FEBRUARY 28, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Suicide Bomb Kills 125 Near Iraq Marketplace + Map: where the attack happened + Insurgents Land Deadliest Blow Since Fall of Hussein's Regime + Status of 55 most-wanted Iraqis + Death toll + 3 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq (LAT Reg) + Albania to Increase Number of Troops in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: AP: New Iraq must be Islamic state + Trials May Start Soon for Former Iraqi Leaders + Some Sunni leaders rethink attitudes on elections + Hussein kin's arrest a blow to insurgency + Turkmen Party Accuses US Troops of Office Raid + General Mohamed, America's Would-Be 'White Knight' on Haifa Street + Saddam to be in cage during his trial

War prisons: SAS chiefs defend soldier against Iraq murder claim

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Army Increases to 20,000 Troops + Afghan Commander Survives Attempt on Life

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt: Egyptians Doubtful of a Free Election (LAT Reg) + U.S. Pressure Helped Prompt Egypt's Call for Competitive Race (LAT Reg) + Egyptian opposition welcomes decision on multiparty presidential elections

Israel, Palestine: Sharon tells Palestinians to act against attackers. Israeli leader says peace progress hinges on rooting out terror groups + Nations meeting in London on needs of a Palestinian state. Economic reconstruction, streamlining of security services at center of global confab + Jewish settler homes may remain intact + Palestinians head to London conference + Israel Will Send Large Forces Into Gaza if Palestinian Gunmen Disrupt Summer Pullout, Defense Minister Warns

Lebanon: Karami Announces Cabinet’s Resignation! + Thousands Protest Against Syria in Lebanon's Capital + Lebanese Government Resigns Amid Protests + Lebanon: Syrian troops pulling back + Satterfield: Lebanese government insulting its people + Hariri's case gathers momentum + Lebanon's Hariri Was Killed To Make a `Clean Break' + State Dept: US Not Interfering in Lebanon + White House Praises Resignation of Lebanon's Prime Minister

RUSSIA: Principal locked in Beslan nightmare + Trauma of Beslan siege still haunts the town

Russia to close its last plutonium reactor in 3 years

EUROPE: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan votes marred. Complaints of campaign violations, irregularities plague elections in ex-Soviet republics

French parliament tackles EU constitution + France's Latest Finance Minister Inherits Tough Challenge

AFRICA: Burundians vote on constitution

Yemen's economic prospects look bleak

ASIA PACIFIC: Illegal Indonesians rush to leave Malaysia

AMERICAS: Ex-Haitian soldiers endangering elections + Haiti remarkably unchanged year after Aristide

2 arrested in U.S. nun's slaying in Brazil

Venezuela: Venezuelan Navy taking a close look at US military presence on Curacao + USA charts roadmap to change OAS Democratic Charter vs. Venezuela + Mr. Bush wants to steal the oil, which belongs to the Venezuela people + White House frustrated in failure to destroy the Chavez Frias government + Why the elitist will continue to attempt to assassinate Hugo Chavez Frias + Oscar Heck: Saving Venezuelan culture from the grasp of the bald eagle


CIA Moves to Second Fiddle in Intelligence Work + No secrets, eyes on the CIA

FBI Backlog of Intercepts Minimal

Al Qaeda:  New Intelligence Indicate Al-Qaida Planning Terror Operations Outside Iraq + Briton pleads guilty in Shoebomber plot + Al-Qaeda Mocks Iraqi Claims That Noose Is Tightening on Zarqawi + Abu Ali linked to Saudi Arabia al-Qaeda leader + Profile: dark secret + Richard Reid + The second shoe bomber

United Nations: Iran, North Korea focus of IAEA meeting

Ex-spy Mahle finds own life

Translators know value of tough job

Prosecution of 'Confessed' Terror Suspect Not Easy After Torture

Study: Media Overstate Madrassa Enrollment in Pakistan (LAT Reg)

US Planning Arabic TV Broadcasts to Europe

Weird Australian 'spy' case casts shadow on Katsav trip

No spy will be let of the hook, warns Mugabe + Mugabe raps Zanu-PF 'spies'

Bulgarian Counterintelligence Officer Joins Ireland’s Money Laundering Probe

Japanese satellite successfully placed in orbit

Most International Aid Wasted, Say Agencies

Bosnia Muslim, Serb War Chiefs Surrender to Hague

Richard Girard: Mr. Gunson is probably British MI-6 or GCHQ

Ukraine blames Russia for the loss of shoulder-fired missiles

Man Accused of Being Nazi Death Camp Guard Makes Rare Public Appearance at Immigration Hearing

LEAKGATES  Iraq war documents must stay secret, insists PM

The blame for the Iraq war lies with our supine cabinet


Supreme Court: Court to address whether whistleblower prosecutor may sue former employers for retaliation after he reported wrongdoing at sheriff's office + Top court to weigh Indian reservation gas tax + High court to clarify when to file suits in federal or state courts

Issue of illegals roiling Arizona. New law denies public services to such immigrants

Alleged Italian Mafia leader arrested

Ex-WorldCom CEO Takes Witness Stand + Ebbers Testifies That Sullivan Never Told Him WorldCom Was Hiding Expenses

Webcam Trojan perv gets slapped wrist

Judge OKs $107.6 Million Settlement Against DuPont Over Alleged Poisoning of Water

Bradley Subject of Informal SEC Probe

Search Resumes for Missing Florida Girl; Frustrated Volunteers Find No Sign Yet

Hutterite Colony Has Day in Court Over Decision to Deny Medicaid Benefits

Court Rules Against Maker of False Teeth in Antitrust Case


Berkeley: Sketches from famous trials on exhibit. Charles Manson, Patty Hearst among subjects of 2 courtroom illustrators

Bob Shallit: Morrison & Foerster, law firm's nickname will live in reruns

Sacramento & north: Sacramento: Full-blown war by Hmong gangs alarms police (SB Reg) + Man goes to check on noise, is slain (SB Reg)

Alameda: Oakland: Man shot -- first homicide in 3 weeks Man violating curfew killed in W. Oakland + Young athlete gunned down on 26th Ave. + Union City resident found dead in ditch + Palo Alto medical foundation grows with Fremont + P.A.L. keeps kids off street, in ring + Tri-City salons can help cut out domestic abuse

Santa Clara: Indo-American burglary victims fear they're targeted (SJM Reg) + Roadshow: Crazy things CHP officers see (SJM Reg) + Big-rig stolen while parked in Mtn. View (SJM Reg) + Action Line: Family Violence Center can help (SJM Reg) + Search called off for man who walked into ocean (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: North Richmond: Bicycle rider slain by gunshots in street

Solano: Police use Taser on sledgehammer attack suspect + Vallejo Police Calls + Benicia Police Calls

Monterey: Salinas officer killed 60 years ago remembered

Central Valley: Corruption trial nears completion + Law & Order + McFall says he's a vendetta victim

Central Coast: ACLU’s Drug Law Reform Project relocates to Santa Cruz

Southern California: Easy pickings for cat burglars in posh L.A. neighborhoods + Inland Empire Sees Rise in Hate Crimes, Bucking Trend in State (LAT Reg) + Newport Beach couple, believed killed, sold boat for cash, suspicions raised (LAT Reg) + Fountain Valley: Men Arrested in Alleged Hostage-Taking

Michael Jackson: Jackson's full trial opens today. Opening statements expected to focus on pedophilia issue + Judge in Jackson Case Assures There Is Order in His Court + Opening Statements in Jackson Trial Today (LAT Reg) + Prosecutor says Jackson exploited boy (SJM Reg) + `Big lurid day' finally here for Jackson + In Opening Statement, Prosecutor Accuses Jackson of 'strange Sexual Behavior'

Scott Peterson: Moms in argument at Peterson home + Scott, Laci Petersons families argue


The Governor:  Decision time approaches for Gov., Democrats as special election deadline nears + Governor's plan could erode CalPERS clout (SB Reg) + 'News' Video Extols Gov.'s Plan to Alter Meal Break Rules (LAT Reg) + Gov. says he never considered presidential bid (CCT Reg) + Dems aim to thwart Gov. + The buzz: It's showtime! Gov. makes his pitch (SB Reg) + Dan Walters: Stripped of rhetoric, state budget finally looks brighter (SB Reg) + Daniel Weintraub: Governor's budget talk must return to reality (SB Reg) + Education funding is a top state test + Schools' financial woes linked to declining enrollment + Riverside: NASCAR not Oscar draws Gov.'s visit ( RP Reg) + Gov. to unveil compromise solar energy plan (FB Reg) + Tom Campbell finds budget niche (SJM Reg) + Closer look at home care (SB Reg) + Caltrans boss digs rail, tolls (SB Reg)

Legislature: Butts, bicycles on the agenda + Bill would aid college outreach (CCT Reg) + Recycling  bicycles proposed (SB Reg) + Lobbyists' new mag serves up chats with intriguing figures (SB Reg)

Utah uranium poses threat to Colorado River, drinking source for 18 million Southern California (RP Reg)

State's forest reseeding operation at risk. Budget cuts force state seed bank closure; merge with federal forestry agency planned

Indian tribes: Top court to weigh reservation gas tax + Lytton tribe waits for negotiations (CCT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:   Bodego Bay: Mysterious squid suddenly vanish

Sacramento & north: Yolo set to map future (SB Reg) + Arden Spay Day is tale of success (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: Supportive housing + A timely fare hike + Speak softly and carry a big broom

Alameda: Oakland: Chamber's PAC backs De La Fuente + Oakland: Historic Asian cannery may be turned to lofts + Oakland Public Works agency takes pains to spruce up image + Oakland driver dies in accident in Vallejo + North American Airlines loses bid to fly 14 routes from Oakland to China + Drama expected re: reopening boarding house in Fremont + Lonely, Elvis? Newark's a new place to dwell + Fremont teenagers showcase talents + Newark's former city attorney dies + Livermore: Veterans upset by restroom proposal near Memorial + Alameda County gears up for cleanups on Earth Day + East Bay Regional Park nod seen for park expansion at Pleasanton Ridge (SJM Reg)

Santa Clara: Father of the Mac dead at 61 + School's robotics program shut down (SJM Reg) + Park for Palo Alto residents only (SJM Reg) + Some food for thought (SJM Reg) + Black history fair educates, entertains (SJM Reg) + Proposal for college outreach (SJM Reg) + Sisters draw national eye with charity (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Concord: Seafaring homage to slain guard. Kayak run will raise funds for daughter + Homeland funds split East Bay (CCT Reg) + Martinez: Budding high school litigators close on state finals (CCT Reg) + Heritage Estates gives out 'Oscars' (CCT Reg) + Contra Costa may re-examine referrals to agency that employed sex offender

Marin: Lark Theater's party is a winner + Vision of future nearly done + Tributes flow for pioneer lawman

Sonoma: 10 school districts await tax elections + Weed challenge to Sebastopol's ethics + Santa Rosa's digital divide + Petaluma wastewater plant on table + Watching in style + North Bay Council gets new executive director

Napa: Twin gives ailing sister a new lease on life + EMS crews struggle to keep up with valley's Spanish-speaking community + Yountville Council candidates discuss town's future + Experts map out market for first-time homebuyers

Solano: Will Vallejo be the next Venice years from now? + Ex-NFL player tackles real estate + Dixon residents tour horse-racing facility + Local News Briefs + Teen hopes for golden skates

Monterey: Emergency chief Robins retires + Alzheimer's society plans support group

Central Valley: No fireplace bans this season + A Tightknit Group That's Now Hooked On Helping + Library closure brings in faithful + She penned her culture as a best-seller + Youngsters show their stuff in concert + News & Notes + A toast to water deal between Modesto and MID + Save county sales tax hike for road improvements + Cricket interest awakens in Tracey + Study: Tracy ranks high in retail growth

Central Coast: Mr. Handyman nails spot at Oscars + Strawberry campaign under way + Santa Cruz one of four UC campuses participating in teen science program+ Potential bike-riding reporter bemused by roadway conspiracy + Coast Lines + As We See It: Hands off the festival

Southern California: The Mayor's Race Is L.A.'s Traveling Circus (LAT Reg) + LA: GOP Candidate Makes Some Waves + L.A. Marathon Subsidy Faces a Run for the Money (LAT Reg) + Huntington Park: 50 Volunteers Are Acknowledged for Community Work (LAT Reg) + Churches Help Campaign to Restore Cross on County Seal (LAT Reg) + Orange County: 2 Groups File Suit to Halt Sea Cliff Project at Dana Point Headlands (LAT Reg) + Lofty Dreams of Downtown Living (LAT Reg) + Hollywood Hills: Homes Get Red Tags; Road Closed (LAT Reg) + Do Asian Americans Count in L.A. mayor race? (LAT Reg) + Candidates for mayor start rush to the finish + Ongoing drama of mayor's race is the best show in town

School days: 13 states form coalition for high school accountability. Governors to seek reforms raising education standards + Berkeley: Teachers cut back on work in protest. No raise for 2 years, no after school hours + Malibu's Black Students Reach Out (LAT Reg) + Not your father's shop class + CSUEB faculty shows off latest art works + Educators: School cuts embarrassing + New Haven job posting fuels turmoil + Parents rally around Fremont teachers + San Ramon choir coach seeks  recruits + `Broken' high-school system targeted + Language Development Via The Internet


A bridge between chaos and adulthood

Harvard Presidents Used to Be Players (LAT Reg)

Hitler's former Alpine retreat site of new luxury hotel

Revising Humans: U.S. Constitution Provides Framework For Debate On Genetic Engineering Of Human Beings

Meeting to Assess Women's Equality Embroiled in Controversy Over U.S. Anti-Abortion Demand

Blood for pork.... 

China, Iran, Russia and Venezuela are making all kinds of oil deals


Owner of Macy's reported ready to acquire May Co. $10.4 billion deal would create huge retail store chain

Accountant decries IRS on insurance taxes

Atlantis on the gulf? Dubai builds a luxury archipelago

Influx of Chinese garlic wrinkles nose in U.S. (LAT Reg)

Biogen, Elan Voluntarily Withdraw MS Drug; Shares Plunge + Biogen's Drug Debacle Could Beat Down Industry

U.S. Workers Voice Increasing Dissatisfaction With Jobs, Survey Says

Traders Gather for Conference on the World's Newest Trading Commodity: Pollution


Man, 69, Is Vietnam's 14th Fatality From Bird Flu (LAT Reg) + 'Chicken Flu' Is No Big Peril (LAT Reg) + Bird flu to shake up Asian society

WHO Recommends Influenza Vaccine Composition For Northern Hemisphere 2005-2006 Influenza Season

Scientist gets US grant for germ warfare vaccine

Cartilage Repair Techniques Shown To Restore Patient Mobility And Reduce Pain

Kellogg to Develop Products Fortified With Heart-Healthy Compound

Girl with epilepsy on mend. After brain surgery, she has fewer big seizures

Brain Region Learns To Anticipate Risk, Provides Early Warnings, Suggests New Study

New Drug May Be Formidable Adversary For Hard To Treat Leukemia

Researchers Identify Target For Cancer Drugs

Lack Of Specific Collagen Type Leads To Osteoarthritis

Intervention Cuts Nerve Damage, Boosts Life Span

Faster, Less Expensive Test Proven More Effective In Detecting Bladder Cancer

What if you did all the right things?

No More Crash-Test Surgery

The Mind Takes Control

Diet: Restaurants Are Slow to Drop Menu Choices With Trans Fat

Friends, Enemies Communicate With Plants In Similar Ways

Antarctic Ice Shelf Retreats Happened Before

UVM Geologists Explore Link Between Human Action And Landscape Change

Animal Parenting, Personality And Pair-ups

Increasing Nitrogen Pollution In Nation's Coastal Waters

Feeding The World Requires More Than A Spoonful Of Safety

Report: Japan Eyes Manned Base on Moon

Intel execs to detail new units

Yahoo. It started as 2 guys in a trailer

Cyberspace to Outer Space, Let's Have a Conference and Go There

Film Download, Search Firms to Link Services

NASA Spacecraft Help Solve Saturn's Mysterious Auroras

Largest Machines On Earth: Particle Colliders

Bipedal Bots Star At AAAS Media Briefing + Brain Controls Robot Arm In Monkey, University Of Pittsburgh Researcher Reports At AAAS

Saturn's Moons Titan And Enceladus Seen By Cassini

Moonstruck: SMART-1 Mission Extended

New Methods Of Solving 'Hard' Computer Problems

Mac's Original Designer Dies

Chinese Soon to Embark On Private Space Flights

Scientists beam in on particles that shaped universe

Russia Launches Supply Ship to Space Station


With Social Security Support Coming Hard, Bush Will Hit the Road Again An AP News Analysis

Attorney General Says He Will Prosecute Obscenity Aggressively, Lays Out Other Priorities

Justice Department taking steps to fight violent crime in Hartford, Camden, Fresno, Houston, New Orleans.

Former Government Lawyer First Up as Senate Renews Fight Over Bush's Judicial Nominees

US Plans to Expand TV Broadcasts to Iran

Bin Laden Urges Zarqawi to Hit USA

Syria: Israel in Diplomatic Push Against Syria After Bomb + Israel 'To Show Damascus Guilt' + Bishara: Pressures on Syria serve Israel

Lebanon: State Dept: US Not Interfering in Lebanon + White House Praises Resignation of Lebanon's Prime Minister (Note: See Middle East, left side of page for more re: Lebanon.)

Iran: U.S. may join effort to coax Iranians. Europeans offering Tehran incentives to end nuclear program + McCain: US Should Bar Russia From G8 Over Iran Deal + Pakistan Brushes Off 'Old Story' Tying Khan, Iran + Whitney: Europe & Iran

Foreign: U.S. resists efforts to limit U.S. Navy sonar + U.S. resumption of Indonesia ties decried by human rights groups + Rice heads to London for Mideast meeting re: Palestinians + U.S. cites nations on human rights abuses+ U.S. OKs Revived U.S. military training in Indonesia (LAT Reg)

Domestic: Governors to discuss Medicaid with Bush + Governors eye 2008 race amid policy talks + Alaska refuge again in jeopardy

Social Security: Poll: How groups feel about Social Security plan + Santorum Puts Tax Rate Hike on Table (LAT Reg) + Change in labs' pension plans may have national impact + Blacks Courted on Social Security + Social Security fight gets personal + Former treasury secretary proposes investment savings accounts to make everyone a millionaire by age 65 + Poor Chileans labor past retirement + AP Poll: People Who Are Uneasy About Retirement Tend to Oppose Bush Social Security Plan + How Different Groups Feel About Bush's Social Security Proposal

Congress: Black farmers seek compensation from gov't+ Abortion Debate Still Tangled in Bankruptcy Bill (LAT Reg) + Nuclear option to get GOP judges in office

GOP: Hoosier hysteria over taxes

Voting: Judge Refuses to Block New FEC Restrictions on 'soft Money' Groups


Five days that shook world politics

Memories of Gonzo Journalist Are Reminder of What Campaigns Used to Be (LAT Reg)

Attack on AARP, Like 'Religious War,' Built on Either/Or Fallacy (LAT Reg)

Conservative History vs. Neocons: Justin Raimondo

Bye-Bye, Nonproliferation: Gordon Prather

Syria – and Lebanon – Are Doomed: Chris Sanders

N. Korea Waits for Spring: McCormack/ Engelhardt

Kenneth T. Tellis: How can REAL democracy have open election fraud?

Bob Herbert: It's called torture

Is Dubya in the closet?

MILITARY  Trauma of Iraq war haunting thousands returning home + Iraq injuries differ from past wars: More amputations, brain traumas

'Brain Rangers' Fight Iraq Stress

Is the Marine Corps PC?

Military Program Readmits Indonesia

Air Force Criticized For Detector Purchase

500,000 veterans homeless this year

52 Vermont Towns to Vote on Antiwar Resolution

Columbia's Middle East Studies Proceedings Will Not Be Public

Artist faces jail for being bioterrorist

Device tracks radio listening

Unger: Campus Resistance

Stauber: Neutralize Activists

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Legal loophole in lesbian marriages stirs debate in India + Young Prosecutor Roils Brazil with Gay Marriage Case + Gay couple mull suit over anti-AARP ad

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

The race for low wattage stations:

Churches big winners in grab for micro radio

Homespun podcaster shows find big audience

Taiwan: They Can't Handle the Truth (LAT Reg)

Channel Surfing to a Life of Crime (LAT Reg)

CIA leak is threat to press freedom

Reuter uses socialism to elicit negative images of the Chavez administration

The Three Anchors

Richard A. Clarke Talks About Writing Regular Column for the 'N.Y. Times'

Inside The 'Gannon' Case: How Blogs Broke It Wide Open

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

A chance to get close to the land at Slide Ranch, Muir Beach

Modjeska House in Orange County is a Retreat for All (LAT Reg)

Local scene from 1776 re-created

Hollywood: 'Million Dollar Baby' Delivers a 1-2-3-4 Punch + 'Million Dollar Baby' Dominates Oscars + 'The Aviator' flies in the face of hypocrisy about film sex + Some teens find desperation in Hollywood + Rock got the show rolling but it never hit the fast lane

Peter Schjeldahl on Cy Twombly

Fiction by Umberto Eco

Voltaire the Activist

Interactive Dig Hierakanpolis

The Enterprise Mission - Hoagland Faces His Accusers

Sensational diaries of Russian Empress Maria published

Part of Emperor Charlemagne's throne discovered

'This is London in all its beery-eyed, nervy exhilaration'

Push it

Indomitable Irishry

The human factor

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

FEBRUARY 25, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraq blast kills 3 U.S. troops, wounds 8 + US casualties in Baghdad bomb attack + Iraqi Govt Says It Captures Top Zarqawi Aide + Iraqi officials: Al-Zarqawi aide held + Iraq TV shows 'confessions' by fighters + Fear of death omnipresent in Baghdad + Pentagon reports fewer U.S. casualties from remotely detonated bombs + Attacks kill 30 as rebels strike in Sunni region. Resentment in area feared to have grown since election + Deaths Give Urgency to Search for Roadside Bombs (LAT Reg) + Sailors Guarding Oil Live on 'Target No. 1' (LAT Reg) + String of Rebel Attacks Leaves at Least 31 Dead (LAT Reg) + AI: Concern for arrested Iraqi woman + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Cleric endorses al-Jaafari PM nomination + Iraq's neighborhood councils are vanishing + Kurds Hold Out for Power in Political Wrangling + Iraqi Women Officials Vow to Implement Sharia

AFGHANISTAN: Troop cuts in Afghanistan concern general + 9 Afghan troops, 10 Taliban rebels killed + Lessons From the Hidden Afghan War + Expert briefing on Afghanistan + German army to relieve US troops in Afghanistan + The Quiet War: Special Forces in Afghanistan

MIDDLE EAST: Cries of 'enough' gain momentum in a frustrated Egypt

Israel, Palestine: Suicide Bombing in Tel Aviv Kills Three - Police + Several dead in Tel Aviv blast + Palestinian lawmakers confirm recast Cabinet. 17 nonpoliticians replacing Arafat loyalists seen bolstering reform-minded president + Israel to shorten evacuation timetable + Israel's Sharon plans Tunisia visit + Palestinian Lawmakers OK New Cabinet; Most Arafat Loyalists Out (LAT Reg) + World Bank, US: Make Palestinians Pay for Israel Checkpoints + Gaza strongman Dahlan returns to center stage + Israeli officials smile, and build more outposts on the ground + Hamas says Cairo talks won't yield truce unless Israel meets demands

Lebanon: UN Team in Lebanon Starts Probe Into Hariri Killing + Life goes on for Syrian troops in Lebanon + Syria Will Reconfigure Its Forces in Lebanon, by sending troops closer to Syrian border (LAT Reg) + Syria Moves Troops to Bekaa + Syria is to put the Taif accord into force + Syria's statement on a new withdrawal from Lebanon + Israeli warplanes renew violations of Lebanese airspace + Syria should leave Lebanon, says Jordanian ruler

EUROPE: Schroeder heads to Gulf for seven-nation tour

Ireland poll: Adams' popularity drops


U.N. envoy optimistic on Kosovo talks

Speculation high on Kyrgyzstan revolution

AFRICA: Official: U.N. troops readying for Sudan

9 peacekeepers killed in Congo, U.N. says

ASIA PACIFIC: China proposes more flights with Taiwan + China relaxes market access for non-public economy

N. Korea: South Korea urges flexibility over nukes + North Korea ready to return to nuclear talks: Chinese minister

Behind Its Seawalls, Japanese Isle Debates Their Value + Japanese women staying single and loving it

Sri Lanka ruling alliance loses majority

Kashmir Rebels Attack Office Complex, Kill 5 (LAT Reg)

AMERICAS: Argentina Prepares to Shed Its Debt, Reenter Fiscal Markets (LAT Reg)

Murder in the Amazon

U.S. wants Nicaragua to give up its surface to air missiles (SAMS)

USA keeps insisting that we don't have a true democracy in Venezuela + Venezuela arrests suspected Colombian rebel leader Gentil Alvis Patino + Venezuela cannot depend on any outside force to relieve her of the USA threat


Navy's experimental interceptor downs missile

Italy probes possible CIA role in abduction

Watchdogs Sniff Out Terror Sites

Canada's opting out could alter NORAD role, MacDonald says + Trade seen as casualty of missile defence move

U.S. Says Thousands of Missiles Missing

Taiwan arrests man suspected of smuggling missile parts to Libya

Phillippines: Police Say Arrests Thwarted Terror Attacks (LAT Reg)

Syrian Disputes `Confessions' by Men Who Claimed Trained by Syrian Intelligence to Become Iraq Insurgents (LAT Reg)

Paper Links Putin to Dresdner

Diplomatic words hide rising tension over Israeli spy

Britain plans to shift spying powers in Northern Ireland to MI-5 agency

Tokyo does not explain essence of strange wording on Kuriles

Kasyanov Hints He May Run in 2008

Security tight for president visit

Viktor Yanukovich wants referendum on Ukraine’s admission to NATO

Russian group alleges secret service intervention


High court clears way for adult trial of 14-year-olds

Florida family begs for return of missing 9-yr-old girl

Delay sought in Schiavo tube removal + Schiavo case highlights eating disorders

Gunman kills ex-wife, bystander in Texas, angry over being sued for child support

Invocation of eminent domain by cities to seize property for private development is on the rise

Costa Rican family in long-shot bid to stay in U.S.

Denver: 9-yr old girl to get $129,000 home of molestor

Texas study: Minorities get searched more at traffic stops

Judge hears arguments in tobacco trial + Justice Department tobacco litigation site

Damage control for ID theft victims

Animal Rights Advocacy Is a Growing Field (LAT Reg)

Canada rules German Holocaust-denier to be deported to face prosecution

Monster who tortured boy giggles at life term

Ebbers Will Testify in His Own Defense at Criminal Trial on WorldCom Fraud

Florida Judge Orders Removal of Terry Schiavo's Feeding Tube on March 18


Study: Racial bias in juvenile justice (SJM Reg)

CYA wards face stricter screening for work crews (SB Reg)

Editorial: Forced prison segregation (SB Reg)

Sacramento & north: Newcastle man indicted in firebombing + Suspect indicted in 3 arson incidents (SB Reg) + Man takes plea deal in girl's killing (SB Reg) + Former lawman's defense backfires (SB Reg) + R.E. Graswich: Seeking diversity, Sacramento police are going to the wall for recruits (SB Reg) + Regional school radio thieves target Woodland (SB Reg) + Pair held in killing at car lot (SB Reg) + Deadline delayed on Yuba plan (SB Reg) + Fish and Game officials ask for charges in bear shooting (SB Reg) + 4 arrested in office burglary spree (SB Reg) + Police seek clues in shooting death (SB Reg) + Fire damages Roseville restaurant (SB Reg) + Boy, 5, reports kidnapping attempt (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: S.F.: Western Addition killings not linked

Alameda: Newark cops arrest teen in shooting + Newark teen shot to death + Oakland: Man crushed to death -- investigation opens + Oakland promises billboard fame to shame 'johns' + Albany: + Driver fleeing police crashes. Suspect in hospital along with 2 others after running light + Hayward: Oakland man arrested in killing + Newark: Suspect arrested in teen's slaying + Berkeley: Homicide charge in beating death + Hayward police arrest suspect in failed carjacking, death + Livermore Police Department to put a taser shock into crime + Livermore not liable in fatal copter crash + Retrial begins in lab wrongful termination suit

Santa Clara: East Palo Alto: Boy pleads not guilty in slaying of aunt + Phony doctor strikes 12 year deal (SJM Reg) + Fake weapons get kids in real trouble (SJM Reg) + More drop-off sites for babiee (SJM Reg) + Dogfight ends in people-fight, loss of deputy + Teen arrested in shooting death of Newark man (SJM Reg) + S.F. deputy gets probation, loses his job (SJM Reg)

Judge postpones Alamo YMCA hearing + El Cerrito flood reveals pot (CT Reg)

Marin: Court upholds ruling on cult father who starved son

Sonoma: Agua Caliente: Slaying suspect arrested in Utah + Petaluma man Joseph Nieder accused in child porn case, 2 victims found + Sheriff investigating apparent shooting at home in Windsor

Napa: Local kids found safe one day after Amber Alert

Solano: Officers honored for taking guns off streets + Mother testifies at trial she gave daughter to suspect

Monterey: Salinas: Chief's defense of Tasers criticized. Some of his statements quoted directly from gunmaker's promotional literature + Burglars hit collectables shop again + Men take $8 in Greenfield home robbery + Lawyer wants probe of Taser caset

Central Valley: Daniloo fraud counts grow + Would-be peace officer arrested + Murder case plea deal sets 3 accessories free + Amador/Las Vegas: Pediatric resident accused of child molestation + Report: Woman was lying on road + Pair arrested in Ceres-area killing + Farmers seek to press individual water lawsuits + Former supervisor accused of fraud + Stockton: Defendant weeps at murder trial + Peterson sentencing delayed 5 days (CCT Reg)

Central Coast: Judge rules New Leaf attacker incompetent to stand trial + Cops and Courts

Southern California: Worker accused of killing boss in L.A. + Judge keeps Samantha Runnion murder trial in Orange County + Former Inglewood school official given five years for fraud + Couple Questioned About Ventura County Tiger (LAT Reg) + LA: 2 Are Shot to Death at Maintenance Yard by fired worker (LAT Reg) + Student Slain, Another Wounded by Gang Members in Long Beach (LAT Reg) + OC: Judge rules bedridden witness can testify early against former OC Ass't Sheriff George Jaramillo, accused of corruption + OC: Jury in Haidl Case Views Video Showing Alleged Rape of Girl, 16 + Trial in Samantha Runnion's Death Will Stay in O.C. (LAT Reg) + Federal Training Set for LA Sheriff's Employees to ID Jail Inmates Who Are Ilegals (LAT Reg) + Former Inglewood School Board Leader Gets Prison Time (LAT Reg)

Michael Jackson: Jackson Jurors Reflect Star's Influence + Alternate jurors selected -- Jackson trial next week + Woman's family threatens to sue Michael Jackson, hospital + Michael Jackson's lawyer previews defense strategy (SJM Reg) + Jackson defence to attack accuser's mother

Robert Blake: Prosecution presents rebuttal witnesses in Blake murder trial + Blake Witness Didn't Hallucinate, Jurors Told (LAT Reg)


The Governor:  Field Poll: Gov. far in front in new tally. Among Democrats, Hollywood's Reiner leads state officers + Field Poll: Head start for the Gov. (SB Reg) + Gov. still a strong foe (SJM Reg) + Gov. to Go on Road to Raise Funds (LAT Reg) + Gov. goes after congestion (CT Reg) + Democrat calls governor's redistricting plan a power grab + Gov.'s plan pushes toll roads, speeds up building + Legislative analyst suggests halting Gov.'s after-school program that launched his political career + Gov.'s after-school plan flawed, analyst says + Budget analyst Hill calls for Prop. 49 repeal (CT Reg) + Repeal of after-school program is urged (SB Reg) + Gov.'s School Plan Is Criticized (LAT Reg) + Gov.'s budget proposes that mentally ill kids would be schools' responsibility including the $70 million cost Click. (OC Reg) + Legislature, Gov. should listen to analyst re: unexpected $2.2 billion revenue + Dan Walters: Only the unreasonable can oppose a revamp of redistricting (SB Reg) + Other view: Pending deal would undermine state's water solutions (SB Reg)

Bay Bridge: Bay Bridge bondage + Perata says bond can pay for bridge overrun + Southern California lawmaker's bill imposes bridge costs on Bay Area

Doris Matsui raises nearly $700,000 in race for late husband's seat

+ Matsui leads the pack in election funding (SB Reg)

PG & E to charge customers for nuclear plant improvement that still need approval

Electricity grid data leaked? (SB Reg)

CHP report on medical pensions hit (SB Reg)

Shelley: Secretary of state says state-issued PDA stolen from home + Shelley tells police the state-issued PDA device was taken from home

Stem cell panel: S.F. likes chances at stem cell HQ + Opponents of research crank up legal campaign + Stem cell lab panel trims site criteria (CT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:   Slow spending of anti-terror funds cited (SB Reg)

Sacramento & north: CalPERS makes grand plans for R Street housing (SB Reg) + Social Security debate finds its way to the grass roots (SB Reg) + Sutter Hospitals officials move to dissolve longtime Auxiliary (SB Reg) + News in brief from Northern California + Report: Mammoth ski resort founder Dave McCoy plans sale

San Francisco, San Mateo: Mourners' emotional plea for bridge suicide barrier + Bay crabs crawl their way back. Resurgence of Dungeness + Trash-talking mayor deputizes litterbug patrol. Newsom tells drafted workers to 'have fun' ticketing scofflaws + $2.5 million revamp at run-down Alice Griffith public housing project + Lots of local interest in marijuana ID cards + Half Moon Bay: 83 acres bought for coast trails link + Panel takes step to halt jumpers + Pot clubs face scrutiny + Feds: S.F. system re: pot 'a joke' + Ex-deputy sentenced to 4 years' probation (CT Reg)

Alameda: Oakland: Fresh produce presented in cultural context. State's black farmers hold special events for history month + Oakland: Adult ed pink slip warnings coming + Boxer looking to make Oakland home + Nine Oakland council hopefuls qualify for all-mail ballot + Berkeley to honor Maudelle Shirek + Oakland's Rotary clubs mark anniversary by giving back + Pardee touts park aid for Livermore (CCT Reg)+ Officials put cap on local pub's tap
Santa Clara: Ex-salesman shoots for high poker stakes (SJM Reg) + S.J. faithful pray for pope; diocese prepares services (SJM Reg) + Black airman delivers lesson in segregation (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Concord: State grants to help keep jobs in county + Push on for Port Chicago stamp (CCT Reg)+ Jets' water tests put Alamo teen on an elite list (CCT Reg)+ Concord soup kitchen blamed for crime (CCT Reg)+ Comcast, cities closer to contract (CCT Reg)+ Ex-deputy sentenced to 4 years' probation (CCT Reg)+ New focus on prostitution in Richmond (CT Reg)

Marin: Golden Gate Bridge officials vote to proceed with suicide barrier + Momentum builds for bridge suicide barrier + Novato man on quest for answers in son's death + Sausalito officials say city's budget has been balanced + Families, friends beseech bridge board in funeral procession + Demolition begins at gutted San Rafael eatery + Retired doctors, nurses answer call for trip to Guatemala

Sonoma: Anapolis grower plans grapes, timber + Petaluma sergeant's tale of war + New school gets mixed reviews + Junior high new Little League option + 'Cat house' remains for sale + Filmmaker pins dreams on 4-minute musical fantasy + Third suspect charged in student's killing + Joy in Petaluma + Petaluma: National Guard soldiers return after 1-year tour -- company and 3 who died are honored

Napa: Paramedics bring the emergency room to the patients + Paramedic intern learns the ropes at Napa fire station + Census survey finds more than 400 homeless

Solano: A mother's loss + Benicia: Single-stream recycling to end hassle of sorting + Students, teachers sound off on options + Unity Plaza tops list of potential renamings + Novato Marine talks about his tour in Iraq + Administrator says changes will be worth it + Local News Briefs + Scout wants to build garden in memory of young friend

Monterey: Farr hears opposition to Bush social security plan + Town of Parajo could get big-box store + Poster of 9/11 removed from post office lobby

Central Valley: Up early and on the road + How Many Presidents Can You Count? + High-schoolers get a lesson in spiffy behavior + Late opening of Medeiros to pose problems + Critical Mass yet to be achieved + Newman plan stuck in neutral + Hi-Tec Sends A Message + BP offers grants to boost energy + Around the Region + News & Notes + Community Briefing + We have doubts about Tulloch development

Central Coast: Developer: Wal-Mart wants Pajaro store + Compromise on Watsonville Airport runway would allow more housing + Capitola council balks on street vendors + Pajaro school district sets deadline for school-naming suggestions + Caltrans putting cork in Boulder Creek art, wine festival + + Santa Cruz wants its say on UCSC growth + Redman House cash drive starts in earnest + News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: MTA board members agree to reconsider subway bans + Tiger death sparks questions + $26 million for 2 local charters + College seats contested + Chino: Dairies face economic woes from storms + San Diego: Frye supporters appeal mayor race ruling + Mayoral Hopefuls Ready for Ad Blitz (LAT Reg) + When It Rains in L.A., It Pours at Opids Camp (LAT Reg)+ Left-turn Flashing Arrows Used for Traffice in Fullerton and Pasadena (LAT Reg) + Business Growth Is a Hot Topic in LA mayor race (LAT Reg)+ MTA Board to Reexamine Extending Red Line Subway (LAT Reg) + O.C. Warns Ambulance Provider (LAT Reg) + O.C. Hill Getting Top-to-Bottom Fix (LAT Reg) + OC Supervisor Sees Past in Merrill's New Offer (LAT Reg) + LA: Cardenas Seeks to Rid Airport of Old Noisy Jets (LAT Reg) + News briefs from San Diego County

School days: The only way to ensure arts education is to demand it + Santa Rosa schools may slash local testing + State deal with CSU, UC chastised + Mo. governor delays university payments to ease state cash flow troubles + UC's purchasing practices are protested by students + UCSC artist gives youngsters freedom to express themselves + UC Berkeley granted approval for charter college prep school in West Oakland + Teachers in Grant take preliminary strike vote (SB Reg) + UCD hosts event for 'older' students (SB Reg)

MILITARY  Canada is a taboo subject at U.S. base in Alaska

Ban on Gays in Military Assailed

Malaysia does not want help vs. piracy in Strait of Malaaca

Feeling the draft?

Recruit's death highlights brutality of Marine training

Suicides in Marine Corps Rise by 29%

Privacy advocates criticize Homeland Dept. + Homeland Security's privacy committee

Can it be we can't trust corporations with our identity?

Ala. lawmakers urge blacks: Boycott Auburn Univ. until it rehires Black administrators

Abortion foe demands medical records. Kansas attorney general says clinics' data needed to help prosecute criminal cases

Nationalist Squatters Take Plum Site in Ancient Rome

1942-Style Bigotry Targets Muslims in the US Today

Book portrays lobotomy pioneer, local Santa Clara County hospital co-founder (SJM Reg) + Transorbital lobotomy

Group Wants Government to Regulate Salt in Food

Conference questions 'super-strain' of HIV. Experts unsure if N.Y. case is unique or a general threat + HIV Protein's Protean Prowess Revealed + Super-HIV man had sex binge with 100

Risks to women in embryo cloning

Acupressure for children

Human organ swap meet. Destitute Pakistani villagers supply demands of burgeoning trade

CDC separates its vaccine promotion and safety programs

FDA painkiller panel advisers linked to pharmaceutical firms. 10 members worked as paid consultants

Crushed Optic Nerve Made to Re-grow

Ants Can Cause Asthma, Allergies

Rewiring the Body With Exotic Implants

Caesarean ops 'no help for blues' + Baby blues link to bad behaviour + Advice for baby blues dads + Depression 'missed by doctors'

Proteins Link Obesity, Diabetes; May Underlie Systemic 'Metabolic Syndrome'

Scientists Rid Stem Cell Culture Of Key Animal Cells

Alcohol's Effects On Gene Expression In The Central Nervous System

Computer Reduces Wait For Women With Urinary Tract Infections

New Medical Devices Can Cause New Immune Problems

Missing Micronutrients - How Best To Nourish A Child?

UCLA Scientists Transform HIV Into Cancer-Seeking Missile

Hypothyroidism Associated With Reduced Breast Cancer Risk

Diagnosis Of Prions In Patients Should Utilize Novel Strategy, Team Says

Suicidal Behaviour Caused By Antidepressants 'Cannot Be Ruled Out'

Migraine Linked To Risky Heart Health

Regular Cannabis May Increase Risk Of Stroke In Young Users

Study Methods, Strains Of Pfiesteria Are Both Critical In Determining Organism's Toxicity, Researchers Show

Antimicrobials To Prevent Infection In Major Surgery Are Used Properly Only About Half The Time

Ecological Destruction Fuels Emerging Diseases

Brain Center Shows There Is Accounting For Taste

Were the dinosaurs done in by fungus?

A sample of incidents related to tigers in captivity

Crows and jays top bird IQ scale

Big Brother in the Beehive

Tree-ring Data Reveals Multiyear Droughts Unlike Any In Recent Memory

A Treasure Of Green Moss: Modern Computers To Uncover Secrets Of Duke's Ancient Mosses

El Nino Forecasting Could Aid Fisheries Management, Disease Control, Marine Species Protection


VATICAN: Ailing pope undergoes tracheotomy. TRACHEOTOMY: Procedure aids breathing + Pope silenced by tracheotomy but eats breakfast

Hotmail glitch causes problems for paying customers

India's Software Outsourcing to Draw $17B

Quake had more impact on Wash. nuke plant + Board backs nuclear waste dump in Utah

It's down to wire for electric car's fans

Super-cold Sound May Lead to Better GPS in Submarines

Martian Gases Pose Life Question

Robots Walk With Close-to-human Efficiency

Seeing The Invisible. First Dark Galaxy Discovered?

First Stellar Outcast Discovered By Astronomers

Technological Revolutions In Sensors, Robotics, And Telecommunications Allow New Views Of Ocean


Bush: US Troops to Remain in Europe

US Scrambles to Preserve Coalition

Graham offers sobering assessment of Iraq war

War prisons: Feds unaware of 4 prison officials' problems when it hired them to set up Iraq's prison system + Torture-Lite Always Leads to the Real Thing + I saw Americans kill terror suspects, says Guantanamo Briton

Russia: Russia not forsaking democracy, Putin says. Kremlin chief tells Bush his nation isn't returning to totalitarianism + Bush and Putin Exhibit Tension Over Democracy + Bush-Putin meeting no guarantee of reform + Putin holds talks with Slovak leaders + Russia and United States close on key international questions: Putin + Bush Gently Prods Putin on Democracy + Bush, Putin Spar Over Democracy (LAT Reg) + Russia mulling renewed arms, military equipment sales to the Palestinians +  Putin Says Satisfied with Results of U.S. Summit + Spots on Russia's shiny orb

Iran: U.S. May Give EU Till June to Coax Iran on Nukes + Negotiations on Iraq Government Look Protracted + Official: Iran may hide nukes in tunnels

Foreign: U.S. hopeful on hemisphere-wide trade zone + U.S. must consult on missiles, Martin insists

Domestic: Coastal Areas Fight Budget Cuts + 'Clear Skies' plan: the battle heats up + Killing off Amtrak would be foolish + Bush wants to cut Amtrak + Transfer of Nixon Library archives not funded in Bush's budget

Social Security: Profile: Sen. Rick Santorum + Key senator Santorum finds mixed reaction to Bush's Social Security overhaul + More Paid Spokespeople?

Congress: Specter Indicates He'll Be His Own Man as Judiciary Chairman + House steroids hearing promised, Lawmaker wants to hear from Bonds, Giambi, Canseco

Democrats: Liberal groups keeping close eye on Dean + Joan Kennedy's children become her guardians + DNC Chairman Dean visits conservative Kan.

GOP: Former Steeler Swann (GOP) may run for Pa. Gov. +  Giuliani's high hopes


It's Iran v US in Iraqi power plays

A Pattern of Deception: Justin Raimondo

Andrew Greeley: How long can Bush get away with lies?

Mending Fences With Russia?: Alan Bock

Pipes Plants New Seeds: Jim Lobe

Hariri's Murder Only the Beginning: Ramzy Baroud

George Bush's Stepford Critics

Negroponte's dark past disqualifies him today

The GOP wingnuts

Chris Floyd: Moral corruption at America's center

John Dean: Christie Whitman's new book. Is she whining or warning

Christian right mum on Gannon Affair

This is your President's brain on drugs

Congressional FUBAR

Blood for pork....

GAO: Air Force improperly favored Boeing

Army awards Halliburton subsidiary millions in bonuses + Army Gives Halliburton $9.4 Million in Bonuses (LAT Reg)

Iran, Ukraine discuss transit of Iranian natural gas to Euro


Oil consuming countries warn on high prices

China to keep hold on currency controls + How far will depreciation of US dollar continue to go? + China, India rival US competitiveness

Kraft Draws Ire for Road Kill Candy

Billionaire Ron Burkle sues former Disney president

Big grocers under stress

Disney May Build Park Near Seoul (LAT Reg)

Adelphia Reverses Decision on Porn (LAT Reg)

Japan's high-tech tourist trap

Tradition, Tech Clash Over Wine

U.S. Regulators Find Deficiencies at Arab Bank's New York Branch


Revisiting Tinky Winky

Mark Morford: Sex And The Disgruntled Teen


Animal rights groups seek tighter controls on exotic pets

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:   Procreation center of gay marriage debate + Conn. nears OK of gay civil unions + Anglican leaders ask U.S. to leave council over gay issues + Judges wrestle with procreation and gays + Gay Marriage: State by state + Gay Anglicans deny schism

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

An Identity Crisis Unfolds in a Not-So-Elite Press Corps

For a Start-Up, Visions of Profit in Podcasting

The TV Plot Thickens Online (LAT Reg)

Gannon issues: Talon news site closes to evaluate options + Bribing and Twisting American Journalists: Valerie Plame & 30 Pieces of Silver + Before Gannon: New Book Spotlights White House Press Corps Incidents + Gannon's to the Right of Me

Ted Rall's Anti-Blog Column Draws Blog Reaction

Ebert: Thumb's Up on Chris Rock, Thumb's Down on Drudge

Using Constitutional Amendment, San Diego Paper Sues for Hospital Records

FCC rejects 'Angel' indecency complaint

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Solo sailor from Oakland set to complete grueling around-the-world race

Oakland a rich source for satire

Where a rooster makes the wake-up call (LAT Reg)

Steinbeck birthday celebration offers fans unique opportunities

Oscars: Studio landscape shifting + The Academy Awards tries for edgier voice, younger fans + Bill Maher: Smirking Sex, Mindless Violence -- Hooray for Hollywood (LAT Reg)

Thompson shot himself while on phone with his wife + Hunter Thompson's last few hours, as told by his wife + Meanwhile: Hunter, before Hollywood beckoned

Poconos Mount Airy Lodge items up for auction

Don Rickles slinging insults for another year in Las Vegas

Frank Lloyd Wright home is no easy sell

Jewish Athletes Star in Documentary on Nazi Era

Artifacts found at Washington light rail site

Arthur Rackham's Illustrations to Alice in Wonderland

Victor Hugo - Hugo, Hernani, Hero

The Sedlec Ossuary

Edward Albee

Rush & Molloy: Foxx spells heartache with two exes

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: PR in need of therapy?

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day



FEBRUARY 24, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Attack on Iraq police HQ kills 15 + Network helps Saudis to Iraq for jihad + Secret media penetrates Saudi Arabia + Roadside Bomb Attack Kills a U.S. Soldier (LAT Reg) + 16 Iraqi Police, 2 GIs Killed in Bombings + Insurgents step up attacks on Iraqi journalists + Road with a bad Rep + In Fallujah's wake, marines go west + A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Interim leader says he'll run to keep job., Allawi urges secular system -- Kurds are ready with demands + Iraqi Kurd Outlines Govt. Demands; Car Bomb Kills 12 + Allawi Will Make Longshot Bid to Keep His Job (LAT Reg) + Kurds Name Price for Putting Shi'ites in Power

War prisons: Court: Closure of soldier hearing illegal + French detainee said in 'wrong place' + Army setting limits on POW interrogation + Exposed: soldier at the centre of Army's shame

AFGHANISTAN: U.N.: Afghan election faces delay

MIDDLE EAST: Egypt wants Israeli border strip pullout

Israel, Palestine: New Palestinian Cabinet Sworn in After Crisis + Analysis: The PA's new power structure is a warning to the Fatah old guard + Sharon's List: A capsule guide to the 25 settlements the PM has moved heaven and earth to eradicate + Palestinian Cabinet dominated by academics + NATO wants to work with Israel military

Lebanon: Syria Says It's Ready to Work with UN on Lebanon Exit + Syria to redeploy troops in Lebanon as Annan demands pullout by April

RUSSIA: Russia's forgotten war

EUROPE: European ban on Nazi symbols shelved

Anti-terror Bill wins second reading after Clarke warns of 'Madrid attack'

ASIA PACIFIC: Taiwan won't rule out China unification

Nepal's king says he has democratic goals + Nepal war hits stalemate

Train heads for Tibet, carrying fears of change

Pouring oil on the East China Sea

AMERICAS: Honduras massacre suspect arrested in U.S.

Facing similar problems, U.S., Central American officials unite in battle against gangs

Mexico's High Court Sets Back Genocide Case (LAT Reg) + Mexico's former president can't be charged in killings, court rules

Paraguay Interior Minister Fired Over Kidnapping (LAT Reg)

U.S. law helps Salvadorans heal

Amazon Land Grab Fuels Brazil Progress, Violence

LEAKGATES  Reports question Blair's steps to war + Judge Pushes Blair to Prove Legality of Iraq War + Blair's Office Had Hand in Legal Advice in Run-Up to Iraq War + Revealed: The Rush to War

Victims of terrorism gather in Colombia

The Center For Steinbeck Studies

Kan. AG seeks late-term abortion records to look for crimes

More Klan items to be auctioned in Mich.

Victims of ChoicePoint breach left irate

Brits, Yanks Asleep as Ancient Liberties Fade

Military Recruiters Have Unrivaled Access to Schools

Michigan artist sentenced to jail over mural nudity

Swiss Court Lifts Ban on Bin Ladin Trademark


Christopher Cain: Of Chinese parades and Maltese falcons

Call for action on child exorcism

Carlsen: Harvard Can Be a Riot (LAT Reg)

Stardom: Relating To HUNTER

Is our world of broader e-choices narrowing our view?


Federal Report: Causes named for forensic services backlog across nation

Judge sets trial for Enron's Lay, Skilling

A Homeowner's battle

Georgia: Man kills 2 kids, slits own throat

S.D. court upholds Congressman Janklow's conviction

Everyone loves Eliot Spitzer

Illinois court: Man can sue over surprise pregnancy

Baltimore: Defrocked priest's lawyer seeks new trial

Texas: Man charged with wife, kids, man says everyone has case wrong

Texas officials: Infant girl was sexually abused

Salt Lake: Bus hijacker sentenced to eight years

Kansas City: Two plead guilty to conspiracy in $9M scam

Teen enters plea in Utah school bomb plot

Florida: Dr. may lose license over breast implant death

Friend of Tenn. ex-governor indicted

Fla. lawyer charged with laundering money, coaching grand jury witness

3 Md. prison guards fired in inmate death

Prosecutors in Miss. case eye KKK statements

Montana: 6 Plead Not Guilty in Mine Cancers Case

Immigrant sex offenders targeted

Two Killed During Rampage Outside Texas Courthouse


Top U.S. court limits state's segregation of inmates. Justices allow rare exceptions, such as for gang affiliations + 5 inmate gangs dominate California's prison system

Prisons' racial policy in doubt (SB Reg)

Appeals court upholds $24 million ruling against gun company re: boy accidentally shot, paralyzed

An alien form of a legal system

Sacramento & north: Redding: Hunter ordered to pay $18M in Calif. fire + Eurkea: PG&E suspects 'missing' nuclear fuel rods never left + McClatchy teacher sex case has school abuzz (SB Reg) + CYA escapee held in St. Paul (SB Reg) + Guilty plea in child porn case (Jason Heath Morgan) (SB Reg) + Associates can't testify on behalf of ex-lobbyist McFall (SB Reg) + Elk Grove: School files allegedly hacked (SB Reg) + Jury awards $7 million in UPS truck crash case (SB Reg) + Man is fatally shot in front of his home (SB Reg) + Man accused of shooting at boys who hid in his house (SB Reg) + Hitchhiker held in attack on senior (SB Reg) + Early targets of 2003 child protection law guilty of child porn

San Francisco, San Mateo: City attorney files suit against 3 residential hotels. Herrera says owners haven't obeyed law about fire sprinklers + U.S. agency settles suit against Academy of Art for employment discrimination + San Mateo: 4th man sentenced in explosives theft + Suspect charged in $10M jewelry heist + Suspect Claims Owner Helped Plan Jewel Theft (LAT Reg)

Alameda: Newark: Boy is city's 2nd homicide victim. Police have few leads in death of popular youth, 17 + Berkeley sues UC over projects. Mayor says campus must pay for impact + Castro Valley man sentenced to five years for stolen explosives + Court: Raiders won't get new trial + Fremont: Church knew of pastors sex past + With nod from Oakland, merchants focus on crime + Union City slaying suspect released + Governor appoints ex-Fremont prosecutor as Judge + Explosives thief sentenced to five years + Authorities mum on recovery of firearms + Two injured in Berkeley chase (CCT Reg) + San Ramon now using call-tracking software (CCT Reg)

Santa Clara: San Jose: Copter pilot fined for harassing murres bird + Ex-Student Awarded Payment for False Arrest (LAT Reg)

Contra Costa: Inspectors condemn buildings on island used by water-skiers. County cracks down on delta dwellings built 35 years ago + Shelter Inc. director takes voluntary leave re: employing sex offender

Marin: College of Marin trustee & prominent lawyer pleads to DUI

Sonoma: Lake: Teenager charged in DUI death + Juror has heart attack during Hasler murder trial + Sebastopol teen reports sex assault

Napa: St. Helena teacher's decade-old discrimination case set for trial

Solano: Vallejo Police Calls + Public defender to handle field worker's murder case

Monterey: Salinas Police chief defends use of stun guns. He blames man's death on drugs, not 10 jolts from officers + Police chief defends use of Tasers in recent death + Ted Leidig's illnesses changed him, their marriage, Ilona Leidig testifies + Campus planned to serve 2,000 on Fort Ord + Salinas lawyer P. Michael Pekin arrested re: corruption in Hollister, San Benito County, claims he was whistleblower

Central Valley: Peterson sentence may face 2nd delay + 3 arrested in murder-for-hire plot + Law & Order + Violent Fresno gang member in custody in Minnesota after shooting deputy + If you look like a criminal, expect to be treated like one  

Central Coast: McPherson slaying case now in the jury’s hands +  Cops and Courts

Southern California: Raiders' huge suit against NFL dismissed. Appellate court upholds jury verdict + For Some, Avalon Is Alcatraz (LAT Reg) + Rape Accuser's Drink Consumption at Issue (LAT Reg)

Michael Jackson: Prosecutors and defense seek alternate jurors for Jackson trial + A look at the 12 jurors selected in the Michael Jackson trial + Quick Pick: Jackson's Jury Chosen (LAT Reg)

Robert Blake: Two daughters take center stage in Blake trial + Defense Rests; Blake Doesn't Testify (LAT Reg)


The Governor:  Gov. touts automatic budget cuts, downplays poll results + Gov. campaigns for automatic cuts + Voters back governor's plans to overhaul state government. But survey finds no enthusiasm for special election + Field Poll: Most initiatives urged by governor have slim leads (SB Reg) + Voters tepid on governor's overhaul (SJM Reg) + Poll: Calif. voters oppose Gov.'s special election plan to change Constitution because of cost + Watchdog commission backs Gov.'s prison plan + State board approves prison reorganization + Study of State Governments Ranks California With a Capital C (Minus) (LAT Reg) + Daniel Weintraub: Extra revenue might be Schwarzenegger's curse (SB Reg) + Tom Campbell, No Mr. Popularity (OC Reg)

Legislature: Bills aim to tweak Megan's Law site + Lifestyle Bills Start Legislative Makeover (LAT Reg) + Senator: State missing out on millions (SB Reg) + Bill requires Taser reporting (SJM Reg)

Bay Bridge: Perata's ridge plan gets voters involved + Next Bay Bridge phase expected to be costly. Complications seen whether design is tower or causeway + Perata unveils Bay Bridge bond

Bay transportation plan OK'd

State parks in trouble, backers say.

UC fined $118,000 in Clean Air violations

Panel backs overhaul of prisons (SB Reg)

Wal-Mart CEO Takes His Case to California

State regulators help Amtrak clear the air (SB Reg)

Two title insurers reach deal with state (SB Reg)

Indian tribes: Judge reinstates plan to make Interior Dept account for billions owed to Indians + Indian plaintiffs + Expansion plans for Casino San Pablo spark public relations battle + Board Gives Up on Saving State's Only Tribal College (LAT Reg) + Casino wins support of San Pablo council (CCT Reg) + California tribe plans to sue over gambling machines + The Byrne Report: Family Biz + Tribe offers up landscape fees + New casino plan goes before council. Hopland, Blue Lake tribes want site once sought by local rancheria

LOCAL NEWS:   Crews struggle with Calif. storm damage + Rains' impact on almond crops unclear

Fishermen cast out fun, search for huge Bay squid

Bay Area: All free transit rides on smog days OKd

Supreme Court Justices weigh San Joaquin water rights (SB Reg)

Sacramento & north: News in brief from Northern California + Report: Mammoth ski resort founder Dave McCoy plans sale + UCD medical school moving to capital (SB Reg) + Placer: New site targeted for asphalt plant + Auburn's million-dollar man (SB Reg) + Elk Grove council rips parks agency in newspaper ads (SB Reg

San Francisco, San Mateo: S.F. State close to deal on housing + Actor Eastwood honors actions of Iwo Jima vets + City districts turning toward self-taxing idea + San Mateo: Genentech Foundation donates $2M to fund library construction + Suspect Claims Owner Helped Plan Jewel Theft (LAT Reg)

Alameda: Oakland panel OKs herbicides on city-owned land + Port to get schooled in the open-meeting law + Oakland  will examine contract awards re: minorities + Albertsons puts blacks in spotlight + Frank Souza, union leader, dies + PAC endorses De La Fuente + Oakland adult ed rally draws hundreds + Newark mall projects wait for approval + Niles Canyon Road: a scenic highway? + Torrico briefs council on governor's budget + Livermore park budget suddenly brighter + San Leandros Bal Theatre on the market for $750,000 + County faces higher pension costs + Traffic to double in spite of MTC plan + Albany OKs stricter rules for cell phone antennas (CCT Reg)

Santa Clara: Group wants coyote leg traps (SJM Reg) + Charity struggles after van stolen (SJM Reg) + Unlikely activist a lifeline for immigrants (SJM Reg) + Wrecking ball fever hits building owners (SJM Reg) + A real pilot program (SJM Reg) + Palo Alto shopping for a grocery store (SJM Reg) + Los Gatos appeases merchants, settles for shorter road project (SJM Reg) + Herhold: 'Prom Moms' push for safety (SJM Reg) + Parks group criticizes rail plan (SJM Reg) + Critics decry budget plan (SJM Reg) + Funds not available to upgrade highway (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Inspectors condemn buildings on island used by water-skiers. County cracks down on delta dwellings built 35 years ago + Shelter Inc. director takes voluntary leave re: employing sex offender

Marin: BioMarin posts $82 million loss + Marin's teen health crisis + Popular San Rafael waitress killed in car wreck + Nominees eager to fill 3 spots on economic panel

Sonoma: Elsie Allen's ROTC granted 9-week extension + Petaluma to keep Empire Waste + Bittersweet National Guard homecoming today

Napa: Vacation homes in ag preserve? County not so sure + A hole in golf course transaction + West Nile confirmed in two neighboring counties + Running hard in a two-person mayor's race

Solano: Kohl's idea falls flat + Citizens Transit buyout looms + Advocate asks Vallejo to try SAGE project to prostitution + Red Lobster is evacuated during blaze + Sunshine panel will meet again + AmCan sets first meeting to explore biotech industry

Monterey: Groups clash on growth plans + Carmel women help in Cambodia + Salinas: Chiquita purchases Fresh Express for $855 million + Library delegation makes pitch + Two injured in Carmel vehicle accident + Sister says motorcycle crash victim had 'need for speed'

Central Valley: Patients swamp valley ERs + Valley fossil finds cause excitement + Anti-sprawl proposal unveiled + Modesto foot, bike path takes next step + Stanislaus Union teachers will vote + Black History Month: A storyteller comes to link black generations + Children touch GI families' hearts + Woodland buses hit in 2-way radio theft + Stop spreading the news — man snaps up weekly papers + Truck, sweet cargo stolen in Turlock + Ripon won't be switching to MID +  McSwain school ballot official: Bond issue passes by one vote + News & Notes + Around the Region + We have doubts about Tulloch development+ StaRT's proposed fare hike is necessary and reasonable + County will provide shuttle while library closed + Farmers: Water diversion was fishy

Central Coast: Guardsmen home safe from Iraq + Mobile home park bought by residents + Night lights at Ramsay skatepark seen as way to keep kids from ‘chasing parties’ + Watsonville mayor changes seminar plans after criticism + S.C. school layoffs could reach 100 + Schools chief makes stop in Santa Cruz + Task force delays decision on defined boundaries for marine protected areas + Non-engineer takes top honor in egg-drop event + Coast Lines + Ready to grow: 350 plants for nature walk at Skypark

Southern California: Wal-Mart executive in LA to promise more stores in California + RIP: gene Scott -- television preacher and philanthropist + LA water use down, bills up + Sad end to tiger tale + LA pork barrel raided to hire cops + Dems promote development by urban infill +  County jails OK for now + Rule change tabled until after election + Villaraigosa, Parks Gain Key Backing (LAT Reg) + Mayor's Race Registers a Big Nada (LAT Reg) + OC Emergency-Response Center Is in the Eye of Every Storm (LAT Reg) + Future of Santa Paula Airport Is Up in the Air (LAT Reg) + Front Seats of Some Metrolink Trains Are Closed in Safety Move (LAT Reg) + Council Candidates Share Their Visions for L.A. (LAT Reg) + More vision (LAT Reg) + Even more vision + Final vision for day + Water Supplies Still Not Normal (LAT Reg) + Owners of Red-Tagged Homes Seek a Ray of Hope (LAT Reg) + A Look at the 3 Hopefuls in L.A. 11th District Race (LAT Reg)

School days: San Francisco: Ideas for student placement. Committee offers 3 new proposals for school assignments + UC audits spending by its S.F. med school. Anonymous complaint says dean's office wiped out surplus, set up long-term debt + Contra Costa hosts job fair for teachers + Alameda County school board told to get transparent + Novato charter school official blasts funding bill + Dublin school district ready to spend $184 million bond + Vacaville CUSD is awash in red ink + Monterey PUSD postpones security evaluation + Let's Try 'No State Left Behind' (LAT Reg) + A History of Flawed Teaching (LAT Reg) + Girls, Math and the Fear of Failure (LAT Reg)


U.S. prepares to test vaccines against bird flu + Poultry Farming Reform Urged to Curb Bird Flu (LAT Reg)

Ban on older Canadian cows faces challenge

Bacterium wakes up after 30,000 year sleep

Tests Confirm The Explosive Destruction System's (EDS) Ability To Destroy Biological Agents

Girl eats real food for first time in 7 1/2 years after doctors at Stanford solve mystery

Salt Should Be Regulated Food Additive, Group Says

System targets blood-type mix-ups

An advance in fighting hepatitis

Air Pollution Thickens The Blood

New Research Questions Basic Tenet Of Neuron Function

Assessing Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome In Snorers

Genome-wide Mouse Study Yields Link To Human Leukemia

Researchers Find Missing Genes Of Ancient Organism

Signaling Protein Builds Bigger, Better Bones In Mice

Use Of Cell Phone Images Appears Feasible For Visualizing Leg Wounds

Physical Activity Linked To Protection From Parkinson's Disease

Familiar Blood Pressure Drug May Prevent Osteoporosis

Jefferson Scientists Uncover Potential Trigger Of Diabetic Kidney Disease

New Species From Old Data

Stem Cell Therapy For Spinal Injury

Zinc Deficiency Linked To Increased Risk Of Less--Common Form Of Esophageal Cancer

Value of trees threatens monarchs in Mexico

Novel Sulfide-Binding Mechanism Found In Deep-Sea Tubeworms

Bird IQ Test Takes Flight

Biggest Spider In The World - NOT!

Life On Mars? New Data Reveal Places To Search

Titan's Atmosphere Comes From Ammonia, Huygens Data Say

Apple tweaks prices, colors on its iPod line


Bush tapes video message for New York's Olympics bid

Bush Picks New Top Economic Advisor, Harvey Rosen (LAT Reg)

Russia: Bush, Putin agree on nukes, not democracy + Bush, Putin outline initiatives on nukes + Putin firm despite Bush's democracy "concerns" + Unlikely US Alliance Urges Tough Stand on Putin

Iran: Iran, France continue negotiations + Bush, Europeans thrash out Iran tactics. Aides say president could consider incentives to deter nuclear arms + Russia Set to Sign Nuclear Deal with Iran, Irk U.S. + Bush dismisses German calls for incentives for Iran

European tour: The scene has changed in Germany + Schroeder and Bush Accent the Positive (LAT Reg) + Few Germans Fond of Bush, but Some of the Walls Have Come Down (LAT Reg) + Laura Bush views Gutenberg Bibles + Why Europe ignores Bush + Bush's Gloved Handshake Is a Slovak Faux Pas Domestic: FAA proposes new black box rules + Task force criticizes Bush's 'No Child' law. 50-state group says it's unconstitutional + NIH Employees Object to New Ethics Rules (LAT Reg)

Social Security: Pelosi calls privatization plan a 'rip-off'. She talks to seniors about Social Security plan at meeting in S.F. + Model in Utah May Be Future for Medicaid + Lawmaker finds a generation gulf on Social Security + Selling the Social Security Overhaul + Government to Pay Nearly Half of Health Tab by 2014 + Financial worries grow over Medicare (SB Reg) + Dems not sold on Bush plan, despite courting

Congress: ChoicePoint ID thefts prompt Senate hearings

Democrats: Feisty Biden toying with run for president.  6-term senator on California swing to gauge interest

GOP: The Making Of A 9/11 Republican + Casinos slapped for lining Republican's pocket


Beyond Putin's Soul (LAT Reg)

US Earned Iran's Distrust: Behzad Yaghmaian

Scott Ritter: Disentangle Nonproliferation and Regime Change

Whispers That Destroy Nations

Congress Dozes During Torture

Neocons forcing arms race with China

Bush or Bushehr? Russia puts its money on Iran

'The Syrians must do something' - two things, to be precise, to avoid crisis

Syria may be closing its Arab door

Iraq's liberation comes with a ballooning price tag

Knock, knock: Israel belongs to the Euro-Atlantic community

Donald Rumsfeld: Don't wager on U.S.-European divisions

MILITARY  Robotics In War: Technology v. morality

Replacing gays in military very costly, study finds + Gays' ouster seen leaving gap in military

Uncle Sam May Enlist More Foreigners (LAT Reg)

Marine Who Shot Unarmed Iraqi on Video Escapes Charges

W.Va. senators call for Marine death probe

U.S. Army deserter Jenkins hopes to visit America

Marine in California whose liver failed after infection in Iraq may need bone marrow

Iraq War Objector May Face Court-Martial (LAT Reg)

Year-old Navy unit heads to assignment in Mideast


Pentagon Wants Special Ops to Bypass Envoys

U.S.: Suspect in Bush plot not tortured + Family of Suspect  to Sue US

Woman at heart of FBI spying case Katrina Leung, challenges government bid to overturn dismissal

Iranian group (called terrorists in past) seeks legitimacy in U.S.

Canada rebuffs Bush on missile defense plan. Premier is seen as waffling on decision

Japan tries to squeeze info. from N. Korea

Philippines: Arrests halted terror plot

Purported Syrian Confession Airs (LAT Reg)

"Homeland": Feinstein: Improved Security at Ports Urged (LAT Reg)

Spy fears spook IBM-Lenovo deal weathers DDoS attack

Click. Gary Jones Is Man "B" in the Omagh Bomb Report

Terrorist Outfits Broken in Pakistan, Musharraf Says

Russian group alleges secret service intervention

In-Q-Tel Funds Handwriting Research

On his prime minister's secret service

Philippines on spy list

Mossad Ordered to Testify On "Disappeared" Iranian Jews

Verbal 'dirty war' outbreaks between USA and Venezuela

Pakistani says al-Qaida forces in disarray


Saudis see no easing of oil prices

Inflation with a new face


FCC rules against AT&T on calling cards

Is oil alone fuelling Gulf Cooperation Council stock markets?

Bahrain sees growing role for euro

Dubai-based gold exchange aims to rank among world's top five

Bidding adieu to eBay

Analyst Comments Hit Yahoo, Google Stocks

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Mass. gays Seek Wider Marital Rights (LAT Reg) + Military Gay Policy Costs Talent

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Judge: Newspaper can protect sources by denying phone records in certain cases

FCC proposes fines for 3 California TV states who didn't provide deaf captions for emergency info + FCC proposes fines for San Diego stations for delayed fire info


Chechen Is Charged in Slaying of Forbes Editor (LAT Reg)

Huffington: Rummy TV

Whither The Wall Street Journal?

Both Houses of Congress Get Involved in 'Gannon' Case

This Time, Judith Miller Gets It Right on Chalabi

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Stars aligned for Sonoma jazz fest

Prehistoric bear-dog, badger-like fossils on display at UC Berkeley

Novato collector gets $714,060 for documents on computer origins

San Joaquin Valley & Sierra Foothill Photo Heritage

The Center For Steinbeck Studies

Beware the backcountry

Day in the life of a Star Wars groupie god

RAP: Bling is not their thing

New shows proving that it pays to escape reality

Sound reasoning: The history of recorded music

Arab photography exhibit maps out uncharted space

Cameroon Pygmies Face Modern World with Music

Black 'Street' Literature Comes of Age in U.S.

Alex Ross on Radu Lupu and Piotr Anderszewski

Top 10 Most Endangered Civil War Battlefields + Suburbs Threaten Old Battlefields, Preservationists Say

New Clues Add 40,000 Years To Age Of Human Species

Internet Dating Much More Successful Than Thought

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

FEBRUARY 23, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Car bomb in Mosul kills two, wounds 14 + U.S. toll + Army Battles to Rebuild Local Services (LAT Reg) + US: Won't Talk to Insurgents, but Iraqis Might + Iraq's Dangerous Haifa Street Defies US Military + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Islamist Is Nominated as Iraqi Premier (LAT Reg) + Shiites name pick for premier + Pentagon: Iraqis reconsidering after vote + Al-Jaafari led anti-Saddam fight for years + Chalabi becomes political winner in Iraq + Allawi forming coalition to fight for PM + What next for Iraq's government + Shiites unite behind candidate, Physician with ties to Iran on track to be Iraq's prime minister + Political haggling intensifies in Iraq, British soldiers convicted of abuse + Jaafari Victory a Win for Administration Pragmatists

War prisons: British soldiers convicted of Iraq abuse + Soldiers guilty of abuse

AFGHANISTAN: Gunmen kill 2 aid workers in Afghanistan

MIDDLE EAST: Saudis may give women right to vote

Israel, Palestine: Shots heard in market of Israeli Arab town + Abbas attempts to end Cabinet crisis+ Palestinian chief agrees to recast Cabinet choices. Lawmakers asking for nonpoliticians + Settlers eye budget to block Gaza pullout + A look at the new Israel-West Bank barrier proposal + World Council Churches + seeks pressure on Israel to help Palestinians +

Lebanon: Mubarak sends intelligence chief to Syria + Lebanon PM signals willingness to resign + U.N. team to probe Hariri assassination

Egypt Said to Hold 2,400 in Bombings (LAT Reg)

RUSSIA: Chechen cease-fire expires on anniversary

EUROPE: Ukraine makes vow to Russia while wooing EU

Blair denies anti-terror legislation rush

Montenegro Pushes for Separate States (LAT Reg)

AFRICA: Ivory Coast resolution to boost peacekeeping circulating at U.N.

ASIA PACIFIC: China's oldest WWII sex slave dies at 94 + China's Imperial Treasures Live on in Taiwan

Japan presses North Korea to rejoin talks

Aceh Rebels Prepared to Deal, Spokesman Says (LAT Reg)

Japan as the new US 'lap dog'

AMERICAS: Canada budget may raise military spending

Colombia soldiers kill eight rebels

Mexicans living abroad closer to getting right to vote in elections

Be careful! South American policemen on your way


Man Indicted in Plot to Kill the President

FBI issues warning about computer virus that uses FBI name + FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center

FBI Abandons Whistleblower Secrets Claim

E-mail scams claim Homeland Security ties+ U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

3 hostages freed by rebels enter Jordan+ A list of Iraq's most-wanted

"Homeland": Board makes changes to proposed Los Alamos contract + Despite new technology, Border Patrol overwhelmed + Next: Cosmic rays to fight terror + COUNTER-TERRORISM: Why No Roadside Bombs in the USA?

Kim Jong-il Heads Intelligence Agency

Mubarak Sends Intelligence Chief to Syria

More journalists flee Zimbabwe

Iran Jails Editor for 14 Years for Insulting Leaders

US military not conducting spy flights over Iran: Pentagon

Russian Scientist Charged With Divulging Secrets

Expelled Israeli 'spy' was a decent man, says ex-girlfriend

Rwandan Fugitive Spy's Kin Demand Compensation

US intelligence concludes theft of Russian nuclear material “has occurred”

Israel: Defense seeks cash for two spy satellites

CIA’s Take on Indo-Pak Relations Not Cricket

Watchdog to monitor CSIS missions overseas

Access to Memos Is Affirmed

Our Soldiers May Soon Need to Speak Arabic, Kurdi and Spanish

1950s CIA missions a secret no more

The Poisoned Well: What the CIA's Nazi Files Can Tell Us About Iraq


The lure of bio-weapons

Postal workers said uninformed on anthrax when attacked

Frustrating the spread of avian flu. Nations try to raise farmers' standards to curb deadly virus + Fighting Avian flu + Vaccines to Be Tested as Bird Flu Warnings Spread


Supreme court curbs state prison segregation (except in most extraordinary circumstances)

Top court won't review slaying confession + High court won't remove judge from overseeing lawsuit filed by American Indian landowners seeking accounting of trust funds + California farmers ask high court to help them get paid for water

Justices Accept Oregon Case Weighing Assisted Suicide + Fla. right-to-die case goes back to court + Terminally ill await Supreme Court ruling

Hearsay testimony could bring new trials. Ruling involves cases in which police tell alleged victim's story

Cigarette makers object to U.S. penalties sought in RICO trial+ Justice Department tobacco litigation

11 N.J. officials charged in federal sting

Bonds Talks, in His Way, of Baseball and Steroids + Bonds' focus: Health + Bonds brushes off steroid questions, praises baseball's new drug rules

NIH researchers cleared in ethics probe

Report: U.S. bypassed process in dispute. Interior Dept settles grazing dispute with Wyoming rancher

Agency projects slower beef production after Canadian cattle allowed back

Former wildlife official to pay fine for saving tadpoles + Buenos Aires refuge

GOP lawmaker Shelley Capito, Va., cautious on Social Security

N.M. panel rejects cockfighting ban plan

Police: Fla. man confesses to '74 killing

Florida: Girl convicted of slaying over fireworks

Ex-Philadelphia treasurer's trial on influence peddling begins

An Illinois Judge Declares that Frozen Embryos Are People: What Difference Does It Make?

Ebbers Begins Defense by Showing Andersen Didn't Uncover WorldCom's Fraud + Ebbers Defense Calls Whistleblower to Open Its Case


California loses appeal on state prison segregation

State looks into possible ID thievery by Choice Point

LA lawsuit accuses ChoicePoint of compromising personal data

Suits filed to invalidate Calif.'s $3 billion stem cell institute

Gov. appoints two- Alameda County Superior Court judges, MacLaren, Gaffey (CCT Reg)

Sacramento & north: McClathy H.S. teacher accused of sex with teen (SB Reg) + R.E. Graswich: Flying solo, N. Natomas cop is ever alert, even for nosy salesmen (SB Reg) + 5 weekend shootings leave 2 dead, 3 hurt (SB Reg) + Suspect arrested in fatal stabbing in Solan (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: Ex-S.F. airport worker sues security firm; breaches alleged + Litterbug war tough to fight+ San Francisco: Law lets drug users purchase syringes. No-prescription needles at Walgreens and Rite Aid + New chief of S.F. juvenile probation from Chicago + S.F.: 2 weekend slaying victims identified + S.F.: Coke ring's alleged chief to face charges + Belmont: Suspicious bag at pancake house + Drugs seized in big federal bust. 15 arrested (CCT Reg) + Dell hit with class-action lawsuit in S.F. (SJM Reg)

Alameda: Oakland: Employee killed by recycling machine + Pleasanton: 3 teens accused of killing friendly cat + Berkeley: Murder charge likely in beating death of homeless woman + Oakland: Expectant mother attacked by intruder + Worker dies at Oakland plant + Fremont cops are tuning out alarms + Homeless woman dies from beating + Police arrest four in cat-killing case + 'Sausage king' sentenced to die for killing three in 2000 (CCT Reg)

Santa Clara: $200K award in excessive force case (SJM Reg) + County settles jails' health care suits (SJM Reg) + Four-year sentence in party death (SJM Reg) + Elder abuse case defendants have Thursday court date (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Family accused of scamming El Cerrito man out of $679,000 (CCT Reg) + Martinez: Woman flees on foot after robbing bank + Pleasant Hill: Incidents reported of stolen credit cards being used

Marin: Questions surround fatal accident on 101 + Board delays killer's parole + Point Reyes: Park ranger killer's parole is delayed

Sonoma: Agua Calienta suspect re: stabbing girlfriend to death, may headed out of state? + Sebastopol officer opens fire on gunman

Solano: Stabbing victim ID'd; suspect behind bars + 3 clerks accused in alcohol sting' + Fugitive may be bound for Texas, Idaho + Vallejo Police Calls

Monterey: Own infidelity bothered Leidig, new wife says + Assault suspects' friends show support + Weapons charges bring 4-year prison term + Labor lawyer Gene Miller dies

Central Valley: Waterford city attorney pleads no contest+ Nesler trial is delayed until May + California considers ID system for bullets + Law & Order

Central Coast: County law enforcers to begin collecting felons’ DNA + Defendant’s story blasted in McPherson trial+ Cops and Courts

Southern California: SoCal animal rescuer convicted on animal cruelty charges + Riverside: Man charged after tiger carcasses found + Defense expected to rest case in actor's murder trial + Johnnie Cochran's firm files claim over LAPD shooting of teen + Thief's Lapse in Protocol Signals Problem to Police (LAT Reg) + Judge Won't Revoke Bail for Geneticist in Sex Case (LAT Reg)

Michael Jackson: Jury Selected for Michael Jackson Case + NO BLACKS ON JACKSON JURY

Robert Blake: Defense rests in Robert Blake murder case + Blake Had Little Gun Residue (LAT Reg)


The Governor:  Poll: Gov.'s job approval suffers steep drop + Approval down, especially among Dems, independents + Gov. submits prison plan as senator seeks budget control + Gov. will try to persuade feds to keep bases in California + Stop jokes from old movies and negotiate, Assembly speaker tells Gov. + Nurse Is Asked How She Got Into Screening film against Gov. (LAT Reg) + The boxes survived + Gov. losing 2-party appeal (SJM Reg) + Dan Walters: As Schwarzenegger becomes confrontational, popularity ebbs (SB Reg) + Peter Schrag: Redistricting reform: Big noise for small potatoes (SB Reg) + Public financing of elections could end pay to play (LAT Reg)

Legislature: Bond measure sought for Bay Bridge costs + Leno bill would keep Tasers out of public hands. He wants report about each police incident + Bill by Figueroa targets cervical cancer + Perata suggests bond for bridge (CCT Reg) + Legislators urged to stay frugal (SB Reg)

Analyst: State budget picture brightens but deficits still loom + Improved economy may boost state's budget surplus + 71% of small firms expect to hire, better year

Toll from buyers, businesses not paying user tax for online sale hits $1.3 billion (RP Reg)

Summer energy outlook is cloudy (SB Reg)

Title insurance companies investigated in kickback scheme + State probes title insurers (SB Reg)

California sacred lands law triggers $50 million NAFTA claim re: gold mine in So. California desert

California farmers ask high court to help them get paid for water

Stem cell panel: Suits filed to invalidate Calif.'s $3 billion stem cell institute + Antitax groups fight stem cell program + Stem cell panel faces two suits (SB Reg) + Stem cell institute in West Sacramento

Shelley: Shelley a no-show at legislative audit committee hearing on federal funds + Shelley office starting to fix problems, auditor testifies. Legislators on committee press for details on what went wrong + Auditor reports Shelley follow-up (SB Reg) + Panel Goes Easy on Shelley (LAT Reg)

Indian tribes: New Cloverdale casino plan goes before council + High court won't remove judge from overseeing lawsuit filed by American Indian landowners seeking accounting of trust funds + San Pablo: Cardrooms, tribe spar over casino. Hired expert to present negative report -- labor unions to back gambling plans + Study says San Pablo casino is not worth gamble + San Pablo endorses casino (CCT Reg) + Casino a losing venture, study says (CCT Reg) + A rescue bid at D-Q fails (SB Reg) + California sacred lands law triggers $50 million NAFTA claim re: gold mine in So. California desert

LOCAL NEWS:  Young grey whale who captivated people at Bodega Harbor found dead in Tomales Bay

Trying to fix buildings at highest quake risk. Some Bay Area cities may end voluntary upgrades

Bay Area: Regulators accused of bowing to refiners. Officials downplay gas emissions in air, watchdog group says

Caltrain cuts are possible

Sacramento & north: Experts verify tornado paths (SB Reg) + Lawsuit targeting GenCorp dismissed (SB Reg) + Davis drug development firm gains funds + Legal action puts Conaway Ranch meetings on hold (SB Reg) + Couple put up new anti-Bush window sign (SB Reg) + Motorcyclist dies in Hwy. 65 crash (SB Reg) + Workshops set on Yolo general plan (SB Reg) + Other view: Housing plan benefits area, its families (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: S.F.'s fleet of 15 new hybrid taxis puts cabbies on course to save gas + Mountain View: Smoke fills hospital -- 40 patients moved + Charles E. Rhodes -- highly skilled S.F. Bay ship pilot + Greek Orthodox Church picks new leader for Western states + Newsom's tricky two-step + Hotel workers feeling the pain + Anti-boycott meeting + S.F. moms go entrepreneurial to promote new board game

Alameda: Berkeley: PG&E can't explain cause of blackout + Oakland: Meningitis-related fatality identified + Adult ed on cutting block + Council groups discuss pesticides + People's Grocery puts nutrition first + Vote expected on plans for Cal charter school + sland schools consider extending tax + Union City seniors learn to achieve inner peace + Fremont: Man dies from crash injuries + San Ramon residents get new forum + Pleasanton: Fate of local pub on tap tonight

Santa Clara: Palo Alto to ease Foothills Park access restriction (SJM Reg) + El Camino Hospital fire forces some evacuations (SJM Reg) + Albertsons will close Palo Alto store in March (SJM Reg) + Woman struck by car, killed (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Fire causes $100,000 in damage in Danville (CCT Reg) + Richmond woman seriously injured in Richmond wreck (CCT Reg) + Danville couple (Pack) expecting twins

Marin: Marin woman reflects on impact of her father's historic World War II photo + Bridge barrier faces money, time obstacles + A Marine tells his tale + Local group fired up over Hollywood smoking + Longtime Marin General advocate Mary Carpou dies at 78

Sonoma: Petaluma showdown today re: garbage contract + CDF blames fire on Calpine + New casino plan goes before council + Neighbors voice concerns about SRJC expansion + Angry SR council puts heat on Comcast + 'Sideways' film making pinot noir a star + Maybe bury him beneath home plate

Napa: Controversial candidate Harry Martin makes another run for mayor's seat + St. Helena mayoral candidates differ on state of city development + Students walk easier with new sidewalk + Barryessa water, sewer rates go up 'significantly'

Solano: Benicia's sunshine panel can't decide on gift limit + Solano traffic congestion rose 271 percent from 1999 to 2003, report finds + A fishy situation + AmCan sets first meeting to explore biotech industry + Knight to speak to AmCan Chamber + Small Vallejo business is BIG in lottery sales + Homeowner defends violation of association's rules + Benicia council to hear appeal of mayor's plan

Monterey: Firehouse drinking issue raised + Library group visits Salinas + Victim of Chualar crash identified + Avoiding a wild mushrooms

Central Valley: Hopes to build at Tulloch Lake stir an outcry + Council votes 6-1 to widen Pelandale + Turlock to gain all-year shelter + Recovery home draws heat+ Soldier headed to valley to heal+ Oakdale to weigh fire station funding+ Lions in an uproar over costume theft+ Watch out — IRS is doing more audits+ Flag Flies for Fallen Marine+ Warmed up for learning+ Wet year good deal for TID+ People helping others nothing new+ Mexico's legislators back voting for migrants in U.S.+ Blacks, Latinos should teach children to cherish their heritage, speaker says+ Ex-Patterson worker: I was 'set up'+ Herman DiPirro, 63, instructor at MJC 20-plus years+ News & Notes+ Around the Region + Crop subsidy funds could be better spent + Virginia Corridor becomes more dangerous at Orangeburg + Arts center behind; but that's OK + Rotary gives others gifts for its 100th birthday + San Joaquin air quality district can tell National Parks Service when to burn

Central Coast: Opponents, supporters push views on hotel project + Home-buying program gets cash infusion + Low-cost housing planned for Seacliff + Fatal accident snarls traffic on Highway 1 + Teaching jobs set to go under S.C. board’s budget knife + Forecasters say the sunny skies are back + Task force will choose location to study marine protected areas + Student trial teams make their cases + Coast Lines + Andy Griffin: Down on the Farm + Forum will take a look at county food system

Southern California: Gardens, hotels in store for downtown LA revival project + Loose tiger found, shot + Pols vow to love San Fernando Valley + Deluges expose the soggy side of life in L.A. + Hillside density challenged + Developers unveil vision for downtown LA + Performing arts high gets charter + Candidates Compete With the Rain (LAT Reg) + Hope of Hollywood Housing (LAT Reg) + Merrill Aims to Handle O.C.'s Refi (LAT Reg) + Transit Agency Buys Disputed Property at Cook's Corner (LAT Reg) + Visions for Grand Avenue Offered to L.A. Residents (LAT Reg) + Supervisors Create Panel to Oversee King/Drew (LAT Reg) + Merrill Lynch Seeks Refinancing Work re: Orange County

School days: Unfinished business: Real reform + California state superintendent: Schools urged to drop antidrug program, Scientology-linked teachings inaccurate, superintendent says + Oakland schools chief wants adult education taken off district's tab. Ward proposes shutting down program or transferring it to Peralta community colleges + State's Vallejo CUSD audit likely to be bad news+ Interim principal to fill in at Newark MHS + Ohlone forum tackles terrorism + Tracy teachers press for new contract + S.F. schools get grants for math, science + Wells Fargo creates Latino scholarship + Local school districts get cash infusion (CCT Reg) + Documenting school defects (SB Reg) + Elk Grove: Divisive school raises OK'd (SB Reg) + COSMOS expands for high schoolers (SB Reg) + District boots falsely enrolled kids (SJM Reg) + Proof of residency for local school districts (SJM Reg) + Program Offers Tutoring and Fun Close to Home (LAT Reg) + California Natives Trail in Finishing College (LAT Reg) + + UCSF Medical School Dean Is Audited (LAT Reg) + Teaching Math Two Ways At The Same Time Boosts Learning

Harvard seeks to test ecstasy drug on the dying

Bipolar disorder seen undiagnosed in poor

Controlling the new strain HIV virus without blaming its victims + Reaching poor nations vital in fighting AIDS, doctor says. Speaker issues urgent call to action + Spam filters may lead scientists to AIDS vaccine

Rocket-Fuel Chemical Perchlorate Found in Breast Milk

Doctors: Egyptian infant improving

NIH researchers cleared in ethics probe + Alleged deals with drug firms had led to new rules at NIH

Expert: Baby Swings May Trigger Dog Attack

Study: Diesel exhaust causes deaths

American Self-Harm Information Clearinghouse

Military Aims for Better Limb Replacements

Marijuana-Like Ingredient Could Slow Alzheimer's

A New Method For Early Detection Of Disease Outbreaks

New Study Tests Amitriptyline For Painful Bladder Syndrome

UCLA Study Shows One-Third Of Drug Ads In Medical Journals Do Not Contain References Supporting Medical Claims

Nano Mechanism To Control Protein May Lead To New Protein Engineering

Researchers Confirm Vioxx Nearly Doubled Cardiovascular Risks In Cancer Prevention Study

Mapping Human Genetic Variation Across Populations

Study Shows Naturally Occurring Proteins Protect Against Rapid Tumor Growth

Studies Examine Coffee Drinking And Risk Of Liver And Colorectal Cancers

UT Southwestern Doctors Track Oklahoma Alzheimer's Patients Via Telemedicine

Mouse Model Of Leukemia Yields Exciting Therapeutic Implications For Rare Childhood Cancer

Changing Trends In Herbal Supplement Use

Study Associates Alcohol Use Patterns With Body Mass Index

Amino Acids In Nectar Enhance Butterfly Fecundity

Why Do Insects Stop 'Breathing'?

Test for Canine Personalities

Sea Salt Inhibits Global Warming

Surf's Up: Professor Using Models To Predict Huge Waves

Woman sues HP, claiming it programs its ink cartridges to dry up

Tech set turns out for 6th Annual Wired Rave Awards + Complete list of winners

Apple Unveils Four New IPod Models

Cell Phone Virus Strikes Santa Monica

Software Gives Descriptive Directions

X-rays Have Become Laser-like

Blast Affected Earth From Halfway Across The Milky Way

Devising Nano Vision For An Optical Microscope

Mars craft finds sign of ice floe remnants, Data suggest sea within 'recent' past

First Invisible Galaxy Discovered


NATO will help train Iraqi troops -- after intense U.S. lobbying

Bush Thanks U.S. Troops for Extended Iraq Tours

US wants 'strong dollar' says Hadley

European tour: Neocons fret over tilt to Europe + Poll shows doubts over Bush democracy push + Bush prematurely closes news conference + Bush's itinerary + Bush and Schroeder Bury Iraq Hatchet + American needs meet German ambitions + Transcript: "We Have a Great Opportunity, I Think, Gerhard"

Russia: Bush to show Slovaks gratitude over Iraq + Slovakia to host Bush-Putin summit + Scowcroft faults Bush for Russia policy + Bush leans on Putin. Will he budge? + Russia Still Heading for Democracy, Putin Says (LAT Reg) + Bush: Arrogance instead of diplomacy before summit + Russian nuclear arms horrify the USA more than North Korea and Bin Laden+ Putin rebuttals Western criticism

Iran: Bush Says United Front Is Essential to Curb Iran + Bush, Schroeder denounce Iran nuclear aims + Iran admits 'deep differences' with Europe + Bush Says Diplomacy Just Starting on Iran + Bush, Schroeder step up pressure on Iran + Bush: Idea of Attack on Iran 'Ridiculous' (but Possible) + The West has no faith in Russia's wealth

Syria: Bush Turns Heat on Syria, But to Wait on Sanctions

Other Foreign: Canadian PM Turns Thumbs Down on U.S. Missile Shield

Domestic: Drug czar pushes to expand drug courts

Budget: Programs Bush wants to reduce or kill + Anti-hunger group wants to keep programs

Social Security: Snow: Public Skeptical on Social Security + Economists Doubt Social Security Overhaul (LAT Reg)

Congress: Lawmakers using retreats to raise money

GOP: GOP senators want Eastern Wash. as a state + Tax-cutting Ind. Gov. proposes hike + The GOP's Wingnuts

Voting: GOP alleges felons voted in Wash. race + Ballot Invalidations in Ohio Tied to Turnout, Confusion (LAT Reg) + Who won illegal votes of felons? + Fate of four cases rests with justices


U.S.' Prewar Visions Get Further Out of Focus (LAT Reg)

Newberry: Rise of Rove's Republic

Henican: Bash the AARP off to a rocky start

They've Only Just Begun...: Justin Raimondo

Syria Out Doesn't Mean US In: Ilana Mercer

Neocons' Devotion to Doctrine: Leon Hadar

Rummy Out of the Loop?: Turse/Engelhardt

Who Lost Russia?: Pat Buchanan

Sam Smith: Panning for hope

Bush drops town hall meeting with Germans, because not scripted

White House liberally plays with truth

Wayne Masden: The GOP's many Talons. Did White House S&M ring order special videos from Abu Ghraib

A Salvador Option for Iraq? How Negroponte Changes the Ground Rules

Cornering the Dragon: the Return of the China Lobby

Blood for pork....

Iraq's Road to Reconstruction Studded with Potholes

MILITARY  Rumsfeld: Scale Back Military Education

Yale Researchers to Study Soldiers, Stress

West Pointers take field trip to the opera

IRAN: There Is an Invasion Threat

ISRAEL: Why Lebanon Wants to be Like Iraq

IRAQ: The Other Battle for Iraq


ELECTRONIC BATTLEFIELD: Software Don't Get No Respect

ARMED FORCES OF THE WORLD: The Biggest Little Army in Asia

Pentagon probes rape charge vs. soldier

3,000 Russian recruits die of army hazing every year

Russian paratroopers to acquire a unique fighting machine

9/11  Forensics at New York's ground zero ends + Nearly Half of NY Sept. 11 Dead Cannot Be Identified + Daily News Exclusive: Final 9/11 heartache

LA lawsuit accuses ChoicePoint of compromising personal data

Sacramento couple put up new anti-Bush window sign (SB Reg)

Click. Reader's Digest: Shut Down Dangerous Websites

Click. Google's new toolbar: Now more evil than ever

It was you who wrote Magna Carta, my lords. And now you must defend it


Crude Tops $51, Signaling More Pain at Pump

Banks rapped on cost of bounce protection

Morocco looks for U.S. partners re: free trade pact

Wells Fargo boss frets over security

Chiquita announces plans to buy bagged salad maker Fresh Express

W. Va. legislation would help distilleries

Soy Industry Looks for the Next Big Thing

New entrepreneurs: Foreign-born women (SJM Reg)

The global factory of Boeing

Martha Stewart Living Prepares for Founder's Return as It Reports Fourth-Quarter Loss


Harvard President Vows to Temper His Style With Respect + Harvard's president gets another grilling from faculty

Romance Beckons (in Case You Missed It)

Mark Medford: Long Live Drugs And Politics

No Town Left Behind

Shifting Gears

Chung: Unwilling child of Mao's revolution (SJM Reg)

Techie-foodie's virtual culinary kingdom carves out a respected place

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: Gay nups new evil: Pope + More On President Bush's Proposed Same-Sex Marriage Amendment + Mass. court to review ban on out-of-state gay marriage + Anglican leader says row over gay bishop "costly" + Gay bookstore denied funds in battle over censorship + US rightists attack lobby for elderly on gay issue + Church war on gays

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

PAPER: Dan Rather being muzzled by CBS, limited to 7 controlled interviews with press

Italian Journalists, Under Threat, Are Leaving Iraq (LAT Reg)

The Unreality of War (LAT Reg)

Gannon's outing ignored by liberal media + Tully: Guckert/Gannon question is moot

Quit Your Job to Blog, Blog, Blog

How to Be an IPod Radio Star

The Cost of Keeping Mum

In the line of fire

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Pope addresses pilgrims by video hookup

Archeologists discover St. Paul's tomb

Armenian tradition

Central Valley fossils open window to rich era of beasts. Pit bull-like creature had feet of a bear

Oakland took its lumps from Thompson + Hunter Thompson: The last prank + Hunter S. Thompson probably planned suicide + Pepe Escobar: Hunter S: The trip goes on forever

Just $7.95 a Month and You're Free to Turn Movies Into Pablum (LAT Reg)

Macbeth: An In-Depth Analysis

The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics

Rush & Molloy: Red-carpet bombing in store for Star?

Wine, women and roses

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: An uninviting prospect

Michael Daly: World wild Web of Paris hacker

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FEBRUARY 22, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
3 GIs killed in roadside bombing. Allawi maneuvers to keep his job in new government + Latest identifications of U.S. soldiers + Al-Zarqawi tops U.S. list of most wanted + Three U.S. Soldiers, Marine Die in Iraq (LAT Reg) + US, Iraqi Rebels Begin Talks on Pullout + Humvee Tragedy Forges Brotherhood of Soldiers + 'Frontline' offers insight into life for troops in Iraq + Australia will send 450 more troops to Iraq + The Desolate Desert That Could Shape Iraq's Future + Contributions to NATO's Training Mission for Iraqi Forces + Indonesian Journalists Freed by Militants in Iraq Cross Into Jordan Safely + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Al-Jaafari led anti-Saddam fight for years + Shiites pick al-Jaafari as Iraq PM nominee

War prisons: U.S. group accuses Egypt of torture + Congress Dozes While Detainees are Tortured

AFGHANISTAN: McCain calls for permanent Afghan bases + Afghan officials: 180 children have died in the cold + U.N. report puts Afghanistan near last in world. 'The fragile nation could easily tumble back into chaos'

MIDDLE EAST: Hundreds Join Anti-Mubarak Protest (LAT Reg)

Israel: Some Jewish settlers to be disarmed + Settlers eye budget to block Gaza pullout + Police demanding NIS 61m to counter threat of attacks on Temple Mount + Mofaz picks Dan Halutz to replace Moshe Ya'alon as IDF Chief of Staff

Palestine: Militants hold key to Mideast peace. Though not party to truce, they have scaled back attacks + Palestinians turn out to celebrate freeing of hundreds held by Israel + Under pressure, Palestinian PM scraps planned cabinet line-up

Lebanon: Thousands march in Beirut to demand Syria withdraw. Assad assures Arab League chief troops in Lebanon 'soon' will go + People Power Hits Lebanon

RUSSIA: 9 Russian soldiers die in wall collapse during Chechnya battle

EUROPE: Britain to Slap Financial Penalties on Sinn Fein Over Alleged IRA Involvement in Massive Belfast Bank Heist

John Major: Blair tactics a 'cancer' in British politics

British Government Seeks Tough New Anti-Terror Powers

AMERICAS: Mexico: PRI Wins Governor's Race in Hidalgo State (LAT Reg)

Gun Used to Kill U.S. Nun Found on Brazil Ranch + Brazil's President Promises to Catch Suspects at Large in Nun's Killing; Accused Gunman Says He Was Offered $20,000 for Shooting


Canada 'already part' of missile defense: McKenna

Security firm accused of cheating on SFO test. Checkpoints were alerted to federal decoys, lawsuit says

Pope resumes visits with foreign leaders

Firebrand Bashir accused of terrorist involvement

FBI informant who set self afire testifies

Icelandic Authorities Grant Bobby Fischer a Foreigner's Passport, Allowing Him to Travel to Western Europe

FBI Says Its Name Being Used to Spread Computer Virus

Archbishop Tutu Heads Global U.N. Campaign to Record All Child Births

Blood for pork....

Contractors pay unsung toll in Iraq

Security saps rebuilding budget


Markets fall as Asian banks move away from dollar

IRS offers settlement over stock options abuse

Winemaker plans 'Ten Buck Chuck'

Jack Sirard: Firing CEO Fiorina did little to solve HP's core troubles (SB Reg)

Disney's Miramax Unit to Get a Makeover

Seafood savvy hits the market

Chances Increasing the IRS Might Come Knocking

Fannie Mae Mortgage Portfolio Shrinks Rapidly in January


When Our Justice is Unjust

Supreme Court to Hear Connecticut Property-Rights Case + Court won't review Utah park policy case re: respect for American Indian religion + High court won't hear Columbine dispute + Court rejects challenge to abortion ruling+ High court won't review ban on sex toys + Court to hear protective clothing dispute

Forensic scientists have mixed feelings about 'CSI'

'Granny-cam' initiative draws support in Arkansas

Authorities: Computer glitch delayed ID of molester in Denver

Parental attitudes toward drugs mellow

Pa. marks anniversary of missing girl

Dog owner, wife of N.Y. Gov. reach deal

Texas Mom, Son's Bodies Found; Ex Charged

Reputed Mafia deaths face DNA scrutiny

Daily News Exclusive: Porn sting X-poses vendors

Organized crime's moving online

Murder, Eyewitness Identification And The Limits Of Human Vision

Sardinia Party Raised for First Time at Tyco Retrial

Government Cracks Down on Scams Offering Big Bucks for at-Home Work

Priest Pleads Guilty in Death of Athlete Who Fell Through Church Ceiling While Drunk


Karaoke royalties fight (LAT Reg)

Herhold: Sex offenders' side of debate (SJM Reg)

Sacramento & north: Shot and critically wounded, teen crashes into police car (SB Reg) + Shot in torso, man drives to hospital (SB Reg) + Gang Link Suspected in Driver's Shooting Death (LAT Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: Burlingame PD may send officer to Pacific island for training + Hayward: Shooting shatters residential tranquility + Female reservist loses son to Island dad + Oakland chief sets bar high for holding killings low + Oakland woman, 82, dies after fire + 'Help, Lola, help!' Talking cockatoo stolen from Petco

Santa Clara: Judge's ruling irks mountain bikers (SJM Reg) + Eugene Miller, noted labor attorney in area (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Antioch to consider barring teen troublemakers at shopping plaza (CCT Reg)

Marin: Parole postponed for ranger's killer

Solano: Man shot twice during robbery + New posters seek information about 2002 beating death + Vallejo Police Calls + Benicia Police Calls + One arrested in fatal stabbing

Monterey: Salinas: Man hit by police stun guns dies 2 days later. Taser use, links to deaths controversial + Police Taser gun victim dies

Central Valley: Looking for Gang Signs

Central Coast: Youth offenders out, adult inmates in: CYA camp neighbors nervous + Cops and Courts

Southern California: SoCal gene scientist accused of child molestation posts bond + Victims of Green Card Scam in 1990s Being Deported (LAT Reg) + USC Scientist Freed on Bail in Sex Case (LAT Reg)

Michael Jackson: After two weeks of delays, Jackson returns to court + Potential Jackson Jurors May Be Put Off by Delay (LAT Reg) + Judge Assures Jurors Jackson Was Ill


The Governor:  Gov., Labor Gearing Up for Major Pension Showdown + Arnold puts screws to lawmakers + Fall ballot a national focal point (SB Reg) + Governor to promote home construction (CCT Reg) + Plan to spur building worries environmentalists ( CCT Reg) + Business czar delivers cash to Gov. (SJM Reg) + Editorial: Get serious about teachers' pay (SB Reg) + Editorial: A farewell to dynamite (SB Reg) + Commission would ease politicking (SB Reg) + States' Private Pensions Make a Weak Showing + There's a silver lining in being a donor state + Gov. vs. gerrymander

Dan Walters: Demographics will drive immense adjustments for our schools (SB Reg)

Legislature: Legislators Rush to File Final Bills (LAT Reg) + Jackie Speier wants audit of Exec Life settlement

"Save our license" won't make ballot

11 challenge Matsui for Congress seat. Lawmaker's luster seen giving widow edge in March vote

Indian tribes: Lake County tribe tries new tactics for casino near Oakland airport + Morongo Casino offers Vegas-style gambling, entertainment + Contra Costa County needs to know likely effects of casino (CCT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:   Farmers are suing over diverted irrigation water

Sacramento & north: 'One of those awful, awful accidents'. Avalanche victim's backcountry ski party had safety gear, but couldn't find her in time + Tornado, high winds rip through region (SB Reg) + Tornado know-how: Being safe (SB Reg) + Creeks fouled by pot farmers (SB Reg) + Green waste a burning rural issue (SB Reg) + Folsom-El Dorado Hills road to open (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: Insulting historic preservation + The Farallones are for the birds + Kaiser top employer on Bay Area scene + Downtown clothier wraps up business + Film industry revenue down + Community for disabled adults + NFL alums organize memorial + TV now rediscovering San Francisco's charms + San Bruno's makeover + It's development politics all the time + Free-speech side wins in Treasure Island film. Official wondered if city has right to restrict content + A facade isn't always what it seems

Alameda: Final round of Route 84 hearings + Fremont residents without power after fire + Hayward: Friend says girl hit by train saving another + Council knocks port but doesn't plan investigation + Street scouts aim to improve Oakland + Hayward: Building fix too tall an order + Ruling expected on YMCA in Alamo + San Ramon veterinarian gives pets pain relief with animal acupuncture + Oakland: City may sell park to get rec center. Salvation Army would use private funds for complex + Talks worry folks in Dublin's public housing (CCT Reg)

Santa Clara: Students' tsunami aid drive takes off (SJM Reg) + Transit agency stresses tax need (SJM Reg) + Libraries offer digital (SJM Reg) literature + Tech week aims to inspire blacks (SJM Reg) + Kids' breathing ills, pollution eyed (SJM Reg) + Zero-emission buses to be tried (SJM Reg) + Dance troupe steps into rhythmic artistry (SJM Reg) + Roadshow: Some gas pumps limit purchase (SJM Reg) + Police release identity of driver killed in early-morning solo accident (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Contra Costa rethinks cell phones (CCT Reg) + San Ramon plans cricket ground (CCT Reg) + + Pinole considers alternatives to Appian Way stoplight (CCT Reg) +

Marin: Mill Valley utility work half done + Device could brush oak death away + Migden to discuss issues with supervisors

Sonoma: Injured mail carrier improving + Petaluma teachers may get $25,000 incentive to retire + Prayers flow to Iraq + Fatal head-on collision near Laytonville + Contractor injured after fall into empty SR water tank

Napa: Napa's long shot candidate offers voters an alternative + AmCan parents plead with district to keep kids in same schools + Napa candidates focus on values, religion at debate + A push for property rights in county's general plan + St. Helena schools candidate has campaign signs stolen + St. Helena schools candidate has campaign signs stolen

Solano: Solano at front of pack + M.I. cleanup poised to resume + Longtime AmCan planner loses her seat + Fire damages AmCan garage; no one hurt

Monterey: Farm worker history told in school play + Girls spread ocean message + BOAT'S CAPSIZING A MYSTERY

Central Valley: Iwo Jima veterans part of history + State bills can carry local hope to Capitol + 75 cellos, 75 artists for 75th anniversary + News & Notes + Community Briefing + Rotary gives others gifts for its 100th birthday + San Joaquin air quality district can tell National Parks Service when to burn + Short-term land-use planning will give us long-term grief + Museum building has served many other purposes in past + News from the San Joaquin Valley + Stockton, Lodi and farmers near a deal + New fight over San Joaquin river water (FB Reg)

Central Coast: Felton man dies after kayak flips in Carmel River + Developer vying for extension to buy vacant downtown lot + Japanese-American internment victim to recall experience +Coast Lines + Coastal mountain park could close to bicyclists (CCT Reg)

Southern California: Driven by Events, Hahn Turns to a Familiar Bloc (LAT Reg) + LA: Rivals Keeping Big Stick at Hand (LAT Reg) Sun Valley at Risk in the Rain (LAT Reg) + OC: Boulder Highlights Canyon Peril (LAT Reg) + O.C. Cuts Its Paid Leave Expenses >+ Property Damage? Know Your Policy (LAT Reg) + News briefs from San Diego County + Mayoral politics outrun storms + Miscikowski leaves lively council race + Hollow promises + Hahn's meddling

School days: Stan St. finalists for President will tour facilities + High school academies creating community + UC Berkeley: Shades of gray in black enrollment. Immigrants' rising numbers a concern to some activists + CSUEB symbol cut down to size? + Poor students face steeper odds + Unopposed, LA School Board Leader Still Raises Funds (LAT Reg) + More high school seniors working their way through school


Study Links Ebola Outbreaks To Animal Carcasses

Poultry-Raising Standards Need Revision to Tackle Bird Flu: Vietnam Official

Are We Giving Children All They Need re: Autism Treatment?

Hunt for the "thrifty gene" leads to South Seas island

A Lazy Layman's Guide to Quantum Physics Report touts centralized food safety rules

Hep C mystery cracked, Canadian team believes

Intense workouts may help men avoid Parkinson's

Twilight zone for babies inside womb 

The Eye Of The Fly: HHMI Professor And 138 Undergraduates Identify Essential Genes That Function In Eye Formation

Chemical Analysis Of Mushrooms Shows Their Nutritional Benefits

Study Finds New Designer Drug Is Potent Treatment For Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

The Eye Of The Fly: HHMI Professor And 138 Undergraduates Identify Essential Genes That Function In Eye Formation

Computers To Be Used To Find Blueprint For New Influenza Drug

Promising Treatments For Huntington's Disease Identified In UCI Study

Wine Keeps Women's Hearts Beating Healthily

New Highly Active Agents Against Sandfly Fever

University Of Cincinnati Researchers Discover Gene That Causes Heavy Metal Poisoning

Weight-loss And Exercise Study Compares Center- And Home-based Programs

Separating Chromosomes Improves Genetic Test Results

Brain Activity Of Men And Women Can Differ Greatly During Hostile Or Impulsive Acts, But Less So On Nicotine

Herb Used To Treat Diabetes Works Like Modern-day Prescription Drugs, Study Suggests

Scientists Discover How Climate Change Causes Simultaneous Boom, Bust Of Multiple Populations

Striking A Chord With Concertgoers To Reduce Hearing Loss; Risk Of Damage From Loud Music

Gene Study Sheds Light on a Type of Breast Cancer That Often Confounds Doctors

NASA rushes plan to send humans to moon, Mars, despite doubts among scientists, Congress

Sea of Ice Found on Mars, Researchers Say

A Little Engine That Could Make Gasoline Obsolete (LAT Reg)

New Satellite Observations Of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes Reveal Surprising Features Of Mysterious Blasts From Earth

Assumptions Of Effects Of Rising Carbon Dioxide Probed

Web Searching Made More Successful With Automated, Personalized Assistance System


US and Europe unite on Iraq aid

Bush Urges European Union to Reconsider Lifting Weapons Embargo on China

Bush Says Talk of U.S. Attack on Iran 'Ridiculous'

U.S. Citizen Accused of Discussing to Kill Bush

European tour: Bush and Schroeder Will Paper Over Differences + Is Bush Ready To Be a Bismarck? + Poll shows doubts over Bush democracy push + Bush talks tough about Russia. His warning on democracy wasn't expected + Bush says NATO might be open to Ukraine + First lady thanks troops in Germany + Bush praises modest pledge from NATO + Bush to Focus on Nonproliferation (LAT Reg) + Bush says Iraq row is over, but warns of dispute over China embargo + What place for God in Europe? + European press on Bush

Iran: Iran says investment growing despite U.S. charges + Iranian Distrust of U.S. is 50 Years in the Making + Iran rejects pressure over nuclear program + Major earthquakes in Iran since 1978 + Iran Hunts for Survivors in Deadly Quake  + Israel Pushing US to Attack Iran + Iran Readies Military, Fearing a US Attack + Israeli AF: We Must Prepare for Air Strike on Iran + Natanz plant in Iran is focus of nuclear concerns + Martin turns tough on Iran's nuclear goals

Other Foreign: Clinton: Tsunami aid used effectively + North Korea's Kim says he's willing to return to nuclear talks + Official says US efforts on AIDS threatened

Domestic: Amtrak could be forced to sell assets

Social Security: At Home, a Hard Sell On Social Security + 'Listening' Becomes First Course of Social Security Action for GOP Lawmaker

GOP: RNC holds 6 times more cash than Dems

Democrats: Clinton Library to Release Domestic Policy Records

Congress: Senators Protest Treasury Rules on Food Sales to Cuba + Bush Plan to Kill, Cut 154 Programs Faces Long Odds in Congress


A culture of secrecy

Scheer: Of, by and for big business

Paul Krugman: Wag the dog protection

Helen Thomas: Repairing damage done abroad

Bush Unplugged (LAT Reg)

The Anti-Imperialist GW

Soulless Soldiers

Doug Wead: Blasts From the Past of the Guy Who Taped Dubya

Iraq Shock for Bush

Molly Ivins: $200 million dollar disinformation campaign

Bill Maher: Is our children learning Bill of Rights?

Hurry up history! We need a female president

MILITARY  Video link reunion from Iraq raises morale

Vietnam, Iraq wars cited for suicide

Pentagon Discloses Two Cases of Unsubstantiated Rape Allegations Against U.S. Troops

Group remembers Malcolm X at NYC theater


French comic tries to justify criticism of Holocaust 'pornography'

Police Observation Activists Busted in Brooklyn


Diana Griego Erwin: A self-defense instructor's 'just say no' message packs a wallop (SB Reg)

Some blogs become obsession (SJM Reg)

Conversational 'Black Holes' Reveal Uncertainty In Offices

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Mainline churches struggle over gay policy + Homer breaks new ground

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Hersh, AP among 2004 Polk Award winners + Santa Rosa Press Democrat's job series wins + Chronicle reporters honored for sports steroids coverage

Muslim newspaper in Southern California has one full-time employee

Zine World: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press

KCET one of few stations to air unedited Iraq doc

Two reporters' plight offers lesson on bias

'Gannon' and S. Dakota Editor at Odds Over Daschle Race + Gannon/Guckert Met Kerry at WH Reporters' Bash, Hopes to Go Again

Belarus Extradites Two Chechens Accused of Involvement in American Editor's Slaying to Russia

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Tom Wolfe: As Gonzo in Life as in His Work + New Journalism's Dark Prince + 'Gonzo' Journalist Remembered as 'Larger Than Life' + His lawyer's opinion + Sam Smith: Fear, Loathing, and Great Reporting

Liberatore at Large: West Marin's funny lady

Grave of 'heretic', founder of Oakland Unitarian Church, to be marked 123 years after death

RFK Jr. to speak at UC Berkeley on March 3

Zener Card ESP Test

The Digital Michelangelo Project

Vintage Postcards of Vietnam

Early American Paintings

Televangelist Gene Scott dies at 75

Penny from the 18th century sells for more than $400,000 at SoCal auction

Polish painter Beksinski found dead

Pageants help Asian-Americans connect (SJM Reg)

Iceman was wearing earliest snowshoes + Alpine Iceman Reveals Stone Age Secrets

Antiquities theft in Israel rose sharply in 2004, with wider range of sites plundered

His 30-year obsession with a monk

Alex Ross on two pianists

Fever pitch for Travolta disco floor

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Playing it close to vest

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

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Word of the day

FEBRUARY 21, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
American troops prepare for assault on Sunni stronghold + Religious War Breaks Out + New Yorker: View of elections in Basra + U.S., Iraqi forces surround Ramadi to quell insurgency + Shiites weigh possible PMs as raids go on + Can the Iraqis crush a swarm of wasps? + U.S. targets insurgency hotbed in Ramadi + Indonesia says kidnapped reporters freed + Prisoner Uprising In Iraq Exposes New Risk for U.S. + Good night, Fallujah: 'Raider' starts for home + Iraqi Marsh Arab Village Faces Inglorious Future + Insurgents Wage Precise Attacks on Baghdad Fuel + Insurgents attacking Baghdad’s lifelines + US has secret talks with Sunni insurgent leader + Secret U.S.-Sunni talks reported + In Fallujah, peace meets impatience + Sniper tees up to fire shot across the Tigris + Refurbished Old Warplanes are so Popular + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraq PM race heats up + Allawi Enters Iraq PM Race + Iraqi Shiites resume talks to pick PM, Sunnis seek inclusion + Promising signs for Iraq marshes

War prisons: U.K. soldier seeks acquittal in Iraq abuse + CIA contractor says he's a scapegoat in Abu Ghraib scandal+ Guantanamo guards 'blinded British resident in one eye' + US to send more Guantanamo detainees home + Giving troops OK to abuse detainees + Whiskey Bar: The Out of Towners + Brooklyn's Abu Ghraib

AFGHANISTAN: UN: Afghanistan could become terror haven

MIDDLE EAST: Israel, Palestine: Israel votes to pull out of Gaza Strip. Government gives 8,500 settlers 5 months to move + Settlers vow to fight to death after Israel approves Gaza pullout + Barak accuses Sharon of corruption, Labor of forsaking opposition role + 4,000 policemen to keep right-wing activists out of Gaza ahead of pullout + Sharon as Gorbachev + Father of fence reaps security windfall

Lebanon: Lebanese Hold Historic Anti-Syrian March + A diplomatic tsunami is brewing over the corpse of Lebanon's government + Lebanese government invites opposition for talks + On the file of Hariri's assassination + AP Exclusive: Former Lebanese Leader Aoun to Return From Exile, Considers Running in Election

RUSSIA: Putin orders tough policy on Islamic militants + Russia launches 'patriotic' TV channel + Ukraine cool to Russia-led economic zone + In former Soviet republics, high-profile deaths spark rumors + Special services destroy the organizer of terrorist act in Beslan

EUROPE: EU hails Spanish 'si," but bigger battles loom

Chirac Accused of Backing Lebanese Group

Stardom: Portugal Takes A LEFT Turn + Portuguese Socialists prepare to govern after landslide election

Solana: Iraq is not over

Top Bosnian Serb general to surrender

More cash seized in Irish investigation

Schröder shakes NATO with call for reform + German National Democrat sentenced for comments about Jews + Schroeder's SPD Party Plans to Form Minority State Government After Defeat

Lithuanian gangs forge ahead in Britain

Pro-Reunification Party Wins Turkish Vote (LAT Reg)

AFRICA: Official: Darfur talks to resume in Feb.

Togo's parliament allows elections

ASIA PACIFIC: Report: Japan princess in line for throne

Aceh negotiators back in Finland for another round of peace talks + Aceh rebels, Indonesian soldiers clash

Malls sprout at breakneck pace in India

AMERICAS: Suspect in the Killing of American Nun Charged With Conspiracy to Murder + Ruling Party in Brazil at a Crossroads (LAT Reg)

Mexican assassins a threat in Texas

Chávez-Uribe Summit leads to new stage in Colombia-Venezuela relations + Venezuela should start its economic departure from the US$ dictate + Chavez says US plans to kill him

Rebel Attacks Across Colombia Shatter Notions the Insurgents Are a Subdued Force

MILITARY  Veterans Reunite to Mark 60th Anniversary of World War II Battle, Iwo Jima

UK: Your country needs you, especially if you are gay + 'Soon gay sailors will outnumber gay ballet dancers'

U.S., Filipino troops start big exercise

Army Having Difficulty Meeting Goals In Recruiting

AIR TRANSPORT: Worked To Death

A commanding presence in Army logistics

UK: Armed forces allow gay couples family quarters

Too Many People Try to Join the US Air Force

The Mighty Japanese Navy

Why Refurbished Old Warplanes are so Popular Understanding and Treating Hoarding


Spy Agency Geo-Intelligence Unit Specializes in Lay of the Land

US Military: Post-Chavez Venezuela 2002 to pour oil on troubled waters + Central Intelligence Agency: Venezuela is potentially unstable in 2005

Beijing lashes out at U.S., Japan on Taiwan

"Homeland": School Nurses Nationwide Say They Are Unprepared for Terror Attacks on Students

Al Qaeda: Video purportedly shows al-Qaida deputy

United Nations: U.N. refugee chief resigns under pressure

NATO to help Ukraine destroy weapons

US Military: Post-Chavez Venezuela 2002 to pour oil on troubled waters + Central Intelligence Agency: Venezuela is potentially unstable in 2005

Scientists scan for nukes with space rays

Australia: Thousands stranded, 57 sick as gas mystery deepens + Secrets may be censored in Habib passport appeal + Forensic tests clear Aussies of Beirut bomb link

NNDB: Tracking the entire world

Moldavia expels Russian specialists suspected of spying on the Moldavian president

Bush chided Harper on missile defense

Intelligence dream team

Key gaps exposed in terror defenses

The FBI and the Chinese Spy Army

Roosevelt was 'mentally impaired' at Yalta

New technology helped track down the latest food scare culprit


Novartis targets generics market in 5.65 bln euro two-company takeover

Debt-financed growth could be our undoing at feet of rivals + Unpredictable inflation looms as spoiler for the good times

The new image and trade routes of Bordeaux wines

New Washington state import: Thai farmworkers

Granma: Latin America sustaining the US budget deficit

Halliburton’s murky path

Case of Vanishing Deductions: Alternative Tax Called Culprit

Growing number of companies doing more worker evaluations (SB Reg)

He paved the way for the PC revolution (SJM Reg)

Affymetrix insiders cash in options (SJM Reg)

Wine collectors' service getting better with age (SJM Reg)


'Minutemen' to Patrol Arizona Border to Curb Illegal Immigration Crossings

BTK killer's writing style has changed

B.C. judge allows extradition in AIM killing

Bishop arrested as alleged narco-mule

Pakistanis Order Betrothal of 2-Year-Old

Death stokes racial tension in Big Easy


Stun-gun maker hires police to tout weapon. Critics say practice could represent conflict of interest

State Bar registers 200,000th member. Only New York has more; U.S. total surpasses a million

Segregation Lives on in California Prisons

Sacramento & north: Motorist slain at stoplight (SB Reg) + Back-seat Driver: Readers rail against RT's unruly riders (SB Reg) + R.E. Graswich: Early passion leads him to follow the stars - right out of our galaxy (SB Reg) + Avalanche, crash in region kill 4 (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: S.F.: Hit-and-run kills woman + Sprinters say doctor helped get their drugs. Bay Area psychiatrist says he did sporadic consulting for Conte + Two world class athletes implicate Bay Area doctor in BALCO scandal

Alameda: Mom continues 20-year search for son + Fremont night club hosts benefit concert + Advocates seek regular rental reviews

Santa Clara: Palo Alto: Bank of America robbed by man who said he had gun

Contra Costa: Major crime drops in San Pablo (CCT Reg) + Suspected serial rapist makes first court appearance (CCT Reg)

Sonoma: Santa Rosa: 2 arrested after partygoer is shot + SR police focus on high-crash traffic zones + 3 men arrested for assaulting man, stealing computer, killing dog + Sonoma woman stabbed to death, boyfriend sought

Napa: Napa PD wants two bilingual officers

Solano: Vacaville: 8 arrested in run-in with motorcycle club + Arrested man isn't N.C. escapee + Undercover cop busts suspect + Eight arrested in alleged meth ring

Monterey: Alisal trustee sought by police + Stun guns leave Salinas man in critical condition + Salinas man critical after being shot in neck + Diverse talents at TED. 900 expected at 20th conference in Monterey

Central Valley: Gang sweeps help protect Latinos

Central Coast: Cops And Courts

Southern California: Elsinore Man's Trial Moving? (LAT Reg) + An Officer's Split-Second Decision to Use Deadly Force (LAT Reg)

Michael Jackson: Jackson jurors' experiences with own children could affect trial's outcome


The Governor:  Gov. risks angering women by targeting nurses, teachers + Gov. proposes sanity in redrawing legislative districts + Gov.'s merit pay plan for teachers faces Senate test + Monday morning: School-funding guarantee faces uncertain future (SB Reg) + Prop 98 battle looms as educators fight for funds + Gov. Fails to Curb Big Money (LAT Reg) + Bodybuilding event named for Gov. under scrutiny for steroids + Gov. and Common Cause: Strange bedfellows? + Attorneys aim to thwart Gov. + Gov. Is Getting a Dose of Partisan Politics Reality (LAT Reg) + State left guessing: Gov., focused on reform, won't commit to '06 re-election bid (CCT Reg) + The Gov.'s answers (OC Reg) + Californians getting taken for a ride + Other Views: Redistricting won't cure what ails California (SB Reg)

State launches pilot program to fill out residents' tax returns + California's signature-ready tax returns get mixed reviews

The buzz: Wilson's letter kicks off Mendoza's campaign for insurance commissioner (SB Reg)

Univ. of California's 50 year pharmacy procurement pacts with purchasing groups will be kept secret

Legislature: Crack cocaine penalties targeted (SB Reg)

Pacific Lumber, a Titan of Logging Threatens to Topple (LAT Reg) + Pacific Lumber, water board need to partner (SB Reg)

Indian tribes: Koi Nation Gambling with Nature at Arrowhead Marsh + Three San Benito supervisors vow to fight casino proposal (SJM Reg) + Western governors to discuss tribal gaming + Activists move to block urban mega-casinos + Paiute adoption could split Community. Gaming in the Kern Valley a possibility + Three San Benito supervisors vow to fight casino proposal

LOCAL NEWS:   Storms pummel Southern California, leaving three people dead

Truncated Sequoia Still Has Some Life in Limbs (LAT Reg)

Horse at the head of his field (SB Reg)

Sacramento & north: Fear follows Cambodian refugee (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: More than a shelter, home. The homeless respond to good quarters, comfort, says architect + Researchers turn to Bay contamination + Officials in no hurry for downtown toll + Man shot dead in Alkali Flat (SB Reg)

Alameda: Jerry Brown blasts into blogosphere with swipe at critics + Gilda Gonzales a dream for Unity Council + Woman hurt in blaze at Oakland duplex + San Leandro eyes instant runoff voting + Stables' owners ordered off Alameda County land + County librarian closes the book on 14 years + Swanson to join Assembly race + Gambling with Nature at Arrowhead Marsh + Washington Hospital opponents trash composting plan set for Sunol + Newark school district to host community forum + Local San Ramon library ventures to Haiti

Santa Clara: Three San Benito supervisors vow to fight casino proposal (SJM Reg) + Hurdles for schools' spinoff (SJM Reg) + Milpitas Unified turns to voters (SJM Reg) + + P.A. staff to heed project's rejection (SJM Reg) + Proposed spinoff of two high schools facing hurdles (SJM Reg) + Towering symbol of loss of rights (SJM Reg) + Mr. Roadshow learns how to drive (again) (SJM Reg) + Rules for a district breakup (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: County, city officials negotiate urban-limit line + Teachers job fair for Contra Costa + Walnut Creek seeks arts consensus (CCT Reg) + No shortage of respect for Spam in Isleton (CCT Reg) + New plant for water treatment in district (CCT Reg) + Backyard concert conflict at standstill (CCT Reg) + Blackhawk women's group to go back in time (CCT Reg)

Marin: Pickleweed's rebirth part of growing pains for Canal Area + Novato's $65 million sewer plan under review + Officials hope 'Super Size Me' movie helps Marin's kids + Marin Profile: Novato's Dick Steinbach master of positive spin + New World Trade Center architect to speak at JCC

Sonoma: Home Depot eyes SR again + Sebastopol teacher dies at assembly + Orange you glad you went?

Napa: Napa County: Bodies recovered from plane wreckage + Son shares memories of the Iraq War with Veterans Home Father + County wants to revisit sign ordinance + Supes say no to lesbian couple's assessment appeal + St. Helena doctor says hurricane victims are on the mend

Solano: Dixon: 3 killed in wreck as car rolls on I-80 + Labor alliance commits itself to school fray + Cabbie had barrier-breaking career + Three die in Dixon collision + Prohibition on 'freaking' imposed for Vanden prom + County may revise pact with Dallas-based IT firm

Monterey: Speedy desalination solution urged + Auditor warns P.G. council + War on wild pigs far from won + Beach dream at Fort Ord unfulfilled (SJM Reg)

Central Valley: Project would widen Pelandale+ Fog likely to replace rain this week+ Riverbank couple fears new homes spell trouble+ 'Old timers' get chance to play some hardball+ Twain's rebuilt cabin has tale to tell+ Around the Region+ The Agenda+ News & Notes + Hunting tule elk for good of species + Juice taking blame for pudgy children + Local governments clear traffic jams of thought + Museum building has served many other purposes in past + System to police farm pollution starts slow + Condit, children move on, open ice cream store (FB Reg)

Central Coast: County rethinks landfill rules + Gospel event unites masses for music that ‘does things to you’ + Caffeine sources, stoplights and jaywalkers: Welcome to S.C. + Coast Lines

Southern California: Private company buys Johnny Carson's boyhood home + Shooting raises tension between LA's black community and police + Silverado Canyon Mudslide Kills Girl (LAT Reg) + Gardena formed firm to sell insurance to other municipalities. It may cause bankruptcy (LAT Reg) + Hahn Not the First L.A. Mayor to Use a PR Firm (LAT Reg) + Ventura: Boosting for Children's Care (LAT Reg) + LA: Candidates Reach Out to Minorities (LAT Reg) + Westside to Choose a New Face for City Council (LAT Reg) + Metrolink Limits Train Service (LAT Reg) + Dan Walters: Could Hahn face same fate as another lackluster politician? (SB Reg) + San Diego: Bids for public works projects busting budgets + Midway Hospital under control of physicians (LAT Reg) + Dump foes say mayor must help + Two challengers aiming for Weiss' council seat + For Campbell, being bride trumped running for council + Burbank teachers in contract talks + Joint strike fighter work on schedule + Amid Racial Tensions in Los Angeles, Mayor Struggles to Hold Black Vote in Upcoming Election

School days: UC Merced adds 9 professors + Essay just part of changes to the SAT+ Comics no longer just for laughs + Is Upward Bound Headed for a Fall? (LAT Reg) + Art, Science Mix at UCI (LAT Reg) + UC Berkeley chancellor wants more diversity + Sierra College in turmoil (SB Reg) + Monterey: Getting in shape + Orange County schools will test drive federal student-health index re: curbing obesity (OC Reg) + Colleges close generation gap


A challenge to sexual mumbo jumbo

Nevada proposes helping problem gamblers

The myth of multitasking

Whatever happened to Washington's Birthday? Lafayette lawyer gamely tries to show 'Presidents Day' is the wrong designation

Can't throw stuff away? + Understanding and Treating Hoarding


CDC Chief: Bird Flu Could Become Epidemic

End of Sars as a deadly threat

Fighting the Flu

West Africa Goes After Polio

CONGO: Black Death Breaks Out

Panel to Advise Testing Babies for 29 Diseases

Alarm Over Single AIDS Case Is Challenged by Questioners

Univ. of California's 50 year pharmacy procurement pacts with purchasing groups will be kept secret

New way to counsel cancer patients

Stem cell research may be boon to fertility clinics. Insight gleaned in lab could help couples conceive

How shy is too shy? (LAT Reg)

Nearly forgotten, toxic shock may be on the rise (LAT Reg)

Rapid HIV test slow to catch on with doctors (LAT Reg)

Lawrence Livermore lecture decodes human genome

Zinc nasal sprays stir safety concerns (SJM Reg)

Tricky way to fight cancer

Shrew spit has great potential for pain control, cancer treatment

Prediction heart operations

German rabies organ deaths

Children 'harmed' by vegan diets

Op to remove baby's second head

Mayo Clinic Identifies Key Cellular Process In Prostate And Other Cancers

Clot-busting Drugs May Help Detect Potentially Deadly Blood clots

Bacteria Collection Sheds Light On Urinary Tract Infections

3-D Ultrasound Reveals Effects Of Tongue Surgery On Speech

Stimuli And Desire Linked To Help Stroke Patients

How to Lighten Up (Your Teeth)

What's in Your Wallet? Being Smart About Condoms

Researchers Blend Folk Treatment, High Tech For Promising Anti-cancer Compound

U Of T Researcher Links Schizophrenia, Gene Mutations

HIV Patients May Be At Risk Of Heart Problems When Taking Protease Inhibitor Drugs

Brain Synapse Formation Linked To Proteins, Stanford Study Finds

Boosting HIV Screening Can Increase Survival And Is Cost Effective

Hypertension In African Americans Linked To Two Genomic Regions

UCLA Brain Scientists Crack Mystery Of How Alcohol Causes Intoxication

Mothers' Exposure To Air Pollutants Linked To Chromosome Damage In Babies

COX-2 Product Offers Good And Bad News In 'Test Tube' Strokes

'Where Are My Glasses?' -- Study Reveals Clues To The Mechanism Of Short-term Memory

How animals cope in deep snow

Antarctica: the cold, hard facts

Cuba possesses the only collection of plant genes (phytogenetic) resources in Caribbean

Swedish temptress penguins fail to attract new mates at German zoo

Mysterious under-ice Antarctic lake to unveil prehistoric ocean world

Genetic Switches Help Fish Adjust To Fresh And Salty Water


Bush acknowledges low popularity ratings

Secret tapes show Bush's concern over past

European tour:  President’s tour is no mere courtesy call + Hyperbole and hypocrisy will be the only results of Bush's European jaunt + Bush to back unified Europe + Politicus: Barroso's thermostat set on cool for Bush + Slovak leader: Bush, Putin to discuss Iran + Bush will endorse a unified Europe. Speech in Brussels today hopes to ease tensions over Iraq war + Bush Raps Russia on Democracy, Rule of Law + Bush tells Europe 'no power on earth will ever divide us' + Bush visits a Europe ever further away + Bush puts Iran and Syria on notice + Extraordinary security measures for Bush visit to Germany + Bush Seeks Trans-Atlantic Unity; Has Tough Words for Russia, Iran, Syria

Iraq: Officials say coalition forces may change + Guantanamo upgrade defended by Rumsfeld

Syria: Official: Syria troops out of Lebanon soon + Bush, Europe, Beirut Protesters All Pressure Syria + Bush and Chirac urge Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon

Iran: Iran readies military, fearing a U.S. attack. Tensions with Bush administration surge over Tehran's disputed nuclear ambition + Iranian FM expected to discuss gas exports on visit to India + Nuclear Pandora's box + U.S. hints at following same strategy with Iran that it used with Iraq

Other Foreign: Bush calls for 'contiguous' Palestine + Rice asks Japan about lifting beef ban + ICRC chief meets Bush over war prisons abuses + U.S. Watches As China Woos Caribbean + Palestinians Vie for Share of U.S. Funds (LAT Reg) + Ex-U.S. Presidents End Tsunami Area Tour

Domestic: Governors oppose Bush's Medicaid cuts

Negroponte: Negroponte's blind spots

Agencies: EPA Sets Perchlorate Guideline

Social Security: NAACP: Social Security plan hurts blacks + A room of her own, some dignity + Pfizer Is Neutral on Bush Social Security Plan

Congress: To End Battle Over Judicial Picks, Each Side Must Lay Down Arms (LAT Reg)

Democrats: Clinton: Insurgency in Iraq is failing + Edwards Won't Necessarily Defer to Ex-Running Mate Kerry in '08 + Hil wins a heart in Iraq: McCain's + N.Y. soldiers salute Sen. Clinton


Cannonfire: The wildest D.C. prostitution story yet

Many Hispanics dispute Bush's budget

China - U.S., It's War

This is how the Swifties and U.S.A. Next are attacking AARP

Iran. The wrong threat

Chirac & Bush, a history of mutual incomprehension

Bush Goes From Alarmist To Pollyanna With Ease

Franz J.T. Lee -- Venezuela: Angels don't play this HAARP

Fred Cederholm: US president G.W. Bush HAD a truly unique opportunity

Arthur Shaw: George W. Bush, the Cowboy Dictator

Robert Parry: Bush's "Elmer Gantry" politics

The danger in Bush's conviction he's right

Bob Herbert: Iraq then and now

Novak: The Foundations of the Military-Industrial Complex

Blood for pork....

Violence Trumps Rebuilding in Iraq (LAT Reg)

To Rebuild Amid Danger: an Alliance (LAT Reg)

Nissan's Smart Cars Return to Lanes

Tech firms betting on pay-per-use IT + Small firms can act like the big boys

Google's linking toolbar irritates online cruisers, too powerful

New Intel chips in PCs

Shuttle sensors still in question

Microsoft Notebook: Sense of urgency marks Explorer 7

Liquid crystals: Profiting from over a century of research

Bob Shallit: Open-door policy propels inventor's item to success (SB Reg)

Mars pictures reveal frozen sea

Robots That Act Like Rats

Cassini's Cameras View Titan In A Different Light

Following Nature's Lead, Scientists Seek Better Catalysts

Tiny Superconductors Withstand Stronger Magnetic Fields

For Optimum Results Wine Should Not Be Stored In Casks For More Than 12 Months

Helping Future Engineers Use Today's Design Plans

High Power Supercapacitors From Carbon Nanotubes

Global blogger action day called

WW II internee: Similar climate today (SJM Reg)

ChoicePoint to rescreen 17,000 customers in wake of personal info breach + List of States and Territories Affected by ChoicePoint Info Breach

Microsoft on 'Rootkits': Be Afraid

Records sought for 2 groups opposed to Bush Clean Skies plan

Leonard Peltier's Godson: I'm a product of AIM as much as the Five are a product of the Revolution

Pushing free speech envelope

Peace Activists Meet, Plan to Pressure Bush to exit Iraq: (LAT Reg)

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Britain to allow same-sex civil unions + Cartoon tackles gay marriage + Napa Supes say no to lesbian couple's assessment appeal + doh! 'Simpsons' gay-nup nod + Anti-gay religious groups target Shrek 2 + Forces Clash in Reggae Dancehall Homophobia Debate + Montana House Dumps Bill to Protect Gays From Hate Crimes

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

The Gloves are Off: The European Press on Bush's Visit

Mayor hits at Mail's Nazi theme party

Watch your metaphors please

Papal message urges news media changes

ABC News special raises questions about paying for interview

Rick Kushman: PBS cowers at soldiers' language in 'Frontline'

Olbermann: Separating the Gannons from the Guckerts

LexisNexis AlaCarte!(tm)

Much ado about a duck

Press gadflies blog their way into the spotlight + Blogs vs. Mainstream: Let the Battle Begin

Is Print Dead? 'The Washington Post' Ponders It

The 'Bush Tapes' Finds Future President Down on the Press from Git-Go

'SF Chronicle' Taps Grand Jury Transcripts Again in BALCO Case

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

HUNTER S. THOMPSON: 1937-2005. Original gonzo journalist kills self at age 67. 'Fear and Loathing' author, ex-columnist for S.F. Examiner dies of gunshot wound + Paul Krassner reflects on the legacy of Hunter Thompson + Grammatical analysis of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

John Raitt, star of 'Carousel' and 'Pajama Game,' dead at age 88

Sandra Dee: 1942-2005. Actress who created 'Gidget' role dies. Bobby-soxer image overshadowed her more serious work

Actress Sandra Dee dead at age 62

Malcolm X's family aims to preserve legacy

Black Panther historian keeps legacy alive with photo collection (CCT Reg)

Birth of tech industry: Man auctions off computer history

Raiders of the Lost City of Petra

Israeli expedition to unlock mystery of human origins

'Matys? Mathis? Qui?'

Caravaggio: ` He lived badly, brutally'

The gang of five

Jousting emerges from Middle Ages

'Eternal Sunshine,' "Sideways' win top honors at Writers Guild Awards

Nine Finnish cities are bidding to become European Cities of Culture in 2011

Cuban artists stride confidently from repression to provocateurs

Story Line Is Changing for Game Makers and Their Movie Deals

'Sound of Music' Is Coming Home (LAT Reg)

Film left 'Aviator's' co-pilot's tale untold

An exhilarating passage

Defaced Confederate memorial is part of our history

Miss Gould, the late grammarian

Hilton Als on three Off Broadway plays

History of the striptease

Women & Gender in the Ancient World

Gogol's Last Days and Lost 'Nose'

Starring John F. Kennedy as himself

Ancient Egyptians hoarded crude oil

Lloyd Grove's: Brando: Jacko sicko?

Rush & Molloy: Family viewing

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

FEBRUARY 18, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Baghdad Mosque Bombings Kill 35 in Deadliest Day Since Elections, AP Says + Mosul Attacks Leave 2 U.S. Soldiers Dead (LAT Reg) + Good night, Fallujah: 'Raider' starts for home + 5 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks + US Troops: Destroying Fallujah Pinnacle of Our Lives + Fatal U.S. military accidents up in Iraq + After Fallouja, Marines' Mission Shifts Northwest (LAT Reg) + List of coalition deaths + Some of the deadliest attacks in Iraq + Islamist group claims it kidnapped two Indonesian journalists + Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraq's interim PM looks back on tenure + Q&A: Ahmad Chalabi on official Iraq role + 2 leaders on Shiite list joust for power as its win is certified+ As Iraqi Election Is Ratified, Focus Turns to Premier (LAT Reg) + Chalabi calls for quick Saddam trial in push to lead Iraq + Allawi Warns of Iranian Influence in New Govt + Chalabi: Disgraced, Despised, Exiled, but Still in Line for Top Job in Iraq + Likely PM plans to purge worst Baathists + Grief mixes with happiness for Shiites at Ashoura ritual

War prisons: Army destroyed mock execution pictures + AP Exclusive: Iraqi's death came as he was suspended by wrists during CIA interrogation + Army officers say they witnessed abuse of Afghans. Villagers allegedly punched, kicked by Special Forces unit + Afghan Photos Sparked Inquiry (LAT Reg)

MIDDLE EAST: Israel: Israel halts wrecking of militants' homes. Palestinians, rights groups hail end of decades long policy + Sharon's Son Not Charged in Finance Scandal (LAT Reg) + Israel to give up key road along Gaza-Egypt border + Hamas: No truce if Israel does not release all Palestinian prisoners

Lebanon: Lebanese president vows to find killers + Pressure grows on Syria to quit Lebanon with new challenge from opposition + Syria resists calls to pull troops from Lebanon + Lebanon seeks killers in Australia

EUROPE: Munich Security Conference: Schröder demands role for Germany as world power

Hotel to open at Hitler's Alpine retreat

AFRICA: Togo leader yields, calls presidential elections within 60 days + Togo ends political rallies ban

Belgian blunder in DR Congo

Angola claims illegal diamond trade curbed

ASIA PACIFIC: Nepalese king defends coup + Nepal king tells envoys he seeks democracy + Nepal cuts phone lines to thwart protests

Chinese gangs in Pacific now real regional threat

AMERICAS: Brazil creates huge forest reserve after nun's slaying + Brazil's minister of culture says art can help save Brazil's economy

Mexico holds first of new speedy trials + Tests confirm man was baby of revolutionary, kidnapped in Mexico's 'dirty war' + Mexico Holds First Public Trial Amid Efforts to Overhaul National Justice System

Cuban activist wants democratic transition

Rebel Attacks Imperil Calm in Colombia (LAT Reg)


Retracting silo arms blamed for interceptor's failure to launch + Arms, Not the Missile, Faulted (LAT Reg)

Syria replaces intelligence chief after Lebanon bombing

Harassment, intimidation and secrecy - UN chief engulfed in sex scandal

Al Qaeda: White House opposes Moussaoui appeal re: direct access to favorable Al Qaida witnesses to get fair trial + Canadian Court Orders Al Qaeda Suspect Released on $40,500 Bail (LAT Reg) + Crazy Russian Osama hacked FSB website + Algerian charged with lying about Al Qaida bomb plot

Click. Australian Continuity of Government Plan

Click. Chris Floyd: Sword play: America's secret terrorists, yesterday -- and today?

Click. Douglas Feith on Asymmetrical Sovereignty

The spy and minister's daughter

Sex for secrets + Osama 25M offer cracks Pak TV + ASIO detected danger in diplomat's liaisons + Spy who tried to steal secrets from the bedroom + Expelled diplomat spooked women + Ruddock's spy scandal link + Ruddock a key target for spooks

Secret world of spying in Australia + Claims Israel uses Australia as spy base + Israel ready to say sorry

Israel contacts New Zealand over suspected spies' case

Former KGB reserve officer summoned to Lithuanian parliament + List of Ex-KGB Reservists Published in Lithuania

Former Spy Master Was Murdered by Paris Gang

Mossad's Christian Heroine Dies + 'Time not yet come for historic truth about Lillehamer'

Espionage Attorney John Davitt Dies

The Thinking Man's Spy: Michael Vincent Hayden

Retired pilot to get award for once-secret CIA rescue missions

France to honor CIA's Dien Bien Phu pilots

Pope describes 1981 shooting in book


Rehnquist to Miss High Court's Opening

Cases test new flexibility of sentencing guidelines

County coroner seeks large shrink-wrap machine

Ex-Priest Shot by Former Altar Boy in 2002 Convicted of Abusing Him

Federal court declines to hear Anna Nicole Smith appeal

Neb. Supreme Court spares life of dog

Target recalls 135,000 pairs of boots because heals came off

Iwo Jima re-enactment to be held in Texas

Iowa Court: No right to driver's licenses for illegals

Okla. Gov. OKs ammonium nitrate sale limit

Ill. law can seal ex-offender records

Bishops: New sex abuse claims during last year top 1,000

N.J. police seize over $5M from truck

W.Va. may purge Jim Crow laws

Hawaii last state to join Amber Alert

Serial Killer in Kansas Releases 3 Packages (LAT Reg)

Expert Sees Psychosis in Kidnapping Suspect in Elizabeth Smart case (LAT Reg)

Woman Pleads Guilty to Murdering 7-Year-Old Girl

Wal-Mart Files Trade-Secrets Suit Against Computer Worker


Solving Cases Can Hinge on Thin Gray Line of Sketch Artists (LAT Reg)

Novartis faces sex-bias lawsuit (SB Reg)

Lending abuse targeted (SB Reg)

Divorce secrecy law gets L.A. test

Sacramento & north: New details in eco-terror fire bombings near Sacramento + Papers: Suspect admitted bomb try (SB Reg) + Senior home director held (SB Reg) + R.E. Graswich: Alert resident offers lesson in blowing whistle on fake police officers (SB Reg) + Teacher's back after fending off would-be rapist (SB Reg) + Car strikes, kills pedestrian, 88 (SB Reg) + Beutler settles claim (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: Redwood City: Officer killer Sullivan ruled incompetent for third time + Attorneys agree it is unlikely Sullivan will ever be tried + SF: 2 men face charges after marijuana sting + SF: Former workers sue restaurant over pay + SF: Court settles quarrel over Chinatown kiosk

Alameda: Castro Valley: Bishop apologizes for priest abuse at 5 East Bay churches + Girl, 17, reports rape by 2 men in Oakland + 'Whispering bandit' suspect in jail + Fremont: Alleged armed robber to be tried + Newark: Police reluctant to link 2 robberies + Castro Valley: Suspected meth users found in canyon

Santa Clara: San Jose man held after I-680 episode (CCT Reg) + Area gun shop burglaries investigated (SJM Reg) + Murder case delayed again (SJM Reg) + Fees charged by S.J. attorney investigated (SJM Reg) + Judge: S.J. may proceed with concert hall suit (SJM Reg) + 2 men to serve time for real-estate fraud (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Martinez: Pedicures probed as cause of disease + Martinez: Home-invasion suspect identified + Infections could be traced to spas (CCT Reg) + St. Mary's College student files suit over suspension re: alcoholism (CCT Reg) + Richmond officer fined, on probation for DUI (CCT Reg) + Lafayette Men kidnap, assault 17-year-old + Area gun heist ties probed (CCT Reg) + School theft plea entered (CCT Reg) + San Ramon mother enters innocent plea + Doughtery population changes San Ramon

Marin: Marin targets dirty needles of drug users + Suspect in theft of 39 guns from store arrested + Arrest in theft of 39 weapons from Corte Madera shop

Sonoma: Rohnert Park. Police hunt suspect in assault of girl, 7 + Rohnert Park: Girl, 7, molested at her window + Mendocino County counsel to step down + Midwife, physician sued for boy's medical care + Sebastopol police on motorcycles + Appeals court upheld sentence of man who killed grocer in 1999

Solano: Triad says back taxes no problem + Prosecutor wants to review auto fatality + Testimony to begin this morning in trial + Local News Briefs

Monterey: Salinas High students break into computer system + Assault suspect already faced gun charge + Ex-guard draws prison term for setting up gang attack on inmate at Salinas Valley Prison + Stolen car ring arrest

Central Valley: Law & Order + Unlicensed software costs firm $205,000 + Fires prompt recall of Xbox power cords + Hearing delayed for chiropractor charged in fraud+ Accused man says cops set him up + San Joaquin hospital seeks to up collections

Central Coast: Suspect nabbed after 125 mph chase + Scotts Valley software company exec charged in computer hacking + Aptos parolee arrested on suspicion of three burglaries + Cops and Courts

Southern California: Police: Man caused LA train crash, killing 11, to get wife's attention + Dramatic video from train collision to aid police investigation in Oxnard + New York man arrested in LA spamming case + San Diego judge declares mistrial in Tenet hospital kickback case + Foul Play Feared in Bird Deaths at Palos Verdes Estates (LAT Reg) + Disparity Found in Sheriff's Lawsuits (LAT Reg) + High Desert man, 62, Faces Count of Assault on Rangers + Surf City Parents Charged Up Over Credit Card Fiasco + Sometimes a Sweet Tooth May Hold You Back as a Robber (LAT Reg) + Ex-Council Candidate Avila Arrested for hacking phone network during 2004 race in Thousand Oaks (LAT Reg) + Sex Offender Data May Go on Los Angeles cable TV (LAT Reg) + Arrest Made in '87 San Diego Slaying (LAT Reg) + 2 Kinds of DNA to Be Cited in Samantha Runion Trial - one never used in California court before (LAT Reg) + 9 firms pay to settle claims for using unlicensed programs on computers

Michael Jackson: Identifying Jackson + SMOKING GUN

Robert Blake: Firefighter testifies that Blake's anguish seemed genuine+ Witness Says Blake Showed Real Grief (LAT Reg) + Blake Lawyer Hammers Accusers (LAT Reg) + Expert Tells Blake Jury About Hallucinations Caused by Drugs That Witnesses Used


The Governor:  Gov. finds trouble at home and some trouble in D.C., too. Lack of agreement on how to get funds + Gov. gets mixed reception. 'Collectinator' promises magic, but Washington isn't Hollywood + Gov. Presses Beltway Delegation (LAT Reg) + Gov. moves few in D.C. (SB Reg) + Editorial: 79 cents from D.C.? (SB Reg) + AP: Gov. drops plans to eliminate state boards + SFC: He drops proposal to abolish 88 boards + Gov. Pulls Plan to Abolish Panels (LAT Reg) + Reversal on panel cuts is cheered (SB Reg) + Gov. stalls plan to wipe out boards (CCT Reg) + Gov. gets support for plan to redraw districts (SJM Reg) + $1 billion in pension savings in Gov's plan + Hospitals fear funding shortfall from lack of federal Medicaid (SB Reg)

Flood policy relief kicks in (SB Reg)

Jack Sirard: Many have questions about state amnesty on past-due taxes (SB Reg)

Dan Walters: Is John Garamendi trying to bury mistakes on Executive Life? (SB Reg)

Arbiter says UC clerical workers underpaid. Denial of raises to 14,500 called unjustified -- fact-finder suggests retroactive increases

Legislature: How toxic are we? Bill seeks clues

FIELD POLL: Opposition to Bush on Social Security. Californians reverse views on president's handling of Iraq

Stem cell panel: Stem cell critics demand open meetings, salary cap + New criticism for stem cell program. Public health expert calls for more public oversight, lower salaries + Petition seeks changes in stem cell program (SB Reg)

Indian tribes: New Mexico seeks shutdown of Indian casino if it fails to pay fair share of revenue + Statement of Mark Macarro, Tribal Chairman Pechanga Band of Luiseño Mission Indians + Locals to state: Hands off funds + The Byrne Report: Rigged Game

LOCAL NEWS:   Poll: Bush popularity continues to erode in California

Report belies stereotypes about Asians (SB Reg)

Sacramento & north: Wal-Mart's tactics don't deter council (SB Reg) + SMUD debates 6% hike (SB Reg) + Permanent funding remains elusive for American River parkway (SB Reg) + News in brief from Northern California + Some PG&E bills inflated (SB Reg) + Obituary: Queen Esther Johnson, 85, fought for workers' rights (SB Reg) + Sutter gives $1.2 million in health program grants (SB Reg) + Motorcyclist killed in collision (SB Reg) + Rugby fans plan complex at Mather (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: Scientists worry about proposal to open Calif.'s Farallon Islands+ Homeless: Huge volunteer turnout, new housing are latest signs of progress in S.F. + S.F. hotel labor dispute taking its toll . Historians move event to San Jose -- Newsom criticized + City reverses disputed Laguna Honda Hospital policy. Critics claimed elderly had been shortchanged in gaining admission + San Mateo: Gorilla Foundation rocked by breast display lawsuit. Former employees say they were told to expose chests + SF: 2 dead as outbreak of stomach virus hits veterans nursing home + SF: City planners reject condo project review + Man escapes serious injury after lit cigarette ignites vehicle + Hotel dispute costs city + San Mateo to house biotech center + Business event moved to Oakland + Citywide homeless deaths drop 40% + Friday fishwrap: All the nudes + Cautious support for transbay energy

Alameda: Oakland: Lively crowd assails policies of troubled animal shelter + Public unleashes anger on shelter + Gun thefts rattle feds + Livermore: Woman and infant ejected in rollover crash + Livermore: Baby, woman thrown from SUV in crash + Oakland: Official opposes port's billboard plan + Livermore to vote on new homes (CCT Reg) + Berkeley: Youth services list goes online + Housing planned at Patterson Ranch site + Fremont: Preschool options not easy as ABC, 1,2,3

Santa Clara: S.J. City, Evergreen accreditation at risk (SJM Reg) + Pipeline ruptures trigger probe (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Rosie park gets interim overseer (CCT Reg) + Alamo man's dream house nearing reality (CCT Reg) + County to take loss on funds + Uilkema outlines state of Contra Costa

Marin: $13 million buys spot on boat during America's Cup + Bill would aid Novato charter school + Thurmond's daughter talks at Book Passage on family secret + Larkspur's Canine Commons to be home to new dog park

Sonoma: Cows come to SR High + Bush to give SR scientist tech honor + Ball park at Sonoma County fairgrounds? + Feds may target more schools + Shy salamander has developers on tenterhooks. Amphibian at risk confounds builders in fast-growing area

Napa: Lawmakers face clashing proposals on driver's licenses + Parents scold school board for extended winter break + Small wineries targeted fro big energy savings + Sharpshooters found in Napa County

Solano: Split board moves today to close Mills Elementary + Marine's former coworkers planning barbecue + Agency takes count of homeless: 790 in county + Analysis committee discusses future of Benicia elementary (CCT Reg) + Benicia wants license funds now + School negotiates way to technology

Monterey: Senate education panel gets earful in Salinas + Seeking disabled veterans to tell their stories + Auto Center improvements OK'd + C.V. crash kills Salinas man + NPS honored for saving buildings + Man burned after vehicle hits pole + Salinas library fund tops $70,000

Central Valley: President selects his chief of spies + Shelters feel winter's cold+ Forgoing Festivities For Blood+ Lights, camera, ticket in the mail+ Down A Slippery Slope+ State hopes to get more water funds+ News & Notes+ Around the Region+ Builder targets S. Modesto + Stanislaus homeless count still a guess + Cannery leftovers fall into regulatory cracks + Affordable housing is hardly a new issue to the valley

Central Coast: War claims sixth local resident + Legislators questioned on funding for schools + Community comes to aid of fire victims + Ocean reserves back to the fore + Set on seeing whole season of ‘Survivor’ + Commission grants more money to rail-line structure, eco studies + Coast Lines + Local rabbit-rescue organization holds bunny adoption on Saturday

Southern California: Orange County eyes early end to bankruptcy payments + Doobie Brothers honor Knudsen, donate wine proceeds to charity + O.C. on Fast Track to Ease Debt (LAT Reg) + Hertzberg, Hahn Swap Criticisms (LAT Reg) + It's Hard to Kick a Guy Like Alarcon (LAT Reg) + With El Toro Sold, What's Next? (LAT Reg) + GOP Moderates From O.C. Recruiting in L.A. County (LAT Reg) + San Clemente: Pomeranian Puppy Lovers Flood Shelter With Their Adoption Requests (LAT Reg) + Can Villaraigosa electrify voters once again? + Villaraigosa commercial premiered + MTA to use unions on Orange Line + $1 billion in pension savings + State orders Blue Cross to keep Pomona patients covered

School days: Mill Valley to pick new schools chief in private + Animation school draws top talent + Mandate imperils 45 bay area districts. State schools face sanctions in battle over 'No Child' law + State Is Auditing Los Angeles Mission College (LAT Reg) + LAPD can't afford moving-vehicle training program + Sacramento, Davis school district lawyers rapped (SB Reg) + School merger bid gains in Galt (SB Reg) + Staph infections close Los Medanos athletics department (CCT Reg) + School funds get creative (SJM Reg) + Colleges find pros, cons with federal budget plan + Toddlers, college students both learn at Ohlone + Military charter school tries to overcome rocky start + San Mateo: Educators with SMUHSD worry about $1.7M in cuts + Adult education gets attention + Fresno schools need millions


Plague outbreak kills 60 in Congo

Bird flu cases 'underestimated'

San Francisco: 2 dead as outbreak of stomach virus hits veterans nursing home

Sacramento: West Nile found in dead bird (SB Reg)

California boy tiniest infant to survive heart surgery

FDA, drugs: Panel: Vioxx, Celebrex and Bextra All Pose Heart Risks, but Should Be Available to Consumers +Meds, adult suicide attempts linked. In milder cases, researcher suggests no antidepressants + Arthritis painkiller Mobic comes under fire. FDA safety officer says study shows drug is 'bad actor' + FDA Scientist Says All Cox-2 Drugs Pose a Risk (LAT Reg) + Drugs Raise Risk of Suicide

Gene tracing: Gene differences show which patients benefit from beta blockers for heart disease + Genetic Map Is Heralded as Medical Tool (LAT Reg) + Gene variations found by ancestry (SJM Reg)

Stem cell researchers make gains in removing mouse molecules from line of cells approved by Bush administration + New Stem Cell Source Could Boost Bone Marrow Success; Uncharted Area Of Umbilical Cord Offers Hope

'Natural' breast implant advance

The Cruel Saga of Asbestos Disease (LAT Reg)

Why do kids get sick?

Tourette's can't sideline this all-star

Embracing the Artificial Limb

World's First Cow Cloned With New Technique

UCSD Team Discovers Specialized, Rare Heart Stem Cells In Newborns

NYU Psychology Researchers Show How Attention Enhances Visual Perception

Examination Of Internal 'Wiring' Of Yeast, Worm, And Fly Reveals Conserved Circuits

Emergency Department Study Supports Giving Dehydrated Children Fluids By Mouth

Researchers Develop Infectious Disease Diagnostic Tool

Carrot Component Reduces Cancer Risk

Measure for Measure: Tracking Treatment Progress in CML

Turn to Tomatoes for Prostate Health

Drinking Water Smarts

Study Shows Larger Babies Have Higher Risk Of Certain Cancers In Adulthood

Leukemia Drug Breakthrough Study In New England Journal Of Medicine

An HIV Protein Plays A Surprising Role In Gene Activation

Abnormal Brain Activity During The Observation Of Others' Actions

Contrary To Previous Findings, Smoking Is Detrimental Rather Than Beneficial To Patients With Alzheimer's, UCI Study Shows

New Drug Available For Treatment Of "Wet" Macular Degeneration Disease

Columbia Study Suggests Brushing Your Teeth May Reduce Risk Of Stroke And Heart Attack

Progress Toward A New Remedy For Chronic Urinary Tract Infections?

Scientists Discuss Improved Biopesticides For Locust Control In West Africa

Oldest fossil 'rabbit' unearthed

Sex hungry roaches lured to death

Scientists find tsunami produced 90-foot wave

Bird Brains Show How Trial And Error May Contribute To Learning

Time To Rewrite The Species Rulebook, MSU Scientists Say

Pollution Can Convert Airborne Iron Into Soluble Form Required For Phytoplankton Growth

Heterosis In Populations In Nature Of A Domesticated Plant

Sexual Frustration And Learning In Fruit Flies

SLAC's New Lensless X-ray Holography Technique Opens Door To Nanoscale World

RSA looks ahead on RFID security

Microsoft on 'Rootkits': Be Afraid

IBM puts $100 million behind push to use Linux software

Robots hit stride with human walk

NASA Sets Space Shuttle Launch for May 15

Martian Water Clues Go Wider and Deeper

Simulations Show How Growing Black Holes Regulate Galaxy Formation


Top Bush Advisor Karl Rove Proclaims Mandate -- conservatism is "dominant political creed in America"

Bush: US Would Back Israel Attack on Iran

Iran: Russia backs Iran in nuclear row + Bush criticizes Syria, Iran as unstable + Bush Says Iran Using U.S. Refusal to join EU talks as Excuse + Iran has 'no intention' of acquiring nuclear arms, Putin says + Putin convinced Iran has no nuclear weapons program, will visit country + When will Iran achieve 'nuclear status'?

Syria: Syria Is 'Out of Step,' Bush Says (LAT Reg) + U.S. to Syria: Probe Hariri Killing or Face Sanctions + Bush Tells Syria to Withdraw From Lebanon + Syria resists calls to pull troops from Lebanon + Pravda: USA and EU launch anti-Syrian campaign + Syria after Hariri + Lebanon, through the past darkly

Iraq: Bush's Iraq Coalition Shrinking + Pentagon: Iraq Insurgents Can Conduct 60 Strikes Daily + Rumsfeld Declines Request to Guess Size of Iraq Insurgency + Treasury role in illicit Iraq oil sales

Foreign: China accuses U.S. of sending false signal to Taiwan by disclosing CIA assessment that military balance between rivals shifting in favor of China + Rice praises Japan as steadfast ally + U.S., China agree on North Korea nukes + Bush meets with 'Hotel Rwanda' manager + European opinion on Bush remains divided + Clinton, Bush Sr. Will Tour Tsunami Zone (LAT Reg) + Defense to top Japan, US talks + Bush aims to 'move beyond differences' on Europe trip + Bush visits a Europe ever further away + Elliott Abrams, Iran-Contra Villain Turned Democracy Czar

Terror in Americas: U.S. vows terror fight across Americas + Mexican officials criticize CIA Goss's remarks re: potential for pre-election instability in Mexico + Goss: Latin American 2006 Elections Threaten US Plans

Army, Navy: Pentagon unsure how long it can sustain pace of National Guard, Reserve deployments Iraq deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan + China's increasing, repositioning its Navy concerns lawmakers because Bush's plan calls for Navy to buy fewer chips + Top Army recruiter: Draft wouldn't help

Negroponte: Bush picks intelligence chief, U.S. envoy to Iraq would direct nation's 15 spy agencies + Negroponte draws criticism south of border + Deputy has long tenure in nation's spy network + Iraq Envoy to Be Chief of Intelligence + Spy Chief Faces Huge Burdens, Meager Authority (LAT Reg) + Relationship with Bush will be key for spy czar (CCT Reg) + Negroponte's Dark Past + Negroponte not that intelligent + A veteran of US subversion and dirty wars + Honduras' Horror: CIA Funded and Okayed

Domestic: GOP lawmaker raps Homeland Security budget + Frederick Gregory to be NASA acting chief + GAO investigates NASA under Sean O'Keefe + EPA to weigh requiring pollution cuts + Environmentalists sue Bush administration over new rules for managing national forests + Audit finds no inappropriate IRS audits + Bush economic report pushes free trade + Environmentalists sue Bush administration over new rules for managing national forests + S.F. court to hear challenge to Bush national forest rules + Bush signs bill to curb class-action suits + Ex-Astronaut Set to Pilot NASA (LAT Reg) + Bush Selects Allgeier to Be Acting U.S. Trade Representative

Social Security, Medicare: Medicare facing fiscal ills + FDR's 'Forgotten Man' at Risk (LAT Reg)+ Conservatives Put Off by Bush's Talk of Tax Hike + Increasing Social Security taxes on wealthiest could raise $100 billion a year, enough to shore up system for 75 years, pay for Bush private accounts plan, or part of each + Greenspan Likes Bush's 'Ownership' Agenda (LAT Reg) + Tricky politics of Social Security

Congress: Specter optimistic before chemotherapy + Legal System Makeovers Fill the GOP's Briefcase + House looks at ways to speed digital TV + Senate OKs ban on genetic discrimination + Senate fight awaits bankruptcy overhaul making it harder for consumers to erase debt

Democrats: Protester throws shoe at Richard Perle during debate with Dean + Loose-lips Dean fires up both sides of politics

GOP: Christian Activist Reed to Run for Lt. Gov. (LAT Reg)

Voting: Democrats' bills Would Alter Election Procedure (LAT Reg) + Justice ends St. Louis vote monitoring + Sen. Clinton pushes for voting holiday + Washington: Judge signs order in election challenge


Bush administration leaves world to clean up America's mess

Kids Say the Darndest, Most Stalinist Things (LAT Reg)

White House PR

Sex, Lies, and Jeff Gannon: Justin Raimondo

A Glimpse at Kurdistan: Aaron Glantz

Levantine Complications: Alan Bock

First, They Attack the Past: John Pilger

Remember Pearl Harbor: Christopher Manion

Bush took Hariri's death personally

MILITARY  Hurt Troops Often Denied Pay, Benefits

Grandmother: Mud-wrestling GI discharged

'Trophy photos' led to soldiers' demotions

Wounded Vets Get E-Mail Aid

Soldier Says She Was Treated 'like a Criminal' After She Reported She Was Raped

LEAKGATES  A Three-Ring Circus Called the Plame Affair

Click. David Kay on Coalition WMD Interrogations

Blood for pork....

Former Boeing Exec Gets 4 Months (LAT Reg) + Former Boeing Executive Gets Four Months in Prison

Abu Dhabi, Boeing sign big security systems deal

Gulf investors jittery over Lebanon

Oman to sign free-trade deal with U.S.


Inflation fears flare after surprise jump in US wholesale prices

Yahoo 'in talks' over Indian deal

Sun Microsystems quick to capitalize on HP turmoil

"Viral" advertising

ExxonMobil tops General Electric as biggest company

Toy Concepts Grow Up Fast

HP hires firm to start CEO search (SJM Reg)

eBay bids to win China battle

National ID: The Beast Is Back

New-Look Passports

Harvard chief releases text of remarks + Pushing to Move Past Controversy, Harvard President Still Faces Leadership Questions

Feel the Muse? Pencil In Art Night at Erotic City (LAT Reg)

DA: No hate-crime filing for Sacramento anti-war display (SB Reg)

Rat search's link to neo-Nazi


Click. Married women who keep quiet during conflicts with their mates greatly boost their risk of dying from any cause

Greek church proposes urgent reforms

Shortage of exorcists in Catholic Church. Not enough skilled priests to handle the soaring demand + Priests Sign Up for Exorcism 101 (LAT Reg)

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay groups criticize AMA president remarks defending ban of Catholic medical schools gay student group + Archbishop: Gay issue splits Anglicans + Sacramento: Arguments set on partners law (SB Reg) + Man behind SpongeBob slated for appearance at kids' film fest

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Right wingers go after Public Broadcasting

PBS Under Fire for Editing Iraq War Documentary (LAT Reg)

Smoking Gun Website Claims Scoop on Jackson Testimony (LAT Reg)

Jury Finds Boston Herald Libeled Judge

Scott McClellan Reveals That Gannon/Guckert Got GOPUSA Press Pass + 5 Days Later, Guckert's Tells E&P He'll Talk Again, Apparently on CNN + Radio Producer Could Always Count on 'Gannon' for Tips

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade 5:30 p.m. Saturday

'Maltese Falcon' party where Sam Spade prowled

Berkeley: Brazil's Gilberto Gil to visit artists. Troubadour and politician with a social conscience has international reputation

Law and art join for exhibit

Stardom: SPANK the NUN

Prince Charles: Town Hall Wedding to Keep Sanctity of Castle (LAT Reg)

Shelved Exorcist prequel to receive its world premiere

Film Feature "Constantine", The road to hell + Film Feature: That demon tobacco + Film Review: Constantine + Film Review: Turtles Can Fly + Film Review: Schultze Gets the Blues + Film Review: Because of Winn-Dixie

New Documentaries Captivate Oscar Watchers

Wallace Baine: How a movie from 1993 has become the hot new thing in 2005

Scientists Find Fossil Proof Of Egypt's Ancient Climate

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Kanye get $ to do mags?

Rush & Molloy: Some think Jacko spilled beans on self

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Word of the day

FEBRUARY 17, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Troops tread softly in 'Wild East'. Marsh Arabs' zone rife with carjackers, corruption and feuds + Four U.S. Troops Die in Noncombat Incidents (LAT Reg) + American Unit Rotations Continue in Iraq + Journalist begs for life, urges troop pullout. Kidnapped Italian shown on videotape + Turkish businessman says he paid ransom to Iraqi kidnappers + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Shiites win majority of new Iraq assembly + U.N. congratulates Iraqis on elections + A look at Iraq's election commission seats + Shiite political leader remains mystery + Iraq exile Chalabi refuses to admit defeat +

Iraqi exile voters put Chaldo-Assyrian Christian in Iraqi assembly

War prisons: Iraqi's Death During CIA Interrogation Came While He Was Suspended by His Wrists

MIDDLE EAST: Israel: $870 million OKd for Israeli evacuees. Complex formula to determine ousted settlers' payment+ Israel orders halt to policy of demolishing militant homes + Prosecutor drops Sharon case, to indict son + Israeli Lawmakers OK Gaza Withdrawal Plan (LAT Reg)

Lebanon: Funeral turns into anti-Syria rally. Huge gathering mourns for slain ex-prime minister+ Hariri's family demands probe into killing

RUSSIA: Parents in Beslan tragedy target politician

EUROPE: Georgia's parliament approves new PM Ukrainian president seeks Iraq pullout

Prince Charles to marry at town hall

To France's Busy Diplomat, These Are Days for Dialogue (LAT Reg)

AFRICA: Grenade kills boy in Somali capital

Darfur tribal leaders sign cease-fire pact + U.N. wants ICC to take up Darfur abuses

Togo military-backed leader visits Nigeria

+ Ex-Dictator's Family (Nigeria) Loses Appeal on Funds (LAT Reg)

Ministers seek end to conflict in Africa

ASIA PACIFIC: Pakistan, India OK Kashmir bus runs. Pact breathes life into peace process

Five dead, 40 wounded in worst Thai bombing since start of unrest

Nepal's king forms anti-corruption panel

Handling of Mainland Dissidents Ties Taiwan in Knots (LAT Reg)

AMERICAS: Demonstrators fill Ecuador capital + A Pair of Rival Protests Demonstrates the Split Over Ecuador's Leader (LAT Reg)

Mexico City mayor accuses political leaders of plot + Mexico City Mayor Talks Economics (LAT Reg)

Former President's Daughter Found Dead (LAT Reg)


Extremists using Iraq for recruitment and training, CIA chief says

CIA Still Trying to Get Access to Pakistani Nuclear Scientist (LAT Reg)

War Helps Recruit Terrorists, NSA Tells Congress

"Homeland": Livermore's Sandia rolls out chemical weapon destroyer + N.M. desert town stakes future on uranium + Las Vegas: Probe finds nuke guards mishandled guns + Iranian pleads not guilty to illegally sending equipment to Iran's nuke missile program + Sandia Lab device to destroy chemical weapons modified to handle biological bombs

Al Qaeda: Kuwait takes tough line on militants. Government fixes sights on mosques, school curriculums

British plant can't account for plutonium

Quebec Power Firm Steps Up Plant Security (LAT Reg)

Munich Security conference, Wehrkunde. Transatlantic Truce: Isn't It Pragmatic? (LAT Reg)

Diaries of Chiang Kai-shek to go on display at Stanford. Hoover Institution to preserve papers of exiled Chinese leader

Australia: Ruddock's spy scandal link


FBI unveils art squad

Minn. may expand meth boot camp program

Executive Life policyholders want probe of settlement deal

Judge upholds ban on polygamous marriage

Convicted museum boss still quibbling. He wants to change law that he violated

Priest Convicted of Molesting Altar Boy Who Shot and Wounded Him 10 Years Later

FBI wiretaps in Phila. corruption case made public

Baltimore man pleads guilty in child porn case

Jailed Arizona immigrants may go to state's private prison in Mexico

Kidnapping Suspect Removed From Hearing in Elizabeth Smart case (LAT Reg)

Infant's Life Support Is Upheld on Appeal (LAT Reg)


Court to rule whether state can ban tobacco ads. Cigarette makers say only the feds have the right to regulate

Chinese Immigrants Appeal to Get Daughter Back

Sacramento & north: Sacramento: Prison terms result from $11 million precious metals scam + San Jose man gets prison in gold, platinum scam (SB Reg) + Missing Mendocino woman sought (SB Reg) + Woman making U-turn in car killed (SB Reg) + Student teacher attacked at school (SB Reg) + Officer attacked at Placer County jail (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: Murder defendant says he was sleeping it off. Testimony in death of son of designated secretary of state McPherson + Despite delusions, defendant Marvin Patrick Sullivan fit to stand trial, doctors say. Hearing held in case of Millbrae officer fatally shot in 1998 + San Francisco: Man guilty of gouging out girlfriend's eye

Alameda: Oakland: 'Natural family' flyer removal ruled legal+ Oakland: Feds charge 4 cocaine ring suspects. Convictions would mean longer terms than state penalties+ Suspected meth ring taken down + Investors are denied restitution + Livermore: Police seek suspect in theft of 34 guns+ Oakland: Mario Picetti pleads guilty in marijuana case+ Truck driver pleads not guilty plea in pedestrian's death+ El Cerrito: Cops see possible link in 3 rapes + Fremont: Hearing begins in store shooting + Fremont: Police avoid connecting area crimes + Oakland police nab parolee in bank heists + CSUEB president sued over sunroom + Hayward: Woman tried to run down officer

Santa Clara: Los Gatos: Lit items on shrine started deadly blaze+ Accused cop killer declared incompetent to stand trial (SJM Reg) + Caltrain death ruled an accident (SJM Reg) + Manager allegedly hacked ex-firm (SJM Reg) + Deaf Filipino immigrant may be allowed to stay in country (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Officers name Martinez rob suspect (CCT Reg) + Small gunman hits Martinez store (CCT Reg) + Girl dumped in Lafayette after rape (CCT Reg) + Talks start in clergy sex-abuse civil cases (CCT Reg) + Man who targeted Concord girl, targeted second girl, police say (CCT Reg) + North Richmond: ang suspect charged in shooting (CCT Reg)

Marin: Mrs. Nome still occupies bed at Kaiser after eviction ruling + Woman refuses to leave hospital after being discharged a year ago

Sonoma: Lake County medical pot activist jailed + Jury selection begins in slaying of Guerneville mother + Autopsy of convict sex offender who died in jail: severe heart failure

Napa: Napa psychiatrist sued for allegedly having sex with patient

Solano: Vallejoan to go on trial in murder of neighbor

Monterey: Arrests made in school beating + Leidig shooting may have been planned, family members say + Man suffers seizure, dies in county jail

Central Valley: Law & Order

Central Coast: Alleged McPherson killer takes the stand + Body I.D. expected today

Southern California: Woman who killed husband at U.S. base in Turkey sentenced in LA LA: Gene thereapy scientist arrested on sex abuse charges + LA Police Commission revises policy on shooting at moving cars + Former SoCal assistant principal sentenced in false threatening letters case + Prosecutors say L.A.-based ring stole $18 million in tax refunds + Former Chula Vista water district inspector sentenced for bribe + L.A. Mutual Fund Firm Accused of Misconduct + CHP Says Simpson Kin Didn't Alter Crash Story (LAT Reg) + Big Cats Are Likened to Prisoners (LAT Reg)+ 10 Are Held in Alleged Tax Refund Plot (LAT Reg) + Scientist Held in Sex Case (LAT Reg) + OC official Norby Denies Woman's Charge (LAT Reg)+ O.C. Officer Accused of Sex Assault Leaves Job (LAT Reg) + 10,000 Ecstasy Pills Found; 2 Men Arrested (LAT Reg) + State Ends Quarantine on Oriental Fruit Fly (LAT Reg) + 10,000 Ecstasy Pills Found; 2 Men Arrest + U.S. Is Still Targeting Calif. Pornography Firm (LAT Reg)

Michael Jackson: Jackson Leaves Hospital (LAT Reg)

Robert Blake: Blake lawyers attack credibility of witnesses for prosecution + Blake Witness' Meth Use Described (LAT Reg)




The Governor:  Gov in Capitol, pushes redistricting, asks for money + Gov., hand out, descends on D.C. + Daniel Weintraub: California a 'donor' because it's young, wealthy (SB Reg) + Gov. to ditch board cuts (SB Reg) + Gov.'s plan to run for President has Republicans wary + Gov. looking to Common Cause to back redistricting plan + Arnold to meet with LA reps + Consensus Builds on Need for Housing (LAT Reg) + Gov.'s words Are Unclear; Intent to Win Isn't (LAT Reg) + Governor Appoints 4 New LA County Judges (LAT Reg) + 2 named to county bench (SB Reg) + Hands-On Help From the Governor + Governor aims to keep showbiz in state (CCT Reg) + Base closures focus of governor's talks (CCT Reg) + State to test tax shortcut (SB Reg) + CalPERS rejects hospital price plan (SB Reg)

Newly Elected Feckner Urges Fight Over CalPERS Overhaul (LAT Reg)

U.S. May Force California to Call More School Districts Failures (LAT Reg)

Legislature: Senators say energy firm lied about tactics. Sempra denied use of Enron methods during energy crisis+ Senators charge company manipulated energy, lied + Lawmakers propose health coverage plan + Measure restricts raids on gas tax (SB Reg) + Perata and minority leader Ackerman refuse to drop bill which could hinder campaign finance probes, including one vs. Sen. Jim Battin + After-school programs squeezed as they await state funding (SB Reg) + California wilderness bill sails through panel (SB Reg)

State bypasses Kyoto, fights global warming. California tries to cut emissions on its own

Former Senate leader John Burton named to Tahoe Conservancy board

Marjie Lundstrom: Academic freedom is smokescreen in battle over tobacco research funds (SB Reg)

Indian tribes: Tribes challenged by state over slots + Lawmakers resist casino proposals (Riverside Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:   Los Banos: Tule elk captured, relocated as part of restoration effort

San Jose zoo's inveterate and beloved jaguar dies

Software problems hinder BART again

Sacramento & north: Capital taxis at crossroads (SB Reg) + + Alta center to get chief (SB Reg) + + Court may be named after Matsui (SB Reg) + It's all done by sense of touch (SB Reg) + Official says he's sorry, regains Sutter position (SB Reg) + City panel to write rules for store size (SB Reg) + 'Horrific' crash near Jackson leaves 4 dead, 3 injured (SB Reg)

San Francisco, San Mateo: Muni outlines plan to dump diesel buses+ Belmont: Bay Area nuns mourn sister killed in Amazon + Bid to open the Farallones draws a warning. Scientists fear even limited visits by public could harm colonies of birds and mammals+ Rare permit to visit islands led to nature's dream oasis, the Farallons+ Bay cable proposed to power S.F. + Parent coalition wants dogs fenced + Evictions draw action from Leno + Chris Cain opines

Alameda: Oakland Animal Shelter hearing set for tonight. Probe wider than the original complaints + Oakland: Salvation Army deal could be boon to kids' sports + Oakland: Albertsons' closing sinks center plans + Animal shelter director on leave + New Oakland fire chief sworn in + Tri-City leaders look to the future + Fremont to cut programs further + Dublin approves new Victorian development, changes RV laws + Pleasanton: Fund-raising rules remain same

Santa Clara: San Jose Sharks fans bemoan the lost season. NHL's decision to cancel rest of league's games hits city hard+ Minor quake near Morgan Hill (SJM Reg) + Santee sisters (SJM Reg) + NHL fade cross-checks S.J. coffers (SJM Reg) + Real star of `Maltese Falcon' flying in for a visit (SJM Reg) + New school targeted for closure (SJM Reg) + Atherton to vote on parcel tax again in June (SJM Reg) + + Herhold: Reform puts Dando in tough spot (SJM Reg) + ARTS GUILD'S MENLO PARK NEIGHBORS STILL UPSET (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Walnut Creek Council approves new fee. Developers to pay for affordable housing projects + Contra Costa accepting applications for fair queen + Canciamilla, Pittsburg, eyes relaxed term limits (CCT Reg) + Martinez reviews policy (CCT Reg) + El Cerrito Plaza parking garage funds may go to other projects (CCT Reg) + Commissioners approve Alamo house plans for small lot (CCT Reg) + Richmond council avoids issue of toxic marsh (CCT Reg) +Group expands focus to Hercules (CCT Reg) + San Ramon: Neighbors decry school lot plan (CCT Reg) + Dublin considers base land potential (CCT Reg)

Marin: Marin agencies worried about cuts in funding + Couple upset after Comcast cuts FM service + Board could oppose Gov.'s pension idea + Chief of county elder care agency resigning + Reunion honors Marin lifesavers

Sonoma: Rancho Adobe budget cuts under fire + A little something to wash it down + Fatal plane crash findings point to fuel tank + Medical marijuana ID cards coming + Elsie Allen High faces state monitoring + RP water, sewer rates to soar 70% + News in brief from California's North Coast

Napa: Napa school employee named president of CalPERS board + New bridge opens to mixed reviews + Yountville enjoys a budget surplus + Napa teen walking across Jefferson struck by van + Flood control prepares to battle for cash

Solano: Solano debates open space (CCT Reg) + Big moves in store for VCUSD? + Benicia council weighs in on school closure + Public suggests goals for GVRD + Benician contractor named to soon-to-be-cut state board + - County wants to collect $1.8 million Triad owes + - VCUSD, Vacaville are anomaly in state - spending more money on minority students + Benicia to enforce new parking limits in April + Local News Briefs + Officials lobby to keep Travis AFB open + Local Business Briefs

Monterey: Officials mobilize to save bases + Close Measure A review urged + Library delegation to visit, offer help to Salinas + County to hold workshop on general plan + Planning for new Marina schools + Planning for new Marina schools

Central Valley: Housing industry builds on success + Pilfered poodles are back home + Almond growers listen for buzzin' of the bees ++ Ambush plan wins firefighter a soldier fiancée+ Fresh canvas for art exhibit+ Merced 'Survivor' making her television debut tonight + Newman creek spills onto streets+ Grocery store fire worries officials + Dr. Sharon Gould, surgeon, dead at 65+ Banana knows whole bunch about food + Pupils of new school scatter+ News & Notes + Healthy Outlook + Community Briefing + Around the Region + Cannery leftovers fall into regulatory crack + Good economic news, sort of

Central Coast: City residents urge changes to UCSC’s long-term growth plans + City views UCSC expansion as ‘bad planning’+ Transport panel seeks to cut ties with county + Watsonville Animal Shelter regroups during slow season+ Pipeline on track despite lawsuits against Pajaro Valley water agency+ Teacher salary study shows disparities + Game’s popularity good for soccer store + Homeless services get $1.16 million in federal grants + University’s mock-trial team debuts + Coast Lines

Southern California: Builder to pay $1.05 billion for old Marine base in Orange County + Tech exodus from Southern California feared + Parks has bigger issues than revenge + Villaraigosa pushes health + Kaiser trims urgent care in Woodland Hills + Alleged Racial Incidents Shatter Security of Santa Clarita Valley (LAT Reg) + Ventura County Set to Grow, Prosper (LAT Reg) + Orange Official Says Charity Begins at Home (LAT Reg) + Fighting to Save a San Fernando Train Depot, and a Bit of History (LAT Reg) + 2 Inquiries Target MTA Official (LAT Reg) + Charter Schools Promote Reform (LAT Reg) + LA Council Considers Offering Data on Canadian Drugs (LAT Reg) + Villaraigosa Vows to Tackle 'Healthcare Crisis' (LAT Reg) + MTA Panel Rejects Bid to Add Subways (LAT Reg) + Entities Seek to Combine Suits Against LAX Plan (LAT Reg) + State Ends Quarantine on Oriental Fruit Fly (LAT Reg) + LA Redevelopment Agency Promises Overhaul (LAT Reg) + San Diego County and retirement board at odds over benefits + Agency downgrades San Diego bond ratings + UCSD, Scripps plan major La Jolla centers, and tension is growing

School days: CSU wants to grant doctoral degrees. It would cover some clinical fields, leave Ph.D.s to UC + Mills College outdoes itself, raising $130 million + Attendance on rise in Livermore schools + Newark District contracts with School Services + New judge named to oversee LA clergy settlement + West Contra Costa school reform plan passes (CCT Reg) + Berkeley teachers cut back to technical 'duty day' (CCT Reg) + Slammin' jams prep for SAT exams (SJM Reg) + Schools ban lunch swapping (SJM Reg)

New weapon in prostate cancer battle. UCSF study finds vaccine adds months to men's lives

Arthritis drugs that may be risk. COX-2 inhibitors as a class the focus of FDA expert panel+ FDA Scientist: No Need for COX-2 Drugs

Study Backs Light, Early Epidurals (LAT Reg)

Over-the-counter Supplement Appears Effective In Treatment Of Midlife-onset Depression

Do You Know Your Early Warning Stress Signals?

Slowing Age-Related Macular Degeneration with Vitamins

Understanding How We Hear

A Startling Diary Reveals The Onset Of Autism

International Trial Of Two Microbicides Begins

Tufts-NEMC Researchers Identify Enzyme That Activates Cancer Cell Growth And Invasion

Breast Cancer Treatment Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease

Rat Brain's Executive Hub Quells Alarm Center If Stress Is Controllable

Aging And Death In E. Coli

Study Finds Happiness Persists, Despite Illness; Study Of Dialysis Patients Yields Surprising Findings

Study Finds Markers For Premature Birth Risk At The Molecular Level

Study Explores Risks Of Obesity In Children With Kidney Transplants

Patients With Cancer Have Highly Increased Risk For Blood Clots

Endangered Status  for Polar Bears

Shell Disease Strikes 30% of New England Lobsters (LAT Reg)

Natural Climate Change May Be Larger Than Commonly Thought

New Species Of Coral Discovered Off Southern California

Experimental Domestication Of Foxes Yields Clues To Cognitive Evolution

Mexico blames U.S., Canada for plunge in monarchs

The Fight Over Cyber Oversight

Intel blends silicon technology with lasers

Mini Helicopter Thinks For Itself -- On The Fly -- To React To Dangerous Situations

Will your mobile phone reorganize your life?

Philadelphia Hopes for a Lead in the Wireless Race

A 3-D View of the City, Block by Block

World's Fastest Oscillating Nanomachine Holds Promise For Telecommunications, Quantum Computing

Balloon Carrying Chicago-built Detector Makes Record-breaking Flight

New Measurement Undermines Physicists' Theories For Nature's Hidden 'Particle-force' Collaboration

Robo Toddler Learns to Walk Like a Human


Bush set for fence-mending trip to Europe + Bush aims to placate Europeans on foreign policy

War money: Critics say war-fund request circumvents budget process. New challenges defy anticipation, Rumsfeld tells panel+ Bush war bill includes money for Afghans + Emergency War Funds Questioned (LAT Reg) + Democrats to Back Additional War Spending + Critical Republicans Look to Cut War Request + $250 Billion and Counting

Homeland security intel seeks more cash

Presidential commission weighs national sales tax

Bush administration blurs media boundary

Iran: Bush Sees More Time for Diplomacy Over Iran + Iran warns of 'swift reaction' if attacked + Speculation Swirls After Explosion in Iran (LAT Reg) + 'Rogue States' Join to Defend Against US + Iran spots drones over nuke sites, says it will shoot them down

Iran: We Helped US Get Support for Iraqi Elections

Syria: Bush Tells Syria to Quit Lebanon+ Pressure mounts on pro-Syrian regime over Hariri murder + Syria's role in Lebanon under fire + U.S. Tensions With Syria Escalate + Bush says Syria 'out of step' with Mideast

N. Korea: China's help sought on North Korea talks

Negroponte, Intel Czar: Bush Names Iraq Envoy as Nation's 1st Intelligence Chief + Negroponte held tough foreign assignments + A look at John Negroponte's background

Foreign: Allies Resisting as U.S. Pushes Terror Label for Hezbollah + U.S. Security Envoy Launches Middle East Mission + Next month, Japan, U.S. to supply tsunami warnings + Rice outlines Bush Palestinian money plan

Domestic: Ex-Astronaut Gregory to Be NASA's Acting Chief + Amtrak must be overhauled or junked, Secretary Mineta says + Government may close some airport towers at night + Former White House aide backs some Net regulation + Utah GOP lawmakers rebel against Bush education law + Past Voices of Civility Back New House Effort (LAT Reg)

Social Security, Medicare: Greenspan: 'Ownership' Key Social Security Goal + Borrow Cautiously, Greenspan Advises + Private plans old hat for retirees in Texas + Hints of higher tax cap for Social Security. Bush says he's open to raising cutoff above $90,000 + Bush defends Social Security overhaul + Leavitt defends Medicaid proposal, cost of Medicare drug benefit+ Bush Shifts Pension Stance

Congress: House, Senate bills seek more stem cell funding+ Two drug makers spar with FDA panel over safety of arthritis medicines + Bill aims to close gaps in FOIA law, speed release of documents + Shelby to be Senate GOP finance chairman + Congress splits on SBA budget (CCT Reg) +

Voting, next elections: Fla. official pitches election law changes + Ridge, pollsters met during Bush campaign + Possible '08 candidates meet N.H. visitors + Vermonters from both parties back Jeffords + Sen. Clinton: Let all ex-felons vote


Politically reviewed science

Driving a Flattened Iraq: Engelhardt/Hiro

Celebrating in Quicksand: Robert Parry

$250 Billion and Counting: Charles Peña

Blumenthal: A hirling, fraud, prostitute

Maureen Dowd: Bush's Barberini Faun

MILITARY On Maneuvers With the Army's Game Squad

Program gets troops medical help near home

Sutter, California: Pupil radio-signal test stopped. School district halts program as parents protest badges

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

drops co-founder suit

California consumer data company warns 145,000 of possible identity theft

Where there's smoke, you're fired

US Presbyterians Consider Divesting Over West Bank That Profits From Israel's Occupation of West Bank


SPCA finds new menace to cats -- mice

Vatican University Debuts Satanism Classes + Vatican decries 'religion of health'

Why Do We Overcommit?

Diana Griego Erwin: Once, Americans were united; now we're yelling on street corners (SB Reg)


As high-tech exports drop, US warned it could lose competitive edge

Wal-Mart Earnings Topped $10 Billion in 2004


Probe: Questionable meat from Canada made it to U.S.

Vietnam Expands Poultry Ban to Curb Spread of Bird Flu (LAT Reg)

Plasma Technology Offers Breathable Air In Biological And Chemical Threat Situations

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:   Anglican Church Deeply Wounded in Gay Row -Williams + Judge dismisses charges against anti-gay activists + Beals hits out at gay marriage prejudice

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Conservatives and Rivals Press a Struggling PBS + PBS, Fighting for Relevance, Loses Its Chief

Higher indecency fines OKd by House. TV, radio stations would be subject to $500,000 penalty

Iranian Cleric Blogs for Free Expression

Where's the crime

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

San Francisco: Believe It or Not Museum. Virgin Mary image supposedly can be seen in grill pattern

Challenge yourself on East Bay trails (CCT Reg)

Revered Buddhist remains on tour

Culturally, Berlin Is Ascending, if Slowly

Kennedy items draw top dollar at auction

The real Lincoln + Honest abe, flesh and blood

Swank and Bening in Actress Oscar Rematch

Joe Rigney: Native California Plants

Chinese Used Diamonds To Polish Sapphire-rich Stone In 2500 BC

Historians digging for Florida's past

Tutankhamun Murder Mystery Hangs on March Report

New research pushes back date for earliest humans. African fossils are 65,000 years older than first thought+ 2 Human Skulls Go From Old to Oldest (LAT Reg)

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FEBRUARY 16, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. troops sweep for insurgents across Iraq + Car bomb hits U.S. military convoy in Iraq + Gunmen kill intelligence officer in Iraq + Trainer `leads from the front' + Between the Bombs, U.S. Soldiers Pass Baton + Marine, 3 Iraqis Killed; Turkish Captive Freed + Kidnapped Italian reporter shown on video + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Shiite Leaders Fail to Choose a Prime Minister; Two-Man Race Goes to Secret Ballot+ Race for Top Iraq Post Narrows to 2 Shiites + A look at Iraq's election commission seats + Turkey wary as Kurds assert power in Iraq + Kurds emerge as power brokers + Kurdistan: A Place Apart in Iraq + Key Sunni Arab Group Predicates Its Participation on Troops' Leaving

War prisons: British Troops Face New Charges as Bodies of Iraqi Civilians Are Exhumed + CIA Called Uncomfortable With Role on War Prisoners

AFGHANISTAN: Woman to be governor in Afghanistan + Lawmakers Block Afghan Drug Funds Over Helicopter Concerns

IRAN: Iranian TV reports explosion near Deylam + Iran, Syria team up to confront threats + Iran Military Confirms Explosion Was Building Work + Iran blast cause remains mystery


Israel: Sharon orders talks to begin on Gaza pullout. Israeli leader says he's eager to begin working with Abbas + Israeli Parliament Passes Gaza Compensation Bill + Israel unexpectedly dismisses army chief + Jordan ambassador to Israel back at post + Israelis leaving Jericho

Lebanon: Lebanon killing raises fears of a new civil war. Officials urge calm; tensions between U.S., Syria grow + Huge Crowds Attend Funeral of Lebanon's Ex-Premier + Who benefits from al-Hariri's death? + 'Foreign help' for Hariri inquiry

Palestinian leaders approve new Cabinet

RUSSIA: Ukraine's Premier Will Have Immunity In Russia + Russian mafia becomes legal worldwide + Foreign banks prepare to conquer Russia + Russians restrict foreign access to its oilfields + Russia's FSB recruits whistleblowers with the help of street ads + Mystery still shrouds Beslan

EUROPE: EU ministers to put final touches on stability pact reform

Ukraine revisits state sell-offs

ASIA PACIFIC: Pakistan, India agree on cross-Kashmir bus

Go-getting Vietnamese embrace their rat race

Air pollution linked to chromosome damage in fetuses

Open hostility toward Japan prevalent among Chinese + Frictions surge + Japan-China grievances at a glance

AMERICAS: Drug shootouts kill 12 in northern Mexico + More Deaths Tied to Drug Turf War+ Mexican Bishops call for Chiapas probe

Report: U.S. food sales in Cuba increase

Brazil Sends 2,000 Troops to Restore Order in Amazon Region Where Nun Was Killed


CIA: CIA issues warning on China’s military efforts + Goss Plan to Strengthen CIA Is Ready+ Panel to Hold Hearing on Global Threats+ Sternies hired to make spy ads

FBI:  Mueller warns of threats. Read Mueller's prepared testimony [text] in full. Additional testimony [statement list] from Wednesday's hearing on current and projected national terrorist threats to the US is also available. AP has more + FBI Conducting Intelligence Abroad Without Notifying CIA

Threats: CIA, FBI warn panel on top threats to U.S. + Team predicts a rise in Qaeda terror attacks + Rumsfeld warns of possible terror attack

Al Qaeda: Olajuwon says he trusted accused charities + French official: Militants planned attacks on Eiffel Tower + Yemen: Suspected al-Qaida member surrenders + Habib swears he's no terrorist

United Nations: Official: U.N. was unprepared for Iraq aid

Homeland: Sandia unveils new tool for Homeland Security + Pentagon tests laser warning for planes + Livermore Lab rolls out weapon destroyer + NORAD testing warning system + Matches banned on flights to the US + New Homeland Security Chief Hails Agency Employees

British Sleuths Map Tunnel in Diana's Death

MP Clare Short protests alleged IRA membership

At Rand, Fellows Learn Big-Picture Thinking

Poland's Communist informers caught red-handed on the Net

Taiwan government raids UMC offices over China fab links

Russia's FSB recruits whistleblowers with the help of street ads

Moroccan king names new counter-espionage chief

Shadow of the Files

Covert U.S. Aviators to Get French Award

Eclectic Author Edmund Applewhite Dies

Hotel that saved hundreds from genocide


Judge Threatens Rumsfeld in Anthrax Case

Indiana: Army to begin destroying nerve agent

NEW AIDS STRAIN: Experts Divided on Implications of N.Y. AIDS Case + The Case of the Mutant AIDS Virus


Shanley gets 12 to 15 years for rapes. Victim hopes abuser dies while in prison; former priest eligible for parole in 8 years + More from Boston Globe+ Officials say strides made in security

The Supreme Court Finally Steps Into The Fray Between Online File Swappers And The Major Movie And Recording Studios: The Case of MGM v. Grokster

Martha and Lynne: Comparing Two Stewarts in Deep Trouble

Deaths prompt concerns, reviews on use of stun guns

Philly woman pleads to kidnapping infant during fire, then raising as her own for her six years

N.M. district judge pleads guilty to DWI

Former Washington governor joins law firm

N.J. may garnishee deadbeats' jackpots

New Yorker Finds Niche Cleaning Up Grisly Scenes

Neo-Nazi, associate nabbed in Seattle

Elizabeth Smart kidnap case interrupted by singing

U.S. bankruptcy court hears motion to dismiss Yukos filing

Louisiana Court to Handle Initial Phases of Vioxx Lawsuits

Government to Appeal Decision Barring Pursuit of $280 Billion From Tobacco Industry

Judge Rules Infant With Often Lethal Skeletal Disorder Can Be Pulled From Life Support

Ebbers' Defense Lawyer Grills Prosecution's Star Witness Over Lies

Wife of Enron Finance Chief Seeking Early Release


State to issue ID cards to medicinal pot users. Program is designed to halt stash seizures and prosecutions

CHP sued on medical pot law

BALCO figures' testimony sought in Romanowski trial

'Skinhead' inmate revenge feared

Editorial: Dead and on parole

Californians warned that hackers may have stolen their data

Orange County Law School Gets Accreditation

Sacramento & north: Kings' owners are fined by FPPC + Auburn angry, anxious over bomb incidents + Pipe bomb dismantled at Calif. DMV office + Fifth bomb found, dismantled at Auburn DMV; eco-terror probed

San Francisco, San Mateo: Confessed killer Marvin Patrick Sullivan gets another sanity hearing. Lawyers say he is incompetent, wants to be put to death + S.F.: Witness says McPherson's son slain as part of crime spree + S.F.: Writer Kenneth Kelly charged with possessing child porn + Federal agency sued over plans to divert more water from San Francisco Bay-Delta

Alameda: Judge sentences 'sausage king' to death. Jury earlier found him guilty of murdering 3 meat inspectors at his linguisa plant + San Ramon beating victim slowly mends + Oakland police nab parolee in bank heists + Rapist strikes North Berkeley

Santa Clara: Suit filed against county jailers + Jail funds misused, suit claims + Accused killer heard on tape + Pot growers seek 'organic' label + Police Blotter

Contra Costa: Concord: Mobile home tenants must pay back rent + El Cerrito police seek home invasion rapist + Woman admits to robberies of three banks, police say + Lafayette Police arrest 3, seize drugs

Marin: Victim in crash was speeding, cops say

Sonoma: Jail says inmate properly monitored inmate who died + Flap over Kenwood parties spawns suit

Napa: AmCan kids warm up to on-campus officer

Solano: Judge denies order sought in Grant case + Vallejo murder case goes to jury

Monterey: Shooting defendant feared husband, attorney says + County must pay lawyer $150,000 for successful challenge to jail

Central Valley: Lawsuit challenges Bush plan to increase pumping from Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta to the Central Valley + Stanislaus Sheriff vows to sort out department's bad apples + Gangster violence swings to south + + Lawyer appointed to defend Sabatin + Inmate retaliation feared against prison guards + Most Wanted+ Law & Order

Central Coast: Watsonville man indicted in $20M fraud scheme + Body recovered from surf; death called ‘suspicious’ + Witness IDs friend as killer + Cops and Courts

Southern California: Man pleads not guilty to murder in LA-area train derailment + LAPD's Response Time Gauged + Sex Arrest Shocks Pastor's Friends + Riverside Amusement Park Brawl Might Have Been Started by Gangs + Bad Boys Bail Bonds Indicted + Paraplegic, 36, Faces Potential of Life in Prison + Police Panel to Meet Today on Shooting Policy + Cypress Teacher Is Held After Girl Found in Home + Bakersfield: Effects of lawsuits re: Wal-Mart far reaching

Michael Jackson: Jackson spends night in hospital as a his trial is delayed

Robert Blake: Blake Defense Opens


The Governor:   Wheels of change moving slowly for Gov., Proposals appear to lack support and dialogue in Capitol + Governor and his tin cup + Bottom line top priority on D.C. trip + Issues grow more divisive for Gov. + Stop the Bleeding, Fast + Polarized delegation takes stab at unity. Disputes prevent state's influence from matching size + Gov.'s strategy growing thin + Group backs Gov.'s school changes + Arnold: Trim L.A. school size + Dan Walters: The rhetorical war over California schools has only just begun + Gov. rallies educators to fight critics of his school plan + Gov. rolls out red carpet for Hollywood friends + Hands-On Help From Gov. + Anti-tax policies have starved vital public services

CalPERS: Gov. dealt pension setback by CalPERS + Gov.'s pension plan weathers new opposition at CalPERS + CalPERS board picks Feckner as prez

Water: Time running out on CALFED water agency + Bush will sign water pacts giving Central Valley farmers profits for selling water to metropolitan areas + Lawsuit challenges Bush plan to increase pumping from Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta to the Central Valley

Voracious state agencies do less with much more + Agency overstated savings on car deal, records show

California to get anti-terror cash boost

Legislature: Perata remains in eye of storm + Senator Jiim Batten rejects charges of improper campaign finance + Officials Get Free Trip to Hawaii + Lawmakers stick with SB 25 + Lawmaker Rudy Bermudez too close to prison probe

Caltrans: Caltrans withheld bridge costs data, state auditor says. Agency accused of illegally concealing April 2004 report + Auditor seeks answers

San Francisco court grants request by state to involuntarily dissolve S.F. Neighbors Resource Center, nonprofit that may have accepted tainted campaign donations for Shelley

"Save Our License" may face state probe

R.E. Graswich: Not everyone as fortunate as Matsui with North Natomas investment

State can ease burden for first-time home buyers

Stem cell panel: Free rent an obstacle for S.F. stem cell bid + California scrambles to pay for stem cell research

Indian tribes: Tribal casinos raking in more than Nevada's + Native American studies hearing + Tribes tout casinos as boon to economy + Utah tribe may store spend nuclear rods


Free days on all transit if pollution plan OKd. Commission wants 'Spare the Air' rides for entire Bay Area

Sacramento & north: News from the San Joaquin Valley + Anti-war vigil gets vocal in Land Park + Protest furor a blip in lawyer's success story + City drops effort to aid downtown theater plan + Woodland's council OKs SMUD move + Placer keeps its law in place to allow killing of roving dogs + Sacramento: Energy-saving task force is given a green light + El Dorado supervisor gets seat on Sierra conservancy + Butte: Collision with big rig kills 2 in pickup + Family gives $18 million for new Sutter hospital + Auburn, Rocklin shopping centers sold + Editorial: Another Elk Grove fight

San Francisco, San Mateo: Famed North Beach restaurant badly damaged by fire. Fior d'Italia likely to be closed for as long as 3 months + Fire hits famed Fior D'Italia + Muni riders protest plan to raise fare 25 cents. Alternatives include major service cuts, fee hikes, board told + Cathy Pacific opens headquarters in S.F. + S.F.'s homeless figures + Newsom: Doing it his way by the bay + Muni rides relatively cheap + Toll proposal draws strong reactions + Public makes final plea for no transit changes + Redwood City: Coastal development dilemma + Robin, Ben Bratt, Wilkes and Fior

Alameda: Fremont: Controversial burglar alarm policy delayed + Oakland: $48 million tabbed for port dredging + Livermore will look into housing limit + Livermore OKs added senior living + Fremont to cut programs further + Livermore eyes annual housing cap + Three candidates vie for Pleasanton City Council seat + Thomas Houchins Jr., veteran lawman, dies at 81 + Newark Memorial grad safe, sound + Supervisors support Bay Bridge tower + Animal shelter director on leave + New Oakland fire chief sworn in + 'Family values' group's suit against city tossed + Port delays Jack London project vote+ Chan has big plans for 2006 election + Alameda to assess commute options + Report: Shelters turn away needy

Santa Clara: Los Gatos: Blaze fatal to captain of firefighters probed + Happy Hollow zoo's popular jaguar dies at 23 + Cars burn in Sunnyvale carport + City seeks input on Salvation Army plan + Deep tradition of giving among valley's Latinos + Growth blueprint gets positive feedback from public + P.A. recycling center gets canned + Mtn. View's budget sunnier + S.J. to spend $6.3 million on trade-show tent + Roadshow: Skyport ramp set to open + Action Line: Certificate should be honored + Peninsula in Brief

Contra Costa: Supervisors vote to hold the line on urban growth. Thousands of acres to remain off-limits; some oppose plan as unfair restriction + Supervisors back plan for limit line + Walnut Creek: Trust fund set up for Marine killed in Iraq + Supes renew ambulance group AMR + San Pablo residents feel rushed by city questionnaire + Contra Costa implements hiring freeze

Marin: San Rafael: 2-car accident kills Novato man, 21 + Marin housing market soars + Feds bear down on Ross foot path + Residents urge soundwall for Mill Valley exit + Bill would double fines on Golden Gate Bridge + Santa Venetia home cleans up on TV + Grandmother finally gets her surgery

Sonoma: Santa Rosa Guard troop returns from Iraq + They're home, at last + Santa Rosa: Radio DJ identified in fatal car crash + Fort Bragg sees future in polluted past. Rustic legacy could transform old mill town into tourist attraction + Healdsburg: Retrofit crackdown + SR City Council names tax watchdog panel + SR city utility truck catches on fire + Feds, in shift, OK Bellevue school + Salamanders are free, growth is not

Napa: County to discuss restaurant letter grades in March + PUC student, 21, dies after basketball game + Yountville council candidate suffers heart attack + Napa County gets good financial news, as credit ratings rise

Solano: Farragut students to move to Mare Island? + Tourists coming, but new businesses hesitate + Benicia braces for school closure vote + Principal chosen for new school in American Canyon + New wine storage opens on Mare Island

Monterey: Ready Pac to close processing plant + Council reviews options for libraries + Pebble Beach Co. defends luncheon for public officials + Coastal panel likely to hear about Pebble Beach plan + Legion members turn out to defend post's bar + Student, driver injured in cart accident at MPC + Project vote may be by mail + Rancho San Carlos gets final approval + County approves River Road subdivision + Del Monte restoration lauded

Central Valley: Survey: 2005 economic forecast sunny+ County OKs spending, and hears ideas to alter Crows Landing base+ Lowe's is tooling around Turlock+ Turlock parents upset as school board weighs scattering its students+ Immigrants eat poorly, study finds+ Enron journalist says self-delusion reigned+ Cassandra de la Porte inspired youth on goals+ Painter Ghilotti, of art league+ Community Briefing+ Around the Region+ News & Notes + Condit's children give family update + Report: Pesticide tax, farmer education could lessen pollution + Storm a city slicker + Study: Tracy fire-response goals high

Central Coast: News briefs from California's Central Coast+ Rain, rain and more rain +S.V. forced to slash its city budget + Good news for Aptos trailer park + Fire destroys S.V. home + S.V. schools mull tough cuts + Coast Lines

Southern California: Funeral goers call for 'cease-fire' by LAPD + Hertzberg's challenge is eminence, not ideas + Candidates spar over Valley breakaway + Hahn demands action on guns + Hahn TV ads promote anti-secession fights + Topanga's own + L.A. baits biotech hook + Troubled L.A. hospital King/Drew passes inspection + O.C: + New urbanism' embraces Latinos + Hahn Begins His 1st TV Ads in Reelection Campaign + Parks' Certainty Is His Best, Worst Trait + East L.A. Research Complex Proposed + Lennar Leading Bidder for Last 2 El Toro Parcels + County OKs $550,000 Toward Land Purchase + O.C.: Man Apparently Kills Wife, Shoots Himself + Huntington Beach: Pedestrian Killed When Hit by a Car; Driver Cited + L.A.: New Judge to Oversee Abuse Case Settlements + Fullerton's Downtown Has Free Internet Access

School days: Educators challenging students to research past conflicts to put present in perspective + No incentive for more-experienced teachers to go where they're needed most + Stanislaus State touts alumni — and much more + Teacher pay gap debate fueled + San Juan board closes two schools + LAUSD pay rates favor needy areas + Peter Schrag: Study could trigger meaningful talk on teacher pay + Harvard president confronted over remark + Field narrowing for president of Stan State + Company pulls out of contract to track students + West Contra Costa approves school management changes + El Cerrito H.S.: 'Remedial' books draw parents' ire + Study Is Critical of UC's Wages + UCSC’s online glitch stalls public comment + S.F.: Future school closures likely + Minority schools' teachers make less + Berkeley: Expulsion possible for gun-toting teen

NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars

Pig Stem Cells to Be Used to Grow Human Organs?

Air pollution linked to chromosome damage in fetuses

FDA panel recommends 'black box' warnings for eczema creams

Coffee cuts risk of liver cancer

Rekindling a Patient's Desire for Life

Young Blood Makes Muscles Spry

Fetal DNA Extracted From Mother's Blood

Herbal Extract Shows Promise for Diabetes + Therapy May Jumpstart Type 1 Diabetics' Insulin Production

Family Trees Of Ancient Bacteria Reveal Evolutionary Moves

Emory Researchers Find More Evidence For Children's Growth Spurts, Pain

CardioMEMS Moves Closer To Commercializing Innovative Sensors For Heart Patients

Simpler Blood Thinning Medication Effective For Preventing Blood Clots And Stroke

The Very Unexpected Life And Death Of A Leukemic Cell

Early Epidural Won't Raise C-Section Risk

Transport System Smuggles Medicines Into Brain

Research Focusing On Why Estrogenic Hormones Produce Differing Results

Hypothyroidism Associated With Reduced Breast Cancer Risk

Right Before Your Eyes: Visual Recognition Begins With Categorization

Scientists Document Complex Genomic Events Leading To The Birth Of New Genes

Sandia Researchers Develop Portable Device That Can Detect Heart And Gum Disease Instantly

New Evidence Of Retroviral Involvement In Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Tasmanian Tiger Cloning Attempt Abandoned

Findings By Scripps Scientists Cast New Light On Undersea Volcanoes

Deep-freeze project to save fruit

Intel reports milestone in silicon laser research

High-Tech Car Can Sense Driver's Mood, Mental State

MIT on display

Laurels for Giving the Internet Its Language

Scientists Find Flaw In Quantum Dot Construction

Chinese researchers compromise SHA-1 hashing algorithm

Wave Energy Potential Warrants Further Research And Development, Says EPRI

Space Tether to Send Satellites Soaring

New Rock Type Found by Mars Rover

Unique and comfortable Russian spaceship to fly to the Moon and to the orbital station

Pluto-Charon Origin May Mirror That Of Earth And Its Moon


Gonzales seeks to reinstate obscenity case

Syria: Bush pulls envoy, challenges Syrian conduct. White House takes firm stand against 'destabilizing force' + Russia to Sell Advanced Missiles to Syria + Syria and Lebanon must change course fast to avoid being derailed + The ramifications of Hariri's assassination + US engineers provocation following assassination in Lebanon + Bush turns up heat on Damascus after bomb+ Rice: Ties with Syria worsen + Iran to aid Syria against threats + Syria killer? + US Senators Press Rice for Tougher Action on Syria

Iran: Iran Will Know How to Build Bomb in 6 Months - Israel + Iran warns US over spying as blast highlights nuclear jitters + Iran threatens to shoot down U.S. drones + Iran nuclear weapons program: myth or reality + Satellites spying on Iran + Hellish warning for 'Great Satan' + Blast sparks false alarm in Iran

Foreign: Zoellick gets OK for State Department + Schröder unresponsive to America's advances + Kyrgyzstan Rejects US Request to Deploy AWACS + Kyoto treaty goes into effect. Bush kept U.S. out of international pact on global warming + Bush sees jobs at risk in climate treaty

Domestic: Senate confirms Chertoff as homeland security chief + Bush's top economic adviser leaving post

Judgeship battles: Senate panel to take up Boyle, Myers first among Bush nominees + Senate panel taking up Bush judge picks + Robertson: GOP must push judges through + Report Fuels Questions About Judicial Nominee Wm. G. Myers

Budget: Taming the Medicaid monster + Greenspan Says Entitlement Programs Need Change + Move to pare ag support opposed + U.S. sees dead people on farm subsidy rolls + Senators back Bush on farm cuts + U.S. spending more per soldier than ever + Rice pushes for Bush funding requests + Dems want to add to military money + New, higher veterans fees being considered + Bush's Saving Strategies + As Promised, Kerry Proposes Measure to Add 40,000 Troops

Social Security, Medicare: Bush barnstorms for Social Security fix + Senate GOP set with campaign material for Social Security push + Greenspan urges caution on Social Security

Agencies: Federal agency balks at word 'gay' + Oversight panel to monitor safety of drugs. FDA hopes to restore public confidence + Ex-S.F. supervisor Michael Yaki named to civil rights panel + FDA oversight board has detractors + Norton checks Yellowstone snowmobile plan + Officials fight air-pollution controls

Congress: House opens debate on indecency fines + Lawmakers urge refocusing security efforts + New caucus wants a more civil Congress + Drug Imports Must Be Regulated, Tracked, U.S. Surgeon General Tells Senate + SEN. ALREN SPECTER [R-PA] ANNOUNCES HE HAS CANCER [HODGKINS LYMPHOMA]>+ Panel Hears Ideas for Income, Consumption Taxes

Democrats: 5 Democrats face trial for GOP tire slash+ Investors sue maker of film on Kerry + Sheriff quits U.S. Senate race in Mich. + Dean: New York GOP Chairman Must Apologize or Resign Over Controversial Remark

Voting: States Limit Ex-Cons' Voting Rights, Report Says


Bin Laden's Indispensable Ally: Michael Scheuer

Syria in the Crosshairs: Justin Raimondo

Hariri Killing Sure to Bolster Hawks: Jim Lobe

Iraq Invasion the 'Biggest Cultural Disaster Since 1258'

Why Can't We Provide Even Basic Protection for Our Troops?

Bush Proved Unfaithful to His Faith-Based Promises

Why Kim hates George W

Georgie's mini-nukes are just too cute

Pepe Escobar: From Baghdad to Beirut

McKay: Bush erasing FDR's legacy while waging class warfare

Baghdad Bing!: Stripping Iraq's Election Down to Its Bare Facts

MILITARY A New Model Army Soldier Rolls Closer to the Battlefield

Army investigating ordnance found in driveway material

LEAKGATES  The Latest 9/11 Report, withheld until after the election

Rep. Lewis hopes for high civil-rights turnout in march across Edmund Pettus Bridge, Alabama

Greenpeace protesters get jail terms

Company pulls out of contract to track students

Activists Hope Nun's Slaying in Amazon Is Catalyst for Change

Official Alabama whiskey banned in state

Sacramento: Anti-war protest provokes debate, vandalism

The New Movement to Send Uncensored Books to Cuba


Object lesson: What's behind pop culture's raunchy images of African American women?

Do we need a separate right-wing studio?


Do Opposites Attract Or Do Birds Of A Feather Flock Together?

Blood for pork....

US Contractors: Iraq Civilians Brutalized, Killed

Moscow trades in ideology for business in Middle East

Oman to sign free-trade deal with U.S.

U.A.E. unveils $83.7 million order for Italian helicopters

Iraqi tribal chief looks to do business at Gulf arms show


Fed closer to setting formal inflation targets

Greenspan sees 'good pace' of growth, bond market 'conundrum

In Hollywood, the Rich Get Richer for Free

James Surowiecki on the Procter & Gamble-Gillette merger.

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:   Anti gay bias hits home + San Mateo County may join push for gay marriage + Lesbian seeks right to see child + Bloomberg Steps on Too Many Toes Over Gay Marriage

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Knight Ridder chain buys 5 small dailies. 125 on combined staff won't lose jobs + Knight Ridder Buys Free 'Palo Alto Daily News' and 4 Other Tabs

Reporters in CIA leak lose case, face jail. Journalists have no special rights, appeals court rules + In Wake of Plame Ruling, Federal Shield Law Seen as Best Hope

What Apple Calls 'Trade Secrets' Websites Call News

Pope's new book to hit bookstores in Feb.

How I became the sudden darling of the right-wing media

Blog pundits claim CNN scalp

White House Press Meeting Yields No Credentialing Changes, Yet

The new McCarthyism

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

San Francisco crab festivals and tours

One from the harp

Another Kennedy Auction Brings Out Nostalgia and Wallets

Church of England to mull women bishops

Last child to 'see' Virgin Mary, is buried

Carlee Makes Her Point at Top Dog Show

Human fossils dated to 195,000 years + Age of ancient humans reassessed

New Play: Bitter in Brooklyn

Immortality Through Google

More Pets Getting Nipped and Tucked

Did Da Vinci Have a Hand in This Masterpiece?

Lessons Learned By Observing Squirrels And Blue Jays

Stockard Channing: One tough cookie

Jacque-Louis David: Empire to Exile

Laurence Sterne: A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy

The lost land of Thule: A legend melts away

Germany's First Mainstream Hitler Movie

The First Film From Post-Saddam Iraq

Elevated by the Rotterdam Film Festival

Rush & Molloy: Brad really liked her, April just no's

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Pub fare leaves bad taste

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FEBRUARY 15, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Top insurgents proving elusive. U.S. stepping up pressure on rebels on most-wanted list + U.S. toll in Iraq + Deputy governor in Iraq escapes car bomb + Insurgents Kill GI, 5 Iraqi Security Troops + U.S. troops, gunmen trade fire in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Winning Shiite list picks VP Jaafari for Iraqi premier's post + U.S. likely to see its influence reduced. New government will have own voice on policy, experts say + Iraq's Shiites unlikely to be Iran's proxies. Electoral victory may not boost Tehran's influence + Iraq prime minister candidate exits race + Challenges lodged against Iraq election + Behind the Scene, a Divvying Up of Political Spoils

War prisons: Kuwait: Heart failure killed terror leader, not torture

AFGHANISTAN: Afghanistan to appoint 1st female governor

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon: Israel to Compromise for Peace

Hariri assassination: Beirut blast 'was suicide attack' + Mob blames Syria for Hariri assassination + U.N. works on Hariri killing statement + Dynamic Billionaire Rebuilt His Nation From Ruins of War + Syria diverts blame onto Israel after 'odious' Hariri killing

EUROPE: EU executive backs airplane fuel tax to raise funds for Africa

ASIA PACIFIC: India tsunami relief:

Caste prejudice, red tape, access to villages are hampering government's relief efforts

Thailand Cabinet OKs new infantry unit

Japan's Cabinet OKs missile defense bill

South Korea proposes talks with North + Charm, Fear May Help China Lure N. Korea Back to Arms Talks

Coordinated Blasts in Philippines Kill Seven, Wound More Than 100 + Security beefed up throughout Philippines

At least 203 dead in worst Chinese mine disaster in recent history

AMERICAS: Brazil Workers Party suffers major loss

Colombian Congress gets paramilitary bill

Uribe and Chavez 'clear up' row

Thousands Turn Out for Funeral of American Nun as Battle Over Amazon Development Intensifies


Missile-defense test failure adds to program delays

3 bombings kill 9 in the Philippines. Terrorist group says it's responsible, military announces

U.N. team predicts rise in terror attacks

Pakistan shooting leaves at least 2 dead

Livermore Laboratory security breaches overlooked

U.S. Freezes Assets of Kuwaiti Linked to Al Qaeda

Christopher Looms named MI6 agent in Croatia

NORAD testing laser warning system at Reagan National Airport


White supremacist charged with selling machine guns

Teen Gets 30 Years in Zoloft Murder Case

EU Court: Activists didn't get fair trial in Britain

Lawyer spends a million dollars in quest for a verdict

Restraining Regulators From Making Rules Through Enforcement Actions

Appeals court gives condemned Arizona man new hearing

Detectives testify in priest's sex trial

Girl, 12, accused of strangling sister, 9

Appeals court hears Chinese custody case

Alaska, Land of the Lost


Right-wing movement to split apart 9th Circuit Court should be rejected

InVision settles SEC suit

Brain dead inmate released from custody, parole cut short

Suit filed against Wal-Mart for defective bicycles

Suit Challenges CHP Confiscation of Medical Pot

Sacramento & north: Firm says it can make mortgages go away; judge calls it a scam + Judge rejects Hamlin gag order + Foothill-Highlands violence may end their sports rivalry + Oak Park drug bust nets 58 suspects + Bomb is found outside Auburn's old courthouse + Hate fliers upset residents in several neighborhoods in Sacramento, Auburn region + Worker shot during holdup + Accidents' probes continue + Suspect eludes police chase over Granite Bay car thefts + Two sought in Loomis vehicle thefts + Judge rejects Hamlin gag order + Firebomb Is Found at Courthouse in Auburn

San Francisco: S.F. writer Kenneth Michael Kelley arrested on federal child-porn charges

Alameda: Jerry Brown's curfew + Supervisors request curfew probation information + Oakland: Federal Judge criticizes city, police + Oakland: Judge refuses to delay clergy sex-abuse trial; mediation set to start + San Leandro cops fret over rash of recent carjacks + Judge puts city police on notice + Cigarettes sparked 2 Island fires

Santa Clara: San Jose: Big drop in fatal domestic violence + Fatal fire in Los Gatos raises questions + State releases costly injured prisoner + Domestic violence deaths at 10-year low + Sting nets minister, teachers seeking sex with young boys + Men selling Pomeranians face 50 counts of abuse + Man told not to call woman + Roadshow: Carpool cheaters explain why + Man pleads guilty to hacking WebTV

Contra Costa: Richmond: Man uses backhoe in attempt to rob ATM + Hard to crack ATM with backhoe

Marin: Bicycle maker faces new suit

Sonoma: A teenager's brain isn't a good excuse + Convicted 3-time sex offender Wm Martin Irwin dies in jail + Around the Empire + Slain RP teen's parents still reeling

Napa: Winery says it was a mouse, not a rat, that was found in sandwich + Fugitive molester caught in Canada

Solano: Man visits girlfriend, allegedly stabbed by new boyfriend

Monterey: Salinas market clerk robbed at knifepoint + Arrest of teacher on sex charge dampens school's mood + TV station must pay $185,000 for sexual harassment settlement

Central Valley: Merced girl slain in apparent gang attack + Elderly poodles snatched from car +Law & Order

Southern California: Workers at LA immigrant smuggling 'drop house' sentenced + SoCal man settles suit against West Virginia Episcopal diocese, priest + Son of congresswoman sentenced in Carson corruption case + Wife of LA deputy killed in train crash files wrongful death claim + Eight men (NAMBLA) arrested in SoCal child sex case + Blake sobs as prosecutor closes with recordings about his baby + SoCal nursing home fined in alleged leg amputation + Auto pursuit ends with dangerous foot chase on LA area freeway + Va. school board OKs keeping Bible classes + Carson: Ex-Water Official Is Sentenced for Corruption + Broad Review of LAPD Use of Force Urged + Costa Mesa: Red-Light Video Pauses, for Now + For Crime Scene Investigations, West L.A. Is Going to the Dogs + FBI Arrests Eight Suspects in Child-Sex Sting + 3 Found Dead in Oxnard in Apparent Murder-Suicide + L.A. ready to crack down on blood sports

Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson hospitalized en route to court + Michael Jackson hospitalized with flu

Robert Blake: Emotional Blake Is Helped Out of Court + Blake's Former Maid Recalls Suspicious Car Parked Near His House


The Governor:  Media sometimes appear starstruck by Gov. + The truth about Arnold Click. + Gov. against donation limits + California's returns from D.C. dwindling + 'Donor state' status found slightly less dire than reported + Washington Blamed for Fiscal Woes + California giveaway +

Perata bill seen as foiling donation probes. Critics say measure would blunt inquiry of at least 1 senator California Considers Taxing Drivers -- By The Mile + Matsui agrees to meet foes in two 5th District debates + Family rips lax controls on aides + Both parties should see McPherson is a good pick + Pavley takes stand on standards

West churns out more fuel to heat disputes

Drug firms may back 3 initiatives

For pension boards, politics are nothing new, some say + CalPERS targets emissions + CalPERS sells 101 shopping centers + Gore, state officials laud CalPERS global warming efforts

Was Pat Brown a California icon or merely a so-so governor?

Stem cell panel: L.A. Mayor Offers Free Office Space for Stem Cell Work + Stem cell enterprise under scrutiny

Indian tribes: Casino tribes took in $18.5B in 2004

LOCAL NEWS:   Salmon season cutback feared

BART tried to influence voters in bond election

Sacramento & north: News in brief  + Warring with Wal-Mart + Park district sues Elk Grove over plan for rival system + 18th and L site humming again after 7-month construction break

San Francisco: S.F. gives a Doggie Diner head a home. + O.J. Simpson's brother at wheel of death shuttle. + S.F.: Allegedly misspent funds for Chinatown improvements to be returned + S.F.: Pasadena official to run library system + Fewer homeless people on streets of S.F.. 28% drop since fall of '02, but other counties report higher numbers + Both sides return to bargaining table in hotel dispute + Toll to drive downtown? + London's experiment a success + Supes want input on city transit agency + Restoration of Colma Creek

Alameda: Berkeley: Historic mansion a fixer-upper for $7.2 million. In the '60s, people 'ran around naked' at parties there + Pleasanton: One alive-and-kicking woman shocked at reports of her demise + Oakland: Interim fire chief to get the job today + Livermore council to evaluate Pardee Homes plans + Tri-Valley community TV director put on leave + Union City: Social services agency hopes to buck trend + Livermore: Subsidized housing draws big interest + Heart to heart: San Ramon Medical center gives shocking gift + Oakland child care center to get computer lab + Unincorporated areas tired of absorbing liquor businesses

Santa Clara: Palo Alto: Veterans hospital is promised big gift. Expected $1 million donation to be used to help build guesthouse for patients, kin + School's lease plan worries parents + Redwood City to offer free preschool + Downtown San Jose's Loaves & Fishes marks 25 years + Palo Alto sends garbage plan to trash heap + High school requests arts center that wows + S.J. struggles to set up trade show tent + Intel blog: what the boss thinks + 'Bo Peep' in trouble + Nine take out filing papers for S.J. council

Contra Costa: Martinez: Board faces decision on funds state owes + Martinez: Board to discuss plan to allow growth + Contra Costa freezes hiring again + Concord may enlarge redevelopment area + Orinda weighs reining in home expansions + Scholar explores life in Contra Costa

Marin: High wire rescue in San Rafael + Housing planned at site of old Novato hospital + Services district wants to raise tax

Sonoma: Benton Market's bid to sell liquor draws fire + Ukiah study: Power plant not feasible + Mendocino county mulls organic pot

Napa: Napa students dig deep to help tsunami victims + Deadline looms to register for March election

Solano: Vallejo council member ill + Vallejo may order more financial disclosure + Chamber of Commerce offers to buy city property it leases + AmCan sees shortage of affordable housing + Benicia tries to recoup lost VLF fees + Truck impales Benicia house + Crop-dusting season begins in north county

Monterey: Del Monte restoration lauded + Farr fights Highway 1 signs

Central Valley: College cash can be found+ Get help filling out forms at area financial aid workshops+ Panel deciding which road to take+ Quick, But Romantic+ Valley loses in proposed federal cuts + Twain Harte couple's chickens in peril+ Worker hurt at school building site+ Finance head points to Prop. A1 for help+ Ceres bans smoking inside Smyrna Park+ Around the Region+ News & Notes+ Community Briefing + Stanislaus County has no choice but to sue state for taxes + It takes more than farm regs to solve pollution problems + Only united leaders can fix valley's federal funding +  San Joaquin Valley farmworkers lose out in Bush's budget

Central Coast: Old Metro fare boxes reaching end of the line + Hotel critics launch petition + Farm Bureau warns of growth + Final piece arrives in restoration of historic fire engine+ Coast Lines

Southern California: Loma Linda apartment fire may have been ignited by smoker's oxygen tanks + LA mayor Hahn approves plan to hire hundreds more police officers + Inquiries Shaping Mayoral Campaign + Hertzberg's Vision for Education + O.C. Halts Light Rail and Seeks Options + O.C. supervisor Dooms Resort's Plan + L.A. Mayor Hopefuls Focus on Crime, Race + $3 Million OKd for Placentia Rail Plan + El Toro Parcel Bids Are Up to $443.5 Million + L.A. Ethics Panel to Probe Allegations of Scheme + Riordan Funds Mailer for Council Candidate + Hahn working to stay cool in crossfire + Hahn accepts Plan B for cops + Lawmaker Todd Spitzer weighs bid for OC DA

School days: San Francisco: Schools chief denies targets. Board president insists she told him that 3 campuses could be shut down in June + Ackerman downplays closures + Chung: Chinese schools feeling pinch + Scotts Valley board confronts school diversity issue + Waldorf High team to compete at global issues event + Mass. court rejects school funding suit + Newark: Special education student dispute goes to hearing + Newark district thinks twice about military elective + Using newspapers as a teaching tool + National nonprofit to train principals

Improved bladder cancer test hope + Faulty gene fuels bladder cancer + Dogs 'sniff out' bladder cancer + Cancer surgery preserves sex life

HIV blips 'no cause for concern'

Hope of saliva tests for cancers

Key to intelligence questioned

Potato-Based Vaccine Success Comes Too Late

The Search for the Killer Painkiller

Methamphetamine's Ruinous Effects On Children Documented In Midwest Study

Emory Interventional Radiologists Use Laser Treatment To Zap Varicose Veins

Report Addresses Safety Problem In Preharvest Stage Of Food Production

Gene Therapy For Parkinson's Disease Moves Forward In Animals

Morbidly Obese Pay Nearly Twice As Much For Health Care

PCRM Develops New Animal-free Insulin Assay

Extensive Brain Activity During Listening To Speech Found In Minimally Conscious Patients

Mother's Depression Associated With Increased Risk Of Child's Antisocial Behavior

The Bottleneck Of Central Processing: Clues From Reaction Times

Cricket's Finicky Mating Behavior Boosts Biodiversity

Chimpanzees Show Quality Of Relationship Drives Sense Of Fairness

Discovery May Help Extend Life Of Natural Pesticide

In The Migratory Marathon, Parasitized Monarchs Drop Out Early

Breakthrough System For Understanding Ocean Plant Life Announced

Sexual Cooperation: Mating Increases Longevity In Ant Queens

Microsoft Plans Free Anti-Spyware Program

New chip technology could drive down cell phone prices

New Tech Prevents DVD Copying

Augmented Reality: Another (Virtual) Brick in the Wall

Scientists Find Flaw In Quantum Dot Construction

Grid Expectations For Networked Computing: From Global Earth Monitoring To Black Hole Detection

Heat Response Provides Evidence For High Temperature Superfluidity In Cold 'Fermion' Gas

New NASA IBEX Mission To Carry Los Alamos Instrument To Probe Edge Of Solar System

Sustainable Gas From 'Roasted' Wood Is A Feasible Option


Bush asks for $82B extra, most of it for Pentagon + War budget request loaded with extras

Senate approves Chertoff nomination

Foreign: U.S. withdraws ambassador from Syria + Poor Oversight of Iraq Funds Blamed on Coalition Policy + Kyoto treaty enters into force

Domestic: White House may make NSA the 'traffic cop' over U.S. computer networks + Mineta calls Amtrak subsidy 'nuts' + Fisheries Chief OK With Cut in Funding + Bush Revives Candidacies for 20 Federal Judgeships + Faith-Based Plan Lacks Funds, Ex-Official Says + Ex-Aide Questions Bush Vow to Back Faith-Based Efforts + Rules a home-wrecker, HUD says + Bush may go after a real sacred cow, farm subsidies + Bush Administration Contends Climate Treaty Would Cost Millions of U.S. Jobs

FDA: Acting head of FDA nominated for top job. Bush appointment dismays agency's critics + F.D.A. to Create Drug Safety Oversight Board + Merck's Actions on Vioxx Face New Scrutiny Four Californians win National Medal of Science

Study: Homeless shelters, food in demand

Social Security: A New Idea for Social Security + Greenspan Will Have Ears of All Parties in Social Security Debate


What We Don't Know About 9/11 Hurts Us

Hillarycare, Anyone?

Condi, don't forget Nepal and Togo

Blaming the bankrupt

Paul Krugman: Howard Dean and the fighting moderates

MILITARY  White House Turns Tables on Former American POWs

Doctor back in Army at 48 + Octogenarian receives Army recruiting letters inviting him to re-enlist

LEAKGATES  Appeals court upholds ruling in CIA leak

Anti-war display a flash point

Corporations painted in red and blue. S.F. man politicizes purchasing power

Cat Stevens wins libel damages from British papers over 'terror' charge

Apple attacked over sources row

Government Seizes 'fantasy Passports' Created by Austrian Artist for Contemporary Art Exhibit in Cincinnati

Data Collection Firm Warns Californians That Hackers May Have Stolen Private Information


Alaska, Land of the Lost

Thousands renew "covenant-marriage" vows in Arkansas

Anonymity of Internet brings out the bully in people

Mexico's Mother Teresa Attends Immigrant Amputees

Blood for pork....

UAE concludes 840-million-dollar deals in first three days of arms show


Staph Cases an 'Emerging Epidemic'

New AIDS strain: Officials: San Diego HIV case may be linked to aggressive strain + Gays Debate Radical Steps to Curb Unsafe Sex

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: SEC steps up probe of Chiron + New ideas in fighting flu


MCI Takes the Low Bid

MCI CEO Capellas may be free for HP job

Silicon Valley's global rivals gaining

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Redwood City, Ca: Gay couple is refused right to wed + Keyes' Daughter Speaks Out + Russian Supreme Court refuses to legalize gay marriage + Gay marriage camps gather near City Hall, Riverside, CA

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Judge Backs Governor's Freeze on Journalists

Local politics garners less TV coverage

Judge's Libel Suit Against Boston Paper Goes to Jury

On the Latest Ruling in Plame Probe

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Bay Area: Indian dancing this weekend

Danville film fest filled with kids' stars

Residents want to buy Hemingway home

Ancient Iraqi artifacts to be returned

Scholar looks at Hollywood's high schools

Rome's mythological origins might have a ring of truth

Mysterious e-mails: epistolary brings out voyeur in readers

It's a Bird ... It's a Plane ... It's the Fading Future of Comics

This Birdie Isn't Par for the Course

Tioga Pass offers backcountry bliss

Glider drops poppie seeds from the sky

Girls will be boys in London fashion shows

Janet Reno's edifying dance party

Her life is a dog

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

FEBRUARY 14, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Saboteurs target oil pipeline in Iraq + 4 U.S. Troops Among 11 Dead + Death toll - 1,461 + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Shiite alliance appears to hold slight majority in new assembly. Not enough power for unilateral rule + Slim margin means Shiites will need allies. Secular parties won't accept Islamic state + U.S. said to pay Iraq contractors in cash + With Win, Iraqi Shiites Walk Softly in New Landscape + Shiite and Kurdish Slates Win 75% of Votes in Iraq + Shiites Walk Softly in New Landscape + Iraqi Election Catapults Critic of U.S. to Power + In choice of new leader, possible shift from US + Kurds want a top post, expanded area of autonomy + Vote Gives Shi'ites a Mandate for Islamic Law + Shi'ites Take Absolute Majority in Parliament + Trio of Sistani-Backed Shi'ites Vying for PM + When losers are winners + Allawi miscalculated and never connected with Iraqis, analysts say

War prisons: Judge questions gov't response to detainee + Habib abuse claims could be true: Downer

AFGHANISTAN: Black Box of Afghan Plane Is Found + U.S. Envoy Says Senior Taliban Take Up Amnesty Offer + Isolation, Pride Could See Panjsher Left Behind

IRAN: Iran hardens nuclear stance + Tehran Protests US Use of Drones

MIDDLE EAST: Israel delays transferring security control of Jericho to Palestinians

Mideast training program backfires. Palestinian security officers schooled by U.S. later used tactics against Israel + Israeli Cabinet OKs release of 500 Palestinian prisoners. Ministers receive threatening letters from foes of pullout + Sharon targets Jewish extremists + Palestinian militants hold fire

KILLING OF LEBANON FORMER PM HARIRI Explosion kills Lebanon's former prime minister Hariri + Huge Car Bomb Kills Lebanon's Former PMr + Billionaire Hariri led Lebanon rebuilding + U.S. Warns of U.N. Penalties After Lebanon Killing + Analysis: Simon Jeffery + Obituary: Rafik Hariri + Who killed Rafiq al-Hariri? + Profile: Rafiq al-Hariri + + Chronology of assassinations in Lebanon + TV images show unknown group claiming responsibility for Lebanon

U.N.: Egypt not making atomic weapons

Israel installing northern West Bank fence

RUSSIA: Communists Call for Putin Ouster

Russian bodybuilder becomes millionaire and prisoner in the USA -

EUROPE: Serbian President Draws Anger in Tour of Kosovo

Russia's Kaliningrad enclave to become part of EU and euro zone

Angela Merkel: The iron lady of German politics hoping to emulate Thatcher's unlikely rise to power

AFRICA: Crowds in Togo protest new president

Could Sudanese deal inspire secession? + Sudan opposition pushes for war trials abroad

Cameroon vote: Democracy or fraud?

ASIA PACIFIC: South Korea: N. Korea not a nuclear state + China, Russia to push for new talks with North Korea + Japan back to wait-and-see on North Korea

AMERICAS: Brazil police seek nun's murder suspects

Beijing Reports Closing Illegal Internet Cafes

Elaine Cassel: The Lynne Stewart Guilty Verdict: Stretching the Definition of "Terrorism" To Its Limits

New attack on democratic rights in Lynne Stewart case


State Dept. Relaxes Visa Rules for Some Scientists and Students

N.J., N.Y. pull gas masks from service

Flora Family Foundation (HP) donated money to charity with ties to infamous cult

Airport Screener Fails to Detect Butcher Knife

Pakistan Will Be Failed State by 2015: US Report

Spy world

The US Stands Accused of Kidnapping German citizen

Hoffa lead comes to nothing

Israel: Intelligence or diplomacy?

One held on espionage charge

Expelled diplomat linked to US secrets + Canberra ousts envoy over relation with gov't worker

Chinese high-tech espionage growing in US China's Big Export

The coffee shop spy mystery

Ukraine to create national bureau of investigation

Embraer's India deal should reach $250 mln

Tailor-Made for the CIA


Philippine Blasts Kill at Least 10 People in Manila, Two Southern Cities

Ballistic Missile Defense System Fails Another Test


Dollar Falls Against the Yen, Euro; Japan's Current Account Surplus Grows

Verizon on verge of acquiring MCI for $6.6 billion

Applying 'HP Invent' to Its PC Business

Restaurants Dishing Out New Looks

'Divorced' from GM, debt-ridden Fiat can set sights on new alliances

The Internet alternative

Diary Of A Demo

Technology's top deal makers

Court Approves Bankruptcy Plan for Trump Hotels


Tsunami victims to sue hotel chain, NOAA

Jury Begins Deliberations in Zoloft Defense Trial

Alleged mall gunman had Columbine interest

Man Tried to Engineer Sex, Suicides, Police Say

Letourneau, ex-pupil to wed after prison

Officer testifies in Md. ex-priest's trial

Mich. mayor blacklists those who sued city

Ex-wife of pedophile priest speaks out

Mom-to-be says 'instinct' aided survival

Tennessee: Learn English, Judge Tells Moms

Foster crisis for sexually aggressive youths

Students, parents often kept in dark about young sex offenders

J.P. Morgan Paying $2.1 Million in Settlement of Alleged Failure to Save E-Mails

Fines Levied Against Insurance Companies Over Hurricane Claims


Police lineups' flaws spur new approach

Megan's Law lets schools keep eye on neighbors + Law site short on details + Long path to registry + Offenders fear backlash

Fighting Net crime with code

R.E. Graswich: Required classes aim to break state prison employee 'code of silence'

Executive Life Case About to Go to Trial

Sacramento & north: New law, car-seat checkups have children sitting pretty + Back-seat Driver: RT sets rules for teens, but will they be enforced? + Police advise of charges in hazing death

San Francisco, San Mateo: S.F.: Police identify hit-run victim + Driver changes story about fatal incident

Alameda: Oakland: Good Samaritan dies of hit-run injuries + Sledgehammer used in road-rage incident + Newark looks to fill police ranks + Hayward family struggles to find solace after slaying of father, husband

Santa Clara: Fireman killed in mishap at blaze + CHP crackdown isn't evident to motorist + License plate covers deserve day in court

Contra Costa: ATM robber's backhoe a no-go

Marin: Woman appeals cough syrup citation

Napa: Napa PD getting some hot wheels + When the health inspector calls + Rats! Couple sues St. Helena winery +   Drug sniffing dogs patrol local schools

Solano: Police chase on I-80 ends in crash, arrest

Monterey: Armed man robs Salinas pizza parlor + Spousal shooting trial to begin

Central Valley: Injured parolee still sought by Oakdale police + Police: Hells Angels' cruise yields citations + Law & Order

Central Coast: Local businesses narrowly avoid overseas scams + Cops and Courts

Southern California: L.A. man accused of strangling his wife, slashing own wrists + Public meetings on police shooting planned in LA + Dad's Death Devastated Slain Boy + 21 Arrested at Cockfight in Lancaster + The Cost of Change at the LAPD +  Toll road may cut through surfers' beach at San Onofre + L.A. early release program criticized

Michael Jackson: Jury selection resumes in Michael Jackson trial + Jackson Returns for Jury Selection + Bryant, Taylor Among Jackson Witnesses

Robert Blake: Prosecution About to Rest in Blake Trial + Witness Says Blake Withdrew Big Money Before Wife's Slaying


The Governor: Gov. energizes state GOP + Gov.  gets GOP backing + State GOP unified at convention +  Divisions among Republicans remain as deadline approaches for special election.+ Governator GOP's fast choice for '06 + 'Collectinator' heads to D.C. to discuss aid, base closings + Board cuts are a hitch in Gov.'s big overhaul. 88 commissions could be eliminated + Gov.'s redistricting plan hits politicians where it hurts + Some Wonder if L.A. Sheriff Baca's on Gov.'s Team + Consultant army aids Gov. + Medi-Cal proposal shifts needy to managed care + Gov.'s prescription makes drugs affordable + Dan Walters: Pacific Lumber logging plan poses dilemma for Gov. + Secretary of state nominee Bruce McPherson a prudent choice + Gov.'s Gambit Takes the Game

Legislature: Lawmakers oppose redistricting plan + The buzz: 'New' New Lou Papan ready for state Senate run + Bad blood over big-time lobbyist Darius Anderson's big bashes + Bill targets nursing programs

U.S. Offers Aid in California After Mudslide

Stem cell panel: Stem cell enterprise under scrutiny + Advocates question Calif. stem cell research plan

Indian tribes: Tribal college closes, but students fight to reopen classes + Bay Area officials: Stem tide of casinos + California gamin' all about suckers + Taking a chance; Aging gamblers are on a roll at burgeoning casinos -- fun for most, a problem for some + Gambling's aftershocks: 'Little by little, they get hooked'

LOCAL NEWS:   Cities see future on other side of line in Contra Costa County, Roddy Ranch news

Sacramento & north: Pensions contribute to county's budget woes + Local doctors recall tsunami mercy mission + Divided by a White Curtain

San Francisco, San Mateo: San Francisco: Muni diesel deadline passes without action + S.F.: Coronet movie house earns short reprieve + Riders ask Muni to have a heart

Alameda: Man killed on Highway 13 + Fremont: Saddle Rack to raise roof, funds + Hospital seeks bond oversight help + Kaiser Cove's racing meets are remote-controlled boatload of fun + Getting new street smarts in Alameda + San Leandro employees sacrifice raises + Pleasanton: Reporting political donations studied + Developer wants San Lorenzo property for housing + Concannon carries the torch for Livermore wine country + City may ask for report on Pardee

Santa Clara: Los Gatos:  Downed power line kills firefighter at home blaze. Newly promoted captain is first to die in the line of duty in department's history + Race to build downtown S.J. towers + It's wedding day for county clerks + Preschool targets autistic students + For devoted couple, love defies prognosis + P.A. council set to resume debate over garbage facility + Roadshow: Shoreline ramp to ease backup

Contra Costa: Richmond finally rights its own ship + Dublin to review five plans for base

Marin: Non-native deer at Pt. Reyes Seashore get eviction notices + Business of romance is blooming + Second try for language class + They came together under one roof + Ross voters asked to pay for rebuilding school

Sonoma: 'Furrr Ball' draws 150 Dozen escape taqueria blaze + Run for the Roses + Saving salamander could cost $400 million + Thoughts from high above, down below + Animal-rights kooks turn on our PALS

Napa: Local financier who helped Moskowite now backs Martin, with an eye toward toppling two supervisors + Public ignorance is bliss for dirty restaurants + Local restaurants skirt the law when it comes to telling diners about cleanliness and health + Other counties use variety of health tools + Flood money going to pipeline study + Napa River restoration may allow steelhead to flourish + Activists use Valentines to protest foie gras + Officials thank community at grand opening of Hospice of Napa Valley + Council candidates finally in their respective patterns + Mayor race gets hot

Solano: Concert crowd feels the spirit + Cupid's arrow need not cause financial pains + + Swanky new office strikes a sour note with county official + No one seriously hurt in crash + Kohl's accepting contest entries

Monterey: Winner from the start + Council interviews applicants for Pacific Grove commissions + Meals on Wheels gets $50,000 donation + New county administrative building nearly finished + Salinas panel kicks off drive to reopen city libraries

Central Valley: Medicare is spiraling into crisis + Marine welcomed by 'moms' + Turlock seniors' complex growing+ Year of the Rooster+ Churches renew marriage guidelines + Plans peg locker room cost at $4.6M+ Last-Minute Valentines for Sale+ Around the Region+ News & Notes Vocalist slowed by heart + Happily wed? You can say that again + Delta smelt meltdown indicates other problems  + Livingston High reassignments teach lessons in accountability + News from the San Joaquin Valley + Tracy close to hiring new city manager + Highway 99 transition to interstate could cost billions

Central Coast:  Everything’s coming up roses +  P.V. High campus nearly complete + Young altruist rides into Americana + Underwater Christmas trees found in coral forest + Coast Lines + News briefs from California's Central Coast

Southern California: Grants to be offered to SoCal mudslide victims + Firm's King/Drew Work Criticized + Fords Feeling the Desert's Warmth + Flood Aid Fills Needs -- at a Cost + January restaurant closures in O.C. + Tour of Orange County, on Movie Screens + L.A.: $4 million park Gift Lost, Found + Pastor Urges a Positive Fight for Justice + Hahn: The inside story + Alarcon: everybody's second choice + Debate does well on local TV, even during sweeps + Hertzberg poll: It's a tie with Hahn + Hahn's way Onofre + L.A. early release program criticized

School days: Stanislaus State benefits from celebrity speakers  + San Francisco: District forced to close schools. Lower enrollment brings funding drop + Newark district thinks twice about military elective + Fremont teachers receive memorial art fund grants + Oakland school marches on at Army base + More colleges requiring health insurance + Ohio mulls academic 'bill of rights' + Spellings urges better college information + Fremont schools get candid about sex + Fair Oaks: Some kids ask: A new school, again? + Campuses study to make the grade + Santa Cruz chancellor brings engineering spirit + College Aid for the Asking +  Monterey students take H.S. exit exam + New UCSC chief ready for challenge + Dreaming big re: breaking up L.A. school district + Tenure makes teacher firings rare + Peer program provides counseling, accountability + Spellings Calls for Better Information From Nation's Colleges

Blood for pork....

Pentagon Finds Druyun May Have Swayed $3.5 Billion in Air Force Contracts + More Air Force contracts to be probed

Report May Lift Clouds Over Boeing

Contractor said to be paid $2m in cash

Firms flock to Abu Dhabi for largest arms bazaar in Mideast + Germany bags major UAE arms orders


Soviet 'bacteria attack' was planned

More West Nile cases feared in Riverside, CA

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Flu shots don't save lives in elderly, study suggests

2 new patients may hold clues to potent HIV. Strains analyzed for possible links to N.Y. man's virus

Gene may help restore hearing. Deafened guinea pigs re-form crucial hair cells, respond to sound + In a First, Hearing Loss Is Reversed in Deaf Mammals

New Study Hits Three Pain Killers

HIV Transformed Into Cancer Seeking Missile + Altered HIV Attacks Mice Tumors

New Study Links Vioxx, Celebrex, Bextra to Increased Cardiovascular Problems

Research May Hold Promise For Treating Alzheimer's

NIDCD Scientists Report New Findings On Inner Ear Hair Cell Stereocilia Formation

Prior Caesarean Delivery Not Linked To Increased Risk Of Stillbirth

Researchers Uncover Secrets Behind Nanotube Formation

Rats Infected As Newborns Grew Up Vulnerable To Memory Problems During An Immune Challenge

Novel 'Canary On A Chip' Sensor Measures Tiny Changes In Cell Volume; Provides Assay Results In Minutes

Joslin Scientists Show Knocking Out Two Key Signals Will Cause Type 2 Diabetes

Induction At 32 Weeks Possible Action For Expectant Moms With Premature Membrane Rupture

Marijuana Use Affects Blood Flow In Brain Even After Abstinence

Opposing Fat Metabolism Pathways Triggered By A Single Gene

Older People With 'Alzheimer's Gene' Find It Harder To 'Remember To Remember' Even If They're Healthy

DNA Recombination And Repair -- A New Twist To RecA Function

Gender Bias In Child Growth Evaluations May Miss Disease In Girls

Circles Of DNA Might Help Predict Success Of Stem Cell Transplantation

New Breast Cancer Test Could Save Lives

Pilates and pregnancy

Yoga, Pilates or both

For the autistic child, time matters

Fast-acting medicine

Mysteries abound on heart failure and women

Blind Student 'Hears in Color'

Poor Cell Memory Is Key to Cancer

Cosmonauts suffer from low potency and psychological problems

Pineapples are painkillers

Sniffing out a lethal link between birds, beetles. S.F. researcher tracks poison over 9,500 miles

Earth Gets A Warm Feeling All Over

Want To Petrify Wood Without Waiting A Few Million Years? Try This

Entomologist unearths mystery of plague ants

Monotreme fossil surprises scientists

U.S. Cities Eye Ocean Waves for Power Supplies

Editing software for digital cameras

Featherweight MP3 players that will knock you out

Japan's Army of Machine Beings

Can This Black Box See Into the Future?

Computer Cracks Go Game

Improving Computer-supported Work Through Scenario-based Evaluation


Bush Wants $82B More for Iraq, Afghan Costs + Bush's Latest $82 Billion Request for Wars Pushes Total Past $300 Billion

Bush urges renewal of Patriot Act + Bush Calls on Congress to Renew Anti-Terror Law +
Transcript of President Bush's remarks

Bush Sends Back Judicial Nominees, Renewing Fight With Democrats

Bush Will Name Crawford as His Choice to Lead FDA

Gonzales Is Sworn In as Attorney General

U.S. to buy food abroad for aid program

Refugees' Tales Heard by Powerful Audience of One

Wyoming, feds wrangle over wolves

Advocates for battered women angry over federal proposal to spend $1.5 million promoting marriage to parents on welfare

Senator Urges White House to Join Talks on Iran

After Bush Leaves Office, His Budget's Costs Balloon

Hadley more Clark Kent than Superman

President's Budget Cuts Funding for Fisheries Programs

Social security, Medicare: Medicare's financial future bleaker than Social Security's + GOP Senator Urges Drug Plan Rewrite + GOP sen.: W may raise taxes to save Soc Sec

Democrats: Sen. Clinton urges U.S.-Europe alliance + Democrats Seek to Outmaneuver Republicans by Imitating Their Strategy + Senator Boxer to donate flowers to wounded soldiers + GOOGLE Gives Big to Democrats...

Voting: Study: $100M spent on TV ads in Ohio race


Upside for the U.S. in Iraq Election: a Democratic Government. Downside: They Might Not Like Us An AP News Analysis

The Sharansky Fallacy: Justin Raimondo

Sorenson: Lies, Damn Lies and Rice

Sandbagging the EU: Gordon Prather

Valentine for Unknown Soldier: Teresa Whitehurst

Partial eclipse of the Sunni

Paid to Fight, Paid More to Die: N. Joseph Potts

Iranian Shadow Falls Over Baghdad: Aaron Glantz

Strategic Analysis: Bush's Middle East Policy Paradox

Bill Clinton Extraordinary Davos Interview: On Iran; Debt; the Dollar

The Real Agenda: Wall St. `Privatizers' at Cato Conference

Behind Privatization Door Lurks a Killer: `Tax Simplification'

There will be weeks of horsetrading, but there is a Sunni shadow over the result

MILITARY  The coalition at U.S. Central Command

Sliming American troops

Senator seeks to eliminate patriot penalty

Army Creates Medal for Troops Who Come Under Fire

Part-Time Warriors, Fully Committed

Marines Face Tougher Recruiting Questions

Is the Army's manpower problem so bad it must now recall the injured?



Nun who saw Mary in apparitions mourned

Digital cable adds 'Dating on Demand' + Online dating tries to rekindle the love + Picky suitors narrow search to niche sites + Singles turn to the pros to boost their chances

The Parent Trap

Surviving the Dresden Firestorm + Dresden Remembers, Neo-Nazis Suffer Bad Amnesia + A Multimedia Overview of the Firestorm

Deep Sea Creatures - Found At Seaside After TSUNAMI

MILITARY  The coalition at U.S. Central Command

Sliming American troops

Senator seeks to eliminate patriot penalty

Army Creates Medal for Troops Who Come Under Fire

Part-Time Warriors, Fully Committed

Marines Face Tougher Recruiting Questions

Is the Army's manpower problem so bad it must now recall the injured?


Beijing Reports Closing Illegal Internet Cafes

Elaine Cassel: The Lynne Stewart Guilty Verdict: Stretching the Definition of "Terrorism" To Its Limits

New attack on democratic rights in Lynne Stewart case


Nun who saw Mary in apparitions mourned

Digital cable adds 'Dating on Demand' + Online dating tries to rekindle the love + Picky suitors narrow search to niche sites + Singles turn to the pros to boost their chances

The Parent Trap

Surviving the Dresden Firestorm + Dresden Remembers, Neo-Nazis Suffer Bad Amnesia + A Multimedia Overview of the Firestorm

Deep Sea Creatures - Found At Seaside After TSUNAMI

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  McCollum: 'L Word' goes far past kiss on 'O.C.'  + ALAN KEYES DAUGHTER COMING OUT + Penguins 'have a right to be gay'  + Florida Groups Meet In Orlando To Push Gay Marriage Ban + District bars gay dance at high school

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Changing habits of the news junkie

At PBS, a fragile state of balance

British reality show 'tortures' volunteers at Guantanamo-style prison

Embrace the New, Christian Media Conferees Learn

Why accusations of bias have the press worried

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Desert Depot: Old train station will be Mojave oasis

Pullman porters, maids center stage at Oakland museum

Traditional Latino trios are melting many hearts

A passion for philately

Armenians building a theatre of their own in L.A.

East Palo Alto film festival focuses on black history

A New Look for 'Orange County 30s-Era Bikers Bar?

Argentine Painters of a Timeless Style Showcase a Century of Art

Ancient Statue Of Hermes Fitted For Earthquake Protection

Ancient Engravings Found In Somerset Cave

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FEBRUARY 11, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Insurgent attacks fuel fears of rising violence in Iraq + Iraq Car Bomb Explodes in Balad Ruz Hours After Rumsfeld's Visit to Mosul + 23 die in bakery, mosque attacks in Iraq + 6 Iraqi police officers killed in 'triangle of death'. 4 die in Baghdad bombing -- Rumsfeld visits Mosul, reviews local security forces + A glance at troops visited by Rumsfeld + Iraq Violence Surges; Rumsfeld Visits + Rumsfeld pays unannounced visit to Iraq as anti-Shiite attacks resume + Polish troops won't leave Iraq in 2005 + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports + Click. U.S. and Azerbaijani troops work together at Iraq's massive and critical Haditha Dam

War prisons:  Full probe for Army's mud melee + Australia knew of my abuse - Habib + Senior British Soldier Emotionally Denies Role in Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

AFGHANISTAN: NATO to Increase Size, Scope of Deployment

IRAN: Iranian Exiles Protest Tehran and Its Nuclear Agenda + India hopes to conclude gas pipeline deal with Iran by June + Rafsanjani Warns U.S. Against 'Adventures' in Iran

MIDDLE EAST: Cleric-backed candidates win in Riyadh

Many Kuwaitis praise militant crackdown

Abbas heads to Gaza to confront militants+ Palestinian security chiefs sacked after militants attack. Abbas responds quickly in test of nascent cease-fire + Abbas Fires 4 Commanders After Attacks on Settlements + Abbas to urge militant leaders to uphold truce in Gaza meeting

EUROPE: Germany to curb neo-Nazis ahead of ceremonies celebrating end of WWII

Whistle-stop Blair unveils election pledges

Ukrainian President Heads to Switzerland for Medical Consultation About Poisoning

AFRICA: Kenyan adviser silent on resignation

ASIA PACIFIC: U.S. Rejects North Korea Demand for Direct Nuclear Talks + North Korea's nuclear boast puts pressure on neighbors, U.S. + North Korea Escalates Its Nuclear Threat

Aceh rebels, Indonesia to resume talks

AMERICAS: Police retake crowded Argentine prison

Mexico's drug war pits government against former elite commandos

Venezuela to Go Ahead With Arms Purchase From Russia Despite US Worries


U of Texas out of Los Alamos bid, joins with Sandia Laboratories

Antiterror Test to Follow Winds and Determine Airborne Paths

Hungary agent, informant names leaked

FBI informant who set himself on fire is to be called in Sheik trial

Lost Halliburton nuclear material found

United Nations: Annan vows United Nations reforms

'Private' Armies March Into a Legal Vacuum

Report says Sinn Fein OK'd bank robbery by IRA guerrillas

Australia knew of my abuse - Habib

F.B.I.'s Recruiting of Spies Causes Rift With C.I.A.

FBI spy chief asks private sector for help

Canberra ousts envoy over relation with gov't worker

Spy case a sign of historical tensions with Pretoria

Germany dismisses war-crimes case against Rumsfeld

Embraer's India deal should reach $250 mln

Instruments of doom

The Asian Century has arrived, concludes US intelligence

Watergate defense lawyer James Bierbower dies at 81

The National Security Archive

1956: 'Cambridge spies' surface in Moscow

Click. A case before European court of human rights could open the door for Holocaust survivors to reclaim property stolen by the Nazis


Data: Most Judges adhere to sentence guidelines

Lawyer Is Guilty of Aiding Terror + Lawyer Lynne Stewart to appeal terrorism conviction + Convicted lawyer didn't hide radical ways + Lawyers divided over impact of terrorism conviction

Defense rests in teen Zoloft murder trial

Sharper Image, Consumer Reports settle Ionic Breeze libel lawsuit

Pregnant Ky. woman kills attacker

Mich. man admits to Zig-Zag cigarette paper scheme

Arizona revisits the Jury Patriotism Act

Texas father criticized after baby's death

Steroids: Giambi apologizes profusely -- although he neglects to say for what

China: Court Said to Reject American's Appeal

Abuse cases face double standard

Civil commitments are focus of thorny constitutional debate

HealthSouth's Scrushy Told Finance Chief Owens to `Engineer' His Way Out


California justices set rules for death row retardation claims + Judging if a killer is retarded

Appeals court tosses cities, counties lawsuit against gun makers + Court rejects suits against gun makers

Judges, attorneys to discuss pay and judicial discipline

State sues finance firms

Lockyer: Suit targets 'trust mills'

Canadian firm sued by state re: gaming the market during energy crisis

Calif. Prison in Lockdown Over Plot to Kill Guards

Sacramento & north: Arrest made in one of three alleged eco-terror arsons + Auburn: (Placer County) Man charged in eco-terror attempt + High-tech crime fighters + Two shoot at invaders; man killed + Bickford Ranch construction can resume, judge decides + Woman held after fleeing CHP officer + Pilot killed in Sierra crash is identified + Man found shot dead near park pond + Judge hears Hamlin gag order request

San Francisco, San Mateo: San Francisco: Parolee's visit ends in death. He and girlfriend shot near his mom's + Redwood City: Teen cut his aunt's throat, D.A. says + S.F.: 2 men shot, wounded in Visitation Valley + San Mateo: Man is found dead in burned-out garage + Mayor Newsom orders sweep of litterbugs. 400 city workers to be deputized to ticket S.F. scofflaws, assess fines of $80-$1,000 + Redwood City: Court concludes murder suspect not competent + Photography student arrested + Family to sue Muni, S.F. over daughter's death

Alameda: Livermore: City ruled not liable in fatal copter crash + Oakland animal shelter being probed by police + Oakland: Coach accused of attacking referee balks at plea offer. His lawyer calls soccer incident case of mistaken identity + 'Riders' investigator stands by report + Search for pet cemetery ends in jail + Man accused of misusing Megan database tied to second case

Santa Clara: Sunnyvale: 'He turned around and just floored it and hit them again,' witness says. Family of 4 on walk hit twice by driver -- 2 still in hospital + Cupertino: Turns out 'woman' in tight shorts was man (registered sex offender trespassing on middle-school campus) + Driver accused in rampage said to be mentally distraught + Pair accused in beating suggest man dealt drugs + China court rejects retrial + Let's hope the thieves will take the bait

Contra Costa: Judge Minne approves sex predator Verse's move to Bay Point + Bay Point: Arsonists strike playground twice in 2 days. Elementary school says it will raise money to rebuild + Predator will live in cottage, judge rules + Police search for female bank robber + Sting exposes unlicensed contractors + Verse will move to Bay Point + Pleasant Hill: Innocent plea in 'Nigeria' fraud case + Richmond man found guilty of woman's murder

Marin: McDonald's settles suit over trans fats + Agencies warn against consumption of trans fat + Court says county had right to hike couple's property tax by 28%

Sonoma: Curtain closes on rapist Bill Irwin's 30-year career + Sex offender gets 100 years to life + Judge dismisses murder charge re: one man accused in Christmas day brawl

Napa: Molester jumps bail before verdict

Monterey: Elder abuse charges dropped + Marina mayor's daughter could face jail time + Salinas man shot in mouth

Central Valley: Lawyers question sweeps by police + Attack on postal carrier believed racist + Fraud probe widens + Gambling is alleged at Atwater bar + Daniloo charges decision delayed + Teen dead, man injured in Merced after car shot up in drive-by attack + Law & Order

Central Coast: Cops and Courts

Southern California: After killing of teen, LA police look to limit shootings at cars + School buildings located above LA quake fault to be removed + Profile: Richard Alarcon + Panel Finds '04 Shooting Broke Rules + OC: These Dogs Nose Around, Seeking Drugs + Rape Accuser Again Cries Under Cross-Examination (Haidl) + Irvine: Driver Alleges Officer Assault + Hit-and-Run Suspect Dies When Pinned by Westminster Police Car + Explicit E-Mails Lead to Arrest of Teacher + Man Guilty of Rapes in Inglewood, Westchester + OC: Severely Beaten Man Found Dead Near Tracks

Robert Blake: Blake Witness' Credibility Attacked


The Governor:  Gov. appoints McPherson secretary of state + Audio regarding Schwarzenegger's choice for secretary of state + Gov. renews call for state pension overhaul + Gov. ousts CalSTRS appointees who oppose his pension plan + Gov. fires 4 members of teachers retirement panel + State pension battle begins + In a move that could tip California's powerful state Fish and Game Commission more toward environmentalists' interests, Gov. withdrew his nomination of commission member Marilyn Hendrickson Click. + Analysis: Door open for budget compromise + Republican convention part of preparation for election showdown + Gov., Dems prepare for showdown + Gov. intrudes in LA mayor's race, backs breakup of LAUSD + Gov.'s Drug Plan Inferior, Analyst Says + Dan Walters: Sunshine would be better approach to campaign finance issues + Editorial: Scattershot dynamite by Gov. + As We See It: State leaders bound for Washington + Budget chair may withhold prison money in guard's murder dispute

Anti-illegal immigrant group may have broken state finance rules

Voters Might Face Flood of Fall Ballot Initiatives

Matsui set for debate if it's civil

Honda lobbies colleagues in bid for Democratic post Click.

Lee tries to boost state sex-ed funds

California Democrat Lee tries to boost federal money for state sex

Pombo leads effort to rewrite Endangered Species Act Click.

Legislature: Assemblyman Nation jumps into health-care reform battle + Lawmakers make health-care pitch + Radical health bills floated + Torlakson bill seeks Caltrans reorganization + Pair authoring universal state health package +

Stem cell panel: Hall expected to guide stem cell institute. Neuroscientist would become interim president of enterprise

Indian tribes: Sen. McCain: Process for Calif. off-reservation casino 'wrong' + McCain opposes law that allowed San Pablo casino pact + Park land a battleground over Indian burial site + National Indian Gaming Commission Requests Consultation With The California Tribes In Sacramento

LOCAL NEWS:   Signs of improvement for California wine industry

To sprawl or not

Caltrans chief still backing skyway for Bay Bridge

Engineers turn talents to ecology in Bay Area

Sacramento & north: Critics accuse city of inaction + Law silences five dance clubs + Ex-officials' settlement ends Yuba County saga + Lassen symphony soars + Wal-Mart coming to Citrus Heights + News in brief from Northern California + R.E. Graswich: Cabinetmakers knew they were shelved when card keys didn't work

San Francisco, San Mateo: $1 toll plan called 'stupid idea'. Walkers, cyclists reject notion of fee for Golden Gate Bridge + Transbay Terminal gets final clearance + Newsom proud of role in 'last civil rights struggle + Bridge toll hike impact unclear + Friday fishwrap: Vegans strut out

Alameda: Fremont: Burglar-alarm policy prompts call to arms. Resident urges purchase of guns, mayoral recall + Alameda frets over cozy cinema + Port gets Bush's help for dredging + Future A's owners' finances reviewed + Two honored for weed-fight heroics in hills + Service planned for revered Cal mathematician + Tri-City area Rotary clubs celebrate 100th birthday

Santa Clara: Stanford: 92 patients told of possible exposure to TB. Medical devices in hospital surgeries weren't sterilized + Neighbors swing at stadium plan + Gay wedding supporters, critics mark anniversary + Figure in S.J. tech deal says she was scapegoat + Sharkless downtown carries on + East Side school board sends out layoff notices + Stanford patients to get warning + Interest grows in Chinese classes + Unity coalition plans tsunami relief event + Café Sophia owner gives up daily grind + Trustees vote for layoff warnings + Chung: BART to the ballpark, what a vision -

Contra Costa: Click. Contra Costa County is slated to receive $1.6 million this year in federal funding to continue developing its Bioterrorism Response Planning and Preparedness Project + San Ramon expanding its borders to northwest + Jury: San Mateo cop was excessive

Marin: Argument about killing non-native deer populations in Point Reyes + Caltrans to fix perilous Marin off ramp + Health board weighs options on making Marin General quake safe + Novato man identified as pilot killed in Sierra + MERA rejects Wolfback Ridge antenna site + Tiburon planners support expansion of Peninsula Club

Sonoma: More data sought on ridge-top project + No verdict in cause of plane crash + Fire, passion on display + Former investment bank exec falls back on pillows + Sedlander steps down from board + Meters may pay parking garage's cost + Town homes, condos framing housing's future + Kids Cafe makes snacking healthy + North Coast grape prices fall + SR women transformed with help from Hollywood

Napa: Sure sign of a tough council campaign + Candidates square off at mayor's forum + Meals on Wheels stops Sentinel delivery + Grape crop dropped in '04; market may be rebounding

Solano: Vallejo: No traffic light for fatal crash site + Close Mills Elementary, Benicia panel says + Vigil protests decision not to change fatal corner + Schools chief praises district's turnaround + Mills parents sad, angry + Car show says it has to move on + Park land a battleground over Indian burial site + First Street protesters mark 100th gathering + Crow tests positive for West Nile virus +  Local News Briefs

Monterey: Bill Murray chips in for Salinas library. Actor gives $12,500 winnings from golf tournament + Click.
Business icon Trump's bigger-than-life persona leads the pack + Water runoff showdown delayed

Central Valley: New push for farmworker bill + Online pharmacy ban opposed + Wal-Mart fights supercenter ban + Spending initiatives get new spin + Denham tries again on test bill + Johansen student choreographs Sudan war's suffering + Species act comes under fire + Atwater bond would have lost had his vote counted, man says + Out with the old ... + Gambling is alleged at Atwater bar + Metal detector company found need in Iraq + 'Retired' armor to go to Iraq + Holiday has plenty of heart + Marijuana dispensary is given OK in Calaveras + Around the Region +News & Notes + Manteca: Traffic settlement could keep cities happy

Central Coast: Environmentalists blast quarry-dump plan + Military parade planned for downtown Santa Cruz >+ Otter pup ‘rescue’ called mistake + UFW rallies to show support for residency bill + District changes budget equation + Making a strong case for headsets >+ Local News Briefs + Coast Lines

Southern California: In Black L.A., Reaction to Shooting of 13-Year-Old Boy Is Strong but Complex + Housing May Be Fillmore's Biggest Cash Crop + Monterey Park Hospital Reaching Out to Asian Patients + Sliding House in Anaheim Is Demolished by the City + Troubles Persist at King/Drew Hospital + Riordan Throws His Support Behind Hertzberg + Why O.C.'s 'Dark Day' Wasn't So Bad at All + Late Bids Extend Auction of El Toro Land + San Diego officials are angry over Aguirre report Click. + California may designate  55,000 acres in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park as wilderness Click.

School days: Colton students stage walkout to protest dress code, new faculty+ Charges against six dropped in LA election contributions case+ Petaluma schools waging uphill battle selling nutrition to pupils + San Francisco: Burning Man or not, school starts Aug. 29 + Judge Backs Charges Against Donor to Hahn campaign + Taft, West High Schools to Advance in Decathlon + Oakland: Charters likely for 8 schools + CSUEB students denounce Rees + Pueblo Vista third-graders use alternative fuels in their creations + Same-sex 'marriage' rites rock Victorville high school Click. + Health textbooks draw criticism for omissions Click.


Saudis to increase oil capacity to ‘70s levels

Disney Chairman Says Search for Eisner Replacement Isn't Over

Marketing of Vioxx: How Merck Played Game of Catch-Up

Apple's board approves 2-for-1 stock split

What's needed at HP + New HP chairman's clout led to ouster

The pressure on a company to buy its way to growth

Kansas woman resumes talking after 20 years

UCSF adds Global Health Sciences program. Initial partnership tied to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda

Rise of the super nurse

Effects Of Autism Reach Beyond Language, New Research Suggests

PET/MRI Scans May Help Unravel Mechanisms Of Prenatal Drug Damage

Sequencing Of Marine Bacterium Will Help Study Of Cell Communication

The Shapes Of Life: NIGMS Project Yields More Than 1,000 Protein Structures

Popular Supplement Melatonin Found To Have Broader Effects In Brain Than Once Thought

MetaChip Provides Quick, Efficient Toxicity Screening Of Potential Drugs

Asthma Gene Clusters Identified: Findings Could Lead To New Treatment Based On Individual Genetic Profiles

Research Identifies Proteins Crucial To Construction Of Brain's Information Superhighway

New Study Finds Kelp Can Reduce Level Of Hormone Related To Breast Cancer Risk

South Asia Slashes Polio Cases By Nearly Half

HIV Vaccine Global Partners Strengthen Collaboration To Speed Up Progress

Non-Invasive Imaging Tools May Help Unravel Mechanisms Of Prenatal Drug Damage

Map Of Human Genetic Variation Will Speed Search For Disease Genes

Whale has chemical like flame retardant

Fossil find tests theory of how ear developed

Scientists Zero In on True Color of the Sea

Robotic arm bids to fill scrub nurses' jobs

Cellphones Get a New Job Description: Portable Scanner

The Rise of the Green Building

Of MRIs and iPods

Quantum Leap

Wandering star screaming from Milky Way. Runaway youngster clocked at more than 1.5 million mph

Berkeley Lab Study Estimates $80 Billion Annual Cost Of Power Interruptions

Arecibo Begins Search For Dark Galaxies

Even In Heaven, Stars Can Only Get So Big

Physics Team Puts New Twist On Spin Hall Effect

New Electronic Technology Advances Fuel Cell Development

Ultra-low Cost Well Monitoring Could Save Thousands Of Marginal Oil Wells


Bush vows to veto any changes in Medicare prescription drug benefit

Poll shows drop in Bush's job approval + Dip in confidence linked to Social Security

War:  Rumsfeld: Syria, Iran Behind Iraq Rebels + Iran War Drums Beat Harder + US Rejects Direct North Korea Talks + Syria: US Should Check Facts Before Making Accusations

Foreign Affairs: Australia PM defies Bush over China arms + US rebuffs N Korea over bilateral talks + A thaw in Europe

Rumsfeld: Rumsfeld welcomes NATO allies' involvement + Rumsfeld may attend security meeting in Germany + Germans reject probe of Rumsfeld

Rice: Rice's Whirlwind Tour Succeeds in Thawing Ice + Rice: Change in Substance or Merely in Style?

Domestic: Bush to get bill on class-action suits + Bush names friend to Olympics Board

Head of Yucca nuclear waste program quits

Texas GOP Trying to Gut Ethics Inquiry, Critics Say

EPA fines owner of Nevada brothel

Social Security: Congressman presents Social Security plan that jettisons two elements in Bush's plan + Private accounts 'oversold,' Lindsay Graham says + Second Dem Says He's Open to Private Soc. Sec. + Hastert: Public not sold on Social Security plans

Budget: Medicare drug cost: Bad news for budget. Spending on seniors threatens funding for everything else + Budget dilemma looms for Bush + A budget in denial

Congress: New push to change Endangered Species Act + Polls, politics factors in Sen. Dayton's choice to resign + Lawmakers press military branches on cuts + Senate votes to restrict class actions. State judges would lose jurisdiction over such lawsuits + House OKs ban on licenses for illegal immigrants. Bill also encourages bounty hunters to track down those ordered deported + Senator charges FDA interceded for drug. Grassley says agency asked Canada not to ban Adderall XR + Senators Grill Military Leaders on Budget Tactics + House Votes to Plug Gap in Fence Between California and Mexico + Lungren to head key homeland subcommittee

Democrats: Massachusetts Democrats Object to Stem Cell Research Ban + Democrat Congressman Jim Davis to run for Fla. governor + For Dean's movement, an unlikely inspiration + Hillary, not the 1st, but maybe 1st with real chance


Can a left turn save Democrats?

In Korea, Bush should mimic Nixon in China

Snubbing Kyoto: Our Monumental Shame

The baddest man in D.C.

Editorial: Foolish foreclosure

Liberals and Neocons: Together Again

Bush Puts Criminal in Charge of Democratization

A More Powerful President Is the Last Thing We Need

Chris Floyd: God for oil: The mother of all backroom deals Click.

John W. Dean: The Bush administration flouts the special counsel regulations Click.

Bush Ignored Warning of al Qaeda Threat Eight Months Before 9/11

Naomi Klein: Getting the purple finger

MILITARY  Pentagon to Boost Research to Guard Against Chemical, Biological Attacks

Marine lieutenant faces military murder charge

Russian help needed in finding servicemen

WWII merchant mariners seek belated thanks

Looking for a Few Good ... Well, Anyone

The Battle of Hastings: A Brief History and Virtual Tour

LEAKGATES  Bush Team Tried to Kill Pre-9/11 al-Qaeda Report

Nearly half of the FAA's daily intelligence reports in the months leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks mentioned Osama bin Laden's terrorist network, according to newly released documents Click. + Discussions

The National Security Archive has put Richard Clarke’s prophetic memo about Al Qaeda and terrorism (January 25, 2001) (pdf) online. Also note the very important attachments

Gonzales Steps Aside From Investigation of CIA Leak

Yahoo declares small victory in dispute over Nazi memorabilia

Tribune intern's break-in photos stir free speech debate + Click. A student who photographed a vehicle break-in is arraigned on misdemeanor counts.

Group's weekly Iraq war protests persist


Confessions of an instant messenger

All Mehmed's men

Communicating With Unconscious Minds

Blood for pork....

U.A.E and U.S. to hold free trade talks in Abu Dhabi

France probes Israeli firms on arms to Ivory Coast


New Concern on Polio Among Mecca Pilgrims + UN plays down fears of polio outbreak

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: FDA to inspect flu vaccine plants annually

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Bloomberg criticized on gay marriage laws + Newsom blasts N.Y. mayor's gay marriage position + New Brunswick Seminary president ousted over gay wedding + Newsom rips N.Y. mayor on gay marriage + Children's Show Faces PBS Inquiry + Battle heads to court The couples, one year later + Deaf Queer Resource Centre

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

USC establishes institute to study sexual orientation issues in news

LA Times, Orange County Register reach advertising distribution deal

San Francisco Examiner tests the waters in Washington, D.C.

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Feinstein gives nod to Dashiell Hammett. S.F. noir author's 'Maltese Falcon' marks 75th year

Hagedorn's new theater project brings her to 'Heaven'

Cassidy: Paper auction attracts rich geeks

Four short films to be screened at fifth annual Jewish Film Festival

Arthur Miller, Legendary American Playwright, Is Dead at 89

Population: 1 Plus 5,000 Volumes

D.W. Griffith

City of Fables Unearths Real Heroes from Roman Era

Heat over film script wilts Eucalyptus

Elizabeth Siddal - Mrs. Rossetti & the Pre-Raphaelites

The Floating World of Ukiyo-E (Library of Congress Exhibition)

Anna-Marie Ferguson

The Trojan War in Ancient Art

The lama behind the camera

'Hobbit' remains kept out of reach

Rush & Molloy: A Janet Jackson security malfunction?

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: When Flav saved 'Gitte

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FEBRUARY 10, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. Army's 18th Airborne Corps Takes Over Command of Ground Forces in Iraq + 6 Iraqis, 4 U.S. soldiers die -- election results delayed + Car bomb blast kills 2 in central Baghdad + General: Plane downed by hostile action + Militants gun down Iraqi journalist from U.S.-funded television station + Tape shows gunmen killing 4 Iraq policemen + Iraq to Close Borders Next Week to Thwart Attacks + Insurgency predicted to survive for years + Some NATO allies to help train Iraqis + U.S. general asks for more NATO trainers + Iraqi Army rids Baghdad hotspot of Americans + Iraqi police suffer sustained attacks + Baghdad army centre hit by bomb + US. toll in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Election deals being hammered out in Iraq

War prisons: Pentagon inquiry said to confirm detainee's allegations. Men complained female interrogators broke sexual taboos at Guantanamo Bay + Court is asked to settle detainee rulings

IRAN: Khatami: Iran Would Be Hell for Attackers + Iran vows not to abandon nuclear progress+ Iran's nuclear standoff holds back Japanese investment

MIDDLE EAST: Abbas sacks security chiefs over failure to prevent Gaza mortar attacks + Israel cancels meeting with Palestinians + Hope and Pessimism Fill the Streets + Abbas gets ready for showdown with militants over cease-fire

Asterisk Aside, First National Vote for Saudis + Big money flavors Saudi experiment in democracy + Saudis Gingerly Experiment With Democracy

Mubarak, $2 Billion and Change

Lebanon's fragmentation will ricochet against Syria

RUSSIA: Russia bars foreign-owned firms from key assets + Putin firm on Russia human rights

EUROPE: Charles and Camilla to marry + A love that spans three decades and two marriages

AFRICA: Somalia's other crisis victims forgotten

ASIA PACIFIC: North Korea Says It Has Nuclear Weapons and Rejects Talks+ Rice aims to defuse N. Korea nuclear issue + N. Korea's nuclear weapons development + World urges N. Korea back to nuclear talks + 'We have nukes': The six-party failure

China enforcing green laws, suddenly

Police in Nepal quash rally against king

Japan takes control of lighthouse on island (ownership disputed by China, Taiwan)

Tamil rebels cancel tsunami aid meeting

India invites Pak for dialogue on Iran-India pipeline Click.

AMERICAS: 17 Soldiers and 11 Marxist Rebels Die in Linked Colombian Clashes


Radical lawyer Lynne Stewart guilty of helping sheik contact terrorists

Plans to Create Senate Intelligence Oversight Panel Run Into Snag

Britain accused over CIA's secret torture flights

U.S. Intelligence on Iran Seen Lacking

Spy case a sign of historical tensions with Pretoria

Russia Still Fields Cold War Army of Spies

Israeli consul in Australia suspected of sexual harassment

Foes on the Field, and Far Beyond

Probing the Plot to Poison Yushchenko

U.S. Cautious as China Offers Details on Political Prisoners

Madrid site hit by car bomb hours before official visit. Spanish, Mexican presidents attend art fair as planned

United Nations: Blair backs Annan amid U.N. strife + Peacekeepers Banned From Sex With Congo Locals

Click. An American doing anti-drug work with the U.S. State Department was killed in Peru when a metal container believed to hold cocaine exploded

Kuwait: Alleged Terrorist Chief Dies in Custody

Hizbullah denies members detained in iraq

Auditor claims he was demoted after pointing out safety concerns at Los Alamos

Cha Vang "son of Hmong military leader Gen. Vang Pao." involved in Minnesota political fraud Click.

German '70s Terror Group Still Stirs Emotions

Did NSA exchange e-mails with Humperdinck?


NBC: Who Has Instant Nukes


US still has 110 nuclear weapons in UK + America still holds 480 nuclear weapons in Europe, says survey

Pakistan buys off tribal insurgents

N.J. chemist is found dead in water tank

Export Control Helps Prevent WMD Proliferation

Blood for pork....

Evelyn Pringle: Bush wars: Crooks get contracts Click.

Click.   Austrian firm Steyr-Mannlicher has sold 800 rifles to Iran.


Click. Hundreds of inmates are affected by ruling that lifts mandatory terms, U.S. 9th Circuit finds.

Pfizer and MS sue Viagra spam gangs

European software patent law hangs in the balance

Load of Jamaican Yams Yields 6 Tons of Pot

Maryland School Official Charged With Laundering Drug Money

Foreign film trade law probe urged

$1 Million to Be Paid Over Teen's Death in Gene Therapy Study

In judge's ruling, test-tube embryo is a person

Polanski wins right to be video star at libel trial

Do Banks Have a Legal Duty to Notify Customers About Specific Computer Viruses?


Appeals Court allows law limiting right to sue businesses to apply retroactively

Court of appeals rules suspected drunk driver only seen sleeping in parked car, can have license suspended for refusing to be tested for alcohol

Pillsbury law firm to merge with big D.C. firm

Bench, bar to mull ballot bid. Top judges, lawyers to discuss increasing justices' pay, terms

Sacramento & north: Injunction targets West Sac street gang + 'Living-trust mills' under attack + Youths seek voice on arena + Veteran, artist aim to keep Vietnam monument pristine + Diana Griego Erwin: Do-it-yourself police work shortchanges capital's law-abiding citizens + Appeals court throws out Sunrise Douglas lawsuit + Granite Bay car-theft suspect identified + $100,000 reward in Sutter arsons + Reward in car salesman's killing + Bank robbery suspect named

San Francisco, San Mateo: South S.F. body-shop owners arrested in sting + 2 gunned down near St. Mary's Cathedral + Police Commission won't drop charges in fajita-brawl case + Sting targets auto body repair shops + City youths assaulted at high rates

Alameda: Oakland tipster on kidnapping jailed as suspect in theft + Oakland: Trucker charged in pedestrian's death + PCs in Union City make cops' jobs easier + Newark man nabbed in fraud case + Security guard's slaying results in two life sentences + Charges reduced in hit-and-run + Defense delays plea in death of Livermore man + Hit-and-run suspect faces manslaughter + Cabbie nabbed in drug deals + Police seek witnesses in crash +  3 Oakland men guilty in slaying at 7-Eleven + 16-year-old charged with abduction + Oakland: Charges reduced in big-rig death + 2 held in attack on woman in Berkeley + Oaklander held in spate of robberies + Show a Film, Go to Jail

Santa Clara: Mardi Gras partying brings 45 arrests + San Jose police officer pleads guilty in molest case, faces 10 years prison + S.J. cop pleads guilty to molestation + Mardi Gras arrests up, but few problems

Contra Costa: Care home could settle lawsuit alleging abuse + MARTINEZ: Juvenile justice group seeks new members + Shores Elementary School blaze mangles school's play yard + Second fire at Bay Point school + Concord man pleads not guilty to killing girlfriend

Marin: Man convicted in Sonoma County faces charges in Marin

Sonoma: Arrest in New Year's Eve killing + 2 men sentenced to state prison re: violent home invasion robbery in Santa Rosa + Self-defense finding in sheriff deputies shooting delusional Sebastopol man + Murder charges stand in 1998 Guerneville slayings

Napa: Missing 5 year old reunited with family + Bail raised to $500,000 for mom accused of abducting son + Fence lands neighbors in court

Solano: Court rules: Zozo owner out $75,000 + Shooting victim's wife denies affair + Vallejo Police Calls

Monterey: Fast lane to a ticket for scores of speeders + Some in Seaside worried about gang graffiti

Central Valley: Stockton man facing multiple fraud charges + Son of Tracy Inn owner stabbed + Murder suspect on lam captured + Bus radio thefts get attention of state + Man accused of multiple fraud charges + Dead driver's acts before crash probed

Central Coast: Marijuana team tries to decipher healing vs. dealing + Cops and Courts + Ex-S.B. County Officials Face More Penalties

Southern California: San Diego pilot who allegedly threatened to crash plane arrested + Los Angeles police, seeking 'transparency,' show evidence in teen shooting + LA police officer convicted of sexual battery in groping case + 'Bumfights' producers jailed for dodging community service + L.A. judge removed from painkiller lawsuit case because he took Vioxx + Los Angeles company recalls 102,000 pacifier necklaces + Bratton, Aide Present Details in Fatal Shooting of Driver, 13 + 'I Don't Remember Anything,' O.C. Accuser in )Haidl) Gang-Rape Trial Testifies + Murder Conviction Voided in O.C. Case + Animal Cruelty Jury Hears Keeper's Side + Lawyer Is Accused of Preying on Girls Online + Monterey Park Teacher Pleads Not Guilty to Lewd Conduct + Officer Is Sure of His Actions in shooting teen + FBI to probe police killing of 13-year-old

Michael Jackson: Joseph Honig: Jackson's court drama will end on a sour note + Finding the 'Ideal' Michael Jackson Trial Juror + Toobin: Jackson juror questionnaire prejudicial + Many Potential Jurors In Jackson Case Have Connections To Singer

Robert Blake: Retired Stuntman describes murder plot worthy of Hollywood + 3rd Testifies Blake Wanted Wife Killed + Defense Tries to Show Inconsistency by Key Witness Against Blake


The Governor:  Rift over campaign donations + Gov. allies sued to overturn contribution regulation + Gov. touts vocational education; critics turn up the volume + Make secretary of state a nonpartisan position + Who would win an initiative war? Certainly not average Californians + Gov. seeks halt to 'false' teacher ads + Democrats form umbrella group to take on Gov. + Gov. wields his celebrity for reform + Cold war mentality in race to the ballot + Editorial: Federal help for state? + Other view: How the state can tackle public pensions + Cruz Bustamante: Erasing accountability

UC Davis turning away patients. The impact

Legislature: Bill tries again for health savings accounts + Bill seeks further delays in retrofitting hospitals + Pombo lays out plans for freeway from Central Valley to Alameda County + Perata calls for Prop. 98 overhaul, saying protection for school funding hurting funding for health care programs for poor + Perata calls district redrawing 'DOA' Click. + Prisons chief: Lawmaker has conflict

Stem-cell plan's difficult start

Financial interest filings of legislators put online

No quick fix for `tax traps' in amnesty

Mired in Paperwork, CHP Needs a Revamp

Sudan divestiture by CalPERS urged

Indian tribes: San Pablo: Tribe shows plans for smaller casino. After 43% cut, it still includes 2,500 slots + Sonoma: Pomo unveil plans for scaled-down casino + Lyttons unveil plan for smaller casino + Downsized Lytton casino still has 2,500 slots + Jeb Bush hedges bets on slots + Chumash, Santa Barbara County to negotiate + Proposed Yreka casino touts creation of 500 jobs + Mendocino supervisors to study county consortium on tribal activity / Some board members say it's too confrontational + Ione residents speak out against Buena Vista casino

LOCAL NEWS:   Northern Californians reel in jumbo squid

$6 toll for Gate Bridge possible. Hikers, bicyclists may also have to pay to cross

Sacramento & north: Shooting of bears stirs outcry + U.S. soldier effigy taken from home in Land Park + Elk Grove District may sue city over parks + Galt schools merger on agenda

San Francisco, San Mateo: A day for 'mother of civil rights'. Entrepreneur sued to desegregate streetcars in 1860s + San Francisco Is Nanny State U.S.A. + New Transbay Terminal gets go-ahead from feds + Chinatown crows over celebration + Budget slash hits police + South S.F.: Goo sparks hazmat call + One dead in San Mateo fire + Nevin to quit transit boards at year's end + Landmarks sold, and Ossie Davis

Alameda: $300,000 to help fix man-made waterfall near Lake Merritt + Oakland panel approves rise in car retrieval fees + Fremont: Residents urged to pack heat + Union City: Elias: Them's fightin' words + Fremont open space advocate dies; park to honor legacy + Danville to unveil future plans + Livermore's very own golden arches + Starosciak elated about San Leandro council win + Animal cruelty at Oakland pound + Probe of  shelter

Santa Clara: San Jose Mayor pushing hard for BART and baseball. State's 3rd largest city also wants stem-cell center + Sunnyvale family hit on sidewalk twice. Driver suspected of attempted murder after domestic abuse + Gonzales sets his sights on major league baseball + Going up: new quadrangle + Hospital retrofit delays sought + Church raffle winner at a loss with zany band at her disposal + A cafe that serves more than food + Valentine art exhibit + Chinese New Year + Artistic women + NIGHTCLUBS BIDDING FAREWELL TO ROWDY PASTS + Gonzales provides big picture, not details + Full text of the mayor's speech + South Bay's MLB pursuit

Contra Costa: Packed memorial for hazing victim+ Richmond's top wages below market + San Ramon approves church's hilltop buildings + Pleasanton: Pico wants a role in development he once opposed + Dublin board strikes down open enrollment + Former DOE workers to get 9 new clinics + Richmond centers to have more structure + East Contra Costa limit line plan still undecided

Marin: Novato lands Whole Foods to bolster downtown + Marin human rights panel reviews cop abuse allegations + Supervisors night meeting trial run fizzles + Officials: Pension change would be disaster + Marinwood mulls tax to fund fire protection + House fire snarls San Rafael traffic + Novato works to rein in lengthy meetings + Big rig takes big slide near Big Rock

Sonoma: Pilot, dog killed in small plane crash + Pilot dies in Petaluma plane crash + Whale returns, delights viewers + Helping hands keep mighty hills at bay + Carrillo High to add auto shop class + Guard unit returning home + SR senior housing plan to be scrutinized + News in brief from California's North Coast + It's a spirited venture at Petaluma's new microdistillery

Napa: St. Helena firm may buy 2 ex-Mondavi properties + Downtown vacancies topic at candidate forum + Napa's riverfront revival

Solano: Vallejo: Site of fatality needs no new signs, no signal + Tough call in Benicia re: school closure + Empress project runs out of cash + Sisters plan march to spread message about beating cancer + Fairfield, Vacaville both in mourning for retired policeman + County may seek outside review of IT contract + 2 Benicia residents appeal project

Monterey: Click. Golf takes back seat to watching celebrities + Rancho San Juan could go on ballot + Murray donates winnings to Salinas library effort + 'Drive to a Billion' tees off at Pebble + Services set for 4 killed in accident + Attempted murder (of husband) trial starts Tuesday + Boy on bike injured after being hit by car + Steve Nelson: Murray steals the celebrity show at Pebble Beach

Central Valley: Many Mulling Mega Millions + Study puts sprawl on the spot Pombo lays out plans for freeway from Central Valley to Alameda County + News from the San Joaquin Valley + Immigrants' licenses on the line+ Search for leader in neutral+ Former Modesto principal R. Diehl dies+ A wild afternoon at Modesto hospital+ Ashes Mark Lenten Season+ Riverbank identifies needs of its older neighborhoods + Medals of honor+ There's a new sheriff in San Joaquin County+ Planners propose 'affordable' housing + Small school district wins by tiny margin+ CDF's costs to counties soar+ News & Notes+ Around the Region+ Community Briefing + Alternate futures for the San Joaquin Valley Click.

Central Coast: Turf battle heats up over Surf City name + Santa Cruz hotel project approved + Teens cope with fatal wreck + Hotel foes want plan put before Santa Cruz voters + Watsonville City Council passes resolution in support of immigrant license bill + New Watsonville library chief gets her feet wet + Seeking opinions on preserved land: Officials want public viewpoint on area saved for salamanders + S.C. City Schools’ teachers still without a contract + Metro selling old fare boxes to clear storage space + Public forums begin Saturday on how to use Prop. 63 funds + Its Beach search comes up empty + Local News Briefs + Coast Lines + As We See It: Latest Coast Hotel tactic is shortsighted, costly + As We See It: Watsonville council members should attend Latino conference

Southern California: News briefs from San Diego County + San Diego Pension Probe Click. Base developer major Orange County player Click. + San Diego County's population growth slows as Riverside County's booms Click. + Laguna Beach hires full-time officer to protect tide pools Click. + Profile: Bob Hertzberg + 2 of 4 El Toro Parcels Won at Auction + Burbank, Airfield OK Accord + Suit Over Parking Ticket Revenue Possible + Anaheim May Wreck Home to Save Another + Expert on Beating Traffic Got His Signals Crossed + Alarcon Vows to Fight for Disabled as Mayor + Meeting Delay for Hahn Port Pollution Task Force Stirs Concern + Riverside: Officials Say Low Risk of TB Exposure Found + Busier skies pose issues for Edwards' flight testing

School days: San Francisco: College-prep teachers upset by threatened loss of extra period + Gone are the analogies - but get ready for essay, grammar + Stanford tuition will climb 4.5% + Is it possible for Hayward, Cal State to heal old wounds? + Pleasanton trustees OK even-year votes + How Mr. Pierson changed our lives + Orange County Public Arts Academy Is OKd + Los Angeles District Breakup Backed by Gov. + 24 Students Sue Corinthaian College After SEC Review + Q&A with Richard Atkinson: Ex-UC president likes SAT overhaul Click.+ Benicia schools' future debated + CSUS, Los Rios are working to ease way for transfers


Stanford student gives her body to science, volunteers as part of smallpox vaccine experiment

New flu strain named for California

Radiation antidote to be readily available

Diffusion-weighted MRI Can Diagnose 'Mad Cow'-related Disease In Humans Before Symptoms Show

Shots Recommended to Prevent College Outbreaks of Meningitis

Stem cell offers hope for fixing heart damage

Scientists Advise Screening All Adults for HIV Infection

Patients Can Usually Rebound From Heartbreak (Cardiomyopathy), Study Finds

Disputed Obesity Study Slipped Through CDC Filters

Spray to Boost Female Sex Drive

Atomic Scopes Eye Living Tissue

Clones causing MRSA problem

Expert calls for radical action on superbugs

Study Finds Direct Association Between Cardiovascular Disease And Periodontal Bacteria

Low-dose Aspirin And Stomach Ulcer Medications Better For Heart Patients With Gastrointestinal Complications

Bone Density Appears To Recover After Adolescents Discontinue Injected Contraceptive

Cooling Painful Hot Spots in Fibromyalgia

Vinegar with a Splash of Cherry Extract for Diabetes?

Rehabilitation Can Restore Some Vision After Stroke

First U.S. Use Of Revolutionary Technique For Spinal Fusion Performed By UB Neurosurgeons

Cell Research Signals Cancer Hope

New Component Of The 'Brakes' On Nerve Regeneration Found

Water Filter Could Help Millions

Increased Risk Of Osteoporosis Associated With Gene That One In Five People Have

Research Using Mouse Models Reveals A Novel Key Player In The Initiation Of Colon Cancer

No Magic Pill For Treating Dementia Symptoms

Key Trigger Of Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms Found

Mayo Clinic Finds Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients At Higher Risk For Unrecognized Heart Disease And Cardiac Sudden Death

Selective Predation And Productivity Jointly Drive Complex Behavior In Host-parasite Systems

How The Brain Creates False Memories

18-Month-Old Developing Fingers After Being Born Without Them

Scientists Say They Often Censor Themselves to Avoid Controversy

Science intends to tag all life

Wildlife scientists feeling heat. Species-protection data suppressed, many report

Southern California scientists discover new species of coral

Separating Wheat From Chaff In Plant Genomes

Discovery Of Gliding Ants Shows Wingless Flight Has Arisen Throughout The Animal Kingdom

Bacteria Will Soon Move Your Mobiles

An Architect's Wet-Cement Dream

Night-Vision Camera Turns Night Into Day

Octopus Arms In Robot Design

Seabed at tsunami's center shows ruptures

Cassini Spacecraft Sees Saturn's Blues

Experimental Radar Provides 3-D Forest View

Swift Sees Pinwheel Galaxy, Satellite Fully Operational

3-D Seismic Technology Locates Natural Gas In Fractured Reservoirs


Bush Takes Social Security Sales Pitch on the Road

Cheney's Undimmed Role

Russian arms sale to Venezuela irks U.S.

Al-Qaeda number two hits out at US 'freedom' push

Lawmaker Delays Homeland Security Secretary Vote Over FBI Memo Spat

U.S. Warns North Korea That It Faces International Isolation

War: Bush Seeks Cash Rewards for War Partners + Bush: World Must Unite to Stop Iran + Experts: US Intelligence on Iran Seen Lacking

Domestic: Supporters, protestors await Bush in Raleigh

Foreign affairs: U.S. said to remove its nukes from Greece + $950 million sought for Tsnami relief + Bush to Seek 50 Percent Increase in Military Aid to Poland

Rice: Rice Mends Fences in Europe But Nuclear Crises Loom + EU snubs Rice to lift China arms embargo + Rice wows Europe - but charm offensive can't hide hard line

Rumsfeld: Germany Rejects Call for Rumsfeld War Crimes Probe

FCC chiefs want open government law eased

U.S. Audit Faults Federal Regulators on Rail Safety

Energy secretary 'focused' on Yucca Mtn.

State of Washington seeks 50-year forest conservation deal

Bush Administration Asks Supreme Court to Block Use of Hallucinogenic Tea

Budget: EPA, Interior cutbacks blasted

Social Security, Medicare: Uphill climb for Social Security revamp. GOP lawmakers say strategy hinges on Bush sales pitch + GOP wants Bush to spur Social Security support + Higher Medicare Drug Cost Estimates Soar, Surprise. Bush blames accounting methods + Lawmakers seeing red over Medicare + Administration refuses to give cost estimates for personal accounts Click.

Congress: Bill seeks to deny driver's licenses to illegals. Measure in House would thwart efforts in California + House Likely to OK Migrant Restrictions+ Democratic Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton won't seek second term + Bill seeks legal avenue for farmworkers + House immigrants bill gets White House OK + Senate nears vote on class action lawsuits House tries again to pass highway budget + Senators seek to clarify food export rules+ Lawmakers say use U.N. money for reforms Tauscher to head New Democrat Coalition + Pombo says ocean protection fund is unlikely + Senate OKs Limit on Class Action Lawsuits + Congressional Investigators Give Cautious Support to Homeland Security Workers Regulations + Bankruptcy Overhaul Legislation Advancing in Senate Amid Debate Over Abortion Protesters

Democrats: Democrats attack Bush credibility on Medicare. They say rising cost raises doubts about Social Security plan + Minnesota Dem rising star risks vulnerable adults in her business dealings + Democratic Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton won't seek second term + Democrat Leadership Threatening 'Retribution' for Dems Who Cooperate with White House + Democrats Demand Bush Halt Attacks on Their Senate Leader


Wanted: Dem Super Nanny

U.S. spends millions on useless warheads

Winners and Losers in Iraq

A Spacey Vision for Democracy

More Election Juju

Brian Morton: Ice to Eskimos Click.

Haroon Siddiqui: "Sistani tsunami" sweeps away Bush plan Click.

Maureen Dowd: Condi's French twist Click.

Killing messengers indicates bankruptcy

Elliot Abrams: defender of death squads to direct US "democracy" crusade

Fearing Shiite Islam when the more sincere fear is democracy

Chris Floyd: Mother Lode

Rebuilding Iraq: The Buck Stops Where?

MILITARY The Pentagon has looked at the foreseeable future of war and it is Fallujah Click.

Army may rely less on Guard, Reserve

Army grants discharge to Civil War black chaplain

Fort Dix: Bloodied but Unbowed, Battalion Is Back in USA

Billions of Bullets, But Not For Combat

Being squished by a tank isn't enough for a Purple Heart, Marines say

Bush Takes Social Security Sales Pitch on the Road

LEAKGATES  9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings About Hijackings

Sutter, California: School's radio ID tags anger parents + Marjie Lundstrom: Electronic badges for students put parents, privacy groups on edge

The Skunks at the Garden Party

How to Protect Your Child from the Coming Draft

Sniffer dog threatens online privacy


U.S. Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High

FIORINA: 'Wicked smart' but ultimately unsuccessful + HP: Analysts disagree over whether firm must divide in order to conquer + HP starts looking for 'hands-on' CEO + What does it mean for female executives? + Culture clash + CEO rebuilt firm, but investors lost + Cassidy: Ouster was just business + Job will be hard to fill + Hubris was Fiorina's undoing + Analysts Split on HP's Direction + End of a hatchet woman

Black CEOs gaining in corporate America

After spat, PNC agrees to Riggs Bank acquisition at discount

Silicon Valley more behind in putting women on boards

Google details strategy for analysts

Disney shareholders meet amid good results, echo of past woes

Shady Web of Affiliate Marketing

Fifty years after he died, James Dean is not just the ultimate rebel - he's a very bankable brand

Pixar Profit Drops 34 Percent as `Incredibles' Sales Trail `Finding Nemo'


Half-sisters who meet for first time find they've lived just blocks away for 20 years

Silver lining in skiing


Margaret Carlson: Stars, Pols in a Race to the Bottom

Tech Solves Hope Diamond Mystery

Stardom: The Mean Streets of BRAGA

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:    Massachusetts senate boss plans to delay gay marriage vote + 'Buster' Blasted Over Gay Episode + Reporter Quits Amid Credential Questions and "gay" issue

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Click. FCC rejected request by broadcasters to require cable operators to carry multiple digital channel offerings from local television stations.

News on ex-KGO star

Media seek end to secrecy in Jackson case

Former presidential son Ron Reagan will host new MSNBC show

Jackson Jury Pool's Questionnaires Are Released

Dems demand investigation into how GOP shill got White House press credentials Click. + Loose 'Gannon': WH's McClellan Weighs In + Loose 'Gannon': White House Reporter Is Really James D. Guckert

$2-Million Judgment Against Boston, Reporter

CNN Executive Says G.I.s in Iraq Target Journalists

House Committee Endorses Half-Million Dollar Fines for Indecency

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Oakland: Chinese New Year events planned

Seeking a new Bohemia in the desert at Joshua Tree

What to look for in a chocolate bar

Va. Moves Toward Honoring Big-Eared Bat

Jimmy Smith -- set standard for organ-based jazz

Bogue: Hummingbirds trust hand that feeds them

Beija Flor samba group is carnival champ

Irish slaves in the Caribbean

Revolution and Commerce : The Legacy of Korda's Portrait of CHE GUEVARA

Sonar Could Find 19th Century Graves

In the Valley of Life, oil is death to art of lost civilization

Reinventing ancient Egyptian history

Help us find Van Gogh’s own copy of a favorite Japanese print Click.

"How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear"

Berlinale Film Festival

Camelot expected to fetch a lot

Rush & Molloy

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown

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Liz Smith

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Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

FEBRUARY 9, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraq Investigates Election Irregularities, Delays Announcement of Results + Iraqi army recruits target of suicide bomber -- 21 die. Violence continues to rise as election security scaled back + Videos Show Predator Drones Attacking in Iraq + British Troops Try to Tame Iraq's Lawless Frontier + Firemen Put Out Sabotaged Iraqi Oil Pipeline + U.S. Routinely Updating War Plan for Iran - General + Senior Housing Ministry Official Killed in Baghdad + Iraqi official assassinated in Baghdad + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: War Crimes Trial for Hussein Nears Next Stage + Ballot Strength Leads Kurds to Press a Role as Deal Makers + Shi'ite Cleric to Approve Iraqi Prime Minister + Final Iraq Election Results Are Delayed + Sistani's Vision for Democratic Iraq Has Cricket but No Chess + Oil Outlook After Iraq Elections

War prisons: 'Iraq punch photo was nothing' + Death of Alleged Ringleader of Terror Group in Kuwaiti Prison Raises Questions Over Torture

AFGHANISTAN: US digs in deeper in Afghanistan

IRAN: Iran Will Never Give Up Nuclear Technology - Khatami

MIDDLE EAST: Israel to Lift Travel Restrictions in West Bank + Abbas tries to nail down ceasefire, dispatches aide to Hezbollah talks Italy: Syria reassured Rome it would make extremist groups respect truce + Ghosts temper optimism in Jerusalem and Gaza City

RUSSIA: Russian politicians arête new super-rich + The USA to start funding 'democratic reforms' in Russia and CIS + Yukos owner sues Russia for $28bn

EUROPE: Georgia: Finance Chief Is Prime Minister Nominee

PM apologizes to Guildford Four

AFRICA: Sudan Pact Complicates Ending Darfur Conflict

Citing Inaction, U.S. Halts Anti-Graft Aid to Kenya

Fight for oil wealth fuels violence in Delta Click.

ASIA PACIFIC: China becoming an aged society + In China, taking care of the parents is the law

Japan Pushes for Return of Disputed Islands

India outsources government work to private sector + Meet India's future No 1 bilateral trade partner- China

AMERICAS: A past-present struggle in Chile

Ex-Aide to Mayor of Mexico City Faces New Charge + Mexican tribes forced to grow crops for drug gangs

New move over Pinochet immunity


Los Angeles: Islamic fund-raiser ordered deported + U.S. Can't Deport O.C. Man to Jordan

American pilot sees laser beam near Dallas

Terror group blamed for Spain car bombing

Japan to Launch Satellite Into Orbit

Proposed Budget Would Strip Transportation Security Agency of Its Biggest Programs

A US Library vs. Castro

FBI Van Burglarized in Jacksonville, SWAT Equipment Taken

Aussie Govt to Tighten National Secrets Law

Olajuwon's mosque tied to terror groups

Birth of a Terrorist: U.S. Scholars Seek Clues

Germany welcomes conference of war criminals, witch-hunts their opponents

U.S. Cautious as China Offers Details on Political Prisoners

Polish outrage at 'innocent' police list leak

Scaife family intrigue

Pakistan pays tribe al-Qaeda debt

Oil-for-Food Probe May Widen to Entire UN Body, U.S. Lawmakers Tell Annan

AP Exclusive: Former NBA Star's Mosque Donated Money to Alleged Terror Fronts, Records Show


Hewlett-Packard fires Fiorina as chief + Carly Fiorina at a glance + HP's Chief Resigns, Ending Rocky Tenure + Fiorina out + Fiorina Forced Out As Hewlett-Packard CEO

HP, Compaq Still Faces Ghosts of Mega-Mergers Past

Eco-products in demand, but labels can be murky

Cisco's profit nearly doubles -- sales shy of expectations

Billions in old tax refunds to be claimed

Disney duo to hold votes + Two Disney Dissidents Tone Down

Healthcare Costs Take Big Bite From Economy

U.S. Companies Move Call Center Work to the Home

Wal-Mart to Close Canadian Store Where Workers Have Sought First-Ever Union Contract

Bank of America Companies Paying $375 Million to Settle Charges of Improper Fund Trading


Los Angeles County reports first human West Nile case in California this year + More + Experts theorize southwestern region has new West Nile strain Click.

Passengers on Philly plane quarantined

Panel would ban blood donations by recipients of French transfusions -- as mad cow safeguard

U.S. on track to reopen border to Canadian cattle + U.S. Delays Resumption of Canadian Beef Imports Until Mad-Cow Probe Ends + U.S. Will Not Accept Meat From Older Canadian Cows

HK aids workers on Sars, bird flu

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: US flu vaccine's shortage ends in an oversupply


Jury hints view shift regarding the clergy

Bleak Math of Killings Clouds Baltimore's Anti-Crime Effort

Underage Prostitution Tourism Boom in Brazil

Two men face charges in Lipitor conspiracy

Associate to ex-Boston crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger freed

N.H. restaurant charged in 2001 drunk driving crash

Nashville: Age bias alleged at U.S. atty.'s office

Florida fines charity named for Schiavo

Pa. justice detained; knife found in bag

Idaho scalping suspect surrenders

Click. The government accuses Bechtel of mismanagement as a smoke screen to avoid paying for alternative means of destroying deadly gases

Putting Eyeballs on Copyright Law

Jayson wants two words outta retrial: 'shot' and 'victim'

Mining executives 'won't pay with their lives for asbestos poisoning'

Ebbers Asked About Hiding WorldCom Expenses, Ex-Finance Chief Testifies

Officials Say They Busted Drug Ring That Provided Home Delivery

Merger Would Create One of Nation's Largest Law Firms


Already beset by thieves and vandals who target construction sites, builders across the state work with FBI to defend against eco-terrorism Click.

Click. How a local lawyer allegedly stole more than $2 million — and is facing no criminal charges

Health care suits vs. nonprofit hospitals accused of gouging uninsured patients turn from federal to state courts

Sacramento & north: Sutter Creek (Amador County): Blaze probe shows tie to eco-terrorists + Two Yolo County correctional officers and a UC Davis Medical Center X-ray technician have been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and raping a 21-year-old Davis woman, authorities said Click. + Reward offered in sex assault of 9-yr-old girl in Carmichael + Auburn: Not-guilty plea in shooting + Politicians move to protect church + Meth use up, price down

San Francisco, San Mateo: Man who burned son looking at third strike. Jury convicts him of having gun illegally + Bias suit filed against aircraft service firm + Witness unable to positively ID suspect. Uncertain testimony after slaying of son of state senator + South S.F.: Motel guest reports discussion of robbery + Police review gets human touch

Alameda: Oakland: Missing toddler back safe with his family. Homeless teen held in abduction of boy left in her care + Berkeley: Pastor of St. Joseph the Worker church retires amid sex-abuse charges + Priest retires amid abuse probe + ATF offers $5 K for info re: Jan 22 fire at Foothill H.S. + Public airs views on Pleasanton housing development plan + Toddler returned unharmed to family; teen arrested + Alarm response already prioritized + Fremont suspect off the hook in road-rage incident + San Leandro: 'Falling out' ends in ambush, stabbing, police say + There's a new sheriff in town — Heidelbach + East Bay lawyer sues court for Ten Commandments seal + Royal welcome for Rush Limbaugh in San Jose

Santa Clara: E. Palo Alto: Teenager charged as adult in aunt's death + Mardi Gras draws rowdy crowd

Contra Costa: Orinda: Police hope photo will lead to Wells Fargo bank robbery suspect + Three file lawsuits in pipeline explosion + San Ramon dispatch center honored + Alamo woman found Tuesday after she was missing 11 hours

Sonoma: Alert system debuts in RP + Driver in crash who killed 4 members of his family had blood alcohol twice legal level

Solano: Jury sees videotape of police interviewing murder defendant + Vallejo Police Calls

Monterey: Teen found guilty of 2nd-degree murder + Natividad manager found guilty of conflict of interest + Jury selection begins today in Leidig case + Mediation center set to open in May at Monterey College of Law

Central Valley: 2-way radio theft probe getting help from state

Central Coast: Man gets 14 years for manslaughter in plea bargain + + Cops and Courts

Southern California: Ex-Criminal Says Blake Sought a Hit + LAPD Speeds Policy on Shots at Vehicles + OC: Scolded Lawyer in Gang-Rape Case to Resume (Haidl) + Riverside County Escapee Is 6th in Year + Suspect Arrested in 2001 Slaying of Cal Poly Pomona student + Police Seek Help in Finding Possible Abuse Victims in O.C. + San Bernadino Public Defender May Be Fired for Hiring Lawyer With Criminal Background + Ex-con charged with killing a SoCal college student in 2001 + Garden Grove man charged with sexually abusing young girl + Metabolife founder indicted on weapons charges in San Diego

Robert Blake: Thug-turned-minister says Robert Blake talked of killing Bakley + Witness tells of Blake 'complaint'


The Governor:   Big-Ticket Drive Supports Gov.'s Agenda + Dan Walters: Gov., may use appointment to fill Shelley's post as ammo in vote battle + Editorial: A nonpartisan secretary? + Other view: Working poor deserve a tax break + Gov. defends school funding + Gov. plans to siphon gas tax, keep Bay Area freeways clogged + Radio ads force Gov. to defend education plan Click. + Proposed Meal-Break Rules Panned by Worker Advocates Click.

Hoover Commission not in agreement on prison reforms + Lawmakers debate prison segregation Click.

Fund set up to aid anti-hazing efforts

Tax amnesty plan nets $3.7 million in first week

Legislature: Dave ones takes seat on Judicial Council of California + Peter Schrag: The more we fix the system, the worse it gets + Assembly resolution would press CalPERS to sell Sudan investments + Assembly panel looks to close tax loopholes + Bustamante's bill would reduce lt. governor's powers + State moves to reduce meth making + Assembly panel gathers options to raise revenue Click. + Bill would extend governor's powers when out of state Click. + Plan could require all in state to have health insurance Click.

David Lazarus: Who set federal energy policy for California?

Bigger jackpots -- but longer odds. California Lotto joins Mega Millions

No room in preschool for poor. Top crimefighters fear latest findings + Survey finds long waiting lists for preschool

Matsui rejects criticism of her land dealings

Automakers can easily meet new emission standards, official says

California Stem Cell Committee Aims to Defeat Anti-Cloning Bill

State has no campaign finance documents for 'Save our License', A committee trying to bar undocumented immigrants from obtaining driver's licenses Click.

Federal budget impact: Proposed Bush budget may help state's highways + San Jose BART suffers setback. Federal agency urges Congress to deny funding + Rice, cotton groups prepare to fight Bush + U.S. Plan Supports Rail Line to LA's East Side + Report: San Joaquin Valley receiving few federal dollars + Bush budget would cut LA county health system

Indian tribes: Lytton Band of Pomo Indians. 342,000 square feet for slimmed-down casino + Santa Barbara County delays plans to appeal annexation of 6.9 acres by the Santa Ynez Band of Mission Indians Click. + Judge demands appearance by Gale Norton re: retaliation vs. Indians suing for royalties + San Pablo casino would aggravate traffic, study says + Critics: Casino will clog San Pablo streets + Indian tribes feel government creep

LOCAL NEWS:   Whale dazzles Bodega harbor

East Bay leads state in voter turnout

SDG&E to Offer Broadband Service Over Electric Lines Click.

Click. Payouts to UCSF execs raise questions about the medical center's profits and priorities

Sacramento & north: Headwaters headache + Sacramento weighs fate of low-rent hotels + Kings, landowners still split on what arena should cost + Bucolic battlefield + Vote doesn't alter water panel's mix + Davis council OKs Covll Village delay + Rio Linda man, 76, dies in home fire; wife saved + More water to flow from lake to American River + Sacramento Council snags downtown land + Citrus Heights Council to take up smoke shops + Click. Two of the Sacramento region's most prominent political figures face public scrutiny over their private investments with the region's largest developer, the Tsakopoulos family.

San Francisco, San Mateo: Hetch Hetchy costs draw fiery reaction. Deadlines, budgets, expansion spark criticism of project + Rating youth violence prevention. United Way gives mixed report on safety, resources + Migden jumps into the St. Brigid fray. State senator's bill singles out church for preservation + Activist Eileen Hansen appointed to Ethics Commission + San Francisco budget shortfall $16 million less than predicted + S.F. waiters. waitresses, no sitting down on the job + No new San Mateo County cuts next year + Economy helps S.F. cut deficit + Cuss and Conquer

Alameda: Berkeley: Landmark designation riles developer. Restaurant building held paintmaker's offices, Boy Scouts + Port of Oakland: Coast Guard finds source of oil leak + Oakland estuary fuel leak traced underground + Developer cuts deal on Jack London Square plan + No-bid deal for Brunner stirs fuss + Island man pulled from fire - again + Ex-worker criticizes animal shelter + Foster kids find help with life lessons + Store's hip-hop concerts rattle San Lorenzo suburb + Small-grocery owners take a big gamble in Dimond district + Oakland church bans Lakota funeral + Homeowners' group sues over sunroom + Former Pleasanton Mayor Pico hired for Kottinger Hills

Santa Clara: San Jose Mayor looks for rebound year + S.J. convention center still bleeding + Protesters urge use of funds to repair schools, buy books >+ Councilman opens campaign for mayor + Parents saying no to closing charter + P.A. council endorses police review body + Church destroyed by arson in 2002 begins to rise again + Actively seeking opinion from public + 500 jam school board meeting + Couple told to trim plans for S.J. dream home + Royal welcome for Rush Limbaugh in San Jose

Contra Costa: Parents pitch in at burned Alamo classroom + Contra Costa cleans up Head Start program

Marin: Golden Gate Bridge toll 'likely' to hit $6 + Friends shocked at Sierra tragedy + Plane's safety features included parachute system + San Rafael survey hints at support for tax + Marin students learning English show fluency improvement + Novato to add 11 disabled parking spots downtown

Sonoma: JC neighbors draw a line on Mendocino + North Coast students become more proficient in English + Empire Waste seeks Petaluma vote + Collisions slow Hwy 101 traffic + RP council again puts off Leivo decision + Drummer Keith Knudsen dies of pneumonia + County to study proposed GMO ban

Napa: Renovating a landmark + Experience beats youth + NVUSD gains ground in language tests + Candidates talk about local Latinos during forum + Napa teen saves dad from choking before Super Bowl + New job no walk in the park for Carlsen

Solano: GVRD goal is making memories + WaterBarge owners put their business on block + AmCan awaits sweet success + Doing enough for kids? + Report: County is sickly spot Vallejo earns high marks for teaching English+ Chevy's supports Grad Night + Shumney family fund created

Monterey: Water board may order halt to runoff + Slain Salinas woman mourned + Pebble has a new look

Central Valley: Modesto Irrigation District vs. city standoff persists + Valley not getting 'fair share' + Annual street party draws 1,000 + Bill aims to limit access to meth + Stanislaus board changes tune + Modesto to tap reserve funds, but big cuts loom + Board asks more time for post office + Time to break out books for Rotary Read-In + Celebration planned to greet Year of the Rooster + MID favors ag water fee increase + Train strikes Hughson woman + Turlock shuns low-bid buses + Ex-under sheriff gets SJ post + News & Notes + Around the Region + Community Briefing + Hopefully, Radanovich has given up trying to get rid of LeConte Lodge from Yosemite Valley + State of Stanislaus County speech offers many good ideas + Report: San Joaquin Valley receiving few federal dollars+ Strawberry farmers face methyl bromide showdown

Central Coast: News briefs from California's Central Coast + Fallen Scotts Valley Marine mourned + Community divided over tolerance posters at Scotts Valley High + P.V. trustees defend zone system in audit debate + Watsonville council OKs Latino conference expenditures + Santa Cruz hotel opponents offer last-ditch arguments + State budget plan heralds reductions in county services + Scotts Valley mulls water-rate hike + County resident loses library board seat to Santa Cruz woman + Thousands expected to attend Lent services in Pajaro Valley + Coast Lines

Southern California: Profile: Bernard Parks + 2001 Hahn Donor Gets $270,000 Ethics Fine + Soaking by DWP Gets la Voters' Attention + Mayoral Candidates Cover Familiar Ground in Another Corner of L.A. + OC: Ambulance Provider Falls Short, Fire Chief Says + Tugs Free Vessel That Ran Aground in Newport Beach + Supervisors OK Oversight Panel for King/Drew + L.A. Seeks to Halt El Toro Land Sales + L.A. County to Absorb La Habra's Fire Unit + LA mayor fund-raiser fined $270,000 for ethics violations + LA mayor demands change in police shooting rules after teen dies + Geologists examine site of sliding homes in Anaheim + LA supervisors re-approve use of consular cards

School days: Non-English speakers' test scores improving + Livermore: Vet gets diploma 50 years after war + About half in state almost fluent + Tsunami Relief Becomes Part of the Curriculum + L.A. Unified Offers Teachers 1.5% Raise + San Juan School Board holds off on closures + West Contra Costa schools see an $8.3 million shortfall + After warning, College of Marin works to fix its governance + Fremont schools brace for overcrowding + 'Motivated' students make language program a success


Baby boomers looking for a new boom town

Town wants to open Sing Sing to public

Lenore Skenazy: Remember when Paul was sexy?

Positive Emotions Slash Bias, Help People See Big Picture Details

Lingering virus spreads, poses threat to babies

Classroom to clinic

Stigma Numbs Tanzania's Attempts at Battling Leprosy

Sex Hormones Plunge in Downtrodden Females

Crunch! Carrots May Cut Cancer Risk

Dolly expert is to clone embryos + Call for £100m UK stem cell fund

Device to save premature babies + Baby had eight ops in womb

TB 'may have killed off leprosy'

Yale Researcher Studying Acupuncture To Reduce Back Pain In Pregnancy

Multi-purpose Protein Regulates New Protein Synthesis And Immune Cell Development

Weslaco neurologist touts treatment for Parkinsons

Testosterone Supplements For Elderly Men

Potentially Harmful Fluoride Levels Found In Some Instant Teas

Wisconsin Scientists Find Portal To Show Animals Evolve

Magnet Therapy for Pain: What's the Attraction?

Promise Of 'Bladder Pacemaker' For People With Spinal Cord Injury

Transgenic Plants Remove More Selenium From Contaminated Soil Than Wild-type Plants, New Field Tests Show

UF Researchers Map Bacterial Proteins That Cause Tooth Loss

Phobic Anxiety Increases Heart Disease Death Risk Among Women

Premature Births From Inflammation And Infection Rapidly Detected By Proteomics Technology

Two Studies Find Evidence That Sunlight May Have Beneficial Influence On Cancer

Third Of European Cancer Patients Use Complementary And Alternative Therapies

New Treatment Rivals Chemotherapy For Lymphoma, Study Finds

A million flamingos could lose home as Kenyan lake dries up

Marsh-dwelling Mole Gives New Meaning To The Term 'Fast Food'

Evidence Of Waterfowl Mediated Gene-flow In Aquatic Invertebrates Global Human Impact

My car has a virus (and other security threats)

Banking Trojan disables MS Anti-Spyware

Smart Scanner Helps Elderly Shop

What's Next? a Ph.D. in Video Gaming?

Technical Coup Rescues Titan Wind Experiment

Faint signals relay lost data from Titan. Experiment sampled winds as Huygens dived into atmosphere of Saturn's moon

James Cameron Works With NASA on Mars Mission

Astronomers Discover Beginnings Of 'Mini' Solar System

Temple Researcher Attempting To Create Cyclic Ozone

Assessment Of Recent Rapid Land-cover Change Yields Portraits Of Global Human Impact

Dipping Shorelines May Predict Tsunamis


Iraq Deposits $5 Billion With US Federal Reserve

Rumsfeld Warns of 'Bumpy Road' in Iraq

Bush Picks Former 'WSJ' Editorialist for Chief Speechwriter

Scarlett nominated deputy Interior Sec.

Foreign relations: Bush remains cautious on Mideast truce + Bush, Thai Prime Minister Plan Delegation + US resigned to EU ending China embargo + U.S. Asking China to Press North Korea to End Its Nuclear Program + US Targets Syria + Blair Sides With Bush on Iran, Syria 'Threats' + Strike Iran and Risk Huge Backlash, Blix Warns US + EU continues nuclear talks with Iran but US warns Europe is not tough enough

Rice: Nato united over Iraq, Rice says + Rice calls for US, Europe to move beyond differences + Rice: No deadline on Iran nuke program + Rice gives Europe stylish image of U.S. + Rice Tells Iran to Take Deal or Face U.N. Council

Domestic: Bush touts domestic agenda as vital to nation's economy + Bush would double ex-nuke worker medical screening + Bush welcomes black leaders at White House+ First Lady Wants Students on Best Behavior + U.S. Billed for Migrant Prisoner Expenses by Arizona + WHITE HOUSE BLASTS WASHINGTON POST -- AGAIN + Bush Disappoints Congressional Black Caucus

Iran: Tough U.S. stance on Iran brings echoes of Iraq debate. Emerging strategy against Tehran focuses on strengthening exile groups + BUSH WARNS IRAN AGAIN

Rove: Bush gives policy post to shrewd kingmaker. Political ace Rove's portfolio unusual for high-level staff + Bush strategist Rove gets a promotion + Rove's new position will involve policy + Rove's White House Role Expands Into Policy + Rove gets his reward as he joins the king onstage

Budget: Medicare drug benefit could cost $1.2 trillion. White House ups expense estimate over next decade + Derailing Amtrak + Bush budget scraps 9,790 border patrol agents. President uses law's escape clause to drop funding for new homeland security force + GOP tries to rally support for Bush budget + Healthcare Costs Take Big Bite From Economy + Bush Plan Could Drain Effort to Clean Up Waters + US budget to benefit Colombia and the opposition in Venezuela + Pentagon Plays Games With War Funding Requests

Budget opposition: Baltimore Mayor Criticizes Bush Budget + Summary: Bush Faces Fight on Farm Payments + Fight expected over Bush plan for Amtrak + Bush Cuts Draw Heat From GOP Members + Lawmakers say farm cuts would hurt South

Social Security: Poll: Tap wealthy on Social Security

Congress: Bush plan lights flame under Congress. Legislators fear political fallout of some program cuts + Bush close to getting limits on lawsuits + House moving to make asylum policy harsher + Congress Takes Up Bill to Curb Suits + Lee and Woolsey will lead Congressional Progressive Caucus + Senators Seek to Clarify Rules on Food Exports to Cuba + Bush's High School Plan Faces Fight in Congress

Democrats: Being Howard Dean + Dems aim to narrow GOP Congress majority + Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton expected to bow out of re-election bid + Democratic leader rips 'boys at White House' + Dems Plot Ways to Win Back House Seats + Hil rips Prez on police + The Left's Old-Time '60s Political Religion + To Stop Hillary, Draft Condi + Democrat Assails White House Over Plans to Raise Airline Ticket Fees + Kerry Donates $1 Million to DNC to Aid Dean in Grass-Roots Efforts

Voting: Presidential financing overhaul sought + Committee examines 2004 election reforms + Election officials work on making changes + Ohio officials begin voting machine fight + Committee Evaluating 2004 Election Annoyed by No-Shows at Hearing


The Enrons of Tomorrow -- Count Me In

Shock and Awe's Logical Conclusion

Buchanan: Misdiagnosing the Malady

Demonizing Iran: Another US Salvo

Ted Rall: Bush gone wild

Gene Lyons: Toying with Fate

Duck and Cover Redux: Bunker Busters and City Levellers

What Ward Churchill Didn't Say

Molly Ivins: Private accounts, a no brainer

Eric Garcetti: Bush transforms the war on poverty into a war on the poor Click.

Ambassador of Lies: Elliott Abrams, the Neocon's Neocon

Hecho en Mexico: the Iraqi Election

Bush's budget: government by fraud and lies

New evidence of Enron's criminal role in California's energy crisis

Coming to terms with Sistani

Could George Bush Snr really be Deep Throat?

Cannonfire on Poppy Bush as Deep Throat

How Canada stunned Bush

MILITARY Fort Bragg soldier, teen found shot dead

Report: Air Force Academy alcohol abuse up

How the military is training new soldiers

LEAKGATES  Joe Wilson speaks out and interesting quote from Poppy about his article

Blood for pork....

Sikorsky won't protest Marine-One decision

The Fading of 'Buy American'

Pakistan leaves arms calling card

India makes a play for F-16 fighters

Colorado Professor Fires Back as He Defends His Positions

California school tracks kids with radio tags

Reflections on Empire and Uppity Indians

Vegas Casino Bets on RFID

Utah Troopers Learn to Draw Blood from Suspects

TECHBITS: Kazaa Memos, Online Banking, Biometric Age Verification

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Mayor Newsom argues cause of same-sex marriage at Harvard. Nuptial ban called a civil rights issue + S.F. Mayor Denies His Same-Sex Marriage Order Helped to Reelect Bush + 'Housewives' Star Denies Lesbian Rumors

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

The Super Bowl: malfunction junction. Fox scrambles to explain why it pulled racy TV ad

Low expectations, low-key coverage. World media refrain from touting Sharm summit

Iranian Blogger's 'Crime' Against the Islamic State

Former Anderson Valley Advertiser's editor's Oregon newspaper fails (re: Bruce Anderson)

Media seek end to secrecy in Jackson case

Tabloid publisher wants subpoena thrown out in Kobe Bryant case

Gunmen Kill Iraqi Journalist, Government Official

John Hanchette: Enron, Halliburton fading from front pages of U.S. newspapers Click.

Sirius seeks place for satellite radio in iPods

PENTAGON CHANNEL: DoD to broadcast to millions of U.S. homes

Congresswoman Asks for Probe After 'Gannon' Quits WH Reporting Post

Click. Brian Orloff: The Battle of the (Bush) Bulge: Why Did the 'NYT' Kill Its Story?

BBC producer killed in Somalia

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Click. The first Napa Valley Birdwatching Festival will be Feb. 24-27.

Salvage archeology at the Temple Mount

Aphrodisiacs in the kitchen: Red-hot romance starts here

Orchestra hall being designed in Atlanta

Colin Bennett: Combat Diary 24 of the Alternative Fortean Times

Kuwait remote sensing conference

A parrot lover's payoff

The women behind the myths

Click. Women on the links in greater numbers

An early piece of the Hemingway puzzle

The brains behind crime show are calculatingly cool

Alex Ross on Osmo Vänskä

John Lahr on Donald Margulies

Twilight of the Jedi

Queen of the waves

From Hughes to Ray Charles, Biopics Dominate Oscars

Keanu Reeves Battles Evil Again in 'Constantine'

Paris Celebrates America's Forgotten Photo Pioneer

Rush & Molloy: Paul wants to get back Honor

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Shannen as social critic

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Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

FEBRUARY 8, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Carnage as Iraqi army centre is shelled + Baghdad Suicide Bombing Kills 21 Police Candidates; Terror Suspects Held + Insurgents kill 31 in Iraq -- bloodiest day since elections + U.S. toll in Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Shi'ites, Kurds Poised to Dominate Govt + Kurds Gain in Election at Expense of Shi'ites + Shi'ite Coalition Split Over Choice of Iraq Premier + Iraq Electoral Commission Admits Vote Problems + Sadr Reaches Out to Iraqi Sunni Clerics for Coordination + A Handful of Educators Testing Private Schools + Iraq aims to restart northern oil pipeline within days

IRAN: Israel says Iran is best dealt with diplomatically

MIDDLE EAST: Mideast leaders to call truce. U.S. general assigned to monitor progress + Frail truce would confront many obstacles + Sharon and Abbas declare an end to hostilities + Sharon invites Abbas to his Negev ranch, says ready to visit Ramallah + The street expects results

Saudis have oil facilities well-guarded

Egypt's suicidal river of denial

Is a Shiite crescent soon to slice through the Middle East?

EUROPE: Ghost of Chernobyl Continues to Haunt Ukraine

Netherlands: Arrests Foiled Other Slayings, Officials Say


Powerful Egyptian Spy Chief No Longer Behind the Scenes

Energy Department budget trims labs' funds

Stanford lands lucrative Homeland Security deal

Kuwait warns terror could spread through Gulf

Sensor Technology At Case Western Reserve University Can Help Uncover Package Tampering

German spy agency unveils plans for HG

Assumed destroyed, secret spy-school textbooks tell new wartime tale

China reveals fate of 56 political prisoners

Zim to rule on spy case

Mossad and U.S. forces in Iraq spy on Iran

Seeing Red Over Big Blue's China Deal

Secret service defied neutrality during second world war

The secret war against hackers

Stopping terror on the tracks

Test Facility for President's New Helicopters

Philippine Troops Clash With Followers of Jailed Muslim Leader; 17 Soldiers Killed

Space war games in Nevada

Doctors Need To Prepare For Blood Shortages Now


Infectious Agent Linked To Mad Cow Disease Found In Organs Other Than The Brain

Stopping Smallpox In Its Tracks: A New Anti-viral Approach


W.R. Grace shares fall after indictment

Loophole in photo law frustrates judges

Ex-Justice Dept. Official Finds a Hot Seat at UC Irvine

Kansas City: Man acquitted in third child abuse trial

Psychiatrist: Zoloft caused mania in youth who killed grandparents

Catholic Diocese of Dallas faces probe

Child porn pictures said taken at Disney hotel

Man pleads guilty in embargo violation re: Iran

Judge orders hearing on embassy bombings

Oregon man cleared in teen's disappearance

Lawyers may seek sentencing reform delay

For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be 'Evil'

Social Security rules can slam retired public workers Click.

Florida man sues bank over $90K wire fraud

Sullivan Testifies Ebbers Refused to Warn WorldCom Investors About Revenue

Former CFO Says Ebbers Told Him: 'We Have to Hit Our Numbers'

Police: Idaho Teen Is Tied Up and Scalped

Reports: Sheriff's Deputies in Florida County Falsely Cleared Cases to Improve Statistics

Shanley: Ex-Priest Convicted in Rape of Boy in Boston + 'Significant' sentence sought for Shanley + Jury convicts Shanley of raping child


9th Circuit Court of Appeals sued over image of 10 commandments in its seal

Chino warden sought to transfer inmate before guard's slaying

California Man Who Set Son on Fire Two Decades Ago Convicted of Having Gun

Sacramento & north: Eco-Terrorism Suspected in Arson at Sacramento-Area Apartments

San Francisco, San Mateo: Police panel to rule on misconduct case. 7 officers involved in probe of 2002 Union St. brawl + Few leads in killings of 2 men in Bayview + Bakery faces charges over conditions

Alameda: Man, 84, is struck, killed in crosswalk on way to Chinatown. Hit-run suspect arrested -- witness had followed truck + Raiders: Leave us out of suit re: punching

Santa Clara: East Palo Alto: 16-year-old is arrested in stabbing death of his aunt + Criminal case over filth at bakery. Health officials sought charges after repeated violations + E. San Jose: Intruder stabbed to death by homeowner + For Mardi Gras, S.J. cops' numbers to be fat today + Charge dropped against officer + CHP probing fatal collision + Council hears views on panel serving as police review body + Inmate speaks out from death row

Contra Costa: Alamo: Classroom damaged in two-alarm fire + Lawsuit filed in Walnut Creek gas pipeline blast. Burned worker blames owner of line, contractor + San Pablo mayor's car stolen + Female robber hits Orinda bank + Judge denies motion for new Helzer trial

Marin: Killer of Marin ranger in 1973 to be released + Ex-Marin financier admits he bilked PowerBar creators + Justin Helzer denied a new trial

Sonoma: Boot camp sued over boy's death. North Bay youth, 15, died after a week at Missouri school + CHP urges felony charges in teen crash + Rope fibers may be clue in SR crash

Napa: Local lawyer sued over business deal + Court tosses 5-year-old molest case

Solano: Defense attorney says fatal shot was an accident + Suspect in chase, assault gets court date + Mobile home burns; official calls it arson

Monterey: Salinas man guilty of murder + Details of fatal crash emerge + Judge to rule on teen's fate

Central Valley: Graffiti will get attention pronto + Merced sheriff's office is sued + Manteca: Crosswalk crackdown a good move for safety

Central Coast: Corralitos: Wreck probe focuses on alcohol + Slaying victim’s girlfriend takes the stand

Southern California: Calif. judge cuts rape trial defense short (Haidl case) + Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking Elizabeth Taylor's van Gogh painting+ LA man sentenced in investment scam+ LA: Reaction mounts to fatal shooting of 13-year-old after car chase + Judge Scolds Haidl Trial Lawyer (Haidl case) + Torrance: Vandalism of McDonald's Tied to Animal Rights Activists, Police Say + Yorba Linda: Fatal Crash Charges Up in Air + Not Guilty Plea Made in Condo-Conversion Case + Man Sentenced to Prison for Making Bomb Click.

Michael Jackson: BASHIR IS BACK: Corey Feldman on Childhood Friendship with Michael Jackson

Robert Blake: Key witness backs off claim that Blake directly solicited him for murder+ Witness Tells of Blake Offer + Blake prosecutor returns witness to stand to restore credibility


The Governor:  Fund-raising charge leveled at governor + California Is Dealt Blows Despite Gov.'s GOP Clout + GOP Fears a Redistricting Backfire + Group claims Gov. breaks fund-raising rules + Gov. visits Mt. Diablo H.S.+ Gov. visits vocational classes + Gov. drops in + Gov. Battles Rising Criticism on Multiple Fronts + GOP Fears a Redistricting Backfire Click. + Plan for schools increases funds? Click. + Democrats backpedal on killing Gov.'s plans Click. + California might join multistate mega lottery Click.

Changes at big state injured-worker insurance carrier.

New greenhouse emission regs will generate savings for consumers, regulators say + Panel reviews cap

Patrol car auction protested and draws McClintock's concerns+ State unfairly awarded CHP car contract to rival?

Bill proposes a ban on cloning pets Click.

Matsui: Matsui foes criticize land dealings + Editorial: Matsui should debate

Dutra has fattest war chest in state Senate race

Shelley: As scrutiny increased, Shelley lay low + Clone Bill Jones + Committee may abandon Shelley probe

Indian tribes: Lyttons to unveil revised casino proposal + Unexpected Opponent Challenges San Pablo Casino + Lyttons to unveil revised casino proposal + Cities See High Stakes In Casino Deal + County may join new consortium to rein in tribal activity + Tribe antes up with new casino developer

LOCAL NEWS:    Giant sequoia getting shorter. Washington Tree has lost 139 feet to fire, winter storms

Professor details plan for safer, cheaper Bay Bridge span

A Cruel End for a Great Elk Click.

US agency recommends against BART extension

Sacramento & north: Arson at Sutter Creek building site + Sierra plane crash kills pilot + Placer County: Pilot's body found in plane wreckage + News in brief from Northern California + Port's revenues to fall short

San Francisco, San Mateo: A jump in price of parking planned for S.F. Meters, garages up 50 cents an hour, most tickets up $5 + Cost soars for Hetch Hetchy fix. Higher water bills could fund upgrade + A new chapter in the battle over St. Brigid. With developer interested, supervisors to consider landmark status + Officials hope to unfurl mystery of Filipino flag + Longtime fund-raiser hired to AIDS post + S.F.'s ethics power play + Festive Chinatowns bustle with business + Redwood City warns of possible flooding + Brisbane: PG&E turns on power project + Beach benches bought

Alameda: Oakland Council may raise car impound fees + Oakland: Parking at airport to cost more soon + Oakland-bound plane crashes in Sierra; pilot dies + Oakland: Six rescued after car veers off 200-foot cliff + Berkeley puts $650,000 into library book tracking system + Coliseum moves to transfer its lease + A's, schools partner up for charity ticket sales + Local charities losing funds to tsunami relief + Alameda fights for its share for base + Fremont board may open 'Secrets' + Livermore sides with Pardee on petition + San Ramon Council to hear appeal tonight + Parking fees rise in Livermore parks + Ohlone program back at senior center

Santa Clara: Bush budget mixed bag for Valley + Bus, trolley use lowest since '88 + Silicon Valley exodus starting to slow + Homeless survey results released + Debate over old mall site in Mtn. View + Proposal lets town get its school back + Efforts to open trauma center see resistance + Chung: A head start on Lunar New Year + Weimers: Anti-litter campaign gets action

Contra Costa: Concord barter broker trades in parallel realm + Richmond disaster plan is on shaky ground + Pleasant Hill improving web link + Danville residents fight open-space access

Marin: Bel Marin Keys official missing after plane crash + Novato voters urged to pass new parcel tax + Buckelew switches focus + Furor over fire station on Mt. Tam

Sonoma: Group fights cell phone tower OK + River puts rent control in doubt + Bellevue school plan back on track + Lawmakers vow to help Occidental + Petaluma council throws out trash vote after public outcry

Napa: Bay Area gays knock on Napa doors for candidate + Council candidate accused of dirty politics + St. John's Catholic church creates healthy network for needy

Solano: Accident survivor, 14, leaves intensive care + Water warnings go far enough, EPA tells Vallejo + County's IT contractor has blemished record + AmCan says EDC expenditure wasn't paying off + Local News Briefs

Monterey: Prunedale: Quintuple fatal crash victims identified + FRIENDS REMEMBER LONGTIME CATTLEMAN + Man struck by car while riding bicycle

Central Valley: MedicAlert ex-CEO exonerated + Modesto looking to solve deficit + Stanislaus may sue the state + Students put their domes to work + Modesto to insure students' big night + Manteca rejects bids for complex + Guard duty + Pulling federal funds for trains decried + Developer pays for annexation study + Skandi-Fest might be gone for good + Oakdale development won't pay for station + Nonprofit wants broadband for rural valley + Livingston principal's departure discussed + End near as giant sequoia shows age + News & Notes + Around the Region + Community Briefing + Merced's 'Miracle' baby turns 21 + Salida needs more retail business before it can incorporate + Fresno Co. apple firm seeking to bag success

Central Coast: Public comment sought on protection of ocean + News briefs from California's Central Coast +UCSC'S long rage plan: City presses UCSC on growth + Growth foes hit the streets + Faculty gets another shot at comment

Southern California: L.A. county supervisor seeks to block use of Mexican ID cards+ Hahn hammered repeatedly in televised LA mayoral debate+ Landslide threatens to destroy multimillion-dollar homes in Anaheim+ Profile: Antonio Villaraigosa + West Hollywood to Honor Sacrifices of Soviet Soldiers + Four Who Want His Job Tackle the Mayor + Black Leaders Express Anger at Boy's Death + Hahn Plan Would Shift Control of Repair Funds + In Signed Statements, 4 Deny Commissioner Was Host of Hahn Fundraiser + LA: Super-Majority Vote Is Urged on Police Merger + Orange County residents seek gun permits in Nevada that they can't use legally here Click.

School days: In hazing, dumb stunts can be fatal + S.F. school year's early start burns parents + Colleges expand homeland security courses+ Oakdale High does itself proud in Stanislaus County Academic Decathlon+ Exercise your brain: Attend Stanislaus State lecture series + Orange County man gets 21 months in pipe bomb blast + West Contra Costa County schools consider reform + San Francisco schools await cash boon + Board pick for Monterey district head needs state OK

A Portable Detector For HIV-AIDS, Measles And Other Infectious Diseases

Risks and wrongs of AIDS vaccine

Pfizer Cancer Drug Shows Such Promise That Trial Ended Early

Mercury in fish poses heart risk for middle-aged men, study says

Vaccine maker's '91 memo suggests mercury-level risk

Merck Canceled an Early Study of Vioxx


Britain hires Dolly the sheep scientist + Dolly creator can clone embryos

Foxes turned into man's best friend

Mother's asthma tied to autism

What Exactly Is Under the Sea?

New Treatment Rivals Chemotherapy For Lymphoma, Study Finds

Key Mechanism In Genetic Inheritance During Cell Division Identified

Varicella Vaccine Effective On Chicken Pox; Impact On Herpes Zoster Unclear

Blocking Cell Signaling Can Stymie Viral Infections, Study Shows

Evidence Of Waterfowl Mediated Gene-flow In Aquatic Invertebrates

Missing Link Between The Whale And Its Closest Relative, The Hippo

Smoking Causes Memory And Cognitive Impairment In Adolescents

The Opportunity For Canalization And The Evolution Of Genetic Networks

Hearing Aid Signal Not Clear? Then Switch Frequency To FM,

COX-2 Inhibitor Increases The Risk Of Heart Attack In Elderly Adults

New UCLA Study Disputes Antidepressant/Suicide Link

New Non-Hormonal Hot Flash Treatment Set For Clinical Trial

Space telescope discovery raises prospect of mini solar systems

The “it” chip

Google Launches Map Service

Microsoft releases slew of security fixes + Microsoft Antivirus Purchase Could Threaten Big Security Firms

For Ask Jeeves, the answer is Bloglines

Major Caribbean Earthquakes And Tsunamis A Real Risk

Clusters Of Aluminum Atoms Found To Have Properties Of Other Elements Reveal A New Form Of Chemistry

Handheld Transmitters Connect Students And Teachers In Class

Oregon May Lead Future Of Wave Energy

First Micro-machined Mechanical Cochlea

Space telescope discovery raises prospect of mini solar systems


Blair hints at new Iraq timetable

Bush Close to Getting a Goal From Congress: Limits on Class-Action Suits

Mayors, County Officials Blast Bush Proposal to Overhaul Community Development Program

Political Fight Over Aircraft Carrier Pains President's Brother


Karl Rove Promoted, Could Leave Larger Imprint on White House Policy

Chertoff immigration opinions trouble some

Rumsfeld to seek halt to interference with NATO

Rice Tells Europe to Move Past Iraq Differences + Rice announces Mideast peace steps

Middle East moves: From Aqaba to Sharm: Sharon and Bush are betting on Abu Mazen again. But this time around, it's to win + The intifada's graduation party + Winds of change from Washington + For the first time, no training wheels

Bush wants electricity set at market rates

Budget: The Big Picture May Seem Rosy, but the Deficit Is in the Details + $2.568 Trillion. THE PLAN: Domestic programs slashed + PROS AND CONS FOR CALIFORNIA: Bad for Medi-Cal, good for high- tech + President Puts Faith in Religion-Based Social Services + A Bid for Permanent Tax Cuts + DOA + Key expenses are omitted, analysts say

Read the budget

Budget backlash: Bush's budget conceals billions, Democrats say + Dems attack + Schools bracing for cuts

GOP consultant sentenced for jamming Demo phones in New Hampshire

Congress: Rep. Harman to Offer Bill Banning Torture

Democrats: Democrats align behind Dean to champion party + Reid urges Bush to disavow GOP criticism


A club too exclusive

President Putting 'Big' Back in Government

The Thinker

Robert Scheer: Law of unintended consequences

Imperial Hubris: An Author Reviews His Reviews

Whatever Happened to Mutually Assured Destruction?

Scott Ritter: Weapons Inspections Were a Front

Paranoia Grips the US Capital

Onward to Iran?

Natan Sharansky and US Israel Policy

Click. The elections in Iraq and the American President.

Sam Smith on the budget

Bush must face up to a rising power

Rush & Molloy: W sees rear-guard action - in church

Bush's rhetoric battles with his policies Monday wash: Rice and Shelley

MILITARY  Judge rejects 'stop loss' suit vs. Army

Navy Adm. Clark to retire this summer

USS Ranger ruled out for Tacoma museum, opposition cited

The ordeal of Staff Sgt. Michael Lott

Budget impacts: Proposed Air Force Budget Calls for Reduction of Active-Duty Airmen + Army Prioritizes Vehicles, Focuses on Force Protection in 2006 Budget Plan + Marine Corps Budget Plan Adds Two Battalions, Rolls Back Purchases + 2006 Defense Budget Plan Eliminates Navy Aircraft Carrier

Green Berets' numbers fall short

Army Uniforms Redesigned After 20 Years

Fighter pilot named to Norfolk helm

Neo-Nazis seek to hijack Dresden grief


King film shown tonight as part of copyright fight

Poll finds antiwar sentiment stronger among Latinos


Man arrested for lawyer jokes cleared

Colleges value civility over free expression


Pfizer Says It Is Weighing Job Cuts as It Faces Patent Losses on Key Drugs

Book Paints Unflattering Portrait of Disney's Iger

Daniel Weintraub: Time to question assumptions in medical industry

Venture capital legend Perkins to rejoin HP board

Qatar to partially open stock market to foreigners

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay activist appointed to Utah Senate + ZOO TEMPTS GAY PENGUINS TO GO STRAIGHT + Bush administration asks court to throw out lawsuit challenging 'don't ask, don't tell' policy

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

C4 lines up Guantánamo-style torture show Click.

More faces, less caution, in new Oscar broadcasts

E&P Analysis Suggests Rumsfeld Wrong to Attack Major Papers on Armor Episode

Kuwait Says It Will Shut Down Papers that Report on Terrorist Investigations

The Mob Sends a Scary, Shocking Message to a British Press Lord

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

New head of S.F. Opera will get off to early start. Houston's Gockley to take over in January 2006

Tom Moore: Soaking in the scenery at Pebble Beach

Entertainer Steve Martin gives $1 million to Huntington Library

Flawed Wisconsin quarters found

Dame Ellen sails home to honor

Mardi Gras Parade Brings Out New Orleans Revelers

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FEBRUARY 7, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraq Bomb Kills 15 at Police Station; AP Puts Total Dead in Attacks at 30 +
4 Egyptians seized in Iraq ambush + Miles of Barren Desert Dotted With Smugglers, Insurgents + Deadly cases of mistaken IDs in Mosul + Canada might train Iraqi troops, but not in-country + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Al-Sistani to have detailed involvement in Iraq's political process + Top Shiite Welcomes Overtures By Sunnis + Shi'ites Demand Islam Be Source of Law + Kurds Move Into 2nd Place in Count + Sistani List Leads in Key Sunni Province+ Shiites want Islamic stamp on Iraqi law + Iraq poll monitors find proof of intimidation + View emerging of Shi'ite-ruled Iraq

War prisons: UK Vows No Investigation Into Gitmo Detainee's Claims, Citing National Security + UK Home Secretary Seeks to Put Freed Detainee Back in Belmarsh + Gitmo Briton Plans to Sue Over MI6 Agent's Role + Russians Sue US Over Gitmo Torture + US 'Eavesdropped on Habib, Lawyer'

AFGHANISTAN: Jim Lobe: A narco state is born

IRAN: Can the U.S. defuse Iran? + Iran Blamed for Hercules Crash + A nuclear Iran is not the problem + Ex-leader: Iran, U.S. can agree + Iran looks, again, to 'experienced captain' + Iran Will Retaliate, Accelerate Nuke Program If Attacked

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon and Abbas to declare formal cease-fire at Sharm summit + Israelis urged to make difficult choices. Goodwill gestures hail Rice's first trip as secretary of state + Militants Are Wild Card in Mideast Negotiations + Israeli Cabinet clears Egypt free-trade deal +Israeli Officer Accused in Girl's Death Freed

Saudi call for counter-terrorism center elicits mixed response

RUSSIA: Russia gets U.S. money to destroy weapons

EUROPE: NATO not priority, says Ukrainian defense minister

AFRICA: African leaders condemn installation of Togo leader + African Leaders Sign Forest Preservation Pact

ASIA PACIFIC: Thai leader claims reelection win

Deepening succession mystery in North Korea

AMERICAS: Click. U.S. wary of Venezuelan leader who controls 15% of American oil imports

Mexico's Largest Leftist Party Wins Key Election in Pacific Coast State + Arrest of Fox aide deepens probe of Mexico drug spying

Bolivia Gallops Away Under the Soft Grip of Its President

Venezuelans Face Tug of War Over Arable Land


CIA agrees to release records detailing ties to former Nazis + CIA agrees in principle to disclose Nazi records

Swiss police deny intruders left Spanish consulate + Hostage-takers elude Swiss police

US Looking for a Few Good Spies (or Terrorists?)

From Start, Tip on Threat to Boston Raised Doubts

United Nations: U.N. suspends staffers in oil-for-food inquiry + Why U.N. won't call it genocide

New Zealand: Israeli 'spies' drop passport fraud appeals + Continues Diplomatic Sanctions Against Israel

Another Judi Bari investigation falls short

SoCal man claims he helped Hermann Goering commit suicide

Yalta Casts Shadow 60 Years On

Drug Dealers' Uranium Alarms India

Passport racket blows hole in Baghdad's security net

How Islamic Extremists Are Turning the Web into

Mugabe's party expels official

SA intelligence mum on spy

Judge Urged to Reverse Decision Ending FBI Espionage Case

Dutch terror network case starts

FBI to probe Georgian PM's death

Iran gives `Israeli spy' 10 years in jail

With top aides at work, new director looking to reshape CIA

A Shortsighted Eye in the Sky

Mofaz: Hunt for terror suspects is frozen

Ice cream trucks to be used in terror plot

Pakistan denies new allegations over nukes

RN ship surveys area near quake epicenter

Poland: No Danger in Leak of Secret Files+  Polish ‘spy list’ more popular than sex on net

Senate Scrutinizing U.S. Intelligence on Iran+ `Pre-emptive' study of Iran data started + Spy agency staff to gather not-so-secretly


Defrocked Priest Shanley Found Guilty of Sex Abuse by Massachusetts Jury

Grand Jury: Grace Conspired to Keep Quiet on Libby Health Issue

W.R. Grace, Executives Charged With Asbestos Conspiracy at Montana Mine

As Piracy Battle Nears Supreme Court, the Messages Grow Manic

Coming Soon in WorldCom Trial: 'Milkman' Ebbers vs. Whiz Kid Sullivan

Police Order Former Congressman to Move Out of House Near Chicago Elementary School

Canada's radical plan for drug problem

Report: School steroid use silent, rampant

Google loses another trademark fight in France

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Pleads Guilty to Drunken Driving

Prosecutors Back Off on Hate Crime Charge in Beating of Satanist


Return Youth Authority to youths

CHP too busy to enforce the law

Forensic laboratory gets down to the DNA

Click. Once out of prison and mental hospitals, sexually violent predators such as Cary Verse do not pay for their rent, food or even magazines. At first, taxpayers do.

Molesters residing in rest homes + Danger in nursing homes?

Jail costs for illegals sought

Media hordes and open courts

Sacramento & north: Back-seat driver: Paperwork often keeps the CHP out of view

San Francisco, San Mateo: San Francisco: Homicide victim is identified + CHP announces new speed trap locations

Alameda: Oakland: Man with pregnant wife killed in sideshow shooting + Juvenile hall staff under investigation + Chinatown building crime stopper group + CHP issues more tickets on Alameda County back roads

Santa Clara: S.J. police arrest four after standoff + Slaying victim wife of gang member + Auditor to review East P.A. police probes + Shooting, brawl in Palo Alto + Roadshow: When to call CHP after crash + Inspection at move-out can clarify `wear, tear'

Contra Costa: San Pablo mobile home owners challenge ruling + Walnut Creek buildings complicate downtown changes

Sonoma: Boot camp sued in Santa Rosa teen's death

Solano: Vallejo Police Calls + The Benicia Police Department reports

Central Valley: Firms' crews erase meth lab traces + No one will catch Grandma Cheryl in that bail scam + Woman found dead in Tracy

Southern California: Compton: CHP officer fatally shoots armed suspect + Rape Charges Against Trio Will Get a Replay in 'Haidl II' + LA Police Kill Driver, 13, at End of Chase + Muslims Chafing Under 9/11 Measures + Lawyers Seek Out Victims of Crash + Suspect Allegedly Steals O.C. Squad Car + LA: Man Sets Himself Afire; Son Also Suffers Burns + Huntington Beach: Police Hunt for Man in Shooting of Teenager

Michael Jackson: Death of lawyer's sister to delay  jury selection +DA May Get Burned by Media Spotlight + State could be asked for more money for costly trial + Trial enters low-key week two without the star + Why the King of Pop Will Moonwalk


The Governor: Gov.'s opponents eye ballot measures + What's next for Gov? + Money rolls in for Gov. + Fall ballot could see jumble of initiatives.

Dan Walters: State environmental quality law expands into labor contracts

Pensions: Courts stand guard on pension promises

Stem cell panel: Group to fight for stem cells + UCSF setting the pace

Some Calif. MDs Quit Worker Comp System

R.E. Graswich: Matsui's investment ties to Tsakopoulos questioned by her rivals+ The buzz: Donors aid Matsui, reminisce about husband

State issues new license to heal to Naturopathic doctors

Shelley: Replace Shelley With a Pro, Nuñez Suggests + To Replace Shelley, Bold Choice May Be Best Option

Indian tribes: North Oaklanders denounce Koi casino + Casino plan spurs debate in Oakland


Be gentle, ladies -- he's the new gorilla in town. A virgin at 23, male silverback makes mild debut at San Francisco Zoo

Bad software, bureaucratic feuds plague BART

Adding E-Voting Printers Could Cost $23 Million, Counties Say

Staff exodus because of retirements pinches counties

Sacramento & north: Closing of road atop dam riles many in Folsom + Jefferson's widening: No pain, no gain + Nasdaq will list Rocklin tech firm + News in brief from Northern California

San Francisco, San Mateo: Mayor names 2 to building panel, wants changes at agency enforcing housing standards + Daly City: Apartment fire injures 2 tenants + Venerable S.F. theater fades to black + Gun Control, By Any Means Necessary + Scientists, fishermen worry about San Francisco Bay's troubled herring fishery + On Trail of 1906 Quake's Victims + Chinatown readies for New Year's boom + Rincon Hill primed for soaring towers + CHP announces new speed trap locations

Alameda: Oakland: 6 rescued after car plunges down cliff + City hazy on plan to fund ballpark + Newark: Young performers star in art series + Fremont fire officials: Quirks add to response time + Union City Lons Club delivers gift of sight to poor + Haggerty calls for Bay Bridge tower + Oakland Tech's windows a pain + Runoff election in San Leandro ends Tuesday evening + Sunol: Compost facility opponents make a stink + Fremont: Dispatch system draws static + Danville: Fire exhibit very much a family affair + Livermore: Middle income eligible for homes

Santa Clara: New district: Better for students? + Cooler days on tap as clouds arrive + Nurse struggles to bring the basics to Indonesia + Happier hour?

Contra Costa: Click. Two appointments last month to a Contra Costa County annexation board scrapped because the secret ballot process may have been illegal.

Marin: Film of suicides renews Golden Gate Bridge barrier issue + Local schools relying more on foundations + Fairfax officials insist Parkade is staying put + Project hopes to restore bay oyster population

Sonoma: Rohnert Park: Golf club in the rough + Non-native deer threaten Point Reyes ecosystem + Two escape fire in small Ukiah apartment + Ukiah plans to ask for tax hike + Christo's connection

Napa: Political season brings changes to the landscape + Locals weigh in on future of county + Families enter drawing for top schools + Dell campaign leads the pack financially in race for St. Helena City Council + Thompson gains help protecting lake land

Solano: He's motivated to coach others + Will Dixon cash in on racetrack? + State's fiscal woes have county worried

Monterey: Campaigns still in the red + Preservation society elects members + Your town + Sheriff seeks more gas money for patrols + Fearing Lawsuits Because of Birthday Suits, Carmel Shuns a Gift

Central Valley: Counties go solar to save + Gregori high delayed again + Calls flood pizza shops as game's fans gather + Bunco draws more fans than football does here + Idling big rigs, buses are targeted + Mexico natives eager to have election voice + Bill tackles worry over lions + New Croatian caucus unveiled + A valley — or inland bay — by any other name + News from the San Joaquin Valley + Tracy: No bull — the cows came home

Central Coast: News briefs from California's Central Coast + School braces for news of 5 teens killed in 101 wreck + Global-flight take-off stalled again + Forced to pay for future floods + Riding out of respect + Coastlines

Southern California: West Hollywood leaders aim to ban cosmetic surgery for pets + Feds reimburse state $3.4 million for Cerritos fire costs + Hahn, the Political Paradox + 400 Jobs to Be Cut at UCLA Healthcare + Timing of Police Station's Opening in San Fernando Valley Raises Eyebrows + Locked Out of Beloved Church, Faithful Keep Its Spirit Alive + King/Drew at a Critical Point + LA Sales tax hike for police looks unlikely to get on May ballot Click.

School days: PROFILE: Dennis Kelley, S.F. teachers' prized fighter ready to lead union charge + Students to rally over lack of notices. Procedures not posted on how to complain of school conditions + Penmanship makes comeback + LA schools fail to help students with $50 million reading program + Location of new schools needs more consultation + Anything not to fail + Fremont: Irvington High students win state competition + Name change worsens breach between Hayward, CSU + Dual immersion class teaches kids to be bilingual + Oracle gives big boost to UCSC falcon group + Prisons tour offers students critical look at justice system Click. + SAT test gives some students unfair breaks


Living in your own personal tech bubble

Home is not a postcode

America can't shrug off Ayn Rand

An Idyllic Scene at Rocky Flats, Colorado, Polluted With Controversy

Storm Damage May Hasten Death of Giant Sequoia Believed to Be World's Second-Largest Tree

Blood for pork....

Envoy urges Indian businessmen to invest in Iraq

Lockheed, Sikorsky, and the politics of procurement

The Axis of Oil

France looks for deals with Libya's military


Long-distance relationships to get venture capital

Village in Poland clashes with U.S. pork giant

Japan's Takeda buys San Diego biotechnology company

NAB boss to overhaul UK banks

It's the age of the older worker -- but is that good or bad?

US brewer adds caffeine to beer

Click. The Procter & Gamble-Gillette merger.

With Brewery Closures, Germany Faces Brauereisterben


New flu strain clouds vaccine pick. Santa Clara variant competes with other candidates as next year's likely culprit

Researchers: Illnesses stem from structures that provide cells energy

Click. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) - approved for home use

Stem cell showdown in Maryland

Super-sizing our tsunami threat

Best Age-Defying Foods

Nesting Begins for Endangered Parrots

Avian race anything but birdbrains, scientists find. Cognitive behavior rivals even chimps, recent studies show

Click. Affymetrix chips digging deeper into the genome + Click. New gene test can help doctors in prescribing medications

What our government won't tell us about carcinogens

Researchers Study Cancer-Light Link

Kid cancer-survivors happier than peers

Baby size linked to cancer risk

India begins HIV vaccine trials

NASA Plans to Bring Down 'Dying' Hubble Telescope

Critics Question NASA on Safety of the Shuttles

Digital guru floats sub-$100 PC

IBM, Sony, Toshiba Unveil Microprocessor Challenge to Intel

Cut the cords -- print wirelessly

Microsoft Notebook: MSN Search will bring in dollars even if it's not No. 1

Laptop Replacement vs. Repair

A Genius at your service; Apple's in-store technical wizards work their magic

Photographer Captures Gigapixels


Middle East: Bush to Meet With Abbas, Sharon in Spring + Sharon and Abbas to Attend Separate Meetings in U.S. + Rice Announces U.S. Security Coordinator in Mideast + General named as Middle East security coordinator + U.S. to Give Palestinians $40M in Aid

Europe: France Calls for Fresh Start in Relations with U.S.

Iraq: U.S. views Iraqi theocracy as unlikely. Cheney, Rumsfeld confident nation won't follow Iran + Rumsfeld: Iraq needs time for military + Iraq Forces' Readiness Depends on 'Behavior' of Syria, Iran: Rumsfeld + U.S. soothes Turkish fears over Kurds and Iraqi unity

Nuclear: Stronger nuclear weapons planned + U.S. envisions makeover for nuclear arms. Proponents cite maintenance costs -- critics say weapons race could flare up

Nominations: Chertoff court opinions shed insight + Former Kellogg Chief Sworn in as New Commerce Secretary

NASA's return-to-space readiness is questioned. Critics say agency hasn't met goals set by Columbia panel

Budget: Cheney defends cuts in programs + Budget boosts vets' co-pay for drugs and adds new fee. Benefit changes show up in Bush's $2.5 trillion spending plan + Defense budget would buy fewer weapons + Budget hike not enough to Save Hubble + With cuts, 2.5 trillion-dollar budget sees 390 billion-dollar gap + Budget Proposal Calls for Marine Corps Restructuring + Bush Budget Would Cut Medicaid, Disabled Housing, but Still Worsen Deficits + Summary of Bush's Proposed 2006 Budget

Social Security: Unpopular options underlie ideas to fix Social Security. Credit-card culture leaves U.S. unwilling to pay for benefits + Bush's Social Security Equation Comes Up Short on Money, Trust + Lobbying war hits airwaves

Congress: GOP takes another stab at drilling in Alaska refuge. Changes in Senate make Republicans more confident + Lawmakers Drafting Bill to Revise Interrogation Laws

Democrats: John Edwards: Staying in the Game? + Kennedy sticks to war criticism + Dems give abortion foes space. Party seeks broader appeal on the issue


Tariq Ali: Out with the old, in with the new

Only Bush knows the neocons' fate

President Bush and the messianic Boomer imperative

Rumsfeld's Nuclear Genie

Phil Angelides: he Right's Attack on Public Pensions

PNAC's Happy Warriors

US Errors in the War on Terror

Juan Cole: Sadr Marginalized … for Now

Evelyn Pringle: Bush puppets push for new law to protect drug companies Click.

Don Hazen: The right-wing express Click.

Skolnick: The Overthrow Of The American Republic - Part 70

Secretary of State Rice's tour. US-European rift deepens over Iran

Abraham's promise and American power

When democracy fails the smell test

Let's Not Make the Same Mistakes in Iran 

MILITARY Rumsfeld: US Military 'Stressed'

Navy to cut orders; job losses seen

Breaking Ranks to Shun War

Bush Budget Raises Drug Prices for Many Veterans

Guardsmen, reservists hit hard at home by call-ups

Harry Potter fights US Army

Woman demoted for Iraq mud-wrestling party

$150,000 to stay in US elite forces

Marine general's comments a closed matter: Rumsfeld

A new take on the warship

PX System Sets Up Food Courts, Retail Stores for Troops in Iraq

Training a New Generation of Soldiers

Democracy Is No Polite Tea Party

Children of War Study Peace in Italian Commune

Who's got an eye on you?

Campus creepers on watch!

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gays and Genes

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Internet Radio Poised for a Tune-Around

Media seek more information about potential Jackson jurors

Doug Ireland: Ann Coulter sticks her entire leg in her mouth Click.

Pentagon-Sponsored 'News' Sites to Be Investigated

CNBC Names Chairman, President

U.S. Library Defies Castro

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

California missions falling apart, preservationists say

The Occidental tourist

Marin Profile: Terry McGovern, one-man entertainment industry

Felton Bigfoot museum explores all things Sasquatch

Pulling no punches: Women were boxing decades before Hollywood noticed

Sleepy Uruguay Races to Rescue Its Vintage Cars

Jane Austen Gets Bollywood Treatment in New Film

Southern seas' Stonehenge

Alex Ross on a Finnish sensation

John Lahr on “Brooklyn Boy”

Click. The historical fictions of Marguerite Yourcenar

Lift a glass to a film venerating wine

Five ancient game boards

Charles IX's Wall Under the Orangerie Click.

Discovery in Greenland Click.

Freud’s nude Moss set to sell for £3.5m Click.

Solo around-the-world sailing record + Click. Ellen MacArthur, 28, is poised to become fastest round-the-world solo sailor More

Living in Rome

Carl Ferraro, whose nightspot graced Hollywood films, dead at 91

"Chicago", film review

"Aliens of the Deep", a film review

Pagan rites reign in Rio's Carnival

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Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

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FEBRUARY 4, 2005

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
US casualties in Iraq attack + Italian Journalist Seized in Iraq, Vote Counting Continues + Al-Sadr demands date for US pullout + Radio contact faulted in Army helicopter crash + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Elections: U.S. 'in for a shock'. In early election results, Shiite cleric's alliance trouncing Washington's favorite + Shiites Lead in Partial Results; Violence Resumes + Shiites Show Strong Lead in Iraq Returns + Top Shi'ites Push for an Islamic Constitution + US Encourages Iran's Reformers to Oppose Clerics + Kurds Serious About Independence; Arabs Worry About Expulsion + Navy Seabees Keep Their Fighting Spirit

War prisons: Navy to Release 3 More From Guantanamo + Judge gives OK for detainees to see limited classified government papers while Bush seeks to stop their lawsuits in federal appeals court + U.N. Says U.S. Not Done Enough on Guantanamo

AFGHANISTAN: Source: Wreckage of Afghan Airliner Found

IRAN: Nuclear Trigger Project Alleged

MIDDLE EAST: Two Palestinians killed by IDF fire near security fence in north Gaza + U.S. prepared to help train unified Palestinian Authority security forces + Jordan offers to deploy troops in West Bank pending PA, Israeli approval + Sharon: Terrorism must end before talks resume + Israelis OK West Bank pullout plan. Summit package includes release of 900 Palestinians + Mideast Summit Hopes High

RUSSIA: Russia slams UK for Chechen report

EUROPE: Radical Tymoshenko Wins Backing as Ukrainian PM

Blair limits foreign trips to present 'Britain first' image

AFRICA:  Draft report describes horror in Uganda

Opposition party back in Zimbabwe's election

ASIA PACIFIC: State of Union Speech Sparks Hope for Talks on N. Korea

South Korea Updates War Plan Vs. North

The emperor's new clothes (China)

Right royal headache for India (Nepal)

Thaksin readies for victory - absolutely (Thailand) + Thailand Incorporated


FBI Chief Lacks All the Answers on Computer Project Woes

FBI shuts down unclassified e-mail system

Delta flights land after reported threats

How Rumsfeld Plans to Shake Up the Spy Game

Congress Is Reviewing Pentagon on Intelligence Activities

United Nations: Panel accuses oil-for-food official. Report says head of U.N. program that aided Iraqis helped friend get contracts + Volcker Probe Finds 'Tainted' Deals in 'Oil-for-Food' Program + Annan Pledges to Get to Truth in Oil-For-Food Scandal + Conflicts Cited in Iraq Oil Program + Iraq food aid chief took oil allocations + Saddam's oil flowed to Canada + Britain implicated in oil-for-food scandal, damning report says

Click. Homeland Security Acquisition Planning for FY05

Expulsion of Israeli envoy by Australia covered up

Habib 'in terror camp' as 9/11 unleashed

Salvo in intel turf war?

Koranic duels ease terror

Wife of Man Believed Killed During Argentina's 'dirty War' Says Navy Officer May Have Thrown Husband to Death

Secrets of wartime spies revealed

Iran gives `Israeli spy' 10 years in jail

Embassy Staff Caught Up in Espionage Net

Al-Ashwa charged with spying for Hizbullah

Somaliland frees girl jailed for espionage

Poland Opens Communist-Era Files

Security Police did not break law in Rusi investigation

Click. Taiwan's intelligence apparatus sought to recruit a Chinese general

Spy agency will dig into its murky past

S. Korea's Spy Agency Picks 7 Cases for Reinvestigation

Philanthropist, former Hearst family spokesman during Patricia Hearst kidnapping dies at 56

Friends, Colleagues Recall Female Veteran FBI Agent Who Committed Suicide at Memorial

Woodward & Bernstein Archives Open: Deep (Throat) in the Heart of Texas + and Bernstein Watergate papers go public at University of Texas minus details about Deep Throat

MI5 'foiled Polish plot to kill Hess'

"Dresden: Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1945" by Frederick Taylor


U.S. Employers Add 146,000 Workers, Recouping Last of Jobs Lost Since 2001

Greenspan Says U.S. Twin Deficits May Shrink, Addressing Concern at G-7

MCI and Qwest reported to be in merger talks

Source: OPEC Won't Cut Output Unless Prices Fall to About $37 a Barrel

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: New York's ban on gay marriage falls + For first time, Jewish Agency grants full couple benefits to lesbian emissary + President Bush's Proposed Same-Sex Marriage Amendment


Click. U.S. has outlawed executing the retarded. Now it's up to the state high court to devise criteria for deciding who is and isn't impaired.

AARP Sues to Protect Health Care Benefits for Retirees

Man Arrested in Threat Against Presbyterian Churches He Believed Were Anti-Semitic

Tapes Show Enron Arranged Plant Shutdown + Enron's early gaming started in 1998

Court rules U.S. can't seek $280B from Big Tobacco

Keeping Tabs on the Dead

Ex-WorldCom Accountant Describes Fraud

Legal war deepens over song that uses Rosa Parks's name

Hockey Star Sentenced to Probation, Public Service Speeches in Speeding Death of Teammate

Shanley: Closing Arguments Hinge on Sex Abuse Memories


Editorial: Redo juvenile justice

Sacramento & north: Chico police: Criminal charges likely in death of pledge at rogue frat + Chico: Fraternity pledge died of water poisoning. Forced drinking can disastrously dilute blood's salt content + Rave party drug goes underground in capital region + Oroville: Judge lets solar project proceed at Butte College + El Dorado Hills aerospace defense firm settles case for $251,200 + Airman, Vacaville resident charged in sexual assault + Postal patrons robbed; man sought + Man asks friend to nail him to cross + Victim of Arden accident is identified + Data scarce to help explain Sacramento zoo lion's killing + Firms OK pollution fines by Air Resources Board

San Francisco, San Mateo: + Slaying suspect says he was duped. He admitted killing ex-lawmaker's son, prosecutor contends + Ex-CFO of McKessonHBOC on trial in S.F. for fraud + Rothenberg Jury Begins Deliberations

Alameda: Oakland: Church seeks right to exclude evidence in sex-abuse lawsuits + Oakland: Grandmother dies in hit-run car crash + Fremont: Police alarm policy stirs heated reaction + + Oakland found negligent in slaying of woman when officer failed to arrest violator of TRO + Oakland: Good Samaritans hurt in hit-run on I-980 + Pre-trial talks heat up in clergy sex-abuse cases + Fremont: Recent thefts may cause closure of shortcut to school + Pit bulls corner Fremont resident + 'Riders' attorneys get day in court + Oaklander dies in Daly City crash + Deportation hearing delayed for interpreter + Oakland: Grandmother Columbia Delatorre killed, boy injured in wrong-way accident

Santa Clara: Sex offender list used to find dates, police say. Convict on Megan's Law roster charged with misdemeanor + San Jose Police officer jailed in infant molesting. Incident allegedly occurred near Morgan Hill + SJ police officer to be arraigned this afternoon for child molestation + Man who defrauded Stanford of 1.5 in copy service billing gets 3 years + Mentally ill attorney Bradlett Hamilton's cases scrutinized for inadequacy of counsel + Claim against officer surfaces in case vs. Menlo Park Police for excessive force + Racial data order reversed + San Jose cop suspected of molesting 1-year-old + Graffiti probed as hate crime

Contra Costa: Don't evict San Pablo park dwellers + Walnut Creek: Man pleads not guilty re: killing mother-in-law + Verse's patrons stand by their man

Marin: Two men arrested after fires at Mill Valley ATMs + 3 'Family' parents lose custody rights + Woman Legally Evicted From Hospital Bed + Sonoma County: Biotech crop ban qualifies for ballot

Sonoma: Click. Jury acquits 20-year-old man in baseball bat beating death of a rival gang member + Man gets 9-year term in crash that killed wife + Teen who killed boy in high-speed crash, goes into program to clear charges + Crime in Petaluma rises, echoing California trend + Ex-judge loses granny unit ruling + Prison for man who left as wife lay dying

Solano: Arrested man files suit against Fairfield police

Monterey: Girlfriend takes stand in fatal crash case + Manslaughter charge filed in Pacific Grove crash

Central Valley: Wait for accused lengthens + McFall charges flying in SJ trial + Law & Order + Lawyer's letter cast as threat. Lawyer for San Joaquin Sheriff Dunn claim remaining defendants threatening

Central Coast: Opening statements heard in McPherson slaying case + Student admits to battery in cane attack on friend + Two arrested in mail theft; warrant issued for another + Cops and Courts

Southern California: D.A. Won't Try Officer in Flashlight Beating Case + No criminal charges in LA police beating of car-theft suspect + Report: Ameriquest mortgage practices criticized by ex-workers, customers + Trunks sold by Irvine firm could trap kids, safety panel warns + Burbank woman gets 27 months in prison in Russian immigrant kidnap-murder case + Ray Charles Jr. arrested in LA for alleged drug possession + Lana Clarkson's mother sues Phil Spector for wrongful death + Inmate Charged in Slaying of Retiree + Battle over new building for 4th Appellate District Court + Friends, Colleagues Recall Veteran FBI Agent at Memorial + Teen Sentenced for Simi Hate Crime + Body of Boy Lost in Creek Is Found + Take the Haidl Case -- Please + Costa Mesa Firm Told to Stop Making Handgun + Media Can't See Videotape in Haidl Rape Case + Fontana: Man Gets Prison, Fine for Theft, Tax Evasion

Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson says celebrity makes him a target

Robert Blake: Blake defense suggests key prosecution witness was on drugs + Detective Defends Blake Inquiry + Blake prosecutor re-creates killing scene for jury


The Governor:  Gov. denies he runs committee accepting unlimited donations (illegal) + Assembly leader Nunez says Gov. carries 'corporate' agenda + Dan Walters: Is it true redistricting reform, or is it just a GOP power grab? + CalSTRS board votes against governor's pension plan + Pension fund to governor - no deal + Gov. supports vocational programs at Norco HS Click. + Meal rule break debate heats up + State calls off contract with prison firm. Deal would have been with company that hired 2 retired corrections officials + No contract with CivicGenics

Energy-efficiency law gets court approval

Shelley: Assembly leader would excuse Shelley from testimony if he resigns + Shelley could skip questions from panel + Elections official rips into Shelley + Núñez gives Shelley incentive to quit + Perata to back a GOP replacement for Shelley

Legislature: Lawmaker begins new push to restrict foreclosures in associations + Driver license for immigrants foes frustrated Click. + New bill proposes ceiling on buyouts of school administrators Click.

Scientists baffled as autism cases soar in state, with no relief in sight. Treatment centers, schools inundated by kids needing help

80 employees of mismanaged agency Office of Criminal Justice Planning still working for state

Lack of litter remedy tarnishes state

Bush model one more thing to manage

Bonuses for UC med center executives criticized by union

PG&E Sells $1.9 Billion in Bonds Backed by Usage Click.

USDA rules go into effect, allowing growers in Mexico to boost avocado exports and own profit Click.

Stem cell panel:  Agency head vows to keep May deadline + San Diego: Firm hired to help find first stem cell chief. Staff settling into headquarters -- research grants expected by May + Vows to keep May deadline + Agency finds space + Plans for Stem Cell Research Advance + Scrutiny for chief of stem cell panel + State set to issue stem-cell grants + Stem-cell institute lands in Emeryville + Prop. 71 campaign land jobs at new institute Click. + Emeryville vies for stem-cell institute Click.

Indian tribes: Santa Clara: Indian center plans to expand + How Far Will Gambling Go? + Yolo County board votes not to join tribal gaming group

LOCAL NEWS:   Foster mother' helps rehabilitate dogs, get them ready for adoption

Park Service wants to eliminate exotic deer at Point Reyes

Saving the Sierra

Alarm sounded to save condor from lead bullets

Seals fight for love at Ano Nuevo

Sacramento & north: UC Davis Med Center to steer patients away + Campus mourns hazing victim + West Sac firefighters, police take it to the streets + Letters detail firefighter misconduct + R.E. Graswich: Kings' minority owner tells arena developers: Don't drop the ball + Ex-Bee photographer pursuing his art again after brutal beating + Placer County: Bickford Ranch project stopped again + Big Yolo retail project OK'd + Unify buys Acuitrek + Editorial: Flush at the firehouse + News in brief from Northern California + Klamath region grows more desperate Click.

San Francisco, San Mateo: City hospitals ranked on patient-care quality + Pacifica considers PG&E bid + + Lead in soil stalls filling of Lake Merced. Gun club's slugs could contaminate water if level raised + Sinkhole opens after water main breaks in Chinatown + + New full-service city clinic treats the formerly homeless. It's a cornerstone of the 'supportive housing' program+ San Francisco Coronet theater schedules its last picture show + Click. St. Regis Hotel high-rise to add high-end capacity in S.F.+ United Way to run struggling agency + Landmark Status Sought for St. Brigid Church

Alameda: UC announces stadium remodeling -- mayor gets teed off. Bates says university not sharing plans with its host city + + Livermore: Workers flee ammonia leak + Tiny bucolic town Sunol fends off change and pollution for quarry + Berkeley Told to Diversify Public Housing Program Because It Favors Blacks + Termed-out legislator Wilma Chan now eyes former post + Fremont neighborhood fights against construction of water valve house + Newark board halts cuts to child care + Oakland residents displaced by blaze + Fremont residents blast police for new alarm policy + Pleasanton derails ACE train station + Dublin water leaving bad taste + Oakland airport limo service open to competition + HUD renews Island housing group funding

Santa Clara: Sept. 11 fund director to speak today + Artist slinging political arrows + Poll: Residents pleased with their city + Slater school supporters protest move to close it + Group buys land by park

Contra Costa: Danville: Parents whose kids died ready to start new family + Health inspection info may be posted + Locally grown, hefty lemon sold on eBay + Pack's in-vitro try succeeds, specialist says + Neighborhood fund-raising ordinance faces opposition

Marin: Nasty Jr. returns to unusual San Rafael bird sanctuary + Bus rider injured in freak accident; man falls out of window + Richmond-San Rafael Bridge milestone: Trestle phase nears completion + Corte Madera wants action on flooding + Canal chapel turns to dust + Fairfax funds pesticide-free West Nile fight

Sonoma: Budget cutbacks halt archaeological dig + Students join parcel-tax push + Empire Waste Management Seeks Vote in Petaluma + A giant Bodega Bay fish tale + Artist has vision for tidal marsh + New Age business for old train depot + Redwood Empire hires ex-Cal gymnastics star + Pitcher from pros gives back to Little League + Petaluma council campaign sets record + Sonoma County: Biotech crop ban qualifies for ballot

Napa: Angwin mental health facility still under fire + Yountville celebrates 40 years + Napa school district finalizes AmCan boundaries + New Juvenile Hall to open by April + Depot, Wine Train square off over parking

Solano:  Vallejo: Girl dies, sister hurt when car hits them on their way to school. Fogged windows obscured vision, driver tells police + Auto kills one sister; other hurt + AmCan school zones laid out + City memo rebuts critic + Ex-Super Bowler shares his story + Mare Island conversion wins praise + Shoe drive focuses on poor Afghani children + Vacaville reviews Triad's plan for Lagoon Valley development + Shumney tributes set + Local Business Briefs

Monterey: Fund raising planned to save Salinas libraries + Superintendent negotiations not over + NPS group sets up wireless network for tsunami survivors + Law didn't change bias, author to speak at NAACP event + Natividad worker denies deception re: contract awarded to wife + Seaside agrees to sell property to developer

Central Valley: Snowpack's looking very good + Kissing symbol a real pest + Richland stores on market+ Recruiters scoop up students + When GI son fell ill, Oakdale mom went to the top+ Summer program designed for lovers of math, science + Praying for a pope+ Castle begins long-term plans +Couples Glide to Latin Rhythms + News & Notes+ Around the Region+ Community Briefing+ Valley crab feeds + Failure to resolve Peterson trial bill would leave county with black eye + If we accept KFIV's new programming, we really are that dumb + Fellowship program's demise will be a great loss to the Central Valley + Tracy city manager recruits file in + Fresno water director to resign + Visalia area revamped + Report on deadly Valley air calls for more controls Click.

Central Coast: News briefs from California's Central Coast + Santa Cruz's new landmark thrills some, chills others + S.C. hotel project’s neighbors say complex will ‘destroy our way of life’ + Crowd hears details on planned visitors center at Fun Spot + Warm weather could lead to large artichoke harvest + Transportation panel releases new plan for tourist trolley + Prep starts for Watsonville Fly-In + Fire destroys bedroom of Happy Valley home + Eshoo backs Felton Grove property owners + Laird sets first round of budget meetings + Local news briefs + Call put out for area’s Latino independent filmmakers

Southern California: Man who wrote blood message in train wreck recalls scene + Study: Traffic, smog, home prices threaten SoCal quality of life + Alhambra: Report finds disparities among Asian-American ethnic groups in hospital treatment + Hahn Team Is Linked to Mailers + Getting the Picture on What O.C. Can Offer + Westside Wakes Up and Doesn't Smell the Coffee + Outgoing Oxnard Police Chief Not the Retiring Type + LA Task Force Tries to Ease the Pain of Abused Kids + City Panel Won't Back LAPD Site + Relief Rises With Stream Repairs in San Juan Creek + Hahn Comes Under Attack at Debate + Villaraigosa Offers Plan for Traffic + Hahn Appointee Broke Ethics Law, Lawyer Says + Consultants Detail Plan for King/Drew Hospital + No Injuries, Damage Reported After San Bernadino Quake

School days: Merced strong lure for students + Merced College's new building named after generous donors + New Task Forces on Women at Harvard + UC doles out bonuses, even as student fees rise + Redondo Beach mother guilty of running prostitution ring + Higher education PR leader Ed Crawford dies + Next step in steroid battle: high school. New rules expected for state athletics + Trione gives $1 million to Sonoma State University + San Jose Unified to close Cory, Randol + Compton School's Head Says He Was Ousted + UC failing as partner, Cal State leaders say + Speaker sparks dreams at Tracy High + Pajaro trustees revisit school audit + PVUSD’s top administrators won’t attend N.Y. conference + Public bonds, private bonds Click. + Harvard aims to spur advancement of women Prices Fall to About $37 a Barrel


Troops Given Anthrax Despite Judge Ban

West Nile virus threat growing for Northern California

Ag Dept. reviews ban on older Canada cows

Bird Flu: UNO speaks of ongoing emergency

Mad cow disease kills Japanese man + Update 2: Japan: Mad Cow Case Dates Back to 1989

Canada prepares for flu pandemic

World-first Living Donor Islet Cell Transplant A Success; Procedure Offers Promise For Diabetics + Living Donor Diabetes Transplant + Pro-inflammatory Enzyme Linked To Diabetes; Immune System's Macrophages May Be Key To Treatment

Substance Protects Resilient Staph Bacteria

Chair yoga catching on among senior citizens

UC Irvine's Doug Wallace says that scientists who want to cure cancer are looking in the wrong place Click.

Mice genetically superior to humans?

Motion Perception Improves With Age

Planet faces acid test as oceans die

Scientists Propose Sweeping Changes To Naming Of Bird Neurosystems

The Evolution Of Self-Fertile Hermaphroditism: The Fog Is Clearing

Gene Signatures Predict Interferon Response For Multiple Sclerosis Patients

HIV Vaccine Trial Breaks Ground For Future Research

New Insight Into Regulation Of Blood Stem Cells

Obesity And Weight Gain Associated With Poorer Breast Cancer Survival

Auditory Screening For Newborns

NYU Researchers Simulate Molecular Biological Clock

New Nicotine-like Imaging Agent Holds Promise In PET Studies, May Help Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease

Recognizing New Aneurysm Syndrome Can Save Lives

People with restless leg syndrome may have an iron deficiency

New Way To Block Pox Shows Promise In Lab Study

Study Proves Catheter Ablation Safe For Patients

Conservation Genetics Center Leads Research On Yellowstone Wolves

IBM unrolls 'workplace technology' at San Francisco State University

Why Does Windows Still Suck?

Speegle Speak Perfect Web Search

Crashed Cars to Dial Emergency Services

Underground search for "God particle"

Volcano Oozes Lava Into Ocean at 2 New Points

Use of Space Station as Shuttle Shelter Is Questioned

Astronomers Find 'Hot Spot' on Saturn

Things That Make the Earth Go Hm

Mapping The Underwater World In 3-D

Using Global Warming To Create Conditions For Life On Mars

Scientists Close In On 'Superbrakes' For Cars

Scientists Studying Wintry Ice In Summer Clouds


President begins 5-state campaign on Social Security + Bush pitches Social Security reform in Tampa + Bush Acknowledges Tough Battle on Social Security Overhaul

Bush to Seek $419.3 Billion for Defense

Rice tours: Rice, Meeting Schröder, Wins German Promise of Help for Iraq + Rice urges 'united front' on Iran + Rice arrives in Germany + Rice criticizes Iran + Rice Critical of Iranian Leadership + Attack on Iran 'not on agenda,' Rice says + Rice Urges Iraq Support in European Tour + Rice's Mideast Visit Won't Include Region's Summit in Egypt

U.S. to Pull 15,000 Troops Out of Iraq

White House plans deep cuts in housing, community grants. Top health official lays out plan to lop off $60 billion in projected Medicaid growth + Debate grows over who owns Medicaid costs + Bush's Budget Cuts Would Slash Payments to Farmers

U.S. opposes London aid plan for Africa

U.S. defends knowledge of illegal oil sale

Bush: No money said spent on new nukes + Nuke projects get new life in Bush budget request

Iran-Contra Figure to Lead Democracy Efforts Abroad

Bush seeks $2.52 billion in aid for Mideast

U.S. questions Assad's control in Syria

Bush acknowledges death penalty problems

Bush plan to aid health coverage, HHS says

Bush's address gives nod to borders. But GOP critics rip his immigration bid

Blacks take wait-and-see stance on Bush HIV message

Bush Reaches Out to Blacks by promising faith based projects

Rumsfeld: Rumsfeld says he offered to resign twice + Rumsfeld says he may skip German visit

Gonzales: Senate's 60-36 vote to confirm Gonzales + Democrats register significant protest with 35 no votes

Expectations low on foreign aid programs

NIH-funded research to be available free. New policy pushes for posting results online quickly

EPA says White House flunks mercury safety + EPA cooked mercury rule. Staff ordered to work backward from goal to justify the proposal

Campaign donation limits get inflation rate boost + Parties spent more on 2004 campaign ads

U.S. sets acceptable lead level in jewelry

First lady to head up anti-gang initiative

White House searching for new top chef

Ga. Gov. launches effort to pass faith-based initiative

Kinky Friedman to run to Texas governor

Social Security: Slow start for Bush's priority + Bush Tries to Steer Public Opinion on Social Security+ White House Woos Nebraska Democrat to Back Bush Plan + Bush Promotes Social Security as Broad Overhaul + Republicans question Social Security plan + Many young adults back idea of private accounts for Social Security + Issue Expected To Be Toughest Domestic Battle

Congress: Senate Panel Backs Bill on Class-Action Lawsuits + Congress Investigating Pentagon Intelligence Role + Cantwell to seek new inquiry in Enron case + The House 'No Ethics' Panel + Congress Mulls 'Regime Change' in Iran + Woolsey leads 24 members of Congress calling on Bush to bring troops home

Democrats: DEAN POISED TO BE NEW DEM PARTY CHIEF+ Rosenberg drops out of race for chairman, backs Dean

Vote fraud: Judge to Hear GOP's Challenge of Washington Governor's Race + Judge won't dismiss GOP challenge + Prototype printer fails to satisfy e-voting activists


How Will the U.S. Know When to Pass the Baton in Iraq?

A Whistle-Blower's Inside View of the Homeland Security Nominee The Liberal Beast Meets Mr. Right

Chris Floyd: Criminal intent: Another day, another torture accomplice revealed Click.

Chuck Baldwin: Freedoms lost under G.W. Bush Click.

Alan Bisbort: The Tin Commandments Click.

Robert Parry: Sinking in deeper Click.

Paul Krugman: Gambling with your retirement Click.

Albert Scardino: How the right played the fascism card against Islam Click.

We've Been Warned: Justin Raimondo

Demonizing Iran: Another US salvo

10 Million Martyrs: Christopher Deliso

Don't Expect Shi'ites to Toe US Line: Leon Hadar

Click. Bush's Iraq policy has served as a demonstration less of U.S. power than of its limits

German papers: President George W. Bush -- Giant or Devil?

MILITARY Military transforming for distant battles

General counseled after he says, 'It's fun to shoot some people' + General Draws Fire for Saying 'It's Fun to Shoot' Enemy

The Painful Truth

The Ascent of the Robotic Attack Jet

Admiral faces uncharted waters

Pentagon Investigating Propriety of Military-Sponsored Web Sites

Students Disrupt Meeting While Regents Try to Discuss Professor Under Fire for Writings on 9/11 Attacks

Fingerprints Taken in Some Traffic Stops in Phoenix

Seattle anti-war group targets recruiters

Girl has DNA taken after throwing snowball

Milan bans Da Vinci parody

War critics blacklisted: Some in Fargo find they're not wanted at Bush's speech Click.


Is Instructional Video Game an Oxymoron?

Marc Lieberman. Doctor gives Tibetans gift of sight

A Catfight Over Allergy-Free Kitties

There's something sick about the latest fad in toys

In this new genre, no heroine can be younger than 48

Blood for pork....

Army won't withhold Halliburton millions + Army Decides Not to Withhold Payments to Halliburton re: contract for services to troops in Iraq, elsewhere + Army Flips Flops Again on Halliburton Payments

El Dorado Hills aerospace defense firm settles case for $251,200

Boeing Hires a Legal Team to Handle Scandal Cases

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Scott Peterson's half-sister writes book about "untold story", publisher announces

MTV relaunches MTV2

Limited coverage of Iraq election

PBS officials cave in to Bush administration over children's program

"Minders" watching the press

Schieffer named to replace Rather

Us vs. Them at the NYT: Teresa Whitehurst

Prime Minister Dreams the Impossible Dream of Don Quixote

Today's papers

Vincent van Gogh The Painter on his Way to Work Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Seeds of desire: Napa Valley Mustard Festival

Livermore powwow opens eyes to culture

Serious wordplay: Marin Scrabble aficionados don't mind their P's and Q's

55th Sacramento Autorama: Event features all fashion of vehicles

Actor Ossie Davis Dies at Age 87

Cheetah Cubs to Go on Display at D.C. Zoo

Pansies freshen winter days

Creating roses

UFO Evidence

LAPL Virtual Photo Gallery: California in the 20's

Huge dinosaur cemetery uncovered in Brazil

New depictions of George Washington will shock you!

Richard III was innocent, OK

Expertise Helps Preserve Famous Ship

Roots, rock and reggae

When Elton met Mylo

Three years late, Leigh comes to the National

Danish artists 'get complex' on the streets of London

Death becomes her

Rush & Molloy

P. Diddy shuns Warner's 30M offer

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