AUGUST 3, 2004

AUGUST 2, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Al-Sadr to enter politics, aides say. Cleric reportedly tells his men to quit attacking GIs + French captives plead for lives. Journalists urge Chirac to drop ban on Muslim scarves + Captors' Focus on Islamic Head Scarf Ban in France Prompts Harsh Criticism in Arab World + 12 Nepalese hostages 'executed' + Cleric calls for release of journalists + Days of plunder + Najaf's negatives + Orders of battle

AFGHANISTAN: Security in Kabul tightened after powerful car bombing. Death toll reaches 7 in blast outside American guard company +U.S. Warplanes Bomb Militants Near Afghan Village, Killing More Than a Dozen People, Wrecking Relief Workers' Camp

IRAN: The Iranian bomb

MIDDLE EAST: Twin bus bombs rock Israeli city + In pictures: Beersheba blasts

U.S. Criticizes Syria's Attempt to Keep President in Office, Sends Senior Envoy to Damascus

AFRICA: IAEA Questions Libya's Nuclear Program

Sudan's key ties at the UN + Darfur: Corpse that points the finger of guilt

ASIA PACIFIC: Pakistani workers trapped in cycle of debt.

Indonesian Military Applauds Human Rights Acquittals (WaPo)

EUROPE: Divided France Unites Over Hostages

New Chechen Leader Says He Will 'Eradicate' Rebels

Georgia, the unlikely war state

War prisons: Soldier was a pawn, her lawyers say. Military policewoman is 1 of 7 charged with abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib + Witness: Marine beat Iraqi prisoners to show he was in charge + Lynndie England 'had fun' at Abu Ghraib + Generals May Pay a Price for Iraq Abuse


Moscow station hit by car blast

Spy in Pentagon: FBI Interviews Senior Defense Officials in Probe of Analyst (WaPo) + F.B.I. Is Said to Brief Pentagon Bosses on Spy Case; Charges Are Possible (NYT) + FBI Questions Israeli Lobbyists in Spying Probe (LAT Reg) + Pentagon briefed on probe + A molehill without a mole + The scoops that followed `Scoop' + New spy scandal comes as major blow to Israel, AIPAC + Did CBS Smear Israel and AIPAC? + Dreyfus: Next of spies + Xymphora opines + FBI briefs Wolfowitz on Israeli spy claim

Iran: Iran Says It Has Arrested Several Nuclear Spies (WaPo) + Iran arrests dozens 'for spying'

Iraqi sleeper: Iraqi Charged With Lying on Petition For U.S. Citizenship (WaPo) + Suburban man called Iraqi spy + Des Plaines man arrested as 'sleeper' spy for Iraq

Anderson betrayal: Guardsman Anderson accused of "betrayal" as court martial begins + Military trial begins for guardsman accused of trying to aid terrorists + Soldier's mental health disputed + Court-Martial Opens in al-Qaida Aid Case + U.S. says man was Iraqi spy (CT Reg)+ Man Accused of Lying on Citizenship Papers

Russian plane crashes: Terrorists find a crack in the shield + Twin-crash probe focuses on women

Equatorial Guinea: Mummy's boys and mercenaries + Africa: Adventure playground + Du Toit may be pardoned in return for 'co-operation' + Equatorial Guinea Suspends Coup Trial, Seeking Information on Mark Thatcher

Famous Soviet Spy Philby Knew Nothing About Stalin’s Repressions

The Milosevic trial is doing its job

Talks Continue in Hamdi Case (WaPo)

Air marshals' fitness reviewed


Utah Judge Finds Man Charged in Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping Competent to Stand Trial

Doctors challenge federal English-translation mandate

Jury selection in Bryant case resumes behind closed doors+ Jury tryouts in Kobe case tip off in court

UK: Lawyers face curbs over 'profits before ethics'


Santa Clara County: New chief of probation named, Sheila E. Mitchell (SJM Reg)

Richmond leaders urge community to refrain from retaliation re: murder of football star (CCT Reg)

Man's 'I forgot' defense for failure to register as sex offender doesn't hold up in court (CCT Reg) + Forgetting is ruled no excuse. Sex offenders who blank out face '3-strikes'

Church officials were warned about San Jose priest (SJM Reg) + Priest abuse cases examine hierarchy (SJM Reg)

Belmont: Plea deal of 8 years for dealer in teen's `ecstasy' overdose

Sacramento: Shifting persona of John Lone Eagle adds mystery to a murder

Cruz kidnap suspect, San Jose: `I was scared'

Sacramento: Pimping suspect preyed on teen, trial told

Bank robbers: One farewell kiss, then they're off to jail

Fresno legal aide services faces changes in light of federal audit

Well-dressed man robs Larkspur bank

Oakland: 15-year-old charged in baby's death

Alameda: Cops hold man in college aide's slaying

Alameda biotech plans delayed

Manteca police arrest 3 women after a hit-and-run

Manteca home invasion a shocker

LA district attorney's office investigating Pomona council meetings re: open meeting law

San Diego man pleads innocent to child abuse, imprisonment for locking child in car trunk

Ex-Beverly Hills Bar Association leader sentenced for embezzlement

Salinas: 3 sentenced to 16 years for murder of carnival worker + Three get 16 years for slaying

Prosecutor challenges Alexander witness in Sausage King trial

Vacaville: Photos of 2 suspects in slaying released

Hayward: Women arrested in killing of ex-boyfriend

Sonoma County rapist found guilty of assault

San Leandro man confronts alleged abuse by priest after 50 years

Missing Orange County girl was murdered in 1969, DA says

Five people indicted in alleged SoCal credit score scam

Santa Rosa: Jehovah's Witness church seeks dismissal of suit over child abuse

Hayward woman wields crowbar, escapes kidnap attempt

Napa: Quilters want to stick it to thieves

High tech solution brings old Napa County courthouse records into view

Scott Peterson: Timeline at center of Peterson trial + Laci may have been online Dec. 24, expert says (CCT Reg) + E-mail record undermines prosecution (SJM Reg) + Timeline problem hinted + Peterson's odd behavior attributed to media, stress + Who was Web surfing Dec. 24?  Expert: Someone at suspect's home was Internet shopping + Developments Monday + Defense attempts to poke holes in timeline+ Defense: Peterson felt heat of family


The Governor:  Far From Left Coast, Many See Gov. as Mr. Right + Election fund freeze protested + Release of Vote Funds Is Sought Click. (LAT Reg) + Report: Overhaul savings oversold + Governor rejects teacher evaluations bill + Rail safety bill vetoed + Governor vetoes oral surgery bill. Plastic surgeons' turf stays off-limits + Major Prison Reform Eludes Lawmakers Click. (LAT Reg) + Florez's bill to aid pesticide victims heads to governor Click. + Talks sought on bridge funds Click. (CT Reg) + Internet sex offender registry awaits governor's OK + A look at Internet-accessible Megan's Law information + Phone tax for hospitals? + San Francisco's $5bn bridge to nowhere

Election Pits Dove and Hawk in Alameda County, Barbara Lee v. Claudia Bermudez (Contra's daughter) Click. (LAT Reg)

Stem Cell Initiative Attracts Backers Click. (LAT Reg)

Senate underdog Jones basks in GOP limelight Click. (FB Reg)

Machado settles dispute with FPPC over funds Click.

GOP's McCarthy bashes anti-Florez ad Click.

Dan Walters: Uphill climb for California GOP to recapture its relevance

LOCAL NEWS:  Project restores creekbed to help steelhead

Indian Tribes: Tribe disputes man's claim of leadership at Point Molate (CCT Reg) + + Richmond's casino-land plan slowed (CCT Reg) + Judge delays casino land deal in Richmond + Point Molate casino to get hearing. Council session tonight on disputed plan + One GOP convention brochure promotes unlimited-expansion of California's $6 billion Indian gambling industry Click.

School days: Bailed-out Vallejo schools start year (CCT Reg) + Lead found in water at Novato school + San Francisco Dream Schools open doors on a new era. One problem: Mandatory ties in short supply + Many Newark schools deal with changes + Problems mar first day of school in Vallejo + Court case opens in fight over Santa Cruz area school closings + State Data to Show How Well Schools Met Academic Goals Click. (LAT Reg) + New fall classes too few to cure college-fee pain + Details on New SAT, Debuting in 2005

San Jose City Hall costs spur new court challenge (SJM Reg)

San Jose: Coyote Valley infrastructure costs examined (SJM Reg)

Santa Clara County: Sen. Bryon Sher leaves environmental legacy (SJM Reg)

Homeowners losing ground on insurance

Compromise sought over Klamath

Berkeley battles over prostitution measure + Sober forum, street theater on prostitution ballot issue. Measure on relaxing enforcement shaping into hot election item

San Francisco: Greek God found in Crocket Bar + 200 BART workers on terrorist patrol + Permits delayed on Natoma tower + Richard Sklar named PUC panel member

High-rises planned on Richmond toxic site. Developer says fans will disperse fumes + Rotten egg smell and brown dust.  Life in Seaport -- next door to a plant making pesticides

Oakland losing deal for fuel tax

11th-hour talks can't save jobs of  Oakland city workers

Health workers walk out of Alameda County Med centers + Medical workers protest staff cuts. More than 500 walk off the job at hospitals, clinics

Alameda biotech plans delayed

Bullet train (S.F. to L.A.) study comments close today

Fetzer's Valley Oaks poised for upgrade

Pleasanton: Non-profit group Crime Stoppers joins the Valley


How the Pentagon has failed U.S troops

Canada: Military probes links between soldiers, biker gangs

Sex Assault Widespread at Bases

Japanese Navy Ship Types--Kaiten type Human Torpedoes


Taking Stock After a Pre-emptive War NIST Tests Provide Fire Resistance Data On World Trade Center Floor Systems

Poll: Half of New Yorkers Think Govt Let 9/11 Happen

U.S. should welcome Islamic scholar

Feds Attempt Subpoena For Indymedia Logs

Breaking Into Voicemail Is Easy

Website Offers Caller I.D. Falsification Service


She went to the Amazon and stayed


Blood for pork....

U.S. and Russia still top list of weapons dealers (NYT)


West Nile fatal to 22 more horses in California + Horse owners rein in West Nile virus

Needle-free Anthrax Vaccine Shows Promise In Animal Studies

Whole-body scans raise risk of cancer. 1 in 1,200 could get tumor from single test, study finds

NASA plans to announce new class of planets

The Havoc of an Undetected Extra Chromosome

Blueberry Compound Shows Promise Of Lowering Cholesterol As Effectively As Drug

Light Oscillations Become Visible

NASA Satellites Detect "Glow" Of Plankton In Black Waters

How An Insidious Mutation Fools DNA Replication

Molecular Assemblies Created To Convert Water To Hydrogen Gas Global Study Shows Nine Factors Identify Majority Of Heart Attack Risk

Children With ADHD Benefit From Time Outdoors Enjoying Nature

Shrimp, Anyone? Biologist Discovers Two New Species

Mars Odyssey Begins Overtime After Successful Mission

Astronomers pick off small worlds

Call for 'cowboy cloners' ban + Human cloning attempt has failed

Prisoners' clue to hep C vaccine

'Long-lasting' hip joint tested

Humans march to a faster genetic 'drummer' than primates

Doctors sceptical of 'wonder drug' claims

Earth-like planet could harbour life


New Stent Helps to Prevent Strokes

Linux slowly picking up steam with businesses

Advanced Micro Plans to Show New Chip Ahead of Intel

Can Microsoft Beat iTunes With a Store of Its Own?

Lighting The Way To Better Nanoscale Films

Patented Process Preserves Transplant Tissues/Organs

Software Difficulties Cost Builders Billions

'Electronic Crystal' In High-temperature Superconductor

Apple shows off new iMac in Paris

Microsoft spends £1bn to keep out the hackers

Photosynthesis Drives Solar Cell

Air Conditioning for Motorbikes

First Practical Plastic Magnets Created


Bush Forms Civil Liberties Board

Bush wants to relax national standards for selenium, toxic metal causing mass deformities of water fowl

Overtime Rules Dispute Is a Numbers Game

Bush says War on Terror cannot be won + Bush speech to veterans reaffirms commitment to all-out victory in war on terror + PRESIDENT BUSH CALLS INTO LIMBAUGH; SAYS AMERICA WILL WIN WAR ON TERROR + Bush Says U.S. `Winning' War on Terror as Kerry Criticizes Earlier Remarks

Bush’s Military Bill Beats Cold War Spending

Man Held for Coming Within Feet of Cheney

WTO Authorizes Sanctions Against U.S. Over Antidumping Rules


In New York, New York, many don't want to be a part of it

Election Overseers Want Big Win

Court Fights Loom Over E-Voting Paper Trail

The Pentagon's Troubling Role in E-mail voting

Republican Rep. Ed Schrock of Virginia announces retirement following claims he is gay

BUSH/CHENEY: Corporate interests will be at the forefront during the final weeks of campaign + GOP's 'Safer World' gambit not necessarily foolproof + Governor Schwarzenegger to do his part for party

KERRY/EDWARDS: Garrison Keillor: Candidate Kerry's introduction to the Fair Click. + Pinning Down Kerry


Questions For a Wartime President (WaPo)

Not close and no cigar--Bush as Churchill

Michael Moore: The GOP doesn't reflect America Click.

Jonathan Greenberg: Five reasons Giuliani's no hero Click.

Jimmy Breslin: From the heights of hypocrisy Click.

Thomas Oliphant: A convention village of GOP fantasies Click.

Paul Krugman: A no-win situation Click.

David Corn: The McCain fizzle Click.

M. J. Parrish: The new road to serfdom Click.

Helen Thomas: Hand Rumsfeld his walking papers Click.

Greg Palast: Florida fixed again? Madame Butterfly flies off with ballots Click.

Let's stop Bush-bashing and listen to what he has to say

John Dean: The New Book Attacking Kerry's War Record: How It Defames the Candidate, and Why He Should Sue

War prisons: Soldier was a pawn, her lawyers say. Military policewoman is 1 of 7 charged with abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib + Witness: Marine beat Iraqi prisoners to show he was in charge + Lynndie England 'had fun' at Abu Ghraib + Generals May Pay a Price for Iraq Abuse


U.S. Consumer Sentiment Has First Drop Since February; Factory Index Slips

Harrah's, Caesars looking to sell four casinos

Mutual funds reveal their votes in corporate elections

Hollinger's Black `Victimized' Company, Independent Committee Report Says

Oil Market Shrugs off Iraqi Export Troubles as Fears of Supply Crunch Ease

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: A 'sense of betrayal' for gay Republicans Click.

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Sacramento radio exec buys city's No. 1 Spanish station

A pop culture magazine for freaks and 'new outcasts'. Other journal is pro-rant, pro-loopy and pro-anarchy

When the reporting comes before the fact

Hersey's "Hiroshima" and Habakusha

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Shepherds of Arcadia, Nicolas Poussin

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

California getaway: Markleeville's lures include hot springs

Theater lab exploring issues of religion

Breakaway Episcopal parishes reject refusal to surrender churches

Latin grammys

Free gin for UK juniper spotters

Hunting for the long-lost sleeping Buddha of Bamian. In 629 A.D., a pilgrim described a 1,000-foot-long statue

Roswell UFOs And Billy The Kid's DNA

Bisexual Viking idol marks ancient circle

Adam Gopnik on wine

Mozart may have had Tourette's syndrome

Leonardo of Liverpool

Inheritor of Bacon's fortune went on 11-year spending spree

Colombia to gatecrash hippos' pool party with tourist park at Escobar's hacienda

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AUGUST 30, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. military, rebels hold peace talks. But negotiations hit snag over disarming the army of al-Sadr + Iraqi Cleric Sadr Calls Cease-Fire After Bloody Uprising, will reveal his political plan +  AJ: Mqtada al-Sadr orders nationwide + France Races Against Clock in Iraq Hostage Crisis + Attacks on Iraqi pipelines halt flow of oil + AJ: Dozens killed, wounded in Sadr City clashes + AJ: Sdr City: Support from the impoverished +
AJ: US troops, militia clash in Sadr City + AJ: Dozens killed, wounded in Sadr City clashes + Warlords Told to Deal or Die + Orders of battle + AP Interview: Polish Commander Says Earlier Vote in Iraq Needed to Reduce Potential for Disruption

War prisons: Ex-Humboldt man alleged Afghan vigilante

AFGHANISTAN: 2 Americans among dead in Afghan car bombing. Blast in Kabul hits U.S. security firm as elections loom + TALIBAN WARNS OF MORE ATTACKS IN AFGHANISTAN

MIDDLE EAST:  Sharon to Present Gaza Timetable to Mutinous Party

Sharon: All 21 Gaza Settlements to Be Removed Together

Shots Fired at U.S. Diplomatic Car in Saudi Arabia

AFRICA: How tragic fuse was lit in Darfur

As U.N. Deadline Expires, Sudanese Government Asks for Reasonable Action by Security Council

UN Says Libya Earnest on Nukes, But Probes Design

EUROPE: New Chechen Leader Vows Peace, Poll Criticized + The "Loyal Gangster" Solution for Chechnya

Blood for pork....

Mercenaries cashing in on booming global economy


Spy in the Pentagon: Officials Say Publicity Derailed Secrets Inquiry + Analyst at center of spy flap called naive, ardently pro-Israel + U.S. sources: Spy charges unlikely in Pentagon mole affair + Israeli Held Meetings With U.S. Analyst + Shalom: Pentagon mole affair is 'media nonsense' + Sneh: Pentagon 'mole' story is nonsense + Israeli diplomat denies any improper behavior + Israelis Fear Fallout from Pentagon Spy Probe + Background: Not AIPAC's first controversy + Controversy's No Stranger to AIPAC + Show the proof + Making a mountain into a molehill + The AIPAC kerfuffle + Mole-Man + Who is Larry Franklin + The Axis of Treason: Justin Raimondo + Superb Chronology Of The Israeli Pentagon Spy Case + TENET WARNED OF ISRAELI SPY: REPORT + Diagram + FBI has briefed, interviewed high-ranking Defense, State officials

CIA, Pentagon officials fight merger plan + Pentagon, CIA Go To War With Each Other

U.S. paramilitary operations

Sex, Flies and Videotape on Sinai Smuggling Routes

Susan Lindauer's Mission to Baghdad

Accused Guardsman Faces Court Martial for sharing secrets with Al Qaida + Trial Set for Soldier on al-Qaida Charges

Al-Qaeda undimmed by sanctions

Spain reviews terrorism protection

'Mercenaries tortured in Zimbabwe prison' + 'Mercenary leader' found guilty + South African arms dealer faces death over failed coup


INDIA-PAKISTAN: Pursued Terrorists and Protected Terrorists

Off-The Shelf  Satellite Reconnaissance

Finding the Real War in Iraq and Afghanistan

Tehran media: Latest Iranian missile has upgraded warhead

U.S., France Make Take Concerns Over Lebanon to U.N.

Russian Plane Crashes Definitely Caused by Explosives; "black Box" Shows No Evidence of Hijacking

Bail Set at $1 Million for Alleged Top Hamas Operative; Wanted for Questioning in Chicago


Crude oil below 42 dollars as market reacts to Iraq truce

Going public getting harder

Growing pains at U.S. Genomics


Kobe Bryant makes first appearance at trial + Potential jurors face questioning

Small Iowa town fights a family's deportation

Specialists at odds on Smart kidnap suspect

Feds' 'Super Pot' Warnings Are Bogus Say Experts

Boy, 10, shot father dead after parents' 'ugly' divorce

Homemade Sat Radio Software Bump

Ex-Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell Is Charged With Fraud by US

Chief of Florida's Child-Protection Department Resigns

IBM Asks Swiss Supreme Court to Block Lawsuit by Gypsies Over Alleged Holocaust Link

Fight Over Brain-Damaged Woman Heads to Florida Supreme Court


SF lawyer Tehin accused of stealing from poor, sick goes on trial

Lawyers for plaintiffs in the Catholic priest sex abuse cases put claims at $1.5 billion

Police exam puts LAPD chief to the test

Judge studies 'sausage king' gag, criticizes public defender who hit D.A. + 'Sausage King' Trial Takes a Back Seat in Bay Area

Cops call Oakland tot's death suspicious + Child's death may be homicide, police say

Cotati police find Redway man in car with pot, cash

Fremont police have hang-ups with unnecessary 9-1-1 calls

East Palo Alto: Drive-by shooting kills teenage boy

Two men wrongly convicted of SF murder must prove innocence to receive compensation

Alleged Diploma Mill Used Churches to Recruit Pupils

Sonoma executions: Slain couple's tight-knit hometowns join in grief, faith. Ohio, Michigan communities remember Christian counselors

Scott Peterson: Dogs to get spotlight + Testimony re: details on his computers


The Governor: Gov. offers glitter and a moderate voice + 'Girlie man' insult a rally cry for GOP  + Gov. to keep Bay Bridge construction afloat + Governor Is Sprinting for Donations Click. (LAT Reg) + Arnold & the Tabs Click. + Maria is no novice Click. + State trying to reform how it gets aid to families (CCT Reg) + Corbett bill to protect disabled

Hetch Hetchy reclaimed: San Francisco's paradox + Hetch Hetchy reclaimed: In 1987, an attempt to bring back the valley

Rising star Kevin Shelley faces cloud in Capitol (CCT Reg) + Controversy could stall Shelley's political ambitions (SJM Reg)

Indian tribes: Despite furor, don't bet on deluge of urban casinos, experts advise

LOCAL NEWS:  Glamour goats find out who's fairest one of all

Roundup highlights fight over resources

Annadel State Park blaze burns 6 acres

Bethel Island dock owners challenge fees (CCT Reg)

San Jose may raise household pet limit (SJM Reg)

UFW supports new federal legislation re: immigrants

School days: Tuitions rise for Catholic education + School Achievement Reports Often Exclude the Disabled + Paramedic program closed at Columbia College starts in January at Stan State +  Dream Schools strive to raise bar for kids. Innovative methods come to Bayview + Santa Cruz: Disbanded charter students are now being homeschooled + Cal Berkeley fears cuts will threaten rankings. Higher fees, frozen salaries may weaken top academic status Click. + State-of-the-art Beckman High opens today for students in Orange County Click. (OC Reg) + New head's goals will be tall order for MIT

New Valley of the Moon home for children going up near Oakmont

Most East Bay hospitals could suffer serve earthquake damage

Corporate refugee energizes Russian River chamber

Fremont businesses wary of possible tax

Livermore: Downtown group brings new life to historic building

Pleasanton seeks plans for park

San Joaquin looking to save babies by using fire stations

Result of spring sickout: suspensions. 24 S.F. General workers dinged 5 days for action that upset city

Sierra to gain unified voice and strategy if governor signs conservancy bill

Growers' chief, union unite for illegal workers bill Click.

Farm worker says father, 53, didn't have to die of heatstroke Click. (LAT Reg)

Costs and Cutbacks Squeeze San Bernadino Hospital  Click. (LAT Reg)

Riverside County consumers pay $23,300 per day in cash register overcharges Click. + Meat often weighs less than label says Click.

7th ablaze with anti-Bush fervor + Stage set for days of dissent + Best bet: Go with the flow

Census Bureau to put limits on Arab data-sharing


Japanese banks deploy biometric palm scanners

Israel High Court allows screening of controversial film 'Jenin Jenin'


Stardom: Women on Waves Creating A Tsunami In Portugal


Hard hit 'Horse Town USA' taking West Nile threat seriously + Fighting West Nile in the Land of 400,000 Pools + West Nile Virus decimating birds Click.

Scientists Fear New Ebola Outbreak May Explain Sudden Gorilla Disappearance

Canada: Budget cuts have contributed to spread of super-bug

Animal disease center should tell all

Figuring out the very nature of nature. UC lab heads groundbreaking genome work

Language may limit thought, study finds

Automated Data Assesses Quality of Hypertension Care

Advances In Tumor Angiogenesis -- Dendritic Cells Co-opted To The Dark Side

New Genetic Research Demonstrates Possible Cause Of Inherited Form Of Parkinson's Disease

Study Identifies Rapidly Rising Gastrointestinal Disorder

Laboratory Advances The Art And Science Of Aerogels

NASA Satellites Allow USDA To See World's Lakes Rise And Fall

Streptococcus Infects Humans By Thwarting Blood Clotting

Small Bumps Could Make A Big Difference For Hip Replacement

Critically Endangered Monkey Species Plummets More Than 50 Percent Since 1994

Drug-Resistant Bacteria May Find New Foe In Novel Drug Design Approach

Trojan Horses, Xenon Imaging And Remote Controlled Genes: Chemical Cages Deliver Drugs And Peer Into Cells

The Cosmic Revolution: Task Force Outlines Role Of Particle Physics In A New Universe

Do Treatment Plants Effectively Remove Drugs, Hormones From Wastewater?

Dark Chocolate Helps Blood Flow, Scientists Find

Move over Atkins, merits of low-GI diet proving sweet

Was Venus alive? The signs are probably there

Britons attack US cloning ban bid

Acid oceans spell doom for coral

Immune response turbo-charged

Heart Attacks More Likely for People With High Blood Pressure in Cold Weather

King Kong vs. Godzilla at the Microbe Level: Scientists' Creepy Movie Shows Spidery Virus Moving in for the Kill

Study: Smokers Who Have Heart Scares Making No Progress in Quitting

DIET: Raw Food, Oldest Cuisine Catching On; Its Health Benefits Debated

Intel Announces Chip Shrinking Milestone (SJM Reg) + Intel to announce new 500 million-transistor chip

Startup Akimbo to launch Internet video-on-demand service for TV

Distributive computing spreads out

The Players and Pretenders of Nanotech

NIST Unveils Chip-Scale Atomic Clock

US website offers Caller ID falsification service

Supercomputer Seeks Comeback

Whatever happened to solar power satellites?

New low-power "personal supercomputers"

Google is dying


Bush on terror war: `I don't think you can win it'  + Bush says war on terror may be unwinnable, but retreat no option

U.S. State Dept. official visits Darfur

Secret Service worried about NYC Bush plot

Congress: Congress aims to pass intelligence bills before elections


GOP convention: Bloomberg kicks off RNC + The city beyond the Garden gate + Mitchell:

Where are all the black Republicans? +

Novak: Giuliani, McCain outsiders in GOP, but public loves 'em

Florida voting again under microscope

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush security record draws Dems' criticism + Delegates reflect on 9/11 at Ground Zero + Bush's man Parsky in California stays upbeat + Few Visit Ground Zero in N.Y. as Convention Begins + Bush likely to target Social Security + Rove focuses on devotees + Bush will be a lame duck not a warmonger if he wins + These GOP parties are grand, new + Bush puts softer face on hard right agenda

KERRY/EDWARDS: Edwards decries Bush's foreign policy + A disciplined campaigner, Edwards stays on message + Clintons criticize Bush during N.Y. visit


John Cassidy on Bushonomics

Elephants on Parade

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: GOP has dol-fun with Dems

Christopher Hitches: What Czeslaw Milosz understood about Islam

Where is McCain's straight talk now?

Bob Herbert: Of campaigns and breakfast cereals Click.

The Florida Report. Ya gotta love Lucy


Over 8,000 troops get probable yearlong deployment back to desert Click.

Spangdahlem to be joint fighter-cargo base Click.

Navy's newest destroyer commissioned

Russian Armed Forces to obtain new unique rocket complex

N.A. Jewell, the British sub commander who tricked the Nazis

Shrinking the US Naval Reserve

Foreign Troops in the US Army


Xymphora opines re: who forged Niger documents?

Juan Cole: FBI furious at leak re: spy in the Pentagon

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay Republicans say they are unlikely to back Bush, GOP platform + GOP Gays Find Allies + Fresno Mayor's heterosexuals-only City Hall event attracts 2,000 attendees and 250 protesters Click. (FB Reg) + Gay GOP leader warns of a cultural war within party

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Ay, caramba! Spanish-language radio stations filled with raunch

Hard work pays off in publishing world

For Good Press, Slip 'Em Pesos

NPR's Growing Clout Alarms Member Stations Click.

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Shepherds of Arcadia, Nicolas Poussin

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

One man's junk is another man's treasure at annual Niles flea market in Fremont

Atwater Air museum expects to display four more fighter jets

'Trek' fans, vets fete 'Scotty'

American Indian Museum Set to Open in Washington

Turnout at three-day London carnival could top a million

German theatre director named to head Salzburg festival from 2007

Headless skeletons found in Pacific graveyard

Metis, Mycenae

Medieval discovery in Oslo

Helen Mirren poised for royal role

Secret chamber may hold key to mystery of the Great Pyramid

Sudan's ancient treasures reveal culture that humbled the pharaohs

Alex Ross on Shostakovich

Wine and Noses

A Celebration of Cell-Phone Film

Historic American Sheet Music

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AUGUST 29, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  
U.S Officers Meet Tribal and Shiite Leaders to End Fighting in Baghdad Slum; 2 Killed, 34 Injured in Separate Clashes + U.S. Troops Kill Two Attackers in Fierce Iraq Clashes + Talks under way to end Baghdad fighting, French hostages threatened + French government in crisis mode over journalist hostage drama + With 2 journalists held, France underlines secularism + Southern Iraq oil pipeline attacked + Militant Sunnis rule 2 Iraqi cities + Showdown in Najaf + Uneasy peace in rubble of Najaf + Damage at Shi’ite cemetery stirs up complex feelings in Najaf + Orders of battle

Occupation: Iran Hosts Iraqi Official, Eyes Better Relations + EU Ready to Discuss Increased Aid for Iraq

AFGHANISTAN: Two Afghan Blasts Kill at Least 15; Taliban Claims 1 + Blast rocks Kabul foreign quarter

MIDDLE EAST: Vote near, Saudis push to modernize

EU presses for Syrian weapons clause

Jordan to ask UN to help check for possible radiation from Dimona reactor

EUROPE: Kremlin candidate favorite as Chechnya votes amid violence

Mussolini fights for women's right to pass on name

Schroeder’s ‘stunts’ wear thin

AMERICAS: Honduras, from war-torn to wonderland


The hunt is on for radioactive fuel rods that went missing from a former reactor near Eureka. It's the third case of disappearing fuel rods in the country since 2000

Africa coup: Margaret Thatcher dotes on her wayward son but she’s also made him suffer + Britain helped to foil Africa 'coup' plot + How new Africa made fools of the white mischief-makers + Britain dragged into coup plot as rumors swirl over London meeting

Hunt for militants steps up as Pakistan takes on al-Qaeda

Holocaust In a Suitcase

Spying: Time to Think Outside the Box

Intelligence Agencies Pose Complex Conundrum

New York subway bombers had 8 targets + PAIR FLIPPED OUT OVER GHRAIB JAIL ABUSE



Online Statement: Al-Qaida-Linked Group Says Vatican Not a Target

Pakistan Arrests Suspect in Assassination Attempts on President

MILITARY 11 years later, Army recalls Md. reservist

LEAKGATES In Prague, a tale of 2 Attas


Stardom: Sieg Heil The OLYMPICS

Bill Berkowitz: White supremacist love connection Click.

Blood for pork....

In Iraq, 'Road Warriors' Deliver the Goods

Cheney at Halliburton: A mixed record as CEO

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Fresno mayor takes on Newsom over City Hall marriages. But born-again official renews only traditional vows


Justice Dept demanding records on liberal Internet site that lists delegates to Republican National Convention

U.S. courts await clarity on sentencing guidelines

Shooter won't be charged in forest fire

Wife wild card at Kobe's trial

Woman sues airline for humiliation over her weight

Nigeria case furthers scrutiny of Texas' Child Protective Services + Protection for CPS caseworkers strains police

Boy held in dad's death witnessed messy divorce

Guatemalan laws, culture blamed for female slayings

How Long Do Cops Keep Evidence?

Basketball star's rape trial recalls O J drama


Pleasanton police arrest man on forgery charge (CCT Reg)

Woman arrested in connection with missing Fontana police dog

Education gives prisoners their best chance

Juvenile inmates learn to chill out with yoga

Stanislaus seniors urged to beware scam artists

Immigration office goes online

Woman Who Said She Left Young Daughter With Relatives in 1969 Charged in Girl's Death + Santa Ana: Arrests in girl's disappearance could yield answers for brother + Investigators arrest Wis. woman in daughter's 1969 disappearance

Hard sell for lost years. Wrongly imprisoned man must prove case again for state to pay

Wrongly imprisoned

Is SF Soft On Hate Crime?

Sonoma executions: Carole Sund Foundation offers reward for lead in couple's killings + Mystery of couple's last days + Retracing couple's steps

Scott Peterson: State Senate balks at paying county, city for Peterson case


The Governor: Bill flurry to reveal Gov.'s politics (SJM Reg) + Labor-friendly bills face Gov.'s scrutiny + Dems confront Gov. with tough choices over final bills + Bills approved this week by the Legislature + Democrat bills are ready for Arnold's judgment day + Legislature Wraps Up Difficult, Humbling Year + Dems hold Gov. in check. Schwarzenegger's next moves will set tone for future relations + Democrat bills are ready for Arnold's judgment day Click. + Arnold to grapple with 1,000 would-be laws Click. + A Look at Some of the Key Bills Passed Click. (LAT Reg) + Some in the North Suspect Southern California Bias in Gov. Click. (LAT Reg) + Trojan horse alive and well in Sacramento Click. (OC Reg)

Bay Bridge future falls into limbo Click. + Bridge impasse prompts blame Click. (CCT Reg) + Bridge contract extension sought. Construction may be halted if bidder doesn't go along

Coming to terms + Burton makes abrupt exit

Jerry Brown sets his sights on Attorney General's office

Dan Walters: Shelley's in quicksand, but double standard helps him + Shelley's career is a study in contradictions. Stellar past at odds with tales of bad temper and tainted funds

Hetch Hetchy reclaimed: CALVIN says the dam can go + Editorial: Hetch Hetchy reclaimed - The dam downstream

LOCAL NEWS:   Risk levels vary by neighborhood (SJM Reg) + Sacramento fails to fix Bay Bridge funding woes (SJM Reg)

School days: Dean wooed by SJSU backers rumored in Santa Cruz hunt (SJM Reg) + Flaws mar efforts to hold schools in state accountable (SJM Reg) + Closing gaps on path to diploma + Christian college opens doors Monday in Rocklin + Which SAT should junior take? + Educational goals may be too ambitious + Federal rules set lofty aims, lack flexibility + Educating Santa Rosa + Tracy district working on facility price plan + Cal State Monterey Bay takes on the ‘sophomore slump’ + Food joins academic menu in Berkeley school district. Credits, not calories. Chez Panisse founder cooks up new 'core curriculum' + Federal officials curtail charter school data. Education office cites 'technical,' financial reasons

Branching out: Valley is hot spot of bank expansion

Marin: Opposition to sales tax plan more muted than in 1998

Inverness couple leaves $277,500 to Marin Ag land trust

Daniel Weintraub: Is there a health crisis? Numbers tell another story

Oakland: Truckers aim to haul more money home

Indian tribes: Beyond tribal gaming + Blue Lake Rancheria not alone in push to diversify + San Pablo casino enticing to retirees. Shorter ride on bus would leave extra time for gambling

Political bruises linger from Rohnert Park recall fight

Stanislaus County money problems date back 3 to 4 decades

In-home workers to get a pay raise

Dublin: New water meters could mean higher bills

Alameda County Medical center's staff to walk out

Health care shortcuts don't pay off

Stockton: Farmers to get recovery advice

Santa Cruz: Task force to meet to discuss dump sites + Santa Cruz mayor set to defend grocery workers + Dan Harper: A rejuvenated river might rejuvenate downtown S.C.

Napa: Off the air? Politicians' shows may be on hold + Environmentalists, boaters at odds over Napa River docks

The changing face of American Canyon

Los Angeles County Feels Symptoms of Health Crisis Relapse Click. (LAT Reg)

Paid family leave program rivals rigors of birth for some Click.

Businesses take pledge not to hire illegal immigrants Click.

Fear, hope flow from water ruling re: San Joaquin River Click. (FB Reg)

Rocky Mountain Elk Make Tracks to California Click. (LAT Reg)

Asbestos exposure found in El Dorado pets Click.

Riveting Senate race a clash of San Joaquin titans Click.    


U.S. Economy Probably Added 150,000 Jobs in August as Expansion Quickened

US economic soft patch sparks debate on outlook

New rules speed check processing, squeeze 'float'

Mining gold in the ivory tower + Once shunned, tech licensing now a cash cow for schools

Safeway's CEO Steven Burd on the record

SEC gives a slap on the wrist

The great whiskey myth

PUC overloaded with deregulation complaints

Steffy: Waiting for Enron to pay up


West Nile's course is hard to chart

Mosquito swat team in Tomales + Monterey: The buzz on West Nile

Blood alert: thousands may be infected with vCJD

Flu 'becoming resistant to drugs'

50 years of organ transplants

Managing chronic health conditions on the job

Scientists May Use Drugs to Stop Addiction

Scientist stereotypes and reality

Siberian cubs get radio collars

China acts to tackle Aids spread

'Rare' gut disease rates soaring

Pills stop popping for Big Pharma

Protesters: 'Today we send our message' + Protests heating up + Sunday: 200,000 March in NYC to Protest Bush Policies

One Irishman in his boat spreads anti-war message

Spy in the Pentagon:
ANALYSIS: Pentagon investigation is another burden for Rumsfeld + FBI Probe Wider Than Israel Allegations + Pentagon Analyst Probed by FBI for a Year + Iran-Contra II? + Target of Spy Probe Served in Israel + Report on Iran Key to Spying Inquiry + Pentagon worker traveled to Israel as Air Force reservist + Military Intelligence chief denies charges of Israel spying in U.S. + 'Dual loyalty' slur returns to haunt American Jews + Comparisons to the Pollard affair highly exaggerated + Xymphora opines

Internet Turns 35, Still Work in Progress



Howard fury over White House ban


Corporate cash flows to cover GOP bash. Hedging their bets, firms also underwrote Dems' party

BUSH/CHENEY: Speeches will target record of Kerry in Senate, not war + Risk-taking shapes Bush's leadership + Questions, and more questions, on the eve of the RNC + Bush pledges open markets overseas + Compassionate conservatism’s future + Bush Takes On Direct Role in Shaping Election Tactics + Bush stumps in W.Va. + Kerry says he's in 'fighting mood' + ANALYSIS: Bush record suggests two presidencies + In His Father's Shadow, a Son Charts His Course + Making over Mr. Macho president + Cheney weak link in armor + The stars leave town … and the has-beens sing for Bush + KEYNOTER ZELL SET TO RIP KERRY + LAURA GETS PERSONAL + FIRST LADY ON SWIFT BOAT ADS: ‘Do I Think They’re Unfair? Not Really'

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry, Greenspan Differ on Social Security + Pro-Kerry Vets Protest at Home of Anti-Kerry Backer + Brazile: Memo to Kerry-Edwards


In corner, then oval, offices

Click. Who's the leader of the religious right?

Still Unreported. The Payoff For Bush's Air Guard Fix

A wary post-9/11 city

Can Bush Get Right With the Right?

Voting with one hand on Bible in Oklahoma Click.

George Bush's Secret War

Dan Payne: Questions, and more questions, on the eve of the RNC Click.

Alexander Cockburn: Zombies for Kerry

Faltering Bush plays terror card

Heart of America

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

French journalists kidnapped in battle to end headscarf law

ABC vs. CBS vs. NBC vs. Fox vs. WB vs. UPN

Best TV shows in the barrel + The fall prime-time lineup

New Age magazine's publishers are ready to enlighten you

Dyke: Blair tried to gag BBC war reports

Hello Kabul, I'm listening

Jim Boyd: This year, the political smear is exposed even as it's happening Click.

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers: Bush on Christopher Street?

Mussel collectors at Berneval,
Pierre- Auguste Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Roundups eliminating icon of the Old West, critics claim

Gypsy Boots remembered at Hollywood memorial service

Jews invoke ancestry on walk

Searching abandoned cities, urban centers to unlock an ancient nation's past

Mystic's burial site at commune is reincarnated as posh resort

London's Notting Hill Carnival celebrates 40th year

Hazaras rebuild from ruins of a war-torn Afghanistan

Eskimo traditions melt away with every generation. Marriages were far more complex than just saying, 'I do'

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher: Chappelle's ramble makes 'em scramble

Patricia Cornwell



Where the Gruffalo roams

Theatre of war

Tim Robbins acting up

Revealed: Nelson loved the French

The day I was 'kidnapped' by Elton John

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 28, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Najaf Quiet, But Clashes Erupt in Baghdad + Sadr Militiamen Swap Prisoners With Iraq + Deal frees Mahdi Army to fight again. Rebels leave battlefield with guns, amnesty + AJ: Several killed in al-Sadr City clashes + The Desert Fox al Sadr  + AJ: Baquba attack kills six Iraqi policemen + Iraq Shia leaders reject violence + Iraqi police battle U.S. troops "by mistake" Click. + Iraq Group Takes 2 French Citizens Hostage Click. + In Western Iraq fundamentalists hold U.S. forces at bay + Rebel Cleric May Have Emerged the Winner + Iraqi Govt. Team Meets Sistani in Battered Najaf + An Accord for Now, But Risks Ahead + Ambulance Workers Brave New Perils in Baghdad + Peace, but dead are everywhere + Leader: Voice of power + Najaf: uneasy peace reigns + Iraqi Police Fire on U.S. Troops in North + U.S. Warplanes, Tanks Bombard Fallujah + Police Patrol, Workers Clear Rubble as City of Najaf Works to Recover From Violence + Orders of battle

AFGHANISTAN: U.S. and Afghan Troops Arrest 22 During Anti-Militant Sweep, Renegade Warlord Also in Custody

AFRICA: Sudan fails to halt militias. But efforts to quell Darfur crisis likely to delay sanctions

IRAN: Iran Ready to Provide Nuke 'Guarantees' Click.

EUROPE: Russia Added to Central Asian Bloc Click.

Dysfunctional, Violent Chechnya Holds Election to Replace Assassinated President + Chechnya at a Glance

Portugal bans Dutch abortion ship

Croatia erases 'fascist' tributes


Two Arrested in Alleged Plot to Blow Up NYC Subway

Russian plane crashes: Explosives Found in Both Jets + Pravda: Chechen terrorists had motive  + Jet crashes have 'Black Widow' link + Face to face with Russian crashes

Italian war crime trial points to 'new Odessa'

Swift Intelligent Smokescreen: Ray McGovern

Argentina 'Was Told' It Had US Backing for 'Dirty War'

U.S. Says Belarussian Bank Helped Hussein

Click. NASA Reveals Classified Counter-Spy System

Report faults U.S. airports for few bomb screens


U.S. Set Back on Treatment of Combatant Hamdi Click.

The technocrat of massacre

Yemeni Court Convicts 15 Militants on Terror Charges; One Sentenced to Death

US-Kazakh Talks on Leftover Plutonium Stall; Some See Risk


The incredible expanding case: After a year, Bryant goes on trial

Coca Entrepreneurs Create Plant Immune to US Attack

Conflict-of-interest law for arbitrators upheld by court

Warranty, quitclaim deeds serve different purposes

Houston: Errors spark new review of DNA cases; analysts could be charged

Mexican high court is asked to take genocide case

Judge revokes citizenship for accused Nazi guard, 84

Skinheads who attacked kids sued in federal court

Lawsuit Challenges Missouri's Ban on Sexually Oriented Billboards

Two Florida Probation Officers Appeal Their Firing After Ex-Convict Charged in Murders


State offers self-help legal aid on the Web (CCT Reg) + Web site + More

Soto settles police brutality suit vs. Richmond for $150,000 (CCT Reg)

Explosives found on Antioch man's boat (CCT Reg)

Bay Area counties file suit against Microsoft (SJM Reg)

Conflict in laws on child care centers (SJM Reg)

Santa Clara judge throws out cases re: victims subject to reused needles (SJM Reg) + Last cases dismissed

Diversions ruined San Joaquin river, judge rules

Ex-Ravenswood school official alleges sexual harassment (SJM Reg)

Ross names new chief of public safety

Novato police warn of 'Spanish lottery'

Bratton struggles to reform LAPD

Pot plot in foothills sparks high anxiety

Alameda County health chief: Test released cons for HIV

Defense lawyers seek to remove judge from Orange County statutory rape case

Stanislaus: Plea deal in fatal accident on hold

Court rules confessions in San Joaquin slayings were coerced

Hayward man's body dumped in foothills

Walnut Creek nursing facility settles wrongful death lawsuit

Woodside: Neighbors sue man for noisy peacocks

Judge rules Daly City priest to stand trial on charges of molesting girl

Vallejo man to stand trial on attempted murder charges

San Francisco: Police seek girls who disappeared from apartment + Sanity trial in 'mercy killing' of homeless man + "Fajitagate" trial moved to Sacramento + Chief says 3 officers leaked Fagan memo + Gang killing in 2001 brings 2 convictions

Redwood City: Killer's accomplice pleads no contest

Federal judge rules Friant Dam near Fresno violates California law

Both sides in BALCO deny media leaks

Court reluctantly orders deportation. Father, son returned to Mexico for visit and stayed too long

5 Charged With Scam Topping $10 Million Click. (LAT Reg)

Oakland: Kids who have known violence study how to end it. New program looks at positive ways to effect social change

Sonoma executions: Counselors' slaying clues hard to find (CCT Reg) + Few Clues in Camp Counselor Slayings, California Coast on Edge

Scott Peterson: Trial calms down with Frey gone (CCT Reg) + Time the essence of defense theory (SJM Reg)


The Governor: Gov. to veto immigrant driver's license bill + Convention offers Gov. national stage and risks + Energy bill makes way to governor + State overhaul plan overstates savings, analysis shows + Key bills given final approval

Election money off-limits to Shelley + Secretary-of-state controversy freezes U.S. voter-access funds (SJM Reg) + Finance director awaits audit of Shelley's spending

Legislature: Legislature OKs disputed license bill + Plan to keep Bay Bridge work alive sent to Assembly + Senate approves 4 casino deals throughout state + Assembly OKs Mt. Tam ranger bill + Workers' comp rate bill dead + Lawmakers send bill restricting foreclosures to governor + Stopgap plan to keep bridge work going fails as lawmakers leave + Bay Bridge rebuilding in doubt (SJM Reg) + Legislators, governor in Bay Bridge stalemate, No deal reached on who should pay -- cost likely to rise + Offshore firms keep tax breaks + Marjie Lundstrom: Statewide ban on beach smoking just a matter of time + Vasco Road double-fine bill stalls + Reporters would get better access to inmate interviews under bill + Lawmakers Vote to Allow Drug Purchases From Canada Click. (LAT Reg) + Bill to give Orange County more cash goes to governor Click. (OC Reg) + Car insurance slackers targeted Click. + Burton's curtain call. Senate leader forced out by term limits, combined political savvy, bulldog mentality to become Sacramento legend

State tax agency offers easiest form: Just sign here Click. (SJM Reg)

Senator appeals to federal judge to halt prison guard union's power

Workers' comp reforms spur physician networks (CCT Reg)

Indian tribes: Tribal casino resort proposed near Gilroy (SJM Reg)

California's garage sale draws horde of bargain hunters

The buzz: Haves and have-nots of stem cell research measure


Sebastopol: Blueberry lovers descend on farm to save bushes from bulldozers

Mt. Diablo conservationists to receive honors

Detroit Fights California Bid to Open Car Pool Lanes to Fuel-Conscious Import

Editorial: A Sierra conservancy?

Bearing arms goes with the territory in Modoc County (CCT Reg)

2 arts programs in San Jose eliminated

School days: Elk Grove schools get new leader + Faculty book resales raise ethical issue + Pleasanton school funds debate goes on + Modesto schools back down on tests + Stan State's finance program brings France a little closer + CSUH receives high marks + USC agrees to make trams more accessible to disabled + Laws will demand equal access. Legislators approve 4 bills to help poor schools improve

Alameda County Medical center is cited for two violations

Island biotech plans delayed

Ft. Bragg swim center gets $1 million from foundation

LA Episcopal diocese demands property from breakaway parishes

Paralyzed Willits teen refuses offer to buy guns

Port of Oakland may ban contractors who sue frivolously in business community

New Benicia neighborhood offers affordable housing

Lawmakers Vote to Allow Drug Purchases From Canada Click. (LAT Reg)

Bill to give Orange County more cash goes to governor Click. (OC Reg)

Car insurance slackers targeted Click.

State tax agency offers easiest form: Just sign here Click. (SJM Reg)

Bill to let troops wed from abroad sent to governor Click.

Alameda County Hospitals: Nurses set one-day strike to protest plan to cut staff Click.

Environmentalists, boaters at odds over Napa River docks

Napa: Bad economic times force nonprofit coalition to lay off executive director

San Francisco: Housing lottery: 1,600 vie for 36 units. Seniors eager for new apartments in Outer Mission + Newsom, volunteers canvass needy areas

L.A. tastier water on tap


Gen. Franks, in Simi, defends U.S. policy Click.

VA hospitals secure despite FBI warning, officials say. Bulletin suggests terrorists may seek easy military target

Navy's Newest Destroyer, Named for Submarine Hero, Commissioned With Crew That Includes Descendent

American Veteran Revisits Crash Site With the Woman Who Saved His Life During World War II

Israeli Reservists Deal With Double Lives of Being Civilians and Soldiers

Click. Give Your Name or Not at the RNC Protests?

New York: Waking Up to Security That Never Sleeps Click.

Pro-Choice March Marks Day of Anti-Bush Protests

Police bust up bike protests

'Whose streets? Our streets'

We don't like you signs aimed at Bush


Stardom: My Space Gone MAD

List: The World's 100 Most Powerful Women

Blood for pork....

Boeing exec under scrutiny


Crude Oil Has Biggest Weekly Drop in a Year as Iraq Supply Concerns Wane

Greenspan: Social Security disaster looms + Update 13: Greenspan Sounds Alert on Social Security

Dem calls BofA chief liar over job losses

Even in Face of High Oil Prices, Weak Job Growth, Fed Expected to Raise Rates Again


California passes Arizona as worst in nation for West Nile

West Nile fight gets boost Click. (FB Reg)

Contaminated flu shots 'not a crisis,' says CDC. Chiron expects delays, but not serious problems

Company Is Investigating Possible Vaccine Problems in Brazil

Drug to Help Avert Blindness Moves Closer to Approval

Concern grows over diabetes in Indians Click.

False diagnosis of HIV discovered after 8 years. Veteran's life severely affected after VA doctor made mistake

Dandelions 'could combat cancer'

The Athlete's Pharmacopeia

ISRAEL SPY IN PENTAGON: Israel Spy Nest: The Net Widens + Israeli Spy May Have Shaped US Policy + Israeli sources: Alleged Pentagon spy had regular work ties with us + Top analyst may have passed secret papers on Iran + PAPER: FEITH MAY HAVE SUPPLIED INFO TO ISRAEL IN THE 80'S

Two Arrested in Alleged Plot to Blow Up NYC Subway

Special Report: Six Internet Trendsetters

Siemens Says Cellphone Flaw May Hurt Users and Its Profit

Microsoft decides to rein in Longhorn

UN drive to boost free software

Poolside digital advice


Bush talks of counterterrorism center plans

Bush Defends Record as Protesters Hit NY Streets

Bush Acknowledges 'Time of Change' for Workers

Bush admits mistake over post-war Iraq

Bush Says He's Following Sept. 11 Panel's Intelligence Recommendations

Defense chief in error on probe. Rumsfeld flubs facts on abuse and interrogations + Rumsfeld disputes finding of abuse panel + Rumsfeld's deep denial analyzed

With Protesters Waiting, Powell Cancels Trip to Olympics

Florida Police Officer Indicted in Threat to Shoot Bush


Bush Moves Ahead of Kerry by Two Percentage Points, Time Magazine Reports

In Palm Beach, Results of 2000 Still Stir a Fight

Club of the Most Powerful Conservatives Gathers in Strictest Privacy Click.

GOP Fete for Man in Black Stirs Debate

Zing and a prayer from Hillary

BUSH/CHENEY: Republicans to Bush: Back Away from Iraq, Vietnam + Christian Right not on GOP speech list. Convention to air moderate speakers aimed at swing votes + Special Interest Rule at GOP Convention + Arab-Americans Use Republican Convention to Their Advantage + Barnes says he regrets getting Bush into Guard + GOP Convention Delegate Drops Out Over Bush + Bush courts Florida vote + Expect a seesaw ride for Bush next week + Battle in Missouri. Why President Bush is courting votes in the 'Show Me' state + Playing with fire: Bush clashes with New York's finest

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry champions 'real Americans' in California + Kerry slams Bush, proposes debt relief in Daly City stop + Ads suggest Bush-Nader connection + Kerry touts jobs in Washington visit New DNC Ad: A Case of Almost Right + Kerry says Bush is ‘out of touch’ with US workers + Kerry under fire again: War record faces new assaults + Democrats Seek More Benefits for Iraq Reservists


Ivins: He Loves Us Not

N.Y.'s political promise turns to peril for GOP. Convention must evoke, not exploit, 9/11

Christopher Brauchli: Protecting the president from dissent Click.

George Ochenski: A tale of two campaigns in Portland Click.

Our Second Civil War

It's Not The Economy, Stupid

Unlikely alliance built on opposition to Iraq war now raises questions

War prisons: Abuse cases: U.S. mercenary Idema made his mark with viciousness + REPORTS SHINE HOT LIGHTS ON MILITARY MISTAKES + Guantanamo: 'Name' detainees to be charged. 9/11 mastermind may be one of them

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Simmons considers appearance on 'Queer Eye' + Mobo voters to decide on 'anti-gay' stars + The New Reggae: Anti-Gay Lyrics Stir Controversy in Music's Jamaican Birthplace


Stardom: My Space Gone MAD

List: The World's 100 Most Powerful Women

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Iraq militants seize two French journalists, give 48-hour ultimatum: report

AP Appeases Hillary Publisher Irked At Leaks

Christine Craft is back on 1240 radio Sacramento

Freed Journalist Micah Garen, Back in U.S., Thanks Supporters

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Mussel collectors at Berneval,
Pierre- Auguste Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Masterpieces of the garden

Jane Withers hopes to create museum for Hollywood memorabilia

Round Valley musician returns to her roots

Fremont to host quilt show

Oakland museum's Vietnam War exhibit opens old wounds

The Red Hat Ladies

Hell On Wheels

A tamer MTV awards show is hinted at, but with this crowd, there are no promises

Spain: Controversy surrounds opening of Garcia Lorca's grave

Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier

Fortress New York takes post-9/11 play to its heart

Hollywood hell

Bloody chambers

Drawing pains

Vatican returns icon to Russia+ Pictures of Virgin of Kazan icon

Hundreds of thousands gather for fifth Budapest techno parade

Paris fame's has gone to her head

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher: Wek's a fashion no-show

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 27, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Tentative Accord Reached in Najaf to Halt Fighting + Government's weakness exposed + In pictures: Najaf peace deal + End game in Najaf + Al-Sadr fighters leave Najaf shrine + US-Iranian tug and pull over Iraq + End of the siege: the smoke clears in Najaf + End to Fighting in Najaf Leaves Something for All Sides An AP News Analysis + AJ: Najaf standoff ends + AJ: Corpses found in al-Sadr court + Powell Praises Najaf Peace Agreement, Role of U.S. Troops + Thai Troops Start Pull-Out From Iraq + Creating an Iraqi Army That Can Fight + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

War prisons: Abuse cases: Interrogation rules blurred by general, Army probe says. Sanchez approved practices barred by Geneva conventions + Doctor: Broken ribs may have led to Iraqi's death + Daily Food Shortages at Abu Ghraib Cause Riots + Six Interrogation Contractors Referred for Prosecution + Prison Torture, From Texas to Abu Ghraib + America's problem: Abu Ghraib abuses + Sadr orders fighters to lay down arms Guantanamo: Al-Qaida member asks to represent himself in court + Al Qaeda confession stuns hearing + NO AUDIO RECORD OF GUANTANAMO TRIALS

MIDDLE EAST: 350 fasting prisoners resume eating; UN urges Israel to meet obligations

ASIA PACIFIC: North Korea's environment crisis + North Korea likens Bush to Hitler + N Korea food prices 'rocket'

EUROPE: Defiant Italy won't bow to 'terrorist blackmail', says minister

Russian bear calls on gray wolf


Questions continue to swirl around Wen Ho Lee

British rearrest jailed Islamic cleric, detained for U.S. extradition

Al Qaeda May Target Veterans Hospitals, U.S. Says

Zimbabwe court finds Mann guilty over coup arms deal, absolves others

Israeli-US Arrow Missile Test Fails

Russian crashes: Russia finds air crash explosive + Pravda: TU-134 and TU-154 were exploded from their toilets + Drinking vodka saved the 6 plane passengers' lives + Debka view

Al-Qaeda sanctions 'ineffective'

Al-Qaeda operative: Montreal man who trained with 9/11 hijackers brought down American Airlines flight in New York three years ago

War crimes suspect charged in Boston

Most Terror Attacks Cost Under $50G

Equatorial Guinea: Spain 'secretly backed Equatorial Guinea coup by sending warships' + 'Coup bid ringleader' found guilty + Lawyer condemns 'political' arrest + Comment: John O'Farrell + Thatcher: the net tightens + Young British accountant's 'Wonga List' preoccupies investigators + Thatcher 'was planning to flee' before being detained + Mark Thatcher arrested over alleged African coup plot + Son of Margaret Thatcher led mercenaries from the former USSR

MI6 involved in Balkan spy plot

Click. British Spies in Croatia Named

Click. Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi

Of Chinese pirate kings, Dutch traders

Checking for nukes at Mexican border

Hijackers force plane to land in Khartoum

Figuring Out the Human Landscape


9/11 study: Saudis long ignored Al Qaeda funding

Blood for pork....

Defense Contractor CACI Spins Alleged Role in Abu Ghraib


Agencies crack down on cyberfraud

DOJ Accuses Six With Crippling Rivals' Web Sites

Pharmacists sue drug makers for charging too much in U.S. and price-fixing

FBI Helps Probe of Blast at Stem-Cell Lab

Houston crime lab finds boxes of lost evidence. Fetus, body parts, other items from 8,000 cases

Kobe Bryant trial opens with first wave of jury selection + Prosecutors scolded by judge in Bryant trial. Challenge to DNA evidence at issue

Judge voids late-term abortion ban. Federal law declared unconstitutional for excluding exemption

Witnesses testify re: assassination of Archbishop Romero

Feds bust DDoS 'Mafia'

Golden Triangle puts its poppies to sleep

Wm Kennedy Smith case. Accuser: I was dragged to his home, raped

Famous, Wealthy Criminal Defendants Can Hire High-Priced Lawyers, But Do They Also Face Disadvantages?

Kentucky High Court Vacates $15 Million Damage Award Against Ford


Arrest of Curtis Alan McCutcheon, a computer technician employed at the Marin Civic Center, for transmitting porn, leads to arrest of 2 others re: sex assault of 3-yr-old and pictures taken Click.

Richmond: No revenge, pleads slain star athlete's family + Teen held in athlete's death given 'escort' in juvenile hall

Contra Costa jury rules drowning death accidental in case where deputies pursued fleeing suspect into lake (CCT Reg)

Testimony: Three defendants seen near elderly murder victim's house in Mountain View (SJM Reg)

9th Circuit to rehear murder case (Stockton D.A. made deal with informant, didn't tell defendant)

Oakland: No contest plea in fatal drunken-driving crash that killed Congolese dancer Casquelourd

Richmond: Man found shot dead inside idling car

Antioch woman accused of abducting her own 3-yr-old pleads not guilty

Governor OK with murderer's parole. Woman claimed self-defense in '86 slaying of boyfriend

Trial of three in Livermore teen's slaying (Jenna Simons Nannetti) delayed to '05 + More

Feds probing theft of guns in Millbrae + Owner of stolen guns says theft could have happened years ago. His last check of weapons was in December 2001

San Francisco investment bank Weisel to pay $12.5 million on SEC charges + Banks settle in conflict probe

California Supreme Court: Class-Action Lawsuits for Overtime Pay Allowed Click.

Promotion means yet another Ross fire, cop chief

Parolee in San Rafael assault arrested after robbery in Petaluma

Web setup will end long wait at Sacramento immigration office

Santa Rosa: 2 homeless men arrested in slaying

LA police officer charged with alleged extortion

Modesto boy, 16, dies in shooting

3 Merced County cities adding Tasers to arsenals

Man charged with 2 felonies in Bear blaze

Two Florida firms to pay $1.89 million to settle telemarketing fraud suit re: credit counseling

Los Angeles jury recommends more than $500,000 to woman who says she was enslaved by couple

Vandals hit Fremont home of Sikhs again

Fullerton man convicted of killing 2-year-old daughter

Monterey man detained in Bahamas over gun in luggage

Alleged statutory rape victim sues prosecutors, says she won't cooperate (Orange County assistant sheriff's son is suspect)

DA searches office of First Latino, a Vista organization, group pays off loans Click.

Jury Awards Ex Culver City Policeman $4.1 Million in Ephedra Case Click. (LAT Reg)

Sonoma executions: Photos capture couple's final days + Tale of two seasides: Murder jolts coast's laid-back lifestyle

Scott Peterson: Defense challenges Internet search dates + Wiretap missed some calls (CCT Reg) + Defense revisits reason for fishing trip (SJM Reg) + Frey done; Peterson trial gets technical + Witnesses: Peterson wiretaps not fully functional + Laci's mom pleads for reimbursement + Damage control for the defense + The Peterson File + Developments Thursday


The Governor: Gov. orders consolidation of state computer centers + Defining Time for Gov. Click. (LAT Reg)

 San Pablo Casino: San Pablo casino won't get OK in 2004. Gov. gives up after lawmakers oppose compact + Legislators deal delay to casino + Gov. delays casino plan push (CCT Reg) + Gov. backs off on Bay Area casino + Gov. gives more time to lawmakers

New Bay Bridge: Capitol unwilling to pay bill on bridge. Bay Area lawmakers reject Gov.'s latest proposal + Turns into nasty regional politics (CCT Reg) + Safety last + State offers to bear part of Bay Bridge costs; program audit set + Gov. softens stance

Bill signing: A look at actions by the Gov. and Legislature on Thursday+ Bills about cell phone privacy, election date, ferrets go to Gov. (SJM Reg) + Hybrid auto bill awaits Gov.'s OK + Anti-outsourcing bill to Gov. + Proposed Ocean Protection Council goes to Gov. + Gov. burned on solar bill (SJM Reg) + Gov.'s biggest battle over electricity +

Oakland: Gov. urged to sign illegal immigrant license bill + Sacramento showdown

Legislature: Race to the finish for California lawmakers + State Senate OKs Canadian drug bill + Nation's scaled-down bill on tanning salons approved + Bill to curb landlord neglect OK'd + Mercury vaccine safety measure passes + Mixed year for prison legislation + Dan Walters: Senate duel reverberates as Legislature churns to adjournment + State trumps Contra Costa's rifle ban + Legislators do a disservice by not closing tax loophole for offshore companies + Electric re-regulation bill gets an OK Click. + Leno tops smog-check bill opponents Click. (SJM Reg)

Senator Perata, an effective wheeler-dealer, stirs strong feelings from all sides

Audit panel to probe Sec. of State Shelley funds. It also will question office's spending of federal money + Lockyer subpoenas Shelley's office, top contributors + Shelley: Neck pain tied to anger issues

Gates, others lead California ballot effort for stem cell research + Biotechs support stem cell ballot initiative Click.

Garamendi moves to block Wellpoint, Anthem merger

LOCAL NEWS: Elk Grove: Cosnumnes Preserve gets funds for wildlife habitat

Hiker, Stanford lecturer Kathy Namphy's body found in Iran (SJM Reg)

Weekend anglers take toll, study finds (SJM Reg)

Did Ikea keep election promises in East Palo Alto? (SJM Reg)

Tony LaRusso's Animal Rescue Foundation: Is it doing enough? (CCT Reg)

Low rainfall a problem for Contra Costa area cattle ranchers (CCT Reg)

San Francisco: Health Dept., UCSF talk hospital merger in Mission Bay development + Federal grant will help put additional police on the street. Funding will train 50 new officers, some civilians + Housing Authority Commission President Julie Lee faces new problem: Protest over her eviction of blind tenant + Tempers flare at housing meeting + Green candidate loses ballot bid + Supervisor hopefuls queue up for funds + Peskin, other controversial pols effective + Missed meetings + Friday fish stew, side of scandal + The tax attack

San Jose Mayor Gonzales offers ideas to spur city economy (SJM Reg)

School days: Stanford: $43.5 million given for more graduate student housing + San Francisco: Teachers union makes board of education endorsements + UC late-admission offers come under fire + Sonoma County schools worried over Latinos' test scores + A Windfall for a Student Loan Program + Lessons of school integration in 1950s South valuable today + State schools chief encourages expectations + Mission San Jose coaches, AD reinstated + Chinese officials look to Ohlone to serve as model + The campus, a joint venture between L.A. Unified and a museum Click. (LAT Reg) + Female leadership signals shift at MIT

Millbrae: Owner of stolen guns says theft could have happened years ago. His last check of weapons was in December 2001

Contra Costa: Most owners agree to remove illegally built homes in delta

Contra Costsa homeless shelter fund-raising gets a hand

Marin: Public safety radio antenna nears approval

Novato finds spot for temporary 'City Hall'

Golden Gate Bridge to get improved security

Fire threatens Santa Rosa neighborhood

Pesky pests eating away at two tall ships in Orange County

As quarter-a-pack tax turns 15, smoking and related illnesses decline

Napa: Assembly candidates square off at Vets Home + County workers agree to new contract + Calistoga woman killed in double murder case in Maine

Santa Cruz: Regional Transportation Commission releases tourist-train plan

Child poverty soars in L.A. Nearly 1 in 3 living in need

Indian Tribes: Rural tribes plan casinos in San Diego Click.

Trade group calls for heat-stress prevention Click. (FB Reg)

Central Valley grocery negotiations smooth, but many issues still on table Click.


Soccer idols reach golden age. The team that made U.S. women's soccer famous shares one last victory


How to Use the Skills of a Lawyer in the Trials of Your Life


California, Montana Black Hawk battalions to mobilize

Soldiers' Iraq Blogs Face Military Scrutiny

Charges Unlikely for Dad of Dead Marine + A father's unbearable pain

5,500 GIs get orders for Afghanistan Click.

Bradley the favored vehicle in Najaf battles Click.

Canada to expand its armed forces to facilitate foreign interventions

For Student Soldiers, Returning to Campus After Iraq Can Be a Challenge


Chiron says some flu shots tainted. Distribution halted as bad lots found at British factory + Company's flu shots fail sterility test

Tomales a hot spot for West Nile virus + Living with West Nile Click. + West Nile has human vector Click. + CDC, state numbers do not match re: West Nile Click.

Mad cow secrecy in California may end

John Clark, creator of transgenic sheep, dies

Scientists fear new Ebola outbreak may explain sudden gorilla disappearance Click.

Study Finds Anthrax Retesting Unnecessary in Postal Facilities

New jaw grown on patient's back

Sea life reacts unpredictably in warming waters (SJM Reg)

Caring for the obese a booming business

Platinum linked to breast-surgery fears

Exercise Boosts Immunity in Elderly Men

Study In Science Reveals Recreational Fishing Takes Big Bite Of Ocean Catch

Researchers Uncover Secrets Of Immune System's Munitions Factory

'Molecular Portals' In Brain Cells Identified

Dynamic Ice: Surface Physics Technique Reveals Complex Chemical Reactions On Icy Surfaces

Mars Odyssey Begins Overtime After Successful Mission

Clams: They're Not Just For Chowder Anymore

Stem Cell Discovery Could Aid In Diabetes Treatments NIH Releases Research Strategy To Fight Obesity Epidemic

Fixed Assets: Aquatic Plants Sequester Toxic Compounds In Cell Tissue, Removing Contaminants From Wetlands

Home Computers Aid Efforts To Develop New Medications, Stanford Researcher Reports

Sardine Migration One of Nature's Great Wonders

Big shuttle repairs not possible

Breast scans 'fail' in some women + Breast cancer less likely to be detected in thin women

Doubts over good carb diet claims

NASA's Backup Plan Involves Rescue Shuttles, Space Station

HP expected to release its iPod today in rollout of new devices

Computer Hard Drives Perform Better, Last Longer With Novel Polyester Lubricant

Vast New Energy Source Almost Here: Solar Hydrogen Fuel Dream Will Soon Be A Reality, Australian Scientists Predict

Bananas could power homes

NASA, Boeing want to ease traffic with flying cars


Bush set to expand power of CIA chief by executive order

Bush Admits Iraq 'Miscalculations' in Times Interview

White House takes secrecy to new levels, coalition reports

Bush Seeks $2 Billion in Hurricane Charley Aid

Bush orders agencies to consider more local environmental interests

Uninsured ranks hit record high 45 million + Poverty Rate Up 3rd Year In a Row


Poverty Figures Put Bush, Kerry Policies in Spotlight Click. (LAT Reg)

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: GOP itchin' for a Mike fight

White House Blocks Request for Records on Contact With Anti-Kerry Vets

Florida Policeman Arrested for Threat Against Bush Click.

The McCain Myth

The naysayers come to New York

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush calls Kerry's service honorable. But president won't condemn TV ads by veterans group + Wall St fundraisers shy away from Bush + GOP platform stays conservative course, with few surprises + Where's Wall Street + Cheney's Air Force jet dodged a plane during an Aug. 7 flight + Novak: Admiral speaks out, disputes Kerry's account of 1st wound + What Bush needs from convention + Bushism of the Day + BUSH REFUSES TO PULL OLYMPIC AD + BUSH: CAMPAIGN "DOESN'T SEEM THAT UGLY TO ME"

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry to stump in Bay Area today amid Vietnam clamor + Arab Americans favor Kerry over Bush, poll indicates. War in Iraq seen as main reason for shift from GOP + Edwards has harsh words for Bush, Cheney + Kerry Proposes Crackdown on Credit Card Abuses + Kerry's medals were deserved, says widow of slain comrade + Kerry uses new census data to attack Bush + Smeared by Ginsberg


Mark Morford: Sentient Non-Idiots For Kerry

Reeves: The real issue. Bush is incompetent

Rage Against the Machine: Justin Raimondo

Entangling Alliances and the US Election

Dubya Should Have Read Daddy's Book

The Silent Majority Is Ours

Sadr a Better Strategist Than Bush

It's the IQ, stupid

Sexed-up reports, pressure on the we go again

Greeley: Bush's lies cause untold pain

Thom Hartmann: What would Machiavelli do? The Big Lie lives on Click.

Molly Ivins: Conservatives, repent! Click.

Chris Floyd: Cry havoc Click.

Bob Herbert: Where is Bush's shame? Click.

'Secure Flight' Replaces CAPPS II + New Passenger Profiling System To Be Tested Click. (LAT Reg) + GAO WILL PROBE NEW AIR TRAVELER WATCH LIST

A Gandhi preaches peace in Mideast

Paris zoo workers strike over rat infestation and safety of animals

Patti Davis: The price of an opinion Click.

Tom Hayden: Scapegoating the protests Click.

Cho: Emergency Revolutionary

Company Pulls Toys Depicting 9-11 Attack Click.

Technology Playing Role in GOP Protests Click.


Greenspan Says Time Is Short to Avoid `Painful' Shocks to Retiree Programs

Now It's Official: U.S. Growth Slowed

Despite burst bubble, S.J. leads nation in income (SJM Reg)

Krispy Creme is too good to be true

China gaining on India's IT lead

NYSE Seat Is Sold for Lowest Price Since 1996

Fetzer launches new label to revive sagging wine sales + Wine Institute suggests lowering vintage standards + Interbrew, AmBev merger creates world's biggest beer company + After Dark Era, Peru Winemakers Seek to Rebuild + Australian wine geologist crusades for the idea of 'terroir'

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Announcer gets job back after gay joke + Gay marriage ruling still in crosshairs + Athens gay scene out for the Games + Baldwin judge: No plan to bar public in gay murder case

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Najaf Police Abduct 60 Journalists

Challenging a Media Myth: '68 Riots Didn't Doom Humphrey

Editorial Pages Fight 'AstroTurf' With Listserv

GOP 2004: Journalists Get Luxury Treatment, Including Spa

Life Magazine's Photographs that Changed the World

Salam Pax of Iraq is back online


Columbia campaign desk

Mussel collectors at Berneval,
Pierre- Auguste Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Salinas artist's canvas is classic automobiles (CCT Reg)

San Francisco Ferry Plaza Marketplace is a bounty of taste

Grant to help dig up Oakland Chinatown's roots

Wonder Woman and film festival come to Livermore

At 40, London's Notting Hill Carnival confronts middle age

Siberia's spectacular Baikal Lake gets own tourist railroad

The painting on the front line of modern art restoring

Bow ties, Bentleys and Bollinger

Drawings of Spanish civil war exhumations on display

Review of The Motorcycle Diaries re Che Guevara + Film review: Here's the myth, where's the man?

The decline of a superstar Robert Redford

Book Group: From 'sick lit' and 'chick lit' to 'Xeno lit'

The Shanghai connection

Current Cinema: Married Life

UFO's In Ancient Art

James Fenimore Cooper, Mark Twain

The Columbus Letter

Ancient nuclear blasts and levitating stones of Shivapur

Israel: Second Temple village recovered

Yimou's mythical `Hero' deserving of worship

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 26, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Najaf Truce Reached, CNN Says; Al-Sistani Wants Coalition Forces to Leave + Sistani Secures Iraq Peace Deal After Bloody Day + Iraqi Religious Authorities Reach Agreement on Najaf + Sistani strives to 'save' Najaf as 74 are killed in a blood bath + Sistani arrives in Najaf + In pictures: Sistani visits Najaf +  Ayatollah leads convoy to shrine. Revered Shiite leader returns to Iraq, asks end to Najaf fighting + Rough start for Sistani peace bid + AJ: Al-Sistani arrives in Najaf + AJ: U.S. attacks Najaf as UK escorts al-Sistani + As Najaf's rebellion falters, a new race for control begins + Sistani begins talks to end Najaf fighting + Arab news: Sistani Returns to ‘Save’ Najaf + Carnage amid Najaf peace mission + Sistani's return to Iraq may offer Najaf solution + Najaf battle is struggle for leadership of Shia world + Iraqi Shia power struggle + Sadr Loyalty Grows, Even as Sistani Returns + Muqtada fighting a losing cause + Saboteurs hit oil pipelines + Attack on Iraqi lines cuts key oil output by half + Saboteurs hit 20 oil pipelines in southern Iraq + "Transition time in Najaf and all Iraq?" + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

War prisons: Abuse cases: UK Soldiers Arrested After Iraqi Beaten and Drowned + At Abu Ghraib + U.S. Abu Ghraib Prison Contractors Defend Iraq Work  Guantanamo: Australian held at Guantanamo denies war crimes charges + Confusion as Yemeni Faces U.S. Military Tribunal + Guantanamo trial turns to farce

AFGHANISTAN: U.S. to hand over inmates to nascent Afghan courts + Corruption gives impunity to Afghanistan's drug lords

MIDDLE EAST: Israel Must Rethink Prisoner Policy + Israel begins Gaza clampdown + Sharon's strategy is working, to his critics' disgust

EUROPE: 300 years of bloodshed scar relations with Chechnya


Pentagon Official: 'Half of Govt Secrets Shouldn't Be Secret'

Lawrence Lab resumes disk use

Margaret Thatcher's son arrested in African coup plot. He allegedly helped finance failed move to topple dictator of Equatorial Guinea

Pinochet loses immunity

Russian crashes: Black boxes switched off immediately, no data + Fear of terror in Russian skies + Russians Caught Between Unacceptable, Unbelievable + Business as Usual at Moscow Airport Where Doomed Airliners Departed + A Look at Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders

US admits 'bounty hunter' contact

Cleric Hamza arrested

Australia gets tooled up with cruise + Australia Risks Asian Ire with Long-Range Missiles

US spends $90m to protect planes

Click. Al-Qa'ida Statements Collection

Pentagon Official: 'Half of Govt Secrets Shouldn't Be Secret' + Ludicrous, Lethal Government Secrets Cited + Agencies misuse classification authority, managers say + DoD Reviewing Information Classification Decisions + Amid calls for more sharing, U.S. stash of secrets grows + Overclassification overdone? + U.S. government secrets reach new high + Secrecy Report Card

KGB Involved in Murder of British Queen’s Cousin Mountbatten

Michigander Hoekstra Picked to Lead Intelligence Panel

Senate Names Intelligence Panel

Accused doctor in Japan sues govt for 43 mil. yen over detention

Industrial Espionage by Foreign Competitors Increasing

Camera phones test security

Japan to try again with spy satellites

NORAD commander ponders co-operation with Canada + NORAD Commander Urges Anti-Terror Effort

Canada's Stealth Defense Policy

Hamdi says he was trying to leave Afghanistan when captured

Jakarta police unveil anti-terror squad

New Research Set to Reveal Similarities Between Terrorists and Tourists Click.

What Really Happens to Foreigners Kidnapped in Iraq

Experts: Aviation security outdated

Sir Mark Thatcher: 'The charmless Mark' + Oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, a country that leaves its terrorized people in poverty

Mark Thatcher 'was planning Texas move' + How former PM's son became embroiled in mystery of plot to oust brutal despot+ Joseph Harker: What is Peter Tatchell's problem?

Anti-Ballistic Missile Misses Target in Second Test off California in Recent

Panama Pardons Four Anti-Castro Figures Despite Cuban Threats to Sever Relations Over Move


World Trade Center inferno re-created

Bruce S. Ticker: The 9/11 commission's intelligence breakdown Click.



Outsource firm sues in India for alleged code theft (SJM Reg)

Tapes recount Enron gaming

Tech firms craft alternative to anti-piracy bill

Internet Gives Teenage Bullies Weapons to Wound From Afar

Sharia law: The Canadian Muslims who want to introduce religious courts

Kennedy Smith faces lawsuit that alleges he raped aide

Induce Act Draws Support, Venom

Porn Law Draws Adult Sites' Ire

Oregon: '89 memo: ‘Control’ murder probe

Oregon: Weaver trial gets a yes or no this week

Ex-Manson follower loses 15th bid for parole

Federal judge rules ban on Partial-Birth Abortion Unconstitutional Click.

Elian's kin lose legal battle

Lab errors cited in petition on 200 Montana cases

Bryant Judge Questions Prosecution's Late Challenge to DNA Evidence

Crematory Operators, Families of Deceased Settle Suit for $80 Million in Georgia


Tip leads to conviction of Carranza in 1975 murder (CCT Reg)

Castro Valley Jane Doe case: Letter writer sought as 'person of interest' (CCT Reg)

West Marin fired up over pepper-spraying by two federal park rangers

Nurse's theft conviction overturned because based on barred videotaped evidence (SJM Reg)

Feds accuse Beverly Hills brokerage of fraud over trading practices

Walnut Creek scam bilked  investors

Migrant workers to get refunds on rent charges

Sacramento: Depressed pair wins dogfight. Court restores $18,000 award

Sacramento: Murder victim John Lone Eagle's business deals scrutinized

Yuba judge's fate still undecided

Healdsburg mother pleads innocent in child's heatstroke death in van

Judge Sabraw in key abuse case rules on church's duty

Concord: 2nd officer on leave in profiling case

Shot in chest, Vallejo victim drives to the hospital Click. (LAT Reg)

San Francisco: High court to rule on role of City Attorney in City's bribery suit vs. tech companies + Judge delays hearing on teen's sentencing in hate crime case + Family boosts reward in researcher's death

Sonoma executions: Reward offered + Drifter cleared  + Man questioned in killings not a suspect, officials say + Cops try to allay fears over slaying despite lack of progress + Wisconsin man passes lie-detector test

Scott Peterson: Phone calls reveal lies (SJM Reg) + Witness once believed coconspirators in Laci case + Peterson investigator sought co-conspirator +  Supporters misled about whereabouts


The Governor:  Gov.'s alleged retaliation backfires + A long to-do list in Capitol. Bills on energy. Canadian drugs, jobs await votes + Gov. faces decisions on Sierra conservancy, Wal-Mart bills + Gov.'s textbook rental idea eyed for colleges Click. + Maria Shriver appointed to chair volunteer program + Gov., Shriver to launch service corps + Plan would trim CHP lunchtime pay + Gov. planning strong Bush pitch + Gov. ready for his close-up at GOP convention + GOP candidate Krueger, 7th Dist, gets Gov.'s support + Gov.'s a Master of Mixing Messages Click. (LAT Reg)

Perata: Perata flexes new job's muscles. He confronts Gov. on Bay Bridge overruns + New Bay Bridge: Engineers' fees swell overruns (CCT Reg) + Term Limits Throw Away Decades of Expertise Click. (LAT Reg)

Indian Tribes: San Pablo casino: Casino's neighbors hot to deal land (SJM Reg) + Casino grumbling grows + Chevron to oppose land sale for casino + Card rooms, tracks battle San Pablo deal + San Pablo casino vote in doubt. Some legislators say quick decision unlikely, seek a special session on Indian gaming pacts

More tribes: Indian tribe, oil firm sue Richmond on casino deal (CCT Reg) + More Bay Area casinos looming on the horizon + Rohnert Park recall survivors trusted 'silent majority' + Council members survive recall, but foes vow to fight on + Casino politics in Rohnert Park + Pechanga may expand reservation Click.+ Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe May Consider L.A.-Area Casino Click. (LAT Reg)

Legislature: Legislature OKs Sierra conservancy + Dutra bill could put 'hot lane' on I-680 + Bill focuses on developmentally disabled + High-powered rifle curb backed + Anti-superstore bill OK'd + Bill bars 'teak surfing' + Nursing home bill aims to up quality of care + Handful of energy bills await Senate Click. (CCT Reg) + Bill could pave way for San Joaquin needle exchange Click. + Electronic voting bill clears state Senate Click. + Bill on Sealing Victim-Witness Data Goes to Gov. Click. (LAT Reg) + Bill OKs Food Stamps for Some Drug Felons Click. (LAT Reg) + Assembly approves bill for Canadian medicine Click. (CCT Reg) + Power to the people? Not from this Legislature Click. + Ford Expects Rules, Not Self, to Shift on Hybrid Issue Click. (LAT Reg) + Pombo weighs Species Act reform Click.

CalPERS urges unified political-gift disclosure

Indignant Shelley denies wrongdoing. He says he didn't question campaign gifts + Shelley's voter outreach campaign scrutinized (SJM Reg) + Shelley's sad defense

Solano County: E-voting flop cost $415,000

Activists try to derail Prop 64, frivolous lawsuits ballot measure Click. (CCT Reg)

Group's study says illegals not paying their way. Taxes gleaned from undocumented workers said to be less than cost of services they use

LOCAL NEWS: New warnings on water supply

Hundreds search peak for Palo Alto hiker lost in Iran (SJM Reg)

Cost rises for San Jose theater (SJM Reg)

Ex-aides to S.J. mayor fight back (SJM Reg)

High hopes for Sacramento airport

School days: Requests to parents for school aid pile up (SJM Reg) + Fremont: Centerville school boasts new look + UC lists plans for Lunch Poems series + Oakland military school will march on despite cuts + Pleasanton may bail out elementary school + Soft market shelters students. Lower rents and increased vacancies make finding post-dorm housing less of a chore + School board newcomer loses battle. Newsom appointee wanted to overhaul format of meetings + Legislator questions UC's late admission offers + H&G: Cabrillo College horticulture program teaches the nurturing powers of nature + San Francisco community had to fight for new, safer school Click. + MIT expected to select its first female president

House proposal prompts debate re: gentrification of Bolinas land

San Rafael Canal tenants complain about high rent

Newark board split on energy contract

Use of Alameda Navy base at issue

Placer meeting facility planned

Livermore Agricultural Resource center good place to meet

Sacramento: Plan for top Broadway agency fades

Analysis of Sacramento region shows great disparities among counties

Sonoma County dips deeper into reserve fund

Santa Rosa plan pushes lower limit on campaign spending

Bodega Bay wave overtakes boat, kills fisherman, 71

Berkeley: Shirek slated to run as write-in candidate

Bakersfield mayor wins first 'Worst in Government' nod

Napa Sanitation District reaches agreement on river discharge

San Francisco: Rumble over jet fuel tax at airport + Julie Lee's troubles mounting

East Bay gossip

Anaheim gets out vote for next GOP convention Click.

State Tests Program to Fill Out Tax Returns Click. (LAT Reg)

Garamendi Tries to End Anthem Suit Click. (LAT Reg)

Enron Spawned Trouble for Fish Click.


Ode to ancient Games, nudity and all

Psychiatrist Changed How We Look at Death


Birds found in Tomales carried West Nile virus

West Nile virus arrives in Monterey county

U.S. Issues Its First Plan for Responding to a Flu Pandemic

China confirms bird flu in pigs

Artery disease treatment hailed

'Killer bees' may have arrived in Oklahoma

Stem cells: hope and setbacks

Government Study Indicates Arthritis Drug Vioxx Can Triple Heart Attack Risk

Astronomers find possible rocky planet. Earth-like orb spins too close to its star to be habitable

Experiment in health care solves big problems

Astronomers probe Cassiopeia's secrets

Sunflower oil boost to car future

Earth warned on 'tipping points'

Diarrhoea vaccine 'a step closer'

Clean houses 'may trigger asthma'

Watching TV 'harms back muscles'

Where Do the Extra Embryos Go?

Seas Seen as Viable Power Source

Demanding Careers May Thwart Alzheimer's

The Power Of One: Unicellular Organisms Contribute More Nitrogen To Ocean Than Reported Earlier; May Affect Global Atmosphere

Researchers To Examine How Engineered Crop Genes Stray

Falloff In Freezes: NCAR Study Projects Decrease In Frost Days

UC Davis  Tests Robot That Brings Your Doctor To You After Surgery

Depo Provera Appears To Increase Risk For Chlamydial And Gonococcal Infections

Scientists Establish Database Of Genes Associated With Cancer Drug Resistance

Scientists Report First Observation Of An 'Atomic Air Force'

Are Physicians Over-performing Colonoscopy?

Meteorites Supplied Earth Life With Phosphorus, Scientists Say

Space Houses On Earth

Stage 0 breast cancer is not always breast cancer

Ovarian Cancer Sheds Tumor Suppression With Loss Of Estrogen Receptor

Brain Scans Show Planning Revenge Really Can Be Sweet

Redesigned Tanks Should Not Shed Foam, but Astronauts Still Helpless Against Big Wings

Chinese finger 'exam cheat' virus

Silicon carbide: coming soon to a chip near you

RSS Attracts Really Serious Money

Nano-Proprietary Receives Key Patent

Gold Quantum Dots: Fluorescing "Artificial Atoms" Could Have Applications In Biological Labeling, Nanoscale Optoelectronics

Soon, spider-silk togs and mussel glue?


U.S. report on warming puts blame on humans. White House shifts view on the causes of greenhouse gases

Americans Without Health Insurance Rise to Record 45 Million, Census Shows


Bush pulls ahead of Kerry in new poll

Minorities bear brunt of 'subtler' bias at US polls, report says

Weapons of Mass Mobilization


it's still the Electoral College, stupid!

Voters May Have Their Say Before Election Day

The Voting Machine Jackpot

Why Wall Street cares who is in Oval Office

Campaign finance joke

Tricky Dick

BUSH/CHENEY: Responding to McCain, Bush Plans Legal Action on Ads +  Bush calls McCain about anti-Kerry political ads + Bush lawyer who aided boat-ad group resigns + GOP hardens stand against gay marriage + Bush needs performance of his life + Bush pins hopes on conservative base + Novak: Bush skips GOP protocol, lays down the law + Bush make 4th trip of year to New Mexico + Bush May Watch Convention Coverage From New York Firehouse + Bushism of the Day

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry faults Bush, Rumsfeld leadership in Iraq prison scandal + It's Kerry's antiwar acts they resent + Kerry may win Vietnam battles but lose the war + Kerry promises collide with plans to cut deficit + Cleveland blacks tell Edwards what counts Click. + Kerry challenges Bush to weekly debates


Atrocities Denied, From Vietnam to Fallujah

Setting back women's rights

Fuhgeddabout making nice

Blumenthal: A ruinous trap of their own making

Scott C. Smith: The thin skin of conservatives Click.

Ed Naha: Putting lipstick on pig Click.

John Emerson: Soros vs. Scaife Click.

Jim Crow's New Party

The Mark of Rove

The GOP hates New York

Is McGreevey Scandal Another Ashcroft Sting Operation?

Cheney and Bush: The New Vietnam Dodgers Team

Blood for pork....

Selling the High Life in Iraq

Letter from America: Meting out 'pot of gold' in the war on terrorism


Economic fallout of $50 a barrel

California holds garage sale

Westamerica bank buys Redwood

Speculation swirls around Mondavi

FCC tries to preserve pay phones

Napan's new book: Take it to the bank

Ranks of poverty, uninsured rose in 2003

Deutsche Bank Paying $87.5 Million in Conflict-of Interest Settlement

Mass. threatens to pull business from Bank of America

USA asks for more oil. Russia says yes

Job reports can't track those who dropped off radar Click.

California Overtime pay unchanged Click.

Japan's 'nerds' represent 2.6 bln dlr market

Former DuPoint Chairman Named to NYSE Board

MILITARY  US troops on the move towards faster and more flexible deployment

New submarine picture presents Chinese puzzle + Navy shuffles its vessels + Navy announces nuclear reactor simulators + Ages apart, two subs return to Norfolk together

Aircraft Carrier Captain Relieved of Command After Crash in Gulf

After ruling, where will protesters go? + All the nudes fit to print + Iraq war cost in New Yorkers' faces + The first lady of protest + Anarchists hot for mayhem + Judge nixes park, but still they will go + Internal NYPD Memo: Beware the Trojan Puppet

Danny Glover arrested in Sudan protest

Activists: Pastors hurt AIDS fight

U.S. will take no-fly lists from airlines

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: McGreevey Wants Team Announcer Rehired After Gay Remark + UK'S ROYAL AIR FORCE TO TAKE PART IN MANCHESTER GAY PRIDE PARADE + Gay marriage tops GOP platform

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Former publisher of San Diego Union-Tribune Copley dies at 81

Talk show host Tom Leykis kicked in the head in Seattle

Nancy Franklin on “American Candidate”

Interviews show Bush tuned in to right-wing radio

Columbia campaign desk


Mussel collectors at Berneval,
Pierre- Auguste Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Theater: Center stage in San Francisco

This week at Shakespeare Santa Cruz

Cult of Che lives on. Che Guevara tourist trail revives difficult memories for Bolivia

48 hours to show time

Archaeologists Unearth Lost Military Camp

Indian dwellings found at UT golf course site

How Hollywood helps keep out foreign films

60 years of memory: Paris of myth, Paris of reality

Theatre: 'I want to stay pure'

Woman adds fizz to Perrier shortlist

A trek through the 'Lost World'

Swiss bootleg valley braces itself as "green fairy" comes out of closet

Voyage through time on leisurely French train

Greek fashion boost from Olympics

Munch's 'Scream' Joins Huge Cache of Priceless Stolen Art Lost Forever

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown

Rush & Molloy

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 25, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Troops 20 metres away from shrine: Najaf standoff 'nears end' + Al-Sadr Militia Suspends Iraq Fighting to Mark Return of Cleric Al-Sistani Sistani to Lead March on Najaf + Sistani's return to Iraq may offer solution to Najaf crisis + Najaf battle is struggle for leadership of Shia world + Iraqi killed on 'march to Najaf' + AJ: Najaf bombed, Al-Sistani calls for march + Iraqi guardsmen 'to wipe out' Sadr forces + Militants Kidnap Relatives of Iraqi Minister-TV + Juan Cole reports + Key Developments in Najaf Crisis + A Look at Shiite Leaders in Iraq

War prisons abuse: U.S. Army's Abu Ghraib Report Implicates 27 Military Intelligence Officers + Independent panel tracks prison abuse to Pentagon. Top echelon failed to set up clear rules, commissioners say + Marine says he saw no abuse at Iraqi camp where inmate died + Probe Compares Abu Ghraib to 'Animal House' + Abuse Report Dents Rumsfeld's Reputation + (PDF FILE) + News Analysis: Panel says Rumsfeld should not step down + Intel Unit Members Faulted in Iraq Abuse + General: Some abuse at Abu Ghraib amounted to torture _ Report of Independent Abu Ghraib Panel+ What the Prison Abuse Report Said + Judge rejects request to question Rumsfeld

AFRICA: Sudan agrees to foreign force

MIDDLE EAST: Top Israeli Commander: Barriers Motivate Bombers

Daily News Exclusive: Radical Jewish groups raise funds

Hooked on winning

EUROPE: Hungary's Socialists Pick Wealthy Businessman to Be New Prime Minister


Russian Plane Gave Hijack Alarm Before Crash + Pravda: They think we are idiots: special services deniy allegations of terrorist act aboard the planes + 9/11 in Russia: Terrorists hijack two jetliners. Crashes leave no survivors + Rescue Workers, Witnesses Find Charred Bodies, Mangled Fuselage, a Book at Grim Sites of Two Russian Plane Crashes

War in Iraq 'Gave al-Qaeda a Training Ground'

Web Site Shows 'Beheading of American Spy' in Iraq

Gaza Gunmen Shoot Palestinian Intelligence Chief

Mark Thatcher proclaims innocence on coup charges in South Africa + Thatcher denies coup charges + Profile: Sir Mark Thatcher + Q&A: the Equatorial Guinea 'coup'

Document Presented in Yemen Court Implicates Former Government Minister in Cole Plot

10 Years After Cease-Fire, IRA Casts Long Shadow

Judge frees 2 suspects and blasts terror case

Suspected Hamas operative held in taping of bridge

Security test program to use machines to check air cargo

Senate group to review intelligence oversight

CNN not CIA alerted Clinton to Pokhran 98 Click.

Michigan Congressman Named to Head House Intelligence Panel


Santa Clara battles West Nile carriers + Rare form of West Nile worries California. Athlete suffered polio-like symptoms after Colorado event + West Nile virus cases up 46 percent over last week + Ventura County Gets Mosquito Hotline + L.A. new epicenter of W. Nile

Applied Biosystems losing pioneer scientist

Battling the sharpshooter

Efforts to eradicate polio falter

Fisherman who survived bacteria: 'I got lucky'

Government Preparing for World's Next Big Flu Outbreak


Fresno: Federal judge hears evidence in murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero + Trial to settle history starts + Archbishop's murder haunts woman

Gun Dealer To Pay $850K In Boy's Killing

Japan orders Fischer deported

Prosecutors claim DNA material in Kobe Bryant case was contaminated

Siegfried & Roy producer won't share mauling video despite 2 federal subpoenas

Immigration board rules Iranian brothers (jailed 2 yrs for terrorism charges) can't be deported to home country

Justice Dept. cracks down on illegal copyright network + DOJ Operation Slams Spam

Copyright Bill Needs Big Changes

Lesbian can forgo paying child support

Another ex-Enron executive charged with fraud

FBI Seizes Computers, Equipment in First-Ever Copyright Action Against P2P Network

Defining and Redefining "Torture": In An Argument Before a Federal Appeals Court, the U.S. Government Once Again Tries to Narrow The Meaning of Torture


Woman, juvenile arrested in Santa Cruz attack (SJM Reg)

Armed robbers get cash and pizza in San Jose (SJM Reg)

Brentwood: Prosecutor outlines motive for killing in Carenza case (CCT Reg)

Stanford lecturer, hiker feared dead on Iran trek (SJM Reg)

Oakland: More cop stops for black drivers. Report draws no conclusions on profiling

San Francisco lawyer Brad Seligman loves taking on Goliaths

Seller needs buyer's data to release liability on car

Suit against Walnut Creek nursing facility settled

Watsonville: Livermore woman pleads innocent to embezzlement

East Palo Alto woman arrested in stabbing of Manteca man

Fremont: Sikh family claims harassment

Sausage King case: Brain injuries led to killings

Redwood City: Prosecutors decide to accept life term for bank manager's slayer

Oakland: Closed pot club sues city. Council broke up cluster of clubs in 'Oaksterdam'

Berkeley: Opener of account held in bank robbery

Man shot by Modesto police Sunday had attacked cops before

Suit alleges bias in Elk Grove arrest


County checking out charge of religious bias against cabdrivers

Sacramento: Slaying victim John Lone Eagle's life and death a mystery

Two Sacramento men sought in murder, beating and cover-up fire in Solano

Former Watsonville massage therapist gets prison for attack on client

Police raid Vallejo smoke shop on contraband allegations Hunter's Role in Cedar Fire Probed Click. (LAT Reg)

Cops find boy, 7, locked in car trunk Click.

Sonoma executions: Man talks to police in 2 killings (CCT Reg) + Pair's slaying on the beach particularly troubling (SJM Reg) + Hunt for clues in Jenner slayings + Wisconsin man questioned, released in murder of two camp counselors + Mom says man questioned in Calif. case is no killer + Potential witness comes forward

Michael Jackson: Sheriff says he's vindicated in probe of Michael Jackson's claim of abuse during arrest

Scott Peterson: Frey: Love never broached + Frey unscathed by questioning. Defendant's former lover sticks to story + Former lover ends long stay on witness stand (SJM Reg) + Frey: Suspect never confessed (CCT Reg) + The Peterson File + Developments Tuesday


The Governor:  San Pablo Casino deal on the line: California on Path to Become Nation's Gambling Capital + Legislators may not ratify pact for San Pablo casino. Administration fails to win converts in party caucuses + Legislators unwilling to gamble (CCT Reg)  + Casino pacts could unravel under scrutiny (SJM Reg) + "Anonymous" tribe ready to battle governor

Gov. faces legislation: Governor's last-minute proposals draw criticism (CCT Reg) + Governor's timing questioned on late proposal (SJM Reg) + Peter Schrag: K-12 education - Fumbling in the governor's office + Other view: Unkindest budget cuts to the needy + Gov. expected to veto licenses for illegals + Ford Seeks Veto of Carpool-Lane Shift Click. (LAT Reg) + New CHP contract Click. + Governor's timing questioned Click. (SJM Reg) + Price of school books target of Senate bill (CCT Reg) + Assembly signs off on bill to ban foie gras (SJM Reg)

State's bond rating rises

Editorial: Bye-bye, loophole foreign tax loophole

Perata picked: Senate Dems pick Perata to lead + Oakland's Perata to take Senate reins. Northern California retains enormous clout in Legislature + Narrow win for Perata + Dan Walters: Odd, hard-fought campaign decided Senate leadership fight

Legislature: Crucial legislation needs to be resolved before term ends (SJM Reg) +  Legislature OKs offshore data privacy bill (SJM Reg) + Assembly bill shifts corrections spending toward education (CCT Reg) + Assembly OKs focus on inmate rehabilitation + Back-road speeders hit twice with fines,e.g. Vasco, Altamont Pass + Assembly OKs bill allowing public to track sex offenders via Internet + Sex-offender law goes to governor+ Legislature acts on bills + Bill would require residential water meters in Sacramento, other communities + Senate OKs smoking ban in vehicles with children Click. + Driver license plan for immigrants hits legislative rush hour Click. + Assembly panel halts surplus-land sale plan Click. (RP Reg)

Secretary of State Shelley admits to being tough

McClintock Looks Into Bid for Lt. Gov Click. (LAT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:  Fire-control goats might get to stay in Mill Valley

Oakland: Expert condemns abuse of elephant at PT Barnum Circus

Indian tribes: Orange County city shoots down idea of Indian casino + Ex-finance director backs Indian-supported Prop. 70

School days: Santa Clara schools could close, merge (SJM Reg) + Parents urge Los Altos to drop day care restriction (SJM Reg) + San Jose District considers closing schools + Tracy trustees OK $42 million deal to repair school + Colleges to offer file-sharing services + Community college fees increased by state + College fees rise to $26 per unit + Click. (CCT Reg) Fremont board begged to reconsider dismissals in hazing case + Former state superintendent Delaine Easton to teach education at Mills College + San Francisco school board debates need for 'more efficient meetings'.  Member's proposal would cut back time for discussion + Group to battle schools over tests + Narconon banned from S.F. schools. Anti-drug teachings tied to Scientology called inaccurate + Ex-finance chief, others call for San Juan inquiry re: pensions + School recess a victim of budget cuts + Charter schools expelled: Statewide probe displaces 50 local students

San Jose City Hall scandal could cost $3 million (SJM Reg)

Rohnert Park: Recall of officials loses by wide margin. Casino foes began initiative against 2 council members

San Francisco: Former Supervisor Tony Hall complains Conroy left him a dusty mess at Treasure Island + Housing agency 'troubled' again. Finances land S.F. authority on federal list+ Green candidate Terry Baum asks court to put name on ballot + Hetch Hetchy project may be done early + Chief aide to run treasure's office + Newsom creates Bayview task force. City departments, state agency join to combat violence + Healing the Bayview + Tackling the crack + Newsom swears off future flashy photos + Gossip

East Bay: Scam suspect tied to St. Mary's pledge. Real estate scheme lost millions for investors

Oakland: S.F. lawmaker covets Oakland airport's jet fuel taxes + Kibby's bar agrees to shape up

Alternative fuel efforts in Riverbank highlighted

CEO hire gets former Modesto mayor all fired up

Port of Sacramento to lose a key business

Mayor wants L.A. water agency out of Utah power plant project

Sacramento Supervisors agree to audit of two major departments

Marin: Large home approved on appeal

Marin County knocks health-care report on Marin County hospital

Tiburon illegally rezoned land for library, suit claims

Budget passes in San Anselmo, but questions remain over tax

King City gets loan from Monterey County to stay alive

Napa: Lutheran pastor takes his own life

Advocates say Santa Cruz County’s mental-health services are strapped — and that Proposition 63 could help

Watsonville council OKs senior housing project

New CHP contract Click.

Governor's timing questioned Click. (SJM Reg)

Insurers cautiously re-enter workers comp market Click. (CCT Reg)

Nurse shortage growing critical Click.

Los Angeles: No Quick, Cheap Fixes for Healthcare Click. (LAT Reg)

Water, not energy is state's crisis Click.

L.A. Mayor Hahn Halts Coal Plant Investment Click.

Orange County Workers Win on Pensions Click. (LAT Reg)

Poll backs privacy of church member lists

Nicholas von Hoffman: A police state of mind: Don't you feel safer? Click.

Bush bars Muslim scholar from Notre Dame

Republican armada

Thomas Lubart: Hey, DMV, mom's not a terrorist


First female firefighter recalls how it was

Stardom: Groundhog Deja Vu

Sheep Pine for Absent Friends

Miracles of medicine carry big price tags

Report finds soft drinks increase risk of diabetes

Mice May Hold Key to Restoring Human Hearing Loss

Periodic Dimming Of Bright Starlight Reveals Distant Planet

Evidence For The Impact Of Climate Change On Deep-sea Biodiversity

Research Reveals Potential New Target For Prostate Cancer Drugs

Bright Idea Could Doom Cancer And Viruses, Say Purdue Scientists

New Study Identifies Additional Genetic Mutations In SIDS Babies: Focus Is On The Autonomic Nervous System

No Longer Just For Biology, RNA Can Now Be Built Into 3-D Arrays

Hepatitis C: Surprise Finding Could Lead To Vaccine

Studies Find No Evidence That Simian Virus 40 Is Related To Human Cancer

When Is A Mouse Like A Test Tube?

New 'Clock Gene' Uncovered: Genome-wide Approach Yields Results

Plumbing Trees' Plumbing Reveals Their Engineering Skill

Robot Health Care on the Way

Museum Welcomes Flesh-Eating Bugs

Lop-Sided Features Linked to Temper

Wine: Even better for you

Five Diseases Help Drive US Health Spending Rise .

New Blood Test for Babies Could Allow Earlier Treatment of Diseases

The first 40 million years of Arctic climate history have been recovered from beneath the Arctic seafloor Click.

Vibrations In Crystal Lattice Play Big Role In High Temperature Superconductors

Researchers Show How To Assemble Building Blocks For Nanotechnology

Limits to computers found

Reactors Trim Radioactive Waste

Master of the Nerdiverse

Why Spam Will Revolutionize Tech

PC's Replace Pills to Prevent Pregnancies


Max Cleland Tries in Vain to Get Protest to Bush

Iraq Hawks Turning on Each Other

White House Puts the West on Fast Track for Oil, Gas Drilling Click. (LAT Reg)

Mercury in fish in 48 states


Refighting Vietnam in Battleground States

Primary moves Alaska senator closer to keeping seat

`Values' pitch a potent elixir

Mr. Soros goes at Washington

Keyes: Constitution protects machine gun ownership

BUSH CHENEY: Cheney breaks rank on same-sex marriage. Vice president refers to daughter as lesbian publicly for 1st time + Cheney draws fire for gay marriage comments  + Bush's father foresaw costs of Iraq war + Bush using convention to woo undecideds + Oakland: Black religious leaders back Bush + Bush Campaign Lawyer Quits Over Ties to Ads Group + Republicans Push Gay Marriage Ban in Platform + Anti-Bush group's new ads: More subtlety, less sledgehammer + Bush twins will be seen, rarely heard, in New York

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry renews call for Rumsfeld's resignation + Navy report backs Kerry's role in swift boat incident + For Kerry detractor O'Neill, the feelings still run deep + Kerry calls critics of his war record 'petty' + Bushism of the Day

Guantanamo trials: U.S. opens first tribunal at Guantanamo + Gitmo Trials 'Designed to Convict': Eli Clifton + Australian Taliban charged at US military tribunal after meeting family + First US war trial since World War II tests limits of fairness


Military experience doesn't guarantee a good president.  Lincoln, FDR were civilians

The Neocon Civil War: Justin Raimondo

Karl Rove Accomplished His Mission

Bush campaign's top outside lawyer advised Swift Boat smear group Click.

David Corn: Liar: Bush overstated his military record Click.

Timothy Noah: Ostracizing the people who were right on Iraq Click.

Georgie Ann Geyer: World's problems wait while Americans focus on the trivial Click.

Margolis: Coalition of the coerced

GOP convention could be moderates’ last stand

Stopping by New York: why Bush won't linger

Click. Fratricide Reigns As ’08 Race Begins For Post-W. G.O.P.

Click. Age of Damaged Info Provides Bush-Hating Complicity Theory

Click. Call It a Coming-Out Party for Young Republicans


Central bankers seek to dispel oil price concerns

Google IPO hasn't inspired others. IPO investors not enthused by Google

Cyberspace marketing: Small firms use Web to catch sales

Stores will match sale prices, whether via catalog or online

If you look some things can still be free

Real deal at the crossroads

United's pension dilemma

Mondavi may consolidate shares; stock climbs 9 percent

WGA, SAG to watch directors

Oil exploration firms keep pumping

1/2 of Americans will use food stamps during lifetimes


Paris Fetes 60 Years Since Liberation From Nazi Occupiers

From sailor to soldier, program facilitates transfer

Military's sodomy ruling backs airman's conviction

Rift leaves hundreds of planes in world's bodies of water


Edward Wasserman: Ironies abound in Novak-Plame case Click.

Xymphora opines

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Sacramento judge eyes California's domestic partners law + Saving gay history + Gay groups call for rejection of stars 'who back murder'

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Attacking the Fourth Estate

Washington Post Managing Editor Steve Coll Resigns to Write Books

Newspapers support Conta Costsa Times lawsuit over nondisclosure of salaries in Oakland (CCT Reg)

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Mussel collectors at Berneval,
Pierre- Auguste Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Niles antique fair in Fremont

Hanging out with the roses in Berkeley

Hot rods find cool home in Pleasanton

Marin's taming of the west goes to Edinburgh festival

Santa Cruz man creates neighborhood oasis

The real 'dream team'

Third SoCal parish breaks off affiliation from Episcopal church and links with Uganda diocese

Seeking a Sleeping Giant Buddha

Life, Wartimes of a Celebrity French Restaurant

Botero's Rotund Take on Life Stretches to Tuscany

Indian music hits US mainstream

Redefining Swedishness (and causing a stir in the literary world)

Oliver Stone documentary on Castro screens at Spanish film festival

More to Munch than `The Scream'

Thibeault installation is intriguing

In with the old, out with the new

The Chagall Windows

Rush & Molloy

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 24, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: 
US forces 'tighten Najaf noose' + Iraq Forces Advance on Shrine, Battle Rages + Muqtada left little room to move + Forces close in on shrine + Iraqi Forces Move Near Shrine as Defense Minister Threatens a Raid + AJ: US warplanes pound Najaf + AJ: Talks stall as Najaf under intense shelling + Military steps up battle + Italian troops 'to stay in Iraq' + Italian journalist held hostage + Frisk the dead in their coffins +  Baghdad Bombings Target Ministers as Iraqi Troops Prepare Attack on Najaf +
Juan Cole reports + Orders of battle +  Former Exiles Dominate Puppet Gov't

IRAN: Israel, US Foment Iran Hysteria

AFRICA: Sudan rejects wider use of peacekeepers + Diamonds keep shifty reputation as African nations attempt to go straight

MIDDLE EAST: More West Bank housing OKd. Israel plans 533 units -- most near Jerusalem + AG: Israel should adopt Geneva Convention in wake of ICJ ruling

ASIA PACIFIC: North Korea nuclear talks stall over insults. Uncertainty over U.S. elections may also delay progress


Lawmakers seek incentives to reduce classification of information

FBI chief struggling to turn rhetoric into action

'Mystery Aussie' in al-Qaeda Plot

Aussies to Spend $35 Million on Terror Defense

Indonesian Police Say Fresh Arrests Prove Terror Group Is Active

Novelist Wanted on Terrorism Charges Disappears in France

Maj. Gen. Robert Ostenberg. The Pentagon's point man against terror threat in California

Crisis Alert in Critical State

The reinvented, more youthful al-Qaeda

Suing the Shin Bet and the State + Husband had secret life as spy

Hearing-Impaired Activist and Spy Rocky Stone Dies

Virus alert: Spies prize Webcams' eyes

Former Ohio researcher sues government for damages

Man Accused of Videotaping Chesapeake Bay Bridge + Man Described as Key Hamas Operative Spotted Driving a Car While His Wife Videotapes a Bridge

Pakistan, US take on the madrassahs

Ex-guerrilla flees France

Nick Berg In FBI Custody For 2 Weeks In Iraq  Before Beheading - Pentagon Lied Click.

TSA to Test Electronic Screening of Some Air Cargo

Idema: Court sees Americans' defense. Tapes at trial show defendants meeting with Afghan officials

An easy path for terrorists

Muslims Angry Over FBI Terrorism Sting in Albany

Man described as key Hamas operative spotted videotaping bridge in Virginia

U.S. Increasingly Using Terror Finance Probes to Track Al-Qaida Operatives


Supreme Court won't revisit ruling on Pledge of Allegiance. 'Under God' stays -- Newdow says he will try again

Mexico nabs drug suspect. Alleged Mexicali kingpin caught

Treasury moves against foreign banks for money laundering

Police cuff 'international computer piracy gang'

Court cuts cross-dressing Durst's big $3B bail to $450G

Last 'Lord of the Manor'

Former University of Colorado Aide Indicted in Football Recruiting Investigation


Custody ruling backs grandparents' rights

DNA samples don't ID Jane Doe + ALAMEDA COUNTY / Unsigned notes are focus in slaying. Anonymous writer recants statements about dumped body

Ex-Cylink CFO charged with securities fraud

Stanislaus DA denies charges of misconduct

Parents turn teen in after Antioch shooting (CCT Reg)

Alameda County: Man to spend 30 years in prison for murder of wife (CCT Reg)

Former Daly City priest to be tried in molestation (CCT Reg)

Judge dismisses Comcast lawsuit (SJM Reg)

DA says he won't seek death penalty in Scanlon case (SJM Reg)

Healdsburg mom charged with involuntary manslaughter in 2-year-old's death in locked van + Mom charged in 2-year-old's death

Law narrows on minors, alcohol. Adults who buy for them gain defense

San Francisco: Cops make murder arrest, but D.A. balks. Insufficient evidence cited -- 'probable cause' tactic misfires + Police assault trial (Fagan case) site to be considered + Hearing on sentence in hate crime case + Argument behind killing in Western Addition, police say + Juvenile probation chief to leave Oct. 1

Santa Rosa: Hit-run driver gets 14 years in cyclist's death

Tiburon: Financier accused of $2 million tax evasion

Solano County: 2 suspects named, sought in arson, slaying. Dead transient IDd; county worker is recuperating

Fremont teacher accused of sex with student

Thieves love Hermes. Statue of Greek god is stolen again from Nob Hill perch

San Francisco: Body identified; new slaying reported in Western Addition

Carol Channing steals show during jury duty appearance

Calif. man sued over death of leading Latin American human rights figure Archbishop Romero

Undercover operation in Compton nets 184 drug arrests

Worker sues California department over religious cubicle censorship

Orange County policeman allegedly jumped into online chat with sex talk

Jury rules against Union City police in harassment case

Santa Cruz: Woman judged insane in stabbing wants release

'Cold hit' on DNA solves Lathrop rape 7 years later

Sacramento: Mom gets 4 years in death of teen son

Oroville plea deal gives mom 6 years in baby's death

Sacramento: Trucker charged in child-porn case after trying to develop film

Judge Bans Logging in Tahoe Site Click. (LAT Reg)

Wells Fargo settles lawsuit. Class action alleged bank sold customers' financial information Click.

Riverside Deputy Faces Rape, Kidnap Counts Click. (LAT Reg)

Sonoma Executions: Slayings set seaside Jenner village on edge (SJM Reg) + Police seek Wisconsin man for questioning (SJM Reg) + Drifter sought  + Police seek Wisconsin man for questioning  + Arizona murders in 2003 similar to shooting of couple on beach

Michael Jackson: After key hearings, judge issues tentative rulings on evidence + Week of hearings conclude, evidence still in dispute

Scott Peterson: Calif. Jury Told Peterson Never Professed Love + Mistress Says He Never Tried to Stop Her From Going to the Police + Geragos grills Frey + Ex-lover stands up to grilling (SJM Reg) + After pain of the spotlight, let Frey be (SJM Reg) + A talkative Geragos (CCT Reg) + Defense tries to trip up Frey + Lust, not love affair, the defense insists. + The Peterson File + Cell phone records' usefulness in doubt + Developments Monday + Frey under fire


The Governor: Gov. inks 2,500-slot casino deal + Gov. gets bill on worker notification before monitoring e-mail + Minimum wage bill headed to Gov.+ Bay Bridge deal may be coming Click. (SJM Reg) + Clean-air program consensus reached Click. (FB Reg) + Corbett bills to protect disabled, consumers + New tack proposed on solar power + Governor wins back supporters

California's Rating on $42.7 Billion of Bonds Raised Three Levels by S&P

Close battle to succeed Burton. Senate Democrats vote today -- Perata is a top candidate + Senate OKs Sierra conservancy bill + Ford chief sets roadblock for hybrid auto bill + Assembly OKs return to June primaries + Senate bill OKs a safer way to buy your home + Dan Walters: Last-minute crush is lobbyists' annual moment of truth + Daniel Weintraub: Lawmakers sit on study praising offshoring jobs + Bill would limit hospital charges to the uninsured Click. (CCT Reg) + Offshore Jobs Bill Is OKd Click. (LAT Reg) + Bill seeks to curtail offshoring of jobs Click. (CCT Reg) + Last-Minute Push for a Bill to Undercut Prop. 64 re: shake-down lawsuits Click. (LAT Reg) + Assembly passes bills curbing kids' steroid use (Click. CCT Reg) + Bill to ban smoking on state beaches fails Click. + Group wants to put school property tax to voters Click. (CCT Reg)

Indian tribes: Gov. agrees to Bay Area casino (SJM Reg) + Las Vegas closes in on San Pablo (CCT Reg) + Hints of jitters over San Pablo casino plan. Expansion may mean more jobs -- but what else? + Two other tribes bent on Bay Area casinos (CCT Reg) + Lytton Rancheria of California Compact + Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians Compact + Fort Mojave Indian Tribe Compact + Buena Vista Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians Compact + Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians Compact + 2 East County tribes propose partnership in a casino deal Click.

Shelley is accused of vulgarities

Westly proposes change in strategy at CalPERS

Workers' comp costs surge in '02

LOCAL NEWS: Collective bargaining should not supersede state laws re: criminal investigations, rights of accused

San Jose refuses to release employees' salaries (SJM Reg)

Peninsula Trust buys coastal bluff land for trail near Half Moon Bay (SJM Reg)

San Francisco: SAN FRANCISCO / Newsom's latest round of appointments + Feud over nonprofit funds in Chinatown + Gossip

Oakland: City threat to shut problem bar. Neighborhood residents lead effort to crack down on drugs, public urination + Claremont workers to picket hotel, spa

School days: Some 8,000 new students welcomed to Cal + Tracy: $42 million offer up for a vote + Mission San Jose water polo left high and dry + More and more, adults are the ones heading back to school + Children left behind + Physics professor awarded $200K

Neighbors of Fruitvale bar say they're fed up

Livermore: Wine industry stakes claim at new ag center

Rohnert Park votes today on council recall

Capable hands have steered Stanislaus County, but need for new CEO echoed at top

Livermore Ag facility connected to wine industry

Monterey: Desal plant has $250 million price tag

Napa: Robert Redford lends support to Land Trust preservation efforts + Looks like a buyers' market for grapes

Campaign donor curbs sought in Placer County

Domino Effect Feared From Closures of L.A. Emergency Rooms

Stockton: 'Emergency' water dries up for farmers Click.

$490-Million Project Will Improve and Widen Garden Grove Freeway Click. (LAT Reg)

Actuary questions Orange County's pension plan Click. (OC Reg)


Reserve pay has 95% error rate

Life-saving plastic reseals itself around bullet holes

Kerry dispute revives memory of Mekong Delta battle

Boykin's folly

Bodies of Three WWI Soldiers Found in Italian Glacier

Africa's Old Soldiers Feel Forgotten by France

Tricks of the War Trade

Marines cut combat training time in half.

Judge won't tell N.Y. City to OK rally on Great Lawn. Site Arab Americans seek has strict limitations + Police brace for unauthorized convention protest in Central Park

Rolling protest over high drug prices heads from LA to Canada

McAuliffe says Democrats not aiding protesters

Denis Hamill: Theater slate will be UnConventional

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed

Kiss Your Rights Goodbye: The Frightening State of the Union

Will Protesting Help Re-Elect Bush?

Weathermen Terror Group Back to Wreak Havoc at RNC

ID chips more than skin deep


Daily News Exclusive: I married three mobsters and a cop

Stardom: What A SEE SAW Morning

AP Centerpiece: Losing a Job in 50s Can Be Emotionally, Financially Devastating


Oil Prices Fall to $45 as Iraq Oil Flows

Heinz profits down, sales up

Changes boost Mondavi's stock + Mondavi giving up control of winery

Google's weak governance rating + Google Playboy: Take Two

The negative return economy: a discourse on America's black budget

Older Investors Jittery as U.S. Markets Disappoint


West Nile spraying might be needed in L.A. Click.

Africa 'faces new polio threat'

USDA document cites young mad cow cases Click.

Adding sugar (trehalose) to the wound

San Francisco Doctor wants Viagra to be controlled substance + Viagra should carry HIV warning, say San Francisco health officials

Lactic acid found to help muscles work

As a Hormone Substitute, Soy Is Ever More Popular, but Is It Safe?

After a Multitude of Tests, an Answer From Grandmother's Memory

Beagle team probes its own loss

Brain Disease Blocker

Blueberries appear to lower cholesterol in rats

New Study Suggests Link Between Maternal Diet And Childhood Leukemia Risk

Deepest Image Of Exploded Star Uncovers Bipolar Jets

Genetically Engineered "Marathon Mouse" Keeps On Running

Preschool Bolsters Early Childhood Immunity, Reduces Risk Of Young Adult Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Physicist, Neurobiologist Team Up To Develop Technology For Neuroscience

Counting Foxes Before The Last Tally-ho

New Clues To Hereditary Blinding Disease Found

Nerve Cells 'Guided' To Repair Spinal Damage: Technique May Lead To Treatment For Severed Spinal Cords

 Scientists Reinvent DNA As Template To Produce Organic Molecules

Future Flyers: Pushing Forward for Personal Aircraft

2 Companies to Make Gear for Phoning Over Internet

Nextel Contemplates Movin' on Up

New Linux Guide for Developing Nations

DoD Awards NDC $2.5 Million for Nanotech Fuel Cells


Kerry, Dems divided on GOP's spy fix. Proposal would dismantle CIA, Pentagon units + Feinstein opposes proposal to break up the CIA + Plan to Dismantle CIA Gets Cool Reception + Senator: Iraq, 9/11 Prompted CIA Overhaul + Intelligence analysts see risk in reform

FDA wants more detail on Ill. drug plan

Six California Demos accuse Bush of making sweetheart Central Valley water deals

Government Releases Plan Focusing on Obesity

Fishing Warnings Up Due to Mercury Pollution-EPA


Lost electronic votes in N.M. add to debate

Click. Why is Florida's voting system so corrupt?

Still ducking the entitlement crisis

NYC, Set of the Biggest Political Ad Campaign in History

Conventional Wisdom: Airborne Sex Toys and Cardboard Caskets Await Delegates

BUSH/CHENEY: Observers see eerie parallels in attacks on Kerry, McCain. As in 2000 campaign, Bush attempts to distance himself from hits against rival + Bush to stump in eight states on way to convention + Bush daughters urge young people to register, vote + New Bush ad hits Kerry on taxes + Bush rips third-party ads, is mum on anti-Kerry push + New Swift Boat Ad Takes Kerry Comments Out of Context; Ignores Fact That Atrocities Did Occur, But... + Iraq Olympians say Bush is not on their team Click. + Cheney Backs 'Freedom' for Gay Relationships

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry Says Bush Weakens Middle Class + Kerry hits town - and Bush, for 'fear and smear' campaign + Anti-Bush spots dotted with stars + Kerry, a hero, mishandled war issue + Kerry to make a late-night stop on 'Daily Show'


Neocon Treason: Paul Craig Roberts

Former CPA Adviser: We Muffed the Occupation

What kind of favor is Bush doing?

Bush plays Humpty Dumpty with prosperity

Bush's absolutism reeks of hypocrisy

'Pre-election plots' and the politics of fear

Click. Christopher Hitchens: John Kerry's dubious Vietnam revisionism.

Joshua Micah Marshall: The moral cowardice of George W. Bush Click.

Sen. Robert C. Byrd: Defending liberty Click.

Paul Krugman: The Rambo coalition Click.

Chris Floyd: Deep background: The Bush family tradition of war profiteering Click.

Jimmy Breslin: What we've really lost in this indefensible war Click.

War prisons: Defense Leaders Faulted by Panel in Prison Abuse + 'Chaos' at Abu Ghraib - report + 2nd GI to plead guilty to abuse. Reservist accused of misconduct at Abu Ghraib + Report says teens abused at Abu Ghraib. Military dogs used to frighten prisoners + Jury seated in court-martial of Marine in Iraqi's prisoners death + Judge: Rumsfeld Need Not Testify + Legal net widens in Iraq prison abuse scandal + Abuse Judge Forcing Intelligence Testimony + Memo purportedly foresaw Iraq abuses Click. + Rumsfeld Indirectly to Blame for Abu Ghraib -Panel + Prosecutors: Marine Accused of Karate-Kicking Iraqi POW Wanted to Show Prisoners Who's Boss + Bin Laden Chauffeur Formally Charged With Conspiracy to Commit War Crimes, Including Murder


Contempt order re: Time Magazine lifted in CIA leak case + Ironies abound in Novak-Plame case

Dems want panel alive Click.

9/11 Panel Tells of al-Qaeda 'Travel Agency'

Blood for pork....

Everyone Wants a Piece of the $18-Billion Man in Iraq

Auditors urged Army to act against Halliburton + Pentagon Auditors Urged Army to Withhold Halliburton Pay

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Partners party to counter hate crime (CCT Reg) + Oakland's black gays seeking a voice

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Some of Kerry's biggest fans are in the press

Author Truss still baffled by success of punctuation book

On cable, a fog of words about Kerry's war record Click.

Ben Wasserstein: You can report, but we will decide Click.

Campaign Journalists: Has Swift Boat Story Gone on Too Long?

Editors Grapple With How to Cover Swift Boat Controversy

Matthew Cooper Off the Hook, Gives Deposition in Plame Probe

Dilbert's Dream Home Is Rising on the Web

Smear politics

The beginning of history

Bush's plan to "kill" the White House press corps

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Mussel collectors at Berneval,
Pierre- Auguste Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Where to hear fiddle music in upcoming weeks

New Arab cinema breaks taboos and tell intimate stories

Arctic team finds ship remains

'Hippie Dictionary' Tells It Like It Was, Man

Tibetans Say Dalai Lama May Not Return in This Life

Music to the masses: BBC plans opera by stealth

Jewish Vienna

Scraps Of Prehistoric Fabric Provide A View Of Ancient Life

Carleton E. Watkins: Yosemite Views, ca. 1876

Edward Muybridge: Valley of the Yosemite, Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Mariposa Grove of Mammoth Trees, 1872

Peer Gynt, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh

Rush & Molloy: Did First Lady send Puffy packing?

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: 'Hardball' or 'slimeball'?

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AUGUST 23, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Najaf talks stall over shrine treasures debate + AJ: US rockets damage Najaf shrine wall + Fighting, Artillery Barrage Rocks Iraqi Shrine + US planes bomb Najaf, peace hopes fade + Najaf Rebels Defiant as Tanks Move In + Child Soldiers Versus US Tanks in Najaf + Phantom Moqtada Inspires Sleepless Shi'ite Militiamen In Najaf Fight + 93 Senior Muslim Figures Back Iraqi Insurgents + Militia Found a Gap in US Armor + High stakes stand-off + AJ: Pakistan, Malaysia blast US on Najaf + Xymphora opines + Sticking Points in Negotiations for Militants to Leave Najaf Shrine + OFFICERS: IRAQ ATTACKS COULD LAST FOR YEARS + Orders of battle + Iraq Considers Plan to Fire 30,000 Police

War prisons: Developments in Prisoner Abuse and Terrorism Court Cases +  Abu Ghraib picture begins to fill in + US military judge threatens to suspend Iraq prison abuse hearing + Camp Pendleton Marine goes on trial in death of Iraqi prisoner + Army Investigators: Abu Ghraib Abusers Also Involved in Afghan Deaths + US Decides All Reviewed Gitmo Prisoners 'Properly Classified,' Can't Leave + Abusive GIs in Iraq Allowed to Avoid Trials + U.S. Soldier Wants Abuse Trial Moved from Baghdad + Soldier feared being scapegoat + Soldier to plead guilty to some prison abuse charges + Text of Statement by Staff Sgt. Ivan 'Chip' Frederick  + Health professionals and U.S. torture + Trials or travesties?

IRAN: Iran delays start of first nuclear reactor until 2006 / Contract with Russia calls for several plants to produce electricity

MIDDLE EAST: Israel Plans 530 Settler Homes with U.S. Acquiescence + Israel to reroute part of separation fence following High Court ruling

ASIA PACIFIC: North Korea Says Talks with U.S. Are Pointless

India, Japan eye new axis

AFRICA: Sudanese peace talks open amid disagreement over African troops + New efforts to end Sudan crisis + Arab militia leader rejects claims his tribe is behind atrocities + Can ethnic cleansing be stopped

'Mercenaries' coup trial begins


Click.  Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Members

China's view of US 'lily pad' strategy

China breaks vow on halting arms transfers

Man Appointed by NJ Governor as Security Chief Is Former Israeli Intel Agent

The Glaswegian anarchist who failed to assassinate Franco

Australia: L

abor eyes spy force shake up

Wiretapping on the Net: Who pays?

India: Beware, Uncle Sam's watching you

Dow Secrets Stolen In Taiwan

1985: West German spy chief defects to East

Janssen: It Can't Happen Here

USA prepared to crack down on Belarus president

How Soviet Intel Sized Up Oswald 

VIGILANTE TRIAL RESUMES IN AFGHANISTAN + Alleged American Vigilantes Show Videos of Contacts With Afghan Official, U.N. Troops

Few nations check to see if passports are stolen

Aide to Carlos the Jackal is acquitted

Saudi Reformists, Supporters Protest Access Ban by Police, Trial Postponed


Flu in pigs takes world closer to human flu pandemic: WHO + China says pigs clear of bird flu

West Nile disease lurks in birdbaths, feeders (SJM Reg) +Tracking West Nile Begins at UC Davis Click. (LAT Reg) + West Nile 'causes lasting damage' + Possible 7th Death of West Nile Virus

Mayo Clinic Researcher Uses Supercomputer To Model A SARS Viral Enzyme

Canada: meatpackers profit from BSE crisis

Covert BioWeapons Testing In Punta Gorda In 1957 


Oil's slippery slope + East Asia tackles energy security + Asia's recovery at risk of stalling + How to divide the "second Kuwait"

Google slammed for corporate sleaze

Reflections on earning $4 billion

Microsoft's multicultural missteps

Next few quarters will be key for HP

Commentary: How big a slice will Japan Inc. allow Wal-Ma

MILITARY $1bn to build unmanned fighter

G.I. love you! Yank weds Iraqi

War museum to unveil long-lost Victoria Cross

Troops get desert training on Copperheads Click.

At 50, C-130 still important USAF prop Click.


Bryant's attorneys expected to try to shift focus to accuser

Oslo Police Launch Hunt for 'Scream' Thieves + Gallery defends Scream security + Stolen Scream was not insured + How the Scream was stolen

Britain's New Political Force: Angry Dads

Daily News Exclusive: Sexcapade woman in psych unit

Daily News Exclusive: Mob targeted Rudy

Richard Schwartz: Keep reins on judges

A defense for murder: Blame the medicine

The Kobe Bryant Accuser's Civil Suit: Why It Isn't Redundant With the Trial or the Victims' Fund, And Why One of Its Claims Is Very Unusual


Sonoma: Mom charged with murder after toddler dies in van (CCT Reg)

Alameda County Sheriff keeps closer tabs on sex offenders

Suit: Oakland unfairly targeting Sweet Jimmie's nightclub

Prisons packing them in

Orange County Must Defend Its Use of Planning Fees to the judge Click. (LAT Reg)

Modesto police kill knife-wielding man

San Rafael: Numerous violations alleged at Mary Ann's day care

San Francisco: Stun gun used in sexual assault

Attorney suing Wal-Mart sees justice, not dollar signs

Hearings begin in Oakland over church liability for sexual abuse

Health care cost proposal re: immigrants who can't pay bills, ends up in court Click.

Sonoma Executions: Jenner man says he saw couple after they were reported missing + Slain couple stopped at lodge. Owner says he saw them 24 hours after they missed work + Jenner man says he saw couple after they were reported missing

Michael Jackson: Prosecutors try damage control in pretrial hearings + Jacko Team Works Money Angle

Scott Peterson: Peterson Mistress Takes Stand for Cross-Examination + Phone Official Testifies First


The Governor: Gov. may say a lot with a yea or a nay + Some bills have link to Gov. + Blitz of bills will offer clues to where Gov. stands + The buzz: Prisoners play it cool as Gov. pays a call + Dan Walters: End of session brings usual complaints about sneaky bills + Gov. seeks Prop. 64 compromise. Last-minute move to bridle measure on frivolous lawsuits + Democrats complain about Gov.'s bridge, casino deals + Deciding Bills Not a Coal Mine, but No Picnic, Either Click. (LAT Reg) + Unlike 2003, Legislature winds up session quietly Click. (SJM Reg) + Gov. Targets 9 Assembly Democrats for Defeat Click. (LAT Reg) + Help for troubled kids may be cut + Legislative focus is on Bay Area + Burton slashes funds to Jerry Brown's pet military school + Deciding Bills Not a Coal Mine, but No Picnic, Either Click. (LAT Reg) + Unlike 2003, Legislature winds up session quietly Click. (SJM Reg) + Gov. Targets 9 Assembly Democrats for Defeat Click. (LAT Reg)

Legislators end by mandating mundane matters (CCT Reg) + Foes Aim to Put the Brakes on Bill to Cut Gasoline Use Click. (LAT Reg)

Bill aims to get input on sex offenders + San Leandro lawmaker's bills await Gov.'s OK

Republican candidate Bill Jones says he doesn't want to take central valley support for granted

Stop tax treason in California

Benefits of Stem Cell Bond Issue in Question Click. (LAT Reg)

Indian tribes: Tribe offers to halve casino slots at San Pablo site (CCT Reg) + Tribe agrees to downsize gambling plan (SJM Reg) + Rohnert Park: Casino recall vote spurs donations from outsiders + Casino bus bursts into flames next to freeway in Rohnert Park+ Tribe cuts slots plan by half. Lytton band bends under pressure on San Pablo casino

Critics urge more grant oversight

Secretary of State Shelley kept close eye on fund-raising

State Sen. John Vasconcellos.38 years of pushing the envelope. Liberal South Bay crusader forced out by term limits

LOCAL NEWS:  Livermore: Winemaking season comes early

Imagine a million solar rooftops in California

Climate shift threatens California water + Study on global warming paints a troubling future for the state and valley

School days: State's worst schools unsure how much to expect from suit (CCT Reg) + Settlement is small step for schools + Los Altos charter school opening (SJM Reg) + New leaders at Oakland military school include students + Manteca school gets computer aid + Chabot College honors its own institution + Two tests, two results: What are kids learning? + Peninsula school district bans taking photos with phones + More S.F. State students than ever live on campus. School wants to draw students from throughout state + American Indian charter school on success in Oakland + UC Merced: Just a drop in the bucket + Retirements leave schools scrambling + $1,000 notebook PC will fill needs of college student + San Joaquin County's neediest students at risk Click. + Community College Chief Making Waves Click. (LAT Reg) + Teachers' tax relief is history Click.

R.E. Graswich: No coasting for Darrell Steinberg - he aims to help the mentally ill

Concord profile: One city, many worlds, experiences (CCT Reg)

Fremont: Sikh temple leadership unresolved + Fremont may get palsy program

Berkeley gets fire grant

Pleasanton struggles with hard water and bad taste

Novato's lack of access draws fire

Mormon Temple breaks new ground in Rancho Cordova

Nevada County:  UC outpost is a natural survivor. Sagehen research station near Tahoe helps land stewards manage the West

Bee attack near Barstow leaves six people hospitalized

San Francisco: New political fire from Gonzalez embers. Former volunteers refocus their efforts

Kern County officials face Los Angeles mulch mess Click.

Maverick Health Plan Ups Quality to Cut Cost Click. (LAT Reg)

Terminal Operators Extend Their Hours to Ease LA-Long Beach Port Jams

Protesters, police get set in NYC + Keep off the grass in Central Park, judge tells protesters

Army: JetBlue Data Use Was Legal

New, Non-Fatal Electric Bullet


Stardom: RAH RAH RAH! GO IRAQ!!!

Anti-aging industry rolls out its latest gadgets at meeting in Chicago

Blood for pork....

Post-9/11 Govt Contractor Mergers Causing Problems

Spinoffs from missile shield may reap $1.5B

Thief of Baghdad

Will Japan Inc. allow Wal-Mart?

Pancreas stem cells for diabetes + Pancreas Could Harbor Stem Cells

Research monkeys accidentally die at UC Davis lab

Battle royal over monarch habitat. Illegal logging by armed gangs a big threat to villages, butterfly reserve in Mexico

Contraceptive Depo Provera is linked to high STD risk

Jane Pauley's midlife roller coaster

Wine leftovers 'fight bacteria'

Friendly bacteria 'target ulcers'

Is it safe to fly when you are six months pregnant?

Mystery of Wales turtle 'solved' + Pacific turtles 'gone in decade' + Turtle-tracker tool aids experts

Viruses On The Attack: Revealing Visuals Show Details Of A Common Mechanism For Infection

Hopkins Scientists Use Blood Proteins To Detect Ovarian Cancer

Cooking On A Comet?

Protein Targeted By Drug Developers Not Open And Shut Case

The Sixth Wave Of Extinction

Mouse Model Of Rare Disease Offers Clues To Aging And Cancer Development

Last Of Known Genes Identified In Complex Obesity Syndrome

Literature Review Of LASIK Shows Benefits, Challenges

ASU Researchers Demonstrate New Technique That Improves The Power Of Atomic Force Microscopy

Chemical Engineers Discover Filtration System To Help Biotech Industry

Linking Climate, Water And Civilization In The Middle East And North Africa

Heartless Worms Hold Clues To Cardiac Arrhythmias, Sudden Death

Sometimes the most stressful period for people with cancer occurs when treatments end

Scientists Breed a Tougher Mouse

Mars Probes to Yell 'Geronimo!'

NASA Updates Robonaut

Translating Iceland’s Genes Into Medicine

British Stem Cell Studies Push Past U.S.

Treating Alcoholism With a Pill?

Evidence That The Study Of Music Promotes Intellectual Development


Meet the Peeping Tom worm

Net sector struggles to capture digital photo market

New way to recreate sound in movie theatres (SJM Reg)

Do-it-all sport watches to help you get in shape

Encryption gets a boost

BugMeNot Gets Booted, Restored (to avoid registration roadblocks)

Indian tech firms go 'upstream'


President Says Progress Being Made in Iraq

GOP senators' drastic call to break up CIA. Spying reform proposal jolts Washington + Tenet blasts proposal to strip CIA of powers + Officials Question Plan to Split Up CIA + Rockefeller, Tenet Assail Republican Plan to Split CIA Into Three Agencies

Hate working OT? Love the pay? New rules go into effect today

Rolling protest over high drug prices heads from LA to Canada

As Congressional Budget Chief, Former Bush Economic Aide Isn't Keeping to Script Click.


July job figures decline in six swing states

Kerry, Bush on same page militarily. Minor differences pale in comparison to their similarities

Critics say Palm Beach County absentee ballot too confusing + Terror fears to slow vote results in Fresno County, CA Click. (FB Reg)

Politicos Dig Deep for Your Data

State Renewable Energy Goals in Jeopardy Due to Prolonged Federal Tax

Business leaders lobby for after-school expansions

Timothy G. Elbourne, former aide to President Nixon, dies at 65

McGreevey's folks lie low as sex scandal plays out + Golan off for visit - with female pal

Steinberg: Gov enlists Carville -- is Obama why?

Louisiana Judge Reopens Ballot in Congressional Race

BUSH/CHENEY: BUSH DENOUNCES ADS FROM OUTSIDE GROUPS + Bush To Only Spend A Few Hours At His RNC + Bush's medals + Bush maps out policy with defense team + Brooks & Dunn tops GOP entertainment bill + BUSH CAMPAIGN DENIES SMEAR TACTICS + Click. Profile of Deal Hudson, "the man who told Republican leaders how to connect to Catholic voters. Deal resigned over sex scandal Click.

KERRY/EDWARDS: Edwards blasts Bush on overtime pay changes + New Kerry ad hits Bush over 'front group'. Dole says Dem owes apology to Vietnam vets + Kerry ad calls on Bush to 'denounce the smear' + Gary Younge: Kerry only has himself to blame + Glam gals drop 10G on brunch with Teresa + Dems deny Harkin pulled from stump + Anti-Yucca Nuke Waste Nevadans Flock To Kerry 


The home truths of this faraway place

Buchanan Against the Empire: Justin Raimondo

Dubya Turned Out to be The Great Divider

The imprecise `war on terrorism'

Bush should focus on nuclear terrorism

Novak: What's behind troop movement

Bob Herbert: A chill in Florida Click.

Nick Coleman: Gospel, crosses and boos on cue Click.

Sam Parry: Bush-style politics, again Click.

Harvey Wasserman: Bush's nuke cronies re-open door for Click.

The Left Coast Plans George W. Bush's Going Away Bash


9/11 panel details gaps in visa process

14 Search Dogs From Ground Zero Have Died Since 9/11, Eight From Cancer

911 Cell Phone Calls From Planes? Not Likely

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Louisiana appeals courts to hear suits over gay marriage ban  + James Bond can never go gay!

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Oakland, CA gets glossy fashion magazine

Moribund 'lad mag' market in Britain gets a boost

Writing about elections and what they mean

Telling Che's story a revolutionary challenge

Conrad Black Is Ready for His Closeup

New Overtime Law Vague on Reporters, but Could Be 'Nightmarish'

Columbia campaign desk

Mussel collectors at Berneval,
Pierre- Auguste Renoir Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

'Memory lane' runs through Dublin CA (CCT Reg)

Mustang sanctuary in Shasta County (SJM Reg)

Women taking reins in Catholic churches (SJM Reg)

Exhibit at Alameda Island library highlights Asian heritage

Artist's vision to spruce up Manteca

San Francisco seeks to join couture ranks with multiple shows

American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco opens season

Yosemite snapshots

Scientists to Flesh Out George Washington's Appearance

Catholic Shrines Draw Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims

Fierce warrior Genghis Khan could read and write, researcher claims

Irish sunken wreck likely Cromwell's flagship, archaeologists say

Miami braces for MTV awards, celebs, glitz, glamour

John Updike on Orhan Pamuk

Death of a King Arthur legend

Digging for history under the Hudson

Floral Literacy

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown

Rush & Molloy

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Word of the day

AUGUST 22, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Besieged Al-Sadr keeps grip on shrine +  U.S. Planes Hit Militias as Tanks Near Shrine + Clashes Break Out  but Government Says It Hopes to Resolve Crisis Peacefully +  Inside Najaf's holy shrine with al-Sadr's defiant fighters ++ Shi'ite Factions Fail to Agree on Handover Terms + Bombed, Surrounded, Najaf Belongs to the Mahdi + Two Power Brokers Collide in Iraq + 4 U.S. Marines killed in Iraq + Iran heightens stakes in battle to control Najaf + Desecration of holy places as a war tactic + Americans Go Home, and Take Sadr With You + Sadr City Sings Its Praises of Cleric + Najaf police: a thin blue line between foes +  + AJ: Talks stall in tense Najaf + AJ: US warplanes pound Najaf + AJ: Egyptian cleric warns US of Najaf fallout + AJ: Confusion over Imam Ali mosque + GIs, rebels eye to eye at shrine + Juan Cole reports + Orders of battle

Occupation: GI fix-it teams work to build a better Iraq + In Postwar Iraq, Long Arm of the Law Just Isn't Long Enough

War prisons: U.S. military tribunal proceedings to begin in Cuba. 4 defendants to be tried; questions arise about fairness + A Look at the Four Detainees Set for Preliminary Hearings This Week

AFGHANISTAN: Remote control explosions pose threat in Afghanistan

IRAN: Iran Says Report on its Preventive Operations Distorted

Iran Bullies Israel’s Strategic Friends - with Eye on Washington Click.

Iran 'three years away' from nuclear bomb

Iran to Build More Nuclear Reactors With Russian Help; Europeans Show Interest

MIDDLE EAST: Palestinians say US destroys hope over settlements + Gov't opens office to compensate settlers evacuated under pullout + Qureia: I would be shocked if U.S. confirms shift on settlement policy

EUROPE: Via a grave site, Spain relives harsh divisions

Anger in Italy as Italian fugitive fails to report to French police

PAPER: Tony Blair refuses to travel to US to pick up Congressional Medal of Honor


Terrorist attack on LA-area ports could cost economy $34 billion

Financial backing for al Qaeda down, report says. But group still easily able to fund terror operations

Farmlands Seen as Fertile for Terrorism  Click. (LAT Reg)

'Dirty' Bomb's Impact Studied Click. (LAT Reg)

New fears below Mexican border Click.

Alpha Russian special service unit is as strong as ever

Up-to-date S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to defend Moscow's air space

Pravda: US troops approaching Russian borders

Australia: Al-Qaeda fears stark before war + PM was told war would spur terrorism + Labor's '27 lies' dossier attacks PM's credibility

Click. Your TEMPEST Partner

Click. Mission Critical Name Recognition Software

The day I met Osama's man in Britain

Che Guevara: The killer staring down in a bedsit near you

Accelerated test program increases F-16 capabilities

UK: Case for arrests of terror suspects revealed

Elite Israeli troops anger at arrest of colleague

Idema: EMBASSY LETTER OPENED DOORS FOR IDEMA + Reporter or fiend? + American Accused of Torturing Suspects Entered Afghanistan With Help of U.S. Official

Terrorists Thriving in Fringe Areas

Spies Stopped by Wicked Wallpaper

When is a terrorist not a terrorist?

Mex border terror fears


Mexican police discover small, crude tunnel under U.S. border

The Mepham assaults: A year later

Think meth’s a problem? Now triple it

Killing of Tulsa bar owner leads to backlash against homeless

Wife's 21-year struggle gives husband new hope

National Security Courts and Torture Warrants

'Mr. Botox' Case Raises Some Brows

To trial or not in Kobe case

US court: Software can't commit piracy

Report: Abandoned Children Had Suffered Years of Abuse Prior to Nigerian Odyssey

Grand Jury Hands Down Indictment in Colorado Recruiting Scandal, According to Newspaper

Fifty Years After Brown V. Board, NAACP Legal Defense Fund Carries on Civil Rights Fight


State may list exact address of sex offender

Convicts pin hopes on governor for parole (CCT Reg) + After guarding inmates, she now decides their fates

Inmates say AIDS education is lacking (CCT Reg)

Santa Clara County sued by adoptive parents re: child with HIV (SJM Reg)

San Francisco jail: Funding closes the 'revolving door' of incarceration (CCT Reg) + Inmates put welfare fund to use + Inmate families paying high phone rates for "welfare funds" + Why is oversight of jail phone call so thin?

Disrespect has repercussions on the streets (CCT Reg)

Sonoma executions: Link between Jenner slayings, Arizona sought. A Scottsdale couple was also fatally shot in sleeping bags + No suspects yet in Jenner beach slaying + Town scared by killing of campers

Safe play structure design sweats the details

Tiburon lawyer strives for diversity

Marin General Hospital director wants to discuss complaint re: death of infant

Corte Madera second-unit policy might violate state law

At 72, lawyer gives of himself so seniors have a place to turn

Sacramento: Struggle with police officer ends with suspect shot

Change in home hazard reports

Oakland: Key decision expected in priest abuse cases. Debate over when Catholic leaders learned of problem + Oakland cops cage animal rights group + No leads in case of man shot to death

Lawsuit challenges LA county over immigrant medical billing

South San Francisco: 3 parkgoers attacked by mob, police say

San Leandro: Marshals, cops nab suspect in slaying

Agencies team up in Modesto to tell gangs: Better leave town

Healdsburg mother on suicide watch after son dies in locked van

Vagaries of our 'three strikes' law

Deputy to hit road on motorbike after a 28-year ride

New L.A. regulations on cybercafes take effect to prevent juvenile violence

Michael Jackson: Ears where Jacko's nose comes from

Scott Peterson: Peterson lies will hit nerve with some victims of love + The  Week In Review + Frey to Take Stand, Experts Say Solid Evidence Needed


The Governor: Cuts to state program affect children with emotional disorders + The love-in is over for the Gov. + License Showdown Looms + Vehicle fees could raise $90 million for air pollution programs + Voters are ignorant about growth but fear its impacts

What he knew and when he know it. Kevin Shelley said to have accepted campaign checks from Julie Lee in person

Big week ahead for Bay Area in Legislature + Immigration consultant fraud bill receives its final approval + Back to days of wine and payoffs

GOP hopes for rare victory in Assembly race (SJM Reg) + State GOP tends to its grass roots

Bay Bridge plan risks losing trust of voters (SJM Reg)

The Indian Tribes: Legislators balk at huge casino (SJM Reg) + Feinstein opposes huge San Pablo casino + Point Molate resort details released (CCT Reg) + Maloofs set sights on the young and hip + State casino deal bets against the vulnerable  + 'Friendly City' Rohnert Park icy over casino furor + Tribes plan $70 million Cloverdale casino + Hupa Indians battle to reclaim Trinity River + Siren song of the slots Click. (CCT Reg) + Tribe Backing a Casino for Orange County Plays Its Plans Close to the Vest Click. (LAT Reg) + Indians barred from tribes can't seek help in U.S. or state courts Click. (FB Reg)

Forum: Looking again at Hetch Hetchy + Editorial: The lost Yosemite

State eyes expanding wind farm locations

LOCAL NEWS: Newborn screening to expand (CCT Reg)

The Braceros: Labor's lost legacy

San Jose. Rivals: Cisco's tactics unfair (CCT Reg)

State, Mt. Tamalpais club reach deal on new trails

Marin quietly transforming

Pipeline owner unprepared for spill in marsh, EPA says

School days: Recess gets regulated + Fremont school board mum on firings over hazings + Washington gets a lecture from state about No Child Left Behind + Employment rises with bread class + State's new community college fee puts squeeze on students + What boxes get blown up? +Charters take on LAUSD for overcharging Click. + Put the Squeeze on Lemon Teachers Click. (LAT Reg) + Seven charter schools fighting district plans to withhold $3 million in state money

Bullet Train to nowhere + High-speed collision with conflicting interests + Truth may have come off the tracks + Ethics troubles

Sacramento: Pollution worries may alter course of Colusa Drain

Grants help accommodate Hmong influx in Central Valley

Sacramento: CPS to hold 7-week Citizens Academy

San Francisco: Ballot item deepens union-immigrant ties. Noncitizens are key to labor's new base

Fremont close to naming city manager

San Leandro: Airport noise insulation plan set for takeoff

Weather puts vintners in rush to crush

State demolishes Overacker home in Fremont

Yosemite National Park to adopt hybrid-powered buses

Los Angeles County emergency room closures strain health care system

Monterey: Water transfer raises flags re: private property owners selling water rights

Napa: Immigrant advocate moves to Santa Rosa

Farm Bureau threatens suit over buffer in Watsonville development

Portuguese bullfights in California's Central Valley

Democrats Close to Choosing Senate Leader Click. (LAT Reg)

High stakes in boosted adoption efforts Click. (OC Reg)

Children's Care Effort Left to Wither Away Click. (LAT Reg)

Millions in calls rung up from jails Click.

New Routes Just for Trucks Urged Click. (LAT Reg)

Plan Aims to Reduce Truck Congestion at Ports  Click. (LAT Reg)

Berkeley culverts over creeks expected to collapse Click. (CCT Reg)

Coverage gap in rebuilding fire damaged homes linked to cost calculators Click.

MILITARY  Ex-Marines sentenced to prison for killing in Twentynine Palms

A family's grief can teach us nothing about the war

Army determining new Afghanistan tactics Click.

B-52s return to Central Louisiana range

British Army gets first Muslim cleric

Troops Who'd Rather Be in Iraq

Preparations for 60th Anniversary of WWII Liberation Rekindle Memories of the Hungry, Angry Paris

LEAKGATES Was 9/11 Supposed to Be 9/18?

9/11 study: FBI lacks info on al-Qaida cash

Final monographs of 9/11 commission

Activists march through streets for street people

California: Proposition 69 could threaten privacy of DNA

Anti-abuse bumper stickers

Why was Senator Kennedy placed on US "no fly" list?

Monument to fascists erected in Estonia

National ID seen in Sept. 11 panel plan

Protestors guide to New York City + New York City on the brink


Iraq Can't Boost Oil Sales Until Its Security Improves, Oil Official Says  + Energy analysts raise doubts about quick relief + Oil giants sell out assets

Google ranks last in governance test

Safeway's Burd confronts threats head on (CCT Reg)

Money Matters: Bypass trusts can help - or hurt - on estate taxes

Companies must tell more, and sooner

Economics of running a restaurant + From soup to nuts in saga of one S.F. dining hot spot

Changing Course: Boat owners face hefty bills from change in tax laws


Fear follows plan to build more deadly-disease labs

Court ruling expected soon on new lab in Livermore re: biosafety

Plant process may lose 'wasteful' tag

Tubes, Pump and Fragile Hope Keep a Baby's Heart Beating

Bay Area asthma camp helps kids breathe

Father, son keep Berkeley in herbs

Coming soon, a "freak Olympics"

Doctor shares Down syndrome advancements with parents

Click. The writer narrates the trauma of his own brain surgery and his ongoing struggle to overcome Parkinson’s.

U.S. scientists say they need an underground lab. Geologists, physicists have work they can't do elsewhere

Chemical may cause muscular dystrophy


HS Caesareans stay as watchdog does a U-turn

Prairies breathe again as bison find a new home on the range

Google changes whole relationship between knowledge and people

Messaging spam heads for your PC



Sam Smith: Forgotten Bush 2000 campaign document reveals obsession with Iraqi oil

Insurers Object to New Provision in Medicare Law


NEW FEDERAL OVERTIME RULES MURKY + Employers, Workers Debate Likely Effect of New Overtime Rules

For Powell, signs point to political revival + Powell to Attend Athens Closing Ceremony

Congress: Senate Republicans propose dismantling CIA + Republican Lawmaker Unveils Intelligence Plan



Attacks on Vietnam war hero: Wash. Post: Swift Boat Accounts Incomplete + KERRY URGES BUSH TO STOP ATTACK ADS + Smear by veterans may hurt Bush + Jeffersonian democracy + Kerry, Dodging Charges Over Vietnam, Returns Fire + Group to Air Ad Attacking Kerry's 1971 Testimony + Next 'swift boat' smear to focus on Kerry's antiwar activities in '70s Click. + Eleanor Clift: Fighting a phony war Click.

Golden Golan's rise & fall

Scandal of double voters

Alaska's Murkowski Dodges Fellow Republicans' Slings for Chance to Return to Senate

Jewish vote: With clock ticking and bid to court the Jews up for grabs, is U.S. policy being stitched to fit?

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush touts education achievements in office + Environmentalists see Bush's record as key weakness + The power of a sitting president + Republicans 'contract' reshaped face of politics+ Ex-NYC mayor Koch, a Democrat, voices support for Bush + Bush volunteer resigns after appearing in anti-Kerry ad + Nephew campaigns for Bush in Mexico + First Lady is Bush's first line of defense

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry cups runneth over + Kerry campaign nets $2 million in Hamptons stops+ ANALYSIS: Allegations about Kerry's war record lead to strategy shift + Edwards blasts new overtime rules + Youth vote could carry Kerry into White House + Sam Smith: Kerry on marijuana + Kerry moves to center on issue of gun safety + Kerry’s agenda faces questions as race heats up


Campaign Irony: Combat Veteran Under Fire While Combat Evader Skates

Bush adrift on sands of Iraq

Blood and treasure

Can Kerry Just Be Himself?

Outsourcing and Patriotism

A suicide map of the United States

Siddhartha Mitter: This far by filth Click.

Alan Bisbort: 'Catch-43' Click.

The Bush Team in Iraq: Moral Cowardice, as Practiced by Experts

Bush is 'exploiting 9/11 for re-election'

Trigger-Happy Bush Is No Reagan  Click. (LAT Reg)

Blood for pork....

Don't Mind If I Do: $8.9 Billion in Pork

$9 billion handed to Iraq 'is missing'

Hilton: Colombia's Oil

After Week of Army Flip-Flops, Halliburton Awaits Final Decision on Contract Payments


Diana Griego Erwin: Feelings of pity replace rage for sad souls who commit hate crimes

Teach teens to recognize violence in relationships

Saint's legendary status doesn't deter believers. The faithful don't care whether St. Christopher really existed

The trials -- and benefits -- of workplace dating

Fear it!

She's hot for firemen: woman's ex-hubby + Probe into whether she slept with hundreds of cops, firemen since 9/11

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: San Francisco: Youth in the Castro find welcoming spirit at LYRIC + Latin gay community at Reno Pride Festival + From afar, fund boosts supporters of gay marriage + Lives less ordinary

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

French reporters vanish in Iraq

The Ombudsman: Covering Kerry: truth, timing, the news that fits

Jane Pauley to try hand at talk show


Little magazines

Tim Harper: Trying to gauge the 'Fox Factor' Click.

Saddam and van Hoogstraten's lawyer, the BBC and a stalled deal

Group Frees U.S. Journalist Hostage in Iraq-TV

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

and figure and sea with a ship,
Van Gogh,

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Bay Area: A's, Giants catering to pink-collar fans. Nearly half of local ballpark attendees are women

Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders make Hayward dance center

Reno coin club in action

Theatre: The secret of 'The Black Rider' (CCT Reg)

Old dolls brought out of hiding in Vermont

Rasputin - an understanding for both Russians and non-Russians

Munch Paintings Stolen From Norway Museum

Armenia: Pagan games

Cinema on wheels displays Mexican films, heritage

Poachers prey on dinosaur trail

Bloomsbury Books: Art and Design

Photographers of Genius at the Getty

Irish find 9th Century Viking body

Thracian King's gold mask uncovered

Simon Rattle's Ring of truth

A very ordinary tale of madness

Shackleton expedition pictures were 'faked'

Irish sunken wreck likely Cromwell's flagship, archaeologists say

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher: 'Fair' game at premiere

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Word of the day

AUGUST 21, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Cleric still controls Iraq shrine + Militia, Shiite Leaders Bicker Over Shrine + Cracks May Be Forming in Cleric's Rebel Camp+ Clashes Resume in Najaf, Handover Talks Hit Snag+ Militiamen remain in Iraq shrine as cracks emerge in handover plan+ Winner will take all in the fight for Najaf+ On Sadr City street, the choice is victory or martyrdom+ Despite Superior Firepower, US Loses Ground to al-Sadr's Militia+ The Road to Confrontation in Najaf + Dominick: Bombing Najaf + "City yes, Imam Ali no" + 'Death after death' + Leader: Nervous in Najaf + Sadr's militia still resisting + US dilemma is how to disarm the rebels without damaging shrine + Iraq's Air Force Launches First Flights Since U.S. Invasion + U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad Attack + > Juan Cole reports+ Orders of battle

War prisons: General Fears Abuse Probe Won't Go Far Enough + The American Devolution: Carlton Meyer + Court Orders Feds to Immediately Process ACLU Request for Torture Records + Pentagon says Lancet article inaccurate + Dominick: Abu Ghraib Medics + Doctors Don't Leave Ethics Behind When They Join the Military, Experts Say

AFRICA: Besieged Sudanese fleeing to Chad. Arab militias raping, killing

Africa: A scar on the conscience of the world

IRAN: Iranian threat chatter

Is Israel planning to attack Iran?

MIDDLE EAST: U.S. gives tacit OK to housing in West Bank. Policy change allows 'natural growth' in developed areas + Report: U.S. changes stance on W. Bank settlement construction

So who's an Egyptian?

ASIA PACIFIC: Blasts hit Bangladesh party rally

AMERICAS: OAS Chief Says Audit Results Coincide With Official Results Giving Chavez Victory in Recall Referendum + By Defeating Recall, Venezuela's Chavez Inspires Latin America's Left-Leaning Groups

Blood for pork....



Wide U.S. Inquiry Into Purchasing for Health Care

Justice comes too little too late in deadly Bhopal gas leak. Now 578,000 claimants in 1984 tragedy

Organized crime eyeing Canada's diamond trade

As Milosevic turns 63, UN judges seek to get trial back on track


Dunleavy: Woman Scorned Has No Love For 'Crooked' Judge

Frustrated With Fertilizer Thieves, Farmers Stain Them Pink

Conviction politics

The killers who harvest child body parts for muti medicine

Police seize babies from 'miracle' evangelist

Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal of Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Mormon Church

Toledo Diocese Says It Will Pay $1.19 Million to Alleged Abuse Victims

Federal Judge Overturns Former Boston Officer's Perjury Conviction


San Francisco: Fagan Jr. trial will be moved to another county, judge rules + Media coverage exceeded infamous dog-mauling death

Sonoma County: Slayings a mystery - all was in order + Few clues in beach slayings + Who shot couple at beach -- and why? + Young Couple's Dreams Ended on Isolated Beach

Blake feared for his child, investigator tells the court (CCT Reg)

Accused teen killer in court (CCT Reg)

LA man wrongfully convicted of murder is released from prison

LAPD captain pleads no contest to selling pirated DVDs

Hair sample links student to Southern California SUV vandalism

Chiron gets order against activist (CCT Reg) + Emeryville: Restraining order OKd in vandalism case

Flashlight beating case sent to D.A. (CCT Reg)

Pittsburg woman cites rooster attack in suit (CCT Reg)

Boy gets year for brawl at school

2 Antelope homes hit with spray-paint hate

Auburn teen wanted in cat-burning

Healdsburg boy, 2, locked in van dies

Man linked to series of Fremont jewelry heists arrested

Baby found inside car at Coliseum BART station

Some charges in SR rape trial dropped after woman failed to ID assailant

Modesto: Brother held in shooting death

One defendant in Araujo trial without counsel new counsel for Araujo defendant

Fremont man gunned down

Hispanic LA gang members accused of killing black man

Orange County man sentenced for assaulting women on bike trail

San Diego political consultant and ex-college president charged with school bond fraud

Judge delays decision on change of venue in Wesson murder trial

Livermore woman held in $330,000 embezzlement case

San Francisco: 2nd suspect arrested without getting approval from D.A., (cops' new tactic)

Vacaville: County employee beaten, left for dead + Suspects from fire, beating still loose

Oakland: 'Band-Aid Bandit' arrested

Oakland: Judge to rule in TSA firing of union activist air guard

Local vineyard owners say their workers are safe

Napan jailed for third theft, this time from Bounty Hunter

Cedar fire reportedly probed by federal grand jury Click.

Michael Jackson: Fight over search at Jackson ranch + Secret evidence at stake in hearings on searches in Jackson case + Mother of Michael Jackson's Accuser to Testify + Jackson search 'ignored warrant' + Tape of kid's voice found in Jax safe

Scott Peterson: The week in review, and what's ahead (SJM Reg) + California lawmakers may provide aid for expensive Peterson trial+ Taped calls may be hang-up (SJM Reg) + Peterson bills vote planned Monday


The Governor: Gov.'s last-minute plan offers low-cost medicine idea (SJM Reg) + Drug discount plan seen as ploy to derail import bills Click. Prescription drug importer RX Depot to halt operation Click. + Overhaul of state's health services draws support, questions+ Gov.'s solar power bill supported + Solar proposal doesn't electrify Click. (SJM Reg + Dueling Bay Bridge bailout bills set up Sacramento showdown + Fight looms + Time is running short. Delay by Legislature could add to overrun + Fight brewing over road-building funds Click. + Prop. 63 tax aims to aid mentally ill Click. + Fee Hikes on New Tires Would Aid Smog Fight Click. (LAT Reg) + Flood risk hits historic levels Click. + Floodplains bill sent to Gov.'s desk Click. + Gov. settles dispute over Ohio car dealer's use of his image + Gov. Pushes for Action on His Last-Minute Legislation

Bay Area casino plan hits snag + San Pablo casino plan cut back, Burton says. Democrats insist project be reduced 2,500 slots maximum

Shelley: Staffers call him abusive + Shelley's use of U.S. funds hit + Shelley consultant got no-bid contracts. 2002 campaign aide picked for expertise, says undersecretary + State real estate office investigating Julie Lee + Shelley 'Angry' About Money Inquiry Click. (LAT Reg) + Voter funding freeze urged Click. (SJM Reg)

Bill seeks reparations for Latinos + Bill extends water quality program to Bay beaches + Assemblyman scales back tanning law

LOCAL NEWS:  BART rider saves baby

Contributors come to aid of dognapping victim Click.

Winemaking Staglin family raise millions for mental health

Fire danger prompts new restrictions in Tahoe forest + Judge bans logging in Tahoe forest fire area

Owner of pipeline owner that spilled into Suisun Marsh failed inspections (CCT Reg)

BART installs earthquake sensor in Orinda (CCT Reg)

San Jose: Probe cites ex-aides' lobbying (SJM Reg) + Separate City Hall probe urged

School days: San Jose: School tried to block student's transfer (SJM Reg) + How to navigate school transfers (SJM Reg) + Why the silence re: 4th grade tests at charter schools? + Mortgage loans may help schools + Contra Costa County:  Music program at 39 schools is restored + Teachers wish for supply help Click. + Phoney diplomas from California Alternative H.S. Click.

Folsom growth measure derailed

San Rafael quarry offers to remove four buildings

Alameda County Med. Center cuts clinic on urology

Sanctuary explores Marin County's coastal waters

Money promised for new Hmong refugees

Hilton Newark/Fremont gets upgrade, new owner

Deep pockets allowed Merced irrigation water to flow

Long waiting lists for would-be nurses. Community college classes packed as health sector booms

Criticism heaped on Caltrans as bridge costs spiral upward. $19 million overrun on Carquinez. Antioch, Dumbarton may need retrofit

King City bailout loan becoming unlikely

Woman's death puts focus on old Fort Ord buildings

Richmond: Guidivilles reach deal for casino at Point Molate

Solano County leaders watching state contract with Indian casinos

Local vineyard owners say their workers are safe from heat

LAFCO, Napa grand jury agree on water issues, but not a solution

Berkeley Politics

Los Angeles Emergency Care Crisis Deepens Click. (NYT Reg)

Beetle army faltering Click.

MILITARY Marriage by proxy bill aids military couples

California Harbor Lobbies Navy for Land Use Click. (LAT Reg)

Search is on for Navy's 1st sub

Navy warning to US sailors a 'slap in face'

Fort Henry and U.S. Marines celebration

Submarine-hunt exercise takes four warships to sea

Pentagon Reviews Health of Helicopter Industrial Base

Air Force general nominated head Pacific Command

Officials Dedicate Canadian Border Base

LEAKGATES CIA Study on Iraq Weapons Is Off Course, Officials Say


This Man Touched My Parrot

Stardom: RIAA'S Loss Was Really A WIN


Despite Union Opposition, Judge Approves United Financing Plan That Would Terminate Pension Funds>

Quiet tycoon returns to roots

All eyes on Iraq as oil price nears $50 + An Oil Shock That Could Be an Economic Stimulus in Disguise + High crude here to stay

Minimeals are a stroke of marketing genius

Four Ways the Google IPO Failed + More Google stock bought by banks + Words of wisdom for the newly wealthy

Is Gazprom next?

Spare bedroom businesses reach the world wide web


China reports another bird flu outbreak

Locusts ravage northern Nigeria

California West Nile: California's cases jump by 32 percent + Virus found in 37 capital-area birds + Second bird carrying virus found in Marin + West Nile hits Tracy + Napa County dead crow confirms presence

‘Keyhole’ heart operations reduce trauma

Is this the answer to God, the universe and all that?>

Physicists reject Stanford particle idea (SJM Reg)

Abuse of painkiller puts legitimate use in jeopardy


NASA Researchers, Stunt Pilots Prepare for Genesis Probe's Return

Test for aggressive breast cancer + Promising breast-saving treatment + Virus linked to breast cancer'

New York set for citywide wireless

Fun-to-watch robotic vacuums are showing more grit, but they're still cleaning lightweights

'Terror-proof' bed designed to put your fears to rest

Yahoo fixes two flaws in mail system



Kerry, Bush Tied at 47 Percent Each Among Likely Voters, Harris Poll Finds

The buzz: Kennedy cousin jumps into Santa Monica politics

Many New Yorkers to flee city during convention

Campaigns turn eyes to voters living abroad

'File this suit,' McGreavey pal tells Cipel + Psych test in Golan guy sex story>

BUSH/CHENEY: Division runs deep over Bush + Bush Touts Plan to Help High School Students + Bush, McCain's new friendship is for big stakes + REPUBLICANS PROMISE DETAILED AGENDA AT CONVENTION + GOP conservatives seek bigger voice + Conservatives push for prime-time spots at convention

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry: Bush ignores 'average folks' + Kerry's Vietnam-era testimony criticized in new attack ad. Democrat counters with endorsement by retired general + Kerry girlfriend won't give up web shame + Media buzz aided anti-Kerry effort + Kerry consoles hurricane victims on Fla. trip + Edwards Faults Bush for Overtime Pay Cuts + Kerry Raises $233 Million, Most Ever for a Democratic Presidential Nominee


Bonkers Bolton Threatens Iran: Gordon Prather

Iran Will Not Turn the Other Cheek

Bush eyeing major tax-code overhaul

The warlords of America

In Mr. Bush's Neighborhood, a Peculiar Intersection

Devil in the Details

The Brains Thing



Pakistani Forces Attack Terrorist Hideouts Near Afghan Border>

UC Davis wins agriculture anti-terror grant

PG&E Humboldt: Missing nuclear fuel may take years to find

Hamas leader, 2 others indicted by Justice Dept.  Defense lawyer says accusations are 10 to 15 years old + Accused Hamas Leader Say U.S. Indictment Driven by Election Politics>

Anonymous: We Could Have Stopped Bin Laden

U.S. launches aerial surveillance of Canadian border

German police detain more than 70 during Rudolf Hess memorial march

More Basque bomb attacks hit northern Spanish resorts

US plans improved missiles to maintain air-to-air supremacy

THAAD Displaying 'Residual' Capability Against ICBMs

Chat with Sergei Khrushchev, Son of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev

Latin America on Alert for Terror

Dissent must come alive in New York

Ban on Central Park protests meant to preserve lawn, NYC says

Venezuelan politics suit Bay Area activists' talents. Locals help build Chavez's image, provide polling data

FBI's 'Preemptive' Investigations: Marty Logan

W. Va. man fired for heckling Bush at rally


Supreme Court Acquits Mooning Theater Director

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: San Francisco vigil planned for slain woman Tony Green. Activist calls killing a case of prejudice against transgenders

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Shiite Militants Say Kidnappers Have Lifted Death Threat on U.S. Journalist>

Santa Rosa Press Democrat seeks diocese records

New Yorker look-alike hits streets of Moscow / Russian magazine likely to eschew investigative pieces

Uncovered Is Better Than Fahrenheit9/11

Unlike Democrats, GOPers to Allow Al-Jazeera Logo Displayed at Convention

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

and figure and sea with a ship,
Van Gogh,

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Annual San Leandro art festival offers more this year

Walkable Communities Fair touts all things pedestrian

Backyard ponds

Revolution on the borders of gardens

Eskimo traditions fading

Native American museum to seek balance of old, new

New Ohio Slavery Museum Generates Friction

Hong Kong Family Firm Behind Next DreamWorks Hit

A world like any other>

Reprieve for lost avant-garde masterpiece

Liberté, fraternité and ratatouille in Provence

Found: a holy white elephant

Expedition Aims to Find Missing Slave Ship off Turks and Caicos Islands

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher: Baby, that's Jolie good news

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Word of the day

AUGUST 20, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Iraqi Religious Authorities Take Control of Najaf Shrine From Sadr Militia + Sadr Militia Still Controls Iraq Shrine -- Witness + Sadr's militia hands keys of stronghold to top Shiite cleric + Al Jazeera: Confusion persists over Imam Ali mosque + CNN: Najaf Shrine Standoff Continues + BBC: Confusion over Najaf rebel moves + Moving from bombed shops to burning markets, I saw Sadr's soldiers dig in + Darfur plan 'difficult' + A journey into the epicenter of the Sadr standoff + For Iraqis Preparing to Invade Shrine, First an Internal Battle + Ex-Saddam fighters aid Shi'ite militia in Najaf fray + Rebel cleric al-Sadr emerges as formidable U.S. foe + Iran Urges Meeting on Iraq 'Catastrophe' + All is quiet in Najaf - for now + In pictures: Najaf fighting + Baghdad seeks way out of siege at shrine + Orders of battle + Heroic Image of Radical Cleric Hurt by Two Weeks of Battles With U.S. Forces

Occupation: Iraqi vote of no-confidence

War prisons: Lancet: US Army Doctors Had Role in Abuse + Thomas H. Maugh II: Medics said to have contributed to prisoner abuse Click. + Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Wants to Be Heard + Idema: The fog and dog of war + Idema: Trigger-happy and troublesome + Abu Ghraib report: 'Failure of leadership' at highest levels + Army report to reignite furore over abuses in Iraq prison

AFGHANISTAN: US unleashes new anti-Taliban weapon: charm

Series of Bombs Go off at U.N.-Run Voter Registration Office, Six Afghan Police Injured

IRAN: Iran: The babble and the bomb

MIDDLE EAST: Mazuz: ICJ ruling on separation fence may lead to sanctions against Israel + And now for the real thing + High Noon on the right: For PM, losing Likud vote may cripple Gaza plan; what options does he have left?

ASIA PACIFIC: Seoul political leader resigns, citing father's collaboration with Japanese occupiers

South Koreans warned of possible terror threat from North Click.

EUROPE: Russian Peacekeepers Move Into Parts of South Ossetia

AMERICAS: Colombia's oil pipeline is paid for in blood and dollars


CIA Study on Iraq Weapons Is Off Course, Officials Say

San Francisco: Man who sketched high-rise is sought

UC's Los Alamos lab lags in handling of radioactive materials. Inspector general says employees still may be in jeopardy + Los Alamos: Copies of a classified document are missing Click. (CCT Reg) + Nuclear Data Found Missing From New Mexico + What is missing exactly?

Terrorism task force looking into series of robberies at SoCal electronic stores

U.S. Uses Secret Evidence In Secrecy Fight With ACLU

Former FBI Liaison Alleges Discrimination

Chicago man accused of aiding Hamas + US arrests Hamas 'racketeers'

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda at the CIA Click.

Spying Is Not a Science: Leon Hadar

Five triggers for a Chinese attack on Taiwan

Risking prison, Israeli nuclear whistleblower speaks with American radio station Click.

Despite court rulings, Shin Bet still tortures 'ticking bombs' Click.

Libyan is possible conduit to bin Laden

A Look at Judicial and Administrative Proceedings for Terror Suspects


Court orders retrial on wartime jail abuse of Serbs

Vt. sues over importing drugs

More than 8,000 prostitutes working in London brothels

Court: File-swapping software not liable for copyright violations

Slow-Moving Lawsuits Over Music Downloads Producing Court Twists

Child trafficking: Miracle baby' home raid in Kenya

State takes action vs. side-door judge

Residents of Small Town in Arkansas Held Out Hope to the Last, Now Cope With Missing Girl's Death

Faked Voice Mails Tout Stock in Latest Investor Scam

Attorney Tells Judge United Within Its Rights to Terminate Pension Plans


Supreme Court: Ruling widens definition of murder

State close to putting sex offender data on Net (SJM Reg)

Teenager charged in Kelly's slaying (CCT Reg) + He shot college-bound football star over perceived slight, D.A.s say + Year-old quarrel may have led to Kelly's death

Suspect in Dublin jewelry heists caught after pursuit (CCT Reg)

84-year-old suspected in swindle (CCT Reg)

Sonoma County: Couple working for El Dorado summer camp found shot to death + River rafting guides had said they were going to visit friends + Couple on beach had been shot to death

State launches speedy new fleet. Boat's motto: 'Bad news for bad guys' + State short of crew for new patrol craft

Mystery surrounds death of Black Muslim leader Yusef Bey

Vacaville: Man's body found -- 2 suspects sought. Hit-and-run crash, fire also happen around same time

Berkeley undercover officers help pedestrians

West Oakland: Pair charged in cannabis case

Oakland: Stings are a good idea but target the pimps

Martinez: Bomb scare clears courthouses

Lake County marijuana grower could face life in prison

Judge reduces financial award for victim of Ford Explorer crash

FBI arrests suspects who targeted Mormons in alleged fraud scheme

Paper found inside jar of baby food in Orange County

Riverside drug cases under review over use of secret informant

Sonoma: Slaying suspect arrested near coast + Witness fails to ID alleged attacker in SR trial

Fish thief goes to jail

Trial begins over fatal '01 shooting

Man's voter registration bid advances

Investigator to take stand in Blake case

Yolo lawsuit targets dairy expansion

Sacramento ponders faster jail bookings to get police back out on streets

Sacramento: Woman in prostitution case faces arraignment today

Parolee held in rape of 14-year-old

Elk Grove: One pleads no contest to prostitution

Fort Ord: Marina woman found dead may have become trapped in garage

Stockton: Simons murder trial date in limbo

Martinez: Woman held in abduction delays plea

Watsonville bookkeeper arrested in $330,000 theft case

Lawyers get $23.7 million in smog-fee fight Click.

Michael Jackson: Jackson says he, family have been 'vilified' + Michael Jackson's lavish lifestyle put on videotaped display + Complete text of Michael Jackson's statement+ Jackson's Neverland property manager says search was excessive + 'Neverland' Manager Testifies That Authorities Expanded Search of Jackson Property

Scott Peterson: Peterson father: Affair 'isn't proof' + Peterson lottery makes for TV show atmosphere


The Governor: Gov. makes 5 tribal casino deals + Gov., tribes agree to major gambling expansion + Gov. gets bill to protect Indian sacred sites + Gov. stands by game plan + Ukiah casino avoids closure under state deal + Gov. stirs up regional strife (SJM Reg) + Bill would force users of bridge to pay overruns + New hurdle for Canadian drug import legislation + State blamed for utility tax ballot measure + Gov.: I had to roll dice on casino + Indian Casino Is Bay Area Backwater's Ace in the Hole+ State Gives Hawaiian Casino Owner a License with strings Click. (LAT Reg) + State will weigh San Joaquin Valley task force idea re: economic woes Click. (FB Reg)

Legislature: Legislators may quash casino deal. Opposition from Dems, GOP develops + Legislature resolves: It's against No Child Left Behind law + Senate approves minimum-wage hike + Legislators press bills on medicine, minimum pay (SJM Reg) + Assemblyman's letter calls for condom use in porn films + Rivals run neck-and-neck to replace Burton in Senate's top position + Bid in Capitol to restore child welfare funding + State bill to tax expatriate firms comes up short + Senate backs water meters Click. + Growers, farmworkers team up for AgJOBS bill Click. (FB Reg) + Senate passes candy bill Click. (OC Reg)

GOP leader wants Shelley investigated. Did he knowingly use taxpayer money?

Scant tracking of some grants


offer $1billion to hospitals to treat immigrants but there's a catch

Medi-Cal users wary of changing system Click.

LOCAL NEWS: Grant brings bayland buy into focus

Richmond bridge work gets panned

School days: San Rafael school unveils labyrinth + San Francisco school board vote for noncitizen parents endorsed + UC Berkeley ranked No. 1 public college + Mills College gets $50,000 infusion + For Colleges, Matching Up Roommates Is Part Art, Part Science

San Francisco: Oak disease found in Golden Gate Park + PUC gives go-ahead to disputed power line + Lucas film could cash in on Presido space + Gossip + Polk Street rescue

Contra Costa County: Addition of rumble strips authorized to slow traffic on deadly Vasco Road + Probe at plant finds no proof of pigeon abuse + Vasco gets ready for rumbles

Oakland: Closure forces out 'unwanteds' in Fruitvale halfway house

Sunnyvale council OKs downtown mall area redevelopment (SJM Reg)

Stanislaus County nearing decision on hunt for a new leader

Turlock chamber approves sales tax

Elk Grove eyesore on the block

Hope grows at Serna Village for homeless

Sacramento: Rookie fire board member takes initiative in just saying no to press

Napa: Napa pair claims real estate agent bilked them + Voters to decide if family deli in Oakville can morph into upscale eatery + DeSimoni buys second property downtown + County to update 20-year-old General Plan + Group launches registry of historic vineyards

Ewiiaapaayp tribe betting on Alpine casino Click.

San Joaquin children's health on the table Click. (FB Reg)

Quake might derail BART only briefly Click.

Lottery Is Port of Entry for Job Applicants Click. (LAT Reg)

United 'Likely' to Cancel Pensions Click.

Hahn begins L.A. re-election campaign Click.

MILITARY Texas urged to attract relocating soldiers


US troop shift: A tale of two cities

Crash report warns of sleep aid risk to pilots

William Pfaff: The 'war on terror' distorts America's military moves

Alpha Russian special service unit is as strong as ever


Notes on Chapters 7 and 8 of the 9/11 Report

9/11 Commission Formally Disbands, but Pledges to Push Reforms


Stardom: Music Music Music!!!

Spanish fashion spread on Cabinet women criticized. Socialists flustered; women's groups call photos inappropriate

Andrew Greeley: America's disease is greed

DNA Project Could Reunite Adoptees With Their Birth Parents

Blood for pork....


Audit Shows $8.8 Billion Missing in Iraq


What a $50 barrel of oil means for you and your company + Unholy trinity pushes crude towards $50

Google finds success on first day of trading + Google Stock's Wacky Debut

A renewed appetite for splashy restaurants. They're opening at rate unseen since dot-com heyday

James Surowiecki on the airline industry

China Issues 'Green Cards' to Foreigners

Ex-Enron execs stay busy with charity, Web site

Fish bar code system under development

Next crisis: Natural gas?

Why Eisner Still Has a Job

Home Depot Acquisition of Kmart Stores Could Leave 1,200 Jobless


Avian flu 'discovered in pigs'

Wash. Woman Dies of Mad Cow-Type Disease

Illness Outbreak Dampens Fun at Lake Erie Isle Known as 'Key West of the Midwest'

Heart 'Repair Kit' -- Stem Cells Regenerate Injured Muscle

Cholesterol drug helps all diabetics, study finds

FDA to Issue New Antidepressant Warnings + New FDA Analysis Backs Antidepressant-Suicide Worries

Carrot a day may help keep leukemia away

Fossil found in Canada likely to be Earth's oldest animal. Fernlike clan ruled for 15 million years

Near starvation, and hoping for a long life. Experimental diets cut calories 40% below normal

Antidepressant Study Seen to Back Expert

NASA Mission Returns With A Piece Of The Sun

Study Suggests Cell-cycle Triggers Might Be Cancer Drug Targets

A First Glance At The Gene Networks Of Human Aging

Moist Soil 'Hot Spots' May Affect Rainfall

Greenhouse Gases - Nothing To Blame For?

Bedrock In Mars' Gusev Crater Hints At Watery Past

Prions Act As Stepping Stones In Evolution

University Researchers Study Oldest And Most Common Condition Of The Joints

Hydrogeochemical Changes Before And After A Major Earthquake

Researchers Report New Gene Test For Isolated Cleft Lip And Palate

Pineal Gland Evolved To Improve Vision, According To New Theory

Pollination Find Could Lead To Cordgrass

Control Particle collider edges forward

Virtual Veins Give Nurses a Hand

Computer Experts Vie in Hacking Contest

3 easy steps help in picking student's PC

Holes left in Windows XP update


Bush Prepares Intelligence Reform Directives

Bush expected to skirt Social Security details

New overtime rules take effect Monday

Rice counsels patience during 'ups and downs' in Iraq

Iraqi footballers' fury at Bush


Bush losing ground to Kerry in polls in key states + Kerry Gains Among Independent Voters; Bush Narrows Gap Overall, Polls Show

Kerry Tries to Counter Impact of War Criticism; White House Says He's "losing His Cool"

Bush Administration Tries New Legal Angles After Losses in Supreme Court

Soft Money Rules Change...After the Election

GOP conservatives rally behind Keyes at State Fair

Guidelines for Deciphering All Those Polls

BUSH/CHENEY: GOP convention delegation more diverse, party says + Bush spending neared $50 million in July + Bush, first lady working on speeches at ranch + Incumbent factor: the other elephant in the room

KERRY/EDWARDS: Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad + Marijuana rights group uniting behind Kerry + Kerry blasts veterans group over negative ads + Senator believed allegations could no longer be ignored + Democrats play jingoist card + Kerry comrades have credibility on their side + David Corn: Attack on Kerry Springs a Leak Click. + SBVT: Sinking in Their Own Sea of Lies + Kerry says Bush ignores 'average folks'


Bob Herbert: Voting While Black Click.

John Hein: Broken promise leaves children behind Click.

International Herald Tribune: The new hanging chads Click.

Kerry Is Clueless on Bases: Justin Raimondo

Repositioning on the Titanic: Alan Bock

Dems' Pro-War Stance Is Puzzling

The Empire That Fell as It Rose

The New Caesars

William Pfaff: When the Marines make policy, Iraq burns

As the Economy Sinks, Bush Doesn't Give a Damn'

Cheney and Bush: The Vietnam Dodgers Team

Interview: Bush on the Couch Author Dr. Justin Frank

Juan Cole: Could Najaf cost Bush the election?


What a $50 barrel of oil means for you and your company + Unholy trinity pushes crude towards $50

Google finds success on first day of trading + Google Stock's Wacky Debut

A renewed appetite for splashy restaurants. They're opening at rate unseen since dot-com heyday

James Surowiecki on the airline industry

China Issues 'Green Cards' to Foreigners

Ex-Enron execs stay busy with charity, Web site

Fish bar code system under development

Next crisis: Natural gas?

Why Eisner Still Has a Job

Home Depot Acquisition of Kmart Stores Could Leave 1,200 Jobless

Terror no-fly list singled out Kennedy. Senator was stopped 5 times at airports

Critics say FBI crosses line by intimidating activists. Agents keep asking even after lawyer privilege is invoked + Ashcroft defends FBI interviews with some political protesters

Committee Aims to Develop Bioinformatics Standards


San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Some gays feel pushed to marry straights. New Jersey governor's lifestyle not uncommon

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Many Newspapers Plan Extensive Coverage of RNC Protests

'S.F. Chron' Fights Fed Demands for Sourcing Info in BALCO Probe

FAIR, ASNE Differ Sharply on Confidential Sourcing Cases

Media watch group FAIR has called on reporters involved in the Valerie Plame and Wen Ho Lee cases Click.

Michelle Malkin's beef with Chris Matthews

Reporters Protecting Sources Face Perils

How the Media Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Rumsfeld: Norman Solomon

E-Mail Wisecracks No Laughing Matter

The Unfolding Scandal over Who Revealed the CIA Agent's Identity Raises First Amendment Issues

U.S. Journalist Says His Captors Are Treating Him Well in Iraq; Italian Journalist Also Reported Missing

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

and figure and sea with a ship,
Van Gogh,

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Eggleston photo exhibit visits SFMOMA

Schulz Museum names new director

Pair hits Santa Cruz after starting Pacific Coast hike in Washington

Holy Year Draws Pilgrim Crowds to Spanish Shrine

'Carole King: The Living Room Tour' has a fine tapestry

Sigourney Weaver: Loving the alien

It Takes a Village

New fiction from Gina Ochsner

Life without numbers

INEEL Develops Computer Tool To Help Save Archaeological Treasures

Lost city in Wales uncovered

Lost cities of Peru uncovered

Ancient ruins in Western Sahara

Artist from Mesopotamia

A century on, a sequel to bring Peter Pan back from Neverland

It's hunting season at the cinema

Doomsday Wreck in London 's Thames Could Blow

Remodeled Princess Diana Memorial Fountain Opens - but No Wading Allowed

Sarajevo film festival opens in Bosnia

US 'Holy Grail' bestseller spawns unexpected tourist boom for France

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Peacock guy is ruffled

Rush & Molloy: Friends remember Rick, in a haze

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AUGUST 19, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: A journey into the epicenter of the Sadr standoff + Iraq cleric given 'final' chance  + Fighting Erupts as Sadr Rejects Demand + Sadr 'rejects' peace demands + Fierce Fighting in Iraq's Najaf, Sadr Defiant + Mortar Hits U.S. Baghdad Embassy, 2 Employees Hurt + Into the Valley of Peace + Orders of battle

Occupation: No Contest as Iraqi Opposition Slate Disqualified

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon, Arafat face challenges from within. Israeli, Palestinian leaders try to stifle conflicts on policies  + Sharon pushes on with Gaza pullout plan despite reverse by party

Hizbullah reelects its leader

EUROPE: Georgia shows off force in separatist region, sparks Russian ire

Global Warming to Devastate Europe First


100 computers seized in arrests of terror suspects. British prosecutor says probe of 8 men is only 'tip of the iceberg'

Missile interceptor weeks from being ready for alert. Controversial program plagued by testing delays

More Danes eying the spy life

Japanese student suspected of spying detained

Crypto scrutinized after hash flaws found

FBI tactics for fighting terrorism draw scrutiny after reports of intimidation

The Black Bay Duck Club Guestbook

MILITARY  General Boydkin's Speeches Broke Rules + U.S. General Violated Rules with 'Satan' Speeches

Israel admits training elite US forces

Military exercise to reaffirm Arctic claims

Marching on its stomach

MoD faces demands for Deepcut inquiry

Global military spending back to Cold War levels


Number Two Official at FBI to Retire

Doctor May Get Life for Violating Iraq Sanctions: Madeleine Baran

Border Patrol union says new rules 'muzzle' critics of the agency

For Post-9/11 Material Witness, It Is a Terror of a Different Kind + Material witness opinion

UC loses patent claim against Microsoft

Mass. Attorney General gains oversight of assets at parishes


9th Circuit: DNA profiling of federal parolees upheld

Lake County: $80M pot farm busted, activist arrested

E-mailed threats lead to Berkeley man's arrest

Kidnapped San Jose girl showed sleuth skills

San Rafael family wants cop accountability

Sacramento: Cash seized in landfill raid

Couple missing from Christian summer camp

Man held in death of West Sac 2-year-old

Sacramento: Mom, teen daughter arrested on suspicion of prostitution

Football star mourned - One of two slaying suspects freed + Thousands attend funeral of slain athlete

State rescinds ban, fine against Simi Valley real estate firm

Hayward: Hit-run suspect's bail lowered in Oakland cop's death

Ohlone College teacher linked to e-mail scam

2 moms who need marijuana await Supreme Court ruling. Forced to challenge feds to keep their healing remedy

Impaired student loses in U.S. court. Judges rule past success suggests he's really not disabled

3 inmates win state fair competition. Convicted murderers created medallion in prison program

Berkeley: Minority students sue over expulsions. They say school district didn't grant disciplinary hearings -- class action status sought

Slain Island woman's ex gets 30 to life

Suspect sought in apparent homicide near Sebastopol

Windsor suspect may be charged as adult

Oakland man won't face charges in fatal fight

Vacaville: Homicide suspected at site of crash, fires

Alameda: Exploited, then evicted

Man sentenced to probation for Seuss widow threats

Jailed sex offender Donald Gerald Schmidt seeks freedom

Koi killer sent to jail for violating probation

Latinos sue Modesto, Stanislaus County for basic services

Valley police ride the rails to catch gate crashers, save lives

Los Angeles: Monitor says suspect complied with officers' orders in beating

L.A. council settles collision lawsuit for $1.5 million

Court: Patient to return to hospital though accused of beating other

Federal Monitor Praises, Criticizes LAPD Click. (LAT Reg)

Michael Jackson: Accuser's family member takes the stand + Michael Jackson seeks judge's permission to issue public statement

Scott Peterson: Judge halts trial until Monday. Checking 'potential development' with the wiretaps + Peterson trial is delayed + Developments Wednesday + Bombshell puts Scott trial on hold


The Governor: Observers: Gov. settling old scores + Stakes for state are too high in governor's gamble for money + License bill is likely headed to veto Supervisor Kinsey says governor's bridge plan robs Marin + San Joaquin Valley turns to governor for help Click. (FB Reg) + Span blame game draws in agencies Click. (CCT Reg) + When a Bridge Becomes a Lifeline

Donations to Shelley Smell Like Budget Pork Gone Bad Click. (LAT Reg)

State sues Mirant over energy Click.

Advocates Threaten to Push Power Initiative Click. (LAT Reg) + Lawmaker drops teen-vote effort Click. (SJM Reg) + Mileage tax proposed for state's drivers Click. (FB Reg) + Romero Irate Over Defeat of Bill on Guards Click. (LAT Reg) + Hearing-aid bill heads for Gov.'s desk Click. + Ban on mercury in vaccines gets push Click. (CCT Reg) + Bill to Ban Fake Guns in Public Gets Assembly OK Click. (OC Reg) + Bills target immigrant consultants Click. (FB Reg) + Steve Thompson, health care lobbyist Click.

Central Valley feels like Death Valley.

Warning about warming

"Fitness" pay adds to prison expense (SJM Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:  Aerial photos chart vanishing farmland

Vacaville fire endangers 20 residences

San Pablo casino deal: Politicians shocked by casino deal. Size of project alarms mayor, congressman + Casino deal to pre-empt cities' plans (CCT Reg) + Giant gambling complex in San Pablo would transform East Bay city + Hawaiian Gardens Casino at Center of Turmoil Click. (LAT Reg)

Lytton's casino deal won't derail Rohnert Park plans + Five new Indian gaming compacts completed Click.

More fees increase as Fairfax battles deficit

Marin transit district to get loan from county

Sacramento fire chief who kept job now may quit

School days: Student test scores cause for concern, not panic + Contra Costa County: Peninsula superintendent appointed to Acalanes post. Administrator noted for helping to pass parcel tax + Local schools may benefit from loans + New Haven board may pursue parcel tax + College on Buddy System Click. (LAT Reg)

San Francisco: Planning Commission to open hunt for director + Muni mayhem

Sonoma land trust gets San Pablo Bay site for $8 million

Bodega Bay Channel dredging to begin

Rohnert Park recall targets, opponents clash

No more driving in circles at Oakland airport

Contra Costa supervisors ponder ways to evaluate budget

Monterey County may not meet King City's loan request

Newark puts off rezoning

Napa: Battle lines drawn over Jamieson measure

Napa County taps experts for elections probe

Refinery 'upsets' easily avoided, environmental report says Click. (CCT Reg)

L.A. Superstore restrictions OK'd Click.

Los Angeles behind in pension funds Click.

Fund drive for water stations at border Click.


Former weapons inspector rakes Rice over WMD info. Kay blames National Security Council for 'misleading' data

Brits Say US Warnings Gave Terror Suspects a Heads Up

FBI expects violent protests in New York

Passports with biometric data to be tested by several nations

Napan hits California capitol with Viagra protest

Rural faith targeted by Beijing. Underground churches popular but not legal

Hmongs march to protest U.S. trade talks with Laos

YWCAs take controversial step of adding men to governing boards

Tracking inventors

Full Monty author strips bare Islamophobia

China seals Buddhist site, seizes Catholic priests

Editorial: FBI tactics erode public's trust Click.


Northern Malaysia Struck by Lethal Strain of Bird Flu

Nucleic Acid-Amplification Testing Further Safeguards Nation's Blood Supply, NHLBI Study Shows

Drug 'could boost malaria fight'

Voice-guided Mobile Phones To Complement Guide Dogs

The First Engineering Of Cell Surfaces In Living Animals

Circulating Tumor Cells In Blood Indicate More Aggressive Breast Cancer

Clever Surgery Turns An Ankle Into A 'Knee' After Removing Child's Bone Tumor

Scientists Study Desert Air To Understand Weather And Climate

Scientists Visualise Cellular Handmaiden That Restores Shape To Proteins

TRMM Sees Rain From Hurricanes Fall Around The World

Snake Venom Reveals Clues About Heart Drug

AIDS And Tomatoes

Antarctic craters reveal strike

'Breathing gene' cot death link

'Better' head injury test devised

Terrified of needles? Help's coming

Finding Nemo by Microchip

New Rover to Practice Searching for Life

Apple warns about bad batteries

How to save your life in photos

Nortel to Eliminate 3,500 Jobs

Disposable Digital Camera Enters the Market


Congress: U.S. Global Fund to Fight AIDS spared withdrawal Click.


Intense pursuit of voters who don't. Energized activists focus on women, high-tech strategies

FEC: Corzine can give unlimited funds

Dirty campaign tricks now serious crimes

Campaign Game Mimics Real Life

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush Catholic campaign adviser quits over prior sex case + Georgia senator to be GOP keynote speaker + Violence at RNC feared + On trail, Bush reprises average-guy role + Bush Pushes Image as Military Leader

KERRY/EDWARDS: War record counters Kerry critic's version. Doubt is cast on author who says Dem not under fire + Kerry links slow hiring to health care costs


Kerry Forfeits His Advantage: Helen Thomas

Iraq War Was a Mistake: Rep. Doug Bereuter

American policy destroyed the UN's hopes in Iraq

Molly Ivins: What A Mess Click.

Ross Eisenbrey: Bush steals overtime pay from Americans Click.

"Sensitive" foreign policy

Blumenthal: Only true believers need apply

War prisons: Report expected to blame 24 for Abu Ghraib abuse + The Hard Homecoming of Abu Ghraib's Whistleblower + Army Report Clears Top Brass, Implicates Intel Troops at Abu Ghraib + US soldiers kill two in 'brawl' at Abu Ghraib


Deep in Gold Country, a publisher probes world of family violence

Chris Caen: This bus stops for shadows and fog

Stardom: Click OK To Continue

Blood for pork....

Other view: Angelides takes wrong tack with CACI investment



Oil shock + Crude Oil Rises Above $48 to Record as Iraq Standoff Sparks Export Concern Crude

Google IPO raises $1.2 billion, $85 a share. MILLIONAIRES IN WAITING: Hundreds of workers must sit tight to realize payoff + Google's IPO falls short (SJM Reg) + VC firms hold out for better price on Google + Gillmor: Company must now take steps to go beyond good + Pender: A good idea gone bad + Small investors scared off by exercise in stock democracy

Rising Cost of Health Benefits Cited as Factor in Slump of Jobs

Berkeley economist appointed to World Bank post

How to detect a psychopath at work

The politics of outsourcing

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Episcopal bishop orders priests at two parishes to cease ministry + Still Proud To Be In SF + U.S. judge upholds Defense of Marriage Act. No constitutional right found to same-sex unions + At least 80 percent of China's 30 million gays will marry

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

5 reporters held in contempt in Los Alamos case + Judge's ruling may chill newsgathering + Quotes about contempt ruling in Lee case + PDF text of the contempt ruling

Muckraking journalist can seek asylum

Matt Taibbi opines

Columbia campaign desk

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and figure and sea with a ship,
Van Gogh,

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Lucky gets adopted after misadventure

'Living Buddha' to visit Berkeley

Berkeley Hall of Science summer show

Santa Rosa: Railroad Square celebrates

Winery flap sends Jessups to court

"Cat Cafe" opens in New York

Putting the Ocean in a Bowl: The Origin of the Buddha Image

The Black Experience in Children's Literature

Dictionary of Victorian London

19th-century challenge

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

Medieval Architecture in France

Reading the Ruins

Seeking fans beyond 'sea of grey' + Kate Charlesworth's festival faces

Cell Phone Users Are Finding God

Alas, poor Roger

Venetian class

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown

Rush & Molloy

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AUGUST 18, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:  Iraq's Al-Sadr Demands Najaf Cease-Fire Before Disarming, Reuters Reports  + Iraqi gives militiamen a deadline + Iraqi Defense Minister urges raid on shrine + Sadr Agrees to End Najaf Crisis + Najaf Prompts Talk of Secession: Lisa Croke + US Troops Enter Sadr City to Face Militia + Marines Picked Najaf Fight Without Pentagon's OK + Al-Sadr 'offers to withdraw from Najaf' + Violence flares as delegation quits Najaf + Al-Sadr welcomes Vatican mediation + U.S. command chain broken + British soldier killed during clash with Sadr supporters in Basra + Calling the shots in Najaf + State Department Says It Would Welcome Withdrawal of Al-Sadr's Forces + Orders of battle

Occupation: Iraq picks members of new assembly  + Iraqi vote postponed amid protests + Salvadoran president defends presence of nation's troops in Iraq + Steadfast in Defiance, Cleric Gains Stature With Iraq Masses

War prisons: Pentagon Denies Backing Americans on Kabul Trial + Lawyer Cites Bush Ruling on Geneva Convention in Marine Prisoner Abuse Case Click. (OCR Reg) + U.S. Soldiers Kill Two Detainees, Wound Five in Fight at Abu Ghraib Prison Click.

IRAN: Iran to hit Dimona if Israel attacks

AFRICA: Huge boost to Darfur aid effort + Darfur exposes trait of Arab politics

MIDDLE EAST: Israel OKs construction bids for new housing for settlers + US Refrains from Condemning Israeli Settlement Expansion + Vatican mustering int'l pressure on Israel to alter West Bank fence route + High Noon on the right: For PM, losing Likud vote may cripple Gaza plan; rebels fear a loss could ruin all.

Arafat admits officials abused power

Egypt's Iron Fist: Cam McGrath


Panel urged to go slow on 9/11 revamp. Officials caution against Pentagon's running covert shop +  Panel's Call for Strong Intelligence Chief Wins Crucial Ally + Rumsfeld: Use Caution in Reform of Intelligence + Rumsfeld hits call for spy chief

Translation Mistake Brings FBI Mosque Sting Into Question

Analysts: Bush Plan Vague on Troop Movement in Asia + Editorial: Redeployment/Contradictions in Bush's plan Click. + Bush's Withdrawal From the World

Pakistan issues $1m al-Qaeda list

C.I.A. Officer Denounces Agency and Sept. 11 Report

Taiwan buys off US Congressmen with cash

Russian Court Rejects Researchers' Appeal

Canadian parliament may become spy watchdog

Homeland Security 101

Click. Anthony Monckton Named MI6 by Serbs

Alleged Sept. 11 helper introduced witness to Atta

Bombs found near Blair holiday villa

Salvadoran Officials, FBI Investigate Alleged Al-Qaida Threats on Internet

Eight Terror Suspects Linked to U.S. Alert Appear in British Court; Prosecutor Says Case Represents 'tip of Iceberg'

Pakistan Publishes Photos of Six Terror Suspects, Seeks Public Help to Capture Top Al-Qaida Operative, Five Others

MILITARY Army soldier sues to protest extended military service

Ambush in Ramadi

From Bosnian child soldier to U.S. Army leader Click.

Iraq call-ups sap manpower back home

Albanian and American forces in joint exercises

30 Year Secret Of US Takeover Of Diego Garcia



In Reversal, U.S. Court Allows Some Forced DNA Tests

Purdue, Law Enforcement Probe Digital World Of Computer Forensics

Two sisters facing deportation after ill-fated border crossing

Mysterious Arkansas Girl's Disappearance

War Against Homeless In Tulsa

Expedited deportations begin this week on Mexican border. Critics say program lacks protections for asylum seekers

Lawmaker, wife fight ex-maid for her baby

2-year sentence in 'exorcism' death

DOE network: Identifying the unidentifiable

The Kobe Bryant Case: Why Prosecutors Should Dismiss It, And Why Dismissal, For Bryant, May Be Bittersweet

The Anti-Phishing Act of 2004: A Useful Tool Against Identity Theft

Villfied Staten Island ferry captain won't face charges

Oprah has a bloody tough day in jury box

Caregivers of Rilya Wilson, Long-Missing Florida Girl, Charged With Child Abuse


San Jose: Young victim tells jury of kidnap, rape (SJM Reg) + San Jose girl recounts ordeal

Fremont man accepts deal in DUI death

Hayward police have few leads in St. Bede's church vandalism

Woman's friends fault hospital for police shooting and her attempted murder charge

Kelly shooting suspect surrenders

'Hazardous' takes on new meaning in life of firefighters

Gang experts: Intervention has to begin at an early age

California cities tackle violence at Internet gaming parlors

Pomona man sentenced to 60 years to life for DUI crash that killed four

Brentwood: Pulled-over cycle had rear-mounted camera

Female workers file suit against Costco

Woman pleads guilty to manslaughter

Patients sue for return of seized pot

No hate charges against Davis boy

Yolo court program to teach tolerance

East meets West as capital cop shares hostage strategies in China

Psychologists play large role in child custody battles

City Hall stymies LAPD computer purchase Click. + Use of Flashlights Probed in 2 More LAPD Incidents Click. (LAT Reg) + Investigation in beating case nearly complete Click.

Michael Jackson: Judge: Authorities had probable cause to search Neverland ranch + A double whacko for Jacko lawyers + Judge fines Michael Jackson's lawyer

Scott Peterson: Peterson jury dismissed for day; judge cites" potential development" + Defense's turn to question Amber Frey (SJM Reg) + Frey tells of gifts from Peterson (CCT Reg) + Tape: Peterson offered to pay Frey's rent + He lied -- but does that mean he killed? + Liar, liar ... Sometimes, truth hurts + Frey refused to meet Peterson + The Peterson File + Developments Tuesday + A bag full of presents for lover's birthday + Fling on, despite wire taps


The Governor: Gov. on bridge costs: pay up and shut up + Gov.'s job is building bridges + Czar of Sprawl could use a little regional assistance + Burton says he'd back $4 tolls in Bay Area. Lawmakers seek ways to pay for Bay Bridge overruns +Officials battle over Bay Bridge + Lawmakers seek bridge Plan B + Bay Area leaders will fight Gov.'s plan to make them cover added retrofit costs + Bill would consolidate toll oversight (CCT Reg) + Blizzard of late bills will put Schwarzenegger to the test. Decisions will help define his administration + Tribe reaches deal for giant San Pablo casino. Schwarzenegger OKs Pomo Indian plan for nation's third-largest gambling palace + Gov., five tribes set to sign compacts + Editorial: Mega casino on the way + Pick by Gov. for Office of Administrative Law raises concerns + Dan Walters: Gov.'s review panel mostly ignores messy tax system + End of Session Frenzy in Capitol Click. (LAT Reg)

State bill seeks reparations for Depression actions + Assembly rejects measure that would ease school parcel taxes + Assembly sides with prison guards' union. Officials complained contract hampers probes into crimes + Offshore firms are targeted + 'Granny flats' bill passes Senate panel +Senate OKs Cosmetic Surgery Bill Click. (LAT Reg) + State Bill Mandates Maternity Coverage Click. + Burton pulls controversial child-custody legislation Click. + Workplace monitoring bill advances Click.

17 public entities quit CalPERS over health costs

Field Poll: Voters irked at Congress, but give thumbs-up to Feinstein, Boxer

5 top donors to Shelley failed to file with state. Contributors had been warned of law


San Jose aims to clean up bid process (SJM Reg) + S.J. gives builders break on high-rises

Toxics meeting set today in Mountain View (SJM Reg)

Alameda County targets Tule mosquito, tiniest of foes

Air traffic controllers urge funding to ease staffing shortage (SJM Reg)

School days: Mission San Jose parents diving in to save athletic officials' jobs + Livermore schools raise meal prices + State oversight lax for vocational schools + Monterey: Costs for students rise + Williams deal - Better California schools by inches + State Isn't the Only One Failing Our Kids Click. (LAT Reg) + Area Spanish-speakers score well on state test Click. + Special needs on the brinkin San Diego Click. + Online Schools Clicking With Students

Contra Costa County: County seeks new operator of homeless shelters + Officials try to find way in have open space

Tracy housing measure means big bucks

BART, AC Transit directors face battles

Drinking water from Tuolumne River examined

Garden Grove considers possible Indian casino near Disneyland

Report: Heat stroke, a concern every summer, killed farm worker

Bees in Santa Ana attack were Africanized, DNA tests show

East Bay Park District looks to delta for land. Acquiring open space a struggle as real estate prices go sky high

Richmond: Tribes battle over casino land. One band against Guidiville proposal at Point Molate + Orange County City Hopes to Add Touch of Vegas Click. (LAT Reg) + San Diego County tribes eye side-by-side casino plan Click.

San Francisco: Elections officials reject petition to recall embattled supervisor Sophie Maxwell. More than half of the signatures were ruled invalid + Court denies city bid to delay court ruling striking down City's affirmative action bidding + Longer hours, random testing in firefighters' new pact. Supes approve contract extension, saving $11 million + Study OKd on Transbay Terminal, condo tower. Supervisors want plan to build both on same land parcel + Food Bank getting aid to 1,000 more people + Gossip + The recall mystery

Alta Bates implements the contract its union rejected

Santa Rosa Council OKs 154-acre annex

Sonoma County names first woman agricultural commissioner

Oakland cuts 46 jobs to balance budget

Frivolous suits may bar a firm from Oakland Port deals

Roseville, developers reach pact on habitat

Sacramento fire chief keeps job

Developer ‘numb’ after Watsonville housing vote falls short

Santa Cruz County readies medical pot rules

L.A. Decision Delayed on Solar Power Rebates Click. (LAT Reg)

Federal Land Sales Aimed at Fueling Growthor just a giveaway Click. (LAT Reg)

L.A. Fire Reopens Debate on Sprinklers Click. (LAT Reg)

Ashcroft ham-handed in handling protesters + Taking Exception + N.Y. WELCOMES PROTESTERS WITH DISCOUNTS


Activist Tom Hayden pledges disruptions 'bigger by a thousand fold' for GOP conventions of most white Christians


UN Agency Warns Locust Plague in Africa Will Worsen

California reports nearly 12 percent increase in West Nile cases + West Nile cluster in Central Valley targeted Click. + Alameda County assault targets mosquito hot spots Click. + Virus touches blood banks Click.

New Chiron vaccine seeks to tame bird flu

Anti-Bacterial Additive Found In Maryland Streams Click.

Stem Cell Research Targets Cerebral Palsy

Demo: Artificial Retina

Tomato Juice May Cut Clotting in Diabetics + Researchers hope to open eyes on diabetes in Latinos (SJM Reg)

The 'Adonis Effect': Mayo Researchers Discover Genetic Basis In Mice For Aging With Strong Bones, Low Body Fat

Out From The Shadows: Two New Saturnian Moons

How Special Is The Solar System?

Gene Duplication Allowed Pigs To Have More Babies

Using Statistics To Decipher Secrets Of Natural Mutation

Antidepressants Plus 'Talk Therapy' Are Effective Therapy For Teen Depression

Each White Whale Has Its Individual Voice

Scientists Discover New Approaches To Manipulating AIDS Virus

Greenland Ice Core Project Yields Probable Ancient Plant Remains

Researchers Identify Breakthrough In Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Women's Expectation Of Life Span Influences Their Babies' Gender

Between Faith and Medicine, How Clear a Line?

Huge waves erode British coast

Science creates 'own mavericks'

Embryo screening 'no health risk'

Brain anti-anxiety switch found

Virtual 3D heart to treat babies

Scientists Stumble Upon New Bird

Sewage Waters Tenth of World's Crops

Scientists Formulate Intelligent Glass That Blocks Heat Not Light

Campers across the South West can enjoy showers heated by the sun

Carbon Nanotubes Eliminate Manufacturing Woe

Unmasking The 'Foreman' Of The Golgi Apparatus

Teleportation goes long distance

Study: Unpatched PCs Compromised in 20 Minutes

Japan Unveils World's Lightest Flying Robot

Microsoft download 'can cause meltdown'


Bush criticizes missile-shield opponents

President authorizes continued assistance to Colombia

Effort by Bush on Education Faces Obstacles in the States


Public evenly split on Iraq war

Arab-American voters give their views on the presidential elections

Retiring Republican congressman says Iraq war was unjustified

Five-term Wyo. congresswoman wins GOP primary

On Cipel's Jewishness + Sez Gov lover's his ex + McGreevey Donor Kushner Pleads Guilty to Tax Crime, Videotaping Call Girl

BUSH/CHENEY: Popular Powell keeps his distance - sort of + Bush rolls out on third Wisconsin bus tour + Bush vows to increase Guard, reservist benefits + Bushism of the Day

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry continues to hold edge in Pa. + Kerry raps Bush over troop redeployment plan + Edwards focuses on jobs in Arkansas visit + Cloning Kerry's Friend or Foe? + Kerry disputes allegations on Cambodia + GQ gets up close and personal with Kerry


The enduring political illusion of farm subsidies

Rise of Empire: Justin Raimondo

Evolving Empire: Bush's Troop Realignment

Cheney speaks to the reptile brain

Michael Kieschnick: Don't forget the scandals on the back burner Click.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter: Worried about security? 'The Handmaid's Tale' Click.

Ted Rall: NYC to GOP: Drop Dead Click.

Blood for pork....

Army flip-flops, decides to pay Halliburton despite questions. Subsidiary allowed more time to justify bills for Iraq work


Crude Oil Rises to Record in New York as U.S. Refiners Boost Operations Crude oil prices

SEC Says Google IPO Document Effective + Google slashes IPO price, cuts number of shares offered (SJM Reg) + Has the Google guys' brashness cost them?

Hundreds of thousands apply for jobs at Long Beach, LA ports

Italy's Parmalat sues ex-auditors

Making Free IPods Pay Off

Hotel seizure in Moscow has investors fretting

How India hopes to reshape the world drugs industry

Goldman Sachs blazes a trail in China

Secretive bank gets new scrutiny

An outsourcing rush

Russia: Beijing Says It Will Cover Yukos' Rail Fees to Ensure Oil Shipments to China Continue


A man cares for the family of man who saved his life decades ago

Like it or not, Oprah, this jury pool needs you


States of Denial

Olympian women escape the age barrier

Faith plays minor role in lives of most white Christians

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Pair of SoCal Episcopal parishes break rank with national church + Still Proud To Be In SF + Why the California Supreme Court Repudiated San Francisco's Issuance of Same-Sex Marriage Licenses + Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Bush gals to see gay vows + Massachusetts Judge Denies Relief to Out-of-State Gay Couples

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Setbacks on press protections seen Click.

Reporters Shouldn't Be Punished for Shielding Sources, Their Lawyers Say

Indie Filmmakers Shoot the Republican Convention

The Press and Police: Together We Keep the Country Safe From Anarchy

Media in Najaf under siege

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

and figure and sea with a ship,
Van Gogh,

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Coastal Rep announces 2005 season

Cabrillo festival wraps up weekend of new music

Gustine readies for big festival

She wants the pets that nobody else wants

For cavers, the final frontier lies far below the surface

Fabulous Beasts

Wardrobe war

Cahokia Indian mound virtual site

NM Governor Rekindles Roswell UFO Investigation

Games People Played

Forgotten Roman town discovered

Crocodile cassoulet and bubble baths on South Africa's luxury Blue Train

Eclectic Russian arts lined up at Cannes festival

Russian arts enjoy a summer on the Hudson

San Francisco: Episcopal priest quits before 4th marriage

Day of the Comets

Restorers race to save the beloved Cutty Sark from collapse

Stonehenge Tunnel Faces Tough Road Ahead

Lloyd Grove: My Kerry amour!

Rush & Molloy: Ay, Chihuahua! Paris is missing a pal

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Word of the day

AUGUST 16, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
A peace bid for Najaf + Al-Mahdi Army digs in, hopes for deal + Isolated clashes in Najaf, national conference delays Sadr mission + Najaf Clashes Occupy Panel + Protest at Iraq Forum Reshapes Najaf Crisis + Battle for Iraq's future + Iraqi Govt Conference Sinks Into Chaos + As Offensive Resumes in Najaf, Some Iraqi Troops Deserting + Can Allawi Win by Unleashing US Marines? + Iraqi 'human shields' flock to Najaf + Militia Set Fire to Iraq Oil Well in New Tactic + Shrine Under Siege Once More+ More re "Iraqi" forces and Najaf + Sadr vs. Sistani: Shi'ite Power + Struggle: Juan Cole + Orders of battle

Occupation: Iraq's Interim President Pledges to Crackdown on Turkish Kurdish Rebels Based in Northern Iraq

War prisons: Family of Iraq Abuse Whistleblower Threatened + Americans in Afghan Trial Ask FBI for Documents + Torture trial. A former American soldier takes the stand in Kabul + US 'bounty hunter' claims FBI links + The Guantanamo Mock Trials

AFGHANISTAN: Violence threatens Afghan vote + Saving Afghanistan from the killing fields + Taking on the Taliban + Afghan Anti-Drug Commandoes

AMERICAS: Chavez Declares Recall Victory; Foes Claim Fraud + Chávez declares referendum victory, but is battle over? + The Importance of Hugo Chavez + Carter Says Monitors Agree With Results

Farmland Fight Moves to Isolated Argentine Woods

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon the warrior + Hunger strike in Israeli prisons. Palestinians issue 57 demands; captors take a tough stance + Prisons consider barbecues to break up Palestinian hunger strike


Guantanamo Terror Detainees May Get Private Talks With Lawyers, Judge Says

New CIA Director Wants Power to Spy On, Arrest, U.S. Citizens

Report: al-Qaeda Held March Meeting in Pakistan + Alleged Al-Qaida Operative Caught in Britain Visited Pakistan in March

Bin Laden Trail Still Cold, Pakistan Says

Ready or Not, Missile Defense Click. (LAT Reg)

Italy gets new threats from ally of Al Qaeda


Georgia Tech Professor Says Arrest in China Based on Fabricated Charges

Ex-Spy Chiefs Say Intelligence Czar Needs Power Over Spending


GM to Begin Making Cadillac Luxury Sedans in China This Year

Apple's strategy a familiar tune

Little-known startup was behind iPod's easy-to-use interface

Oil prices hit new highs, ease on Venezuela relief

Biotech bans finally arouse farm industry

Analyst: Corporate cultures outdated

No insurance is a roll of the dice Click. (LAT Reg)

Google Asks SEC to Declare Document Effective Tues + Confidence of founders may harm Google IPO

China running out of workers

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: S.F. wedding expo tailored for gays (SJM Reg) + THE BATTLE OVER SAME-SEX MARRIAGE. Central Valley's view: Court made right call + La. Judge Refuses to Block Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Amendment to Constitution


All most all forgeries can now be detected by science

Purdue, Law Enforcement Probe Digital World Of Computer Forensics

Prosecutors may drop case against Bryant + Bryant prosecutors dealt another setback

Lil' Kim decries 'witch hunt'

Judge denies divorce: Adultery not enough

New mantra for reformers: Don't sue

Court rules original school voucher law unconstitutional


Orinda: Top Chiron lawyer's home is vandalized. Protesters clothed in black linked to animal-rights group

Richmond: Police seek 2nd suspect in Kelly slaying

Trial set today for Scanlon linked to robbery spree (SJM Reg)

San Jose immigration office lifts itself from `hell' (SJM Reg)

Judge orders test on Cooper evidence

Evolution Of Whale Hearing Unfolds In Fossil

Marijuana Ingredient Inhibits VEGF Pathway Required For Brain Tumor Blood Vessels

Jefferson Scientists Find Gene Expression Pattern May Predict Behavior Of Leukemia

Listening In On The Whispering Heart

New Hope For Children With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Punishing Start for the Freed

Elimination of weekend autopsies upsets Alameda County cops

Conflict of Interest in Probe of Orange County Sheriff? Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Jurors hear more wire taps from Peterson mistress + Frey could be big factor in trial. Geragos must decide on approach to ex-girlfriend + Family, friends dish on Frey on national TV + Geragos set to face 'real test' + Scott may paint Amber scarlet + Scott Peterson: a cad with a huge fantasy life + Wire Taps Show Peterson Asking Mistress for Trust: 'We Can Have a Relationship'

Michael Jackson: State attorney general: Michael Jackson not manhandled by deputies + Dueling public relations + Michael Jackson and clan make court appearance in showman style


The Governor: Proposals would fast-track approval of logging, oil refinery construction + Guv's Community Service Plan For College Kids Is Misguided + State boards may face demise. Review team calls for change in regulatory powers + State budget is tight for disaster training, and feds may cut funding in half despite post-9/11 plan

3 vie for Burton's Senate leadership role. Democrats to vote on replacement + Deal-Broker Peralta Seeks Top Job + Perata may lead Senate + Perata Has Been Fined Twice for Campaign Finance Violations Click. (LAT Reg)

S.F. woman at center of suspect Shelley donations

State family leave payments slow to reach 7000 applicants

Used-car measure mired in disputes + Late-blooming custody bill puts Legislature into marital wars

Families support Proposition 61 to ease growing numbers at children's hospitals Click. (FB Reg) + Groups duel over Prop. 67 the Emergency Medical Care Initiative imposing 3.7 percent surcharge on in-state telephone calls Click.

State Dumping Early Primary, Returning to June and Sanity Click. (LAT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS: A moment of silence for "Capitol Kitty"

Shasta County: Fire burns 7,700 acres near Redding -- 1,500 battle blaze

Experts: West is feeling the heat + Ironing out an idea

DMV testing to get a tune-up

San Jose weighs trade-off for high-rise housing (CCT Reg) + Opinion: Build those high-rises

School days: New Pittsburg school (CCT Reg) + Test scores mixed for state, local students + Education in state requires makeover - not manicure + Stan State pair recall first days of school + Creating sense of community helps colleges keep students + UC Merced lays foundation for medical school +Charter Academy Shuts 60 Schools Click. (LAT Reg) + Schools anxious over special education program Click. + Livermore: Higher student meal prices up for a vote

West Nile: Marin: Pesticide peril? + Time to deal with virus is now + West Nile hot line is swamped by callers Click. + Pesticide-Free Town Abuzz Over Spraying Click. (LAT Reg)

Proposal aims to preserve historic Belvedere property

Klamath River: New push for consensus on major salmon stream

Berkeley's answer to prostitution

Point Isabel Shoreline the largest off-leash dog park in the nation

Rohnert Park spins the big wheel

Decaying park reflects Oakland problems

West Hollywood claims rights to Sunset Strip

Caltrans protests air study order

Oakland port scrambles to lure shippers

New pet store has holistic bent

Oakland: Chain hotel may buy Will Rogers hotel

FERC Aims to Sharpen Its Bite Click. (LAT Reg)

Will L.A. garbage become export? Click.

Orange County Treasurer Warns County of Pension Risk Click. (LAT Reg)

Funding sought for parks in Tracy

MILITARY Dublin: A full weekend of services for homeless vets in need

Cody ignored military tradition to get to the top + Ignoring Tradition to Get to the Top

Lost work is doing a job on Guard troops

Army on track to meet goal of re-enlisted soldiers

The Big One

Blimps 'perfect' for Arctic sovereignty

Why Canada backs Americans' 'useless scarecrow in the sky'

Midshipmen learn the ropes

American Army Goes Back to the Future

Political protesters come under FBI questioning + FBI, cops track potential RNC troublemakers

Jeffrey Toobin on political protesters

Is your waistline the feds' business?

UK: Criminals' children to be 'tracked'

Critics Fear Russian History Textbooks Overlook Soviet Crimes and Repression


Elderly benefit from lawmakers' stand against abuse at assisted-living sites

Hungry world 'must eat less meat'


Biowar: State health tracking laws limited

West Nile hot line is swamped by callers Click.

Graft hope for dialysis patients + Better kidney care plan unveiled + Kidney failure

Stroke Treatment FDA Approved

Corn Cob Open Opens Lines of Communication

Technology Already Exists To Stabilize Global Warming

Longevity Protein May Slow Many Neurodegenerative Disorders

Protective Gene May Enhance Vaccine Responses

Hubble Peers Inside A Celestial Geode

Research Examines Bio-pesticides Battle With Both Pests And Regulators Self-assembling And Biologically Active Artificial Pores May Lead To A Future Full Of Holes

Wilderness amid a sea of human development

Growing body tissue to get to Mars

Study ties Alzheimer's to pollution

Rogue proteins give yeast an edge

Clue to stopping killer viruses

Nanotech Research Spending Seen Reaching $8.6 Bln

Seeking a fuller search engine

Apple files 'chameleon' computer case patent

DVD Jon Strikes Again

Windows update causes headaches


Bush u-turns on intel czar powers Click.

US to withdraw 60,000-70,000 troops from Europe and Asia: Bush + Rumsfeld briefs Russians + Redeploying for quicker action

Bush offers quick aid, tours hurricane zone. 16 dead, hundreds unaccounted for in worst storm since '92

Bush Forces a Shift In Regulatory Thrust + 'Data Quality' Law Is Nemesis Of Regulation


Same-sex marriage grows as swing-state issue

Effort to get out the vote already extensive, costly

Colorado weighs proportional electoral votes

Golan Cipel speaks + McGreevey aide claims sexual harassment

In Election 2004, true battlegrounds may be across the sea

Rock the Vote Goes IM

Election: Science Plays Politics

Goss: Don't fight CIA pick, a key Dem counsels + Dems warned

BUSH/CHENEY: New Bush ad raps Kerry on intel reform + Rep. Portman is Bush's man for Ohio + Bush camp readies appeal to veterans + Reading, writing & right-wing politics + Air marshals to look GOP & 'blend in' + Bushism of the Day

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry, Edwards take aim at Bush's corporate ties + Mass. Republicans eye Kerry's Senate seat + Edwards caps intense push for Iowa's electoral votes + Edwards calls for prescription drug changes + In Ohio, doubts remain on Kerry + Ex-Navy chief: Kerry earned Nam medals + Rush & Molloy: GOP Kerry diagnosis is bad medicine + Bill O'Reilly: Wrong to attack Kerry war record + The purple heart of a campaign + Republican Armed Services Committee Chair Defends Kerry + Poll: 75 percent of U.S. Jews say will vote for Kerry in November


Sex, Lies, and Terrorism: Justin Raimondo

Dialogue before bullets

Patriot wonders what son died for in Iraq

1.3 billion reasons to worry about oil

Bush Nailed for Packing Government With Corporate Buddies

No way out

Theater of the Absurd in Iraq: Chalabi, Feith and Israel

Iran Through an Iraqi Mirror?

WHO WINS: The War on Terror Isn't Really About Terror

Blood for pork....

Army gives Halliburton more time in dispute

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Allawi Moves to Impose Media Clampdown + Police Fire at Reporters as US Tanks Roll Up to Shrine + Iran TV Journalist Arrested Reporting Live From Najaf + Journalists ordered to leave Najaf

Internet publishing attracting academics

Galloway Calls Covering Deaths in Iraq the "Hardest Thing" He's Ever Written

It's Just the 'internet' Now

After 51 years, a new editor for the Paris Review

Hate and Rockets:

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Today's magazines

Juan Cole reports

Moore boats, Van Gogh

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

San Jose road expert walks Lewis & Clark trail (SJM Reg)

Small wineries win over public at San Rafael fair

Novato panel promoting trail network

Backyard birding lessons (CCT Reg)

1938 Horch elegant winner in Concours d'Elegance

San Rafael skate park opens

Sacramento: Trees of history

Muslim roots of the blues

Pope delivers emotional Lourdes sermon

Flying saucers in New Mexico? Governor rekindles Roswell

Lyrical Indian Tongue Thrives in Paraguay

Cuba's Brilliant Ballerinas Wow Dance World

Badgers Threaten Ancient Burial Sites

Song of the North

New Traditionalists in theatre

Julia Child's legacy

9/11 revisited by Art Spiegleman

Russian astronaut saw UFO

Nicky Hilton's 3 a.m. Las Vegas wedding

Sex, Serge and me

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 13, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Najaf truce brings calm to city + US Suspends Najaf Offensive for Talks + Sadr Wounded in Battle, Not Life-Threatening + American Tactics Raising Iraqi Cleric's Support + US poised for killer blow against Muqtada + To terminate or not + Sadr Wounded and Surrounded + Many of nation's Shiites taking attack personally + Cobban: Turning point for whom? + Shias call for split from Baghdad + Coalition Troops in Iraq, by Country, and Countries That Have Withdrawn Forces + Ukraine Reassures Rumsfeld It Will Keep Troops in Iraq + Orders of battle

Aljazeera: Rallies slam US military assault on Najaf + Al-Sadr sets conditions for Najaf truce + Al-Sadr 'wounded' in US bombing + US forces reoccupy heart of Najaf + Najaf officials quit in protest + Al-Sadr group seeks Arab intervention + US forces strike Kut

Occupation: Disabled kids in a pinch get GI help. Baghdad institute wins American hearts and minds + Iraqi Officials Resign Over US Aggression + Fixing Bremer’s Blunder, and Letting Loose the Words

War prisons: Kuwaiti detainee says he is charity worker + Guantanamo Tribunals Pick Up the Pace + Will Abu Ghraib Fade Away? + Lawyers for detainees seek to delay tribunals + Memo said reservist did 'fine job' with Iraq inmates + Chris Floyd: 'Unnatural acts' Click. + Four Guantanamo Prisoners Ruled 'Enemy Combatants' + U.S.: No legal rights for detainees

IRAN: US blinkered over Iran ties + Tehran's missile test stirs concern

AMERICAS: Indigenous tribe takes on big oil / Ecuadorian village refuses money, blocks attempts at drilling on ancestral land

Venezuelan leader blesses barrios with 'revolution'. Poor eat better as referendum nears + Why does Venezuela's Hugo Chavez inspire such passions? + An antidote for apathy


Goss: The Spy Who Came in From the Cold and Onto the Hot Florida Sands + Panel Headed by CIA Nominee Was Singled Out in 9/11 Report



Study says pension funds investing in terror states

Livermore Lab panelists make do on threat to step down

al-Qaeda's U.S. network

Former Spy Chief to Head British Version of FBI

Pity Los Alamos' Whistle-Blowers

Did British intelligence send its own spies to their deaths?

CIA insider warns against reform

Valley Muslims still upset over ethnic profiling after FBI talk

Australian intelligence cleared of ignoring Bali terror threats

Chechen Separatists Received Funding to Disrupt Upcoming Election — FSB

U.S. Protests Treatment of Citizen in Chinese Jail

Spies Give the Olympics the All Clear

Pakistan nabs 5 Al Qaeda suspects, leader of militant group

Click. UK Queen Called as Witness by Former Agent

Fear stalks Pakistan's anniversary

Rep. Anthony Weiner Asks Bush To Pardon Pollard 

ABCs of the CIA: a to-do list for Porter Goss

INDIA-PAKISTAN: Tribes Give in on al Qaeda

Uncle of Al-Qaida No. 2 Al-Zawahri Dies in Egypt

MILITARY Homeless veterans receive gifts of kindness at event

Army wrapping up effort to move 2nd BCT, equipment to Mideast Click.

Efforts To Raise Super Secret Nazi U-Boat Off Cape Cod

France to salute veterans who stormed Riviera beaches in WWII


U.S. eases immigration rules for visitors from 27 countries

Illinois Ex-Guv's Indictment Sticks

Tennessee County Won't Jail Debtors


Prosecution and accuser in Bryant seek to ease judge's gag order

Motel 6 chain settles claims

Seminary shut amid pornography probe

Farm subsidy fraud

Kobe Bryant's Lawyers Say No to Delay in Trial

Overlooked in the Tort Reform Debate: Abusive Litigation by Defendants


Sex offenders must be placed in own county.  New law requires convicts to return to last area of residence + New law could keep Verse out of Merced

Possible witness in Jane Doe case (Castro Valley) sends second letter (CCT Reg) +  2nd mystery letter on body dumping + Second letter describes suspect

New law weakens 'sue boss' measure

Los Altos day care centers given short notice to comply with law (SJM Reg)

3-year-old (abducted by mother) returned to home (CCT Reg) + $1 million bail set for mom in chase

Anti-crime show targets 'Roofman Robber' (CCT Reg)

San Jose police kill man who waived knife at them + Shoplifting suspect killed during pursuit

2 sentenced in slaying of Fairfax man Marc Oldham

Oakland: Watching the police's watchdogs

Sacramento: Teen rapist can't cite campus sex attitudes in defense

Hearing on Sacramento abortion clinic rule delayed

Officials hunt for prowler who has been watching kids in Rancho Cordova

Sacramento: Teenage girl dies after throat slashed by boyfriend

Modesto: 9th Street abduction is foiled by victim

New law could keep Verse out of Merced

Folsom: Man faces charges of defrauding Verizon

Ex-Unify boss faces sentencing

Clint Eastwood settles libel suit against biographer, publisher

Top Sonoma County public defender Louis Haffner retiring

Court is briefed on pair of soiled briefs in Sausage King case + 'Sausage king' may take stand

Hayward: Pair enter pleas for bunny cruelty

Appeals court rules in favor of Beringer

Santa Cruz: T Three pound pot limit could be set

Sources say Michael Jackson to attend special hearing next week

San Francisco: Several arrested after shooting, chase through Tenderloin + Timid witnesses, poverty, racism blamed for failure of witnesses to come forward in  in killings + Ingleside killer knew victim, police say + Ex-technology chief in Department of Bldg Inspection sentenced for fraud

Scott Peterson: Peterson tells Frey of lies, Laci (CCT Reg) + In calls, lover grilled Peterson over missing wife (SJM Reg) + Frey confronts Peterson about lies + Defendant: 'I have lied to you'. Dramatic day as tapes reveal apologies, anger + Strange twist to Frey tapes + Journalist banned from trial for making secret recordings + Field Poll: Casino initiatives falling out of favor + Developments Thursday + Frey confronts Scott on tapes


The Governor: Gov. OK's new law re: releasing sex predators into communities + Gov.: Debate letting foreign-born serve as president + Indian casino measures take dive, poll finds. Gov. has not begun to fight them + Child welfare workers brace for cutbacks + Gov. swaps smog board seats + Gov. is torn between demands of state and GOP. Gov. is still defining his role in Bush campaign; calls pal Kerry 'terrific'  + Last-Minute Legislation Challenged Click. (LAT Reg) + Mixed Reviews on Tax Cut Plan Click. (LAT Reg) + Immigrant driver bill stalls Click. + State plan would cut red tape, not jobs Click.

Committee votes down ambitious solar home energy bill + Steroid testing legislation dropped + Editorial: Where's the money? + Assembly could help homebuyers in Santa Cruz + Bill to add urban clout to air board fizzles out  Click. (FB Reg)

In-home care gets 1.7 billion federal aid

Why California loses cases vs. prison guard brutality

Voting: Lawmakers cut e-voting's paper trail + Shelley Cancels Plan to Encourage Absentee Voting Click. + State relents on touch-screen balloting Click. (CCT Reg)

New storm buffets secretary of state

LOCAL NEWS: Bear Fire razes 60 homes. 1,100 fighting blaze over 7,500 acres northeast of Redding + Residents of fire-prone areas urged to be ready in case they need to flee

Novato pond work planned amid West Nile concern

Five Bay Area cities listed among most multiracial (SJM Reg)

San Rafael: Disability panel to study access

School days:  West Valley Mission College eyes campus in Kuwait (SJM Reg) + East Bay: Peralta board to get new faces. 4 of 7 members will not seek re-election + Oakland: School control suit gets 20-day reprieve + Consulting firm hired to conduct Yosemite college search + Filmmaker to teach at Chabot College + Manteca school is in again for 14,000 kids

Legislative committee passes Sen. Alarcon's audit requests re: LA Water & Power

2nd official resigns amid San Jose City Hall investigation

Los Altos day care centers given short notice to cut enrollment to comply with law

Sacramento: Juvenile strip-search policy illegal, attorney says

Teen's 'junk' gun takeover bid fails + Teen loses bid to buy guns, but wins too

Key agency clears Hearst Ranch plan. Critics say deal is a 'bait and switch' + Panel endorses Hearst land deal + Here are some of the major points of Hearst Ranch plan

Shell Refinery in Bakersfield gives in to state

Oakland: Branch libraries get longer hours

Contra Costa County: Open-space backers ponder loss. Weighted voting system gave large-property owners more say

Questions swirl around attempt to oust Sacramento Metro Fire District chief

Clerk, treasurer positions go begging in Gustine

Auditors: Troubled Drew hospital's financial records disorganized

Fast-growing Riverside County wins OK for conservation zone

San Francisco: Newsom calls for city audit of Neighborhood Resources center. Nearly $200,000 in grants was meant to aid immigrants + Newsom adds to loyal ranks on the board

Four council seats up for grabs in Berkeley + 9 candidates vie for 3 Ukiah City Council seats + 10 vie for two AmCan council seats

Union Landing businesses to pay cop tax

Newark clinic action was not retaliatory

Bay Area grocery unions call for boycott 

Click. (CCT Reg)

Corruption Probe Seeks Hahn E-Mails

13 in Santa Ana Stung as 120,000-Plus Bees Attack  Click. (LAT Reg)

Livermore directors keep travel expenses

Restaurateur's beef with Calistoga eases


'NYT' Judith Miller Subpoenaed in Plame Probe + More Trouble for Judith Miller and 'New York Times': Subpoena in Plame/Novak Probe

Top Iraqi Nuke Scientist Denies British Niger Claim

All Leaks Are Not Alike (LA Reg)


Report faults U.S. inspectors. Asylum seekers were mistreated at some airports

ACLU forms coalition of nonprofits to fight terrorist watch list policy

Sociology meets human rights


Beantown sniffs 'Frisco fish stew

Paul Krassner: What is funny?



New Drugs Thwart Dirty Bomb Effects

Canada Beef Producers File Trade Lawsuit Against U.S.

Nile virus ills lasting

Potentially Lethal Parasite Can Be Transmitted By Mosquitoes

CDC evaluates last year's flu shot

Clues to beating stomach cancer


Local man lived with false HIV diagnosis for 8 years

Extremely normal teen life, with a dark side

Bird Ancestor Had Smarts to Fly

Schizophrenia Gene Variant Linked To Risk Traits

Rutgers-Newark Biologist Links Presence Of Protein To Spread Of Cancerous Cells

Busy Year Ahead For Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Team

Excess Thyroid Hormone Harmful To Fetus

Researcher Discovers Solution For Invasive Tree

Undersea Habitat Becomes Experimental Hospital For NEEMO 7

Trajectory Maneuver Brings Spacecraft Closer To Home

Graduate Student Formidable Foe For Rice Water Weevil

What Is A Comet Made Of?

Flame Retardant Levels Much Higher In Farmed Salmon

Survey Explains Why Some Animals Have Smaller Eyes: Lifestyle Matters More Than Size

LBP-1a Gene Mutation Linked To Disruption Of Normal Fetal Development

Houston man gets liver after billboard ad

Improved shuttle fuel tanks close to completed

Bacteria gives coral orange glow

Worm protein may slow Parkinson's

Baby airway suction little value

NASA and stem cell research

Addicted Rats Brave Pain for Coke

Enhancing Stem Cell Transplants

HDL Cholesterol Inversely Related to Stroke Risk

FDA Reviewing Boston Scientific Acid Reflux Device

Hospitals Embrace SMS Technology

Study Shows How Consensus Is Attained In A Noisy World

NIST Tackles Tough Problems With Reliable Computer Grids

Undersea Habitat Becomes Experimental Hospital


Powell Calls Insurgents Outlaws and Says Al-Sadr Should Answer Iraqi Charges


Study says tax burden grows on middle class

Russian and US defense ministers to discuss fates of the world in St. Petersburg


Click. G.O.P. Cops—One Protector Per 2.4 Guests

Click. No Bush At Zero: President Steers Clear Of The Site

New Jersey governor resigns. Married father of 2 admits affair with another man + Michael Goodwin: Boo who? Let's get it straight + Jonathan Capehart: Out of the closet, into gay history

Demos retaliate in party-switching case. Louisiana lawmaker who switched to GOP should be taken off ballot, lawyers to argue

BUSH/CHENEY: Schwarzenegger joins Bush for south state fund-raiser + Bush launches Olympics campaign ad + President lauds Kerry Vietnam service, but declines to condemn ad + Prominent evangelicals say GOP hasn’t asked them to convention + Bush’s campaign in Southwest signals a move to middle + Many Editors in Ohio, Key Swing State, Predict Bush Victory + Bush Campaign Steps Up Attacks as Kerry Gains in Polls + Bushism of the Day:

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry: High oil prices threaten economy + John Kerry pulls ahead in 3 key states + Kerry war stance spurs GOP offensive + Polls suggest Arab-Americans gravitating toward Kerry + Kerry must tread lightly on Iraq issue + Kerry blasts Bush tax musings + Tax policies come under fire in Kerry's S. California stop + Kerry looking for votes among sportsmen who once shunned Democrats Click.


Bush's mythical recovery

Reinventing the War Party: Justin Raimondo

Parsing the Libyan Myth: Alan Bock

US Winning Najaf Battle, Losing Iraq War: Jim Lobe

White House Jumped Gun on Politically-Timed Terror Alert

Greeley: Homeland security's heavy hand

Paul Krugman: Bush's own goal Click.

Gail Sheehy: Rumsfeld and Bush failed us on Sept. 11 Click.

Greg Palast: Will the gang that fixed Florida fix the vote in Venezuela? Click.

Bush on a bike—peddling to Armageddon

The true objective in Iraq

The ultimate truth about 'compassionate conservatism'

Blood for pork....

Military Satellite Phone Contracts

The Unofficial Weapons Supply System


Crude Oil Rises Above $46 in New York on Concern About Supply Disruptions

U.S. Trade Gap Widens to Record on Oil Imports, Lower Demand from Abroad

EBay takes 25 percent stake in Craigslist (SJM Reg)

Denied a new credit card? You can research the reason

Google: Could Playboy interview slow IPO? + Google's worth in question as bidding begins

HP'S RESULTS DISAPPOINT + Shortfall puts CEO in hot seat


Urban wine-makers in San Francisco

Outsourcing Human Resources: cause for celebration?

The Drug Colossus

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Newsom, unbowed by decision, says he is 'more resolved' S.F. mayor reacts: Suit against state ban will continue + EXCERPTS FROM THE RULING + 'Can't take our love away' + Crestfallen gays remain defiant despite setback + Newsom's statement: 'Not giving it back' + Gay, retired Coast Guard admiral to speak

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Judges, Prosecutors Increasingly Demand Reporters Name Their Sources

Philippine journalists are dying to know

Legal and immigrant groups demand TV stations pull Green Card game

Net Publishing Made Profitable

Too Much Information?

Mike Wallace raps arrested development

Rebels release UK journalist

Patron saint of slow news days

Washington Post Remorsefully Washes its Hands on Iraq

Click. Despite Turmoil, Spiritual Memoir Keeps On Selling

Columbia campaign desk


Beach and figure and sea with a ship,
Van Gogh, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

The name Yosemite is one man's ode to area's Indians

Festivals honor Indian culture

Historic toy trains roll into Sacramento museum

Tour d'Elegance cruises through Monterey Peninsula

Napa fair offers something for everyone

Papal trip includes Lourdes shrine + Lourdes Readies for a Very Special Visitor

Noting Vatican Icon a Copy, Russian Orthodox Leader Reiterates There's No Need for Pope to Visit

Bold opera draws stars to rural nook

Venice beach: A hot place for free expression

Craig Kilborn quits "Late Late Show"

Fringe award offers leg-up to playwrights

Dampened hopes at Diana's memorial

A Tribute To The Original Hippie, Gypsy Boots

When Sicily isn't remote enough: calm, sea and thyme

Acts of Godzilla

At The Theater With John Heilpern

At The Movies With Andrew Sarris

Late Cooking Diva Julia Child Loved Red Meat, Gin

Click. Despite Turmoil, Spiritual Memoir Keeps On Selling

Beyond the Super Freak Mask

London's beefeaters: from medieval jailers to regal story-tellers

Rush & Molloy: Sliwa's off to City of (Guardian) Angels

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 12, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: U.S. Marines Seize Center of Najaf +  US bombers pound Shia city + Shia leaders condemn attack + Analysis: High stakes at Najaf + Allawi gives OK for hit on militants + Mehdi Uprising Widens: Chris Shumway + US Launches Major Offensive in Najaf + US Assaults Leave 165 Iraqis Dead, 600 Wounded + Sadr Tells Fighters: Carry On If I'm Martyred + Sadr plays to power of martyrdom + World's Shiites Warn That U.S. Is Treading on Sensitive Ground + Iraqi, U.S. Forces Capture 1,200 Rebels as Najaf Battle Enters Eighth Day + Juan Cole reports US forces storm cleric's house, just miss him + Orders of battle

Occupation: Iraqi Officials Won't Arrest Chalabi + Azerbaijan president earns Rumfeld's thanks for war support + Rumsfeld: Iraq security forces expanding + Iraq Announces the National Conference Begins Sunday

War prisons: Army probe of prison abuse calls for discipline of more GIs. Report also faults 2 dozen soldiers in military intelligence + U.S. to release citizen Hamdi detained without charges. Deal likely to send 'enemy combatant' to Saudi Arabia + EVIDENCE GAINED BY TORTURE ALLOWED BY BRITISH JUDGES + Torture Probes Not Going Away: Paul Sperry + Pentagon Questions All Interrogators Under Oath + 'Enemy combatants' could go free + CACI Internal Probe Finds No Iraq Prisoner Abuse + Abu Ghraib: Foxes in the henhouse + Court urged to unlock abuse info

AFGHANISTAN: Canadian troops brace for increased Afghan threat


Pentagon reluctant to cede power on spies. Some lawmakers agree reforms could delay battlefield data + Pentagon's spy chief warns against moving intelligence agencies

Report: Terrorists considered poisoning water supplies

Feds list UC labs' security failures. 'Screaming' man raced a truck through security barrier awaiting approval for use

Security for the Homeland, Made in Alaska



Pakistan's army: Custodians as proliferators

The War Through al-Qaeda's Eyes: William Lind

U.S. Protests Treatment of Citizen in Chinese Jail

Spies Give the Olympics the All Clear

Japan, N. Korea Talks End with No Progress

China Releases American Professor

How petty crime funds terror

Case Against So-Called Detroit Terror Cell Headed for Dumpster + Justice Department: Witness Calls Into Question Key Detroit Terror Evidence

House of Saud exits cocoon of denial

Evolution of the Al Qaeda brand name

Pakistan Captures Five More Al-Qaida Suspects, Militant Accused in Attack on a General

Blood for pork....

Army Turns to Private Guards

California privacy law challenged by U.S. Costs, uniformity cited in argument

New force emerges on left in civil rights tug of war


Barred painter's open air nude show


Christopher Caen: Can we vote them off the island now?

Slavery in Florida


Kobe Bryant prosecutors appeal key ruling and seek delay in trial + Text of letter to Judge Ruckriegle

Hacking: Security tapes may show disposal of body

Court opens Columbine killers' diaries

Former El Paso Energy Traders May Face U.S. Charges Click. (LAT Reg)

Romney eyes reins on public defenders

Curiosity Never Vanished

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674-1834

Virus Writer Pleads Guilty


Judge is guiding how 'Riders' retrial will play

Harassment plagues teen rape victims

Public safety radio system clears court

Mother facing felony child abduction charge + More

Arrest made in Corte Madera death

Marin: Charges over war games could be revived

Oakland man faces theft, fraud charges in Fairfield

Suit: School District neglect played role in sex abuse

DA continues to review Elk Grove councilmen for conflict of interest

Lawyers object to plan to cut Modesto Bankruptcy Court

Summit takes aim at gangs

One man, three strikes - but many more facets to his story

Santa Rosa Diocese vows to oppose naming accused priests

Manteca: Police say woman, 60, shot, killed husband

Deadly colors in San Francisco Mission district

Ex-CHP officer's lawyer implies minor accuser lied about sex assault

State Prisons' Woes Reflected in Guard's Case Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: With wife missing, calls to secret lover (CCT Reg) + Peterson tells Frey his favorite movie is 'The Shining' + Husband sounds like love-struck teenager in tapes. Jury hears some of hundreds of calls recorded by ex-lover + Taped chats paint picture + Love, betrayal, justice + Developments Wednesday + Gory flick  Scott's fave


The Governor: Energy battle rages. Gov. wants to revive an element of deregulation Click. + As session ends, Gov. has to show, with pen, where he stands (CCT Reg) + Gov. faces political test in mass of bills (SJM Reg) + Balance kindergarten cutoff with affordable preschool access + Gov. May Hit the Bush Campaign Trail Click. (LAT Reg) + Gas tax fills up budget holes Click.

E-voting clears final hurdle in 11 counties

Probe of state parks agency urged + State senator demanding an audit of community grants + Prop. 62's Open Primary Spun Into Something Vague Click. (LAT Reg) + Senate Panel Backs Zettel for Consumer Affairs Director Click. + Gas tax fills up budget holes Click. + Clock is running down on two anti-lobbying bills Click. (SJM Reg) + Garamendi wins on funding Click. + Senate OKs Civic Finance Measures Click. (LAT Reg) + State Senator Escutia's Husband Paid by Tribes Click. (LAT Reg) + Nursing Homes Seek State Relief Click. (LAT Reg) + New legislation would gut decision on fathers' rights Click.

Voters found to favor health-benefits law. But intense media campaign predicted for ballot measure

Jones: Make up for reservists' lost pay

LOCAL NEWS: Wildfire burns 40 buildings, 1,000 acres near Shasta Lake. 300 residents flee as 700 battle blaze heading for resort

Fast end to S.J. e-mail probe blasted (SJM Reg)

Briones: The middle of somewhere (CCT Reg)

Racetrack mall proposed at Golden Gate fields (CCT Reg)

Decision stands: 3 East Palo Alto candidates ineligible (CCT Reg)

School days: Five in Berkeley vying for ed board + State Charter Academy closes last 2 schools + Teachers get lesson in restoring wetlands + Citizens' suit to take back Oakland schools dealt setback + Big win for run-down schools brings hope. Landmark accord still must be OKd by judge in S.F. + Fremont: Incumbents, parents face off + Tracy trustees considering developer's offer + OSSM -- An awesome experience for students

Just Cause says it erred, but was legal

Marin: Pension board cracks down on travel expenses

Sacramento Fire chief may be ousted

Deal could spare Alameda probation counselors' jobs

Rohnert Park: Incumbents face recall over casino. Police support council's deal with tribe that provides millions for public safety

Contra Costa: Voters reject $8 million tax for open space / It would have cost most homeowners $25 per year

San Francisco: 22 seek election in District 5. Gonzalez endorses a fellow Green -- rival disappointed + $200,000 from city, but center rarely open + A check for the amount of a down payment for a house in the Sunset District turns up as a contribution to Kevin Shelley's campaign for secretary of state + Soft money shuffles on

Livermore: Federal study finds no public health risk at Livermore lab. But local group's leader says research tied to 'junk science'

East Bay: Environmentalists fear slot machines. Prop. 68 expands gambling at 16 venues, including Golden Gate Fields in Albany

Martinez: Cleanup project done at sanitary district

Ag, environmental groups battle over San Joaquin River water

Firm downgrades San Diego's bond rating

Hearst Ranch plan is an opportunity

Job creators like Wal-Mart help, don't hurt, the state treasury

Modesto and Kaiser need to work together as project moves ahead

Growth brings convenience, carries price: If variety is spice of life, then Turlock sure satisfies

San Ramon voters still will elect mayor

Utilities hinder cow power plans, dairy owners tell lawmakers Click.

Cost of Bay Bridge Project Becomes Regional Battle Click. (LAT Reg)

New questions arise on Hearst ranch deal Click. (SJM Reg)


West Nile briefing reveals how little is known of virus

Excess Levels Of Nitrogen, Phosphorus Causing Deformed Frogs

Disease outbreak at Darfur camp

Military move to head off insect-borne leishmaniasis in Iraq and Afghanistan Click.

Vietnam Announces New Bird Flu Deaths

Children With Serious Insect-Sting Allergies Should Get Shots To Avoid Life-threatening Reactions

Leukemia Stem Cells Identified By Stanford Researchers

Heat waves set to become 'brutal'

Cloning research 'could replace animal tests'

Alameda group helps deal with lupus

Horrifying research into Britain's injecting drug users

Vicious T. rex, fast-growing teenage giant

Water On Mars Not Easy To Find, Says Texas A&M Researcher

The Telomere Crisis: A Crucial Stage In Breast Cancer

Tobacco Promising Factory For Biopharmaceuticals

Brain's Reward Circuitry Revealed In Procrastinating Primates

NASA Team Successfully Deploys Two Solar Sail Systems Scientists Discover 'Moving Mountains'

Monkeys test 'hardworking gene'

Socialites unite dolphin groups

TB test to slash infection rates

Ancient remedy 'shrinks cancer'

Click. Is a procedure that allows a woman to preserve her eggs all it's cracked up to be?

An Online Supplier for Your Desktop Cineplex

Microscopic scaffolding to house the tiny components of nanotech + RNA Could Form Building Blocks For Nanomachines

Near-zero-energy Buildings Blessing To Owners, Environment

AOL, Inc in cheap PC offer

Sharp's 3D LCD: how's that work, then?


Federal deficit hits new record high

Goss: Goss told Michael Moore he was not qualified to get a job with the CIA today + Hearings on Goss Will Open Next Month + Democrats Don't Plan to Block Confirmation of C.I.A. Nominee + Bush Nominee: CIA Supporter or Critic? + Dems, GOP Spar


Night of house parties set to draw attention to education

La. GOP opponent of party-switcher says he'll stay in House race Dizzying pace of the '04 campaign

New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey to Resign in November, WNBC-TV Reports

BUSH/CHENEY: Cheney slams Kerry's 'sensitive' war plea + White House backs off Bush's comments on national sales tax + Bush's Mocking Drowns Out Kerry's Explanation of Iraq Vote + Top evangelical Christians awaiting invitation to Republican Convention + National security is Bush's theme

KERRY/EDWARDS: Oregon final stop on Kerry's coast-to-coast tour + Kerry Faults Bush Over Opposition to Drugs From Canada + Kerry Aides Frustrated By 'First Rounds' Of Iraq Debate With Bush + Ad On Black Radio Stations Calls Kerry 'Rich, White And Wishy-Washy' + Man refutes candidate's critics Click. + Kerry pitches prescription plan to Nevada senior citizens + Kerry Fails Iraq Test + News Analysis: Kerry's nuance springs a trap + Kerry asks 'greatest generation' for votes


Made in the USA: Saddam, Chalabi and Allawi

Diplomacy and oil

Jim Rassmann: John Kerry saved my life. Now his heroism is being questioned Click.

Ed Naha: Solemn doody Click.

Bill Maher: Bush blew it the morning of 9/11 Click.

Dan Kennedy: The math needed to beat Bush Click.

From Salon: War? What war?

Bush needs to change the subject

MILITARY Government argues it's not liable for Marine training death

Military casts Wicca in the shadows

Young Marines frustrated by lack of progress on Iraq

US Plans to Expand in Okinawa Spark Furious Resistance

Army sergeant court-martialed after declaring himself incapable of doing his job Click.

LEAKGATES Top Iraqi Nuclear Scientist Says WMD Programs Never Restarted After 1991

Hutton leak inquiry 'is yet another whitewash'


Crude Oil Rises to Records in London, New York on Concern Over Disruptions

Saudi Pledge to Raise Output Fails to Calm Crude Oil Prices, Still Hovering Near Record Levels

Would-be entrepreneurs line up at Small Business Administration

Bank firm Placer Sierra goes public

Bets open on Google IPO, but the bidding ain't too hot

Hewlett-Packard's Fiorina Lowers Forecast, Fires Managers Over `Missteps'

China Set To Dominate World Clothing Market

World’s biggest bank born in Japan

In Bordeaux, some growers are in tears

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: California annuls gay marriages + Transgender event benefits Araujo fund + Danish PM to receive "Salmon" prize at Gay Pride festival

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

KURTZ: WASH POST underplayed skeptical reports on WMDs

How Portland Paper Got Abuse Story (and Shocking Photos)

The Daily Mislead

Writer Jimmy Breslin Takes on Catholic Church

Wallace: 'I can't lunge into bed!'

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Beach and figure and sea with a ship,
Van Gogh, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Fruitvale celebrates salsa, edible and audible

Classic car weekend in Monterey + Classic cars, classic owners in Union City

Fraternal order may lose lease on historic Herbert House

Gypsy Boots -- quirky health fanatic who reached the masses

Russian claim discovery of ET spaceship wreck

William Blake: 'Always in Paradise'

A Brief History of Spirit Photography

Hypatia of Alexandria

Lost Vagueness found in Lewes

Several hundred thousand expected at Rotterdam techno dance parade

Rush & Molloy: An unqualified success at the CIA?

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Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 11, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Militia threaten Iraq oil lines if Najaf attacked + U.S. Forces Postpone Offensive Against Shiite Fighters in Najaf + U.S. Marines Say Readying for Final Assault in Najaf + US military readies 'major assaults' against Sadr's rebel army in Iraq + UK militants risk treason charges + Britons recruited to Mahdi army + Grim showdown with al-Sadr in Valley of Peace. Mahdi Army looks disciplined in Najaf cemetery battle + U.S. Troops Fight Iraq Militiamen on Two Fronts + Black Hawks Scramble to Save U.S. Troops in Iraq + Iraqis Want Allawi to End Fighting, But How? + U.S. Won't Negotiate With Sadr + Cemetery Fight Haunts Some U.S. Soldiers + Guard medics get combat glimpse + IRAQ: Evidence Piling up of Iranian Support for Sadr+ Juan Cole reports + Orders of battle

Occupation: Ahmed Chalabi  Returns to Country  + Chalabi lawsuit claims Jordan out to ruin him.  + Iraqi South Threatens Secession + The Chalabis Aren't Alone in Their Corruption +  Colin Powell, a cool doctrinaire of hyper-imperialism

War prisons: Pentagon to Act Against Officers on Abu Ghraib + Idema role: rogue or U.S. agent? Click

AFGHANISTAN: Rumsfeld visits Afghanistan +  Calls for Afghan-Led War on Opium

MIDDLE EAST: Checkpoint Bomb Near Jerusalem Kills 2, Wounds 19 + Northern Command's 'chilling' failures

AFRICA: African protection force to start deploying in Darfur at weekend

EUROPE: The German question

Muslims in Europe

Heir to Austro-Hungarian dynasty sees a broader Europe

Blairs are guests of dictators


Feds Investigating Connecticut Businessman in Terror Case

Experts worry loose U.S. lips imperil hunts

Pakistani's U.S. videos raise alarm, Illegal immigrant found with tapes of buildings, dam Officials insist Las Vegas safe despite reports of terror tape

Qaeda arrests was a 'lucky' break, say Pakistani police

Defense Department warns against empowering intelligence czar + 9/11 Panel Leaders Seek Pentagon Support for Intelligence Chief + Rumsfeld Urges Caution on Intel Changes + Pentagon Sees Risks in Intelligence Shakeup

China Releases American Professor

Senator: Los Alamos Disks May Not Be Lost

FCC Pulls Blinds on Wireless Data

Imam's missile-plot defense: All a joke!

Russia-China relationship favors Beijing

Video Purportedly Shows Killing of Iraq 'CIA Agent'

Osama Calling for Qaeda Attacks per Pakistan Sources

Al-Qaeda computer geek nearly overthrew US + Al-Qaeda planning major assassination to disrupt US vote

Two "sting" operations raise disturbing questions about US terror alert

UK: Terror suspects lose detention challenge

Al-Qaeda cell 'smaller than thought'

Statements by Two Al-Qaida Suspects Aired for First Time at Hamburg Sept. 11 Trial

Lawyers Working Toward Getting Hamdi, American-Born Man Once Tabbed as Enemy Combatant, Freed

U.S. Ally Mauritania Arrests Prominent Islamist After Alleged Coup Plot


Guilt by Association Is Not Guilt

U.S. judge affirms tuna rules. He rejects Bush dolphin standard

Charges Stand Against Stewart Expert

U.S. to make deportation of illegal immigrants faster. + U.S. to Give Border Patrol Agents the Power to Deport Illegal Aliens

Survey Finds Beneficiaries Largely Fault Medicare Law

How Doctors Help the Dopers

Kobe Bryant prosecution asks for indefinite trial delay

The tragic story of Adam, 14

Click. A close reading of Terry Nichols' court statement Monday shows he never really admitted to his part in the 1995 OKC bombing

Woman On Trial for Delivering Cocaine to her Unborn Child


Reports show poor medical care in state's prisons.  + Harsh report on prison doctors' skills

Antioch: Child still in custody after rescue (CCT Reg) + Woman in jail

Richmond: 'Healer' sought in attacks on teen (CCT Reg)

San Mateo: Mistrial in sex predator case (SJM Reg)

Another strip search lawsuit vs. Sacramento jail

Ex-INS Official Is Guilty of Bribery Click. (LAT Reg)

The king of suits

Prosecutors to seek death penalty against Wesson

Medical pot advocate Brian Epis celebrates

Judge delays sentencing as ex-Sacramento cop Rosen who seeks new trial re: sexual assaults

Mize, who heard Newdow custody case, to lead California Judges Assoc.

Hayward: Man pleads not guilty to hit and run in death of officer

Oakland: Suspect arrested in 15 armed robberies

Independent audit of Sacramento Sheriff essential

Woman may have lost more than her heart to con man

Judge: Pair gets no special waivers for med school test

San Diego: Judge sets aside murder conviction for San Diego man who served 21 years

Expert prison witness has conflict, senator, prosecutor say

Santa Rita jail receives accreditation

Livermore: Man claims God's guidance in kicking down doors to find rapist

Santa Rosa: 1996 sexual predator law may keep SR rapist in prison

Orange County: Restrictions to be placed on teen (Ass't Sheriff's son) awaiting gang-rape trial

St. Helena man charged in July murder

Winemaker Grgich settles sex harassment case

Beating the gang life can be hard

Scott Peterson: Jury Hears Peterson Tell Mistress 'we Could Be Wonderful Together' + Ex-mistress testifies (CCT Reg) + Throng deals with contentious lottery to watch show (CCT Reg) + Read transcripts of Amber Frey's phone conversations with Scott (CCT Reg) + Love spun from lies (CCT Reg)+ Frey says she and Peterson got serious quickly - sex, then day care + Frey describes romance + Details of call to lover bared + Frey appearance draws crowd + The Peterson File + Frey shares intimate details + Developments Tuesday  + 'Lie after lie after lie'


The Governor: Deal on schools lawsuit crafted + A sit-down with the Gov. + Gov. getting behind Matthews' Republican opponent in 17th Assembly District + Energy plan has a crucial critic + Field Poll: Voters back government overhaul. Majority cautious on ceding local control + Poll: Californians like idea of overhaul, but not all the details + Gov. comes out against rules for auto dealers. Critics see link to Gov.'s campaign cash + Legislature has a chance to improve investigative record + Proponents lobby lawmakers for $1 billion solar bill + Editorial: Kindergarten access + Editorial: Listen to them + Gov.'s lumpy government-reform grab bag + Flunk this idea + Give cleaner air a go + Legislature pushes incentives to spur solar homes + Gov. May Ask Voters for 'Revolutionary' Changes Click. (LAT Reg) + Environmentalists getting their chance to tell the Gov. how he fared Click. (OC Reg) + Gov. puts weight behind Gardner Click. + Review targets health services Click. + Gov. rakes in half million at Oakville fundraiser

Boxer, Jones spar over war, foreign policy (CCT Reg) + Split on stem-cell issue + Spar over Iraq war +  Mix it up in only live debate. Challenger plays up ties to Gov., senator counters

Urgent bill on sex predators. It requires release in counties where crimes committed

CalPERS investments take off

State parks to give aid recipients closer look

State demands S.F. group prove it didn't spend grant on Shelley. Nonprofit has until Monday or must repay the money

LOCAL NEWS:  A cloudless sky, a sliver of moon - tonight's set for meteor marvels

Sun-worshiping sea lions

New map shows habitat of endangered tiger salamanders

Flapjacks, flip jokes, cops, cable cars

Sea lion pays a visit to Napa fishermen

San Jose City Hall scandal fallout growing (SJM Reg) +  Choice of Cisco depended on a myth (SJM Reg) + City Hall computer contract withdrawn  

School days: Decrepit schools may get millions under state deal (SJM Reg) + Help for worst schools + Surprises revealed in Peralta College races + Qualcomm donates $14.5 million to SDSU + Landmark deal: 1 million low-income students to get equal access to good facilities and textbooks + Fresno's KIPP charter school relies on intense study, discipline Click. (FB Reg) + Lodi: Growth catches schools off guard Click. + UC president hopes to add medical school in Central Valley Click.

Marin: Greenbrae: Battle over house size settled + Humane Society halts use of goats in Mill Valley to prevent fires + Marin: Healthcare district rejects many criticisms from grand jury

Modesto council approves Kaiser hospital plan

Sacramento gossip

San Francisco: Transbay solution proposed. Report says tower, terminal can co-exist, saving millions of dollars + Supervisor Sophie Maxwell may face recall election -- no disclosure by foes. Her backers believe campaign funded by business interests + Board passes 10-year tax break for biotech + PUC approves Leal as next general manager + Supervisors preserve preferential contracting law despite court ruling

Novato: Housing project helps in move from assistance to independence

Contra Costa County: Budget cuts OKd by board

Oakland: Community buys into cleaning up its streets.

Martinez: Votes nearly counted on open space tax

Hearing recounts agency confusion over levee repairs

Stanislaus board orders wildlife care probe

DFG: No more hatchery closures

Two vie for Fremont city manager post

LA mayor, councilman support putting limits on superstores

Modesto water system should stay in city hands

Livermore Lab receives clean bill of health

Contra Costa: Sheriff's funding on chopping block

Luxury Kenwood resort approved

Gallo Farm Workers Demand a Count of Sealed Ballots Click. (LAT Reg)

Report: Property value declines for four Santa Clara cities Click. (SJM Reg)

State Official Blasts Energy Bill Click. (LAT Reg)

Los Angeles Group Offers Affordable Housing Plan Click. (LAT Reg)

Right-to-farm initiative Click.

Alarcon Seeks Audits of L.A. Contracts Click. (LAT Reg)

UC Labor Study Union-Backed, Wal-Mart Says Click. (LAT Reg)

Expansion of no-fly list sparks civil liberty concerns

Stardom: PASS the PORT!!!

Nicolaus Mills: RNC NYC: Let the anti-Bush protesters beware Click.

Coming soon, the Bloomberg bash


World oil prices slide as Saudi Arabia says ready to boost output

Cisco's income soars

More charities to come under IRS scrutiny

Disney's profits show a 20 percent increase

Survey: Organic farmers see falling prices, more competition\

Google IPO Sets Odd Precedent

Too much wine gives France a headache

Russian Energy Officials Ask That Yukos Receive Access to Frozen Accounts; Default Notice May Push Firm Into Bankruptcy

UK: Scientists get cloning go-ahead

Volcano Could Flatten U.S. Cities

Do Teeth Whiteners Lead To Oral Cancer?

Sex Pheromone Blocked In Bug

Scientists Identify Compounds That Mimic Calorie Restriction

Cincinnati Children's Scientists Develop New Spine Staples

Dying Star Goes Out With A Ring

Small Animal Imaging Gives Cancer Clues

Varicella Vaccine Reduces Contagiousness Of Chickenpox

Relays From Mars Show International Interplanetary Networking

Early Results Show Promise For Strep Vaccine

"Designer Mice" Yielding Up Secrets Of Huntington's Disease, Says Weill Cornell Neuroscientist

UCSD Study Reveals Pediatricians Overlook Kawasaki Disease In Extremes Of Pediatric Age Ranges

Alterations In Vitamin D Receptor Gene Increase Prostate, Breast Cancer Risk

A high-fat, low-carb diet has been around since 1863

Radar-generated 3-D Map Saves Stranded Hiker: Search And Rescue Group Uses Sandia Synthetic Aperture Radar

Wi-Fi security: research warns of battery-draining, node-killing strategies Click.


Budget Deficit Wider Than Expected in July

US wants to build network of friendly militias to combat terrorism Click.

GOSS: Partisan fight awaits Bush's pick for CIA. Nonpolitician would be better, critics say + Gaces tough confirmation + Stocks, other holdings make Goss a millionaire +  Bush CIA choice shows effort to keep control + Act of Healing and Politics + Was Once Latin America Operative + Goss as Boss + The Goss nomination + Control of intelligence assets at issue + 'Nusiness as usual' + Known for His Loyalty to CIA + Spies like Goss: How much of a hack is Bush's CIA nominee? Click. + CIA needs a reformer: Goss must show independence, vision + Sidestepping reform

Congress: House Democrats urge special session about 9/11. They seek quick passage of reforms -- GOP accuses rivals of playing politics

THE 2004 ELECTION: Bush, Kerry follow same map on road to White House. They're appearing in the same states at nearly the same time -- is it coincidence?

Drug benefit may be key issue

New Bush ad invokes September 11, draws fire Click.

Bush says abolishing income tax worth considering Click.

Kerry More Than Doubles Lead Over Bush in Michigan to Seven Points in Poll

BUSH/CHENEY: Cheney criticizes Kerry in Iowa campaign stop + McCain's electricity lights up the GOP faithful + Bush mocks Kerry's concession on war + Wish to see Bush? You make the call + Bush heads to N.M. after Texas stop

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry claims Bush broke word on nuclear waste storage + S.F. charity accused of using Heinz money to fund Internet in Cuba + Labor leaders try to mobilize workers, retirees for Kerry + In Nevada, Kerry offers his pledge + Website vandals hit book on Kerry + Kerry's hopeful tone on black opportunity + Can Kerry Deliver the Allies? + Editorials: John Kerry's weapons of mass distraction + Zev Chafets: Kerry's Cambodia question + California Helps Kerry Set Fundraising Records + Author Claims Bigotry & Homophobia Were "A Joke"


Economy is Bush's downfall

Morford: Time To Get Out The Bush

Why Kerry Will Lose The Election

Bush loses public support for his stance on stem cell research

The failed occupation

Dog Days: Justin Raimondo

Joe Conason: 'Latest Bush blunder: A mole made public Click.

Molly Ivins: Canadians watch in shock as US considers re-electing Bush Click. + Molly Ivins' interview Deviate from the US line and end up like a Kleenex

Bush's sweepstakes: Targeting Latinos workers

Bringing back Saddam (almost)

MILITARY  Fund for Marine families keeps the faith with wounded. Costs of visiting injured loved ones paid by nonprofit

Veterans get help at 'Stand Down' at Camp Parks

A Looming Crisis in the National Guard

Spray on armor

Click. How the dead come home

The Last of the Hospital Ships Fading Away

Blood for pork....  Cheney's Old Company Can't Account for $1.8 Billion

Mixed bag: Nigeria (Delta region): Oil, Death, Corruption, and US Navy Deployment Click.

Putin Finds Power in Pump Oil Seen as Creating New Oligarch Class Click.

LEAKGATES  Ruling Offers Window Into Plame Investigation

Shelby Hires Former Clinton Impeachment Lawyer for Leak Probe

Expansion of no-fly list sparks civil liberty concerns

Stardom: PASS the PORT!!!

Nicolaus Mills: RNC NYC: Let the anti-Bush protesters beware Click.

Coming soon, the Bloomberg bash


Nukes Still Take Toll on Workers

No mad cow tests for 500 suspicious cows

L.A. County puts focus on mosquito control Click.


3-D handwriting analysis

Feud Casts Shadow Over California's Steinbeck Country

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Eagles' WR implies Garcia is gay + California Supreme Court To Rule Thursday In Gay Marriage Case

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Squashing David, ignoring Goliath

A fear of free speech

Myriam Marquez: Unity a tough sell for Bush just one day after Kerry appearance Bush


Mike Wallace cuffed on dinner run

The casuistry of the Washington Post

What was USA Today thinking when it hired Ann Coulter?

Columbia campaign desk


Beach and figure and sea with a ship,
Van Gogh, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Early Humans Adapted Well To Different Climates And Vegetation Types

Ancient Olympic diet

1906 shacks back

Baby white tiger without stripes on a diet of yogurt

Two portraits on show in Belgium revealed as Rubens masterpieces

The bard of Belfast

Hendrix helps relaunch London club

Colombus remains

Out of poverty, riches

Prefecture of Samos

Roman Glass

Sun Bu-er.

Rush & Molloy

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 10, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: U.S. Forces Pound Iraqi Militia, Urge Surrender + Militant cleric vows fight to the bloody end. Al-Sadr rejects plea from Iraqi leader + Iraq on the Knife's Edge + US Tells Civilians to Leave Najaf + Most of Najaf in U.S. Control + Muqtada sticks to his guns + Orders of battle

Occupation: Chalabis claim charges against them are political trickery. Onetime U.S. allies say they're victims of smear campaign + Chalabis vow to prove their innocence + Slay rap a godsend, says Saddam team + Questions Follow Chalabis' Warrants Two low blows for the Chalabis

SYRIA: Syria's cruel intentions

IRAN: Diplomats: Tests on Enriched Uranium Traces Found Inside Iran Vindicate Tehran in at Least One Instance

MIDDLE EAST: Palestinian lawmakers blame Arafat for anarchy, call to end Qassam launches + Arafat Evades Pledges for Reforms, Legislators Disappointed + The settlers' two fronts

AFRICA: Libya agrees compensation for Berlin bombing

Sudan massacres are not genocide, says EU + UN Says Sudan, Arab Militia Launch New Attacks in Darfur

ASIA PACIFIC: China ups the ante in ancient-kingdom feud

China debates for-profit medical reform

EUROPE: Blair faces no-confidence vote over war


Istanbul Bombs Kill Two, Qaeda Group Claims Attacks

Click. FBI/DHS Suspicious Activity Reporting Criteria

f Bin Laden Is Giving Orders, It's by Donkey and Courier as Al-Qaida Uses Combination of High-Tech and Super Low-Tech to Stay Concealed

Leak Allowed al - Qaida Suspects to Escape + Analysis: Mole Row Reveals U.S. Intelligence Disarray + Pakistan Angered by F.B.I.'s Fake Plot Against Ambassador

From one blunder to the next

North Korea to Update on Missing Japanese - Report

Director of NSA shifts to new path

Huawei implicated in suspected case of corporate espionage in U.S., FBI investigating

Port of Oakland anti-terror program cost jumps

Encounter on Train Led Hamburg Cell to Bin Laden

New generation of leaders is emerging for al-Qaeda

Hijackers' Friend Objects to 9/11 Report

Security gap: places that store explosives

Stealth Wallpaper Keeps Secrets Safe

U.S. didn't warn Las Vegas of threats

Clash Over 'Torture' Charge at German 9/11 Trial

Malacca Strait: Target for terror + How it could happen...

Israeli woman suspected of aiding militants in planning terror attacks

Pakistan claims 90% success in terror war

Lawyer Seeks Dismissal as U.S. Officials Pledge Aid to Sept. 11 Trial


Daniel Weintraub: Suing your boss, before and after the recall

Court OKs banning anti-tax book it calls an ad for fraud. False advertising not constitutionally protected speech

Forcing mail thief to wear a sign is ruled an acceptable sentence (CCT Reg)

Accuser's attorneys in Kobe Bryant case lose fight over online documents

Spot-On Solution for Car Thefts

Click. Attorneys claim detective had hidden connection to real killers when he got alleged confession.

Accuser Files Civil Suit Against Kobe Bryant

Psychiatrist to Examine Woman Accused of Stalking Zeta-Jones


Corporate fraud victims get fund

Amber Alert halts Antioch girl's abduction (CCT Reg) + Woman takes her daughter and flees + Police say mother of 3-year-old had recently threatened to kill herself and her daughter

OAKLAND / Disabled students denied extra time for admission exam / Judge says he won't interfere in national medical school test

San Francisco D.A. and police chief at war over arrest warrants

Sacramento medical marijuana activist Brian Epis freed

Marin: Sex offender back in jail over absentee ballot

Pregnant woman robbed, pushed in Marin City

Lake Tahoe fugitive captured after 20 years in Philippines

Folsom prison guard convicted of filing false report (CCT Reg)

Police: Drinking led to deadly fight at Crown Beach

Judge sorts three-strikes ballot issues (CCT Reg)

Marine wife, lover plead guilty in attempted murder plot (CCT Reg)

Ex-jail guard at Elmwood Correctional Center, arrested on inmate sex charge

Nesler venue change weighed

Child molester David Gritchen sentenced to five years in prison

Former INS worker sentenced to home confinement

Two sentenced in price scam for Home Depot fraud

Sausage King trial focuses on inspectors' actions

Immigrants Exploited by 'Notarios' Click. (LAT Reg)

Immigration status keeps many abuse victims silent Click.

Watsonville likely to get new courtrooms

Carmel Valley: Rippling River residents keep pushing for answers re: evictions

Napa's new top cop ready to take command + Police group raises questions about chief's selection process + Napa gang unit moves through the streets + El Fantasma Azul on the move

Scott Peterson: Star Witness Frey Testifies of Affair With Scott Peterson, Says Blind Date Led to Tryst + Scott Peterson's ex-mistress tells jury about first date + Frey ready to testify + Focus shifts to Frey at trial + Here's a plan -- sell off the plaza 'art' to pay Geragos + Frey to take stand


The Governor: Gov. stays a hit with 65% of voters. Poll numbers rise despite budget fight + Gov. to sign sex offender bill re: post-prison housing (CCT Reg) + Veto of child welfare funds hurts child-abuse probes, advocates warn + California bonds 'watch' removed + Mexican border power pact proposed + Why UC, CSU chiefs kept quiet on cuts. They accepted Gov.'s promise of future funding + Gov. shuns Edison plan Click. (OC Reg)

Supreme Court to hear appeal of measure to keep primaries closed + High court orders Prop. 60 split + Judge sorts three-strikes ballot issues (CCT Reg) + Changes ordered in Tribal Casino ballot wording

August may be anti-climactic end to '04 legislative session + Predator-release bill passed by Assembly

FBI probes donations to Shelley campaign. Attorney general, state election panel also plan inquiries

Boxer to stress accomplishments, Jones to push change in debate

LOCAL NEWS: Millions of butterflies fluttering through Truckee-Tahoe area

Blaze keeps Colfax on edge + Fire report outlines San Diego's weaknesses during fire

Report details San Jose bid collusion. Top tech official resigns (SJM Reg) + City Hall controversy could hurt Cisco's business

School days: No child left behind act calls on parents (CCT Reg) + Expense funding at center of battle at Alameda County Office of Education + Monterey Bay Campus Is a Role Model Click. (LAT Reg) + San Francisco Dream Schools criticized

West Contra Costa County candidates, issues firm up for fall ballot (CCT Reg) + Big issues on East County ballots + Tri-Valley candidates set to run

New research pier coming to Moss Landing (SJM Reg)

Indian festivals scheduled for faceoff (SJM Reg)

Union Pacific struggles

Kaiser Oakland opens maternity ward

East Palo Alto condo conversion proposal roils activists (SJM Reg)

Moving on up: Urban retirees slip easily into foothills lifestyle

Marin: Quarry won't open to public

Levee break leaves a question

Mentally ill losing services because of Los Angeles cuts

California's first health guru, Gypsy Boots, dead at age 89

Need a cop, call 9-1-1, it is no longer free

Berkeley Bowl will allow union

Waste, recycling to be focus of Berkeley workshops

Push coal industry to clean up

Less of contaminant found in wild salmon. PCB-like chemical at higher levels in farm-grown fish

San Francisco: 'Ranked' vote gets fanciful scenarios. Analyst predicts a change in the political culture + PUC panel takes up Leal appointment today. Newsom's choice to run city agency to quit as treasurer + New minimum wage law slow to reach poorest + Who's on first in Happy Town? + Counting the cash

San Diego Councilman Charles Lewis, 37, Died From Internal Bleeding Click.

Grasping at uses for rice straw Click.

Global warming rule targets new cars Click.

Making Insurance Less of a Financial Roadblock Click. (LAT Reg)

Old Mining Town La Grange Faces More Costly Liquid Gold Click. (LAT Reg)

Modesto City schools leaving CalPERS Click.

Tribe offers $4 million a year to Madera County agencies Click. (FB Reg)

Grocery talks resume, buoyed by Seattle pact Click.

Orange County Inmate Says Guards Beat Him Again Click. (LAT Reg)

Algae adds an odor to Livermore water

Work begins on senior housing in Livermore


Fed Raises Rate, Keeps `Measured' Stance, Says Oil Prices Slowing Growth

U.S. Stocks Surge as Fed Sees `Stronger Pace of Expansion Going Forward'

Oil prices hit record high -- slowing of economy feared. Recovery in U.S. and growth worldwide seen as putting strain on supply of crude + Q&A: Oil

Government as Pension Insurer


West Nile virus marching northward / More reports of disease in Bay Area + Marin: Spraying to combat West Nile virus unlikely

Nuke plant neighbors offered iodide pills

Japan Deploys Solar Sail Film In Space

Joint Study Targets Obesity

Evolvability Could Be A Driving Force In Drug Resistance

Biologists deciphering complex lemur scent language

Portions Of Brain Are Smaller In Children Born Prematurely, Researchers At Stanford And Packard Find

Deeper-Diving Human Occupied Submersible To Replace Alvin

The Hyperspectral Imaging Endoscope: A New Tool For Non-invasive In Vivo Cancer Detection

Medical College Of Georgia Students Discover Medicinal Role For Pancake Mix

New Hypoxic 'Dead Zone' Found Off Oregon Coast

In Mouse Model, Weill Cornell Researchers Use Gene Therapy To Correct Deadly Inherited Immune Disorder

More Aggressive Breast Cancer Tumors Found In African American Women

Envisat's Rainbow Vision Detects Ground Moving At Pace Fingernails Grow

Two-pronged Attack Targeting EGF Receptor Hinders Cancer Cell Growth

Sensitivity To Seasonal Changes Affects Disease-causing Bugs' Success Huge Market For Forest Moss Raises Concerns

US Latinos Have High Rates Of Eye Disease And Visual Impairment

I, Standard Man

Hubble Sights Milky Way's Twin

Governments ignore tidal wave threat

Doctors place hope in baby pacemakers

Meteor show may be 'spectacular'

Work 'may ward off Alzheimer's'

Key to speed of HIV progression

Painless Heart Attack

IBM Tells Users Not to Install Windows Update

Chinese people to send 550 billion short messages this year

Japanese try out mobiles that think they are wallets


Porter Goss Nominated as New CIA Chief + Intelligence chief nominee looks back to era of spies

Bush vows to pressure Iran on nuclear goals + Weighing a strike on Iran + Iran arming militia, says Iraqi official

Congress: Congressman Pleads Guilty to Kentucky Gun Charge

Senator Steps in as the Referee in Washington's Turf Battles Over Counterterrorism Click.


Women count more than NASCAR dads

Stem Cell Research Gains Political Life

Shocker! GOP bigs to be protected from P.O. pigeon poop

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush Goes After Kerry on Iraq War Admission + Powell not attending 'parochial' Republican convention + Time to back Mr. Karzai + McCain joins Bush on Florida campaign swing + Chess champ Spassky petitions Bush over Fischer + Laura's stem-cell attack + Bush - 'The Really Rich Know How To Dodge Taxes'

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry reaffirms his vote on Iraq. He faults Bush for 'rush to war' on bad information + Kerry's 'Christmas in Cambodia' + Book on Kerry gets surprise makeover + Kerry's big idea? There isn't one + Kerry: War in Iraq OK even without WMD + The Rev. Andrew Greeley: Catholics can vote for Kerry


Connect the Ominous Dots: Ray McGovern

On the Defensive Over al-Qaeda Leak: Jim Lobe

Bill Gallagher: 'Playing politics with national security: Bush-Cheney specialty Click.

Ward Reilly: 'Thanks to some REAL national heroes Click.

Ridgeway: On election day will we be too scared to vote?

War prisons: War-Crimes Defense Lawyers Say They Lack Resources + Superior Orders: Will the Defense Work for PFC Lynndie England?


New US strategy: 'lily pad' bases

Character-building Pendleton program marks its 50th year

Shalikashvili, former top general, reportedly has brain hemorrhage


Russert questioned in leak probe. Interview tied to Cheney aide, CIA agent's ID

Plame Leak Case Could End in Supreme Court Standoff

Blood for pork....

For sale, cheap: Saddam's army scrap

Are their guns paid for with British aid?

Judge in Halliburton Case Steps Down


Technology pushes women to the edge

Stardom: ``nice try, idiot´´ --Jack Thompson

Caught in the Net?

Activist group breaks deal, reapplies for RNC protest permit in Central Park

The CIA and prepublication rights

Eye scans get frequent fliers' ayes

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Asian Gays Party in Singapore Despite Tough Laws + GETTING TO KNOW ALAN KEYES: REPUBLICAN US SENATE CANDIDATE

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

'Oregonian' Reports on Prisoner Abuse by Iraqi Guards

Online Popularity Tracked

California HMO battle may get Michael Moore attention

Group Complains to Papers and Syndicate About Ted Rall

Comedy 'I'm Gonna Kill the President!' to Play Somewhere in NYC during Republican convention

Antonia Zerbisias: Jon Stewart gets serious, why won't reporters? Click.

Albor Ruiz: Media didn't see much to like about W Click.

Maureen Farrell: Are blue states smarter than red states? Click.

Robert Scheer: One more Chalabi black eye Click.

Columbia campaign desk


Beach and figure and sea with a ship,
Van Gogh, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

UC Berkeley Researchers Lead Reconstruction Of Temple Of Zeus In Tribute To New Nemean Games

History, art come together at Ardenwood

Chances of Aliens Finding Earth Disappearing

Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music off to a dramatic, diverse start

Surveyor helps archaeologists map their fossil finds

Standup gal

Cuba's forgotten tribe experiencing a rebirth

William Shatner May Reprise Role as Captain Kirk

Tony Allen and Damon Albarn bid to breathe life into Nigeria's Afrobeat

Vast collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia to be sold

Castles of the United States

Black conductor fears he will remain exception

Explorers find UFO fragments in Tunguska meteorite area

Avedon at Work in the American West.

Rush & Molloy: Naomi strikes again, sez maid Millicent

Janet to bare her face on sitcom

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 9, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Sadr vows to fight to "last drop" as uprising halts Iraq oil output + Car Bombing Kills Seven Police Officers, Hurts Official Near Baqubah  + Talks with Sadr Militia Collapse + Poland yields to US in Iraq zone + New video shows beheading, possibly of Bulgarian + Risky bid to stem Shi'ite insurgency + The battle for Najaf + We've weaponized uranium gas + Militant Group Threatens Attacks on Ministries, Government Office; Insurgents Storm Allawi Party Office + Orders of battle

Occupation: Iraq orders arrest of Pentagon's onetime favorite, his nephew. CRACKDOWN: Allawi threatens to oust fighters, brings back death penalty +  Najaf Governor OKs Operations Near Holy Shrine + Chalabi ‘to return to Iraq' despite arrest warrant + Back on the path to justice + Chalabis Sip the Poisoned Chalice of Postwar Iraq + The rise and fall of Ahmed Chalabi + Where jaw-jaw is best + In Sovereign Iraq, Iraqi Security Forces Still Dependent on U.S. Troops

IRAN: US out to sabotage Iran's bomb plans + Iran threatens tough measures in event of sanctions + Iran’s Looming Missile-cum-Nuclear Threat Sparks Fresh Tensions Click.

IDDLE EAST: B'Tselem: Israeli policy on W. Bank roads reminiscent of apartheid + The children of '86


One system, two Chinas

New strain on US ties with Indonesia

American authorities say Russia helps North Korea develop new nuclear missile


11 Years, $1 Billion Later, 'Virtually No Defense' Against Truck Bombs

Who 'Outed' Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan?: Justin Raimondo

Bush's Faustian Bargain re: Outing of Kahn: Juan Cole

Pakistan protests over US sting

The War on Cyberterror

Cooperation among the U.S., Britain, Pakistan, leads to arrests, revelations

Islam: Religion or political ideology?

Jihadi's arrest a small step for Pakistan

Companies Turn to Private Spies

Huawei implicated in suspected case of corporate espionage in U.S.

'Effective' Power Sought for Intel Chief

A Better Way to Improve Intelligence

Chaplain due honorable exit

The Case for Racial Profiling

A czary-eyed Rx for failure

New Alert Shows That Intelligence Weaknesses Remain

It's Time to Bench 'Team B'

Congress Split on Pace of Intelligence Reforms

Homeland Security badge unites agencies

Anti-terror system test a success

Elite veterans prowl Pakistan

Zarqawi’s Disk Demonstrates Suicide’s Pre-Nuptial Rites Click.


Peru Authorities Search for Missing Radioactive Material

Helicopter Tours in New York Continue Despite Reports of Terror Threat


World oil prices close at all-time highs as Iraqi oilfields halt pumping

Silicon Valley staff 'gloomiest' in US

Anthropologists dig into business (SJM Reg)

Opening the door to starter condos

Google's ad rules complex, controversial

Finding Las Vegas unaffordable, more people moving to Pahrump

A Personal Operator From Verizon

Indian jobs for anybody, anywhere

Google to Give Yahoo More Stock to Settle Patent Dispute


West Nile buzz often waved off + West Nile: A difficult diagnosis Click.

Bacteria That Strikes Elderly Spreads in Canadian Hospitals



Biggest Lawyers Group Taking Stand on Bush Administration's Detention Practices

Police: Squatters, revenge played role in Florida multiple homicides

Terry Nichols gets life without parole; asks forgiveness + Text of Terry Nichols' Statement

New Survey paints different portrait of online abuser

Church as sanctuary? It's time to end this relic

Yahoo Sued Over Anonymous Abuse

Writing the rules to govern the cosmos

Elizabeth Short-The Black Dahlia

The Huge Class Action Sex Discrimination Suit Against Wal-Mart

Judge Refuses to Stop Posting Documents Online in Bryant Sex Assault Case

Coal Miners to Lose Health Benefits Under Court Ruling


Marin: Judging Judges-Trouble Ahead by Jim Scanlon

Law students claim they have been had (SJM Reg)

Wife booked in Manteca man's death

Man's body found at Alameda beach

Signs protesting possible Verse move OK for now

Authorities call off search for boy missing in wilderness

Petaluma promoter has fraud history

Get tough on taggers, especially those in gangs

Molester Brian DeVries presence still a concern in Soledad

Mother of dead infant awaits trial while father is sentenced for domestic violence charge

Despite increases, money doesn't seem to help LAPD solve crimes Click.

Scott Peterson: Star witness in Peterson trial may take stand (SJM Reg) + Peterson trial costs unpopular


The Governor: Plan to pare California education system. Power would shift from 58 counties to 11 super centers + California's power grid manager issues warning + Gov.'s forays put embattled Democrats on the spot + State to be gatekeeper of welfare? + No part-time Legislature + Gov. fine-tuning tribal gaming compacts Click. Gov. driving progress at DMV Click.

Shelley seeks investigation of contributions. Secretary of state says he doesn't accept inappropriate donations

3 Democrats Seeking to Replace Burton as Senate Leader Click. (LAT Reg)

Nominee for State Post Re: Failed Insurance Company Assets Is Scrutinized Click. (LAT Reg)

State GOP: No on stem-cell bond + Gov. skips GOP state convention but is still revered there + GOP Takes Stand on State Initiatives Click. (LAT Reg) + GOP opposes tribe's gaming initiative Click. + Gov., Bush snub California Republicans Click. + Constitutional convention could rewrite laws Click.

Measure would move California primary to June (SJM Reg)

Don't blink: Bush, Kerry visiting California this week

White House Intercedes for Gas Project in National Forest

LOCAL NEWS:  Hearst Ranch mystery

City Manager positions empty for lack of talent (CCT Reg)

Benicia's waterfront park could face development (CCT Reg)

Monday Profile: San Ramon mayor seeks balance (CCT Reg)

Vanishings leave trail of pain (SJM)

Dry, hot weather feeds two fires in Hayward, on Mt. Hamilton (SJM Reg) + Calif firefighters battle wildfires; 6,000 acres charred

Modesto council will consider Kaiser deal

Saving Oakland one call at a time

San Diego: Charles Lewis, San Diego councilman under indictment, dead at 37

Berkeley: Shirek barred from running for re-election. Procedural error by aide eliminates her from council race

Union City: Eviction fears hit disabled seniors

School days: Irish students sojourn at Berkeley + Cal State Hayward steps closer to biotech infusion + Day of support, protest in Livermore + Youth academy fights for awareness + Auditor zeroes in on Fresno schools Click. (FB Reg) + Mulling over options in hunt for SJSU chief Click. (SJM Reg) + Educators support plan to raise kindergarten age Click. + DIET: Many Schools to Start Year With Higher Lunch Prices, Thanks to Cost of Dairy, Meat - and Gasoline

San Francisco Takes the Lead in New Voting Method Click. (LAT Reg)

Borderline animals don't have saviors in Kern County Click.

Dispute imperils habitat accord re: Bolsa Chica mesa Click. (OC Reg)

Industry Holding a Key to Wildlife Corridor Click. (LAT Reg)

For Well-Armed Citizenry, Handguns Are a Big Issue Click. (LAT Reg)

A Renewed Rodeo Drive, a New Appetite for Luxury Click. (LAT Reg)


Draft talk hits home for new generation

Help for homeless vets is near. Volunteers for East Bay group to hold event at Camp Parks

Marine air base on edge Click.

Vice admiral often has broken ground for women in Coast Guard

Air Force members serve in Iraq alongside soldiers, Marines Click.

Army engineers dig in to revive park in Baghdad Click.

Thirty countries to participate in Battle of Trafalgar anniversary

Shalikashvili, Former Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hospitalized in Guarded Condition

LEAKGATES Judge Upholds Media Subpoenas in CIA Leak Case

300 activists march to Livermore Lab

Bay Area activism to infuse N.Y. West Coast artists travel to Big Apple for GOP convention

Big Business Becoming Big Brother

The FBI shouldn't be reading over our shoulders



Heart Disease Differs in Women

UK: Warning over five-in-one vaccine

Cooling tool helps athletes heal faster

Scientists seek better way to measure rain

Use of Mobic Approved for Rheumatoid Arthritis

New Prostate Cancer Gene Identified

Neurosurgeons At Rush First In Midwest To Implant Brain Neurostimulator To Suppress Seizures In Patient With Medically Refractory Epilepsy

Endangered Turtles' Trek Along Ocean Currents Revealed By Satellite

NASA Extends TRMM Operations Through 2004 Hurricane Season

Cornell Astronomers Report How Rover Spirit's Cameras Have Detected Variations In Martian Soil

UC Riverside Researcher Takes Snapshots Of The Movement Of Molecules In A Billionth Of A Second

Parasitic Cowbirds Thrive With A Less Ruthless Strategy Than Cuckoos

Weill Cornell Researchers Identify Gene That Causes Heart Tumors And Limb Deformity

Adjuvant Chemotherapy For Colon Cancer Offers No Survival Benefit After 10 Years

Instrument Aboard Hubble Space Telescope Suspends Operation

Group Dynamics: Nature's Complex Relationships

UCSD Researchers Are First To Demonstrate Molecular Link Between Inflammation And Cancer

Spain fires claim rare tortoises

Mystery pain 'is all in the mind'

Drug Problem? Try a Brain Dump

Solar System Could Be Unique

Stormy Solution to Rain Crisis

Gene therapy could save lives but maim athletics

Interstellar travel is just a matter -- make that antimatter -- of time

Sharp introduces a 3-D desktop computer display

Fake spyware removal programs disabling PCs

Digital cameras that deliver large prints for framing

Intel Technicians Use Delicate Silicon Surgery to Fine-Tune Microchips

A Digital World With Analog as Its Workhorse

Microsoft's Singing a New Tune on Linux

Handheld Computer Trojan Discovered

Disney Launches PC for Kids

Virgin Slams Apple Over  IPod

Smart Skin Holds Promise for Wearable Computers + Used to Transmit Key Data

Four dead in accident at Japanese nuclear plant


Bush Says He'd Use Second Term to Open `Era of Ownership' for Americans


THE 2004 ELECTION: Polls Show

Immigrants Raise Call for Right to Be Voters

The Right Taps Blogs for Bucks

Despite Unpaid Debts & Taxes, Keyes Jumps Into Illinois Senate Race


Did Richard Nixon prolong war in Vietnam to win re-election? No, he didn't, says Kissinger

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush family listens as clergyman preaches about material wealth + Nader seeks pass to GOP confab + Author Ron Kessler, Inside the Bush Circle + Churches see an election role and spread the word on Bush Click. + Novak: Deconstructing Kerry's war record + Bush fares better now than dad did in '92

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry eyes Hispanic, Native American votes in western swing + Kerry's 1982 win propelled his career + Kerry's Private Trade Trip To Beijing + Kerry Will Honor Indian Treaties + US Democrats court South Asian vote + Allies Not in Formation on Kerry's Troops Plan + Kerry blessed in Navajo country + Kerry's Democratic Convention Boost Lags Past Election Years, Polls Show


Bush Administration Gutting Affordable Housing

Helen Thomas: Bush Trusts, But Doesn't Want to Verify

Richard Bartholomew's award-winning political cartoon

Anti-Kerry Vets Led by Longtime GOP Operative, Bankrolled by Bush Cronies

Sabato: Bush 'Needs a Miracle' to Win

U.S. needs an 'oceans president'

Xymphora opines on Neocon goals


September to become National Preparedness Month

Bob Herbert: Admit we have a problem Click.

Bush-backers-only policy riles voters at RNC rallies Neo-Con, QED

Aspartame, antidepressants and Bush

Managing bad numbers

Blood for pork....

U.S. Contract to British Firm Sparks Irish American Protest + Nicole Colson: The corporate invasion of Iraq Click. + THE IRAQ RECONSTRUCTION FIASCO

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Rosie O'Donnell and HBO Partner on Gay Cruise Documentary + Gay Partners' Registry Debuts in Miami


Anthropologists dig into business

Why were ancient Olympians willing to risk all for victory?

Without a war on poverty, we will never defeat terror

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Boston Herald counterpoint

Has Cell-Phone Blogging Found Its Place?

Steve Volk: The truth behind shove-it-gate Click.

Media duped by beheading on fake video

Reuters to Shift Editorial Jobs to India

Media Watchdog Urges Iraq to Lift Al Jazeera Ban


Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Beach and figure and sea with a ship,
Van Gogh, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Nothing like kickin' back in Big Sur

From gravel mine, a park is born

Report From The Rainbow Gathering 2004

Olympics opening ceremony to include Trojan horse

Odd twists, turns

The unknown Newton

Complete Cattle Raid of Cooley, Irish and English

Egyptian vase older than pyramids

Cave Explorers in Croatia Discover Pit Believed to Have the World's Largest Vertical Drop


The Coming of the Fairies

Mysterious death of Saint Exupery

Actress Fay Wray of 'King Kong' fame dies at 96

Richard Pryor on sickness, comedy and critics

Onward Christian

Why shouldn't aliens look like us?

Rush & Molloy: Shock jocks, Summer Olympics-style

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Word of the day

AUGUST 7, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Full-scale U.S. attack on militia. Iraqis join Marines against cleric's forces + Sadr Spokesman Says Only 36 Killed, Not US Tally of 300 + New Iraq bathed in blood + How US forces view the fighting + Basra Stand-off as rebel militiamen prepare for confrontation + Newberry on Iraq + Sadr comes out of the graveyard + 'Hundreds killed' in the bloody battle of Najaf + Series of Explosions Hit Central Bahghad + Orders of battle

Occupation: Iraq amnesty targets insurgents + Amnesty for Minor Crimes

AFRICA: U.N. finds Sudan unleashed militia + In Sudan, militias' shadowy identity clouds situation + Frist Calls Darfur Killing 'Genocide'

AMERICAS: Chavez: Loathed by the rich

MIDDLE EAST: IDF foils attacks in West Bank and Gaza; five Palestinians said killed  +Geneva Accord authors slam unilateral moves, call on sides to renew talks + Visiting Egyptian generals discuss Gaza pullout plans + Palestinian Justice Minister Resigns in Protest Over Gradual Stripping of His Authority by Arafat

IRAN: Iran says developing Shihab-3 missile as measure against Israeli capabilities


Terror Arrests in Pakistan Signal Closing in on Some Al-Qaida Operatives AP News Analysis

U.S.: Terror Suspect Sent to New York in Early 2001 by Architect of Suicide Hijackings

Unmasking of Qaeda Mole a U.S. Security Blunder, Experts + Pakistan: US Blew Undercover al-Qaeda Sting

Los Alamos bidders weight risks of intense scrutiny, Lockheed drops out

Former San Diego-based sailor allegedly e-mailed terror suspect

Suspect in Britain had details of U.S. fleet.

Slowdown in 'Chatter' Worries Officials

Zarqawi CD-ROM Urges Fight Against 'Crusaders'

Suicide bombing gaining new converts, expert says

How KGB was destroyed

Qaeda-linked cells "to hit Italy"

Qaida arrests result of good sleuthing

Korean Missile: U.S. Is Unworried

Al Qaeda made pre-9/11 diamond buy


Clarence Thomas might be next chief justice

Executed, by lethal injection: the 74-year-old so stricken by dementia he forgot who he was

Sentence ruling disrupts federal courts

Aryan Nations 'memo' inquiry sought

Grand jury queries Columbine investigators

Tennessee struggles to curb methamphetamine use

Six people found slain in Fla. home

Court kills U.S. rules on habitat as too lax

Judge Vaughn Walker wants nothing under wraps in Oracle decision

Molding new gumshoes in her school for sleuths

Cambodia expands fight against foreign pedophiles


Doctors' dilemmas

Will reveals secret wealth of murdered colonel

Sharp Decline in Jury Trials Poses Dilemma for Lawyers


Bar group debates anti-gay affiliations (CCT Reg)

De Anza college bomb plot figure dies in prison (SJM Reg) + Man who plotted mass killing hangs himself in prison

Unions join fight against disclosure of Alameda County salaries (CCT Reg)

Sacramento: 29 years to life in 1992 slaying

Federal court orders bail for Chico man in cannabis club case


Judge Ronald Sabraw bars media access to files in church molest cases + Oakland Tribune report re: sealing files More: Defendants given access to files

Oakland teacher gets 12 years in molestations + Tom Reeves, sentenced

San Francisco cop faces 5 charges over false report. Veteran officer accused of letting prisoner escape

No plea entered in Nesler case

Manteca: Fugitives wanted on fraud charges

Los Angeles: Cops taped researcher Wm. French Anderson's talks with minor girl accuser

Claremont professor's request to dismiss charges rejected

Waterford: Abuse victim kills her attacker

Orange County teens to face fewer charges in gang-rape trial

Bakersfield prosecutor was drunk when he died in crash

Stanislaus D.A. files charges v. PI Bernstein for impersonating officer

SR Symphony embezzlement suspect had earlier conviction

Judge reduces Vallejo man's sentence (kidnapped teens)

Parents of man convicted of murder believe jury overlooked mental illness

Scott Peterson: Plastic tarp and duct tape are tested for links to body. Prosecutors didn't know of park police's suspicions until this week + The week in review  (SJM Reg) + Trial gives judge new tribulations (CCT Reg) + The Hackling effect (SJM Reg)


The Governor: Gov. pokes fun at critics + Gov. trades quips with Leno + Arnold’s State Control + Gov. in tight political spot on stem cell research + California Republicans gather for three-day state convention + Gov. reviews terror training simulation + GOP relishes growth surge Click.

Poll: Jones fails to raise awareness + Jones seriously trails Boxer in Senate bid

The Buzz: GOP isn't asking for the moon come November

State issues plan for cleaning air

Controller says state revenues higher than last year

CalPERS allowed to drop hospitals

LOCAL NEWS:  Hikers see 'big cat' stalking deer in the woods east of Lake Chabot

Mendocino County pear growers start earliest harvest since 1928; crop may be tastiest

Fires keep Sierra crews busy

Lawmakers await bad news on bridge costs. Caltrans expected to report $2.5 billion overrun on bay span

Seaside, Army make land swap for housing at Fort Ord (CCT Reg)

Judge holds off decision whether land preservation district can annex San Mateo County coast

Feds warn Marin General Hospital it might lose funding, must correct re: Medicare, Medi-Cal

Ross approves pedestrian/bike path on Drake

White rot threatens garlic crop

Audit: Nonprofit People United for Better Oakland is plagued by thefts

Caltrans to sell land

Napa grown wine - really + Bronco Co. ordered to stop selling wine with Napa labels

San Francisco: New supervisor Elsbernd thought fast when offered job

School days: New proposal would combine Richmond high schools + Contra Costa County: Acalanes schools still seeking leader. Statewide, growing number of retirees hard to replace + Oakland schools may face extinction + Chabot industrial program tries to draw female students + Incumbents go unchallenged in Petaluma, Cotati-Rohnert Park + Vallejo schools' new fiscal chief finally selected + Confusion Over UC Transfers Continues  Click. (LAT Reg) + State panel's proposal to delay kindergarten for youngest pupils Click. (LAT Reg) + Fresno schools land $8.3 million fed grant Click. (FB Reg)

East Bay Regional Park district cuts won't be so deep

Island tenants' evictions  get extension

Rosenblum Cellars signs for 5 more years in Alameda

San Mateo gambling venues bet big on Prop. 68

Union City mayor faces challenger

Race is on to fill seats in Fremont to file for seats passes. Two seats are up for grabs on city council

Candidates vie for Livermore park board seats

Ex-Ukiah mayor runs against incumbent

Napa supervisor legal battle continues

U.S. Official Takes Farmers' Side on Smelt Click. (LAT Reg)

Homeland security shopping by Sonoma County Click.

MILITARY Pentagon Focuses on Voting Plan for Troops

Aftershocks from Iraq

'It was no way to live'

Efforts To Raise Super Secret Nazi U-Boat Off Cape Cod

GI filing suit to put bite on terror

China, Pakistan Do Anti-Terror Exercise

Cell phone industry has wrong number on privacy issue

Stardom: AGHAST But Not Surprised At OUTFOXED

Utahn recalls seeing devastation caused by atomic bomb

Evidence of Pentagon Psychological Warfare Operations Against U.S. Citizens Surfaces in Want Ads


Champion of free speech is accused of censorship


Simple life floats their boats

The virtue of idleness

Part I: Pushed by Currents, Hidden by Fog, a Diver Realizes: 'They Left Me'

For Bereaved Parents, Having Another Child Can Fill Emptiness Even Though Grief Persists


Silicon Valley's Economic Slump Erodes Traditional Optimism

Moscow court tosses plan to seize Yukos unit

Is Starbucks a star, or just a comet?


Fairfax forced to delay decision on spraying + Mosquito targets puzzling + West Nile hunt intensified

WHO declares end to Ebola outbreak


Taking It to Vaccine Court

Cholera begins deadly rise in Sudan's camp of despair

Veteran Science Submarine to Be Replaced in 2008

Hospitals make progress in closing tech gap Click. (CCT Reg)

Feathered Dino Had a Brain for Flight

Filters get smarter, but so do spammers

Rose George: I'm a cycling nerd, and proud of it

Enter your e-mail



Bush Warns Americans They Are 'Still Not Safe' + Bush Says Terror Warnings a `Grim Reminder' of Threats the U.S. Faces

Poland's Premier Heads to U.S. for Talks With Bush Seeking Answers on Iraq

As Bush Family Gathers for a Wedding, Jenna Reels in a Big Fish

US Gives Citizenship To 7000 Russian Muslims


Kerry Widens Lead Over Bush; Economy Is the Main Issue, Time Poll Finds

Colleges can help deliver the youth vote

Nader fails to make California ballot

Clintons ask court to drop fraud suit

Kerry And Bush Mutual Family Trees

Louisiana Dem is Now a Repub

Republicans pick racist

Sexing it up

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush challenges rival on Iraq war + Bush's three tasks to win reelection + Will Bush truly renounce privilege in admissions? + News prompts Bush to change direction + Eleanor Clift: Advantage Bush + Anti-Kerry Ad Recanter Recants His Recant + Hiring Dip Makes Bush Campaign Job Harder

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry Urges Lifting Stem-Cell Research Ban, Boosting Investment in Science + In Mo., hecklers try to derail Kerry team + Kerry touts new hybrid SUV + Veteran claims misquote on Kerry; Globe stands by its story + Kerry hopes to make lack of jobs an issue + Stern's listeners could tip the race + Dems Religious Coordinator Quits Under Fire + Senator damned by faint praise on foreign policy


From Attica To Abu Ghraib

Stand up for science

Cole on outing of Al Qaida double agent

Check out the incredible anti-Semitism of Jerome R. Corsi, PhD, the co-author of Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry Click.

How the president's tax cuts have revived Democratic fund-raising Click.

Norman Mailer: How to Beat Bush

Skolnick: Osama cometh?

Blood for pork....


We Are Still Suffering

War prisons: Lynndie England, small part of a bigger story + Iranian Detainee Boycotts Military Hearing + Whistleblower testifies at England's hearing + Military court hears details of lurid sex acts + Bahrain Royal Tortured at Guantanamo+ Hearing enters fifth day + Tunisian Detainee Appears Before U.S. Military Hearing at Guantanamo

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: San Francisco: Asians to rally in favor of same-sex marriage + Publicity-shy critic at center of anti-gay storm. Researcher wrote much-cited article on registered partnerships + Hull aims to put itself on gay tourist map

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

San Francisco man fakes own decapitation in broadcast videotape

Iraqis exhausted by daily drama find escape on new TV network

New York Times offers Bush friendly advice on terror alerts

Bush at Unity: Wishes He Wasn't 'War President'

TV show will feature businesses competing for venture capital Click.

Iraq shuts Al-Jazeera's Baghdad office for a month


Jonathan Jones: Graffiti isn't subversive

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Soldier's Playing Cards, De Hooch Large

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Circus comes to downtown Oakland

Older, wiser, still on fire

10 Haikuists and Their Works

The Island of Lesbos, interactive map

Swarthmoor Hall

In Italy, art with a German accent

European festivals keep Wild West alive

Quirky Film 'Garden State'

Estates of mind

Shock treatment

England's Michelangelo

Theater Festivals

Reese Witherspoon: Legally blonde. Physically flawed?

Prince Rainier, Lionel Richie and Woody Allen at Monaco Red Cross gala

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Word of the day

AUGUST 6, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: US planes pound holy city as clashes rage across central, southern Iraq + Shiite cleric renews call for revolt. Fighting in south kills 20 Iraqis, U.S. copter downed + US Says It Kills 300 Sadrists in Najaf + Allawi Prepares to Enact Martial Law+ Sheik builds reputation for getting captives freed + Muqtada stirs up new storms + Juan Cole reports + Orders of battle

Occupation: Ayatollah in UK for treatment + 'Broke' Iraq too poor to pay UN + America's Staunchest Allies in Iraq Stung by Rising Anti-War Sentiment at Home + Armitage Says Countries Not Willing to Participate in Saudi proposal for Muslin army for Iraq

War prisons: Testimony Implicates Abu Ghraib Questioners + Military policeman testifies to the 'hell' of Abu Ghraib + Soldiers Tried to Halt  Abuse

MIDDLE EAST: Israel retreats -- Gaza rockets return. Troops' 5-week incursion leaves Palestinians restive

EUROPE: Ethnic Serbs slowly returning to villages battered by war in '90s. Croatia struggles to rebuild in hopes of joining EU

In Yukos Give-and-Take, Kremlin Takes Back

AFRICA: Few Troops Available for Darfur, U.S. Senator Says + 'They want to kill us all. They are just devils' + Western Powers Seek Sudan Disintegration + UN Investigator Blames Khartoum for Darfur Death

Nigerian police arrest 30 after 50 bodies found in cult shrines

WHO Africa 'a political club'

MILITARY Pentagon Moves to Improve Troubled Military Voting

Copter-Borne Medics: Disciplined Ballet, Choreographed to Save G.I.'s

Burned-out troops suffer disintegrating personal lives

GIs: Germany lessons didn’t replicate techniques used by Iraqi insurgents Click.

GI granddaddies go back to Vietnam

LEAKGATES Did Pentagon Reveal Name of Edmonds' 'Semi-Legit' Group?


Job Growth Meager, Markets Stunned

World oil prices hit new records near 45 dollars + The hidden cost of pricey oil

Pixar swims its way to 91% gain in profit

Clorox starts to make big comeback

Letter to the wizards of Wall Street

Cult Brands


3rd exec at Enron pleads guilty. 'Death Star' trader admits manipulating California market

States to get help in suits from ex-Enron trader's guilty plea

Condit lawsuit against USA Today dismissed

Execution of man who was sick, frail sets off controversy. At 74, he was oldest put to death in decades

Links Between Prison and AIDS Affecting Blacks Inside and Out

Last chance campaign in Romania against Nazi criminals

Six charged in $10m Ingram computer fraud

US prosecutors challenge P2P companies

Prosecutors remain confident in Bryant case

Defendant refused to arrest homeless man

Dad: Hacking told all to 2 brothers

The Arbitrary Imprisonment of Jose Padilla

There's habeas and there's habeas

The justice for Lynne Stewart blog


Widow says workers comp provoked husband's death (CCT Reg)

Gunman sought after firing shot in Fremont store (SJM Reg)

CYA to eliminate 23-hour lockups (CCT Reg)

Fairfax beer maker, accused of embezzlement, released without charges

Nesler taken to Tuolumne jail

$13 million forfeited in Hayward meth case + Ex-partner at lab supply firm sentenced in meth scheme

Task force busts Emeryville pair in drug deal

LA agrees to replace aging sewer lines as part of settlement

Oakland Judge tells bishops to release records. Order includes secret files on priests accused of abuse

L.A. school chain miseducated thousands. Curriculum says U.S. has 53 states, federal raid finds

Hayward pot activist may have to give up fight

St. Helena cops ready to seek arrest warrant in murder case

Calistoga BBQ battle heats up, may go to federal court

Drogan bilking case moves forward (SJM Reg)

L.A. gangs strike at 'safe' haven, Homeboy Industries (CCT Reg)

Cops, kids cavort at summer camp

Oakland police union: Shut review hearings

Elk Grove police check 2nd house for prostitution

House up to code for Verse move

Judge rules San Bernardino County entitled to millions in bribery scheme suit

Searchers press on for boy reported missing in California forest

San Francisco woman says she was victim of swindler. Claims of would-be wife No. 10 investigated

San Francisco prosecutors won't charge suspect in teen's slaying. New police strategy is to make arrests before telling D.A.

San Francisco: Pimp pleads guilty in case of 14-year-old

San Rafael: Inquest finds OD caused jail death

Santa Rosa: Plea deal possible in death of cyclist in hit-and-run

Stockton judge gives one defendant a separate trial in murder case vs. four defendants

Daly City: Priest back in court

LAPD panel may design flashlights

Pair allegedly cheated Medi-Cal Click. (FB Reg)

Scott Peterson: Judge orders delay in trial (SJM Reg) + Trial delay + New evidence halts trial (CCT Reg) + Developments Thursday + New evidence forces judge to order a delay -- sources say duct tape near Laci Peterson's body was never tested by police

Michael Jackson: Jackson's lawyers say they need lists of evidence seized

Helzer: Juror is haunted by  murders


The Governor: Gov. playing to business + Gov. will miss state GOP convention Click. + Gov.'s advisers have been well-paid Click. (SJM Reg) + State performance review is a starting point on path to reforming government +Reducing Legislature to part-time status isn't in the best interest of the public + Bobble that girlyman!

Senate OKs sexual predator housing bill

Workers' comp savings not felt yet Click.

Assembly battle: It's all about money Click. (SJM Reg)

Woolsey attacks plan to delay vote

LOCAL NEWS: Northern California's coho salmon now on endangered species list

Placer County dam mishap releases water, evacuates river

Tahoe's tremors: Magma may be behind a series of tiny quakes

Developer plans for wild residents

Little help for small critters

Click (SJM Reg) San Jose city investigators probing whether an e-mail exchange between a key city official and Cisco Systems shows attempted cover-up of the Cisco's inside role in the design of new City Hall computer network. Editorial: Cisco document: A lie takes hold + Councilman: S.J. workers may be fired over tech deal

Big names may join in Richmond casino deal (CCT Reg)

School days: UCD sets up Tahoe research center + State Seeks Charter School Operator's Records Amid Inquiry Click. (LAT Reg) + UC, CSU ask students denied during budget standoff to consider new offers Click. (FB Reg)

Oakland mayoral bids taking shape

Port of Oakland reels in new maritime director

San Francisco: Newsom's pick for supervisor is District 7 native. Elsbernd worked behind scenes as aide to Hall, mayor + Newsom ready to search for new juvenile probation chief + Ethics panel ruling opens door, critics warn. Waiving 'cooling off' period described as bad precedent + Newsom budget hinges on tax measure. Voters will be asked to approve package to raise $26 million + Hearing on new planning director. Mayor draws up list even though that is commission's task + Hall gives farewell, parting shots + Friday fish stew, 'Frisco fresh

Martinez: Ballot count delayed on open space fee

Firm forecloses on Fremont Marriott

Newark clinic closure questioned

Blue Rock developers' plan merges nature, residents

Solano Grand Jury responds to residents' complaints about access for disabled

Powerful Hahn backer may be jumping ship

Card-room slots campaign showing signs of struggle Click.

State Report Criticizes Hearst Ranch Deal

Mortgage Broker Group Takes on Issue of 'Predatory' Lending Click. (LAT Reg)

Drivers' written tests may change Click.

Carona Campaign Admits Getting Illegal Donations Click. (LAT Reg)

Before the bomb: A young girl's diary

NYC Activists Call For a Day of Civil Disobedience

General Tommy Franks Talking about Martial Law Again

New Mental Health Initiative Forwards Psychiatry's Brave New World Totalitarian Rule to Diagnose at Will


Christopher Caen: Infernal computers and spotless Yaks

For whom the bell tolls

From the middle of Texas where the center's on the right

Blood for pork....

The List: Private Military Contractors


More about Victor Bout and the DOD


More human cases of West Nile reported in California + Officials call to eradicate virus panic

Researchers see higher mad cow risk + Q&A: What the findings mean

Check doc in anthrax case + Doctor in anthrax probe holds attack detector patent

$10 million Bengal kittens pave way for pet cloning. Spunky 8-week-olds are offspring of Sausalito company

Warm Pacific Water Wave Heads East, But No El Niño Yet

Method To Visualize Gene Activity May Provide Important Insight Into Normal Development And Genome Function

Saturn's Shadow And Titan's Glow Shed Light On A Complex System

New Hope For The Estimated 300,000 Americans Co-infected With Hepatitis C And HIV

Study Suggests Humans Can Speed Evolution

Where The Sage-grouse Roam

3-D Irradiation Of Brain Cancer In Children Spares IQ, Memory, Other Cognitive Functions

Protein Loss Plays Role In Acute T-cell Leukemia

Babies With DiGeorge Syndrome Saved By Immune Suppression, Thymus Transplant

Heart, Human Body Inspires New Microtechnology System

Study Explains Spatial Orientation Differences Between Sexes; Inner Ear Size May Be Determinant

Climate Change Could Doom Alaska's Tundra Fortified Food Wrap Is Good Enough To Eat

Cancer can be fed by the same hormones that govern puberty

Drug Firm Fights Ban on Vaccine Preservative Click. (LAT Reg)

UCSF animal research called top 'lawbreaker'. 51 federal citations over three years, activists report

Saturn probe reveals inner ring of radiation

Trout from salmon no red herring, say experts

Soy Protein May Benefit Diabetics' Kidneys

Biologists turn Maine island into a tern haven

Sight Restored After 'Tooth-In-Eye' Operation

White rhino numbers are 'halved'

New ocean species uncovered

Glitches hit Nasa's Mars rovers

Scientists make case that there could be life on Red Planet

Science Blog - Researchers discover the first compounds that slow aging across species

Nasa powers up with supercomputer

Nanotech may take years to hit it big

Data Encryption Standard no longer up for the job

Yahoo! Offers! Local! Search!


Bush Defends Terror-Threat Alert; Homeland Official Says Pictures Taken in January

President Pushes Flextime

NIH Is Pressured to Bar Drug Industry Stipends

Bush adding more oil to U.S. petroleum reserve

Bush, 3rd-Generation Yale Man, Opposes 'legacy' Admissions for College


European team due to observe election (CCT Reg)

Eugenics supporter leads Tenn. GOP congressional primary

Banner year for candidates targeting selected groups online

Below the belt

United Press International: Florida’s RNC delegation a secret

BUSH/CHENEY: At campaign stop, Bush pokes fun at himself + The Right Rev. George W. Bush + Cheney opposed intelligence post in '92

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry's $80 million in ads buys cover- Vets group attacks Kerry; McCain defends Democrat + Kerry Offers 10-Year Plan for U.S. Energy Independence + Veteran retracts Kerry criticism + Kerry questions Bush’s wartime leadership + Sudden limelight shines on John Edwards's daughter + Philip James on the Kerry campaign's finances + Internet 'Whisper' Campaign Spreads Lies About Teresa Kerry + Kerry, Edwards -- westward, ho


Scott Ritter: Challenging Kerry on His Iraq Vote

Can Kerry beat odds like FDR?

Bush's Powerless Intel Czar Doomed From The Start

Paul Krugman: What about Iraq? Click.

Margie Burns: The twelve security failures of Bush II Click.

Stardom: The BULGE Blew: I Was OUTFOXED


AP Exclusive: Arrests Lead to a Web of Militancy Stretching From Pakistan to Britain to the United States

Terror Detainee Is Seen as Leader in Plot by Al Qaeda

Arrested Qaeda Operative: Life of Degrees and Aliases

Pakistani Helped Net Qaeda Comrades in Sting-Source

British terror suspect had plans to attack Gulf ships, says US

How Many al-Qaeda Operatives Are in the US?

Oakland: FBI, police train for terrorists with mock hijacking. Airport test is one of many across country

Fighting Al Qaeda with a better idea

The Imam & the pizza man

Diplomacy is forgotten in the mania for intervention

Philippines on trial over hostage tale

Janet Chisholm

Rethinking the Story of Alger Hiss

Diplomatic scandal between Russia and Lithuania is gathering steam

Russia Expels Lithuanian Diplomat

Book defends WWII internment of Japanese Americans, racial profiling

Mystery surrounds town hall 'bug'

Road to Al Qaeda runs through Pakistan

Saudia Arabian Security Forces Arrest One of Oil Kingdom's Most Wanted Terrorists

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Singapore to host Asia's biggest gay party... and rake in the pink dollar

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

A plot, or not? Why Heathrow bomb plan was a media dream

BBC Sends Palast to Florida to Cover Elections 8/6

Oprah to stay on US TV until 2011

Suit calls Oakland Tribune newspaper chain's 'Best of' promotion a 'hoax'

Jack Mathews: Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Fark Sells Out. France Surrenders

Where Fahrenheit footage came from.

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Soldier's Playing Cards, De Hooch Large

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Berkeley City block, S.F. store honored by poets

Oakland: Black-owned circus to play at City Hall

Divers retrieve Frolic artifacts

Supreme swine nets $24.50 a pound

Hayward youngsters cowboy up for annual rodeo

New rockers outmatched by veterans at Spanish music festival

Wall art

Europe's Oldest Altar Found

'Fatty' Arbuckle's good life and extremely hard times

People: Ralph Fiennes, Will Smith, Katharine Hepburn

Oxford pays its debt to ancients in Pindaric song

Entrepreneurs lay Broadway foundations for Pink Floyd's Wall

Finding Lorca

Huge crystal cave found in Spain

Robert Burns and the 'Creepie Chair'

Rush & Molloy: Jolie turns Colin into an oedipal wreck

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Differing points of view

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Word of the day

AUGUST 5, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Intense Fighting in Iraq, Rebels Down US Copter + 12 Killed as Iraqi Police and Rebels Clash in Mosul + Arab Troops Would Be Unwelcome in Iraq + Al-Sadr militiamen battle coalition in four cities + Two Marines Killed In Attack Near Syrian Border + Multinational troops, Shiite militia battle in southern Iraq + Survey claims 37,000 Iraqi civilians killed in first seven months of war + Iraq Clashes, Blasts Kill at Least 14; Al-Sadr Urges Uprising Against U.S. + Analysis: Pakistan terror war intensifies, al Qaeda resilient + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

AFGHANISTAN: Winning hearts, minds and firefights in Uruzgan

EUROPE: Violence Flares Again in 2 Separatist Regions of Georgia


Two Terror Suspects Arrested in Albany, New York, in FBI Sting at Mosque + Suspects in Mosque Raid Defended by Relatives

British Man Arrested on U.S. Extradition Warrant Claiming Terrorism Links

Research at Los Alamos won't resume for 2 months. Dynes unsure whether UC will bid for lab contract + UC implores scientists for help + Los Alamos Lab Puts 4 More Scientists on Leave

Sandia, police fight war on terror

SFO part of test for program to track foreign visitors to U.S.

South Africans scoff at attacks by al Qaeda. Country may be terrorists' haven, but no threat seen

Officials: Terror Attack Not Imminent + Credibility Cloud Hangs Over Terror Warnings

Suspect in New Terror Alerts Fed U.S. False Info in 2002

Hurry Up and Wait

The clandestine Soviet Union

Pentagon to launch Yee case inquiry

CIA Curbs War Critic Author

War on terror has its limits, but where exactly do they lie?

File-sharing imperils US secrets

Caution Is Urged in Intelligence Overhaul

Bureaucratic wrangling begins over intelligence reform

Sept. 11 panel leader urges cautious reform. Pace of intelligence committee's work derided by fellow member

[Another Korea] (78) Intelligence Quotient

Nuclear Safety Lapses Won't Be Revealed

'More spies needed on the ground'

Xymphora opines on the FBI and the rightwing

Chicago man arrested in plot to blow up Dirksen Building

Click. What Toyota can teach the 9/11 commission about intelligence gathering.

After wave of raids, the questions + 'No specific threat to Heathrow'


Lawsuit Says Women Were Misled to Delay Abortions

Bryant judge expands gag order after accuser's lawyers speak out

Condit settlement beats deadline

US officials hold first counternarcotics training in Vietnam

Pfizer takes big stick to Viagra spammers

JibJabbing for Artists' Rights

Former porn star awarded custody of daughter

Casino lawyer accused of mob ties

Pitcairn Islands sex abuse trials to go ahead


California High Court Rules 'Napa' Wine Must Be From at Least 75 Percent Napa-Grown Grapes

Man Arrested for Allegedly Making False Baby Food Tampering Claim That Prompted Recall at Arizona Stores

Irvine police say they delayed sending tampered baby food to FDA

Manhunt for Nesler over

CHP to open Moffett helicopter base (SJM Reg)

Judge says court has jurisdiction in tribal membership case (SJM Reg)

Ex-UCLA clinical instructor wins judgment in sex harassment case (SJM Reg)

Confession was forced, dead twins' mom says

Four Norteno gang members sentenced in jail-yard beating

Diana Griego Erwin: Panel questioning value of court-ordered intervention for batterers

Bagel Beer brewer filched $1 million, authorities say

San Francisco: Fagan Jr. gets off in lawsuit over beating. Civil jury doesn't believe oft-charged ex-cop assaulted accuser in Haight

Court grants asylum to couple from Fiji

Imperiled mammal threatened by plan for Okinawa base. Court in S.F. hears activists advocate applying U.S. law

Judge tells U.S. it must do more to protect desert tortoise

San Francisco: Good Ol' Boy Bandit suspect captured

Concord Police to investigate allegations of racial profiling. Officer put on leave after being accused of harassing dozens of Latino drivers

Claremont professor's lawyers file appeal asking to dismiss felony counts re: filing false police report

Woman whose child found in Disneyland pleads not guilty to child abuse

Fremont store owner cheats death

Pleasanton Police to get Tasers

San Joaquin Sheriff and co-defendants to be tried together

Helzer: Justin Helzer case took heavy toll on jurors. Woman recalls range of emotions endured while arriving at death-penalty decision

Scott Peterson: Peterson trial delayed while defense probes new evidence + Prosecution calls murders premeditated (CCT Reg) + Witness boosts theory on when woman died (SJM Reg) + Defendant moved to tears as pal testifies on couples' parallel lives. Computer expert describes Web search on fishing + Day 34 + Peterson computer use focus of trial + The Peterson File + Developments Wednesday in the Scott Peterson case


The Governor: Reforms' savings may miss target (SJM Reg) + Health proposals  spark controversy (SJM Reg) + Performance review aims to modernize government + Gov.'s proposal would hit college fees, graduation requirements + State's budget comes at a cost - our children's future + Huge transportation merger envisioned + Hype is on the way + Preschool for every child could level the playing field + The man behind the state review. Soft-spoken Texan brought 'Yoda'-like wisdom to the task + Report calls for creation of cabinet-level Ocean Council

State's prisons may escape a court takeover

Costa takes aim at Legislature + Army calls up Assembly candidate + Perata's bill seeks drugs from Canada + Figueroa leads cheaper drug cost effort + Assemblywoman eyes Figueroa's seat

Initiative would curb immigrants' benefits

LOCAL NEWS: A vintage to remember?

Ralston Dam release gate break prompts flash flood warning in Placer County + Broken dam gate sends wall of water down American River

Dublin voters to decide fate of $184 million bond measure

Species Act rule eased in Valley

Novato voters back debt limits in poll

San Rafael raises paramedic tax

School days: Oakland school control lawsuit poised to move ahead + Oakland administrative decisions should be local, lawyer says + St. Mary's grasps potential of diversity +

Winery won't empty Alameda bottles

San Francisco: Far-reaching money issues on city ballot. $1.2 billion in bonds, selling naming rights to Candlestick Park + Emergency move on city contracts. Mayor, supervisor draft law to protect women, minorities + Welfare rolls drop in wake of Care Not Cash. Newsom says $410 checks were 'magnet' + Board contenders join to decry hate graffiti + Kimberly's Floored + Treasure Island job goes to Hall. Ethics Commission clears the way for Newsom's pick

Ranchers gain habitat exemptions

Concord: Council approves plan for church in mall. Proposal to move into former theater rejected 5 years ago

Government overhaul relies on shifting costs Click. (CCT Reg)

Pact may cut cost of workers' comp Click.

Arnold's first year garners mixed reviews Click.

Panel backs new chief of juvenile prisons Click. (SJM Reg)

Forcing Community Service by College Students Would Be Mistake Click. (LAT Reg)

Cut school programs drive donors' generosity in West Contra Costa Click. (CCT Reg)

HIV patients would be tracked by name. Patients in Medi-Cal could be fingerprinted Click. (SJM Reg)

Suicide by kids sparks hearing Click.

Santa Clarita Sues Over Proposed Gravel Mine Click. (LAT Reg)

LAPD Tightens Rules on Use-of-Force Probes Click. (LAT Reg)

Youth Prisons to Stop Use of Extended Isolation Click. (LAT Reg)

A Steep Fall Into Gang Life Click. (LAT Reg)

Key Lawmaker Not Sold on Intelligence Czar Click. (LAT Reg)

Lab system has eye, nose for terror Click.

Pleasanton residents voice concerns over asphalt plant

Chrisp Co. is awarded bid for safety bumps on Vasco Road

Old Town Danville will rock every Thursday

Oakland, Coming Soon, Bureaucratz N the Hood

Cyber Cops to Patrol Vietnam Net

Activists gear up for RNC protests


Raising $10 million, one T-shirt at a time

The $10 million dollar woman


Google discloses possible securities violations (SJM Reg) + Google must buy back buddy stock

Russia backtracks on Yukos decision, blocks bank accounts again


FBI Searches NY and NJ Houses in Anthrax Probe

West Nile Virus found in Livermore, Berkeley + West Nile Found in Marin County

New Treatments for Human Version of Mad Cow + Major beef recall in U.S. Click.

Protein Vaccine Fully Protects Mice From Lethal Aerosol Challenge With Ricin Toxin

Sahara's Largest Infestation in More Than a Decade Sweeps South, Swarming Desert Capital

UT, A&M join to build world's largest telescope

Evolution, Mutation Shown to Occur Faster than Was Thought

Disparities found in health care for blacks

Study shows dinosaur could fly. Winged creature had birdlike senses, fossil X-rays reveal

Cats cloned?

Red Planet Had Recent Volcanism + One Mars Rover Climbs Hills, Other Descends Into Crater

Cell swap could help conservation

Women wanted for space tests

Bat bounty found in Isle of Wight

Aids drugs 'can curb HIV spread'

Molecular Therapeutics Advance Fight Against Brain Cancer

Orangutan, Elephant, Cat, Rabbit, And Lamprey: Organisms Added To Sequencing Pipeline

Depression Traced To Overactive Brain Circuit

New Discovery May Help Transplants Survive; Blocking Growth Factor Stops Rejection Process

Penn Researchers Offer New Hope To Advanced Stage Lung Cancer Patients

Neurosurgeons At Rush Explore "Smart" Drug To Treat Brain Cancer

Ancient Life Form May Help Create Newest Technologies

Onion Routing Averts Prying Eyes

Bill Gates stalks Nintendo

Russia is a thorn in Microsoft's side

Delete: Bathwater. Undelete: Baby.

Behind the RFID-Standards Brawl

Microsoft Urges Automatic Update for Windows Security Improvement

$5 Million To Smooth Out Kinks In Electromagnetic Propulsion


Congress: $417B Defense Bill OK'd

THE 2004 ELECTION: Official here warns military ballots could go uncounted

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush Tries to Reassure Jittery Ohio Voters on Jobs + Saudis top President Bush's gift-giving list + Bush's ultimate Freudian slip + Bush girls cause plane diversion + David Hinckley: Boss is gonna rock Bush's political boat

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry knows Bush for 9/11 performance + Musicians come together to swing voters from Bush. October concerts to blitz 9 toss-up states + Kerry sweeps our history aside + Could the Democrats steal votes this time? + Kerry: U.S. remains divided on racial, economic lines+ McCain condemns 'dishonest' anti-Kerry ad + Kerry touts convention showing, hints at Iraq plan + Heinz Kerry is part of the draw on Midwest bus tour


The Tale of Saddam's Cameraman

Attacking Neo-Cons From the Right

Toward a truce with the Muslim world

Jimmy Breslin: Remember the moral of the story Click.

Senator Robert Byrd: A single act of bravery Click.

Harold Meyerson: Bush's favoritism toward the rich imperils us all Click.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Bush breaks environmental promise Click.

Bruce Springsteen: Chords for change Click.

Steve Weissman: Torture, lies, and the little Bush who cried wolf Click.

Has GOP finally hit bottom, or is this hole even deeper?

Novak: Bush employing platform shoos to keep party in line

These Are Their Ends

These Are Their Means

Blumenthal: What the terror alerts really tell us

Blood for pork....


Migrants trade poverty for danger. Wages are simply too good to pass up

Fear behind the wheel in Iraq


Prison abuse: GIs decried prison abuse but didn't tell superiors. Visits with boyfriend put female soldier at scene of sex acts+ Abused Iraqi Detainees Held 'No Intel Value' + Military Intelligence Ordered Captives Hidden, Court Told + Lawyers in Iraq Abuse Case Look for Links to Commanders + Taliban Fighter in Guantanamo Says Not Against U.S


INFANTRY: Radical Reserve Retraining for Iraq


Canada to help Russia dismantle nuclear submarines

LEAKGATES Investigators Conclude Senator Shelby Leaked Intel Info

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Judge knocks same-sex marriage ban in Washington state; licenses on hold pending appeal + America is evolving on gay marriage

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

US opens up Guantanamo trials

Fox bravely shops 9/11 source to Feds

Missed signals on Abu Ghraib

Lobster tale lands writer in hot water

Kerry: I'd Keep Cross-ownership Rules

Unity 2004: Biggest Meeting of U.S. Journalists Ever?

Study: DC Press Corps Lacks Diversity

The First On-the-Scene Report From Hiroshima

Maureen Dowd Book Out This Week

Museum culls TV ads from 52 years of the selling of the presidents

Columbia campaign desk


Soldier's Playing Cards, De Hooch Large

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

African-American circus to raise its tent in Oakland

Brazil comes to Palo Alto Art Center in multimedia exhibit

Marin headlands retreat: Playwrights in the wings

Emma Lazarus, Sylvia Plath, Men

Jesuits in the Sciences 1540-1995

Australian Observer: The Photographs of Harold Cazneaux 1878-1953

Unique images of England's 'unseen' urban poor are unearthed in Tasmanian museum

Diggers threaten ancient monument

Pavarotti's food, his harem and his 'stupido' rivals

Rush & Molloy: Lensman clicks with the lust generation

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Our Miss Books flap

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Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 4, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Bomb kills at least 3 Iraqi guardsmen. 6 GIs die on field of battle in 24 hours, U.S. reports + US Raids Police Station, Arrests Iraqi Colonel + Fallujah Tribesmen Raid Home, Free 6 Hostages + Phantom Legions For Iraq + Foreign hostages released in Iraq + Juan Cole reports + Iraq Clashes Kill at Least 14 People; Al-Anbar Governor Resigns, AFP Says + U.S., Iraqi forces in major move to secure Syrian border + Orders of battle +  Sadr army owns city's streets ar Before Review Tribunals

AFGHANISTAN: Forces that would rip Afghanistan apart + Afghan aid as a military weapon

AFRICA: Sudan masses defiant over Darfur + Risky intervention + Africans mull Darfur force as thousands march in Khartoum

MIDDLE EAST: Chief of Staff hints Israel will expand operation to stop Qassam launches + California Dreaming

EUROPE: To end social welfare state, Russia set to replace services with cash


Fresh intelligence factored into alert. Data on current threats not disclosed

US: Al-Qaeda Suspect Reveals Web Strategy

Liberia's Taylor gave aid to Qaeda

FBI fears Qaeda suspects in New York

Musharraf steps back from the U.S.

Intelligence Plan Reviewed + Will A DNI Do it Right? + Congress's 9/11 Fix-It Impulse Is More Outward Than Inward + Congress urged to take more power + Fight Brews Over 9/11 Reform Plan + The impact of a new intelligence czar

Israeli Arab student arrested for spying + Israeli Arab suspected of gathering intelligence for Hamas + Suspect may be using Canadian passport

The fingers on the Russian buttons

Former Russian intelligence chief to be new ambassador to India

Terrorists' visual warfare uses the media as weapon

Al-Qaeda computer whizzkid with a flawless English accent

Hamas on a roll

Police quiz 12 men after terror raids across UK

How four-year-old information became clear and present danger

U.S. Struggles to Understand Breadth of Possible Terror Plot

Sources: Al Qaeda may have made contact in U.S.


U.S. Supreme Court ruling stopping use of videotaped statements in place of witnesses appearing in court could add a hurdle to abuse cases

New FBI witch-hunt

Navigating a Gene Patent Minefield

Germany: Mannesmann execs acquitted in corruption trial

Guilty plea in Staten Island ferry crash

U.N. says child porn widespread in Philippines

Is badmouthing a right or a crime?

Bryant's accuser to decide between criminal and civil case

Judge 'resigns' to End Hostage Standoff in Florida

Letourneau, Ex-Teacher Who 7 1/2 Years Term for Sex With Student, Freed; He Wants to See Her


Police chief picked for East Palo Alto's embattled force (SJM Reg)

Latinos accuse Concord officer of profiling (CCT Reg)

Youth authority director prepares to overhaul troubled system (CCT Reg)

San Francisco: Probe of juvenile probation. Shredder seized, official locked out of her office

San Jose lawyer Mario Antonio Bautista charged with molesting teens (SJM Reg) + Lawyer-preacher held

Marin: Farm workers, Silveira owners settle re: overtime pay

El Dorado: Three seized in workers comp fraud probe

Stolen Steinway, worth $38,000, tells a tale of pilfered grand pianos

Man shot while working for anti-gang group

Mom awarded $1 million over embryo mix-up

Little League coach sentenced to 25 years to life for molesting boys

Suit filed by Sierra Club over ballot measure on half-cent sales tax in San Bernardino County

Peter Schrag: Getting tough at the border - What has it helped?

Judge says exculpatory evidence went to grand jury on Modesto gang case

Turlock police arrest suspect at brother's funeral

San Francisco: Hells Angels member's death called homicide. Doctors dispute fellow riders' report of accident

San Francisco: Fagan's police brutality case now in hands of jury. Plaintiff's attorney says client was beaten by out-of-control rookie cop

Oakland closes liquor store it says is a magnet for drug dealers. Owner says he can't be expected to do job of the police

Oakland: Maker of pistol cleared in death of teenager.

Hayward: Families of women killed in crash sue. They claim Ford, rental firm knew van was unsafe

Oakland: Conviction upheld in revenge murder

Feds seek death penalty for 3 of 5 accused of kidnap-murders of 5 Russian Immigrants, found in lake at Tuolumne-Calaveras County border

Mother files lawsuit against Baldwin Park school district because 4-year-old son was allegedly hurt by bully

Alameda Island teens' house party turns ugly

Defendant in Araujo killing free on bail

Santa Cruz man Lee Thomas Bjorn convicted of 9 counts child molestation

Norco inmates say prison water is making them ill Click.

Border Patrol Faces New Limits in Inland Empire Click. (LAT reg)

Helzer: 'A profound measure of justice' (CCT Reg) + Helzer gets death sentence in Bishop case + Tearful panel urges ultimate penalty for 3 of 5 killings + Murder victims' relatives find solace at memorial. Death verdict is not a victory, they say -- 'Nobody won'

Scott Peterson: Peterson's adult TV viewing at issue + Petersons' choice of TV programming highlights testimony + The Peterson File + Prosecution sanctioned for misconduct (CCT Reg) + Prosecution puts on strong evidence but gets judge's scolding + Delucchi blasts prosecution + Peterson judge loses his temper + Defense blasts porn testimony as irrelevant


The Governor: Gov. embraces overhaul + Seeking efficiency + Gov.'s overhaul made public (CCT Reg) + Gov. praises reform package  (SJM Reg) +   + Battle begins. Gov. says he will go to the people if legislators balk  + Everybody agrees it's a good start. But the Legislature will want input into the process + Restructuring in secret + Gov. calls for state government to match state's spirit+ Gov.'s 'slush fund' hides political spending + Gov. heads to Nevada to reverse exodus of jobs + Kindergarten, college fees key to plan to save billions + Some argue streamlining plan can have opposite effect + A work in progress + Education plan draws fire + State Budget Saves Juvenile Camps Click. (LAT reg)

Hidden gold in state reform

Breaking down the Gov.'s reform proposals: Technology + Health care + Higher education + K-12 education + Environment + Transportation + Social services + General government

Marine protection program revived (SJM Reg)

State wants half of new homes to be solar-powered in 10 years

Cardoza takes to the road to support fellow Blue Dogs

Gov. lends muscle to Podesto fund raising

Ballot measure re: open primary split in two

Merit-based nursing bill dies on Assembly floor

Businesses still chafe at high workers' comp rates Click.

GOP group plans bill to bar aid for illegal immigrants Click.

Bill would beef up care in pesticide poisonings Click.

Anthem Sues Garamendi in Bid to Save WellPoint Deal Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  Unbridled compassion. Sonoma County woman to receive award for saving horses

Brighter future for Oakland's priceless San Antonio Park

Search for missing boy expands in San Bernardino Mountains

San Jose: City Hall audit finds collusion. Officials steered deal to Cisco (SJM Reg) + Hospital to reduce Medi-Cal patients (SJM Reg) + Low-rent hotel granted new life (SJM Reg)

School days: Largest charter votes to close two schools + Marin: Minority numbers low in preschools + New funds let UC Berkeley admit additional 270 + Atty Dan Seigal and group file lawsuit to stop state control of Oakland schools + Contractor picked for Asian library at UC Berkeley + Getty gives UCSC $100,000 for historic preservation 7 Charter Schools to Be Closed Click. (LAT reg) New Rules Threaten Some Charter Schools Click. (LAT reg) State lags in enrolling children in preschool Click. (CCT Reg)

Sacramento working to speed up building permits

Rancho Cordova may ban pot sales

Racist, anti-gay epithets spray-painted in Elk Grove

San Francisco: Treasure Island conflict seen.  + A push to let immigrants vote in S.F. school elections + City Hall's numbers game + P.J. Corkery gossip

9-year-old collapses, dies at Antioch soccer practice

North Richmond: Plan for casino gets positive reception. Landless Indian tribe wants 2,000 slot machines

Humboldt Coast: Wave power plan gets a test

Weaverville, Trinity County: Growing genetically altered foods banned

Emeryville voters to decide on Pixar studio

Med center owes Alameda County $191 million

Hard drive with personal data missing from Cal State San Marcos Click.

Newborns in California will soon get tested for more than 30 genetic illnesses Click. (SJM Reg)

Board Overturns Vote by Nurses to Unionize Click. (LAT reg)

Click. (LAT reg) Monterey pledges to help tenants

Sharpshooter panel urges statewide cooperation

Santa Cruz County supes extend affordable housing law

Contra Costa Measure L's battle re: big box stores cost $2.3 million

U.S. Army wants to hear from you re: Dublin parcel for development 'virtual fence'


The question of who betrayed Anne Frank remains unanswered after 60 years


World oil prices dive as OPEC says it has more capacity

PG&E posts huge profit

IRS plans to pull nonprofit status from credit counseling agencies

Getting in on Google: You need a broker who's also an underwriter

The rise and rise of an Indian dynasty

Will China clothe the world?


Polio 'to die out by end of year'

Typhoid and hepatitis E running rampant through Iraq city

In Drug Research, the Guinea Pigs of Choice Are, Well, Human

Report warns of mercury in fish.

New Way Of 'Seeing': A 'Neutron Microscope'

Malignant Cancer Cells Reverse in Mice Through Cloning

Gulf Of Maine Marine Ecosystem May Have Entered New Phase

OSU Scientists Able To Harness "Plankton Power"

How Strongly Does The Sun Influence The Global Climate?

Combining Radiation Modalities Increases Prostate Cancer Cure Rates

Firefly Compound Lights Up 'Protein Dance' In Living Animals

'Smart Gene Therapy' Protects Against Damage From Heart Attack

New Technique Helps Scientists Reveal Interactions Between Genes And Drugs

Virginia Tech's Smelly 'Corpse Plant' Due To Bloom Aug. 4

You can catch meningitis from a doorknob

People with Parkinson's disease only blink 2 to 5 times per minute

Stage 0 breast cancer is not always breast cancer

Brain pacemaker device offers hope for some mental disorders

Study suggests new sign of cancer

Breast cancer MRI not foolproof

Viagra 'protects climbers' lungs'

New test for esophageal cancer

Hope on child liver transplants

Utah School for Software Developers Challenges Traditional Methods

NIST Tackles Tough Problems With Reliable Computer Grids

Afghans to benefit from polystyrene houses

Stardom: TEXT LINKS Are Yanking My Chain


Bush on defensive over timing of terrorism warnings

Intelligence viewed through partisan prism. In a post-9/11 world, Republicans often see threats where Democrats see politics

Critics Say Bush's Intelligence Chief Would Be Toothless

GAO Finds Bush's Intel Plan Lacking

Where's Rumsfeld?


Will women rock the vote?

Undecided voters must get serious

Bush, Kerry campaigning in crucial Iowa town

Republican candidate admits supporting eugenics

BUSH/CHENEY: Click. How Laura Bush Offered to Prop Citigroup Tower BUSH: 'The other folks talk a good game. We deliver'

KERRY/EDWARDS: Springsteen, Dixie Chicks, Pearl Jam stumping against Bush + Kerry stumps in GOP territory in search of dissatisfied voters + Heinz Kerry fields Portuguese inquiry + Democrats roll out 'truth squad' to contest Bush campaign + Click. Post Toasts Kerry! Click. John Edwards’ Auteur-In-Law


Simple does it in Kerry vs. Bush

Digging out of Bush's tax-cut hole

Nobody's Really Sure If Current Terror Alert is Real or Not

Ted Rall: America's last war

Susan Ager: Fear can be a politician's best friend Click.

Joe Conason: Howard Dean sees red over Code Orange Click.

Click. Bush Supporters assault Kerry as Vietnam Showboat

Prison abuse: Female GI in court to hear abuse testimony + Guantánamo Britons speak out + Judge Refuses to Halt Military Hearings on Detainees + Dane Explains Iraq Interrogation Tactics + U.S. Navy Secretary Visits Guantanamo, Military Says Some Detainees Refusing to Appear Before Review Tribunals

Blood for pork....

$1.9 billion for Halliburton being taken from Iraqi funds. U.S. provided minimal oversight of controversial deals + Halliburton to pay $7.5 million fine

Hackworth: One of the biggest heists in history

California Southland funds in defense bill Click.

US Foreign Aid Agency Rips Off Taypayers


Stressed Israeli soldiers to be treated with cannabis

US deserter booted out of Canada

Army Pushes a Sweeping Overhaul of Basic Training

US bomb drop pilot loses appeal

Aaron Thomas: The Caribbean Journal of a Royal Navy Seaman.


9/11 panel dismayed by Bush's reaction. Director needs real clout, members say

Click.9/11 Report Misses One Crucial Point: Mideastern Policy

Feds back Internet wiretapping rules

WestJet apologizes for spying

The Revolution of 1800 and the USA PATRIOT Act

Capitol Police have had intensive training with Israeli counterterrorism experts; Police Chief urging congressional officials to create 'virtual fence'

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Obituary: Margo McLenna. First women in world to celebrate gay marriages + Same-sex marriage takes a hit in Missouri

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

News Sites, Where the Men Are

What, Me Register?

Emeryville's LeapFrog donating 20,000 books. Afghan women to learn basic health lessons in own languages Click.

A code for dark times

The Book and Beyond: Electronic Publishing and the Art of the Book

Columbia campaign desk


Soldier's Playing Cards, De Hooch Large

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Berkeley: Some horsing around under the big top

Disco band to boogie into Napa for next week's fair

The Great British Beer Festival

Hilton Als on "After the Fall."

Henri Cartier-Bresson dies at 96

Model village that is forever England

Thriller draws on oppression of Italians in U.S.

Famed Second Temple model moving from Holyland Hotel to Israel Museum

On The Town With Rex Reed

The Critic by Hilton Kramer

At The Theater With John Heilpern

The answer lies in the pip: Sardinian discovery rewrites the history of wine

Siberian boy, 7, raised by dogs after parents abandoned him

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: A club's pick of the glitter

Vanderbilt's love life, richly detailed

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 3, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Violence rages across Iraq, pipeline blast cuts exports via Turkey + American Casualty Rate Continues Its Deadly Rise in Iraq + Dangerously quiet in Kurdistan + Key pipeline bombed + Confrontations Between Iraqi Police and Mahdi Army Threaten Fragile Cease-Fire+ Xymphora on bombing Christian churches+ Orders of battle

Occupation: Old Vietnam Hands In Charge in Iraq + Execution stops truck deliveries to U.S. bases + Saddam's Daughter Says She Must Act as a Politician Because Her Father, Others Depend on Her + Despite Insurgent Attacks, Baghdad's Mayor Says: Tear Down Those Walls!

Prison abuse: Gen. Karpinski Says Conspiracy Kept Her in Dark Over Prison Abuses + Sacramento: Executive grilled on firm's role in Iraq torture + Ex-Guantanamo detainee seeks abuse videos + U.S. Soldiers Abused Iraqis 'For Fun,' Court Told + Military Prosecutor Portray Pfc. Lynndie England as Willing Participant in Iraq Prison Photos + Lawyer Asks for Release of CIA Contractor Accused of Beating Afghan Detainee

AFRICA: Under pressure Khartoum offers to share power with Darfur rebels

MIDDLE EAST: Secular Party Bends to Help Sharon Shore Up Coalition, Boost Gaza Pullout Plan

EUROPE: France gives critical look at its falling influence


Ridge defends new terror warning + Terror alert reportedly based on data collected before 9/11 + SOURCE: ATTACK TO BE IN EARLY SEPTEMBER + Reveal terror threat, Blair urged + Ridge Says al-Qaida Threat Information Updated in January

Pakistan nets 18 suspects as Al-Qaeda hunt moves east to cities

Two Men Held in Pakistan Are Back Numbers Click.

Pakistan 'al-Qaeda breakthrough'


Elaborate Qaeda Network Hid 2 Captives in Pakistan

Mysterious CIA officer objects to revamp plan. 'Mike' urges military strikes rather than bureaucracy change

Changing the color of intelligence

Dad of Four Alleged Uzbek Terrorists Worried

Accused Army Chaplain Resigning

Spy teams race to track terrorist plots

3 Palestinians Who Spied for Israel Are Killed in Gaza

British scientist mysteriously deported from Belarus

Are You Registered, Traveler?

Stopping Terrorists from Returning to New York City

Kahn the Code Man Caught

How NOT to deal with al-Qaeda

New N. Korean Missiles Said to Threaten U.S.

Safer than you think

Terrorist moles at Citigroup, Prudential

Parliamentary Committee Finds Dozens of Security Lapses at Sensitive Israeli Sites


Sonoma County: Spring Lake spraying today

A threat to democracy

Click. DoJ Directs Public Document Destruction

Group set to protest weapons projects at Lawrence Livermore Lab Click. (CCT Reg)

Penning Protesters: Are Police-Imposed "Free Speech Zones" and Cages at Conventions Constitutional?

ACLU Sues to Block Michigan State Police From Matrix Database

Critics Say Teachings at Academy in Virginia Catering to Children of Saudi Diplomats Breed Hatred

Prosecutors Drop Case Against Druid Charged With Carrying a Sword


U.S. appeals abortion act ruling. Justice Dept. seeks to restore ban during second trimester

Bryant case transcripts show prosecutors worried about rulings

Judge yanks trustees over fees, spending

War-crimes court lines up targets

Slave Laborers of Nazis to Get $401 Million Click. (LAT Reg)

Hazing High coaches file lawsuits - against their players

Judge Rules Competency Hearings for Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping Suspect Will Be Open


Mom speaks out on embryos mix-up (SJM Reg)

Man may face life in prison for murder of Alameda woman

Legislator Lantos pledges to fix lax explosives storage

Santa Clara County: 1 million bail set for maid in baby's death

Sacramento's high-tech tools target illegal parking

Man gets year in prison for false statement about terrorism

Oakland's 'ugliest' liquor store loses its permit

Cops probe Berkeley's second homicide

Officials think fugitive Nesler still in Tuolumne or Calaveras

Rosen lawyer expected to seek new trial

Ohio judge to decide custody case of California girl

Compton mayor pays fine for failing to report contribution from Death Row Records

Search for missing boy expands in San Bernardino Mountains

Warrant: Friend of Eric Sears said he knew missing teen was dead

San Francisco: Fagan case: Testimony ends in brutality case. Doctor casts doubt on alleged victim's claims against police

San Jose: Agent pleads not guilty in fatal shooting / If convicted of manslaughter, state officer could get 11 years

Big 5 fights back over exercise belt suits

Raid in Los Padres Uproots Pot Farms Click. (LAT Reg)

Teenage Girls Accused in Stabbing Deaths of Grandparents in San Francisco Captured Along Georgia Coast

Helzer: Jury recommends death for Justin Helzer, killer of five people + Death Sentence For Helzer

Scott Peterson: Jurors to Hear Testimony in Peterson's Murder Trial That He Ordered Adult Programming After Wife Vanished + Growing debt cited as motive for killing (CCT Reg) + Peterson portrayed as falling into debt (SJM Reg) + The Peterson File + Scott Peterson's spending scrutinized + Expert: Scott Peterson's debts rose sharply before Laci's death + Developments Monday in the Scott Peterson case


The Governor: Record amount in Gov.'s coffers + Assembly speaker takes on Gov. + Burton calls reform far too ambitious + Daniel Weintraub: Gov.'s first budget is not so bad for a rookie + Opposing view: CCPOA contract saves money, keeps management rights + Gov.'s war chest for initiatives nearly empty. Campaigns have raised, spent almost $9 million this year + State's work force is spared the ax + Education overhaul gets a chilly reception + Medi-Cal revisions shelved until January + Editorial: Pension postscript + Safety worker pension limited -- for now + Gov. may need voter support to accomplish restructure + Burton to Arnie: Easy, big fella + Report suggests California cut pesticide regulations Click. Gov. to Get State Review Report Click. State reform plan bears tech imprint Click. (SJM Reg)

Democrats Lead State GOP in Race for Funding Click. (LAT Reg)

Senate Candidate Will Seek to Halt Boxer, Jones Debate Click. (LAT Reg)

The Minnie Awards Click. Lawmaker alters plan to let young teens vote to age 16 Click. (SJM Reg)n

Lucrative start for Mayor Jerry Brown's A.G. run

Reid asks BLM to phase in mining claim fee increase

LOCAL NEWS: Counties prepare second round of budget cuts (CCT Reg)

Berkeley lab helps Russians tilt talents toward windmills (CCT Reg)

Maritime airport security water zones put off limits (CCT Reg)

School days: San Jose State president quits over health (SJM Reg) + Four years, $20 million later, Mt. Diablo renews special ed dispute (CCT Reg) + Report: California's largest charter school may close because of financial problems + Merced campus going up + Fremont board: Widmar not seeking re-election Educators worry what budget plan would mean for schools Click. Settlement advances over school conditions Click. (SJM Reg) + Germans question traditional means of learning a job

Diana Griego Erwin: Bureaucratic hurdles hampering nurseries that help children in crisis

Advocates slam latest Marin county plan

Ione fears losing youth facility that's been its bread, butter

Former state Assembly speaker to run for LA mayor

Alameda evictions could hurt schools

Blackhawk tussles with wild turkey trouble

Fremont: Indo-American groups split again for festivals

Fremont to sell surplus properties

Yosemite delays cost millions + Yosemite buses attracting local riders, tourists

Davis acts to regulate pot

Grape-picker's death leads to UFW call for more relief from heat

San Francisco: Police veteran running for supervisor. Corrales accused of mishandling assault probe + Let there be water + Sing-ing to the bank + District 7 vacancy coveted + Newsie goes nutty on Mrs. Newsom

Vallejo: Six Flags' orca pursuit not black and white

Pleasanton may get more Wine Strolls

Geysers-area quakes up 30% since start of wastewater use

Petaluma: Incumbents' cash levels outpace challengers

Alameda County offers a chance at getting affordable apartments to 250 low-income seniors, disabled Click.

Manteca places two sales taxes on ballot

Napa: Exchange helps local growers + Discussion over 'Frankengrapes' growing in Napa

State demands more low-income housing in Scotts Valley

Wal-Marts cost state, study says. Retailer refutes UC research that claims taxes subsidize wages Click.

Tugboat tackles algae Click.

Delta farmers pursue water suit Click.

State Seeking to Boost Use of Solar Energy Click. (LAT Reg)

88 wells in Kern contaminated by farm chemical Click.

Union Takes Attack on Gallo to Net Click. (LAT Reg)

Kentucky ends ban on California plants Click.

L.A. Mayor Hahn defends performance in managing agencies Click.

Villaraigosa Joins Race; Heat on Hahn Rises Click.


Child-Rearing, by the Book. But Which One?

Millions of Americans will be missing the bus

National parks struggle to keep workers


Average investor not caught up in Google IPO fever

What succession planning? Click. (SJM Reg)

Oil prices hit record high of $44.24 a barrel Oil Prices Zoom towards Possible $50 per Barrel by Winter Click.

PetroChina cancels talks for pipeline joint venture

The Man Who Saved French Wine

MedImmune has new approach with FluMist

Lawmaker endorses using reserve for Vegas mental health clinic

Wheatgrass Can Save Us All

New Ways to Loosen Addiction's Grip

Physicists Discover Dramatic Difference In Behavior Of Matter Versus Antimatter

Landmark Survey Reports On The Prevalence Of Personality Disorders In The United States

Mothers Turn Fearless When Peptide Level Drops

Two Enzymes Key To Calorie-burning, Brown Research Shows

Retreating Glaciers Spur Alaskan Earthquakes

Vanderbilt Researchers Find Antipsychotic Use Doubled In Tennessee Children With ADHD

Levels Of Certain Hormones May Be Increased By Stress

Pocket Gophers Serve As 'Ecosystem Engineers'

Tinnitus Patients Need Not Suffer In Silence

Researcher Links Storytelling And Mathematical Ability

Mission to Mercury Has Liftoff

Limiting Brain Damage

Device Promises Microwave Surgery

Mexico to Open Genome Center

Flu during pregnancy linked to schizophrenia in offspring

Warning of near-term birth 'risk'

Nasal spray for arthritis planned

Fatty plaque changes view of heart attacks

FDA Approves Drug to Plump Up Faces Left Wasted by HIV

In Competitive Move, I.B.M. Puts Code in Public Domain

Asymmetric Feature Shows Puzzling Face For Superconductivity

Porn Blogs Manipulate Google

Singapore Holds Computer Hacking Contest

Net virus posing as Berg video

Computing: Free antivirus program is competitive


Bush has own plan for new spy chief. Job wouldn't be in Cabinet as report urged + Bush Endorses Naming a Chief on Intelligence + Intelligence Chief Without Power? Support Leaves Questions + Senators Seek Clout for Intel Director + Intelligence Reform And False Urgency + Outlook: 9/11 Report Recommendations + Sept. 11 Panel Members Say Spy Chief Needs Greater Power Than Bush's Plan + Congress May Give Counterterror Center More Power Than Bush Wants

Bush avoids dispute on Internet wine sales

Space invader system set up in Alaska

Congress: Snow urges Congress to raise the debt ceiling


Cheney Says Kerry Has `Pre-9/11 Mentality'; Kerry Seeks Action on Report

GOP wooing Keyes to take on Obama

Young women trust Bush with secret, Kerry on price of latte

BUSH/CHENEY: CHENEY BLAMES DEMS FOR HIGH GAS PRICES + Cheney lauds White House terror effort + Bush trying to win over Catholic voters

KERRY/EDWARDS: KERRY SAYS BUSH HAS MOTIVATED TERROR RECRUITING + Kerry, the happy warrior, vs. the defensive smirk + Campaign Promises Bring Back Shades of Nixon, Eisenhower + Kerry vows to halve deficit in 4 years + Kerry battles unfair 'weakness' charge + A more active approach+ It's about the Teachers


Fisk: The War Is a Fraud

When The Shouting is Over, Demographics Decides the Election

Republicans Still Have an Edge

Enemies of convenience 'Manchurian' typifies anti-Bush bias

Scheer: Kerry's past is key to future

Click. The Democrats' new wedge issue.

Helen Thomas Slams Bush at Newspaper's Summer Social Click.

Stardom: UPDATE To Yesterday's TERROR ALERTS

Juan Cole explains who wants to hurt us to George Bush

Nicole Gelinas: Terror & Wall St.

Righteous Populism: Key to Vanquishing Bush Forever

Bush's 'Moderation': Great for Al Qaeda

MILITARY Pentagon eyes new breed of non-lethal high-tech weapons

Paramilitary role for Pentagon meets resistance

In Afghanistan, Apache Troop makes the battle come to them Click.

SUBMARINES: Russia Scraps Over a Hundred Nuclear Subs


Click. Sibel Edmonds Whistelblows 9-11 Commission

They knew!

No 10 fails to deny Scarlett's influence on survey group

Blood for pork....

Calif. company designs electronic books to teach Afghans public health

Lockheed Wins Contract for New Spy Plane

Indians lured into the jaws of terror Japanese firms want arms ban eased


Halliburton Settles SEC Probe With Fine

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Three face trials for anti-gay stunts in Ark.+ NJ Schools Told to Toughen Policies Against Gay Harassment

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Newspaper war in the Bay Area. Ming Pao becomes 6th Chinese-language daily


Paul Krugman: Reading the script

The Word on the Street: Scottish Broadsides

Largest-ever Gathering of Minority Journalists Attracts Bush, Kerry

Editor in 'Shove It' Incident Shoves Back

New Yahoo Local Site Targets Small Business Advertisers

Click. A weeklong journal of a journalist in Cuba.

Firms Compete to Build System to Preserve Electronic Records Forever

Columbia campaign desk


Seal Rock, Bierstadt

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Cavalia horse show brings a circus atmosphere

Playwrights Festival continues in San Francisco

Oakland: Little-known air museum offers flights of fancy

Locals aid Gold Rush shipwreck study

New fiction by George Saunders

Sasha Frere-Jones on Dizzee Rascal and the Streets

Arctic Team Begins Epic Journey

Theatre: Miller Time

Laughing with the Lord

The drugs don't work

Artists' squat to become cultural venue

Splendor in the grass

Bid to save Brando's island home

Van Gogh's Letters online

UAE Experts Fight to Save Islam's Earliest Mosques

Rush & Molloy: Black-&-blue Paris not blaming Nick

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Nailing down a Teresa tale

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

AUGUST 2, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Muslim troops no guarantee for Iraq + Indians split over hostage crisis + Iraqi Militants Kill Turkish Hostage + Iraq Blames Zarqawi for Bombings + U.S. Set to Shift 3,600 Troops to Iraq from S. Korea + Juan Cole reports+ Orders of battle + U.S. Forces Clash With Radical Cleric's Army in Holy City

Occupation: Turkey Won't Truck Goods to U.S. in Iraq + Iraqis Live in Fear of Kidnappings for Ransom + Hundreds of Iraqis queue up for dream pay as Americans stand guard + Ukrainian prime minister calls for cutting number of Ukrainian soldiers in Iraq + Xymphora on Iraq debt pay off + STUDY DETAILS WARS' CIVILIAN CASUALTIES

War prisons: Drugs Used to Torture Prisoners at Gitmo + U.S. Releases Five Guantanamo Prisoners

AFGHANISTAN: U.S., Afghan Forces Inflict 'Heavy Losses'

IRAN: Iran unbending on nuclear hard line

MIDDLE EAST: Palestinian Collaborator Killed in Bed

Arafat gets ultimatum to reform security forces + Rival threatens revolt on streets of Gaza unless Arafat loosens his hold on power

State Department in talks with Jordan for arms

Israeli Defense Minister Wants Large Jewish Settlement Included Inside West Bank Barrier

ASIA PACIFIC: S Korea's perilous historical revisionism

AFRICA: U.N. Begins Airdrops in Darfur Region

Altruism disguises a colonial war

EUROPE: In the Balkans, War Is Out, Gender Politics Is In

Europe's gypsies pay homage to Holocaust victims at Auschwitz death camp

AMERICAS: Mexico's former ruling party claims two tight, important races

New Evidence Shatters Chileans' Image of a Frugal Pinochet Click.


Al-Qaeda cyber terrorist panics US + Arrest 'led to US terror warning' + Analysis: A very real threat + Seized computer 'reveals terror plans against Britain'


Another F.B.I. Employee Blows Whistle on Agency

Terror threat leads to searches, traffic mess in New York City

Pak spies target India's defence establishment

India's spy Scandal

RAW effect: DRDO gears up to stop brain drain

Spies like them

Opinions about U.S. spy reform: Robert C. McFarlane +William E. Odom + William S. Cohen + Phyllis Oakley + John J. Devine + John Deutch

Key Idea Of 9/11 Panel Is Faulted

Quick Fixes on Intelligence Considered

Senate Panel to Submit Intel Overhaul Bill by the Fall

The Rush to Reorganize

Hot topic in Germany: aggression in World War 1

Qaeda link to Kuwaiti detainees is asserted

Antiterror specialists say passport fraud leaves key gaps

Pakistan cracks down after al-Qa'ida claim




Engineers take on powerful role in Iraq

Afghan road building takes troops into danger

Biological attack exercises to widen scope


U.S. agent fooled Saddam, won war


U.S. High Court to Give Fast-Track Review of Federal Sentencing Guidelines

China terminates 700 sites in porn crackdown

Poor South African family of "Lion Sleeps Tonight" composer takes on Disney

Missing Utah pregnant woman's hubby charged in her murder

Disney Worker Who Performs as Tigger Rejects Deal in Molestation Case


Berkeley effort aims to protect prostitutes (SJM Reg)

Marin prosecutor Kelly O'Haire tries out for reality TV

California Jury convicts former Arizona DJ of murder

Are power plants crying wolf over lawsuit?

Politics obscure sunshine law's role

Everything works out just right for Napa's new court commissioner Rodney Stone

Acting police chief, AmCan cops accused of assault in three lawsuits

UC Irvine Probing Official's Spending Click. (LAT Reg)

Pot farms thriving in public forests Click.

Scott Peterson: Peterson testimony resuming after judge denies mistrial motion + TV experts already have a verdict (CCT Reg) + The Peterson Trial Week In Review + Jury to see Peterson's television interviews + Scott's Amber Crave


The Governor:  Gov.'s big plan may be big pain + State officials toured overseas gas sites with energy execs + The buzz: New budget sheds $400,000 for VIP plane + Reform or mirage? + Arnold's first budget is a big flop + Medi-Cal change in the works + As We See It: True reform for the state?

Lawmakers still face major issues after budget deal Click.

Part-time Legislature idea stirs debate Click. (SJM Reg)

Concord mother takes disabled son's fight to Capitol steps Click. (CCT Reg)

9 counties get millions for homeland security. Grants to California in past three years about $913 million + Napa County in line for $.6 million in Homeland Security funds

State, federal governments easing pesticide reviews State bid to simplify rules on pesticides is drawing protests Click.

Truckers fume over diesel-idle restriction

Immigration Sweeps Become an Election Issue for Rep. Baca Click. (LAT Reg)

Federal gaming officials' meeting becomes forum on casinos Click. (CCT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:     Tidal action

Support dwindles for BART to San Jose (SJM Reg)

Half Moon Bay

fears zoning change

School days: Last-minute budget wrangling makes for bumpy road to college + Editorial: Preserve access to UC + UC Berkeley gets new music library + Las Positas College gets fresh look + Fremont education foundation meets its fund-raising goal + Trying to Keep Up Enrollment Boom at Nontraditional School, University of Phoenix Reaches for New High School Grads

State's cattlemen find reason for celebration

Stockton bets on arena

Plan offered for Spider Lake

$4 toll considered to pay rising cost of Oakland span

San Francisco: Playing politics in the park

Danville astronaut prepares for flight

County unveils turkey-control strategies

Fremont reconsiders selling land

AmCan residents look to ban Wal-Mart

Pleasanton to sign lease for Bicycle Motocross park

Tejon Condor Reserve Plan Ruffles Feathers Click. (LAT Reg)

Plastics manufacturer must apologize to community for pollution Click.


FBI Director Admits Whistle Blower Fired for Blowing Whistle

9/11 Commission Chimera

Sins Of Commission

The right to be opinionated

Anarchy on the trumpet

Sexy T-shirt grounds pair


The medical time bomb: 'too many women doctors'

Only connect

Bring on the backlash

A lesson to us all hogwash, say Indian truckers Click.


West Nile hits California - lessons from New York + Real estate broker becomes California's second West Nile virus fatality + Alameda County set to combat West Nile

The Danger of the Dead

Plutonium from 1954 nuclear tests builds in Japan

Bay Area scientists begin to decode autism's mystery

Laser at Watsonville hospital revolutionizes prostate surgery

Beneath Antarctica's ice lies mysterious Lake Vostok Click.

Swift Satellite To Catch Mysterious Bursts From Deep In The Cosmos

Research Reveals Reveals Gains Or Losses Of Large Segments Of DNA In Healthy People

Researchers Will Try To Identify Gene Involved In Processing Environmental Cues

Duke Study Disputes Idea That Trees Can 'Relocate' Quickly In Response To Climate Change

NASA To Conduct Sounding Rocket Campaign From Kwajalein Atoll

Researchers Uncover New Information Source: The Cornea Of The Human Eye

Urban Heat Islands Make Cities Greener

Radiofrequency Ablation Safe And Feasible For Eradicating Lung Tumors

Droughts Like 1930s Dust Bowl May Have Been Unexceptional In Prehistoric Times, New Study Suggests

NASA Selects Future Mission Concepts For Study

A high-fat, low-carb diet has been around since 1863

Drug To Fight Virus In Transplant Patients Moves Forward In Trials

Carnegie Mellon And University Of Pittsburgh Scientists Discover Biological Basis For Autism

Hormone 'makes mother protective'

Moon rock 'biography' revealed

Great bustard returns to England

Statins for all. Should cholesterol-lowering drugs be put in the water supply?

Oceanography from the Space Shuttle

New technique for 'switching off' genes could end fatal brain diseases

Hacker's Guide to RFID

Wireless broadband comes to cells

Tech-support workers in India are called upon to be assertive Click. (LAT Reg)

Innovative Partnership To Revolutionize NASA Supercomputing

Sandia Supercomputer To Be World's Fastest, Yet Smaller And Less Expensive Than Any Competitor

Captain Cyborg to risk all for science

South Korean Company Buys Lycos

Freezer Uses Sound Waves to Keep Ice Cream Cold

Search and destroy

Apple boss Jobs has cancer surgery


Bush calls for new intelligence director + Bush to Revamp Intel-Gathering System

Bush administration kills crucial "inspection and verification" component of a nuclear non proliferation treaty Click.


This time, celebrities want to be more than political eye candy

Wannabe Governors Jockey for Position at Convention in Boston Click. (LAT Reg)

L.A. Mayoral Candidates Take Campaign to Boston Click. (LAT Reg)

GOP delegates waiting to wine and dine with Arnold Click.

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush's Republicans prepare for their 'dirty war' on Kerry Cheney shuts door on foes + IGOP's Hillary Cash 'Bash'

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry Talks God and Guns + The Book on Kerry-Edwards + Kerry sketches plan to bring home troops + Kerry eyes disillusioned GOPers + Jewish supporters aim at key states + Kerry Says Bush Has Motivated Terror Recruiting + Philip James: Kerry must do better + Why He Isn't Talking About Bush's Fiscal Follies + The Religification of John Kerry:


Pat Buchanan: Wanted: An Honest Election

Strong and wrong

Stardom: Radically Different Reactions to AL-Qaeda THREATS

Dean sees politics in warnings

Richard Schwartz: Voters peeling away from W are the key

Skolnick: 25th Amendment To Fall On Bush?

Blood for pork....

It’s time to rein in reckless spending by military, civilian contractors in Iraq

Afghan reconstruction faces 'increasing threat'

In Iraq, Meager Wages Don't Worry Indian Workers American valour? All hogwash, say Indian truckers Click.


Update 4: Crude Oil Futures Slip From High Levels

World trade deal hailed as 'historic', but pressure groups fear a 'catastrophe'

India looks to 'brain gain' as new affluence draws migrants back in their thousands

Boeing Co. is hiring Click.

House of Representatives Supports Giving US Corporations Away for Nothing Click.

Update 2: Officials to Probe Yukos' 2002 Activities

Cox Controlling Family Offers $7.9 Billion to Take Cable Operator Private

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Missouri to vote on gay marriage ban + Gay politicians in Germany quitting the closet + Diane Taylor on the plight of lesbians in Jamaica + Matt Wells on the out and out success of Will and Grace

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Internet Radio, Without Drudgery

Tough or unfair on Kerry?

US Forces Arrest Iraqi Editor

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Seal Rock, Bierstadt

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Windsurfers, kiteboarders lured by Alameda breezes

How movie effects make places that exist only on hard drives

Spanish commemorate Viking battles of old

Wild West replaces Communist youth centre in ex-East Germany

Serbia hopes to attract tourists on their way to Olympics

The Woman's Bible

The Age of Saint Louis

The Cherokee Ball Play with Remarks On Ojibwa Ball Play

The Sacred Formulas of the Cherokee

Stadium of the gods

Musical transfers

Fear and loathing in Jerusalem

Rush & Molloy: Gallo's blue moves on Sunset

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: 'GMA' is sooo bus-ted

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AUGUST 1, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Iraq Car Bombs Kill at Least 7, Including Two Police; U.S. Soldier Killed + Two blasts hit separate Iraq churches + Qaeda-Linked Group Gives Italy 15 Days to Leave Iraq +Interpreter's death rattles troops. Iraqi woman became close friend of U.S. soldiers + Juan Cole reports + Orders of battle

Occupation: Chalabi talks up fiend + Fair price for a life? Army pays Iraqi family £390 after shooting girl dead

Prison abuse: Hearing Set for U.S. Soldier England in Iraq Abuse Photos + Foreign Office investigates claims of abuse of Britons at Camp Delta + Officers vetoed inquiries into 23 deaths

AFGHANISTAN: U.S. troops suffer rise in Afghan attacks. Top commander says Taliban trying to disrupt elections

Afghans determined to vote despite threat of intimidation and bloodshed

EUROPE: Schroeder pays historic tribute to Warsaw uprising victims

MIDDLE EAST: Palestinians torch authority offices / Growing rift in Arafat's Fatah movement

AFRICA: Sudan regrets UN vote, accepts French troops on border

British soldiers on standby to avert humanitarian disaster in Darfur


NYSE, Citigroup, World Bank Are Among Al-Qaeda Targets, U.S.'s Ridge Says + Intelligence obtained on threats described targets in great detail

Lapses at labs go back decades. Long series of federal reports has cited problems at UC-run weapons facilities

British scientists linked to US atom scandal

High court to hear a claim for compensation for spying

China’s military seeks comfort from high technology

Three Groups Take Aim at Uzbekistan’s Secular Regime Click.

Terrorism Suspects Traced to Iran

U.S. wants Pakistan to extradite al-Qaida lynchpin

MI6 probes French links to Iraq scam

US forces hunt al-Qa'eda in Sudan

Al-Qa'ida faction claims attempted assassination of Pakistani leader


Wealthy countries brace for farming cuts as WTO makes historic step

California vintners are courting a vast Asian market

Not every investor will be eligible for Google IPO

Crimean wine producer survives century of upheaval to win back connoisseurs

Kevin Maxwell faces financial Waterloo

Thousands Expected to Seek Chance at New, High-Paying Port Jobs in California


Black farmers win class action -- but most don't get payout. Government sticks to strict deadline in discrimination suit

Luxury houses, guards unable to shield actress from threats of stalker

Interpol search for pedophile's missing baby


Crime lab staff shortage slows cases: Training process for new criminalists takes years (CCT Reg)

Some back open juvenile trials (SJM Reg)

Palo Alto police seek OK for stun guns (SJM Reg)

Suburban brothels evolving (CCT Reg)

Leader of 1984 Marin kidnap plot released

Sacramento parade law is set for face-off

Police: Drug makers use "Nazi" meth manufacturing techniques (SJM Reg) + Nazi-style methemphetamine labs new danger in cities

Alameda County Sheriff to host Sierra SWAT endurance event

San Jose: Man shoots, injures trespassing teenager

Rohnert Park: Man rams car, injuring 5 adults, 3 children

Ailing OC lawyer gets relief from state appeals court

Former FX executive accused of eavesdropping on meetings

LAPD chief says officers apparently acted properly despite suspect's death

Nine arrested in Watsonville heroin sting

Law leaves same-sex genetic parent in cold after split-up

Los Angeles: Do the crime, don't serve the time? Click.

Scott Peterson: Decision on public funding in the Peterson trial confidential


The Governor: Gov. signs budget, touts spending plan, says balanced deal will help state recover + Gov. signs new budget + Gov. wraps budget deal up (CCT Reg) + Upbeat Gov. signs unloved budget + Gov. signs budget, sets bigger challenges + Next up: Health coverage overhaul + The Gov. punts on his first budget + Gov. turns to Medi-Cal coverage + Big changes to Medi-Cal may cut care + Gov. raises $17 million in 6 months + Frosty greeting likely for state overhaul + Budget cuts mean layoffs for S.F. city workers. Local governments to feel pinch until '06 under deal with state + Budget has $14 million for rivers, mountains + Editorial: Gov. should seize moment to revamp government + State Pushes Problems Into Future Ex-Boxer Nuñez Stood Toe-to-Toe With Gov. Click. (LAT Reg)

Assemblyman Joe Nation (San Rafael) backs open primary initiative

Hope grows for bill to protect federal wilderness in California

Merger holdout: Pure Garamendi

Editorial: Part-time Legislature?

Green grow the state's voters; it's not about money

Editorial: Read about the prison guards' deal and weep

At last a voice for the valley, Business, Transportation & Housing Secretary Sunne Wright McPeak

State's new fire-clearing rules

LOCAL NEWS:  Elk Making a Comeback Across the West

San Jose political gifts difficult to review

San Rafael pleads for calm on quarry

School days: Failure is not an option + Tracy District buys natural-gas buses + 'Senioritis' can be lethal to students + Fixing the LAUSD Report sets off school alarms Click. Students to get dose of medicine Click. New rules constrain Fresno Unified Click. (FB Reg)

Report: Five-year deal with Novartis hurt UC Berkeley

San Francisco: Newsom confirms he wants Hall for job. 2 panels must OK supervisor to run Treasure Island

Officials consider killing ravens to protect desert tortoise

AP Exclusive: Forest Service exaggerates fire impact on wildlife + Critics say truth about fire and owls found in the woods

LA County to cut housing aid because of funding shortfall

Eased logging rules first beneficiaries? Logging companies

The good, the bad and the ugly of Napa Valley tourism + Wineries and restaurants keep heads above water + Businesses left on their own to profile visitors, but not for long

Napa: Ferrogiaro relents, sells Soscol land for $2.5 million

Critics hope recall will stop Rohnert Park casino

AmCan stages Wal-Mart protest

Black Caucus Plans Statewide Hearings Over Police Abuse Click. (LAT Reg)

Orange County Considers Charging Residents to Pay for Cleanup of Urban Runoff Click. (LAT Reg)

Single women now make up the second-largest segment of home buyers Click. (LAT Reg)

New breed of 'stretch commuters' impacts everything from child care to health to retail Click.

Seniors can't go home again. Medi-Cal rules force state's elderly into costly nursing facilities Click.

L.A. County to Cut Rental Grants Click. (LAT Reg)

Couple kicked off Miami-New York flight because of T-shirt


Diana Griego Erwin: As stress began to overwhelm her, single mom called crisis nursery

Museum of Tolerance may be too American for Jerusalem. Having enough land or political power for everyone to share equitably is an alien idea

Women Criticize Vatican Document on Feminism

The New Old


West Nile could hit homeless especially hard, advocates say

Polio epidemic threatens Africa

Buried secrets of biowarfare

Cloning experiment shows cancer is reversible

Scientists May Have Found New Way to Treat Alzheimer's Disease, Study Says

What is life? Can we make it?

Messenger ready to deliver. Craft to reveal Mercury's red-hot secrets

Cold fusion researcher gets an academic cold shoulder

Colonoscopies tax health industry

Paxil Suicide Stunner

Seas turn to acid as they absorb global pollution

For largest U.S. solar farm, the desert sky's the limit. Western states take lead in the drive for renewable energy

His 'technological Disneyland' (CCT Reg)




Are voters irrational?

The ‘values’ buzz

Make Haste...But Be Careful

Bush, Kerry Work the Rust Belt

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush pressures China on currency in campaign tour + Bush emphasizes gun ownership rights + Republicans Open Little Saigon Office Click. (LAT Reg)

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry must reframe the economic issues + Kerry looks toward disillusioned GOPers + Working Overtime to Hone the Message + It Seems Everybody Has an Opinion About Her + Kerry Envisions No More U.S. Troops for Iraq + Post-Convention Polls Mixed on Kerry Bounce + One Speech, Two Dozen Voters: Guarded Thumbs-Ups for Kerry in Lancaster + Kerry Says Bush `Dropped the Ball' on US Security (Update3) + John Edwards, trial lawyers and MacDonald's coffee


George F. Will: Segmented America

Bush's 'Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951'

Bush like Custer

Linda McQuaig: Is Florida facing a new polling fiasco? Click.

Bush Never Completed 5 Months In National Guard

Stealth Cell Towers and the 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections


Powell Testified in CIA Leak Probe

Spies, lies and blowing raspberries

MILITARY Army Finally Moves to Overhaul Fragile, Ineffective Helicopter Fleet

Looking for Harvard airplane parts in Lake Ontario

Iraq tests Air Force medic's training

Navy to Try to Recover Remains of Aviators Killed Four Decades Ago

Few Injured, Ill Troops Get Disability Pay They Requested

Blood for pork....

L.A.'s defense payoff Click.

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Oakland celebrates gay pride + Stage shocker lifts lid on gay domestic abuse

The Pen Is Mightier.... 


Microsoft Deploys Newsbot To Track Down Headlines

Chinese Publishing Pirates Give Clinton's "My Life" a Whole New Spin

Miniseries takes a risk with a sacred tale from Soviet era. 'Master' mirrors nation grappling with questions of conscience

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Seal Rock, Bierstadt

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Bay Area is proving ground for new theater

If it's on record, the Stanislaus County has it

Shakespeare Santa Cruz wrestles with the maddening mysteries of marriage

San Francisco: Hells Angels Frisco chapter celebrates 50 years with riding, boating and partying

Scrappy North Beach jazz festival turns 10 -- barely

A culture older than Rome bared beneath ashes of Pompeii

Sunken ship from Gold Rush days identified

It's Time to Bring Out the Dancing Shoes

Spirit of Bygone Era Sparkles in Lartigue Show

Little Prince author remembered 60 years after disappearance

Frisky kitty Katie Melua: She's got them dancing in the aisles at Tesco

Movie-Goers Crowd Into 'Village' for $50.8 Million Debut

Gatecrasher: The 'Garden' of love?

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