Israel redraws the roadmap, building quietly and quickly + Militants with Al Qaida links slipped into Gaza - Israel + Turnover loss in Palestine agriculture mounting + PA, Lebanon discuss disarming Palestinian refugee groups + Gaza gunmen seize two accused collaborators with Israel + Moscow backs Palestine's anti-terror efforts, warns Israel against unreasonable force

RUSSIA: Russia concludes talks on WTO membership with Argentina + Georgian parliamentarians demand foreign minister's resignation + Russian experts launch first phase of Chinese nuclear power plant operations + Russian-Vietnamese venture to build gas pipeline in Vietnam + UPDATE: Russia, Norway agree to convoy Russian trawler to Murmansk + Russia, Brazil agree on space, UN reform, trade, anti-terrorism + Russia falls 30 places on corruption index + Russia dispatches anti-submarine vessel to Barents Sea for surveillance + Russia, Brazil to establish privileged energy partnership + Russian troops conduct special operation in Nalchik seeking remaining terrorists

EUROPE: EU trade boss escapes shackles, France watching

German MP to keep it real after jump from dole to Reichstag + German MPs choose speaker + Germany's new parliament to meet + "I Am Immune to the Seduction of Power" + Merkel shares history with aide

France suspends general over Ivory Coast death + Spain, France Join Forces on Immigration

Ken Clarke loses Tory leader bid + Analysis: Cameron in driving seat

Lithuania to negotiate with TNK-BP on sale of Mazeikiu NAFTA stake

Georgia: Orange revolution tests its leader's grey matter + European Court of Human Rights accepts case against Georgian government

Ukraine may join WTO in December - president + Ukrainian parliament to ban privatization of steel giant

CENTRAL ASIA: UN food program calls for international help to feed Azerbaijanis

Tajikistan's foreign trade up $35.8 million

Russian foreign minister to visit Turkmenistan, talk Caspian

AFRICA: Obote's body back home in Uganda + Obituary: Milton Obote + Uganda divided as Obote's body arrives home + Uganda: Army and Sudan's SPLA Fight Kony

Corruption worst in Chad + Corruption Still Rampant In 70 Countries, Says Corruption Perceptions Index 2005

Zimbabwe's feisty lawyer campaigning for justice

Senegal's media angry at 'monstrous' censorship

Migrants 'were dumped in Sahara desert' + Morocco, Algeria accusations over illegal African immigration

General suspended over death

Kenya: Draft Constitution Campaigns Push On

Pan Africa: Increase in Malaria Cases Linked to Climate Change + Nigeria: Country is 'Greatest Risk to a Polio Free World'

Botswana: Tumelo Denies Economic Crisis

Southern Africa: Madagascar Urged to Exploit Sadc Benefits

Kenya: Shrinking Forests Stunt Growth

East Africa: Red Tape Slows Down Oil Flow

Kenya: Housing Shortage Bites

Namibia: Agribank Coffers Run Dry + Namibia: Double Standards Alleged in Racism Case

Zambia: French Envoy's Remarks Ruffle State

Rwanda: US, Belgium, Britain Accused of Conspiring to Overthrow Habyarimana

Liberia: Vigilante Gangs Patrol Streets As Police Force Rebuilds

Western Sahara: Positions of Key Players Quasi-Irreconcilable, Says UN Envoy

South Africa: Monsanto Gets Nod to Sell Double-Resistant Cotton + South Africa: Small Farmers 'To Bear Brunt of Storm' + South Africa: Bank Upbeat On Health of SA's Financial System

Nigeria: Police Take Over PDP Abuja Secretariat + Nigeria: Shell's Jones Creek Campaign Increases Oil Output

ASIA PACIFIC: China calls off Japanese visit + China condemns Koizumi's war shrine visit + China promises more flexible exchange rate system + China, Vietnam likely to complete border demarcation work before 2008, Chinese vice president says + Chinese vice president meets ASEAN trade, economic ministers + World Bank chief says China has 150 million people in acute poverty + Wen : Sino-US trade issues can be settled + China, foreign police jointly crack down on huge heroin trafficking case + Stakes rise in Japan, China gas dispute + China to issue white paper on political democracy + The China Environmental Crisis

Indian, Russian navies begin joint exercises

New Zealand foreign minister criticized + Peters ready to build US bridges

Japan: Wartime free speech verdict reconsidered

+ Japanese firms fearYasukuni shrine fallout

Australia: Terror laws will be 'refined': PM

Thailand's tsunami early warning system to be fully completed by March 2006 + Malaysia, Thailand swap barbs over Muslim unrest + Thailand extends emergency rule in southern provinces

SOUTH ASIA: Kashmir minister killed in militant attack + Musharraf proposes to open Kashmir frontier after quake

India: 23 Karbis hacked to death in Assam + Government to consider quota for Muslims in jobs, education + First salvo fired in Delhi's battle for water

AMERICAS: Wilma becomes a hurricane, ties another record, threatens Cuba and Mexico

India, Mexico to hold joint commission meeting on Oct 21

Chile judge goes after Pinochet for embezzlement + Pinochet undergoes medical exam + Chile's Front-Runner Presidential Candidate Unveils Government Program

Peru's Flores Builds Lead in Presidential Poll +\ Peru: Alleged Scandal Tapes Analyzed

Argentina oil cos, unions to discuss pay rises today; strike + Russia concludes talks on WTO membership with Argentina

Cuban lawmakers call for end to US blockade + 15th Ibero-American Summit supports Cuba + Infant Mortality Rate Shines in Cuba

Brazilian Congress opens expulsion hearings against 11 lawmakers + Russia Agrees to Launch Brazil's First Astronaut to ISS + Russia backs permanent UN Security Council membership for Brazil + Russia, Brazil to deepen cooperation in energy, aerospace - Putin + Pope to visit Brazil in 2007 + WTO asks arbitrator to settle Brazil sanctions request against US

Hardscrabble life for poor Venezuela gold miners + Venezuela 2004 proven oil reserves 80.582 bln barrels + Chavez Frias says gold mining environmental permits on the way! + Chavez Frias meets local social movements in Galicia and Milan + Missionary camps established in the vicinity of highly strategic mineral deposits + Venezuelan economy outperforming expectations; poverty reduced 14.6% + Venezuela: Oil companies are making payments on US$3 billion in back taxes + Chavez Frias gets chance to visit Bolivar's mythical Monte Sacro in Rome

Ecuador Electoral Authority Evaluates President's Call to Amend Constitution

A Winter Patriot: Reflections on the Antiwar Movement



Stage set for bigger Chinese space push + China's new generation of carrier rocket to make technological breakthroughs + Chinese taikonauts to conduct space walk in 2007

Venus mission ready for blast off

Microsoft releases details on Windows Vista

'4G' Leapfrogs Next-Gen Wireless

Robots Shift Car Tech Into High Gear

Two-Tone Molecular Printing

Japan Tests Vehicle Anti-Collision Systems

Mars' Climate In Flux: Mid-latitude Glaciers


Diggers' Asian terror front to go to Philippines

India-Russia naval exercises begin

Another al-Qaeda group forms in Saudi Arabia

UK and Libya sign agreement on terror suspects

US "private military contractors" already in-country to "deal with" Chavez

No bail decision made yet for Umer Hayat

Don't execute Bali bombers, Jakarta warned

Secret tape exposes N Korean executions

(Pravda) Chechen terrorists rumored to possess nuclear weapons provided by disgraced Russian oligarch

India bids to rule the waves

Japanese Spy Told Stalin of Japan's War Policy Against U.S. in 1941

Third World, U.S. using each other

Philippine Spy Scandal Comes Amid Turmoil + Plea bargain to make Michael Ray spill beans

Prosecutors grill former president's spy chief

Freeh's Self-Whitewash

Congress Probes Mixed Signals in NYC Scare

U.S. Puts Bounty on Bomb Maker

MILITARY  Returning US soldiers face financial and medical difficulties

Retreat from Gallipoli theme park + Sadness of our only WWI Digger

Chinese Generals and Their Fatal Distractions

Time running out on efforts to derail base-closing plan

Military values are a big draw in America's small towns


NY Daily News: Senior Cooperatiing witness (snitch?)

Joe Cannon: Judy Miller and the other scandal

Laura Rozen comments

Raw Story: Is Cheney aide Hannah the snitch?

Raw Story: Judy Miller had unusual relationship with military, Iraqi group

Stratfor: Why Plame matters


Offering Compassion, Not a Cure

Brenda Stardom: Happy Belated Third Birthday

Coming Soon, the Corporate Drama of Disney


China's Economic Growth Probably Slowed to 9.2 Percent as Exports Cooled China, which

Watching a $4 Billion Company Collapse in a Week

The price of cheap beef: disease, deforestation, slavery and murder

Argentina angling to join biofuels race

Repsol, Statoil win exploratory oil blocks at Brazil auction

Iran probably win oil contracts in Mexico, Nigeria

U.S. Labor In Retreat In Face Of Global Forces

Chicago Board of Trade going public in long-planned IPO

(WSWS) Refco collapse in US poses some troubling questions

Singapore's $7.6bn fling

US stocks: The visible hand of Uncle Sam

GM Reaches Agreement With UAW

Warner Looks to Get Lean in Year of Big Hits

10% of population has shopped on Web, study shows


EU urges global bird flu response + Bird flu spreads fear and hoarding in Paris + Thailand to start bird flu vaccine trials in 2006 + Roche ready to share Tamiflu production + Bird flu antibodies found in swans + LA airport officials race to develop bird flu quarantine plan + Bird flu exposes online drugs loophole + Singapore: Stricter controls on toxins imported for research

Chiron lowers 2005 profit outlook on reduce vaccine production

NIAID Launches First Phase II Trial Of A 'Global' HIV/AIDS Vaccine

Sexes Differ In Their Immune Reactions To Burnout On The Job And Depression

Cancer patients conceal alternative meds

Caregiving: Avoiding food-borne illness

Fresno: Valley hospital's 'cyber knife' tool cuts through tumors

FDA to hear concerns on anti-germ soaps

Biomarker Test May Give Early Warning Of Brain Woes

Largest Single-institution Study Demonstrates Mammosite Is A Safe Breast Cancer Treatment

New Microfluidic Devices Found To Be Effective Method Of In-vitro Fertilization In Mice

Hormone Might Cause Dangerous Pregnancy Complication

If Successful, Moxifloxacin Could Be First New Treatment For TB In More Than 40 Years

Retinoblastoma Researchers Find Success With Two-drug Combination

Study Finds New Type Of Silicone Implant Offers More Natural Looking Breasts, Low Complication Rate

Breast Conserving Treatment An Option For Women With Implants

New Tools Move Polio Eradication Drive Into Final Stage

What Mutations Tell Us About Protein Folding

Reflux Surgery Shows Success

New Radiation Technique Helps Brain Cancer Patients Keep Their Hair

More Males Chimps Means More Territorial Patrols, Study Shows

Wright Bros. Upstaged! Dinos Invented Biplanes

Coastal Retreat In Face Of Rising Sea Levels Found To Be Influenced By Wildfires

Coral Reef Remedies: Seaweed from Fiji Yields New Molecular Structures with Pharmaceutical Potential

Mountain Winds May Create Atmospheric Hotspots

Geologist Urges Seismic Shift In Process For Selecting EarthScope Study Sites



Gonzales Says Judges Are Wrong to Cite International Law in U.S. Decisions

Greece uncovers biggest Internet child pornography case

Crackdown on Internet Traps More Pedophiles

Tennessee: Court Dismisses Claims on Lethal Injection


Click to view, state and local


Bush panel proposes radically new tax structure

Annan, Rice discuss Iran, Iraq, Syria + Rice meets Annan in advance of UN Hariri report

Bush gets update of Mideast from Mideast envoy

Rumsfeld questions China's playing down its military spending + Snow opposes sanction against China over RMB issue + US calls for financial sector modernization in China + US defense secretary makes his first visit to China + Snow urges faster China financial reform

U.S. urges Israel to ease 'plight' of the Palestinians

Newly-appointed US ambassador holds talks with Egyptian FM

World Bank president Wolfowitz arrives in Russia for two-day visit

Armenia not to strengthen relations with U.S. at Russia's expense - defense minister

Chertoff aims to expel all illegal immigrants

Bolton testifies at U.N. overhaul hearing

Bush, Barroso back opening trade markets

Officials scrap plans to close hundreds of local farm offices

Bush officials discuss revamped proposal for guest-worker program

Libya rejects Bush request to release Bulgarian nurses

White House Official to Become Rand Dean

National Park Service Proposes Revised Policy Guidelines

Supreme Court Nominee: Miers Backed Ban on Most Abortions in '89 + Interpretations Differ After Talks With Miers

Katrina/Rita: Katrina's cultural fallout + Retailers Bulk Up to Rebuild the Gulf Coast + Still Waiting for Someone to Size Up Damage + Governor Appoints Panel to Plan Recovery

Iran: Iran denies report on direct nuclear talks with US + President complains about France's policy toward nuclear program + Iran's hardline press calls for cutting UK ties + Analysis: Iran-UK ties toward freezing? + Police given unlimited powers in north-east Iran province + ElBaradei 'hopeful' of new nuclear talks with Iran

Syria, Lebanon: France, U.S. Readying New U.N. Resolutions Critical of Syria + Egypt tries to defuse US- Syrian tension + Abul Gheit: Syria and Lebanon are in very critical situation + Lebanon charges Syrian with murder in Hariri probe + US, Israel fear post-Assad chaos in Syria + UN Hariri probe to name Assad’s relative: report + Pressure on Syria is to weaken the region + Tunisian call for standing by Syria + France supports the Lebanese government + Syria and Belarus ink party agreement

N. Korea: DPRK accuses US of violating six-party talks joint statement spirit + President Hu likely to visit DPRK-report + Rumsfeld Says Any North Korea Agreement Needs Strong Verification + North Korea, Eyeing Election, Issues Stream of Insults at Bush + Why North Korea Won't Talk + Chinese diplomat to discuss round five of N. Korea talks + Annan hopes not to politicize Mehils report + Ambassador in Madrid hails coexistence in Syria + Richardson Seeks to Implement Arms Deal

Congress: States Protest Billions In Mandatory Medicare Drug Contributions + Senate may postpone stem cell vote + Senate drops food stamp cuts from budget

Democrats: Dean: White House has championed hostile relationship with Mexico + Emily's List Turns 20 + Clinton Calls on Canadians to Stand Up to Terrorism, Embrace Different Religions


Bruce Lawrence: Fake Al Qaeda letter, real trouble?

Dual Devotions: the Catholic Church and the US Flag

Ritrakis, Wasserman: Why Can't the Left Face the Stolen Elections of 2004 & 2008?

Joseph Nevins: Indonesian Atrocities & the US: 40 Years of Living Dangerously

Lee Drutman: Miers And Roberts: A CEO's Dream Team

Ana Perez: US Must Stop Attacking Chávez

Marie Cocco: Delphi deal foretells a grim future

Molly Ivins: Good ideas on how to fix things

Mel Seesholtz: "Repent, America!" Screech the Theofascists

Earl Hadley: Operation On-Your-Own

Peter Dreier: The Mansion Subsidy

A Peaceful Kick to the Groin: Gordon Prather

Welfare-Statists for War: Jacob Hornberger

(Capitol Hill Blue) Freeh's Whines Fall Short

Juan Cole interview: The treasure, the strongbox and the crowbar

Blood for pork....

Agency charged with spending oversight in Iraq left country in '04

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay TV survey defies stereotypes + US Govt Anti-Gay Propaganda Investigated + High School Cheerleader Quits Over Gay Taunts

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Venezuela's media law `like sword of Damocles'

Wikipedia founder admits to serious quality problems

Journalists come under US fire near Baghdad Green Zone

New York Times Story on Leak Raises Questions

Google to face off with Europeans over books

Miller Presses for Shield Law, Gets Warm Ovation in Vegas + Pro- and Anti-Judy Miller Fallout Grips 'New York Times' Newsroom + Miller's Inaccurate Info From Libby May Help CIA Leak Probe + Miller Could be Called to Testify in Terror Case

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Henan records new discoveries in big relic sites + 1,700-year-old tomb complex discovered in Zhejiang

Japan: Studios launching old-style hunts for star actresses

Egypt prepares new probe of mystery pyramid shafts

Revered author Ba Jin dies aged 100

Spike Lee to blame US government in new Katrina film

The house that Simon built (after sailing it a few miles down the Rhine)

Zoe Williams: Why we have no idea about conceptual art

Madonna's radio release

'Suicide art? She's better than that'

The Lincoln Log: A Daily Chronology of the Life of Abraham Lincoln

Folk-lore of the Isle of Man

Medieval farm discovered under Edinburgh hotel

Two new exhibits showcase Native American glass artists

Around the World in 80 Biennials

Rush & Molloy: Denouncing sin? Who is that girl?

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Unpaid crew is more than a Lil' angry

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The Governor:  Gov. stumps for propositions in Marina + Shriver stays mum on Nov. 8 election (CCT) So, will she or won't she? One of the state's most prominent Democrats, first lady Maria Shriver, has been noticeably mum this year as her husband, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, pushes a controversial Nov. 8 special election and four "top props" that are anathema to many Democrats.

Special election: Daniel Weintraub: Prop. 76 would tweak school spending formulas (SBee) It was probably inevitable that the debate over Proposition 76 on the Nov. 8 ballot would come down to the measure's effect on public schools. While the proposition seeks to do a lot of other important things, schools are what sells, so the people trying to stop the initiative were always going to focus on that issue down the stretch + Other view: Yes on Prop. 78 (SBee) On their surface, the two prescription drug initiatives on the special election ballot, Propositions 78 and 79, would seem to be similar. There are, however, critical differences between these two measures that make Proposition 78 the clear choice for enacting a real drug discount program to help millions of Californians + Prop. 77 inspires odd alliances (SJM) Support opposition are both bipartisan. Gov. stumped for his redistricting measure in San Jose on Monday, touting a concept he hopes has an intrinsic appeal: Allowing presumably neutral judges to draw political boundaries instead of entrenched lawmakers + 2 Drug Discount Measures in a Duel

Prosper runs for attorney general post (SBee) A former Bush administration official has taken out papers to challenge state Sen. Charles Poochigian for the Republican nomination for state attorney general, a spokeswoman for the new candidate said Monday.

Lungren raises double what Matsui pulls in (SBee) Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Gold River, was the Sacramento area's lead fundraiser over the past three months, raising more than twice what Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento, took in during the same period

Dan Walters: If economy slows, chronic state deficits could become full crisis (SBee) California has been unable to balance its state budget for five years, running up tens of billions of dollars in official and unofficial debt to cover its deficits

First for CalPERS: Runoff required (SBee) Longtime trustee Charles Valdes fell a hair short of winning a sixth term on the board of the mammoth California Public Employees' Retirement System, triggering the fund's first runoff election.

Health firms' high pay plan is under fire (SBee) Accusing health-care executives of "fleecing the share owners," trustees of the California Public Employees' Retirement System on Monday urged PacifiCare Health Systems and UnitedHealth Group to rework an executive pay plan before moving forward with their proposed $8.1 billion merger

Deadly truck crashes on the rise in California

FPPC Quits 225 Cases

O.C. Official Gets State Public Health Post

Indian tribes: A campus and a culture--Sole tribal college in state battles for survival + Fresno: Tribe takes casino plans to Board of Supervisors + San Manuel head takes aim at Hesperia, Barstow casinos + Poll Shows Residents Don't Want Casino along Highway 99



Trial Date Set for Terror Group Operating Out of Prisons

Pamela Vitale murder case: (AP) Only Questions in Murder of Attorney's Wife + (Contra Costa Times Reg) Vitale badly beaten + (OakTrib Reg) Horowitz's clients some of society's most despicable + (SFC) Husband says slain wife 'fought like hell' for life. Sheriff's investigators interview 'dozens of people,' rule out no one as a suspect + (SJM) TV legal analyst thrust into high-profile mystery + (NBC 11) Many Had Access To Horowitz Property

Suit over nuclear waste site. States, groups want dump shut until terror risk studied (SFC) Anti-nuclear and environmental activists, backed by California and three other states, asked a federal appeals court on Monday to shut down a new storage facility for nuclear waste at Pacific Gas and Electric's Diablo Canyon plant

Attorneys to argue over Laci’s insurance (SFEx) Almost a year after Scott Peterson was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife Laci and unborn son, his attorney and his former mother-in-law’s attorney will be back in court arguing over money

Lawyers file suit to demand visas for immigrant crime victims

Sacramento & north: Sacramento: Detectives Look For Other Gamblers In Christie Wilson Case + Man questioned in disappearance has crime record (SBee) Alameda County records show that an Auburn man - described as a "person of interest" in the Oct. 5 disappearance of a Sacramento woman - was arrested on felony charges of rape and battery in 1979 + Officials name capital homicide victim (SBee) The woman who apparently was killed by her boyfriend in a murder-suicide Sunday has been identified as Sacramento resident Xochitl Miriam Martinez + Chico Man Dead After Tangling with Police + Oroville: Drugged driver gets two years for crash + Oroville: Siblings get prison for mother's killing

San Francisco, San Mateo: BALCO founder Conte gets eight months + SF: Officer hurt being dragged by car carrying suspect (SFC) A San Francisco police officer suffered minor injuries Monday when he was dragged a short distance by a car carrying a fleeing suspect who was involved in a fistfight on Market Street

Alameda: Oakland man slain in home (OakTrib) A man who dreamed of a music career was fatally shot early Monday in his West Oakland home, where three other people, including his 13-year-old son, were wounded, police said + Judge rules city legally closed store (OakTrib) An Alameda County Superior Court judge has dismissed a $1 million lawsuit filed by the owner of Al's Liquors against the city of Oakland, ruling officials properly shut it down + Pleasanton: Innocent plea (OakTrib) A Hayward man pleaded innocent Monday to charges he slept with a 15-year-old Pleasanton girl and forced another to prostitute herself + Union City: Police nab four in rash of robberies (Argus) Three men and a teenage boy were arrested Monday morning in connection with a series of violent robberies that have occurred in the Tri-City area since the end of August + Testimony a blow to defense (Argus) A Newark man admitted he shot and killed a San Leandro police officer because he feared the officer would find two guns he was carrying, a female friend testified Monday + Oakland: 4 shot — 1 dead — inside home (SFC) Four people were shot, one fatally, in a West Oakland residence overnight, police said Monday. The shootings occurred about 12:15 a.m. on the 1460 block of 34th Street

Santa Clara: Trial for drug agent accused of killing set to start (SJM) For the first time in California history, a Department of Justice drug agent will go on trial this week in San Jose for killing someone in the line of duty -- a case that could pit local police against state narcotics agents + Police looking into fatal fall (SJM) San Mateo County sheriff's detectives are looking for witnesses to shed light on how a woman fell to her death Sunday from a steep cliff off Highway 1 near San Gregorio Beach, south of Half Moon Bay + Town police to get Tasers (SJM) On a unanimous vote, the Los Gatos Town Council on Monday approved the purchase of 41 electro-muscular disruption devices -- better known as Taser stun guns -- for the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Department

Marin: Man held in attack on 11 cars in Sausalito (MIJ) Richard Grem was arrested shortly before 3 p.m., when police received a report of a man breaking out car windows in the City Hall parking lot at 420 Litho St

Sonoma: Petaluma: Officers who shot molestation suspect 27 times return to work + Sheriff's official quits amid allegations (SRPD) Sonoma County Assistant Sheriff Mike Costa has resigned amid what sources described as allegations of sexual harassment involving a female jail employee

Napa: Scum bags who testified against the Beer Lady

Solano: Mare Island: Owner suspicious of fire's origin + Inmates take on program to provide kitten foster care + Man facing murder charges has court date set + Victim of Saturday night crash identified + Vallejo Police Calls + Benicia Police Calls

Monterey: Man says he followed Mooren + Sex offender arrested + Man shot many times in legs by stranger

Central Valley: No bail decision made yet for Umer Hayat + Lodi dentist arrested again + Opening statements expected in Jenna Simons murder case (Tri-Valley) Stockton: Opening arguments are scheduled to begin this afternoon in the case of Michael Simons, the accused triggerman in the October 2002 shotgun death of Livermore teen Jenna Simons + Stockton woman, 19, faces charges in infant son's death (SFC) 19-year-old Stockton woman is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon on charges that she killed her newborn son + Autopsy set in Madera County 'homicide' case + Hearing begins for man accused in 6 rapes (MBee) A last-minute decision to stop at a south Modesto doughnut shop to get some orange juice began a night of terror for a woman who testified Monday in Stanislaus County Superior Court

Central Coast: Santa Cruz County sued over polling place access (SJM) California sued Santa Cruz County on Monday over what it says are polling places inaccessible to the disabled -- with stairs, steep ramps, poor lighting, inadequate railings and insufficient handicapped parking, to name just some of the problems cited in the suit

Southern California: Blake testifies there may have been witnesses to key alibi moment + Slain Wife's Letter Used to Aid Robert Blake's Defense in Lawsuit + San Fernando Valley: Sexual Assault of Winnetka Girl Resembles 2001 Crime, Police Say + Judge Suspends Drug Sentence for Actor Sizemore + Vista: Trial begins for accused cop killer + Local Kurds sue Saddam Hussein, 'Chemical Ali' in San Diego federal court + San Diego: Man arrested in infant death case



LOCAL NEWS:  Toxic algae found in Delta (CCT) A highly toxic algae is now growing in the Delta, a drinking water source for 23 million Californians Scientists and health officials are studying the potentially carcinogenic algae -- the first toxic algae ever recorded in the Delta -- to determine whether it poses a serious threat to human health and to determine if it plays a role in the Delta's ongoing ecosystem crash + Court ruling says delta water plan flawed. Court says program for exports relied on inadequate data (SFC) A recent state court ruling could derail a program that would allow greater water exports from the delta of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers to Southern California farms and cities

Sacramento & north: Editorial: A parkway wig (SBee) In her ruling Monday, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Judy Holzer Hersher has stymied the county's sad tradition of allowing big new homes too close to the American River bluff. The river has scored an important victory + In play: A cheaper plan to bolster Folsom Dam (SBee) A plan to add a second spillway to Folsom Dam drew cautious optimism Monday on Capitol Hill, where Sacramento flood control always is politically touchy + A watershed deal (SBee) Like theater-goers queuing up at the doors on opening night, chinook salmon are gathering at the mouth of the Cosumnes River in the Delta for their journey home + Rail riders fill Folsom extension (SBee) It was an urban mass-transit moment seldom if ever seen before in Sacramento: light-rail trains so packed that late-arriving boarders had to stand, holding overhead straps + Heavy equipment use sparks blaze north of Chico + Paradise: Gold Nugget Museum close to new lease + Princeton: Two workers die in rice silo accident

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF: Embarcadero plan moves to supes with iffy support (SFC) A San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee on Monday signaled that a recreation and retail project proposed for the Embarcadero may not get the political support it needs to be built. + SF: Fire chief rejects hydrant retrofit proposal. She prefers plan to hand out adapters during emergency (SFC) + San Francisco's fire chief flatly dismissed the idea Monday of retrofitting the city's 8,000 hydrants to be immediately accessible to out-of-city fire crews, saying she still prefers to pass out adapters SF: Meeting to discuss fires on Ocean Beach (SFC) The National Park Service is hosting a meeting tonight to get public comment on a proposed policy on fires at Ocean Beach, which could range from limits to a ban + SF: Area’s infrastructure graded a C-minus (SFC) Bay Area’s inner workings — its roads, sewer and water systems, parks, transit systems and bridges — received the less-than mediocre mark of C-minus on a report card issued Monday by an engineers + Waterfront project in troubled waters (SFEx) Financial health of proposal an issue. Backers of a hotly debated retail and sports complex proposed for the waterfront failed to prove its fiscal viability at a Board of Supervisors committee Monday, potentially placing it one step closer to being derailed + City fire chief proposes cheap fix for hydrants (SFEx) San Francisco’s fire chief on Monday questioned the need to spend $800,000 to permanently rig The City’s hydrants so they fit out-of-town hoses, suggesting a much cheaper plan could do the job + Assessor urges cash for reporting local tax cheats (SFEx) City residents and others could earn up to $500,000 by turning in tax evaders under a program proposed Monday by San Francisco Assessor Phil Ting + Hospital agreement inked (SFEx) Burlingame: The heads of the Mills-Peninsula Health Services and the Peninsula Health Care District linked arms Monday as they drank champagne and signed their “marriage contract”: an agreement to build a new hospital

Alameda: Berkeley cancels Veterans Day event (CCT) Berkeley's Veterans Day ceremony scheduled for Nov. 11 was abruptly canceled Monday because the volunteer organizing committee split over the political content + Neighbors aren't standing idle on diesel pollution (OakTrib) Wafaa Aborashed's San Leandro neighborhood shares a wall with Costco superstore, but that wall can't keep out the pollution from idling diesel delivery trucks that wafts across her yard from dawn + Livermore winery loses 'lots' in fire (Argus) Fenestra Winery of Livermore lost nearly 5,000 cases of wine in last week's large warehouse fire in Vallejo + Council to consider park plans (Tri-Valley) Dublin City Council will discuss several ongoing projects when it meets tonight, including the proposed recreation and aquatics complex at Emerald Glen Park and the planned Dublin

Santa Clara: Glitch taints glitz at City Hall (SJM) San Jose spent millions on all the latest technological gadgetry for its new City Hall, but when it came time to cut the ribbon on the building Saturday morning, it was apparent city officials had come up $125 short + Contractors' ideas for a police station are all over the map (SJM) Where should Palo Alto build a new police facility and its prisoner lockup? How about in a park, or maybe on a site just a few dozen feet from the shops and restaurants of University Avenue? + Top officials' clash prompts inquiry in East Palo Alto (SJM)
The East Palo Alto City Council has hired outside attorneys to investigate complaints of retaliation and a ``hostile work environment'' made by the city's chief planner against its top administrator. East Palo Alto is likely to fork out thousands of dollars to those lawyers find out the truth + Statue honors Olympic protesters

Contra Costa: Danville: Century-old Podva house to be transformed (CCT) A careworn but lovely old historic home will be reincarnated as office-retail space and may also receive preservation incentives, dependent upon the town council's decision tonight + PG&E blames delay in Richmond on threats (CCT) An early Saturday morning power outage lasted more than 24 hours in one section of Richmond because someone threatened utility workers, forcing them to interrupt work as a precaution + SBC looks to clear path for Walnut Creek services (CCT) SBC's plan to install Project Lightspeed in Walnut Creek -- offering enhanced video, voice and high-speed Internet services -- is moving more at a snail's pace than at the speed of light + Library makeover faces hurdles. Building needs work, but bond measure may be too pricey (SFC) Every time librarian Cindy Britain wants to add a new book to the collection at Walnut Creek's downtown library, she has to give away an old one to make space

Marin: San Rafael condo project stalled again (MIJ) A 36-condominium development proposed in San Rafael suffered yet another delay last night when the City Council unanimously agreed the project requires a full environmental impact report because of the property's historical significance. The council supported a recommendation by City Attorney Gary Ragghianti, who said part of the development at 1203-1211 Lincoln Ave + Real estate boom slowing in Marin (MIJ) Mike Metcalfe, a general contractor who lives in Mill Valley, has been looking for an investment property in Novato for six months, attending dozens of open houses and touring 10 homes before putting in an offer on a fixer-upper Saturday. Metcalfe says the real estate market is changing. "I've noticed that homes are staying on the market longer and prices are coming down," he said + Death row to get a hearing (MIJ) State lawmakers will conduct a public hearing in Marin next week on the planned new death row at San Quentin State Prison. The hearing, before members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, will be from 1 to 3 p.m. Oct. 26 in Room 330 of the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael, said Assemblyman Joe Nation, D-San Rafael + Fund-raisers ask schools to detail plans for money (MIJ) Organizers of a successful concert fund-raiser to benefit Novato public schools say each of the district's 16 schools will get its fair share of the more than $100,000 raised. The first $70,000 is "guaranteed" to schools and will be distributed proportionally based on student enrollment, as was done in previous years, said district parent Doug Pickford, who is also finance commissioner of the California State PTA

Sonoma: Petaluma City workers stay home in benefits spat + SAT scores improving (SRPD) Sonoma County's college-bound seniors have steadily increased their scores for a key entrance exam over the past five years, outpacing the growth for surrounding counties and the state + City OKs police pay hikes (SRPD) The Petaluma City Council ratified a new labor agreement Monday that provides a 30 percent raise over three years for Petaluma police officers + Anatomy of a $100 million deal (SRPD) The three businessmen who sold land next to Rohnert Park for an Indian casino appear to have made a profit of $90 million, almost nine times what they paid for the property

Napa: Big garbage snafu when franchise turned over

Solano: Developer asks Suisun City for more time + Humphrey's return turns out to be ‘a whale tale' + Solano logs one of its cleanest smog years + Vallejo: High rise work OK'd + Benicia: Educators footing the breakfast bill + Vallejo schools move to put intervention programs in all grades + Local News Briefs + State senator to stop in Vallejo + Political Notes

Monterey: Otter 327 gets a taste of freedom, Elkhorn Slough + Gov. stumps for propositions in Marina + Lab boat named after librarian + Your Town

Central Valley: COG offers $2M loan to help jump-start Mexican airline at Stockton airport + Group wants more greenbelts surrounding Stockton + Stockton asked to curb urban sprawl + Church must pay rent to Manteca Unified + County targets dumpers (MBee) Through August of this year, Stanislaus County Honor Farm crews had picked up 3,033 discarded tires, 86 refrigerators and other appliances along the sides of rural roads and in residential alleys $76M MID plant to open in Ripon (MBee) Ripon: The Modesto Irrigation District's new $76.5 million "peaking" power plant here soon will begin final testing. It was about 75 percent complete Monday + Bay's water grab tough to swallow (MBee) San Francisco wants more water

Central Coast: Metro strike enters fourth week: Drivers, district to meet again today (SCS) Negotiations continue today between striking bus drivers and a transit district bargaining team after Monday’s session failed to result in a contract agreement + Family farm at heart of Watsonville annexation bid (SCS) Farmland will be lost with no guarantee that business will come.

Southern California: Phone service, including 911, out in several SoCal cities + Deal struck over luxury LA hotel plan + LA: Luxury Lofts Rising in Westside + Is a Busway the Valley Way? + S. Laguna Resort Revises Project + Mayor Brokers Hotel Deal + Controversial development proposed for SoCal's Salton Sea + San Bernardino: Officials differ on surplus land report + San Bernardino: Mayoral candidate Penman laughs in face of death threats + Fallbrook avocado farm ready for its close-up + Huntington Beach: Council Postpones Vote on Desalination Plant + San Diego County says it has refunded $480K in property taxes + San Diego won't pay for Murphy, councilmen's defense + San Diego: Pension board member resigns + Oceanside: Report: Millions needed to improve fire dept response times + Temecula: Most of the day laborers on Butterfield Stage have relocated, officials and neighbors say + Palm Springs: Planning Commission to vote on rezoning for new condo-apartment complex + Desert Hot Springs: City calls in FBI to help sort out its books

School days: School violence defies simple explanations + Teachers' union official visits schools in Chico + Tough race for board seats (SBee) Davis school board President B.J. Kline is unusual among the four candidates running for three seats on the Davis Board of Education this year + Palomar College firefighter program has doubled in size + Ex-Galt principal questioned over stadium rental + Vallejo schools move to put intervention programs in all grades + Fewer San Joaquin students college-bound + Antelope Valley: Pregnant Teens, Moms Back in Regular Classes

October 17, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: US kills scores in Iraq + Status of Iraqis killed by U.S. military causes confusion + British military investigator found dead in Iraq + Six US servicemen killed in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Allawi, Other Iraqi Centrists Announce Coalition to Enter December Elections + Iraq result delay over fraud fear + Early vote count points to Iraq constitution win + All but two Iraqi provinces say yes + After vote, Iraqi Sunnis at crossroads + Iraq Shiites overwhelmingly back charter, Sunnis against + UN official: US staring Iraqi civilians + Saddam Hussein's family sits in exile, scattered across the Arab world + Iraq Electoral Division to Audit Results

War prisons: Senate Republican Torture Masters

AFGHANISTAN: 'Taleban' kill two Afghan clerics + Afghanistan intelligence department chief killed + Afghanistan: Addicted To Heroin + Afghanistan - the next Iraq? + Islamic warlords to dominate Afghanistan's coming parliament

MIDDLE EAST: Kuwait's Sheikh Sabah calls for national unity

Egypt rights groups have thousands to monitor poll + Egypt frees Islamist leader

Israel, Palestine: Abbas optimistic over resumption of contacts with Israel + Israel freezes contacts with Palestinians after attacks on settlers + Beilin: Our Pavlovian reaction plays into the terrorists' hands + Israel encircles Palestinian towns

RUSSIA: Basayev claims Russian city raid + Russia may join WTO by end of year - deputy premier + Russian plane to conduct Open Skies mission in Lithuania + Russian foreign minister surprised by reports of missile technology sharing with Iran + Russia, India, NATO to hold joint anti-terrorism exercises - Ivanov + Sakhalin fishermen urge EBRD not to fund Sakhalin-2 project + Capital amnesty to improve Russia's investment climate - PM + Russia defines strategic deposit criteria + Russian defense minister denies nuclear transfer to Iran + Brazilian president's visit to Russia set to enhance cooperation + Russian-Chinese border exercise conducted

EUROPE: France backs Spanish proposal for immigration conference + France's Economic Model Showing Signs of Stress

Cameron campaign gains support on eve of Tory ballot + Anger at Dunblane gun list delay

Loyalty under duress in Northern Ireland

Merkel faces in-fighting as new cabinet named

Yeaw: Struggle in Italy

Ukraine has fulfilled most WTO conditions and plans to join in December - president + NATO, EU integration key to Ukraine's foreign policy - Yushchenko + NATO Secretary General to meet Ukrainian president in Kiev

CENTRAL ASIA: Uzbek soldiers 'shot civilians' + Uzbekistan closes checkpoints on border with Kyrgyzstan + Kyrgyz president accuses predecessor's circle destabilization attempts

Former speaker of Azerbaijani parliament detained in Ukraine

Uzbekistan closes checkpoints on border with Kyrgyzstan

AFRICA: Africa Comes Up With Food Security Plan

Liberia: As First Round Results Remain Stagnant, Liberian Elections Commission Chairman Receives Death Threats + Liberia: Runoff Election to Be Held November 8th

Sudan: Powell Says The World Has Not Fully Faced Darfur Genocide in Sudan + AU to Refer Darfur Situation to UN Security Council

Malawi: President Mutharika Declares Disaster As Food Crisis Deepens

Swaziland: Banned Opposition Gets a Seat in Parliament

United States Wants Action, Not Words for Darfur

PanAfrica: Obasanjo, Mbeki, Wade Have No Foreign Accounts - European Union

Nigeria: Nuclear Agency Warns On Lagos Mystery Gas - FG lifts ban on Halliburton

UN vacates nearly half of monitoring posts in Eritrea

MDC divided over boycott

Peace dividends remain elusive after Sierra Leone civil war

Liberia's former president could be tried in The Hague

ASIA PACIFIC: China completes railway to Tibet + China seeking to mine uranium + Deutsche Bank seals China deal + China, Australia vow to further boost bilateral relations

Japan PM visits Yasukuni shrine + China, S. Korea protest Koizumi's shrine visit

New Zealand Government sidelines Greens

Indonesia: Second phase of Army pullout from Aceh

SOUTH ASIA: Gas giants fight for India field + Thirty-six Karbi tribals massacred in Assam in northeast India

Pakistan: Tents crisis hits quake victims + Pak wants choppers sans pilots, India says no

AMERICAS: Venezuela to fully join Mercosur + Venezuela Talks to Argentina, Brazil on Nuclear Energy + Venezuela Says Oil Companies Start Paying Back Taxes

Argentina investigates prison fire + Argentina Rejects IMF Terms

Land War in Bolivia: Conflict for Territory and Power

Uncertainty as Brazil starts oil license auction + Brazil's Lula to Ask Russia to Ease Ban on Beef, Boost Trade + Government corruption at new heights in Brazil + Neither Lula Nor Serra. Brazil Might Discover and Elect Cristovam for President. + Brazil Is in Need of a Social Shock and an End to Privilege

Commemorated in Nicaragua death of Che Guevara + Sandinistas Poised for Victory in Nicaragua

Oil leaps as storm menaces Gulf of Mexico


Russia, India, NATO to hold joint anti-terrorism exercises

More terror, fewer wars

Saudi vow to crush al-Qaeda

United Nations: Anger over Mugabe tirade in Rome + US 'amazed' over Mugabe's invite to Rome + Bolton: US against large-scale UN council

Counterterroism: US aids Colombia with protection of oil pipelines


FBI right to keep public informed on Oklahoma University bombing

The Tongue-Tied CIA

The latest investor in green energy - the CIA

US Army Selects SPSS Software to assess cyber attacks

CIA consolidates power via new spy agency<

Federal judge asks for review of Umer Hayat's properties (Sacramento Bee) Not satisfied with information in a $1.2 million bail request to release a Lodi ice cream truck driver accused of lying to the FBI about alleged terrorist connections, a Sacramento federal judge on Monday asked for a review of the properties offered as security.

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Earthquakes, Terrorists and Politics

Philippine Spy Scandal Comes Amid Turmoil

IRA bombs killed 8 British soldiers in Iraq

Plea bargain to make Michael Ray spill beans

Australia Doubles Spy Agency

Our Diplomats' Arabic Handicap



China outlines next space goals + Astronauts now back home, new mission in 2007 + China develops lunar probe

Gates gives millions to preserve the history of computer revolution

Designer Gear for the Apocalypse

Mapping Where You Think You Live

Spyware: What You Need to Know

Wi-Fi Cloud Covers Rural Oregon

Making a Soft Cell

TactaPad Puts Your Hands in the Digital World

Hackers Go Wireless

NASA: progress studying shuttle tank foam

Lady In Red: Andromeda Galaxy Shines In Spitzer's Eyes

MIT Space Cameras Take First Pictures

Brownian Motion Under The Microscope

'Missing' Dark Matter Is Really There, Says Hebrew University Cosmologist


Meet the architect trying to revolutionize life for slum dwellers

How New Words Become Part of a Language

The White Race


GM Reaches Accord With Union to Lower Health Costs, May Sell Stake in GMAC

Greenspan Says Energy Price Surge Will Be `Drag' on Global Economic Growth

Dollar Rises to Two-Year High Against Yen on Inflation, Fed Rate Outlook

Sony chair: China key to company growth

Shareholders to decide on PetroKazakhstan acquisition deal -- paper

Vaccine Good for Economy?

AOL's Dance Card Is Full

Iger's Contract Shows an Educated Disney Board

MILITARY  Game Theory and War: David R. Henderson

Infantry: Simplicity and Reliability Come at a Price

Many Missile Boats in the Taiwan Straits

Remembering A Soldier's Life


Inaccurate Information About CIA Operative in Reporter's Notes Could Lead to Source + CIA leak probe 'widening to include use of intelligence' + CIA leak prosecutor to make any announcement in DC + (Weekly Standard) The White House, the CIA and the Wilsons + 'Flame' Plame Blame Game: Justin Raimondo

GPS Law Stirs Civil Rights Concerns

New Google Privacy Policy: Greater Details, Silence on Key Issues

Critics of evolution sue UC Berkeley (Tri-Valley) Critics of evolution as an explanation for life's development sued University of California, Berkeley and National Science Foundation officials last week

Lou Sheldon and the vast left-wing conspiracy


European Ministers Meet to Plan Reaction to Possible Greek Bird Flu Case + Bird flu is confirmed in Greece + Bird flu fears for East Africa -UN expert + Urgent Regional Meeting in Uruguay on Avian Flu + A subtype of the virus is detected in Colombia + Vietnam to mobilize entire society for fighting bird flu + France moves to protect overseas citizens from bird flu + In bird flu outbreak, Israel could only treat six percent of citizens + PanAfrica: Anti-Malaria Mutations 'Cancel Each Other Out' + Congo-Brazzaville: Ebola Crisis Over, Government Says + Foot-and-mouth disease to cost Brazil $1.5 bln

`Lazy' gene with role in inflammation offers clues on many diseases

Studies May Calm Stem-Cell Qualms

Duplicate Genome Cells Can Spark Tumors

High-dose radiation zaps prostate cancer

Oxytocin leads to social bonding in mice

Breast implants OK with lump surgery

Space travel may suppress immune system

Hepatitis-C virus stopped from multiplying

Researchers Develop Cancer 'Nanobomb'

A High Fat, Low Carbohydrate Diet Improves Alzheimer's Disease In Mice

Penn Study Finds Direct Role For Glial Cells In Brain Cross-talk

Gene Therapy May Protect Normal Tissues During Radiation Retreatment For Lung Cancer

New Clues To How Crucial Molecular Gatekeepers Work

Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Could Allay Cancer Threat

New Class Of Antibiotics Effective Against Drug-resistant Bacteria Discovered In Fungi

Perceptions Of Morality Influence Economic Decisions, Brain Responses To Rewards

Stem Cell Breakthrough: Researchers Offer Proof-of-concept For Altered Nuclear Transfer

Brain Research Makes Move Toward Better Prostheses

Elevated Blood Levels Of A Protein Are Linked To Asbestos-induced Cancers

Early Study Shows Spice Stunts Deadly Spread To Lungs

Cold Treatment Protects Against Infant Disability And Death From Oxygen Loss

 Marijuana Analogue Stimulates Brain Cell Growth

Amazon ants use herbicide to rid unwanted plants

Indian Eddies Supply Atlantic Ocean With Warm Water

Tiny Bubbles A Storehouse Of Knowledge


Court won't let Bush push tobacco penalty + Court rules against Ariz. death row inmate + Supreme Court declines to block abortion for Missouri inmate + Supreme Court rejects appeal of Nazi guard

David Podvin: Justice John Roberts reveals real agenda

FBI investigates theft of ceremonial tomahawk

Illinois woman won't be prosecuted for letters-to-Iraq hoax

Inmates experience a renewing of the mind in jail's `Christian Tier'

Time to Bring Down the Gavel on Lifetime Tenure for Justices?

U.S. Attorney General linked to cover-up in House of Death mass murder

FBI Doctor Disputes Defendant's Torture Claims


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Bush hails Iraq vote as victory for terrorism opponents + Bush: Responsible Muslim Leaders Should Denounce Terrorism

News Analysis: US tones down hopes for Iraq

Bush To Go To S Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia Next Month

Berlusconi to visit White House

Rumsfeld Visits Beijing Amid U.S. Unease Over Military Buildup in China + Rumsfeld makes first China visit + U.S., China End Trade Discussions + + Wolfowitz: China no threat to the world + Snow: Punitive bills on China 'ill-conceived' + China, US start annual talks on economy and finance, topics thorny

India-US science deal signals IPR hope

U.S. urges Israel to ease up on Palestinians + Bush Tells PA: 'Don't Worry, I'll Sway Israel'

Rice to visit Canada next week

Fed Chairman Has Meeting With Japan's Greenspan

Peru's Toledo: US Should Make Concessions In Trade Talks

US unhappy with India, Brazil on agriculture agenda

Paving the Way to Brazil for Bush

Guatemala Hosts Conference on US-Central American Trade Pact

Bush urges Libya to free Bulgarian nurses

Russia exercises its political determination with Condoleezza Rice

Former FDA Official Accuses Agency of Failing to Act Independently

Supreme Court Nominee: Specter: Miers expressed belief in constitutional right to privacy + Miers' mind a mystery - except toward Bush + White House renews push + GOP Wants Hearings to Start Nov. 7

Katrina/Rita: Urban planners, architects unveil plans for rebuilding Mississippi + Hundreds of New Orleans criminal cases likely lost to flooding, officials say + Big Easy restaurants struggle to replace toxic with tasty + Governor Signs Law Letting Mississippi Coast Casinos Build on Land

Iran: Iran says Iraq has 'bright future' + Iran must return to nuclear talks, says US + Russian FM denies cooperation with Iran on missile technology + Panel for bill to block IAEA inspections if Iran referred to UNSC + Stirrings near Iran's oil fields in Khuzestan + "EU prepared to improve nuclear offer to Iran" + Iran's president suspects British role in bombings

Syria, Lebanon: UN resists Hariri probe extension + Hariri probe raises stakes for Syria's Assad, Lebanon + Annan warns against abuse of UN report on Lebanon + Syria Denies Deal Over Hariri Probe + The war is moving to Syria

N. Korea: US New Mexico governor in N. Korea for 3-day 'unofficial' nuclear talks + AP: US to press North Korea on nukes + 'British American Tobacco has N Korea biz'


Israel, Iran, and the US: Jorge Hirsch

Robert Parry: 'Al-Qaeda Letter' Belies Bush's Iraq Claims

Director of Censored Intelligence

Paul Krugman: The Big Squeeze

Bob Herbert: G>et It Together, Democrats

Sheila Samples: Good Americans - America's gravediggers

John Nichols: George Bush gives up

John Dickerson: What will they do without Karl

Joe Cannon: Powell and Plame and the most important story of our time

Bush Is in No Hurry on Katrina Recovery

Capitol Blue: An Angry America + Add Inflation to the President's FUBAR List

Theocratizing FEMA and pregnancy

Scary George rides again (Bush's pre-Halloween speech)

In defense of liars

Funny it isn't; fascism it is

Washington Democrats: no will, no backbone

The Miers nomination: Washington politics at its finest

Brian O'Dwyer: A return to anti-Catholic bias of JFK era

Fear the GOP's Disastrous Budget

Blood for pork....

Contractor Fraud May Have Put Soldiers at Risk

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: New York: Appeals court hears gay marriage arguments + Gay Activist Denied Speaking Role at Millions More Movement + Spokane mayor visited sex Web sites on city trips + Editorial: Texas revisits gay marriage + Sanchez: Gay marriage bill a ruse

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

NY Times tell-all in CIA leak case fails to satisfy critics + Newspaper Editors Dissect Miller Reports + Keller Memo Adds 'Personal Postscript' to Paper's Judith Miller Account + SPJ Reaffirms Decision to Give Judith Miller 'First Amendment' Award + After 'NY Times' Probe: Keller Should Fire Miller--and Apologize to Readers

Black Mask Magazine

Brenda Stardom: Mainstream Media Misleading On Marijuana Report

Publisher Pushes One Issue Above All Others: Abortion

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Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Where Firewood's for Sale, History's on View

India to have big presence in Europe: Karan Singh

"Eternal Egypt" Official Site Has Been Launched

Sir Philip Sidney - Sidney the Shepherd-Knight

The Acadian Renaissance

Rush & Molloy: A high-stakes battle over Pequot chief's girl

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Drug business prescribes a novel cure

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The Governor:   Gov. Takes Special Election Campaign To The Bay + Gov. Picks Up Support For Proposition 77 + Gov. Stumps For Prop 77 In San Jose + Gov. kicks off get-out-the-vote campaign + Gov. Tries New Tactic: Tact + Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pete Wilson II? + Special election inspires, bores + Gov. appoints San Diegan state health officer + Dean to Calif.: Reject 'Right Wing' Gov.'s Reforms + Poll: Race Too Close to Call for Two Propositions + Prop. 76 offers state 'backbone'

Dan Walters: Ultra-low turnout could spell semi-victory for Gov. (SBee) By all appearances, Gov. has been set up - or has set himself up - for a sharp setback in the Nov. 8 special election, but in the Alice-in-Wonderland world of California politics being so far down could give him a leg up

Agencies facing loss of leaders (SBee) Hundreds of public agencies in California and other states will soon face a shortage of senior managers because they have not identified future executives and moved them through "a leadership pipeline," a new study warns.

Minutemen scour California desert

Poor access to dental care leaves many with few options

Candidate tries to talk the talk (SJM) State Controller Steve Westly plans to air a television commercial this week that does what no other non-Latino candidate for California governor has ever tried -- speak Spanish for the entire length of the ad.

State Employees Complain Of Unhealthy Condition CalPERS asks health insurers to reduce executive bonuses in merger

USDA grants help poor communities (Tri-Valley) That's why some of the San Joaquin Valleys poorest towns now sport new police cars, firefighting gear and computers. They're all beneficiaries of an Agriculture Department grant program that's literally knocking on doors where double-digit unemployment prevails

Legislature: The buzz: Decision for Democrats: One of two Debs (SBee) State Sen. Deborah Ortiz has a political year to make your head spin, thanks to term limits that will force her out of the Senate next year

Indian tribes: Counties' ballot measures test voter clout on casinos (SBee) Marysville: For years, hard-bitten Yuba County looked to the scruffy acreage between state Highway 65 and rural Forty Mile Road as a cornerstone for economic salvation + Big gamble. Will a casino preserve the heritage of Amador County tribe, or destroy it? + NIGC Consults With Tribes During USET Annual Convention



Most juvenile sex offenders don't make Megan's Law map

Attorney General Lockyer Files Suit To Ensure That The Disabled In Kern and Santa Cruz Counties Have Access To Polling Places And Can Exercise Right To Vote

New sentencing ordered for convicted killer given death penalty

Video Game Groups Sue to Overturn California Law

Lawyer's Friend: Police Getting Closer to Arrest in Murder of Attorney's Wife + Vitale Murder Investigation Is 'Wide Open'

Sacramento & north: Foothill High probe targeted 3 employees (SBee) Two coaches and the principal at Foothill High School were the focus of an investigation involving the unauthorized rental of a new $8 million football stadium on the Foothill Farms campus + Sacramento: Murder-Suicide In Arden Apartments + Man Last Seen With Missing Sacramento Woman Arrested + Chico: Ma class="listingItemTitle"

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF: Judge to see plea deals Tuesday in BALCO case (SFC)Just over two years ago, federal agents descended on a little-known laboratory not far from San Francisco International Airport -- and ignited the biggest doping scandal in sports history Decades of detective work led to arrest in San Mateo. Lawyer is at center of reopened murder case in Wisconsin (SFC) Cherie Lee Barnard wasn't the first woman, and won't be the last, to fall in love with a smart, charismatic lawyer with a dark side. But few relationships have caused so many problems, for so many people + Defendants In BALCO Case To Be Sentenced + SF: Crime wave leaves supes angry, frustrated

Alameda: Cop-slaying case continues today (OakTrib) Newark man charged with murder in the slaying of a San Leandro police officer will return to court today as a hearing continues to determine if there is enough evidence to send man to trial + Friend says suspect admitted San Leandro cop killing (SFC) Newark man admitted to fatally shooting a San Leandro police officer to prevent him from discovering that the suspect was carrying two guns and drugs + Four shot in Oakland overnight, one fatally (SFC) Four people were shot, one fatally, in a West Oakland residence overnight, police said today. The shootings took place around 12:15 a.m. on the 1460 block of 34th Street

Santa Clara: Jury Selection Begins In Police 'Mistaken Identity' Case

Contra Costa: (Fox) Arrest Could Be Close in Murder of Lawyer's Wife + Clayton property owners get settlement (CCT) Renowned builder William Lyon Homes and dozens of subcontractors have reached a $1.5 million settlement with 27 Clayton homeowners who claim their houses were poorly constructed + Officers will soon have data at their fingertips (CCT) + The long arm of the law will soon stretch across the city at the touch of a keyboard with High speed "Wi-Fi". Pleasant Hill struck a deal with GCS Technologies of Austin, Texas, making it the first city to jumpstart a system that authorities hope will be used throughout Contra Costa County

Marin: Man steals purse from tourist in Sausalito (MIJ) A man knocked a tourist to the ground and stole her purse early yesterday morning in the vicinity of 660 Bridgeway near the Sausalito waterfront + Sausalito man arrested after road rage incident (MIJ) Incident occurred at 4:51 p.m. when Anthony Collard (arrested) and Stephen Reinertsen, 42, of San Anselmo and Marilyn Mindel, 65, of San Francisco got into an argument with Collard, who was driving a 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Solano: Father's story an inspiration for Vallejo cop + Investigators in M.I. blaze await results of lab tests on evidence + Vallejo driver held after fatal crash

Monterey: Man wounded in Salinas shooting

Central Valley: Man sought in murder of Stockon resident, 27 + Stockton: Woman Arrested In Connection With Infant's Death + State cites Hazel Hawkins alleging patient abuse + Merced deputies say man shot after 'suicide by cop' demand (MBee) Merced County authorities killed a 34-year-old man Friday night near Atwater after they say he demanded that deputies shoot him and pointed a firearm at them + Justice getting new home in Fresno with federal courthouse dedication (MBee) The heart of California has a stunning new federal courthouse worthy of the region's growing national stature

Central Coast: San Benito short on resident judges

Southern California: Blake Defense Focuses on Bakley Letters about Money + No more floor sleep for L.A. prisoners + Man's Body Found Off Belmont Shore Beach + Suspect arrested in Encinitas slaying + Vista gang injunction making a difference, officials say + Orange County money manager pleads guilty in Ponzi scheme + Man in nuke threat hoax held in Mexicali


LOCAL NEWS:  Fewer truckers on the freeway?

Foxes Are Moving to the Wild

Sacramento & north: Editorial: Fortress City Hall (SBee) The kind of visit was commonplace. A high school intern's father wanted to see where his daughter worked. But he couldn't get in - at Sacramento City Hall + Commuters crowd onto new Folsom light-rail line (SBee) If Monday's morning's first commuter trains are any clue, the new light-rail extension to Folsom is going to be a crowded, dress-up affair + SMUD aims to bury blight (SBee) The Sacramento Municipal Utility Distriict wants to help revitalize communities by removing the clutter of power lines and utility poles that blight views along major commercial corridors + Air Show Returns To Travis Air Force Base + Chico: Sinkers, Sycamore Pool before City Council + Oct. 17, 2005- Placerville man finally home from the war + Sacramento's long and winding road + Crews Begin Construction Of Sacramento Ice Rink + Somber Remembrance For Officer Matt Redding

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF: Plans to develop UC Extension project revamped + SF: Department of Public Works goes wireless + SF: Bid for cheaper housing may backfire, critics say + Bay Meadows waits for other shoe to drop

Alameda: Port of Oakland makes push to stay competitive (OakTrib) The port has been eyeing the Central Valley over the past year, where it hopes to create distribution centers + County supervisor faces tough challenge (OakTrib) Union City Councilman Richard Valle, who hopes to raise and spend $250,000 in challenging Alameda County Supervisor Gail Steele for one of the most hotly contested seats on the June 2006 ballot + Future expansion a key issue in Livermore (CCT) The balance of power on the Livermore City Council could shift yet again in the upcoming council elections, this time to a majority more strongly supportive of city expansion + David Mertes' properties may complicate bid (Tri-Valley) Livermore: Mayoral candidate David Mertes has family ties to properties in the downtown that could prevent him from voting on major multimillion-dollar projects + Higher pay sought for in-home care (Tri-Valley) 5,000 other in-home care workers in the county want a dollar more than $8.50 per hour

Santa Clara: Governor stumps for Prop. 77 in San Jose (SJM) Gov. came to San Jose on Monday morning to stump for a ballot proposition that would draft retired judges, not lawmakers, to draw the state's political boundaries

Contra Costa: Alamo land plan up for debate (CCT) The much discussed Humphrey Ranch project proposal for Alamo will be considered by Contra Costa County supervisors Tuesday. In August, after three marathon sessions by the San Ramon Valley Regional Planning Commission, that panel voted to deny the proposal.

Sonoma: Pilot dies in crash of ultralight plane (SRPD) A 53-year-old Sonoma County man died Sunday when his lightweight plane nose-dived into a hay field outside his rural home, a witness and investigators said + Timberland conversion compromise in works (SRPD) A compromise is in the works on the contentious issue of converting Sonoma County timberland to vineyards, with the current proposal falling between the ban sought by environmentalists and the hands-off stance of property-rights advocates + Giant reed threatens river, crowds plants (SRPD) It looks like bamboo and grows in verdant clumps along the banks of the Russian River and its tributaries. But don't let its lush appearance fool you. Giant reed is the enemy - the scourge of man and animal.

Napa: Carneros Elementary climbs off troubled school list + Promoting Napa is the key to the future, say experts + Vineyard weeds found to host Pierce's disease of grapes

Solano: Kemp puts positive spin on union talks + Hiddenbrooke station: Wait for more study or vote now? + Freeway fire stalls traffic + Vallejo council candidates discuss jobs, development + Dixon answers questions about track

Monterey: New forest plans face call for species' safety + Foghorn without a cause sits derelict in P.G. + So many causes, so little time + Your Town + Military briefs + Monterey Bay Blues Festival elects officers

Central Valley: Pristine land to open near nuclear plant in Central California + Caregivers' contract in 'limbo' + After a decade of planning, Manteca's largest park opens + No boring wall in Tracy's plans + Cables taken down from Half Dome + Manteca makeover sparks concerns (MBee) Improvements downtown might look nice, but they're not practical — in fact they're causing all kinds of problems, some merchants say + Industrial park to open in Ceres Dozens of small businesses are lined up to move into a planned industrial park off Morgan Road over the next year, but it's not clear how many jobs they'll bring.

Central Coast: A great wine grape harvest – but no guarantee of great profits + Santa Barbara Student Dies in Motorcycle Crash Friday on Hwy 101 + Scotts Valley pizzeria serves a slice of politics (SCS) With three weeks before the Nov. 8 election, restaurateur Kelly Gladder is pushing a half-cent increase in the city’s sales tax as well as pizza

Southern California: L.A. busway set to open + A Corner Where L.A. Hits Rock Bottom + Los Angeles: city of the stars becomes US homeless capital + LA Producers acquitted as cohorts in con game + Workers rally against service cuts at Los Angeles-area hospital + Inland Voters Use Recall as a Way to Slow Growth+ Salton Sea Revival Could Include 200,000 Homes + Oceanside council to consider raising fees + Environmental groups fire off letter to protest new highway to Orange County + Santa Ana: Injecting New Life Into Old Streets + Underwater Quake Rattles Coastal Area + Imperial Beach: Popular pier gets extra attention

School days: W. County schools flagged for monitoring (CCT) El Sobrante and Washington elementary schools in the West Contra Costa school district have been targeted for state intervention + Palm Springs: Ed board wannabes flunk quiz on sex + Students With Disabilities Still Treated Inequitably + New discipline policy unpopular at CSUSM + Teachers make run at charter history (SJM) It's something Silicon Valley has never seen: a teacher-led group campaigning to convert a 50-year-old public high school into an independently run charter school + COM puts focus on recruitment (MIJ) Continuing a 25-year slide, College of Marin's enrollment slipped more than 7 percent from last year, prompting college leaders to renew a commitment to improve recruiting practice + NASA gives Dominican a boost (MIJ) Dominican University will break ground Nov. 3 on a $17 million Science and Technology Center with help from NASA, which last week donated $250,000, officials said. The grant, included as part of this year's NASA appropriations bill, will augment $1.5 million Dominican received from NASA in 2004. "I am delighted by the opportunity to again partner with NASA to establish this state-of-the-art learning center that will take science education to an unprecedented level at Dominican" + $80,000 goes to Oakdale schools (MBee) The science program at Oakdale High School is looking at a $500 "sun spotter" for observing eclipses and dark spots on the star + CSU, Stanislaus To Open Homeless Center + San Mateo-Foster City: big school district, big race + Web Logs Go to School + L.A. Schools Face a Fight for Bond Issue + The Empire Strikes Back

October 13, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Eerie Quiet Descends on Iraqi Capital as Elaborate Pre-Vote Security Operation Installed + U.S. Soldier Killed By Bomb (10/13/05) + Iraq: 5 Killed In US air strike + Suicide Attack Kills 30 in Northern Iraq (10/12/05) + Spilled blood, like traffic accidents, becomes routine + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Iraq shuts down as early voting starts + Draft constitution is an attempt to square a circle + Iraqi cleric backs constitution as fears of violence deepen + Top Shia urges Iraq charter 'yes' + Saddam's trial may be televised + Iraq charter deal won't end negotiations -US envoy + Iraq's Allawi warns against Islamist rulers + Arab League chief heads to Iraq + Iraq's Kurds embrace new charter + Four-day shutdown for Iraq referendum + Four-day shutdown for Iraq referendum + Iraqi republic will - explicitly - not be Arab + Moqtada al-Sadr refuses to call for a no vote on Iraqi constitution + Sunni parties divided over referendum

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Leader Warns of Terrorism, Drug Ties

MIDDLE EAST: Islamic group to fight hereditary rule in Egypt + Cairo presses NATO chief on post-cold war role

In Dubai, the Sky's No Limit

Qatar, voice of Arabs and Asians at Security Council

Israel, Palestine: Egyptian FM, EU envoy discuss Palestinian issue + Abbas eyes visit to US to fortify power + Fatah, Hamas hold meeting to end tension + In Portugal, Annan says rule of law safeguards against rule of war + More Palestinians killed in internal strife this year + UN agency: 40 percent of people in West Bank, Gaza risk hunger

RUSSIA: At least 85 killed as militants storm city in Russia's Caucasus + Putin orders to blockade embattled Nalchik and destroy all terrorists + (London Times) Analysis: conflict spreads + Student fear in Russia's 'capital of race hatred' + Russia bans poultry meat, egg imports from Romania in wake of bird flu + Mazeikiu Nafta's shares arrested in The Netherlands + Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow should revise relations with Georgia + Russian-Thai economic cooperation advancing - ministry + Platon Lebedev sent to penal colony in West Siberia - source

EUROPE: The people of Europe have voted for paralysis – and perhaps obliteration

Timothy Garton Ash: Merkel's not so grand coalition + New German finance boss named + The tough challenges facing Germany's new finance chief + Germany's career women look for a lifeline

Age-Old Plan to Link Sicily, Mainland Gets Off Ground + Italy's Art Industry Plans Strike to Protest Budget Cuts

Britain: This law won't fight terror - it is an incitement to terrorism + Three months is too long + 90 Days: Outcry at terror suspect plans + Scotland bears the brunt as rain causes widespread flooding + Schools tsar warns Blair against 'demonizing' pupils + Blair appoints Treasury mandarin as climate tsar + Britain: Letters reveal police cover-up over Menezes shooting

France tells Britain of 'concern' over EU position in WTO farm aid

30,000 sub-Saharan immigrants heading toward Spain, EU reports

Portugal, Canada sign memorandum of understanding on fisheries + Lula underscores good economic relations between Portugal and Brazil + Lula participates in Brazil-Portugal summit in Porto

CENTRAL ASIA: Kazakhstan 'should lead reform' + Kazakh president denies dictatorship

Kyrgyz President opposes immunity for former presidents

Uzbekistan denies using torture

U.S. has no plans to open military base in Tajikistan - state secretary

Turkmenistan demands Ukraine pay natural gas debt by year's end

AFRICA: Brazen pirates take control of Somalia's waters + Somalis seek help to stop pirates + Somalia's dangerous waters + Living in Somalia's anarchy + Kenyan Govt to Break Its Silence On New Ship Hijack

Call for Morocco deaths inquiry

Liberia: Weah Still Leads After Second Preliminary Results

MDC divisions over Zimbabwe poll + Zimbabwe: Opposition to Boycott Senate Elections

Nigeria: Governors to Forfeit $17bn Foreign Assets

Burundi: 3,000 Rwandans Seek Refuge in the North

Uganda: New Hybrid Maize Flourishes

Tanzania: Repatriation of Congolese Refugees Begins

Sudan [guest column]: Peace is More Than Exchange of Military Uniforms for Suits!

Guinea Bissau: More Than 300 Dead in Cholera Epidemic

IMF to probe source of Zimbabwe's surprise payback

South Africa cabinet slams Mbeki insults in Zuma row

Botswana denies 'ethnic cleansing' of Bushmen

(Spiegel) Africa Initiatives Galore + EU adopts development, security partnership strategy with Africa

ASIA PACIFIC: 2005 Asia-Pacific Cities Summit concludes

China's poverty alleviation experience worth learning: World Bank + China Construction Bank to start public offer in HK + Sino-Japanese dialogue to cover wide range of topics + China, US textile talks fruitless + Beijing opposes Lee Teng-hui's (former Taiwan President) US tour + China, Canada hail 35th anniversary of ties + Nation seeks solutions to coal mine safety from world + Financial minister expects G-20 to gain substantial fruits + Japan Should Overhaul Its Space Strategy + Will Japan be steered to the right? + Strong Opposition to Koizumi’s Shrine Trips in Japan + High oil prices shrink Japan's surplus

Mob storms Bali jail to demand immediate execution of bombers

SOUTH ASIA: Nepal general election pledged

Pakistan denies India army report that India crossed border to rebuild military bunkers + Critics hound Pakistan army + Tent cities for quake survivors + UN Relief Coordinator calls for more helicopters + Musharraf admits slow army response

AMERICAS: Mexico wary of rights violations on US border after Texas Gov. Perry increases patrol + Mexico City's Water Supply for 9 Mln Threatened by Faulty Pipes

Colombian President chastises military chiefs over deteriorating security + Colombian abortion law campaign is undermined by Washington

Brazilians shocked to discover football is as corrupt as politics

Guatemala Mayan town under threat + Guatemala wants a Central American force + Newly Resurrected Guatemalan Hospital a Victim of Deadly Storms

Chavez to eject US preachers

Salvadorans in US sent $2billion back to El Salvador in first 9 months

Brazil Tax Cut Plan Expires as Congress Fails to Act + Argentina Halts Beef Imports From Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul + Before Banning Brazil's Beef, Russia Was Biggest Client + Brazil's Lula (Barely) Makes His Own Party's New President + Argentina, Chile Join Ban on Brazilian Meat Imports

Taiwan Govt. helps textile industry to break into Central America

US to lobby Argentina on Chávez nuclear move

Chile’s success is due to patronage

Ousted Ecuadorian President to Give Up Asylum in Colombia and Return to Ecuador


CIA Chief to Oversee Human Spying Operations

Aragoncillo espionage investigation gains notice by Congress+ Manila tries to convert 'spy' to whistleblower

Aiding Spies By Easing Path To Languages

US ignored forecasts of Iraqi ethnic turmoil-CIA

U.S. spy agency wants non-citizen recruits

With a click, MI6 brings its spies out of shadows + MI6 seeks spies of different colors + List of MI6 officers worldwide + Britain's Spy Agency Sheds Secrecy in Recruitment Drive

Al-Qaeda plan to rein in Sheikh of Slaughter

Iraq's al Qaeda denounces Zawahri letter as fake-Web

Obituary: Jack White, bared Nixon tax woe

Malawi cancels fertilizer deal over al-Qaeda fears

Thai militants 'trained in Libya'

Dutch Court Bars Extradition of Terror Suspect to U.S.

Austrian panel: Use Nazi victims' money to fund general research

Australia: Chilling warning: terrorist attack is feasible + Spy chief gives little away at first outing

The Islamic agenda

The way forward in southern Thailand

Manilla: Dacer case returns to haunt Ping’s aides

Missionaries Ordered to Leave Venezuela + Chavez kicks out U.S. evangelists for 'spying'

'20th hijacker' sues for release

European Rocket Launches French, U.S. Satellites



China Gives Close-Up View of Astronauts + China tests astronauts' endurance for space lab + Analysts debate China’s space ambitions + Last nighttime search, rescue drill for Shenzhou-6 landing concluded + Shenzhou-6 fulfils planned experiments in 2nd day's flight + Zero-gravity life begins with mooncakes

Russia asks Japan to join development of new Kliperspacecraft

300 to Lose Jobs as JPL Initiates Cutbacks as NASA shifts focus from robotics to manned space exploration

Launch of Video IPod Shines Light on Jobs, Disney Drama

Siemens unveils paper-thin TV screens that could see magazines and newspapers alive with moving images

U.S. may loose its global lead in science

NASA Discovers Life's Building Blocks Are Common In Space

Supercomputers To Enable Safter, More Efficient Oil Drilling


Brazilian cardinal wonders how long Brazil, Latin America will be Catholic

A touch of techiquette

Brenda Stardom: Jack Thompson's Obvious Need For Help

Francine Prose on Sex, Power, and Modeling


Trade Gap in U.S. Widens on Oil Costs; Import Prices Jump Most in 15 Years

John M. Berry: U.S. Investment Income Close to `Tipping Point'

Real trade justice

In praise of twiggy

Wm Pesick: China Is Neither Japan Nor the Soviet Union

Microsoft’s Real worry over, EU, South Korea remain

India's formal nod to Boeing deal

Pleasure of high oil prices brings pain of inflation to Gulf countries

Scotch meets shochu: That's the spirit

South America Goes Nationalist With Its Oil and Gas Amid High World Prices


The marines and fake recruiting

Soldier Arrested for Firing Upon Ky. Unit

Lawrence's Mid-East map on show

Troops earn their wings at Fort Benning

Three suicides in Special Forces unit raise questions about the attitude toward stress

Rumsfeld directing military aid for Pakistan earthquake, Central American flooding

Historic Unit Rejoins 101st Airborne Division for Deployment to Iraq


Bird flu alert after lethal find in Turkey + West told to divert flu shots to Asia - Health & Science - International Herald Tribune + Avian Influenza in Romania and Turkey: European Commission takes further action + Roche outsources some stages of Tamiflu production + Effect Measure: The question of generic Tamiflu + Some scientists urge poultry workers to get conventional flu shots + Scientists warn of drug resistant avian flu + US to assist Laos in controlling avian influenza + Germany tightens checks over bird flu + Romanian Troops Scour the Danube Wetlands for Fowl That May Carry Bird Flu

Mysterious disease hits waterfowl in Iran

Zimbabwe close to running out of anti-retrovirals

Type "O" Virus Discovered in Brazil's Foot and Mouth Outbreak

Virtual Epidemics May Hold Scientific Promise

Scientists look to DNA for nutrition ideas

Seaweeds may be the panacea for all ills

Find the Protein in the Haystack

Cooling babies may help protect brains deprived of oxygen during birth

Learning to Grow: Injections Were Only the Beginning

Marijuana may spur new brain cells

Immune Therapy Could Treat Leukemias, Autoimmune Diseases, Transplant Rejection

Researchers At Yale Identify A Genetic Link To Tourette's Syndrome

Researchers Find A Potential Key To Human Immune Suppression In Space

Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Proves Effective In Adults, Adolescents

Double Trouble: Cells With Duplicate Genomes Can Trigger Tumors

Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Early Atherosclerosis

Discovery Could Lead To New Treatments For Chronic Illnesses Related To Abnormal Iron Metabolism

More Bones Support Mini Human Case

The whaling debate: Arctic lament

Beaked dinosaur sheds new light on evolution of birds

New Dinosaur Find Rewrites History Book of Evolution

Wildlife Professor Updates 'Best Available Science' On Florida Panther

Deep Treasure: Expedition To Help Protect Florida's Unique Oculina Deepwater Reefs

Ants, Not Evil Spirits, Create Devil's Gardens In The Amazon Rainforest, Study Finds

Prehistoric Global Warming May Have Contributed To Fossil Preservation

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Why we must patronize our good bookshops

Togo: Journalists Take to Streets to Protest Beating of Fellow Reporter

From US marines to al-Jazeera

New Oprah campaign targets sexual predators

Court rules for NHK reporter who refused to reveal news source

Weeklies' publisher (Hesperia) seeks bankruptcy protection amid lawsuit + Publisher Says Suit Will Tap Him Dry

The Judith Miller Story: Not Ready Yet

Whalen: More to Poizner than money, but good journalism is needed to point it out

Print Reporters: Odd Men Out on White House Plane

Knight Ridder Reporter Files Harrowing Account After Stint With Iraqi Military

At 50 Years, World Press Photo Looks Back And Ahead

Public Editor Says He Will Review Upcoming 'NY Times' Opus on Miller

Schultz Column About Money-Seeking Journalism Students Elicits Strong Reactions

Scott McClellan Says Helen Thomas Opposes 'War on Terrorism'

Was Bush Teleconference with Soldiers in Iraq Scripted?

Why Judith Miller Can't Catch a Break

Today's papers


High Court Considers L.A. Case on Free Speech

New bankruptcy law tightens homestead rules

St. Louis: Homeless Win Lawsuit Over Holiday Roundup

Study reveals gaps in UK system to track criminal and terror finance

French insurance firm to pay $17 million to heirs of Armenians

Samsung to Pay $300 Million to Settle U.S. Memory-Chip Price-Fixing Probe

Mexican Authorities Detain Arizona Man Formerly on FBI's Ten Most Wanted List


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Bush enlists US troops to make Iraq case + Bush Interviews Troops in Iraq by Video Conference

White House Says Miers Won't Withdraw, Complains About Focus on Religion

Pentagon to Congress: U.S. Troop Withdrawal Depends on More Than Capable Iraqi Forces

Jack Straw: Iraq democracy 'could take 10 years'

Military Sees Limits to Role in U.S. Disasters

U.S. keeps Israel out of fighter plane program

(Pravda) US war-planners assign $445 billion for defense despite huge economic problems

Bush's next choice. Who will become the world's most powerful central banker?

Rice visits Pakistan, promises aid + U.S. has no plans to open military base in Tajikistan - state secretary + Rice bowls them over + Rice's democracy push in Central Asia yields mixed results

Rumsfeld meets with Central American leaders at Key Biscayne + US - Central American alliance vital for regional security + Rumsfeld assured that Nicaraguan weapons cache is secure

US-China textile talks break down + China cautions yuan moves, urges US export more

US Details Aid Packages for Guatemala/Mexico Flood Victims

US to lobby Argentina on Chávez nuclear move + US eyeing Venezuela's nuke plans

EU to open aviation talks with US

US official: Kosovo status talks to open in November

UN envoy calls for protection of the displaced in Sudan

State's Welch Says US, Egypt To Increase Contact, Discussions

State's Welch Reaffirms US Commitment to Lebanon

U.S. officials blast Bush's peacemaking record

Execs have eyes on Cuba

Supreme Court Nominee: Oh the Shame of It All + Playing to the Crowd + Bush Adds Religion to Debate on Miers + ABA's probe of Miers' record, rating may be key for confirmation + Miers Is Asked by U.S. Senate If She Made Promises on High Court Rulings

Katrina/Rita: Did doctors in New Orleans resort to euthanasia? + FEMA restricts evacuee data + 9th Ward: There's Little Future Here + Shelter Populations Dwindling, but What's Next for Evacuees?

DeLay: Prosecutor Subpoenas DeLay Phone Records

Frist: Frist tours Mexico - Texas border

Iran: Iran's heritage deserves respect from America and Europe + Britain: Reid warns over Iranian attacks + World may have to live with nuclear Iran - study + Iran seeks resumption of talks to avoid UN referral + EP Asks Iran to Adopt NPT and Develop Human Rights + Will Iran file be referred to UN Security Council? + China, Iran to discuss development of bilateral ties: FM

Syria, Lebanon: Shalom: Dead Syrian minister must not take blame for Assad + 'Suicide' of general who ruled by remote control + President Assad sweats as hawks turn up heat + Lebanon asks UN to extend Hariri murder investigation + Syria probe backs suicide theory + Syria clear of Hariri killing: Assad + The mysterious death of Syria’s minister of the interior + Reuters: Syria cannot evade pressure despite Kanaan's death + Syria says media and leaks from UN investigation contributed to suicide + Syrians bury minister, blame Lebanon "smear campaign" + Fatah reiterates respect for Lebanon's sovereignty + Syria prepares for blame over Hariri + Syria's Assad willing to cooperate with U.S. on Iraq through third party + Iran blasts UK’s Jack Straw for critical comments + Saudi sees Iraq constitution tilting power to Iran

N. & S. Korea: US says N Korea forged dollars + S. Korea Sets Eyes on Group of 12 + S. Korea ponders renting Russian army training ground + Inter-Korea trade to reach $1 billion

Domestic: STATES AIM TO PROTECT POOR FROM HEATING BILLS + Texas governor Perry pledges $9.7 million to border sheriffs

Congress: Senate Primaries Heat Up With Intraparty Rivalries + Senators balk at plans to split terror funds + Lawmakers at Impasse Over Medicare Subsidy

Democrats: A Case for Hillary Clinton as Prez + Hil makes cash call on coast + Pirro taps big-time talent to boost her flagging run + Ted gives Kerry nod for 2008 + Edwards the populist joins Wall Street + Sen. Clinton to hold fundraiser at U2 concert

GOP: Rudy hails Bloomy's threat response + Ferrer fades in the stretch + New York Governor, Eying Presidential Run, Making Third Trip to Iowa + Gingrich Says Run for President Possible

Voting: Governors of New Mexico, Utah will try to recruit other Rocky Mountain, Western states to hold presidential preference contests early in the 2008 campaign


Bush political hacks doctor report on outsourcing

Capitol Hill Blue: Why Bush Can't Make The Sale on Iraq + A Schoolyard Bully

Larry Beinhart: Fog facts

A New York State of Mind: Charles Peña

Conservative Foreign Policy: Paul Weyrich

Good News, or Urban Legends? Stan Cox

Making the Middle East Safe for What? Leon Hadar

A Toy Called Assad: Zvi Bar'el

Molly Ivins: Naked and helpless

LEAKGATES  Joseph Cannon: Origins of Downing Street memo leak

Brits will have to pay 30 pounds to stay out of jail

Antiwar Protest and Pushback on Campus

Meet the Chickenhawks on Campus

We Shall Overcome; Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement National Register Travel Itinerary

Spokane: Lawyers Seek to Keep Mayor's Laptop Private

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Fla. Court to Hear Gay Student's Lawsuit + Gay partner can't sue hospital, court rules + Gay Activist Boykin To Speak At Millions More Rally + LGBT Community Celebrates National Coming Out Day + Finding a home for gay foster kids

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Pinter wins Nobel prize

National Book Awards finalists announced

Church of England, old, bankrupt, empty, seeks savior

John Latham: At war with the Tate

Beam me up, Karlheinz Stockhausen

Persia in pieces

Peter Schjeldahl on graphic novels

Missing Beethoven manuscript found at US religious school

Fantastic Fish of the Middle Ages

The Annie Leibovitz of 15th-Century Flanders

Regret Is Alien to UFO Abductees

Musical Geeks Mine 8-Bit Sound

Artist's Diary: Designer Sharon Geller-Metal Divulges Her Step-by-Step Process for Crafting Luxe Judaica

Figure Skating Goes to the Opera With "Nancy and Tonya"

Radiocarbon Dates Reveal That New Guinea Art Is Older Than Thought

Rush & Molloy: Elton backs paparazzi in the shooting war

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: NBC prez is still on net's radar

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The Governor:  Gov. missing in action from TV ads. Big push for Latino support + Gov. moves to right on key issues, but keeps some enviros happy + Poll position: As Schwarzenegger fights to pass initiatives, his campaign team attacks pollsters + Sheehan takes protest to governor (SFC) Cindy Sheehan, the Vacaville anti-war protester whose son was killed in Iraq, turned her attention to the state Capitol on Wednesday

Judge rejects suit on Prop. 77 donation (SFC) A superior court judge has rejected a legal attempt by opponents of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Nov. 8 ballot initiatives to force one of his committees to disgorge $1.1 million in campaign contributions.

CEC Chairman Joe Desmond says he will keep his share of software company, despite critics from consumer advocates

New round in long-time California political feud as wealthy Greek-Americans pick sides

Both sides say motivating core supporters will be key to election + State GOP hires Bush campaign veteran to get evangelicals to polls. Abortion is the draw + The Unpleasant, Untold Story of the Gov.'s Spending Cap, Prop 76 + Ballot battle cash flows (SBee) $4 million donation from Shangri-La Entertainment last week may be the biggest prize that California Democratic House members have been able to bag in the fight to defeat Proposition 77, the redistricting ballot measure backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

California to have public audits of software vote counting

Agencies' legal brief backs state's stem cell initiative

Extra Cash Flowing Into State Coffers

Exec Life Saga Still Shadows Garamendi

With utility bills soaring, Energy Commissioner eyes Liquid National Gas

Political Fortune: Steve Westly

State water program thrown into disarray (CCT) A decade of water planning was thrown into deeper turmoil when a state appeals court ruled last week that officials should have considered cutting Southern California off from using more Delta water.

FPPC gets briefing on staff woes (SBee) On a day when it fined the governor, a Cupertino community college and Red Roof Inns for campaign finance violations, the state body in charge of enforcing the Political Reform Act also heard testimony from one of its own that it doesn't have enough people to do its job right.

Legislature: State Air Cleanup Bond Sought by Lawmaker + Fleischman: Even a well-liked lawmaker crafts bad bills; legislation should rise, or fall, on merits

Indian tribes: Visalia: Another rebuff for Central Valley tribe + American Indian concert to benefit center + Find a path for tiny Quileute tribe + U.S. Supreme Court nominee backed limits on gaming + OP/ED: The casino effect + New Casino Proposal in Tulare County + Jury out in Dean trial + Tribe not under investigation + Marquez: Losing our way, off the reservation + Indian sites to be kept secret



Court: FedEx drivers are employees, not independent contractors

Once again, Sarasota tries to criminalize sleeping

Florida: Be nice to residents, or else
180 teen killers locked up for life, report says. Change proposed to allow paroles (SFC) California has 180 prisoners serving life sentences without the possibility of parole for murders committed when they were 16 or 17, and has imposed a disproportionate number of those sentences on African Americans

Sacramento & north: Paradise Man Sentenced to 26 Years + Sacramento: Deputies Search for Park Attacker + Lodi Fireman Goes to Prison for Child Porn + Murderer of Lodi girl could face March execution + Sacramento: Missing Local Woman Appears on Surveillance Cameras + Chico: Molestation suspect freed on clerical error + Chico: Hearing waived on crash that killed fetus + Chico: Admitted tire-slasher sentenced to four years + Glenn County participating in domestic violence warrant sweep + Placerville: Fired CHP officer gets 120 days jail + El Dorado Hills City Council hopeful faces court date (SBee) Candidate for El Dorado Hills City Council faces a court date next week after being indicted by the El Dorado Country grand jury + Neighbor suspected in death of senior (SBee) Alan Lowell was a man who largely kept to himself in Hollywood Park, his windows shuttered, his door closed. But neighbors said the 85-year-old widower always opened his home to the man now suspected in his murder + Attempted juror bribe alleged in Yolo case (SBee) First, Jihad Saleem approached an undercover West Sacramento police officer who was posing as a prostitute along the city's aging motel row, according to court documents

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF: Suspect charged with murder in taxi crash. Previous convictions for drunk driving influenced charges (SFC) A San Francisco man with a history of drunken-driving convictions was charged Wednesday with second-degree murder, manslaughter and drunken driving for the crash that killed a cab driver and his passenger...+ SF:Wharf hotel owners settle harass claim (SFC) Owners of the Marriot Fisherman's Wharf Hotel in San Francisco will pay $320,000 to settle a claim of harassment against Latino employees

Alameda: Union City begins repaying mistaken red-light violators + Officer shot five times, forensic expert testifies (CCT) A forensic pathologist testified Wednesday that San Leandro police Officer Nels "Dan" Niemi was shot five times when he was slain while responding to a disturbance call in July + Hayward: Accused candidate quits schools race (SFC) A Hayward school board candidate has stepped out of the Nov. 8 race after pleading no contest Wednesday on a charge of bilking his mother-in-law + Trustee fined for misconduct (Argus) Alameda County Board of Education trustee Eileen McDonald has agreed to pay $29,000 in fines for violating the state's Political Reform Act 17 times during her tenure on the Newark board

Santa Clara: San Jose: Man charged in slayings of pregnant wife, two daughters, unborn fetus + Tensions High At Alleged Family Slayer's Court Appearance + Police arrest 3 in Katrina scam (SJM) They lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, the two men and a woman told the Red Cross in Palo Alto. But tipped off by suspicious volunteers, Palo Alto police probed the sad stories. Instead of making their way to Palo Alto from the devastated parishes of Louisiana, police said, the three were from East Palo Alto and San Jose. One was also registered in a drug diversion program in San Mateo.

Contra Costa: Danville: Father, son charged with tax evasion in alleged medical billing scheme + Bar clears Richmond attorney (CCT) The State Bar of California has cleared an assistant city attorney accused of ethics violations last winter by a former co-worker and a city commission + Woman sues college over rape claim (CCT) A former St. Mary's College student has sued the school, alleging negligence for initially dismissing her claim of rape by a student employee two years ago.

Marin: Man charged with stealing from mom (MIJ) A Sausalito man was charged yesterday with stealing at least $300,000 in funds and assets from his 88-year-old mother, authorities said. Michael Saul Schwartz, 62, was arraigned in Marin Superior Court on charges of theft from the elderly and embezzlement by a caretaker, Deputy District Attorney Linda Witong said. Schwartz faces up to eight years in prison if convicted, Witong said. Schwartz is being held without bail because he is considered a potential flight risk, authorities said + DUI suspect to stand trial in death of Novato teen (MIJ) Marin Superior Court judge yesterday ordered a trial for a man accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in a crash that killed a 14-year-old Novato boy. Judge Verna Adams said she found probable cause for Walter Orlando Chivichon-Hernandez, 23, to stand trial on four felony counts related to the accident. He is charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated as well as driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with a blood alcohol of

Sonoma: Petaluma: Officers who shot suspect return to work + Deputies clear in Sebastopol killing (SRPD) Four Sonoma County sheriff's deputies were cleared Wednesday in the shooting death of a Sebastopol man who had killed his brother-in-law

Napa: Not Guilty Plea In Napa Double Murder Case + No parole for killer of chaplain at Queen of the Valley

Solano: Accused rapist's plans to flee country foiled + Thief takes $820 collected by kids for Katrina relief + Police link Vallejo man to body found in Dixon + Vallejo Police Calls + Benicia Police Calls + Man accused of causing fatal car crash waives right to preliminary hearing + Judge schedules jury trial in case of fatal stabbing

Monterey: Father in alcohol crash case seeks to bypass jury + Distraught man surrenders after standoff with police + Crime lab techs testify on processes + UFW endorses Watsonville mayor

Central Valley: Central Valley credit union hit with $3.2M jury award + Man escapes from backseat of Madera police car while handcuffed + Driver crashes into house and flees scene + Milk truck skimming, police say (MBee) Two men racked up more than $1 million in illegal profits by milking a cheese plant in Newman, according to authorities + Geragos did not cheat consultant, judge rules (MBee) Scott Peterson's attorney did not stiff a Chico consultant connected to Modesto's best-known murder case, a judge ruled last week + Plea of no contest in teacher's death (MBee) A Modesto woman pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter in Stanislaus County Superior Court for causing a car crash that killed Yvonne Schmitt, a music teacher from Oakdale

Central Coast: Testimony ends in Hendrix case + Cost of Watsonville auto theft case escalates + S.V. slaying victim was stabbed, coroner’s office


LOCAL NEWS:  Condors wing for San Diego County

Sacramento & north: Sacramento RT opens line to Folsom + Chico: Development fee hike goes before council + Chico: Disc golf design selected + Lodi ponders policy to replace missing sections of sidewalk + Winegrape Commission to honor two with awards + Lodi panel hears input regarding EIR on housing developments + Fire chief pledges to win over critics (SBee) Incoming Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Chief Don Mette vowed Wednesday to prove himself to supporters and detractors alike as he prepares to take the helm of the region's largest fire agency Oct. 28

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF: Treasure Island board fires chief / Tony Hall ousted after vote in closed session (SFC) Embattled Treasure Island chief Tony Hall was fired without cause Wednesday, following a raucous meeting of his board of directors who refused to discuss their reasoning and made the decision behind closed doors SF: Garbage firms seek 40% rate increase (SFC) Sunset Scavenger and Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling, which pick up residential trash in San Francisco, are asking city officials to grant a 40 percent rate increase + SF: Inspectors find code violations in most Chinatown apartments + SF: City teams test response during terror drill / Scenario includes multiple attacks (SFC) San Francisco officials simulated a series of terrorist attacks Wednesday, with one scenario including a suicide bomb aboard a Muni bus, to test the city's emergency preparedness skills + SF: Trauma center funds cut / State can't use that money for program, governor contends (SFC) Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has refused to authorize funding for the Trauma Recovery Center in San Francisco, possibly spelling doom for the ground-breaking, nationally honored program

Alameda: Fremont makes play for the A's (CCT) The city of Fremont plans to study options for building a new baseball park -- a project that would aim to lure the Oakland A's to Fremont should a proposal to build a new stadium near Oakland's McAfee Coliseum fall through + Water for Easements Program Considered + Livermore: Fix Traffic Packages Considered + Livermore City Parcel Could Become First Ag Demonstration Project + High-End Shopping Slated for Livermore + Pleasanton Council Backs Neighbors over Large Day Care + Livermore City Council, Mayor Candidates Debate Issues at Two Different Forums + Livermore to Celebrate the Arts in October + Livermore: Measure D Opponents Register Each Others' Domain Name + Affordable Housing: Myths vs. Reality How do we provide a home for all? + Axis plans to help Livermore with expanded health clinic (Tri-Valley) Pleasanton-based nonprofit that's a major health-care provider for Valley residents who lack health insurance wants to more than double the number of patients it treats + Livermore's Superblock deemed OK (Tri-Valley) With a nod from federal overseers, scientists are resuming plutonium experiments and small-scale manufacturing at Lawrence Livermore lab's Superblock + Parks recalculate impacts of Livermore Trails project (Tri-Valley) The park district acknowledged errors Wednesday in its calculations about the potential impacts of the Livermore Trails housing project

Santa Clara: Airport landscaping plan may be redone for $400,000 (SJM) San Jose taxpayers spent $350,000 on a landscape design for a freeway interchange at Interstate 880 and Coleman Avenue. Now, city leaders want to throw the plan out and pay $400,000 for a new one + Medflies discovered in San Jose (SJM) After the discovery of two Mediterranean fruit flies in South San Jose, an infestation has been declared for the first time since 1992, and officials said Wednesday that they expect to set a quarantine covering an 81-square-mile area + Complaint filed over mailer in Santa Clara council race (SJM) The Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office filed a civil complaint Wednesday over a political mailing sent out in the 2002 Santa Clara City Council election that was allegedly made to look like a newspaper, in violation of election laws.

Contra Costa: Moraga drops speech restrictions (CCT) In a heated meeting Wednesday night, the Moraga Town Council voted to drop a list of council protocol that included coordinating communication through the mayor.

Marin: County approved 'visitor center' in Point Reyes Station downgraded + Lawson's Landing environmental study will move forward + County knocks air out of McEvoy windmill plan + Marin History Museum still short on cash (MIJ) The Marin History Museum's push to unite the county's past, present and future in a new multimillion-dollar complex in downtown San Rafael will need more fund-raising to bring the project to fruition. Construction was scheduled to begin July 14, but escalating costs to the tune of $2.5 million have pushed the effort off to spring 2006 at the earliest. The 7,500-square-foot museum building is planned for 1125 B St., adjacent to the site of the Boyd Gate House + Lagunitas school board puts off decision to reject federal money (MIJ) A scheduling snafu this week forced the Lagunitas School District Board to postpone until the end of the month a decision on a proposal to reject up to $95,000 in federal funding each year to circumvent sanctions. "Technically, it should have been on the agenda," said Stephanie O'Brien, a Lagunitas board member, who said she had asked district staff to schedule her proposal to come before the board for a vote on Tuesday

Sonoma: Two sides far apart on GMO ban + County winemakers 'jazzed' as harvest enters high gear + City workers stage sickout for second day (SRPD) Some of Petaluma’s non-uniform employees stayed home again Thursday as part of a two-day sickout over stalled labor negotiations + Sonoma: Petaluma: Officers who shot suspect return to work + Deputies clear in Sebastopol killing (SRPD) Four Sonoma County sheriff's deputies were cleared Wednesday in the shooting death of a Sebastopol man who had killed his brother-in-law

Napa: New owner for Mervyns + Town Center buyer backs off, but another suitor eyes property + Some local growers having a hard time selling grapes in bumper crop

Solano: Solano homes still affordable - at least for now, report says + Fairfield acknowledges nicest homes, properties + Slain guardsman remembered -- Bonifacio is third Vacaville service member to die in Iraq war + Fairfield: Board sues to stop dump expansion + Fairfield: Reducing homelessness by planning ahead + Wine warehouse burns + Benician pulls plug on recall + $1 Wednesdays a Wonderland hit + Audit reveals fair woes + Benicia council contenders spar over Bordoni Ranch + Report: Plans for new Nut Tree hotel, conference center not financially feasible + ATF Investigating Vallejo Rare Wine Warehouse Blaze

Monterey: Elks donates $6,000 to disaster fund + Your Town + New uses sought for Kmart site + 1 hurt, Highway 101 closed for hour by crash + General plan hits snags over land use

Central Valley: Mexico airlines expected to land in Central Valley Chico expected to increase developer fees +‘Double levees’ clear the way for Lathrop housing project + Fresno's Concentration of Poor Tops in U.S., Study Says + City officials dispute study findings + San Joaquin Valley Making Grade re: Federal Dust Pollution Standards+ Flu vaccine delayed for adults (MBee) Public health departments in Stanislaus, Merced and Tuolumne counties are moving forward with flu-shot clinics, despite reports of delayed shipments of vaccine for seniors and low-income residents + Waterford election haunted by old vote (MBee) Waterford: "Anonymous" isn't on the ballot in the school board race here, but a mystery writer in a community newspaper is trying to sway votes, just the same

Central Coast: Crash Kills Santa Barbara County Deputy + Day of bargaining comes up empty (SCS) Santa Cruz: Negotiating teams for the Metro transit board and striking bus drivers failed to reach an agreement after about 10 hours of talks Wednesday. Drivers said they didn’t see enough progress to put buses back on the road + Land-use official wants Watsonville growth plan cut + News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: Deception behind L.A. liver transplant switch proved to be fatal + Ventura: Zero-Tolerance Policy Challenged + Villaraigosa Backs $3.9-Billion Bond for Schools + LA: City Seeking Bids for Waste Removal Services + Monterey Park: Taste of Home Turns Bitter Over Mall Project + Shell settles gas station suit with city. $10.75 million deal made with S.D. county, city + San Diego: Committee looks for ways to meet needs of evacuees + San Diego: Children's Museum seeks loans to jump-start project + San Diego needs better disaster plan, officials say + San Diego: Developer wins approval, praise for park plan + Sifting San Diego county's shifting sands. Bluff erosion primary source, studies show+ Panel OKs San Dieguito wetlands plans + Coastal Commission OKs sea wall but requires compensation + Coastal Commission delays decision on short-term rentals in Encinitas + Oceanside city attorney resigns + Coastal panel OKs permit for 2 hotels at former Naval Training Center site + Massage parlor limits approved in Chula Vista + Escondido: Council supports migrant measure + Updated Oceanside Web site includes 'cutting-edge technology' + Encinitas balks at sale of some land to build + Rancho Penasquitos: Meeting attendees oppose development of golf resort + Escondido plans housing, work for Katrina victims + Camp Pendleton base schools sit in high-lead zone + San Bernadino County receives land-deal report + Orange County: Alleged Phony Goods Seized at Swap Meet + OC: Development Vote Again Delayed by Speakers + Palm Springs: City Council votes unanimously to renew 'urgency ordinance'

School days: Praise adds up for a math mind + Tsinghua University to train tourism personnel + Ventura: Zero-Tolerance Policy Challenged + Villaraigosa Backs $3.9-Billion Bond for Schools + L.A. Unified Sued Over Race Issues + A fifth of Seattle sophomores to become freshmen + Seniors experience ‘Living Through Learning'

October 12, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Basra and the threat of disintegration + In Iraq, MP numbers down while duties increase + More killings in Iraq by two booby trapped cars + The Mortar War in Iraq + The Iraqi Army in Action + Once bustling Camp Essayons now empty + Suicide bomber kills 30 in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Iraq alters constitution to stem sectarian hatred + Iraqi Sunnis Cut a Last-Minute Constitution Deal + Iraqi MPs approve charter changes + Iraq's foreign laborers face exploitation, death + Iraqi judges trained for Saddam trial + Lack of info, polling access may limit voting for rural Iraqis + Warrant of arrest against former Iraqi officials over stealing + Arab league continues mission in Iraq

War prisons: Consular Official Saw No Evidence of Torture in Case of Man Accused of Plotting to Kill Bush

AFGHANISTAN: US will stay in Afghanistan as long as needed: Rice + Militants kill six police, five medical workers in Afghanistan + US air strike leaves 10 Taliban militias dead in Afghanistan

MIDDLE EAST: Tri-nation meet (Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain) discusses Iraq, Syria

Abul-Gheit: Iraqi issue complicated

Qatar outlines foreign policy

Al-Zandani warns America against fighting God

Israel, Palestine: Arafat death probe 'inconclusive' + Israel army to fight human shield ban

RUSSIA: Post-Soviet stress crowds psychological centers + Russia lashes out at Georgian resolution on peacekeepers + Russia suffers decline in oil industry as crude market recovers after hurricanes + Mikhail Gorbachev certain Lenin's burial will end dramatic Soviet history + Russia-EU draft agreements on visa facilitation, readmission initialed in Luxembourg + Heads of Gazprom, JP Morgan Chase discuss gas giant development prospects + Georgia's resolution on breakaway provinces a provocation - Russian ministry + Azerbaijan, Turkey important partners for Georgia - president + Russia warns Georgia against hasty decisions on peacekeepers + Georgian section of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline set to open + Russia will keep its military contingent in Kaliningrad - general + Lithuania to return Su-27 wreckage to Russia after agreement on damages + Putin set to meet former U.S. State Secretary Henry Kissinger

EUROPE: African Immigration Dominates EU Talks + EU says 30,000 waiting in N. Africa to enter bloc + Crossing deserts, scaling fences + Morocco expels migrants to Mali + EU boosts aid to Africa by $10bn + New EU strategy for Africa

Sicily bridge constructor named + Italy Transfixed by Details of Drug Overdose by Fiat Heir

Schröder announces his resignation + Chancellor Merkel's walking stalemate of a government + Schroeder says he will "definitely" not take part in Germany's next cabinet + Schroeder denies Putin has job for him + (WSWS) Germany: Grand Coalition under Chancellor Merkel. A government in defiance of the voters' will

France: War on terror makes its entrance into Presidential campaign

Portugal: Socialists lose in municipal elections

CENTRAL ASIA: Uzbekistan denies using torture

Kyrgyzstan says U.S. troops can continue using base


UN: Darfur too unsafe for relief work + France calls for peace in Darfur

African National Congress: Trial date for Zuma + Zuma's supporters stand by him

Rwandan rebels kill 25 villagers in DRC

Humanitarian crisis looms in Malawi

Zimbabwe bank governor condemns farm seizures

Liberian poll results trickle in + Female economist leads Liberia's 1st post-war poll

Another Boat Hijacked off Coast of Somalia + Kenya probes Somalia ship hijack

Former Ugandan President Obote Dies in South Africa + A Founding Father Adored, Dreaded in Equal Measure

The rise of Africa's women politicians

Mystery fog engulfs Nigerian city

Women's health fuelling poverty

Ivorian opposition reject Gbagbo

Ethiopia: US supports small loans scheme for women

UN mission hindered by Eritrea’s helicopter restrictions

Armed group kills two in east Algeria

ASIA PACIFIC: China lets public watch latest space launch + CNOOC makes new oil discovery in China's Bohai Sea + Huang Ju calls for new models for Asia-Pacific cities + World Bank to aid west China cities infrastructure construction + Hu Firmly Takes Wheel in China + China unveils new growth model + China aims to bridge income gap + Hu brought down to earth + New Five-Year Plan called 'revolutionary

Ruling New Zealand party pursues minority govt

Corby to fight on as term cut by 5 years

HK chief vague on political shift

Bali mob want Amrozi dead

Thai, Malaysian war of words heats up

SOUTH ASIA: Aid pours into Pakistan, but millions lack shelter, food + Pakistan leader defends quake response + Pakistan to build new cities after quake + Regional upheaval to follow earthquake

AMERICAS: Colombian Labor Unions March Against Uribe's Bid to Run for Another Term + Colombian President Chastises Military Chiefs Amid Deteriorating Security

Ecuador's Interior Minister Resigns Over Proposed Referendum

U.S. Urges Cooperation in Central America on Natural Disasters, Crime

Human Rights Court Orders Colombia to Pay Approximately US$3 Million to Massacre Victims' Relatives

Brazil's ruling party elects centrist as its leader

The tale of Chavez and his nuclear reactor from Argentina

Costa Rico, Nicaragua argue over river navigation rights

Mexico: Iran to take part in international dialogue among civilizations + Public figures to advise Mexican frontrunner + Presidential Hopeful Names His Advisors

Nicaragua crisis eases as key reforms are frozen + Deal to end crisis in Nicaragua

El Salvador Lowers Alert Level After Deadly Floods, Mudslides

Peru's President Downplays S American Natural Gas Loop -Report

Peru's Toledo: Andean-US Trade Pact Expected By Early Nov

Rescuers end search in Guatemala + Guatemala homeless toll at 200,000

Foot and mouth crisis hits Brazil

Blast not aimed specifically at Canada: Graham + Chinese Ambassador Warns of 'consequences' if Canada Passes Bill on Trade With Taiwan



Justices to Measure Clean Water Act's Reach

US throws away the key for 2225 child offenders

Judge dismisses murder charge against 13-year-old baby-sitter

Kate Moss’ Best Shot at Recovering Status: Frowzy Miers Blue

ATMs take fingerprint technology to new frontier

A Crash Course in Constitutional Law for Harriet Miers--and Everybody Else

Refco's Bennett Arrested on Charges of Deceiving Investors on Unpaid Debts

Nonprofit Hospital Chain Catholic Healthcare West Gouges the Uninsured, Suit Says

Program could trigger new space race + China begins 1st man-tended scientific experiments in space + Next goals: Permanent space lab, and moon

A-bomb system warns of tsunami

Apple earnings quadruple - but shares plunge + Apple reveals new video iPod; store to sell TV episodes

IBM donates Rational IP to Open Source

Microsoft, Yahoo in IM deal targeting AOL

Don't brush off jackscrew mechanics

Machine Makes Dishes on Demand

When Robots Rule the World

Deal Seals Anti-Apple Coalition

'Starshade' Observatory Images Continents on Exo-Solar Planets


CIA review faults prewar plans

Pentagon increases recruitment of spies

Guilty plea in AIPAC case + Light sentence for a Pentagon expert who spied for Israel

Philippine govt volunteer to help US with spy case + RP won't meddle in US espionage case: Arroyo aide

NBI: Aragoncillo's docus ended in Reds' hands

There will be as many as 50 million environmental refugees in the world in five years time

Al-Qaida No. 2: U.S. 'ran' from Vietnam

Bali mob want Amrozi dead + Indonesia promises terrorism review

The IAEA's new clout

Russian Academic Goes on Trial for Sale of Secret Technology Abroad

Defections reveal extent of China's espionage operations

Korea: Unification Ministry Allowed Espionage Suspects to Visit North

China contemplates change

CIA Director Has Another Life in Va.

The KGB spy who was a coffee expert

Ex-French Envoy Is Held in U.N. Graft Probe

In Settlement, U.S. 'Regrets' WWII Thefts by Army


One woman in 3 an abuse victim

When Lives Change, Laser Erases Symbols of the Past

Dreams Prepare Your Emotions


Google commits $1.3b to philanthropic wing

Apple earnings quadruple - but shares plunge

Interview with a tech entrepreneur

Air Traffic Control Glitches Highlighted by Labor Unions

Asian Tech Innovation Threatens U.S. Economy

U.S. energy establishment expresses interest in Iran-Armenia pipeline

KB To Offer The Houses That Martha Built

Newest Google Director Joins Company's Wealth Parade

MILITARY  Marines receive Purple Hearts, recall brush with death

US deserter writes book on his life in North Korea

Why Stryker Succeeded

Slow Progress on Medical Tools

Military takes steps to guard against Avian flu


NYT Reporter Testifies in CIA Leak Case

Gary Leupp: Connected at the roots. Miller, Libby and the June notes

Gene Lyons: Plame affair grows more complicated

Gabriel Sherman: Miller Called Back For Second Round on Plame Affair

Xymphora: More aimless musings on Miller

Cannonfire: Plame endgame

Bridgid Schulte: Police outlaw most drinking in nation's Capitol

Italy G8 'brutality' trial opens

Texans battle RFID-driven black helicopters

Treating China's Online Addicts

London's Tate gallery censors work citing fear of offending Muslims

EU to keep records of all phone e-mail traffic for one year

Frenzy of snooping as Norway puts all tax records online


New Zealand's sailors suffer genetic damage

Avian Flu Vaccine Is Tested on the Elderly + Romania bird flu tests 'negative' + Turks vexed by bird flu cull

Missouri: Coalition Seeks to Save Stem Cell Research

Women's health fuelling poverty

Researchers Use Human Embryonic Stem Cells To Kill Cancer Cells

Stroke Treatment A Step Closer After Promising Clinical Trial

Memory loss link to early stress

'Fat muscles' may explain obesity

Seamless mends. Hope for no scar healing and own grown limbs

Violent Video Games Lead To Brain Activity Characteristic Of Aggression

Gene Makes Muscles In The Obese Store More Fat

Older Men With Parkinson's Disease At Increased Risk Of Bone Fractures

Vanadium Appears To Play Role In Speeding Recovery From Infections

It's All In The Timing

Old Mystery Solved, Revealing Origin Of Regulatory T Cells That 'Police' And Protect The Body

Fatty Foods Fight Inflammation

Study Questions Widespread Use Of C-reactive Protein Test To Assess Cardiovascular Risk

Controlling Neglected Tropical Diseases Could Help Make Poverty History

Finding validates cancer causation theory

New antibiotic offers hope for resistance

Chromosome production protein identified

Vermont deal shields part of world's oldest reef

Tropics Play More Active Role Than Was Thought In Controlling Earth's Climate

Marine Snail's Neural Network Sheds Light On The Basis For Flexible Behavior

Titan's Enigmatic Infrared-Bright Spot Is Surface Make-Up

Past Experience Of Pheromones Induces Dominant Courtship Behavior In Fruit Flies

North Sea Efficient Sink For Carbon Dioxide

Brain Regulates Initial Stages Of Sex Change In Social Fish

EBCT Scans Trump Angiography At Detecting Killer Heart Defect


Bush defends Miers nomination, noting her religion

Bush Prepares To Raise Taxes On Mortgages, Health Care

Bush Defends Gulf Coast Trips

Revealed: Al-Qaida plan to seize control of Iraq

Snow 'astonished' by changes in Shanghai

Rice, in Kabul, lauds progress despite surge in violence + Chirac to meet US Secretary of State + Rice's soft tone in Central Asia + Condoleezza Rice dumps Uzbekistan + Rice promises long-term aid to help Pakistan rebuild

US gets deal on Kyrgyz air base

US, Central America discuss security cooperation

Nicaragua Approves CAFTA With the US

China, US start sixth round of textile talks + Snow keeps up pressure on Yuan + Softer Line for Change in China

India, US to sign technology pact

U.S. troops to stay in Kyrgyzstan to complete Afghan mission

Canada Uses China, Oil In U.S. Trade Dispute

Report Says Fraudulent Companies Find Easy Access to Medicare

Experts call for creating US bird flu czar

Supreme Court Nominee: Bush says aides discussed Miers' religion with conservative supporters + Miers Receives Strong Support From Chamber Of Commerce + Pat Robinson threatens US Senators over Meiers + Bush: Religion a factor for Miers + Miers, Bush have been close at least a decade + Miers not a fixture in courtrooms, lawyers say + Dobson: Rove didn't discuss Miers' abortion views

Katrina/Rita: Draining of New Orleans completed + Another Katrina Myth Bites the Dust + Officials show initiative taking Allstate to court for denying evacuees' living expense claims + Mardi Gras? A Head-Scratcher + Man in Video Beating Baffled by Incident + Louisiana Gov. Cool to Casino Plan + New Orleans Pumped Out, Army Says

DeLay:  DeLay team subpoenas prosecutor + Discard reliable Hammer? No, sirree. DeLay's the man

Frist:  Frist obtained stock outside Senate trusts

Iran:  Russia ready to help resume Iranian-EU talks on nuclear program - Foreign Ministry + India to construct urea production plant in Iran

Syria, Lebanon: Syrian minister 'commits suicide' + Syrian 'suicide' sparks theories + Obituary: Ghazi Kanaan + Who's who in Syria's leadership + Syria ready to punish 'traitors' in Hariri murder + (AJ) Syria: Interior minister killed himself + Syria leader denies link to assassination + Two Syrian officials face US sanctions + Syrian-Lebanese relations are historical: Lebanese speaker + Syria to step up combating money laundering and terror financing + Background on Syria and the Rafiq Hariri Investigation

Congress: Congress Blocks African Food For Africa's Starving

Democrats: Hil books Bono-fide fund-raiser

GOP: McCain's Revival + David Ignatius: Republicans flounder into a post-Bush era + Bloomberg widens lead gaining strong reputation on security


Jonathan Freedland: A new game of sequential unilateralism

Iraq: who can still trust the coalition?

German Diplomacy: Which Way to Turn?

The neocons new strategy for Europe

Ted Rall: Giving Congress the bird, Bush asks for martial law

William Rivers Pitt: Ideological Prozac, American Style

Katrina vanden Heuvel: What's the Matter With 'What's the Matter With Kansas?'

Bill Willers: Breaking the Bank: The Rightwing Road to America's Privatized Future

Molly Ivins: GOP stands up for US right to torture

Capitol Hill Blue: Mass Murderers + Bush Through The Looking Glass + Dobson Don't Need No Stinkin' Secrets

(Pravda) Condoleezza Rice tries to win Central Asia's sympathies for USA's purposes

(Pravda) Why the US blockade on Cuba must end

(Pravda) Export of freedom and democracy brings only crisis to former Soviet States

David Corn: The End Of The Trust-Me Presidency?

Conason: IAEA's Nobel Prize a rebuff to Bush

The blood is the life, Mr Rumsfeld!

Nicholas Kristoff: Year After Year, Grave After Grave

LaRouche: Let Cheney-Bush Go Quietly Now

Michelle Steinberg: Military Officers: `The Greatest Strategic Disaster in U.S. History'

Blood for pork....

Crooked corporation gets nuke controls

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Australia: Church in 'crisis' on gays + Croatia gays go public

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Plot Thickens in Nobel Author Saga

Radio set for digital revolution

Robert Steinback: 'Character' Vanishes From Public Discourse

Journalists freed in Gaza kidnapping

Will Judith Miller Probe Go 'Public'? + NY Times 'frustrated' by Miller story + How Judith Miller Lost My Support

White House Briefing: Reporters Hit Hard on Role of Religion in Miers Pick

Scalia Turns Journalists Away From Speech

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Egypt uses new technology to solve pyramid riddle

Lost treasure returned to Ethiopia

Mexico's 1968 massacre heads for big screen

What Art Is Hiding on Your Microchip?

Guggenheim’s Russia! Show Gets Fascinating After Five Centuries

A Tsunami-Devastated Tribe Finds a Cultural Noah's Ark in Vienna

Prinze steps out of dad's shadow with new sitcom

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Lizzie's dad takes flak & writes off pal

Rush & Molloy: Mistress puts full-court press on ex-Knick to pay support

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October October 10, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Marines who took Fallujah sent to new hot spot + A U.S. Soldier, 3 Afghans Killed in Two Suicide Bombings, Firefights + Insurgents Kill More Iraqis in Effort to Wreck Constitutional Referendum + MNF-Iraq discovers safe house of insurgents in Baghdad, arrests four + Up to 15 Iraqi soldiers killed, wounded in Kirkuk + Three policemen killed, eight wounded in car bomb attacks in Baghdad + Three policemen killed, eight wounded in car bomb attacks in Baghdad + Arab League convoy attacked in Baghdad, 3 police dead + Shaped bombs magnify Iraq rebels' offensive capability + UK troops in Iraq to be cut by 500 + UK shaves Iraq troop numbers in "routine" rotation + More Scottish troops sent to Iraq + Most Japanese oppose keeping troops in Iraq - poll + Non-combat injury kills Houston soldier in Iraq + US soldier killed by suicide car bomb in Iraq + Female US airman killed in Iraq conflict laid to rest in Pompano + US consulate hotel hit by mortar shell in Iraq + Iraq's greatest danger: civil war, not terror + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Sunni militants see Iraq vote as recruiting tool + Saddam may face execution before standing trial on all charges + Baghdad rejects national reconciliation under an Arab umbrella + Muted hopes for the next Iraqi vote

War prisons: Egyptian Reveals Fresh Guantanamo Horrors + Five Kuwaiti detainees in Guantanamo ‘to be freed’

AFGHANISTAN: Two suicide attacks in Afghanistan’s Kandahar: governor + Suicide bomber wounds 4 Britons in Afghanistan + One US soldier killed in firefight in Afghanistan + 2 US soldiers injured in firefight in eastern Afghanistan + NATO envoys to discuss using peacekeepers in Afghanistan + US military death toll in Afghanistan hits 200 since 2001 invasion + Afghanistan 4 Years On + A front-row seat in the plodding war on the Taliban

MIDDLE EAST: Egyptian Foreign Minister hold talks with Straw on Mideast issues + Security clashes in Ein Shams university

Cairo hosts mini-summit on Iraq, Syria

Discord in Kuwait's ruling family

Israel, Palestine: Israel re-opens Sufa crossing + Summit between Israel and Palestine postponed till end of month + Israel not to make further concessions ahead of Sharon-Abbas meeting + Israel uncovers three Hamas networks in W. Bank + Shin Bet uncovers three terror networks, arrests 117 suspects

RUSSIA: Russia, Ukraine to form investors' council + Latvian parliament members propose referendum on border dispute with Russia + Ukraine to fulfill its commitments on Black Sea Fleet + Experts differ on the future of Russian-German relations under new chancellor + U.K. defense official to visit Russian military, scientific facilities + Ivanov: EU may introduce visa-free regime for Russians soon + Russia, Portugal may hold joint military exercises + Location of Russian enclave means potential for region - EU official + Russia, Ukraine to inspect Russian gas transits via Ukraine + More North Korean fishing boats seized in Russian waters

EUROPE: Spiegel: Merkel To Lead, But Social Democrats Also Remain Strong+ Germany's Election Mayhem: The Hidden Charms of a Grand Coalition + 'Coalition will have no honeymoon'+ Merkel to lead Germany in coalition of rivals + Germany's Not-So-Grand Coalition + Merkel to be first female German chancellor + Product of communism is hope of free market + Woman to head German government for first time + Euro May Fall as Merkel May Struggle to Improve German Economy

Kurdish rebels kidnap policeman amid clashes in Turkey

EU opens association talks with Serbia-Montenegro

Italy bank chief grilled in Rome + A Struggle for Power in Italy + Fazio Says It Was His 'institutional Duty' to Approve Italian Bank's Bid for Antonveneta

Saddam's French holiday homes taken over by squatters

Ukrainian General Prosecutor's Office launches criminal proceedings against Poroshenko + Ukraine MPs question Berezovsky over Yushchenko money - paper

France says EU has already done its part to cut farm subsidies + France reaffirms support for Romania's scheduled EU accession

The Kaczynski Twins Are Taking Poland by Storm

CENTRAL ASIA: A common market in Central Asia?

Rice expected to tread carefully on visit to Central Asia

Growing religious extremism troubling - Kyrgyz president

Annual amnesty granted to 8,000 prisoners in Turkmenistan

AFRICA: Yemen admits sending weapons to Somalia in breach of arms embargo

Algerian efforts to challenge illegal immigration

Peaceful Campaign Ends in Liberia + High Stakes for the Region + Carter 'satisfied' With Preparations for Liberia's Election

Côte d'Ivoire: Gbagbo Retains Power Under AU Decision

Increasing Unrest Among Zimbabwean Military

Morocco: Spain's Fence Construction Draws Criticism + Morocco flies migrants south + Seeking Europe's 'promised land' + EU outposts turn into fortresses

Nigeria launches school feeding scheme

Violence brewing in Nigeria

Zimbabwe reports drop in HIV infections + Zimbabwe HIV infection rate drops

Malawian woman dies every hour in childbirth

Darfur rebels free AU hostages

Botswana Bushmen ‘starving’ as police seal off reserve

Jailed Libya group wins retrial

ASIA PACIFIC: Philippine rebels ambush troops, kill 9

Chinese activist attacked by mob + China's growing land disputes + Chinese protest lawyer 'arrested' + China's Coiled Young + China publishes first map of desert, desertification + Leadership to adjust growth model, focus on wealth gap

Japan supersonic jet model tested + Japan: What a difference a month makes

Malaysia's maritime body to patrol Malacca Strait

SOUTH ASIA: 31 killed in Assam ethnic violence in India

Pakistan Army: Entire generation lost in quake + Entire government machinery mobilized for "colossal challenge": PM + Pakistan reopens key roads to quake zones + US allocates up to 50 million for quake victims + Hope fades for remote quake victims, UN says + Desperate flight from the valley of death + Pakistan accepts India quake aid

AMERICAS: Guatemala villages 'mass graves' + Guatemala's Indians Refuse Soldiers' Help, Deal With Dead From Rains on Their Own + Cuba Sends Additional 200 Doctors to Storm-Devastated Guatemala

Lula's party votes for new leader

Amazon threatened by drought

Colombia won't extradite AUC leader + Battling drugs, dirty dollars in Colombia

Bush and Chavez, connected at the hip + Venezuela's war on landed estates started 69 years ago could end soon + Venezuela confiscates six farms used for drug-trafficking/money-laundering

Politics and energy crisis in S, America

In Uruguay, economic reform collides with political philosophy


Karl Rove and the case of the missing e-mail

The Case of the Missing Notebook

Abramoff Investigation Extends Into Justice Department



AP: FBI may relax drug use hiring policy

Ranch officials charged over pesticide + Pesticide Case Is Upping the Ante

Bank dealings with Cuba under scrutiny

The Tortured Language of the Law


Click to view, state and local



China's second manned space flight to launch Wednesday + Planned mission marks China's start of manned space experiments

One Small Hop for Japan

Scientists Prepare to Install Tsunami Warning System off Indonesia's Sumatra From Asap

Europe ice mission failure probed + Cryosat team desperate to rebuild

Prof Aumann: We made Israel No. 1 in games theory + Israeli, American share economics Nobel

Japanese geeks emerge from their closets - with bulging wallets

Stanford Volkswagen wins $2M robot race

New system will allow greater detail in hurricane models + Hurricane researchers have long lacked basic equipment

We'll index the world by 2310, says Google

Cuban to Launch DVD Label?

Engineers Show Fuel-Cell Progress

The Internet's bold second act

Biggest discoveries may lie ahead for still-ticking Mars rovers

Adaptive Optics Produces Ultrasharp Images Of Sunspot

Pushing The Limits Of Hard Disk Storage

UCLA Engineers: Solar Energy Cells Made Of Everyday Plastic


New York ends subway alert

Al-Qaida Launches a Weekly News Show

Egypt denies claim about Al Qaeda base in Sinai + Al Qaeda base in Sinai

Britain seeks ban of 15 alleged terror groups

Japan eases A-bomb payout rules + Japan: ASDF batteries to get advanced missiles by 2010

The small-time hood who became Iraq's Public Enemy No 1

Qatar among five new Security Council members

Bali Nine trials to begin + Fury at Aussie role in Bali Nine case

Spanish court convicts 18 alleged Al Qaeda members

Terror in the Air?

DoD sets up secret joint intelligence site

Goss Making Waves With Changes at CIA

US Embassy denies hand in RP crisis + Suspected Spy Traveled to Philippines + More RP pols in spy case as US widens probe + FBI-Philippines Link Is Downplayed

Ex-North Korean Spies Yearn to Go Home

Sri Lanka's web of espionage war and the withdrawing Peace

Serious spy charges

A Spy Among U.S.?

Michael Maloof and Rice and China

Officials: Osama cave likely spared

Mob boss ordered JFK hit, book says

MILITARY  America overhauls its Asia-Pacific force + Japan, U.S. agree on shifting Marine unit's headquarters to Guam

Rhein-Main Base Closing After Six Decades as U.S. Military Gateway

SEALs launching public recruiting effort

Ukrainian soldier wounded in Iraq recovers in U.S.

Making Category IV Recruits Succeed

Special Gum For Staying Awake


What did he do when he sang out of tune?

In Cooperstown, it's not all baseball

Boomers' Overdose Deaths Up Markedly

From Skid Row to Disney Hall


Oil majors win oil block in Libya

Suman Bery: Understanding China's rise + Results sought in China currency reform + Foreign institutes clamor for piece of Chinese education market + CCB to launch world's biggest IPO + Foreign-funded banks play big role

Italy: Companies To Discuss Nanotechnologies In Textiles

Genentech profits surge on drug sales

The art only investment fund

Foreign dotcoms covet China

Food Industry's Liquid Leftovers Stir Up a Battle

Hot Housing Market Crosses the Mexico Border

Risky 'Exotic' Loans Fostering a Refi Cycle


EU bans Turkish live bird imports + Indonesia under fire for its limited steps to contain avian flu

Russia may ban meat imports from Brazil

New SIDS policy recommends pacifiers + Doctors warn against having baby sleep with parents

Human Beta-cell Line Offers Hope For Type 1 Diabetes Breakthrough

Brain area 'more than just motor'

China begins treating mental patients via Internet

Breast cancer survival rates soar

Chemo hearing-loss action urged

Windpipe defect repaired in womb

Glowing insects 'to cut malaria'

Meningitis vaccine may have link to neurological disorder

New prosthetics restore mobility to soldiers maimed in war

Fish eaters stay sharper with age, study finds

Breast cancer procedures may be altered

Human sexual identity is studied

Study: New CTs are better than angiography

Depression, epilepsy and suicide linked

Shorter Colds, Milder Flu May Follow From Newly Revealed Immune Mechanism

Shift In Brain's Language-control Site Offers Rehab Hope; Language Center Site Becomes More Lateralized With Age

Phytochemicals May Protect Cartilage, Prevent Pain In Joints

Discovery Links Blood Cell Defect To Common Lung Disorder, Leads To Novel Treatment

Scientists Pinpoint Inflammation Gene; Discovery Has Implications For Wide Range Of Diseases

Defusing Dangerous Mutations: Scientists Discover A New Way By Which Cells Control Genetic Errors

Errors In Cancer Diagnosis Put Patients In Harm's Way

UBC Researchers Explain Why Females Are Better Off Choosing Unattractive Mates

NASA Scientists Confirm Toxic Seas During Earth's Evolution

Scientists Say No Evidence Exists That Therapod Dinosaurs Evolved Into Birds

Rhythm Gene Discovered: The Scoop On When Worms Poop, Ovulate And Swallow


Bush administration to re-examine farm legislation + EU faces pressure to open its farm markets after U.S. offer + News Analysis: U.S. breaks with tradition in putting its subsidies into play + U.S., EU Trade Chiefs Offer to Make Steep Farm Tariff Cuts + U.S., EU Proposals to Cut Farm Aid Could Herald Breakthrough in Global Trade Talks

Administration increasingly faces accusations of cronyism

FEMA battles with Homeland Security

Bolton urges candidates, from any region, for post of UN chief to come

Rice stopped US from attacking Syria + Rice to hammer out Iran strategy with European powers + Rice to travel to Afghanistan and three former Soviet republics + Rice may add earthquake stop to trip + Condoleezza Rice dumps Uzbekistan + Rice Looks to Broaden U.S. Relationships With Afghanistan, Ex-Soviet States

Washington to host international conference on Russia

US offers to cut farm subsidies

Cuban migration to U.S. hits 10-year high

State Dep't condemns attacks in Sudan

Feds Plan for Super-Flu Pandemic

US, India develop healthy ties

Critics attack EPA's Yucca Mountain rules

Supreme Court Nominee: Miers's Law Firm Backed Sham Ernst & Young Tax Shelter, Senate Report Says + The two knocks on Miers+ Filibusters come back to haunt conservatives + Decoding Miers + Bush White House crisis deepens: The contradictions of the Miers nomination + Dan Coats Tackles a Big Job + The scoop on Miers + Be It Confidence or Hubris, Bush Nominates Boldly

Katrina/Rita: Katrina's mental casualties + New Orleans officers plead not guilty + Under siege, New Orleans police struggle + Lobbyists played role in Katrina rescues + Engineers Examine Levee Failures + Katrina Contracts Will Be Re-Bid + Half Million Katrina Victims Still Without Homes + Immigrants Rush to New Orleans as Contractors Fight for Workers

Iran: Iran softens tone in nuclear stand-off + Russia plays both sides in Iran nuclear issue + IAEA delegation due in Iran + Larijani: Iran will suspend nuclear spot checks if threatened + Iran to reveal plans on resuming negotiations + London's "advance forward" policy in Iraq ends up in unrest + 120 French intellectuals visit Iran

Syria, Lebanon: Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue prelude to control arms outside of camps + Egypt denies initiative to help Syria + Syria's behavior worries Washington + Syria ‘deaf’ to US warnings on meddling in the region + US weighed military strikes in Syria: report + Rice Favors Diplomatic Isolation Over Attacking Syria + Syria's Reaction to Hariri Probe Was Inadequate: US Official + US Diplomat: Syria Interfering In Regional Conflicts + Syria coming under pressure as US targets "low hanging fruit

N. Korea: Russian envoy meets with North Korean leader + N. Korea vows to crush potential US attack + South Korea warned on threat of stagnation + World Chinese businessmen gather in Seoul to boost cooperation

Congress: Dems seek more energy assistance funding + Senator Obama to Visit Kenya Next Year

Democrats: Newsview: Dean aims to rebuild Dem. Party + Hillary tops and a flop, say authors

GOP:  Newsview: GOP battles litany of troubles + McCain may run in '08; won't be VP + GOP Feels Sting of Candidates' Rejection


Jonathan Power: Hunting Bin Laden

Bringing the War Home: Justin Raimondo

Do You Feel Any Safer?: Teresa Whitehurst

Posse Comitatus at Stake: Niko Kyriakiou

Kate Woods: Give me that old time republicanism + Mark Paxton: Pombo is a menace to society

Capitol Hill Blue: The Ghost of Joe McCarthy + Because He Can

Carole Coleman: When I interviewed Bush I wanted to slap him

Robert Parry: Bush's terrifying terror speech

Bill Fitrakis: Did Bush administration attack peace movement with military grade biological bacteria?

Venezuela calls Pat Robertson's claim of Chavez sent bin Laden money crazy

Robert Novak: Conservative rift in GOP hard to heal

Israeli Nobel Prize Winner in Economics Offers Gloomy Assessment for Mideast Peace

Blood for pork....

Australia loses Iraq wheat sale

Federal abstinence program violates 1st Amendment

No leaders in Congress against this war

Rep. Conyers on arrest of anti-war protesters

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  China gays under pressure to stay in the closet + Lesbians, gays gaining acceptance on mainland + San Diego coach wins two titles in gay pageant

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Shield Law Sponsor Lugar: Bloggers 'Probably Not' Considered Journos

As IAPA Debates Shield Law, Some Latin Journos Urge Caution

'New York Times' Launches Movie Mag

New Louisiana Paper Emerges From Hurricane Katrina

Pan-African media ambitions

Australian government instigates move to jail journalists

Reality for Blogsville?

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Livermore Valley biker trio complete cross-country trek

San Francisco, Window to church's past. St. Mark's congregation opens time capsule from Civil War era (SFC) Members of a San Francisco church got a glimpse of its Civil War-era heritage Sunday when they opened a time capsule sealed in 1863. Inside

John Updike: Judging a book by its cover

How To Be an Art Dealer

Hilton Als on “A Naked Girl on the Appian Way”

Fiction by Tom Drury

The River of Doubt

Bowers Dreams Big in a Small Space

Three Exhibits Offer Different Ideas on Color and Design From Ancient Asian Garments

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Rodman puts a bad word in for Electra

Rush & Molloy: Reading between 'Sopranos' lines

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The Governor:  Gov. enlists McCain to help ailing initiatives campaign + Gov. signs violent videogames bill + Jeb Bush, Gov. take advice from games crusader + Gov. vetoes rail legislation + Bening joins Beatty in fight vs. Gov. + Why Arnold thinks he'll win on props + Gov.'s Pen Sends a Clear Message + Gov. clamps down on labor + Gov. Manages Protest Free Appearance + Education plan faces voter test (SBee) Gov. sees better hires; Union groups say people will leave field + Gov to show up for 'Showdown' (CocoTimes) The Times and KTVU Channel 2 will team up to provide live and unscripted election coverage with "Special Election Showdown: Live with Gov.

Spotlight lands on levee board (SBee) The seven appointees to state reclamation board - three engineers, three farmers and a lawyer for a farm group - came under intense scrutiny late last month, after Gov. swept out their predecessors in a single stroke. After recent purge, new panelists confront politics of floodplains.

He's a labor guy who works for a GOP boss (SBee) Even when he was a kid, state Employment Development Department Director Pat Henning found himself on the front lines of the labor movement

Capitol Hill drama over writer's site (SBee) Danville, CA: Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site may go on the auction block along with 14 other national park sites to help balance the national budget

Katrina rebuild efforts will be felt in California

Propositions: Proposition 74 at a Glance + Prop 80 would regulate energy + Prop. 75 Worries Union Leaders

Legislature: Dan Walters: Redistricting reform could revive brain-dead Legislature (SBee) The California Legislature is a brain-dead political body, endemically incapable of addressing the issues that a fast-growing and fast-changing society generates. It had been withering away for a quarter-century but lapsed into a coma four years ago after its members administered a dose of institutional poison - a bipartisan gerrymander of 120 legislative districts.

Indian tribes: For Juaneño Indians, Unity Proves Elusive + Fresno: Dispute clouds casino proposal + Anti-gaming figure compares Indian casinos to drugs and porn + Rumsey Tribe's role questioned in bill veto



Sacramento: Former secretary to federal judge faces 94 fraud counts

Mexico: Copied forms are no good (MBee) Mexican expatriates are being warned not to use a duplicate copy of a voter registration form when signing up to vote in the July 2 Mexican presidential election

Talking crime with the FBI (SJMercNews) In August, veteran FBI agent Joe Ford was named special agent in charge of the San Francisco division of the FBI, overseeing 400 agents from Monterey to the Oregon border.

With hospitals full, mental patients languish in jail

San Quentin doctor put on leave after 3 inmate deaths

Attorney General Lockyer Obtains Patient Protections as Condition of Approving Major California Dialysis Provider’s Purchase of Competitor

Attorney General Lockyer Announces Campaign Against Marijuana Planting Program Breaks One Million Plant Barrier For The 2005 Season

Father Permitted to Visit Cancer-Stricken Girl, 13

Sacramento & north: Rocklin Police Office killed by drunk driver + Eased rule for a DUI is halted in Placer (SBee) CHP's Truckee office had a new policy in which some DUI suspects can avoid a night in jail by qualifying as "cite and release" candidates, so they can go home in company of responsible adult rather than spend night in jail

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF: 10-hour standoff ends peacefully (SFC) 10-hour standoff between San Francisco police and a man who had barricaded himself inside a Bayview district home ended peacefully Sunday evening + Driver Arrested; Two Killed In SF Cab Crash

Alameda: Oakland: Father of 2 shot dead near BART station (SFC) A 37-year-old father of boys ages 17 and 18 was shot to death Sunday afternoon in East Oakland across the street from the Coliseum BART station

Santa Clara: Police treating fatal San Jose fire as a crime scene + Mother uses offender site, finds suspect (CoCoTimes) A mother's use of the state's online sex-offender registry has led to the arrest of a Los Gatos man who allegedly touched her child inappropriately at a grocery store + Parents of accused blame mental illness (SJMerc) The parents of the man accused of driving his mother's stolen Buick onto the sidewalk along the Las Vegas Strip say the Stephen Ressa who allegedly killed three people is not the son they knew.

Contra Costa: Concord Stabbing, 2 arrests (CCT) One man was stabbed and two arrested in what police say was a chaotic bar fight in downtown Concord on Saturday night + CHP aids Richmond police again (CCT) + Highway Patrol officers returned to Richmond on Friday to supplement city police in crime hot spots + Men Prosecuted In Oakdale Pesticide Accident

Marin: 'Superstar' attorney Raggihanti

Napa: Napa State Hospital full, patients have no place else to go but jail + Two more women sue CIA for discrimination + Three local judges step down from the bench

Solano: Human Remains Found In Truck In Dixon

Monterey: Boy arrested after house break-in

Central Valley: Stockton police arrest nine + Pipe bombs found in Modesto + "Fresno Uncensored" results in more arrests + Man shot to death in Visalia + San Benito: D.A. to stop prosecuting some crimes + Fresno cemetery under scrutiny over use of graves (FresnoBee) The state Department of Consumer Affairs will investigate whether Mountain View Cemetery in Fresno is recycling graves, an accusation that is being examined in a Fresno County Superior Court civil trial + Judge sets pace for robberies trial (ModestoBee) Stanislaus County Superior Court is gearing up for its biggest trial this year — a case involving a string of home invasion robberies in Stanislaus and Merced counties in the summer of 2003.

Southern California: LA: Parolee Charged in Deaths of 3 at Bus Stop + Riverside: Southland Family Grieves for Dead, Missing Relatives + Costa Mesa: Motorist Arrested After Passenger Dies in Crash + San Diego: Thinning blue line + Police: Monclair: Man took over train with bow, arrow


LOCAL NEWS:  Sacramento & north: Sacramento Airport Hits Milestone + Editorial: Loyal to the purple (SBee) Service Employees International Union. The union is asking the council to walk off a political cliff, to start regulating hospitals as a way to pressure at least one set of hospitals - the Sutter chain. Sacramento Council blinded by Union's colors Stockton: Local activists believe several buildings on N. California St sit on old cemetery still containing buried remains + Yuba City blaze crosses Feather River

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF: Unusually fervent race for assessor. All 3 candidates bill themselves as not being politicians (SFC)
The three candidates competing to run the SF assessor-recorder's office, which bills a hefty $1 billion in property taxes every year, agree on one thing: This race is about who is a professional + Treasure Island's big developer slams Tony Hall Matier & Ross (SFC) Treasure Island Executive Director Tony Hall -- who has been slamming SF Mayor Gavin Newsom's office over what he calls "sweetheart deals" with the island's biggest developer + S.F. homeless earn paychecks for work as film extras. New 'movie stars' make $8.62 an hour, gain recognition and self-esteem boost (SFC) Theo White sleeps shivering in a doorway littered with broken glass on O'Farrell Street in San Francisco's Tenderloin -- but lately things haven't seemed quite so bad when he wakes and shuffles to his job

Alameda: Livermore: Pardee Spending on Election Tops $2 million + Pardee solar announcement raises issues + Lively debate over Pardee Measure D + Livermore: Additional Sports Parks in the Works + Livermore: Staff Asked To Shorten General Plan Update Effort + Livermore: Candidates for mayor offer views + Neighboring Lawmakers Divide Over Reform of Species-act + Officials eyeing project by I-580 (SJMerc) Proposal includes senior car, auto mall. The future of what many consider Pleasanton's final frontier -- at least as far as development goes -- will be discussed by officials in the Alameda County city this week.

Santa Clara: San Jose neglects ethnic tourism + No opposition to Gage's supervisor run surfacing

Contra Costa: Byron fire centered downtown (CCT) This hamlet in a rural enclave between fast-encroaching suburbs has suffered another blow to its historic downtown strip with the destruction of three buildings in an early Saturday morning fire + Monday Profile: Contra Costa's coroner (CCT) Christine Dean's job takes her places most people pray they'll never go

Marin: Rolling vehicle kills Novato woman + Widows group making a difference in Marin + Allende honors agencies aiding women, children

Sonoma: Sebastopol air show pilot dies in crash + Shrimp catches get smaller + Rohnert Park council awaits chance to answer Leivo

Napa: More than 500 ride through valley to fight ALS + To annex or not to annex + Local Republicans honor Mark Luce

Solano: Head Start Solano turns 40 + Benicia looks to redevelop Arsenal (CCT) At first glance, the Arsenal district is a hodgepodge of businesses and historic landmarks weathered by time

Monterey: Carmel schools may test kids for drugs + Your Town + Teachers group to hold lunch

Central Valley: McNerney to oppose Pombo+ Assembly candidate Ana Phares talks local + Mental health project revived (FresnoBee) Talk of creating an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit in the Central Valley will resume now that Fresno County and Kaweah Delta District hospital leaders have had key discussions about the level of participation Madera Co. crafting standards for dairy industry (FresnoBee) Pressed by a growing dairy industry, Madera County is working on development standards to help guide one of its biggest agricultural enterprises + Turlock faces up to filling big void (ModestoBee) Turlock: This whole hire-a-city-manager thing is a little strange in these parts + Mental health project revived (Fresno Bee) Talk of creating an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit in the Central Valley will resume now that Fresno County and Kaweah Delta District hospital leaders have had key discussions about the level of participation and financial commitment of those involved + Lodi looks to push and pull pollution out of soil and groundwater + Direction of Oakdale Irrigation District at stake as 6 seek 3 board seats (ModestoBee) The current campaign in the Oakdale Irrigation District is quieter than the recall furor of 2001 + Veterans seeking memorial district (ModestoBee) A coalition of veterans groups will ask Tuesday for the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors' blessing to form a veterans memorial district + Illness that sickened 17 field workers in Tulare continues to baffle

Central Coast: Monarchs get warm welcome Santa Cruz: Surrounded by curious onlookers of all ages, June Langhoff pointed to a tiny white dot on the leaf of a milkweed plant and explained the life cycle of the monarch butterfly to her captive audience Sunday at Natural Bridges State Beach + Grant helps Zayante department get ‘live burn’ trailer for training

Southern California: LA: 7 Injured When Motorist Hits Paramedic Vehicle + Watts: Teenager Killed in Drive-by Shooting + Ventura: Staking New Territory in Growth Control + Pasadena: 75 Left Homeless by Pasadena Fire + Laguna Niguel Man Dies When Struck by Train + San Diego: Frye seeks pension vote. Aguirre to draft law rescinding approval + Retiree appointed to pension board + Political novices flock to S.D. council races + Board told in 2004 it likely broke state law + Port employees can withdraw from city retirement system + Red tape, high costs of materials pushing Escondido to alter plan for new safety facilities

School days: Vocational center plan advances (FresnoBee) Education and business leaders are enthusiastically supporting plans to replace Fresno City College's vocational center of about 400 students on four acres with a $45.9 million project on 120 acres that eventually will educate up to 6,000 students and evolve into a separate college + Carmel schools may test kids for drugs + Investigation into charges of discrimination at Stanford resumes + Four Ceres school trustees in a fight to 'finish the job' (Modesto Bee) The Ceres Unified School District has had an ambitious agenda over the past few years — planning for six new schools, adapting curricula to changing state standards and raising pay for teachers + Empire principal has the best job (ModesoBee) Imagine a school where most students come from poverty, and half are learning English + Sylvan teacher helps kids take small steps to athletic success (ModestoBee) Sandi Lewis' niece couldn't skip, jump or catch a ball a year ago + Stagg embraces apology policy + Preschool Program Gets Mixed Marks + Charter School Crusader Makes Waves in L.A. + Latino boys told to 'Stay in the Game'

Livermore Valley biker trio complete cross-country trek

San Francisco, Window to church's past. St. Mark's congregation opens time capsule from Civil War era (SFC) Members of a San Francisco church got a glimpse of its Civil War-era heritage Sunday when they opened a time capsule sealed in 1863. Inside

Bierstadt: Yosemite Valley

October 5, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Bomb Blast at Shiite Mosque Kills 22 + Who are the insurgents? + Deaths rise in US offensive + US aircraft bombard bridges in western Iraq + Security incidents in Iraq, Oct 5 + Baghdad Districts' Security Handed to Iraq, US Says + Latest offensive targets insurgent-held cities in western Iraq + The sights, sounds and threat of violence are a constant in Baghdad + A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq + Video Shows Beheading of Two Iraqi Men Alleged to Be U.S. Spies + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Iraq U-turn on charter vote rules + Iran, Bahrain urge democratic transition in Iraq + Sunnis drop threat to boycott referendum

War prisons: Spain jails ex-Guantanamo inmate + Legal details + Guantanamo detainees 'just skin and bone'

AFGHANISTAN: Warlords set for Afghan poll gain + Puzzle of the stay-away voters + Former Taliban Fighters Brave a New Battlefield + Afghanistan to welcome Taliban spokesman's extradition + Afghanistan vote-counting completed + Suspected suicide attacker killed in south Afghanistan + Diggers in secret Afghanistan clash

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt: Presidential election was a false start in democratization + Egyptian Ambassador: China is Egypt's genuine development partner

Israel, Palestine: Israelis wound second attacker at West Bank checkpoint + Hamas: US, Israel provoking tensions + Egypt builds new Gaza crossing, access in dispute + Sharon and Abbas to meet next week: Israel + Preparatory meeting to be held Thursday for Abbas-Sharon summit + Hamas rejects US calls to disarm + EU announces more aid to help build Palestinian state

RUSSIA: Gazprom gets licenses to develop natural gas fields in Venezuela + Moscow: Adamov's extradition to U.S. to negatively affect relations with Switzerland + Lithuanian Defense Ministry wants $20 million for radar + Lithuanian Defense Ministry says it has IFF system from crashed Su-2 + Russian defense minister denies Lithuania took Identification Friend or Foe System from crashed plane + Russia grants $146 mln to Belarus to cover gas price hikes + Putin says Gazprom's exports to Europe, domestic supplies balanced + Putin: Russian-EU relations undergoing major positive changes + Update: Putin hopes Gazprom share liberalization will happen soon + Prosecutors, police raid some Russian banks on money laundering suspicions on foreign requests + Russian oil company wins Libyan tender + Minsk to repay energy debt to Russia in 2006 + Estonian president advocates new borders talks with Russia + Russia can build Siberian oil pipeline without Japanese investment - Yakovenko + Poor infrastructure obstructs Russia-China trade - paper + Russia Needs 625,000 Miles of New Roads — Minister + Russian Shadow Economy Makes up to 40% of Legitimate GDP + Russian investigators raid offices of Yukos affiliates

EUROPE: UK, France and US opposed to Central Asian nuclear-free zone

UK, Russia in anti-terror pledge + Putin, Blair discuss energy, investment, international issues + Blair's backstage theatrics disguise the trouble with Putin

Srebrenica massacre list compiled

Italy: Islamic school row solved + Parmalat could face take-over + Italy's Parmalat set to relist amid buyout talk I

Hundreds of migrants charge Spain's African border

Ukraine head promises reforms + Former Prime Minister Yanukovych threatens to withdraw from pact with Ukrainian president + Yushchenko says he wants higher GDP, dialogue with investors, businesses + Ukraine to resume missile launch exercises

UK to decide on Sakhalin funding + Britain: Davis tells Tories to 'walk tall' + Odds lengthen on Davis

Q&A: the killing of Jim Gray, leader of Ulster Defense Association

Russia to update Slovak-owned fighters to NATO standards

Germany set for leadership summit + Germany: Baby steps toward grand coalition + German Chancellor Schroeder to visit St. Petersburg Oct. 7-8 + Greffrath: German Politics

Chirac praises 'fundamental' Franco-German ties + Peugeot Citroen hit with EU fine + Chirac says Brussels does not care about job losses in assault on economic policy

Talking Turkey: Now the hard part

CENTRAL ASIA: Azeri President says country will continue defense buildup + Azerbaijan's NB hard currency reserves exceed $1 bln

Belarus willing to cooperate with India in all areas - Lukashenko

AFRICA: Security forces deploy in Lagos, Nigeria + At least three killed as soldiers and policemen rampage + A traffic police encounter + Obasanjo's thankless task

Fresh charge into Spanish enclave

Zimbabwe: IMF, govt differ over economic outlook+ IMF warning on Zimbabwe + Zimbabwe Government Plans to Import Maize to Feed 2.2 Million People Until Next Harvest

Gambia acts to end Senegal feud

Rwanda to let Belgian priest go

UN blasts Eritrea peacekeepers' helicopter ban

Kenya cohabitation. Helping locals live alongside game in a remote wilderness

High Stakes for the Region as Liberians Prepare to Vote

International Arrest Warrant Out for Uganda's Kony + Uganda: Panic in Teso as Kony's LRA Strikes

ASIA PACIFIC: Australia wants Indonesia to put pressure on radical Islamic group linked to Bali bomb

Five soldiers dead in drive-by shooting in Thai south

China: Super-efficient nuke reactor set for trial + China's new rules urge immediate, accurate report of radiation-related accidents + China launches "North Sword 2005" war game + How can energy shortage be blamed on China? + China Construction Bank IPO institutional tranche fully subscribed + US Gains Little by Urging IMF to Hound China + Chinese peasants jailed to enforce 1-child rule + China faces burgeoning crisis in its health-care system, experts say

Sino-US ties hang by a thread + Japan to stage mock cyberattacks + Japan's Plutonium Reprocessing Dilemma

Working for Malaysia's workers

SOUTH ASIA: Sri Lanka: Election boost for Wickramasinghe

India-Mexico: A new high + India may outdo China in textiles + Cash remains king for India's masses + India woos West for nuclear energy

Pak industry wants to trade with India in Rupees + India and Pakistan break ice over Siachen + India calls upon Pakistan to determine areas of cooperation + Pakistan and UK in nuclear talks

AMERICAS: Brazil's controversial river project + Brazil: Fasting bishop draws supporters + Brazil Seeks to Punish US for Illegal Cotton Subsidies

Colombia to help conflict victims

Ex-Ecuadorean Leader Is Granted Asylum by Colombia

Fox praises Canada in NAFTA tussle

Chavez's allegation of planned invasion based on war game + Chavez & drugs: Addicted to power + Venezuelans tortured

by Posada Carriles present their cases + Chavez: We had to move international reserves because of USA threats

Mexico hopes to expand business ties with Canada + Bishop's admission on drug-tainted donations causes uproar

Less U.S. Travel Prompts Cuba to Lash Out + Cuban blockade. Theater of the absurd

Dancer who hid Peru rebel chief gets 20 years

Argentina may have to curb oil exports if companies fail to invest+ Argentina borrows from Venezuela, Santa Cruz

Dominica to Receive US$1.8 Million in Chinese Aid


Supreme Court Clashes Over Physician-Assisted Suicide+ All the details

Doctors Refuse to Perform Court-Ordered Tests to Determine Whether Pinochet Can Be Tried

Feds crack down on spyware operation

Aging Cuban musicians fight for royalty rights

Judge throws out $700 million jury award in Executive Life suit

Marriott sued over golf carts for disabled

'DEC hacking' trial opens

Patents: Agreeing to Disagree?

Federal judge knocks down part of California's financial privacy law

Commerce Department sued for discrimination

Wife of DaimlerChrysler's Incoming CEO Fined for Role in Hosting Party


San Bernardino: Salary Protest Clogs County Courts + Molester Standing Trial 13 Years After 9-Year-Old's Killing +

Orange County: Trial Opens in Condo Scam

Delano: $1.7 million award in labor suit over unpaid wages

Monterey: Doctor: No sex assault of Mooren

Challenger surfaces in Napa District Attorney race



Did These Firefighters Truly Stand by the Gov.? + Gov. signs bill that  closes loophole on Viagra funding -- no more for sex offenders

Click.  Nancy Vogel: Governor signed into law Tuesday measures to tighten surveillance of criminals and crack down on child molesters, but vetoed a bill strongly endorsed by his fellow Republicans to find ways to keep more than 105,000 registered sex offenders from committing more crimes.

Why Skid Row Has Become L.A.'s 'Dumping' Ground + LA: City Agency Leaders to Meet Monthly

Irvine: Campbell, 4 Others Face New Vote for Cox's House seat

San Diego: Memo: 'Greed happened' in pension plan + San Diego Mayor Race: They're both fighting to be the outsider'

 San Bernardino: Supervisors to Research Ethics Violation Law

Santa Cruz: Animal Services Counts Pets + Santa Cruz to give away bicycles to stranded bus riders

Education: USC to Mark 125th Anniversary of Its Founding With Festival + Pierce College returns to ag roots + Freakonomizing


Pentagon Analyst Pleads Guilty to Passing US State Secrets + Plea May Affect Aipac Lobbyists' Cases

Goss won't seek review for Tenet, others

UK suspects return from Pakistan

Russia, Britain discuss Chechen Zakayev, wanted by Russia for terrorism, in Britain via asylum

Soviet Spy Aged 90 Dies at Home in Canada

India test fires "Trishul" surface-to-air missile

Scandal sours Saudi arms deal with Britain

Bali: Five on the run after raid + JI ban no solution to terrorism: PM + British-educated militant 'was behind Bali blasts'

The New Security War

Term of probation ends for Korean spy in U.S.

Sri Lanka's navy arrests four Tamil Tigers for alleged spying

Cuban Agent Awaits Decision on Appeal

The Filipino as ‘Agent Smart’

Trade secret lawsuit: Round 1

Wal-Mart Files Suit Over Trade Secrets

On piracy, an advocate for China's progress

The Hidden Money Trail

Firms risk their crown jewels

Toshiba fined $465 million for stealing trade secrets

Former VP pleads guilty to theft of trade secrets

AP: Infiltrating al-Qaida Cells Difficult

U.S. plays it tough on copyright rules

A new battlefield: Ownership of ideas

Project for a New Chinese Century

Intelligence official sees need for more cooperation and information sharing

As the US lowers the nuclear threshold, debate is stifled

Russian Space Agency mulls launches from Kuru + NASA officials arrive in Moscow for ISS talks

The New Small Screen: Pod Video

Tornado Rider Roars Into Storms

Health Of Coral Reefs Detected From Orbit

Math Unites The Celestial And The Atomic

Earth Sinks Three Inches Under Weight Of Flooded Amazon

Gulf Warm-water Eddies Intensify Hurricane Changes

Presto! It's A Semiconductor -- Researchers Transform The Properties Of Matter With Tunable Quantum Dots

Precision Bonding Makes Tiny High Performance Actuators Possible

Nanoscientists Provide New Picture Of Semiconductor Material

The Colossal Cosmic Eye: ESO's VLT Captures Image Of Spiral Galaxy NGC 1350

Saudi journalist Rania al-Baz fled to France

A stinging voice of conscience who told it like it is

How the Antiwar Was Won


Father a film star, mother a Kennedy, he a drug addict at 14

The Working Mommy Trap

Stardom: Strange Visits To This Site


Stocks in U.S. Have Broadest Drop in 15 Months on Slowing Services Growth

Venezuela's Central Bank May Invest Foreign Reserves in Yuan, Yen, Euros

U.S. Gains Little by Urging IMF to Hound China: Andy Mukherjee

Sun, Google talk, tease about future'

The pioneer behind Williams-Sonoma

From Bangalore with chips: India eyes semiconductors

Mammoth ski resort sells controlling interest to investment firm

Brit Prof will oversee Microsoft for EC

California Real-Estate Fund Puts $1 Billion Portfolio on Block


U.S. to host world conference on bird flu + 1918 killer flu 'came from birds' + Seventh Indonesian bird flu death +Australia to host bird flu summit + Bird Flu in Russia Generally Receding, One New Outbreak Reported + Using Old Flu Against New Flu

New Worries on BioShield Effort

FDA Feed Ban Targets Mad Cow

Six More Dead From Mysterious Outbreak at Toronto Nursing Home; Death Toll Stands at 16

Healthcare gets personal as DNA chips come to China

Britain: Breast cancer drug test for all

'Incurable' cancer can be beaten

Two Americans, German Win Nobel Prize in Physics for Laser Research + Nobel given for laser optics + Marshall’s Hunch

Pack rat or compulsive hoarder? When medical help is needed

Chronic Disease Is Biggest Global Killer

Devices Help the Blind Cross Tech Divide

Study: Neural stem cells are long-lived

Study Identifies Risk Factors For Multiple Melanoma Skin Cancer

Phenotype Is Influenced By Nature, Nurture And Noise

Low-cost Alternative Drugs Can Help Patients With Problems Controlling Blood Pressure

Researchers Find Defects In Adult Stem Cell Niche May Cause Breast Cancer

Hopkins Study Shows Living Kidney 'Paired Donation' An Effective Strategy In Overcoming Donor-recipient Incompatibilities

Annual Report To The Nation Finds Cancer Death Rates Still On The Decline

Brain Protein Linked To Alcoholism And Anxiety

Breast Cancer, A Man's Illness?

High Blood Glucose Levels In Early Pregnancy May Deprive Embryo Of Oxygen And Lead To Birth Defects

Evolutionary Conservation Of A Mechanism Of Longevity From Worms To Mammals

Emotional Intelligence May Be Good Predictor Of Success In Computing Studies

Extended Release Stimulant Effective For Long-term ADHD Treatment

Researchers Show Key Protein Necessary For Normal Development Of Red Blood Cells

Compound found that fights amyloid disease

Study: Empathy comes from our own bodies

Finding Rewrites The Evolutionary History Of The Origin Of Potatoes

The Corn Next Door

Dolphins Sing 'Batman' Theme


Bush Warns of Attacks to Disrupt Iraqi Elections, Says U.S. Troops Will Stay on Offense + Bush says Iraqi troops playing bigger role + Bush Switching Agenda From Social Security To Tax + Bush Says Social Security Overhaul Is Stalled

Bush Chooses New, Dirtier Refineries Over Efficiency

Former Bush Procurement Official Safavian Indicted on Obstruction Charges

Bush Begins Mulling Greenspan Successor

Bush to Visit Argentina, Meet Counterpart + Bush Latin America Trip to Promote Trade, Democracy

U.S., Russia not rivals in Central Asia - U.S. official

U.S. secretary of state Rice to visit Central Asia + Rice to visit Afghanistan next week

Kuwait, US cooperating well on Iraq: interior minister

U.S. energy future rests with development of Canadian oil sands

US's Zoellick steps into Nicaragua political crisis

Privatization hasn't resulted in predicted savings for Texas

Supreme Court Nominee: Conservatives Still Worried About Miers Even After Bush Assurances + Miers Took a Nontraditional Path to Success + Adele Stan: The things she couriered + Miers' ties to conservative church may offer insights + Senate's top Democrat explains why he praised Miers so quickly + Bush's guard service may affect Miers nomination + (WSWS) Bush picks right-wing crony for Supreme Court + Former majority leader Lott: 'I really don't know this lady' + Harriet Miers and the Myth that Great Supreme Court Justices Must Be Former Judges from Elite Law Schools + Ted Rall: Night and Fog revisited. Is Miers a closet sadist? + Molly Ivins: The Unification of Church and State + Dobson awaits God's voice on the matter

Katrina/Rita: Under the Waterline of Cruise Ship Deal + Mandatory national insurance to cover losses?+ Shuster Questions Whether Federal Money Should Go to Flood-Prone Areas + Registration, Communication Essential to Helping Elderly in the Path of Disasters

DeLay: DA cites new information on DeLay + Can DeLay explain K Street to Main Street? + 1 grand jury refused DeLay charge + A lot of legal details + DeLay and Successor Blunt Swapped Donations Between Secretive Groups

Iran: S. Africa plan could break Iran-EU deadlock: diplomats + IAEA Chief Hopeful on Iran Nuclear Talks + Spain keen on enhancing ties with Iran + (BBC) Iran 'behind attacks on British' in Iraq + Iran-Saudi talks 'postponed' + Iran can still avoid UN sanctions, talks to be resumed - IAEA head + Iran prepares indictment against Saddam + Bahrain, Iran improve relations + Iran, Oman discuss issues of bilateral concerns

Syria, Lebanon: Lebanon + Names a New Security Chief + US will hit Syria with sanctions, says Israel + Lebanon moves to further reduce Syrian influence + Syria: 7 members of outlawed Islamic group arrested + US delegation Holding Secret Talks with Syria + Syria reforms judicial system + It's all over, but it could be messy + This time, no deal + Will Assad Save Himself by Going the Way of Qaddafi? + North Korea Rolls Back Economic Reforms + Assad may throw his brother, brother-in-law to the wolves to save himself

N. Korea: North Korea Talks Achieve Breakthrough + US, North Korea hold direct talks on nuclear weapons + North Korea and food aid politics

Congress: Deal lets Cunningham sell home during inquiry + Cunningham contacted contractor early on + Congress seeks to slash food aid for poor + Warner challenges Frist over stalled defense bill

Democrats: Where Are the Democrats?: Steve Cobble

GOP: David Weigel: Why are so many Republicans staying out of next year's Senate races?


Doug Thompson: A Cardboard Cowboy

Al Gore: On the threat to American democracy

Tehran Times: Torture brought America more enemies

Ali Asan: Obstacles to Turkey's EU path and the US

(People's Daily) US woos and guards against Japan

Our Kurdish Problem: Justin Raimondo

From DaNang to Tal Afar: Ron Jacobs

Dave Zweifel: Bush mismanagement worsens deficit

Lynndie Shouldn't Be the End: Orange Co. Register

Tide Turning on Torture: Jim Lobe

Jacob Hornberger: West Pointers, Where Are You?

Michael Yglesias: Abandon The Sunnis?

A subdued Bush performs delicate piece of political stagecraft

Bill Berry: Military as domestic cops should worry us

(Capitol Hill Blue) The Worst President of the Modern Era + Bush And His Cronies + Dubya's Swagger Goes AWOL + The GOP's Two Faces

Robert Parry: How rotten are these guys?

Stephen Pizzo: A doozy of a recession

Ramtanu Maitra: Western-trained, Western-armed, enemies

Robert Fisk: How the world was duped. The race to invade Iraq

Chernus: (In)Security State

Xymphora: Peace march coincidences

MILITARY Putin awards British sailors for submarine rescue mission

Army widow finds contradictions

Guided 70mm Rocket Finally Works

Instant Cell Phone Systems for the Troops

Iraq War College Reopened

LEAKGATES Michael Tomasky: Remember the memo

Joe Cannon: Judy, Judy, Judy

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: First gay 'marriage' in Pakistan + Sir Elton John helps gay rights group fight HIV in Nepal + Waltzing Around Gay Marriage

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Afghanistan: Magazine Stories Called Un-Islamic; Editor Jailed

Miers' Past Shows Signs of Support for Press Freedom

Conrad Black Trying to Block Ravelston Plea in Criminal Case

Is Maureen Dowd Boycotting TimesSelect?

Judith Miller Chats with CNN's Dobbs, Calls Jail 'Demeaning'

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Louvre Annex to Open in Lens, France

In North Korea's isolated tourist zone, a temple rises

Jennifer Lopez Filming Movie in Mexico

Hilton Als on “Colder Than Here” and “Fran’s Bed”

Gypsies, soldiers, thieves and falsetto?

Sasha Frere-Jones on Fiona Apple

Noise: Miss understood

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