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  March 28, 2006 - Tuesday
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WAR IRAQ On the ground: Muqtada al Sadr orders followers to put down their weapons + Soldiers shot after ambush in Iraq killed unlawfully, coroner + Spies killed squaddies in Iraq + Iraq war draws foreign jihadists, but not in droves + Violence Kills 15 in Iraq + US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,718 + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Click. Shiite leader voices distrust of Sunnis within legislature + Iraq PM announces plan to unite parties + State of emergency extended in Iraq

AFGHANISTAN: Five years into Afghanistan, U.S. confronts Taliban's comeback + 3 NATO Troops Hurt in Afghan Bombing + In Afghanistan, US troops tackle aid projects and skepticism + Iran to stretch ironstone exploration into Afghanistan + AFGHANISTAN: Over 300 schools closed in south + ROADSIDE BOMB HITS NATO CONVOY IN AFGHANISTAN + Afghanistan NATO struggles to hold off the Taliban + Afghanistan is Canada's mission

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt: Egyptian students learn immigration law + Egypt's FM says Hamas turned down offer for a prisoners exchange with Israel + Will Egypt Go Nuclear Too? And Just How Soon? + President Mubarak is to chair a nuclear meeting - paper

Israel, Palestine: Hamas militia leaves Gaza's streets + Click. Palestinian factions clash over back pay -- 6 killed + Crossfire War - Reasons Behind Israel's Air Strikes in First Phase+ The Little Known WMD Threat During The Second War in Lebanon

Lebanon: Lebanese troops extend reach into south + Arab Americans help to rebuild Lebanon + Lebanon army guards Israel border after 40 years + Southern commander says Hizbullah's arms are intact, hidden near frontier + Salloukh says Israel is courting 'trouble' in Ghajar + International experts to assess environmental damage from war + Hamadeh: Hariri tribunal will take shape in a week + Hamas rejected Arab initiative for it recognizes Israel

RUSSIA: Russian Military Convoys Attacked in Northern Chechnya + Russia slaps Georgia with sanctions despite release of Russian + Russia to sever ties with Georgia + United Russia for party-based regional authorities + Russia launches economic blockade of Georgia, puts troops on high alert

EUROPE: Hungary Leader Seeks Vote of Confidence

Man Arrested at Tony Blair's Residence

Bosnians Split on Whether to Unify + OSCE mediators visit Azerbaijan to help broker talks with Armenia+ France Days in Armenia Began + Armenia, EU Agree On 'Action Plan' For Closer Ties + Azerbaijan Major Goal to Isolate Armenia

Next prime minister aims to preserve Austria's economy + Austria's opposition Social Democrats stage comeback + Analysis: Grand coalition looms in Austria ­ a vote for inertia?

Almunia Highlights Stumbling-blocks On Lithuania's Euro Path + Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania back Georgia in row with Russia

Schroeder emphasizes "close partnership" between EU and Russia

Cyprus committed to viable and functional solution + Cyprus State of Denial: Nothing Like Peace To Keep CNN Away + Major German investment in Cyprus

Czech govt seen losing vote, early election looms

Norway to write off debt claims for Egypt and Peru

Finland, SA sign antipoverty innovation plan + Finland's Tuomioja to lead EU delegation in Azerbaijan

Germany Said May Modify Nazi Symbols Law + Germany aims to legalize anti-Nazi symbols

Ukraine's President meets Argentina’s Foreign Minister + Ukraine's President wants no ‘cold war’

CENTRAL ASIA: Finland's Tuomioja to lead EU delegation in Azerbaijan + OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs visit Azerbaijan + Issue of Missing People in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia

Even Belarus Horrified to Be in Single State With Bloody Russia

AFRICA: Secretary Rice Outlines U.S. Policy Toward Sudan + Sudan: Tribal Fighting Worsens the Security Situation in Sudan's Troubled Darfur Region - UN

Report: Rebel groups kill 40 in Darfur

Kenya pressured to apprehend fugitive from Rwandan genocide

Nigeria Says Attack Kills 5 Soldiers

Zambia opposition concedes election defeat + Zambia: Mwanawasa Wins Second Term + Zambian opposition chief urges calm after poll riots

Mozambique: Healing Lessons for Ugandan Peacemakers

West Africa: Unquenched Thirst for Safe Drinking Water

CAR: 'Severe' Violence Forces 250,000 to Flee - UN

Ethiopia: Women Return to Fight a New War

Zimbabwe: Burglars Break Into ZCTU Office + Zimbabwe: Minister Threatens Industrialists Over 'Patriotism' + Zimbabwe: Mugabe Warns Party Leaders to Stop Fighting Over His Job + Russian business eyes Zim for investment

Somalia: Kismayo Radio Station Back On Air

Rwanda: West to Apprehend Genocide Suspects

South Africa: UK Group Leads R9.1 Billion Alex Forbes Buyout Bid + South Africa: Credit Growth Rises Despite Rate Hikes + South Africa: Walking the Tightrope of Land Reform + Mbeki: War on terror not won + Mbeki warns UN of 'spirit of defiance' + Mbeki, Indian PM retrace steps of history + India PM heads to SA to build trade ties + We (almost) hire an AK-47

Cameroon: Civil Servants, Trade Unions Set to Strike in October

Mozambique: Donor Confidence Continues Despite Corruption + Mozambique: Pilot Census Begins

Nigeria: Dam Collapses, 100 Feared Dead

Kenya: President Kibaki's New Crisis

Africa: Cross-Country Transit Prices Keep SAT3 International Bandwidth Prices High

Namibia: Private Sector Pitches In as Education Feels Squeeze

Uganda: Museveni Wont Cling to Power, Gov't Assures LRA

Families of Algeria's disappeared say government compensation not enough

Implementation of Burundi truce to begin next week

Burundi lawyers go on strike

Libya qualifies 45 companies to bid in 3rd licensing round + Libya denies Carlyle wins Tamoil deal + Ralph Reed and Libya's Great Leader, Mu'ammer al-Gathafi?

ASIA PACIFIC: Japan PM to visit China, South Korea for talks

China: Running outside the party in China - into resistance + China targets 82.77 mn acres to grow 'super wheat' + China to relocate people to build hydropower project + New Zealand Making Progress on China Free-Trade Deal, Goff Says + Over one quarter of Yangtze water undrinkable-Xinhua

Australia: More Aussie companies to outsource work to India + Downer fury at Vanuatu child sex case + Survey shows public's fear of Indonesia

Bank Official Joins Interim Thai Cabinet

Illegal forest fires blanket Indonesia and neighbors + Army must be part of Papua solution, Indonesia says

Expansion in Vietnam loses speed + Vietnam's agriculture to face integration challenges + Vietnam, US set new tone on dioxin war legacy

SOUTH ASIA: Bangladesh court stays execution of militants + Bangladesh sets new microfinance rule for NGOs + UK considers increasing aid to Bangladesh + Disputed gas blocks of Bangladesh maritime territory under India's Mahanadi Basin

ULFA rebels blow up Assam gas pipeline + India tightens vigil along Bhutan border

'Inorganic growth is vital, both in India and outside' + S Africa to back India in nuclear suppliers group + S Africa to back India in nuclear suppliers group

Pakistan to help India over spy role + Pakistan's Musharraf Markets Himself


Canada: Military worried about Tory failure to defend Afghan mission

Click. Venezuela's oil wealth funds gusher of anti-poverty projects + Chávez asked to testify in Chile + Baduel: Venezuela buildup isn't a threat

Traffic-clogged Cuba holds transportation trade fair + US trade embargo against Cuba has cost island more than $4 billion+ Cuba businesses 'cheat clients' + Cuba money manager keeps low profile in Miami + Harvard Overcomes US Restrictions to Work with Cuba

Military aid to Bolivia is limited + India's Jindal upbeat on finalizing Bolivia project + Bolivia against US Anti-drug Policy + Bolivia can meet natgas contracts but needs $800m + Police, coca farmers clash in Bolivia + Bolivia: Government And Cocoa Growers May Meet + Bolivia: class tensions rise as Morales bows to landowners, energy companies

Party Splits Put Chile Projects At Risk + China/Chile free trade agreement becomes effective

Colombia's top guerrilla group sets conditions for peace talks + Colombia and Cuba Foster Ties + Plan Colombia: Ways To Fix It

Why the poor love Lula + Brazil ex-president on comeback

Mexico says 1968 student massacre a 'wound in the nation's conscience + Mexico invites Indian IT firms for investment + Oaxaca Crisis Keeps Mexico on Edge + Mexico Prez Elect in Guatemala

LatAm Defense Meets in Nicaragua + Rumsfeld in Nicaragua for Talks With Regional Defense Ministers + Nicaragua Set To Announce New Canal

Conservation groups join US, Guatemala to funding tropical forest + Historic Debt-for-Nature Swap Protects Guatemala's Tropical Forest

'Union for Peru' congressman calls Humala 'immature politician'

Ecuador leftist candidate sets economic team + Ecuador's President Hopeful Correa Stalls In Latest Poll + ECUADOR: CAMPESINO RESISTANCE TO ASCENDANT COPPER


THE GOVERNOR  Click. Gov.'s $37 billion bond package is the focus of his statewide tour this week

Gov. Names Judges to Posts in Sacramento, Fresno, and San Francisco + GOVERNOR APPOINTS CHIEF SF ATTORNEY TO JUDGESHIP

The Importance of Vetoes in Judging Gov.'s Record + Gov. Strong-Arms High-Profile Measures

Gov. Signs 110 Bills Over Weekend + Gov. Vetoes Container Fee Bill + California Gov. Gov. Vetoes Prison Condom Distribution + Gov. terminates HP's spy racket + Gov. vetoes bill expanding media access to prisons + KEY CALIFORNIA HEALTH BILLS SIGNED & VETOED IN 2006 + Gov. blows open cable TV competition + Phone companies get statewide TV franchise in California

Click. R.E. Graswich: CHP adds vrooom at the top

Lawmakers plan for aging boom

Election: Bush not dragging Gov. down + Gov.'s lead on increase + Housing bond measure has strong support + Click. The buzz: Buffett's campaign role sends mixed message + Click. Angelides: Challenger spends day speaking in Oakland African American churches + Click. David S. Broder: Gov. might show GOP the way + Click. Democrat Jerry Brown's name recognition is proving to be formidable for lesser-known Republican challenger Chuck Poochigian + Click. (Sacto Bee) Editorial: Insurance commissioner. Poizner is fresh face for a challenging post + Click. Putting feet in mouths of candidates online. Video-hosting Web sites change way campaigns are run + Voting Record May Haunt Poochigian in AG Race


Nice MP3 players for less than $50

A History of the Internet 1962-1992.

Hubble Discovers Dark Cloud In The Atmosphere Of Uranus

New Form Of Asymmetry Between Behavior Of Matter And Antimatter Discovered

Boosting Software Developers' Productivity

Watching How Planets Form: Anatomy Of A Planet-forming Disc Around A Star More Massive Than The Sun

Improbable 'buckyegg' is hatched

Stellar Birth Control In The Early Universe


Click. Pakistan’s ISI spooks friends and foes alike

Support troops angry at award exclusion

Lebanon: Top security body approves information-sharing system

Russia to display new naval missile systems in Greece

North Korea says US flew 170 spy missions against it in September

Sutch was a traitor, insists agent who exposed him

Click. Omar Sheikh and British intelligence

French spy extradition unlikely

Corporate Snoops

Spies killed squaddies in Iraq


Harrah's gets $15 billion buyout bid

Russian banks discover the customer

Morgan Stanley buys bank, gets China license

Why Hewlett-Packard needed to plug leaks from its board of directors


FDA rules may speed flu-shot modernizing

Bird flu outbreak in N. China under control + China reports first bird flu outbreak in over six weeks

Two Americans share Nobel in medicine for work controlling genes

Stanford professor shares Nobel Prize in medicine

Excerpts from 2006 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine citation

Extracting DNA from a 35000-year-old Neanderthal man.

How childbirth went industrial

Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology

Injury severity linked with PTSD

Cialis aids prostate cancer sex function

Study: No sexual arousal gender gap

Indiana stem cell bank expected in 2007

New NMR imaging aids medicine research

Researchers Estimate Significant Fatty Liver Disease In Children

High-resolution CT Accurately Diagnoses Shin Splints

Impaired Gene Helps Nonsmall-cell Lung Cancer Resist Drug

Robot Wheelchair May Give Patients More Independence

3-D Brain Atlas To Help Unlock Mysteries Of Neurological Disorders

Antibiotic Inhibits Cancer Gene Activity

Osteoarthritis May Be Sign Of Faster 'Biological Aging'

Doctors Develop New Approach To Web-based Drug Withdrawal Warnings

With Record Resolution And Sensitivity, Tool Images How Life Organizes In A Cell Membrane

Many Urinary Stones Can Be Treated Without Surgery

Scientists at sea: hard work, a bit of fun + Part 1 | Ecological upheaval on the edge of the ice

Parasitic weed seems to smell its prey

Hillary protégé protected rhinos

Giant swell destroys far distant iceberg.

'Carnivorous' Coelophysis Dinosaur Fossil Re-examined -- Last Meal Was Primitive Crocodile

Scientists Use An 'Ice Lolly' To Find Polar Bacteria In Their Own Backyard

Narwhals May Produce Signature Vocalizations For Communications

Parasitic Plants Sniff Out Hosts



Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To US Medical Record Rules

Horror at the schoolhouse: gunman kills at least three Amish girls

Supreme Court refuses to hear Gloria Allred case

Behind bars, ex-dealer explores how to be a player outside a life of crime

In taped confession, man describes Mexican border slayings

Cell phone breath tester hits the spot

Nev. Official's Widower to Face Charges

Bus Vandals Shut Down Ohio City Schools


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Tony Snow: Jury Still Out on GOP in Foley Scandal

Bush meets Turkey's PM over Middle East issues

Book: Powell tried to warn Bush of Iraq dangers

Condi Rice vs. Bob Woodward: Let the Battle Begin

Pakistan, US sign F-16 deal

Flying to Mexico or Canada? You'll soon need a passport

US has ideas on heading off confrontation between Russia and Georgia

Rumsfeld in Nicaragua for Talks With Regional Defense Ministers

US to Deploy 4 Patriot Launch Pads in Japan

US, Russia WTO talks to move to Geneva

Mexico asks Bush to veto border fence bill

Bad news for Indo-US nuclear deal

Mark Foley scandal: Former Rep. Foley checks into rehab + FBI opens inquiry into Florida congressman's e-mails to teen + Florida Republicans try to salvage race after Foley resigns + In speeches, Foley showed personal interest in pages + Foley's actions toward teenage pages threaten House Republicans + Why Capitol Pages Fear Retaliation + Cliff Schecter Pummels Right-Wing Mouthpiece + Louise Slaughter: About those "naughty e-mails" + Kildee upset he was excluded from meeting on Foley matter

9/11: Click. 9/11 panelists say Woodward book's claims news to them + Rice: No Memory of CIA Warning of Attack + Click. The State Department confirmed that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet about the threat posed by al-Qaeda two months before the Sept. 11 attacks.

Rice: Rice visits Mid East in fresh push to revive peace talks

Iran: Iran's chief nuclear negotiator speaks with Chinese FM + Talebani to visit Tehran after Ramadan + Bush, Putin sticks to "united position" on Iran, White House says + Iran warns Japanese to act on oil deal soon + It would be insensible to impose sanctions on Iran: analyst + President Signs Iran Sanctions Bill + HOW AN ATTACK WOULD UNFOLD + Under the shrouds, a nation of nose jobs

Syria: Israeli troops withdraw as Syria eyes Golan + Syria shifts troops to Lebanon border + Syria, Israel: Al Assad Comments On Peace Talks + Syria has little room to maneuver in Tehran's shadow

North Korea: North Hits South Korea’s Conservatives + For US, North Korea Nuclear Threat Likely Years Away + Japan Freezes North Korean Bank Account

Wars vs. "terror": U.S. aims to financially impair suspects + Will al-Qaeda team up with the mob? + Report: US rendition threat forced Britain to act on airport plot + Terror suspects held in Italy, Switzerland + Italy police say smash Algerian terror cell + Sharp words to al-Zarqawi shed light on bin Laden's inner circle

Domestic: Bush to renominate Gioia as NEA chairman + Shippers say they're getting railroaded + Immigrant crackdown empties a town and hardens attitudes + Audit finds state-inspected meat plants operated despite problems + Nagin Wants Minorities Key to Recovery

Social Security: Workers Get a Double Jolt on Pension Benefits (Social Security)

Congress: Wilderness bill causes party-line fight

Frist urges surrendering to the TALIBAN! Unbelievable!

Bill for tariffs against China dropped

Democrats: Click. (SJM Reg) Pelosi carrying on political tradition. REGAINING HOUSE WOULD MAKE S.F. DEMOCRAT FIRST FEMALE SPEAKER

Poll: Democrats have a shot at capturing the Senate

New polls detail Senate campaigns in three pivotal states

GOP: This year, religious conservatives may lack motivation + Marketing for elections + A President in Bloom

War prisons: Previously unknown lawyer central to exposing mistreatment


Washington's way will undermine oil security

Saying goodbye to your grandfather's Arab world

When Congress ceases to function

Barking Mad

Congressman Murtha: Impeachment is an Option

Republican Leaders Must Reconvene Congress, Give Sworn Testimony, Or Resign Over Page Scandal

The Mark Foley, Ann Coulter, Fox News Love Triangle

Reichstag 2006: The US Senate Vote That Will Live in Infamy

Vote Democratic, But Always Carry a Toothbrush

The Right Wing Sets Its Sights on MoveOn

What the Hell is Wrong with Condi Rice?

Senate "Christian Supremacy Act", S 3696, Vote Hinges On '06 Outcome

Republicans Pass Mandatory Child Strip Search Bill?

Mark Foley Is Just A Victim - Matt Drudge And The Monster Inside The Republican Machine

MILITARY Air Force Memorial, pushed to reality by Ross Perot Jr., nears dedication

Role of African soldiers in WWI highlighted

Click. Unwanted allies back liberal church in IRS fight

Anti-war sermon led to investigation

Officials detain passenger whose plastic bag had anti-TSA message

Leonard Pitts: We can't retreat

Secular Turks question decision to air film on descendants of Ottomans

Bishop of Hong Kong Tells of Persecuted Church in China

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Gov. 'Terminates' Marriage in California, Critics Say + USI says ban on gay marriage breaches human rights + IRISH STUDENTS CELEBRATE GAY MARRIAGE + New Gay Crisis Grips Anglicans

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Orange County Register offers staff buyouts

Academic journals bypass peers, go to Web

Redding Search Light wins right to see school records

Fox News' ratings drop for the first time

Click. Popular anchor Celina Rodriguez moving to radio. Daily talk show to serve Bay Area Latinos

Newsman at Risk in Colombia Gets Help

Woodward Defends Holding Scoops for Book

'Wash Times' Site Translates Most Articles Into Downloadable Audio Clips

After Violent Term for Journos, Mexico's Fox Lauds Own Press

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Black cowboys to ride through Oakland

Netflix offers $1 million prize for better movie recommendations

'Heritage Trail' to Link African, Caribbean, U.S. Tourist Effort

The shape of nature

Even the poor dine during Ramadan

From El Salvador to Hollywood to Scranton University

Syria and Switzerland to Boost Cooperation on Archeology

Adam Kirsch on Hart Crane

Fiction by Joyce Carol Oates

Graham Greene - Graham Greene, 'Greeneland'

Brooklyn Parrots: A Web Site About the Wild Parrots of Brooklyn



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