September 30, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  A new market blast kills at least 8 in Iraq (9/30) + Iraq bombings intensify as poll nears + Explosions kill 85 in Iraq (Thursday 9/29/05) + Anglican Preacher Cliff Handford missing in Iraq, series of attacks + ‘Green slime’ invades Iraq + Iraqi police arrests female would-be suicide bomber in Baghdad + Eight Iraqis killed, 10 injured in Hilla booby-trapped car blast + Horror engulfs Baghdad as car bombs kill over 80 + Fight all but gone out of Iraqi Army + Insurgents play cat-and-mouse game with American snipers

Iraq government: The Swiss cheese Iraqi Constitution ... Stuffed with Kurdish relish + How the occupation authorities intervened in the writing of Iraq’s Constitution

War prisons: With Canberra's loyal support US to resume Guantánamo trial of David Hicks

AFGHANISTAN: British minister in Kabul for NATO expansion talks + General Kamiya's "to-do" list of American task force in Afghanistan

MIDDLE EAST: Jordan's king appeals for Muslim-Jewish cooperation

Algerians Back Amnesty Plan Aimed at Ending 13 Years of Islamist Violence + Algerian president wins massive support for peace charter + Reconciliation referendum in Algeria expected to pass + Weakest turnout for Algerian reconciliation in Kbyle area + 97 percent OF Algerian voters back partial amnesty for Islamist rebels

Arabs fail to win UN swipe at Israel over atomic arms

Gamal Mubarak moves closer to control of Egypt + Paris keen to bolster dialogue and cooperation with Cairo

Israel, Palestine: Fatah wins municipal elections in the West bank + Israel kills 2 gunmen, teen in W. Bank offensive + No More Unilateral Moves for Israel, Analysts Say + Fatah wins 65 of 104 councils in W. Bank elections + Palestinians: At least two Al-Aqsa Brigades men killed in IDF raid + Abbas: IDF jeopardizing any chance of peace

RUSSIA: New Ukrainian PM discusses natural gas, economic cooperation in Moscow + Russia, Ukraine to step up talks on natural gas supplies + Common Economic Space has great potential - Premier + Putin to pay working visit Britain on Oct. 4-5 - Kremlin + Moscow seeks solutions to "sore spots" in relations with Britain + IAEA to resume inspections of Russian reactors + Russian Railways to invest $600mln-plus in oil deliveries to China + Putin firmly defends Russia's sovereignty for Kurile Islands, Japan insists on their return

EUROPE: German rivals vie to win Dresden + Dresden Vote Could Budge German Stalemate + SPD continue to press for Schroeder as chancellor + The Prize Fight for the Chancellery + The coming grand coalition in Germany: illegitimate and undemocratic

French Foreign Minister hails al Azhar role, calls for training French imams in Egypt + France set for major disruptions Tuesday as unions call nationwide strike

Armenian Patriarch Says Turkish EU Bid Critical for Muslim-Christian Understanding

Towards the EU Police State: EU Criminal Law overrides Member States

Macedonia, Albania and Croatia to Cooperate Over NATO Membership

Croatia 'disappoints' UN tribunal over failure to arrest wanted general

Yushchenko: Tymoshenko Cabinet dismissal tough test for successors

CENTRAL ASIA: Relations with Russia a priority for Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyz PM + Kyrgyz PM sees no obstacles to ex-president's return to the country + LUKoil continues advance to the south

Russia, unlike EU, to continue arms exports to Uzbekistan - Ivanov

Abkhazia will not allow U.S., EU to deploy peacekeeping forces

Lukashenko says West spreading anti-Belarusian propaganda

EU calls emergency talks over Turkey impasse


France tinkers with its African troop deployment

29 refugees killed by Janjawid militia in Darfur; attacks into Chad

West African leaders discuss crisis in Cote d'Ivoire

South Africa: Was mining magnate Brett Kebble murdered or victim of car hijacking? + Life for S Africa lion murderer + Lion case echoes farm tensions

Ex-Chadian Dictator Indicted in Belgium, Faces Extradition

Kenya stand-off ends in MP arrest

Spain and Morocco will send troops to secure 2 Spanish enclaves on north African coast

White farmers hit by more land grabs in Zimbabwe

Sudan gov't rejects threat by faction to pull out of peace talks

George Weah Wants to Be Liberia's Next President

Rampant corruption threatens Yemen's democracy experiment

ASIA PACIFIC: China to enhance int'l co-op in anti-corruption drive + China's sock town workers on the front line of a trade war + Secrets of China's worst dams burst accident surface + Top science academy to build 10 innovation bases + Exiled Uighur group says China's action in Xinijiang risks sparking violence + 2 Chinese killed in Thailand's insurgent south + War plans set Tokyo at odds with China

Indonesia announces sharp hikes in fuel prices + Indonesian President urges calm as fuel protests turn violent

Koizumi rejects court ruling against shrine visits + Japanese court rules shrine visits unconstitutional + Japan presses China on gas fields

Southern Thailand's schools dispel military training base accusations

SOUTH ASIA: India, Pakistan to sign missile launch pre-notification pact + Russia's Gazprom keen to take part in Iran-India pipeline + India 'tops for Asian investment' + Community radio exposes India's corrupt officialdom + India's top detective agency carries out nationwide raids on gov't official suspected of corruption + 19 killed, 4 soldiers in firefight with rebels in Kashmir + India in new peace moves ahead of Pakistan talks + Indian police kill six student protesters in Meghalaya + India for boosting cooperation, relations with Syria + India: Police rebuked for failing to rescue child from kidnappers

Pakistan soldier policeman killed in offensive vs. militants in Pakistan tribal area + Clashes kill 11 Pakistan soldiers + Pakistani helicopters attack militants on border

Bangladesh seizes explosives from militant hideout + India, Bangladesh fail to resolve border fencing issue + India hands to Bangladesh list of 172 camps, 307 insurgents

AMERICAS: Reputations of Pinochet, Allende are changing

Venezuela's Chávez guarantees South Americans fuel + Venezuela to Insist on Cuban Militant's Extradition if U.S. Sends Him to Third Country + Chavez: Venezuela moves reserves to Europe+ Venezuela Denounces Bush Family Ties with Terrorists + El Salvador Arrests Criminal with Ties to Posada Carriles + Book on Posada´s Terror Circulates Again

Brazil and China fail to reach agreement about exports + Brazil overtakes Mexico on economic front

Chile proposes turning CSN into free trade area

South American Summit Overshadowed by Chavez Anti-U.S. Rhetoric

Mexican Leader Talks Up Free Trade, Takes Swipe at U.S. for Its Lumber Dispute With Canada + Mexico holds ex-army Guatemalans +Mexico Eliminates Water Debt With US After More Than Decade


Some conspiracies truly exist

Former Canadian defense minister speaks out on extraterrestrial visitors

The icon of abuse

New US-Russian Crew Heads for Space Station + NASA chief warns that U.S. may end participation on Russian space flights + Plan for Euro-Russian space plane

Dutch Answer to Flooding: Build Houses that Swim + National Register Evaluation of New Orleans Drainage System -- New Orleans District History -- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Doom Rocket Man Preps for Liftoff

The Trend Spotter

Nieman Marcus Sells 'Skycar'

NASA Takes Giant Step Toward Finding Earth-Like Planets

Tools for the Ultimate High-Tech Survival Kit

Snowball Earth Theory Comes Under Fire

Apple Smart Phone 'Only a Matter of Time'

Cassini pictures spongy Hyperion

Room-temperature Transistor Laser Is Step Closer To Commercialization


US Review Leads to Upheaval in Spy Satellite Programs

The Threat of Information, Electromagnetic and Psychotronic Warfare

Seven Egyptians to be added on list of Al-Qaida sanctions panel

UK police delegation in Pakistan to seek extradition of three murderers

Four suspected Islamic radicals to go on trial in France

Australia: Ex-ASIO boss spills Fraser's top secrets + Spies, lies and terror at home

Larry Franklin to testify against two former AIPAC officials

I saw Nazis test A-bomb, says author, rewriting history

European Court takes action re: treason conviction of Russian environmental journalist Grigory Pasko

N. Korea says over 170 U.S. spy flights flown in September

US hedging against the China challenge

China turns to Russia for big-ticket military items

China's military buildup shakes up East Asia

MILITARY  Army recruits at low point

Kamikaze Images

Army won't pursue charges in posting of grisly war-zone photos

Okinawa sailors get training in new battlefield medical care system


FDNY chaplain resigns after remarks about 9/11 conspiracy theory

Pentagon revokes officer's security clearance (Able Danger witness)

indigenous peoples urge action on Arctic thaw

No smile for Google's camera

The Wiretap Powers in the Patriot Act

Wrong Number: FBI Says It Makes Mistakes in National Security Wiretaps


Wal-Mart Names Menzer, Duke Vice Chairmen, Setting Up Rivalry for Top Job

Harvard Cracks $25 Billion, Names Temporary Money Manager

Arizona casinos pull in $1.5 billion during last year

Wal-Mart to take majority control of Japan's Seiyu + Wal-mart takes wing in China

Australia: $100 a day - the child care dilemma

Realty unchecked in India

America's nightmare: Becoming Britain

Oracle President Says He's Eager to "crush" Rival


China reluctant to share bird flu samples + ASEAN agrees on bird flu action plan as UN warns virus could kill up to 150 million + ASEAN endorses anti-bird flu plan, creates fund + Flu pandemic 'will hit UK hard' + Bird flu fears grip Indonesia + Indonesia badly lacks bird flu drugs + WHO Tries to Calm Bird Flu Fears + WHO: Impossible to Predict Bird Flu Deaths + US Senate OKs $4B for Bird Flu Readiness + Brazil to Produce Bird Flu Vaccine + Surveillance Data Suggest That Preschoolers Drive Flu Epidemics

Brain Disease (Japanese Encephalitis) Takes a Thousand Lives in India

Frog Peptides Block HIV In Lab Study

Only One-third Of Women Take Vitamin To Help Prevent Serious Birth Defects, Survey Finds

Surveillance Data Suggest That Preschoolers Drive Flu Epidemics

Researchers Uncover Mechanisms Leading To Portal Hypertension

VCU Researchers Design New Receptor And Enhance Bioassay To Advance Drug Discovery Process

Say What? Bacterial Conversation Stoppers

Nano-vehicle in blood vessel invented

Study: Diabetic nerve change begins early

Study: New lifespan extension genes found

A Biomolecule As A Light Switch

Real-time MRI Helps Doctors Assess Beating Heart In Fetus

Structures Of Marine Toxins Provide Insight Into Their Effectiveness As Cancer Drugs

Novel Mechanism For DNA Replication Discovered

First Report Of Cancer Drug Gleevec As New Target Therapy For Pulmonary Hypertension

Evidence Of A New Hereditary Joint Disorder

Myelin Suppresses Plasticity In The Mature Brain

Statins Use Associated With Lower Risk Of Fractures

New Blood Transplant Method Stops Fatal Side Effect, Stanford Study Finds

Oral Contraceptives Associated With Reduced Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis

Wild gorillas seen to use tools + Apes 'extinct in a generation'

Hybrid Grass May Prove To Be Valuable Fuel Source


Big cases ahead for Supreme Court

Patent Office Deals Blow to Microsoft, Internet Explorer

Top Suspected Colombian Drug Trafficker Shielded From Extradition to U.S.

Blake on goofs: I'm 72

Appeals Court Reinstates Grasso's Libel Suit Against NYSE Chairman


Edgy W talks damage control with GOP bigs

W dead wrong on terror big, sez pro

Rice Says Iraq Must Not Be Given Up to 'merciless Killers'

Libby Is to Cheney What Cheney Is to Bush: Behind-the-Scenes Adviser and Problem Solver

Bush, Indian PM Manmohan review progress on nuclear pact

US efforts to ensure Iraq constitution referendum is adopted

Intensive talks to solve disagreement between US and Egypt over Free Trade Agreement

US-Uzbek cooperation against terrorism stops: newspaper

US concern at Saudi 'hate works'

US official says Israel withdrawal from Gaza not the last pullout

US rejects changes to Internet control demanded by EU

Bush Cronyism Excludes Experts, Weakens Agencies

Education Department Broke Propaganda Rules by Paying Columnist, GAO Says

Deadline for Bush's Tax-Simplification Panel Pushed Back Again

Plamegate Text of Judith Miller's remarks + David Corn: A CIA-Did-It Defense for Scooter in the Plame Leak Case? + 'NY Times' Attorney Says Subpoena Required Miller to Turn Over Notes + Miller Speaks to Reporters After Testifying, Cites 'Narrow Testimony' as Key + A Timeline in the Judith Miller/CIA Leak Case

Supreme Court Nominee: Politically weakened Bush under pressure on 2nd pick

Katrina/Rita: Fixing roofs on Gulf Coast proves costly for taxpayers + U.S. paying a premium to cover storm-damaged roofs + In a week, Navy Seabees build temporary housing for 74 families + FEMA's temporary trailer homes under scrutiny + Illegal immigrants cut off from many post-hurricane benefits + Carnival CEO Defends Cruise Ship Deal for Hurricane Refugees + Post-Katrina Real Estate Frenzy Threatens to Bust Blue Collar Neighborhoods + Mississippi, Other Gulf Ports Slowly Return to Business

Delay: DeLay PAC funds returned by 2 Republicans + E.J. Dionne: The shameless genius of Tom DeLay + In Washington, DeLay remains a force to be reckoned with + D.A. Who Charged Tom DeLay Gave a Film Crew Behind-the-Scenes Access

Iran: Parliament speaker: all activities at all Iranian facilities resume within Iran's legal right + Tehran to lobby India for vote in Nov. + 'Israel will act against Iran's nuke programme' + Rafsanjani: Iran's nuclear dossier ''mined and dangerous'' field + Iran to review nuclear treaty protocol

Syria, Lebanon: Al-Assad emphasizes press role in voicing citizens problems + Lebanese officials reject any US experts' role in probe + Talks between UN envoy Larsen and Mubarak on the situation in Lebanon + Lebanese premier says bombings not “ordinary’ crimes + Lebanon cabinet approves foreign help

N. Korea: Chinese vice premier to visit North Korea + North Korea plays politics with food aid

Domestic: Navajo president wants reauthorization of mining reclamation laws + Dairy farms fear for milk income loss subsidy + Marketers of prescription drug coverage told to play by the rules + Ranchers Still Waiting for Federal Disaster Payments

Congress: US Senate approves $4 bln to fight bird flu + House approves major overhaul of Endangered Species Act + Senate passes measures to help veterans


Paul Krugman: The way it is

David Ignatius: Iraq's precarious 'Arc of Stability'

Robert Rabi: Real message of US pressure on Syria

Sidney Blumenthal: Bin Laden's little helper

Robert Parry: Frog-marching Bush to the Hague

Chris Floyd: The good captain

Jeff Koopersmith: Karen Hughes, American rube

Ted Rall: Who did you torture in your war, Daddy

Tom Englehardt: Katrina will be Bush's Monica. And interview with Cindy Shehan

John Nichols: Roberts draws 22 Democratic votes

Xymphora: Miller on a Scooter

AIPAC and Espionage: Guilty, by Justin Raimondo

Skeptical on Bush's Democracy Crusade: Jim Lobe

Doug Thompson: A sick dying elephant

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:   ACTUP Oral History Project + Jesuit Official Protesting Expected Vatican Ban on Gay Priests

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Open Source Opens Doors to SNL

'Philadelphia Inquirer' Writers Scoop Gray Lady on its Own Story

GAO: Bush Administration Broke Law By Paying Armstrong Williams

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

'Aesthetic Computing' Turns Algebra Into Art; Teachers Intrigued

Uncovered Capote novel printed

Confucius has over 3 mln descendants worldwide

Out of Africa, architecture founded on art

Louisa May Alcott - Little Women, Coleridge, Utopia

Review: Polanski's version of Oliver Twist

New fiction by Sana Krasikov

The legendary Thelonius Monk - John Coltrane band, finally available on record

Prominent Afro-Brazilian Priestess Olga De Alaketu Dies at 80

Eye-Popping Streaming Film Debuts

Rush & Molloy: It seems Sienna's sadness is born of loss

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: For poorer: Demi photos cost OK! $3M

Jennings left $50M to kin

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Word of the day

September 29, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Car Bombs Kill 60 in Iraq, AP Says; Al-Anbar Bomb Kills Five U.S. Soldiers + Five US troops killed in W Iraq + Bombs kill at least 50 north of Baghdad + US Forces Raid Homes of Sunni Officials + Japan's Govt Hasn't Decided on Iraq Forces Extension + Iraq Anglican heads feared dead + Human Error Blamed in U.S. Chopper Crash in Iraq + Lethal Mix of Nationalism, Zealotry and Humiliation Drives Rising Suicide Attacks + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Ex-army officers attack 'chaos' of Iraqi regime + Stuffing Iraq's ballot boxes

War prisons: Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

AFGHANISTAN: Afghanistan fears Iraq-style militant attacks + Suicide bomber kills nine in Kabul bike attack + Recent refugee influx ups pressure on aid agencies + Taliban intensifies activities in post-election Afghanistan + Afghan 'mass graves' investigated + Spiegel: Doing more to stop the drug trade

MIDDLE EAST: Mubarak junior tightens grip on Egypt + Mubarak’s new Egypt + Mubarak, Abbas talks cover coordination between two leaderships

Algerians vote on amnesty plans

Israel, Palestine: Israeli soldiers kill three in West Bank raids + Militants 'end West Bank truce' + Hamas seeks to limit damage from recent clashes with Israel + Israel troops kill three Palestinian gunmen + Sharon denies more unilateral moves by Israel + Israel puts talks with Abbas on ice + Israel assassinates Al-Aqsa brigades leader + Palestinians Enforce Ban on Weapons Displays, in Step Toward Ending Lawlessness

RUSSIA: Russia, U.S. against use of force in Georgia, South Ossetia + Ministry calls Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline study illegal + Russia's LUKoil, U.S. ConocoPhillips in joint search of new assets + LUKoil to start exports to China in 2005, early 2000 + Russia intentionally gave "wrong" data on crashed plane - Lithuanian minister + Kurils dispute is main issue in Russian relations - Japanese PM + Panel reviews Exxon's request to expand its Sakhalin I production area + Dutch court to rule on claims against Yukos + Gazprom says Russian govt to consider its liberalization plans "in next few days"

EUROPE: Blair apologizes to 82-year-old heckler + Don't mention the war

EU calls emergency Turkey talks

Venice 'will get protection dam'

German police arrest 'extremists'

Migrants in Morocco's forests will do anything to reach Europe

Likely agenda for Russia-EU summit in London + Russia, EU hope for visa agreement at October 4 summit

CENTRAL ASIA: Belarusian state security: No destabilization, revolution in country

American troops pull out of Uzbek base: will Uncle Sam find a worthwhile replacement?

AFRICA: Africans die in Spanish enclave

Violence Hindering Aid Effort in Darfur, Says UN

Zambia leader rejects HIV order

Stand-off at Kenya's parliament + Violence mars debate over a new constitution in Kenya

Somaliland in first vote for MPs

Namibia weekly regrets 'Nazi' ad

Oil and occupation in Western Sahara

ASIA PACIFIC: Unions strike across India against economic changes+ Iran denies shift in India ties + Gas deal with India still on: Iran + India, Pakistan to withdraw troops from Siachen: Pranab

Indian delegation meets Nepal opposition leaders + NEPAL: High-level ICJ mission under way + Nepal royalists stone Indian team + Nepal : Wellspring Of Renewal Lies Within

Deadly ambush in northwest Pakistan + India, Pakistan agree on Amritsar-Lahore bus link in November + Pakistani madrasahs in line of fire

Massive rallies against fuel price hike break out in Indonesia

Thai PM opens unfinished airport

Attacks on Chinese police rising + China, Japan to hold talks over disputed resources + China sets up investor protection fund + Michael Vatikiotis: China on the march

Disgruntled Tokyo plays money card re: UN

Vietnam boat people arrive in US

AMERICAS: Venezuela condemns US ruling against extradition of wanted exile + Venezuela accuses US of 'double standard' on terrorism + Venezuela to Check US Satellite Photo + Chávez to Eradicate Poverty in Venezuela by 2021 + Colombia, Venezuela Assess Border Security Commitment + Real effort to regulate Venezuelan land ... for the first time since 1821! + Chavez Expands Oil Initiative, and Influence, in South America

Ecuador President Sees Constitutional Reform Passing Soon

Trinidad seeks UK-US police help

Brazil's Lula still standing as scandal loses steam

Gold fever grips Chilean island

Bolivarian Parliament Frozen

Nicaragua's Somoza family reclaiming properties

Honduras: Iraq mercenaries recruited

Peru seeks damages from guerrilla group + Peru President Reduces VIP Security to Increase Police Presence on Lima's Streets

Colombian Authorities Launch Anti-Corruption Crackdown in Top Tourist Resort


Republicans See Signs That Pentagon Is Evading Oversight

Pentagon analyst Lawrence Franklin to plead guilty in spy case + Ex-Aipac Aide To Seek Dismissal of Case

Bin Laden tried to move to Britain in 1995 as he was planning 9/11 attacks

New London attacks warning

India seeks early lifting of nuke technology restrictions

Soviet spy in Delhi was CIA mole: Russian TV + Mitrokhin’s allegations are white lies: CPI Secretary + Russia Releases Documentary on Soviet Diplomat Who Was CIA Mole

Paul Buchanan Launches Security Book

Crackdown on militants, nets down suicide bombers in Pakistan + Pakistan Arrests Key Sunni Militant

Russian plotter passport probe

Chilean judge orders seizure of Pinochet's accounts in US

Sleeper cells feared in Australia + '300' jihadists in Australia in 2002 + Ruddock defends anti-terrorism measures

Miami Prosecutor Wants Cuban Case Reheard

'Ninoy' not a spook, his lawyer says

China a 'central' spying threat

FBI, Chinese to discuss intellectual property law

U.S. Won’t Sell Global Hawk Spy Drones to Korea

Judge: Posada to stay in U.S. for now


COUNTER-TERRORISM: How to Win in the Horn of Africa

MARINES: More on American Naval Infantry

SPACE: Super GPS Satellite Goes Up

Top General Says Indonesian Fighters Involved in Thailand's Muslim Insurgency

NASA and Google to build research centre + The Future is Indexed: Thanks Google!

Enceladus, a Saturn moon, has fundamental chemical recipe for life

Hand-cranked $100 laptops to beat the digital divide

Probe set for asteroid landing

Duct Tape History - Invention of Duct Tape

The Future of Tablet PCs: Digitizing Ink Forever

Stardom: Subject: Evil-wishers are always around to spread rumors

Shocking Power-Grid Internet

Space Test For Swiss-designed Solar Antennas

Sailing The Planets: Exploring Mars With Guided Balloons

UNC Computer, Marine Scientists Collaborate To Predict Flow Of Toxic Waters From Katrina

World's Smallest Universal Material Testing System

Location System For Wireless Sensor Networks

MILITARY  American, Indian navies demonstrate sea partnership during Malabar 05

US troops upload photos of dead Iraqis for porn

Pentagon keeps GIs waiting for body armor reimbursements

Military wary of disaster role

Survey: 60 Percent of National Guard and Reserve Female Veterans Say They Were Sexually Harassed

Canadians win 'alternative Nobels'

A Bible course without the lawsuits? + Backdooring the Bible Into Classrooms

Brazil bishop makes river protest

OK, Now What?


How a lonely, widowed polar bear got zoo in hot water with activists

The African-Americans who forsake worldly goods in Israel

Stardom: Older Women And Younger Men

Prof-Ratings Site Irks Academics

Jewish Organization Condemns Southern Baptist Affiliation With 'Messianic' Group


Ford Will Cut Half of Suppliers to Stem Costs; Delphi, Visteon Retained

India gets half of Silicon Valley's outsourced jobs

Kaiser signs historic deal with 29 labor unions

Survey: Location, location, location important to wine buyers

Dubai opens new stock exchange

Africa's Oil Giants Poised to Ride Wave of Rising Prices

China: Feeding frenzy for overseas banks+ Seven banks get ratings boost + BoA team arrives at CCB

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

Former US Marine to work for Al Jazeera TV: report

Product placement pushes into print

Kenya charges two journalists over coup article

Publisher Is Hard to Read + Some Say Paper Has Potential to Be Great Despite Its Mediocre Past Tom DeLay Drops the Hammer on Austin Newspaper, Which Hits Back

What Lurks in the Darkness? Reporters Work a Dire Beat

Today's papers


Frist: America Unprepared For Avian Flu Outbreak

China lays out bird flu plan

Indonesia launches bird flu eradication campaign + Japanese bird flu experts begin work in Indonesia + Indonesia says at least 63 cases of suspected human bird flu + ASEAN asked to give weight to bird flu plan

Bats the 'likely source' of Sars

Secrets To Antibody's Success Against West Nile Virus Surprise Scientists

Physicians Ill-prepared To Diagnose, Treat Bioterrorism Diseases

Mighty Mice Regrow Organs

Potential New Treatment For Insulin-dependent Diabetes

Aids virus 'could be weakening'

India, best place for clinical trials

Lilly To Add Suicide Warning To Drug Strattera

Music training 'good for heart'

Married women 'suffer sexually'

DNA preserved in crystals of ancient bones

Spider Blood Found in 20 Million-Year-Old Fossil

Smoking Seems To Increase Brain Damage In Alcoholics

Flavanols Key To Potential Chocolate Benefits

Beauty Queens Urge Girls Not To Sacrifice Their Bones

Hopkins Geneticist Discovers Mutations In Cancer Cells That Suggest New Forms Of Treatment

Study Identifies Gene In Mice That May Control Risk-taking Behavior In Humans

Researchers Discover Gene Mutations Linked With A Type Of Chronic Pain And Weakness Syndrome

Bacteria Beam Cuts Factory-borne Food Poisoning

Sea ice melts to record low because of global warming

How A Zebra Lost Its Stripes: Rapid Evolution Of The Quagga

Penguin Chicks Exposed To Human Visitors Experience Spike In Stress Hormone


By portraying forensic science as exact, TV show CSI undermines criminal justice

More legal work moves to India

UCSF to pay $92,500 animal-rights settlement

Interpol expands activities to fight terrorism

Labor Department slaps Alaska in whistle-blower cases

Austin Activists Demand Taser Moratorium after another 'Taser Death'

Giddy Gotti is home free

Bayou's Israel and Marino Plead Guilty to Fraud at Collapsed Hedge Fund

New Bankruptcy Bill May Not Produce Payoffs Some Creditors Hoped

Cardiologist, Plaintiff's Son Testify in Suit Over Painkiller


Bush hails terrorist's death, expects pre-election violence

US generals say Iraq 'hard struggle;' senators worry


Frist: America Unprepared For Avian Flu Outbreak

No US-China textile deal; more talks in October

Japan reproaches US over UN inequities

Gen.: Troop Withdrawal Hinges on Iraq Vote

Most Americans oppose use of force to promote democracy - survey

Bush lifts certain some weapons export restrictions on Libya

AP Interview: State Department Official Says Egypt Needs to Do More Toward Democracy


Tom DeLay: What's the Deal With the Tom DeLay Indictment? + GOP allies primed for DeLay's defense + How case could affect Hastings, McDermott + Ban on Corporate Funds Is a Fixture in Texas Election Law

Katrina/Rita: Katrina's Corpses Are Many, IDs Are Few + FEMA is still stumbling + New Orleans Police Launch Investigation Into Reports Some Officers Looted + Mrs. Bush gives victims an Extreme Makeover

Supreme Court: Roberts Sworn In as 17th U.S. Chief Justice; Focus Turns to Next Nominee + Text of the Swearing-in of John Roberts as Chief Justice + Hispanics, conservatives push court picks + W courts Hispanic, woman

Iran: UK rules out Iran military action + EU - US camp shrinks at IAEA ahead of Iran showdown + Iran to play cards carefully in nuclear dispute + Cuba, Syria, Belarus join IAEA Board, boosting Iran + Israel: MK Shteinitz denies he spoke of plan to bomb Iran

Syria, Lebanon: FBI agents probe Lebanon blast + Lebanon tightens measures against infiltrating persons + A meeting between Mehlis, Sinioura + Syrian remote areas enjoy development plans + Lebanese officials warn against foreign interventions + Syria's ambassador to Venezuela calls for investment in Syria + The real message of US pressure on Syria + Russia to supply Syria with ammunition, train officers

N. Korea: US opposes grace period for ending DPRK nuclear arms program + China, other nations split at North Korean nuclear talks + US, China clashing over UN statement on N. Korea + South Korea to Continue Sending Food Aid to North Korea

Congress: Senators Fume at White House Disdain for Katrina Healthcare Plan + GOP Divides Duties of Majority Leader Three Ways + Senators Seek Inquiry Into FDA Commissioner's Resignation

Democrats: Democrats decry "culture of corruption" + ‘Miller’s guy’ becomes Pelosi’s guy

GOP: A bad year for the party just got worse


Timothy Ash: To keep its dream alive, America must end its military obsession

Maureen Dowd: Dancing in the dark

Ray Takeyh: Why Iran isn't a global threat

War is coming to Venezuela ... and there is nothing you or I can do to stop it! + Hence, beware of capitalist, imperialist wolves, disguised under red berets!

Elmer Smith: When cronies become crooks

Josh Marshall: Abramoff is part of GOP's pay-for-play political machine

Margaret Carlson: Bush Presidency Exposed, Crumbling

Helen Thomas: Bush, as others before, escapes anti-war protests

Ari Berman: The Hammer Gets Hit, Hard

(WSWS) Posada Carriles to stay in US: Washington shields CIA terrorist from prosecution

(Capitol HIll Blue) Fear Factor Looms Large on Capitol Hill + So Much For Wanting to Be President

Xymphora: More barge tales

David Sirota: Blunt's record shows he's as corrupt as DeLay

Joe Conason: A stock explanation from Dr. Bill Frist

The Meaning of the IAEA Iran Vote: Jorge Hirsh

Posada Case Erodes US Credibility: Jim Lobe

Richard Cohen: Lynndie deserves an apology

Bob Herbert: Blood on Their Hands

Molly Ivins: Bush breaks first commandment of governing.

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Legal battles loom in US gay marriage debate + Priest pulled from Mass after refusing to support anti-gay agenda + School Appoints "Heterosexuality" Officer + Episcopal parishes sue US bishop over gay prelate + Republicans replace gay Dreier with Blunt as House Majority Leader

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

French invite English wine tourists to do the hard work

Hoffman Overpowers as Truman in 'Cold'-Blooded Biopic

Israel to open ancient site near Jerusalem shrine

Mark Twain. Truly, madly, deeply American

Embargo hampering restoration effort of Hemingway villa in Cuba

Ice age 'twins' found in ancient burial ground

Long-sought Maya City found in Guatemala

Dave McKean Works Digital Magic

Ancient Roman seaman portrait found

Preserving A 460-Year-Old Wreck

Rush & Molloy: Jodie's 'Flight' has attendants stewing

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Jayson rebounds nicely

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Word of the day

September 27, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Al-Qaeda's No 2 in Iraq is shot dead after betrayal + Zarqawi aide Abu Azzam killed in Iraq + US is logging gains against Al Qaeda in Iraq + Myers: Short-term benefit to Azzam's death + Al-Qaida denies aide to Zarqawi killed in Iraq + New terrorist group joins Al Qaeda in Iraq+ Iraqi police find bodies of 22 men + Shiites fleeing Sunni dominated neighborhoods of Baghdad + Judge in Basra reissues warrants to arrest two British soldiers + US forces fight Zombie army in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Nato opens Iraq training centre

War prisons: Witness: England deserves light punishment + Lynndie England Blames Former Boyfriend as She Faces Sentence for Abu Ghraib Conviction

AFGHANISTAN: Low government presence threatens disbandment of illegal armed groups + 3 Iranian citizens kidnapped in western Afghanistan released + Pak-Afghan accord on bus service likely + US team to visit Peshawar to discuss fencing Afghan border + Taliban threat looms again + Feasibility study on opium licensing in Afghanistan for the production of morphine, other essential medicines + Top Afghan minister submits resignation + Afghan resignation: Tough on drugs, tough on warlords - so why is top minister going?

MIDDLE EAST: Saudi King, Sudanese president hold talks on bilateral issues + Britain in secret talks with S Arabia over arms deal: report + Blair in secret Saudi mission

Israel, Palestine: Israel Sweep Collects 82 Suspected Militants + Israeli missiles hit Gaza + Hamas candidates caught in Israeli dragnet + Brown to lead EU-G8 mission to Middle East + As fire continues, Jihad renews pledge to truce + After victory, PM meets loyalists; Netanyahu: Sharon is a tyrant + Israel to continue targeted killings in Gaza + NBC analysis: A remarkable journey for Sharon

RUSSIA: Russia's Putin Rules Out Changing Constitution to Allow Third Term + Putin's orchestrated outreach + Russia ready to join US-led uranium fuel bank + Man Who Bought Main Yukos Subsidiary Decorated With Russia’s Major Order + Putin Rejects Negotiations With Japan Over Disputed Kurile Islands + Oil production monopolization in Russia should be avoided - Putin + Russia to seek solution to "non-citizens" issue in the Baltics-Putin

Moscow, Seoul to cooperate in space exploration + Talks on Transdnestr settlement conclude in Ukraine

EUROPE: Blair says reform must go further + Blair launches broadside against France, Germany

Germany's Schroeder says expects grand coalition + Germany's Eyes Set on Dresden Election + Schroeder sure of deal with Merkel + German election result causes consternation in the French political establishment

Parmalat trial to open in Milan

EU moves to cut knot of red tape

Migrants storm Spanish enclave

EU plans airline C02 reductions


Portugal: Conflicting Accounts About Drug Dealer Found In Freezer

CENTRAL ASIA: Ukraine's Orange Revolution leader tainted by scandal

Kazakh president: Kazakhstan to become leader in grain exports + Eighty held in Kyrgyzstan over political slaying + A bridge too far in Central Asia?

AFRICA: Belgium seeks Rwanda priest

Locals to replace foreign workers in Libya + US sees full relations with Libya

Chad says gunmen from Sudan kill 36 in border raid + Sudan's Turabi says new unity government a fraud

Nigeria acts on police sex abuse + Chevron restarts production at 2nd platform + The sorry nation of Nigeria

Zimbabwe publishes sources of IMF loan payback + Researchers: Brain drain hits Zimbabwe

ASIA PACIFIC: India, France to sign Scorpene submarine deal + PM to share Iran stand with Left + China, India end border talks, plan new round + China, India mull oil exploration deal + Hurricane calls to India + India, Bangladesh to increase coordinated patrolling along borders

Typhoon hits Vietnam after killing 16 in China + Investment into Vietnam to hit new high

Former PM proposes Australia as world's nuclear dump + Australia: PM reins in media reforms

China wants a slice of the uranium cake + China, Japan to hold 3rd round of gas talks + Reverse brain drain to China

Sri Lankan president returns home as election battle hots up

Check's in the mail

Indonesia opens fire on Chinese fishing vessel

AMERICAS: Latin America's elites embrace Chilean leader

FARC had major plan to attack capital + Peace and justice in conflict in Colombia + Abortion fight rages in Colombia

Former Mexican president admits meeting with current administration officials + PRI takes governor's race in Texas border state + Protesting Mexican Sugar Workers Take Over Mills + Mexican Officials: Ex-Members of Guatemalan Special Forces Detained in Mexico

Cuba's Fidel Castro Sends Message to Chinese Leader Celebrating 45 Years of Ties

Nicaraguan Vice President Quits to Seek Presidency

Venezuela to Review All Mining Contracts, Including Contract With Canada's Crystallex

Political Uncertainties and Debt in Brazil Preventing Credit Rating Upgrade


Purported Al-Qaida's Weekly News Bulletin Appears on the Internet

Bush Selects General to Run DIA Spy Agency

Watchdog urges CIA officials be disciplined  + Ex-CIA officer says Bush must act on leak  + Goss turned CIA into soap opera: report + Peter Brookes: Goss' Good Grades + CIA getting intel tips from Congress + Arabic-speaking spies hard to recruit in U.S. + CIA fund drops cash into Thetus' coffers

US bribed Hicks captors, says father

US court allows visitors for Michael Ray Aquino

U.S. tells nations hands off Internet

Russia to deploy new precision hypersonic weapons + Expose of KGB infiltration rattles India + Three Indicted for Attack on Russian Czar

Pakistan court upholds Indian “spy’s” death sentence

EU threatens to ban Sri Lanka Tigers, boycott rebels because of terrorism

Indonesia says Asian Al Qaeda arm weakened

Convicted terrorist is 1 of 9 arrested in France + France's Sarkozy to Boost Surveillance Amid Threat of Attacks

Man arrested over 21 July attacks

Australia to impose "draconian" anti-terror laws + ASIO shadowing 800 extremists + New 'dirty bomb' labs + Laws may create 'fascist state'

Chinese spymaster still in Australia, claims defector

Gambia's Sacked Minister's Espionage Case Dropped For Lack of Evidence?

Iranian Spy Satellite to Take to the Skies

Italian Interior Minister says terrorist threat to last 15 years

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Children of the Jersey Barrier

Hacker posts crack for Google video software 

Robotic car makers wins 'Spark' competition

New Security Proposed for Do-It-All Phones

Chinese Google" in court again

Molecule Walks Like A Human -- Potential Applications In Molecular Computing

Tech giants move on next-gen DVDs

Password overload plagues US. biz

ESA preps polar research sat

Don Quijote to tilt at asteroids

Desert Pathfinder At Work: Sub-millimetre APEX Telescope Inaugurated At Chajnantor

MILITARY  Mental health services facing uphill battle

US Army Awards General Dynamics $31 Million in Combat Vehicle

CACI Awarded $25 Million Contract to Support US Army Armor Center

LEAKGATES  Sibel Edmonds v. Department of Justice: A Patriot Silenced, Fighting to Keep America Safe

Bev Conover: How stupid can you be, arresting Cindy Sheehan while the whole world is watching?

Click.  Bill Sammon: Bush seeks to federalize emergencies

Click.  Marge Holland: California National Guard investigated for domestic spying.


The final decline of Jerusalem

Kids to teach elderly net skills

The Roman Catholic Church of Corruption


U.S. Consumer Confidence Drops by Most in 15 Years; New Home Sales Decline

GM Faces `50-50' Chance of Canadian Auto Workers' Strike, Union Head Says

Saudi Arabia, Exxon Say Oil Will Last for Decades (Update7)

Future of Boeing outsourcing

DreamWorks-Universal talks end amid price, creative differences

SEC Now Formally Investigating Taser


New dog flu virus reported in 11 states

Airport Screening Unlikely To Prevent Spread Of SARS Or Influenza

A Live-Animal Test for BSE?

Zapping Fat With Ultrasound

Burgers' seaweed 'health boost'

Statins 'could benefit many more'

Rock pool sponge may fight cancer

Poor have difficulty eating healthy foods

New supply chain set up for HIV medicine

Protein Gives Bald Mice Luxurious Locks

Colombians Get State Funding for Weight-Loss Surgeries Like Maradona's

Pediatric cardiology training detailed

Hormones And Growth: The Control Of Body Size And Developmental Growth Rate In Fruit Flies

Family History Alone Can Imply Cancer Mutation Risk

Elevated GGT Enzyme May Predict Risk Of Death From Cardiovascular Disease

Toasty Oat Aroma Influenced By Presence Of Health-linked Polyphenols

Requirement For High-level Mental Processing In Subliminal Learning

Defect In Gene Causes 'Neuralgic Amyotrophy'

Tissue Stiffness Drives Tumor Formation

Tracking Membranes Of Rupturing Blood Cells Sheds Light On Malaria Infection

Insight Into Our Sight: A New View On The Evolution Of The Eye Lens

Smoking May Increase Risk Of Diabetes

Cell Signaling Discovery Yields Heart Disease Clues

Psychologists Find More Sensitive Tests For Predicting Alzheimer's As Well As Changes In Cognition

Researcher Finds New Use For Botox

Yale Procedure Cuts Recurrence Of Aggressive Uterine Cancer

Action needed on 2 deadly lakes in Africa

Deep Sea Buffet For Bone-devouring Worms

Birds And Bats Sow Tropical Seeds


France opens manslaughter case in Concorde crash 

Frozen embryos battle goes to human rights court

Moscow Hosts International Conference on Child Trafficking and Internet Pornography

Milosevic trial biased - former Russian premier

Hollywood hails first conviction for camcording movies

6 charged in collapse of Met Mortgage

Supreme Court agrees to hear Anna Nicole Smith case + Court to decide case on police searches + Supreme Court Steps Into Dispute Over Campaign Limits

Feds: Hinckley has delusions about women

Judge sets bail for Gotti at $7 million

Accused molester pleads not guilty in California

Cardinal removes 11 priests from ministry over abuse allegations

Jury acquits rapper Beanie Sigel on attempted murder charges

Woman burned in San Francisco blast files suit

Father in Lodi terrorism case granted bail

Court Says NJ Jury Should Assess Others' Responsibility in DaimlerChrysler Minivan Lawsuit

Hostage of Accused Courthouse Shooter Says She Gave Him Drugs


Bush, Touring Gulf, Says Areas Hit by Rita Hobbled by Lack of Fuel, Power + Bush touring hard-hit areas + Bush Gets Close Look at Hurricane Rita's Damage During Helicopter Tour

Ex-FEMA Director Rips, Gets Ripped + CBS News: FEMA Still Paying Michael Brown Full Salary As A Consultant To Evaluate Katrina Response + Quotes From Michael Brown's Congressional Testimony

White House, GOP Leaders Still Focused on Preserving Long-Term Spending Cuts

Ex-CIA officer says Bush must act on leak 

US backs Israel as IDF continues Gaza strikes

U.S. ready to pull out from Khanabad base in Uzbekistan

Bush aide to meet Saudi king after blasting rights record

Talks progress in Washington on Russia's WTO membership

Rice visits Haiti leaders + Like secretary of state, senior adviser often on the go

Iran mustn't end up just as Saddam's Iraq did: Paper

Cheney plans to work from home

Acting FDA chief's dual jobs questioned

Stakes in Iraq rival those in WWII, Gen. Myers says

Bush Selects General to Run Spy Agency

U.S. tells nations hands off Internet

White House Press Briefing: Save Energy! Turn Off Those Computers!


In Egypt, Hughes defends U.S. policy ; Bush's under secretary for diplomacy makes her overseas debut 

Katrina, Rita: Environmental experts contemplate New Orleans' rebirth + Many still can't get home after Rita + Many towns turned away evacuees, leading to days-long bus trip + Officials: Health risks in New Orleans unclear

Supreme Court Nominee: Roberts Sails Toward Confirmation as Senators Focus on Next Nominee + Bush must choose his battles; His popularity depressed, the president has to decide how much he's willing to fight for next court pick

Iran: Russia's minister of atomic energy said Iran will not start uranium enrichment + Russia advises Iran against uranium enrichment + Iran does not rule out withdrawal from nuclear treaty + Iran fires off more threats after nuclear sanction + Iran warns atomic opponents trade ties may suffer + Timeline of Iran nuclear standoff

Syria, Lebanon: Lebanese forces raid mobile phone firm in Hariri inquiry

N. Korea: N. Korea appears to back away on reactor demand + Famine risk as North Korea recoils + The Shadow of 1989

Domestic: Postal Service expects $2 billion deficit in '06 + Amtrak Announces Modified Fare Increases Following Initial Fare Hike Announcement

Congress: Republican: Pensions overhaul set for 2005 + Group seeks more Medicaid spending + Senate panel postpones 9/11 hearing + ABC, CBS, NBC Practically Not Covering Frist's Sketchy Stock Sale + Docs: Frist Received Constant Updates On Stocks In His “Blind” Trust.Frist Claimed He Had “No Idea” What He Held

Democrats: Top Democrats Flee Peace Protests: Joshua Frank


A Torturous Silence: Ray McGovern

Case Closed, Condi: Gordon Prather

Democracy Won't Stop Terrorism: Vox Day

E. J. Dionne: Where are the Democrats

Is Bush weak or strong? He's both

Capitol Hill Blue: Dubya's Fall From Favor

Robert Scheer: When connected turns into corrupted

Molly Ivins: The Katrina/Rita

Huffington: First, avoiding conflict for fun and profit Bush's unwelcome gift to NATO: Afghanistan

A hurricane strips off Bush's teflon

Jimmy Carter Bush?

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Ontario looks to attract gay US doctors + Gay bishop predicts church split + New group to focus on Liverpool’s gay village

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Alwaleed: The prince of all media

Podcasting Goldrush Is On + Radio has its eye on podcasters

Media Mea Culpa: Reports of N.O. Violence Exaggerated

Time for 'NY Times' to Explore Miller's Tale

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Israel to Open New Archaeological Site

Joan Acocella on Zadie Smith

Larry Doyle on menu specials

Experts call for revival of chanting Confucian "Bibles"

Moon Man

Abraham Lincoln Historic Civil War Photograph Archive

Ernest Hemingway - A Farewell to Arms, Scott, Agnes

Rush & Molloy: A 'Good Night' for Clooney & O'Reilly to bond

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: 'Zion' guest list may be inviting trouble

Color 'Purple' golden

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September 26, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Gunmen dressed as policemen shoot dead five Shiite teachers in Iraq + Monday Attacks Kill 16 Iraqis, 3 US Soldiers + Britain will scrap and replace Basra police + Iraq's foreign fighters: few but deadly + Iraqi Navy boosting presence to protect oil platforms in gulf + Clashes Between Shi'a Militia, U.S. Army in Iraqi Capital Raise Concerns + Basra Clash Spurs War Foes in Britain; Widely played images of nation's soldiers under attack by an angry Iraqi crowd have reignited debate on whether to pull out troops + Missteps Hamper Iraqi Oil Recovery; Efforts to fix facilities founder. Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost as fields deteriorate + British Officials: Iran Training Basra Militias + At Stake in South Iraq: Resource-Rich Basra + Trashed: Some myths about Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: A nation is rebuilt under rocket fire + Why U.S. generals think Iraqis will do a better job of suppressing insurgents

War prisons: Lynndie England Convicted of Abusing Iraqi Prisoners; Faces 10-Year Term + 1,000 To Be Freed From Abu Ghraib + GI: Anything Short of Death Was Acceptable in Abusing Iraqis + Soldiers Convicted in the Abu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse Scandal

AFGHANISTAN: US National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley defending Afghan amnesty offer to leading members of Taliban regime + Taliban says it brought down US helicopter + Four killed in Afghanistan bomb blast + Vote count continues, partial results emerging + Group calls for licensing Afghan opium + Afghanistan not ready for legal opium - minister + Aussie forces join hunt for Osama + Troops warned of tough times hunting Taliban + SAS combatants strike deep into Taliban heartland + The Hard Core and Their Hideouts + New guns, new drive for Taliban

MIDDLE EAST: Al-Assad meets Mubarak on regional issues, Mehlis UN report

Conference of Bilad Al-Sham at the Ottoman Era, Opening

Arab officials hammer out new steps against terror funding

Israel, Palestine: Likud vote too close to call; 91% voter turnout + Background: Ex-crime kingpin enlists to 'stop Sharon' + Palestinians responsible for Middle East difficulties - senior Russian MP + Sharon stalls Netanyahu challenge

RUSSIA: Lithuania’s Air Force Commander Fired Over Russian Su-27 Crash

Group of Eight still disregards Russia's growing role in international politics

EUROPE: Exclusive: Prescott tells Blair: Name the day of your departure + Blair dashes hopes that UK soldiers may leave Iraq early

IRA 'has destroyed all its arms' + The IRA's hidden arsenal + Restraining order on Johnny Adair + A Look at the Men Who Verified the IRA's + Sinn Fein Has Higher Ambitions as IRA Disarms Too Late for Northern Ireland Power-Sharing

Center-right poised for power in Poland

Leadership battle enters 2nd week in Germany + Germany's conservatives stage fresh show of confidence in Merkel + Merkel sets conditions for talks with Schroeder + Schröder's Putsch against Reality + Quit first then we'll talk, Merkel tells Schröder

EU seeks to resolve Austrian doubts over Turkey + Turkey's Oppression of Schoolgirls May Be Barrier to EU Entry + Hughes: Turkey's EU Membership Is Something Which We Strongly Support + A first in Turkey: debate about mass murder of Armenians

CENTRAL ASIA: USAID Awards Civil Society Project in Azerbaijan + UN supports railroad project connecting Azerbaijan with Turkey through Georgia

AFRICA: Culture of impunity' in Darfur. UN says Sudan has done little to disarm militias + SLA rebels 'destabilizing' Darfur + CIA agents in Sudan to help East Africa fight terrorism + Russian peacekeepers ready to join UN mission in Sudan + Local oil firms scramble for market in the Sudan

DR Congo to deport LRA Uganda rebels

Beware of the Somali coastline, where pirates still roam free

Nigeria: Chevron re-opens oil fields in Delta region + Army reopens Nigeria oil stations + Nigeria: Security Men Terrorize Villagers As Chevron Resumes Production

Zimbabwe: U.S. Seeks to Tighten 'Smart Sanctions'

500 killed in Togo electoral violence

Yemeni president pardons al-Houthi followers

Morocco ready to negotiate for self rule of Western Sahara

Algeria gets a vote on burying brutal history

ASIA PACIFIC: Bangladesh stands at historical crossroads + List of 200 criminals given to Delhi: No Indian insurgents’ camp in Bangladesh

Bhutan's policy of depopulation

India to `Go Ahead' With Iran Pipeline Project After IAEA Vote + We wanted to avert Iran-West confrontation: India + India dumps old friend Iran for US nuclear carrot + India-China meet to resolve border issue

DLA drafts UN report on Myanmar

Hong Kong democrats finally see mainland

BASF makes high-risk US$ 1.5b bet on China + Dance of history's odd couple; Sino-Japanese ties border on absurd as historical enemy comes to China's economic rescue + Young Chinese encouraged to be more pioneering + Chinese, Congolese presidents pledge to promote bilateral ties + Dalai Lama: Hopeful signs in China of interest in Tibetan culture

AMERICAS: China's New World trade coveted, feared

Argentina finance secretary downplays offer to holdout creditors

Brazil Congress Summons Citigroup Brazil Head Marin to Testify + Brazil Seeks Action, Not Words, On Global Imbalances + Brazil's Family Grant, Which Gives Up to US$ 42 a Month, Ahead of Schedule + Brazilian Port Gets a US$ 10 Million Revamping + Landless Peasants Invade Land Reform Agency in Brazil

Canada, in reversal, will help India with nukes + Libyan leader to drum up business for Canadian companies

Mexico minister in crash had received death threats + Mexico continues to advance under Vicente Fox + A Brief History of the Zapatistas

Peru: New path for Shining Path trial + Powerful Earthquake Rocks Northern Peru

Chavez to speed up land reform + Colombia & Venezuela: The not-so-secret border war + Venezuela Creating State Iron Producer + New military law to come into force in Venezuela + Venezuela intends to buy Russian submarines + Venezuela may seize some operating oil agreements + Chavez Frias: Venezuela and China advance in strategic economic alliance + Paraguay, Venezuela Look to Build Oil Refinery to Supply Paraguay Market

Sheehan Arrested at W. House Protest

Nun Terrorized by Terror Watch

China tightens supervision over online news services

Chinese Internet Writer's Hunger Strike Reaches Three Weeks

Brother of US Nun Slain in Brazil Tries Again to Take Case to Federal Court

The Antiwar Majority: Justin Raimondo

Hands Off Posse Comitatus

Has the FBI Failed in a Big Power-Grab?


US evolution court battle opens

Lords to decide on evidence extracted by torture

China's hidden trade in children

History of posse comitatus

Ex-Schools Chief in New York's Long Island Admits Stealing Millions

Buffett Testifies in Trial Over IRS Denial of Tax Deduction

Merck Exec Testifies About Battle Over Vioxx Warning Label

Authors Sue Google Over Its "Print for Libraries" Project: Will the Suit Succeed? Should It? And Why, As An Author, I'm Opting Out of Any Class Action

Ice explorer readies for launch

China set for second space shot

Google Offers Prime-Time Video Streamcasts

Tom Taulli: Mapping The Web's Future

Professor Wants To Put Your Toaster On The Internet

MERIS Monitoring Tracks Planetary Photosynthesis Levels

NASA Technology Monitors Wildlife Habitats From The Air

Physicists Measure Tiny Force That Limits How Far Machines Can Shrink

CryoSat Launch Will Be Blast From The Cold War Past

Gates Was Forced to Rebuild Windows Vista

China's High-Tech Project to Spy on Pandas' Sex Lives

Managing Google's Idea Factory


Wisconsin's Wild Ginseng Roots

Duty drives priest in Guatemala

Stardom: Search For Lost Friend Winds Up In Flooded Parish

A cataclysm in Mexico 20 years ago forced citizens to rethink the status quo and their role in it

In Rome, lessons from a fallen empire

Pope Meets With Dissident Theologian Hans Kueng, Who Has Questioned Papal Infallibility


Spain Convicts Syrian for Helping Plan 9/11 Attacks + Bombing suspect extradited to Spain + Spain verdict is partial success + Spanish court jails 18 Al-Qaeda suspects

CIA agents in Sudan to help East Africa fight terrorism

China Heaves Sigh Of Relief as Taiwan Author Stops Talking

Japan Defense Plan Against Risk Of Chinese Invasion

Osama no longer in effective command

US left Pakistan high and dry after Soviet war: Musharraf

When the West Helps China Spy

Myanmar: The blueprint for "New Asia"

Large Shipment of Cannabis from Iraq Seized in Saudi Arabia + Saudi Arabia: 121 Guantanamo Detainees to be Released to Saudi Arabia + Saudi Arabia wants it both ways

FBI Director Orders Investigation of Shooting That Killed Puerto Rican Nationalist, Governor Says

Gen. Buyukanit Condemns Views In European Parliament Describing Turkey's Fight Against Terrorism As ''aggressive Military Operations''

Maxwell son faces final humiliation in everything-must-go garage sale

UK pilot was arrested despite FBI call for 9/11 secrecy

China set for trial assembly of ARJ-21

Calipari's widow says his slaying 'cannot be allowed to become yet another of Italy's mysteries'

Richardson: Wen Ho Lee Was 'Mistreated'

Guantánamo inmate says US told him to spy on al-Jazeera

Iranian Spy Satellite to Take to the Skies

BJP asks for probe into KGB controversy by a sitting SC judge

Mossad head reshuffles senior echelons

The Mitrokhin mystery

Too many free passes

WW II Vet Reflects On Days As Code Breaker

Italian police smash alleged terror cell

Negligence Trial Opens Against Port Authority in 1993 WTC Bombing Lawsuits


Fed's Greenspan Says Speculation Having `Greater Role' in U.S. Home Prices + Most Homeowners Can Withstand Price Drop, Greenspan Says

Oil and Gasoline Rebound on Concern Gulf Refineries Will Be Shut for Weeks

Texans Return Home After Rita; New Orleans Opens Parts of City for Cleanup

China and India square up over Petrokazakhstan

Corpus Christi Port part of Mexico land bridge

'Kids, I'd like you to meet your money...'

The 400 Richest Americans

Italy’s central-bank chief humiliated

Coping With The Competition


Virtual Museum & Archive of the SEC and Securities History


Indonesia "Caught Short" By Bird Flu + Indonesia bird flu toll increases + Funding too low to fight bird flu in animals + Indonesia 'slow' in bird flu fight + Indonesia: Low flue vaccine levels give farmers jitters + (Pravda) Bird flu followed by wormy eggs

Troubling Trends Converge: Drug-resistant Bacteria Gaining Genes For Virulence

Spinal injuries: Scientists around the world aim to develop new treatments

Epilepsy doctor hearing delayed

Leafy Green Vegetables May Help Keep Brains Sharp Through Aging

Lead Exposure Plus High Blood Pressure May Impair Mental Ability

Mayo Clinic Boosts Immune System: May Lead To Cancer Vaccines, Better Protection For Elderly

Heart Disease Patients Face Greater Risk Of PTSD

Compound Reveals New Link Between Signaling Protein And Cell Migration

Bleach Found To Neutralize Mold Allergens

Collaborative Cross To Provide Powerful Resource For Mouse Model Researchers Worldwide

Hopkins Scientists Uncover 'Tags' That Force Proteins To Cell Surface

Magnetic Insoles Do Not Provide Pain Relief, Mayo Clinic Study Reports

Johns Hopkins Researchers Discover Key Protein Linked To Transverse Myelitis And Multiple Sclerosis

Can Kids' Brains Be Trained to Pay Attention?

Study Says Estrogen Pills Have Little Effect on Well-Being After Menopause

Study Points To Molecular Origin Of Neurodegenerative Disorders, Including Huntington's Disease

New Ethiopian game park struggles with human neighbors

China Tiger Trade Would Doom Species

Secrets of largest fish revealed

Lands Surface Change On Alaska Tundra Creating Longer, Warmer Summers In Arctic

Marine Bacterium Suspected To Play Role In Global Carbon And Nitrogen Cycles

Rare Transfer of Virus From Horses to Dogs Blamed for Outbreak of Respiratory Disease

Study Reveals Plant 'Stem Cell'

Gay Trysts, Fiery Females and Rough Sex - Squid Secrets Exposed


President Would Get $50 Billion More for Wars Under Senate Bill

White House: Iran Has Just One Chance Left to Avoid Possible UN Security Council Sanctions

Bush Administration Backs Sharon in Going After Hamas

Bush urges larger role for military in disaster relief + Pentagon officials consider posse comitatus "archaic"

Bush puts focus on oil sector jobs after Rita + AP Exclusive: Review Warned of Medical Gaps Months Before Hurricanes + Nagin Reopens New Orleans' Algiers Section

Bush prepared to tap oil reserve again

Bulgaria Sees Draft Deal on U.S. Bases Next Month

Karen Hughes travels to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey to repair damaged US image + Hughes kicks off new job with tour of Egypt

Egypt is nearing the signing of a free trade agreement with the United States

National Security Advisor Hadley to visit Pakistan this week

Turkey and US sign gun manufacturing contract

President Bush's schedule, Wednesday

U.S. backs IDF offensive against Hamas in Gaza Strip

US secretary of state Rice to visit Haiti

Yemen Asks U.S. to Drop Name of Influential Islamist Listed as Terror Suspect

Supreme Court Nominee: Roberts Heads Toward Easy Confirmation + Bush cites 'diversity' in considering next court slot + How Some Senators Plan to Vote on Roberts + Bush Administration Sets Up Supreme Court Showdown on Abortion

Iran: Egypt warns against double standard in dealing with NPT + Iran threatens to halt UN spot-checks of nuclear sites + Iran and the invention of a nuclear crisis + Iranian Government Reacts To IAEA Nuclear Resolution + Russian nuclear head says IAEA should guarantee fuel to nations giving up uranium enrichment + (Pravda) Iran takes the offensive, Europe retreats

Syria, Lebanon: Journalist Mai Shedyak injured in bomb explosion + Syria approves 70 investment projects worth 1.6 billion dollars

N. Korea: U.N.: Not enough food for N. Korea if aid ends + Analysis: Bid to develop N. Korea minerals + North Korea involves population in harvesting campaign + N Korea unlikely to take part in APEC summit in Pusan + S. Korea urges IMF quota reform, calls attention to N. Korea

Congress: SEC's Cox Withdraws From Frist Probe+ Senate Majority Leader Frist Says He `Acted Properly' in Sale of HCA Stock

Troop abuse allegations rile McCain

Democrats: Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Kerry's not- so-amazing race, on film


Katrina Redux? Beaumont Paper Finds Federal Storm Failure in Texas

Hu’s Mystery Unveiled

North Korea Gets Free Electricity and Nuclear Weapons

Honest, bold action needed to save Bangladesh

Hu Jintao Chokes On His Own Words During His Visit to the USA

Jorge Castanada: The labyrinth of graft

The Private/Public property issue in Venezuela is to President Hugo Chavez' credit ... where Bush bombs!

Tom Engelhardt: No Iraqis left me on a roof to die

Rob Kall: Get to know Ben Marble, the guy who told Dick Cheney to go fuck himself

Rhonda Lineman: Bill First. The goose gets cooked while the gander stirs the stock

Ryan White: This week in corruption

Mideast Watch: Assessing Bush's Iraq logic

When Opportunity Knocks, Conservatives Answer

Which is the real Bush

Bev Conover: Is the bogus 'war on terror' fading away to be replaced by the 'war on porn?'

Larry Chin: China: cauldron of Bush administration anxiety

Xymphora: British Basra bomb bull

Capitol Hill Blue: Rats Jump Off a Sinking Ship Called Bush

MILITARY  US Army goes shopping for anthrax

Concern over US army efforts to buy anthrax

Fifth US Army Supports Rita Relief Operations

Captain breaks chain of command to voice charges

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  The Church's gay dilemma + Gay Pride: 'Broken bottles won't stop us' + Gay marriage back in Oregon court

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

BBC attacked over July 7 coverage

Bring 'Out' Your Dead? Gay Journos Mull Obit Complexities

'San Fran Chronicle' Probes Pat Tillman's Death, and Life

The Last Cut is the Deepest

New PBS Film: How Bob Dylan Beat the Press

Lebanese journalist loses limbs in blast

Rush & Molloy: Outboxed: Murdoch's warring journalists

ABC, CBS Secretly Searching for Anchors

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Remnants of lost city found in Argentina

Alice in Wonderland online in 3D

Laptop illusions add a startling extra dimension to live theatre

Royal Ballet's latest too shocking for matinees

Where the relics meet the road: Ireland's highway dispute

Polanski brings a darker twist to 'Oliver'

Hollywood sees its next big thing

Ancient Greek Theater

Remnants of the lost continent Atlantis? found on a Greek island

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September 22, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Ten people killed in Iraq attacks + British troops resume Basra patrols + Basra: Iraqis demand apology, British keep low profile + Camp Apache, the Iraq police academy that relies on Britons + Iraqi oil pipelines set ablaze + Who are the insurgents in Iraq? + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Iraq laying IMF deal groundwork + Huge hurdles face Iraqi oil rebound ; Ex-minister says it will take years to return to peak output + Most Influential Shiite Cleric Backs Constitution; Another Split in Shiite Ranks

War prisons: England says love prompted abuse photos + Striking Guantanamo Prisoners Seek Court's Help + Guantanamo Hunger Strikers About to Die + Furor over hunger strike + Canadian government defends intelligence extracted through torture + Opening Statements Begin in Lynndie England Court-Martial

AFGHANISTAN: US General Defends Afghanistan Tactics + Observers complain low-efficiency, blank ballots destruction + Zapatero Announces Return of Spanish Battalion from Afghanistan + Outside view: Afghanistan's future + Lower Voter Turnout in Kabul Underlines Challenges in Fledgling Afghan Democratic Process

MIDDLE EAST: Saudi security is King Abdullah's greatest challenge

Egypt: Parliamentary elections will be held in full transparency and fairness

Israel, Palestine: Sharon could quit Likud, says Israeli PM's aide + Abbas dismisses plea to disarm militants + Shin Bet claims PA barely functioning + Sharon at point of stepping down

RUSSIA: Russia demands Berezovsky's extradition from Latvia

EUROPE: Britain: Met chief admits errors over tube shooting + Blair's pride costing lives, says Kennedy + British Muslim Leaders Call for National Council to Train Imams, Oversee Mosques

France plans to pay cash for more babies

Germany and France are the new sick men of Europe

Schroeder, Merkel Fail to Agree on Chancellor; Talks on Government to Continue + Merkel Keeps Options Open for German Coalition After Talks With Schroeder + Germany's Schroeder meets rival Merkel over government formation + Schroeder seeks larger German coalition + Schroeder, Merkel remain firm on claiming chancellorship + Germany's politics

Austria pays tribute to Weisenthal amid reservations

Cypriot Greeks Block Cyprus Declaration at the Last Minute

EU to Gather to Discuss Turkey + EU agrees on key point for Turkey + Turkey accuses Cyprus of seeking to sideline UN from reunification efforts

Bulgaria Heavily Sanctions Terrorism Profiteers

Ukraine: Tymoshenko and Yushchenko Heading for Showdown + Ukraine's Yushchenko Turns to Orange Revolution Foe to Get His Choice for PM Approved

Croatia: Church officials insult war crimes prosecutor

EU sets new plan on data retention

Berlusconi Names Tremonti as Italy's Finance Chief After Siniscalco Quits

CENTRAL ASIA: Kyrgyz deputy gunned down

AFRICA: World Bank withholds Uganda funds

Burundi addressing massive influx of pupils

Nigeria charges separatist with treason + Nigerian militia fighters take over Chevron oil flow station

Algerian activists slam 'scandalous' referendum

ASIA PACIFIC: No river-link between India and Bangladesh

Japan: LDP approves postal reform package + Female 'ninjas' steal Koizumi's limelight + China, Japan to meet over gas feud + Japan Internet execs shy away from politics

Australia: Union push to end ban on new uranium mines

Indonesian navy fires on Chinese vessel

Gazprom, CNPC mull cross-border gas pipeline + China's future begins in Canada

Pakistan proposes fencing Afghan border

AMERICAS: The new child slavery in Haiti

Argentina gov't faces up to state control of water services + Argentina renews rejection of fiscal organizational recipes

Bolivia Convulsed by Student Riots, Landless Campesinos

Brazilian Speaker of the House Resigns + Global bond is a buoy for Brazil + Money Changer Says Brazil's Ruling PT Had International Money Laundering Scheme + Governor Declares Emergency After Fires Ravage Brazilian Amazon State + Brazil Accuses US of Failing to Lift Cotton Subsidies, Seeks Permission to Retaliate

Chileans Trained in Honduras for Iraq Could Be Expelled

Mexican Government: Bad Weather Likely Cause of Helicopter Crash That Killed Officials


Senators Accuse Pentagon of Obstructing Inquiry on Sept. 11 Plot

Iran succeeds in getting Interpol to cancel international wanted notices for 12 Iranians sought by Argentina in connection with 1984 bombing of Jewish community center

Wide network of Islamic militants revealed

US deploys warfare unit to jam enemy satellites

London bomb suspect back in Britain + London bomb suspect charged with attempted murder

Oxford dons blast CIA student spies + CIA gathering intel on students for future hires

Outgoing CIA official discusses concerns

NSA lodges geolocation patent

Intelligence Officer's Espionage Charge Not Overturned

Man who aided embassy bombers gets 10 years

Al-Qaida updating its terror tactics

US spooks patent technology to locate web users

Filipino "spy" moved money in Canada + NBI: Espionage documents silent on identities of 3 Filipino officials + Recipients of info to stay secret + Miriam tells Ping, et al.: Go to US and face the music

French spies take fight to Supreme Court

US spooks patent technology to locate web users

Bin Laden texts to be translated

Spy Imagery Agency Prepares to Record Rita's Destructive Path

MILITARY Bush names Bell to lead US forces in Korea

Is The US Navy is Too Small?

Safeguarding the Straits of Malacca

Mystery Losses in the Russian Air Force

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay couples challenge `Florida Marriage Protection' initiative + Expected Vatican Ban on Gay Seminarians Roils American Church

LEAKGATES  Sept. 11 military cover-up alleged; The Pentagon is accused of destroying pre-attack records linking hijacker Mohamed Atta to al-Qaida.


KATRINA, RITA: Oil industry braces for 2nd rough spell + Texas biolabs ready for storm + Health care providers ready to weather Rita + Public housing residents on alert, not being evacuated + Deep, warm waters of the Loop Current gave Rita big boost + National Homeland Defense Foundation Symposium to Discuss the Role of Business in Preparing for Terrorism; Recovering from Katrina + Cyclones and typhoons maintain stable fresh water supplies on Earth + Katrina's Lingering Medical Nightmare + How Different Groups Feel About Hurricane Katrina and the Storm Recovery

Impact Of Global Warming On Weather Patterns Underestimated

Rita and Beyond: Research Model Advances Hurricane Intensity Prediction

Russia Takes Over ISS Watch as Rita Threatens US Space Center

Free Wi-Fi access firm launches

New camera to e-mail pictures

Grid technology stalls Wiki vandals

Case Astronomers Find Vast Stellar Web Spun By Colliding Galaxies

Mars Global Surveyor Orbiter's Long Life Helps Scientists Track Changes On Mars

Earliest Meteorites Provide New Piece In Planetary Formation Puzzle

Cyber-dissident handbook published

(Washington Times) War protesters linked to radical left-wing groups

Tips for the Crusading Blogger

National ID card databases 'should be open source'

Robert Fisk Refused Entry Into US

Washington Girds for War Protesters, `Mass Civil Resistance'


Stardom: Houston, We Have A Problem


Crude Oil Prices Ease to Above $66 After Racing Past $68 as Rita Advances on Texas

Stocks in US Rise as Rita Weakens, Oil Prices Fall; Retail Shares Climb

The Real Oil Shock; One expert argues that the Saudis won't be able to meet demand; we'd better prepare now

Life is sweet for honey farmers as sales soar

A visit to Argentina's worker-run hotel

Russia's excessive stock of petrodollars likely to cut the dollar rate twice

Former Microsoft executive starts Google job in China


Potency of flu shots questioned

Indonesia is wary but reassured about bird flu death + Close contact could see humans spread bird flu-WHO + Govt to expand H5N1 surveillance to pets + Australia promises Indonesia bird flu drugs + Time the enemy in bird-flu fight

Illinois: Syndrome set off by superbug kills 3 kids here + Betsy McCaughey: Hospitals must beat the bugs

Brits get nose spray to put freeze on cold

Diagnosis by chip made of polymer, glass

Researchers Create Functioning Artificial Proteins Using Nature's Rules

Genetically Engineered Animals Help In Scientific Research That May Benefit Children

VCU Researcher Leads International Team In Developing Guidelines For Treating Hydrocephalus

UVa Scientists Discover New Type Of Nerve Cell That Could Be Target For Drugs To Ease Pain

Suppression Of FOXO1a Gene Might Kill Resistant ARMS Tumors

Promising Diagnostic Tools For Multiple Sclerosis Developed At Yale

New, Healthful Compound Discovered In Exotic Lentils

Understanding IGF-1: Jefferson Researcher Sees Drug Potential In Targeting Enzyme

Sugar Helps Control Cell Division

Researchers Link Childhood Asthma To Exposure To Traffic-related Pollution

Researchers Pinpoint Molecular Basis For Phantom Pain Following Spinal Cord Injury

New Tools Used To Control Foodborne Hepatitis A Outbreaks Related To Green Onions

Killer heatwave may have fuelled global warming

Japan returns storks to the wild

South Africa: 10,000 elephants face slaughter

Snow leopard wins battle for survival

Animals `milked' for Chinese medicine now being rescued

NOAA Fisheries Service Rescues The Last Four Trained Dolphins Washed Into Mississippi Sound After Hurricane Katrina

Hanging Baskets Of Sex And Death Help Fruit Growers

Aloe Vera Coating May Prolong Freshness, Safety Of Fruits And Vegetables



US tightens asylum rules + Immigration process has some caught in legal limbo

Grand jury criticizes Philadelphia archdiocese for hiding abuse + The Philadelphia Grand Jury's Report on Clergy Child Sex Abuse in the City's Archdiocese: A Lesson for All States

Judge tied to Mafia wins battle over pay

Human traffickers targeting the educated

A Sci-Fi Future Awaits the Court

Widening Abramoff probe

Can I see your software license, sir?

Medical Statistics Expert Takes Stand in Vioxx Trial

HealthSouth Whistleblower Gets 27-Month Prison Sentence

Feds Want Ex-White House Official's Cooperation in Abramoff Probe, Lawyer Says

Court Rejects Tycoon's Appeal, Cuts One Year From Sentence

R.I. High Court Says Mormon Adoptee Has No Right to Get Background on Birth Parents

Judge Dismisses Vermont Effort to Let State Workers Import Cheaper Medications

Woman Charged in Man's Statutory Rape of Daughter Pleads Guilty


Bush Says US Expects New Insurgent Violence in Iraq

Bush compares responses to Hurricanes, terrorism + Cheney wins again

Bush Dispatches Abdullah to Meet With Sharon and Abbas

White House Briefing: McClellan Explains Bush 'Guitar' Photo + White House Briefing: Reporters Wonder About President's New 'Focus' on Hurricanes + President Bush's schedule, Thursday + Bush plans to visit Arkansas up in air + Koizumi, Bush may hold summit meeting in Nov.

China tells US to respect its system

Bush's Political Image Maker Visits Turkey

Japan to be part of US missile project

Putin critic Berezovsky meets US President's brother Neil Bush in Latvia

Defense Spending Is Overstated, GAO Report Says

Obama: White House blind to poverty in US

US will monitor Chinese activities in Latin America

Saudi FM accuses US of partitioning Iraq, handing it over to Iran

Supreme Court Nominee: Roberts Court Nomination Goes to Full Senate as Judiciary Panel Votes 13-5 + Roberts' ruling in Bush's favor debated; Terrorism case came as White House was interviewing him + How Some Senators Plan to Vote on Roberts

Iran: EU Offers Slight Compromise on Referring Iran to Security Council + Iran and Algeria's presidents talk by telephone + EU drops push to bring Iran nuclear issue to UN + Elaine Shannon: Rice and the Iran Showdown + UK, EU-3 seek new strategy as their draft resolution against Iran fail support + US: Iran will be forced to comply with US objectives

Syria, Lebanon: Hezbollah won't comply with disarmament, commander says + There is no hiding from Mehlis' report + Beleaguered Lebanese President Vows to Remain in Office + Lebanese judge issues arrest warrants + Damascus pleased over UN Hariri investigation progress + Zeibari accuses Syria of not controlling borders; Damascus denies + Washington a decision against Syria is delayed

N. Korea: North Korea: reactors would be sign from US + Chinese ambassador expounds China's position on Iran nuke issue + Top US envoy considering North Korea visit next month - reports + North Korean con job? + Iran Makes North Korea Look Easy + Threat of nuclear accident in N. Korea heightened: lawmaker

Congress: Parties spar on Katrina panel roster + Republicans offer spending cuts; Bush's drug benefit on list as they seek funding for Katrina

Conservative leaders ask Specter to release memos detailing contacts between liberal interest groups and committee Democrats

Democrats: Soros dives into midterms + Kerry's Attacks on Bush May Prove to Be a Two-Edged Sword

GOP: Santorum takes Bush to task on social security + KATRINA; GOP uneasy on Katrina costs; President Bush faces intra-party unrest as conservatives worry about political backlash with ramped-up spending for Gulf recovery

Voting: Libertarians File Lawsuit Against North Carolina Election Laws


Ali Bulac: Tal Afar and strategic calculations

Robert Novak: Bashing Bush in Aspen

Richard Cohen: The curse of Texas revisited

Bronwen Maddox: Wave of charity threatens to sink White House plans

Josh Marshall: Start the Abramoff conflict of interest discussion here

Byhal Crowther: Same is for sissies. The Bush administration's contemptuous nomination of John Bolton

(Capitol Hill Blue) Nobody Won the War on Poverty + Is Social Security 'Reform' Dead?

Joe Cannon: Bush off the wagon?

M K Bhadrakumar: Karzai grabs a tiger by the tail

Lindsey Hilsum: Iraqis have as many illusions as Bush about their country, like children closing their eyes and saying, "You can't see me"

The Pen Is Mightier....

European magazine, newspaper editors brainstorm

How to write a novel in 100 days or less

New Bible textbook aims to teach, not preach

Can Bloggers Strike It Rich?

Goof Lets Times' Content Go Free

University of Michigan Official Comments on Google Library Lawsuit

Tuned In: Martha: Too Real for Prime Time?

Federated Merger Another Blow to Newspaper Advertising

Gay Journos Celebrating NLGJA's 15th Anniversary At Chicago Confab

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Sketch could be a da Vinci

Film Festival Lights Up Rio de Janeiro

Plan to develop 10 places linked to Gandhi

Monarch Grove readies for return

A vinegar more precious than wine

Antique Seed Packets

Covering and uncovering the Dead Sea Scrolls

Tapping Archaeology to Seek the Cosmic Rosetta Stone

And foreigners flock to land of the Seven Swords

Queen Hatshepsut fair travels to US

Rush & Molloy: Hurricane-relief performers go big easy on Bush & Co.

Lloyd Grove: Pooling allies in teen queen tiff

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Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

September 21, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  12 deaths put US toll in Iraq at over 1,900 + Sadr militia's new muscle in south + Basra crisis talks + Iraqi police protest after raid dispute + Troops recount escape from burning Basra tank + Shiites fleeing Sunni dominated neighborhoods of Baghdad + Al Qaeda and the Iraqi Resistance Movement + Three Blackwater USA employees are killed in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: U.N.: Emergency Food Operations in Iraq at Risk Because of Funding Shortfall + Iraq police militants 'must go' + Iraq's parliament approves new constitution + A remarkable reversal of fortune for Iraq's defense minister + Saddam's Lawyers Say They Don't Recognize Oct. 19 Trial Date

War prisons: Lynndie confession OKd

AFGHANISTAN:  The opposition face of Afghanistan

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt legislative elections in November

Israel, Palestine: Israel: al-Qaida Ready to Infiltrate Gaza + Sharon calls for compromise to end “bloody conflict”

RUSSIA: Russia celebrates 625th anniversary of The Battle of Kulikovo

EUROPE:  Blair under new pressure to set date for pulling troops out of Iraq + 'People here see the Iraq government has no authority'

How Germany's East Abandoned Angie + German parties far apart as warnings grow louder

CENTRAL ASIA: 'Show trial' begins in Uzbekistan + Uzbekistan: Where journalism is branded terrorism

Yushchenko Seeks Way Out of Deepening Crisis

AFRICA: First national unity government in Sudan

Africa's disabled are "poorest of poor"

ASIA PACIFIC: Chinese banks attract world's financial giants + China admits women were forced to have abortions

Koizumi launches 3rd Cabinet with same lineup

AMERICAS: Bolivian Presidential Candidate Says if Elected He Will Stop U.S. Backed Coca Eradication

Guatemalan Judge Cancels Arrest Warrant Against Former President

Crystallex Says Plans to Develop Mine in Venezuela on Track + Chavez Frias recounts trip to USA from the Peoples's Balcony + Iranian Petropars to help develop of heavy oil project in the Gulf of Venezuela + Chevron committed to business and regional infrastructure in Venezuela + Chavez accuses ruling Mexican party of following America's anti-Venezuela plan+ + Chavez says US attack could push oil to $100 per barrel + Venezuelan President Backs Court Ruling Against CANTV

Head of Mexican Police' Helicopter Missing

New Cuban revolution: Preservation

Appeals Court: Librarians' Names to Remain Secret in Connecticut Patriot Act Case

Chris Hall: Universities getting cozy with the FBI

Christian conservatives censoring American films

Stardom: Rockstar Rattles, Rankles Jack Thompson

China Gets Tougher on Foreign Media

Far Cry From Vietnam -- New Silent Majority Sets Pace for Anti-Iraq War Movement


Pentagon Refuses to Allow Military Officers to Testify at Hearing Concerning Pre-9/11 Intelligence

Al-Qaida cell uninspired in plot to kill Bush, suspect says

Bangladesh: Mixing aid with terror

Miriam tells Ping, et al.: Go to US and face the music

Keystrokes Reveal Passwords to Researchers

National Intelligence Service Officials Admit Illegal Wiretapping Involvement

KGB Tried to Woo Third World Leaders

Leaving Los Alamos: Its UC Legacy, Military Future

Former CIA officer sees better tomorrow

Italy to extradite bomb suspect Thurs -sources

Jonathan Power: How Turkey fails its Kurds

African States Discuss How to Fight Terrorism

BU debuts espionage exhibit

The "Unknown Hitler" reveals curious details about Fuhrer's life

The Capture of Eichmann: How a Nazi-hunter tracked down his biggest prey


Volvo Convicted of Gender Discrimination After Denying Woman Job Because of Her Height

State of Washington, FBI, building industry offer reward for capturing ecoterrorists

New FBI unit to join battle against porn

Judge OKs $6.1 billion in WorldCom settlements

Minutemen planning national action at U.S. borders

Hinckley's Approaches to Women Questioned

New Name, Same Pain -- Another Young Person Dies Behind Bars in California

Michigan's Proposed Law Admitting Prior Crimes in Child Sex Abuse Cases

KATRINA AND RITA Houston mayor orders evacuation + Rita Strengthens Into Category 5 Hurricane, Packs 165 Mph Winds Over Gulf + Chertoff has little room for error on Rita + A million face evacuation + Evacuations as Rita strengthens + Damaged levees offer New Orleans little flood protection, corps says + As Rita picks up steam, it's deja vu all over again for U.S. energy industry + Wages for day laborers rise along Gulf Coast in Katrina's wake + Hurricane Katrina Death Toll Rises to 1,036

Mars: A changing, dynamic world

Bot Builders Scramble for Cash

Squid Labs: Suckers for Novelty

Google starts wi-fi hotspot experiment

Nasa has missed an opportunity with new Moon plans, critics say

Authors sue Google over book plan


Not so desperate housewives

Martha Stewart gives up fur, makes PETA video

Lenore Skenazy: Ivy League could become Wifey League

Grandsons of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin to Meet for Yalta Anniversary Debate


Gasoline, Oil Jump as Hurricane Rita Threatens Gulf Platforms, Refineries

Smaller Companies Get Additional One-Year Delay From SEC From Key Part of Anti-Fraud Law

Gasparino: Will SEC Let Martha Be a Real CEO?

Oil Prices Jump as Hurricane Rita Nears

MILITARY 'Service to your country' muddied by Peace Corps-military agreement

Harvard Will Cooperate With Military Recruiters

Training turns to likelihood of combat

With the Troops: Ex-New Yorker in Afghanistan election

Transparent tales shield Taliban fighters

No timetable for new Stryker vehicle armor

Iraqi army trainees learn ropes on ‘Island’

Ramstein center is Air Force's first designated Jewish-Muslim prayer space

WWII-Era Grave at U.S. Base Has 34 Bodies


Huffington: The John Bolton connection

Yahoo: Plamegate: The John Bolton Connection

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:   Ireland: Gay In Iran + Salt Lake Mayor To Sign Gay Families Order + SLC Mayor's Benefits Plan Hits First Snag

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Guild Leaders Hit Newspaper Staffing Cuts -- and Question the Timing + Analysis of Job Cuts: Are They Starting to 'Hit Bone'?

Writers on the Storm: 'Houston Chron' Seeks Stormbloggers

Mississippi Columnist Discusses State's Post-Katrina Damage and Resilience

Radler's Plea Agreement Suggests Black Ordered Improper Fee Scheme

The AP's FOIA Request Nets Reams of FBI Memos on 'High Visibility' Targets

Happy Media Accountability Day!

Journalists in Colombia Threatened After Reporting on Alleged Corruption

Today's papers


Tests allay Indonesian fear of mutation in virus + Avian flu among humans a question of when + US Bird Flu Scenario Eyed

Personalised drugs 'decades away'

FDA OKs breast implants under conditions

STD vaccines in works, but for children

Green tea 'cuts Alzheimer's risk'

Child medicines 'bible' launched

Childcare 'stress for toddlers'

Maligned wild dogs make modest comeback in Africa

Heatwave makes plants warm planet

Climate food crisis 'to deepen'

'Whale riders' reveal evolution

Global plan to rescue amphibians

Devilish ants control the garden

'Better' DNA out of fossil bones

Gauging age: a historical bone of contention


Bush Highlights Rita Readiness After Criticism for Handling of Katrina + Bush Urges Evacuation of US Gulf Coast Areas + Bush signs Katrina-related flood insurance bill

Bush’s New Vision For Space Travel

Bolster Gaza moderates, Bush urges

Bush has ChevronTexaco lawyer head fed's oil price gouging probe

Bush Dynasty: The Next Generation

Supreme Court Nominee: Leahy to Support Roberts for Chief Justice of the United States + Reid seeks 'mainstream' nominee for US court + Bush hears warnings on court nominee + Specter Urges Delay in Replacement of O'Connor at Supreme Court

Iran: U.S. Presses Case Against Tehran as Iranian Vice President Arrives to Gather Support + Russia, China opposition threatens West push on Iran + Iran not to withdraw from NPT + Iran Wins Developing States' Support on UN Referral (Update3) + Iran to link oil trade to nuclear dispute

Syria, Lebanon: US uses 'Libya model' to pressure Syria + Turkey decides to remove mines from border with Syria + Al-Assad discuss Syria- U.S. ties with anti-war academics + Mehlis interrogates Syrian officials regarding Hariri assassination + Arab lawyers express solidarity with Syria

N. Korea: North Korea Accuses U.S. of Plotting Nuclear Attack

Domestic: US won't cut farm subsidies unless others do-Portman

Congress: Senate votes to ban Japan beef imports + Eminent domain plaintiff turns to Congress + U.S. House Approves $6.1 Billion Tax Cut for Hurricane Katrina Survivors

Democrats:  Daschle Re-Enters Political Arena + Personal responsibility key to combating poverty, Edwards says

GOP: Pilot of Navy Spy Plane Forced to Land in China Is Running for GOP Nomination in Nebraska + Frist, the inside trader

Voting: Obstacle in voting reform: photo IDs + Diebold Shares Fall After Company Lowers Earnings Forecast, President Quits


(Capitol Hill Blue) Try Something New...Like Cooperation + Ignoring the Real Obscenities + Playing the Blame Game + The Battle Over How to Pay In a Post-Katrina World

Jim Lobe: PNAC coalition down but not out

Tom Engelhardt: Blood for no oil

Iraq: Is there a way out of this mess?

Conason: Bush White House a haven for hacks

Xymphora: British bombs in Basra

Simon Jenkins: To say we must stay in Iraq to save it from chaos is a lie

Iraq: The Battle of Basra: Justin Raimondo

Govt Has Base Closures All BRACward

Bush's words on Iraq echo LBJ in 1967

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Hidden Images to Fuel Da Vinci Code Conspiracies

Vindolanda Tablets Online

Morgan Medieval Masterworks on View

Painter Joan Snyder Takes On the Big Boys: Pollock, de Kooning

Welliver Captured Nature’s Logic With a Serenely Intractable Vision

Our Best Writer, Revived Again—Melville Made Whole at Last

Lovely Ladies and One Dead Dog—Bebe, Patti, Izzy Take Turns On Stage

Dylan biopic reveals a man who makes every word count

`Dressing a Galaxy': A lavish look at the `Star Wars' costumes

'Crucified' Romania nun exhumed

Top Rankin

Friends recall why Jennings was top story

Rush & Molloy: Something nasty in the air as Karrine goes after Tyra

Page Six

Liz Smith

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Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

September 20, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: At least 10 killed in Iraq by twin suicide car bombs + Attacks Kill 9 Americans in North Iraq as Tensions Build in South + U.S. Deaths Top 1,900 as Nine More Are Killed; British, Iraqis Feud Over Basra Rescue + Under fire: British soldiers attacked in Basra + The day that Iraqi anger exploded in the face of the British occupiers + The British Army's authority has never looked more fragile + Reid defends Basra jail raid + Interactive: Basra jail raid + Statement: Brigadier John Lorimer + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Ex-Iraqi defense minister wanted + Contractor Accused of Giving Iraqi Girlfriend, Others Access to Baghdad's 'Green Zone'

War prisons: Abu Ghraib Guard Lynndie England Will Contest Abuse Charges + The Gitmo Hunger Strikers

AFGHANISTAN: Canadian forces have killed captured fighters in Afghanistan + Russia committed to helping Afghanistan+ US should ease off Afghan action: Karzai + Afghan drug trade linked to terrorist financing - official + Afghan Turnout Is Put at 50% + Amid elections and U.S. troop reduction, Afghanistan still lacks essentials for a viable state + Afghanistan election: a mockery of democracy

MIDDLE EAST: DEBKAfile Reports: Egypt wants to spread its security coordination to Ramallah and East Jerusalem

Israel, Palestine: Quartet urges Palestinians to dismantle militias + Israel agrees in principle to EU role in policing Gaza-Egyptian border + Sharon to Likud members: I will win party leadership race + Donations for Sharon raised through ultra-Orthodox group + Palestinian Leader Appears Weak, Isolated + US, other Mideast peacemakers take stock + Our World: Arik's talking points + Debka: Middle East Quartet falls short of backing Israeli demand to bar Hamas from January elections

RUSSIA: Putin says renouncing unilateral actions is positive for world + Russia makes significant progress in chemical weapons destruction - German ambassador + Russian pilot did not intend to intrude into Lithuania - Russian defense minister + Lithuania protests over Russian Su-27 crash statement + Lithuania accuses Russia of planning Su-27 crash + Russia's national wealth structure differs from the rest of the world

EUROPE: Iraq images shock Britain, but Blair is safe + Government ministers 'knew of shoot-to-kill policy three years ago'

Chirac calls for EU involvement in Hewlett Packard job cuts

Merkel Gets Backing From Lawmakers, Strengthening Bid to Govern Germany + German election leaves parties in bitter battle for the reins of power + Press decries the 'marriage of elephants' in Germany + Germany's two largest parties to hold coalition talks Thursday + German 'grand coalition' talks agreed + William Keegan: All is not lost + Jon Henley: The view from Paris + German election: a clear rejection of right-wing policies

Turkey a step closer to EU despite holding out on recognizing Cyprus + EU, Turkey: New talks, old hindrances

CENTRAL ASIA: Russia to provide military aid to Kyrgyzstan for anti-terrorism + Former Kyrgyz prosecutor: corruption increased after revolution

Uzbeks accused of involvement in Andijan uprising plead guilty to all charges + Trial over Andizhan revolt starts in Uzbekistan

UPDATE: Ukraine parliament rejects Yekhanurov as PM candidate + Yekhanurov pledges to replace two-thirds of government

AFRICA: UN official to visit Zimbabwe over aid impasse

Ivorian leader spurns West Africa mediation plan

Liberia: UN extends peacekeeper mandate but wants plan for troop drawdown

Sudan names new power-sharing govt in Khartoum + Key events in Sudan since start of civil war

Namibia: Eco-groups say uranium mine brings new hazards

Swaziland: March planned to protest new constitution

ASIA PACIFIC: Income gap in China reaches serious level, says article + Ultra subsidy for high-ranking Chinese officials + PBOC: Economy too much export-driven + China invites private, overseas capital to invest in railways + China proposes dialogue with Japan on disputed territory + Japan accuses China of extracting Japanese natural gas

Myanmar top leader meets Thai armed forces supreme commander

India and China: On a `global move'

Kyrgyz, Japanese 'are brothers' + Diet must focus on terrorism. Now is the time to determine Japan's role international effort

UMNO and the price of success

AMERICAS: President Hu visits Canada and Mexico

Wal-Mart enters Central America

Colombia denies refuge for Venezuela coup officers

Mexico church in row over "purified" drug money + PRI Official Resigns, Criticizes 'Bureaucrats' + Leader of radical farm workers' movement shot to death in southern Mexico

Bolivia's Morales takes lead in opinion polls

Kirchner says Suez responsible for underinvestment in Argentina water business + Argentina seeks foreign help for oil exploration

Brazil adopts stick and carrot policy towards China

Twelve killed in Guatemala gang prison massacre

Nicaragua's VP Says He Will Resign

Indian oil company joins search for petroleum off Cuba's coast + Cuba Creates International Disaster and Epidemic Brigade + Venezuela to finance companies exporting to Cuba

Chavez Says Gold Mine Belongs to the State, Despite Canadian Investment

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Starbucks cups with gay author's quote pulled from Baylor + Anglican Rift Over Homosexuality Deepens With Nigerian Church's Move

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Buyout Plan Announced at Philadelphia Dailies, Layoffs Could Follow

Mocking in the Free World: Neil Young Stomping Mad at 'Chicago Tribune'

NY Times Cutting 500 Jobs, 4 Percent of Work Force

'Times-Pic' Photographers Recount Hurricane Horrors

Black executive Radler pleads guilty

Life, the universe and Wiki

Schanberg: Katrina Reveals Media's Caste System

Today's papers

KATRINA: Rush is on to empty Houston's megashelters + On Move Again, Katrina Evacuees Flee Rita + Nagin, President Bush, Blanco and Big Decisions + Engineers Race to Patch New Orleans' Fractured Levees as Hurricane Approaches + Major Developments in Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath + Katrina Raises Voters' Doubts About Bush Priorities, Republicans' Worries About Elections + Hotels Rush to Reopen as Demand for Rooms From Recovery Teams Grows + Including African-Americans in the Rebuilding of New Orleans: Minority-Owned Businesses and Minority Employees Should Be Recruited, And Use of the Eminent Domain Power Must Be Scrutinized

Nasa reaches for the Moon - as a launch pad to Mars + NASA's Moon Vision: Action Plan or High-Tech Hallucination? + American Colonies on the Moon

Unique satellite to be launched from Plesetsk to measure ice sheets + Russia beginning Soyuz tests for trip to ISS

Mikko Hypponen: Virus Hunter

Low-Power Chips to Get More Focus at Intel

New Star Survey Sheds Light On The Evolution Of Galaxies

MIT Researchers Map City By Cellphone

Breakthrough In Micro-device Fabrication Combines Biology And Synthetic Chemistry

Ocean Instrument Program Led By Scripps Set To Achieve World Coverage

MILITARY As Rita approaches, Bataan delayed, other ships sent to sea + Ships to remain in Gulf, assist if Rita hits

NORTHCOM Prepares to Support Relief Efforts for Hurricane Rita

U.S. Air Force Officer Killed, Two Airmen Injured in Road Accident in Egypt

Judge Halts Navy's Transition to New Base Contractor

Gag Orders Lifted; FBI Can No Longer Silence Discussion of Patriot Act

Google Earth threatens democracy - again


Why are America's schools more separate than ever?

Celebrity 'hyper-agents' transform philanthropy


Fed Raises Target Rate to 3.75 Percent, Calls Katrina `Near-Term' Setback

Microsoft announces major reorganization

Macao-based bank flays US money-laundering accusation

Intel to develop software in Argentina

Mastercard to issue millions of no touch cards

State of Washington selling wine to Asia + French discover Oregon where you can make wine without rules

France's Breton wants G7 to adopt strong common stance on oil

Siebel is done deal, Oracle says


Indonesia gears up to ward off spread of bird flu

Columbia Scientists Develop Cancer Terminator Viruses

Adult Human Neural Stem Cell Therapy Successful In Treating Spinal Cord Injury

China has largest stem cell program in Asia

Tiny Microscope Peers Into Mice Brains

From Ape to 'Homo Digitas'?

Shut up and take your pills

Pfizer: FDA Rejects Liquid Cox-2 Drug

Life's Origins Were Easier Than Was Thought

Second-generation Antidepressants Very Similar But Have Different Side Effects

Defective Lymphatic Vessels Identified As A Novel Cause Of Adult Onset Obesity

Protein Structure Key For AIDS, Cell Function

New Non-surgical Approach Showing Great Promise In The Treatment Of Challenging Brain Aneurysms

NIMH Study To Guide Treatment Choices For Schizophrenia

Study Finds Tarceva Benefits Older Lung Cancer Patients

Both Mother's And Father's Genes Can Trigger Pre-eclampsia

Drug-eluting Stents Succeed After Bare Metal Stents Fail

New York skyscrapers dim lights to save birds

New Chinese cotton strain to increase output 25%

Neanderthal Teeth Grew No Faster Than Comparable Modern Humans'


Junior's just Gotti love it: Mistrial!

3 Rwandan Ex-Ministers Go Before U.N. Tribunal

Australia: Woman 'of merit' joins High Court

Wal-Mart accused of depriving employees lunch breaks

Attorney files $5 million claim against Orange County sheriff

Hinckley is still troubled - feds

Opening Statements Begin in Former Prisoner's Lawsuit Against Texas Corrections Officials

When a Supervisor Bullies Only Women, Can the Conduct Count as Illegal Sex-Based Harassment? The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Says Yes


Bush Heads to Gulf Coast + Fran Townsend to probe federal response to Katrina

Rice Outlines Next Steps in Iran Showdown + US-India nuclear deal under Iran gun

Bush Administration Dismisses North Korean Demand for Reactors, Remains Hopeful of Agreement

Pentagon set to pay Uzbekistan for use of air base

US Will Discuss Kuwait Plan to Construct Refinery in US

AP Interview: Laura Bush Urges Nation to Confront Poverty and Race 'in a Different Way'

Supreme Court Nominee: Senate Democratic leader opposes Roberts + Which Democrats will vote 'yes' on Roberts? + Specter will vote to confirm Roberts + Senator v. Supreme Court nominee in Boxer's timely new novel

Iran: Russia holds out over Iran + Russia, India, China for solving Iranian nuclear issue within IAEA + Iran threatens to quit NPT if referred to UNSC + West threatens action on Iran + Russia attempts to rescue Iran from Security Council + Shalom: In 6 months, Iran may have know-how to build nuclear bomb + Debka: Korea's agreement isolates Iran

Syria, Lebanon: UAE diplomat unhurt after shooting in Syria - agency + Gary Leupp: Their Patience and Ours: Khalilzad Threatens Syria

N. Korea: North Korea statement will overshadow euphoria -- expert + North Korea's latest demand unacceptable - Japanese minister + DPRK trades NPT promise for US LWRs + S. Korean, US presidents exchange phone call on nuclear issue + China urges parties at N. Korea nuke talks to stick to commitments + ROK chief negotiator: China's role "outstanding" in six-party talks + Japan-North Korean talks to resume

Domestic: Fishing Management Plan Laid Out + Officials Confirm Reassignment of Medicare Official

Congress: Frist Sells Shares in Family's Hospital Corporation + Democratic Senator Threatens to Block Homeland Security Pick

Democrats: Pirro: You can't trust Slick Hil-ly

Voting: Elections Officials Sue Group Over Fundraising


John Birger: The truth about oil

(CSMonitor) Bush's missing trade mark

Greg Mitchell: Putting the 'N.Y. Times' On the Spot on Iraq

Denis Hamill: Bush's bullhorn moment just bull

Bob Herbert: Believe him again and end up like Charlie Brown

Pierre Tristam: Choreography by the scriptures for a struts and bull Presidency

History of troops keeping order in the South

(Capitol Hill Blue) Bush's Blank Check + Katrina Screwups Date Back to 9-11 + Delay in Immigration Reform May Increase Terror Threat + When Religious Zealots Rule

US and Pakistan: Elaborate pas de deux


Bombers staged dry run before London attacks + Al Qaeda Says It Was Behind London Attacks + Interview: Hizb-ut-Tahrir cries foul play in UK + In pictures: the dummy run + Timeline

Probing Able Danger

Britain talks to Egypt on deporting wanted exiles

Chinese company bids for Galileo Operation franchise. EU satellite navigation system independent of US military GPS monopoly

Chavez' Operation Balboa unmasked

Vatican denies knowledge of indicted war criminal's whereabouts

Taking aim at Indonesian terrorists

Janus-faced counter-terrorism in Pakistan

‘All secrets are in public domain’ + ''Ring of truth in some allegations''

Michael Ray Aquino waives prelim hearing

ECHR throws out appeal against Finnish Supreme Court

France police move on Iraq recruitment ring

Korea: X File Scandal to Top Assembly Inspection

Government: Man Wanted Bush Assassinated

Nazi-hunter Wiesenthal dies aged 96

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Putin grants Russian citizenship to Pushkin's descendants

Propriety, history clash in Argentina

Faithful pay homage to much loved saint

Japanese Explorer Finds Evidence Of 'Robinson Crusoe's' Island Home

Rush & Molloy: Has Kate blown it with not-so-model behavior?

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: A less flinty Stone says her peace

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Word of the day

September 19, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: At least 10 Iraqis killed in two booby-trapped car explosions (9/1905) + Attacks in Iraq: 10 Dead, 12 Injured + US Forces Kill Six Al Qaeda Militants in Tal Afar 9/18/05 + Amid carnage in Baghdad Tal Afar in the crosshairs + Iraqi group threatens to avenge Tal Afar + British Tanks Crash Through Basra Jail Walls, Freeing to Captured Britons + Iraqi security tight for Shia pilgrimage + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Defiant Shiites Gather in Holy City; Saddam Nephew Sentenced to Life for Funding Militants + Billion dollars plundered from Iraq's defense ministry + Saddam's nephew behind bars for life + Government Seeks to Strip Former Iraqi Defense Minister of Immunity in Corruption Probe

War prisons: About 200 go on hunger strike in Guantanamo + Dutch court opens Afghan torture trial

AFGHANISTAN: Defying Taliban threats, half of Afghans vote + Afghan ballots boxes make way to count centers

Musharraf discusses Afghan border fence, other issues with US military + Pakistan formally approaches Kabul to fence off the border

Russia Fears Rise in Heroin Supplies From Afghanistan + JTF2 commandos taking out Taliban

MIDDLE EAST: King Abdallah II: Reclaiming Islam from the extremists

United Arab Emirates: Mega theme park resort to be built in ‘Dubailand’

Saudi Arabia must address Shi'ite grievances-report + Saudi Arabia grand mufti condemns jihad in Iraq

Israel, Palestine: Abbas Requires Int'l Agreement to Re-Open Gaza-Egypt Border + Israel open to EU policing role in Gaza + Qalandia Checkpoint Nightmare for Palestinians + Israel's Sharon returns to fight for political life + 1Israel to allocate $1m to defend officers facing war-crimes trials in Europe + Sharon set to ‘stop Bibi’ + IDF 'buries' synagogue in evacuated settlement of Sa-Nur + Landau as Likud's dark horse? + Israeli and Tunisian Foreign Ministers Meet on Sidelines of U.N. General Assembly

RUSSIA: Lithuania waits on Russian warplane black box -- commander + Russia’s Kasyanov to run for president + Syria to help educate Chechen Muslim clergymen + Chechyan President holds meetings in Damascus + Putin on breakthrough in Chechnya + Moscow hounds US-aided Russian-Chechan group + Chinese traders gain foothold in Moscow

EUROPE:  German election deepens sense of paralysis in Europe + Peter Wilson: Germany turns hard left to limbo + German newspapers predict chaos after vote deadlock + French optimistic on German elections + Germany asks: Do we have a government or not + German Parties Mull Coalition Options + Germany's FDP rules out coalition with SPD ++ German Executives Urge Quick Resolution to Election Stalemate + After German vote, battle continues for the reins of power

Annan Will Take Important Steps On Cyprus Issue + Governments of Greece, Turkey and Cyprus want resumed UN effort

Turkish PM Erdogan attends Clinton Global Initiative

3 US Senators offer draft resolution on Kosovo + Kosovo and Serbia Hold Landmark Talks

Blast at British embassy in Croatia wounds one

Lithuanian court upholds separatist Web site suspension

Police investigating neo-Nazi concert in Kretice

Hungary's Socialist gov't announces 5 year plan + Hungary says 2010 euro introduction date possible

International company chooses Malta to produce new drug

CENTRAL ASIA: Russia to supply arms to ex-Soviet Kyrgyzstan + Russia To Beef Up Air Fleet at Kant Base in Kyrgyzstan

AFRICA: Burundi: Free schooling starts with logistical problems + Burundi: New president faces monumental tasks

Cote D Ivoire: Peace more elusive than ever on third anniversary of civil war

Nigeria recalls UN peacekeepers

Ethiopia committed to boosting trade ties with Iran

Sudanese real estate company begins $4 billion project

Peace talks under threat as Darfur rebels allege attack

Ugandan rebels flee into eastern DR Congo

ASIA PACIFIC: Japan: Koizumi resurgent with reform mandate

Musharraf breaks new ground in meeting with Jewish leaders + Pakistan asks west for nuclear cooperation on the pattern of India + Pakistan's wooing of Israel

India-Bangladesh talks on water begin in Dhaka + India devises policy to tackle Maoists

Bhutan bid to stop infiltration of Maoists

Hong Kong: Poison antidotes to be stockpiled for WTO meeting + Hong Kong preparing for possible riots, attacks at WTO summit

Indonesia accelerates Aceh pullout + Indonesia-Exxon oil deal one step to woo investors

China: $241bn to be invested in railways by 2015 + China looks to democracy to cure its ills

Myanmar: A job for the Security Council

Macao: Casino boom only beginning + Ho tries to calm bank crisis

AMERICAS: Chavez leaves New York for Cuba after visiting Bronx

Arab League to open diplomatic mission in Argentina + Barrick pours first gold at Argentine mine + Argentina urges IMF to be more flexible in credit agreement

South Americans furious at Paraguay over links with Washington

El Salvador Won't Pull Troops Out of Iraq

Canada: Manning proposes a school of right wing + Canada, Denmark have agreement on Hans Island + Native Band proposes control of B.C. coast forest

New twists in the war on coca + Colombian President gets an earful

Cuba Spawns International Disaster Medicine Brigade + Castro discusses economic ties with Chinese vice-president  + Cuban eye operations for Venezuelans pay oil bill

The ever-changing face of campaign politics in Mexico + Mexican Prosecutor Seeks Arrest of Former President for 1968 Student Massacre

Gang Inmates Clash Again in Guatemala Prison; Three Killed


Google Takes On Copyright Laws

The copyright challenge in China

Illinois Governor Who Commuted Death Sentences Going on Trial for Corruption

EU Says It Will Act Against Systematic Intellectual-Property Violations

Italy asks Czechs for extradition of mafia boss Putrone

Japan studies San Diego policy on sex offenders

Ex-police chief acquitted after using Taser on dog

Oregon to protect wolves

Kozlowski, Swartz Sentenced to 8 to 25 Years in Prison for Looting Tyco

How Will Homeowners Insurance Litigation After Hurricane Katrina Play Out?

Junior Gotti's jury tells judge it may be deadlocked

Judge Announces $6.2 Million Settlement in Lawsuit by Boy Falsely Accused

New Mexico Treasurer Pleads Not Guilty in

KATRINA How Vile is Katrina's Toxic Goo? + New Orleans' Health-System Crisis + Hit or Miss. Reimagining Mississippi's Gulf Coast after Katrina + Timeline re: takedown of FEMA + New Orleans Should Be Dry by End of the Week + Houston Project Draws Out Traumatized Kids + FEMA's Woes Were Merely the Beginning

NASA Estimates $104 Billion Price Tag for Returning Astronauts to Moon; 'Apollo on Steroids'

Google Earth gains National Geographic content links

The games of Tokyo

Stardom: The BROWSER WARS Continue

Why Disney Gave Up Pencils for Computers

Apple planning a laptop with a camera latch?

Worm spoofs Google on infected PCs

Asteroids Caused The Early Inner Solar System Cataclysm

Satellites Spot Mighty Mississippi -- In The Atlantic

Space Cycle Tests Artificial Gravity As Solution To Muscle Loss

Cassini Radar Images Show Dramatic Shoreline On Titan


Oil, Gasoline Soar as Rita Heads for Gulf; Natural Gas Surges to a Record

IMF's Clout and Relevance Wane as Nations Turn to Other Lenders

'Doing the right thing' at the Hong Kong trade talks

Russian oil giant freezes pump prices until end 2005

Wine: Quality vintage in Italy, drop in Europe

Cash in on Your Social Network

Psychopaths could be the best financial traders

Helping Peru's invisible women

Venezuela Foreign Minister Comments on Oil

The Katrina Tax


Men And Women Found More Similar Than Portrayed In Popular Media

N.Y. dog takes third at Chihuahua race

MILITARY  Moseley: Future Of The United States Air Force

Extended tours of some US military units eyed in Iraq: Pentagon

Article 32 hearing on hold for GI accused of killing officers in Iraq

LEAKGATES  GOP Derails Probes of Plame Affair


India promises to boost vaccine production against Japanese encephalitis. Toll 765

Conference on bioterrorism held in Volgograd

U.S. Hedge Funds Tackle Malaria in Africa

Indonesia declare "extraordinary" situation over bird flu + DRDC scientists target avian flu + Lean: Bird flu

Learning How SARS Spikes Its Quarry

FDA Chief: Mad-Cow Related Ban Will Be Tightened

Study Finds Overall Health And Quality Of Life Intact 10 Years After Stem-cell Transplantation

Intelligence in the Internet age

Facing Up to Ultimate Transplant

Netherlands: Moderate drinking appears to cut diabetes risk

Differences seen in anti-psychotic drugs

Neuropathic pain a lucrative drug target

Tissue tension link with cancer studied

High-vegetable Diet Linked To Protection Against Pancreatic Cancer

UCSD Discovery May Provide Novel Method To Generate Medically Useful Proteins

Key Neural System At Risk From Fetal Alcohol Exposure

Chemical Imbalance May Explain Painkiller's (Vioxx) Cardiac Danger

Medication-releasing Stent Reduces Risk Of Artery Re-narrowing Following Angioplasty

Unusual RNAs Linked To Chronic Leukemia, May Help Treat It

PSA Remains Best Indicator Of Prostate Cancer Progression

'Clock' Genes Mediate Leptin Effects On Bone Formation

Microtubules Critical To Development Of Mental Disorders

Gaps In Intestinal Barrier Could Cause Crohn's Disease

Computer Modeling Reveals Hidden Conversations Within Cells

Disrupting Cocaine-memories To Battle Addiction

Reforestation Of Burnt Earth: Use Truffles

Morphology Of Fossil Salamanders Reflects Climate Change

Tropical Deforestation Affects Rainfall In The U.S. And Around The Globe

Doctor: Even One Day of Vioxx Can Cause Heart Attack or Stroke

No Clear Winner in Major Comparison of Schizophrenia Drugs


CIA weighs requests for release of Sept 11 report

Madsen: The Neo-cons unfettered access to America's secrets

Chilling video: Terrorists to US: We will slaughter you

Al-Qaida Leader Criticizes Afghanistan Elections in New Tape Aired on Arab TV

Spanish court refused to release al Jazeera correspondent Taysir Alony from jail (Awaiting verdict in charges of being member of Al Qaeda + Bin Laden making Taliban more organized force + Saudi tells how Al Qaeda used him for terror op + Allen Zerkin: Is Al Qaeda asking to negotiate? + Al Qaeda propaganda in English part of new strategy: Report

Nuclear metal seized in Bulgaria

No apologies for Arar deportation to Syria: U.S. 

Joining the CIA is no easy job

Castro requested Soviet missiles in 1981, book says

Book says Cold War KGB had major foothold in India

How 'weak' Allende was left out in the cold by the KGB

French arrest would-be insurgents

Sounds of Typing Give Messages Away

Typo-Squatters Target Security Industry

US, Turkey cooperate in  new terror center

Posada could testify at spy's retrial

Arroyo sidesteps US espionage case involving Philippine officials

Baghdad Spies Live on Edge

Indira Gandhi received funds from American to get rid of communism in India? Prominent Marxist leader Jyoti Basu drops the bombshell

Training in Iraq, Taliban say, to bring terror back home Racketeering Case


Tropical Storm Rita Strengthens, May Become `Powerful' U.S. Gulf Hurricane + New Orleans Suspends Plan to Let People Return Because of Rita's Approach + Bush questions reopening of New Orleans

North Korea nuclear pledge 'positive step' - Bush + Administration pleased but cautious about North Korea and nukes

Administration Invites China to Participate in G-7 Financial Discussions

Officials Say Iraq's Health and Environment Sectors in Crisis, Need More Money

Rice warns Syria over Lebanon, Iraq + Rice urges  UN to stand up to Iran over nuclear weapons development

Lawmakers ask Bush to rebuke Thailand's' Thaksin for close relationship with Myanmar

Bush Pushes Military Law Enforcement

France wants US to ramp up refining investments

Supreme Court Nominee: Don't Expect Roe's End With Roberts, GOP Senator Says

Iran: Security Council option for Iran lacks support + Head of Nuclear Agency Urges an End to Posturing on Iran + US-based Iranians meet with Ahmadinejad + Iran's initiative provides IAEA with a good prospect + Iran warns IAEA referral would prompt Uranium enrichment + Russia hopes IAEA will not take Iranian case to Security Council + India not apologetic about relations with Iran + Russia seeks UN delay on Iran, EU open to idea + Iran's case in the balance + Piedar: Iranian Anarchism

Syria, Lebanon: US, Europe, Arabs press Syria over Lebanon + Lahoud’s visit to New York ‘A successful, fruitful trip’ + Kuwaiti embassy guard killed in Beirut + UN Hariri killing probe chief heads to Syria

N. Korea: White House Expresses Pleasure, but Caution, About North Korean Pledge to End Nuclear Program + N. Korea accord reached, but so far just words + Text of Joint Statement From Nuclear Talks + ‘Russia may build nuclear reactor for North Korea’ + A 6-party statement: The deal and details

Democrats: Democrats Ignore the Public: David Sirota + Privatized Global Problem Solving, Care of Clinton Alumni + Kerry, Edwards Blast Bush Over Katrina Response, Wage Law Suspension

Voting: Report cites flaws in nation's election system


Kurds dream of real power + + US Wriggles Out Of Dealing With The PKK

Charley Reese: We are Revolutionaries

Jeffrey Steinberg: Cheney revives "Parvus" war madness

(Mondaymorning) Between Hurricane Katrina and the Iraqi ‘khamseen’ The region is heading for an earthquake under the hammer of American pressures

(World Socialists) Northwest and Delta executives to make millions from bankruptcies

(World Socialists) Catholic Church steps up campaign to oust Spanish government

(Capitol Hill Blue) Just the Facts...Please + Asbestos Fund Doomed Before It Starts + So, How Do We Pay for Katrina Relief?

Anthrax Attacks Still a Mystery: Justin Raimondo

Xymphora: New Oraq and the corrupt class warriors

Prelude to an Exit Strategy: Ari Berman

Sara DeHart: The People versus FEMA

Larry Chin: John Roberts: career-long criminal player and imperial bagman

Fiyouzat: Taxation or racketeering

Luciana Bohne: Bush, Iraq, and Pope John Paul II

Paul Loeb: Paul Allen's other yacht

Madsen: Bush's New Orleans Rebuilding Scam

Alex Jones: Texas Demonstrators' Shirts Made Reference to the Plan of San Diego, a Genocide Operation against Whites over 16

Blood for pork....

Boeing Announces Key Executive Appointments In Saudi Arabia

Oversight, transparency key to monitoring Iraq bid process

The Antiwar Movement Goes on Trial: Leigh Saavedra

India: Tennis star faces Islamist threats over court outfit

Flaws found in Dutch biometric passports

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Spain: Conservatives challenge constitutionality of gay marriage + Ministers of malignancy and Schwarzenegger's ridiculous reasoning

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Paul V. Carlucci Named 'New York Post' Publisher

'NY Times' Introduces New 'Pay' Service Today: Reader Reaction Awaited + TimesSelect: Big Revenue Play or Dangerous Move?

J-Prof's FOIA Suit Circumvents Government 'Censorship'

Abrams Hopeful that Judith Miller Will Be Released Next Month, But Not So Sure

New York Times Reporter Slain in Iraq

Eritrea: Rights body asks gov't to account for detained journalists

CNN Hacks New TV Technology

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

'Lost,' 'Raymond' win top Emmy kudos; Spader wins

Ancient City Of Sardes To Be Promoted In World

Third-generation Iraqi looks after Abraham's birthplace

Relics reveal vigil of real-life Crusoe

Ethiopia says ancient obelisk to be put back

Stanley Tong, UCLA to open Shanghai international film school

Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins

In Turkey: Digging up a parliament

Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins

An Exhibition of Mississippi Mysteries

Life with Mammy

Sartre and Beauvoir, behaving very badly

Alex Ross on new classical releases

Vogue editor rouses the fat & the furious

Park Avenue co-op's embarrassment of riches

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Word of the day

September 16, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Al-Zarqawi's dark forces riding high on a tide of blood + More Iraqis Lured to Al Qaeda Group + Cleric says al-Zarqawi died long ago + General of Tall Afar Operation Touts 'Great Success'+ Nearby American attacks on Iraqi cities, 200 Iraqis killed in 48 hours + Iraq attacks kill dozens + 20 die as insurgents in Iraq target Shiites + U.S. Marine Killed in Explosion in Iraq + Iraq's deadly three days + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Iran Hints at Nuclear Initiative + For Kurds, sovereignty easily beats out the Iraqi constitution

War prisons: Records Detail Treatment of Iraqi Captives

AFGHANISTAN: Preelection Violence Kills 10 in Afghanistan + Moscow will help Afghanistan whatever the election outcome - parliamentarian + Afghan women defy death threats to stand in election + Afghan Warlords Fix Sights on Political Power + U.S.-Led Forces Braced for Afghan Vote + Afghanistan sees new elections, old faces + Voters truly marked

MIDDLE EAST: Saudi Arabia: Women Can Run in Business Chamber Vote

Russia supports renewal of Middle East Quartet envoy's mandate

Egypt to mechanize rice cultivation

Sharon has rare meeting with Abdullah + Sharon, Jordan's King Abdullah meet on sidelines of UN summit

Israel, Palestine: Sharon to meet with PA Chairman Abbas on Oct. 2 + Palestinians Force Their Way Into Egypt + Hamas blows hole in Gaza border

RUSSIA: Lithuania to keep Russian pilot of crashed plane until end of probe - prosecutor + Russia may earn $1.5 billion through CO2 emissions trading - UES + Lithuania and Estonia accuse Russia of violating their airspace

EUROPE: German public loses appetite for political change + Germany's election boils down to jobs, the economy + US, Britain want Schroeder out

Judge Orders Arrest of Milosevic's Wife

Estonia to build first synagogue since World War Two

CENTRAL ASIA: Delegation led by Chechen president to travel to Middle East

AFRICA: Nigerian arrest sparks oil threats + Nigerian group calls governor arrest in London "conspiracy

Sudan: Differences between government, People's Movement over energy ministry

ASIA PACIFIC: Indonesian Aceh Rebels Give Up Weapons + Indonesia seeks military cooperation with Russia

Senior official calls for cultural progress in Inner Mongolia + First cross-Strait elite forum concludes with joint proposal

AMERICAS: Activist Held in Murder Case Freed From Jail

Venezuela Government Unhelpful in War Against Drugs, U.S. Says+ < United States tax $$ being used to support anarchy in Venezuela + Chavez' slow but sure destruction of his country's economic infrastructure + Venezuela moving away from capitalism, but debt service not at risk

Program to battle Colombian drug trafficking gets fresh scrutiny


Weldon: Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders

Britain: 7 Men Seen as Security Threats to Be Deported

Tape claims Al-Qaeda militant on Saudi most wanted list alive

United Nations: Leaders Pressed to Boost Africa Aid + Koizumi pushes Japan's bid for seat on security council + Chavez urges leaders to consider moving UN out of US + Chavez Takes Bush to Task Over Iraq War + Martin delivers scathing critique of UN failures

China should send the equivalent amount in C4 explosives to Venezuela

The spy coat that comes with its own camera

Wycoco: RP officials in espionage case 'good as charged'

Pak national held with Kargil War report

Bulgarian court acquits Romanian journalist of espionage charges

Canada: Our B-team on intelligence

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Carlsbad man spreads the word through 'God'-casting

This TV Is Strictly for the Nerds

CPJ: U.S. Military Failing To Probe Journo Killings In Iraq

'SF Chron' Buys Out 90 Workers So Far, But Layoff Fears Continue

Today's papers

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Massachusetts Gay-Marriage Foes Seek Referendum After Setback + St. Louis seminary to be among first evaluated in gay inquiry + With marriage issue unsettled, gay activists lobby Gov. Schwarzenegger + An uproar in Italy derails gay union hopes + Shaq puts the heat on suspected gay bashers


US poultry giant under fire after segregation scandal is revealed

Wisconsin: Hunter Tells of Fear in the Woods

Court rules state can be held liable if supervised felons commit crimes

Support is ordered for in vitro children

Expert Says Merck Knew About Vioxx's Risks and Ignored Them

Italian Police Capture Alleged Top Naples Mob Boss

Illinois Governor Denies Wrongdoing in Teacher Pension Scandal


Click to view, state and local



KATRINA AND BUSH: Bush Promises a Massive Rebuilding of Gulf Coast. US to provide most of the money, predicted to reach $200 billion + One family in New Orleans views Bush speech with skepticism + President Chooses a Serene Spot to Frame His Message + Bush speech was part Franklin Roosevelt, part Lyndon Johnson + Bush Rules Out Tax Hike to Fund Recovery + Electricity Turned On In New Orleans Neighborhood For Bush, Turned Off When He Left... + After Blocking the Bridge, Gretna Circles the Wagons + Some in New Orleans Can Go Home + Worries Mount as Aid Flows With Few Controls + Rug Dealer Sitting Pretty + Couple living on dock, keeping watch over damaged shrimp boat+ Mississippi attorney general sues 5 insurance firms+ Work of Mexican marines may score political points + With DNA matches necessary, identifying bodies could take months + Environmental, fiscal challenges coming into focus + Poll: 43 percent of evacuees want to go home + Venezuela sends cargo of 300,000 barrels of gasoline direct to Louisiana

Apple: The Next Generation

The Great 'Race to Linux'

Scottish Police Pioneer 'DNA' for Banknotes

Hearing Aid for Cell Phone Calls

Russian rocket to launch European probe to explore Venus

Lawrence Livermore hardens heavy metal

Dartmouth Researchers Build World's Smallest Mobile Robot

International Climate Researchers Meet In U.S. To Simulate Flight Operations For Tropical Storm Cloud Experiment

UCF Researchers Studying Storm Surge Effects Of Hurricanes On Florida Cities

MILITARY Soldier pleads guilty to role in cocaine smuggling scheme involving military aircraft

At Eagle Warrior, Marines practice defending bases from terrorists

Former Vietnamese military post now lures tourists

Galloway and Hitchens get down and very dirty

Leak shows Clarke's unease over plan to detain suspects

Thought-provoking university exhibit focuses on 'Art of Protest'

Miami-Dade Police Officer Relieved of Duty in Unauthorized Data Access

Prosecutors Appeal Judge's Decision to Lift Patriot Act Gag Order on Librarians


Consumer Confidence in U.S. Drops to Lowest in 13 Years After Hurricane

Gulf Energy Output Will Take Three Months to Reach 90 Percent, U.S. Says

Disney Deal Backs Digital Distribution

Troubling Exits At Microsoft


West Nile Virus Declines Sharply Despite Its Coast-to-Coast Spread

U.S. buys $100 million of bird flu vaccine + Russia backs setting up international partnership to fight bird flu

3 plague-infected lab mice missing

Global warming 'past the point of no return'

Breaking New Ground While Treading Gently On The Alaskan Tundra

First in-utero surgery in Southern California performed at UC San Diego Medical Center

Stem Cells Repair Broken Hearts

Fertility ships to offer a way out to UK couples

A "warrior" sized diet could shed the pounds

Study Suggests Shift in Teen Sex Practices

FDA: Defibrillator defects on the rise

Intel's Medical Ambitions

A New Way to Treat Drug Abuse

Study: New mammograms good for young women

New hope in fight against body scars

Six years later, `micro baby' is beating the odds

Prevent Prostate Cancer With Antioxidants? Gene Pathway May Reveal More Clues

Link Suggested Between Regions On Two Chromosomes And Bipolar Disorder

Stressed Cells Spark DNA Repair Missteps And Speed Evolution

Adolescents And Young Adults With Alcohol-use Disorders Have A Smaller Prefrontal Cortex

New Tooth Enamel Dating Technique Could Help Identify Disaster Victims

Researchers Discover How Compounds Prevent Viruses From Entering Cells

Scans May Help Pin Down Tricky Diagnosis Of Cardiac Amyloidosis

Staying Alert During Class: Self-applied Acupressure May Reduce Sleepiness

Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy Increases Breast Cancer Risk Across All Ethnicities

Internet-based Stroke Exam Speeds Treatment In Rural Areas

Genetic Testing Helps Physicians Zero In On Eye Disease

Researchers Create DNA-based Sensors For Nano-tongues And Nano-noses

Mental Declines Can Be Reversed, Report Shows

New Drug Effective For Rheumatoid Arthritis, Stanford Scientist Finds

Rice Researchers Gain New Insight Into Nanoscale Optics

Skull Study Sheds Light On Dinosaur Diversity


Cheney to Undergo Elective Surgery Next Weekend for Aneurysm Behind Knee

Bush Confident on Iran After Putin Meeting + Nuclear disputes to top Bush-Putin meeting

Bush Convenes Meeting to Discuss O'Connor Replacement

Bush Rules Out Tax Increases to Pay for Katrina Recovery, Opts Instead for Spending Cuts

Ameritech Loan Exec to Resign If Named U.S. Envoy

U.S., Citing Abortion in China, Withholds Funding From U.N. Group

'Ditch the US alliance': Former Australian labor leader

US world's dictator: Cuba

NATO allies reject U.S. suggestion they take on counterterrorism duties in Afghanistan

Coming 'Sun-Sentinel' Series: Katrina Only Latest of FEMA Foul-Ups

Mississippi Paper Says Justice Dept. Trying to Blame Environmentalists for New Orleans Flood + Justice Department Asking Whether Environmental Lawsuits Hindered Levee Upgrades

Ministry: China-US textile talks to resume + China is alibi of world textile trade friction

Rep. Peter King to head Homeland Security Committee

Son of Florida Gov. Bush Arrested for Public Intoxication, Resisting Arrest

Supreme Court Nominee: With Roberts hearings complete, Democrats wrestle with their votes + Bush Plans Meeting on O'Connor Replacement

Iran: EU nations pleaded with Iran yesterday to reconsider nuclear cooperation proposals in attempt to head off showdown at world leaders summit over Iran's atomic program + Wheeling and dealing over Iran + Breakfast with Ahmadinejad

Syria, Lebanon: Syria ready to finalize association agreement with the EU + Lifting banking secrecy from eight Lebanese officials + US threats against Syria are due to US failure in Iraq, papers + Fox News: Rice calls for continued pressures on Syria + Car bomb rocks Beirut + Bulldog investigator in Hariri killing

N. Korea: U.S. Urges China to Press North Korea in Talks + North Korea will not end nuclear program unless U.S. builds light-water reactor + Inter-Korean talks end with agreement for peace, economic cooperation + New draft documents sheds gleam of hope

Congress: Cunningham gets OK for legal defense fund

Democrats: Bill Clinton echoes call to repeal the Bush tax cuts now + Clinton's New Paradigm: Power Beyond Politics

GOP: GOP campaign chief asks leaders to stall Social Security bill


For Washington, fear is now in Bashar Assad's camp

Ellen Goodman: Why plan A needs plan B

The Independent: Occupation instigate sedition for excuse to stay in Iraq

The unavoidability of dictatorship in the Middle East

(World Socialists) Recovering New Orleans' dead subordinated to profit and politics

E.J. Dionne: Senate should avoid Roberts

Arianna Huffington: Karl Rove's Big Easy

Chris Floyd: The enablers

(Capitol Hill Blue) Washington's Bad Hair Month + Has Bush Learned His Lesson? + FEMA's Way of Doing Things

The clash of Shariah and democracy

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Why Rove can't go ... to meetings

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

San Bernardino: Mayor opens 16th annual Route 66 Rendezvous

Photo sleuths pinpoint 'Moon' location

Giant condor release set for Pinnacles

Man's trek with donkey passes through Chico

Santa Rosa Plateau reserve is full of nature's wonders

Writer pursues mystery of black actress's missing Oscar

Disability 'naked, pregnant and proud' takes on Trafalgar Square

Stolen Rembrandt found

Russian avant-garde exhibition to open in Monaco

Int'l violin competition opens in Shandong

Chita Rivera: Broadway legend's career recapped in 'Dancer's Life'

Film review: Difficult mathematics and Gwyneth Paltrow in "Proof"

Rush & Molloy: Pictorial counterattack may prove blow to Moss

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The Governor:  Gov. makes it official: he's running for re-election + See Arnold Run: The Sequel + Gov. in San Diego Friday + Gov. wants more than $90 million to protect Calif. levees + Timing of Gov.'s Bid a Sign of Deep Woes + Please Don't Leave Me, Arnold! + Gov.Names Acting Lottery Director Melissa Meith + Gov. Signs Bans on School Junk Food + Gov. Convenes Action Summit on Health, Nutrition and Obesity + Minimum Wage Earners Frustrated in Attempt to Change Governor's Mind + Gov. to put his money down (SBee) Gov. , who's received a rash of criticism for trying to raise the $50 million he says he needs for his special election campaign, will soon contribute several million dollars of his own money to the cause + Props 78,79: Drug Makers Worried, Voters Confused + CalSTRS nominees selected Gov. on Thursday tapped a veteran school trustee and a Southern California businesswoman to round out the short-handed state teachers' retirement board

Dan Walters: Eminent domain bills are stalled - except one for casino tribe (SBee) The only eminent domain-related bill to reach Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk was a measure that allows the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians, which operates the Cache Creek Casino in Yolo County, to join a joint powers consortium with local governments and the University of California to manage the 17,300-acre Conaway Ranch.

Sen. Dunn to Run for State Controller

Angelides Denounces Bid to Buy PacifiCare

CalEPA unveils high-tech mobile terror threat lab

State has 10th W. Nile death (SBee) An 81-year-old woman from southeast Tulare County has become the 10th California resident to succumb to the West Nile virus, county health officials announced Thursday

Water Agencies Association pushes 12-step plan to keep state wet into future

Tests find high mercury levels in some store-bought fish

Indian tribes: Frenso: Proposed casino causes controversy + 3 could face banishment by fledgling Viejas court + OP/ED: Amah Mutsun of Mission San Juan Bautista Tribe Recognition Process ‘Open and Fair to All Parties’ + Barstow survey shows casino support + Dan Walters: Eminent domain bills are stalled - except one for casino tribe + Man shot outside casino



California inmates living in "sensitive-needs" yards to avoid gang life

New York judge dismisses lawsuit filed by California, seven other states alleging five utilities' emissions are public nuisance

Calif. sex offender killed by alleged victim in Idaho

Sacramento & north: Sacramento: Victim's father testifies as retrial in slaying starts (SBee) Han Hyo Chung sat in the witness stand Thursday, blinking. A few yards away sat Mikhael Vlasov, the young man accused of killing Chung's daughter Cindy + Sex-assault suspect arrested (SBee) A 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted Tuesday by a counselor at the Orangevale group home where she lived, according to authorities + Mother describes horror of seeing son shot dead (SBee) After a brief chase on Highway 50, the tension in the Honda Accord heightened as a white truck pulled alongside + Suspect arrested in Davis robbery spree (SBee) A Davis man suspected in a rash of violent robberies in the northern part of the city was arrested Wednesday after an anonymous person tipped off officers + 'Bag Lady' bank robber facing prison (SBee) Auburn: A San Jose woman nicknamed the "Bag Lady" by authorities faces a four-year prison sentence after pleading no contest Thursday to three bank robberies in Roseville and Rocklin + 'Overpayment' scam stings Chico woman + Butte's Most Wanted + Home burglaries plaguing Orland + Oroville has its second shooting in a week's time + Chico racial killer from 1979 has request for parole denied again

San Francisco, San Mateo: Suspect opens fire in bar, kills patron (SFC) A man with a gun entered the Geneva Pub in San Francisco just before closing time this morning, walked up to a patron and shot him dead + Coroner says 2 teens in freezer strangled (SFC) Two teenage girls found stacked in an outdoor freezer at their San Mateo home last month were strangled and smothered + New warrants for abuse suspects (SFEx) The District Attorney's Office on Thursday issued $1 million warrants for the arrest of Albert and Sandie Kong, who failed to appear in court for the second time this month on elder abuse and criminal neglect charges

Alameda: Quadruple West Oakland Shooting Claims One Life + Trail of stolen laptop winds through Web. Computer had data for UC Berkeley students, alumni (SFC) "There's nothing in the Police Department investigation that points to any type of identity theft or credit card theft."

Santa Clara: Santa Clara deputy shoots machete-wielding man + Five accused of Medicare fraud linked to Milpitas clinic (SJM) A federal grand jury Thursday indicted five Southern California health care providers on charges of fraudulently billing Medicare more than $1.1 million for medical tests and exams that were not performed by physicians or certified technologists -- or in some cases not performed at all + Man killed by cop had rod, not knife (SJM) The man who was shot dead by a police officer at a Campbell motel Sept. 7 was not wielding a knife, but a sharpening steel rod, an investigation has revealed

Contra Costa: Teen describes alleged gang killing (CCT) The day before Joey On turned 15, he saw a Latino man walk by bragging about his gang. On and his friends, who were members of a mostly Asian gang, decided they had to beat him up + Police called on to patrol POSCO (CCT) Police plan to patrol the parking lots, rest areas, offices and other parts of the USS-POSCO plant to help management investigate allegations of drug dealing and other substance abuse.

Marin: Burglary evidence in Novato case tossed (MIJ) Hundreds of suspected stolen goods can't be used as evidence in a burglary trial because a search warrant failed to include five key words, a judge ruled yesterday + DA challenges murder retrial (MIJ) The Marin County District Attorney's Office has asked for a delay in the retrial of a San Francisco man convicted in a 1997 murder, saying it plans to appeal an August ruling ordering a new trial

Sonoma: SR man arrested in fatal crash (SRPD) A 21-year-old Santa Rosa man suspected of causing a fatal accident while street racing was arrested Thursday + Diocese settles last suit on abuse (SRPD) Santa Rosa's Roman Catholic Diocese announced Thursday the settlement of the last sexual abuse lawsuit filed against it, agreeing to pay $750,000 to a man who said he was abused by a former Rohnert Park priest

Napa: Bronco's back in court + Con artist goes to jail for scams on vet, Vasser

Solano: English e-mail causes confusion + Police identify three suspects in beating of homeless man

Monterey: Inmate slashed with razor + Deputies find massive pot operation

Central Valley: Lodi's former environmental attorney sues city for $7 million + Murder case is back in court (MBee) A Stanislaus County Superior Court judge arraigned convicted murderer Arthur Sanchez on Thursday, more than a year after former District Attorney James Brazelton filed charges against him, seeking the death penalty

Southern California: Los Angeles: Orangewood Children's Foundation Suspects a $900,000 Theft + Man Who Took Topless Photos of Diaz Sentenced + Actor Sizemore Given a Reprieve -- Rehab Instead of Prison + Restaurant Owner Is Deported to Eritrea + Gambling Bust Could Cost Senior Center Its Last Home + San Bernardino: Kidnap victim reveals information about ordeal + Doctor testifies nurses conspired against him + San Diego County: Charges dismissed against CSUSM student + Chased truck crashes into duplex, forces evacuations + Sheriff's dispatch system shut down by computer failure + Traffic stop yields 21 pounds of marijuana + Man shot after answering knock at door by 'shoe salesman' + Man shot, wounded in Lincoln Park + Man arrested in connection with Lakeside shooting + Killer's family testifies in penalty phase in murder of 6-yr-old girl + La Mesa: Gunmen fire shots at car; teen dies


LOCAL NEWS: Giant condor release set for Pinnacles

Sacramento & north: Culture in motion (SBee) Key is a bill pending before Congress by Sen. Daniel Akaka, a Democrat from the island state. Its outcome will affect about 60,000 Native Hawaiians living in California - nearly 4,000 of them in the Sacramento region - as well as the nearly 240,000 still living in the islands. The Akaka bill would create a new government of and by Native Hawaiians - people who trace their lineage to ancestors living in the islands at the time of Capt. James Cook's arrival in 1778 + County is socking it away for future (SBee) Anticipating tough years ahead, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved a final budget Thursday night that puts most of roughly $50 million in undesignated funds into reserve + Paradise: Ridge recreation board considers horse arena lease + Tehama deputies file ballot measure + West Nile cases jumping in Glenn County + Editorial: Grow but beware (SBee) Normally city councils are the final say about development. In the fast-growing Natomas basin surrounding Arco Arena, the decisions tend to fall to a level-headed federal judge named David F. Levi + Wal-Mart thinking big in Elk Grove (SBee) Wal-Mart Stores Inc. plans to open a 247,724-square-foot Supercenter at Sheldon and Power Inn roads in Elk Grove + Seniors anxious as diocese sells park (SBee) Uncertainty, fear and anger prevailed Thursday as the 1,000 senior residents of the Lakeview Village Mobile Home Park in Citrus Heights learned that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento will sell the park to an investment group for more than $45 million + R.E. Graswich: Port commissioners look at replacing police with security guards (SBee) "(Replacing the police) puts everyone at greater risk by lowering our defenses and making us more vulnerable to terrorist attacks" + SMUD board votes to ratify Yolo annexation (SBee) Sacramento Municipal Utility District directors reaffirmed an effort Thursday to annex portions of Yolo County, including an expanded area sharply contested by Pacific Gas and Electric + Board rejects conversion of house into a church (SBee) Siding with residents who said a residential neighborhood is no place for a church, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors has rejected an application by the tiny Southside Missionary Baptist Church to convert a home in the Franklin community south of Elk Grove into a small sanctuary + Metro Fire board OKs record budget (SBee) Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District board members on Wednesday approved a record $143 million budget, reflecting increased emergency service demands and boosts in property tax revenue.

San Francisco, San Mateo: Brown-out impact on Capp Street fire questioned + Union offers funds to keep SF Hospital pickets going + SF: Old piers getting dressed up for new era on the waterfront. Shops, restaurants where riverboats reigned long ago Behind a construction curtain made of black mesh, just north of the Ferry Building, another piece of old San Francisco is being turned into part of the new San Francisco + SF fire (SFC) A middle-of-the-night fire in a San Francisco apartment house killed three people early Thursday and injured 11, some of them residents who had to leap out of windows for their lives + SFSchism widens in island funding (SFC) Mayor Gavin Newsom's spokesman refused to say Thursday whether the mayor still supports Treasure Island chief Tony Hall, amid allegations of financial irregularities involving island funds + Costs of ‘baby' public power plan debated (SFEx) San Francisco's move toward greater choice in buying electricity, sometimes referred to as "baby" public power, began a new chapter on Thursday with a public discussion about who would pay for the changeover and what steps have to happen to make it a reality + County tries to lure biotech workers (SFEx) Movers and shakers in San Mateo County's colleges, government and biotech companies will greet the dawn today with a brisk discussion on how to fill the biotech industry's need for workers — and how to keep those jobs local

Alameda: Pot club counts police HQ among new neighbors (OakTrib) In a month's time, the once-thriving Oaksterdam district has lost all but one of its medical marijuana outlets, and the number of permitted pot clubs citywide has dwindled to two. California Advocate Relief Exchange has taken root at Seventh Street and Broadway + Port staked $2.5 million for security (OakTrib) But as has been the case since the Port Security Grant Program began in 2002, Oakland received less than half of what it needs for security-related projects + Pregnant Oakland Woman Dies In Crash, Baby Lives + Women Can Obtain Support For Political Careers + EBRPD Adding 106 Acres + Livermore Chamber Hears the Two Sides of Measure D + Council Likes the Way Dispute Was Settled + LVPAC Board Responds to Questions + New Plan Gains Neighbors Support + Valley Reaches Out to Hurricane Victims + Historic Flagpole Rededicated + Conferees Asked to Restore NIF Funds + Pleasanton Okays New Downtown Parking Fee + Pleasanton Hopes to Have Fireworks Show Back + Builder, district agree to settle (Tri-Valley) The long fight over who is to blame for the delays in opening the Robert Livermore Community Center ended this week with a settlement between the contractor and authorities + Group aims to revamp Lathrop (Tri-Valley) The citys planning commission was presented with a plan to revitalize the citys east side by a committee hoping to preserve an historic district on Wednesday

Santa Clara: Review of S.J. city manager sought + Gas Line Rupture; Shelter In Place Ordered In Los Gatos + Films look at lynching (SJM) San Jose's darkest hour -- the 1933 lynching of two kidnapping suspects in St. James Park -- has sparked sudden interest in Hollywood + BART to San Jose delay pushed (SJM) A tax plan being pushed by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group that would delay the opening of BART by three years, possibly speed up Caltrain service and fund pothole repair in Santa Clara County is gaining favor with valley transit leaders + Rallies denounce civilian border patrol (SJM) Anticipating the arrival next month of citizen militias at California's border with Mexico, immigrants joined with religious, labor and community leaders Thursday in vigils and rallies in San Jose and Oakland, to denounce the growing number of armed volunteers conducting patrols + Valley ranks last in quality of life among major U.S. high-tech regions (SJM) The pitches land on John Ambroseo's desk every two weeks. They come from all corners of the globe, sent by officials who promise that their region suffers none of the social ills plaguing Silicon Valley

Contra Costa: Firefighters escape as Martinez home collapses + Pittsburg to add affordable homes (CCT) A lawsuit settlement reached between housing advocates and city officials could create nearly 1,000 affordable homes for lower income residents in the next 10 years

Marin: Group threatens suit over pace of sewer repair in Ross Valley (MIJ) A Marin environmental group is threatening to sue the Ross Valley Sanitary District for not doing enough to prevent raw sewage from escaping its collection system and polluting creeks, surrounding areas and the San Francisco Bay + West Nile found in 5 more birds in Marin (MIJ) District officials said they were checking all known mosquito breeding sites and setting adult mosquito traps in the areas where the birds were found.

Sonoma: Woman killed in Santa Rosa ambulance crash identified + North Bay puts lid on trash vote (SRPD) Now that North Bay Corp. has abandoned its attempt to overturn the city's new garbage contract through a referendum, some city officials are relieved

Napa: Couple cycles through valley on their way to the alter + Thompson offers plan to reduce gas prices

Solano: Cleanup continues at sunken barge site in Vallejo + Barge sinks in M.I. strait + Classroom sizes dominates Benicia schools meeting + Candidates decry lack of interest + Vallejo gas slowly creeping downward + Local News Briefs + State schools leader to visit Hogan High

Monterey: Navy fliers hold reunion in Monterey + Sheriff's staff inspections to cost $15,000 in overtime + Pacific Rep performance to aid Red Cross + Catching bats for study half the battle + Your town

Central Valley: Frenso: Proposed casino causes controversy + Tenth California death from West Nile + Woman Arrested For Stalking Madera Man + Firefighters Battle Wildfires Near Millerton Lake + Lawsuit Filed Over North Fresno Library + County Planning Commission approves large new winery north of Lodi + Lodi Unified looks at Measure K bond -- and beyond + SFPUC's plans for water system matter in valley (MBee) The big picture of San Francisco's plans for seismic improvements to its Hetch Hetchy water system is coming into focus. And it's not exactly what we expected to see + Fire agencies submit draft plan for joint cooperation in county (MBee) Stanislaus County fire officials are close to finalizing an agreement they said would make their agencies countywide more efficient and better able to serve and protect the community + Valley nears the standard for air quality (MBee) San Joaquin Valley's horizon of dust, smoke and chemical specks may have cleared up enough to qualify as clean air under one federal health standard, an unprecedented event in this region

Central Coast: Pot shop lights up the town: Medical users get Santa Cruz outlet (SCS) Boulder Creek resident Lisa Molyneux secured the necessary permits from the city to open Greenway Compassionate Relief Inc. on DuBois Street, a plan that was unanimously approved by the City Council + Annexation squabble between Watsonville City Council, Supervisor Ellen Pirie intensifies (SCS) City Council and county Supervisor Ellen Pirie over how much the Buena Vista area should grow. The city is proposing 2,200 new homes; Pirie wants far fewer + Watsonville mayor hops into race for Assembly (SCS) Watsonville Mayor Ana Ventura Phares ventured deep into a potential rival’s stronghold Thursday to formally announce her candidacy for state office + State mediator called in to broker deal between county, union (SCS) A state mediator will be here today in an effort to broker a labor agreement between the county and the union that represents 1,800 of its workers + News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: Los Angeles: Mayor Will Kick Off Latino Heritage Month + Error in Paperwork Led to Massive L.A. Power Outage + Ex-official denies LA Unified's allegations that he secretly ordered $4 million in materials he wrote, making $930,000 in royalties + Panel OKs $300,000 for Katrina Evacuees + A Radical Shift in Tone for L.A. Harbor Panel + Mayor Studying L.A.'s Ability to Handle Disasters + Evacuees Criticize Dream Center + Patient Hangs Herself at State Hospital in Norwalk + L.A. Area Chamber President Resigning + Mayor, family to live in Getty House + L.A. complex blueprint: Times Square of the West + 5 indicted for health care fraud Orange County: Mexican Independence Day Gala Goes On and On in Santa Ana + Newport Boat Shows Settle Their Differences Ventura: Bikers, Walkers Driven to Unseat Motorists + Riverside: Riverside County Sheriff Presses for New Jail + Palm Springs: Merchants warned: New plan for block + Man shot outside Cabazon casino + San Bernardino: Delay leaves GT antenna issue up in the air + Redlands to consider regulating group homes for parolees + San Diego County: Caltrans says it needs private properties to expand I-5 + Encinitas offers $50K in grants to community groups + Sewer cover-up alleged by Aguirre + For S.D., federal measure of poverty 'a joke' + Regional emergency disaster plan is updated + San Diego to get $6.5 million in new formula for anti-terror port grants + Del Mar debates public right-of-way ownership + Escondido school boards discuss unification study + Oceanside: NCTD board rejects plan for quiet train crossings + Escondido: Mall gets OK from council to add two restaurants + Escondido: 450,000 settlement over water quality OK'd + Higher estimate halts OK of Escondido train facility + Downtown redevelopment list expands in Escondido

School days: School Is Still Out at L.A. Charter Campus Renaissance Academy + Ex-official denies LA Unified's allegations that he secretly ordered $4 million in materials he wrote, making $930,000 in royalties + Why School Schedules Require an Advanced Degree + LAUSD's auditor says fraud slips by too small staff + Relevance of elite universities appears to be on the decline + Other Christian school leaders: No problems with UC

September 15, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Iraq suicide attacks kill 24 police officers + Several car bombs kill Iraqi police + (London Times) Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has masterminded the unification of Sunni Muslim insurgent groups in Baghdad to target the Iraqi Shia Muslim community + Zarqawi announces vast war on Shiite + (Independent) Baghdad: The bloodiest day + (London Times) Baghdad's worst day of slaughter + Top police commandos among 30 dead in new Iraq bombings + US jets bomb Ramadi + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Draft Constitution Finished, Lawmakers Announce + Amended draft Iraqi constitution handed over

AFGHANISTAN: Voters must choose between notorious and the unknown + With the Troops in Afghanistan: Transparent tales shield Taliban fighters

MIDDLE EAST: Libya stretches reconciliation hand to Saudi Arabia

Israel, Palestine: Egypt Acts to Restore Order at Border Crossing + Israeli court upholds barrier's legality + Israel's High Court says section of barrier must be rerouted + Sharon calls for peace moves by Palestinians + Egypt closes border as Palestinians flock back to Gaza + PM to UN: Palestinians must show want peace + Analysis: At UN, Sharon made his farewell speech to the Likud + Netanyahu: Sharon's UN address proves he has veered to the left + High Court: Separation fence can be built beyond Green Line

EUROPE: Dutch fight crime with 'cradle to grave' database

Childless slur could cost Merkel winning margin + Schröder assails his foe's tax proposals + Merkel attacks rival on job stagnation + The German elections: Enough is enough, again

ASIA PACIFIC: Police Withdraw From Aceh Amid Peace Moves + Militant Sentenced to Death in Embassy Attack

India stamps on Myanmar rebels

Opening the IT door in Laos

AMERICAS: BAE's secret £1m to Pinochet + How Pinochet cash linked to BAE + Ups and downs of a dictator + Special report: Chile + Archive special: Chile 1973 + Supreme Court Drops Charges Against Pinochet in Notorious Human Rights Case

Canada: Muslims, Jews to Fight for Tribunals

Peru Issues Passport to Ex-Leader Fujimori + Three of Peru Ex-Spy Chief's Co-Defendants Plead Guilty for Death Squad Slayings

Nepal: Rebels Reportedly Free 60 Captured Soldiers

Investigator of Killings in Ciudad Juarez Quits + Mexican Border City Tries to Make Prostitution Safer

Brazil Launches Exchange for Trading Carbon Credits Under Kyoto Protocol


Afghans Helped Bin Laden Flee Country, Official Says

Japanese government urged to bolster secret intelligence

United Nations: Blair to UN: Extremists have upper hand in War on Terror + Bush hits U.N. corruption

Bush rejects request to release Pollard

Top CIA official to quit sooner over Goss dispute

Espionage, sovereignty and privacy

Wiretap mosques, Romney suggests

She Fought the Civil War in Drag

British terrorist suspect 'fought in the Bosnian war'

British Government Proposes Extending Detention Without Charge for Terror Suspects

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Dogged Newspaper Reader Gets the Scoop on Pilfered Wrapper

More TV Veterans Are Making Jump to the Internet

Reuters Says Bush Photo Not 'Malicious,' Reports Wide Interest In it

Californian Launches Weekly For English-Speaking Latinos

TimesSelect: Big Revenue Play or Dangerous Move?

Arianna Learns to Love the Blog

Today's papers

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay Issues Split American Baptist Church + Fresno: Reel Pride kicks off five day festival


Judge Revives Battle Over Pledge

Washington: Killer writes about slaying two pedophiles

Legacy of Nuclear Tests May Provide New Forensic Tool

British war crimes lawyer: Israeli ambassador helped Israeli general escape the law

U.S. Acts Against Bank in Macau for Alleged Lax Money-Laundering Controls

Judge in Second Vioxx Case Reprimands Merck Lawyer

Judge Lets Beating Victim Reopen Civil Case Against Reinstated Officer

Ex-Marsh Executives Charged With 37 Counts in Spitzer Probe of Bid-Rigging


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KATRINA AND BUSH: Speculators Rushing In as the Water Recedes + Lawyers Planning a Deluge of Hurricane Damage Lawsuits + Katrina expense accounts draw criticism + More FEMA bigs are bailing out + Blackwater employees create a stir in New Orleans + New Orleans Mayor Says French Quarter Will Reopen in a Week and a Half + SEC Eases Regulations for Companies in Hurricane Zone + Government Credit Cards for Katrina Expenses Draw Scrutiny + New Orleans Mayor Says Some Residents Will Be Allowed to Return to Homes

CPUs smarter than 'every human brain combined' by 2060

NASA to Send Astronauts to Moon in 2018

Yahoo: Mistrust Is Popping Up

NASA Satellite Data Provides Rapid Analysis Of Amazon Deforestation

Massive sunspot has Earth in its sights

Top-of-the-Line Tablets

Bose-Einstein Condensate Runs Circles Around Magnetic Trap

Small, Unmanned Aircraft Search For Survivors In Katrina Wreckage

Rapid One-pot Syntheses Developed For Quantum Dots

Helping Out A High-temperature Superconductor

Virginia Tech Researcher Reports Nano-particle Dispersion Technique Improves Polymers

MILITARY  UAVs Replace Helicopters for Dangerous Jobs

Airborne Laser Mine Detection System

Prince Harry talks about Army life

Training turns to likelihood of combat

UN control of internet? Try again.


Work hard, spend hard: Rise of the alpha female

Patriot games: Chinese heroes are resurrected for computer age

Prince 'treated like dirt' at Sandhurst

Federal survey: More women experimenting with bisexuality


Iron shield of Italian banking is set to crack

Business courses for monks in search of higher fiscal plane

Entertainment Atty Skip Brittenham: He Reels In the Big Deals

Loss Seen at Disney Film Unit

Russian banks enjoy no credit among western banks

China tech funds rattled after Yahoo tattle

Google loses ground to Baidu

Time Warner's AOL May Replace Google Software With Microsoft


No Flu Vaccine Shortage Is Expected This Year

Mice infected with deadly bubonic plague are missing

SARS vaccine appears to be safe + New Study Shows SARS Can Infect Brain Tissue

Breast Tumors In Mice Eradicated Using Cancer Vaccine

A diet rich in beans may mean more protection against cancer

Compounds Found In Cruciferous Vegetables Block Lung Cancer Progression

Study Backs Use of Digital Health Data

Study: Adult use of ADHD medicines doubles

Transplant of Frozen Sheep Ovaries Raises Hopes of Fertility

Scientists Identify Two Key Genes Linked To Aggressive Breast Cancers

Micro RNAs And Musculature

Potential New Treatment Approach For Severe Asthma

Scavenger Cells Could Be Key To Treating HIV-related Dementia

High Blood Sugar Levels A Risk Factor For Heart Disease

The Making Of A Fat Cell

Combination Treatment Enhances Tetanus Vaccination

Making Plant Cells Work Like Miniature Factories

Drilling on Mars to Find Evidence of Ancient Organisms

New Plant Finds In Andes Foretell Of Ancient Climate Change


Bush to Offer Package of Federal Aid for Hurricane Victims

U.S. Military Says Baghdad Bombings Were Predictable Spike in Violence

US tempers its view of victory in Iraq

Bush endorses base-closing proposals

Bush seeks help on terrorism

U.S., EU Settle Wine Name Dispute

Supreme Court Nominee: After Two Days of Hearings on Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts, What Should Senate Democrats' Next Move Be? + Roberts, Saying He's `Not an Ideologue,' Concludes Supreme Court Testimony

Iran: Iran Leader's First U.N. Speech Has a Pretty Clear Target + Iranian signals a bid to clear talks logjam + Iran ready to transfer nuclear technology to Islamic states

Syria, Lebanon: Reactions to US pressure on Syria + Lebanon detains leaders of outlaw party that calls for killing Palestinians

N. and S. Korea: MacArthur Is Back in the Heat of Battle + (Pravda) Fate of North Korea nuclear program to be decided in Beijing and New York

Congress: House, Senate pass Katrina tax cut bills + House Democrats target high gas prices + Campaign law challenge lurks in few lines of bill + Senator Plans to Ask for Katrina-Related Easing of Environmental Rules

Democrats: Probe slap stings Hillary + Bill Clinton Brings Together Heads of State, Activists to Tackle World's Woes


Why This Soldier Can't Support This War: J. Gordon

UN Allows Blacklisted Charity in Kosovo?: C. Deliso

The United Gates of America: Leon Hadar

Covers for Peace: Michael Austin

Building Any Case Against Iran: K. Afrasiabi

John Berger: Is the Bush administration mad?

What we call Islam is a mirror in which we see ourselves

Novak: Senator's attempt to hold line on spending rebuffed

Daniel Schorr: What would Herbert Hoover do?

Mollie Ivins: You know me, Dubya

Robert Scheer: Fooling none of the people

Xymphora: The Danziger Bridge incident

Time to talk to Al Qaeda?

(World Socialists) As death toll in New Orleans mounts: What is the meaning of Bush's "responsibility?"

Bill Conroy: FOIA records reveal Justice Department cover-up in mass-murder case in Mexico

Linda Heard: US attack on Tal Afar virtually ignored

Cannonfire: Jim Crow returneth.

Robert Dreyfus: Iraq: No Exit?

Palast: Galloway & Left

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Campo man steps up for Buffalo Soldiers

Faust a leader in preserving local history

Got two days? That's all filmmaking team needs

Britain's largest film festival: Penguins march on capital with the Brothers Grimm

Controversial statue set to be unveiled

Reading Faulkner With Oprah

Scholars Paddle Upstream With Theory on Chumash Boat

Touring a road paved with history, passion

Television thinks outside the box

Delacroix at the Prado

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Here's the rap on Olsens' bodyguard

Rush & Molloy: Is Naomi's patience wearing thin again?

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The Governor:    Gov. 'Not In It For The Short Term'  + Gov. All but Vows to Run + Latinos Souring on Gov. and His Party + Gov. Puts Political Cart Before the Horse -- but Can He Drive It? + Gov. Signs Landmark Legislation to Combat Childhood Obesity + A Lot On The Line As The Special Election Nears + Gov. hopes reelection bid will boost sagging initiatives + New Capitol security barrier, like much in politics, is a compromise + State contracts with "Saddam's favorite bank" + Gov.'s visit to China (SFC) High-tech leaders who may accompany Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on a November visit to China are being encouraged to avoid paying directly for the trip and instead make hefty donations to a nonprofit committee California State Protocol Foundation supporting the governor because the "contributions are not required to be reported" + 2 bills highlight governor's own business links (SBee) Sponsors of bills to keep violent video games and dangerous dietary supplements from young people have suggested Gov.'s stance on the measures has been influenced by his financial interests - a claim the Governor's Office vehemently denies + Campbell in action (SJM) Former Silicon Valley Rep. Tom Campbell brought the fight over Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ballot initiatives to San Jose on Wednesday

Agency heeds a levee 'wake-up call" (SBee) The state Reclamation Board is charged with controlling floods in California's Central Valley. "Hurricane Katrina has been a wake-up call, but I don't think people really understand how vulnerable we are." The Reclamation Board always has had the power to review environmental impact reports prepared for commercial and residential projects protected by levees. But it never has embraced that role and rarely submitted comments on projects and their flood risks

SoCal air regulators want stricter school bus emission standards

Natural gas bills to soar in California in Katrina's aftermath

Lungren loses panel chair bid (SBee)  Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Gold River, lost out to New York Republican Rep. Peter King to head the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday

Dunn State Sen. Joe Dunn, D-Santa Ana, announced Wednesday that he is running for state controller in 2006, the third statewide office he will have sought in next year's election

Legislature: Unions' clout, term limits, Perata's woes shift power to Assembly Speaker

Indian tribes: Dolan says tribe has right to take back Chico State + Fresno: Meeting planned to discuss new casino + Gratton Rancheria tribe pays $100 million for casino site at Rohnert Park + Hemet OKs Soboba casino pact. Lawsuit settlement: The tribe has plans for a gaming venue near Diamond Valley Lake + 'Double whammy' dealt to siblings seeking enrollment



Attorney General Lockyer Sues Bush Administration For Better Control of Invasive Pests

Sacramento & north: Former Teacher Pleads Guilty In Student-Sex Case + Magalia: Attorney: Settlement best move for client who lost his home + Panel backs taking away taggers' tools + Chico: Baby's death being called suspicious + Oroville: Castrated molester offers case for his release from hospital + Men Sought In South Area Robberies + Former Firefighter Gets Prison Term For House Fire + Mall Security Guards Get Counter-Terror Training + Official seeks staff to track probationers (SBee) Nearly half of the 15,000 adults on probation in Sacramento County receive no supervision, Probation Department officials say, because there is inadequate staff to keep track of them + Theater operator found dead (SBee)  Sutter: The operator of the soon-to-close Marysville Drive-in Theater was found dead near his home + Placerville: More burglary suspects nabbed

San Francisco, San Mateo: Police officer accused of misconduct in off-duty incident outside bar. He allegedly aimed gun at crowd, then lied to investigators (SFC) Officer DeMarco Foster, 25, improperly drew his weapon outside Kelly's Mission Rock nightclub on Terry Francois Boulevard in August 2004 + SF: Alleged code violations at 3 massage parlors (SFC) All three parlors were raided in a sweep this summer of allegedly illegal massage parlors in Northern and Southern California

Alameda: Arrest made in UC Berkeley laptop theft

Santa Clara: Schwartzmiller's alleged accomplice pleads not guilty + Machete assailant shot (SJM) A man wandered through a Los Altos Hills neighborhood attacking people with a machete Wednesday morning before being shot by a sheriff's deputy

Contra Costa: Guilty pleas entered in fraud case (CCT) A Danville man and an Orinda attorney pleaded guilty in federal court this week to concealing assets from bankruptcy court. Arnold Stewart, 55, and his attorney, Gregory Lyons, 50, dodged a possible five-year sentence in federal prison by taking a deal to serve home detention + No plea entered in alleged Antioch matricide + Richmond: 2 men die, 3 hurt in burst of gunfire. Violence follows end of crackdown in troubled city (SFC) Tuesday night's killings push the city's death toll this year to 27, compared with 22 at the same time last year. No arrests have been made in the three new shootings

Marin: Attorney: Sausalito mother's death was assisted suicide + Marine recruiter tried in sex case linked to Novato (MIJ) A recruiter for the U.S. Marines is being tried in a military court this week on charges he had sex with new enlistees, including a tryst at a recruiting office in Novato, according to news reports. Sgt. Brian G. Fukushima, 25, is charged with having sex with several recruits waiting to be sent off to boot camp

Sonoma: Prosecution rests in court-martial of Marine recruiter (SRPD) The prosecution in the North Coast's Marine recruiting scandal rested its case Wednesday after two more women testified about engaging in sex acts with enlisted recruiters

Napa: Doctor says patient was insane when he murdered

Solano: Defendant in fatal shooting says he didn't mean to fire + Wife badly injured; husband in custody + Plaza evicts Osaka Sushi + Vallejo Police Calls + Benicia Police Calls

Monterey: Woman sought by SPCA in scalded-kitten case + Marijuana garden worth $185,000 seized

Central Valley: Fresno Unified Getting Tough on Bullies + Bail Reduction Denied For Sheriff's Deputy + Backlash From City After In-Lieu Lawsuit? + Judge delays ruling on guardian's fitness (MBee) Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge William A. Mayhew on Wednesday held a hearing to discuss the fitness of a guardian he appointed to look after the welfare of a wealthy Turlock woman + New demotion hearing ordered over trial survey (MBee) University administrators will get another chance to discipline a professor for his role in a botched survey during Scott Peterson's double-murder trial.

Central Coast: Watsonville man facing murder charges in death of his two-week old daughter + Live Oak man fires shot at friend (SCS) A man fired a shotgun at a friend at the rear of the house in the 1200 block. Shot missed. Victim's arm injured

Southern California: San Diego County: Monk Accused of Using Internet to Lure Minor + San Marcos student alleges racially motivated charges + Bay sweep nets 35 derelict boats + Gunmen rob Sorrento Valley smoothie shop + East County teen dies in shooting + Police investigate suspected gang shooting + Gunman struggles with gas station attendant + Escondido police conduct safety checkpoint + Boyfriend pleads not guilty in strangling + Molester said to be stalking another girl + Man, 25, pleads guilty to identity theft + S.D. woman pleads not guilty to murder + Rainbow: Chase ends in 2 wrecks; I-15 backed up for miles + El Cajon: Man pleads guilty in '92 slaying of boss's wife + Oceanside cops nab 2 in April slaying + U.S. monk in Mexico says he's not guilty in Net porn + Dogs will continue to sniff in Carlsbad schools + Defense: Life in prison harsh enough punishment for child killer + Ventura: Couple Files Suit After Order to Remove Banner + San Bernardino: Meth Lab Was in Ground at Fontana Home + Conviction in killing of tot reversed + Orange County: Carona Wants Sex Allegation Probed + Store Offers $10,000 Reward in Clerk's Rape + Armed Man Robs Same Bank a Second Time


LOCAL NEWS:  Big bands, combos and all that jazz in Monterey

Sacramento & north: State Wants To Poison Lake Again To Fight Pike + Port plan faces union opposition (SBee) The powerful International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which opposes selling surplus waterfront land to revive the dying Port of Sacramento, is pressing key Democratic lawmakers to not pass the legislation needed to make it happen + SMUD: New map no impediment (SBee) Changes in a proposed service map should not derail the process for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District's effort to take over portions of Yolo County from Pacific Gas and Electric + Rule violations shut Paradise charity's yard sales + Air search called off for former Chicoans + Chico: Developers won't have to pay city's fees + Feather River Hatchery ladder set to open today + Natomas Car Dealership Move Approved + Sacramento Bans Sales Of Toy Guns From Ice Cream Trucks + Carmichael apartment fire injures two residents (SBee) Two residents rescued from an apartment complex fire Thursday morning in Carmichael suffered injuries and are expected to survive + Mobile-home park rent curbs on agenda (SBee) Citrus Heights: City Council will meet tonight to discuss possible rent control for mobile home parks in the city + Placerville: Sign saviors seek to keep history + El Dorado County, SMUD deal unveiled

San Francisco, San Mateo: Three dead in Mission District home fire + Island accounts questioned. Controller wonders why investments are separate from city's (SFC) San Francisco's city controller is raising concerns about financial and accounting practices at the agency managing the redevelopment of the former Navy base at Treasure and Yerba Buena islands + SF: Low-cost housing firm gets new chief (SFC) Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp., one of the largest developers in San Francisco of low-cost housing for the poor and the homeless, has promoted longtime housing development director Don Falk to executive director

Alameda: Fremont council votes to raze Central Park pavilion (Argus) The $470,000 band shelter, featuring a wave-shaped roof, a raised stage and customized columns, should be erected in time for the city's 50th birthday celebration in September 2006 + Fremont to strike deal for water park funds (Argus) The city will work out a deal that will give the Fremont Bank Foundation naming rights to a new outdoor water park in exchange for a $1 million donation that would complete funding + Study advised on valley VA facility (MBee) Livermore: People who want the government to put a 120-bed veterans nursing home in the Northern San Joaquin Valley cleared a hurdle Wednesday when an advisory panel recommended further study of the proposals.

Santa Clara: Review of city manager weighed (SJM)  In less than a week, Councilman Dave Cortese may ask his fellow council members to consider whether to fire City Manager Del Borgsdorf, the highest ranking non-elected official in San Jose, over what Cortese calls a ``pattern'' of not giving the city council complete information on key issues.

Contra Costa: Veterans home's fate not decided (CCT) Five-member federal advisory panel opposed further study of a standalone nursing home there. However, a majority recommended studying a different option: construction of a new nursing home at the 112-acre Arroyo Road site next to new, expanded VA outpatient clinics already planned for construction in the East Bay + City wary of funding school position (CCT) Hercules City Council balked Tuesday at paying $75,000 for an assistant principal at Hercules Middle/High School. The council allocated the money in October 2003 for an investigative firm to check the authenticity of students' caregiver affidavits after residents complained their children were being crowded out of local campuses by out-of-town students + Richmond opposes plans for park (CCT) Claiming the city already has too much parkland, the Richmond City Council approved a resolution opposing the East Bay Regional Park District's attempt to acquire a piece of undeveloped shoreline property in North Richmond.

Marin: New Publisher Hired At Marin Independent Journal + Board pledges public pension change (MIJ) Members of the Marin retirement board vowed yesterday to press for public pension reform - starting with disability applications. "I'd like our disability committee to review our disability pension application process," said Allen Haim at yesterday's meeting of the Marin County Employees Retirement Association Board. "It's clear to me there's a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation out there

Sonoma: Healdsburg Plaza revamp (SRPD) Healdsburg Plaza, a signature attraction of Sonoma County wine tourism, will get a $470,000 face lift next year + Patient in ambulance dies in crash (SRPD) An elderly patient in an ambulance died this morning after the ambulance was struck by an SUV pulling onto Fountaingrove Parkway + Pacific Lumber hearing delayed (SRPD)  A last-minute legal challenge Wednesday derailed the start of public hearings on tough new water quality standards a state agency wants to impose on Pacific Lumber Co. timberlands + Hauler drops bid for referendum on Petaluma trash deal (SRPD) North Bay Corp. said Wednesday that it had ended its attempt to put Petaluma's new garbage contract up for a voter referendum + UFW celebrates Gallo contract (SRPD) Uncorking bottles of Gallo of Sonoma wine on the steps of San Francisco's City Hall, jubilant United Farm Workers on Wednesday toasted a new contract for 300 Sonoma County vineyard workers

Napa: Main Street boasts state's oldest bridge + If a tree falls on Forest... + Game, set, match: NVC adds lights to tennis courts

Solano: Village at fairgrounds is part of revised plan + 'Hero' saves meter reader from pit bulls + Highway congestion grows worse in area + Benicia board candidates focus on budget, openness + West Nile peak season over, health officials say + Council contenders squabble over Benicia budget issues + Sunken Barge Poses Threat To Vallejo Waters + Tax measure debated before business, civic leaders + Fairfield preschool logs record-low enrollment + Mills submits final fairground proposal

Monterey: Duke puts energy plants up for sale + Big bands, combos and all that jazz + Skating arena to host party for Red Cross + Two call for Flanders' sale + Parents' turn to head back to school + Your Town

Central Valley: Fresno County Health Department Restaurant Inspections + Fresno: 'Wesson' house gets a new owner + Fresno: Meeting planned to discuss new casino + Mayor Autry Defends Trip to Gulf Coast + Valley's ESPN Radio in Jeopardy + Manteca highway work set to start (MBee)
Manteca: Construction is set to begin on a congested freeway interchange at Highway 99 and eastbound Highway 120 + News from the San Joaquin Valley

Central Coast: Blaze shuts Watsonville restaurant + Watsonville Community Hospital can’t afford cancer ward (SCS) At least a dozen cancer patients will have to seek immediate treatment outside the Pajaro Valley + Firefighters shocked by Watsonville chief’s resignation (SCS) Evans, 53, who is regarded as a "firefighter’s chief" among his colleagues, hangs up his hat on the heels of recent debate over funding at the department + News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: Los Angeles: Write plan to deal with any strike, DWP boss told + Antonio lobbies for $76 million for L.A. security + Antonio lobbies for $76 million for L.A. security + Backhoe mistake causes gas blast + State board calls delay on bid for NFL at Coliseum + He's had his fill of potholes, so mayor has plan + Proposal for regular City C10 years and $300 million later, end may be in sight + Push misconduct probes, sheriff urged + Ban on diesel buses pushed + 'El Grito' is special this year + 10 years and $300 million later, end may be in sight + Council moves to shield Animal Services workers + Mayor offers help to Louisiana kids from L.A. BEST + 2 Projects, 2 Visions of Downtown's Future + Democrat Cuts Through GOP 'Malaise' for Winning Assembly Race (Torrance City Councilman Ted Lieu) + Cooley Scorns Report on Police Prosecutions + Panel Urges Stricter Emissions Rules for L.A.'s School Buses + City Moves to Broaden Its Relief Efforts + Ex-DWP Chief Elected Head of Harbor Panel + City Campaign Plans to Fill 35,000 Potholes + Worker Dies at Oil Refinery After Fall + Council Panel Backs DWP Pact + LA airport to spend $200,000 to move illegally planted palm trees + Ventura: Cities Make a Big Pitch for Relief + + No Big Boxes in Store for Ventura Group +San Bernardino: County counts evacuees for funding + San Diego County: Are we prepared? + CCDC talks to Roberts, Ewell about lead redevelopment post + Editorial: Will they ever learn? San Diego throws $600 million at pension problems + Escondido council approves 30% boost in base salary + Escondido: School boards discuss unifying + Escondido council approves proposed asphalt plant + Escondido hopes to revive once-popular skate park + Escondido: Council approves arts center credit + Giving public rights of way to Del Mar homeowners discussed + Oceanside: Low bid on train facility higher than budget line + Oceanside airport under fire again; its future to be studied + City manager says Oceanside can expect $3.2 million surplus + Tour de Poway clears the road for cyclists + Chula Vista proposal's impact worrying S.D. + La Mesa alley's safety divides city, kids center + Lake Elsinore picks Storm as stadium partner + Orange County: Newport's War on Sea Lions + Riverside: Can we grow and preserve our hillsides?

School days: A-list teachers avoid poor kids + Designing reaches new degree + New grad, 82, works on master's, legacy

September 14, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Explosions in Iraq kill 160, injure 570 + Scores die in multiple Iraq explosions + Al-Zarqawi declares war on Iraqi Shia + US jets strike Iraqi town near Syria + Confrontations continued in Tel-Afer + Bombardment of Green Zone in Baghdad + Al Qaeda Hide-Out Destroyed in Pakistan, Officials Say + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Iraq May Expand Death Penalty + Lead: Threat to Iraq's security comes from neighboring states - Iraqi presidential aide + Iraq open to cooperation with Russia in all areas - Iraqi official + Iraqi law minister blasts US detentions

War prisons: The 'horrific' sagas of other men held in Syria + U.S. to fund prison in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN: Militants kill Afghans carrying voter IDs + Russia to open drug control office in Afghanistan + Russian, Afghan foreign ministers discuss military assistance

MIDDLE EAST: Human-rights report criticizes Egyptian election + Saudi Arabia ready to deal with all WTO members

Israel, Palestine: Palestinians in Gaza Loot Greenhouse Equipment + Palestinians cross from Gaza into Egypt + LEAD: Opinion: Israel will be forced to make further concessions + Gaza may become Palestinian reservation - expert + Lahoud: Palestinian Diaspora has right to return to their lands + High Court to rule on W. Bank separation fence principles

RUSSIA: Russia hopes to win tender for construction of power units for Chinese nuclear power plant + Russian ships to participate in NATO operation this year + Transdnestr against replacing Russian peacekeepers with other international forces - official + Self-proclaimed republics in CIS go through intensive democratic development-opinion + Putin to meet with Russian Orthodox leaders in New York + Expert says Russian-Japanese relations will benefit from Siberia-Pacific pipeline

EUROPE:  Europe can now jail Britons for breaking EU laws + Undermining the sovereignty of EU states + Another weapon in the Brussels armory? + Britons accept gas prices of nearly $7

Britain: 1/3 of gas stations run dry + Police talk tough with fuel rebels

Schroeder's Rival, and Opposite, Leads in Polls + Merkel gets personal, and offers 8-point plan to revive Germany

N. Ireland Group Abandons Its Truce

European Commission does not object to construction of North European Pipeline between Russia and Germany

Council of Europe to select human rights commissioner

CENTRAL ASIA: Oligarch Berezovsky acknowledges his financing of Yushchenko's election campaign + Yushchenko's Russian adviser blames Tymoshenko for crisis in Ukraine + Yushchenko unlikely to win majority in parliamentary elections - opinion + Political scientist says change in Ukraine will benefit Russia, the West

UPDATE: Former Kyrgyz prime minister released from jail

Nigerians rally against fuel price hikes

ASIA PACIFIC: Clause that restricts voting of Japanese nationals abroad ruled unconstitutional

Police beat Nepal protesters with batons

Conference on ocean ecology, underwater technology opens in Far East

AMERICAS: Argentine Judge Orders Detention of Former Army Chief Over Student's Dictatorship-Era Death

Mexican Cancels Campaign Trip to Los Angeles + No-Visa Agreement Backfired on Mexico + Mexico mayor eager to escape politics

Jews, Muslims to seek tribunals in Canada

Chile court strips Pinochet of immunity

Exiled in Tokyo, Peru's ousted leader plots return to his homeland + Fujimori a lightning rod for Peruvians in Japan + As far as most Peruvians are concerned, President Toledo is lost cause

Chavez-Castro accords counter strengthened U.S. embargo

WHY do Americans seem to believe that they are entitled to Venezuela's oil? + Venezuela hands US Embassy anti-drugs cooperation agreement draft + US warships turn to Venezuela as US military takes control of New Orleans



War Crimes Suspect Surrenders in Bosnia

Lodi: Hayats arrested in terror investigation seek bail with $1.2 million worth of property

Air Force test launches unarmed Minuteman missile from Vandenberg

MI5 has never said deportations will reduce threat of terrorism

Shoot to kill is the safest option, says Met chief

Former top cop nabbed for 'espionage' in US + Filipino admits receiving U.S. data, but not secrets + US to charge Filipinos in spy case, says official + Gov't to aid ex-police official nabbed for 'espionage' + Lacson: I got info from Aquino + Ping kept in touch with Protege + Ft. Monmouth analyst faces spy charges + FBI Intelligence Analyst at Fort Charged as Spy + Ex-Marine accused in spy case

Cuban spy convict freed

Japan seeks intelligence service like MI6

Rented Wheels, Forgotten Secrets

Is Pollard deal in the works? + Bush rejects Sharon's request to release convicted spy Pollard


Federal Judge: Pledge of Allegiance 'Unconstitutional'

Russian court rejects U.S. Mormon couple's adoption request

US games watchdog orders hidden-content audit


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KATRINA AND BUSH: Louisiana Governor Takes Responsibility for Hurricane Response + Senate Votes $3.5 Billion in Housing Vouchers for Katrina Victims + Bodies of Mexicans Killed in New Orleans Returned to Mexico City + Hurricane Brought Financial Disparities Into Focus; NAACP Urges Freeze on Foreclosures  + Major Developments in Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath + Bacteria, Lead Biggest Contaminants of New Orleans Floodwater + Senate Democrats Blame Homeland Security for Three-Day Federal Response Gap

Camera Phones Will Be High-Precision Scanners

Killer Buzz Flocks to New Browser

Yahoo Overhauling Free E-Mail

Microsoft Goes Soft on Google

How Does Your Virus Grow?

Researchers Build World's Smallest Mobile Robot

Field Guide For Confirming New Earth-like Planets Described

MELT Data Sheds New And Surprising Light On Birth Of Oceanic Plates

UW-Madison Tools Help Track Hurricane Ophelia

Researchers Create Meta-search Engine To Help Locate Displaced People

MILITARY  Project targets land-use cooperation between civilians and military

Article 32 set for GI accused of killing two officers in Iraq

LEAKGATES Details of 9/11 report show '98 Qaeda alerts

Dutch to open electronic files on children at birth

Bakersfield, CA: High school students sue to write about gays


Japan, the land of 25,000 centenarians hails its silver surfers, golfers and cyclists

Click. Russian Astrologer Marina Bay's sues NASA, accusing it of upsetting the natural state the universe by conducting an experiment involving a comet and probe in space

Time Saving Tips on Wasting Time on the Web

Prince Harry Marks 21st Birthday in Sober Style


Google Raises $4.18 Billion in Stock Sale to Fend Off Microsoft Challenge

Delta, Northwest Airlines File for Bankruptcy, Hurt by Fuel Costs, Rivals

Lockheed Spy-Plane Contract Decision Is Delayed by U.S. on Embraer Concern

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Military Blogs Change the Face of War

Kinsley Leaves The Los Angeles Times + Current LA Times Editor Martinez Sets Sail on Unpredictable Course

'Times-Pic' Writer Deals with Katrina Aftermath

Roberts Admits He's Not 'Up to Speed' on First Amendment

Laura Bush: Media Ignoring Positive Side of Hurricane Affermath

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San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Schwarzenegger Seeks Meeting With Gays Over Marriage Veto + Massachusetts Legislature rejects proposed amendment banning gay marriage


Polio back in Somalia

West Nile Virus Kills Condor Chick

Study: SARS can infiltrate brain tissue

Research Could Lead To Treatment That Would Help Stop A Smallpox Outbreak

Tiny Avalanche Photodiodes Target Bioterrorism Agents

Less Virulent Strains Of Avian Influenza Can Infect Humans

Purdue Scientists Treat Cancer With RNA Nanotechnology

Aspirin Might Prevent Vioxx Cardiac Damage

High-dose Radiation Reduces Risk Of Prostate Cancer Recurrence

World Leaders Seek Cure For A Pain In The Neck

Hygienic Surfaces, Biocidal And Self-cleaning Coatings

Hurricane Aftermath: Infectious Disease Threats From Common, Not Exotic, Diseases

Visceral Fat Build-up Is The High Cost Of Inactivity

Abused Children Stay Highly Attuned To Anger

Budesonide Provides Lasting Relief For Crohn's Disease Patients

Genomic Sequences Processed In Minutes, Rather Than Weeks

Aortic Aneurysm Associated With Decreased Incidence Of Atherosclerosis

Secrets Of The Whale Riders: Crablike 'Whale Lice' Show How Endangered Cetaceans Evolved


In Prime-Time Address, Bush to Commit to Rebuilding the Gulf Coast + Poll: Rebuilding New Orleans a Higher Priority for Public Than Tax Cuts, Changing Social Security + Admission Signals a New Strategy

Bush, in UN Summit Address, Ties War on Terror to Aid for Developing World + Bush heads to U.N. summit with global views of U.S. altered

Bush to Sharon: I am sure you will win elections + Bush Looks to Palestinians to Make Next Move

Putin, Bush to discuss situation in former Soviet republics

Rumsfeld Envisions Expanded NATO Role

Mexico, U.S. in Talks on Cement Tax

Bush urges end of trade tariffs, subsidies

Reuters Photog Captures Bush at U.N. Writing Note About 'Bathroom Break'

Iraq:  Threat to Iraq's security comes from neighboring states - Iraqi presidential aide + As friction with Arab neighbors intensifies, Iraq growing ever closer to Iran + Calling U.S. troops `occupation forces,' Iraqis seek timetable for exit + U.S. seeks to streamline bidding system for Iraq reconstruction

Supreme Court Nominee: Roberts Sticks to Script on Abortion Questions + Some of 53 duties for the chief justice + John Roberts on Precedent, Checks and Balances, Rehnquist + Roberts Gives Senate Panel Hints on Property, Civil Rights, Death Penalty

United Nations: Most of the boldest ideas to reshape the UN have been ditched before the summit + Bush should not count on a pushover + U.N. Reform Bid Exposes Its Woes MI5 has hundreds of terror suspects under surveillance, Clarke tells MPs + Putin arrives in New York + Putin calls on international community to toughen its fight against terrorism + UN reform: a difficult beginning + Bolton expected to be in spotlight during summit

Iran: U.S. Presses to Corral Iran at U.N. + Bush says Iran has right to civilian nuclear program + U.S. Deploys PowerPoint Briefing to Press Case Against Iran

Syria, Lebanon: Baghdad joins Washington in attack against Syria + Syria rejects US accusations on Iraq as baseless + Bush warns of wider isolation for Syria over its position on Iraq, Lebanon + al-Thawra: Syrian-Lebanese water cooperation

N. Korea: Six-Party Nuclear Talks Resume in Beijing + U.S., allies nix North Korea nuke demand

Congress: House GOP derails Democratic inquiries into Katrina disaster + Senate kills bid for Katrina commission + Bill expands monitoring of sex offenders


(Mother Jones) Corporations of the whirlwind

(Conason) Bush's crony capitalism shows G.O.P.'s true face

Newsview: 3 crises define Bush presidency

The other 9/11 ... it seems that USA has learned nothing from history

Roger Simon: A heck of a job

Mark Morford: The storm that ate the GOP

Maureen Dowd: A fatal incuriosity

Next Stop: Syria: Justin Raimondo

Baghdad Traffic Jam: Aaron Glantz

Beyond the 'Vietnam Syndrome': Norman Solomon

The Unraveling of the US Military: Zia Mian

Will Katrina Bring an Isolationist Revival?: Jim Lobe

Xymphora: "We don't want your kind here"

(MSNBC) How Katrina Could Derail the Bush Agenda

(WSWS) The exploitation of Hurricane Katrina: remaking New Orleans for the rich

(Capitol Hill Blue) The Day Hell Froze Over

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

LA fall arts season

Family, friends work to preserve Will Rogers memory, ranch

Oceanside lifeguards restore historic surfboat

In little Coronado, tourism is big business

Agatha Christie's favorite plot

Interview: Japanese film-maker Hayao Miyazaki

Another side of Bob Dylan

Putin to attend opening ceremony of Russian art exhibition in New York

The Phantom of the Poles

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

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Word of the day


The Governor:   Gov. approves participation in national disaster compact + Gov. All But Declares Reelection Bid + Gov. to make a Clovis visit + Gov. Names 2 to UC Board of Regents + Redistricting proponents break with governor, form own campaign + 3rd governor's aide joins election battle (SFC) Gov.'s chief of staff Pat Clarey took a leave from state service Tuesday to become the campaign manager for the Gov.'s efforts to pass three ballot initiatives + Dan Walters: New 'job killer' confrontation fizzled as Capitol's focus shifted (SBee) Gov., whose ties to business have become even closer since he launched his Capitol power struggle, is likely to veto all of the labor-backed measures. The lingering question is why Democrats decided to pull back this year rather than flood Schwarzenegger's desk with veto-bait bills. None of the leaders will even acknowledge there was a tactical retreat, much less explain it, but perhaps it was an effort to reduce the friction with business in hopes that executives would feel less compulsion to support Gov.'s drive and contribute to a measure that would force public worker unions to get their members' permission to take political contributions from their paychecks

Editorial: Fix Delta levees? Who? (SBee) Rarely does the federal government fix a local levee if some local jurisdiction isn't willing to help pay for the project. In the Delta, everybody wants somebody else to pay for the problem. And in that grand, dysfunctional Delta tradition, Feinstein and Pombo now want Washington to come to the rescue.

Conflict seen in contract for private prison. Auditor says company didn't disclose former state officials were on its payroll. Another firm, with ties to Gov.'s office, is cleared

LA: Democrat Ted Lieu elected to California's 53rd Assembly district

California to Join Disaster Rescue Group

A Drastic Step Against Illegal Immigration - Declaring a state of emergency

Gallo, Farm Union in Pact

Incentives for farming with the earth in mind celebrated

Agencies asked to mull AZ's role after possible Calif. disaster

Forum on border patrols to be rescheduled and held in San Jose. Latinos object to Minuteman speaker

Safeway to buy wind energy to power headquarters, SF stores

CalFed's leadership criticized (CCT) The $3 billion-and-counting program to restore the Delta's health and improve water supplies throughout California is plagued with weak leadership and waning interest among key stakeholders, according to a state watchdog agency

Report Card On California HMO's: 'Buyer Beware'

Hetch Hetchy restoration backers offer $1B plan (MBee) There's not much of a dispute over the environmental benefits of dismantling a century-old dam inside Yosemite National Park and bringing the submerged Hetch Hetchy Valley back to life

Indian tribes: Global gaming expo: Slot market looks dim within U.S.  Manufacturers could get boost from other countries



Attorney General Lockyer Announces Major Enhancement to Megan’s Law Public Internet Site

Attorney General Bill Lockyer Announces Enforcement Agreement Requiring Higher Quality of Care Standards in Sun Nursing Homes

Groups seeks federal protection for squirrel

Auditor finds fault with correction system (SJM) California's prison population is at a record high, officials said Tuesday, as the state auditor panned the corrections system's last attempt to deal with sudden crowding

Sacramento & north: Hostage incident mars the end of smooth probation sweep in Glenn + Proberta: Brother of murder suspect notes discord within couple + Magalia man to keep home in settlement

San Francisco, San Mateo: Famed marijuana advocate Ed Rosenthal asks federal court to overturn his conviction + California man admits defrauding eBay card buyers + SF: Family of socialite killed in wreck sues trucking firm, driver / Death blamed on alleged condition of pickup, trailer (SFC) The family of Erika Hills, the San Francisco socialite who was killed in a bizarre traffic accident in Napa County, has filed a wrongful death suit against the trucking firm and driver + SF: Testimony continues in police killing (SFC) The man accused of killing San Francisco police Officer Isaac Espinoza told his grandmother the night of the slaying that he believed he had shot someone, the grandmother testified Tuesday + SF: Federal agent Charles H. Jackson given 2-year prison term (SFC) A judge sentenced a federal police official Tuesday to two years in prison for covering for a colleague in San Francisco who made up a story that a motorist had tried to run them down + SF: Western Addition resident fatally shot (SFC) A 23-year-old man was found fatally shot on the doorstep of his Western Addition home Monday night, police said. Jabari Hall was discovered by his grandfather on the 1100 block of Pierce Street + Pregnant woman charged in attack (SJM) She wanted candy. She got grief. He got stabbed. And now the 27-year-old, pregnant San Mateo County woman is facing 15 years in jail, charged with almost killing her 18-year-old boyfriend with a kitchen knife last week

Alameda: Pleasanton police search for bank robber (CCT) Police are seeking a man who robbed the Washington Mutual Bank on Main Street on Tuesday afternoon + Alamedan faces felony charges in sex case (CCT) A man who police here accuse of molesting a 5-year-old girl was also investigated eight years ago by Oakland police on suspicion of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. But Oakland authorities never asked the district attorney to file charges against Richard Debnan Charles, 50

Santa Clara: City settles lawsuit over cop (SJM) For the second time this year, the city of Menlo Park is paying out a five-figure penalty to a resident who says he was roughed up by the same police officer.

Contra Costa: 1 dead, 2 injured in Richmond shooting

Napa: DA goes after local skin care company

Solano: Vallejo Police Calls + Benicia Police Calls + Witness tells of fight that lead to fatal shot

Monterey: Ticket- fixing case probed + Witness tells of fight that lead to fatal shot

Central Valley: Lodi: Hayats arrested in terror investigation seek bail with $1.2 million worth of property + Thornton firefighter guilty of arson + Officer keeps DARE in Tracy + County buys land for I-105 + Stockton jeweler robbed + Burglary suspect held, two others still at large (MBee) Salida: Stanislaus County sheriff's deputies arrested a Modesto woman Monday and are seeking a Modesto man in connection with a string of recent thefts in Riverbank, Modesto and the Del Rio Country Club area + Wal-Mart's Turlock bid: 'Bullying'? (SBee) Turlock: Wl-Mart's bid to build a supercenter near Highway 99 is a prime example of its "aggressive bullying," a national group opposed to the company said Tuesday + Stanislaus departments can add workers (MBee) Thanks largely to revenue that exceeded earlier projections, four Stanislaus County departments will be able to add more personnel this fiscal year + No-contest plea entered in 2002 Fresno slaying (FBee) An alleged Fresno gang member pleaded no contest Tuesday to first-degree murder in the slaying of a rival gang member in May 2002.

Southern California: LAPD still lags in compliance + LA: D.A. Spurns Many Police Prosecutions + Anaheim: Suspected Drunk Driver Hurts 3 Near Disneyland Truck Crash Closes 22 Freeway for Hours Ontario: Missing Girl Found at Mexican Airport + Costa Mesa: Singer's Fatal Fall From Limo Ruled an Accident + San Diego: Molester Told to Help Victims + San Diego: Bail remains $75K for man accused of running down Marine + San Diego: Harbor sweep evicts 35 'derelict' boats + San Diego: Police search for man who attempted to assault girl, 14 + San Diego: Jury to decide fate of 9-year-old girl's killer + Judge urges plea deal in Cal State San Marcos student's case + Judge to make evidence ruling in case involving track star + Vista: Murder suspect's representation at issue + Vista: Judge to make evidence ruling in case involving track star + Trial ordered for suspect in Oceanside vehicle shooting + National City: Sale of car site to Mossy averts forced eminent domain seizure + Escondido: Man pleads guilty in slaying called murder-for-hire + Spring Valley: Man found not guilty in home-invasion robbery, killing + Orange County: Carona Is Accused of Sexual Assault + OC: Did Ms. Hearn deserve a night in jail after being pulled over for driving with a missing headlight? + Sea lions wreak havoc, sink boat in Newport Harbor + Desert Hot Springs: Vice mayor quits accountant job + Coachella thinks big for future + East airport flying into valley focus + Will Mecca lure growth to the far east valley? + Valley growth and development


LA fall arts season

Family, friends work to preserve Will Rogers memory, ranch

Oceanside lifeguards restore historic surfboat

In little Coronado, tourism is big business


LOCAL NEWS:  West Nile Virus Kills Condor Chick

Penguins, otters stranded by Katrina bring appetites to Monterey

Sacramento & north: Trash, slide targeted: Suspects sought in suspicious Chico blazes + Chico: Enloe Medical Center eyes next step in labor battle + Enloe nurses rally over "discipline" letters + Oroville: Supervisors request 'somewhat' lower fees from CARD board + Plumas: Officials try again to kill Lake Davis pike + Campaign ordinance criticized (SBee) Sacramento's fledgling matching campaign fund ordinance is so broadly worded that candidates are allowed to spend tax dollars on a host of questionable expenses, including out-of-town travel, a city audit of the program has found + SMUD, El Dorado strike deal (SBee) The Sacramento Municipal Utility District and the El Dorado Water and Power Authority announced a tentative agreement Tuesday that would allow El Dorado County water agencies to use SMUD hydroelectric facilities on the Upper American River for water storage and delivery + Water facility plans to debut (SBee) The Freeport Regional Water Authority tonight will unveil architectural renderings of its new water intake facility on the Sacramento River near Sacramento's Pocket area neighborhood + Tiny church, neighbors square off (SBee) While the crush of development in south Sacramento County presses in from all around, this hamlet just south of Elk Grove remains largely untouched: cows graze in the distance, children play in the yard, neighbors know each other. It's a precious sort of place, residents say, and the wrong neighbor could ruin it - even a church

San Francisco, San Mateo: San Franciscans should prepare to survive three days without help + San Franciscans urged to stockpile for disaster + SF supervisors pass anti-sweat shop law + Day two of workers strike at California Pacific hospital + Supervisor Sandoval asks Superintendent Ackerman to decline severance money + Already in turmoil, S.F. schools now faced with $1 billion funding crisis (SFC) School officials tell us that's just about the amount they will need to bring the district's 120 campuses up to code for disability access and other health and safety needs + SF: Comcast gets 4-year extension on pact with city for cable TV (SFC) In a contentious, 6-5 vote, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday to grant a four-year franchise extension to Comcast despite widespread complaints + SF: BART, Muni projects to get $38 million (SFC) BART and San Francisco's Municipal Railway will soon receive a total of $38 million from the Department of Transportation for work on mass transit projects + USS Iowa supporters rally in S.F. (SFEx) For longtime San Francisco resident and former World War II fighter pilot Bud Wilson, bringing the battleship USS Iowa to The City wouldn't glorify war, but promote peace

Alameda: E-voting criticized in movie marathon (CCT) About 30 people hunkered in the darkness of the Grand Lake Theater on Tuesday for a marathon program that eschewed slick Hollywood production in favor of fastidious cinematic presentations about the hazards of electronic voting + Students, neighbors hope task force brings harmony (CCT) Detente has come to the neighborhoods surrounding UC Berkeley. Stung by steadily increasing complaints from neighbors about students' loud parties, littering and general disrespect, the university has formed a task force of students, neighbors and city and school officials to ease tensions + Berkeley Council repeals commission rule (CCT) Accumulation of power and conflict of interest were hot topics at Tuesday night's City Council meeting as members haggled over Councilman Kriss Worthington's proposal to repeal a law limiting citizens from serving on multiple boards and commissions + State to probe psych hospital suicide (OakTrib) A 45-year-old woman committed suicide at John George Psychiatric Pavilion in San Leandro, the county's locked inpatient psychiatric ward + New owner for Alameda apartments (OakTrib) Real estate investment company Kennedy Wilson has purchased the embattled Harbor Island Apartments from property owner Fifteen Asset Management + City separates small, gigantic homes (Tri-Valley Livermore Council has approved what is expected to be one of the last large development projects for detached homes within city limits

Santa Clara: Madison Nguyen Wins San Jose City Council Seat + Experience wins in San Jose + Council members criticize S.J. mayor about trash contract + East Palo Alto sees hope, jobs in luxurious Four Seasons Hotel (SJM) It was part pep rally and part business at a recent recruiting session for East Palo Alto's luxurious new Four Seasons Hotel + Minimal reply to jury report (SJM) Amid heated recriminations that Mayor Ron Gonzales has not fully explained why he didn't tell them about payments he promised to a garbage contractor five years ago, the San Jose City Council voted 9 to 1 to send only a minimal response to a grand jury that criticized the mayor over the matter + Pilot program targets rundown apartments (SJM)
A pilot program to turn around neighborhoods that have run-down, crime-ridden apartment complexes was approved as part of a $209 million, two-year redevelopment operating budget unanimously adopted by the San Jose City Council on Tuesday + Trauma center report disputed (SJM) A consultant's finding that Santa Clara County has too many trauma centers treating too few serious injuries was firmly disputed Tuesday by doctors and administrators at San Jose's Regional Medical Center who promised a detailed rebuttal in coming weeks

Contra Costa: Fire burns 2 homes in county + Sales tax promises broken? (CCT) A Wal-Mart store near the Hercules waterfront would generate about $300,000 a year in sales tax for the city's coffers, the city's community development director predicted in July. In 2003, officials projected the same annual revenue from the new Home Depot store that opened near City Hall that year. But the public cannot check if the promised Home Depot tax bonanza came true. That's because sales tax information is confidential, Hercules finance and legal officials said in response to an inquiry from the Times + Hercules delays releasing money to school district (CCT) Hercules City Council on Tuesday balked at releasing $75,000 to the West Contra Costa Unified School District to weed out students attending schools in the city with fake proofs of residency + Lafayette residents oppose recycling center (CCT) At a City Council meeting Monday night to discuss the possibility of relocating the Walnut Creek Recycling Center to Lafayette, Browne and other residents lined up by the dozens to object + Plaintiffs in lawsuit against city quit jobs (CCT) Two employees at the Dean Lesher Regional Center embroiled in a lawsuit against the city have resigned amid allegations by their attorney that general manager Scott Denison made their work environment unbearable + Supervisor questions disaster readiness (CCT) A Contra Costa supervisor called Tuesday for a probe of the county's capacity to protect its residents from an earthquake, flood or chemical release. After administrators told supervisors Tuesday that the county is well prepared, Supervisor John Gioia said he wasn't buying it + Richmond opposes creating new shoreline park (CCT) Claiming there are already too many acres of parkland in Richmond, the City Council approved a resolution Tuesday opposing an effort by the East Bay Regional Park District to create a shoreline park just south of Point Pinole

Marin: Healthcare board deadlocks on Sutter (MIJ) The publicly elected board that oversees Marin General Hospital's lease fell one vote short of severing its relationship with Sutter Health, the not-for-profit health care organization that manages the hospital. But the Marin Healthcare District board did vote Monday to remove from consideration three options for future operation of the hospital that would retain Sutter as its manager + Novato OKs 'green' plan for building (MIJ) The City Council last night unanimously approved a "green" building ordinance requiring residential construction projects to comply with green building standards - essentially more environmentally-friendly development + Ruptured main in Sausalito floods unit, damages road (MIJ) A 12-inch water main ruptured in Sausalito yesterday, ripping up a 60-foot section of road, flooding one residence and forcing police to tow several cars

Sonoma: UFW, Gallo agree to contract (SRPD) The United Farm Workers and Gallo of Sonoma plan to sign a landmark contract this week, covering workers in Sonoma County + Pacific Lumber faces key hearings (SRPD) Pacific Lumber Co. will clash with environmental groups on two fronts this week over logging volumes that company executives contend are necessary to keep the North Coast timber giant in business

Napa: Blessing Of Grapes Signals Start Of Napa Harvest + Napa Marine shares pride, war stories + County slams two reports on Napa River health + Protected bird could dash dream home

Solano: Supes sign off on Potrero Hills landfill expansion + Vaca council delays eminent domain decision + Suisun City: Social club works to renovate building + Vacaville must decide the fate of Lagoon Valley Lake + Fairfield makes progress on tourism welcome center + Waterbarge being sold to owners of Zio Fraedo's + Vallejo council requires superstore impact study + Two Evans-sponsored bills pass

Monterey: Pacific Grove seeks audit on city funds + Penguins, otters stranded by Katrina bring appetites to Monterey + Two Peninsula bars cited for gambling + Baby-abandonment case will resume + Big Sur ranch events opposed + Your Town + Students get an earful

Central Valley: Fresno: No resolution over radio tower dispute + $5,000 grants available for those who work with children in Fresno County + Fresno mayor plans trip to Gulf coast to tell evacuees they are welcome in Fresno + Evacuees' tab worries Fresno supervisors (FBee) Fresno County supervisors are angry about Fresno Mayor Alan Autry's plan to travel to Texas with local clergy to bring Hurricane Katrina evacuees to the Fresno area + All the Kings' advocates (FBee) Sanger: A quiet movement is about to make some noise about preserving the natural charm of Central California's other big river — the Kings River + FREE picnic for Clovis residents + Stockton: PG&E pushes plans for gas pipeline to protect from levee failure + Lodi grape growers hope to uncork large winery + Lodi: Council discusses problems with lunch trucks, other code issues + Recreation in the Delta: People want easy access and wildlife wanted + Ignorance isn't bliss in San Joaquin County + Inject plenty of oversight into cheesemaker's plan (MBee) The amount of wastewater Hilmar Cheese proposes to sink beneath the valley is far greater than any other similar well that's been tried here + Health Services Agency cuts (MBee) Stanislaus County supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved a plan to reduce annual Health Services Agency deficits by serving fewer patients and selling the former county hospital on Scenic Drive in Modesto + Council OKs river park's gateway plan (MBee) Modestans should finally get a riverfront area they can be proud of, City Council members decided Tuesday over objections by a few observers.

Central Coast: Head Start workers threaten strike (SCS) Watsonville: Fifty employees with the Head Start program in Santa Cruz County are threatening to strike as early as Tuesday if their demands for better pay and changes to a grievance policy aren’t met + Developers present new restoration plan for Rispin Mansion (SCS) Ron Beardslee and Dan Floyd represent the Rispin Partners, local developers who have been battling to bring their idea for an upscale bed and breakfast to Capitola. A joint public hearing between the City Council and Redevelopment Agency is set regarding a proposed Lease and Development Agreement, or LDA + News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: Electrical Workers Union says L.A. 'cutting corners' re: power outage + LA: Democrat Ted Lieu elected to California's 53rd Assembly district + LA: DWP head promises changes + LA: Perata: Start 405 work + LA: Sheriff's contract rates rise + LA: Cities to Pay More for County Sheriff's Policing + LA: Romer under pressure for funding solutions + LA: MTA may upgrade bus security cameras + Council backs airport plan for Van Nuys + Long-Awaited Plan for Airport Approved + LA: Stronger fines for campaign finance violations to be explored + County Moves to Enforce Fundraising Rules + Extent of L.A. Blackout Gave DWP Chief a Jolt + Grabbing Attention but Not the Gator + LA: Valley Express Busway to Get Crosswalk at Transfer Stop + Cyclists' Deaths Point to PCH Perils + LA: Sending Mixed Signals About Backup Traffic Lights + Wilmington Looks to Step Out From Under LA Port's Shadow + Bakersfield, CA: High school students sue to write about gays + Kern County: Former Lancaster prison guard acquitted of sexual abuse + Palmdale pursues power plant + San Bernardino: City attorney Penman berates Mayor Valles re: parolee housing + Redlands: Muslims' concerns over harassment grow + 1 Great Park for Irvine, 7 Elaborate Possibilities Riverside County OKs $350 Tobacco Retailing Fee + Loma Alta residents wary of certain park visitors + San Diego County planning to end fire service agreement + San Diego council upholds historic designation of an unused 1.5-mile stretch of the Coronado Belt Line railway + San Diego to review how eminent domain has been used. Council panel hears from backers, foes+ San Diego council to let feds see water papers + Rancho Santa Fe fire chief retires Wednesday + Separate coastal train study from I-5 work, official says + Carlsbad: Council asked to consider giving Morrow security bill + Crews contain Volcan Mountain fire near Julian; arsonist sought + Escondido: Downtown housing-proposal list grows + Escondido to put council meetings on Web + San Marcos: Water treatment plant due in 2008 will be largest of its kind + El Cajon to hire firm to revamp downtown plan + O.C. Supervisors Studying New Ways to Pay for Harbor Patrols + Southland May Lose Nissan's Headquarters

School days: An F for finance for LA School District + Minorities gaining on exit exam, report shows + Palomar College hires underwriters for potential bond initiative + CSU Chico implements total alcohol ban for students + New report shows gap in teacher salaries within school districts

September 13, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: U.S. Forces Attack Insurgent Stronghold of Haditha; More Than 400 Captured in Tal Afar + Iraqi Leader Hails Raid on Militants at Tall Afar + Troops go house to house in Iraq town + Iraq's Government Seeks to Calm Fears Raised by Offensive + Iraq: US military lays waste to Tal Afar + Bounty On Iraq Leaders' Heads + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Tehran accused of meddling with drafting of Iraqi constitution + Iraq referendum: Sunni Arabs seek UN guarantees

War prisons: Taliban Figure Released From Guantanamo Base + Guantanamo Hunger Strike Grows, With 18 Detainees in Prison Hospital + AP: Gitmo interrogators face accusations + Army Officer, Two Soldiers Charged in Afghan Prisoner Abuse Case

MIDDLE EAST: Jordan's King Urges Interfaith Cooperation to Avoid 'clash of Civilizations'

Israel, Palestine: Mofaz: Government to develop West Bank settlement blocs + Gaza bursting at seams without West Bank link + Gaza Sites Are Awash With Palestinians on a New Shore

RUSSIA: Update: North European Pipeline will yield $4 billion within one year-expert

EUROPE: Norway votes to spend oil riches on welfare state + Norway's Left-Leaning Opposition to Start Forming New Government; Premier Stepping Down

UK: Petrol panic begins to spread + Drivers race to fill up despite call for calm + France puts the pressure on Brown

Rioting Continues in N. Ireland + Protestant Outlaws Appeal for End to Belfast Riots

Turkey: Gun-Toting Man Caught Near Premier's Bus

Would-be German chancellor promises to fight anti-Semitism + Christian Democrats in Germany use human rights issue to take control of the Eastern Europe

CENTRAL ASIA: Ukraine's Orange Revolution under Strain + AP Interview: Yushchenko Accuses Former PM of Abusing Office to Settle Old Debts + Russia struggles to keep grip in Caucasus

AFRICA: Burundi rebels reject peace talks

Ivory Coast's ex-leader returns

ASIA PACIFIC: Chinese, Mexican presidents hold talks + China, Mexico Try to Ease Trade Ties + China promises to crack down on Chinese contraband in Mexico + Reviving China's rust belt + Government plans incentive package

AMERICAS: Colombia: Compensation for Injury a Motive in Hijacking

Chavez Extends an Oil-Rich Hand to Neighbors

Mexico to Lose US$850 Million (Euro690 Million) by Year End on Energy Price Subsidies + Mexico Plans Tax Break for Tourists + Fox announces new energy policies, proposals in response to Hurricane Katrina

U.S.-Cuba trade advocate tells of disappointment

Bush not welcomed in South America

Venezuela to Boost China Oil Sales to 300,000 Barrels a Day in 2006


FBI analyst, ex-Filipino official charged with spying + FBI Intelligence Analyst at Fort Charged as Spy + Ft. Monmouth analyst faces spy charges + Ex-Marine accused in spy case + U.S. asks Manila to uncover suspected spy links + 3 RP govt execs linked to Michael Ray face FBI raps

Britain must plan for long-term nuclear threat, says Reid

United Nations: U.N. General Assembly Agrees on Watered-Down Document for World Leaders to Approve + Blair to take lead in Security Council drive against terror + U.N. Reform Negotiations Run to 11th Hour + How the US wants the United Nations to reform

Russian delegation to observe military exercise in Scotland

Chertoff outlines sweeping Homeland Security changes

Pakistan Says It Destroys Al-Qaida Hide-Out, Arrests 21 Suspects Near Afghan Border

Debka: Israel deploys naval-air force shield for new US oil tanker supply route through Jordan for American troops in Iraq

China beefs up its navy

British Special Branch shuts down

Samsung's Lee's Trip to US Arouses Suspicion

China Spy Plane Seen Near Japan Last Month - Report

Pakistan Leader Confirms Nuclear Exports

Iraqi insurgents remain elusive, spy chief says



11 Children Found in Ohio Home; Officials Say Some Were Made to Sleep in Cages

Johnson & Johnson Sued Over Ortho Evra Patch

A boy and his $400 million

Foreign adoptees try to avoid deportation

Grocers Won't Be Fined for False Grape Ads

Company admits slave history

Shooting survivor testifies Hmong hunter was unprovoked

ThinkSecret: Apple shot first without asking questions

Feds: Thousands of fraudulent hurricane aid websites?

In the Face of a CNN Lawsuit, FEMA Agrees To Allow Media Coverage Of Katrina's Dead. If the Case Had Proceeded, Who Would Have Won, and Why?

Lawsuit Targets Wal-Mart Overseas Working Conditions

Judge Halts FEMA Program to Protect Endangered Species in Keys

Question for Jurors: How Much Should Former Westar Executives Forfeit?

Study Of Faulty Fingerprints Debunks Forensic Science 'Zero Error' Claim


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KATRINA AND BUSH Louisiana charges negligent homicide in 34 nursing home deaths + Blanco to address Legislature + New Orleans mayor faces unclear fate + CDC stalks disease on Gulf + Musical legacy of New Orleans will stay afloat + Bush Officials Touring Gulf Area Say They're Concerned About Natural Gas Shortages + Glance at International Aid Offers for Hurricane Aftermath + Autopsies Planned for Bodies Found at Evacuated Hospital, Airport Getting First Flight Since Hurricane + New FEMA Head Says Focus Shifting to Finding Homes for Those in Shelters + Homeland Security Watchdogs to Monitor Katrina Contracts + Much Wider Damage to Levees Is Disclosed +Hospital Struggled to Comfort the Dying + For Some Displaced, Home Is Now a Trailer Village + Oversight of FEMA aid draws concern+ Blanco: Body recovery taking too long

Sunspots on the horizon threaten to cripple satellites and networks

Soyuz missions may double by 2009-Energia chief

Microsoft says new Office software will detect user needs

Stars Rise at Startup Summer Camp

Microsoft Previews Vista, Next Office

Japanese Probe Parks Near Asteroid Target

Nanohelix Structure Provides New Building Block For Nanoscale Piezoelectric Devices

NIST Shielding Data Help Launch Shuttle

Sandia, Task Force To Study Ways Ocean And Wastewater Can Be Desalinized In California

Dusty Old Star Offers Window To Our Future, Astronomers Report Most Distant Explosion Detected, Smashes Previous Record

Dartmouth Flood Observatory Tracks The Aftermath Of Katrina

How To Best Protect Children In Side-impact Crashes

A New Structural View Of Organic Electronic Devices

MILITARY  Mitchell: Where military goes, so do the cell phones

COMBAT SUPPORT: Soldier Demands Spur Development of New Gear

Carolyn Baker: New Orleans: Dress rehearsal for lockdown of America

China: Great wall of secrecy is crumbling

News Analysis: Those Peaceniks Are At It Again! Kucinich Brings Department of Peace Bill Before Congress

Jagger blasts Blair over Iraq


Israeli self-defense system takes off in Britain


Delta Bankruptcy Filing Looms; Northwest Airlines May Follow After Default

Chinese, Korean and Japanese Automakers Unveil Their New Models

Valuation of Russian State Oil Company Rosneft Due Ahead of 2006 IPO

Model Librarian Is a Bestseller

Oracle, EBay Snap Up Firms to Compete

Amazon Counts on Coins to Draw Youth

Wine Label Is Vintage Branson

Judge: Former Microsoft exec can recruit for Google in China

Global pursuits leave Web firms in quandary

Greenspan, the Wizard of Bubbleland

Blood for pork....

Arms fair criticized for using Iraq war to market weapons


Russian experts to examine migration areas in search of bird flu

WHO launches polio vaccination campaign

Research Provides First Whole Genome Map Of Genetic Variability In Parkinson's Disease

Cancer Prevention Studies Involving Celebrex Resume

FDA Rejects Pfizer Osteoporosis Drug

Drug safe to complete miscarriages, study says

A Look at Drugs to Treat Alcohol Abuse + New Drugs Trying to Carve Out Niche as Treatments for Alcoholism

Mining waves to treat varicose veins

Premature sperm taken from infertile men used in 5 births

Scientists Discover How Fish Oil Protects the Brain

Eating And Body Weight Regulated By Specific Neurons

New Techniques Study The Brain's Chemistry, Neuron By Neuron

Yale Study Reconciles Two Models Of Schizophrenia

Researcher Identifies New Way Of Combating Viral Diseases

Cellular Antacids Give Vaccines A Boost

Stealth Particles To Target Tumors

'Madness' of King George III: Link Between Fasting And Acute Attacks Of Porphyria

Most Embryos Produced During IVF Do Not Result In Live Births

Immune System Has Evolved To Prevent Autoimmune Disease

Some Children Facing Bone Marrow Transplant Risk

Migrating Salmon May Look to Stars


Bush, Talabani Say They Share Same Goals for Iraq (Update3)

Bush Takes Full Responsibility for Katrina Blunders + President Bush Tells Reporters He Will No Longer 'Defend' Initial Hurricane Response

Bush Vows Not to Waver in Iraq, Issues Warning to Syria, Meets With China's Leader + China's President Hu Will Reduce Trade Imbalance With U.S. to Ease Tension

Floodwaters Lift Poverty Debate Into Political Focus

Washington urges Syria to stop aiding Iraq

Base closures touted Base report to Bush

PM Sharon and bush to meet in New York

Questioning EU's will, U.S. panel backs NATO

Rumsfeld urges tougher Afghan role for NATO

'Times-Pic' Writes Another Open Letter to President

Feds Praise Their Sept. 11 Relief Loan Program but Omit Critical Audit

Chavez Says His Bodyguards Denied Visas for U.N. Summit, U.S. Embassy Denies Claim

Supreme Court Nominee: John Roberts on Abortion, Judicial Term Limits, Desegregation + Feinstein: Disappointed Roberts not more forthcoming + Roberts is questioned on Constitution, civil rights and abortion

Iran: Iran agrees to participation of other countries in EU troika talks + Iran's vice president: no reason to submit Iran's nuclear dossier to UN Security Council + Iran plans to step up nuclear cooperation with Russia + Building a case, any case, against Iran

Syria, Lebanon: Syria facing isolation over Iraq and Lebanon + Iran's Ahmadinejad on tough UN nuclear mission

N. Korea: New Round of N. Korea Talks May Be Difficult + North Korea won't abandon nuke programs

Congress: Frist says Katrina may cancel Medicaid cuts + Watchdog group wants Cunningham off committees + Cunningham linked to 3rd boat + Lawmakers ask Bush to save Gulf Coast naval bases + Grand Jury Indicts Two DeLay Associates in Election Investigation

GOP: Virginia's Warner testing presidential appeal + Gingrich warns battle with Islamic radicals will last 50 years


Third World memories and New Orleans

Gloria Steinem: I'm a hopeaholic

Humility should be part of Hughes' brief

(Capitol Hill Blue) Bush Lied When Asked About Brown's Resignation

Gary Schmidt, uranium on his cranium

Pepe Escobar: Why Iran can't become the new China

China comes in peace to meet Bush

Tony Blankley: Needed: Old war spirit in a new war

Too soon to write the post-9/11 novel?

Xymphora: Disaster capitalism in New Orleans

Frank Pitts: New Orleans is the latest in the 'Plagues of God' series

Wm. Blum: The Anti-Empire Report. More things you need to know before the world ends

Tony Zurlo: The Devil made him say it: Mr. President's war on language

Teresa Simon-Noble: New Orleans, a string of memories. I stand with the have-nots on this side of the divide against Bush and his fascist policies


Cannonfire on whether the levees were broken intentionally

Scheer: The real costs of a culture of greed

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Schwarzenegger Must Not Have Last Word on Gay Marriage

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Study: Journalists Face Long FOIA Delays 

(World Socialists) US media hails martial law general in New Orleans

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Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Palm Desert offers expert interpretations of its public artworks

Theft of 400-year-old maps adds to British Library's catalogue of woes

Shakespeare Illustrated

The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: At Fashion Week, some do a cutout

Rush & Molloy: PETA snarling at Wintour

David Bianculli: 'Martha' misses

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The Governor:  Gov. Hits Stump in Replay of the Recall + Gov. opens campaign for reform initiatives + Gov. Off to 'Pump Up' Reforms + Gov. launches campaign swing with Riverside visit + Gov. Must Not Have Last Word on Gay Marriage

Dan Walters: Groups steer California on a path New York knows all too well (SBee) Assembly Bill 593, sponsored by Treasurer Phil Angelides and carried by Assemblyman Dario Frommer, D-Los Angeles, would create two new entities, the "California Hope Public Trust" and the "California Hope Endowment." The former would assume control over unspecified state-owned lands and buildings, and be empowered to issue bonds, do deals with private developers and build facilities for both state agencies and private tenants. Its profits would go to the Hope Endowment, which would, by some unspecified means, spend them on "increasing the number of Californians who attend colleges or universities and receive degrees." This is a monster in the making - unelected and somewhat unaccountable agencies with broad power to wheel and deal with private interests and spend the proceeds pretty much as they wish on goals that are, at best, amorphous

CalSTRS backs more bonds (SBee)  California State Teachers' Retirement System on Monday announced plans to go nationwide with a program that lends its stellar credit rating to bond issuers

Legislature: Editorial: Symbolism over substance (SBee) Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, and Democratic lawmakers who supported his immigrant driver's license bill are in deep and dangerous denial. Apparently they missed how Congress preempted states on this issue + Renters to lose eviction shield (SBee) Beginning Jan. 1, landlords will no longer be required to give 60 days' notice before evicting some tenants without cause

Stem Cell panel: Stem cell institute names president (SFC) Zach W. Hall, a neuroscientist, former chief of a federal health research agency and principal planner of the new UCSF Mission Bay campus, has been named permanent president

Indian tribes: Winchester casino hits rocky road + Editorial: Tribe without accountability (SBee)  Wolk bill deserves a veto. Leaders of the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians, the tribe that runs Cache Creek Casino, are quite clear about why they support AB 1747. The bill would fulfill their goal to gain acceptance as a legitimate government on par with other local governments in the region + Key lawmaker asks Congressional subcommittee to review allegations of fraud in AMah Mutsun Indians tribal politics



Judge blocks Sequoia forest logging

High court begins term one justice short + Field Narrows for Calif. Supreme Court Slot + Potential court bid withdrawn (SBee) U.S. District Court Judge Morrison England of Sacramento has withdrawn his name as a possible appointee to the California Supreme Court

Sacramento & north: Judge orders single trial in Chico hazing case + Tehama County man allegedly confesses to ex after killing wife + Trial ordered for man in Butte courthouse knife case + Woman files lawsuit alleging sexual assault by firefighters (SBee) A photographer at the 2004 Porn Star Costume Ball thought she would be safe with two Sacramento firefighters who she said later sexually assaulted her on a fire engine, according to a lawsuit filed in Sacramento Superior Court +Man arrested in Aug. 28 homicide case (SBee) Sacramento County Sheriff's Department has arrested a 23-year-old man wanted in connection with an Aug. 28 homicide + Not guilty plea on weapons charge (SBee) Sacramento man indicted on a federal weapons charge entered a not guilty plea Monday in U.S. District Court, setting  the stage for a jury trial + Three sentenced to jail in identity theft (SBee) Auburn: Three remaining defendants accused of involvement in a large-scale identity theft ring in Placer County will receive jail time, authorities announced Monday

San Francisco, San Mateo: Officer says he's ‘100 percent' sure Hill killed partner (SFEx) The former partner of slain police officer Isaac Espinoza told a courtroom Monday that he is "100 percent" sure defendant David Hill was the person who shot and killed Espinoza with an assault rifle, though Hill's attorney hinted that there may have been another person at the murder scene + Redwood City approves anti-gang funding + Man dies after being shot in the Western Addition (SFC) A San Francisco man who died Monday night after being shot was identified today as 23-year-old Jabari Hall.

Alameda: Oaklander will be tried in slaying during carjack try (Oak Trib) 23-year-old Oakland man Jerome White was ordered Monday to stand trial in the slaying of John Lamar Bishop III, a father of two who was gunned down during an attempted carjacking in January + Man held in robbery try at BART stop wanted elsewhere (OakTrib) + San Leandro man admits sports card fraud (SFC) A San Leandro man has pleaded guilty to charges that he defrauded eBay users in online auctions for rare Mickey Mantle and Michael Jordan sports cards

Santa Clara: Coach pleads no contest to misdemeanors for providing alcohol (SJM) Prominent local youth soccer coach Jeff van Gastel pleaded no contest Monday in Santa Clara County Superior Court to misdemeanor criminal charges of furnishing alcohol to four 18-year-old female team members at an end-of-year party June 7. He must pay fines and court costs of $3,180 + Police reviving detective unit (SJM)  East Palo Alto police department is taking back responsibility for solving major crimes for the first time since 1995, when the city was cash-strapped and overwhelmed with drugs and drive-by shootings + Man ordered to stand trial (SJM) Maurice Nasmeh was ordered Monday to stand trial on charges of killing Jeanine Harms, a Los Gatos woman who disappeared more than four years ago

Contra Costa: Pittsburg man to survive stabbing (CCT) 28-year-old Pittsburg man Pierre Bynum who was stabbed by his girlfriend over the weekend is expected to survive his injuries. girlfriend, Nikisha Standley, 20 arrested + Morgan Hill: Man arrested after wife critically hurt by truck (CCT) Police are holding a Vallejo man in custody after he ran over his wife in what police suspect may not have been an accident + Man held in his mom's slaying has record of arson, drug abuse  A 29-year-old Martinez man Jason Beck, jailed in his mother's killing is a convicted arsonist with a history of drug abuse + Prosecutor highlights gang motives in opening statement (CCT) Salvador Espinoza shouted expletives about gangs on the wrong block in Richmond. His body was found naked, stabbed and badly beaten on July 25, 2003. Neil Fiu, 32, an original member of an Asian Richmond-based gang, helped kill him, prosecutor Thomas Kensock said in his opening statement at Fiu's trial Monday + Danville man, lawyer plead guilty to bankruptcy fraud (SFC) Arnold Stewart, 55, of Danville and his attorney, Gregory Lyons, 50, have pleaded guilty to fraud charges for secretly investing in a coal mining business while the man was in the middle of declaring bankruptcy

Marin: Act of mercy or murder? (MIJ) Did Temple Stuart kill her 88-year-old mother as a loving act of mercy, or as a cold-hearted act of financial expediency? Did her brother blow the whistle out of a sense of moral outrage, or was he motivated, as defense attorneys allege, by greed himself? Both theories are circulating as the case of Stuart, 58, charged with first-degree murder in the death of Isabella Stuart, continued to unfold this week in Marin Superior Court

Sonoma: Court overturns conviction in horse's death (SRPD) An appeals court has overturned the convictions of one of two men found guilty of running down and killing a horse in a Sonoma Valley pasture two years ago + Officials: Man admits he set 11 fires (SRPD) State fire officials said Monday a Ukiah Valley man has admitted setting nearly a dozen fires in Mendocino County over the past three years + New building boom for southwest Santa Rosa (SRPD) Santa Rosa's southwest quadrant, the hot bed of residential construction since it was cleared for development more than a decade ago, could soon see construction of 900 homes and 500 apartments

Napa: Sex offender Clifford Dilbert gets 20-year prison term + Hills family sues over fatal crash

Solano: Preventing welfare fraud

Monterey: Girl, 12, shot in drive-by still in hospital + Pipe bomb blast hurts man, damages house

Central Valley: Woodbridge: Judge denies Dutra's request for trial + Fresno: Awaiting autopsy results for death of 4-yr-old girl + Store Clerk Killed in Southeast Fresno + Lodi terror suspects seek bail again (SBee) Two Lodi men charged in Sacramento federal court with lying about their alleged connections to terrorist training in Pakistan are once again seeking release on bail pending trial

Central Coast: Aptos builder slain (SCS) An Aptos developer and single father Lawrence Joseph "Cutter" Ficarra, 52,  was shot and killed in this small Placer County town by a man who lived near the property he was planning to build houses on, deputies say. A neighbor to the property and his girlfriend were arrested in connection with the homicide + Two face charges in Santa Cruz meth bust (SCS) Two Santa Cruz men Cody Aylsworth, 25, and Michael Dandridge, 22will be arraigned today on charges of possessing an estimated $50,000 worth of methamphetamine, which they were allegedly packaging to sell when busted in a River Street storage locker

Southern California: LA: 2 Deny Plot to Incite Terror + Glendale Man Is Sought for Slaying + LA: Police Shoot Suspect in Bank Holdups + D.A. Seeks to Refile Laundering Charges vs. 5 Associates of Atty Pierce O'Donnell + Port Hueneme: Man Kills Wife, Himself in Front of Their Daughter + Laguna Hills: 3 Arrested on ATM Burglary Charges + Nobody punished for L.A. County campaign finance law violations + Blake's helper says he researched gun silencers, but not to kill + Anaheim: Bicyclist Fatally Shot in Alleged Gang Attack + Garden Grove Islamic elementary school: Fired Principal Awarded $788,000 + San Diego: Keeping tabs on sex offenders a constant job for task force + San Diego: Man sentenced in sex tourism case + FEC meeting in San Diego + Otay Mesa: Sexual predator to be housed outside prison + Attorney: Oceanside council violated state open meeting law + Transcript tells of Vista homicide scene, arrest


LOCAL NEWS: Kaiser Plans $10 Billion Expansion

West Nile Killing More Horses in California

PG&E plans to build back-up gas line (CCT) Fearing the possibility that a Delta levee collapse could interrupt the flow of natural gas in Northern California, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. on Monday announced plans to build a $30 million pipeline

State levee maintenance bill in limbo (OakTrib) Critics of California's emergency preparedness are saying preoccupied state lawmakers failed to take even modest steps toward heading off a disaster in the Bay Area's delta

Sacramento & north: Chico: City may ask developers for legal defense funds + Oroville: Recreation fee hike request cites soaring home prices + Deal goes with the flow to boost American River (SBee) The deal, endorsed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, increases minimum flows in the American River below Folsom Dam year round + Disaster plan for seniors reviewed (SBee) The death of elderly flood victims on the Gulf Coast is spurring Sacramento officials to look again at how to protect their most vulnerable residents in case of a disaster + El Dorado's first human West Nile case diagnosed (SBee) The county's first human case of West Nile virus has been confirmed + Commission votes to give port control to West Sac (SBee) The Sacramento-Yolo Port District Commission voted Monday to dissolve the four-government board that has run the facility since its 1963 opening

San Francisco, San Mateo: World War II-era building scheduled for demolition (SFEx) A plan to tear down one of San Francisco's only remaining World War II-era Quonset huts is being opposed by a group that says the semicircular Mission District structure should be preserved as a historic artifact + Hospital workers at California Pacific go on strike (SFC) A large number of employees at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco walked off their jobs today starting at 6

Alameda: Union Calls Off Alta Bates Strike + Livermore approves 155-home project (CCT) The project, to be developed by The O'Brien Group and Robertson Park Associates, will be located east of Arroyo Road and south of the entrance to Robertson Park Port brass get raises on heels of cuts (Oak Trib) The Port of Oakland is about to spend more than $185,000 on raises for its top executives. A third of that amount will go to the port's leader alone + Transit center project breaks ground (Oak Trib) Initial construction has begun for an affordable housing complex that is one piece of the puzzle in the proposed Dublin Transit Center South Hayward BART may see transit village (Argus) Officials with the Bay Area Rapid Transit District have warmed up to the idea of a high-density village surrounding the South Hayward BART station + Pleasanton Ridge to grow by 106 acres (Oak Trib) The 240-acre ranch at 11029 Dublin Canyon Road, about a mile southwest of Dublin Canyon Road and a mile south of Interstate 580, is owned by the Vinson family. With help from the Coastal Conservancy and Alameda County, the Park District plans to spend $950,000 to buy two pieces of land on opposite ends of the Vinson ranch + BERKELEY / Greenhouse emissions reduced by biodiesel (SFC) Berkeley reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the city by 14 percent during the past two years with conservation measures that included running cars on vegetable oil

Santa Clara: Democrats come to Silicon Valley to promote ‘innovation' agenda (SFEx) The party will commence similar talks with business leaders in Seattle, Austin, Boston and other technology centers. They said their goal is to push an agenda of public investment in education and research through the Federal Government + Rescuing Kepler's Books (SJM) Investor group hopes to reopen prized bookstore

Contra Costa: 4 more West Nile cases (CCT) Total number of human infections is seven. All but one of Contra Costa's cases are from East County. The new human cases were found in people over the age of 60, a group more susceptible to the virus because of weakened immune systems. The victims, ranging in age from 66 to 72, are recovering + Hercules schools pullout vote expected (CCT) County education officials are expected on Wednesday to vote on a petition that would wrest Hercules schools from the 32,000-student West Contra Costa school district + Disabled kids' programs win extension from county (CCT)  Parents of disabled children have won another extension of county operation of the George Miller Centers through October, when a nonprofit organization takes over + Mayor loses council's support (SJM) Rejecting Mayor Ron Gonzales' efforts to defend himself against a grand jury report that accused him of ``duping'' his fellow council members, the San Jose City Council today is expected to vote against adopting the mayor's response to the report as its own

Marin: Lawson's Landing action delayed (MIJ) Dillon Beach residents, environmental groups and the Marin Planning Commission launched a full-court press yesterday against the draft environmental impact report for Lawson's Landing - effectively delaying any action for a month and possibly longer. After a three-hour public hearing before about 75 people, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to delay action on the draft EIR until its Oct. 10 meeting + $16,000 federal grants to help W. Marin fight fires (MIJ) Four fire departments in West Marin have nearly $16,000 in federal grant money to spend on volunteer firefighter safety. The National Park Service has awarded fire departments in Inverness, Bolinas, Nicasio and Muir Beach money from the Rural Fire Assistance program.

Sonoma: Grape harvest slows to a crawl (SRPD) By mid-September most years, wineries are working round-the-clock to handle the onslaught of ripe grapes + Habitat plan gets cautious approval (SRPD) Interest groups with typically opposing goals expressed guarded enthusiasm Monday night for a sweeping plan that would both set aside land for salamander habitat while allowing some development to move forward

Napa: Retired Napa couple adrift at sea, and loving it + Napa native tells tale of Katrina horror + Independence Day, Mexican style, in Calistoga

Solano: Sutter employees in Vallejo won't strike . . . for now + Travis school superintendent brings experience to post + Potrero Hills Landfill saga nears its end

Monterey: Chance for subsidized housing brings flood of applicants + Tony Bennett draws inspiration from Monterey Peninsula + Felton, Peninsula systems shouldn't be merged, PUC says  + Your Town + Pajaro affordable housing on tap (SCS) Construction of the $20 million apartment complex at 15, 17, 19 Salinas Road began Monday

Central Valley: UFW Alleges Grower Threatened Pickers Before Vote + Fresno: Radio tower dispute + Aerial spraying unlikely in Lodi +News from the San Joaquin Valley + Meetings focus on Central Valley's future (SBee) Isleton: State Parks and Recreation Department is continuing a series of public meetings today about the future of the Central Valley + Hilmar, state choose to settle (MBee) State environmental regulators and Hilmar Cheese Co. agreed Monday to settle the biggest water-pollution case in Central Valley history, according to the state water board + County health cutback on table (MBee) Three years and four months ago, Stanislaus County opened the West Modesto Community Center, including the Paradise Medical Office, to bring medical and social services closer to west Modesto residents + Bid process goes awry; City Hall will try again (MBee) Modesto Public Works employees who botched a five-month bid process potentially worth more than a half-million dollars will have another go at it.

Central Coast: Best Buy buys into 41st Avenue project (SCS) In another big box-store first, consumer electronics retailer Best Buy is set to debut in Santa Cruz County + Watsonville discusses seizing land (SCS) For the first time in years, city leaders will consider eminent domain proceedings today to acquire property for a park near Freedom Boulevard + News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: Lights Go Out, Power Worries Rise + Shutdowns Aim to Keep Failures From Spreading + A City Stuck in Sudden Disorder + Refineries Forced to Burn Off Chemicals + Blackout Puts DWP Chief in the Spotlight + L.A. County Donor Curbs Lack Teeth + Broadway Building Gets Loft Conversion + Public Support Is Waning for O.C. Human Rights Agency + Mayor's Still High on Hollywood + Hollywood's honorary mayor dispels eviction rumors + Neighbors Fear VA Plans for Westwood + Beat Goes On for Inglewood High Band Director + Filipinotown Searching for Its Center + LA: Mayor Urges Department Cuts + Goleta Beach: Swimmer Is Bitten in Possible Sea Lion Attack + Wranglers nab L.A.'s elusive urban alligator + LA authorities dismiss report that elusive gator was captured + San Diego County to weigh plan for fire service funding + San Diego: Database for audit panel to cost city $727,500 + Crews contain Volcan Mountain fire near Julian; arsonist sought + Reno tourism chief candidate for similar job in Palm Springs + Desert Hot Springs' hunt for city manager goes awry + Redland Mayor Pepplers set to leave post

School days: Lodi: Questions arise over new GATE criteria + Yucaipa: School districts try to keep pace


Theft of 400-year-old maps adds to British Library's catalogue of woes

Palm Desert offers expert interpretations of its public artworks

September 12, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  American, British soldiers killed + Third British soldier in a week killed in Iraq bomb attack + Joint Raid on Tall Afar 'Haven' for Foreign Fighters Finds It Mostly Empty + Iraq's Tel-Afer to be free from armed elements + Iraqi government closes Rabea border point with Syria + Revenge Killings Fuel Fear of Escalation in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Afghanistan: Troops Didn't Try to Kill Minister, Official Says

MIDDLE EAST: Saudi King Bans Kissing of His Hand + Saudi Arabia sees WTO entry by 2006 with key U.S. pact secured + Saudi Arabia to set up government rights watchdog

Mubarak vows to continue reform + Egypt's election, or the triumph of the remote father

Hamas vows to continue 'armed resistance'

Israel, Palestine: After Gaza Pullout, Bitterness Remains + Gazans Burn Synagogues in Israeli Soldiers' Wake + Plans abound to mine Gaza's economic potential + Egyptian troops start deployment on frontiers with Gaza + Abbas blasts storming of Gaza-Egypt border + PM Sharon to meet leaders at UN - and maybe Qatari emir + Israel vows more building in W. Bank

RUSSIA: Russians are not welcome in EU

EUROPE: Preliminary Results Give Norway's Left-Leaning Opposition Bloc Election Victory

Protestant Rioters Attack Police in Northern Ireland

Germany: Immigration from Brazil to Germany Is on the Rise+ Berlin, Meet William Timken, the new American Ambassador to Germany + US-German Relations: How Bush's Berlin Ambassador Pick Profited from Protective Tariffs against German Companies + Sisterhood plots Schröder's end

AFRICA: Belgian priest denies inciting Rwanda killings

U.N. Stretched Thin in Congo

ASIA PACIFIC: Typhoon Slams Chinese City

China's shadow over India's US lobby + Sri Lanka: India dithers, China waits

Indonesia: Asia's weak link

Japan: Japan is on the cusp of welcome reforms after decisive election + Latter-day samurai could transform politics + Japan's ruling party gains 47 seats, bolstering push for reform + LDP's victory highlights differences in single-seat system support rates + Record number of women elected

AMERICAS: Chile makes progress in prosecuting old human rights abuses

Peru's First Lady Shows Up to Offer Court Testimony Without an Appointment

Judge in Haiti Orders Release of U.S., Haitian Journalists

Mexican Attorney General Announces New Strategy Against Drug Trafficking Groups

Colombian Plane With 25 Aboard Hijacked


UN fears unhappy birthday as rows threaten summit + U.N. Summit Burdened by Disagreements Over Human Rights, Terror, Nuclear Weapons

UN is investigating the CIA's use of British airports when abducting terrorism suspects + Snatched suspects tell of torture

UN struggles to agree on how to define terrorism

Diplomatic payback awaits Sharon in New York

Ex-Police Chief Tells of Al Qaeda Plot to Kill Blair

Jordanian Court Jails Anti-U.S. Militants

L.A., Melbourne Targeted in Purported Al Qaeda Tape

Cigarettes, the CIA and Iran-contra

Pakistani mobile phone link to London bombing

Harry Crumpton: In From the Cold and Able to Take the Heat + Profile

U.S. citizen held for months in China returns home

China sought system to intercept U.S. spy data

Spy convict faces deportation to Cuba, lawyer says

CIA's problems lie not just with individuals

Russian and US financial intelligence officers to meet

Counter-intelligence claims to have prevented terrorist attack abroad

Army chief Jackson to be witness in spy trial

Secrets and lies in the spy game

The True Classic of Terrorism

Dangerous Characters

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Same-sex marriage may stay legal in Mass. + Pat Robertson blames hurricane on Ellen Degeneres



Politician and the porn star - did she fake her own death?

Justice Dept.: FBI ignores informant rules

Antique dealer's arrest unnerves rare-book crowd

Freddie Mac Agrees to Help Regulators in Probe of Former Company Executives

Survivor Testifies in Trial of Man Accused of Killing Six Hunters


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Vermeer, Woman Holding a Balance



KATRINA AND BUSH: Mercenaries guard homes of the rich in New Orleans + Overkill in New Orleans + The Other Side of the Big Easy + Residents Return to Streets of Means + Knight Ridder: Katrina: Failure at every turn + Surgeon, wife among first named victims + The shrimp fleet is shot right now + Man in charge of military along Gulf Coast is no-nonsense, all Army + Mexican army convoy with doctors, mobile kitchens heads for U.S. + 45 Bodies Found at New Orleans Hospital + Evacuation could alter politics of region + Obama: Ignorance of inner city life partly at fault + Senior EPA Official Claims White House Covering up Katrina Toxicity + Katrina Building Needs May Trigger Cuts in Import Tariffs on Building Items

New book 'The Search' delves deep into Google

New Insight Into the Nature of Nanodiamond

Astronomers Witness Earliest-Ever Star Death

Inexpensive Oxidation Catalyst Could Reduce Diesel Emissions

Supersizing The Supercomputers: What's Next?

MILITARY More than a year later, Army admits GI died in accident

Coast Guard sees security duties expand

Cyber-critics use Internet to take on authorities bent on silencing them

Russia Media Climate Said to Be Chilling

Booksellers at fore of Patriot Act fights

UC Berkeley Professors Ask Chancellor to Oppose Patriot Act


Finishing school for men will offer a leg up for social climbers

The Uses of Laughter

Connie Stevens named national chair of Aging Out Loud campaign

The Wesleys and Their Times


Gaffes cast cloud over future of Hong Kong Disneyland

Oracle to acquire Siebel Systems for about $5.85 billion

EBay to acquire Internet communications company Skype

AP Interview: Eisner says 'turbulence' at Disney was part of life

Let Katrina revive the war on poverty

Heating oil prices could become "life or death" this winter

Microsoft still trying to find its footing in China

India Facing Offshore Call-Center Skills Crisis

The Pen Is Mightier.... Murdoch desperate to catch up in the internet race

Networks May Use Subtitles in Prime-time

Yahoo hires blogger-journalist Kevin Sites, Set to Compete With TV News

Ethnic news organizations find a new angle on the Katrina story

Editor: Biloxi Newspaper Has Largest Press Run Ever

Military Reporters on Covering Iraq War Dead

Today's papers


Chinese bats harbor SARS-like virus

UK: Imported foods could be responsible for new superbugs + New super-resistant 'E. coli' spreads across the country

British Pair Believe Cows got Sick By Eating Human Corpses

Deadly Virus Spreads in India, Despite Vaccines Within Reach

Scientists Block Viruses From Entering Cells

Test-Tube T-Bones on the Horizon Say Researchers

Doctor presents the case for male menopause

Headphone use may worsen hearing loss

Fish oil supplement found to be a keeper

Duped Cells May Prevent Transplant Rejection

Bionic Eye Has Potential to Cure Blindness

System Drastically Cuts Down Botulism Detection Time

Researchers Discover Key To Human Embryonic Stem-cell Potential

Common Pesticide May Reduce Fertility In Women

No Single Gene For Aging

Scientists Get First Glimpse At How Plants, Most Animals Repair UV-damaged DNA

Memory Loss In Older Adults Due To Distractions, Not Inability To Focus

Short-term Bio Sensors Monitor From Afar

Rare Eye-movement Disorder May Shed Light On Brain And Cardiovascular Development

New Method Shows Mushrooms A Top Source For One Antioxidant

Old Drug Shows New Promise For Huntington's Disease

Fatty Acids: Good For The Brain, Good For Alzheimer Disease

Researchers Recommend Multidisciplinary Approach Of Low Back Pain

New Support For Disabled Research Students

Native Plant Eaters Have Gourmet Palates

Treaty offers world's last chance to save great apes + Mother orangutans shot dead so infants can be traded as pets

Teeny Phones for Tweety Birds

In Iran, Camera Traps Reveal Rare Asiatic Cheetahs


President Bush Meets the Press in New Orleans, Admits No Mistakes

Mike Brown resigns as FEMA director + Firefighter to Replace Brown As FEMA Chief (AP)

Bush: No racial role in rescues

Louisiana's senator escalates rhetoric against Bush

Bush Buddies Land Fatcat Contracts for Katrina Relief

U.S. mulling new generation of land mines

US bars Cuba from attending New York conference

Supreme Court Nominee: Roberts Tells Senate He'll Be Chief Justice 'Without Fear or Favor' if Confirmed + Quotes From Senators, John Roberts During His Confirmation Hearing + A Radical Roberts Court + To Fill O'Connor's Shoes, Bush Might Want to Cross the Aisle + New Criticisms Aimed at Roberts + Sen. Feinstein's prepared opening statement for Roberts hearing+ Some of 53 duties for the chief justice + On Iran-contra, what did Roberts know? + Specter: Gonzales Not Ready for Supreme Court + Obama Cites Katrina To Level New Criticism At Roberts + Novak: Replacing O'Conner could get ugly

Iran: Demographics and Iran's imperial design

Syria, Lebanon: Conspiracy in Beirut + Spiegel Interview with Syrian President Assad: "Poverty Is a Greater Concern for Most than a Democratic Constitution" + U.S. envoy: Syria a terrorist hub for Iraq + Click.  The stiffest warning to Syria yet was issued Monday by US Iraq ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad + Syria rejects US charge on Iraq + Lebanese officials call to strengthen internal front + Syria lets UN investigator question top gov't figures over Hariri killing

N. and S. Korea: Seoul's Mayor Seeks to Give His City a Makeover + Envoys aim to end N. Korea nuke stalemate

Rice: Rice seeks to advance U.S. policy goals

Domestic: FDA Knew of Heart-Device Problems Before Releasing Alert: Report + Panel Recommends Pharmaceutical Industry Shoulder Medicaid Cuts

Congress: Lawmakers Examine Tax Incentives to Help Hurricane Victims, Contributors + With Immediate Crisis Funded, Lawmakers Begin Considering Reconstruction Ideas


Simon Shama: Sorry, Mr. President, Katrina is not 9/11

The End of 'National Greatness': Justin Raimondo

Feds Fail, Feds Flourish: Paul Craig Roberts

The Mosquito and the Hammer: Carroll/Engelhardt

Edward Crane, Wm Niskanen: Neoconservatism and the Fall of the Republic

Establishment Turns on Bush: Jon Basil Utley

Guardian) The war of unintended consequences

Salman Rushdie: Lesson One for the modern Muslim: remember, this is not the 8th century

Rees-Mogg: The wind at Hillary's back

The United States can’t even manage a hot dog stall, so to speak!

Paul Krugman: All the President's friends

Carl Bernstein, in New Article, Tackles Deep Throat Saga, the Bush White House, and Press Performance Today

(World Socialists) Bush suspends Davis-Bacon Act. Wage-cutting and profit-gouging in the midst of the Katrina disaster

(World Socialists) Hurricane Katrina and the meaning of September 11

Richard Haas: Katrina And The Emperor

Laura Rozen: Unwagging the dog

George Bush and Poppy tour New Orleans

Jackson compares FEMA contracts to 'white-collar looting'

Anonymous, Paul Revere

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

History to Repeat Itself at Yosemite

'Not a Cornfield' Idea Is Food for Thought

A Collector's Body Shop Bargain: $500 Bought a Unique T-Bird

Solano County's tule elk paradise

Home winemakers learn some tricks of the trade from Delicato

Mineral water drew visitors to Carlsbad Hotel

An Evelyn Waugh Website

Yuan Ming Yuan (Garden of Perfect Brightness

John Ford remembers filming Battle of Midway

"Troilus and Cressida" in early modern English at the Globe

Ancient drowned forest in Scotland

3,000-years-old music performed at Persepolis

Remains of Gold Rush-era ship found in San Francisco

Ponchos are on parade for Martha's new show

Taking the Tate into the future

Ibiza gets Glastonbury Groove

Some museum pieces rescued in time + Wright-Sullivan gems gutted in Mississippi

Shirley Temple Black getting SAG's Life Achievement Award

A baby step toward Sienna-Jude vows?

Penn's wife goes on the warpath

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day


The Governor:  Gov. campaigns for initiatives in Riverside, may announce he will run again + Gov. Boxes Self Into a Corner With the Right + Activists Try to Knock Out Ballot Propositions, 74,75,76, contending they harm teachers, unions + Prop 75 worries unions as it has support from majority of likely voters + Tabloid Tried to Suppress Risqué Videotape of Gov. + Gov. begins campaign harried by politics as usual + Former Inglewood Police Officer Among Five Named to Superior Court + Click. Jordan Rau: A year of partisan paralysis in California Capitol +On the move: Fellenz will oversee Caltrans' legal office (SBee) Tom Fellenz has been named deputy chief counsel for the California Department of Transportation. Kathy Booher has been named chief of the office of financial accounting and analysis + Statement by Gubernatorial Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Rob Stutzman

Making Sure State Is Ready in Case Disaster Strikes

State Helps Domestic Workers Who Are Fighting for Fair Pay

Grief for state lawyer who went to bat for workers (SFC) Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross: A state labor lawyer who opposed efforts by the Schwarzenegger administration to weaken workers' meal-break rights has been suspended -- for having attended a brown bag luncheon

Legislature: Bill Placing New Limits on Youngest Drivers Stalls in Assembly + Asbestos bill defeated 42-35 + California on brink of wholesale videogames restriction + Retailers respond to the recent California Violent Games Bill + Who poisoned Delta protection bill? + Flurry of bills pushed through + Purging racist property records (SBee) A bill that would make it much easier to remove racist language from tens of thousands of property records statewide has cleared the Legislature by a unanimous vote + Little love shown for animal bills +

Stem Cell panel: LA Children's Hospital only pediatric institute to receive stem cell training grant

Indian tribes: Click. (Desert Dispatch) Indian tribes toughest fight to come + Katrina's Forgotten Victims: Native American Tribes + Tribal college appeals for cleanup help + OP/ED: Realities of Employment with a Sovereign Nation



California businesses are incorporating in Nevada where there is no income tax. State officials call it a fraud and vow a crackdown

Activists Rally to Redlands Doctor's Cause + Redlands doctor charged with hastening death with massive morphine dose

Age and Wisdom : California's most senior CHP officer shares his experiences, good and bad, wearing the badge

Former Inglewood Police Officer Among Five Named to Superior Court

Gov. Appoints Lisa Novak to San Mateo County Superior Court + Gov. Appoints Garrett Wong to San Francisco County Superior Court + Gov. Appoints Patricia Scanlon to Contra Costa County Superior Court + Gov. Appoints Kenneth Gnoss to Sonoma County Superior Court + Gov. Appoints Eugene Balonon to Sacramento County Superior Court + Gov. Appoints Julia Scrogin to Yuba County Superior Court + Gov. Appoints James LaPorte to Kings County Superior Court Gov. Appoints John Behnke to Mendocino County Superior Court

Sacramento & north: Sacramento mosque leader insists they are non-violent + 1 Dead, 5 Wounded In Meadowview Shooting + Sacramento: Pedestrian killed in hit and run + Glen County Jails: Overcrowding's impact goes beyond guards + Anti-graffiti law under consideration in Chico + Oroville: Arrest made in identity theft ring + The Sacramento Gang Summit + Drive-by shooting kills teen at party (SBee) Elk Grove teenager died Sunday after being shot by drive-by gunfire at a south Sacramento party + Placer is tracking its sex offenders (SBee) The program consists of a probation officer and sheriff's detective team whose caseloads consist solely of sex offender registrants. Together, they keep close tabs on the county's more than 400 registered sex offenders and their activities through interviews, spot checks and surveillance

San Francisco, San Mateo: Businessman Thomas White settles alleged molestation suits + Suspect in custody for one of three shootings (SFEx) A suspect is in custody for one of Sunday morning's three shootings in San Francisco, which police say were not connected to each other

Alameda: Jury Partially Deadlocked in Araujo Trial + Berkeley: Man in custody after attempted robbery at North Berkeley BART station + 'Ganja Guru' appeal set after delay (OakTrib) More than two years after being convicted and sentenced for growing marijuana, Oakland's self-styled "Guru of Ganja" will make his appeal Tuesday for why even a slap on the wrist was too much + OAKLAND / Police silent on Peralta Street killing (SFC) A man was killed Saturday night in West Oakland, but police and the Alameda County coroner's office declined Sunday to release any information about the victim or even how he died

Santa Clara: Coach's arrest tests loyalties (SJM) Support, disgust for man in sex case. When a Palo Alto coach with nearly 30 years as a popular middle school gym teacher was arrested last month, accused of the long-term sexual assault of a former student, some people just could not believe he would do such a thing.

Contra Costa: How many did he kill? (CCT) Nearly a dozen girls and young women vanished or were killed in Alameda and Contra Costa from '69 to '79. Phillip Joseph Hughes Jr. is at the top of the suspect list in several cases, including the disappearance of a Moraga girl + Albany man, 20, fatally shot in car (CCT) A 20-year-old Albany man died from gunshot wounds early Sunday in the car he was driving on Moeser Lane in El Cerrito, police said + Curfew for parolees in Richmond? (CCT) A controversial parolee and probationer curfew now used in Oakland may soon keep ex-cons home at night in crime-troubled Contra Costa neighborhoods as well Antioch: Prosecutors ponder charges in slaying (SFC) Contra Costa County prosecutors are expected to decide Tuesday what charges to file against a 29-year-old Martinez man in connection with the slaying of his mother inside her Antioch home

Marin: Point Reyes pepper-spray incident ends in settlement (MIJ) Two West Marin teens who sued the federal government after a pepper spray incident involving two park rangers have settled the case for $50,000, their attorney said.

Sonoma: Police still hunt driver in fatality (SRPD) Michelle Krshul died with "no regrets," content with her family life and her close relationship with her boyfriend, her sister said Sunday + Around the Empire (SRPD) Two teenagers allegedly assaulted a Petaluma convenience store clerk + Marine recruiter on trial Tuesday in Ukiah sex case (SRPD) A Marine recruiter accused of having sex at the Ukiah recruiting office faces a military judge and jury this week during his court-martial in San Diego

Solano: CHP sting puts 11 commercial buses off road

Central Valley: Fresno's booming housing market not good for all reside

Central Valley: Stockton: Two People Found Dead In Crashed Car

Central Coast: State takes over Capitola nursing home

Southern California: Police chief calls threats against LA and Australia `rhetoric' + OC: Sheriff's stepping up effort to stop gang activity + Beating leaves man unconscious at San Diego Chargers game + San Diego: Keeping tabs on sex offenders a constant job for task force + San Diego: Bicyclist dies in hit-and-run; driver arrested


LOCAL NEWS: Otter gets wired for sound

Sacramento & north: Body Of Missing Auburn Hiker Found + Sierra bighorns and domestic cousins caught in battle over grazing rights + Little town, big debate (SBee) Clarksburg, Yolo need to check levees first before debating growth

San Francisco, San Mateo:  Excelsior studies pedestrian safety (SFEx) Project will help develop ‘tool kit'. The intersection of Mission and Geneva streets will soon become the site of an experiment in community-based planning while becoming safer for neighborhood pedestrians and drivers + News from the San Francisco Bay area + Area caregivers to attend D.C. rally (SFEx) San Mateo: Shirley Hanscom may be caring for two teenage children as she nears her 70th birthday, but she knows that she is one of the lucky ones + Most of San Bruno Center in line for demolition San Bruno Council vote set for Tuesday. The half-empty Skycrest Shopping Center may be demolished by spring if the City Council approves the planning amendments needed at tomorrow's meeting.

Alameda: Plan to relocate veterans home sparks outcry (CCT)  Veterans are expected at a Wednesday hearing to again protest the possible relocation of the 120-bed Veterans Affairs nursing home south of Livermore + San Leandro: Funding restored for East Bay homeless shelters + Little Kabul quiet four years after 9/11 (Tri-Valley) In the days after 9/11, microphones and TV cameras bombarded Fremont restaurant owner Wahid Andesha + Board aims to keep student names out of military hands (OakTrib) Oakland high school students should be able to prevent their own names and phone numbers from going to military recruiters, according to a resolution passed recently + Housing Authority provides variety of services (Tri-Valley) 6,600 privately owned housing units receiving federal Section 8 subsidies, 380 publicly owned units and 83 employees + Countys longtime housing director heads to PG&E (Tri-Valley) Ophelia Basgal has juggled diverse needs since she began managing the Alameda County Housing Authority in 1978 + City to examine condo converts (Tri-Valley) Pleasanton: With an eye toward preserving affordable housing, the city may impose new rules on landlords who want to convert their apartment complexes into condominiums

Santa Clara: Angst and zeal over Coyote Valley+ SC County may lose link to agricultural history + San Jose garbage probe takes shape + Attorney chosen for trash pact probe (SJM) The attorney tapped to lead the independent investigation into whether San Jose's mayor deceived the city council about the costs of a trash-hauling contract is known as a litigator with a bulldog's tenacity and a bloodhound's nose for facts

Contra Costa: Small-town activist offers a wealth of experience from the big city (CCT) Mervyn Silverman, a civic activist in the small town of Crockett, dropped in at the executive offices of C&H Sugar Co. last year with a videographer in tow to talk to CEO David Koncelik, in a scene that could have come right out of "Roger & Me." + Concord could shut pot club (CCT)  Central Contra Costa's sole medicinal marijuana dispensary may be shut down if the City Council approves a permanent ban on such establishments Tuesday.

Marin: An acute shortage of care (MIJ) Marin Community Clinic, the county's primary provider of medical care to low-income and uninsured residents, diverted patients to the emergency rooms of local hospitals this summer because it was unable to replace physicians who left. "We were just out of resources," said clinic Executive Director Carol Patterson.

Sonoma: Horses a growing part of Sonoma County lifestyle (SRPD) Sonoma County's horse population has increased 30 percent during the past seven years, riding high on the affluence of the Wine Country lifestyle

Napa: Union talks going slowly at Piner's + A century later, a hero's bravery is recognized again

Solano: Just how dense is Fairfield? + Solano County's tule elk paradise +On assignment with CHP in Big Easy Benicia retiree doesn't clown around with new venture - voiceovers + 7-11 Committee forming to assess, recommend plans for VCUSD land + Local News Briefs

Monterey: Otter gets wired for sound + Student to film Louisiana trek + Man hurt after losing control of motorcycle + Carmel approves live music + A day for tomato lovers to savor + Your Town

Central Valley: Fresno's booming housing market not good for all residents + San Joaquin County's shrewd shoppers seek unusual, economical buys + Uvas Valley target of development + AIDS funding turned back by San Benito County+ San Benito: East of Fairview Specific Plan comes back to life + San Benito: Sheriff Hill announces re-election bid + Cutting health agency's losses (MBee) When Stanislaus County officials started a major review of the Health Services Agency almost a year ago, the possibilities ranged from closing all nine medical clinics to changing almost nothing

Central Coast: High Diesel Prices Yield Bumper Crop of Thieves + Pajaro divided over development proposal (SCS) Some in Pajaro, a town of about 3,500 people across the Pajaro River from downtown Watsonville, believe pressing community needs for housing, jobs and flood protection outweigh the desire to preserve farmland. For the past few months, a proposal to build a Wal-Mart and other big-box stores at the edge of town has stirred hopes among some and outrage in others + Coastal cleanup effort widespread (SCS) Last year, more than 3,000 volunteers signed up for duty, Bryan said. They picked up 12,974 pounds of garbage. This year’s cleanup effort will be supplemented by an "Ocean Night Out" + News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: Planning for a Greener L.A. River + Ambassador Hotel Has Its Final Checkout + 3 Republicans Challenge a Lone Democrat in 53rd District Vote (Venice to Torrance area) + Large portion of Los Angeles loses electrical power + Fire Near Julian 75% Contained + Newport Group Seeks to Hobble Council's Civic Center Funding Plan + 'Battle of Palmdale': Sound, Fury and 1 Lost Plane + Oceanside planners to consider low-income apartments + Oceanside as land baron: It owns nearly 5,000 acres + Encinitas treatment plant wins recognition + Clinic for women and children opens in Encinitas + Police: Immigration forum cost Carlsbad $62K + Earthquake Swarm Hits California Desert + San Diego: Cedar Creek Falls hikers' haven is known for trouble + San Diego County: City officials take issue with urban runoff letters + Refugee dogs, cats arrive in S.D.

School days: UK: Backlash over Tony Blair's school revolution + She could get a place to study at Oxford or Cambridge. So why is Dominique off to Harvard instead? + Rewriting history + Learning to teach, teaching to learn + Colleges seeing sharp increase in requests for fee waivers + San Francisco District may fund teacher for former teen prostitutes (SFEx) Instructor to work in city's pending Safe House. Teens who were formerly prostitutes will receive funding from the San Francisco Unified School District for a full-time teacher under a proposal that will be introduced to the Board of Education on Tuesday + SFUSD declares impasse with union (SFEx) The San Francisco Unified School District has declared an "impasse" in contract talks with union officials representing the district's 1,200 service employees, increasing the likelihood that the cafeteria, custodial, clerical and other school workers will strike

History to Repeat Itself at Yosemite

'Not a Cornfield' Idea Is Food for Thought

A Collector's Body Shop Bargain: $500 Bought a Unique T-Bird

Solano County's tule elk paradise

Home winemakers learn some tricks of the trade from Delicato

Mineral water drew visitors to Carlsbad Hotel

Shirley Temple Black getting SAG's Life Achievement Award

September 9, 2005

Katrina: FEMA Chief says he is scapegoat of the press + FEMA director removed from relief role +Brown says leaving Louisiana not his idea, denounces "lies" NEW + UAVs Over New Orleans + FEMA Says It Will End Debit Card Plan + National Guard Deployment in Iraq Hurt Katrina Response, General Says + Bush Sends in the Coast Guard to Take the Helm of Katrina Relief + Authorities in New Orleans find far fewer bodies than expected + Ex-Secretary of State Powell slams storm effort + Sen. Rick Santorum Blames National Weather Service For Katrina Damage, Warnings “Not Sufficient” + Click. Deborah Zabarenko: Media groups say FEMA censors search for bodies + Click. Greg Mitchell: Charmaine Neville's New Orleans story: Horror and heroism + Click. Christopher Cooper: Old line New Orleans' families plot the future.

WAR IRAQ On the ground: U.S., Iraq pressure "rebel" town of Tal Afar + 200 suspected militants arrested in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: Pay dispute shuts down Baghdad airport + Diversity in Iraq's Armed Services Is General's Goal + For Politicians in Japan, Net Is No-Go Zone

War prisons: US Military Tube-Feeding 13 Guantanamo Detainees on Hunger Strike, Spokesman Says

AFGHANISTAN: NATO eyes front-line role in Afghanistan

MIDDLE EAST:  Mubarak Wins Presidential Election…Low Voter Turnout, Fraud Allegations

Arafat's death remains a mystery

Israel, Palestine: Israel demolishes military installations in Gaza strip + Israel Court Gives OK to Raze Gaza Synagogues 

UKRAINE: Ukraine president dismisses government

JAPAN: In Japan, rebel lawmakers face `assassin' candidates

VENEZUELA: Oil Deals Aid Socialist Venezuelan Leader's Campaign for Influence in Region, Analysts Say


Berger Is Fined For Smuggling Classified Papers

Key Official In Clandestine Service of CIA To Retire

Pollard petitions Israel for special status Report Challenges CIA Role

CHINA: Ching Cheong friend vows to clear name

Fake U.K. spy, swindler jailed for life

Foreign NGOs funding militancy in Bangladesh: intelligence

Blue Force Tracker Grows Up Thousands of Electronic Eyes

Click. Dana Priest, Walter Pincus: Robert Richer, the second-ranking official in the CIA's clandestine service, has announced his retirement, telling colleagues that he lacked confidence in the agency's leadership

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Project Censored top 10 stories + Top San Francisco Bay area censored stories

Murdoch Adding to Online Empire

Eight big lies about Katrina

John Dean: Doing Legal, Political, and Historical Research on the Internet: Using Blog Forums, Open Source Dictionaries, and More Editor Says 'Times-Pic' Newsroom is Feeling Post-Katrina 'Paradigm Shift'

Fiedler: Lack of Prosecution No Reason to Rehire DeFede + DeFede Feels Vindicated By Decision + The Jim DeFede Memo

AP Releases Investigation Into Lax 9/11 Loan Program

BBC Opens Archives to the Public

Today's papers


Bush's power to detain US enemy combatant upheld

Officer: Inmate boasted of killing priest

Judge Orders Edgar Ray Killen to Prison

Gang Crackdown Nets 650 Suspects

'Bagman' in Chicago Trucking Scandal Gets 25 Months in Federal Prison

Facing Second Trial, Merck Says It's in Vioxx Fight for Long Haul


Click to view, state and local



Google hires 'father of the Internet' Vinton Cerf

Engineers plan out "silent" airliner of the future

HP's New Entertainment Push Is TV-Centric

Grammar Lost Translation Machine In Researchers Fix Try Will

Novel Material May Demonstrate Long-sought 'Liquid' Magnetic State

Largest Asteroid May Be 'Mini Planet' With Water Ice Closing In On Quantum Chemistry

MILITARY Panel: Pentagon overestimated base savings

COMBAT SUPPORT: Warplanes With Built-In Games

Mad Money for Theater Commanders

New American Combat Brigades

Protecting Iraqi Staff Officers in Germany

U.S. says pilot missing since '91 may be alive

Judge Rules Against Government in Patriot Act Case Involving Library Patrons

Total Gun Confiscation of Law Abiding Citizens Begins


The Reformation of Matthew Fox

Dick Van Dyke honored for helping homeless in LA

American Who Is Paying $20 Million for Flight to Space Station Trains for Rocket Launch


Rosenblum named to oversee TV operations at Warner Bros.

Carly Fiorina joins League of Exiles

How Google Got Its Groove On

Billionaire to Unveil Plan for Biotech Center at Old Textile Site

AP Interview: Disney Executives Say New Park in Hong Kong Is Giant Step Into China


Infectious disease research in and around New Orleans

Genographic Project using DNA to follow paths of humans

Bio Programming

Smoke Breaks Boost Memory

RNAi Interferes With Disease

Scientists Set for Creation of Human Embryo With Two Mothers

Human Brains Enjoy Ongoing Evolution

UF Scientist Finds Unexpected Link Between Cat And Human AIDS Viruses

Obesity Strongly Linked To Pulmonary Embolism And Deep Venous Thrombosis

Methane Gyrations Last 2,000 Years Show Human Influence On Atmosphere

Scientists Develop 'Clever' Artificial Hand

Research Shows Where Brain Interprets 'Pitch'

'Ephedra-free' Dietary Supplements Pose Potential Health Risks

PUMA Protein Coordinates The Cell-suicide Activities Of p53 In The Nucleus And Cytoplasm

Number Of Babies Born Prematurely Nears Historic Half Million Mark In U.S.

Acute-leukemia Sign May Signal Need For Different Therapy

Animal Model Of Parkinson's Disease Reveals Striking Sensitivity To Common Environmental Toxins

A New Era Of Hope For Neglected Diseases

NIAID Scientists Characterize The Most Infectious Prion Protein Particles

3D MRI Useful In Detecting Most Lethal Of All Major Cancers

Countries to agree to save ape habitats


Bush's power to detain US enemy combatant upheld

Iraq appeals to U.S. not to quit Iraq early

States' Fight for Bases Stays Alive

Charges Added in Alleged Plot Against Bush

Tight constraints on September 11 "Freedom Walk"

Iran: Rice sees referral of Iran to UN Security Council

N. Korea: Talks on North Korea's Nuclear Program Set

Domestic: Danger Ahead?: Why America's Governors are Declaring States of Immigration Emergency and Why Congress Should Listen, and Act

Congress: Senate panel delays vote on Alaska oil drilling + Feinstein-sponsored anti-meth bill passes in Senate + Texas Group That DeLay Advised Is Indicted Congress investigating Gates Foundation exec

Democrats: 2008, Feingold & the D.C. Democratic Establishment


Katrina underscores Bush's isolated style

U.S. tries everything, but can't slow Chavez

Mark Morford: George W. Bush still rocks!

Krugman: Point those fingers

Marianne Means: Feds say "Let them eat tax cuts"

Scott Ritter: It's Accountability Time

Molly Ivins: A Flood of Bad Policies

In Washington, Lies, Third Worldliness—George W. as Imelda M.

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  The California Supreme Court Considers Three Broken-Up Lesbian Partnerships, And Finds, In Each, That A Child Can Have Two Mothers + Orange County student sues school over lesbian kissing

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Exhibit honors contribution of Chinese to Petaluma

Drivers gearing up for Concours 'D'Elegance

Condors to be freed over Pinnacles National Monument + Eggs: Marvel of engineering

La Cocina helps San Francisco Mission District women with culinary talent go pro

History, Protocol Find a Home at State 'Castle', Stanford Mansion

History lives on at Mission San Luis Rey cemetery

Book for children is adventure in science

Ben Greenman on the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

Art of John William Waterhouse 1849-1917

Rush & Molloy: Give 'em shelter: Stones offer $1M

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Mom puts a B.I.G. hurt on Diddy & Kim

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day


The Governor:  Gov. Reportedly Running For Second Term + Gov. may relax gasoline rule to reduce prices + Gov. Vows to Veto Driver's License Bill + Senate rejects Gov.'s choice to head DMV + Sun sets over bid for solar program. Gov. will seek PUC's help on plan + Bill to allow Gov to change mind, call off Nov. 8 special elections fails in state senate + Financial Director Tom Campbell steps down to do special election work + Assemblyman Keene: Gov.'s planned gay marriage veto no surprise + Gov. zaps Dems' bills + Lawmakers Fear More Vetoes From Gov.  + Tours Washington Union school in Central Valley + Gov. names San Joaquin Valley task force + Biomonitoring bill heads to Gov. (Argus) Bill aims to sample California's population for a variety of industrial, consumer and naturally occurring compounds — flame retardants, plastics, heavy metals, even vitamin C — with the goal of tracking exposure trends + Call to action on child care loophole (SBee) Sen. Roy Ashburn, R-Bakersfield, is calling on Gov. to enact emergency regulations immediately closing a loophole that allows the state to pay people with criminal backgrounds to watch the children of welfare recipients + Ad Watch: Commercial seeks to link Prop. 75 to Gov. (SBee) In their first shot of the campaign, opponents of Proposition 75 are trying to connect the initiative directly to Gov.  and banking that his poor poll numbers will drag the union dues measure down with the Gov. + Wrap Party Won't Be to Gov.'s Liking + Dan Walters: Gov.'s in a tight spot, but Democrats recall big reversal in 1994 (SBee)

California Uses Katrina as Model for Future Destruction

Feinstein backs Angelides for Governor in 2006

Preservation group gets $1 million for coastal work

Voters dislike immigrant patrol; Many don't support Minutemen

State deal for Sprint, Verizon (SBee) Verizon Wireless Inc. and Sprint Nextel Corp. will share a $26 million contract to supply cellular phones, walkie-talkies and related services to state workers

State's tomato crop smaller (SBee) Disease and fewer acres planted will reduce California's processing tomato production by about 12 percent this year, to 10 million tons, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture + California farmers want classification for `sustainable' produce

Utility discounts (CCT) PG&E. and So. Cal. Edison offer 25 % electricity rate discounts to persuade employers to stay or expand in California or move here

Legislature: Lawmakers OK exit exam, driver's license, supplement bills + Delay for special ed exam gets OK

Indian tribes: Big tribes block pending deals for new casinos + Gov. Announces Indian Gaming Agreements + BIA gathers input on new casino plan + Valley casino offers jobs



Attorney General Lockyer Sues Bush Administration For Delay on Energy Efficiency Rules for Common Appliances

Inmate gets hearing in girl's death re: prosecutorial misconduct

Zodiac: The Manson murder for hire organization by Harry Martin

Void of '03 Abuse Law Sought by San Diego Diocese

Duncan lawyer seeks to suppress remarks on Calif, Seattle cases

Sacramento & north: Oroville: Man faces sentence extradition + South Oroville shooting under investigation as gang-related + Oroville: No decision on whether to retry casino brawl case + Chico: Convicted pornographer gets 4-year term + Neighborhood dispute prompts fatal shooting (SBee) Loomis:  A long-simmering dispute erupted Thursday night, when one man shot his neighbor for crossing his property

San Francisco, San Mateo: City crime lab passes rigorous tests, approved (SFEx) The independent organization charged with accrediting crime labs accredit SF's forensic laboratory

Alameda: Jury Close To Verdict In Transgender Teen Murder Case + Grand jury investigating Oakland police overtime + Prostitute sting nets 11 arrests (Oak Trib) Arrests were made during a three-hour period Wednesday morning along San Pablo Avenue between West Grand and 34th Street, at Market Street and West MacArthur Boulevard, along Martin Luther King Jr. Way between 25th and 40th + Marijuana club owners decry order (CCT)  Sheriff Plummer shuts 3 clubs down. One may sue contending application required too much disclosure + Dog sniffs out drugs worth near $200,000 in Oakland, Manteca (Argus) Alameda County Narcotics Task Force said Thursday that unit's dog, Bennie, sniffed out more than 2 pounds of powder and rock cocaine from a hiding place in the kitchen of West's stash pad in East Oakland. Ten more ounces of the drug were found at the apartment of one of West's runners and 2 more ounces in a jacket at West's Manteca home

Santa Clara: Couple Pleads Guilty In Chili Finger Scam + The toll of meth in Santa Clara, San Benito Counties + 44 drug arrests in East Palo Alto + Campbell police shoot, kill knife-wielding man + Police: East Palo Alto gang sweep only the beginning (SJM) Law enforcement agencies from all over the United States and Central America sent a strong message to criminal gangs Thursday, warning that they will be targeted wherever they operate

Contra Costa: Just 15 hours after being paroled Richmond: Parolee found dead at Kennedy H.S. + Ongoing inquiry reveals bank suspect not armed (CCT) Investigators have found no evidence that a suspect was carrying a gun when he was shot and killed by a high-ranking Alameda County sheriff's official after a botched bank robbery in Brentwood on Aug. 31. + Police bust suspected meth lab (CCT) Several anonymous tips led police to arrest a Concord man Wednesday morning on suspicion of running a methamphetamine lab in his home

Marin: Man arrested in stolen property sting (MIJ) A Corte Madera man Christian Harnish was arrested yesterday morning during a sting at the Bon Air Shopping Center when he tried to sell a stolen laptop computer back to the owner + '70 Civic Center gunman denied parole (MIJ) Ruchell Magee, the surviving gunman in the 1970 Civic Center shootout that killed a judge and paralyzed a prosecutor, was denied parole for two more years yesterday. The shootout occurred on Aug. 7, 1970, during the trial of James McClain, a San Quentin prisoner accused of assaulting a guard

Sonoma: Ukiah doctors sued over teen's drug death (SRPD) A wrongful-death lawsuit claims Mendocino County's public health officer and his physician wife failed to safeguard drugs at home that are linked to the 2003 overdose death of a Ukiah High School student + The suit was filed against Dr. Marvin Trotter, Dr. Mary Newkirk and their son, Evan Trotter, by the mother of 16-year-old Keith McCallum + Ukiah lawyer to become Superior Court judge (SRPD) UKIAH - John Behnke, a veteran North Coast lawyer and head of the best-known law firm in the Ukiah Valley, was appointed Thursday to the Mendocino County Superior Court bench + Pt. Reyes: Park Rangers may settle pepper spray suit

Napa: Snowden retires from court, starts mediation business + Fruit bomb: Workers find explosive in vineyards

Solano: Bail denied to former Fairfield councilman + Gilbreath witness testifies serious argument occurred + Former Fairfield councilman in court today  + Vallejo Police Calls + Seat belt inspection

Monterey: Gang leaders in federal hands + Two in Salinas arrested on drug charges + Probation violation in Grubbs case

Central Valley: Lodi: Fingerprint on check leads to 3 arrests, clears suspect + Budget cuts hurt efforts to clean up graffiti in Lodi

Central Coast: Jackson juror sues to get out of book deal + Feds target gangs in Santa Cruz (SCS) The undercover operation included arrests throughout the country and in Central America and targeted members of the Sureno gang offshoot called Mara Salvatrucha, commonly called MS-13 or MS. The FBI helped in the arrests made by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, an arm of the Department of Homeland Security + South County armed robber strikes again (SCS) Watsonville: A masked man armed with a handgun robbed La Michoacana Mercado y Carniceria, 537 E. Lake Ave.

Southern California: Death sentence imposed in murders of Los Angeles family + Many L.A. County Jail Inmates Still Held Too Long + Compton: Bullets Shatter a Sailor's Family + Criminal Charges Against Ray Charles' Engineer Tossed + Santa Monica: 'Fanny Pack Bandit' Didn't Bank on Passing FBI Agents + Huntington Beach: Scheme Mastermind Pleads Guilty + 3 Pipe Bombs Are Detonated in Huntington Beach + Ontario Girl, Alleged Abductor Still Missing + San Bernardino: 2 patients arrested in Patton hospital slaying + San Diego: North County massage therapist pleads guilty to sexual battery + Gunman who killed sailor sought + San Diego: Activists Kept in Jail for Refusing to Testify + San Diego: Informer in City Hall case released + San Diego: Serra Mesa man sought in killing of woman +  El Cajon: Parents Offer to Drop School Shooting Suit + Vista: Teens tell of alleged molestation + Students describe alleged molestations by Escondido teacher + Vista: Judge, attorneys to seat more alternates than usual on Camacho jury + Youth arrested for allegedly starting Rancho Penasquitos fire + Arson the cause of San Diego County wildfire, CDF says


LOCAL NEWS:  Monterey to take in otters, penguins

Sacramento & north: Attorneys take final step to activate El Dorado General Plan + EPA plans asbestos risk study for El Dorado Hills + Chico: Labor board backs union at Enloe Medical Center + Chico: There's "gold" in Bidwell Park + Chico: Council changes its mind on Oak Valley development + Glenn County No. 1 in state per capita for West Nile Virus + Coho salmon fishery at Lake Oroville could be revitalized with plant of 40,000 yearlings + Natomas habitat plan is upheld (SBee) Legal challenge by conservationists to a protection plan for threatened species in the Natomas area was rejected Thursday by a Sacramento federal judge + Roseville City Council votes to buy old JCPenney store (SBee) A vacant antiques mall in the heart of downtown Roseville was in danger of ending its days as a warehouse + PG&E says revisions in SMUD's Yolo plan need new application (SBee) In what may turn out to be a blip or a major outage in SMUD's effort to annex much of Yolo County, Pacific Gas and Electric officials said Thursday that SMUD must start over and resubmit its application with the local intergovernmental agency that must approve the power takeover + Battle Heats Up Over Tahoe Piers, Buoys

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF: New push to boost city's tax revenue (SFC) San Francisco Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting and building inspection department director Amy Lee on Thursday promised closer cooperation to ensure that property owners pay taxes on new construction + SF: Officials question veto of bill to double fines on 19th Ave.  Yee perplexed by Gov.'s decision on his legislation (SFC) As a final way of discouraging speeding down the 19th avenue, Assemblyman Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, pushed a bill through the Legislature to double fines for pedestrian-endangering traffic violations on the stretch of state Highway 1. But on Wednesday, Gov. vetoed the legislation, saying that it "merely establishes a stretch of 19th Avenue . . . as a double fine zone without any additional measures + Newsom 2006 Olympics bid likely (SFEx) Mayor Gavin Newsom said there was a "strong likelihood" Thursday that the Bay Area would launch a bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Alameda: Livermore: Mayoral Debate Launches Campaign Season + Charter School Born in Controversy Leaves Sunol Glen Sponsorship + Friends of Livermore Responds to Charges re: Livermore Trails + Alameda County Selected for Pilot Conservation Program  + Pleasanton Draft Circulation Plan Offers a Variety of Options + Stark back for another round of meetings (Argus) 9 to 10 a.m. at the Ruggieri Senior Center, 33997 Alvarado-Niles Road. He will hold two additional town hall meetings later in the day, at 10:30 in the San Leandro Library and at noon at Earhart School in Alameda + Fremont rejects Route 84 plan — again (Argus) Council narrowly rejected supporting the full historical parkway, then rejected the Route 84 realignment, the road commonly known as Option 2 that would connect Alvarado-Niles Road to Paseo Padre Parkway

Santa Clara: San Jose mayor loses key support (SJM) Councilman Yeager joins opposition to garbage pact response. San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales has lost the support of a key city council member in his bid to rebut a grand jury report that this summer charged him with ``duping'' the council over a controversial garbage contract + Santa Clara Officials Attack West Nile "Hot Zone" + 2 Nguyens vie to be voice in San Jose + First Human West Nile Case Confirmed In San Jose Santa Clara Backpacker Missing In Yosemite For A Week

Marin: Fairfax finally has a budget surplus (MIJ) Fairfax officials breathed a sigh of relief this week when adopting the town's 2005-06 budget, which includes a $120,000 surplus after several years of cost cuts. The Town Council voted unanimously to adopt the $5.7 million budget, up 5.4 percent from last year. But officials had an additional $465,000 to work with after voters approved a new tax in June, saw property tax revenue jump 6.7 percent and received a $125,000 loan from the state for vehicle license fees + Public asked to help protect GGNRa (MIJ) Protecting Golden Gate National Recreation Area resources and getting the public involved with the park is critical for the continued health of the system, Superintendent Brian O'Neill said. "What we have is beautiful, but we should never rest on our laurels," O'Neill told members of the Marin Conservation League Wednesday at the organization's business breakfast event at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Rafael

Sonoma: PEP seeking $100,000 for housing (SRPD) Founded in 1978, PEP has built and manages 214 units of subsidized housing for low-income seniors 62 and older and the disabled in Petaluma + Firefighter needs outpace funding (SRPD) The Petaluma Fire Department needs more staff and equipment now and its needs will grow in the years ahead, Fire Chief Chris Albertson said in support of a proposed sales tax increase for public safety + Theater Square building begins (SRPD) The last piece of the $100 million downtown Theater District puzzle started moving into place last week when construction crews started work on Theater Square + Latinos weigh in on Roseland plans (SRPD) Rosa Saldaña, a housekeeper who lives in Roseland, said she would like to see a church and plaza replace the old Albertsons store on Sebastopol Road + Petaluma: Vote on sales tax for public safety studied + Feds extend protected salamander habitat to part of Petaluma

Napa: Planners take hard look at 'viewshed' law + Bottle shock: Copia, NVC can sell wine + Water fight roils Upvalley community

Solano: Local man coordinates Coast Guard rescues in New Orleans + Vallejo: Siera Club critiques fairground plans + Sierra Club makes its pitch for fair + Vacaviille: 9-11 remembered with Healing Field + Leasing picks up for Benicia industrial condos + Down with Dixon Downs?--Group doesn't want racetrack in rural town + Chance meeting in time of need + Golden Bear ready for call to help Katrina relief efforts + Wolves patrons have only a lonely cry left with venue's closing + Mervyns remains open in Vallejo + Culture, arts are topics for forum at museum + Recovery mission on + Political Notes

Monterey: Sharpshooter insect find threatens wineries + Monterey to take in otters, penguins + Salinas Road design gets OK + Your town + Desal group blasted for secret draft

Central Valley: Fresno: Investigators: Squatters invade Valley mobile home park + Lodi auto dealers cry foul over out-of-town firm's tent sale + Report: County copter misused (MBee) The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department improperly sent 15 deputies and a helicopter to a commercial photo shoot for a Modesto company, according to an investigator's report released Thursday + Hilmar Cheese draws fire for wastewater plan (MBee) Hilmar Cheese Co.'s proposal to inject its wastewater deep underground drew criticism from several area residents at a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hearing Thursday in Modesto + Lawmakers table problem of housing (MBee) Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, D-Oakland, began this year's legislative session with a lofty goal: to slow Bay Area workers from encroaching onto San Joaquin Valley farmland in search of cheaper houses + Old computer gets scrutiny (MBee) Patterson: It's been almost a year since city officials uncovered an $8 million record-keeping mess in the Building Department at City Hall +  Merced County buying printers to back up vote (MBee) Merced County won't have to get rid of its touch-screen voting machines to comply with new state elections laws

Central Coast: Supervisor wants new general plan before Watsonville annexes 90-acre site (SCS) The Santa Cruz Local Area Formation Commission, or LAFCO as the agency which oversees annexations is better known, has set aside the October date for a hearing and possible vote on the city’s acquisition of the Manabe- Burgstrom property. But county Supervisor Mardi Wormhoudt, who serves on the commission, says she wants to wait until the city adopts a new general plan, the document that will guide development for the next 20 years or so

Southern California: Foster quits post with SB County over heat re: land deal + SB struggles to dump waste + Rialto: Perchlorate deal OK'd + High desert poised for high growth + Oceanside to make records more accessible + Airport under fire again in Oceanside + Oceanside art museum gets council grant + Low-income homes must be included in Oceanside plans + Escondido hoping to revive skate park + Vista council weighs fate of cameras at red lights + Family's Myrtle Creek nursery continues to bloom + San Diego: Water Authority moves to build $159M treatment plant + San Diego halts official preparations for evacuees + Ewell declares pension consultants' work deficient, withholds $1 million + S.D. says law firm's review of files faulty + Some price-weary motorists now buy their gas in Tijuana + Desert Hot Springs: Finalist for city post was forced out + DHS: Contract veto wins applause + DHS: The complete story + Agency formed to administer Coachella growth plan + San Clemente Settles, Will Fix Hillside + + Fire's spread slows near Julian

School days: Delay for special ed exam gets OK + Orange County student sues school over lesbian kissing + Little Chico Creek School will go solar

Drivers gearing up for Concours 'D'Elegance

Condors to be freed over Pinnacles National Monument + Eggs: Marvel of engineering

La Cocina helps San Francisco Mission District women with culinary talent go pro

History, Protocol Find a Home at State 'Castle', Stanford Mansion

History lives on at Mission San Luis Rey cemetery

Book for children is adventure in science

Exhibit honors contribution of Chinese to Petaluma

September 1, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Insurgents regain foothold, unleash terror in Fallujah + Gunfire erupts near site of Iraq stampede while protestors march + Zarqawi threatens to avenge American bombardment of al-Qaem + Iraq buries its dead but recriminations from the stampede have barely begun + Four US soldiers killed in Iraq + A Deadly Month for U.S. Troops + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Iraq government: First post-Saddam executions + Iraqi Sunnis help the Shiite victims as 1000 die from stampede + Iraqi Sunnis seek to amend the draft constitution + Iraq: A study in violence

War prisons: Judge: Release of Abu Ghraib Pictures Too Dangerous + Canadian teen stages hunger strike in Guantanamo + US changes rules to curb Guantánamo trial critics + Guantanamo trial changes 'desperate' + Released Russian Guantanamo Prisoners Seized in Moscow + US: Military Commissions Changes Are 'Cosmetic' + U.S. Military Says Only 76 Detainees on Hunger Strike, Denies Prisoner Abuse

AFGHANISTAN: Briton kidnapped in Afghanistan + Red Army's 'ghosts' of Afghanistan

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt released five Muslim Brothers leaders, extends imprisonment for four

Israel, Palestine: Deal OKd to Give Egypt Control of Gaza Border + Israel to keep major settlement + Lahoud rejects settling the Palestinians in Lebanon + Tunisian newspaper says Israel relocating settlers to occupied Golan + If Sharon leaves Likud behind

RUSSIA: Jailed Tycoon Khodorkovsky Plans to Run for Parliament + Russia, Ukraine continue talks on Russian navy in Crimea - diplomat + Putin orders withdrawal of border treaties with Estonia + Russia transfers Afghan-Tajik border control to Tajikistan + First Russian-Belarusian economic forum to be held in Minsk + Canada wants to strengthen cooperation with Russia - Canadian defense minister + Shanghai Cooperation Organization SCO cannot become military-political bloc - Russian diplomat + SCO to launch economic "pilot projects" + Videotape of Chechen terrorists preparing for Beslan hostage-taking found

EUROPE: Berisha wins Albania parliamentary vote

Controversial Muslim scholar named to British task force on extremism

EU-China summit to inject "impetus" to bilateral ties + Let in Chinese garments or face shortages: EU

Britain: Clarke attacks 'catastrophic' war + Clarke attacks Blair over Iraq war + Former advisers deliver their verdict on Blair: He just can't say 'no' to the media + EU set to usurp Queen

CENTRAL ASIA: Central Asian states to decide fate of foreign military bases - envoy

Kyrgyz prime minister announces anti-corruption campaign + Kyrgyz parliament approves Kulov as prime minister

AFRICA: East African anti-terrorism exercise kicks off in Kenya

ASIA PACIFIC: Pakistan, Israel hold breakthrough public talks

Koizumi says reform needed to boost economy as campaign continues

Indonesia Frees Aceh Fighters

Communist Party's leadership fundamental for progress in Tibet: Jia + Sri Lankan president visits Shanghai + China to promote legal cooperation with ASEAN + China's Christopher Columbus

India rules out redrawing of boundaries

AMERICAS: Mexico: Madrazo Clears Path for His Presidential Bid + Nuevo Laredo churches, gangs fighting for souls + Fox defends record in annual address

Haitian police investigated for alleged involvement in attacks

Cuban Government to Build 150,000 More Homes to Ease Housing Crisis


London Suicide Bomber Appears in Farewell Tape Along With Al-Qaida No. 2 + Text of comments from London suicide bomber-Jazeera + Al-Qaida claims London bombing + Al-Qaida No 2 lashes out at Blair, Bush + Suicide bomber's video confession blames Iraq war

Judge delays ruling on anti-Castro militant

China issues white papers on arms control

Taming terror the Southeast Asian way

Report: U.S., Australia Share Spy Secrets

Indian American academic silent on CIA affiliation

Potential Bush-CIA crisis + Assigning Blame

Iran's Intelligence Ministry plan disapproved

Intrigue Over Able Danger Grows

Intel services compromised, former officers say

Australian spy was a traitor - Collins

Platt reviews books on World War II intelligence

Potential hot spots: Greater Venezuela

Sudan: Bandits and Fear

Congo: Desertions, Disease and Deja Vu

Aide to Yemeni Cleric Gets Stiff Prison Term for Role in Terror Plot

Leaders of Security Council Nations to Meet During U.N. Summit to Oppose Inciting Terrorism


Recording Industry Sues More File Sharers

When The Jury Has Spoken, But Won't Shut Up: How the Jackson Jurors' Book Deals Broke the Law, and How We Can Avoid Having Jurors Undermine Their Own Verdicts

'Milkshake' killer given life sentence

FBI Drops Bullet Tests Questioned by Scientists, Defense Attorneys

Jailhouse Killing Defendant Says Prison Staff Let Him in Defrocked Priest's Cell

Judge Upholds $128 Million Verdict in Patent Dispute

Shell Pays $9.2 Million to Settle Shareholder Lawsuits Related to Oil Reserves Scandal


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Heroic New Orleans hosting outfit battles on

Design Choices May Hurry Humans to Mars

FCC Considers Change to 'Roaming' Rules Between Cell Phone Carriers

Toyota lets drivers keep their pre-Prius electric cars on road

Stardom: Computer Woes Continue

IBM closes data hub deal

Phone Virus Spreads Through Scandinavian Company

IBM's $35 backup

Computer Program Learns Language Rules And Composes Sentences, All Without Outside Help

NASA's Mars Orbiter Makes Successful Course Correction

It's Electric: Cows Show Promise As Powerplants

Argonne Researchers Create New Diamond-nanotube Composite Material

Google Tools Automatically Cater to Our Info Tastes

MILITARY Special Forces students learn how to defend themselves

Groups: BRAC could hurt Guard, Reserve enlistment

`Old warrior’ B-52 gets call in Afghanistan

Bomber crew laid to rest 61 years after ill-fated raid

FBI's Pursuit of Library Records Challenged

Turkey Charges Novelist Over Remarks About Mass Deaths of Armenians, Kurds

Former Beslan hostages seek political asylum

George Clooney explains why he made a film on civil liberties


Why people choose to ride out hurricanes

Are we next? Warning posters appear showing flooded Manhattan

India is gripped by star's real-life marriage drama


Gasoline Soars; Pump Prices Top $3 a Gallon in Many Areas Amid Shortages

Asian Automakers, Led by Honda Motor, Grab Record Market Share in the U.S.

Diller's IAC Planning to Enter Real Estate Brokerage Business

Google, Branching Out, Sells Some Offline Ads

Geron up on preclinical stem-cell data

SAIC plans $1.73 billion IPO

Novartis offers $4.5 billion cash to complete takeover of Chiron



Thai star defends cockfighting despite bird flu warning

China rejects U.S. bacteriological weapons allegations

Bird Flu Claims Critically Endangered Mammal

Study finds olive oil acts much like ibuprofen

Home DNA Tests Just a Click Away

Prospecting for Cures

Vitamin D, NSAIDS Provide Double Whammy Against Prostate Cancer, Stanford Study Finds

Scientists Get Look At Genes' Defensive Playbook; Study Tracks Human Genomic Response To Inflammation

A Step Closer To A Malaria Vaccine

Nicotine Exposure Can Increase Motivation To Respond For Food Weeks After The Last Exposure

National Study: New Ways To Prevent Stroke And Reduce Excess Iron In Sickle Cell Anemia

Brandeis Study: Poor Hearing May Cause Poor Memory

Researchers Find Drug That Blocks Spread Of Lung Cancer In Mice

Dye Imaging ID's Oral Lesions Likely To Become Cancer

Killer Microbe May Be A Lifesaver After All

Metal-based Medicine Could Treat Diseases In The Body

Ethical And Scientific Guidelines For Study Of Captive Great Apes

Oysters: The Natural Way To Protect Our Shores

Bumblebee See, Bumblebee Do

Lethal Needle Blight Epidemic May Be Related To Climate Change

The Right Hitchhiker Can Save An Aphid's Life

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Journalists Begin to Fear for Their Own Safety in New Orleans

'Times-Picayune' Blog/Forum Reveals True Horror of Disaster Today

Google Opens Digital Library to European Book Publishers

Desperation, Thy Name Is MSNBC

Radio Liberty correspondent detained in Beslan

Today's papers

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: California State Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill + Bloomington honored for gay tourism


KATRINA AND BUSH AND THE PEOPLE: U.S. Congress to Return Early as Bush Seeks $10.5 Billion in Hurricane Aid + More Navy Ships, National Guard Troops Headed to the Gulf Coast for Hurricane Relief + Pentagon Resources Pouring Into Gulf Region + Regulators Urge Banks to Provide Help to Hurricane Victims + HHS Ships Medical Supplies, Opens 'medical Shelters' at Military Bases + White House Backpedals on Flood Control Budget Cuts + Survivors die amid anarchy + Hastert: Rebuilding isn’t sensible + FEMA directs donations to Pat Robertson + Bush says victims should take "personal responsibility" + New Orleans Mayor sends out "SOS!" + Doctors Plead for Help as Hospitals Run Out of Food, Power; 'please Help Us,' One Tells AP + Chavez blasts Bush, offers $1 million + BILOXI SUN HERALD NEWS ONLINE NEWS + NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE ONLINE NEWS + White House Briefing: McClellan Responds to Criticism Related to Hurricane  + Bush: `This recovery will take years' + Bush sees Katrina's destruction from Air Force One + Disaster experts: Federal government wasn't ready for Katrina + Bush taps father, Clinton for relief help + In handling Katrina, Bush mindful of father's missteps + U.S. declines offer of Russian rescue plane for hurricane hit areas + Fats Domino is missing in New Orleans + DOE Provides Oil to Exxon Mobil, Valero + Thousands Complain to Government Hotline About Gas Price Gouging + El Salvador Offers Troops for U.S. Flood Zones, Mexico Urges Migrants to Seek Help

Condoleezza Rice Spotted At Broadway Show As Rest Of Cabinet Responds To New Orleans Devastation

US lifts nuclear curbs on India

Bush recess-appoints Alice S. Fisher to head Dept of Justice criminal division (nomination stalled over tactics at Guantanamo Bay)

Poll Shows 40% Back Iraq Troop Pullout

Results of Colombian anti-drug program seen in U.S., official says

China, US fail to reach agreement on textile disputes

China rejects U.S. bacteriological weapons allegations

Chinese activist warns of nuclear war

Hughes Wants Fourth Anniversary Of 9/11 To “Remind The World That It's About More Than America"

Iranian President Coming to America to visit UN

John Bolton: Nuclear hypocrisy

U.S. Sticks With Passport Plan for Travelers Entering From Canada, Mexico

Supreme Court Nominee: Courting Corruption + Kudos, so far, for helmsman of Roberts hearings + GOP Senators Release List of Witnesses for Roberts Confirmation Hearing

Iran: EU urges Iran to resume talks + (Pravda) Is Russia a lawyer or an inspector to Iran? + Pepe Escobar: A nuclear (mis)adventure in Isfahan

Syria, Lebanon: 4 pro-Syrian suspects charged in killing of Hariri

Ex-Lebanese Lawmaker Released After Questioning in Hariri Inquiry + Druse clergymen cross into Syria

N. Korea: North Korea defends its right to peaceful nuclear development + China backs North Korea's right to peaceful nuclear activity + Korea: The FBI strikes

Social Security: Commission Recommends Higher Co-Payments for Certain Drugs in Medicaid

Democrats: Byrd to Run for Ninth Term in U.S. Senate


Will oil-supply disruption give Bush carte blanche to invade Venezuela?

Can you believe it? GOPs watched as a category 5 approached New Orleans

Joe Cannon: Damn RIGHT I blame Bush

Mary Curtis, Edward Chen: Opportunity or Disaster for Battered Bush

How New Orleans Was Lost: Paul Craig Roberts

(World Socialists) Bush rules out significant federal aid to hurricane victims

Arianna Huffington: The flyover Presidency

Sydney Blumenthal: No one can say they didn't see it coming

Molly Ivins: Why New Orleans is in deep water

Chris Floyd: The Perfect Storm

Xymphora on public good and the economics of disaster

Bush has a plan for Palestine

Iraq. It's all about the money

Borking John Roberts

Vincent van Gogh, The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Riverside: Home of pioneers may be demolished

Rock collector says he digs his business

A jolt from Herbie Hancock

Palm Springs Film Festival

At Sharpe Depot in Lathrop, Air Force auxiliary teaches youth about leadership and aviation

Doctor Atomic to Premier in San Francisco

The birdmen of Chinatown

In a silent way with Greta Garbo

Venice: A film festival making waves

Groundbreaking Research Sheds Light On Easter Island's Ancient Mystery

Secret room hides golden treasure of heiress

Catching, then cooking fish with New York chef David Pasternack

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Jimmy and Vivica in a Star war

Rush & Molloy: Lynde bio squarely denies he OD'd

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The Governor:   Gov.'s hints fuel expectation he'll run for re-election + Gov. Announces Initiative to End Long-Term Homelessness + Gov. Targets Homelessness With $50 Million State Funding + Gov. to try again on Calif. energy plan with his proposed Cabinet-level Department of Energy + Gov. told him February some magazine ads crossed a line, but he didn't end contract until July + Bill to Spay, Neuter Some Dog Breeds Sent to Gov. + Panel Says No to Gov.'s Appointee Cindy Tuck for Chairwoman of State Air Quality Board + Governor to visit Merced campus (SFC) Gov., apparently stung by criticism over his decision to skip the grand opening of the new UC Merced campus, says he plans to visit the campus today for a tour + Gov. + Family Winemakers Toasts Enactment of California Wine Permit Bill

November special election: Prop. 75 Will Be a Meaty Issue for Unions at Labor Day Picnics + Great bipartisan conspiracy to entrench incumbents + History shows union dues measure is no sure thing + Neither Prop. 78 nor 79 best prescription-drug solution + New phase begins in Calif. special election

Attorney General Lockyer Announces Availability of Pharmaceutical Public Education Grants Under Settlement With Warner-Lambert in Neurontin Off-Label Marketing Case

Matsui says dam work can't wait (SBee) The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers must "get its act together" and start working immediately on Folsom Dam modifications to ensure that a flood like the one in New Orleans can't happen in Sacramento, U.S. Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento, told local business leaders Wednesday

Delgadillo Plays Up His Differences From Jerry Brown + Delgadillo leaps into state attorney general race

StemCells Is Granted License in California

State Crews Head to Gulf Coast

Californians cut food, clothing to buy gas -- but still shun buses

Lumber firm Scotia Pacific cuts one-third of staff, blames strict logging rules

State needs to back plan to shake up earthquake insurance rates

Fuel cell cars steered to California roads

Utility Commission Takes an Anti-consumer Tone

Plan to aid rare fish dropped (SBee) A disconsolate California Department of Fish and Game is bowing out of a recovery project for the rare Paiute cutthroat trout after a Sacramento federal judge barred the use of a poison to rid a high Sierra stream of nonnative fish

Daniel Weintraub: Gadfly is an irritant to big donors, watchdog (SBee) Today the FPPC, the Fair Political Practices Commission, is scheduled to consider asking the Legislature to rein in private citizens helping to smoke out major contributors who have failed to comply with the law. The commission's staff is ticked at a quirky Long Beach financial consultant who is suing more than 200 donors he accuses of failing to follow a law requiring anyone who contributes more than $10,000 to a political campaign to report their contributions to the secretary of state

Stars call for Colorado River cleanup

Legislature: Evans' initiative seeking benefits for Filipino veterans passes Legislature + New Wolk bill could save counties money on construction would allow Solano, Yolo to hire same company for both design and construction on city projects + Lawmaker says state should have authority to cap gasoline prices + Forced spaying, neutering gains Senate passage + Senate approves Mega Millions bill + Red Bluff: California sheriffs honor Assemblyman LaMalfa + California State Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill + Editorial: Two words, one fight (SBee) Legislation concerning Cache Creek in Yolo and Lake counties bill would preserve a beautiful stretch of water way while also preserving water rights upstream and downstream and providing ample options for flood protection. But the bill contains the words "wild and scenic" on the cover, and those words have generated controversy

Indian tribes: Garden Grove Resurrects Casino Idea + El Dorado: Appellate court hears casino arguments re: new freeway interchange to serve proposed casino off Highway 50 near Shingle Springs + Senate passes Conaway bill (SBee) State Senate on Wednesday approved legislation to allow the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians to join several public agencies in potentially managing the 17,300-acre Conaway Ranch in Yolo County a few miles west of downtown Sacramento



State aims to disperse prison gang (SBee) Faced with a prison gang that even solitary confinement hasn't deterred from orchestrating murders and drug trafficking on the streets, state officials are taking an unusual step: They're commuting the life sentences of five reputed leaders to "time served" and releasing them from Pelican Bay State Prison

Sacramento & north: Farmers Lose Klamath Water Fight. Judge Rejects Most of suit seeking $1 billion from US for virtually cutting off irrigation to protect fish during drought + El Dorado: Cracking a cold case: Det. Rick Fitzgerald began new investigation+ Man reportedly shot at following traffic accident on Highway 162 near Willows+ Oroville: Sheriff's Office to add deputies and buy cars + Inmate to stand trial in '82 death (SBee) A cold case that went unsolved for more than 20 years reached a crucial step Wednesday in Sacramento Superior Court: A man will be tried in the homicide of a 59-year-old homeless woman who was raped and died in the back seat of her Volkswagen Fastback + Sacramento: Man sought in home invasion, kidnapping case

San Francisco, San Mateo: San Francisco: Former Black Panther jailed for not testifying (SFC) A judge has jailed a former member of the Black Panther Party Ray Michael Boudreaux, 62, for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating the killings of two San Francisco police officers in the early 1970s

Alameda: Fremont company AXT accused of harming workers with toxic chemicals + Suspect survives Livermore police shooting + Oakland man confesses to killing teen girlfriend + Plea for sex suspect denied again (CCT) Plea hearing for Dublin man, Anytus Mills, 24, accuse of raping 12-yr-old girl delayed until October

Santa Clara: 3 killed in East Palo Alto shooting + Hearing begins for suspect in Jeanine Harms murder + Contra Costa: Broadway Plaza splits from city's planning (CCT) Amid controversy surrounding proposed growth in Walnut Creek, Broadway Plaza has withdrawn its request for a general plan amendment that would allow the upscale shopping center to expand up to 400,000 square feet + Blackhawk OKs new tax to pay for more police (CCT) Voters narrowly approved a new parcel tax that will restore the Blackhawk police force to three full-time deputies. In Tuesday's special mail-in-ballot election, Measure D squeaked by with 67.03 percent of the vote. It required a two-thirds majority vote, or 66.67 percent, to pass + 3rd West Nile case (CCT) Third Contra Costa resident has tested positive for West Nile virus this year, a woman from central Contra Costa County

Contra Costa: Richmond: Where Death Is All Too Familiar+ Elderly Richmond woman gunned down in front yard + Solutions suggested for Pinole crime (CCT) In a packed Pinole Senior Center, with speakers piping the action to the overflow crowd in the vestibule, residents proposed some new and some not-so-new measures to protect their city from the criminal street gangs that terrorize cities across the state + Pinole's police chief puts city's violent crimes into perspective (CCT) Giving a more detailed look at public safety, Rose says category is a priority; burglary, larceny, auto theft higher Police Chief James Rose, speaking at a town meeting Tuesday, described a more nuanced crime situation in Pinole than some doomsayers claimed after the July 30 shootings of Dave Gregory and Darren Kretchmar + Woman pleads no contest to deadly crash (CCT) A Richmond woman Katherine McCain, 23, pleaded no contest to all charges Wednesday in connection with a January crash on Interstate 80 that killed an Oakland couple. She was convicted of two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, one count of driving while intoxicated causing injury with a prior conviction, driving with a suspended license and an enhancement of causing great bodily injury + Oakley: Arrest made in crash that killed 3 teens (SFC) A 20-year-old Bay Point man has been arrested in connection with an April traffic accident that killed three teenagers who had just finished decorating a hall for a friend's 15th birthday party

Marin: Suspect in Stinson Beach rape arrested (MIJ) Santa Cruz police yesterday arrested a man suspected of raping a woman near Stinson Beach last month. Terry Ray Hawes, 42, was arrested by Santa Cruz police at a homeless shelter + Sausalito murder suspect spoke of suffocation, reports say (MIJ) Sausalito woman charged with killing her 88-year-old mother in Novato was tape-recorded talking about smothering the woman, according to investigative reports obtained yesterday.

Sonoma: Canadian authorities find body of missing Santa Rosa man + Guilty verdicts handed down in Santa Rosa gang slaying + Novato: Truck slams into stopped CHP car on Highway 37 + Rohnert Park: Alleged teddy bear (drug) smuggler appears in court + Windsor man's hearing: Judge ruled Wednesday that there is enough evidence to try a Windsor man accused of trying to kidnap a 14-year-old girl as she walked to school earlier this year + Armed, suicidal SR man arrested after brief standoff (SRPD) An armed Santa Rosa man said to be planning a violent encounter with police was arrested outside his home after a brief standoff with two officers Wednesday + SR police question Airway students about shooting (SRPD) Trouble, whatever its cause, has touched all students who arrive at Airway Community School, which can be either a last stop before classes at Juvenile Hall, or a first step back toward mainstream schools SR contractor wins another $1.25 million (SRPD) Sonoma County jury awarded a Santa Rosa drywall contractor $1.25 million more Wednesday after finding he was libeled by carpenters' union leaflets accusing him of indecent exposure

Solano: English caught possessing meth again? + Convicted murderer gets 50-year sentence + Vallejo Police Calls + Benicia Police Calls

Monterey: Judge commutes gang members' sentences or -- Prison gang leaders' sentences commuted

Central Valley: Fresno: Prosecutor to Testify at Schuster Hearing + Fresno Red Light Cameras Turned Off + Fresno: More Criminal Charges Against South Valley Pastor Accused of Rape + Body Found In Salida Canal Identified + Tracy: Mountain House crime suspect enters pleas

Southern California: Los Angeles County: Men Indicted in Alleged Plot to Spread Terror in Southland + Alleged Terror Plot Seen as Homegrown + LA: Police Rebut Alleged Abuse Claim by Tony Muhammad + LAPD chief says activist hurt while wrestling with officers + LA: Deaf woman sues St. Francis hospital for not providing interpreter during childbirth + Burbank: Jury Chosen for Civil Suit Against Robert Blake + LA: Bratton: Speed up probes

San Diego County: San Diego's top Latino cop retires + Man arrested in attack on Vista woman + La Mesa: SWAT team takes parolee into custody + San Diego: Police detain man with butcher knife + San Diego: High court rejects Port Commissioner Malcolm's appeal re: attorney malpractice + San Diego: Man returns son hours after abduction at gunpoint + San Diego County hits utility with asbestos suit + San Diego: Trial ordered for 5 in slaying of boy, 15 + Kearny Mesa: Irate stripper stabs patron, is arrested + Two charged in S.D. Food Bank inquiry. Charity operators accused of taking groceries for poor + San Diego sees drop in violent crimes + Judge says no to bid by Del Mar fair board to toss suit re: security having guns + Vista: Final arguments in murder trial revolve around intent, remorse + Mother won't face charges in arrest at Palomar College + North Inland crime log + North Coastal crime log + No charges filed yet in death of Escondido official's son

Arcadia: Executive Arrested in Wife's Slaying + San Bernardino: Armed Barstow Woman Shot, Killed by Deputies + Anaheim: Motorcyclist Is Killed in Freeway Hit-and-Run + UC Irvine: Fraternity Held Edge at Fatal Ballgame


LOCAL NEWS:  Palm Springs Film Festival

Sacramento & north: Delta Is at Risk, Geologist Warns + El Dorado: Supes deadlock 2-2 on sheriff deputies' salaries + El Dorado: Appellate court hears casino arguments re: new freeway interchange to serve proposed casino off Highway 50 near Shingle Springs + Placer County Scheduled For WNV Spraying + Thousands of bees die in fire near Butte College + Enloe strike plan advances as talks fail + Paradise: Report complete for unlikely road widening + Chico: Farmers get update on latest rice research + Butte: Sheriff's Office to add deputies and buy cars + Chico: City engineers find 20th and Whitman light meets standards + Two women, one man bring Glenn West Nile total to six + Oroville: ORAC to review fish stocking again + Council to discuss pay for Elk Grove police force (SBee) Elk Grove City Council will hold a special meeting at 5 p.m. today to consider a pay and benefit package for more than 110 sworn officers who will staff its new Police Department next year

San Francisco, San Mateo: SF: 300 neighbors oppose razing of synagogue (SFC) About 300 neighbors of a Richmond District synagogue have signed a petition opposing plans to demolish the conservative Congregation Beth Sholom and erect a new building in its place + Longtime Menlo Park bookstore, Keplers, abruptly shuts down

Alameda: $1.3 million domestic violence center opens in Alameda County + Politics as usual in smear of Brooks (OakTrib) So now that Desley Brooks is up for re-election in 2006, it's time for slime and smear, the game played by politicians even better at it than the Oakland City Council. The slime and smear crew has even gotten the ear of the DA Tom Orloff, who is said to be investigating the charges, if you can believe anonymous e-mail sources + Oakland: Heavyweight politicos push Caltrans, keep skate park open. City's deal even allows site to expand (SFC) A skateboard park built without state permission under an Oakland freeway will stay open -- and can be expanded -- under a deal hammered out between the city and Caltrans, officials said Wednesday. City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente, who brokered the agreement, said Caltrans will lease the land under Interstate 580 to the city for $1 a year, and the city in turn will sublease it to a new nonprofit entity created by the users of the Bordertown Skate Park. The Bordertown nonprofit will be allowed to expand the park to about 11, 000 square feet from its current 2,500 square feet

Santa Clara: San Jose neighborhood sprayed for West Nile + Garbage pact figure quits (SJM) Chief's departure said to be unrelated to probe. San Jose's environmental services director, Carl Mosher, a central figure in the city's garbage contract controversy, resigned Wednesday to join Sacramento County as director of its engineering department + Officials back increase in storage of toxic gas (SJM) + San Jose planning officials on Wednesday recommended approval of a controversial plan by Agilent Technologies to store more than 50 times as much toxic ammonia gas as it now does at Trimble Road and Orchard Parkway + Council OKs homes near rock crusher (SJM) The developer who relocated 47 mobile home park tenants to pave the way for nearly 1,000 new homes and apartments in an industrial area off Monterey Road has received the go-ahead from the San Jose City Council to move forward with the project

Contra Costa: Richmond: Where Death Is All Too Familiar+ Elderly Richmond woman gunned down in front yard + Solutions suggested for Pinole crime (CCT) In a packed Pinole Senior Center, with speakers piping the action to the overflow crowd in the vestibule, residents proposed some new and some not-so-new measures to protect their city from the criminal street gangs that terrorize cities across the state + Pinole's police chief puts city's violent crimes into perspective (CCT) Giving a more detailed look at public safety, Rose says category is a priority; burglary, larceny, auto theft higher Police Chief James Rose, speaking at a town meeting Tuesday, described a more nuanced crime situation in Pinole than some doomsayers claimed after the July 30 shootings of Dave Gregory and Darren Kretchmar + Woman pleads no contest to deadly crash (CCT) A Richmond woman Katherine McCain, 23, pleaded no contest to all charges Wednesday in connection with a January crash on Interstate 80 that killed an Oakland couple. She was convicted of two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, one count of driving while intoxicated causing injury with a prior conviction, driving with a suspended license and an enhancement of causing great bodily injury + Oakley: Arrest made in crash that killed 3 teens (SFC) A 20-year-old Bay Point man has been arrested in connection with an April traffic accident that killed three teenagers who had just finished decorating a hall for a friend's 15th birthday party.

Sonoma: Healdsburg explores hiring hall (SRPD) During a Wednesday field trip, city officials quizzed workers like Gonzalez and organizers from the California Human Development Center about how to duplicate the success, and avoid pitfalls that have prevented an official hiring hall in Sonoma County

Napa: Garbage workers plead for patience + City to create decibel limit for truck vendors peddling popsicles + St. Helena reaches deal on river plan + Governor signs law on wine shipping

Solano: Vacaville man will aid in rescue efforts + Test scores are up, but more work lies ahead, but Vallejo District as a whole didn't meet fed guidelines + Vacaville: Council hopefuls discuss the issues + Local pastor succumbs to cancer + Council sides with tenants on rate hike + 1,800 chickens saved + Officials to address Benicia board about budget + City's housing manager quits + Rio Vista's troubled Ram Hotel shuts its door + Local schools improve standardized test scores + Travis response team heads to repair hurricane-damaged airport + Former SF Mayor Brown appointed to MV board

Monterey: County schools meeting state, but not federal targets + Heavenly cell phone tower OK'd + Some owners feel locked into inclusionary housing + Your Town + Panel approves housing project + Charges for water project challenged

Central Valley: Health experts expect more West Nile virus cases in San Joaquin County + Fresno: Frontier Airlines flies into FYI + UFW strives to enlarge membership. More than 2000 in San Joaquin have signed union cards to fight Giumarra Vineyards + Fresno Red Light Cameras Turned Off + New Stores Coming to Fig Garden Village + Tracy offers downtown a face lift + Lodi Lake cleanup will be a coordinated affair + Water pollution regulators chided by bosses for requesting lists of thousands of farmers supposedly participating in efforts to monitor pollutants that drain from their fields + At Sharpe Depot in Lathrop, Air Force auxiliary teaches youth about leadership and aviation + Pombo expects approval of species act revision + Regions transportation needs get congressional ear. U.S. Rep Joe Knollengerg, R-Mich, visits Stockton

Central Coast: Metro drivers delay strike (SCS) County buses will roll today after drivers decided Wednesday to push back their Sept. 1 strike date by a week + New tax won’t solve S.C.’s problems (SCS) Tuesday’s passage of Measure X may have rescued the city from a financial sinkhole, but the piggy bank is still short $1.5 million. "We’re not at the end of the trouble," Mayor Mike Rotkin said Wednesday. "It’s just not as drastic as it would have been if we had to cut $4 million." + News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: Los Angeles: Labor Group Endorses Huizar for Council Seat + LA County: More than 25% of schools meeting state standards fall short of federal target + Firefighters Battle Fire Near LAX + LA: El Pueblo Financial Ills Mostly Repaired + LA: Pachyderms, Predictions and a Bit of R&R + Two Gehry buildings in L.A. area targeted for demolition: UC campus building, shopping mall + LAUSD elementaries lag in meeting federal goals + LA: Financial turnaround for Olvera overseer + Settlement to spare part of Ambassador Hotel

San Diego County: San Diego's top Latino cop retires + San Diego: Mission Bay retired landfill is called no threat + San Diego: Water customers asked to conserve + San Diego County hits utility with asbestos suit + Chula Vista: High-rise project is last hurdle for general plan + Carmel Valley: Real estate exec gives $1 million for YMCA facility + 2 officials are asked to repay city $170. Mileage reimbursement is sought in Escondido + City: Mobile-home residents overcharged + Oceanside officials pumped by surge of building + Poway: Council OKs $17.5 million for capital improvements + Escondido: Trustees seek help in finding a location for new high school + Oceanside: Decision on crossing disappoints residents + Oceanside: Council cool to proposed increases in sewer rates + Oceanside: Silencing of train horns may be costly for cities if crashes occur + Carlsbad promotes finance director + After the report: One in 10 N. County schools faces sanctions + Airport authority eyes joint use at Miramar, North Island + Most donors OK with Cunningham using money for defense costs

Riverside County puts off hillside ordinance + Riverside County hesitates on homes in Wine Country + Riverside: Home of pioneers may be demolished + Swarm of Earthquakes Shakes Imperial Valley + Rancho Mirage: Eisenhower Hospital to Pay Millions in Medicare Fraud Case + 1 Killed, 1 Rescued in Plane Crash Off Catalina

School days: LA County: More than 25% of schools meeting state standards fall short of federal target + LAUSD elementaries lag in meeting federal goals + UC Irvine Campus Is Willing to Live Without Gehry + UC Irvine: Fraternity Held Edge at Fatal Ballgame + Hayes gets CSUSM business college post + Butte College seeks businesses for Make A Difference Day' job fair


Riverside: Home of pioneers may be demolished

Rock collector says he digs his business

A jolt from Herbie Hancock

Palm Springs Film Festival

At Sharpe Depot in Lathrop, Air Force auxiliary teaches youth about leadership and aviation

Doctor Atomic to Premier in San Francisco

The birdmen of Chinatown

In a silent way with Greta Garbo

Groundbreaking Research Sheds Light On Easter Island's Ancient Mystery

Catching, then cooking fish with New York chef David Pasternack