January 31, 2002

Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Draws Fire

Nobody wants to be in the 'axis of evil'

Democrats Back Bush's Wider War

America's War On Terror Moves to Philippines Against Complex Web

Back To The Future: Our Philippine Adventure

Detainees unstitch lips

Sharon says Israel should have killed Arafat 20 years ago

Israeli army reservists refuse to serve in occupied territories

France Edges Closer to U.S. on Defense

Saudi bomb victim's torture ordeal

Exercise seen as preparation for war

Defying Critics, Chile to Buy F-16s

Nuclear plants targeted for terror attacks

GERTZ: U.S. intelligence agencies have issued an internal alert warning that Muslim extremists are planning another spectacular attack to rival those carried out on September 11.

Beijing asked to provide British airbases.

Scottish Taliban Freed

World's elite gather for economic forum. Money, power converge behind a wall of security

Colombia Tilts Right As Rebels Press Fight

Tampa teen's family doubts suicide

Pupils and Porn and Games, Oh My!

French prepare powerful eye in sky

Where's the Virus-Proof Computer?

Digital cameras capture imagination

Space Imaging Introduces IKONOS Satellite Stereo Imagery Products to the Global Commercial Marketplace Click.

Ersatz Designs Honor Apple

Master Maker of Mockup Macs

Doom Ahead for Search Engines That Charge

Worries About the Mobile Generation

Monkey Moves Computer Cursor by Thoughts Alone

Displaced dot-commers unwelcome


Pt. Reyes parkland in peril, says study

Cat Woman protester arrested in Shasta Lake after climbing smokestack

Riordan: 'Pro-choice' as mayor and now

Davis' rating continues skid

The money rolls in, the wheels go ’round

Foster care policy of safety first, family reunification second, to stay

2 charter operators claim same school -- state probing

Tribes issue call to action

Oakland military institute marches forward


Bush declares war on the world

At Camp David, Advise and Dissent

Why We're Suing Ashcroft

Reno Reported Doing 'Fine' After Collapse Click. More: Click.

Bush to ask Congress for large budget increase for sexual abstinence programs

Bush Used Expansive Estimates On Terror

Clinton: Find 'Common Humanity'

Bill Clinton and Neil Bush work the Saudi circuit. Click.

Neil Bush on how to win American hearts. Click.

Free Noell Bush! Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

FBI Director Mueller Replaces Acting Chief Of Spy Investigations

Click. Guantanamo GPS Ground Site

Quirks in Nature Enhance Global Positioning System Click.

Groups Find Way to Get Names of INS Detainees

Moussaoui Probe Pushed U.S. Limits

Most Cyber-Attacks Originate in US, Israel

A Bizarre Hovering Spy Plane Takes To The Skies

Admission in Ha'aretz: IDF Studies Nazi SS Warsaw Methods

The CIA is dipping into the hi-tech expertise of a Bangalore company to give it more teeth. Click.

Boxer, Feinstein seize on 'smoking gun' note. White House actions mirrored Enron's ideas

Andersen under gun to salvage lost data

Enron women break `scandal glass ceiling'

Insider Buzz on Enron Click.

Enron's Web of Hedges, Bets

Bush and Andersen's Texas Two-Step

Enron Directors Backed Moving Debt Off Books

Concerned ex-worker was sent to human resources

Lay conviction is unlikely, say legal analysts

Judge will tell Enron to release internal report

Amityville Buries a Native Son

What did Enron receive for its contributions? Click.

Andersen reportedly missed $644 million error in NASA audit.

The minutes


Suit contends bank depositors misled on insurance

UN Planetary Tax Plans

Spin on tech financial results comes under more scrutiny

CPA's Held In Cuban Camp Under Tight U.S. Military Security

Microsoft head pans pessimists

SEC sues stockbroker accused of defrauding a client out of $68 million

The Pen is Mightier....

White House is buying time during FOX's s Super Bowl broadcast to launch campaign tying together the wars on drugs and terrorism.


Taking a page out of another's book

Teletubbies to air in China

U.S. poet sues FCC over ban

Release Daniel Pearl!

Writers ask Putin, Bush to free journalist held on spying charges

Love Bombed


Immigration Judges Call for Independent Court

'Break in' before Lockerbie bombing

Creating a virtual Bloody Sunday

Scores of priests involved in sex abuse cases

Deal in Irish Child Sex Abuse Cases

'Pedophilia village' case shocks Belgium Click.

Child molestation charges dismissed in Palo Alto

Exercise seen as preparation for war

'I Have Never Been With a Terrorist'

Mass. seeks alleged sect baby

Oakland Cannabis Buyer's Club puts U.S. commerce clause on trial.

Germany authorizes stem cell imports

Police Break Up Mexico-U.S.
Child-Smuggling Ring

Judge Casts Doubt On Government's
Case Against California Student
Questioned In Terror Probe

Joint replacements rising, study says

California's breast cancer blight

Dino feet leave their mark

Experimental Test Finds Early Stages Of Colon Cancer

War birds missing

Scientists can now manipulate DNA using remote control

Chip Could Create Mass-Produced Clones

Elephant seal takes 2,300-mile detour

Breast cancer gene patterns ID'd in test; could spare need for chemo

Osteoporosis: Part I

Our galaxy - from the outside 

Scientists Discover 'Body Clock' in Mouse Eye

Puberty Hitting Girls at Younger Age



States, CDC Reviewing Quarantine Laws

Largest-Ever Deployment of CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Officers

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Controversial scientist flogs his book

The Graying of the Great White Way

Musical based on Boy George's life opens in London

Put Yourself in the Picture

Ten of the greatest rock images ever

Torah scrolls here from Lithuania

Blake's lost work found

Free therapy:  Psychology of Weblogs

Harvey Milk Institute has home, at last

After last night's speech, we could all use a dose of Xanax. Click.

E.T.s Coordinating Spacecraft Fly-by at the Olympics?

Word of the Day Click.

January 30, 2002


We might shoot first, Bush warns. Click.

Bush Lays Down A Marker for 3 'Evil' States

Bush: 100,000 Al-Qaeda Killers At Large

Bush Wants 'Voluntary' Universal Service

'CRONY CAPITALISM' & WAR - American Foreign Policy & The Rockefeller Connection

Militant preacher a focus for Asian terror hunt

Jerusalem woman bomber said affiliated with Fatah movement

Eisenhower's German POW Death Camps - A US Guard's Story 

Is Saudi Arabia worth it?

Click. Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia says it's "difficult to defend" the United States because of its support for Israel.

The Coming Saudi Eruption

Saudis Want 100 Detainees Held by US

Is the US preparing for action against Iran?

Pakistan denies Osama visited for dialysis

'1,200 Al-Qaeda men have regrouped in Afghanistan'

War On Iraq Would Be `Catastrophic': Turkey's Ecevit

Fortress Jerusalem planned

What corporate money buys on Hill: inaction

Chinese leadership comes full cycle

Anarchists lead dissent Click.

Schröder risks making neo-Nazi martyrs

Aryan Nations ousts founder

Lewis Confirms Tyson Bit Off Chunk of Leg

Beyond PCs

How the Wayback Machine Works

IBM Gets a New Head

AT&T to sell email-cellphone device

New Email Worm 'My Party' Surfaces, Begins to Grow

Wireless Carriers Exploit Firewall Bypass Click.

Psalm's New E-Book Reader


Miracle in bus yard Pinned man lifts 12-ton vehicle off self.

Enron isn't alone in auditor fee dance. Ratios worse at many Bay Area firms Click.

Bay Area paychecks shrink for first time in years

Novato rejects pitch for Bahia land purchase

Woolsey leads challenger Martini by wide margin

Casa Grande chinook thrive

2001 a good year for California wineries

Copia, two months later

DOE inspectors to test security at Livermore

Bighorn lambing season shuts trails in Santa Rosa Mountains

On Wine: Kids of state winery pioneers are putting their stamp on family businesses

Officer's canine companion becomes part of the family

Prune burgers in the school cafeteria? Kids get to try new menu items


Hill Democrats offer wave of Enron bills. Click.

Red Ink May Last a Decade

Global Crossing Exec Sent Warning

Utah asks Bush to preserve desert canyons

Mondo Washington

The Democratic leader looks for chinks in a popular war presidents armor Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Diagrams for U.S. Targets Found

F.B.I. Director Removes Official Over Her Handling of Spy Inquiry Click.

Main witness in German neo-Nazi party trial exposed as secret service agent

Introduction to electromagnetic pulse weapons Click.

ChoicePoint Public Sector: Helping Government to Serve the Citizens ("Search over 10 billion records on individuals and businesses") Click.

Russia Closes Cuban Spy Base

The Russian VA-111 Shkval (Squall) supercavitating  torpedo. Click.

The Electronic Small World Project

Memo details Cheney--Enron links. Company's suggestions resembled elements of the administration's energy policy

Video: Angry employee demanded to know if Lay on crack

Click. Investors in Enron's off-balance-sheet partnerships knew that the energy group was using the vehicles to enhance its earnings and maintain its credit rating.

Click. Enron's Yanked Dirty Movies

Attorney general's opinion is sought on suicide note

World chief of Andersen comes out pleading

Stephen Cooper is Enron's new CEO


Merrill Lynch sucked into Enron scandals. Click.

Enron Destroyed Documents by the Truckload Click.

Florida's pension fund bought piles of Enron stock as it was collapsing. Click.

Anderson auditing the White House? Click.

Prosecutors, FBI Pore Over Enron's Books

U.S. to Probe Enron Tie to Energy Prices

Andersen faces blacklisting by NYC

How Andersen won role in projects worth £10bn

Billions still hidden in Enron pyramid

Master fixer who ended up in a fix

Movers and shakers in Enron's world


Vote Carly

Another large HP investor may be joining pro-merger camp Click.

HP launches Web site to promote Compaq deal

Valley firm issues first '02 initial stock offer

Inside the World Economic Forum

Fantasy figures add up at Games Workshop

The Pen is Mightier....

Dueling D-Day Authors

U.S. Reporter Trapped.

Tabloids buy sex case stories

Missing American journalist  was negotiating to meet with Taliban and al Qaeda fugitives hiding in Karachi


'The People' Weigh In on MS Case

Lawsuit to gain media access to legal hearings of detainee Click.

Expert defends shooting by Santa Rosa officer

Santa Rosa man sentenced in tarot card sex case

Basketball head-butt gets lawyers fighting

Video Forensics: Grainy to Guilty Loser Claims Poverty

Accused Los Alamos hacker freed, barred from using computers

Foes of execution criticize slow death. Proponents say that worry is unwarranted

Prison medical care suit settled. State Corrections Dept. must submit plan for new procedures

Margie Wylie on perils of massive databases, mistakes, abuse

Click. Taking Advantage Of Holes In The Revenue Net

The Billionaire Who Bought A Bank -- And Paid No Taxes 

Chrysler Opted Out Of Taxes 

Probe into FBI misconduct continues over Bush objection

Test tube kidneys created

Click. Drugs designed to combat cancer and kidney failure are being abused by athletes

Hormones give baby sex hint

Orgasm May Be Right-Brain Activity

Exercise makes arteries elastic: Study

ER Patients Want, but Don't Get, Fast Pain Relief

Prokaryotic bacteria beneath the earth's surface to a depth of 4km Click.

Rogue gene link to miscarriages

Viruses May Help Make Microchips

Stellar blast crew will visit Livermore Lab

Is Know-It-All Grocery Cart in Future? Click.


New Theory Of The Evolution Of Bird Flight Linked To Parental Care

Gene For Neat Repair Of DNA Discovered


An Anthrax Test In Your Palm

The outbreak of Dengue Fever in Rio de Janeiro has reached epidemic proportions. Click.

A Recipe for Safe Mail

Qualms Over Bioterror Research

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Three Who Won a Broadway Bet

Elegant Male Fashion Hits Runway

Director Diversity Seen as Lacking

John Alexander's Review Of 'Mothman Prophecies' 

She's Got Chops

Rosie O'Donnell Set to Reveal She Is Lesbian

Age Alongside Beauty

"I don't think I was cut out to be a director"

Group: Olympic Games Tarnished by Condom Stash

Doll collectors not playing around

Seal-Uloid Cinema

Domino's Pizza Founder Proposes World's Largest Crucifix

Miami Circle

Word of the Day Click.

January 29, 2002

The Bush administration will send more than 100 additional troops to the Philippines in its latest escalation of involvement in the Philippine military's battle with the Abu Sayyaf Group Click.

Osama had dialysis in Pakistan

Canada likely to lose 'some' sovereignty in updated NORAD

Prince: Most Detainees Are Saudis

The Afghan files: Al-Qaeda documents from Kabul

Wars don't come cheap

U.S. Navy submarine, transport ship collide off coast of Oman

US Admits: Saudis Want Forces Reduced

Cheney: Arafat Getting Arms From Iran

China Courting Israel Again

Over the past few months, as part of the administration's review of its policy on terrorism, Mr. Tenet, along with Ms. Rice and other officials, had been working on a plan to vastly expand covert action in Afghanistan and throughout the world. Click.

Alive and kicking in Latin America. Click.

New venue for gang violence: cybercafes

China's bargain babies

EU to Scold Berlin, but Gently

Doctors leery of U.S. crackdown on pain drugs

Getting pain relief might get harder before it gets easier

Where Hackers Teach the Art of Self-Defense

Click.How to control your home from the car

When screensavers are a crime

Dell Fesses Up To Interest In Handhelds

Click. White House Plan for Cyber Protection


Davis, Riordan Close in Poll

Diane Whipple honored one year later

Fake cop prowling Bay Area

Marin man indicted for alleged scheme

Hope held for girl's return after 13 years

Three to split reward in Fremont bomber conviction

Lawrence Livermore Lab names new engineering head

Clinton rallies Democrats in S.F. Enron is all that's needed to get things going at Boxer fund-raiser

Arlene Ackerman  puts school district on the books. Biggest job has been fiscal management

Ammiano wants state aid for mentally ill. Many homeless in S.F. would qualify for help

Death toll mounts from not-so-perfect designer drug

S.F. State offers degree in sex


Bush tonight: Not like dad

Bush's fainting due to irregular heart condition plus pretzel? Click. More: Click.

"Marin hot tubbers," Iran-Contra ghosts, and other fears of the Bush clan

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

'You have to kill in the name of Allah until you are killed'

CIA denies kidnapped journalist is operative

A spook house for US diplomats

Coming soon - flying fascism. Click.

CIA Ducked Its Spy Duties Until Sept. 11

Spy Case in Canada Suggests US Naval Officer Knew of 9/11

The spy who wasn't

Enron's secrets are safe. Click.

Enron's Lawyers: Eyes Wide Shut?

Enron trap threatens to snare Blair

Enron had journalists on payroll

Andersen Losing Clients, CEO Says

Enron The Death Star

Labour fights Enron 'sleaze' claims

The Enron collapse and the crisis of the profit system

Fraud laws help shield accountants, lawyers

Army official under scrutiny over ties to company

Enron's Asian misadventure Click.

UC hires top law firm to recoup Enron losses

Computer sleuths may find key data

Gary Winnick outshines Lay Click.

Lay's Wife Seeks To Distance
Her Family From Bush



Global Crossing files for bankruptcy protection

China's Bankers: Rotten to the Top

The Inner Titan

Disney could lose 25% of its revenues if it looses Winnie the Pooh lawsuit. Click.

Disney's red hot shredders. Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

Before Going, Greta told CNN of Hurt Feelings

Kidnapped Newsman Met With Al-Qaeda

Lay's PR firm. Click.

Click. CIA denies kidnapped journalist is operative


A senior seeks advice on surrendering her assets

For Calif. Dog-Attack Trial, Anger Slows Jury Selection

From Computer Games to U.S. Prison Cells

Family Of MIT Student Who Committed Suicide Sues School For $27 Million

Click. The Tali-Boy: Made in the USA

Lawsuit over secretly recorded conversations tentatively resolved

Sentencing postponed for disgraced LAPD officer Durden

Poacher facing terrorism charges

Click. Feds raid Raise the Fist

Judge drops San Bernardino County Supervisor Eaves' bribery charges

Physician guilty of molestation

Politically connected insurance executive charged

Click. Polygraph Countermeasure Challenge

A dinosaur named Sue, and the way science really works

Martian rocks bonanza

In Fixx's Case, Genes Overtook Exercise

Running Finally Proves Its Worth

Beware 'super' mice

Science Fiction

Contact lenses bug warning

Radio wave treatment zaps irregular heartbeats

Hi-tech hypnosis

Yoga 'can help asthmatics'

Testicular transplant first

Detector listens for mysterious gravity waves


Irradiated mail symptoms dismissed by House officials, staffers charge. Click.

Mystery virus ravages UK frogs

One Anthrax Answer: Ames Strain Not From Iowa

Click. Anthrax?  Death of Ronald G. Miller.

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Jewish Lesbian Daughters of Holocaust Survivors. Click.

Camille Paglia on the real meaning of multiculturalism. Click.

Faith groups gather in Assisi to seek peace

Curse of the first wives

Debra rows across ocean into glory

Girls just want ... what?

My Holy War

BBC producers borrow from controversial Stanford experiment for reality show

Book critics nominate Franzen for prize

More Mystery Cats

Lost Villages.

Word of the Day Click.

January 28, 2002

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan delivered a "note" from the United States to the Iranian leaders urging them to "stop interfering in Afghan affairs and effectively end supporting terrorist groups". Click

Iran and Iraq, two regional rival foes, have intensified diplomatic drives to normalize relations, at a time when Iraq faces potential U.S. attack for allegedly supporting terrorism. Click.

Click. The fight against Al Qaeda terrorists has spread to Southeast Asia

Detainees Said Plotting

Click. WTC aerial photos

Hospitalized Dalai Lama 'fine'

WTC Survivor Cheats Death Again on Jerusalem Street

Top-Selling Bible to Be Issued in Gender-Neutral Version

Yahoo to put price on searches

Bill and Melinda Gates Create $24 Billion Superfund for Poor

New Email Worm 'My Party' Surfaces, Begins to Grow


Courteous, fashionable and homeless

S.F. politics getting ugly.
Perception, priestly and otherwise, falls short of reality

Going one-on-one with the chip



Bush's Nomination of Pickering Deserves Rejection Click.

Click. Walker Lindh's attorney, a nemesis from Bush's Iran-Contra past.

Bush Seeks to Encourage Marriage for Single Welfare Mothers

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Israeli security officials said the recruiting of women to perpetrate suicide attacks requires a reassessment of the situation. Click.

Intelligence Gaps Preceding Attacks Subject of Inquiry

CIA's New Celebrity Exposes Its Failings

The Oil Game

Drain the swamp.

Power Surge

Silent Watchdogs

German company called off a proposed 1999 merger with Enron after discovering that it was cooking the books. Click.

Enron Operated Amid a Financial Maze

Lay's wife says couple trying to avoid personal bankruptcy

Enron used special companies
to control market, hide debt

Beneath innovations
in energy trading, Enron
was seething with deception


Global Crossing Files Bankruptcy

Tough times repress Silicon Valley commercial real estate


Calif. state senator asks for input in "junk fax survey"

FBI reportedly raids anarchist site (unverified)

Milosevic War Crimes Case Faces Collapse? Click.

County seizure of $9,000 car for $35.81 crime is upheld Click.


SANTA ROSA: Woman faces charges of defrauding senior

10 Foods That Pack a Wallop

Alcohol may ward off Alzheimer’s

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Breakthrough Offers Women Fresh Hope

Siamese Twins Face Skull Separation

What Men Really Love About Women's Bodies

Teddy Bears Spread Infection - Researchers

Global Patterns Explain Wacky Winter

Frustrating hunt for California tree killer. Pathogen lurks without clear trail of infection


Breakthrough in Research with Smallpox


Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Casts of Lincoln’s hands

Devoted dog stayed by dead owner's side for month

King Herod Death Mystery Solved

The Pen is Mightier....

Manacled and with a pistol pointed at his head. Daniel Pearl?  Click.

Wall Street Journal reporter missing in Pakistan held in "inhuman conditions". Click.

Word of the Day Click.

January 25, 2002

Bush considers taking action against Arafat

US Backs Confinement of Arafat

The Bush administration appears to have abandoned the idea of arming a London-based opposition to overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein for the time being. Click.

Taliban Army in Stand-Off With US

The U.S. Navy apparently did not take any overt action to respond to information from a senior al-Qaeda leader that terrorists had plotted to bomb a Navy base in the Persian Gulf  Click.

US Moves Troops Against Iran, Western Afghanistan

The Man Who Would Testify Against Sharon is Blown Up. Another Targeted Killing?

Standing by their son

West offers Putin support as criticism grows in Moscow

Politicians take spam to next level -- phone

For the Sufis, Taliban's Fall Means a Revival Click.

The New National ID Card Is In Your Wallet Click.

Search engines: the issue explained

Intel's chip a special weapon

High-Speed Net Disconnected by Airlines

Brazil Considers Mobile Phone Ban

Teaching Robot Dogs New Tricks

New Life for GE Research

Silicon Valley Debug Click.


Details emerge about infant's remains in W. Marin

State inmate gets new heart - health care for large aging prison population

Judge dismisses $100 million lawsuit in troubled school case

Old cars are new life for the working poor

Youth Authority faces massive suit

State seizes records from Gateway schools, offices. Children go to cafeterias as agents try to document charter group's spending

Newsom trying to get a handle on panhandling

BART board decides against fare increase. Budget cuts close deficit of $32 million


Bush's picks for courts attacked Click.

Arbusto energy in the spotlight. Click.

Bush’s AIDS snub

The Hillary Surprise

The Bush administration and John Walker Lindh: who are the real "conspirators"?

Rumsfeld Sure Knows How to Win the Support of the British

The president and the evildoers

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

The CIA's Domestic Reach

Spann and Afghan War Gain CIA Mileage

Union Spies

Kidnapped? GPS to the Rescue

"Aggregators that sell info to the feds aren't liable for its accuracy" Click.

Baxter, an Enron executive was found dead in his car, in Sugarland Texas. Click.

NSC Aided Enron's Efforts Click.

Andersen memo from October shows concern over risk of fraud

When the tough get shredding

The $51-Million Severance Question

Auditor Says Fired Partner Drove Shredding

Texans Saw Lay as 'On Top of the World'

Inside the belly of the Enron beast

Real Enron division under fire

Wanna Ralph?

Enron gave insider info to investors

UC vies with Florida system to take helm in Enron suit. 2 pension funds top losers in collapse of firm's stock

Did Andersen Speed Up the Shredding? Click.


Trillions Disappear

The Pen is Mightier....

Chung's hire just raises different questions for CNN

Dude, you're an advertising star!

The Queen of Buzz Goes Silent? Doubtful

Ari's evasions. Click.


Cardinal Bernard F. Law yesterday announced that the Archdiocese of Boston will give state officials a list of names of every former priest who sexually abused a minor. Click.

In letters, Geoghan showed self in denial

Hockey dad gets 6-10 years in beating death

Judge releases letter sent to inmate calling victim "mousy blonde"

State Court Backs Police Searches of cards for license, registration.

Belgium still haunted by pedophile scandal Belgium's most hated man, Marc Dutroux, has been locked up for six years without trial. Why?

Click. With 5 1/2 weeks left before the election, district attorney candidate Stephan Passalacqua has a cash balance more than 10 times that of his boss, incumbent Mike Mullins.

Search for jury begins in dog-maul case. Most prospective panelists in L.A. know about S.F. woman's death

Quiet reversal from Davis on profiling. Lawsuit's dismissal reveals order to cops to collect data

Mammograms preventative effect disputed

Darwin And The World's First Ecological Experiment

Gull guardian

‘Smart fences’ go on guard

Black Hole Mystery Mimicked By Supercomputer

Antioxidant Prevents Type 1 Diabetes In Mice

Nanocircles" Act As Trojan Horse To Shut Down Disease-Causing Genes, Study Finds

Climate Change Following Collapse Of The Maya Empire

Home Uterine Monitors Not Useful For Predicting Premature Birth

Scientists To Manipulate The "Super-Size Boson"

Protecting Waterbirds From Watercraft

U.S. Ecology Dramatically Altered By Fertilizers And Acid Rain


China pushing biotech crops

Analysis of the Source of the Anthrax Attacks Click.

Irradiated Mail Sickens US Workers Click.

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Rennes le Chateau, The mystery

The allure of Cleopatra

McCullers on Stage: The Writer as Character

Finding a Muse on Museum Walls

Cycling in hell and loving it

Celebrating hippie past

Ancient artwork may be earliest zodiac mural
Searchin' for the Surfer's Saint

Atlantis on the Bayou

Southern California Ghost Hunters

What Is PlanetX - Also Called "Nibiru"?

Ancient Egypt Marriage Was Modern 

Word of the Day Click.

January 24, 2002

US takes softer line on Cuba security

Iran Said to Assist Forces Opposing Kabul Government

Bin Laden's Cronies Quiet

Jail Parade Will Breed New Terror

Colombian FARC Rebels Fired on U.S. Helicopter

Al Qaida moving into Gaza, may join fight against Israel.

Afghans concerned by Iran's activities. Plot to destabilize government suspected

Johnny B. Bad

Pipelineistan, Part 1: The rules of the game Click.

U.S. is a demanding spouse. Click.

Al Qaeda Moving Into Indonesia, Officials Fear Click.

Philippine Military Admits It Needs US Help Click.

Can Gloria Macapagal Arroyo run this nation? Click.

Russian intelligence agents are investigating claims by a trolley driver who said he was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. Click.

Germany Hurt in Efforts to Ban Neo-Nazis

Ex-Christian warlord killed in Lebanon

Harvard Prof Claims Misuse of Data To Push Anti-Milk Agenda

Female execs lose ground on pay; big question is why

Columbine Religious Tiles Removed for 'Mental Health,' District Says

AUM spreads to Russia. Click.

Hooligans Face Police 'Spidergun'

Smart homes on trial

Software can spot digital deceivers

Atom-sized chips a lot closer: H-P

Yahoo to introduce paid search service

High Speed on Verizon's Horizon

Spyware, In a Galaxy Near You

What Gates' Security Effort Will Cost You

Researchers tout advance in race to build molecular computer


Secret Bohemian Club Infiltrated - Again

Masked man enters, attacks Bohemian Grove. 'Phantom' expected armed resistance

Governor offers $60 million to recruit, train new nurses

GOP candidate rejects ties to John Birchers (they share a phone number)

Skeletal remains of baby found in West Marin

Alleged embezzler arraigned

Petaluma poultry historian killed -- Thea Lowry dies helping motorist

Health insurance help for 300,000 in state. Feds said to have approved program for low-income parents

Condit opponent gets support from Sen. Boxer

Charter school claim

Napa State's dead lie unmarked

Supreme Court ends lawsuit against the Raiders


Bush Proposes $48 Billion Pentagon Hike

Beijing's script ready for Bush visit Click.

Bush and the death of a funeral director in Florida

There's A Reason Why You Can't Know ... Just Because Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. Former spy claims Iran paid Menem $10 million to shield Tehran in 1994 bombing.

CIA Rethinks Rules on Recruits with 'Unsavory Backgrounds'

Israeli Spy Chief Warns Of Worse Onslaught Yet

New Richard Reid Theories

Either United States spy agencies were incredibly sloppy by planting so many eavesdropping devices in a Chinese presidential plane that detection was almost certain, or it was not their work, US intelligence experts said yesterday. Click.

Daily  “Predator TV” action programs relayed live from Afghanistan to the Pentagon, the CIA and US command centers have been one of the secret successes of the war on terrorism, American sources said. Click.

Enron Suit Cites Racketeering Charges Click. (Perhaps the Dept of Justice geniuses could Xerox this suit, file it as a federal criminal RICO case and freeze assets before the Enron perps take ALL the money and run?)

Democrats press for Enron meeting details Click.

Loss booked as unit profit, memo claims

Lay resigns as Enron boss ahead of hearings

Wide Effort Seen In Shredding Data On Enron's Audits

Auditor's Memo Says He Warned Enron in October

CalPERS inadvertently linked to fall of Enron

Jail the Guilty Executives To Fight Corporate Crime Click.

Embattled firm's approach to state tax bill: Ignore it

Enron may sell China power plant

Some Enron details. Click.

Campaign to pry loose information about Enron's role in the "energy plan" Click.

Enron Evasions: Lessons From Ari Fleischer in the Art of Spin Click.

Enron Contributions at issue in judge's confirmation

Bush Official Cites Losses On Sales of Enron Stock

Click. Enron's cheerleader becomes its critic.


U.S. forced to run deficits -- surplus shrinks by $4 trillion

Bank Of America's New Balance

Credit Suisse First Boston Settles The Easy One

French Attack 'Secretive And Obsessive' Euro Bank

Judge blocks request to deny Autodesk partnership

Japan Has Plan to Fix Banks, but Does It Have the Will?

Russian oil a challenge to OPEC Click.

Banks Raided in Argentina Linked To Drug $ Laundering

Hewlett-Packard heirs blast merger plans


Lockerbie Appeal to be Broadcast Live on Internet

Lockerbie judges 'ignored evidence'

New evidence cited at Lockerbie appeal

Cash deal close as bomb appeal starts Click.

Memos offer split view of priest convicted of molestation

Watchdog: MS, DOJ Broke Antitrust Rules

Supreme Court considers police misconduct charges

Russia's Putin to pardon all Jailed mothers

Murray, Cantwell protest Bush judicial pick

Widow says she regrets 911 call

Federal judge OKs plea deal by ex-S.F. housing chief

City can be sued over death after 911 call

Federal appeals court rules DNA testing is not constitutional right

Slain mogul's wife wed

Coupon Conspirators on the loose.

California Dog Attack Jurors to Be Quizzed on Pets

Names of Post-September 11th Detainees Not Forthcoming: Justice Click.

The mystery illness triggered by yeast

Mothers sue over epilepsy drug damage

Risks were known for years

Click. Scientists successfully transplant whole organs that have been frozen - raising the prospect of a solution to the donor shortage problem.

Human ovaries 'grown in mice'

Ovary tissue breakthrough

Ovary transplant IVF 'within a year'

Stem cell alternative to embryo

Click. US scientists claim to have found an way to use gene cloning to cure diseases such as Alzheimer's without using human embryos.

Irish Inventor Says Cracks World's Energy Needs

Painkillers May Ward Off Disease

Smaller Heart Device on Horizon

Athletes Becoming Nonhuman

Microchip implants may save lives one day

Japanese Scientists Breed Pigs with Spinach Genes


Scientists Map Third Protein of Anthrax Bacillus

The distributed computing project that's working on the anthrax toxin Click.

NPR Suggests Christian Group Behind Anthrax Letters

Authorities Step Up Hunt For Sender of Anthrax Mail

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Mariah Gets Scratched, but With a Glittering Buyout From EMI

Lives of the Saints

Presbyterians meet in Napa, advocate gay, lesbian ministers

NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art

Man, 94, oldest known recipient of GED diploma

How to Write Your Name In Mayan Glyphs

A Life of Sir Francis Galton: From African Exploration to the Birth of Eugenics

Neanderthal Flute.

Click. The Quran prophesied the Big Bang theory, space travel, and other contemporary scientific breakthroughs?

The Pen is Mightier....

Brutal Afghan Warlord Hires GOP PR Firm

Talk stops - to stunned silence. Click.

Click. Tina Brown was the Bill Clinton of journalism.

Word of the Day Click.

January 23, 2002

Arafat Burns Last Bridges to Oslo, Declares War. Yasser Arafat has ordered his 20,000-man police force to take to the war field. Click.

'Activated' Asian terror web busted

A vigilant nation, or tattletale America?

US to Send Most Detainees Home

Bush's Nuclear Sleight of Hand

THE WAR AGAINST THE SAUDIS What's behind Washington's split with Riyadh? Click.

MIT's Robert Langer Proves Nice Guys Deliver the Goods

Man guilty of Omagh bomb link

Il Duce bathed himself in glory

German Greens Look to Hawk Leader to Save Them

Uncovering Alleged Government Purchases of Electronic Personal Data Click.

Netscape sues Microsoft

Click. A Virtual reality glove that replaces the keyboard and mouse for only $149.

The Quest for the Entertainment Gateway

Trouble at Apple's Core

Where does the TV go when it dies?

Apple creator Wozniak forms start-up

Fuel Cells That Fit in a Laptop

Data Firm Exposes Records Online

Software Can Spot Digital Deceivers

Computer Makers Turn 'Chinese'



For months, Richard McCaslin fixated on the Bohemian Club and its secret ceremonies, which some critics claim involve pagan rituals and human sacrifices. Click.

Livermore molest suspect raised few alarms

Davis calls for more nurses at California hospitals

Riordan emerges from first GOP primary debate without a scratch

Analysis: Riordan's foes aim appeals at GOP faithful

Control of charter schools sought

Oakland gets part of U.S. funds for new, low-income homebuyers

NBC ratings skid in San Francisco

BART considers fare hike

Coelho: Time's up for Condit


For Ridge, Ambition and Realities Clash

Bush to tap AIDS panel chiefs

Hard-liner to join AIDS panel

Click. His father's son? Bush better get an 'Act II' fast!

Republicans Cheer As Democrats Split On Bush Tax Cuts

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Was Vreeland Right? Was Canadian Embassy Worker Poisoned?

Mr. Walker's case raises a critical question: If a kid from San Francisco could work his way into the heart of al-Qaeda, why didn't the CIA do so? Click.

Army Brat

Belgians To Rule On Sharon Case

Pentagon Releases Misleading Statement On Enron Stock

Lawyers agree on proposed order to safeguard Enron documents

Click. If you thought Enron was bad, wait till you hear about asbestos.

The Cayman Islands should be just the first port of call in the search for the buried treasure of Enron. Click.

Security team leaves Enron to form firm

Accounting watchdogs quit, reject new panel

Click. The SEC, in 1997, granted Enron an exemption that would have prevented its foreign operations from shifting debt off their books and barred executives from investing in partnerships affiliated with the company.

Accounting alchemy

Texas GOP tries to shut down Democratic Enron-citing site

Huge Enron Loans Exposed. Ex-Im Bank, OPIC backed 18 of firm's overseas projects to tune of $1.7 billion.

Enron's human toll

Easy come, easy go

Litigator maneuvers for starring role in suit. Big fees on the horizon.


Next Big Flap? Pro Forma Use

How Amazon finally made a profit

Pitt Bull or pitt bull?

10 Highest Paid CEOs

Red-ink Special


Lockerbie appeal challenges judges

People can't get a copy of police reports in San Francisco. Click.

California Supreme Court reins in sexual predator laws. Justices narrow guidelines that prosecutors must follow

Click. A new law gives one more chance at freedom to abused women sent to prison for killing their batterers

Colombian nun jailed for sister's murder

Pornographers stories read in court.

Iran Loses $42 Million Judgment in Hijack Suit

Robes optional for servicewomen in Arabia

Ashcroft Faces Quandary Over Clinton Scandal Secrets

Judge moves Yosemite murder trial to Santa Clara County

Hearst: Bank slaying 'horrified' me

Court appoints lawyer for Olson in SLA case

Olson and the Harrises, like Dohrn, Ayers and Walker, in one way or another became youthful death cultists. Click.

Santa Rosa 'suicide-by-cop' civil trial begins

The tragedy of Idriss Stelley

Civil-rights era cases suffer as witnesses, suspects die

Brooklyn Judge Arrested for taking bribes

Gold Medal for Nerve Cell Growers

Genome pioneer steps down

Venter Departure a Genome Mystery

Medical profession, patients have warmed to the 'hospitalists'

Virtual heart aids doctors

Zinc growth boost for sickle cell children

Why fat is more than a feminist issue

Saliva-based ovulation test okayed

Lunar occultation of Saturn on Jan 24

Click. Cell-Based Cures Could Energize Biotech in Europe.

An Easier Bladder Infection Treatment

Beans: It's no secret legumes offer a lot of value for your grocery-store dollar

Is black hole theory full of hot air?

Cell Wars

Click. Find locations of the planets, stars, moon, and sun in the sky from any location and for any date and time.

Scientists Report "One-Two" Punch Against Breast Cancer


Click. Not enough biowar medicine? Ever wonder why?

Air of mystery: America should close ranks on bio-terror

US anthrax attackers aimed to assassinate Democratic leaders. Media silent on military links

Anthrax at Hart Senate Office Building Deadlier Than First Thought

London braced for 'winter vomiting' bug

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Life of the Mind

Brainwashing 101 Click.

EMI dumps Mariah Carey with $28 million pay-off

Berkeley Rep director goes her own way

The apotheosis of cute

Doing the Sundance shuffle

Women's American Football League. Unsportsmanlike Conduct Click.


Virtual tour of Winchester Cathedral

The Megalithic Temples of Malta.

Old Arcadia.

Peggy Lee did it right

Based on a True-Life Story, but Was That Story for Real?

The Pen is Mightier....

The queen of New York's book business

Russia pulls the plug on TV station

Book lovers fail to click with e-pages

A TV Clown Skewers Mexico's Mighty

Abuse of Power - reporters in jail

Web is the TV of the workplace

Word of the Day Click.

January 22, 2002

America will attack Iraq in February. Click.

U.S. and British warplanes bombed an anti-aircraft artillery site in southern Iraq in response to firing at coalition aircraft patrolling the no-fly zone Click.

Red Cross: U.S. broke Geneva conventions. Click.

Special Forces 'A Team' Turned Tide of War

US trying to lease land in Pak for military bases

Shameful for Britain to support degradation of terrorist suspects? Click.

Life in a Guantanamo cell

The problem with open-air cages

'Taliban chief survived two US missile strikes'

Building Up a False Sense of Security?

Britain Aims To Help Kabul Build New Army

Targeting Tehran. Click.

Iran takes center stage Click.

Gunmen attack US centre in Calcutta

Why Beijing is not bugged by bugs Click.

Austrian border offers al Qaeda a new gateway to Europe. Terrorists can pass through legal loophole

The United States and Yemen have uncovered new leads into the 2000 bomb attack that killed 17 American sailors aboard the USS Cole in Yemen Click.

Was a Belgian Pedophile Ring Ignored by Police?

China releases Tibetan musicologist

Chemist's love for work led to escape from Iran

Sharon to end holy site's ban on non-Muslims


Bohemian Grove intruder says he feared human sacrifices Click.

Pipe bomb found near Union Pacific tracks

Father of missing infant refuses to cooperate with police

Interior secretary backs proposal to expand shoreline refuge

Boxer pushes new wilderness areas

Jones proposes military-style 'teaching academies'

Olive growers prepare for costly pest

Whistle-blowers offered settlement. Former S.F. housing agency workers exposed scandal

Nurse to patient ratio rules expected. Many think Davis will call for 1-to-6

S.F.’s gay meth crisis

Charter school woes shadow statewide race. Candidates for chief calling for reform, more oversight

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. How the shadowy science of signals intelligence, honed in the drug wars, can help us fight terrorism

Did Jailed 'Spy' Vreeland - Held In Canada - Predict 911 Attacks?

Did 'Rogue' US Agent Vreeland Warn CSIS Of September 11?

Was the US government alerted to the September 11 attack? Part 3: The United States and Mideast terrorism

Politicized intelligence Click.

GovNet: What Is It Good For?

Conduct of War Is Redefined by Success of Special Forces ("We have more junior level access to important intelligence than ever before") Click.

Former Enron executive details mass shredding of documents

Vinson & Elkins parry Enron onslaught

Boxer wants to ban auditor-consultants. Andersen firm denies conflict despite dual roles for Enron

Click. Enron Board Agreed to Fateful Moves, Inquiry Shows

Is the sleaze factor shocking enough, finally? Click.

Enron's got its money's worth. Click.

Enron raised funds in private offering. Click.

Dark humor and a line in T-shirts from Enron victim

Kmart expected to file for bankruptcy. Enron fallout spells trouble for retailer

Win American Hearts Through Sustained Lobbying: Neil Bush Click.

Whitewing exposed a little. Click.

For Kenny boy 200 million was not enough cash. Click.

The California Energy Crisis Was a $71 Billion Hoax (PDF FILE) Click.



New oil giant takes first steps. Click.

Russia eyes new energy projects in Vietnam Click.

Retail Space: The Final Frontier


Bush's damage control tour Click.

War hawks dominate the cabinet., Click.

Neil Bush Sighting in Saudi Arabia, the "Unofficial" Bush Family Business Partner


Lockerbie legal epic reaches final round

Libya "to Pay Damages for Lockerbie" Click.

Click. Toronto an international hub for child pornography, police charge

A career as federal judge isn't what it used to be

The return of the Symbionese Liberation Army

Shakespeare Behind Bars

FBI Top Terror Expert Arrived In OKC 9 Hours Before Blast

Court challenge to US detentions

Click. Why snooping laws are proving ineffectual

US B-52 base at Diego Garcia under legal attack Click.

Click. USA v. Robert Hanssen - Guilty Plea 

'Biofraud' Angers West, Taints Federal Stewards

Sacramento officers had brushes with SLA

LAPD officer had previous criminal record before he was hired



HIV-attack scare in China

Live Bacteria Samples Found Buried Near US Biolab

Missing anthrax not culprit. Former lab deputy says spores were 'inactivated'

Click. Volunteer Your PC to Fight Anthrax

Scientists Churn Out Alternative Fuel From Vegetable Oil

Prostate gene

Dead Sea keeps falling

Click. Sugar molecules on the surface of cancer cells could be manipulated to stop a tumor growing, say scientists

STICKY SITUATION Bird-killing oil mystifies investigators

Study shows increased life expectancy for cardiac patients who learn to unwind

Bacterial Batteries Clean Up

Scientist Says He's Found California Island 16,000 Years After It Slipped Below Waves

Bug Eyes to Give Man Sight on Mars

Microsoft beats porn on the net

Click. The National Software Reference Library

Extending Smartcard Range, Potential

Relics of the lost bulletin-board tribes

MS Refocuses on Software Pirates

How to Translate 'Free' to 'Fee'

New Nokia Phones for Richie Rich

Silicon Valley's Underbelly

Click. Firewalls and Net Security: Beat the Wily Hacker

InterPlanetary Internet Special Interest Group

The ImClone Wars

New Gene Therapy Shows Promise For Hemophiliacs

Preserving Pine's Genetic Heritage

Research May Lead To Jump-Starting Damaged Nerve Cells

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Love and death in New England. Click.

Back to the stacks

Brilliant Careers: Yves Saint Laurent

The New Faisaliah Giant Obelisk - Occult Symbolism?

Pell, Opus Dei and signs of a new elitism

Masterpiece: "In Cold Blood"

Sorry, Kids

We're Fat: Who Can We Sue?

Washington University Approves Scholarship For Those Convicted Of Drug Offenses

New Glam Gal Chelsea Wows
The Chic Elite

Seles Ousts Venus

Working mother and witch

The Pen is Mightier....

After Sept. 11, conspiracy theories abound on Web

Authors' Sites Offer Insights

Strong sales trigger Amazon's First net profit

Accounting Oversight Board, Excluded From Pitt Plan, Resigns In Protest

Word of the Day Click.

January 21, 2002

Bush Draws Up 'Secret' Plan to Topple Saddam

Saddam Hussein Discusses Mobilizing Troops

US Aided Escape of Taliban, Al-Qaeda Fighters

Top Saudi Blasts US Agenda Behind Terror War

US Puts Pressure on Saudis

And what if the Saudis withdraw their deposits from American banks? Click.

'6-Year War' Alarms Europeans

Somali Warlords Await US Rematch

Operation Freedom Eagle: The mission in the Philippines

The US extends "war on terrorism" into the Philippines

Down With the Count

"Taliban mentality"

Skolnick - The Enron Black Magic - Part 3: Forbidden Secrets

UN: Chechen Rebel Chief 'Not a Terrorist'

Swiss Seek to Stop Bin Laden Label

Russian Envoys Given Tsarist Look

UK Wants EU 'Super Council'

World Trade Center scrap sails for India, China

Beijing Basking in the Bahamas


Bush advisers fear Enron scandal hurting his second-year agenda; GOP, Democrats split on next move

Daschle leading the Demos into a pivotal year. Click.

The Enron Affair. The Scandalous Attitude Of The Bush Administration Click.

1.8 Million Clinton White House E-Mails Found


Heavily armed man arrested after standoff at Bohemian Grove

Prescription drug shortage plagues Marin

Opposites Davis and Burton don't attract

San Jose mayor learned how to soothe foes

Charter schools' free ride. With little oversight, some satellite campuses push bounds of state law

Napa County sued over winery approval

Secretive group plans ambitious California casino initiative

Gay union bill brutish issue for candidates

As a strong leader, Jerry Brown focuses on his own agenda

California Insurers to Tie Physicians Bonuses to Quality Care

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

CIA Takes On Major New Military Role

CIA Memoir Tells All

Keep U.S. agents in line

FBI Advises Web Content Review

Click. The CIA's Domestic Spying

Click. Losing the Code War

Click. U.S. Ends Afghan Image Contract

Al-Qa’eda fighters have crossed from Afghanistan into Iran but Tehran is not allowing the United States access to those it has detained Click.

IGNORAD - The military screw-up nobody talks about.

Enron's new 5 billion dollar black hole. What is Osprey? Click.

Cheney's old firm Halliburton is on shaky ground. Click.

Leslie Caldwell. S.F. prosecutor chosen to oversee Enron probe. Attorney has history of putting big shots away

Andersen CEO blames fired lead auditor

Longtime Enron skeptic

Enron: A tale of corporate meltdown

U.S. defends handling of Enron India project

Lawyer explains Enron CEO's company stock transaction

Lay's next pitch ought to come from prison

How the Dems Can Torture GOP With Enron Fiasco  Click.

Accounting firm obeyed law, CEO says. Enron's demise blamed on bad investments

Power Outage

Click. I'm OK, you're OK! Enron's OK?

How Indian novelist and activist Arundhati Roy also helped author Enron's downfall. Click.. An excerpt from Roy's book. Click.

Enron Was Big Money Player in Texas Politics



Carlyle's Way

Argentina rushes to contain rage over Bank deposits

Birth of a Start-Up: New business on tightrope

Attempted Coup At Federal Trade Commission 


Fingerprints No Longer Unchallengeable

Cuba Prison Camp Splitting Allies

Cuba Base is a Clearinghouse for All Manner of Suspects

Captive Britons 'have no complaints'

Authorities paint Olson as SLA mastermind

Accused kidnappers going on trial. Pleasanton woman killed in 1997

Distributed Computing Trial Ends

FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists

Wrongfully convicted men sue those involved in trial

Kidnapped mayor found shot to death

Rep. Boucher: End liability protection for software firms

Click. DVD Copyright Case Gobbles $Millions

Gov Urged to Probe Workforce

$1.2M Liability for Dog's Dash

Siblings Tried in Drug Cartel


Unauthorized Research, Missing Anthrax at US Lab

Growing an ankle

Companies rush to produce new map of human genome

Second prostate cancer gene found

Prison care 'puts public at risk'

Pain free test to boost the lives of diabetics. Click.

Taking control of the ageing process

Sleep drug beats MS fatigue

What Makes the Sun Flare

Gemini opens its eyes

Paint the Moon?

Creating an artificial womb

Prickly rarity saved from death

The Next Nuclear Plant

Lesbian couples 'could have own baby'

Click. Walking around with a computer visor on your head may sound like science fiction, but this is already a reality.

The Pogo is gogo

Osama Hunter-Hacker Busted

Silicon Microchain Demonstrates Power Of MEMs

Palm expected to announce spinoff of software platform

China Enacts Stricter Internet Control

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Bay Area directors win big with documentary

Women sniff out ideal mates

Neanderthals 'used glue to make tools'
Peepshow Gets an Artistic Implant

A Sprinkle of Porn, Art, Feminism

Personal privacy turns magical

The Talk. Origins Archive.

The Pen is Mightier....

Follow the Changing Story: Atta, the NY Times and the Iraqi Agent

The N word

Thanks a billion say top authors. Click.

Click. Why Wall Street Journal Shared Files with DoD

Hartford Courant reporters break the story of  lost anthrax spores. Click.

What's up with Hitchens?

Word of the Day Click.

January 19, 2002

Israelis retaliate by cornering Arafat in West Bank city. Troops with bulldozers blast Voice of Palestine radio station

FBI chief to visit India soon

Police rounding up alleged terrorists in Leicester, England Click.

Bush Proposes Deficit, Big Military Boost

Iran Said to Aid Afghan Commander

Expansion of War Forces US to Redraw Global Map

Al-Qaida lacking kindred spirits in Southeast Asia


Rumsfeld Ready to Deploy in 'Another 15 Countries'

US to Try New Approach on Selling Iraq Strike

Berated Philippine Govt. Backtracks on U.S. Troops

Powell Suggests Arming Nepal

US pushes Colombia to brink of all-out war

Click. Afghan reconstruction ball starts rolling in Japan

Al-Qa'eda cell allegedly planned Paris suicide helicopter attack

British militant focus intensifies

Aussie Taliban recruit offered deal

Under razor wire, days spent praying

FBI: Al Qaeda may have probed government sites

Women Al-Qaeda Suspects Seized In New Raids

Was $27 billion taken out of Argentina in a convoy of armored trucks? Click.

Jewish angst in Albion

A Chinese battle on U.S. soil

Europe's First Brothel for Women Goes Bust

From tweezers to ski poles, an airport collection mounts


Davis, under union pressure, changes stance on workers' comp boost

A chance to get your fill of crab

Grand Jury Looks at Condit Material

Woman found slain in Novato motel room

3 women join panel to remap districts. Influence is tipping in S.F. mayor's favor

Recycler hit by computer dumping

Dayan pushes hottest buttons

Embezzler gets six months in jail

PG&E files $4.1 billion claim against California

Family biking around the world denied visas. Click.


Enron made an end-run in terms of George Bush actually becoming president. Click.

Primary races – over in one day?

Bush calls Education 'civil right,' hikes funding

As Questions Get Louder, Cheney Stays Silent Click.

Whitehouse Enron stonewall. Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Row over MI5 mission to Cuban prison. Click.

China Says President's Jet Bugged

Failure or Cover-up :Evidence of McVeigh bombing to CIA -MidEastern terrorists.

Click. Alleged Al Qaeda Spy Trip and Encrypted Files

Click. US Propaganda War on Terrorism

Click. USTA v. FBI: USTA Wins CALEA Wiretap Appeal

Rift Between US Government and US Special Forces

Street-fighting lesson that put Putin on path to success

Why We Kill People

Judge OKs Revival of Enron Trading

Andersen recovers missing Enron files

Lessons for all from the Enron debacle

Asset-light trader that grew  too fast

Kenny Boy's dream turns to nightmare

Cheney spoke to Sonia Ghandi on Enron

Enron - web of intrigue

Evidence Indicates That O'Neill Helped Enron Hide Financial Condition Click.

Ari Fleischer discussing huge tax rebates to energy companies on October 31st (just after Bush learned Enron was failing.) Click.

Little Hope for Enron Shareholders on Recouping Loss Click.

Enron Creditors Could Invoke "Intent-to-Defraud" Clause Click.

Racketeering investigation against Enron in Florida Click.

Did Enron Successfully Buy Influence With the Money It Spent? Click.

SEC Seeks Pathetically Weak Reform of Auditor Controls Click.

Banks break the old boundaries. Click.

J.P Morgan and Citibank and Enron Click.

Bush backed off banking laws (helping Enron). Click.

Ex-Enron Executive Quits as Texas Utility Regulator

Click. Enron employees aren't blameless for the bath they took.

Arthur Andersen's past dotted with settlements for audit problems

Wendy Gramm ensnared

Enron Taxpayer Tab Could Top $1B


Satellite chief masterminds a City office space odyssey

Web site based in North Pole lifts Wade Cook's stock


Bomb Plot Gets Olson 20 to Life More: Click.

SLA members in court. Arraignment in 1975 slaying

Carmichael Bank: There Was A Trial Already

Sara Jane Olson Slammed by Judge

Grand Jury secrecy vs. Coroner Inquest

Mobster shot in Center City

Martorano: Cold, Calculating, Well-Read

Most recent mob hits

Geoghan found guilty of sex abuse

Men freed in Roscetti case sue prosecutors

The honorable judge cowgirl

Court says Davis can't stop killer's parole

Anthrax threats earn man five years

Judge fined Disney for loss of evidence

POWs Face Indefinite Stay for Questioning

Appeals court refines federal drug sentencing law

Smoker who was awarded $100 million in tobacco case dies of lung cancer

Billionaire sues ex-wife for telling about his finances.

Camera-shy federal judges aren't about to change the rules

Mixing medicines: East meets west with complementary health practices

Genetic secrets of malaria bug

Asteroids duo zips by planet

Nerve Damage Possible with Two Arthritis Drugs

Exercise May Cut Pregnancy-Related Risk

Virus similar to HIV found in wild chimp

New Theories Dispute the Existence of Black Holes

GW Pharmaceuticals to Test Cannabis Use for Cancer Pain

Gravity leaps into quantum world

Is online dating a bleak reflection of an overworked, commodity-oriented society, or a love panacea that will forever change human relationships? Click.

Classifications of mental disorders. Click.

Our brains regularly see patterns where none exist. Click.

Car renters find direction via Satellite

Microsoft's New Subscription Plan: CIO's Just Say No Click.

Settlement Splits Microsoft; One Firm to Make Software, Other to Make Patches Click.

HDTV: Why it's only for true technophiles

Mr. Mind.

Intel Moves On New Mobile Chips


Anthrax Probe Centers on Labs Click.

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Ancient farmers may have changed history of the world Click.

Enron at box office? Never say never in Hollywood

At 14, an Outsider Is Feted

In the Bedroom. Click.

Lucas Loses Porn 'Toon Tiff'

Church delegates vote to lift gay ban

Teddy bear turns 100, but controversy swirls over who created it

Students defend icon that offends. American Indians' pleas evoke teen angst.

The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc

The Pen is Mightier....

Tina Brown gives up quest to save Talk

Talk closes down. Click.

How Media Missed the Enron Story Click.

The prime-time smearing of Sami Al-Arian

Who and what is DEBKA? Click.

Judge hears arguments on anti-war banners. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

January 18, 2002

US Activates 70,000 Reservists

Was Richard Reid 'Shoe Bomber No. 2'?

A Reluctant Empire Stretches More

Tanks close in on Arafat HQ.

Chinese jet flew within 500 feet of a U.S. P-3 patrol aircraft.

Saudis Financed Terror Ship

Saudis May Seek U.S. Departure

Russia: US Bases in Cen. Asia Must Be Temporary

Pentagon Completes Defense Orbital 'Switchboard'

Bin Laden cell busted in Europe

Black Hawk Down: Shoot first, don't ask questions afterwards Click.

Onus of talks on Pakistan: Powell

US Troops Set Up Philippines Camp Click.

Al-Qaeda Cleansing Operation 'Is About to Begin'

Dressing Down for Bin Laden's Designer Brother

Communist Party Takes Back Power In Berlin

Utah Town Repeals Its 'United Nations-Free Zone' Ordinance

Pollution chokes Chinese cities

A Goofy idea? Disney to assist airport security

Click. Boston's archbishop answers a pedophilia scandal with a corporate dodge.

Tonga king's secret wealth. Click.

Tampabay: Students support Al-Arian dismissal

Silvio Berlusconi Giving Italy a Bad Name Click.

NAACP to post South Carolina 'border patrols'

Texas man sexually tortured for days in small Nebraska town.


California congressman offers latest proposal to avoid future Enron-like catastrophes

Many theories on high Marin breast cancer rate

Dan Walters: Davis caught between energy generators, PUC chief on contracts

Riordan and Davis in virtual tie in governor's race

UC secures trust land

A Blind Eye to Health Care


Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack? Part 2: Watching the hijackers

Guilty for 9-11: Section 3: Bush in the Open

Click. How President Bush made the White House leak-proof.

Enron and the Bush administration: kindred spirits in fraud and criminality

Bush Arms Control Team Working for Whom?

A White House under wraps

Bush faces flak over family links with winner of US defense contract

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

The Lie That Linked CIA to the Kennedy Assassination

CIA May Now Snoop on Any House in Britain

Spy store a boon for paranoid public

Click. Update on Fox News' Israeli Spying on US


Credit Lyonnais stops taking Israeli checks

Bush Antitrust Overhaul Collapses Click.

A think tank that actually defends secret offshore banking Click.

Auditing the Accountants

Inside Enron

SEC pushes watchdog panel

SEC Chief Delivers Warning on Probe

More than one Enron official warned the company about its growing crisis

Enron's ruin drags down Bothell firm

Bush administration plans to give political appointees in Justice Department oversight of all media mergers. Click.

Hard Times

Stonewalling in his cave: Cheney refuses to release secret energy documents

Cheney lobbied India on behalf of Enron

Lawmakers Want Bush Away From Enron

Enron: A System Corrupted Click.

Enron's Influence Reached Deep Into Administration Click.

The Real Enron Scandal by Dan Schorr Click.\

Three of Ken Lay's four Aspen properties are up for sale Click.

Deals That Helped Doom Enron Began to Form in the Early 90's Click.

Enron documents Click.

Clinton 'Sweetheart' Deal Sped Up Enron's Collapse

Investigating the Enron Debacle


Swiss Government Orders Smallpox Vaccinations

New safety questions hit Pentagon's controversial anthrax vaccination program

Lyme Disease Cases Reach Record High, Experts Say

Bioethics Panel's Topic 1: Perfection


US is fine-tuning plans for tribunals

Marin friends fondly recall SLA suspect

Remaining SLA figure frustrates pursuers

Accused bank robbers spent years blending in

SLA case relies on new science

Olson Probe Gives Clues

Court upholds Davis' clemency role

Lawyer for detained terrorist Australian Hicks will file habeas corpus. Click.

No such thing as a 'typical' serial killer

S.F. judge considered for U.S. attorney post

Drugs squad fumes as bookshop shields reader

Lawsuit that's preventing an ISP from dumping a spammer Click.

US Pressures Europe to Drop GMO Labeling Rules Click.

Senators take fresh look at Waco evidence

Rumsfeld Offers Four Options for Taliban Fighters

Egyptian Not Bitter

Spider scientists spin tough yarn

Anti-smoking drug Zyban deaths triple

HIV-like virus found in chimpanzee

UCSF scientists find stem cells that control life span. Lowly worm reveals critical signaling system

The Sky is Falling? No Sweat

Alien-like microbes found deep underground

Bizarre Creature in Idaho Raises Prospects for Life on Mars

Driverless Taxi Goes for Test Run Click.

For Elderly, Brain Ages More Gracefully Than Body

Researchers Identify Link Between Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes

Educational Lag For Premature Infants Persists Into Adulthood

Reinventing Recife as Tech Harbor

Exploding Chips Could Foil Laptop Thieves

From Dot-Com to Contracting?


Solaris Hole Opening Way for Hackers Click.

Oracle's false advertising about security Click.

Hitachi to release wearable PC with matching head-mount display next month Click.

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Vatican says Nazareth mosque is 'unacceptable to Christian world'

Drew Barrymore's revisionist history

Vatican recognizes Jews' messiah claim. Scholarly paper says Catholics must regard Old Testament as retaining all of its value

Art Now: Beyond the Healing

Ancient Greek Theater

Arthurian Legends.

How Realistic Is 'A Beautiful Mind'?

The Pen is Mightier....

'Planet X' - Nibiru Myth Rising On The Internet

"Black Hawk Down" under fire. Click.

Secret Masters of the Internet. Click.

Surrounded by Sound

Videophone Gets a Booster Shot

Word of the Day Click.

January 17, 2002

U.S. takes anti-terror war to the Philippines. Click.

"What is really at stake in Mindanao, an island long coveted by Washington?" Click.

What Awaits US "Military Advisers" in Basilan? Click.

Unprecedented RP-US Exercise Click.

Keep Out, MILF Warns US Click.

Jolo Folk Massacre 6 Rangers Click.

The Southeast Asian Jihad. Click.

India's Nuclear Navy 'Fully Mobilized'

Powell makes historic Afghan visit

Shoe bomber a 'bin Laden scout'

American-born Taliban fighter traveled under Irish guise



UN attacks treatment of detainees

Pentagon Assessing Cuba Tribunals

Military Draft Law Introduced

U.S. and Algeria Naval exercise Click.

Secret Taiwan talks. Click.


Bush Names 17 Bioethics Advisers

Child vaccination fund accused of cozying up to drug firms

Bioterrorism - America's latest war game.

Hadron and Anthrax. Click

Vaccine shortage delays shots for many children

Lockheed Creates Mail Biohazard Detection System

WHO Likely to Vote for Smallpox Reprieve


Martinez -- A 20-year-old father who told police three men showed up at his door and abducted his infant daughter has refused to take a lie detector test,

Baby in custody fight turns up missing. Both parents deny knowing where she is

Infant sought after being given to man

Condit the focus of renewed hunt

Enron cost Marin county fund

Windsor opposes plan for Pomo reservation

Marin's breast cancer rate jumps 20 percent

Montalcino sent back to planners


Bush and McGraw - Jupiter Island cronies. Click.

Watch Monica in Black and White

Chew before swallowing

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

The unquiet death of Patrice Lumumba

Just hours before the arrival of United States Secretary of State Colin Powell in Islamabad, a fire gutted a key government building in the capital city, reportedly destroying confidential records of religious and militant organizations. Click.


Spy Trip Log Matches Reid's Travels Click.

American spy masters were "jumping with joy" last night after a shadowy drug lord walked up to the gates of a U.S. Marine base in Kandahar and began spilling his guts about Osama bin Laden's financial operations. Click.

Argentine rioters wreck banks

Click. With ex-fascists back in government, the Italian rail system looks like it is getting back on track

Greece's ruling party 'had links with terrorism'

The biggest discovery of oil in the North Sea for more than a decade has been announced. Click.

Click. Nearly half of all the cocaine and nearly a quarter of the methamphetamine that the Dallas police seized last year has turned out to be gypsum from plasterboard

America's homegrown terrorists

The bitter battle over piloting a campus peace movement Click.


White House gets defiant on queries about Enron

The Enron-around

Lay-ing Low

Calls for SEC boss' recusal in Enron case rejected Click.

Law Firm Advised Enron Not to Worry Click.

Enron's Accounting Firm Has Close Ties to Administration

Enron often avoided income tax

Experts question firms' `incestuous' links

Complex Deals Baffled Firm's Insiders

New Voice vs. Enron

Kennedy Urges Deferral of Some Tax Cuts

U.S., Colombia Smash Money-Laundering Ring

Argentina: Can it get worse? Click.

Venture capital has gone from one unreality to another. Click.

Click. Global Securities Markets Present Tough Challenges for Investors and Regulators


Pelfini case stirs up race for Sonoma County D.A.

Former Montrealer sentenced for terrorist conspiracy

England may privatize court system. Click.

Hicks' (Australian terrorist) lawyers demand answers

Charges allege Napa woman had cat euthanized

Arrest of woman in elder abuse brings alleged cocaine find

S.F. follies: Thugs do the crime, not the time

United States of America v. John Philip Walker Lindh Click.

Court to examine interpreters' role in sex slave trial

Prosecutor's slander suit commences

In Pursuit of Predators Lurking on the Web

Click. Judge finds that incompetence, ignorance, and Tory ideology were key to E. coli disaster

Lights out for free NorthernLight service

Gates: Fix product security

Microsoft may be using bad security to subvert, then control Internet Click.

Manuals for hacking through "social engineering" Click. More: Click. More: Click.

Click. Mighty microbes on Earth point to life on Mars

Galileo bids farewell to Io

Rare bird makes London return

Therapy for free, but stay on the pills. Click.

Frequent sex 'not linked to strokes'

Head injuries linked with Alzheimer's disease

Sharing meals 'boosts mental health'

Researchers caution on colon surgery

Stomach pills 'may increase cancer risk'

Automatic Space Camp Builders

Firm Sees Ozone As Food Disinfectant

Witch Hazel Wonders

Looking for Clues to 'Dark Energy'

Mutant virus mars positive AIDS research.

Solar Eruption Among Most Complex Ever Recorded

Europe GPS Plan Shelved

Researchers Find Definitive Proof That Repetitive Head Injury Accelerates The Pace Of Alzheimer’s Disease

World’s Smallest Microchain Drive Fabricated At Sandia

UCSD Biologists Visualize Protein Gradient Responsible For Dividing Embryo Into Nervous System, Epidermis

Washington University Offers Newly Approved Treatment For Parkinson’s

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Paris agog over club revival of la nude attitude

Indian civilization '9,000 years old'

With a little help from her friends

Conservative Christians go with Frodo Click.

Vatican astronomer: "It's madness to believe man is alone." Click.

Witch's spell as prison chaplain conjures mixed reactions

Learn to make focaccia from a master bread maker

Sex Scenes and Nudity Intrigue Geneva Opera Fans

Wizard of Oz Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

The curious case of the palace and the paper

Click. There are new names for everything in America now.

Flippin' Media!

Technique Aims To Protect, Possibly Improve Internet Video

Word of the Day Click.

January 16, 2002

NATO searches 4,200 ships in bid to track Osama

Britain presses for more Guantanamo assurances

Special Forces Sent To Philippines Fight

Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack? Part 1: Warnings in advance

U.S.-Russia Uranium Pact Stalls

Click. DoJ Restricts Aviation Training for Aliens

List of targets released by eco terrorists

A 70-year-old Israeli man was lynched in Bethlehem today. The man also held American citizenship. PLO naval police, who man a nearby roadblock, were eyewitnesses to the lynch but did nothing. Click.

Al Qaeda Financial Backer Gives Up

French banks steer clear of Israeli checks

$95 million in tax rebate checks undelivered-GAO


Gates' Vaccination Drive Attacked Click.

Checking copy machines at Rutgers for Anthrax. Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

Onward, Christian Moguls Click.

A Mickey Mouse Operation

How to know  when Enron becomes another "Incomprehensible Washington Scandal." Click.

Click. As TV commercials become less effective, advertisers are creating their own shows.


Hit-and-run driver strikes five children and their mothers walking to school

Buck Trust agency picks Novato site

Group brainstorms uses for prison

Girl's killer receives first sentence

Davis' budget leaves state deep in debt. Analyst warns of steeper falloff in state's revenue

Davis' Wiretap Bill Ruled Illegal


Bush's new appointment MAGAW. Magaw was appointed director of the BATF by Clinton after the Waco massacre in 1993. Click.

Bush team alters rules on wetlands

Demonizing Daschle

The GOP, says George Will, should be especially upset about Enron

Bush Faces Flak Over Family Links With Winner of US Defense Contract. Click.

Racicot Conflict? Click.

Carlyle is a book distributor. Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Russian paper says Falkon Capital connected with Bin Laden. Click.

Book Claims Bin Laden Met Iran Intelligence Officer

I was a cowboy for the CIA

CIA Looks to Los Angeles for Iranian Spies

Afghanistan Crash Reveals U.S. Intel Operation

The U.S. intelligence community is divided over Iran's capability to develop long-range missiles and nuclear weapons. Click.

Does intelligence really know what country's missiles could hit the USA? Click.

Homeless in Harlem: After the HUD Scam

The Business Behind the Gates-West Power Play at Harvard

MARK RUSSELL: Surgeon general's warning on pretzels

City of Dust

Stringer wrongful-death suit announced. Tice issues strong denial Click.

Jail Can't Stop Nun's Protest

Los Angeles Times: The Actress, the Producer and Their Porn Revolution

Delta Farmers Want Copyright on Catfish Click.

Chirac judge resigns, claiming 'mafia-like' corruption in France


Kmart board meets, bankruptcy seen as option

WTO rules against the US and wants the US to change US tax laws.

HP board meeting creates uneasy reunion

Reluctant player in Enron debacle. V.P.'s warning puts her in media spotlight

Sleuths Probe Enron E-Mails

Click. "I am incredibly nervous that we will implode in a wave of accounting scandals."

Phil Gramm’s Enron Favor by James Ridgeway

Employment Agreement -- Enron Corp. and Kenneth L. Lay, August 13, 2000 Click.

The famous letter also refers to conflicts by Price Waterhouse Coopers Click.

Fired Enron Auditor Cooperating

Enron's Ties to a Leader of House Republicans, TOM DELAY, Went Beyond Contributions to His Campaign


Judge denies separate trials for lawyers in fatal dog attack

Hints of bestiality in mauling case seem off the mark

Dog-maul case’s kinky twist - Bane attracted to Whipple

Fake DA won’t do time

Debate on evidence in sex slaying case

Violation of Brady Rule jeopardizes murder case Click.

Legislators, activists seek change in three-strikes law

Los Alamos Scientist Criticizes FBI in Book

Social Security to Settle Worker Suit

Court prevents Eli Lilly from Prozac monopoly

Bad in Japan

Brilliant ruse -- or police misconduct?

The Myth of Fingerprint Evidence Click.

Judge Overseeing Host of Enron Suits Recuses Self  Click.

Send in the IKlowns. Click.

Sandia laboratory researchers hit mining trail

Heart-patient study finds stress therapy effective and inexpensive

Scientists May Have Discovered A Model For Extraterrestial Life

Surgeons planning to "weld" patients. Click.

World’s smallest microchain drive fabricated at Sandia

Voyage of the Nano-Surgeons

Computer glitch gives patients names of organ donors Click.

Klotho gene linked to reduced lifespan

Bar-Coding Life

The 'Sport' of Bioengineering

Can consciousness exist when the brain is off-line?

One small step for man - via the SoloTrek Exo-Skeletor Flying Vehicle

Microsoft server glitch prevents users from downloading critical security patches for Windows

`Google effect' reduces need for many domains

New and Improved Ad Accounting

Firm Touts 'Perfect Compression'

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

President Putin Eager for Pope Visit

'Christian Porn Site' Debuts

Play stirs debate over Shakespeare's authorship

Presbyterians wrestle over ban on gay clergy

Sundance Dallies With Tech Sex

Sir Walter Ralei

gh (1552-1618)

Spain and the Pig

So Bad It's Good

Merle Rubin on the History of Salt

Word of the Day Click.

January 14, 15 2002

India and Pakistan Step Back

Pentagon: War Will Last 6 Years

US Quietly Changes Afghan War Aim

Rumsfeld: Captives Are Not POWs

US May Be Violating Geneva Convention

Saudis Getting Closer to Iraq

Tehran's Quest for Ballistic Missiles

The Vanishing Imam - And Our Rapidly Disappearing "Victory"

White House Seeks Graduated Terrorism Alerts

Odigo Says Workers Were Warned Of 911 Attack

Caged Australian 'most dangerous' Click.

Sharon Sets Harsh Terms for Return to Peace Talks

Afghan POWs at Guantanamo base: bound and gagged, drugged, caged like animals

US came close to capturing or killing Omar, says his driver

Military considers stopping fighter jet patrols over U.S. cities

Clueless in Afghanistan - the sequel Click.

Click. FAA security took no action against Moussaoui

Pakistan builds missile sites near border with India.

Qaida Hobbled, But A New
Deadly Punch Is Feared


Declassified U.S. Germ Warfare 'Cookbooks' Have Many Worried

Private life of bacteria goes public


Cabazons unveil plans for bottling plant. Click.

State's schools crumbling

Kaiser requires co-payment for prostheses

Silicon Valley doctors recruited with housing aid

New forester takes hands-on approach

Mushroom farm runs afoul of state

States seek $100 million for a national ID system

GOP leaders back Riordan's liberal ways. Pro-choice, anti-gun candidate may be best bet against Davis

New Coliseum chief learns ropes

Napa wine industry has a new beverage giant


White House's Secret Deal Would Exempt Religious Discriminators From State & Local Laws

Click. Bush hides his Texas archives in Poppy's private library

Bush DOE Granted Enron Waiver of Securities and Liability Regulations Click.

The Bushes, Enron and Argentina. Click.

"George W. Bush Gets Layed,"


"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. Dangers of Rogue Spook Rule

Click.  MI5 Balks at opening its files.

Andrews Air Force base websites altered after 9/11. Click.

Alleged Oregon murderer Longo caught

Colombian peace process falls apart

Click. Hells angels move through Canada

Unions a Casualty of Dot-Com Shakeout

DOE dysfunctional despite reform efforts, auditors say

Actor Redford Unveils Documentary Fund, TV Channel

Invisible women firefighters at Ground Zero.


Officials Seek an Enron Informer

White House to be quizzed over Enron role

Ignorance Was Bliss At Energy Trader Enron

Fourteen Top Bush Officials Invested in Enron Stock

Lieberman questions timing of memo about destruction of Enron documents


Enron asks $200 Mil  For Political Risk Insurance Click.

Enron Takes Documents, Codes and Parts Click.

The Terror Bubble Lives On
Argentines Transfer to E-Banks

Click. Anti-Banks Web Sites


State asked to join Pelfini case inquiry in Sonoma County

By J. MICHAEL MULLINS and JIM PICCININI explains the Pelfini matter. Click.

District attorney, sheriff still owe public a full accounting Click.

"How I Became an Informant for the Newport Beach PD."

Geoghan shifted real estate to trust Indigent ex-priest facing molestation charges gets public defender

New judge may oversee Buck Trust

Faced With Deciding if a Child Is Safe at Home

No-bail law for immigrants is overturned

A specialist in arborial arbitration

Mold fears put landlords in bind

Child Support Dispute Shows Lifestyle of Rich

Four lawyers seek election to Contra Costa judgeship

How a Recent Miranda Decision Illuminates Justice Rehnquist's Strategic Voting Click.

More on the assassination of an American gun control activist Click.

Click. Freedom Fighters of the Digital World

Human life - but not as we know it

Stephen Hawking: 60th birthday lecture

Hiding emotions 'increases anger'

Nowadays, it's possible to die of old age with a mouthful of teeth

Pads make mammograms less painful, but cost more

Hepatitis C drug trial successful: XTL

Hearing aids from rare bug

Scientists Find Planet That Defies Theories

The Other Prostate Problem

Scientist treated like a terrorist for his damning report on salt

Top 10 Diet Blunders

New State of Matter Created

Trials Start for Diabetes Treatment

Close to Home

Succession at MIT

Wireless Gets Danger-ous

Grok to UnSpun: The Real Story

Simple Blood Test In Doctor's Office Could Detect New Cases Of Diabetes

Atlas Indexes Stars That Live Fast, Die Young

Experimental Appetite Suppressant Affects Numerous Brain Messengers In Mice

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890


First-Timer Feels the Pull (and Push) of Kayaking

Judi in Hollywood

Carvings Spark Debate on Origin of Abstract Thought

Alexandria: the library

Actor Redford Unveils Documentary Fund, TV Channel

"Blue dress brings out the tiger in me." Click.

Illuminati Terrorists & the Cults of Death Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

New ABC chief has a big job ahead

The men who would be Orwell. Click.

Click. Can Taliban Johnny Walker get a book deal?

Nuremberg Documents Online. Click.

Word of the Day Click.

January 12, 13, 2002

Musharraf forbids terrorist strikes from Pakistan

FedEx Shipped a High Radiation Package Without Knowledge

Militants arrested ahead of Musharraf speech

Musharraf declares war on extremism

The Indian Army will launch multiple attacks across a wide front to force Pakistan to thin out its defensive deployment and throw Pakistan's strike capabilities off-balance. Click.

'Toxic Texan' Bush all praise for Advani

Was Partition a historic blunder?

The Syrian government has begun moving sensitive equipment and materials for its weapons programs to Sudan, fearing surgical strikes by U.S. and allied forces. Click.

'Taliban Briton' held in Cuba

Australian prisoner of war David Hicks was confirmed as a passenger on the prison flight which landed at the US base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba yesterday. Click.

Australian Taliban faces home trial

Teen Who Sympathized With Osama bin Laden and Flew Small Plane Into Tampa Skyscraper Belonged to the Young Republicans Club.

'Iran delivered Stinger missiles to terrorists'

With growing evidence that OBL may be developing so-called "dirty bombs," the feds have been deploying high-tech "bomb-sniffing" trucks around the city to protect against the possibility of a crude nuclear attack Click.

Greenspan dims hopes for speedy turnaround

Ford to cut 35,000 jobs worldwide, 22,000 in North America


Fire destroys UC Santa Cruz biology labs

Doctors stymied by sick postal worker's negative anthrax test

'Flesh-eating disease' kills Victoria woman

Smallpox vaccine to be retained

Farmers Sue Makers of GM Crops


History class riles parents  Seventh-graders dressed in Muslim clothing, citing Islamic proverbs and calling each other Muslim names are stirring up a dispute in a small rural school in east Contra Costa County.

School chief gets 11th-hour retirement boost

Crowded days at Mexican Consulate. Long lines of people seek 'matricula consulare' ID cards

Berkeley groups want cause before interrogation

Newsom’s critics: The poor

Rep. Mike Thompson runs for re-election

California to number highway exits

Freedom after foster care

Media pack keeps Condit on tightrope

Davis aims to slow exodus of film makers

Note offered as evidence in girl's murder OAKLAND -- A teen-age girl wrote of preferring death to the sexual assault of James Daveggio and Michelle Michaud, the couple accused of being sexually depraved killers who should be executed.


Enron row mires Bush in sleaze

Budget chief says Bush will propose deficit for next year

Bush Bypasses Senate, Picks Reich, Scalia for Jobs

White House Was a Home For Enron Click.

Ted Kennedy to Call for a Delay In Implementing Next Round of Tax Cuts

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Anthony Blunt Click.

CIA's non-profit venture pays intelligence dividends

Igor Cassini

Non-Military Satellite Views Earth

LaRouche: Zbigniew Brzezinski And September 11

Speech by FBI agent O'Neill, who later resigned because FBI wasn't fighting terrorism Click.

Wen Ho Lee says FBI threatened him with execution

Bomb scanner firms still awaiting orders

Airlines to match bags, fliers


Gay capitol of South Asia

Microsoft blow

No More Popup Ads

Me, my web and I

Message in a Bottleneck

A Vertical Leap for Microchips

Serious security flaws in Microsoft web browser. How safe is your computer?

Gigger 'update' worm attacks hard drive


Click. Enron SEC 8-K Filings Mask Looming Bankruptcy

Click. Enron's 209 Bankruptcy Cases 1993-2002 

King & Spalding Law > Practice Areas > Energy Industries Practice

UBS Beats Out Citigroup For Enron Trading Unit

Enron sought U.S. help on bank loans

Justice Dept. to make call on Enron special counsel

Andersen's Future at Stake After Enron

How Andersen lost its Arthur. Click.

The Winter Games at Enron. Click.

Did Enron's Auditors Think They Had Something to Hide? Click.

Destruction of Records "Unusual", Experts Say Click.

Stephen Goddard Jr. Click.

Click. THE meeting. BANK LENDING TO AND OTHER TRANSACTIONS WITH HEDGE FUNDS  The hearing occurring in 1999 on the LTCM [Long Term Capital Management] problem & the derivatives problem that eventually lead to the introduction of H.R. 2924.  What happened on April 12, 2000 in the full Committee on Banking and Financial Services on H.R. 2924. There may have been a vote by the committee on the bill, but what happened, nobody seems to know.

The managing partner of Andersen's Houston Office is a Bush "pioneer". Click.

Cooking books with Star Wars characters. Click.


FEDERAL JUDGE VAUGHN WALKER NEWS:  A federal appeals court on Friday handed nine North Coast environmental activists yet another major legal victory in their quest to retry a civil rights lawsuit over the use of pepper spray on protesters by Humboldt County authorities. Click.

Austin woman sentenced to year in jail for kidnapping own children

San Rafael man arrested for allegedly molesting teen-ager

Crucial death case goes to high court. 700 sentences in 9 states at stake

Justice Department to fight Sole release Click.

Son pleads guilty to murder charge

Former S.F. housing director's plea bargain in jeopardy. U.S. attorney's office objects to terms of deal

Judge's contentious courtroom. Bruce Van Voorhis takes off the gloves

Cybercourts Set for Tech Trials

Fugitive Oregon dad in Mexico, FBI says. Suspect in slayings is one of 10 most wanted

Norway Indicts Teen Who Published Code Liberating DVDs Click.

FCC Reversal: Eminem Not Obscene

A 2,000 Year-Old Technique May Hold the Key to Acupuncture’s Therapeutic Effect

Free Genetic testing to help babies

How true is 'feed a cold, starve a fever'?

Multiverse Theory. Click.

New heart failure treatments promise hope

E.coli used to reduce infection

Poisoned couple struggle to survive. Couple visiting friends in Watsonville consumed poison 'death caps'

Computer treatment for 'the blues'

Baby Aspirin Recommended for Heart

Click. How aspirin could save thousands more lives

Child abuse nightmare of M.E. families

Ireland Plans Largest Wind Farm

DOE says lab's simulated nuclear testing will continue

Colorado district postpones plan to poison prairie dogs

Charles Platt on hydrogen fuel cells, energy, and politics

Gadget makers target women

A 'Speed Bump' vs. Music Copying

3G by Any Other Name

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

'Black Hawk' up

Anglican bishop 'has Catholic past'

Carolyn Heilbrun Click.

True Brit

Women of God

Nazi Exhibit Triggers Debate About 'Art'

UCLA Will Build TV, Film Archive in Santa Clarita Click.

The Wisdom Of SuperModels

The Pen is Mightier....

Accusations Won't Hurt Ambrose Book Sales

Russian court pulls plug on TV station.

TV Filter Negates Naughtiness

Press complies with Pentagon block on prisoner images


Word of the Day Click.

January 11, 2002

India Building 1,800 Mile Long Minefield

Thousands of Taliban Walk Freely in Kandahar

U.S. Troops Begin Disarming Afghans

Bush tells Iran not to meddle. U.S. won't tolerate interfering with Afghan government, he says

A death underlines women's combat role

The Pipeline Plots - Part1  by Sherman H. Skolnick

US bases pave the way for long-term intervention in Central Asia


India-Pakistan stand-off & US agenda

Taliban back in black to plot return

Ravaged Psyches in a Generation of Fighting Click.

The president of Somalia's transitional government said Friday that his people had been "terrorized" by a U.S. propaganda campaign portraying the country as a possible haven for Osama bin Laden's followers. Click.

Some skeptics say that the Afghan war is about oil, not terrorism. By appointing an oil industry insider as "special envoy to Afghanistan," Bush is fueling their theory. Click.


Flu? Moo!

Ebola is Back

New GM Food: Waxy Cornflakes


California Governor Trying to Scare His Way to Re-Election

Work starts on trench to vent methane at Hamilton

Molest allegation aftermath: Palo Alto child care center deals with concerned parents

Possible long sentence for Alameda child molester

Davis budget: A balancing act

Major meth ring busted

Reluctant board agrees to parole killer

Activists protest new juvenile hall site

Brown Act snares supervisor


Bush, aides knew of Enron troubles

Agencies investigate inmate's story of plot against Gov. Bush

Two Big Mind Jobs On The World - 911's Money Trails To Bonesmen

Arms Buildup Is a Boon to Carlyle Group Click.

Carlyle's Way Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Ex-CIA Director Blames Saudis for 9/11

US IDs Osama's Terror 'Mastermind'

Click. Loral Settlement on Giving China Satellite Data

Colombia's peace process falters

Special ed teachers feeling unsafe in class

Britain: Behind the row over Jamaican "drug mules"

FedEx Introduces Overnight PeoplePak

Are there Gays at Jerry Falwell's "Liberty University"? Bless My Soul!

If this keeps up, there won't be an untapped phone in the nation. Click.

Nokia confirms luxury mobile unit

Gigger worm can format Windows PCs Click.

Click. Is your son a computer hacker?

'Trojan' Company Changes Horses

Of Trek and Tivo

Virus Writers Take Aim at .Net


Andersen back in hot seat

Ken who? Click.

To buy low, look abroad - with care

From ENRON Entanglements to UNOCAL Bringing the Taliban to Texas and Controlling Afghanistan Click.

UC Berkeley still a robust economic engine

The Pen is Mightier....

New York Times defends Bush on links to Enron corporate fraud


New Attorney General FOIA Memorandum Issued Click.

January 9, 2002

Wolfowitz: Saddam Off the Hook, For Now

Blair Picks 'Euro-Army' For Afghan Mission

Captured phones and laptops offer bonanza Click.

Oil killed the Taliban. Click.

''Next up Baghdad!'' McCain yelled during a tour of the flight bridge. Click.

In order to liquidate the threat of terrorism, Washington will have to strengthen global players who might turn against the United States in the future. Click.

Iran is taking active role in conflict

Nothing Urgent: the curious lack of military action on the morning of 9-11

"The Pentagon is faced with the prospect that Iraq may have a system that can see stealth bombers and they are very, very worried." Click.

Terrorist havens disappearing fast

CIA seeks al-Qaeda in Somalia

Bin Laden hunt 'like chasing shadows'

Pakistani militants undaunted

Thai army says Golden Triangle opium increasing due to Afghan ban

Ancient fort razed by Saudis

Germans Don't Want Their Fingerprints on Everything


Tom Ridge Isn't Strongly Denying the Potential Involvement of Military Anthrax in the Domestic Terrorist Attacks. He Doth Protest Too Little.


Eureka bank cash found in Florida

Davis focus: Taxes, terror

$100,000 raised for Polly Klaas center renovation

Lighthouse to get face lift

Afghan community leader killed in Fremont

R.E. Graswich: Developer wants family history documented for all to see

Regulators seek voice in PG&E fate

Utility stonewall

Oakland School board elects Hamill leader for 2002

Click. Port chief secretly met with developer

Martinez: County agrees to pay $275,000 to woman


Janet Reno Kin Outraged Over Bush-Enron Scandal

Enron reps met 6 times with Cheney, staff. Letter to L.A. congressman likely to increase controversy

Click. Hillary calls for tax-cut repeal. Why won't Daschle?

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Netanyahu Visits Israeli Spy in US Jail

Click. Russian Liberates Uranium

Click. NCR Wants to Infowar America

Click. The Hijackers' Manual 

Taliban officials go free Click.

Have the Blairs Gone Completely Bonkers?

In May, the President spoke of the need for the development of a so-called "flexible" arsenal. Information leaked this week about the classified Nuclear Posture Review confirms that this "flexible arsenal" is code for the production of war-fighting "mini-nukes" designed for use in regional conflicts - especially to counter chemical and biological weapons. Click.

IBM shifts production to China

Viruses get flashy

HP boss comes out fighting

Fiorina puts focus on digital imaging

Small, high-capacity hard drives are energizing computer world

Pillow Fight in the Living Room

Quantum Leap: Seize the Light

Data 'Swarms' Could Rescue Websites

Click.  Northern Light Screws Customers

Click.  Northern Light Joins CIA Snooping


Merrill to cut 9,000 jobs, take $2.2 billion charge 

IRS Computers Missing

Corzine calls for probe of Enron failure

The Pen is Mightier....

Click. Berkeley's Guerrilla News Network is armed (with video cams) and dangerous


Case seeking right to distribute medical marijuana resurfaces

Cannabis co-op fights in court for its survival

FDA dishes out new anti-terror rules to protect farms, restaurants, groceries

Court ruling limits disabilities law. Justices say Toyota need not assist worker

Australian al Qaeda fighter creates a bureaucratic quagmire. His country may not want him to stand trial in United States

New Jersey court rules online critics can remain anonymous

Click. Konceptor Pleads Guilty to Livermore Lab Hack

First Image Of Extrasolar "Planet" Captured

Click. Giant pandas to get dating agency

Depression treatment rates increasing

Chlorinated tap water called risk for pregnant women

New findings on HIV-Kaposi's sarcoma link. Skin lesion virus predated S.F.'s epidemic of AIDS

Feds Accelerate Fuel-Cell Cars

3-D Models Give Proteins Shape

Hepatitis C Research Gets a Boost

Energy Futures

Analysis: 8 hot technologies for 2002

New Theory Suggests Start of Universe

Vitamin B Supplements Exceed Safe Levels: Report

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Hail to the queen Rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson was the first female rock and roll star.

Photographer excels in his own stock market

Great wealth and great risk

Scientists Validate Near-Death Experiences

The invisible school

Word of the Day Click.

January 8, 2002

Military Unaware of Tampa Plane

A lump of coal for the flight schools

Suicidal pilots difficult to stop. No way experts could predict act of teen

Kid Pilot May Be of Arab Descent

U.S. civil aviation authorities failed to warn the military that a Cessna plane had been stolen until it had already been crashed into a Tampa, Fla., bank building after buzzing a military airbase, officials said Monday. Click.

Has John Walker's Religious Quest Convinced The Administration To Go Easy? Click.


Pak air force gets Chinese muscle

Collateral strategic consequences of US bombings

Iran fills a void left by Pakistan's decline

Haig: Syria Should Be Next Target

More women man front lines

First German troops leave for international security force in Afghanistan

Handling of ship affair was 'debacle' - former ambassador

After March, a renewed anti-U.S. struggle is likely to begin in Afghanistan, led by various Afghan factions inside and outside of the country but not al-Qaeda or the Taliban Click.

Click. The Grief Police

VISA DRAGNET: Focus on Middle Eastern men

Hit man or just hit movie

Flight 587 Witnesses Blast Feds


Blood from U.S. soldiers seen as anthrax treatment

The Pen is Mightier....

Preview E-book Copies Go Digital

Ambrose Has Done It Before

"Lockware": Hollywood's Intellectual Property Strategy for the Digital Age Click.

San Franciscans ask Feinstein to demand Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 Click.


Click. A San Rafael pilot who died when his small plane crashed into Sonoma Mountain was under investigation in Daly City for "felony violations" against a juvenile, police disclosed yesterday.

State seeks scanner for port freight

Port real estate deal in dispute

Building on rich tradition, Mills turns 150

Gerber says her opinions exact a price

Tree-killer spores found in redwoods. Sudden oak death found in redwoods

Riordan to launch his TV ad campaign

Winery holds first Marin pruning contest

Peace at issue in fight over Mendocino retreat

Newsom: Enough is enough

City offers sanctuary but it won’t stop feds

California: Bigger unemployment benefits kick in


A Doctrine of Presidential Infallibility

'Pakis' remark draws fire for Bush

Bush appoints head of security for transport. Senate in recess -- nominee can serve a year

President Signs Education Bill

Marc Raciot's Ten Worst Ideas Click.

Bankrupt Enron still part of gas project

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Kissinger Had a Hand in 'Dirty War'

Upgraded Driver's Licenses Are Urged as National ID's Click.

World Governments Choosing Linux for National Security Click.

Army Intranet: World's largest net to secure. Click. More: Click.

A diplomatic storm is brewing between Britain and Iran, over Tehran's refusal to accept the appointment of David Reddaway as the new British ambassador to Iran. Click.

The FBI's Old Black Magic

Alaska's bush pilots test future of navigation

Elementary School U

Closed Doors and Childhoods Lost

Vatican issues new rules on pedophile priests Document calls for trial in secret ecclesiastical courts, makes no mention of contacting police

"Texas doctors who sexually molest patients, traffic child pornography and commit any number of other sexual offenses are routinely allowed by state medical regulators to keep practicing medicine."

Aging Princess Asks Japan: Why Not an Empress?

Interior Halts Indian Payments

Follow up to Kevin Mitnick and Justice Department hoax stats

IPhoto Completes Apple's Picture

Gates aims at your living room 

The Geeks Who Saved Usenet

Gates Opens Windows to Wireless

Net Gives Paper New Dimension

No Sleep 'til Macworld

AMD and Intel Rev Up Chips

ZeoSync: Data Discovery Can Shake Up Tech Sector

Time for truth: Why Apple's new iMac ISN'T 'flat-out cool'

New multimedia system blows you away


Enron's Creditors: Y'all Come Back To Texas

Once Defiant, MicroStrategy Chief Contritely Faces SEC

Teen Made $1 Million in Internet Investment Scheme

To avoid poverty, Americans need to: (1) finish high school, (2) marry after they're 20, and (3) only then have kids. Click.

Disability pensions proliferate

Japan's economic 'High Noon'

What’s left after dot-com bomb hits

Wells Fargo to unveil service for wiring money to Mexico

How Microsoft Tax Policy Saves Gates Millions Click.


Livermore lab hacker is guilty of $32,000 in damage


ABA Panel Supports Limited Military Trials

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Nichols Appeal

Agreement Reached for Custody of Jerry Garcia's Guitars

Roommate Leads FBI to $3M of missing ATM loot

SR woman gets 21 years for slaying

Soitenly, Three Stooges' heirs have right to control merchandising

High Court OKs Video Surveillance

Women fined after they return to abusive men

Prosecutor offers to produce informant in Moore drug case

Health vs. Life

Study links infections, heart disease Evidence growing that common bacterial and viral infections can also contribute to cardiovascular disease

Telescope Technology May Yield Images of Extra-Solar Planets

GM Veers Towards Fuel Cells Cars

Earth Telescopes See Rare Brown Dwarf 

New 'Star' in Night Sky to Change View of Cosmos 

Spacecraft Swansong: DS1's Surprising, Puzzling Final Comet Encounter 

Secrets of the Nazi A-bomb effort 

Hawking celebrates own brief history

Serotonin Drug Combinations May Boost Stroke Risk

Researchers: Stem Cell Treatment Eases Parkinson's Symptoms

Researchers Call Herbs Rich Source Of Healthy Antioxidants; Oregano Ranks Highest

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Did campus politics kill the archeologist?

Anglicans pull welcome mat from under bewildered Freemasons

Has Jim Carrey worn out his welcome with fans?

Where is Atlantis?

Lioness Baffles Experts by Adopting Oryx

Civilization lost?

Fearlessness in difficult times.

Rethinking Magic Numbers For Sports Leagues

Word of the Day Click.

January 7, 2002

War Command Center In U.S., Thanks To IT Advances

Bomb probe eyes Pakistan links

How 9/11 changed the Muslim world

U.S. Troops Head to Cuban Navy Base

Bases Forge Double-Edged Sword

Hamas has Saudi links

A suspected member of the al-Qaida terrorist network was arrested in a late-night raid on a hotel the western German city of Moenchengladbach. Click.

Texans Raise Money for Iraq Project

Many doubt captive will reveal secrets

Teen who crashed plane cited Sept. 11 in his note


Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a molecular biologist at the State University of New York, probes into identity of Anthrax (murderer) mailer - it's an "insider". Click.

Prison quarantined for chickenpox

A Market Is Born of Anthrax Threat

Britain Faces Wave Of New Killer Diseases

Bush's Carlyle Management Group/Anthrax/Bin Laden connection

The Pen is Mightier....

The Lowest Protocol.

You've got hate mail. Click.

Click. HarperCollins agrees to publish Michael Moore's "Stupid White Men" as is. It had wanted Moore to rewrite up to 50% of the book because it was critical of the President.


Pilot target of criminal probe

Police rule out missing child in plane crash query

Winged disease-carrier ravaged vines for 10 years

Brazilian geneticists lend aid to state's harried wine industry

Inmates could learn to grow grapes

Only experts should forage for fungi caps

Transit village taking shape near Fremont BART station

'Morning after' contraception pill can be dispensed without prescription

Coastal sanctuaries under review

S.F. bid startles Buck Trust chief

Scavenged ballot box lids haunt S.F. elections

Toxic Dump Under Ball field; Army Blows Off Other Agencies


Tom Daschle's Hillary problem. Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. CIA Officers Left in Cold

One woman's odyssey into Jihad (She married an OBL type of guy). Click.

When nation-states engage in covert actions, such as assassinations, bombings and CBW attacks, do they use free-lance terrorists groups to camouflage their participation? If so, are there instructive examples of disguised state-sponsored terrorism? Click.

Keep yourself top secret! How to defeat spyware (Part 2)

The Trouble With the CIA Click.

Church allowed abuse by priest for years

Wiccan Chaplain Brews Storm

'Euro-realist' set to challenge Schröder

Think fast: Speed dating zips into town for rapid-fire fun

"Tax hating" Arizonan fights tax-funded stadium via open records law

Outcry Over Pets in Pet Food Click.

Park Service Web sites remain dark

UPS-like gay doll creates uproar

Cisco's route through Stanford

CDs That Block Copying May Herald a Revolution

MIT sues MS and IBM over imaging patent Click.

Apple Gives Tech Good Name

Group Offers Amnesty to Software Pirates

Fuel Cells v. the Grid


SEC urges more disclosure in partnerships

Accountants Kill Global Credential Plan Click.

Biotech Woos the Investor Dollar

A profound magic

Analysts fear Argentina's crisis could spread

Argentina beyond the brink. Click.

Media giant has ambitious agenda

Booming Russia has a happy Christmas

At the Height of a Joy Ride, MicroStrategy Dives


Crime ring stole throughout the West

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Tahoe land case

How many parents can a baby have?

Execution log details Timothy McVeigh's last day

Cops urged to tape interrogations

They "burn" their phones, and "bust" them. They create phantom phone numbers and treat a handset the way a tourist might treat a disposable camera, discarding it after a few good shots. Click.

Credit Card Cloners' $1B Scam

Lawyers want jail videos rejected

Some doctors ordered to pay damages given spotless records by state board

Beyond Green River case: 52 similar, unsolved deaths

Sexual Abuse Linked To Changes in Brain

Most Molested Boys Don't Molest Others as Adults

What's in a name? Possibly a life when it comes to drugs

Scientists plumb chips with miniature pipes

In Search of an Extra-Long Life

Schizophrenia drug cuts relapses

Human trial for the first DNA vaccine soon

Honey capable of healing wounds

The ER and French-Fry Connection

Computerized control is next for artificial limbs. Click.

The Fitness Remedy

Lift Your Way to Thinness and Fitness

Space rock hurtles past Earth

Study Explores How Ancient Medicine Eases Asthma

Van Gogh, Vincent, Morning, Leaving for Work
(Le matin, le départ au travail)  Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 1890

Following in His Footnotes

Brian Wilson - a Boy's own story

Seeing Futures, Drawing Crowds

A Photographer Lives on the Edge

Skeletons Found in Italy May Prove Dante Wrong

Leonardo 'saved' from restoration

Irish Eyes Are Smiling on New Book

Click. Does a glacier hold the secret of how civilization began and how it may end?

Word of the Day Click.

January 5, 2002

Kashmir's Tinderbox Waiting to Explode

Israel 'Seizes Arms Shipment'

Russia remains skeptical of paperless disarmament

Omar escaped on motorbike: Official

An obscure report issued Dec. 21 by the Canadian Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Services raises the specter of a possible future cyberattack by agents or sympathizers of OBL's al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Click.

Musharraf must once again dance to a new beat

Collateral strategic consequences of US bombings

India & Pakistan: Himalayan brinkmanship

Members of OBL'S al-Qaeda terrorist network in Singapore are believed to have been “about to launch an operation’’ – and then called off the plan for unknown reasons Click.

U.S. officials this week suspended key funding to the leading Iraqi group opposing President Saddam Hussein because it has failed to account for tens of millions of dollars in U.S. aid. Click.

U.S. Navy has polyglot crew. Click.

Did Homophobia Corrupt John Walker? Click.

Click." That would-be martyr John Walker--the mujahid of Marin County--has done something more than give a bad name to my favorite Scotch whiskey"

With focus on terrorism, drug traffic off Florida spikes


CDC Genocidal Measles Vaccine Experiments on Minority Children Turn Deadly


18 months for man in child porn operation

Rains help creek fish populations - West Marin waterway has first Coho salmon in 33 years

Tiburon to revamp docks

Tribe wins federal OK for Placer County casino

Strong family work ethic kept victim on Bay Bridge

Suburbs leaning to the left. GOPs vanishing from Contra Costa County

Most child support remains unpaid. New state program has not increased rate of collection

Newark's firing of detective who had many lovers is upheld

State boosts medical trauma system

Local Bandits Busy Stealing Cargo


In Democrats' new rules, head start for well-heeled

Bush, Daschle trade jabs over economy

Sacramento-area man named to HUD post

Bush to miss real city

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Click. Croatia Uses US-Installed "Watson" Spying System

Click. DoD Appoints Head of Spectrum and C3 Policy

Click. CIA Officers Left in Cold

Vulnerability and threat portal. Click.

Shoot down in Peru. Click.

Harvard dispute declared settled

Chirac faces claims his aides profited from ransom Click.

Pilots at center of crash inquiry. Violent maneuvering may have caused jet to break up over N.Y.

Australia: Carr scapegoats "arsonists" over bushfires

Prosecutor to Probe Abuses of Mexico's 'Dirty War'

Software makers offer piracy amnesty

THE END USER - A Troubling Trend

Intel, AMD set to unveil new chips Monday

Tech star donates millions to MIT

Face recognition technology is a proven farce. Click.

Turning Snooping Into Art

Public Money, Private Code

Virginia may record biometric info on all licensed drivers


Dynegy gains disputed gas pipeline

No Bonus For Disney's Eisner

AOL set to pay $6.75bn for Bertelsmann stake

Farm subsidies prop up Midwest land values

Economic situation in Israel could deteriorate just like in Argentina

Fayed considers Harrods IPO in New York

Argentina set for 30-40% devaluation

Give Me Some of Those 'Ol Fashioned Tax Shelters!


Bulger remains elusive

DNA voids murder confession

Feds Oppose Televised Terror Trial

Ruling on Indian casino search tossed. Appeals court says tribe can pursue suit against Inyo County

Informant for Moore's narcotics charges to talk with judge, court rules More: Click.

Accused Livermore Lab hacker expected to agree to a plea deal

Attorneys, state target immigrants' consultants

Police sex case could cost Oakland $350,000

Healdsburg man's suit over junk e-mail allowed

Sonoma County's top court administrator to quit

Seattle home offers to take teen sex offender

D.A. outpost to open on Sixth - opening an outpost in troubled S.F. neighborhood

San Bruno: Consultant sentenced in income-tax scheme

"Our nation is approaching a shameful milestone of 100 death row exonerations"

Scientists 'create artificial eyeball'

Tea helps prevent cancer, arthritis

Ice turns back Shackleton ship

Ageing cells give up secrets

Leukemia splinters Terra Linda family

Rescuers finally tow orca to deep water

NASA Explores Maglev Space Launches

Why Red Wine Works (And Champagne Works Too Well)

Inherent Speed Limit Governs How Quickly Life Bounces Back After Extinction, UC Berkeley Research Shows

Team Identifies Promising Alternative To Waste Incineration

Tiger (Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder) Scientists Stalk Elusive Origin Of Cosmic Rays

Study Shows How Plant Cells Spin Cotton

The Pen is Mightier....

Writer Ambrose accused of plagiarism

Reagan papers held up by White House are opened to the public

Larry Flynt goes to court. Click.

OUP sets up giant research website

Pierre-August Renoir, Sleeping Girl
(known at Girl with a Cat) 1880

Tracing your lineage online

Clouds Over Lincoln Center

Splendor and Riddles of 13th-Century Syria

'Alice's Restaurant' back for divine encore. Singer Guthrie buys famous edifice for his ministry

Christian feast day open to interpretation

UFO Sighting in England

Cattle mutilations back

Catholics Slam Napa Art Exhibit

Fantastic Zoology.

Account of an exorcism in Tuscany.

Dial up a cheaper haircut

Word of the Day Click.

January 4, 2001

War for Bush's Ear Rages Over Iraq

Iraq Eyeing Iran for Help Against US

Bin Laden's dormant army is not short of fighters

Scottish 'Terrorist' Seen as Anti-Soviet War Hero

Iraq Deploying 'Super-Cannons'

Saudi Royal Family 'in Complete Panic' During December Riots

Israel seizes Palestinian ship It says carried arms

We're funding Arafat's arsenal

Pressure Grows to Stop Afghan Bombing

Trolling the Web for Afghan Dead

Post-Taliban Boom in Orphans & Crime

U.S. Focuses on Somalia As a Haven for Al Qaeda

India & Pakistan: Himalayan brinkmanship

Unhidden dragon in standoff

Colombia's female fighting force

FBI Extends Alert Through March 11

Smugglers busy on Afghan border. Click.

US Set for Long Stay in Central Asia

Former Taliban Ambassador Detained


New letter adds fuel to anthrax hoax probe

EPIDEMIC : the world of infectious diseases

LaRouche On Zbigniew Brzezinski And Sept. 11


Atherton suspect apparent suicide. Attempted molestation case closed

The women of F.Alioto Fish Co. exult in victory

State's rich targeted in tax plan

Davis withdraws proposal to cut trauma center funding

New law requires car seats for older kids

Pleasanton teacher says he did not molest boy

Accuser is 'burying' gay urges, says attorney Click.

Tribe recognition for casino denied

State came within kilowatt of signing lopsided PG&E deal

California's energy debacle continues

Berkeley before, Berkeley after and all between


Daschle economic address to tie U.S. deficit to White House policies

Dogging Bill

GOP word games. Click.

Gov. Ridge a possible Cheney replacement for 2004.

Bill Richardson to Run for New Mexico Governor

Bush can watch Taliban targets via TV. Click.

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Brit Spies Tapped Shoe-Bomber's Phone i

CIA Stops UK Diplomats From Seeing Briton

Canada's spies licensed to watch TV

Havana defends 5 spies convicted in U.S.

Air Force Sued for Public Space for Demonstrations

Physician’s Report: Amir Did Not Kill Rabin

Massachusetts governor picks gay running mate. Her choice reflects state GOP strategy

The case of Robert Kerrey: war crimes and their supporters in Vietnam and Afghanistan

Bomb sniffing dogs in much greater demand since 9/11

Bill Richardson to Run for New Mexico Governor

What's in a dot-name?

Parlez-vous le netspeak?

Most PC makers to pass on memory price hike

Hackers now focusing on home computers, experts say

Bandwidth Trading Hopes Shatter on Fiber Optic Glut

Federal agency hijinks: IRS, Post Office, Navy, and more

How THEY know what you're doing on your PC (Part 1)


U.S. Debt Ceiling Is Cracking

Argentina Officially Defaults

Argentina Barely The Beginning Of Global Crisis

Jack Sirard: Stock price of Reno-based slot machine maker on a roll

Speech Recognition Earns Its Keep

In Silico Biology and the Drug Industry

European central bank plans to embed ID tags into new currency

Safety of Enron Pipelines Questioned

Buy U.S. combat fighters everyone! Click.


Torricelli Won't Be Charged

Eureka man indicted for sending threatening anthrax letter, impersonating FBI agent

Contra Costa Judge denies panel's allegations of misconduct

Elderly woman fights eviction and is declared incompetent

Ruling targets payday loans

Lake County: Parents' killer won't face execution

No place to safely house 13-year-old sex offender

Court upholds anti-spam law.

Dog owners bare fangs -- at each other. They ask separate trials in mauling case.

Man gets year in jail for cruelty to his dog

Judge OKs FBI Keyboard Sniffing

D.A. candidate Mike Schmier sues, loses on ballot name

Ex-public defender defends himself in court

ACLU investigation says Tampa facecam system a flop, a farce

Prosecutors: No Grand Jury Probe on Shooting by Cop at Columbine

Two Charged With Selling Retired Greyhounds To Research Facility

Pigs' genes modified so organs wouldn't be rejected by humans

Pigs cloned for human organs

Hope, caution on pig transplants. Cloning a success, but hurdles remain

Cloned sheep Dolly develops arthritis

Bionic Eyes

Gene for success of HIV treatment found

Florida to offer diabetes screening

With one killer whale dead nearby, rescuers fight to keep another alive

Nanotech Fine-Tuning

Astronomers Plan Telescope on Moon

The Orb Phenomenon by Bruce Maccabee

Jupiter's Red Spot is Shrinking 

Killer Plant Chooses Prey 

Peapods’ could grow into circuitry 

Pneumococcus Vaccine Urged for Day-Care Tots

Many Day Care Parents Unaware of Important Vaccine

Some Unsaturated Fats Promote Inflammation: Study

"Sperm And Germ"-Fighting Contraceptive Enters Trials

Science Study Explains The Sexy Glow Of Parrot Plumage

Pierre-August Renoir, Sleeping Girl
(known at Girl with a Cat) 1880

Plans Laid Out For Seeking Alien Life

More stories of O

The Numbers Man

Russian science fiction. Click.

Jesus in Egypt. Click.

The Pen is Mightier....

The age of small talk

India's Amen Corner. Click.

Special delivery: 'Jesus,' the video

Crime writer to be released from jail

Rivera, Van Susteren Hirings Seen as Softening Fox

KNTV's poor reception. Many Bay Area viewers can't get signal from new NBC affiliate

US War Leaflets May Be Liar Fliers

Word of the Day Click.

January 3, 20001

This time, India means business

Talks to focus on surrender of Omar

Pentagon Says Al-Qaeda Regrouping

Taiwan, India in Secret Military Pact

German Ships Join Anti-Terror War

Hamas 'has Saudi links'

Afghan spies can't find American aid

Devaluation Imminent in Argentina


How terrorism prevented smallpox from being wiped off the face of the earth forever. Click.

U.S. Says It Bought Radiation Drug

A New Health-Emergency Law Raises Concerns for the Immune Compromised Click.

U.S. Sends Israel Vaccines, Antidotes

U.N. Global Tax Police Coming to Get You

The Pen is Mightier.... '

Click. CNN Indicts John Walker

Matt Smith argues that journalists are playing into the hands of Bush when they "unthinkingly insist" everything is different since 9/11. Click.

Take This Media...Please!

The Making of a Movement

Ari Fleischer Out-of-the-Loop Watch

Protect America's Whistleblowers!


Caltech aims to double ranks of women faculty

Teachers urged to take State tax credits. Click.

$250,000 missing at senior's home. Click.

Meeting set to discuss fix of rock quarry

Federal teacher goal is blasted

Angelides: Let's revamp state's debt

Career officer fills Rohnert Park public safety post

Afghan Americans bring Hollywood to 'Little Kabul' theater

Ruling in PG&E bankruptcy case. Cities, counties won't be 'at table'

Ex-public defender faces drug charges


Oil company adviser named US representative to Afghanistan

Click. Did Bush Threaten War Last Summer?

Bush eases limits on computer technology exports

Daschle good as gold for mining firm

''How the US 'War on Drugs' aided Osama bin Laden''

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Report Finds Shortcomings In Energy Dept. Arms Testing

Swiss allow army knives on jets

Argentina's fifth choice faces taxpayer revolt

Unfriendly Skies

New Hole in AOL Instant Messenger

File-sharing programs carry Trojan horse

Apple Promises New Products Will Best Rumors

IBM Finds New Profit in Recycling Old Computers

Click. File-sharing programs LimeWire, BearShare, Grokster and Kazaa recently included software that tracks users online.

Should US Net Firms Collect EU Taxes?


Enron Executives Face Subpoenas

Job losses in Scotland's "Silicon Glen"

Disney's Purchase of Baby Einstein Seen as Intelligent Move

Life’s pretty rich for the modern butler

Some locals eager to jump on euro bandwagon

Cloning firm shares soar. Click.

Under-a-Buck Stock Blues Are Back

Bush appointees' holdings in Enron stock Click.

Univ. of California Joins Class Action Suit Against Senior Enron Management Click.


US cracks down on websites selling bioterror gear

Click. New lie detector spots hidden blushes

Federal Judge Dismisses Puerto Rico Lawsuit

Three Saudi Men Beheaded for Sodomy

Judge sentences man for false Sept. 11 claim

Ruling exposes counties to suits

Former real estate agent faces fraud charges

A serial killer analyzes serial killing

Antitrust suit against wireless giants flawed, says expert

Posthumously conceived win heir rights. Inheritance same as for naturally made kids, state court rules

Sleuth uses paper trail to put criminals behind bars

Anti-cancer protein may play role in ageing

Tagging reveals shark migration

Human Heart Can Repair Itself, Study Suggests

A mammoth undertaking

Shield against cancer could hasten aging. Study reveals double-edged sword

Electricity From Earth's Core

Distributing the Search for Cures

Universe Might Last Forever but Life Might Not

A Hardcore Elegy for Ion Storm

The Not-So-Pristine Wilderness

World's biggest elephant relocation begins

Legions Used Closed U.S. Web Sites

The view in 2002: 10 personal technology trends to watch in the year ahead

Low-cost night vision goggles make seeing in the dark a lark for anyone

Pierre-August Renoir, Sleeping Girl
(known at Girl with a Cat) 1880

Millions are ensnared by Net of 1901

Click. Friends Reunited? Interfere with Nature at your peril.

Film Producer Julia Phillips Dies at 57

For That Special Paleontological Look

It’s Princess Charming to you, bub

Part of Midas' Throne Found? 

Desperate circus chimp can't help kissing fat men

Word of the Day Click.

January 3, 2001

U.N. Fears Abuses of Terror Mandate

Marines Swarm Over Al Qaeda Compound

Boy who turned into a 'tartan Taleban'

For Yemen, a Risk and an Opportunity

TOPWRAP 5-European reconnaissance team starts work in Kabul

Blair seeks to pacify nuclear rivals

Kashmir Militants: Jihad Will Continue

The organization with a holy quest against western capitalism embraces the language of its enemy, calling itself “the company” and its leaders “the general management. Click.

Israel fears chemical attack by Hamas suicide bombers

India's terrorist minister. Click.

Alcohol, Sex Stall Afghan Peacekeeping Pact

US Adds Irish Groups to Terror List

France Kept Hezbullah Off EU Terror List

Arafat's Impossible Dilemma: Hamas Schools

Taliban Intelligence Chief Killed

Is Israel more secure now?


EPA: Senate Anthrax Spores Appear Dead

The Pen is Mightier....

'McCartney of journalism'

Penn Drips Some Venom on Talkmeisters O'Reilly, Stern

The new KRON makes a weak first impression


Indistinct electricity strategy criticized

Universities add courses about Sept. 11

For many blacks in E. Palo Alto, new store threatens old identity

Fruit fly threatens North Bay olive trees

Slots pay off big for Indian casinos

Exchange program victim of fears

On Wine: Writer plants fresh maps in venerable world wine atlas

Top-notch battler. S.F.'s Renne retires as city attorney

Look for new juvenile hall site, says Alameda county's lawyer



The two party system and the left. Click.

How the Right Wing Plans to Retake Control of the Senate: Through a Chain Letter

"Intelligence" agents at "work" and/or "play".

Hijack Plot Suspicions Raised With FBI in August

American help called lagging on intelligence

Al Qaeda Computer Had Plans for Bio-Weapons Files apparently do not outline the plotting of Sept. 11 or show any clear plans for additional attacks.

Did Bin Laden Smuggle Nukes into the U.S.?

New man takes helm in Argentina

2 black leaders confront Harvard

In Roiling Coup at Harvard Club, Board Blasted Over Glass House Click.

Nuclear War of Words in Scotland

EU "Harmonizes" Repression

Mike’s Icy Inaugural: Bloomberg Signs On, Asking for Sacrifice Click.

Doomed Airbus was in factory accident. While under construction, plane was blown onto tail in storm

NYC's Real Heroes, by Jimmy Breslin

A classic U.S. Defense Dept. problem - integrating its Babel-like mix of software and communications systems tied to finding and firing on enemy targets - won't necessarily go away even with a similarly broad mix of new efforts assigned to tackle it. Click.

Silicon Valley is seeing bright side of tech bust

Webcaster cuts costs while audience grows

PEER INTO THE FUTURE 2001: A Failure Odyssey


Virtual PC Is Virtually Perfect

Computers that improve themselves

Internet starts to shrink 


Russia could be key to oil price stability. Click.

Ex-netties turn to feds for rescue. Click.

For Some Californians, Down Economy Has Upside

Energy Karma: Enron


Whispers of Witchcraft

Digital Images Will Verify Identities
State Department will relay digital images of foreign travelers to U.S. ports of entry.

Gunmakers Can Be Sued, Illinois Court Holds

Texas Fights Ruling of Legal Incompetence

Marin killer's parole opposed

Shasta trial scheduled in three patient deaths

Rehnquist critical of Senate

An "All American" Hockey Dad Goes on Trial in Killing

Credit card payments the focus of new law

Gun Crazy in Kentucky!

Human Cloning: When, Not If 

Pill hormone 'cuts cancer risk'

Asthmatics 'at higher risk of lung cancer'

Gene treatment puts block on fat cells

Medical Specialists Who Won't Take Calls

UCSF researchers help Vietnamese doctors stem tide of AIDS

Film Shows Heart Surgery's Roots

Wild Horses Slaughtered, Not Adopted

Robo Lobster to Sniff Out Mines

Coolest Space Science Images of 2001

Urban Explorers, Crawling and Climbing Into the Past

New pig clones born

Scientists take a census of tiny life 

New Images of Jupiter's Moon Io Reveal Volcanic Action

Study: Vitamin Linked to Fractures

Brain Scan Shows Change in Placebo-Treated Patients

The Iliad as Techie Odyssey

Pierre-August Renoir, Sleeping Girl
(known at Girl with a Cat) 1880

`Cultural Capitals' in Spain, Belgium

Executed queen may soon reveal last secret

Spacek, 52, Resumes Her Career on Screen

Kushner's Homebody/Kabul Is Our Best Play In Last 10 Years Click.

Local Mystery Worth Millions

War Movies Are Marching Again, and They're Mostly Pro-Military

The Aztecs

Word of the Day Click.