OCTOBER 29, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. Forces Gearing Up for Showdown With Up to 5,000 Fighters in Fallujah, Commanders Say + U.S. Forces Prepare to Attack Falluja and Ramadi + Falluja hit as town braces for US assault + Behind Fallujah strategy + This is your last chance, Fallujah rebels are told + 'Nervous and Angry' Black Watch Arrive in Triangle of Death + Black Watch Soldiers Criticize American Forces for 'Ruining Things' + Another regiment 'to be deployed' + Video shows execution of 11 Iraqi guardsmen. One is beheaded, others are shot. Warning issued + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Saudi Ambassador Says More Troops Needed in Iraq

Hostages: Boy held hostage in Iraq is freed + Japanese Hostage in Iraq Killed - Report

War prisons: Learning nothing from Abu Ghraib + Navy Drops Abuse Charges Against Commando + Two Guantanamo Detainees Go Before Tribunal

AFGHANISTAN: Echoes of Iraq: 3 kidnapped in Kabul. Foreign women were U.N. election workers + Seven Arrested Over Kidnapping of Foreign Aid Workers in Afghan Capital

MIDDLE EAST: 'Frail' Arafat arrives in Paris + News Analysis: Arafat's health shocks Mideast peace track + Veteran associates stand in for Arafat

Lebanese new foreign minister assert role of relations with Syria

RUSSIA: Putin Attends Soviet-Style Military Parade in Kiev

Russia to regain position of the key player in Central Asia

Russian Duma Tentatively Backs Key Reform Proposed by Putin Following Terror Attacks

EUROPE: EU leaders sign new constitution + Barroso May Replace `Some' Nominees for EU Commission (Update1) + Pope steps in for his friend Buttiglione

Germany's Radical Makeover

ASIA PACIFIC: India and Pakistan balk at bold Kashmir peace plan

New Era for Cambodia as King Sihamoni Ascends Throne + Cambodia's new king: a childhood steeped in Czech culture

AMERICAS: Colombia: Hopes rise from assets tied to drugs


Suicide bombers trained and ready, warns Russian security chief

Intel Overhaul Draws Yawns From Voters

From the land of the free

NSB chief admits negligence on Powell's interview

Cold War interpreters and literary translators share the secrets of their trade

Bulgaria's Parliament Speaker Urges Opening Communist Secret Police Files

Stasi work hits snag on funds

Sad spy comes in from the cold

CIA can't authenticate American al Qaeda tape

G-men catch up with McG ex-pal

Homeland Security Heroically Defends Expired Patent

USA and Europe to oust Russia from defense market

RDX Explosive patents

RDX Explosive Manufacturing Facility


FDA/Chiron flu fiasco: White House works to import flu shots + U.S. may soon feel Canadian flu pinch + Vaccine for Very Young Is Plentiful Click. (LAT Reg) + U.S. May Enlist New Vaccine Suppliers Click. (LAT Reg) + Flu Shots for Federal Workers, Military Diverted + US Eyes 5 Million More Flu Shots from Overseas

MILITARY  Carrier crews to shrink

Ireland urges Britain to review WW1 army executions

Robbins: Military Dissent


Sept. 11 report supplement won't be out before election

9/11 report left out CIA investigation of intelligence failures

Better to delay until after Election Day

Weapons Scandal in Georgia: Christopher Deliso

The 9/11 Facts You Won't Hear Until After the Election

Oakland: Baby formula protest planned. Breast-feeding advocates to protest at maker's dinner

NAACP blames IRS probe on speech


The Problem With Some 'Smart' Toys: (Hint) Use Your Imagination

The Wimp Factor

Cevallos: Feminist Chiapasom Overseas


Supreme Court's Rehnquist Out of Hospital

Former aide guilty of destroying stolen Dalí to create fake

Pitcairn sex convicts to appeal to London

UK: Fathers 4 Justice arrested over conference protest

Four Students Arrested After Alleged School Plot Uncovered in Utah

SEC Chief Says Pension Fund Accounting Inquiry Aimed at Earnings Manipulation

W.R. Grace & Co. Says It Is Target of Federal Investigation

Utah Man Pleads Not Guilty to First-Degree Murder in Death of Wife

Judge Extends Order That Continues Feeding Tube for Brain-Damaged Woman at Center of Florida Court Case

Sex Offenders Are Summoned to a Meeting on Halloween Night


Judge's reversal favors Roman Catholic clergy. Accused priests' work histories won't be made public + Public can't see all church records

Alameda: Berkeley coach arrested on 3 sex counts + Texas pitcher charged in chair throwing + Judge OKs evictions in City of Alameda during renovation of Harbor Island + Fremont: Homicide suspects receive extension + Coach accused of sex with teen turns himself in + MADD honors area officers for jailing drunken drivers + Pleasanton: Arrest made in hit and run case + San Ramon: Police looking for leads in assault

San Francisco, San Mateo: South Bay Landscaper is accused of clipping seniors

Santa Clara: Police probing allegation of fondling in DMV test + Coach held on allegation of having sex with a minor + San Jose Basketball coach jailed on sex charges

Solano: Vallejo: Woman sentenced in slaying, arson + Suspect speaks out on pizza slaying + Son testifies in murder hearing

Sonoma: Sex bias suit a hot topic at women's gyms + Eight arrested in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park burglary investigation

Sacramento & North: Sacramento: Man, 78, called key suspect in drug bust + Court rejects UC Davis request that group pay court costs in environmental lawsuit + Body found along American River + Killer gets sentence of at least 37 years

Central Valley: Mother held in shaken-baby case

Monterey: Man allegedly wrote bad checks to buy cars

Marin: Novato man pleads guilty in porn case + Mobile home rent control challenge waits to be heard

Contra Costa: Slain delivery driver was parents' lifeline + Stockton man held in murder-for-hire of Bay Point man

Southern California: Mother of slain rapper Notorious B.I. G. drops former suspect from lawsuit + Southern California police officers videotaped in locker room file lawsuit + Family of cyclist hit by bus to receive $1.5 million from MTA + LA chief calls for thousands more officers to fight crime + Mother convicted of murder in infant son's death+ In plea deal, Riverside firm admits discharging polluted water + Bratton Wants Bigger LAPD Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Peterson jury to consider second-degree murder, no death penalty


The Governor:  Gov. considers presidency + Gov.'s 'Army' Click.

Senate Race Below the Radar Click. + Tauscher up against a different challenge -- Bush administration Click.

Shelley to replace three aides.

PUC moves up deadline for more power reserves + Utilities instructed to stock up + PUC postpones request to cut electric rates

PACs funnel millions into key contests + Dems preserving leads in top races

Voting issues:   Motor-voter beware + Register late? Your vote may fizzle + Absentee ballots, late registrations burying California voting officials + San Joaquin absentee ballot scam Click. + Democrats file FCC complaint on ads+ Democrats seek FCC remedy

Propositions: Governors unite to oppose change to three-strikes law + Mel Gibson joins fight against stem cell measure + Gov. steps up opposition to Prop. 66 +  Prop. 62 ad touts support of governor + Prop. 67 ad is factual, but lacks some context + Multimillionaires fuel initiatives + Five ballot measures aim to reshape California health system + Battle Over 3-Strikes Measure Heats Up Click. + Supporting Healthcare Coverage for Workers, but Not Prop. 72 Click. (LAT Reg) + AdWatch: Proposition 1A Click.

Indian tribes: Richmond: Activist asks for casino land at discount.

LOCAL NEWS:  Pinnacles' first female condor flies free

Tomatoes in trouble + Tomatoes bringing top dollar Click.

Air pollutants may be cutting back rain Click.

San Francisco: SF hotels blast mayor's actions in labor dispute + Union: SBC to move 1,000 jobs out of SF + Cingular antennas in Portola approved. Some residents worried about effects of radiation + Glide Church offers free prostate screenings + State PUC blames PG&E for big blackout + Hotel dispute drags on + A frank farewell after 1 million hot dogs. Golden Gate Park shutdowns, detours lost him customers + Hotels lash Newsom + Relief checks on way for hotel workers + Friday fishwrap, and Migden phones home + Fox News weighs in on D5 supervisor race + Confusion seen over ranked voting. Slowdown at polls a likely result of district elections Click.

Contra Costa: Contra Costa gets ready to dole out 5,900 flu shots + Richmond Police Commission files complaint to state bar filed against city attorney Everett Jenkins for allegedly lying about settlement + Martinez: 11 clinics scheduled to dispense flu shots

Santa Clara: Two seek San Jose council seat + Santana Row developer mulls condo conversion

Alameda: Berkeley offices to close to help budget deficit + Berkeley: African American woman on track to be next fire chief + Deal has port on track for windfall + Oakland: Downtown clubs with a bit of class + Fremont: Wasserman camp wants apology + Fremont mayoral debate youth-focused + Controller paints bleak future for Oakland Coliseum + AC Transit expands discounts to Cal staff + Group wants to fix homes of disabled, low-income residents + San Ramon: Officials pushing for Valley cemetery + Pleasanton names planning director + Alameda Medical Center loses CEO + Union City delays vote on memorial for Flight 93 + Hayward council delays Foothill expansion decision + Mudslinging for 15th Assembly seat gets intense Click.

Sonoma: Half of needed flu shots expected + Petaluma: Recycling's role in garbage prices + Ukiah tries one more time for tax to fund public safety + Petaluma man has turned politics into art + Growth a major issue for Santa Rosa City Council candidates + Mendocino to get cell phone service

Central Valley: Ex-Modesto Mayor Lang dies + A dugout dance in a city he loved: Goodbye to Lang + Why Pombo must go + Deaths of Ladine, Lang leave holes in Modesto + We know Modesto's a good place; now let's prove it + San Joaquin: Contest for Congress Up for Grabs Click. (LAT Reg) + Parra's attorneys file FCC complaint Click. + Report more ammo in race between Machado, Podesto Click.

Monterey: Real 'Rain Man' charms Salinas hospital staff + Local election briefs + Students support tax measures + Campaign ads leave room for truth

Central Coast: Cambria's water tanks may collapse + ParaCruz riders find changes unsettling: Provider switch worries elders, disabled users + UC Santa Cruz astrophysicist Stan Woosley being honored + Joe Simitian faces little challenge in race for Senate seat + Bob Begun runs alone for Capitola treasurer + Rep. Anna Eshoo seeks seventh term in D.C. vs. challengers Chris Haugen and Brian Holtz

Marin: San Rafael showroom settles debt with Nissan + Hamilton auction short on bidders + Officials urge voters to approve sales tax hike + Anti-Sutter slate spends freely in health-care race

Solano: Candidate for city manager still hasn't made up his mind + Fairfield mall security boosted + GVRD takes questions, comments from public + Progress on new Benicia Bridge

Sacramento & North: These Roseville yards sprout trouble + Merger fear hits South Placer fire board race + New conductor wants symphony to be music to the ears of kids + New fence along tracks may save lives + Yuba candidates raise, shell out cash + Lincoln City: Questions arise over hopeful's service + Workshops on Tahoe forest trails planned + Yolo family panel gets new member

Southern California: In San Diego, surf-shop owner enlivens mayor's race + San Diego hits apparent impasse with auditor+ 2 More Firms Subpoenaed in Dialysis Investigation Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A. Panel Endorses Tax Cut for Businesses Click.

School days: School progress slows statewide + Parents use test scores to pick new houses + Most schools in state miss test improvement goals + Searchable API results + Worry that Palo Alto school funding measure will fail + East Side trustee's credit card spending under fire + CSU board approves '05 fee increases + San Francisco: Ackerman's goal: No.1 in the country + Fremont school board moves ahead with planning + Fremont teachers stage rally + City of Alameda school board faces future + Which system is better, state or federal? + Fresno County schools improve Click. + Half of San Joaquin Valley schools failing grade Click. + Monterey schools gain, miss target + San Lorenzo Valley district test results shine + Marin gains

Archeologists divided over 'Home floresiensis'

Stem cells scientists can use are tainted. 2 studies show separate problems

Vaccine against cervical cancer in 3 years

Molecule offers Alzheimer's hope

Prozac use 'risky for children'

Mexico rats survive cat onslaught

Cal Berkeley to break ground on research facility

Swallowing Multiple Magnets Poses Danger To Children

Panel Reviews New Vaccine That Could Be Controversial

Genetically Endowed Worm May Substitute For Rodents In Some Toxicology Testing

Nicotine's Addictive Hold Increases When Combined With Other Tobacco Smoke Chemicals + First Evidence Smoking Affects Brain's Natural 'Feel Good' Chemical System

Researchers Devise Optical Method To Safely, Effectively Stimulate Neurons

Adults With Dyslexia Can Improve With Phonics-based Instruction

Women's blood pressure drops in the five days before their period begins

Water exercise is a good choice for people who are overweight or obese

Evidence To Help Explain Statins' Effects In Alzheimer's Disease

Gene Therapy Approach Reverses Diabetic Neuropathy In Animal Model

Lung Function Regulated By Circadian Rhythms; Exercise And Respiratory Treatments May Be Best In Afternoon

Using Over-the-counter Drugs To Treat Upper Respiratory Infections May Save $4.75 Billion Annually

Use Of Stomach Acid-suppressive Medications Associated With Increased Risk Of Pneumonia

MRI Improves Treatment Of Deforming Birthmarks

Growing Epidemic Of Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration Ushers In New Era In Treatment Of The Disease

Clues To The Puzzle Of 'Talking' Plant Root Cells

Researchers Develop Neural Prosthesis Allowing A Monkey To Feed Self Using Only Its Brain

Prevention Of Prostate Cancer, Osteoporosis In Men Under Study

Therapy, Medication Combination Superior For Children With Obsessive-compulsive Disorder

Cars, Not Crops, Should Be Chief Targets To Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Stress impairs thinking via mania-linked enzyme

Crestor May Harm Kidneys

Don't Knock the Birdbrains

Drug-Delivering Contact Lenses

Umbilical Blood Predicts Allergies

Hollywood whistles a high-tech 'toon

Joke e-mail virus tricks users + Top 20 computer threats unveiled

Robots learn 'robotiquette' rules

HP sued by software co.

Gmail accounts 'wide open to exploit' - report

US Secret Service busts 28 ID fraudsters

Radar Images Suggest a Saturn Moon's Landscape Contains Basins of Ice


Explosives: Video shows cache of explosives. Munitions seen days after fall of Baghdad + MAJOR: WE REMOVED 250 TONS OF EXPLOSIVES FROM FACILITY + GIs Refused Iraqi Requests to Protect Explosives + Armed Group Claims to Have Iraq Explosives + US forces 'let weapons get looted' + U.N. Nuclear Chief Dismisses as "total Junk" Accusations That He Timed Release of Report on Missing Iraqi Explosives to U.S. Election

Flood of lawsuits expected against No Child Left Behind Act

Chilean communists sue Bush over prisoner tortures


Kerry, Bush Tied Nationally and in Five Battleground States, Polls Show

Springsteen rallies Kerry faithful -- Bush calls opponent a manipulator. Both candidates take best shots, rush from state to state

Nader still a wild card in key states

Overseas troops can vote by fax

Florida: E-mail reveals Postal Service may have mishandled Broward ballots+ Florida voters grow cynical about electoral process as charges of irregularities persist + Hurricanes damaged Florida polling places + Fla. wants to keep election lines moving

Pennsylvania:: Pa. gov. seeks military ballots extension

Ohio: Ohio GOP loses bid to fight registrations

Intelligence on election threat quieted

Asian Americans fight language barrier in US elections

The Left's Well-Oiled Machine

BUSH/CHENEY: Cheney springs surprise visit on Hawaii + Bush campaign asked to stop using 'Still the One' + Bush Recalls 9/11 Leadership with Victim Relatives + Bush seeks Schwarzenegger's muscle, as missing explosives cast campaign shadow

KERRY/EDWARDS: Sen. Harkin: GOD Wants Kerry + KERRY ALREADY PICKING CABINET: Biden 'asked to be Secretary of State' + Kerry: 'Wake Up America' and Choose Fresh Start + Soros fends off critics, attacks Bush. Billionaire ends 3-week tour with speech in D.C. + Boss drew more than 80,000 people for John Kerry yesterday


Blood, oil, fears and debt

Ellis Henican: Bush's camp gets gift from Azzam the American Click.

Paul Krugman: It's not just Al Qaqaa Click.

Jonathan Chait: For Bush, too late for honesty Click.

Chris Floyd: The betrayers Click.

Robert Parry: Plan B: 'October/November Surprise' Click.

Stardom:  Egads! E-VOTICONS?

Molly Ivins: A divider not a uniter

Mark Morford: Get out and vote and scream

Kate Tuttle: Dodging reality on the draft Click.


Spy pro's take on Bush bulge

The Used Johnnys have released "Changing Times". Free MP3 Download Click.

Incompetence of Bush administration knows no bounds

Rush and Molloy: Did court give Bush push into PULL?

Appeasing Israel: Justin Raimondo

Eminem issues call to arms for the MTV generation

NASA Photo Analyst: Bush Wore a Device During Debate

Blood for pork....

Halliburton Contracts Bypassed Objections

FBI Widens Probe of Halliburton


Economy Grew in the Summer, but Not as Much as Expected

Crude Prices Rise Ahead of Weekend After Two-Day Slide

ChevronTexaco's third-quarter profit rises 62 percent

Fannie Mae fallout could be huge

Losses grow at Martha's ailing biz

British Spirits Group Allied Domecq Faces Lawsuit as Russia Takes Vodka Fight to United States

Wal-Mart faces probe of health cost impact

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:   ACLU accuses LA school officials of harassing gay students

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Oldest San Jose rock station goes to Spanish format

Marcy Smothers to do morning news at KSRO, Santa Rosa

Chicago Tribune Co. earnings fall 33 percent

Reporter plans to resume publishing Monterey Post

BBC Exec Blasts US War Coverage

Conrad Black: A 'Private' Affair

A Few Kos Words

26 Things for Political Reporters to Remember, from ABC's "The Note"

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Victor Vasnetsov. News from the Front Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Days of the Dead are alive and well in San Jose

Dia De Los Muertos in San Francisco

Anita Creamer: It's easy not being green, witch says

Born to run: Salmon lure anglers for annual capital ritual

Dog makes 911 call after owner falls out of wheelchair, then opens door for police Click.

Commerce, fun and Asia's belief in ghosts combine at Halloween

Army ants airlifted in to rescue museum exhibit

'Desperate Housewives' ' measuring cup runneth over

'Ray' is a dazzling, richly satisfying achievement

£3m estimate on Freud portrait of Kate Moss

Erotic Picasso etching stolen from Hollywood museum

Ford's galaxy

The communist Johnny Cash

Indian Tabla Maestro Taps Way to World Stardom

Today's Pop Stars in It for the URLs

China restores imperial grandeur of Forbidden City

Oscar Wilde auction sells well, save for star attractions

Show of Toulouse-Lautrec Starts National Gallery Series on French Art

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: A very cross dresser

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 28, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
US Readies 'Final Assault' on Fallujah+ Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq + Eleven Iraqi army hostages killed +
US soldiers kill Iraqis in Ramadi clashes + US bombing kills Fallujans + Blair admits British troops may stay in US area for months + Dual roles bring pressure + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Household survey estimates 100,000 Iraqis have died since U.S. invasion + US, Iran and the Iraqi election game

Hostages: Kidnappers Demand Foreign Troops Quit Iraq + Three Foreigners Kidnapped in Afghanistan + Militants in Iraq abduct Polish woman, claim killing of soldiers

War prisons: Amnesty: No Change in US Torture Policy+ Ex-CIA Official Defends Detention Policies + 4 former detainees sue Rumsfeld. Chain of command blamed for alleged Guantanamo torture

AFGHANISTAN: Winds of Change Blow in Afghan Resistance Heartland

MIDDLE EAST: France sending plane for Arafat; Israel to let him back to West Bank + Arafat's poor health has MKs calling for reassessment of Israeli policy + IDF has 'day after' plan, which includes a possible burial site for Yasser Arafat + Divvying up Arafat's powers + Who will succeed Arafat?

Cairo licenses a new political party

Saudi Arabia achieves high economic growth

Al-Assad wants labor supply and demand data for the market, and merit as guide for job performance

EUROPE: Italy under mounting pressure to drop Buttiglione from EU executive

Stardom: Woohoo! Barroso WITHDRAWS Commission

AFRICA: Africa Power Firms Join to Light Up Dark Continent

Abuja's Darfur negotiations stopped, Khartoum accuses the rebels

United States Flies Nigerian Troops to Darfur

ASIA PACIFIC: China raises lending rate for first time in nearly a decade

China's requisition of farmland for tourism sows seeds of discontent

Ho Chi Minh bunker opened

Japan's Emperor Says It's Not "desirable" to Make Patriotism Compulsory in Schools

AMERICAS: UN Votes Overwhelmingly Against U.S. Embargo on Cuba + Cuba's comeback + Cuba's Banks, Exchange Houses Gear Up for Start of Large Scale Conversions to Dump Dollars



Blast at Marriott hotel in Pakistan's capital, several injured

Monterey: Defense Language Institute ends era

Feds rebuff Yemeni lawyer in terror case

US deploys F/A-22 Raptor


NBC: Private Search for the Lost Georgia H-Bomb

UN asks Belarus to free US Net expert + Belarusian Spy Service Insist that the American Arrested Does Not Have Diplomatic Immunity

S Korea heightens security against China tech theft

Brazil Raids Kroll Offices in Spy Probe

Bulgaria's Parliament Speaker Urges Opening Communist Secret Police Files

Secret base opens for Ray

New trial begins for cleric in Jakarta

Blair 'used intelligence as PR tool'

Praying for a miracle at the shrines of al-Qa'ida

Kroll Defends Employees Arrested in Corporate Espionage Case


Oil Prices Drop for Second Day as China Increases Rates to Slow Economy

China rate rise shakes global markets

PayPal makes amends for recent outage

Mondavi reports hefty loss in quarter + Special charges sink Mondavi profit + Mondavi Corp.: Quarterly loss no surprise + Former Mondavi farm laborers speak with union representative

Royal Dutch/Shell to Unify + Shell unifies board and warns on reserves

U.S. immigrants finding work; native-born losing out Click.

510 job cuts set by LSI in Milpitas Click.

Trade show dedicated to all things chocolate opens in Paris

British sportswear firm changes image to lose neo-Nazi links


Big Tobacco Draws a Small but Dedicated Crowd to Trial

9th Circuit criticized immigration judge for wrongly deporting a U.S. citizen to Mexico: She failed to "conduct herself as an impartial judge but rather as a prosecutor anxious to pick holes in the petitioner's story" Click. (LAT Reg)

Judge orders release of more Bryant case documents

Abuse alleged in Mormon lawsuit

AOL sues 'spimmers'

Net extortionists in child porn threat

File Sharers Win More Protection

Terrorist Case Lawyer Denies Charges

Judge Sends Ex-Baylor Athlete to Mental Hospital


State officials work to warn UC Berkeley hacking victims effectively + State should warn of possible ID theft

State DNA lab's successes exceed 1,000

Company to appeal $20.5 million asbestos verdict

State court rules residential hotel owners can convert property

San Francisco: Four more UCSF employees accused of stealing money. Conviction of head cashier led to auditing campaign + Police to crack down on Castro revelers

Contra Costa: Concord to post sex offender data + Tire store manager's slaying a mystery + Contra Costa lease in works for Verse + Sex offender to get new home

Santa Clara: Mounds of work for jury weighing ex-officer's fate re: bogus fund-raising case + San Jose: 3 teens charged in gun death + Herhold: Sheriff should cut student some slack

Alameda: Hayward: Foster child's death troubles care agency + Judge Sabraw: Priests' files to be kept secret + Berkeley High basketball coach sought on sex charge with minor + Fremont: Testimony ends in hearing for men accused in shooting + Union City aims to curb recycling thievery

Sacramento: Convicted wife-killer Glyn Scharf tries suicide in jail, officials say + Boy, 14, sought after gun incident + Slaying trial of Red Bluff policeman to go to Colusa County

Solano: Vallejo police make arrests in pizza delivery shooting + Round Table manager slain making delivery + 2 arrests in killing + Man faces trial in Benicia shootings

Sonoma: Windsor vows to fight ethnic profiling + Petaluma women's gym faces bias suit + Sonoma Sheriff nearly completed its investigation Wednesday into the suspicious death of a Vallejo woman in San Pablo Bay, but  initial suspect not re-charged Click.

Napa: Vigil held for missing boy on his birthday + AmCan man takes city to court over hedge hack

Central Valley: Phony wedding scheme charged as immigration fraud Click.

Monterey: Coupon leads to theft suspect + Men allegedly tried to steal car in Salinas + Drug stash found in Salinas park + Joint trial in 'road rage' slaying

Central Coast: Woman leaves baby at S.C. 7-Eleven; 18-month-old had been abandoned with sitter; mother arrested

Southern California: Family of L.A. inmate say life support ended without permission + Lawsuit seeks to prevent closure of trauma center at LA hospital + L.A. County releases thousands of inmates due to budget shortage + Courtney Love ordered to trial in LA assault case + Santa Ana clinic indicted in $34 million insurance fraud + Ovitz Details Pain of Split With Eisner in Emotional Testimony

Scott Peterson: Prosecutors opt to ignore defense + Stress shows as trial winds down + Jurors sigh in relief -- no more witnesses. Prosecution waives rebuttal. Closing arguments Monday + Lawyers pass up Peterson rebuttal +  Jury to get case next week + Developments Wednesday + Audit findings of LA redevelopment agency sent to county grand jury


The Governor: Gov. Coy on How Bush Can Help California + Gov. walking fine line for Bush + Gov. plans to stump for GOP in left-leaning Bay Area + Click. Gov. promises food manufacturer cheap power to build a new plant in state + Gov. to stump in several local campaigns that have turned ugly Click. + He's Not Running, but Gov. Wants Your Votes Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov. targets Inland ballot measure re: tribes Click. + Calif. measures may sway nation + Green 'scorecard' pans GOP, gives Gov. half-marks + After a year of playing hard to get, Arnie finally agrees to stump up

Judge restores funds to help disabled speak that were cut from budget

Consumers to lose 2 allies on PUC Click.

Voting: UCD offers an early start on voting + E-voting rules likely to lead to confusion in 10 counties Click. + State: Orange County met paper-ballot test Click. + Election snafus keep on growing Click. + Ministers angry over freezing voter outreach funds to help get out vote Click. + Sacramento judge dooms election-ad reporting rule

Dep't of Corrections whistle-blower gets $500,000 to settle claims

Voters may set future of  biotech plants

Valley broadcaster defends GOP gift, others question legality

Propositions: High stakes over health care initiative + Ad against Prop. 66 warns of releases + Big Money Pours In for 3-Strikes Ads Click. (LAT Reg) + Klaas family divided Click.

Indian tribes: Ventura stars in TV ad for tribal gaming + Chumash Casino to Get Fed Review  Click. (LAT Reg) + Ruling holding tribes to state campaign finance and reporting laws upheld Click.

LOCAL NEWS: Time to set clocks back to standard time

BART initiative's failure would mean 49-cent hike

East Bay Regional Parks measure takes a new approach

San Francisco: Hotel dispute reaches City Hall, Mayor summons both sides to his office for talks + Brisbane: Lofty plans for former landfill. + Mayor lays down the gauntlet +Water level lowered at San Pablo reservoir. Potential for disaster in major earthquake spurs move but it's only a temporary fix Click. + Hotel lockout benefits are few + Newsom predicts 'long road' before deal + Medic plan gets OK + Caen: Topics plentiful at this water cooler + Ugly race getting uglier

Contra Costa: Walnut Creek: Broadway Plaza looks to luxury + Richmond: Bates campaign mailer misleads + Hercules forum will be missing three incumbents + Lafayette: Measure N draws outside interest

Alameda: Water level lowered at reservoir. Potential for disaster in major earthquake spurs move -- but it's only a temporary fix + Suit against incumbent Guy Houston focus of Dems. Assemblyman's dealings with his father's firm questioned + Burst pipe floods Fremont depot area. Millions of gallons in street but little damage to stores + License fees won't remedy Coliseum debt + Bay Area politics a hornet's nest + County study: Whites getting most contracts + Testy retorts liven rather dull Oakland City Council meeting + New CEO for Alameda County Med center in interim + City of Alameda: Harbor Island tenants must go + Fremont: Flood leaves area, spirits dampened + Union City: Council delays decision on local 9/11 memorial + Fremont: Ex-suspect says Wasserman led frame-up + Sunol Grade carpool study gets federal grant + Livermore: Race for Assembly seat heats up + Supes ban new pot clinics for 45 days

Sonoma: Democrats in tough battle to keep 7th District Assembly seat + Clearlake candidates favor new roads + Mendocino: Fight dropped over cell phone antennas + Late-arriving absentee votes may delay tally

Central Valley: 10 million battle for state Senate race. Urban sprawl, deficit at the core of one key race + Stanislaus County's future + Patterson: Mayoral candidate didn't know developer sponsored ads

Santa Clara: HP asks city to delay request on axing tree at historic site + Weimers: S.J. company's sale won't change hot dogs + Ad Reality Check: Abel Maldonado vs. Peg Pinard, 15th Senate District + Adult services resource faire + Sunnyvale official responds to letter + East Palo Alto race: Payments over suit raise concern + Info on Wheels van bringing resources to county parents

Sacramento & north: More discord in illegal home for mentally ill probe + New grant for Tower Bridge work + Lots to like, but room to improve in W. Sacramento + Measure A drive reaches $1 million + Democratic headquarters in Fair Oaks hit by vandals + Criticism of labor group is rejected

Marin: Death row expansion debated + Goat grazers add three towns to lawsuit + San Anselmo activist trains vote monitors for Nov. 2 + MMWD candidate Rubin in the money

Monterey: Maldonado, Pinard launch new ads + Pacific Grove housing project for low-income seniors under way + Smith to keep developer's contribution + Moss Landing wrecking yards escape closure + Marina candidates spar over housing

Napa: Medi-Cal rules shake up county mental health + Napa's poll workers ready for Election Day +  Mourning mom wants answers re: death of man in Napa County jail

Solano: Olympian helps save hometown pool

Central Valley: Oakdale goes to Solano to hire new administrator + Patterson hires auditor to fix mess + Big League Dreams plan gets Manteca council OK + Beneficiaries should help fund water projects + Manteca approves its fields of dreams + Salinas looks to fight off GOP challenge in 28th

Central Coast: Watsonville Home Depot opens today

Southern California: Rep. Dreier defends immigration policies Click.  + Alternative energy firm shuts doors Click. + Study cites diesel danger Click.

School days: CSU student fees set to rise 8-10 percent + Antioch: Parents aim to oust 'outsider' students + Tech gear rewards schools cited for excellence in 9 areas + Teen lunch cliques unite and divide + San Francisco: 6 vying for 4 open seats on community college board. 2 challengers favor wider partnering with private sector + School's success makes believers of teachers + Study Details Compton College Bungling Click. (LAT Reg) + Enticing students on the nano-scale Click. + Danville: School improvements hit by inflation + Schools contract dispute turns ugly; Santa Cruz board, teachers’ union file for arbitration + Popular UCSC teacher back in theater + Ground broken for $11.5 million Vallejo campus + Vallejo: Audit results to be outlined to school board, community


Salvation Army Kettle and Bell to go online

Can One Man Turn the Tide?

Judy Andreas: Aging in the U.S. of A.

Blood for pork....

Titan reports record 3Q revenues helped by Army contract

Military work helps Boeing earnings surge 78 percent in 3rd quarter

Evelyn J. Pringle: The Bush Crony Full-Employment Act of 2003 Click.

FBI probes Pentagon over Halliburton deals


FDA/Chiron flu fiasco: Panel of ethicists created to address vaccine shortage + Marjie Lundstrom: For too large a segment of society, flu vaccine shortage is too close + MedImmune Says FluMist Recommended for Kids + Gambling on the flu: The vaccine shortage + Flu May Kill Over One Billion This Year - Russian Expert + Immune System In A Bottle Could Help Prevent Flu Vaccine Shortage + Illinois Gov. aide to explain flu plan to feds + Tests Begin Of Flu Vaccine Grown In Insect Cell Lines + Ferry Service Ends Flu-Shot Cruises

Judge orders a halt to military's forced anti-anthrax shots. FDA held to have wrongly OKd vaccine

Anthrax detection system installed in Postal Service Click.

Close-ups of Titan leave space experts with more questions. Scientists mystified by atmosphere on Saturn's giant moon + Liquid 'suggested' on Titan

Nerve Navigation Findings Prompt New Direction For Spinal Cord Research

Coronary can strike any time

Study: Red Wine Slows Lung Cancer, White Raises Risk

Mice Given Prozac - Crucial Changes In Brain Development

Bio Data-Cruncher Hits Jackpot

Botox: More Than Skin Deep

Novartis to share diabetes research

Fossil Suggests Long Neck Made This Reptile An Effective Predator

Mixing Biology And Electronics To Create Robotic Vision

Evidence Of Lead Exposure Affecting Recovery From Brain Injury

Latest Advances In Development Of Prosthetic Devices For Paralyzed

Animal Study Suggests Safer Immunization Approach To Alzheimer's

Scientists Zero In On Why Time Flows In One Direction

Children Process Words By Sound While Adults Process By Meaning

Chimpanzee 'Workshop' Discovered In Congo

Munching Microbes Could Cleanse Arsenic-contaminated Groundwater

Asthma risk 'fixed before birth'

People with psoriasis 'shunned'

Hacking -- Do the Pros Now Rule?

New Internet domains '.post' and '.travel' get preliminary nod

You Broke It, You Fix It


Bush Talks of Changing Tactics in Iraq

Rumsfeld: US Had No Plans for Iraqi Insurgency

Washington commends Syria on the Iraqi level, criticizes it at the Lebanese, Palestinian levels

Missing explosives: TV Crew Filmed 'Missing' Explosives in Iraq+ Unit Commander: There Was No Check of Explosives Bunker+ Iraqi Official: 'Impossible' That Explosives Taken Before Saddam's Fall+ US Official's Spin: Russia Probably Took Explosives From Iraq+ For first time in 3 days, Bush responds, says charges are wild + 4 Iraqis Tell of Looting at Munitions Site in '03 + U.N. Says It Warned the United States About High Explosives in Iraq After April 2003 Looting of Nuclear Complex

Bush would give dam owners special access. Proposed Interior Dept. rule could mean millions for industry

Politics, Gas Fuel Battle Over New Mexico Forest

Congress: Lawmakers fail to revamp U.S. intelligence. Leaders had vowed to make changes before election day + Budget feud snags spy bill


Kerry, Bush Are Tied in Nine Battleground States, Reuters/Zogby Polls Show

Bush Seeks Votes in Michigan to Hedge Bets on Results From Florida, Ohio

Bush, Kerry Trade Increasingly Harsh Words

Kerry, Bush race through battlegrounds, spar over Iraq

12 ways Bush is now stealing the Ohio vote

Minn. law restricts media access to voting

Unlimited individual recount donations OK

In Pennsylvania, the race is on to mobilize voters

Arab Americans could help sway crucial states. They're turning to Kerry in Ohio and Michigan

Fewer Pledge to Swap Votes

Million dollar-plus political donors rise


Florida to replace missing absentee ballots

Republicans are accused of scaring off voters as Bush looks for converts in Ohio

Flu Shot Shortage Could Sway Votes in Too-Close-to-Call Florida

BUSH/CHENEY: Recalling Rove's role in mud-splattered Alabama races + Bush's support of same-sex union support irks some in GOP Click. + Strategy of attack carries risk in swing states + W rushes last ad onto air

KERRY/EDWARDS: Seniors favor Kerry in poll + Kerry Uses Bush's Own Words to Call Him Unfit + Teresa Criticizes 'Neanderthal' Attacks On Husband


David Corn: Iraq heartache

US elections: Republicans marshal "poll watchers" to suppress working class vote

Missing explosives at Al Qaqaa: Bush caught in another Iraq war lie

In 1999, candidate Bush spoke of wanting to invade Iraq if elected Click.

Jimmy Breslin: This Bush problem stems from cells Click.

Sidney Blumenthal: Bush has fallen victim to his own hubris Click.

Dave Lindorff: Bulgegate: Bushs latest lie about what he wore to the debates Click.

Arianna Huffington: Faith abuse: When God becomes a campaign ploy Click.

Pepe Escobar: The WMD-lite scandal

Cannonfire $130 billion dollar Medicare rip-off

Where Bush's Indifference to Flu Vaccine Crisis Leads

One man battles Dubya armed with 'Fahrenheit 9/11' downloads

MILITARY  Sneider: Japan assumes its global military place

Shuttered Tustin air base readies to begin a new legacy Click.

NAVAL AVIATION: More Control for the Carrier Admirals

INFANTRY: French Grunts Go Hi-Tech

Even the greatest regiments cannot fight change

Army flier to take Vietnam skills to Iraq

LEAKGATES  Prominent Americans Who Don't Buy Official 911 Story

Cameras to Keep Watch in Hollywood


Worried Japanese parents to track children with military technology

UK: Secret services to be given access to ID card database

Lafayette Park blues

The political context of Victoria Snelgrove's death

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay rights row leaves EU in crisis + MN Church Censored For Gay Pride Support

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

How the Communications Industry Bought Congress

Why Winning May Be O'Reilly's Costliest Option

Headline news: CNNfn shutting down after nine years

"Hitchhiker" gets 1 million web listeners

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Victor Vasnetsov. News from the Front Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Haunted house has new digs at Fairfax Pavilion

Newark: Dracula fans dying to see Transylvania

Hayward: Moscow Ballet to take Chabot College stage + Chabot's arts center back on upswing

Napa Hispanics prepare Day of the Dead events

Santa Cruz: While New Year’s is organized, Halloween on Pacific Avenue rocks + Halloween happenings: Mild side + Halloween happenings: Wild side

Hunter Liggett's Hacienda to close. Designed by Julia Morgan, former hunting lodge for Wm Randolph Hearst, now owned by Army


Offshore find dates to King David's time. Archaeologist hopes 3,000-year-old wood is from ancient ship

Dora Maar and Picasso : passionate power of gazes

'Ray' Raises the Curtain on Oscar's Stage

Peter Schjeldahl on Aztec art

Samuel Beckett - Krapp's Last Tape and Beckett's Last Days

Yucatan 's Maya World Studies Center - The Maya Calendar

Several experts conduct family tree searches

Mystery Unwrapped: Texas A&M Team Uncovers Mummy Secrets

Duluth: Mounds, concerns rise at project site

Park dig gives info on ancient site

The Alchemist's Lab

Dealer deemed most powerful figure in art world

Thoroughly modern Moma

Dali's Former Personal Assistant Convicted in Spain for Touching Up Original Painting of Master

English elm 'brought by Romans'

Daily News Exclusive: I had death visions during op, Bill says

Rush & Molloy: Grim commandment at fashion bible

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Designer on the ball?

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Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

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Word of the day

.OCTOBER 27, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
UK troops move north from Basra + British troops start perilous Iraq mission, Japan defiant after kidnapping + Black Watch head for central Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: Hassan makes new video appeal + Hassan makes new appeal

War prisons: Guantanamo prisoners sue US + Amnesty hits US on terror war torture

IRAN: Iran-EU still short of agreement on Tehran's nuclear program

MIDDLE EAST: Gaza pullout OK'd, but Sharon fight seen ahead

Yasser Arafat loses consciousness: Israeli public radio

RUSSIA: Police charged over Beslan siege

Putin praises Ukraine's leader

EUROPE: Barroso backs down over EU vote + EU Commission in turmoil + Minefields loom as Turks await EU

AFRICA: Darfur talks falter over security

ASIA PACIFIC: 78 detainees die in Thailand + Thai leader under fire in deaths of Muslims

AMERICAS: Castro decision to ban dollars puts a squeeze on Cubans


ABC News Gives Attack Threat Tape to FBI, CIA

US rolls out most expensive jet, the F-22 Raptor

UN Terrorism Treaty Deadlocked

US nuclear commission shuts down online library

Thatcher's lawyers challenge charges

USA to use new nuclear submarines to battle terrorism

After East Germany fell, I considered escaping to Israel

Turf War Stalls Intelligence Bill

1950: Hunt for missing atomic scientist

Public says Russian spy scandal raises questions over President's trustworthiness

Key Aide to 9/11 Panel Praises Offer by House

Government Seeks May 31 Trial Date for Moussaoui


Scientists Warn of DNA-Targeting 'Ethnic Weapons'

TB poses major threat to millions

FDA/Chiron flu fiasco: N.J. to fine doctors for low-risk flu shots + People with the flu are contagious for 24 hours before they have symptoms + FDA accused of delaying Chiron documents + Federal workers to get flu shots -- but only those at risk, agency says


Crude Oil Tumbles From Record on Larger-Than-Expected Gain in Stockpiles

DreamWorks Animation, Creator of `Shrek' Films, Raises $812 Million in IPO

Dolby Labs readies its IPO

EU clears way for PeopleSoft takeover

Click.  Anthem-WellPoint deal bogged down by Garamendi

Bob Shallit: Lincoln man's body-cooling devices idea is warmly embraced by investors

Security cameras to be required in Las Vegas taxis

Blogger grounded by her airline

Stem Cell Activist arrested for taking down Bush signs

2 shooters In Mass. pellet gun death, said to be untrained

San Francisco lawyer takes on feds over Indymedia raid

Indymedia Deals With Web Server Takedown


Mark Morford: Write More About Skull & Bones

Bush website conspiracy theories darken skies

University of Texas creates a mini-Hollywood of its own


Feds claim Picasso painting looted by Nazis

New System 'Sees' Crimes On Audiotape

Mass. U.S. Marshal faces Justice Dept. probe into work habits

Judge defends party for prisoner

Gay group appeals asylum ruling. Guadalajara police beat Mexican man

Terror att'y tells court: No end run for Rahman


Caravan targeting Ciudad Juarez killings moves through California

Central Valley: Stanislaus County works to fill void on court + Services for Judge Wayne Ladine are set Friday + Ripon traffic stop leads to drug, weapons charges + Click. Dole companies settle class-action by former employees, agreeing to pay $1 million, but not admitting it violated federal law + Los Banos deputy sheriff charged in baseball playoffs attack

Sacramento & north: Marysville swap meet owner to pay $1 million in fight over music + Obituary: Lawyer and professor Florence Luther, 84 + Utility pole arsons reported

Marin: Marin Community Foundation awards $5,000 to police watchdog group

Central Coast: Santa Cruz D.A.’s Office defends new hire + Flu-shot fund-raiser backers say they’re following the law + Santa Cruz hopes smoking ban will cut garbage on its beaches. Council doesn't expect immediate compliance after new ordinance posted

Solano: Bogus call set up fatal robbery + County hires outside agency for CPS review + Vallejo woman found dead in Marin County hospital + Absentee ballots returned to voters + Inmate's autopsy shows heart problems + Vallejo police probe killing of 19-year-old man

Santa Clara: San Jose: Trial ordered over use of public resources + Atty Jason Borrevik pleads guilty to 3 felonies re: underage sex, may get 1 year jail + Lawyer Jason Borrevik avoids prison on sex charges + Palo Alto woman arrested in 5-car crash

Alameda: Complaints against Oakland police rise + 'Riders' in court Monday + S.F. man is ID'd in fatal BART accident + Sausage King case: Witness recounts a violent tussle + Oakland police suspect death was an overdose + Fremont man recalls struggle before shooting

Contra Costa: Brentwood man found shot to death + Sex offender Verse to appear in court + Affidavit adds jet ski case details + Man found fatally shot on Brentwood sidewalk

Monterey: Remains of missing Salinas man found

Napa: Caregiver who pawns rings, gets jail time

San Francisco, San Mateo: Redwood City: Man, 20, gets 5 years in girl's Ecstasy death + Investigating officer calls fajita case 'typical bar fight'. He testifies no need to let accusers ID alleged attackers

Southern California: Coalinga inmate recaptured after smoking escape + San Bernadino: Body found in Lytle Creek wash by crews cleaning storm debris + LA jury awards $20.5 million to man exposed to asbestos + Heavy liability in L.A.

Scott Peterson: Defense comes to roaring halt + Peterson defense team rests; Prosecutors to begin rebuttal + Developments Tuesday + Defense abruptly rests in Peterson murder trial + 'Weak' Peterson defense rests + Defense called surprisingly weak. Trial-watchers say attorney did not pursue key claims + Defense rests on burglar theory


The Governor:  Gov. Will Stump for Bush in Ohio Click. + Gov. stumps for Podesto Click. + Gov. targets Inland ballot measure Click. + Hwy. 85 overseer will run Caltrans Click. + State may change terror-fund formula so as not to favor rural counties + State Loans to Dairies to Be Halted Click.

Dramatic changes sought in state elections Click.

Voters guide for immigrants stirs debate Click.

CalFed water bill signed by president

The Man Behind the Giving Land to California

Wal-Mart's political spending hits new levels in California

California trauma system needs cash, state planning, experts say

Shelley facing slew of probes. Most Democrats sitting it out, but one wants his job

Federal judge blocks enforcement of Prop. 208 requiring names of top donors in political ads

Voter influx could lead to polling trouble

Jarvis group's funding, views are questioned

R.E. Graswich: Bars no bar to voting: County inmates do their time - and civic duty

Propositions: Retail giant gives $500,000 to defeat health insurance mandate + Ad Watch: Proposition 66 Click. + Ad Watch: Proposition 72 Click. + Weighing Casinos' Winners, Losers Click. (LAT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:   Total lunar eclipse expected to be visible this evening

Manure energy quagmire

3 races could help shape BART future + BART vote may shape Livermore station

San Francisco: SF hotel operators refuse to end labor lockout + Maid in San Francisco + Blowing the whistle on neglect + Newsom now at odds with allies + He's 'waging war' + Newsom on the picket line + Election news coming in fast and furious + Contribution limits don't crimp spending. Business interests funnel cash to aid certain candidates + S.F. assessor tells on herself -- her home was underassessed + City slammed for not working to stem flooding in Sunset, Excelsior homes + Technology to boost SFO's foggy landings + Mayor blames corporate owners for prolonging dispute + He stands by workers, riling employers who backed his run for mayor + Did the mayor make the right move?

Santa Clara: S.J. vetoes coyote traps again + Federal funds target San Luis design flaw + Judge: Officials may have broken campaign laws

Central Valley: Modesto officials awarded pay raises + Civic involvement a yawner + Board battle grows tighter + Precision owner issues apology for check mess + Group to honor Christian 'heroes' + Turlock OKs tax on new houses + Turlock homeless complaints mount + Candidates report campaign spending + 10 candidates liven up Livingston city elections + Podesto praised by big backer + Back Consolidated fire assessment hike, keep an eye on it + City Council must help provide affordable homes + AdWatch: Podesto accuses foe of favors to donors + AdWatch: Machado responds to attacks over fund breach + Sports enthusiasts will come, see if Manteca will build parks + AdWatch: Podesto accuses foe of favors to donors Click. + AdWatch: Machado responds to attacks over fund breach  Click. + State's prune crop shrivels Click.

Marin: Search and rescue team earns a promotion + City takes over aging Novato Theatre + Migden's Marin road trip + Battle brewing over Death Row. Many in Marin oppose plan to build $220 million facility

Contra Costa: Supervisor Millie Greenberg decries negative mailers

Alameda: County puts new pot clubs on hold + East Bay water district wins national honors + County health care workers protest wages + Berkeley to lose a fire truck at night + Party politics taint races in Fremont + Torrico: Fremont hopefuls' ethnicity irrelevant may be guiding support + Fremont utility tax fight enters final round  + Torrico slams service group + How Pleasanton, the 'City of Planned Progress' has prospered + Union City:  Memorial hits snag with 9/11 victims' kin + Oakland measure would set stage for legal pot + Fremont: Broken water main damages businesses

Sacramento & north: Residence for mentally ill investigated + Sacramento retools Planned Parenthood clinic buffer zone rules + Sacramento council pushes for speedup of rail depot project + Local grants from Blue Shield + Wine grapes lead county + Rival says Matsui wants more troops sent to Iraq

Sonoma: County backs new Sutter hospital + Kaiser gets more flu vaccine

Central Coast: Seawall’s future in council’s hands + Former Scotts Valley Man of the Year looks for re-election + Developer must deal with feds before building

Solano: District ponders slough's foul odor + Absentee ballots returned to voters + Wiggins to seek Senate seat held by Chesboro + Union loudly voices its discontent

Napa: Prop. 67 eyed as lifesaver to hospital ERs + Vine drivers, mechanics get pay raise + Grape growers seek study of late harvests + Supes OK housing plan that now goes to state

Southern California: L.A. city will review Keller pact + Budget adds 69 LAPD officers + Wapner faces uphill battle Click. Bratton and Baca Push Tax Increase  Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A.Survey Finds Gains, Losses in Child Welfare Click. (LAT Reg) + Registration, poll workers set records in L.A. County Click.

School days: LA school board rejects bid to reconsider plans for Ambassador Hotel + Sacramento teachers union: Approve new pact + West Sac candidates raise money + College of Marin bond draws close support + Santa Rosa to eliminate bilingual classes + Oakland: Truants become center of attention + Tracy school closure causes shakeup + Declining Minority Admissions Rate at UC Is Criticized Click. (LAT Reg)few comments about investigation

New artificial disc provides alternative to spinal fusion

Several New Techniques Show Promise For Spinal Cord Repair

Study says drive time key to diesel pollution exposure

Company to sell genetically engineered cats

Infection, Not Lack Of Oxygen, Plays Larger Role In Premature Infant Brain Injury

Further Evidence Reveals The Association Between Periodontal Disease And Coronary Artery Disease

Titan's First Close-Up: Cassini Spacecraft Beams Back Pictures Of Saturn's Moon

Booting Up: Don't Forgo Foot Care During Winter

Bug's-Eye-View Of Urinary Tract Reveals E. Coli Infection Genes

New Tool Reveals Molecular Signature Of Cancer And HIV

Marijuana-Like Compounds May Aid Array Of Debilitating Conditions Ranging From Parkinson's Disease To Pain

Olfactory Bulb Stem Cells And Lou Gehrig's Disease

Can't Place A Name To The Face You Just Saw?

Molecular Mechanism Sheds Light On Neurodegenerative Diseases

Potential New Oncogene May Be Missing Link In Cancer-causing Chain

Reductions In Blood Oxygen Levels In Newborns Could Contribute To ADHD Development

Genetics Play Role In Response To Most Common Asthma Drug

Exercising Limbs Protects Brain Cells Affected By Parkinson's, Study In Rodents Shows

Jefferson Scientists Find New Way To Convert Adult Human Stem Cells To Dopamine Neurons

Lighting Up The Human Brain At Night

Lungs 'best in late afternoon'

Mouse study raises worry about Prozac early in life

Moon of Saturn Is Unveiled

Biochip Spots Single Viruses

Gadgets for the geek set

Super Slow Light May Help Speed Optical Communications

Multi-rate Laser Pulses Could Boost Outdoor Optical Wireless performance

Designing cars (quietly) for aging drivers

Cell phone quandary for Boeing

Google buys digital mapping company


Powell Cautions Israel Against Action Against Iran

Bush hits back on Iraq explosives + Troops Did Not Have Orders to Search for Explosives + Duelfer: No Order to Investigate Missing Iraq Explosives + Tip of the Iceberg + US Says Securing All Arms Caches In Iraq 'Impossible' + Embedded Reporter Saw No Explosives Search + No sign of explosives at weapons depot. But Pentagon admits U.S. troops didn't do a thorough search

White House dodges web virus

US Considers Ways to Increase Troops in Iraq

Congress: Congress Won't Pass Intelligence Reorganization Before Deadline, Aide Says


War in Iraq Turns More Undecided Voters to Kerry Than Bush, Pew Poll Finds

New poll shows Bush, Kerry deadlocked in New Jersey

Fla. man charged with driving car at Katherine Harris

Postal Experts Hunt for Missing Ballots in Florida

Both sides appear confident, but doubts loom large backstage. Bush, Kerry adopt similar strategies in final days of race


Courting of Jewish vote reaches a critical phase

E-voting companies store software in national library, but scientists remain concerned

Nader fails to win spot on Ohio ballot

Daily Endorsement Tally: A Handful of Pickups for Each, but a Bigger Handful for Kerry

The Latest Electoral College Shakeup Brings Some Good News for Bush

Coalition of Latino groups sounds alarm over intimidation of voters

Parties fear dirty tricks in New Mexico grudge match

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush ad salutes sacrifice of soldiers + Conflicted Evangelicals Could Cost Bush Votes + Cheney Claims Missing Explosives No Big Deal

KERRY/EDWARDS: Edwards: Bush leads by 'fear and failure' + Kerry Steps Up 'Explosive' Attacks + Kerry says Bush sought to hide loss of Iraq arms + Down homestretch, Kerry steps up pace + Kerry winning the battle over coverage, study says + Clinton's coattails + Family Has Seen Share of Turmoil


No Exit From Iraq?: Justin Raimondo

Weapons No One Looked For: Matthew Barganier

What Would Patton Say? Who Cares?

Bush Is Militaristic, Not Pro-Military

Bush is idle in flu-shot fiasco

Eyewitness to a failure in Iraq

Pressing Issues: Political 'Boss' Rocks the Vote

Bush's stance is preventing a global cloning pact

Yo Soy Centroamericano

One question, 20 answers for the next president

Molly Ivins: Clueless people love Bush Click.

Zlatkin: The greatest curse of all

Blood for pork....

Weapons sales boost Boeing profit

MILITARY  Army Won't Shorten Combat Tours in Iraq

Civil War-era sloop ships out

For ex-GIs, fitting in on campus a struggle


US Gave Britain Date of War in Advance

At AIPAC summit, lots of support, few comments about investigation

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Chicago lesbians: Mary Cheney fuss is good for us + Finding a gay sensibility in America's soundtrack + San Francisco: Judge sets hearing on same-sex marriage ban. He says lawyers on both sides must stick to legal arguments

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Stern says FCC chairman's daddy Colin Powell got him job + Sec. of State Powell defends son

Bush website blocked outside US

Troubled SoCal religious network (founder covering up gay affair) cancels live "Praise-a-thons"

Newspapers Tolerate Stronger Antiwar Cartoons From Abroad

Red Herring resurfaces with plans to go weekly

Journalism students ask: Why am I here?

Robert Parry: Jon Stewart v. Perception Management Click.

Search Systems - Largest Free Public Records Directory

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Victor Vasnetsov. News from the Front Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Old Black Magic event at Blackhawk Museum, Danville

Jesus has been named a top black icon but what color was he?

Academics Work To Help Stressed-out Cats

John Updike on the Bible

Mozart's relatives face DNA tests

Film: Charlie and the true-crime factory

Film: Tiger, tiger, burning bright

Theater: 21st-century fate

Theater: Australia's human holding pen

After 'Amélie,' a much darker subject + Amelie star and director get gritty for new French blockbuster

Defending middle America: The new cartoon superheroes

Goldston: German shepherd owners speak up

British architect in search of the 'ideal city'

Calder-Miro friendship leaves trace a century later

'Devil's servant' Oscar Wilde in limelight again at literary auction

Rush & Molloy: Katherine's C-SPAN canoodle

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Martha called a survivor

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Liz Smith

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Word of the day

OCTOBER 26, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Large Blast Hits Baghdad + US says Zarqawi aide killed in Fallujah, Iraq probes army massacre + U.S. Troops Reinforce After Falluja Air Strike + UN Envoy Warns Against US Attack on Fallujah + One American soldier, several Iraqis killed in different explosions + Massacre feared a setup. Infiltrators plague Iraqi security forces +Allawi Blames Ambush on 'Negligence' + At Tense Syria-Iraq Border, US Forces Battle Insurgents + Nationalism drives many insurgents as they fight U.S. 'Terrorists,' only one element, experts say + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: US Army Denies Most Compensation Claims by Iraqis

War prisons: U.S. Action Bars Right of Some Captured in Iraq + Report: U.S. Sees Some Non-Iraqis as Geneva Exceptions

MIDDLE EAST: Israel's Sharon Wins Vote in Knesset to Remove Settlers From Gaza Strip + Haaretz: Israel might accept Egyptian proposal to deploy forces in Sinai

Karami to announce on Tuesday the formation of the new Lebanese government

Egypt stance on UNSC enlargement

Egypt, Sudan seek laying out solid economic integration

EUROPE: EU chief battles to avoid veto in crunch vote

Stardom: Thank Blair's and Bush's Boy Barroso for the EU Election CRISIS

ASIA PACIFIC: Thais say 84 dead after clashes in Muslim south

Vietnam oil find fuels China's worries


Pentagon is behind 9/11 reform stalemate

9/11 Panel Leaders Give Warning


Carry on spying: Russian agents flood UK in revival of intelligence Cold War + Expert says British press reports exaggerate rise in Russian spying

Why allies send spooks to America

Metro man Ed Seitz, diplomat, is killed in Iraq + St. Clair Shores diplomat killed in Baghdad attack

Juror in Sutyagin's Trial Was a Former Intelligence Officer + Jury Member in Sutyagin Spy Case Served in Secret Services— Lawyers

DMZ breach raises spy fears

5 arrested in Red Sea bombings., Palestinian who led attacks was killed in blast, Egypt says + Egypt discloses the identity of persons accused of Sinai explosions

RCMP thwart scheme to sell 246 blank passports

Hamas kills Israeli spy in Gaza

Trial of Russian physicist resumes in Krasnoyarsk

Seven Indian nationals arrested in B'desh on spying charges

Putin was a 'small fish' as a KGB spy

Lost Israel pilot's trail led to Iran - spy papers

Germany cancels plans to reassemble shredded Stasi spy files

RAW still in field despite CBMs

How to protect your laptop when you are on the road

The Tale of a Deserter Is a Profile in Courage

How the Stasi spied on Thatcher

Jules Feiffer, Reexamining His Red Period

Robert H. Dreher, 88; Founded Radio Liberty + Former OC man, accused by Russia of being a spy in 1940s, dies at 88 The duke MI5 wanted to spy on Hitler's man

Nuke Agency Takes Website Offline


Doherty: Blair and Beslan


Rehnquist stricken with thyroid cancer. Chief justice's illness thrusts court into White House race

Lawyer defends self against terror charge

San Francisco: Suit seeks protection for endangered whale

Man fined for Iraq relief loses in court

Prisons and profit don't mix


Like Davis, Schwarzenegger blocks abused woman's parole

Shelley denies voter-program bungle

Click. Federal judge will rule on contempt charge, says he believes ex-state corrections director Edward Alameida and subordinates committed "gross abuse of public trust" in their handling of an aborted prison guard perjury investigation.

Contra Costa: Police seize weapons, drugs near O'Dowd High + Police cancel warrant in baby death + Walnut Creek: Judge says anti-kids pool policy won't float + Men flee store with stolen baby formula + Walnut Creek Judge finds age bias at condominium pool + Richmond: Man sought in girl's death is no longer a suspect

Alameda: 'Sausage King' jury to decide on death penalty + City of Alameda police get guns, drug items, but not suspected dealer + Hillery's killer may be sentenced to death + Execution urged for sausage maker. Plant owner killed 3 meat inspectors + Death on BART tracks shuts Fruitvale station + UC Berkeley honors 6 community programs + Quick picks seat jurors for 'Riders' + Oakland: NA evidence clears man held in rape case + Break-ins, burglaries hit houses in Oakland hills + Sausage King Alexander's past will be on display + Fight by pool hall in Castro Valley ends in gunfire + San Leandro contractor N.V. Heathorn wins lawsuit against county + San Ramon reviews PATRIOT Act stance + Fremont defense attorneys grill brother

Monterey: Retired Judge Richard Eldred dies

Marin: San Quentin staff campaign for new death row facility + Sudden death of Marin General Hospital worker probed + 'Papa Don' dies at 72 in Sausalito

Central Valley: Stanislaus judge Wray Ladine, 53, dies at work + Ceres employer needs water to grow + Nesler's lawyer weighs change of venue

Southern California: Religious rights group sues LA over Messianic Jews' banner + Trial opens in slaying of tennis stars' half-sister + Alleged 'Long Beach Freeway rapist' pleads not guilty + Alleged gangster pleads not guilty to slaying of 14-year-old L.A. boy + LA mayor calls for tax reforms to keep entertainment jobs + Recording industry settles copyright suit against Spanish Web site operator + LAPD responds faster + L.A.: Details of sex convicts on site + Despondent deputy at center of long standoff, police say + Tenet Loses Bid to Dismiss Indictment Click. (LAT Reg) + LAPD cold-case investigator tracks down suspect in 1998 murder, helps clear a wrongfully convicted man. Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Scott Peterson's Defense Rests; Jury to Get Case Next Week After Hearing Rebuttal + Peterson's parents get chance to testify + Developments Monday + Parents explain defendant's actions + He wasn't fleeing country. Testimony focuses on the day of arrest


The Governor:  Gov. Won't Commit to Stump for Bush + With one week left, Gov. launches final election push + Governor maintains party loyalty despite independent streak + Flap over governor's aide cancels event Click. + Governor, Newsom campaign to safeguard local tax funds, Schwarzenegger declares Democrat 'a very, very strong mayor' + Gov. & Newsom stumping together + Adviser expands consulting firm. Leader of firm on Schwarzenegger's payroll joins 2 others increasing business in capital + Gov. pokes fun at Uncle Ted

Shelly: Handling of complaints against Shelley probed. Harassment reports were ignored, 2 ex-employees say + Shelley denies voter-program bungle

Federal regulators approves Dynegy settlement in California + Feds OK state, PG&E deal on energy charges

Fresno broadcaster donates $325,000 in air time to GOP committees + Dems cry foul

'Velvet's Law' (to warn neighbors re: pest extermination) gains steam

Fire victims find that their coverage isn't what they thought. State will investigate Click. (LAT Reg) + Insurance blamed for building delays Click.

Propositions: Prop. 69 would widen DNA database. Issue seeks to add more criminals to forensic sample pool + Biotech share prices surge ahead of stem cell vote + Proposition 62 would empower the broad middle Click. + Prop. 66 (3 strike) foes prepare TV campaign Click. + TV ad pushes 'three-strikes' reform initiative Click. + Clergy from Sacramento area to denounce stem-cell initiative Click. + Wal-Mart, target of Prop. 72 ad campaign, might join the fight Click. + Workplace health care proposal could make history Click.

Indian tribes: An analysis of TV ad supporting Proposition 70 + Ukiah: Tribal cell call probed as terror threat

LOCAL NEWS:   Endangered condors to be released

Tiny fire refugees thriving Click.

Votes may signal BART fate

Santa Clara: Assembly candidates use celebrity power + Sales tax history in Santa Clara County + Speeders pose a problem in S.J. neighborhood + It's a shed; it's a tree; get real + Latinos seek power in East Palo Alto. Council makeup doesn't match city's latest demographics + Governor backs Poizner for Assembly + Legislature slow to settle Assembly Rebecca Cohn's case, aide charges, until she faces re-election next week Click. + Candidate Poizner's Millions Go Toward Entry-Level Job Click. (LAT Reg)

Contra Costa: Interests spend big in Piepho campaign + County seeks aid in pension problem + Contra Costa's sales tax initiative could help pave the way

San Francisco, San Mateo: Newsom threatens to picket hotels, Mayor applies pressure to force cooling-off period + Pulgas temple reopens, but kiss the water goodbye + McGoldrick's hardball gambit on the Presidio. Supervisor wants to barricade 2 gates that lead to planned housing development + Restraining order on Duane Baughman campaign mailers + Voters to decide on housing for poor. Ballot also addresses historic preservation + Man killed in Bayview was from Millbrae + Meeting to discuss Doggie Diner head + Mayor warns hotels + FasTrak Bay Bridge deal ends after glut of new customers + Jack Davis bites the bullet + New well to provide water for San Bruno

Marin: Patriarch of 1960s hippie commune dies at 72 + Accusations fly over resignation of Fairfax town administrator + Ross votes to maintain local police + Pt. Reyes houses for low-income people to sell at market value + Novato ready to take over theater + 'Papa Don' dies at 72 in Sausalito + San Rafael: 2 groups merge to serve Canal area

Alameda: Flight 93 memorial proposed for Union City park + Buy a service station for less than a gallon of gas + Open house for Lake Merritt project

Sonoma: Coast to be part of national monument? + Plan offers coast protection + Woolsey rival not giving up + Thompson seeks 4 in row + Rohnert Park weighing sports complex

Solano: Sewer rates may go up + Measure R enjoys wide support early + Gov. to stump with Podesto Click.

Central Valley: Modesto residents build Village I + 5th Senate race could cost $10M + Turlock homeless affecting business + Council members' checks went uncashed + Modesto City Council must help provide affordable homes Responsibility for Patterson fee mess rests with City Hall + Tracy developer's proposal benefits all, says developer + 5th Senate race could cost $10M Click.

Sacramento & North: Lungren ads call him unity figure Click.

Central Coast: Barrett looks to continue pushing for ‘smart growth’ + Bustichi wants a chance to nurture S.V. business + Farr runs on his record; so does his opponent

Monterey: Sand City: Tiny city with big retail center seeks higher sales tax + Carmel Valley: Housing director wants answers re: Rippling River housing for disabled

Southern California: Nurses accuse L.A. County of failing to ensure sufficient hospital staff + L.A. task force arrests two fugitives suspected in Ohio slaying + Deal reached in contract for Orange County bus drivers + CRA needs more oversight + New Forest Rises From Ashes in Cuyamaca state park Click. (LAT Reg) + OCTA Fares to Rise; Amtrak Will Expand Its Commuter Service Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A.'s Fees for Outside Law Firms Grow 20% Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Santa Clara schools chief may be ousted + Santa Clara: Possible dismissal, political timing + Contra Costa: Book clubs with attitude. District embraces method that fosters critical reading + By 2014, schooling will get more grueling + The fallout from testing on writing + Dominican Univ. gets $1 million grant for graduate nursing programs + El Cerrito: New school threatens old tradition. Demolition work forces seniors to hold beloved grad night festivities elsewhere + Tracy may start school year earlier + Newark High bells ringing -- on cell phones + Solid gains in Sonoma County on SAT, AP exams Click. + Fresno School scrambles as new refugees add to Hmong numbers Click.

New Oral Vaccine For Alzheimer's Disease + Brain Protein Halts Alzheimer's Progression

Saturn's Titan about to surrender shrouded secrets. Cassini spacecraft to begin sending images to Earth

This alligator is not just another pretty face

Laser Technology Helps Track Changes In Mount St. Helens

Effects Of Road Deicing On Environment

New Method Studies Living Bacteria Cells

Farmers Don't Need A New Superstar Toxin To Fight Bugs

Mental care seeks changes

One contact can correct for distance while the other does close-up

Gene For Diabetes Found

Calorie Restriction Leads To Some Brain Benefits But Not Others In Mice

Estrogen Or Stimulating Environment Boost Memory

Scientists Reveal Significant Behavioral Impacts Of Early Life Stress, Study Therapies

Researchers Discover Gene Mutations For Parkinson's Disease

OHSU Scientists Identify Key Gene That Delays Female Puberty

Molecule That Helps DNA Replicate May Make Good Target For Cancer Therapy

Accelerated Heartbeart Mystery: Is Odd Electrical Wave The Key?

Newly Discovered Protein Suggests Novel Tumorigenic Pathway

Insects Implicated In The Evolution Of New Human Infectious Diseases

Stem Cells Could Restore Vision

Doctors Pioneer Umbilical Cord Cancer Treatment

Electric Currents Boost Brain Power

Google's creative search for elite programmers

System X Faster, but Falls Behind

A Tailor-Made Technology Environment

Digital camera confusion

Hacking: the must-have business tool

Porn pumps the wireless net

U.S. automakers lagging Japanese rivals in the race for fuel-efficient technology Click.


Powell Urges North Korea to Resume Nuclear Talks; South Korea on Alert for Infiltration From the North

Bush Bestows Federal Largesse on Swing States as Election Nears

Bush would seek $70 billion more for Iraq, Afghan wars. Occupation more costly, longer lasting than anticipated + Iraqi Oil Money Can't Cover Reconstruction Despite US Predictions

Zarqawi: The Preemptive Strike Bush Didn't Make

White House Downplays Missing Iraq Explosives + Iraq Explosives Become Issue in Campaign + Pentagon Unclear When Explosives Disappeared

Lawmakers Push for Sanctions Over Syrian Role in Lebanon


Major Missile Study Critical of Bush Shield Program

Probe clears Ashcroft in Patriot Act tour

NASA Expert Criticizes Bush on Global Warming Policy

Fed Vice Chairman Says Iraq Not Likely to Hurt Economy


Bush Steps Up Attacks as Iraq Explosives, Economy Give Kerry New Openings

Judge bins Florida paper trail challenge

Votes cast at wrong site unlikely to count

Click. Bush Ear Piece Updated 

AP Exclusive: Late Documents Give Better View of Bush Guard Service, but Questions Remain

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush blames poorly made shirt for bulge + Grandmother confronts Cheney on Iraq+ Bush Says Kerry Tax Plan Would Hit Small Business

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry Says Bush Fails U.S. Commander in Chief Test + Kerry's California Coddling Click. (LAT Reg) + KERRY/EDWARDS CAMPAIGN PREPARING CAMPAIGN AD ON MISSING EXPLOSIVES + Kerry's religious references + Hawaii: Three groups consider ads to try to trim president's edge + Is New Hampshire slipping to Kerry?


"Explosive" Revelations

Surprise, Surprise

Kwiatkowski: Five Counts Against Bush

Margaret Cho: Presidential cockfight

Robert Scheer: The man behind the Oval Office curtain Click.

Bill Gallagher: President's fake religion questioned Click.

Joshua Holland: The GOP stampede Click.

MILITARY  It's not your father's military housing

Former Soldier Remembers Near-Invasion of Alabama

Returning Soldiers Wade Into New Battle: Jobs

Fighting the wounds of war

Fremont, CA school deems parent's anti-war message unsuitable

Vancouver store pulls Nazi dolls, apologizes

Vermont Antiwar Protesters' Trial Begins Thursday


Crude Oil Climbs Above $55 a Barrel as Demand Exceeds Refinery Production

SEC, in Divided Vote, Adopts Rules Subjecting Hedge Funds to Regulation

European Union regulators clear Oracle's bid for PeopleSoft

EU closes most of antitrust case against Hollywood studios

FCC OKs Cingular, AT&T Wireless Merger + Hello, Cingular; goodbye, AT&T Wireless + Who wins, who loses in the deal

`Managed 401K accounts' have been slow to catch on

$4.5 billion deal will form world's largest steelmaker

Big box stores work on 'urban' versions to skirt limits on sprawl

Google feels lucky, surpasses Web rival Yahoo

Cry, Beloved Apple Stock

MarshMac announces business reforms

Lockheed beats forecasts as profits rise 41%

SEC proposes easing IPO ‘quiet period’

U.S. Travel Business on Road to Recovery Click. (LAT Reg)

Blood for pork....

Halliburton posts loss, meagre pickings in Iraq

Nazif receives Canadian oil company delegation for setting up joint petrochemical venture


Eating bushmeat 'linked to HIV-like virus'

FDA/Chiron flu fiasco: Flu shot auction's propriety questioned + U.S. Flu Shot Dream Scenario Turns to Nightmare

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

CBS Had Iraq Story, Just Not in Time

Ethnic Arabs in U.S. turn to Al Jazeera

Today's papers

Columbia campaign desk

Victor Vasnetsov. News from the Front Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Concord's Halloween extravaganza + East Bay treats plentiful for Halloween

Lost Rogers boy memorial may return to Modesto

Living life as a witch isn't everything you might think it is

Microsoft art curator is packing his bags

Geophysics, GPS Technology Play Important Roles In Excavation Of Ancient Roman Fort

Syrian chanter of Sufi songs tours the US

Marrakech Film Festival (FIFM) to be held on December 6 through 12

In New York, These Beds Are Made for Eating

An Empire Built of Glass

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 25, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Twelve Iraqis Die in Car Bombs, Clashes, Australian soldiers injured + Attackers target US convoy in Baghdad + Analysis: Iraqi forces' weakness + When worlds collide + Blast hits Iraq oil pipeline + Executed Iraqi Soldiers a Message to US + Iraq mujahidin may face death penalty + Shaalan: Libyan interferes in Iraq's affairs + Massacre at Baquba + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraqi children must work for families' survival + Iraq Purging Tens of Thousands of Police for Corruption, Disloyalty + Clerics threaten election boycott

Hostages: Rebel militias deny holding British aid worker Hassan

War prisons: Administration Officials Split Over Stalled Military Tribunals + Guards Kept a Log of Abu Ghraib Conditions, Practices + Remember Abu Ghraib?: Justin Raimondo + Lawyers for detainees huddle at U. of C. + Liberty Beat: Republicans Make Torture Foreign Policy


Karzai wins presidency in tentative ballot count + India's irons in the Afghan fire + Taliban Split Over Tactics and Failure

IRAN: Iran Hints at Agreeing to Enrichment Freeze

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon defends Gaza pullout in crunch debate, 14 Palestinians killed + Israeli Cabinet OKs formula for compensating settlers

Cairo: a petition by 700 politicians vows to prevent Mubarak from a new term of office

Jordan denies convening a meeting with Israel to amend the borders

RUSSIA: Yukos scandal triggers major political reforms in Russia

EUROPE: State comes 1st, mosque 2nd in Turkey's system

AFRICA: Full Sudanese peace talks get off to a shaky start

ASIA PACIFIC: Helpless go wanting as new China booms + China's population to hit 1.5 billion people by 2030 + Behind the military leadership changeover in China + China boosts India's bid for UN council seat

AMERICAS: Colombia Destroys Stockpiled Land Mines

Corruption scandals threat fragile Central American democracies

Grenada picks up pieces, remembers its past


Pre-war Intel Predicted Iraqi Insurgency

US Could Shoot Down Euro GPS Satellites If Used By China In Wartime

MPs in Korea focus on cutting losses that can put ID cards in wrong hands Click.

Rutan meets remaining members of Von Braun's rocket team

Seeing Satellites With The Naked Eye

NBC: Destroying Albania’s Hidden Chemical Stockpile


U.S. faces ominous fiscal picture with huge deficit

EU to lift trade sanctions against US amid lingering doubts

U.S. 'City of Looms' Fears for Future

Hunger for natural gas fuels rush to tap West's deep pockets. Environmental costs surface amid Wyoming drilling boom

Cuddly cartoons bleed for money

Big change coming on checking accounts

To Survive the Dance, Marsh Must Follow Spitzer's Lead

Asia's green curry gold under biopiracy threat

As pensions fade, some firms try hybrid plans

Marsh & McLennan's Greenberg Is Replaced by Cherkasky Amid Spitzer Probe

A Year Out, No SEC Pact on Director Bids

Microsoft Begins Battle With Japanese Monopoly Authorities as Hearings Open

Blood for pork....

A top official calls for Army contract probe

LEAKGATES  Gary Hart: 'We said September 11 was going to happen'


Chief Justice Rehnquist Has Thyroid Cancer + Thyroid Cancer Afflicts Thousands Each Year + Health Conditions of the Supreme Court Justices

Deleting Online Extortion

FBI: Violent crime off 3 percent in 2003

Pitcairn men convicted of sexual abuse charges

Song-Swap Networks Still Humming

Is Internet auctioneer eBay an arena for criminals?

Georgia's Highest Court Throws Out State's Hate Crimes Law, Calls It Too Broad and Vague

Alleged 'deadbeat Dad' Still Glad He Donated Kidney to Man He Met Over Internet

Witness: Ovitz Pay Package at Disney 'unreasonable'


San Quentin inmates take a look inside themselves

Sex offender law effective next year raises key qualms + Survey gives state's sex law an 'F' + Sex registrant says Web site too limited

San Francisco: Attorney Lowell A. Airola, RIP + S.F. parlor hit in crackdown on sex slave trade + Dead 18-yr-old man found in Presidio woods

Contra Costa: Richmond police seeking man for suspicion of murdering 16-month-old girl

Santa Clara: East Palo Alto man arrested on attempted murder charge

Sacramento & north: 2nd suspect sought in boss's killing + Click. Ex-Sacramento sheriff's detective fired for being "deficient and deceitful" in 40 of his child-abuse cases, including two in which children died, has filed a lawsuit to get his job back.

Solano: Click. Solano County is asking for an outside review of its child protective services program after a grand jury report two months ago found conditions so bad they might endanger children.

Marin: Trial soon for patient at Kaiser + Car shot outside San Rafael wedding reception

Alameda: Fremont police label new Taser weapons a success + Three suspects nabbed in Union City attack

Sonoma: Prosecutor leaves crooks for clutter

Monterey: Teacher's disciplinary action probed + Soledad man shot in Salinas

Santa Clara: Prosecutor Enrique Colon still leads Santa Clara judge race + Drivers drunk on kava new target for police

Southern California: How Wrong Man Was Convicted in Killings + Court begins screening potential jurors for Blake trial + Santa Ana police say illegal aliens robbed man who brought them to U.S. + Former Compton school board member charged with misusing funds + One year after California fires, widespread insurance complaints + Immigrants' testimony out? Click. + Saved by an Eyelash? Cold Case Gets a Hot Tip  Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Investigator Testifies Laci Peterson Told Mother of Pregnancy June 9, 2002 + Peterson defense enters fifth day of questioning + Reaction mixed to sequestering jury + Defense enters fifth day of questioning


The Governor:   Gov. to try to sway Ohio voters for Bush Click. + Battle for swing state draws Gov. + Cities may get some clout + Daniel Weintraub: Governor is making his point: Don't mess with him + Slapdash Effort Is Touted as Revolution Click. (LAT Reg) + Laughs aside, sex talk of Gov., Newsom could have political impact

The buzz: Amid 10,000 lakes, a billboard tied to Shelley

Hetch Hetchy debate begins + Other views: The reality behind fantasy of restoring Hetch Hetchy

Anti-terror funds freed from feds' roadblock

Shelley woes take on shades of Gray Click.

Los Angeles pushed off the political parties' party map  Click.

Propositions: Few Heed Call for Phone Bill Tax Click. (LAT Reg) + Prop. 63: The Rich Pay a Little, the Homeless Get a Lot of Help  Click. (LAT Reg) + Two props battling to 'protect' local funds

Indian tribes: Borrego Springs Bank Buyout OKd Click. (LAT Reg) + Two tribes reach out across miles -- and years -- with whaling link

California finally recognizes alternative medicine

LOCAL NEWS:  Early white stuff makes for lots of outdoor fun near Lake Tahoe

School funding goes to voters in Bay Area. Parcel taxes, bonds on ballots to offset state education cuts

Second winter-type storm of season expected late Monday

San Francisco: Mayor gets tough on hotel dispute. He issues a formal request for a cooling-off period + Restored Rhododendron Island is ready to bloom again

Sacramento & north: Plot thickens in District 15 after lawsuit + Professed moderates stand miles apart + Folsom's own: VP hopeful Camejo forges ahead in primarily GOP town + Yolo runoff features farmers + Firefighters Union sounds alarm to get members to stump for fire board hopefuls

Central Valley: AdWatch: New ads for Podesto tackle growth issue + Quiet presence on ballot: Sewer measure + Army Corp of Engineers re: Success Dam seismic controls

Marin: Sausalito considers valets for busy public parking lots + MMWD plans to replace aging tanks, pipes

Sonoma: Woolsey running virtually unopposed + Rohnert Park council race lacks heat of summer's anti-casino recall drive

Contra Costa: Special interests spend big for supervisor's seat

Alameda: Oakland to restrict new check-cashing stores + Oakland woman killed trying to stop her rolling truck + BART seeks money for seismic fix + Newark man gets hero's welcome + Fremont: Assembly race a gentlemen's agreement + Fremont: Supporters, opponents to debate utility tax

Monterey: 12-year-old remains those of Salinas man who went on vacation + Rancorous campaign in Pacific Grove

Santa Clara: Paper Ballot Option in Santa Clara County an Unofficial Secret Click. (LAT Reg) + Venture investing down last quarter in Silicon Valley  Click.

Southern California: San Diego now 'Enron by the Sea' + Dispensing Healthcare, Hope at L.A. Free Clinic Click. (LAT Reg) Orange County women rated healthiest Click. (OCR Reg) + Illegal Immigration Back as Dominant Issue Click. (LAT Reg) Campaigning absentee Click. (OCR Reg) + Fair share for San Fernando Valley? Click. Venture Capital Rises in Region, Defying U.S. Drop  Click. (LAT Reg) + Sales Job Helps Hahn's Choice Win OK for Post Click. (LAT Reg) + Firefighter Union's Tiff Could Burn Hahn  Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Schools cutting the fat with creative solutions + Stan State faculty has 35 vacant spots + Mill Valley District has no room for failure + 6 North Bay schools get solar grants + New Haven to host reception for new superintendent + Hayward workshop to focus on closing student achievement gaps + Two Silicon Valley elementary schools, Millikin and Faria, get a perfect score Click. + Parent battling Mountain View preschool policy

MILITARY Researchers To Help Design Navy's All-Electric Warship

Suicide rate rises among airmen

USSR still considered scapegoat in winning WWII

Suzanne Goldenberg on sexual assaults in the US army Leveque's License


UN delay: a boost for cloning advocates

The age of anxiety

Vatican Lays Out Teaching on Social Issues, From Politics to War, but Denies Trying to Influence U.S. Election

Vietnam's Phone Operators Offer More Than Just Numbers, Everything From History to Sex Advice


FDA/Chiron flu fiasco: Illinois Governor Seeks Vaccine Abroad + Hospitals bracing for flu season Click. + Gov seeks federal OK to buy flu vaccine from Europe

Plan to Store Anti-Radiation Pills Is Overdue

FDA - Mad Cow May Be Passed Through Soap, Cosmetics 

Irish vCJD Case Sparks Beef Fears

Evolved glowing insect bug 'harms humans'

UIC seeks kids for bipolar drug study

Blood donor has mad cow disease

Human Spinal Cord Cells Help Rats With Lou Gehrig's Disease

Stem Cells Home in on Brain Cancer

New TB vaccine shown to be safe

Intoxicated Honey Bees May Clue Scientists Into Drunken Human Behavior

Antibiotics Used For Growth In Food Animals Making Their Way Into Waterways

Martian Meteorite Measurements Give Information On Planet Evolution

Breathing Lessons: Why Pulmonary Rehab Works

Alternatives for Allergies and Asthma: Proceed with Caution

Genetically Modified Parasite Lets Researchers Probe Immune System's Memory

Mouse Study: 'Critical' Down Syndrome Region Isn't

Tracking Ancient Earth's Oxygen Levels Provides Backdrop For Evolution

New Technique Explores The 'Black Holes' Of Chromosomes

Researcher Show How False Memories Are Formed

Mitochondrial Mutation Linked To Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Problems

Bacterial Switching Mechanism Key To Survival

Discovery Of Two-Dimensional Fabric Denotes Dawn Of New Materials Era

Spinal cord injury patients often succumb to bed sores

How biotech tracks human uniqueness

Scientists put 'zinc finger' on healing

New research could help paraplegics

NASA re-schedules Swift launch

Earth's Tides Set Off Quakes

It's Official -- the Platypus Is Weird

Scientists hail healthy olive oil

Life-giving dead wood 'at risk'

Computers beginning to out-game the weather

Monsters on the highways

Windows Media Center 2005

New I.B.M. Report Will Warn of Computer Security Threats

Home PCs Plagued with Problems

Mind Those IMs -- Your Cubicle's Walls Have Eyes

Ethernet creator evangelizes on new networking revolution

Google delves through dark corners


U.S. Freezes Assets of Company Linked to Cuba

Juan Cole on missing weapons and Bush's knowledge

Foreign Service Union Calls for Stronger Security After Death of U.S. Regional Security Officer

Recasting Wilderness as Open for Business

Kremlin Expressing Support for Bush, but Experts Unsure Status Quo in White House Would Benefit Putin

Powell Discusses Human Rights, Taiwan, Other Issues During China Visit

Click.  Paul Wolfowitz’s war

British Newspaper Apologizes for Bush Assassination Remark


Bush Leads Kerry by 5 Percentage Points in Gallup/USA Today/CNN Survey President George

No Day of Rest as Candidates Push On

Religious left tries to regain ground lost to conservatives

The Battle in Pennsylvania Isn't Just for President

Latinos are a disparate swing bloc

Stephen Elliott Gets Out the Vote With Dave Eggers, Vendela Vida, and Other Literati in Ohio

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush: It is Hard to Predict the Election Outcome + Bush, Kerry and parties spending $40 million on ads in final week

KERRY/EDWARDS: Clinton Shows Kerry Big Brotherly Love in Philly + Kerry Slams Bush for 'Great Blunder' of failing to secure weapons in Iraq + Carter Says Bush Exploited Sept. 11 Attacks + New Yorker magazine breaks with tradition, endorses Kerry + Clinton rejoins Kerry campaign + Kerry Holds Lead in Key State of Ohio + Kerry turns attention from Colorado + Robert Parry: How John Kerry exposed the Contra-cocaine scandal


Bush's Hand in Abu Ghraib

Click. The New Yorker: Thirty-two-page portfolio, titled “Democracy,” by Richard Avedon

Bush Milks Incumbency For Re-Election Edge

Al-Qaida’s vote for Bush

Peter Lee: Drinking the Kool-Aid Click.

Young Rove's dreams became everyone else's nightmare

Harley Sorenson: Vote for me, suckers!

Newberry: Election prediction. Backspin

Misogyny in the election


Bob Herbert: For Bush, bad news is bad news Click.

Cannonfire still on to the bulge

Greatest explosives bonanza in history

Bushism of the Day

Blair is a foreign hostage too

Clare Short: At the court of King Tony

West Texas Wahabbism

Open-Government Advocates Fear Info Act Exemptions

Peeping Tom Filter Lets Phones See Through Bikinis

Boston's Killer Cops: Death of a Fan

Pot Shots: Oregon Revokes Dr. Leveque's License

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  France's first gay TV station launches with diet of porn, "Wonder Woman" + Episcopal leader says he would elect gay bishop again + Glad to be a gay writer

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

RSS users get free feeds

Former KTVU anchor Elaine Corral weighs in on her life journey

The New York Times and the Bush "disaster"

Tortuous tangles over Japanese books + Tokyo traduces history with toxic texts

Carla Binion: The media's civic obligation; the CIA 9/11 report cover-up Click.

£5m EU project to let viewers create their own TV

BBC World lines up Michael Moore for election coverage

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Victor Vasnetsov. News from the Front Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Sierra climbers asking who's taking archives from summits

Prehistoric fossils may return to Fremont

Pleasanton: Ghost stories raise hairs and funds, too

Pop Art Pioneer at San Francisco Art Museum

Livermore film fest will show 77 entries

Monterey engineers build new kennels

Capitola saves piece of history by moving cottage

San Rafael photographer leads labyrinth revival

Livermore man has a growing affection for pumpkins

Magical 'Machi' May Cure Any Ailment in Chile

Peter Schjeldahl on Aztec art

An interview with Lara Vapnyar

How Degas reworked a classic image

Archives of Western Esoterica

Japanese chefs bring French cuisine to Paris and reach for the stars

The Real Women Sculptures

Paris Hilton to Open Club Paris in Vegas

Click. Considering a vast new translation of the Pentateuch.

Dan Aykroyd Unplugged On UFOs

Dining deja vu: That ubiquitous tartare

Rush & Molloy: Usher star of love-triangle flick?

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Richie shops her book of 'Life' lessons

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 22, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraqi Insurgents Fight U.S. Troops a Second Day in Stronghold of Fallujah + U.S. Planes Attack Targets in Iraq's Falluja + British troop deployment allows U.S. crackdown + Falluja leaders discuss reopening truce talks + Black Watch ordered to join US cordon for assault on Fallujah + British troops going north to free up GIs for offensive. Blair complies with U.S. request despite critics in Parliament + US agrees to Black Watch rules + Black Watch will operate by Army rules + Cabinet grills Blair on troop movement + Iraqi Aviation Staffers, Aides to the President Killed + U.S. withdraws after mosque standoff + French 'rebel' dies in Iraq raid + Developments Concerning Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: Weeping Hassan in plea for life + 'I warned her she was target' + Profile: Margaret Hassan + Statement by Margaret Hassan on Al-Jazeera + Fisk: Kidnapped humanitarian + Weeping hostage begs Blair not to move troops + Comment: Robin Cook

Occupation: Religious Leaders Ahead in Iraq Poll + Firms in Iraq's Oil-for-Food Program Revealed + Allawi's Government Losing Ground + US, Iraqis Launch Arrests of 'Opposition Voices' + History cleansed to 're-educate' Ba'athists

War prisons: Abu Ghraib abuser gets 8 years. Sergeant's lawyer in plea deal describes penalty as excessive + 3 officers removed from tribunal panel. General agrees with defense lawyers on conflicts of interest + Two U.S. Soldiers to Stand Trial Over Iraq Jail Abuse + No father on England birth certificate + In Iraq, detention center sets new military standards

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Faction Seeks Return to Power by Ballot

No direct role for U.S. in policing Afghan opium, says Barno Click.

MIDDLE EAST: A top leader of Hamas dies in Israeli strike. Military leadership of group is now in hands of one man + Palestinians Shell Gaza Settlements After Israelis Kill Leading Hamas Commander

Ex-ally calls Sharon 'disloyal' and warns of Israeli civil war

RUSSIA: Scientologists Sent Packing from Beslan + Russia Duma Ratifies Kyoto Environment Pact + Threats Await Head of School in Beslan

AFRICA: Northern Uganda 'world's biggest neglected crisis'

Behind Sudan killers, a mass of unknowns

AMERICAS: Peruvians Herd but Not Seen

Colombia's tribes battle to survive

Former Costa Rican President Ordered Detained Pending Charges


Goss Vows to Rebuild, Expand CIA

The historic post-9/11 reorganization should be done right, not fast

Tsarist Spy Catcher Reburied in Moscow

Japan's spy agencies look to come in from the cold

S. Korea's Ex - Spies Protest, Demand More Recognition

Indonesian intelligence chief steps down

Graham pushes spy training plan

Jigsaw puzzle of Stasi files stays unsolved

Security seen as weak at tech firms

Beat Hackers and Learn to Spy at Italy Tech Fair

Afghan turfed for spy past

A clear lens on Zarqawi

Inside the Ring: Notes From the Pentagon

Monterey: Defense Language Institute ends Vietnamese language program

Sensitive Nuclear Info Ends Up on US Govt Website

A Look at the Program to Use Private Screeners at Airports + A Deadline Approaching, Airports Await Guidelines for Hiring Private Screeners

Myanmar Junta Dissolves Intelligence Body Headed by Former Prime Minister

Knitting-needle ladder used by Blake to escape


Evicted couple have disappeared; son, in ill health, desperate in search

Click. The Golden Safety-Net Kids

Curtain goes up on Scientology


Two Women Convicted in Scam After Jury Rejects 'Lord Made Me Do It' Defense

Whales lack standing to sue over sonar use, court rules

Genentech loses bid to toss out jury award

UPS ordered to let deaf apply to drive trucks

Crusading N.Y. prosecutor sets sights on major record labels

Milosevic Lawyers Plead to Quit

'Hearsay' ruling may reopen cases

'Nonlethal' guns causing alarm

Anatomy of Spitzer's case vs. Marsh & McLennan

Keeping a pedophile behind bars

Partying in prison stripes, Pitcairn men enjoy their freedom ahead of verdicts

Printing Giant Ends Decade-Old Discrimination Case With Offer of $15 Million


Calif. utility to return $35M to state

Lockyer subpoenas flu shot distributors amid gouging reports

Central Valley: San Joaquin: Trial of 3 Livermore defendants in Nannetti slaying delayed six months + Spitter to jail, but not for his saliva + DA won't charge in death on dairy

Contra Costa: Richmond shootings leave seven wounded + Woman, 33, gets 3 years for baby scam + Adoption scammer sentenced. Possible motive of Oregon woman explored in report + Martinez: Woman sues over alleged strip search + Antioch: Police seek clues in shooting death

San Francisco, San Mateo: UCSF denies charges it mistreated animals + Defense attorney questions witness in fajita fight trial. Santoro says cocaine found in his pocket after alleged assault was someone else's + Teen tied to hate crime must do public service. White student assaulted group of Asian Americans + Redwood City: Driveway crash kills prosecutor's wife + Jewel thief suspect arraigned in $10M heist + Search proves pointless + Muni accused of negligence

Santa Clara: Lawyer Jason Borrevik accused of sex with minor + Prosecutors accuse lawyer Jason Borrevik of having sex with girl, 16

Napa: Mondavi sued for stalling on $1.3 billion buyout offer + Mondavi sued for not accepting $1.3 billion offer

Sonoma: Sebastopol gas station vandalized + Santa Rosa man gets 65 years in Cloverdale slaying

Monterey: Man in car dies in Seaside shooting + Salinas: Police arrest student after fight at school

Alameda: Oakland: Elderly walker dies. Ex-store manager mugged last month + 4 UC-Berkeley students facing drug charges + Noncampus server tied to Cal Berkeley hack + Teen is held in assault on Hayward football coach + Hayward judge Peggy Fulton Hora receives award for founding drug treatment court+ Fremont: Northgate shooting baffles many

Sacramento & north: Cameron: Scharf guilty of murdering wife + Keep away, judge tells 6 Sacramento gang members + Ex-Sacramento cop Darryl Rosen seeking new trial + Janitor arrested in thefts from Sacto Convention Center + Yolo judge rejects suit against dairy

Southern California: Judge won't allow key defense theory during Blake trial + Firestone fighting off another suit + Southern California Edison admits worker safety data that won awards was faulty + L.A. and environmentalists sue over nuclear cleanup + L.A. congresswoman's son convicted on federal corruption charges + LA-area man charged with murder in chain saw attack + LA-area teacher booked on suspicion of lewd acts with child + Convicted burglar charged in series of rapes along SoCal freeway + L.A. Audit Unveils Alleged Frauds Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Doctor disputes estimate of when fetus died + Defense expert grilled by prosecutor + Thursday's developments + Defense witness asks D.A. to cut him slack. Expert says fetus died days after mother disappeared + Fetus age debated in Peterson trial + Jurors display doubt + Developments Thursday + Peterson prosecutors deliver blow to defense case + The Peterson File

Michael Jackson: Prosecutors say Jackson's lawyers too slow in sharing evidence


The Governor:  Gov. puts victory over Indian gaming measures first Click. + Job commission fights disclosure policy

Extra flu vaccine redirected by feds arrives in California early. 271,740 more doses will be distributed to counties starting on Monday

Bay Bridge adviser had company ties

Amid Shelley controversy, officials scramble to prepare for election

Jones' Senate bid running on red ink

Propositions: Prop. 63 calls on rich to fund mental health + Christopher Reeve appears in California stem call ad + Gambling propositions. Big bucks, little impact Click. + 4 Ballot Items All But Ignored Click. (LAT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:  Savior for salmon

12 stranded hikers found safe.

Santa Clara: Flu-shot clinics + East Palo Alto rally to support changes to `3 strikes' law + Community colleges seek to spiff up with bond measures + E-vote security is tight

Contra Costa: Seeno III approved for 5 Nevada casinos after warnings + Richmond: City councilman under investigation for 2001 mailer

Central Coast: Newly created 15th Senate District, Maldonado and Peg Pinard in tight race

Central Valley: Dan Walters: Machado facing still another rough duel in state Senate campaign + Candidates present goals for Valley + Shipmates reunite in Modesto + Who will control region's future? + Howze consultant has had problems + Most of Patterson's checks cashed + Patterson will recoup $8 million more swiftly than public's trust + TV ads added to Costa's campaign Click. (FB Reg) + Parra, Gardner spar in debate Click. (FB Reg) + Tracy: Matthews raises $360,000 for race Click.

San Francisco: Mayor: Homeless are city's new symbol. Newsom outlines progress on issue in State of the City address + Daly says Grand Prix bike race should pay for police + Newsom, Alioto name homelessness panel + Campaign probe names S.F. official. Workers testify he told them to help Newsom + Kimberly, Vanessa, Rose Marie, Jo ... + City 'getting stronger'

Napa: Kaiser cancels flu shot clinics + Hwy 29/221 plan could relieve congestion + Jamieson Canyon safety experiment fails + Mondavi brothers get severance packages

Sonoma: Environmentalists back plan to spray Ludwigia + Petaluma: '50s facade going + Lakeport's Measure I would fund road repairs, parks, public services + Group lists 9 areas to preserve for salamanders

Monterey: More flu vaccine on the way + Desal project may be open to groups besides Cal Am + Salinas: Candidate Castenada plays down legal woes + Salinas City Council candidates differ on tax

Solano: Another step forward for AmCan Wal-Mart + Supporters of sales tax hike ahead 8-to-1 in fund-raising

Alameda: City of Alameda: Rental housing survey finds bias. African Americans faced discrimination nearly half the time + Magazine ranks Fremont as No. 1 for men's health + Central Station plan stirs W. Oakland + Lawmaker Guy Houston blames investment firm's collapse on dad + Pleasanton: Valley's 2005 water increase goes down the drain + Pleasanton: Hosterman is top fund-raiser + Fremont candidates state their causes + Fremont staff: Funds hinge on utility tax + Washington Hospital board incumbent in the money + Documents claim Houston was investment firm officer

Marin: New rule: Go with low flow on toilets. Water district says incoming customers must dump old johns

Sacramento & north: Power line rerouted after electric debate + Tower Bridge sidewalk plan faces another review step + Castillo ad raises abortion issue in uphill fight against Lundgren + Sutter growth plan on ballot

Southern California: Shadowed by history, Ambassador Hotel to be razed + Independent money funds hot races Click. + Couple eyes political history Click. + Vietnamese Show Clout in Funding Orange County elections Click. (LAT Reg) + Fighting This Conservancy Won't Be a Walk in the Park Click. (LAT Reg) + Hearing focuses on underinsurance Click.

School days: Job-title dispute in Peralta race + Livermore: Parcel tax would help schools + Mine field demonstration gives Napa kids a scary lesson + 2 seats open in Waugh district + Sonoma school gives in, agrees to U.S. flag in photo

Blood for pork....

Army to let Halliburton keep Iraq payment

ACLU wants quick release of FBI inquiry material re: Muslims

Travelers to Get One-Time Exemption From Passport Requirement


Crude Oil Closes Above $55 a Barrel for First Time Amid Chinese Growth

China's huge footprint being felt with the rising cost of oil

Stocks in U.S. Decline on Oil Prices; Dow Average Drops to Lowest of Year

Google Results Revive 'Dot-Com' Fervor + How Google makes its money without you spending yours

Study Links Warm Offices To Fewer Typing Errors And Higher Productivity

Yahoo Acquires Another E-Mail Startup

Marsh & McLennan Shares Rise on Speculation Greenberg to Resign Amid Probe


FDA/Chiron flu fiasco: Are flu-vaccine fears unwarranted? + Flu shots plentiful in Europe + Vaccine sparse south of the border + Tijuana's clinics offer to inoculate Americans Click. + GOP's Frist says Capitol flu shots were appropriate Click. + AP Poll: More Than Half of Americans With a Relative at Risk Worry About Vaccine Shortage + HASTERT & FRIST: Congress to Give Flu Shot Vaccine to D.C.


Pentagon Says 200,000 Who Started Anthrax Regimen Must Continue

Asia wings it when it comes to bird flu

Produce Supplier Closes After Salmonella Outbreak, Though Plant Inspectors Found Nothing

Gene May Account for Range of Ills, Study Finds

Girl is youngest heart piggyback patient

Cancer news mostly good for California's Asians

As The World Turns, It Drags Space And Time

Mice Thrive Despite Massive Genetic Makeover

Large-Scale Forces Shape Local Ocean Life, Global Study Shows

Testosterone Deprivation Makes Men Forget

Herbal, Nutritional Supplements Linked To Ocular Side Effects

Strong Earth Tides Can Trigger Earthquakes, UCLA Scientists Report

Is Your Child Sports-Safe?

Changing the temperature of your environment can help turn around some MS symptoms

A specialist isn't usually necessary in diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome

NASA Helps Find Lifelong Gene Activity In Live Organisms

Bacteria-Killing vs. Bacteria-Inhibiting Drugs In Treating Infections

Study Reports Genetic Susceptibility To Alcoholism In NMDA Receptor

Researchers Identify A Protein That Could Banish Allergies

UN Forecasts Mixed Picture For Latin America And Caribbean Forests

Researchers Uncover Process For Sugar-induced Fat Formation

Manipulation Of Epigenome Turns Off As Many Genes As It Turns On

Molecular Imaging of Inflammation Processes Using Small-Animal Scanners

San Diego now a world center for research in neuroscience Click.

Support gaining for standards to evaluate medical groups Click. (OC Reg)

Some people alive today will live to 150, a leading scientist says

Prostate cancer treatment 'hope'

Safety probe into arthritis drugs

Down's syndrome theory shattered

Older father schizophrenia link

Swansea team tackle condition which killed Christopher Reeve

Search Begins for Perfect Toad Trap

Rise in illnesses tied to tainted pools

FDA Approves New Device to Treat Fibroids

Physicists Transfer Information Between Matter And Light; Advancing Quantum Communications

Radical fabric is one atom thick

Verizon plunges into cable wars with new technology


Bush signs $136B corporate tax cut bill

Israel May Have Iran in Its Sights + Israel bides its time on Iran US not ready to rock the boat, yet + The Libya model + Iran nuclear deal tied to U.S. election + Nuclear options

Alaska drilling gets tentative OK. Land swap plan set for 110,000 acres in wildlife refuge

Afghanistan, Iraq: Two Wars Collide

Congress:  DeLay subpoenaed in Texas civil lawsuit


Bush, With Job Approval Ratings Below 50 Percent, Remains Tied With Kerry

Reuters Poll: Bush Holds Two-Point Lead Over Kerry

Key States' Ballot Officials Feel Glare of Critical Eyes

Hunters' issues could decide vote in battleground states

Bush, Kerry bombard Ohio

Wooing Florida

Albuquerque: Voting machines have already failed

College Voters Lose Pa. Grant Money if They Vote Out of State

BUSH/CHENEY: AP AdWatch: New Bush ad heavy on symbolism + Bush ad uses wolf image to attack Kerry + Bush: Kerry Weak on Terror, Strong on Taxes + On the stump, Bush slows pace to his liking + Daily Endorsement Tally: On a Big Day for Bush, He Snags 'N.Y. Post,' 'Wash. Times,' and Others + Click. With Bush Trip, Blue New Jersey Is Flashing Red + Click. Dubya Mystery: Polls At A Loss To Explain Race + Pump-Priming, Back-Scratching: Bush to Visit Thriving Corporate Backer in Ohio

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry hunts literally for votes in Ohio, then appears with Reeve's widow + Kerry Campaign Shifts Its Focus to Southwest + Gingerly, Kerry plumbs politics of guyhood + The Case That Kerry Cracked + Kerry's 10,000 lawyers to fight for battleground states + Click. Waiting for Kerry, Wisconsin Man in Cap Recites Abe Lincoln + Kerry-Edwards Inches Ahead in Both Ohio and Pennsylvania + JESSE VENTURA ENDORSES KERRY


George, God here....


Robin Cook: Deeper into the Iraqi quagmire

Bizarro Bush: Justin Raimondo

Paul Krugman: Voting and counting Click.

Hunter S. Thompson: Fear and loathing, Campaign 2004 Click.

Ariel Dorfman: 'Brainy candidates need not apply Click.

Michael Hammerschlag: October surprise Click.

Jim Lobe: The world according to a Bush voter Click.

Steve Horowitz: They're here, they're queer, let's vote on it Click.

David Goodman: No child unrecruited Click.

John Dean: Coming Post-Election Chaos

A Primer on the International Law Governing November 2

Stardom: Anti-Bush Songs: Parody to Eminem

Juan Cole: Eminem on Bush

Click. Bush Ear Piece Updated

Click. Bush Forcing Kerry To Play ‘Me, Too’ Politics

Supreme Court may rule again in ballot nightmare

Evangelist says Bush ought to admit error

MILITARY Volunteers re-up for a Kosovo stint. 850 citizen soldiers to join


U.S. warships to visit Halifax

12,000 flying hours: War effort keeps veteran airman aloft

The 5th Psychological Operations Battalion formally activated in a ceremony on Fort Bragg Click.

Deepcut Army sex attacker jailed

70-Year-Old Called Up for Iraq Duty

Third Military Rotation in Iraq Under Way

Mutinies are about commanders, not soldiers + Top officer relieved of duties amid convoy probe

Corruption in Guard unit cited

LEAKGATES The dubious science behind Scientology's program to detox 9/11 workers

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Ohio court rejects gay marriage challenge + Study: Older, wealthier gay voters support Kerry + Gay legal group attacks US school policy re: boy scouts

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

US Agrees to Waivers for Reporters in Hatfill Suit + Journalists can be queried in anthrax-case lawsuit


Garcia Marquez foxes the pirates who copied his new novel

Headlines Read by Naked Presenters Makes Cell Phone Debut

The Baghdad follies

Say O'Reilly accuser to cut a deal?

Click. Revolt of Fox’s Hens

Alone in the land of dreams

Pennsylvania High Court Limits Media Protection When Reporting Defamatory Comments

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Christ in the Desert, Ivan Kramskoy

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

San Francisco: A quarter-century of flaunting it. Exotic Erotic Ball marks silver anniversary in customary style -- lots of flesh and flash

Oakland: Day of the Dead altars honor Latin heritage of loved ones

San Ramon hosts Harvest Festival on Saturday

Dublin crop workshop slated

First take for Orange County film festival Click. (OC Reg)

Hebrew University Archaeologists Reveal Additional Sections Of Ancient Synagogue In Albania

Pavarotti skewered by manager's memoir

Mexico Struggles to Preserve Ancient Ruins

'Oscar Wilde' Run Closes After One Night

Luther's lavatory thrills experts

Not-so private Benjamin

Indian Mounds Mystify Excavators

Shatner Aims for Real Star Trek

Wine-Country Safari

David Grann on The Note

Arthur Rimbaud - Rimbaud, Africa

Witch burial in Crimea discovered

Click. J. Lo Hits A New Low

Click. A Sluggish Richard III: Where Is Our Royal Psycho?

Desperately Seeking Sanity

Key West wants to tame its wilder side

Rush & Molloy: Writing the book on Jack's amours

Harry's battle royale

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 21, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraqi Rebels in Fallujah Clash With U.S. Marines; U.K. Redeploys Soldiers + Falluja in their sights + UK confirms Iraq troop movement + British troops to redeploy around Baghdad + Troops will switch to help Americans, says Hoon + Leader: Just say no + US now wants more troops in Iraq + Report: 1,000 al-Qaeda Warriors Now in Iraq + Baghdad Bus Attacked by Gunmen, Four Killed + A Compendium of Iraqi Insurgent Groups, and What It Is They Want + Top Iranian Ayatollah Cuts Ties With Sadr + Iraqis Tried by Sadr for Aiding US Remain Missing + A Cave for Abu Musab al Zarqawi + Fallujah enjoys respite as US troops await manpower + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: 'If anyone can cope with this, it is Margaret Hassan'

Occupation: Iraqi Faults U.N. on Lack of Staff to Aid in Voting + Iraq ideal for graft, group warns + Sunni clerics threaten election boycott.  'Aggression' against Fallujah must end, mosque leaders say

War prisons: Sergeant in Abu Ghraib Case Pleads Guilty to 8 Counts + U.S. told to give lawyers access to terror detainees. Communication can't be monitored, federal judge rules + Appeals court to review terror suspects' extradition. Some being sent to countries accused of utilizing torture + US Holds 6 Yr Old Boy Prisoner In Abu Ghraib + U.S. Loses Ruling on Monitoring of Detainees + Pentagon Dumps Guantanamo Terrorism Trial Officers

IRAN: Iran Moving Methodically Toward Nuclear Capability + The Dangers of Playing Hardball With Iran

MIDDLE EAST: Israel Kills Top Hamas Rocket Maker in Gaza Strike

Hashemite Dynasty Shows the Flag at Gulf of Aqaba Click.

Karami, as premier designate, opens arms to everyone

Fearing enemies within, Sharon amps up security + Israel on alert as rumours circulate of right-wing plot to assassinate Sharon

RUSSIA: Russian army 'is tackling abuse' + Russian army 'riddled with sadists' + Russian Prosecutors Say Human Rights Watch Report Alleging Widespread Hazing Is Not Objective

Russia Mulls Sainthood for Soldier Killed in Chechnya

EUROPE: For you British the war has never ended, says Fischer

EU chief moves to shore up team

ASIA PACIFIC: Battle rages over Taiwan arms deal

Dalai Lama says Tibet is better off within China

AMERICAS: Castro Falls After Speech, but Recovers With Broken Knee, Arm

COLOMBIA: Kid Killers

More Venezuelans Look to Emigrate After Chavez Win


Terror safeguards for food a challenge Click.

US to Enforce Rules for Mail to Canada

Russia Nabs Homeless People Selling Nuclear Materials

Click.  National Security Agency Origins, 1940-52

Suicide bombing, the theology of death

In an Age of Terrorism, Don't Forget Conventional Spying, Experts Advise

Document Destruction a Business Necessity

Intelligence Reform Hits a Hurdle + 9/11 Panel Backs Senate Plan for Intelligence Overhaul + Intelligence Reform Compromise Offered

CIA secret war uncovered

Pentagon probes punishment of whistleblower

Won two Olympic golds, Hungarian soccer star says he was communist informer

Zimbabwe releases apartheid spy

Remains of last Tsarist counter-intelligence chief reburied

Islamists Militants Urge Increase in Attacks During Ramadan

Iraq Called 'Springboard' for Insurgency Figure

3 Inmates Questioned on Alleged Spain Plot + Spain Terror Suspect Accused of Huge Plot

Attorneys Argue Padilla Should Be Freed

6 Men Charged in Fake ID Scheme in Illinois

ALGERIA: Terrorists on the Move

INFORMATION WARFARE: Blue Force Tracker Conquers the World

Italy downplays Red Brigades file find


Microsoft Earnings Rise 11 Percent on Sales of Corporate Network Software

Coca-Cola's Quarterly Net Income Falls 24 Percent Amid Slump in U.S. Sales

Google's Earnings, Revenue More Than Double; Margins Widen on Advertising's Profit Surges on International Sales; Shares Drop on Forecast

Delegation from China checks in on United

Touch of class: Buying Mondavi would add luster to Constellation + Mondavi Corp. makes payouts to brothers

How to prosper by killing American jobs

David-Weill and Wasserstein clash on Lazard float

Ovitz ‘did not understand executive position’

Large Companies in Washington Shift to Outsourcing

EBay Explodes to Twice Its Size


California Supreme Court allows suit against Clintons

Stewart wants 'unfair' conviction overturned

Hospital suits re: nonprofit billing practices stay separate

Courts decide Hamm can keep gold

50 Hackers Stole $28 Million

Judge censured for undisclosed romance


CYA: Many struggle to start over

Sonoma: Suspended sentences upset gang victims + Embezzler allegedly cheats new employer

San Francisco: 'Stomped like roach' in fajita fight. Star witness tells of alleged attack by 3 off-duty cops + Suspect surrenders in nude man's death + Alleged Fajita victim recounts fight

Alameda: Berkeley: 4 held on pot charges in probe of death of Cal student + Fremont: Slaying suspect surrenders after standoff + Man shot, killed in Fremont + Neighbors' 'angel' dies after attack + Hackers attack Cal database + 3rd UC Berkeley student charged in drug bust + Hayward: Owner of 27 rabbits charged + Sheriff rolls out new motor squad + Motorcycle cop, prolific with tickets joins sheriff's office

Napa: School janitor gets prison for kissing two students

Contra Costa: Assault case arrest -- woman dialed 911+ Pittsburg shooting victim dies + Pittsburg shooting victim dies + West County shootings wound 7 + D.A. issues fraud alert for newly built homes + Jury says Concord man didn't kick gray tabby + Richmond: Other possible assault victims sought

Central Coast: Man arrested in Capitola stabbing: Two other suspects still at large

Monterey: Security officers shut down outdoor food giveaway at Monterey Peninsula College Campus

Solano: Vallejo wins SWAT competition + Benicia police put high-tech tools to work

Longtime Vallejo transportation chief ousted? + Optical scan voting system shown by Solano registrar + Benicians weigh two measures + AmCan council contenders outline problems, goals

Marin: Court rejects Ft. Baker project + Pepper-spraying rangers report ripped

Santa Clara: Company fires worker over troubling e-mails + Divorce, custody struggles seen in slayings

Sacramento & north: Sacramento: Racial slur called key in stabbing + Witness: Northridge Water District aide knew accounting was wrong + Judge pulls Penryn boy from home

Southern California: Judge dismisses suit over removal of cross from L.A. County seal + Courts recruit 100 college students to advise litigants + L.A., 2 Groups to File Suit Over Cleanup of Rocketdyne Land  Click. (LAT Reg) + Lockyer vows help to fight L.A. gangs Click.

Scott Peterson: Investigator: Witness claims to have seen Laci walking dog + Lawyer suggests transients dumped body after abduction + Scent dogs inconsistent + Trial turns to Laci's routine with the dog + Lawyer tries to link tarp to victim's corpse + Defense hammers evidence + County prepares for Laci decision + Developments Wed


The Governor: Gov. leads ballot issue fights + Gov. Makes Pitch for Underdog in Fresno  Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov. backs Betancourt Click. (FB Reg) + Gov. faces hard choices on state bureaucracy revamp. Commission delivers recommendations on Performance Review + Panel supports many parts of California government overhaul + Spare some state boards, panel urges the Gov. + Board backs Shriver plan to revamp state museum

Corporate profits, taxes are surging

Garamendi: Insurance sellers targeted

Boxer finds herself in unfamiliar territory -- riding high in polls + Jones lacks money to aid Senate run + Boxer, Jones Trade Jabs as Well as Political Turf  Click. (LAT Reg) + Boxer attacks target Bush more than Jones in visit Click. (FB Reg)

UC Davis voting site will operate five days + Counties still counting new voter registrations Click.

State backing wildfire victims Click.

Propositions: Two measures won't stop gambling's roll + Three-Strikes Debate Centers on Early-Outs + Dumped by local agencies, Prop. 65 gets Florez's help Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  Rain Douses Threat of Brush Fires

Seismic upgrades to BART system in voters' hands again

10 stranded hikers found on El Capitan; four rescued

San Francisco: Mayor, hoopla in Hunters Point. Newsom previews program to help lift poor neighborhoods + Panel wants official to quit housing board + Locals wait for flu vaccine timetable

Monterey: Carmel says there are too many art galleries in city

Santa Clara: Palo Alto: Cougar spotted on rooftop + Hikers rescued from Mt. Whitney + Editorial: The mess in Milpitas + The issues behind the money in the Ruskin/Poizner race + Weimers: Neighbors mobilize for missing child

Marin: Storm grounds 'Sunshine' at Drakes Bay + Water board candidates tout their experience, goals + Hitch in plan for Fort Baker center

Central Valley: Oakdale moves to contain big boxes + Merced slows on the road less traveled + Firm will make fee mess right + Cyberpiracy allegation enters supervisor runoff + 2 climbers die on El Capitan + McNerney does his 'duty,' opposes Pombo + San Joaquin: Sample ballots missing + Tracy mall a new beat for police + Wal-Mart super center opens in Stockton

Sonoma: Weed killer urged for Laguna + Coho experiment begins on Russian River + Chanate Health Center opens + River gets salmon born to be wild. Coho bred for their DNA freed into a tributary of the Russian

Central Coast: Santa Cruz County: Bottleneck on the ballot. Voters to decide whether to raise sales tax, add 2 lanes to Highway 1 + Watsonville councilman’s top priority is to provide affordable housing: Manuel Bersamin does not want city’s youth to leave because of high rents + Scott Kennedy touts experience in Santa Cruz City Council bid + Watsonville Community Hospital manages to operate in face of strike + San Joaquin missing out on millions re: transportation fees Click.

Napa: Registrar mails a few voters wrong absentee ballots

Contra Costa: Richmond: Voters have chance to set new course. 5 of 9 council seats open -- city mired in financial problems + Richmond: 170 reasons why city is so short. Arcane accounting methods partly led to $35 million hole + UPDATE: Hikers from Lafayette found safe near Yosemite + Packs' egg donor gets her visa approved + Saving Riggs Canyon a win-win result + San Luis Opisbo: No medical marijuana distribution sites yet

Monterey: Condominium seawall price tag surges + Power cuts hurt Salinas businesses + Airport board election low-key + Travel costs fuel attack ads + Questions swirl about hangar project

Solano: Vallejo: Will Kemp take job? + Longtime Vallejo transportation chief ousted? + Optical scan voting system shown by Solano registrar + Benicians weigh two measures + AmCan council contenders outline problems, goals

Alameda: Albany wireless antenna proposal rejected + Berkeley City Council limits pot dispensaries + Democrats pounce on Guy Houston, GOP target of lawsuit + Alameda council candidate brings parks passion to race + Alameda tenants continue to protest evictions + Web site offers glimpse of Island's changing landscape + San Leandro crematory proposal reduced to ashes + AC Transit again asking voters for tax + Closed Berkeley precincts force mail-in ballots + Compost plant proposal angers Sunolians + Union City: Few issues define mayoral race

Sacramento & north: Sacramento: Hopes high for park on riverfront + North Sacramento: Curtain to go up on church-theater + SMUD forges ahead in minority-bid appeal + Growing pains figure in Galt council race

Southern California: Audit faults LA redevelopment agency's loan management + Council Backs LAX Project +McClintock Is Taking Nothing for Granted Click. (LAT Reg) + State Queries on WellPoint May Stall Deal  Click. (LAT Reg) + San Diego County's digital divide is narrowing Click. + L.A., Long Beach Port Complex Is Far From Being Shipshape Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A. developers Default on $41 Million in CRA Loans Click. (LAT Reg) + Union Set to Begin Boycott of L.A. Hotels  Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Sausalito, Marin City Trustee hopeful seeks probe of board election + Burbank High program sets lofty goal + Rescue Union School District: School board hopefuls tackle issue of growth + Roseville: Pupils are partners in learning + Marjie Lundstrom: Professor pans 'partisan' publication by university press + Hayward council voices objection to CSUH change + Job-title dispute enters Peralta race + Oakland: Cohen works for school reform + Feds funding Napa's after-school tutoring + 3 more schools will close in San Jose + Union City: Board member, union president clash over gavel + Livermore school board hopefuls list goals + Livermore candidates fill up ballot + Vallejo District reviews response to stadium brawl + Schools Lose Net Over E-Rate Freeze + Failing teacher will fail as tutor, says Education Dept.

Indymedia: the tale of the servers 'nobody' seized +  Xymphora on Indymedia

That's why Patti won't be speaking

ACLU supports return of papers to Unabomber

American Passports To Get Chipped


Memories of lessons learned in a one-room schoolhouse

Christopher Cain: The things we do for our children

Martha Stewart exploring 'innovative' microwave cooking while in prison

All Bio Systems Are Go

Warped Satellites Prove Einstein Theory -Scientists + The inner (and outer) Einstein

Eating lots of fish tied to high mercury levels

Study: The Pill Lowers Health Risks

Traffic = heart attacks

Surgeries, Side Trips for 'Medical Tourists' Click.

Ancient baby bird fossil found in China

NASA Researchers Investigate Way-Out Ideas

Injectable Chip Destroys Cancer Cells

Scientists in Touch With Feminine Side

Large-Scale Forces Shape Local Ocean Life, Global Study Shows

Why Thin, Flat Things Rise And Glide On The Way Down: Cornell Physicists Finally Solve The Falling-paper Problem

Antipsychotic Drugs Linked To Insulin Resistance In Children

Better Analyses Of Wind, Damage Models Would Help Insurers Anticipate Hurricane Costs

Early Life Stress Can Inhibit Development Of Brain-cell Communication Zones

Canadian Researcher Discovers Possible Link Between Diabetes And Liver Cancer

Gene-altered Mouse Is Model For Rare Autoimmune Syndrome

ORNL System Eliminates Perchlorate, Helps Scientists Trace Source

Aviation-style Checklist Might Solve Operating Room Miscommunications

Molecular Mechanism Sheds Light On Neurodegenerative Diseases

Two Novel Agents Work Synergistically To Treat Lung Cancer In Animal Experiment

Gene Linked To Greater Risk Of Heart Disease In Type 2 Diabetes

Globetrotting Pollutants Turn Up On Toronto Street

Manipulation Of Epigenome Turns Off As Many Genes As It Turns On

Gene For Joubert Syndrome With Excessive Brain Folds Discovered By UCSD Researchers And Harvard Team

For Inferring The Biological Tree Of Life, Simple Is Better

Scientists Find Clue To Blindness In Cavefish

Don't Bypass Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Diabetes-Dementia Link

New Cell Phones Offer Digital TV

Berkeley: Hacker exposes private data at UC. Computer held personal files on 600,000 Californians


Both Parties Call on C.I.A. to Issue Report on Agency

Scoop for Local Reporter: Ex-CIA Chief Tenet Calls Iraq War "Wrong"

Powell Seeks to Revive N. Korea Talks on Asia Trip

Wire: Bill Clinton wants to be head of UN

Congress: Congress struggling to forge deal from 2 spy-revamp bills


Reuters Poll: Bush Grabs One-Point Lead on Kerry

US TV takes steps to avoid election fiasco repeat

Voter's Digest: The Latest Election Fraud Allegations, Regularly Updated

Wall Street Gives Bush a B Rating, but He Tops Kerry

Gun-toting Kerry courts hunters, Bush scouts Catholics

California Needs to Find a Way to Get Back Into the Presidential Game Click. (LAT Reg) +Californians go to Nevada to campaign for Presidential candidates Click.

Young voters turning to fake anchor for insight. Comic Jon Stewart scores points with rant on 'Crossfire' Click.

Voters registering Nov. 2 seen as key in 4 swing states

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush to Talk Health Care in Pennsylvania + Bush Attacks Kerry's 'Intrusive' Health Plan + Laura Bush brushes aside Heinz Kerry's remarks + Bush takes shot at senators + Bush's Ohio Valley + Bush faces nuclear fallout in Nevada + Kerry Hunts for Votes in Ohio—Literally

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry Goes Hunting for Conservative Votes + Little Saigon voters aren't rushing to embrace John Kerry + Teresa Heinz Kerry Screws Up Attack Against Laura Bush + John Kerry’s Senior Brigade + Kerry: Bush 'Morally Wrong' on Stem Cell Research + Gore to stump for Kerry in Florida


Politically speaking, is family members' sexuality fair game?

Frank Rich: The O'Reilly Factor for Lesbians Click.

Who's insensitive to gays? Start with the Cheneys

PART 2: The US-Israel tag-team act

Mick Farren: The dark art of elections: A brief history of 'ratfucking' Click.

Jimmy Breslin: Election rides on the cell phone vote Click.

Jonathan Turley: Mutiny in Iraq: Is suicide part of the job? Click.

Haroon Siddiqui: Bush running to be national pastor Click.

Stardom: Bush's Complex? HUBRIS-NEMESIS

Cannonfire seeks breakthrough on Bush bulge

Juan Cole on Washington whodunits

Chris Floyd: Bushist Party bagmen and the rape of Iraq

Sidney Blumenthal on America's hidden vote


C. difficile epidemic in Quebec Click.

FDA/CHIRON Flu Fiasco: Click. Battered flu vaccine company Chiron circling the wagons. Americans seek flu shots in Mexico, but they're hard to find there, too + Shortage of Vaccine Adds Burden to ERs Click. (LAT Reg) + Chiron vows fix to vaccine problems Click. + Frist defends giving flu shots to members of Congress + Estimate: Flu shortage could cost businesses billions + Texas sues distributors of flu vaccine over prices + Flu Vaccine Shortage May Result In Higher Incidence Of Bacterial Infections, Expert Says + Bush's statement about flu vaccine

Blood Donor Identified as France's Eighth Human Case of Mad Cow Disease

MILITARY Commander Relieved of Duty Over Iraq 'Mutiny' + Relieved commander did not support troops, state soldiers' kin say + MORALE: It Wasn't a Mutiny in Iraq

Reservists Doubt Their Combat Readiness

Iowa Police Donate Body Armor to Troops

A silent warrior's final day

Murder charge against SEAL sent to grand jury

COMBAT SUPPORT: Mine Resistant Trucks for the Marines

The Unknown Soldiers

Blood for pork....

PROCUREMENT: Jet Fighters For Sale to Anyone

The world has lost Iraq's oil

LEAKGATES  “There won’t be another Phalcon affair”

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay Bishop Sees Glint of Hope in Church Report + Transgender victory would be milestone + NT Wright: Anglican Report is 'Fireproofing the House' + Thousands Exchange Anti-Gay-Wedding Vows at D.C. Rally

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Broadcasters of kids' programs agree to $1.5 million settlement

It Takes a Con to Know a Con

The New York Times and the reservists in Iraq who said "No"

McClatchy Beats Expectations on Q3 Ad Revenue, Sees Circ Growth

Limbaugh Appeals Ruling That Supported Medical Records Seizure

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Christ in the Desert, Ivan Kramskoy

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

'Road' author still inspires 35 years later. Beat icon Kerouac to be celebrated at S.F. gathering

Planning and progress of San Francisco's cultural institutions

Students re-live history at Sutter's Fort

Danville fall festival this weekend

16th-Century El Greco painting found in envelope in Spain

Prince Harry's Scuffle Feeds 'Party' Image

Alex Ross on “The Magic Flute”

New fiction by Thomas McGuane

Roman Comet 5,000 Times More Powerful Than A-Bomb Click.

More Timely Than Ever, Greek Classics Storm NYC Stages

Welty's Belhaven home gets historic recognition

From Japan to Jackson, Kimono couture

Interactive Dig Sagalassos: City in the Clouds

Irish Historical Mysteries: The Irish 'Crown Jewels'

Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald - For Whom the Bell Tolls

Lake Constance is historical ships' graveyard

Irish Viking village discovered

Australia's blue-bloods revolt against invasion of "boot-camps"

Hip cafe caters for cool cats -- and their owners

King of the lens

Lillie's Bordello, late-night haunt of Ireland's glitterati, seeks new lover of plush Victoriana

Rush & Molloy: A rocky road for Jay-Z and R. Kelly

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Mom's Paris fantasy

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Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 20, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Samarra Car Bombs Kill Iraqi Child, Injure 11 U.S. Soldiers, Translator + Clashes in Iraq's Samarra Kill at Least Six + Hundreds of Iraqi Troops Abandon Samarra Unit + U.S., Iraqi forces gear up to retake Fallujah + Put to test, 300 Iraqi troops fled + Saddam's Secret Subway: Brian McWilliams + Pacifying Iraq by Destroying It + Marines Vent Frustration in Western Iraq + UK: Army chiefs prepare forces for long term in danger zone + British forces change positions in Iraq + Black Watch home by Christmas, promises Blair + Under-staffed, under-armored, and overwhelmed at Syrian border + Juan Cole reports + Orders of battle

Occupation: Iraq Wants More Elections Help From U.N.+ Iraq urges aid agencies to stay + Iraqi Government Complains U.N. Doing Too Little to Help in January Elections; Car Bombs Wound 11 U.S. Soldiers

Hostages: Care Int'l Suspends Iraq Humanitarian Work + Baghdad authorities 'deeply worried' about aid worker + Kidnapped in Iraq: a survivor's story + Ireland in bid to find aid worker

AFGHANISTAN: U.S. Military Says Rift in Taliban Over Strategy + US weighs role in heroin war in Afghanistan + Karzai en route to victory in poll; Qanooni pledges to accept result

IRAN: Iran's Khatami Rejects Call From European Nations to Stop Nuclear Program + PART I: The enemy beyond + Iran Insists on Right to Enrich Uranium, Throwing Into Doubt New Plan to End Standoff

MIDDLE EAST: Hariri resigns as Lebanon political crisis comes to a head + UN demands Syria pulls out of Lebanon + Lebanese wary of Lahud's bid to stay + Lebanese crisis reaching climax + Arab League avoids stand on Lebanon

Syria-EU Partnership Association initials signed in Brussels

EUROPE: Brussels orders Germany to recover 3 bln euros in bank state aid

AFRICA: Two Ramstein-based C-130s will help shuttle African troops to Darfur Click. + African Union Agree to Send More Troops and Civilian Police to Darfur

ASIA PACIFIC: Chinese Groups Seek to Halt a Dam and Save a Treasured Place

Burma junta fires prime minister

Challenges await ex-general Yudhoyono as Indonesia's sixth president

AMERICAS: Brazil Agrees to Inspection of Nuclear Site + Brazil Plays for Power on World Stage

Migrants, Crime Swamp Mexico-U.S. Indian Nation


Lawmakers Prod CIA for Pre-9/11 Accountability Report

Dutch Secret Service Exposed

Super-Secret Sub Parche Goes Out Of Service

Former CIA Chief to Teach at Georgetown

1986: Nuclear technician missing after secrets leak

Secret Papers About China Are Released by the C.I.A.

Selected national intelligence estimates on China, 1948-1976

U.S. Internet Specialist Working for Opposition Arrested by Belarus KGB

Bulgaria’s President Opposes Opening of Communist Secret Police Archive

Study claims that India's RAW involved in terror activity in Pak

Australia: Intelligence expectations "unrealistic"

Indian intelligence agencies lack coordination: Experts

SA's New-School Spooks Are Excelling, But More Fact-Sharing Needed

Terror Leader Said Plotted Spain Attack

Spanish TV Airs March 11 Bombings Video

CIA backs away from Al Qaeda tip

Al-Zarqawi's Pledge May Show Weakness + U.N. Seeks Sanctions for Al-Zarqawi Group

Bin Laden's al Qaeda control questioned + No Sign of Bin Laden in Border Region

Pakistan holds Yemeni, "one of new Qaeda leaders"

High-Profile N.Y. Suspect Goes on Trial

Spy Probe Reveals Iran Split

Muslim Charity Trial Begins With Discrimination Defense Restricted

Blueprints for Terrorists?

How coalition code-breakers failed to click during World War II

PART 3: Strategies for maritime security

CIA Releases Documents Showing Struggle to Understand China Under Mao


Crude Oil Rises Above $55 After Report Says Heating Oil Inventories Fell

EBay's Earnings Surge 77 Percent as Auction Listings Rise, PayPal Expands

JPMorgan Chase Earnings Decline 13 Percent; Dimon Calls Results `Terrible'

Tired of Record High Oil Prices? They're Anything But!

Start-ups get options-expensing reprieve

Constellation makes bid for Mondavi + Big offer is made  + $1.3 billion offered + N.Y. firm wants all of Mondavi + Trying to put a price on key winery assets

ChevronTexaco: On the trail of black gold

Ousted PeopleSoft CEO Conway to get millions

In China, Daley touts Chicago to investors

Delta fulfills worst-case loss warning

Click. How to think about prescription drugs + America’s Bitter Pills

Greyhound bus lines: stranding America's poor in pursuit of profits

Cellphone ads bring wariness all around


Whites More Likely To Misidentify Tools As Guns When Linked To Black Faces

West Texas man (former juvenile corrections officer) found guilty on federal child pornography charges

It's a Small World After All: Eisner, Ovitz United in Court

Instant Crime Analysis Out in the Field

Hinckley seeks longer visits with parents

Users face new phishing threats

Samsung US Unit Settles Rebate Claims Probe With Spitzer

Report on Fake-Drug Arrests Faults Dallas Police, DA's Policy

Polish Doctors, Ambulance Crews Charged for 19 Deaths in Cash-for-Corpses Scandal

Appeals Court Upholds Murder Convictions of Two White Men Who Killed Black Woman During 1969 Race Riots


CYA sentences in limbo. Many youths serve longer than adults

Big fines over PG&E donations in '02 vote. Money helped beat S.F. electricity issue

Court reinstates lawsuit vs. State Farm re: overcharging customers

Lawyer fined $1.8 million for abusing consumer protection law

State: 90% of hot rods illegally registered Click. (OCR Reg)

Santa Clara: Santa Clara County foster kids may go to relatives in Mexico

Alameda: 'Sausage King' is guilty of murders + 'Sausage king' is guilty in 3 killings + Sausage-maker in San Leandro could get death Berkeley: Roommates of dead UC student in drug bust + EPA warns Alameda firm for violating PCB protocol + Pot a drag, unincorporated areas say

Contra Costa: Murder trial starts in reopened 1989 case of man accused of killing witness + Pittsburg: Couple to be charged in boy's drug overdose. Sitter didn't seek aid, cops say -- child, 3, has brain damage

Sacramento & north: El Dorado: Scharf case goes to jury + Sacramento: Fraud trial begins for ex-water district official + Sacramento: Prison for mom who prostituted girl + Sacramento: Man arraigned in child-sex case + Marysville: One suspect held in fatal stabbing + Bob Shallit: Rumors end: Gray Cary law firm set for a merger

Marin: Point Reyes Rangers cleared in pepper spraying + State renews threat to close Novato vet + Police arrest Novato suspect in chain of robberies

San Francisco: Appeals court rules against restrictions on protestors at Cow Palace + State loses suit over Cow Palace. Protesters can't be kept from entry area, appeals court says + Golden Gate Meat Company settles discrimination lawsuit + Intent disputed in fajita fight trial. Money no issue, says man in police scuffle + Fire called a cover-up for killing + 'Valet' cons tourists

Sonoma: Sonoma Sheriff disputes D.A. decision not to charge man in death of wife while jet skiing + Santa Rosa: 2 face charges over illegal gas sales

Central Valley: Checks for $8M found in drawer

Central Coast: Murder still unsolved a year later

Solano: Vallejo ex-cop to spend 60 days in jail

Southern California: Judge says writer's presence at search violated Blake's rights + Former Los Angeles police officer admits to violent robbery spree + Rocker Courtney Love pleads guilty to disorderly conduct

Scott Peterson: Defense calls officers back to the stand + Ill juror prompts early recess + Tuesday's developments + Expert: Petersons in good financial shape + Clothing discovered near Laci not tested + Alternate juror feels ill -- judge fears outbreak of flu and halts trial + Developments Tuesday + Juror's illness delays trial


The Governor:  Star Power: Gov. plans Ohio trip to boost Bush + Plan to cut state boards seen as hurting access + Major contributors this month to Gov.'s political campaign + Gov.'s remark that Indians are ripping us off draws ire + Gov. Says Tribal Pacts Provide Better Oversight Click. (LAT Reg) + Surprise, Party: Gov. Really Is an Outsider + Grand Old Partying + Do we really wanna know? Sex lives of Gov., mayor in spotlight + A 14-Day Veto, From Maria to Arnold  Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov. Unplugged Click. (OCR Reg) + Firefighters Criticize Governor Click.

Dan Walters: Capitol still abuzz in wake of surprising Senate leader vote

State audit urges better discipline for prison staff

Workers' comp gripes persist

Click. 1.4 million computer files containing personal data on disabled and elderly people who receive home care, as well as their care workers, stolen during security breach in August.

Angelides urges $5 billion in state-owned real estate be turned into state college endowment + Treasurer backs sale of state land

Garamendi is ready to question insurers about "underinsure" re: fire victims Click.

National Guard units prepare to respond to unconventional attack

Shelley: Most Shelley hires had Demo ties

Propositions: Stem cell measure brings foes together + Editorial: Governor stiffs both parties on Prop. 62 + With open primary, backers see choice, parties fear limits Click. + Governor to rally against Prop. 66 Click.

Indian tribes: Jarvis Taxpayer Group That Backs Casino Measure Gets $1.8 Million From Tribe Click. + Inland tribal cash gains clout nationally Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  Goldston: Make Halloween safer for pets

Strike's toll on Safeway mounts

East Bay Regional Parks ask selected cities for tax help. District narrows appeal for funds to sympathetic voters

Santa Clara: Supervisor Blanca Alvarado appears to violate law (using public resources for campaign), state says + Mud flies in Los Altos council contest + Valley Medical Center will hire 205 workers + San Jose City council delays decision on member Terry Gregory re: soliciting gifts + S.J. orders 911 dispatch system audit + Assembly rivals Poizner, Ruskin in spat over Mercury insurance donation + Mountain lion seen deep in Palo Alto

Central Coast: Blizzard hinders search for hikers (Bargetto wine family of Soquel) + Sierra snow hinders search for 4 hikers

Central Valley: Stanislaus County landfill data boring but necessary + Challenger Podesto adopts persona of old-time sheriff in TV ad Click. + Nurses union, Fresno hospital drag out talks Click. + + Supervisors cut back on free care at San Joaquin General Click.

Alameda County: Assemblyman Guy Houston (Livermore) settles bank lawsuit, blames politics for fraud suit + Documents claim Houston was investment firm officer + Navarro camp calls violations accidental + Here's a look at Assemblyman Guy Houston's family's companies, lawsuits + Oakland: Airline hopes Oakland-China route flies + Oakland: Anti-crime Measure Y's 'Great Divide' + Transportation, work/live issues dominate in race for Alameda City Council + Sisters leave as St. Rose becomes secular

San Francisco: Embattled assessor Mabel Teng calls in state auditors + Gonzalez resolution urges end to hotel lockout + Ammiano's Fiber-Optic Illusion + Assessing Teng's excuses + Gavin-izing City Hall

Marin: Trauma care overhaul urged + Children get a head start on dental care + County weighs massive tech overhaul

Sonoma: Ukiah: Supervisors' rivalry bleeds into runoff races

Contra Costa: Coast Guard Auxiliary keeping an eye out for us + San Ramon council may reconsider its opposition to Patriot Act + San Ramon: Officials hear objections to new ChevronTexaco power plant at Bishop Ranch campus + Officials grant couple Packs chance at new family + Peruvian egg donor plans November visit + Vending machines may provide more healthful choices + Brentwood: Police explain chain of events in slayings + Pittsburg: Suspect, 23, sought in Jack in the Box restaurant killing

Sacramento & north: 5th Congressional District races (Matsui) leave cash to spread around + Placer: Bickford Ranch gets green light + R.E. Graswich: Retired Sacramento firefighter pours cold water on popular 'hero' tag + Measure would create stronger El Dorado boss + West Sac to get 1,000 trees for its 'community forest' + Mercy General plans heart center + Waste haulers warned by EPA

Monterey: Earthbound Farm an organic destination + Jail inmates to pick up trash. `It's going to take awhile' with limited resources + County looks to improve Chualar + Carmel: Hotel tax petitions submitted + Marina: Growth plays key role in race + Monterey: Proposed retail housing complex clears hurdle

Solano: Kemp gets city manager nod + County questions 150 voter registrations + Democrats to hear Tuskegee Airman

Napa: Candidates square off at AmCan forum + First Street bridge to come falling down + Investors in Napa airport land deal cry foul

Central Valley: Report on garbage sorts landfill facts from fears + Hughes changes mind on $200,000 + Hughson candidates cover what used to be and could be + Public asked for ideas on regional park design + McClure power station to get upgrade + Turlock negotiates for winter, permanent homeless shelters + Challenger adopts persona of old-time sheriff in TV ad + Cardoza, Nunes donate to fortify alliances + Waterford contest focuses on growth

Southern California: LA County hires consultant to turn around troubled King hospital+ Will plan for LAX fly at council? + Council blocks port marketing pact + Cox's Rival Calls UC Irvine's Reactor Review Scant Click. (LAT Reg) + Navigant Awarded King/Drew Contract Click. (LAT Reg) + Oversight Left Staples Tract Tax-Free for 5 Years Click. (LAT Reg) + LAX Plan Poised to Pass Click. (LAT Reg) + Latest raise pushes six MTA execs above $100,000 mark Click.

School days: CSU fees may climb next year increases to be set + Union City: Dutra, unions tip scales as campaign contributors in school board races + Fremont: Union says it's too soon to declare impasse + 6 empty seats found in Benicia's classrooms + Benicia students drawn' to course in animation


Trivializing the Berlin Wall

Internet-donor transplant allowed

In Praise of Lipstick and False Bosoms, Weapons of War

Jonathan Freedland on the religious revolution in the US


Affymetrix gene chip speeds pathogen detection

FDA/CHIRON FLU FIASCO: U.S. to get more flu vaccine in January +  If flu doesn't get you, ordeal of waiting for a shot might + Witt's Best Sanitizers, Inc. takes off + Feds offer calm view of flu crisis, but local health providers consider drastic measures + No flu vaccine shortage on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers' doctor provides free shots + Officials: Flu vaccine too little, too late Click. + Experts have been predicting flu vaccine shortage for years + Vaccine Poker

Vioxx, We Hardly Knew Ye

Pharms Take Root in South Africa

Bird flu tigers face mass cull

Government 'breached ex-soldier's human rights'

Swiss Team Grows Synthetic Bone Replacement

Baby Sex Link to Domestic Status

Plasma beam for 90-day Mars visit

Fitness in 30 minutes?

'Female Viagra' gets good results

'Knowledge Discovery' Could Speed Creation Of New Products

Discovery Might Improve Design, Effectiveness Of Anti-cancer Drugs

Livermore Scientists Join DOE Consortium In Partnering With Private Company To Develop Artificial Retina

Gourmet Cooking On The Way To Mars

Zebrafish May Offer Researchers Powerful New Tool For Studying Innate Immunity

Biomedical Engineers At Case Develop First Sliver-sized Sensor To Monitor Glucose Levels

Potential For Developing A New Cream Or Gel To Block AIDS Transmission During Heterosexual Sex

Eye for an Eye: How to Counteract Cataracts

Large Portion Of Late-stage Breast Cancers Associated With Absence Of Screening

Mayo Clinic Finds Ketogenic Diet May Be Started As An Outpatient Treatment For Children With Epilepsy

Lag-3 Gene Dampens Immune Responses By Controlling Regulatory T-cell Function

Exercise Prevents Parkinson's Symptoms In Lab Model Mimicking Human Form Of The Disease

Deep Impact Arrives In Florida To Prepare For Launch

UCLA Scientists Discover New Way To Fix Defective A-T Gene; Findings May Apply To Cancer, Other Genetic Diseases

Last Ion Engine Thrust Puts SMART-1 On The Right Track For Its Moon Encounter

Scientists Develop World's Longest Electrically Conducting Nanotubes

Hot Flashes In Men -- Mayo Clinic Researchers Describe A Treatment

Humans have fewer genes than expected

Fish Tales Solve Genetic Puzzles

The Milky Way Mosh Pit

Decline hits North American birds

Brother's tissue 'cures' sick boy

Apples may ward off colon cancer

Second caesarean risk studied

Birth Control Pills Cut the Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer, Study Finds

U.N. Report: Domestic Robots to Surge to 4.1 Million by 2007

How you can Google the boss's salary and how he can stop you

Hand-wringing in Redmond over Google?

Even With Google, Local PC Search Not Perfect

Hacker breaks into UC Berkeley computer with records of residents

Microsoft to Debut 'Istanbul' Application

NASA Software Enables Satellite Self-Service In Space

Researchers Guide Light Through Liquids And Gases On A Chip, A Major Step Forward For Optical Sensing Technology

Microsoft links PC to phone, to create communication hub

Miniature Jet Engines to Power Cell Phones

Keychain remote control turns off most TVs, anywhere


Bush Administration Distances Itself From European Offer for incentives to Iran to suspend enrichment of uranium

Bush: I Would Accept Islamic Iraq

Row Over British Troop Deployment Reveals Bush's Unpopularity and Blair's Shattered Credibility

White House Assails Parts of Intelligence Bills + White House Urges Quick Passage of 9/11 Bill+ Spying Reform Bill Is Tottering+ The Senate and House 9/11 Reform Bills Both Miss the Mark

Poor Intelligence Misled Troops About Risk of Drawn-Out War

Powell: U.S. Open to Discuss All
N. Korea Issues

Secret Report: Plan to Draft Health Care Workers

Bush Gets Endorsement From Iran, as Tehran Overlooks Bad Blood Click.

Social Security checks to rise 2.7%, but higher doctor costs will slash biggest jump in 4 years


Bush, Kerry visit critical Iowa

Reuters Poll: Still in Dead Heat

Legal Battle for Presidency Underway

Federal absentee write-in ballot online to fill out

Americans Abroad Are Itching to Get Their Hands on Ballots

Sinclair Retreats on Kerry Film

The real running mates

W. Virginia delivers notice to Bush, Kerry

Sen. Biden: Bush is brain dead

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush Rejects Kerry on Terror War, Economy + Vatican Says Anti-Kerry Lawyer Hoodwinked Them + Rice's Trips to Swing States Break Precedent + Bush: Kerry Unable to Win War on Terror + 1st Lady lands Marygate shot + Veep: Dems could get you nuked + Sound of Minnesota's liberal outer suburbs is music to Republican ears

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry Mocks Bush's War Leadership, Says Few Follow + Kerry tells ROLLING STONE he'd scrap color-coded terror alerts + TERESA DOUBTS FIRST LADY HAS HELD 'REAL JOB' + I'M SORRY, LAURA + Campaign Notebook: Bill to swing through PA

War prisons: .U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty to Abusing Iraqi Prisoners + Michigan Lawyer Sues for Iraqi Man Over Abu Ghraib + Judge Says 14 Guantanamo Detainees Entitled to Private Visits With Lawyers A U.S. judge ruled


Delusions of Empire: Justin Raimondo

The Empire Exposed: Anthony Gregory

Wayne Besen: Cowed Mary Click.

Molly Ivins: No more years

The catastrophic success of the Republican party

Xymphora: Faith based reality or psychopathology?


One guy in a bubble

Cannonfire updates on Bush bulge + The Box on Bush's Back, Comprehensive Guide

Juan Cole on Bush's accepting Islamic fundamentalist rule

Where the Hell is My Flu Shot?

Government of the Stupid, By the Stupid and For the Stupid

Senator Pimentel: Who's Manipulating The Oil Problem?

Bush-Cheney Could Cause More Americans To Die of the Flu Than in 9/11 Attack

The art of stealing elections

Rumsfeld is not finished yet

More proof Bush is unfit to serve!

MILITARY Guardsman who challenged stop loss, drops is lawsuit and is excused from redeployment

By the Thousands, Soldiers 50 and Older Are Being Deployed

Wives speaking for soldiers who said no to convoy

Injured Marine earns papers the hard way. British immigrant gets U.S. citizenship in hospital ceremony

'A-Day' liberated from obscurity. Attack signaled WWII offensive against Japanese to free Philippines

California: Help for homeless vets

Army Told to Prepare Shorter Iraq Duty Tours

When War Games Meet Video Games

Russian army bullying 'horrific'

Click.  Special Ops Command Seeks Internet Spies 

Click.  Special Ops Command Trains Burglar Spies

Researchers say 1.7 million veterans without health coverage

LEAKGATES Probe: Intense Flames Sped WTC Collapse

Blood for pork....

Ex-Marines see a chance for big payday with job in Iraq Click.

Ex-public servant says she's a patsy in $1B contract fiasco

The new COINTELPRO + They're watching + Unfriendly skies + Doping up the rabble + A bug in every pocket + Police agencies form an ever widening web + History lesson of reform + History of the U.S. police state

France Begins Expelling Students Who Defy New Law Banning Religious Signs

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:   Tale of Gay Life in Britain Wins a Top Literary Prize + Gay bishop doesn’t regret his election + Gay US bishop: I will not resign + AP Interview: Gay Episcopal Bishop Doesn't Regret Election, Reaches Out to Conservatives

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Gabriel Garcia Marquez's First Novel in a Decade Released Early Because of Pirated Copies

Media analyst gagged after doing side work for Peterson defense

Bay Guardian sues rival weekly papers for illegal price fixing

System to protect films screened for Academy Awards hits snag

Chinese Journalists Test Limits of Press Freedom

The Eternal Twilight of the Sinclair Mind

Inside-Dope Addicts

O'Reilly drama's 2M tale

'First Lady of Fleet Street' dies

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Christ in the Desert, Ivan Kramskoy

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

A leisurely drive down Highway 1 leaves cares behind

Jazz coming back to Fillmore. After years of delay, San Francisco OKs financing for club-restaurant

50 years of Santa Rosa Catholic Charities

Gwen Mickelson: In the water — Annual surf contest draws world-class talent despite ‘hex’

'Visionary' Artists Bring Personal Struggle to Work

Stalin's Favorite Cartoonist Still Drawing at 104

Brits and Foreigners Are Mad About the Hatter

Wild Parakeets Splash Color on Seattle's Gray Skies

Nancy Franklin on “The Office”

John Lahr on “Richard III” and “Reckless"

Believe the Hype

Midwest Awash in Giant Grottos

The patron saints of cinema

This Raphael is for real + In pictures: Raphael, from Urbino to Rome

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: The skinny on Mary-Kate

Rush & Molloy: True Brit Jagger won't rock the vote

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 18, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Car Bombers Kill 12 in Baghdad, Mosul; Chief Negotiator for Fallujah Says Talks Suspended Because of His Arrest + US troops barrage Fallujah insurgents + Iraq to Widen Arms Amnesty, Bring Falluja to Heel + Iraq announces nationwide weapons buyback program, hopes rise for Fallujah + Attacks Target Iraqi Police + 2 pictures emerge of militants' power + We're 'trying to reverse the badness' + British Army wanted in town where bombing and murder are the norm + Six killed as car bomb hits Baghdad cafe + In Iraq, the peaceful south gets deadlier with every day + Iraqi Militant Group Claims Responsibility for Killing of Nine Policemen + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

War prisons: Army holds reservists to testify on abuse + Rewarded for Abu Ghraib: Chris Shumway

AFGHANISTAN: Putting Together the Pieces of a Shattered Afghanistan

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon agrees to set up Likud team to consider referendum + France: Breakdown of peace process has direct implications for Europe

RUSSIA: Belarus says autocratic leader may keep power, opposition cries foul

Tests: Some militants in siege were addicts + Sectarians inundate grieving Beslan, seek new members

Russian army opens Tajik base

AFRICA: Darfur meeting aims to ward off UN sanctions with African solution


Zarqawi Movement Vows al-Qaida Allegiance + Jordan Indicts al-Zarqawi on Plot Charges + Terrorism: Following Zarqawi's Footsteps in Iran

Airman picks up the pieces after spy-case ordeal+ Spy case was a 'life-altering experience' for airman

WestJet accused of industrial espionage

Intelligence reform before election looks unlikely

Communication Among NK Spies Remains High, Arrests of NK Spies Drop

Ukraine creates Foreign Intelligence Service

Iran to launch first spy satellite by spring + Iran’s satellite: a look at the implications

Author, 93, sells film rights to tale of woman spy

In Wartime, Deceit Can Be the Better Part of Valor

Madrid Attacks May Have Targeted Election

Capitol police Show Strain From Endless Alerts

Muslim Activist Sentenced to 23 Years for Libya Contacts

Europe Struggling to Train New Breed of Muslim Clerics

Britain Ups Anti-Terror Security Spending

European Ministers Meet for Terror Talks

Britain: Terror police: '200 tip-offs a day'

Stuck in Germany Before 9/11, Suspect Hatched Marriage Plot

Women fleeing college under Islamist threats

Missiles, Lies and Videotape + FBI ensnared me in terrorist missile deal, claims Lakhani

Dawood's plan to shrug off CIA

ANALYSIS-Al Qaeda using militants against Musharraf

Al Qaeda's Mideast linkage

Nuclear genie blasts out of the bottle

Chinese operative meet Pakistani wrath

Piracy on Asian seas

Jamming Incident Underscores Lessons About Space


Flu Cases, First of Season, Emerge in Seven U.S. States as Vaccine Limited

Scientist: Gulf War Illness May Never Be Explained

FDA/Chiron flu fiasco: Emergency room doctors to issue call for flu help + HSS Sec Thompson: Seniors urged to relax over flu vaccine + Chiron Failure Opens Door to Other Flu Vaccine Makers Click. (LAT Reg) + Amid Flu-Shot Crisis, Elderly Should Get Pneumococcal Vaccine

New Study On Smallpox In Monkeys Reveals Tactics Of A Killer

Survivors of Army's anthrax vaccine

Blood for pork....

U.S. Buyers of Hussein's Oil Acted to Assist Iraq

Inside the Occupation: A Contractor Speaks


Supreme Court: Aging judiciary heralds historic transformation

Supreme Court orders review of Texas redistricted seats

Daily News Special Report: Gangster graveyards


See yourself as a Brando-like rebel?

Boston Jury Convicts Man in Killing of Pregnant 14-Year-Old Girl and Her Baby

Jury Clears Priest of Molestation Accusation; Says He Was Not Slandered by Claim


State freezes cons' accounts

Former Californian arrested in death of ex-wife's boyfriend in Washington state

Wine-sale lawsuit briefs pour in

Bar groups urge California death penalty moratorium

Violence, Teacher Shortage Keep CYA Inmates Out Of Class Click. (SJM Reg)

Contra Costa: Woman, girls found dead in Brentwood + Murder suspect found dead in Yosemite + Brentwood killings tied to Yosemite fire. Police believe man shot his family, set blaze, killed himself

Marin: Voters to select county judge. William McGivern left post last year for health reasons

Solano: Vallejo: Officer kills man who shot neighbor over loud music + Police kill gunman + Rubber checks targeted by DA + Man stabbed during confrontation over driving, Fairfield police say + Sheriff's Marine Patrol gets two speedy AquaTrax F-12s

Central Valley: No. 1 illegal drug use ranking a downer for Fresno

Sacramento & north: Scales of justice

Southern California: A Plea for Public Safety re: LA dispatch system Click. (LAT Reg) + LAPD: Tiny number of officers have used deadly force much more often than colleagues Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Peterson defense begins case + Judge denies request to dismiss charges against Scott Peterson + Trial's a bust for Redwood City businesses + Peterson defense begins case + Impostor, or just savvy investigator?


The Governor:  Gov. faces test in GOP contests. His victory in the recall inspires challengers + State reform plans imploding Click. (OCR Reg) + Business Sees an Ally in Gov. Click. (LAT Reg)

The buzz: Perata fund-raiser: On, off and then on again

Dan Walters: Narrow-interest bond, tax measures have a very long history

Lawmaker seeks change to state public retirement plans + State pension face-off

McCain visits state to buck up Jones Click. (OCR Reg)

Propositions: Investors Pour Millions Into Prop. 71 Stem Cell Race Click. (LAT Reg)

Indian tribes: North Bay tribes bet future on East Bay casinos + Tribes in Prop. 70 Fight Cite Sovereignty but Need to See Reality Click. (LAT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:   Season's 1st storm snuffs out wildfires. More wind, rain and snow due this week from Alaska

Patch not just for pumpkins

Alameda: Hayward's mayor in hot seat + Berkeley City Council hopefuls have flatland goals and hills visions + Oakland's measure Z would ease pot use laws + Hayward church assists refugees + Fremont: Candidates duke it out for House + Sunol: Compost project raises stink + Klehs, Colfer clash in contest for 18th Assembly District seat

San Francisco: Tax spat bubbles up over underwater real estate + Pelosi's GOP opponent knows odds are long. DePalma recognizes major challenge facing her candidacy

Marin: Novato: Dredging in Bahia could take 10 years + Report urges trauma upgrade in Marin + Officials cite poor care in death at Novato nursing home + Marin senior Information Fair to offer limited flu shots

Santa Clara: Apple founder in battle over an old house + SJ to consider making firehouses `safe havens' for baby drop-offs

Contra Costa: Packs' wounds reopened with a denied visa + War splits congressional candidates Tauscher, Ketelson

Central Valley: Supercenter boosts Wal-Mart's effort to infiltrate grocery industry + Delta water sale issue fuels race + Editorial: Halting Galt + Turlock crisis shelter focusing on future + Modesto awaits data today on sewage spill in creek + Newman seeks bigger community center + X-factor missing in explanation of city manager's firing + Growth dominates Stockton race Click. + San Joaquin voter fraud at record levels Click.

Sacramento & north: El Dorado: Divided we stand + Sacramento Fire District: Candidates vie for 6 divisions + Click. Is secret to success for Sacramento County more help from the state or greater regional cooperation? + Councilwoman wants a bigger boss for firefighters at Station 6 + Yolo County's "Tomato King" owes taxes, money to businesses

Sonoma: Housing hot Healdsburg issue + Petaluma: Garbage firms give to council hopefuls + Healdsburg: Bed tax measure opposed by hoteliers

Napa: Decision to close down Napa Pipe was matter of dollars and sense for Oregon Steel + Pipe production stopped, but sparks still fly

Monterey: Opponents try again to unseat Dan Albert + Measure I weighs building on Pacific Grove parkland + Hospice group awards more than $1.5 million + Marina councilman says he got gun because he feared 'ultra liberals'

Southern California: LA seeks to recoup millions from businesses run by undocumented immigrants + Unregistered businesses cost city millions annually in lost sales tax revenue + Prop. O would aid cleanup of river, Santa Monica Bay + The stars are starting to line up in L.A.'s race for mayor + $11 billion LAX plan up for vote + L.A. Businesses See Hope for Tax Overhaul Click. (LAT Reg) + 7 of 15 Council Members Favor Reelection of Hahn Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Cell-phone lessons prompt students to prepare for SAT + UCSC researchers tackle math education among Latino pupils + Elementary closing echoes in Soquel school board race + Fresno school bailout on heels of incoming board Click. (FB Reg)

MILITARY  General: Convoy had no armor+ U.S. Mutiny Soldiers Say Army Ignored Complaints + Calls, E-mails Explain Troops' Alleged Mutiny + Mutiny in Iraq: Soldiers saw refusing order as their last stand Click.

Faced With Maintenance Controversy, U.S. Military Says It Does Its Best to Keep Equipment in Good Order

U.S. Military: 'Too Early' to Tell Whether Disciplinary Action Will Be Taken Against Unit That Refused to Deliver Fuel

Navy changes dress code for women

Oakland man fights for Civil War vet

AP: Air Force Academy dean lauds changes


Steinberg: Prosecutor should stop the Plame game

CIA Ex-Spymaster Says Iraq WMD Was No 'Slam-Dunk'

What Does Trade Center Insurance Trial Mean for Leaseholder?

Russia plans 500-day mock Mars mission

FDA Approves Temporary Artificial Heart for Patients Awaiting Transplant

Breast health goes digital in Burbank

A New Culprit In Depression? Study Finds Surprising Differences In Gene Activity In The Brains Of Depressed People

Muscling In On A Deadly Cancer: Mice With Kids' Muscle Tumors Raise Hope For New Treatments

Arctic Mystery No Longer: Dinosaurs Walked Canada's Great North

Past Shows Mount St. Helens Ash Poses Minimal Health Threat

Heart Disease Risk Factors Rooted In Childhood

Sealing Corneal Incisions With A Drop Of Chemistry, Boston University Researchers Develop Gel For Cataract Surgery

Substance Abuse Relapses: Could It Be a Dual Diagnosis?

Epilepsy Associated With Higher Risk For Learning Disabilities

Researchers Provide Road Map For Generating B Cells From Stem Cells

Exercise Boosts Recovery From Breast Cancer

Multi-species Herbivore Outbreak Follows El Niño Drought In Panama

Mitochondria Findings May Help Beat Wide Range Of Disease

Blood Pressure Drugs May Slow Deterioration Of Alzheimer's

Botulism Bug Says No To Nitric Oxide, Provides Key To Molecule's Role In Human Cell Signaling

FSU Scientist Links Iron Imbalance To Parkinson's Disease

Los Alamos Instrument Yields New Knowledge Of Saturn's Rings

UNC Scientists Identify Sticky Protein In Sickle Cell Red Blood Cells

Hong Kong Clinic Offers Designer Babies Without Surgery

Doctors Report Safer Ways to Help Cancer Patients Have Children Later

Digital recorders make inroads

Google Envy Is Fomenting Search Wars

UI Research Allows Autonomous Vehicles To Team Underwater, On Land And In Sky

CherryOS Not BS, Author Says


Bush signs $33 billion security budget

Britain Considers U.S. Request for Iraq Troop Help

Supply problems hobbled troops, general wrote. He told Pentagon that Army's ability to fight was at risk

Knight Ridder Report Reveals Poor Planning for Occupation of Iraq

Medicare: Few applying for senior low-income drug benefit Click. (SJM Reg)

Canada deals blow to cheap US drug imports. Internet pharmacies refuse bulk orders

U.S. Rejects Muslims' Plea for a List of Approved Charities


Kerry Draws Even With Bush in Zogby Poll; Bush Is Leading in Post Survey

Jeb Bush Purges 48,000 Voters After Officials Urge Him Not to

Polls show Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico as toss-ups

FEC to rule on 'soft money' for recounts

Arizona GOP fears reaction from Latinos Click. (SJM Reg)

Faith-based voters vow to cast ballots on Nov. 2 Click.

Two Republican-Oriented Newspapers Refuse to Back Bush

Electoral Votes: Key state weighs whether to drop winner-take-all system


BUSH/CHENEY: Bush faults Kerry for scare tactics + Jeb Bush rules out 2008 White House run + Report: Jeb Bush ignored felon list advice + An unexpected battle in Colorado mountains for Bush

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry warns of surprise on Social Security. Senator accuses Bush of plan to privatize retirement system + Some outdoorsmen to consider backing Kerry + Kerry accuses Bush of boasting on Iraq + Edwards' fame throws light on brother's flaws + Fla. Democrats Hope for More Cuban American Votes + Kerry springs 'surprise' slam


Suicide Mission: Justin Raimondo

Our Utopian Liberal President: Orange County Register

Ellen Terich: The hypocrisy of Lynne Cheney Click.

Richard Risemberg: The appeal of fascism Click.

Andrew Stephen: Has Bush lost his sanity? Click.

Robert Parry: Bushes play the 'traitor' card Click.

What a Long, Strange Election This Could Be

Cannonfire: New code reveals Bush unfit for service

Scowcroft on W and Sharon

Further evidence Jeb Bush is smart AND dangerous

Maureen Dowd: Vote and Be Damned

White House Letter: Is Bush overprotected?

Click. Five ways the election could end up in court, again

Stop this mission creep

Any means necessary


Oil Prices Top $55, Then Fall Sharply

IBM Profit Rises Less Than 1 Percent After Pension-Suit Costs; Sales Rise

Oil price gloom begins to drift across world growth prospects

Yukos asks JPMorgan Case for second assement ahead of auction: report

China unveils ten most expensive villas

Bahamas Firm Screens Personal Data To Assess Risk

Kmart Appoints Aylwin Lewis Its New CEO and President

Gray Market

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Anglicans Urge Ban on Gay Marriage, Gay Bishops + Church wants gay bishop apology + Church report calls for 'moratorium' on gay clergy + Episcopal Conservatives Disappointed in Anglican Report on Gay Bishop

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Convergence Study Suggests Papers, TV Stations Not Working Together Enough

Jon Stewart vs. Tucker Carlson

AP Still Won't Name Kobe Accuser, Despite 'Rocky Mountain News' Move

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Christ in the Desert, Ivan Kramskoy

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

He takes the road less traveled. Wheelchair user hikes wilderness trails, undaunted by steep hills and rough roads

Monterey Bay Aquarium's mission to 'inspire, engage, empower' marks 20th year + Aquarium work: Top 10 things we've learned

Sonoma: Making do to make music

Napa: Past comes to life during Old Mill Days

Final installment of Dogville trilogy years away: Lars von Trier

The pieces of James Levine

The Partial Observer - Peering Into Classical Music's Future

The History of Greenham Common

Nancy Franklin on “The Office”

Fiction by Thomas McGuane

New plays take centre stage at theatre awards

Artists' colony realizes a dream for Leeds

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Father knows, um...

Rush & Molloy: Angelina unbound (at least for now)

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 15, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Green Zone: Baghdad Bomb Kills 10 Iraqis; U.S. Strikes Fallujah as Holy Month Starts + Bombers penetrate allies' Baghdad zone + Green Zone Blasts a Message to US + Blasts rock Baghdad Green Zone + The Battle of the Green Zones + Noose tightens around Iraq's rebel heartland, car bomb explodes in Baghdad + Car bombing kills 10 Iraqis

Juan Cole: Neo-Baath v. the Shiites

Bombing Fallujah: Jets pound Fallujah after insurgents strike at heart of America's power + Warplanes Pound Fallujah After Talks Collapse + GIs Arrest Fallujah Negotiator After Talks Fail + U.S. SETS UP CHECK-POINTS IN FALLUJAH + US military steps up bombing of Falluja + Falluja negotiations halted + American planes expand bombardment of Falluja city + US forces push to oust Iraqi rebels + US mixes jaw-jaw and war-war to quell Falluja

US: Shells from Inside Syria Fired on GIs + Orders of battle

Occupation: Hatred, fear reign after 'liberation'. Violence, anarchy cutting too close to home for some + Experts dubious voting in January would benefit Iraq. Continuing violence could put Sunnis on nation's sidelines + Iraqi assets in Syria to return back to Iraqi government + The Three Stooges in Iraq, and the U.S.’s First Stooge

War prisons: 28 US Soldiers Implicated in Deaths of 2 Afghans + Army Pathologists Misplaced Body Parts in Abuse Cases + Army Backs Ex-Abu Ghraib Officer + Jordan Denies Hosting Secret US Prison + From Supermax to Abu Ghraib: the Masterminds of Torture and Abuse

Hostages: Jordanian hostage released, one Turkish killed in Iraq 

IRAN: Iran's 'vampire of the desert' faces death penalty after murdering 17 children in brickwork slums

MIDDLE EAST: Israel Ends Massive Gaza Strip Offensive + Sharon sets time line for Gaza pullout. Israeli settlers' removal would take 3 months + Israel Pulls Most Forces Out of North Gaza-Witnesses + Sharon hanging on for dear life + Israeli Army Clears Officer in Killing of 13-Year-Old Palestinian Girl + Report: Israel set to collide with EU

Arab states move towards fighting money laundering 

RUSSIA: China, Russia Settle Border Disputes

Anna Politkovskaya: Putin, poison and my struggle for freedom

EUROPE: Schroeder Praises Gadhafi on Historic Visit to Libya, Seeks to Boost Economic Ties

AFRICA: Somali president takes oath in Nairobi

Ruling party in Sudan reached an agreement with Mahdi al-Mubarak party

Zimbabwe court acquits Tsvangirai 


In Ramadan message: Hamas calls for unity against Israel

Iraq Nuclear Sites Were Stripped 'by Experts'

State Department Designates Al-Zarqawi Group a Terrorist Organization + U.S. Orders Freeze on Zarqawi Network Assets

Ridge in Canada: 'Terrorists' Turned Back from US Every Day

Pakistani forces attack kidnappers

Indonesian militant cleric Bashir charged over Marriott hotel bombing + Terrorism charges filed against Bashir

Charges on Keyser are postponed + Donald Keyser Case and Affidavit

New Questions Raised on CBS Spy Report

US Army needs better intelligence, says spy chief

The Surprising Publication of a CIA Insider's Harsh Critique of U.S. Terror Tactics

Former CIA officer Hulnick: how pre-9/11 intelligence went wrong, and how to fix it

USGIF Launches Geospatial Intelligence Academy

Intelligence Reform May Be Stalled

Anna Politkovskaya: Putin, poison and my struggle for freedom

These Walls Have Ears

UK: Phone taps may be used in trials

Iraq's spy chief accuses Badr militia of killing agents

ISI agent arrested in Srinagar

German court frees 86-year-old suspect in Nazi war crimes

Terrorists Leave Explosives in Moscow Taxi

9/11 panel member says secrecy before attack hindered US efforts


MILITARY  Watsonville Marine Victor Gonzalez killed in Iraq

Commando Sub Experiments

Israeli Rocket Warning System

SuperCrumbs Cover the Battlefield

Veteran's family awarded $536,000

Trapped between duty and devotion - the US army's Muslims


Experts Say Counseling, Not Boot Camps, Prevent Teen Violence

Harvard student convicted of manslaughter

Human lie detectors

Mexico court to hear 1971 genocide case

Ethnic Chinese from Indonesia wins appeal re: asylum

Bryant accuser publicly identifies herself in civil lawsuit

Judge rejects Yellowstone snowmobile ban

UK judge says Enron case trio can face US trial

Attorneys for Durst strive for hearing with federal magistrate

Texas: 6-year-old boy accused of molesting classmate

Cursing judge sent for counseling

Drifter guilty of Caroline murder

Death row dog saved after £60,000 legal battle

Judge Gives US Airways OK to Cut Workers' Pay by 21 Percent

Andreotti Wins Final Acquittal in Mafia Ties Case, but Shadows of Suspicion Linger

British Court Orders Internet Companies to Identify 28 Alleged Music Pirates


Chief Justice Assesses the State of the Judiciary Click. (LAT Reg)

Meth makers find new places to cook

Major timber harvest blocked in Klamath National Forest

Mexico's Lucas products found in some stores despite lead threat

Santa Clara: Not-guilty plea entered on behalf of Curtis Dean Anderson + Jail inmates encouraged to vote + Mom killed, daughter injured in S.J. hit-and-run

Alameda: Jury begins deliberation in trial of 'sausage king' + Hayward landlord punished in asbestos case + San Leandro: Deputy shoots shooting suspect + Fremont: Two banks robbed, schools locked down

Contra Costa: Pinole: Bus driver for students suspected of selling marijuana

Marin: Candidate for judge Faye D'Opal accused of violating sign rules + Police say robberies linked

San Francisco: Nicolai Tehnin, lawyer convicted of defrauding clients + Accused cop killer's DNA on gun, authorities say + Photos at red lights ruled admissible

Solano: Vallejo man whose wife died after being stranded with him in San Pablo Bay, is arrest for her murder + Man held in death of wife on jet ski + Oakland Police Chief Word will leave post and be Vacaville chief + Oakland's chief on to Vacaville

Monterey: Judge to decide if 17-yr-old Oaxacan mother who abandoned baby in portable toilet outside of Soledad is mentally competent to stand trial + Salinas crime crackdown + Seaside: Two arrested in ATM theft

Napa: Man accused of hurting three family members

Sonoma: New Santa Rosa landlord tries to ease blow of eviction notices + River chamber theft figure grows + Surveillance efforts pay off for Santa Rosa police + Petaluma boasts bumper crop of pumpkin farms

Central Valley: Fresno man indicted for molesting 3 teenage boys, two he brought from Germany

Southern California: Blake jury won't hear taped calls by actor or Christian Brando + Two men plead not guilty to allegedly assaulting sailor at Qualcomm Stadium + Exec in L.A. developer's firm pleads no contest in campaign case + Movie studios sue suspended LAPD captain in bootleg DVD case + Courtney Love and law firm to try settling dispute out of court + Ex-mayor of small LA County city arrested on corruption charges

Michael Jackson: Judge describes evidence in Jackson conspiracy charge

Scott Peterson: Justice pricey in murder trial


The Governor:  More staff changes expected in Gov.'s administration + Gov. Makes His Pitch Click. (LAT Reg) +Cabinet secretary Marybel Batjer's to leave Gov.'s administration Click. (LAT Reg) + Proposal threatens rangers; Governor eyes super agency for law officers

Field Poll: Voters take dim view of leaders Click.

Law changes funding for nursing homes

Group promises to sue if state moves ahead with pension bond sale

Cost of upgrading state data systems at least $1 billion

Sen. Debra Bowen to run against Shelley

Jones puts his focus on border + Boxer Begins 'Victory Tour' Click. (LAT Reg) + Boxer sticks with themes of first 2 terms Click.

Tracy: Pombo mass pro-Bush mailing at taxpayers' expense, draws condemnation

Propositions: Attorney general questions details of Prop 69, DNA bill + Dan Walters: Yet another measure aims to fix Legislature's dysfunction + Nurses group opposes stem-cell plan + Foes closing the gap in stem-cell measure. Financing, not ethics, causing some to take closer looks + Prop. 64 the wrong way to stop abuse of lawsuits +Businesses trying to repeal health insurance law Click. + Will this stem cell research pay off? Click.

Indian tribes: 3 ways possible for casino votes + Connecticut Casino Tribe Buying Pocono Downs

LOCAL NEWS:   Coyotes living in San Francisco

State warns of PCBs, mercury in local fish

New health plans put tighter financial squeeze on workers Click. + Cutting back hospital stays Click.

3 seats contested on BART board of directors. Longtime official from Contra Costa is stepping down

Santa Clara: A few more clinics will offer flu shots to those at high risk + Opponent of bayfront plan accused of making threats

San Francisco: Merchants rebuff Newsom bid to broker support for Prop. K + Hotel talks resume -- sides soften stances + Hunt for chief planner begins in earnest + At Fish Wharf and Trader Vic's + Minority mortgage gap report. Denial rate turns worse for San Francisco area Asians, Latinos in 2003 over 2002 Click.

Alameda County: Livermore: Tight race for Assembly seat in East Bay + EBMUD work may affect water's taste + East Bay gossip

Contra Costa: Martinez: Refinery says fire posed no threat

Alameda: 12 families get low-cost Island homes

Central Coast: Seven running in Santa Cruz council race + Santa Cruz residents unload on council candidates at forum

Central Valley: A new equity fund is in works for Central Valley businesses + Editorial: Taxpayers snookered by dairy loan program + News from the San Joaquin Valley + District 26 candidate states case in Manteca + Pinched cities pitching tax hike + Sonora ballot may get shorter + County rescues fire district + Low-income residents account for small cut of Fresno-area loan approvals Click. + Families cut off from housing assistance Click.

Sonoma, Lake: Sonoma apartment complex gutted by fire + Lake planners reject 415-home project

Napa: Firefighters gaining control in Napa

Solano: Wal-Mart given thumbs-up

Marin: Oakville Grocery seeks Marin site + San Rafael: Quarry appeals planning decision + San Anselmo, resident argue over free speech re: political signs + Sausalito: We're not just a tourist town + Tiburon mayor, environmentalist vie for supervisor seat

Monterey: Group says LandWatch harbors racist policies+ Proposed Butterfly Village subdivision meets resistance + Seaside deficit is burning issue in City Council race

Napa: Opponents to Wal-Mart say lawsuit may be 'only option' + Lookout tower, destroyed in fire, held half a century of memories

Sacramento & north: Transit tax allies get funds + R.E. Graswich: View from the top is clear in firefighter fiasco, the big bosses say + 13 pot plants found in park; man arrested + New ideas to cool Feather River offered + Folsom issues pot ruling + Guinda, Yolo County: Rumsey Fire 65% contained

Southern California: 15 face fines in L.A. City Hall corruption

School days: The rescue mission of public schools + Nobels bring prestige to lower-profile UCs + College of Marin to expand its offerings + Sacramento: Kushida tops school board fund raising + Fremont High fight leads to one arrest + Community colleges push financial aid + Santa Rosa officials fear grades too high in high school + Chabot welcomes first Latino Heritage Festival + Biology gets a boost at Merced + Salinas teachers agree to cuts + S.F. school rises + Parents help block LAUSD's August start plan + Fresno State center aims to lure young entrepreneurs Click. + Latino students recruited by black colleges + L.A. to break all secondary schools into smaller units

LEAKGATES  Rove testifies to grand jury probing CIA leak

Identity Badge Worn Under Skin Approved for Use in Health Care

Politically-incorrect puppet flick raises temperature in US

Stardom: The UGLIEST Americans

Click. The status of an embattled Cal biotech critic may well end up in a judge's hands


BBC documentary claims terror threat a politically driven fantasy


Panel links illnesses to '91 Gulf War toxins

FDA/Chiron flu fiasco: Washington Considers Purchasing Flu Vaccine + Canadian flu vaccine aid unlikely + Sacramento: Click, dial to get flu shot advice + Flu Shot Line Death in Contra Costa + Nursing homes waiting on pins for needles + California vendors peddling flu vaccine at huge markups amid crisis + Tough Choices for Doctors Click. (LAT Reg) + Companies May See Rise in Absences This Winter Click. (LAT Reg) + Despite guidelines, healthy people get vaccinated at work Click.

Early results promising for malaria vaccine

New Youth Warnings on Antidepressants Ordered

Backward chute switch probed. Genesis space craft crashed in Utah after solar journey + Genesis Mishap Probe Focuses on Backward Design Drawing

Male bass in Potomac producing eggs

New strategy to block HIV infection shows promise. Microbicide shuts virus out of critical blood cells

Lithium May Protect Neurons From Radiation Therapy

Under The Volcano: Gases Yield Clues To Mount St. Helens' Next Eruption

Salmonella Can Cause Poorer Eggshell Quality

Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers Have Enhanced Immune Responses To Fungi

Purdue Professor Puts New Spin On Quantum Computer Technology

Does Caffeine Affect Our Health?

Plastic Fantastic - Bringing Space Composites Down To Earth

Motion Of Primordial Universe Unveiled: New Data Suggests That The Universe Expanded Rapidly In The First Instants After The Big Bang

Technique For Genetically Modifying Blood Stem Cells Brings Cure For Blood Diseases Closer

Study Describes Basic Mechanism In Cell Growth Control Involving Damaged DNA

Wound Healers Cause Skin Disease

Topical Medication Effective In Relieving Symptoms Of Knee Osteoarthritis

Imaging Studies Clarify Brain Changes Associated With Language Deficits In Autism

Immune Therapy Appears To Reduce Risk Of Second Attack Of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Rutgers-led Research Offers New Clues In The Genetic Mysteries Of Maize

When Looking Isn't Seeing: Is Cockpit Design Flawed?

Laboratory Test Of Evolutionary Theory Confirms Importance Of Links Between Populations

University Of Florida Scientists Have Bionanotechnology Recipe To Find Elusive Bacteria

Flies Have Morning And Evening Clocks

Not Just For Wrinkles: Botox Could Play Key Role In Pain Control During Breast Reconstruction

Electronic underwear warns of heart attack

Tel Aviv University study finds Prozac may help fight drug-resistant cancer

Ancient clams lived 120 years in Antarctica

Alabama Woman With Ovarian Tissue Transplant From Twin Becomes Pregnant

Jumbo Flying Squid Found off Alaska Is First of the Species Recovered From British Columbia Waters

The swagger is back, Jobs unveils mini-Apple store

RSS Feeds Hunger for Ads

MP3 Losing Steam?

Google Desktop Search app lets you 'google' your Windows PC


No progress in Iran nuke talks

Bush urged to lobby for intelligence bill. Time running out, 9/11 panel's chief says

Britain Discusses Deployment of Coalition Forces With U.S., Iraq's Interim Government

U.S. Allies Tell Bush Administration They Will Offer Iran Inducements

Washington renews efforts to withdraw the Syrian army from Lebanon, within a UN resolution

Poll reveals world anger at Bush + Polls Show America's Overseas Image Is Sliding Dramatically  but Americans as Popular as Ever

Federal disaster aid to Miami comes under fire

Memo warned about Medicare cards

Army pilot tapped for mission to escort President


Reuters Poll: Bush Opens Four-Point Lead on Kerry + Bloomberg: Kerry Benefited From Debates to Reach Tie With Bush Nationwide, Polls Show

A dead heat in race for the White House: now Kerry and Bush pick up the pace

Bush, Kerry back on trail as final push begins + Resources focused where polls show race too close to call

Deeply split Nevada is still up for grabs

Ohio's GOP governor opposes proposed amendment to ban gay marriage

Vote problems: Justice Department faulted in report on voter complaints + Judge rules on poll-place mix-ups

Wired Bush: Could Bush 'Bulge' Could Be A Defibrillator? + Pressing Issues: Take Me Out to the "Bulge" Game + Cannonfire marches on

BUSH/CHENEY: Poll Shows Disapproval of Reference to Cheney's Daughter + Activist accuses GOP of 'attacking gays' + Cheneys tell Kerry: Now it's personal + Republicans woo Jewish voters in Florida + Bush's abortion evasion + Evangelicals on the march as pastor tells them: 'Vote your values' + Vice President's Gay Daughter Prefers Staying Behind the Scenes of Father's Political Life + Former President Bush stumps for son in Pennsylvania

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry Campaign Asks Equal Time From Sinclair Stations, Kennedy Wants Justice Probe + Kerry's comment draws fire from Cheney, wife + Kerry: 'Great potential of a draft' under Bush + GIN 'N RAISIN: TERESA SHARES REMEDY FOR ARTHRITIS AT CAMPAIGN STOP + Teresa Heinz Kerry Releases 2003 Tax Info; Paid Over $798,000 in Federal, State Income Taxes + TV ad trumpets draft rumor


Patrick Buchanan: How Do We Get Out?

Georgie Anne Geyer: Four More Years – of War

Paul Krugman: Block the vote Click.

Mark Morford: Can John Kerry cure cancer? Click.

Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's best is not good enough Click.

Molly Ivins: Creeping fascism at Sinclair Click.

Scowcroft blasts Bush's unilateralism

The Brownshirting of America

Follow the Faith Money

Richard Cohen: President is missing in action

Robin Cook: the legality of the Iraq war still matters

News from a Swing State: Does Anyone Here Have a Spine?

Blood for pork....

Auditors Can't Account for Iraq Spent Funds

An Iraq Contractor Speaks: Christopher Deliso

Influence Peddling and Iraq's Debt

US to Audit Halliburton's No-Bid Iraq Deals

Carlyle Disavows Kuwait Debt Collection Plan


The Week's Business: Energy Costs Hit Family Budgets; Economy Proves Harder to Dent

China fights UN sanctions on Sudan to safeguard oil

Marsh & McLennan Suspends Fees From Insurers; Shares Plunge for Second Day

Ace Executive Becomes Third to Plead Guilty in Spitzer's Insurance Probe

Wal-Mart vs. the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon

Greenspan: U.S. Can Weather Oil Cost Rise + Fed Chief: Higher Energy Prices Will Have Limited Effect on Economy

Price no problem? Bentley Continental a sweet dream

Car Czar: Selling your car requires caution

Charles Schwab's slump continues with $41 million loss

Disney, Weinsteins may part

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  NJ governor makes first appearance at gay event since coming out + 'Kansas Week' will focus on Gay-Straight Alliance + Cherokee woman leads the organization of gay rally + First Gay-Run Business 'Comes Out' On Nasdaq

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Politics and TV: An explosive mix?

Gone With the Wind? No Way


To E-Mail or Not to E-Mail: Can Reporters Offer Views in Private Correspondence?

Mississippi Paper Breaks News of Army Reservists Refusing Dangerous Iraq Mission

'Iconoclast' Traffic Soars After 'Doonesbury' Mention

Panel: U.S. Newspapers Running More Tragic Photos in Wake of 9/11

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Vasily Vereshchagin. Jerusalem. Kings' Tombs Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Mill Valley Film Festival: Documentary sure to please Deadheads

Explorit science center will expand its universe

Berkeley film festival offers a lot of boom for your buck

Alameda County Fairgrounds competition brings the dogs out

Robert Parker at CIA

Gothic Rose's taste for macabre fits Halloween

Norwegian Police 'Closing In' on Scream Robbers

Thousands pray at al-Aqsa mosque + As Ramadan Begins, Some Object It Has Become Time of Indulgence as Well as Abstinence

Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth

E. B. White's 'Hymn to the Barn'

Ingmar Bergman reveals secret daughter

Aztec empire makes its appearance at New York's Guggenheim museum

Duke's exile gives French rare view of English art

Dali-Disney collaboration premieres

A faded art form seeks its next 'beautiful mornin'

A Viking king's way with the dance

Gere, Lopez Hit the Dance Floor in Shall We Dance?

Anne Hathaway: The reluctant princess

The best of the London film festival

Bill Bailey on the world's oddest musical instruments

Britain honors Boucher, "porno painter" of France's aristos

London show draws 150 exhibitors

Rush & Molloy: How Reagan's illness brought Patti healing

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Stewart: Novak? No way!

Oscar goes to ... Chris Rock!

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 14, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
+ Suicide Bombs Kill 5 in Baghdad's Green Zone + Baghdad Blasts in International Zone Kill at Least 10; Security Tightened + Several killed in Green Zone blast + Blasts Pierce U.S. Security Safeguards in Baghdad, Review Is Under Way + Iraq's Suicide Bombers Remain Lethal Mystery

Allawi threatens offensive against Fallujah. He urges residents to turn over al-Zarqawi + Fallujah Negotiator Questions Zarqawi Ultimatum + Falluja negotiations halted + Fallujah Delegation Suspends Peace Talks With Government, Protests Allawi's "impossible Conditions"

Iraqi Disarmament Is a 'Mirage' + Gen. Franks: US Should Have Hired Iraqi Soldiers +Camp Eagle troops weary of slum, Iraqis, mission + Mubarak, Chirac discuss Middle East, Iraq, Iran + Jordanian King confers with two Iraqi ministers + Confrontations expanded in Iraq, vagueness overwhelms Falluja +Mass grave reveals remains of Iraqi women and children + Several killed by US snipers in Ramadi + US troops poised to move against desert town spared by war + The Latest Developments in Iraq. 2:00 PAC + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: Brown freezes Bigley terror group assets + Hand over Bigley's killer or face attack, rebel town told + Pakistani Security Forces Free Chinese Hostages

Occupation: Plea for Iraq reconstruction aid

War prisons: Pentagon Reviewing Iraqi Journalists Abuse Case + US Stymies Detainee Access Despite Ruling + Judge speeds trial for ex-CIA contractor + $1000 per day continues to draw South African Mercenaries to Iraq + Charges Pending Against Over Two-Dozen GI's in Connection With Afghan Prison, Army Says


Saudi Charity Remains Open Despite Government Orders to Close It

Egypt eyes possible link of 17 arrests to Sinai bombings

TSA, in charge of airport security, has lavish banquet

Bosnian Serbs admit scale of Srebrenica massacre for first time

University Of Florida Researchers Shine Light On New Explosives Detection Method

USDA releases voluntary security guidelines for ag and food transporters

Spy Chiefs Say Cooperation Should Begin at the Bottom

A clandestine career: Ex CIA agent visits Lexington's National Heritage Museum for lecture

Class exposes world of spies

For Eyes in Sky, Picture Clearing

Top U.S. advisers to address AIPAC meet

Police suspect man in custody is ex-N Korean agent

Kaczmarek observed by ABW while Kulczyk meets Russian spy

Greek envoy to Belgium named intelligence chief

Can't Hide Your Lying ... Face?

Geospatial intelligence experts talk security

NSA: Global grid will have data assurance ‘baked in’

Al-Qaeda spy guy lived in N.J., says report + Probers retrace terror suspect's moves in N.J.

Moroccans Gain Prominence in Terror Groups

FBI: al-Qaida Operative Used Student Visa

White House: Islamic Agency Aids Terror

Terror fight not 'spectator sport,' FBI agent says

Internal Report Targets Port Security Work

Parliament's 'men in tights' to lose security role

African anti-terror centre opens

Russia to Join NATO Anti - Terror Patrols

Russia, Iran cooperating in anti-terrorist fight - Igor Ivanov

Senator Defends Shutting Hill Office

Man held under terror laws

Printer Forensics To Aid Homeland Security, Tracing Counterfeiters

Gordon Thomas : Bin Laden is in China

Scarlett must go

LEAKGATES  Reporter Matthew Cooper Held in Contempt of Court Again in Leaks Probe + Judge Holds Second Reporter in Contempt

Bar code implant calls up medical data. FDA approval draws fire from advocates of personal privacy

France mulls prosecution of politician who questioned use of gas chambers

Click. Yahoo Secretly Erases Public Data, Warns TSCM-L


Speaking in San Jose Ashcroft targets high-tech offenses

Agents seize JFK's old sailboat

Harvard student convicted of manslaughter

Skeptic mulls executing teens. High court justice fears ban may result in youthful hit men

Class-action granted for green card delays. Thousands eligible to join challenge on U.S. foot-dragging

Irish to seize homes of notorious gangster

Tapes reveal Durst planned suicide if caught

Brit cuffed in US net sex investigation

Federal Judge Dismisses 20 Lawsuits Brought by Holocaust Survivors Against Italian Insurer

Former Klansman Imprisoned for 1963 Church Bombing That Killed Four Black Girls Is Critically Ill

Former Rite Aid Vice Chairman Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison in Accounting Scandal


Lockyer watches for flu-shot gouging

State policy encourages the return of children to their once-abusive or neglectful parents. The action can prove tragically wrong Click. (LAT Reg)

State backs medical pot case before U.S. Supreme Court. Attorney general files brief supporting two Californians + Unlikely allies back California on medical pot argument to go to Supremes

Alameda County: Priest records likely to be disclosed + Sausage King: Spree wasn't planned, lawyer argues + Jury may weigh Sausage King slayings today + Oakland: One slain in case of misguided vengeance + Lawyer for church asks judge not to release priests' data. Media seek access to documents not yet put in evidence + Sausage King defense closing blames victims + Oakland couple sue JK Harris tax resolution firm

Contra Costa: Martinez: Defense pushes back nanny's hit-run trial + Pittsburgh: Ex-officer of year gets home detention for falsifying police reports

Santa Clara: Police called when man gets angry after flu shot denied + Sunnyvale: 4 adults, 2 youths held in slayings + Sunnyvale: 2 men slain outside school are identified

Sacramento & north: Sacramento are FBI steps up local terror inquiries + Sacramento boy, 13, held in connection with hate crime vandalism + Immigration services consolidated + Winters names new police chief + Sacramento: Victim of sledgehammer attack dies + Placer: $4.8 million award vs. Agilent in firing re: pregnancy discrimination is upheld

Solano: Prosecutor: Murderer Davis had a long criminal past

Marin: Prominent Marin banker mired in financial battle + Goats' status, lawsuit to be decided in court

San Francisco: Police ticket drivers for honking to support strikers + S.F. Officer suspended 6 months. Cop used position to spy on his wife + Students charged with arson

Napa: Napa High latest target of pepper spray + Judge dismisses verdict in Jessup Cellars family winery spat

Central Coast: Santa Cruz Sheriff Tracy announces his retirement

Central Valley: Modesto: Sewage spill is blamed on vandals + Police say dad's SUV kills girl, 7 + Stolen property near Riverbank trickling back to rightful owners + Fresno, City With Nation's Highest IV Drug Use, Tries to Clean Up

Southern California: Blake lawyer wants to play tape of Christian Brando + Family of Nazi victim sues Elizabeth Taylor for van Gogh painting + Racing legend's business partner stands trial in double murder + Mental Defense Set in torching SUVs Case Click. (LAT Reg) + Woman Ordered to Give Up Therapy Dog Click. (LAT Reg)

Michael Jackson: Reporters at Jackson trial can't talk in courtroom +

Judge Rejects Bid by Michael Jackson Defense to Throw Out Indictment


The Governor:  State's finance director Donna Arduin resigns after 11 months + Governor's budget chief, a Florida, transplant, leaving post + Gov. lauds movie crew for keeping jobs in California + Governor's new ad to hit Props. 68, 70 Click. + Some Reforms Blocked, but Prison System Is Improving, Senator Says Click. (LAT Reg) + Nevada fighting Arnold for jobs Click. + Daniel Weintraub: Voters see governor's strengths and weaknesses

Legislators meet on health crisis Click.

Klamath water: U.S., States Vow to Fix River Use Click. (LAT Reg)

Shelley: Local registrars say they mistrust Shelley + Shelley's spending on gadgets revealed + Shelley Staff Assigned Partisan Duty, Records Say Click. (LAT Reg)

Alfred Song, first Asian American in California Legislature, dies

Foster care numbers dip 14% under new program allowing permanent guardianship instead of adoption

Parkfield quake jolts guidelines on building. 6.0 temblor was less intense than geologists expected

State risks lawsuits, infighting over Delta, enviros warn

Propositions: Right to know would be law under Prop. 59 + Voters favor bringing back open primary. Rival measure also winning, but with half undecided + Three-strikes measure may free many prisoners + 64 initiative foes campaigning cheap with e-mail flash ad + Lot of Money Is on Table in Gambling Proposition Ads Click. (LAT Reg) + Michael J. Fox's Ad Urges Vote for Stem Cell Study Click. (LAT Reg) + Is Stem Cell Research the Next Big Thing for California? Click. (LAT Reg)

Indian tribes: Richmond: Neighbors at odds over casino plan. Proposal pits poor community against new subdivision

LOCAL NEWS:  5 counties have sales tax measures on the ballot to alleviate traffic congestion

Alameda County: Artist will fix mosaic, after a spell + Rep. Stark replaces flag stolen from Cub Scout pack + Berkeley: In her re-election bid, Hancock turns to Net. She becomes first in state Legislature to start Web log + Towering Montclair church for sale for $3 million + Berkeley meters go high-tech + Safety at Oakland public housing improves + Norma Lau, longtime Oakland auditor, dies + Disagreement over 6 acres delays plans for ex-Army base

Sacramento & north: Three major fires raging + A vote on how Folsom grows + Fixing levees is clear as mud + Guinda, Yolo County: Wildfire burning out of control

Santa Clara: Unlikely allies come to defense of GOP hopeful Poizner + Nurse organizes community to keep San Jose Med open

Contra Costa: Martinez to decide on 2 council seats. Candidates once again are divided on redevelopment + Danville rocketman takes ride out of this world

San Francisco: Mayor Newsom takes a walk on needy side of Tenderloin. Outreach effort on homelessness in S.F. continues + Imagining a grander future for blighted Hallidie Plaza. Public invited to join talks on redesigning Union Square portal + Battle for survival pits S.F. hotels against workers + No strike pay yet + Chris Caen: How to speak "election"

Monterey: River Road project advances

Solano: Measure S: Supporters, opponents argue about where cash will come from + Clash of attorneys re: Wal-Mart + Assembly hopefuls speak on the issues

Napa: Wal-Mart back before AmCan council + Three firms bidding for Napa's new 10-year garbage contract

Marin: Altered crops lobby money skips Marin + San Anselmo councilman Kilkus quits

Central Coast: 5th District race: Two visions for solving planning problems

Central Valley: Hughson mayoral race features movielike drama + Snowmobile mailer by Pombo hit + Waterford 'founding father' R. Moon dies + Costs, questions add up in Crist firing

Southern California: LA County officials seek to put Navigant in charge of hospital + Homeowners: Tie development to funding + Study calls Ojai radar 'crucial' + County May Hand Control of King/Drew to Private Firm Click. (LAT Reg) + Edison Anticipates Period of Growth Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Contra Costa Community College faculty fights proposed pay cuts + 69 Silicon Valley schools face federal sanctions + Low test scores mean changes for 2 San Jose schools + Schools put in program for failing academic standards + Elk Grove: School district leadership in flux + High school juniors not ready for college + 1 of 4 schools face fed sanctions + High schoolers fall short, CSU learns + Report: Oakland schools gaining + Quick fix for bad air at S.F. Lowell High School + 13 Oakland schools face serious sanctions + Feds require complex to-do list + Nov. 5 is last day to sign up for ACT entrance exam + Bad news turns good for Grimmer elementary, Fremont + 3 Tracy schools face federal to-do list + West Contra Costa putting on the pressure. 11 schools miss test goals for 6th straight time -- district faces tough choices for next year + 231 Bay Area schools in rehab + Public gets first peek at UCSC growth plan + Four San Joaquin Valley schools looking at final chance + Grayson may run out of time on school plan + Fewer students enroll in LAUSD + 5 Marin schools face U.S. sanctions + Novato school could close if Measure E loses, official says + Fresno Unified's budget in trouble Click. (FB Reg)


Crude Oil Jumps to Record After U.S. Supplies of Heating Oil, Diesel Slide

Marsh Sued by Spitzer, Two AIG Executives Arrested in Insurance Fee Probe + Spitzer: Insurance Scheme Rigged Bids for Payoffs to Brokers

FormFactor opens new offices in Livermore

One man's lonely quest uncovers cheapest gas price

Apple profit more than doubles

Oracle offer called inadequate

The backlash against homeowners' groups

Disney tailors Hong Kong park for cultural differences

Doctors angry after French wine lobby wins advertising victory

Countrywide top minority lender

Toyota Considers Building Some Hybrids in U.S. Click. (LAT Reg)

Regulators Delay Rule on Options Click. (LAT Reg)


Delaware Paper Probes Alleged Vaccine Experiments on Soldiers

Devastating locusts spreading in Africa + Hunger in their wake: inside the battle against the desert locust

Chiron/FDA flu fiasco: Vaccine clinic draws overflow crowd at the Safeway + House panel puts focus on FDA in flu shot probe + Prices Inflated for Scarce Flu Vaccine Click. (LAT Reg) + SEC Probes Disclosure at Chiron Click. (LAT Reg)

Space Station Crew Blast Off from Kazakh Steppe

Long-Sought Key To Hearing May Be Found In Protein Discovery

UC Davis gets home for genome study

Harvard bidding to clone embryos. 2 separate teams seeking to advance stem-cell research

The Merck Manual of Health & Aging

Texas Falcon Tracker Finds Foul Environment

Innovative Robotic Microscopy Helps Gladstone Researchers Resolve Key Huntington's Disease Mystery

Room With An Out-Of-This-World View Arrives At NASA

Areca-nut Chewers With Faulty Gene Have Higher Risk Of Mouth Cancer

Barbed Sutures, Ultrasonic Body Contouring, Wrinkle Fillers Give Patients More Innovative, Non-Surgical Options

Plastic Surgeons Perform First Entire Face Reconstruction

New Method Identifies Chromosome Changes In Malignant Cells

Problematic Behavior Of Dementing Patients Exacerbated

Cells In Retina Found To Behave Like Soap Bubbles

Researchers Devise Potent New Tools To Curb Ivory Poaching

Faces Age Due To Fat Loss, Skin Changes - Not Gravity

Why Rocks Curl

Amevive® (alefacept) Approved in Canada, Therapy for Psoriasis

UCSD to lead 50 centers in study of early Alzheimer's Click.

Girls who grow tall and thin face highest risk of breast cancer

Long-term Mobile Phone Use Increases Risk Of Acoustic Neuroma, Swedish Study Finds

Epilepsy Study Shows Memory Loss After Brain Surgery

Time-lapse movies show brain cells move like a two-stroke engine Click.

Scientists develop new gel weapon in fight against HIV

Google's new program searches hard drives

New Tool Exploits Google's Tech, Microsoft Weakness

Motorola 'communicator' promises seamless talk

Diesels, Hybrids Fated to Wed

Paralyzed Man Sends E-Mail by Thought

Endangered Species: U.S. Programmers


Bush inks $14.5 million disaster bill

2004 Deficit Hit Record $413 Billion + Treasury skirts $7.4 trillion debt limit

Court Rules Bush's Judicial Appointment of Pryor Was Legal

NATO agrees to send advisers to Iraq

Blair still refuses to answer critics over Iraq war

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Met 2003 Housing Goals, Counting Unusual Deals, HUD Officials Say

U.S. Accepts Musharraf's Apparent Decision to Remain on as a Soldier

Congress: Special interests in tax bill + A hardball 108th Congress


Sinclair gets its payoff via Jadoo

FCC won't prevent airing of anti-Kerry film, chairman says

Reuters Poll: Bush Takes One-Point Lead Over Kerry

Florida flooded with pre-emptive election lawsuits

Pennsylvania: Federal judge to hear overseas vote case

Pennsylvania Is Keystone in the Race for President

Bush wired? Stardom: Did BUSH Really DROOL?? + 'Bush Wired' Story Continues; 'Bulge' Appears in Third Debate Click. + What’s the frequency, Mr. President? + Cannonfire updates

Debate:  Mary Cheney: All the comments and debates about Mary Cheney and Kerry's remark on one page + Debates leave both men set for battle to the wire + Bush's dodge and duck + One answer not given + Little change in momentum + Kerry's persuasive answers + Plausible as a president + Key question after Bush-Kerry debates: Why the mutual dislike?

Court knocks Nader off ballot in Pa.

State Agrees to Restore Medicaid Benefits for Mississippians Scheduled to Lose Them

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush's message on trail to focus on voter 'choices' + Cheney's wife livid at Kerry's mention of gay daughter + Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Glitter bug at Bush rally + Now Laura says whoa on gay-wedding ban + Rise in black turnout could hurt Bush

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry battle plan includes big push in 7 swing states + Anti-Bush Unions Hit Road to Get Out Vote + N. Carolina: Edwards' daughter encourages voters to use early-voting program + Democrats hope ground offensive can seal Arizona + Kerry appears set to protect workers, environment


Click. Juan Cole: Bush v. Kerry: The Persian Gulf Empire and Perpetual War

Diana Griego Erwin: For many Americans, health care is a reason to tune in to politics

Novak: Dems find DeLay an elusive target

Science takes back seat to Bush's beliefs, researchers say

Bush & the Mandate of Heaven: Justin Raimondo

New Flexibility on the Evil Axis?: Jim Lobe

Juan Gonzalez: 4 yrs. later, Florida set for a new fiasco

Click. Meet Me In St. Louis: Hillary in the Spin Room

Click. Political Titans Go Toe-to-Toe On Bush-Kerry

Political roots of American insecurity

Bush: The Worst Mexican President Ever

Bush's hat trick

MILITARY Pentagon's elite Special Operations Command + The view from the inside + A firefight in the mountains

Military eyes joint training of guard and reserve in California

V corps training for possible return to Iraq

New submarine Virginia turned over to the Navy

US Navy looking for extra-quiet submarine

Congress Approves Military Construction Appropriations

WWII battle comes alive at Fort Ord, Monterey

Blood for pork....

Halliburton's interests assisted by White House Click.

India a dumping ground for Iraqi war junk

$1000 per day continues to draw South African Mercenaries to Iraq

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond: DHS officer claims criminal charges are because he's gay + Anglicans try again to heal gay rift


Dark days for Goth youth subculture

Does the punch fight between two brothers, 13 and 9, amount to a domestic violence case?

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Major newspaper chains reportedly get SEC letters re: circulation figures

U.K. Paper, the Guardian, Tries to Swing Ohio Vote

Fox TV producer sues host O'Reilly for harassment. Network files claim alleging extortion

Guidelines for anonymous sources?

National Book Award Nominees

Contempt Cases Involving Journalists

O'Reilly: I'm victim

IndyMedia Gets Its Servers Back

Martha stirs up book deal: mag

Writers to Get Better Health Benefits but Not a Bigger Slice of DVD Sales Click. (LAT Reg)

Xymphora on Judy Miller

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Vasily Vereshchagin. Jerusalem. Kings' Tombs Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Walk this way in the Sierras

High-Tech Security for Ancient Books

A cloud hangs over Rembrandt at the Fogg

London theatre company: Collisions, chaos and complicity

Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare

Peru to spend millions on 'Machu Picchu of north'

Once a target, convent is now a world heritage site

Merchant-Ivory film Ishiguro's "The White Countess" in Shanghai

Egypt's Pharaohs at Arab World Institute in Paris + Mubarak and Chirac inaugurate Glory of Pharaohs exhibition in Paris Many mummies and artifacts discovered by French team in Al-Monira

I ... am ... William ... Shatner

Soweto centenary: From tin shacks to tourist destination

Chewed before it's brewed: the world's most expensive coffee

Jacques Chirac, Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Moore

Annette as Bette: Steals the Stage

Edinburgh crowned the capital of literature

Muriel Spark, Miss Brodie, Miss Kay

Rush & Molloy: Ex-pal puts in a bad word for Paris

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day


OCTOBER 13, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Baghdad, Mosul Attacks Kill Six U.S. Soldiers in 24 Hours, Military Says + U.S. hits Sunni hot spots -- 7 mosques raided. Muslim leaders irate over air strike destruction, arrests + Allawi Presses Effort to Bring Back Baathists + Iraqi PM warns Fallujah: Give up Zarqawi or face bombs + Iraqi-US military offensive on Fallujah looms large + American forces break into al-Ramadi mosques bombard Fallujah  + Insurgent Alliance Is Fraying In Fallujah + Iraqi, U.S. forces target insurgents in 7 mosque raids + Base hit by daily attacks told no GIs available for patrols + US Says It Hit Terror Targets, Civilians Disagree + Sadr Forces Unsure Amnesty Worth Losing Arms + Rumsfeld Cautious About Rebel Arms Handover + Al-Sadr wants winner-take-all + Continued dismantling of al-Sader army weapons + Four US Soldiers Killed in Roadside Bombings + US soldiers killed in Baghdad ambush + Car Bomb Becomes Insurgent 'weapon of Choice' in Iraq; Detection Is Difficult + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: Iraq Militants Reportedly Behead KDP 'Spy' + US troops 'in two failed attempts to save Bigley'

Occupation: Saddam Fit and Well After Hernia Operation + Iraq urges donors to release cash + NATO Agrees to Deploy 300 Trainers to Iraq + Iraq faces soaring toll of disease + 'Up to 300 bodies' in mass Iraq grave + 'The Americans cannot provide security we need' + Indelible Ink to Be Used in Iraq's Election to Head off Multiple Voting; Candidate Registration to Begin Nov. 1

War prisons: CIA Holds Top Al Qaeda Suspects in Jordan - Paper + CIA using Jordan as torture base

AFGHANISTAN: 15 Afghan Candidates to File Vote Complaints With Panel + Foreign Election Experts Trawl Through Complaints in Afghanistan as Vote Count Is Further Delayed

MIDDLE EAST: Likud sends Sharon a message. Ruling-party votes aid Knesset defeat of withdrawal plan + Israeli army expands deadly northern Gaza offensive + Mofaz: Arrest of Hamas' Hebron military leader should stem attacks

Israel Demonstrates Urban Warfare Tactics in War Game Assault on Simulated Syrian Forces and Palestinian Village 

RUSSIA: New Putin Envoy to Drum Up World Support Against Terror

EUROPE: Iceland: Blue-eyed sheikhs

EU Sues Germany Over Volkswagen Law

France-China deals awaken Europeans

France's Former Prime Minister Appeals Conviction That Halted Political Career


Switzerland Opens Investigation Into Exports of Nuclear Technology to Libya

Appeals Court Refuses to Rehear Moussaoui Case

Mexico fortifying against terrorist

"Operation FAMISH: The Integration of Counterintelligence into the National Decision-making Process"

Ex-spy master James Pavitt praises CIA’s effectiveness

Chechen terrorists probed

Inside the mind of Al Qaeda

Man Guilty in Case of Terror Ties

Newspaper: Egypt Attackers Fled on Foot + Is Al-Qaeda in Sinai?

Ex-U.S. Detainee Now Leading Kidnappers

Al-Qaida is now at our doorstep

Monitored Islamist group shuts down

Egyptian National Convicted in Hamas Case

Defendant Is Released in Detroit Terror Case

Cyber-Security to Get Higher-Profile Leader

Saudi clash killed 'top militant'

FSB Puts 'Bomb' on Plane -- in a Drill

Up close in al-Qaeda hunt

Chinese information warfare threatens Taiwan

Saddam Conned Everyone

Click. Imminent Terrorist Attack Scam Re-appears

Click. DC Wolf Pack on the Prowl

IRAQ: The Secret Offensive

ISRAEL:  The Alliance With India

Airport Screening Comes Up Empty

Terror atty Lynne Stewart to testify + Trial delayed

New Archer link to coup plot alleged

Gadhafi's Son Groomed to Succeed His Father as Libyan Leader

Xymphora on Venezuela

MILITARY Soquel soldier killed in Iraq leaves legacy of friendship

SUBMARINES: The Chinese Fleet

No Porn for the Troops

Vaccinations for High Threat US Troops


Jury tells Medtronic to pay $400 million in punitive damages

Federal authorities call for crackdown on copyright infringement\

UCLA File Swappers in Quarantine

Foreign Police Vying for Cyber Crime Investigation Skills

WorldCom’s Ebbers wants company to pay legal bills

Click. St Paul Cops Get Hot Outing Whores

Why the Court Was Right to Declare a USA Patriot Act Provision Dealing with National Security Letter Procedures Unconstitutional

They may have Bonannos

Satanic gang leader's diary sheds light on murder

Murder trial of British businessman in America was 'riddled with flaws'

Supreme Court Tackles Divisive Issue of Juvenile Executions


Report Lauds Alternative to Foster-Care Program Click. (LAT Reg)

Appeals court bounces state's energy lawsuits

State can sue Denny's on accrued vacation pay

Probate no time for preying

Despite promise by company, lead candies remain on market shelves

Santa Clara: Man freed after ransom paid following crash and stabbing + Two men shot to death after fight in Sunnyvale + Arrests made in automobile insurance fraud cases + E. Palo Alto: Man, 42, kidnapped, stabbed, ransomed + Sunnyvale: 2 men shot dead after fight on school grounds + 10 charged with phony crash claims + San Jose mayor gets cool reply to letter urging end to Sharks NHL lockout + Sharks-less San Jose faces a long, lean winter. NHL work stoppage a hard blow to city's economy and spirit

Alameda: Sausage King: D.A. says suspect planned ambush + Final arguments heard in sausage factory shooting + Judge: Priest job files should be public + Two sides differ on premeditation + $1.8 million award at bias trial vs. Sybase + Lawyers recap 'dark and dreadful' day + Union City: Crime victims to file online police reports + Closing arguments in sausage factory shooting case feature video

Contra Costa: Pittsburgh: Suspicious reports ensnare officers. False, repetitive statements filed in dozens of cases + Richmond: Killing galvanizes community. Laotian Cambodian and Vietnamese residents work to stop senseless violence + Conoco Phillips oil company to pay $350,000 in penalties

Central Coast: Plaintiffs vow to continue church lawsuit + Prosecutor warns of e-mail, phone scams circulating Santa Cruz county

San Francisco: Police move to limit talking to media + Fire at school leads to arson charges + Domestic violence phone program grows + Ski mask killer hunted by police + S.F. forced to revisit domestic violence. Tragic failure for counseling program system fails again + Hill's attorney scrutinizes S.F. police's processing of DNA

Sonoma: Petaluma police say witness saw fatal stabbing

Marin: Darrell Hunter, convicted of murder, to get hearing on juror misconduct

Monterey: Salinas: Pedestrian hit by car; driver arrested + Escaped sex offender caught. Unpaid traffic tickets trip up former Seaside man on lam 11 years

Central Valley: Stanislaus supervisors may take over fire district + Stanislaus County case workers and 2 others charged with embezzling foster care money

Southern California: Animal advocates sue San Diego to protect seals on upscale beach + L.A. market owner pleads guilty to importing, selling illegal fish

Scott Peterson: Judge delays defense start + Defense case put on hold + Judge postpones trial -- legal issues blamed + New evidence delays Peterson trial + Trial runs into 'problems' +  Private eye works the Peterson case despite charges


The Governor:  Gov. visits Monterey to boost Maldonado + Gov. names Riverside County welfare chief Dennis J. Boyle director of the state Department of Social Services  Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov. fights initiatives in Clovis Click. (FB Reg)

Jones suggests fraud-proof ID cards for guest workers +Ad Watch: "Bureaucrats"  Click. (LAT Reg)

Propositions: 65% of likely voters aim to revise '3 strikes' law + Hospitals hope for high-tech aid (Prop 61) + Duel over primary voting. Prop. 62 lets voters pick candidates regardless of party + Plan would aid access to public records. Prop. 59 amends Constitution, opens government further + Dan Walters: Local governments seek shield from Sacramento bandits + Peter Schrag: The problem inside the problems: Health care + Protect local government

Cal State Univ. unit takes stand against genetically engineered crops

CalPERS pushing for Disney voice

Workers' comp limits concern chiropractors Click. (FB Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:   Monterey: Summer's long goodbye

Safeway grocery settlement not in the bag

North Bay blaze reduces visibility, breathability.

Sempra to supply LNG from Indonesia Click.

Santa Clara: Coyote traps could appear in Almaden Valley + Opening the last big South Bay bottlenecks

Contra Costa: Pleasanton concludes city manager search

Napa: Napa County fire burns lookout, prompts voluntary evacuations

Sonoma: Huge Rumsey blaze called intentional + Water level to drop further to help Chinook salmon + Russian River beach pollution monitoring sought + Transit tax hike on Sonoma ballot + New Sutter hospital gains support

Monterey: Coast Guard pier reopening + Vandals hit Salinas Red Cross again + Drivers beware: It's deer season

Alameda County: Nonprofits to profit from Oakland port deal + U.C. Berkeley workers to stage rally for higher pay + East Oakland warehouse fire closes family-run wine-maker + Amtrak trains get new stop for quick fix in West Oakland + Pleasanton street corner is venue for political voices + Pleasanton deputy city manager promoted + Livermore service fees on the rise for most + Danville to vote for change? + Fremont: Council, schools address tax plan city talk utility tax proposal + Parents rally to bring museum, 'edutainment' center to Tri-City + Officials look at spicing up Livermore area + Nonprofit groups displaced by expansion at former Army base

Marin: Novato home gutted; firefighters save nearby residences + Questions about controversy in supervisor race forbidden at debate + Supervisors blast plan to consolidate workforce boards + Hamilton gas station site for sale

San Francisco, San Mateo: Teng contributor caught in revolving door of assessments + Port plan's critics air concerns +  Police around Bay Area sue to kill oversight + In the midst of life +  Few pay for campaign finance fund defiance + Some scofflaws plead ignorance + Assembly 21 battle heats up + San Francisco Hotel Workers End Two-Week Strike, but Are Locked-Out Until Contract Is Reached

Sacramento & North: Six Sacramento firefighters ousted for misconduct + Winds whip wildfire + Sacramento strikes deal to renovate Union Pacific landmark + Sierra lookout tower available for rent + Bob Shallit: Florin Mall deal may be coming + Trustee quits over changes museum to Women's History Museum

Central Valley: News from the San Joaquin Valley + Valley farmers may benefit from newest 'crop' — water + Hotel-motel tax measures come to rest on five ballots + Turlock council votes to place energy-savers in traffic signals + Stanislaus County gains air station + Finance law violation raised re: Santislaus supervisor Mayfield + Stanislaus supervisors may take over fire district + Modesto City Council reverses course, will look for a finance director + No quick fix to reviving San Joaquin River Click.

Central Coast: Watsonville approves spending plan for money from proposed tax hike

Solano: Wal-Mart dispute has both sides fired up + City center look' for fairgrounds? + Wal-Mart chain leases site in Vallejo + City duo visiting Kemp's job site + Countywide park district worth a look, board says

Southern California: L.A. Port seeks contract with controversial former director + LA's famed Ambassador Hotel will be reconstructed into schools+ L.A.: Financial woes mount for DWP + DWP gets anti-terror training + Hahn rivals keeping up on campaign cash + L.A.: Was housing post created specially for woman? + L.A. County Health Chief Endures Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Thousands of California schools could face federal sanctions +1,200 Schools in State Could Face Federal Penalties + Click. (LAT Reg) Technology grants vitalize classrooms + College of Marin told to hire manager if bond passes + School districts renting out land + Budget key topic in Natomas trustees' race + Dean at SFSU resigns post. 'No confidence' from ethnic studies faculty + Two vie for Alameda's Area 1 seat on Peralta Community College board + Contra Costa Co. backs new CSU + Peralta board will take on different look as candidates vie for four open seats + Fremont students get 'safety net' + Fremont district hires company to write grants + Costanoa Indians dance to celebrate namesake school + L.A. charters to get millions back + Blaze shuts S.F. Hoover school +Teachers See Themselves as the Camera Sees Them Click. (LAT Reg)


Through the past darkly

Aleida Guevara: Time to act, not just talk

A nation of snouts, finks and snitches


U.S. Stocks Fall as Raw-Material Producers Drop; Alcoa, Phelps Dodge Slide

Ahold Settles SEC Probe on Inflated Earnings, Avoids Fine by Cooperating

McDonald's Says Profit Beat Estimates as U.S. Sales Rose for 18th Month

FASB delays stock options expensing rule

Investors flock to unproven Internet networking niche

2004 a vintage year so far for German winegrowers

A Mall for America's Geeks

Click Fraud Threatens Web


Bacteria to fight terrorism

Chiron FDA flu fiasco: Federal grand jury probes Chiron + Flu vaccine reallocation set by U.S. + Leading Sacramento insurers to cover nasal flu vaccine (cost 3x higher) + California likely to get additional flu vaccine + Biotech firm receives subpoena + LA. authorizes shot of cash for flu vaccine Click.

Harvard wants to clone human embryos

In Tibet, harrowing childbirth a fact of life

Learning languages 'boosts brain'

Next space station crew to launch

'Sleeping dragon' had bird repose

Newfound Star Cluster May Be Final Milky Way 'Fossil'

New System Translates Improved Diagnostic Information To Target Radiation At Tumors

Researchers Find Frozen North May Accelerate Climate Change

Mechanism Found That 'Protects' Aggressive Melanoma From Angiogenesis Inhibitors

Indiana University, EPA To Study Airborne PCBs

Testosterone May Help In Recovery From Strokes, Suggests Preliminary Findings In Study

Researchers Identify Key Plant Enzyme That Defends Against Multiple Infections

Cow's Claw Benefits From Cushioned Floor

Men With Advanced, Incurable Prostate Cancer Can Benefit From Docetaxel

Biologists ID Molecular Block For Social 'Cheaters': Gene's Dual Role In Cooperation, Reproduction Provides Evolutionary Protection

Under The Surface, The Brain Seethes With Undiscovered Activity

Phoning Home From The Ocean Floor - By Computer

Emory Offers New Targeted Radiation Treatment For Brain Tumors With First Machine Of Its Kind

Component Of Volcanic Gas May Have Played A Significant Role In The Origins Of Life On Earth

Mentally Ill Have Higher Odds Of Developing Brain, Lung Cancers

Emory Chemists Develop Bacteria That May Help Decaffeinate Coffee

After Flu Exposure, Mild Exercise Protects Mature Mice From Dying, But Not From Developing Symptoms

New 'Digester' Converts Garbage To Energy

Statins' Side Effects Under Fire

Man's Face Rebuilt With Single Skin Graft

New Fertility Boost

WanderPod Brings Wi-Fi Anywhere

IBM Gets Flexible with Small Storage Systems

Microsoft renews its push into TV with Windows XP Media Center

Technical problems subside at online payment service PayPal

Putting Your PC in a Pocket

Mozilla Does E-Mail

Hi-Def TV May Be the Killer App for Entertainment PCs


US, G-8 nations to talk of Iran penalties Friday

Top Egyptian Official: Don't Expect 'miracles' at Iraq Conference

US presses NATO to merge Afghan forces, speed Iraq mission

German Chancellor Says Troops Will Stay Out of Iraq After Minister Suggests Deployment Possible

I don't accept there was deception, says Blair

How Tax Bill Gave Business More and More

Blix Says Iraq War Stimulated World Terrorism

Naomi Klein: James Baker's Double Life + Bush envoy Baker in Iraq debt row + Read the James Baker documents

93m shortfall cited in housing program


Debate: Kerry's Lead on Domestic Issues Leaves Bush to Debate Taxes and Terrorism + The Dead Heat Debate

GOP operatives in Nevada caught destroying Democratic voter registrations Click.


Pennsylvania Is Keystone in the Race for President

Reuters Poll: Bush and Kerry Tied Ahead of Debate

Arab American Voters Drop Support for Bush

Wired Bush? Cannonfire updates on Bush bulge + Michael Daly: Bush's back is front & center

Lenore Skenazy: Pols ignore crisis among black women

Bush, Kerry Tied in Zogby Poll; Bush Leads in ABC/Washington Post Survey

BUSH/CHENEY:  Crawford in a simmer after local paper tests tolerance and backs president's rival + Matt Taibbi: Bush like me: Ten weeks undercover in the grass roots of the GOP Click. + GOP hits Edwards on stem-cell talk + > Bush backs off in Pa. + BUSH: 'I'M GOING TO BE REAL POSITIVE, WHILE I KEEP MY FOOT ON JOHN KERRY'S THROAT'

KERRY/EDWARDS: Edwards raps Bush in quick California trip. President 'out of touch' on economy + The Eveready president? Edwards says Bush runs on batteries + Lifelong Collector of Data Can Bog Down His Staffs + Blacks express ambivalence about Kerry + Anti-Bush Unions Hit Road to Get Out Vote Click. (LAT Reg) + Clinton to tape phone message


Zlatkin: Police freaks praise the war party

White House 'news'

Mark Morford: As Oprah Slaps Bush

Nikki Finke: Republicans sell out Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act

Neocons Universally Despised: Justin Raimondo

The Resurrection of 'America First!': Pat Buchanan

Respected Conservatives Against the War

Stardom: Beware Signing Pot Petitions: It Could Make You A REPUBLICAN

The president who can't be mistaken

Novak:  Tone to stay negative in domestic debate

Blood for pork....

Security Contractor Cites Astonishing Growth Amid Iraq War, Plans Further Expansion

Libya welcomes lifting European weapons banning

Boeing and Air Force Busted Over Bribes

Real estate bargain ends for US envoy

Close ties at the Pentagon

FDA approves use of implantable chip in patients + Implantable Chip Provides Medical Information, Privacy Worries

Secret service calls on owner of "King George" sign

FEC may regulate web political activity

Michael Moore urges students to challenge school that canceled his talk

'Slacker' tour plays fairgrounds Click.

Robert Lowell and the West Street Jail

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Margaret Sloan-Hunter -- united black, feminist struggles + Gay rights groups struggle to stay afloat as marriage ban looms + How homosexuality is 'inherited' + Same-sex partners married in Canada qualify for NY pension

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

It's media vs. the law in CIA agent's case of revealed identity

9/11 Report Leads Book Awards Nominations

Beheading videos: Who watches Iraq murder footage over the web - and why?

Court ruling re: stealing movie ideas from scripts read

The World's Earliest Television Recordings - Restored!

Porn, Hypocrisy, Plagiarism: The Dark Side of Jacksonville's Daily


Global dawn for digital radio

Easy Writer Dowd

Click. The NEA's new writing program for soldiers.

Top Companies Facing Scrutiny from SEC on Circulation

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Vasily Vereshchagin. Jerusalem. Kings' Tombs Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Gehry Is Selected as Architect of Ground Zero Theater Center

Tarnation is a revelation, if not a revolution

Architect wants to give new image to Belly of Paris

Actor James Earl Jones Remembers His Silent Days

Wealthy New Lab Aims to Capture Dreams, Literally

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza take the train, 400 years on

Woman polar explorer Arduin staged disappearance: book

Maria Callas million dollar jewels up for auction

Kazakhstan eyes Parc des Princes creator for own stadium

Italian crowned as world's best sommelier

Anthony Lane on Ronald Reagan’s movies

Hitchhiking Vietnam

Dylan's Self-Portrait

Exhumations of the Medicis

The political Dr. Seuss

Clare Teal: The new first lady of jazz

Best ways to trace your roots

'Upright' Goethe had back pain

They call it puppet love

My old China

Inside the mind of Bruce Nauman

Rush & Molloy: Jacko wacko over Eminem attacko

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Leo's Earth sign rising

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Liz Smith

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Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 12, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: 2:36 Pac: The latest developments in Iraq +11 killed as US strikes Iraqi rebel hotbeds + Sadr City citizens give up arms for cash. Officials hope agreement ends violence in slum + Polish Commander: Troops Seize $30 Million in Heroin From Sadr Militia + Cleric's Militia Begins to Yield Heavy Weapons + Iraq Militants Behead Iraqi 'Spy' -Web Site + Disarmament Process Starts In Sadr City, Albeit Slowly + Iran plots Ramadan infiltration in Iraq + US Air Strikes Hit Restaurant, Homes, Many Die + Wide Attacks Threatened if US Enters Fallujah + Germany softens stance on Iraq troops + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: How Technology Failed in Iraq + Exodus of Iraqi Christians in full flood as targeted killings grow

Hostages: Body of British Hostage Dumped Near Baghdad

War prisons: Report: 11 'Disappeared' in U.S. War on Terror+ UK Spies 'Lap Up' Uzbek Torture Confessions+ Abu Ghraib Interrogator Tells His Story + Lynndie England gives birth to boy + The report: "United States’ ‘Disappeared’: The CIA’s Long-Term ‘Ghost Detainees"

AFGHANISTAN: Fraud inquiries stop ballot count + U.S. Envoy Smoothes Way for Karzai Win in Afghan Poll + Afghan exit poll conducted by U.S. Republican affiliated group + Top Afghan challenger says he'll accept inquiry. Poll shows Karzai with big lead over closest rival Qanooni + 'Don't blame us,' says Indian ink firm in Afghan vote dispute + The winners are warlords, not women

IRAN: U.S. in Talks With Europeans on a Nuclear Deal With Iran + Iraq Says Open to UN Inspectors Amid Nuclear Alarm

MIDDLE EAST: Sharon gets a setback in parliament + Sharon vows to deal harshly with Likud MKs who opposed speech

Saudi women denied vote + Riyadh: administrative reasons behind banning woman from taking part in the elections

RUSSIA: Why Chechen Warlord Is So Hard to Capture + Russia to sell part of Yukos's core asset + Russia fears rekindling of ethnic strife + Russian politician and businessman to head Lithuanian government

EUROPE: Is Turkey Muslim or Modern? Europe Asks

AFRICA: Defiant unions threaten to prolong Nigerian fuel price strike + Cameroonians Kept in Limbo Over Oil-Rich Peninsula


Blast near convoy of Palestinian security chief

Through Hussein's Looking Glass

Terrorism Case Shows U.S. Flaws in Strategy

No Pay Component in Legislation to Overhaul Intelligence Community

Obit: Bronson Tweedy CIA Agent

Intelligence officials prepare for new data-sharing policies

Taiwan's fickle friend

J&K police smashes espionage network, Editor of daily arrested + Kashmir daily office sealed, editor arrested

Albania kills Greek spy story

Detained Egyptian students refuse being swapped with Zionist spy

China Won't Release U.S.-Based Dissident

When should you keep secrets?

National Security Letters: Judicial Pushback

Spy-themed park planned for France

Ukraine to create independent intelligence agency

Shades of a Cold War movie

Stella Rimington: Spies, lies and some surprise

Nobles and admirals on war 'Suspect List'

'In the event of invasion the Duke could head a puppet government'

Spies who came in from the Cold War brought exceptional documents

Egyptian Officials Pursue a Lead in Inquiry Into the Sinai Bombings + Egypt: Bedouin Admits to Explosives Sale + Woman part of terror attack + Is Al-Qaeda in Sinai? + Attacks in Egypt: homegrown or part of global jihad?

Bali bomber to best selling author

Islamic Group Threatens Attacks on Korea + Terrorists Declare Ultimatum to S. Korea

Al-Qaeda suspect in court

IDF chief: Al-Qaida tried to infiltrate territories, but was foiled by Israel + Sinai Probe: Al Qaeda, Palestinians – or Both? Click.

Security Grants Still Streaming to Rural States

The Other Intelligence Failure

Pakistan tests 'nuclear' missile

UC Irvine's Reactor Appears Safe, Cox Says Click. (LAT Reg)

From Spam King to Spymaster?

Germany Extradites Islamic Militant to Turkey for 1998 Airplane Attack Plot


A War and a Mystery: Confronting Avian Flu

Chiron FDA flu fiasco: Flu vaccine deficit likely to snowball + FDA denies early notice on vaccines again + Vaccine problem was not in open. U.S., British didn't talk before crisis + Public flu-shot clinics to be scarce Click. Retailers call off flu shot clinics Click. + FDA: Flu shot problems surprised us

Massive outbreak of colds, flu-like bugs hit London

Monkey Shortage Threatens Germwar Vaccine Testing


Supreme Court to hear commandments display case

Milosevic trial resumes with testimony about Racak massacre

High school student faces 30 days in jail for swearing at teacher

Music Industry Spurned by Court

With time served, Durst could be freed this week

Man who videotaped landmarks pleads guilty

Bacanovic of Time

The Martha Stewart Visitors Guide

Mob diggers hit pay dirt

Pelosi indicted on 16 new counts in Ammon murder case

Medtronic Told to Pay Inventor $400 Million Punitive Award Over Contracts

High Court to Decide Court Access for Girl Who Cut Finger, Gas Station Owners

Judge Tosses Murder Charge Against Man Accused of Causing Fire

Court Upholds Stalking-Murder Conviction in Case That Has Been in and Out of Court


Cancer claims ex-IBM plaintiff

Contra Costa: Girls as young as 13 found selling sex + Four vie for three seats on San Ramon fire district board + Richmond man arrested in shooting probe + Pittsburg: Fatal beating victim identified by police + Helzer penalty trial to remain in Contra Costa

Alameda: Closing arguments Tuesday in sausage factory shooting case + Alameda man gets three years for telemarket scam + Pleasanton: 24-hour Fitness pair plead not guilty to fraud indictments + Hayward standoff ends with an arrest + Oakland: Fed up with crime, Maxwell Park neighbors consider suit + Convicted Oakland child molester Cleveland Burgie, Jr, sought for jumping bail, failure to register + Fremont bombings to be recounted on forensics show + Shots fired, boy slashed in Union City violence + Union City: Shots fired in gang clash

San Francisco: 2 men killed, 3 wounded in Bayview shooting + Man held in knife slaying of father + Fatal shooting in Merced Heights

Sacramento & North: 9-yr-old Carmichael girl flees after being sexually assaulted + Sacramento: Killing blamed on dispute over an ex-girlfriend + Deputies set off pipe bomb found at school in Folsom + Newcastle: Slain burglary suspect identified

Marin: D'Opal raises $166,000 in race for judge

Santa Clara: San Jose police chief to fast in Muslim outreach

Napa: Woman files lawsuit alleging sexual battery during spa treatment + Pepper-spraying thugs hit again + Napa deputies get new contract

Central Valley: Police remove 6 loads of goods from a home + Attention turns to mother in beating + News from California's San Joaquin Valley

Monterey: Law license of deputy public defender O'Shea in question. Prosecutors may have to retry 86 cases she handled + Salinas boy, 17, wounded in shooting

Southern California: LA neighborhood mourns 14-year-old gunned down on bicycle ride + Lennox woman cut and burned in alleged chain saw attack dies of injuries + Boxer killed in Russian Armenian mob dispute

Scott Peterson: Peterson Trial Delayed Because of Legal Problems; Source Says New Witnesses Added by Defense + Experts: Peterson defense must prove fetus was full-term + Experts: Judge delays double murder trial


The Governor: Gov. opens up with foreign press corps + Gov.'s fame puts capital on tourist map + Gov. opposes telephone tax for hospitals, two other measures + No Vetoes for the Foreign Media Click. (LAT Reg) + PUC to Tackle Electricity Plan. Gov. seeks to advance supply deadline. Foes cite excess capacity, cost Click. (LAT Reg) + Why Gov. loves foreign media

California's top elections official bungled implementation of new fed requirements to avert Florida type debacle, local elections officials charge

Jones Seeks to Curb Immigration by Expanding Economy in Mexico Click. (LAT Reg) + In Senate Race, War Is Not the Big Issue Click. (LAT Reg)

Federal Tax-Cut Bill Could Help State's Firms Click. (LAT Reg)

Propositions: Prop. 67 phone tax would fund ERs + Proposition1A. Curbs on looting of local coffers. Measure limits state's ability to divert funding from cities, counties, districts + Willie rown to hold forum on stem-cell research. Scientists, politicians to discuss issue on Nov. 2 ballot + Field poll: 3 out of 4 health care measures doing well. Prop. 72 still ahead in new poll despite Gov.'s opposition + '3 strikes' faces test of scope on Nov. 2. Prop. 66 addresses debate -- is the law effective or cruel? + Prop. 1A isn't like Prop. 65 + Californians of a Like Mind on Tax to Help Mentally Ill Click. (LAT Reg)

Cities seek new tax revenue for services via local measures

Dan Walters: Just three weeks left in oddly quiet California campaign + 3 in 4 voters are white

Editorial: Is the Delta doomed?

Senate OKs mission bill. Critics of using federal funds for religious projects may file suit

LOCAL NEWS:  Tujunga sanctuary for wildlife makes big comeback

Alameda County: Newark's bid to block garbage plant fails + Oakland: Asian youth center to get $115,000 from Ford Foundation + Hayward clinic hosts health week + Fremont group heading for China + Fremont mayoral candidates in the money + Fremont: Public to welcome new city manager + Pleasanton corner is venue for political voices

Contra Costa: Builder Oungoulian agrees to pay Hercules fees + Critics take aim at Franklin Canyon initiative re: unrestrained agribusiness

Central Coast: Santa Cruz gambles on plan to rebuild hotel

Santa Clara: Sale of alcohol in new market divides neighborhood + Voters to juggle 3 competing issues on binding arbitration + Downtown music hall runs into snag + Monte Sereno's cost in fight over couple's fence $170,000 to date + Palo Alto group aims to boost retail areas + Worker hurt in fire at Stanford accelerator

Sonoma: $17 million deal protects marshes, ranchland. Tribe gave land trust option to buy after considering casino

San Francisco, San Mateo: Progressives face pivotal test Nov. 2 + Mayor backs Sullivan in supervisor's race + Fingers pointed in strike + S.F. theater measure drawing unlikely foes. Penn among artists voicing opposition + Developer dollars play the field + Ranked choice has legal issues + Joining forces + Hotels say union refuses to budge + School sunshine + DA inquiry clears Redwood Republicans of voter registration irregularities

Napa: GUINDA, Yolo County: Fire near Napa Valley chars 3,800 acres

Sonoma: Firefighters battle four North Bay blazes

Sacramento & North: In Elk Grove, growth is key + This store in Folsom Historic District 's a hot topic + Workshop tackles old-house rehab in Sacramento

Marin: San Rafael, Novato launch fire talks + Supervisor hopefuls in close money race + Modified crops measure supporters raise $50,000

Sonoma: Measure U would fund full-time firefighters

Napa: Growers, winemakers at odds when to pick fruit + Napa County fire crews scramble to 3 blazes

Solano: No Assembly debates in Vallejo + Fairground developers need delay in planning + Vallejo condo owners respond to $12,000 payment demands + Supes to look at creating a park district for county + Wal-Mart protest planned for today + Grand jury conference open to public

Monterey: CSU Monterey Bay political forum draws crowd + Congress OKs Fort Ord cleanup + Candidates dispute conflicts candidates conflict? + Maldonado seeks boost from Gov.'s visit

Central Valley: Modesto: Rate hike votes are dribbling in to city + Old building in for face-lift in Modesto + Candidates have gained little ground + Candidates clash over Salida plan + Options for Eastgate park limited + Turlock can be trusted with Measure F funds + Low-cost state loans aid growth of dairies Click. (FB Reg) + Delta water fuels Senate race spat. Podesto v. Machado Click.

Southern California: New patient dies at LA hospital after nurse fails to check on him + Latest King/Drew Lapse Blamed in Patient's Death Click. (LAT Reg) + Waters Urges Health Chief to Quit Click. (LAT Reg) + Group Backs Romer's Plan for Ambassador Click. (LAT Reg) + Del Mar Fairgrounds sold out for Moore visit tonight Click. + Advocates for Seals to File Suit Over Decision to Dredge Beach Click. (LAT Reg) + He made Orange County a pivotal aerospace hub Click. (OCR Reg) County: Lawsuit Challenges 'Politics as Usual' Attitude Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: DeSaulnier wants CSU campus for Contra Costa + San Francisco schools' politics focus on Ackerman. Superintendent may lose job if allies on board are unseated + Schools chief's decision to retire jars Alum Rock race + Berkeley School district lunch chief lauded for slow switch to healthy choices. Array of options, eye on obesity put district at forefront + Proposed CSU name change riles city. Dropping 'Hayward' for 'East Bay' called 'foolishness' + College of Marin foundation tops list of bond donors + Students urged to apply early to popular CSU campuses + Rohnert Park, Cotati parents want schools tax + Government could help pay for college, if you ask, report says + Modesto superintendent search process begins + Merced Union High School District gets set to grow + School Ups Grade by Going Online + 'Hamlet' too hard? Try a comic book


Women deny abuse in polygamous British Columbia town

New film about Hitler sheds new light on unique Finnish recording

Drug turns her on, but how do you get her to take it?

Blood for pork....

Titan says beheading of translator will not deter work in Iraq

EU lifts arms embargo against Libya

Conference in Jordan to promote investment in the Arab states

Jeddah: Expat Workforce to Be Cut by 100,000 Annually

A two-way thing

System proposed to catch spike in diseases

Programme predicts cancer risk

MRI Can Measure Early Benefits Of Cholesterol-lowering Drugs And Plaque Reduction

New Technology Makes It Possible To See Ubiquitin-modified Proteins Inside Living Cells

NASA Studies Space Railway To Explore Origins Of Planets, Stars, And Galaxies

New Research Reveals The Dynamic Inner Workings Of Earth

The Future of Intestinal Surgery: Laparoscopy

'Junk' DNA May Be Very Valuable To Embryos

Global Air Pollution Map Produced By Envisat's SCIAMACHY

New Study Will Tackle Three Major Killer Diseases

Resistance Genes Discovered In Ancestral Tomato Species

Analysis Of Tamoxifen Studies Reveals Slight Increase Of Stroke Risk

Vitamin D Found To Reduce Age-Related Falls

In Millionths Of A Second, "Photocrystallography" Captures Big Changes In Transient Molecular Species

Brain Circuit May Permit Scientists To Eavesdrop On Memory Formation

Center Refutes Finding That Added Sugars Displace Vitamins And Minerals

Taking The Next Step Toward Growing Our Own Fuel

T Cell's Memory May Offer Long-Term Immunity To Leishmaniasis

Unmasking The Genes Of Food-Poisoning Campylobacter

Old Bones Unearth New Date For Giant Deer's Last Stand

Telling A Salty Tale Of Martian Water

At Mount St. Helens, the Big Eruption Is of Data, Not Lava

Great white wins more protection

Clue to pregnancy disorder found

Gulf of Mexico's 'dead zone' less of a mystery

Harmful Bacteria Shown Up by Nanoparticles

Square Bacteria Grown in Lab

Metabolic Syndrome Common in Teens

Study Finds Children's Reaction to New Vaccine Prevnar Similar to Other Vaccines

Glimpse of Half-Life 2 software

High-mileage hybrids change driving environment

Sony ships 'world first' PC/PC-less DVD burner

PayPal hit by coding glitch

Jacket Grows From Living Tissue

Segway's Next Thingamajig


Bush administration holds talks on Iran

UN watchdog says nuclear equipment vanished in Iraq + Iraq says nuclear sites 'secure' + Iraq's nuclear puzzle + Timeline: The hunt for WMD

Cheney's Oil-for-Food Switcheroo+ Cheney: Al Qaeda Probably to Blame for Taba Bombings

Top Israeli Security Think Tank: Iraq War Distracted US From War on Terror

Study: States too underfunded to prevent water pollution

Report: Growing Medicaid Costs Competing With Education, Now Equals Amount Spent on K-12

Congress: Senate OKs corporate tax bill. It provides tax breaks, closes glaring loopholes + Congress wraps up work with much rancor, much left to do + House chooses 9-11 negotiators to meet with Senators + Congress Departs with a Pile of Dead Bills + DeLay associates make first court appearance + Panel to negotiate on dual 9/11 bills


Kerry Threatens Bush in Colorado as Democrats See Gain in Western States

Debate: Bush and Kerry step up credibility battle before last debate + Bush Tests His Debate Attack Lines

Wired Bush? Was Bush packing Wi-Fi in TV debate? + Cannonfire: Latest on the bulge and Rove's plans + Prof. Froomkin's opinion + I'm George! Hear me talk!


Reuters Poll: Bush Moves Into Dead Heat with Kerry

Armed with the ballot, military voters increasingly vocal with their opinions + How the military votes

Oregon Rep. admits to inexcusable behavior

7 U.S. groups ask U.N. for vote observers

Belief and the ballot box: Will voters' religious devotion factor heavily on Election Day? Click.

Rivals fiercely court moms' votes

Vote by poor may skyrocket this year

Diebold and the Disabled


BUSH/CHENEY: Challenging Rest of the World With a New Order + Bush Hammers Kerry, Defends Iraq War + Being George Bush

KERRY/EDWARDS: Jesse Jackson pumps up black vote for Kerry. Civil rights leader in S.F. today to build support for Democrats + Edwards talks jobs, economy in Colo. stop + Edwards mocks Bush for not naming mistakes + Kerry gets help from pithy Bay Stater


New Campaign Issue: Hiding Bush's Civil Rights Record

Shedding the Illusions of Shock and Awe

Paul Krugman: Checking the facts, in advance: Eight lies you'll hear from Bush Click.

Growing militarization of our oil dependence

The madness of George


Extended California Guard tours challenged in lawsuit


Poland has repatriated 34 soldiers from Iraq for psychiatric problems

Hackworth: Muzzling Soldiers Is Nothing New

Navy: Even when we're fast we're slow

LEAKGATES  Straw formally withdraws 45-minute WMD claim


Yahoo's Profit More Than Triples on Advertising Revenue, Google Stake Sale

Oracle bid for PeopleSoft may drop by a third

California faces biotech rivals

Benefits Dwindle for Retirees

Sales tax could be deductible for Floridians

L.A. Chung: Asian names affect response to job seekers

Google gets one more 'sell'

Levi Strauss in tax trouble

DreamWorks IPO set at 29 million shares, $23 to $25 per share

Foodies invent "green" chocolate, noisy bread in back-to-nature trend

China's rich getting richer; wealthiest is electronics retailer: list

Fannie Mae Discloses Document Retention Request by Prosecutors in Criminal Probe

Sun-drenched Lebanese wine eyes lucrative foreign markets

Congress Close to Establishing Homeland Security Rules for Driver's Licenses

Morning after pill plan sparks disputes in Peru

Michael Jackson Asks Stations To Stop Airing Eminem Video

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Lafayette, CA students celebrate National Coming Out Day + Marriage equality caravan joins spirited rally in D.C. Tired but happy, couples renew vows + Pro-gay Republican group to file suit to overturn don't ask, don't tell in military + Westminster School District Suit Planned Over Gender Definition Click. (LAT Reg)

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Supreme Court declines to decide whether Pentagon is constitutionally obligated to give news media access to U.S. troops during combat

Networks vow caution in calling election

Daniel Weintraub: Pundits in pajamas are biting more than ankles

Sources Worth Protecting?

'Anonymous' Thrives in Imperial Press

Best-Selling Turkish Author Too Hot for Some

Paul Krassner: Fire Dan Rather

A first for fake news

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Vasily Vereshchagin. Jerusalem.
Kings' Tombs Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Long and vining roads

Hope for Sonoma mission funds

Half Moon Bay: Battle of the gigantic gourds. 1,229-pounder from Northwest wins prestigious pumpkin title

Photo: Geese make migration to Modesto

Blindness is not a barrier. Seafaring couple sets out on voyage around the world

Single senior women feel pull of the road

Gena Rowlands: A woman of influence

Cambodia's Festival of the Dead enjoys surge in popularity

John Lahr on “Last Easter” and “White Chocolate”

Dinosaur Tracks Found in Swiss Mountains

Anatole France - France and the Surrealists

Treasure hunter, state battle over 17th century ship

Kathryn Gustafson: I still love my Diana fountain

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Times up! Stop that flick!

Sex, drugs? Tatum did them at 12

Rush & Molloy: Lots of lettuce on line in grocer's split

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Word of the day

OCTOBER 11, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Rocket Attack in Baghdad + Iraqi mosque ablaze after US air strike + Few Sadr Followers Actually Turning in Weapons + Slow start to Sadr City disarmament + Iraq's Green Zone Turns Redder by the Day + Iraq Shiite militia starts turning in weapons, four killed in attacks + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraq conference set for 25 November + U.S. officials: Iraq school renovations going well with fewer subcontractors Click.

Hostages: Internet Posting Shows Beheading of Two Hostages in Iraq; Another Hostage Threatened + Turks released + Captors extend deadline to kill Chinese

War prisons: 'Enemy Combatant' Is Returned to Saudi Arabia

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Vote Count Halted for UN Probe; Local Elections Will Be Next Test + UN to investigate + Fraud claims fade in Afghan voting. Little poll violence, high turnout give credence to election + Tribes with Flags in the New Afghanistan + Main Afghan Opposition Candidate Drops Boycott, Agrees to Independent Panel to Probe Any Election Fraud + Afghans' Embrace of Democracy a Boost for Karzai and Big Blow to Taliban, as Opposition Boycott Fizzles

MIDDLE EAST: Israeli aircraft attacks militant's house in Rafah + Sharon Defends Gaza Pullout Plan + Israel abandons rescue effort in Red Sea resort. Bomb attacks killed about 3 dozen + Sharon in danger of failing to win support for Knesset speech + The fall of the Sharon government, a pocket guide: How close the end, and how might it come? + Sharon Defends Gaza Pullout Plan; Parliamentary Opponents Hope to Bring Down Government

Kuwait's Prince Nayef: Women will not take part in the elections

Al-Assad opens Expatriates Conference: some want to throw the region into a volcano

RUSSIA: Children suicide-bombers to show up in Moscow + Russian people to be deprived of the right to vote + Putin trip highlights oft-debated oil pipeline saga Click.

EUROPE: Attempt by Spanish Socialists to resolve Civil War feud backfires


New director of Lawrence Livermore Lab


Sabotage an Option Against Iran's Atomic Plans -Experts

Can Math Help in Terror War?

China's Secret Weapon

China Seeks Knowledge of amphibious operations

The Government's Opportunistic Use of the "Enemy Combatant" Label: How This Category Is Being Used as a Prosecution Tactic

Suspect in Srebrenica massacre arrested

Entergy, Political Cash and America's Most Dangerous Nuclear Plant


Deadly avian flu lurks amid indifference

FDA & CHIRON FLU FIASCO: FDA RED-FLAGGED FLU VACCINE FACTORY IN 2003 + Rush is on for flu vaccine -- long lines form / Health officials urge healthy individuals to forgo shots + Glaxo Seeks Entry Into US Flu Vaccine Market + Problems cited at Chiron plant in 2003

Moscow children to wear dog tags

Government Funds Chat Room Surveillance Research

The Digger Archives

Brenda Stardom: The FLOP

Cops used overkill on protesters

Nude President Bush Painting Pulled From Museum


Crude Oil Rises to Record $53.80 on Concern Over Reduced Gulf Production, Imports Crude oil in

GM to build hybrid bus with partner

Good Earth tags eco-friendly fish

Keeping track of cyberslackers

Hiring disabled pays dividends

Kydland, Prescott win Nobel Economics Prize

Greek bank hunts missing millions

Don't Blame Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines Click. + The real scandal at Fannie Mae

LEAKGATES  Xymphora on Judy Miller and Plame


Court to weigh death for juvenile murderers

Jurist Embraces Image as a Hard-Line Holdout

N.Y. judge finds unconstitutional law against sale of bootleg tapes

Ex-stripper, her secret lover again face charges in death of onetime casino executive

US gov targets spyware outfit

How key Microsoft legal emails 'autodestruct'

Defense gets its turn in Enron trial

US settles white males' bias suit

Martha's meet and greet day + Rush & Molloy: Good things for Martha to know

FTC Files Complaint Against Alleged Spyware Distributor

Merrill Lawyer Testifies on Unwritten Barge Promises


State's huge church abuse caseload moves forward

Internet company contests parking tickets for individuals, corporations

Alameda County: Oakland chief Word readies move + Locking up 2 men cut homicides + New probation chief struggles to bring order + Union City residents to file reports of crimes on Internet

Contra Costa: Pittsburg man arrested in beating death

Santa Clara: Detective searches for 1974 Stanford church killer + Man shot to death found at S.J. hospital +

Sacramento & North: Man shot to death in downtown Sacramento + Missing woman had armed self, daughter says + Sacramento police chief laments three recent killings linked to mental health gaps

Central Valley: San Joaquin budget woes force courts to cut corners on security + State to shutter Fresno County courts Click. (FB Reg)

Solano: Recent Taser-related death raises questions

Monterey: Family sues teen over death + Judge seeks support on landmark case - to put more Latino judges on the bench

Atascadero Hospital sex predators: Profile: Alan Rigby + Other predators freed sooner

Southern California: Broken silence dispels mystery of teen's death + Former LAPD chief's son arrested for investigation of drug possession + San Diego detectives seek man in hit-and-run + Russian-Armenian organized crime 'like the 1930s New York mob'

Scott Peterson: Experts and fanatics delight in details + Seasoned experts will kick off defense + After scoring early points, defense gets turn + High-profile defendants in their own defense


The Governor:  'Kah-li-fornia' eager to draw jobs, but must defend its own + Other states fire back after business ads + Veto Pen Strikes Out the Work of Some Legislators Click. (LAT Reg) + Clean-air activists like help from governor, plan on more Click. + Even if Growth Slows Down, State Services Need to Catch Up Click. (LAT Reg)

Report: Millions of state dollars helped polluting dairies expand

Eyes on the prizes + Safe Seats in House Keep True Races Rare

Shelley:  Federal voting funds used to hire partisans +  New anti-Shelley campaign sprouts in Sacramento Click.

Lobbyist Tom Rankin scales back

Propositions: Voters get 2nd chance at 'three-strikes' law + Health insurance at hub of Prop. 72 arguments + Solving stem cell puzzle to take years

Dan Walters: State politicos have long history of legislating election results

Growers Cotton to a Soft Market Click. (LAT Reg)

LOCAL NEWS:  U.S. Senate passes California missions restoration bill

Grizzlies arrive at S.F. zoo

BART bond foes cite tax burden

Contra Costa: Richmond council candidates face off

Marin: Shark attacks surfer near Pt. Reyes + Richmond casino project has few fans in Marin

Santa Clara: For Saratogans, another year of building bridges + Officials take aim at homelessness

Central Valley: GOP winning over north valley + Riverbank weighs higher-density dwellings + Valley security chief learning from Israel + $2B may supply water source + Pact between dairies, air district faces fight + Charity to valley is rising, but lags other areas of state + Merced Congressman Cardoza carves role for himself + The hottest race in Stanislaus County is for Hughson's mayor + News from the San Joaquin Valley + State's Almond Growers Seek to Clear the Air Click. (LAT Reg) + Modesto: Not enough nurses to go around Click.

Alameda: Washington Hospital, Fremont: CEO's salary plays role in board debate + Fremont celebrates opening of Indian community center + Casper's to close its first store + County seeks input on future of health care + Local wineries more sensitive to environment + Casino money won't solve Oakland's problems + East Bay homeless group bolsters ex-foster youth + Measure Y takes aim at Oakland violence + Oakland blaze leaves 40 homeless

Solano: Plans raise questions about fate of Vallejo Wal-Mart + Vallejo: Condos demand payment + Model of old Benicia ferry to visit area

Napa: Housing plans draw little public reaction

Sacramento & North: Traffic, growth top Folsom race

Sonoma: Pumpkins save day for longtime farmers + Measure V would aid Windsor fire district + Taxpayers find champion in Fred Levin + Today the river is lower than ever + Big changes planned at Robert Mondavi wineries

San Francisco: Tax break raises more questions about assessor + Newsom proffers new plan to give Prop. K better chance

Monterey: PG&E begins major upgrade on Peninsula + Panel looks at county growth + Two challenge Roberson for 'short' seat + Steelhead project mapped

Southern California: Billboard is latest salvo in Battle of the Ambassador + 11th-Hour Proposal Would Save Ambassador Building Click. (LAT Reg) +Bail Agency Tied to Racist Gangs, Officials Believe Click. (LAT Reg) + Friendships Forged on Rails Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Academy school hopes for new home in Larkspur + When you find your child with the wrong teacher + Santa Rosa school board candidates pick up endorsements + Marketing students hold media drive + Hands-on leader guides CSUH into renaissance + Optimist, accountant fight for SLV school seat + Fed College grant aims at basic skills at State Center Community College District Click. (FB Reg) + Past college debt stops some students from finishing


Romanians pitch Rumsfeld on base location

Soldier Sues to Remain at Home Click. (LAT Reg)

Suicides Have Air Force Officials on Edge

Civil War private may be eligible for headstone

U.S. Army Lowers Standards to Increase Recruiting

Harvard-DODDS partnership changing way math is taught Click.

In plea agreement, soldier who refused Iraq return is sentenced to 11 months Click.

Canadian sub commander tells of ordeal


Authors find heroic women overlooked after WTC attacks

Gadget makers need to appeal to women, not patronize them

Gene switch can 'turn off cancer'

Surprise CO2 rise may speed up global warming

Tempting trash foils wild condor breeding effort. Filled with bottle caps and metal, chicks die in nest


Scientists win grant to study vibration

Proper eating is key to maintain healthy neurotransmitters

Nils Pratley: Where does all the breast cancer cash go?

The story of aspirin, the drug that changed the world

Few Buy Medicines Online, Study Says Click. (LAT Reg)

Yale Scientists Find Cooperative RNA Switches In Nature

Using Electromagnetic Induction To Trace Soil Nitrogen

Is Interleukin-6 The "Holy Grail" Of Exercise Mediation?

Africa Launches Largest Ever Immunization Campaign

UK Pupils Scan The Skies For Hazardous Asteroids

Radio Astronomers Remove The Blindfold

Glue-like Polymer Could Replace Sutures Used For Cataract Surgery

Beneficial Fungi Could Halt Grasshopper Hordes

Not Your Dad's Muscle-Building Hand-Grips: IHG Exercise Aids Systolic Blood Pressure, Carotid AD, Endothelial Function

First Global Day Against Pain

NASA field tests ISS robosurgeon

Teenage blood pressure risk clue

Why HIV positive addicts are being chained up in India

Insulin Resistance May Be Early Sign of Cardiovascular Disease

Beyond Warning Labels: Experts Say Monitoring Key for Youth on Antidepressants, Other Medication

Mental health fears in China

Avibase: The World Bird Database

Women With Chin Hair, Infertility May Have Hidden Disorder

Russian scientists devised eatable transgenic tomatoes that can serve as vaccines against Hepatitis and AIDS

New service to give remote access to digital media anywhere

India Emerges as Innovation Hub

A MacGyver for the Third World

MP3Run device keeps joggers informed

An Important Step Toward Molecular Electronics


Major Assaults on Hold Until After U.S. Vote

U.S. to double military in Colombia

Partisan Arguing and Fine Print Seen as Hindering Medicare Law

FBI obtains manpower from other agencies for U.S. election anti-terror push

Rumsfeld warns Macedonians they face "clear choice" in upcoming referendum + Rumsfeld's optimism silenced by bombing + Defense Secretary Discusses Security Issues in Advance of NATO Meeting

Reeve: thorn in Bush's side over stem cell research

Nations Plan for Net's Future

Mystery bulges are popping up everywhere

He Talks to Condi Rice Every Day": an Interview with Sharon's Lawyer

Congress: U.S. Congress Passes $145 Billion Corporate Tax Cut, Repeals Export Credit + U.S. Congress Approves $32 Billion Homeland Security Bill, Sends to Bush + Senate to vote today on 3 stalled bills + Senate approves revised bill to sell Lincoln County, Nevada land + Kill bill to raid nation's charities to help the politically influential + In Texas Case Linked to DeLay, Prosecutor Welcomes Spotlight + Bill would expand rights of crime victims, families Click. (OCR Reg) + A Senator's Outrage Delays Passage of Corporate Tax Bill + Senate dodges Democrat's filibuster threat


Kerry, Bush Trade Charges in New Mexico

Sinclair Broadcast Group to pre-empt programs for anti-Kerry film Click. Nick Johnson: Is Sinclair Broadcasting planning to violate election law? Click.

Toledo tube war: 14,273 ads and counting

Fake draft cards urge youths to vote

Pelosi hits the road for House hopefuls

Bad Signs in Pennsylvania, W.

Voter registration drives are taking place in congregations, on the Web and on the road Click.

Advocates Rally Homeless to Get Out the Vote Click. (LAT Reg)

GOP Hopeful Coors Voices Iraq Doubts

In a tie, Edwards could be named Bush's VP

Experts Knock E-Vote Data Delay

BUSH/CHENEY: Poll: Bush allies face doubts on terrorism + Cheney: New Jersey 'moving toward' GOP + Retired Gen. Franks criticizes Kerry + Bushism of the Day

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry to visit N.M. to prepare for debate + Kerry says gas prices help Bush's friends + Jackson, Sharpton join Kerry in Miami. Democrats tell black churchgoers to resist GOP 'hot buttons' + Kerry’s Iraq Attack + Heinz Kerry speaks to supporters in Texas


Bob Barr: Conservatives have plenty of cause to abandon Bush Click.

Bob Herbert: Webs of illusion Click.

Bush-style chaos in Afghanistan

Bush appointees at FDA seen as siding with business

Escapable logic

It's about the Middle East, stupid

Bush's security plan now rests on nothing but hope

Robert Fisk: Future generations will struggle to escape the legacy of the disaster in Iraq

Saul Landau: Bush as a man of his words

Remember the Alamo

The War Party's Worst Week: Justin Raimondo

Blood for pork....

U.S. firms big buyers of Iraqi oil

New Scrutiny of the Flow of Iraqi Oil to American Consumers

Cops used overkill on protesters

ExxonMobil to staff: Vote Republican

Boeing CEO Still Confident Company Will Get Tanker Contract

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Canvassing the nation for gay marriage rights. Activists visit home towns en route to D.C. rally today + Each new day is one of freedom + Chabot community welcomes coming out + Dutch lawmakers concerned by rejection of gay brochure

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Vampire author Rice goes for the jugular

James Surowiecki on digital TV

Oral History on the Go

When Private Passions Meet Public Journalism Click.

Indymedia Catch-22

TV brings Marilyn Monroe back to life

DirecTV to Consolidate Latin American Satellite Units for $579 Million

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

Vasily Vereshchagin. Jerusalem. Kings' Tombs Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Mill Valley Film Festival screens musical odyssey

The bikes of St. Bede's

New Lincoln Library brings artifacts out of the cellar

Pierre Cardin to open Art Nouveau museum at Maxim's

Stockhausen's monumental 'Licht' cycle to be staged complete in 2008

The Laughing Cure

Nancy Franklin on “Jack & Bobby”

The Mongols in World History

Paris Commune 1871

First known sculpture by Mantegna found

And this is me

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: 'Apprentice' firedbrand

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 9, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
US Plan for Iraq: Invade 30 More Cities + Sadr Mulls Disbanding Militia, Entering Politics Aligned With Chalabi + Rumsfeld Comes to Macedonia: Give US More Soldiers for Iraq + A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq + Allawi's Guns-and-Diplomacy Bears Fruit: With Sadr City Deal in Hand, Is Fallujah Next? + Al-Sadr's Shiite Militia Agrees to Start Handing in Weapons, but Violence Continues in Sunni Areas + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraq Election Prospects Improve After Peace Talks + Iraq Security to Be Boosted Ahead of Poll: Rumsfeld + Bush to Aid 'Moderate' Parties in Iraq Election

War prisons: Officer says CIA attempted to avoid Geneva rules in Iraq. Key interrogator says military didn't register all detainees + New Abu Ghraib Documents Released

AFGHANISTAN: Aid workers bring cafe society to Kabul, stir up resentment + Afghan Poll Ends Peacefully; Opposition Claims Fraud + Afghan vote in crisis as fraud claims undermine legitimacy + Jonathan Steele: The Afghan election may obstruct peace + Karzai rejects vote boycott + Afghans Turned Out in `Massive' Numbers for Presidential Election, UN Says

MIDDLE EAST: Syrian President Bashar Assad denies holding secret peace talks with Israel

Taba: Bombing Attacks Represent a Turning Point for Egypt + Egypt builds up suspect list, including Bedouins, over Taba bombings + Palestinian Militants Deny Involvement  + Sharon tells cabinet ministers to halt criticism of Egypt, Egyptian authorities + History of attacks vs Israeli tourists in Egypt

Global Conflicts Fueling Terrorism, Says Turki

These Rabbis Are Rabid

ASIA PACIFIC: South Korea not developing nukes, atomic agency says. Director calls country's efforts 'experiments'

Chirac Hopes to Lift China Arms Ban


Senate replaces 9/11 panel's oversight plan + Senate Reorganizes Committees to Respond to 9/11 Commission Complaints

Security chief asks for biometric help

Human traffickers in Europe linked to al Qaeda. Islamic extremists using gangs to smuggle terrorists

Scott Ritter: The Source Duelfer Didn't Quote

\US denies Tariq Aziz died in custody

Israeli citizen with a pipe bomb containing video camera on roof of car, arrested, released in Oklahoma

Europe to launch miniature satellites


Saudis Seek to Portray Captured Al-Qaida Militants in Humiliating Light

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Pulitzer winner Seymour Hersh upset over contempt ruling

Reimposing Controls on the Iraqi Press

First-class ticket and private jet not good enough for "regular guy" Sean Hannity Click.

Gordon Burn: The games writers play

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers




Oracle Chief Testifies in Trial on Hostile Bid for PeopleSoft

High Court Ruling Urged on Peer-to-Peer Networks Click. (LAT Reg)

Judge reduces scope of Dynegy class action

Defense prepares to make its case in barge trial

Trial Ordered for Federal Sex Bias Claim Against Police Department in Erie, Pa.

AP Interview: War on Drugs at "tipping Point," Top U.S. Counternarcotics Official Says


In reality, not all gang members are violent

As rules lag, Workers Compensation disability cases slow

BALCO boss says he's victim of 'personal vendetta'. Conte's lawyers file against arresting officer

Contra Costa: Richmond: Man suspected of wounding baby, stabbing three others + Antioch Murder charges filed against 2 men + Richmond: 8-year-old girl wounded in shooting + Crockett: Man found dead in park

Sacramento & north: Placer man shoots, kills home burglary suspect + Roseville pays $134,000 to settle suit by woman stalked by former officer + Seniors' legal aid firm told to reform + UC Davis student accused of ramming cruiser + Citrus Heights: 2 unlicensed care homes for elderly shut down

Alameda: Oakland's top cop may leave + Charges in death of foster toddler + Fremont: Foster parents charged in death of baby. Biological mother, dad watch in court + Masked suspect rapes woman in Hayward home + Oakland day care operators and parents vent frustration + 'Nacho' too hot to be the mayor

Monterey: Stefan Hudson arrested for child molest, was systems manager Naval Postgrad School, and works now for undisclosed gov't agency

Napa: Starbucks locked down after pepper spray scare

Solano: Police reiterate Taser policies

Marin: Novato: Small business group sues U.S. Small Business Administration

Santa Clara: `SWAT docs' may go elsewhere for jobs + San Jose dispatch system puts officers at risk, study says

San Francisco: Man is shot in Fillmore district + Iran victim's brother can collect from firm

Sonoma: Santa Rosa: Police dog finds large cache of pot + Man to stand trial in car attack on wife, children + Trial set in priest abuse lawsuit re: Don Kimball, Bishop Daniel Walsh

Central Valley: Hollister: Coroner IDs 3 teens killed in stolen car

Southern California: Orange assemblyman Todd Spitzer reports e-mail threat re: advocacy of Megan's law + Santa Ana: Convict arrested for 1998 ritual slaying of Brea high school student + Jury says Botox did not cause other medical problems for woman + Inmate Killed, Another Hurt in Fight at Riverside County Men's Facility Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Prosecution wraps up + Scott is hot!


The Governor: Gov. walks line on donors + Gov.'s chief fundraiser defends dentists' donation

State officials restrict flu shots + 5 Bay Area communities declare "Local State of Emergency" re: lack of flue shots

Shelley: Plans to hire new oversight firm + Hires consultants to oversee his office + Hires manager for HAVA funds

Boxer Hasn't Agreed to a 2nd Debate Click. (LAT Reg)

CalPERS wins changes in execs' pay

California planning energy strategy Click. (FB Reg)

Propositions: More DNA collections advocated + Field Poll: Poll shows big bets losing on 68 and 70 + Both sides on Prop. 71 courting Gov.

Indian tribes: Redding Indians seeking a voice on Shasta dam

LOCAL NEWS:  Bay military mission: Not impossible U.S., Canadian navies complete dramatic terror exercise with Coast Guard

Santa Clara: Red frog photos halt Half Moon Bay development + State accepts land for South Bay park + East Palo Alto council hopeful Duane Bay's fundraising outstrips rivals

Marin: New site, same old trouble for goat herd

Sacramento & north: Judge delays environmentalists' bid to halt mine at creek near Weaverville, Trinity County + El Dorado: Family's happy reunion at site of stolen cottage. Donor erects new one; theft still unsolved + Citrus Heights candidate lags in child support

San Francisco: Hotel action worries mayor

Alameda: Report: Fremont wildlife preserve in crisis + Island biotech loses $6.4 million grant + San Leandro adopts a green purchasing policy + Fremont: Pacific Commons rises from ashes + Pleasanton: New city manager to be selected + Dublin deems dog is not vicious

Central Valley: Tracy rebuilding parks to let all play + San Joaquin District blows life into air plan + San Joaquin smog-control plan approved Click. (FB Reg)

Central Coast: Rail-trail backers celebrate ‘guerilla’ tactics + Nicol wants one of two Capitola council posts + District 23 Not a Lock, Says GOP Challenger Click. (LAT Reg)

Monterey: Cal Am desal plan deemed inadequate + PG&E lawsuit funds go to Elkhorn Slough + GOP Congressional candidate Mark Risley harassed at home, office

Sonoma: Russian River chamber official a suicide + Evans, Krueger records fuel heated state Assembly debate +Sutter hospital plans raise red flag with Memorial + Santa Rosa mayor won't contest mass eviction + Reunification's metaphor has a round head

Contra Costa: Hercules: Ballot item would limit canyon development. Measure M backers want to block dense building plans

Southern California: Simulated infernos helping firefighters protect San Diego County + Waste Management to expand Simi Valley landfill + Hahn willing to meet Inyo County officials + A Clash of 2 Passionate Forces on Ambassador Hotel, LA Conservancy vs. RFK heirs Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A. Will Look at European Trash-to-Energy Plants Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Lead level problems detailed at Tam schools + Spectrum sells 6 East Bay schools + Santa Rosa Jr College sued over garage+ Charter school wants to join district, but Napa officials have concerns+ Browns Valley school land sale approved+ Instructors lend a hearing hand


Pentagon wants all of its personnel to vote

The Sullivan-Clinton Campaign

Blood for pork....

Defense bill would kill $23b lease deal


Ellison hints bid price may be cut

Senators ask SEC to delay expensing rule

Hiding new disability at work is shortsighted

San Francisco's: 90 years and counting for Harley dealer

High-tech industry welcomes tax break

Tyco to Sell Ex-Chief's Apartment for $21 Million

Europe Rejects U.S. Withdrawal From Pact on Aircraft Subsidies

S.E.C. Steps Up Inquiry on Krispy Kreme

Citigroup Sues Italy Over Parmalat Case

Consequences of deficit on horizon. Increased interest rates, fall in dollar possible, experts say

Write-offs for car donations face cuts Click. (SJM Reg)

Alstom to sign 1 billion Euro in contracts with China

Ruling means Hollinger can't recover $1.25 billion from execs


Wisconsin Scientists Develop Quick Botox Test

Experts: Good Hygiene Can Ward Off Flu

Implant offers hope for paralysis patients

Evolution, as told by the louse

Healing Journeys with Suzie Daggett

Radio Astronomers Remove The Blindfold

Breathing Problems During Sleep May Affect Mental Development In Infants And Young Children

New Risks For Bladder Cancer Identified By MIT Team

University Of Montreal Study Shows Superior Sound-location Skills In The Blind

Study Shows Potential For Antarctic Climate Change

Researchers Find Chemosignal That Encourages Women's Sexual Desire

NASA Approves Mission To Seek Nearest Stars, Brightest Galaxies

Bugs In The Gut Could Play Key Role In Understanding Human Disease And Drug Toxicity

Mars Rovers Probing Water History At Two Sites

Livermore Scientists Predict Novel Melt Curve Of Hydrogen Pointing At The Possible Existence Of A New Superfluid State

Top 20 computer threats unveiled

Poison porn pics show up online

Sasser net worm set for long life

Microsoft Looks to Expand Windows at Home


Cheney adopts tougher stance against Iran

US Iraq ally Howard wins historic fourth term in Australia + Owlish Prime Minister an Unlikely Australian Political Success Story

Bush, Kerry Resume Post-Debate Campaigns

Medicaid kids get drugs approved for adult use

Congress: DeLay assails panel, accusers + House passes defense bill + Congress Ends 9.5 Percent Interest Guarantee to Banks on Some Student Loans + Senate Approves DNA Testing Bill


Bush and Kerry Trade Attacks on Credibility

Bush Fails to Win, Stem Kerry's Momentum in Second Debate, Polls Find  + Reuters/Zogby poll: Kerry Takes Slight One-Point Lead Over Bush

Debate: Bush more forceful; Kerry hits new points + After first-debate stumbles, president regains footing + The second debate: Bush mad, Kerry composed Click. + David Corn: Kerry Keeps The Threat Alive + Gary Younge reports from Oil City + Why Bush’s reference to the Dred Scott case is incoherent + Prof Froomkin's opinion + Zlatkin: The war party won the debate

Click. Bush's Mystery Bulge a Wire? (28 New Photos)

Granite State challenge: Some are won over

Mentally ill man challenges Missouri on right to vote


KERRY/EDWARDS: Iran Would Welcome Kerry Camp Proposal-Official + Women help Kerry pull even


William Rivers Pitt: The Scary Little Man

Not Enough Troops – or Truth: Ray McGovern

Tony Blair: Fanatical, Messianic, Dishonest

Bush's incredible shrinking lead

Paul Bremer: What I really said about Iraq

Helen Thomas: Terror fear is the only card Bush has to play Click.

Who's Behind Tort Reform


Aleida Guevara: Riding My Father's Motorcycle

Diary affirmation

A first for charity -- $1 million grant for drinking water. Dirty water called threat to poor communities

Eggs for sale in Reno

Poor kids calling hotels home

La hate cuisine

Rules for getting on no-fly list 'necessarily subjective'

The woman in black explains it all to you

Montana Moves to Resume Bison Hunting; Activists Promise Protests

Freedom riders loaded with tech

'No fly' lists had agencies battling

Berkeley Free speech returns to Sproul. 3,000 pack UC plaza to celebrate 40th anniversary of historic student movement + Free Speech Movement vets look to pass torch to Berkeley students

Academics protest denial of visas to Cubans during Vegas meeting

Papers shed light on U.S. no-fly list. It has grown to include thousands

Click. UK Hit for Caving to FBI/CH/IT on Indymedia Raid

Confiscated books to remain in the Frankfurt Fair

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Lockyer defends same sex marriage ban as tradition. Attorney general argues California law not discriminatory

A knight at the crossroads,
Victor Vasnetsov, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Arab Film Festival in Bay Area

Sonoma: A garden like no other

San Francisco GardenFeast set for this week

Church plans, cooks for Castro Valley Greek Festival

Bob Sylva: A capital sculptor fashions a novel view of a beloved St. Francis' humanity

French philosopher Derrida dies

Mellow, mystical Mexico

The Life of Pie

Paris summer fashion: Gaultier chic at Hermes, confident Chloe

Stardom: Green Day: American IDIOTS?

Clandestine Explorers Roam Ancient Paris Tunnels

Getting away from it all in Baja

Credible UFO witnesses not sufficient proof

A Big Easy way to say goodbye

The Five Points

Too good to be true

Tiger Woods, Robin Williams, Tony Randall, Daniel Pearl

Current cinema: "Vera Drake", "Stage Beauty"

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher: Chanel-surfing: Nicole, Karl and Co. in Paris

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 8, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Sheraton hit by 2 rockets -- no safe zone in Baghdad + Pentagon Sets Steps to Retake Iraq Rebel Sites + Is Kirkuk About to Explode?: Aaron Glantz + Hospital: US Strike Kills 14 at Iraqi Wedding + Al-Sadr disarmament offer welcomed + Lifeless Towns Typify US-Iraqi Achievements + American soldier killed in Falluja; Iraqi press man killed in Musil + 2nd Brigade Combat Team roundup has yielded 75 suspects in Iraq Click. + Orders of battle +Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Pentagon Meddling Crippled Postwar Humanitarian Aid in Iraq

Hostages: Hostage Ken Bigley is killed + Full text: Bigley family statement + Bigley family's three-week nightmare + Profile: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi + Brother Says British Prime Minister Has "blood on His Hands"  + British captive in Iraq reported killed + Indonesian Hostages Arrive Home + More hostages

War prisons: Guantanamo tribunal begins hearing six cases + Afghan torture trial begins in UK + The Abu Ghraib Supplementary Documents Click.

AFGHANISTAN: Enemy lurks behind Afghan town's cheery waves. + Cloud of threats hangs over Afghanistan vote

MIDDLE EAST: Deadly blasts rip Sinai hotel. Israelis on holiday in Egypt are rocked by Hilton explosion + Rescue Workers Pick Through Wreckage + Two US embassy staff wounded + Al-Qaeda 'behind Egypt bombings' + Tragic new chapter in history of town synonymous with the peace process + ISRAEL: Al Qaeda Enters the War

Al-Assad and Khatami hold talks in Damascus

Asad's Alawi dilemma Click.

RUSSIA: Soldier Shortage + Laughing in the face of danger

EUROPE: Berlyskoni, Qathafi inaugurate large gas project

ASIA PACIFIC: Japan Defense Chief: Talks on U.S. Troops 'Grueling'


Many Helped Iraq Evade U.N. Sanctions On Weapons + CIA Releases Oil-for-Food 'Secret Lists' + CIA: Russia Got Rich Violating Sanctions + Saddam's spies had grip on Iraq + How proof became a burden + France says report's bribe claims are bid to smear Chirac

Federal Base Opens to Secure Northeastern U.S. Border Using Planes, Helicopters, Boats

Investigators keep open mind over Indonesian embassy blast in Paris

House rejects Senate terrorism proposal + Intelligence Bill Passed By Senate

FSB Officer Arrested in Kidnapping

U.N. May Adopt Anti-Terror Resolution

Soviet Secret Police Monument Opened

Terrorist Espionage on the Rise in Korea

Japan latest player in high-tech spy game

New Franklin/AIPAC Spy Case Page On the Jonathon Pollard Web Site

The CNSAS Securitate

U.S. Vividly Wraps Up Case Against Lawyer for Sheik + Prosecution Rests in N.Y. Terror Trial

Judge's interview of a witness in anti-terror case troubles lawyers

US gets new cyber security chief

Judge scolds US in Hatfill's case

Military Begins New Test Series for National Missile Defense System


More Problems for Bush Military Nominees

Are Commercial Wargames Better Than Pentagon Wargames?

SUBMARINES: Swedish Mercenaries Stalk U.S. Warships


What happened on the Canadian submarine + The Beatles had a better submarine

In three-stage drawdown, 12,500 US troops will leave S. Korea by 2008

Profile: Personal development is a big part of airman's life

Military Begins Missile-Defense Exercises




Judge's interview of a witness in antiterror case troubles lawyers

Ex-NASA Worker Pleads Innocent of Fake Inspections

Racketeering suit against Conrad Black dismissed

Judge bashes police in cop's fatal crash

Orting judge convicted of molesting child

Google used to identify 1993 hit-and-run victim in Yakima

UK: Severely ill baby ought to be allowed to die, judge tells parents

Inmate and Female Prison Guard Found in Texas Motel After Six Days on the Lam

Court Allows Wage Abuse Suit Against Wal-Mart to Proceed


Lockyer pushes for law requiring handgun ammo to carry traceable codes

Political Disclosure Rules Equate Domestic Partners With Spouses Click. (LAT Reg)

Santa Clara: Body found on South County roadside + Morgan Hill names new police chief + Magazine peddler held in 80-year-old woman's assault + Menlo Park: Neighbor aids assault victim, 80-year-old woman + Lawyer for DEA agent accused of killing Rudy Cardenas, says Deputy D.A. had "off-the-record" discussion with grand jury + Sunnyvale: Safety officer charged in DUI stop

Contra Costa: Pittsburgh police chief welcomes state review of false reports and more + Police hit Lafayette drug house

San Francisco, San Mateo: Daly City priest Joseph Superasio will be retried on molestation counts + Suspect arrested in flashing incidents + Newsom mailer sparks Republican ire

Sacramento: Investment firm Triple Crown Enterprises denies racehorse-breeding scam + Grand Jury probes 2 Elk Grove council members for conflicts of interest + A second suicide in Sacramento County jail this year + Daughter is shocked by gruesome discovery of mother beaten to death

Marin: Novato lawyer Hough wins top state honors for public service

Alameda County: Fremont: Couple arrested in death of toddler. 2-year-old had been in foster parents' care for 2 weeks + Judge issues key decisions in Northern California church abuse cases+ Oakland crime drop greeted optimistically + Artists help taggers see bigger picture + Parole denied for Joseph Michael Remiro, 58, a former member of the Symbionese Liberation Army, who killed Oakland schools superintendent Marcus Foster Click.

Monterey: Salinas shooter changes pot-charge plea + Salinas officer rescues woman from dog + Teen injured in foot in Salinas shooting

Sonoma: 500 face eviction from SR complex

Southern California: State audits L.A. charity, Color Me Freedom Foundation + Culver City police chief helped official's son in earlier case + Prosecutor of Blake says Christian Brando theory lacks evidence + San Diego: Hunter pleads not guilty to starting wildfire

Michael Jackson: Documents released urging court to remove D.A. from Jackson case


The Governor:  Gov. says he'll take on special interests in coming year + In San Jose, Gov. decries gambling ballot measures + Gov. stifles expansion of parks + Field Poll: Schwarzenegger solid with voters + Dan Walters: Gov. compiles a mixed record but remains wildly popular + Gov. may address flu shot shortage + Flu shot crisis: Health officials may declare state of emergency, take legal action

Revenue estimate cut on tribe-backed bonds + Treasurer questions viability of $2 billion in state bond sales + Treasurer says suits could leave budget $2 billion short

Fight lingers over Senate leadership

Schools on terror alert + Computer discs found in Iraq had data on California schools

Bay Bridge costs could force design change. State officials are told to consider new plan for span

Shelley: Allegations against Shelley amplify + Shelley used state resources in 2002 race + Shelley linked to partisan vote drive. Contract worker with his office gave guidance to Dems

Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante is quietly exploiting a loophole in state law and opening trade offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Beijing, despite the Legislature's repeated attempts to do away with state trade offices Click. (OCR Reg)

Propositions: Religion, health concerns come to odds on Prop. 71 + No on Proposition 72: 'Cure' worse than illness + Klaas kin backs Three Strikes limit Click. (FB Reg)

Campaign finance data for all state races online

How to vote

Indian tribes: Indian tribe unveils plans for casino near Oakland Airport + Lake tribe plans casino near Oakland airport


Federal grant for wine industry for improve environmental quality

Congress passes CalFed water bill after 4-year delay. Program designed to balance needs of farmers, cities + CalFed bill hailed by water users, criticized by environmentalists

Santa Clara: VTA postpones decision on public relations pact + East Palo Alto council candidates face hot issues

Contra Costa: Martinez: Dedication scheduled at Dutra Ranch as permanent open space

Alameda: Livermore muralist refuses to fix misspelled work + 11 of mosaic's 175 famous names misspelled + Cell phone towers opposed. Proposals would put antennas on schools in Albany, El Cerrito + Oakland: New church complex OKd near Lake Merritt + Oakland weighs casino gamble + Parking plan for Oakland airport expansion in flux + Alameda work/live law will go back to voters + Fremont council rejects mayor's hillside request + San Ramon: Norris Canyon project to proceed + East Bay gossip

San Francisco: Pressured by mayor, planning chief quits. Green oversaw development during dot-com boom + S.F. Bay refuge called endangered. Haven threatened with pollution, litter, habitat loss, Defenders of Wildlife says + Hotel talks resume today + Friday fish stew: Reilly gets real+ Sewer rate hikes supported

Sacramento: R.E. Graswich: Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento spar over blame for levee erosion + Subdivision signs face crackdown + Roseville, local officials join forces on budget stability measure

Central Valley: Podesto takes 'no new taxes' pledge in debate + Little of the $6 billion fed funds flowing to Northern San Joaquin Valley, Foothills in 2003 benefited local programs + Waterford council takes first step to senior project + Valley hospitals carry concerns to Capitol Hill + Modesto Memorial Medical Center launches expansion + Growth is top priority for Oakdale candidates + 3 seek Newman council seats

Marin: Corte Madera: Trial plant to tap bay for drinking water +San Anselmo: Let's get naked! And sign up voters + Sonoma vote on transit tax will impact Marin County + Activists get naked for voting reminder

Monterey: Flanders Mansion in Carmel on top of sale list + Pacific Grove candidate defends residency status

Sonoma: Petaluma campaign funds now outpace larger Santa Rosa + Yardbirds spends big in Cotati fight + Battle of the Blogs: Evans versus Kreuger

Southern California: County Health Officials Call for Condoms in Porn Movies + Simulated infernos helping firefighters protect San Diego County + Riverside Vote Fraud Found, Official Says Click. (LAT Reg) + L.A. Report Urges Overhaul of Firefighting Systems Click. (LAT Reg) + Cedar fire in San Diego called intentional Click.

School days: For second year, high school lacks campus of its own + New Auburn school panelists to get early test+ San Francisco teachers could get break on housing if plan gets go-ahead + San Francisco: School relies on eyes, not metal detectors re: guns + UCLA Chancellor: school may have to raise tuition in coming years + Mill Valley schools pass lead test + Monterey Bay Charter School could close unless sponsor is found + Nextel to set up antennas at Newark junior high + Newark: Delayed upgrades vex staff, students + Newark: Low-bid law may impede progress + Livermore sends 30 students to sister-city program in Japan + Two candidates vie for unattractive school board post: Santa Cruz City Schools + No payback for Vallejo schools +Goliath vs. Goliath in Battle to Expand School Click. (LAT Reg)

Veterans of the Free Speech Movement recall its boisterous birth on UC campus

Arabic books seized as anti-Semitism cited

Swastika on new Philip Roth novel raises storm in Germany

NYPD Questioned on Fingerprinting of GOP Convention Protesters

Paynter: Plans for a draft-dodger memorial are reason to reflect


Crude Oil Rises to Record $53.31 as Port Closing Adds to Supply Concerns

Accountant claims retaliation over Fannie Mae

Tech workforce's ranks shrinking Click (SJM Reg)

Heir Buyout Co.: Sorry for your loss. Would a cash advance ease your pain?


Chiron flu fiasco: U.S. Likely Would Have Shut Chiron Plant-FDA Chief + Honor System Employed at Chain Stores' Flu Shot Clinics + Flu Vaccine Stalled in England Unlikely to Be Cleared for U.S. Use

Post office gets devices for anthrax

NASA Approves Mission To Seek Nearest Stars, Brightest Galaxies

Some Anti-Psychotic Medications May Trigger Diabetes

Livermore Scientists Predict Novel Melt Curve Of Hydrogen Pointing At The Possible Existence Of A New Superfluid State

Recycling Of Scrapped Electronics Studied At MIT

New Model Shows Calcium Control Is Key For Synapse Homeostasis

Tiny Arm Shuttles Electrons In A New Transistor

Gene From 1918 Virus Proves Key To Virulent Influenza

Study Lays Down Genetic Basis For Sinus Disease And Nasal Polyps

Epsom-like Salts Could Reveal History Of Water On Mars

New University College London Unit Holds Out Hope Of Repair Of Spinal Cord Injuries

A Treatment, Not A Cure: Calcium Silicate Neutralizes An Acidic Stream

Hieroglyphics Cracked 1,000 Years Earlier Than Thought

Viruses Found In Untreated City Water; Study Shows River Water, Sewer Lines Are Possible Sources

Internet bigwigs upbeat

Mike Langberg: Phishers hooking bigger catches

Oracle bid has wiggle room

Podcasts: New Twist on Net Audio

Lab's New BlueGene/L Re-establishes U.S. Dominance In Supercomputers


Bush Asks Congress for More Hurricane Aid

US posts tepid jobs growth in September, potential blow to Bush

Bush: Report Shows Saddam Was Threat + Cheney: Report Finding No WMD Justifies War + Definitive and deadly

Congress: Editorial: Tax-cut trough + Tax bill leaves out top Hollywood priority, leaving Democrats fuming + Lawmakers work for last-minute deal on disaster relief + Silicon Valley tax break on overseas earnings OKd by House (Pelosi slams Boxer-backed measure as pork" + Pelosi calls on DeLay to resign. Ethics rebukes batter Republican House leader + House rejects spy reform bill similar to Senate's version


Bush, Kerry Neck and Neck in Time Poll + Bush, Kerry Race Is a Toss-up With Weeks Left, National, State Polls Show

Debate: Uncommitted to fill 2d debate audience + Bush confronted with bad news from Iraq going into 2nd debate Click. + Tonight's debate: Bush to rely on attack as best form of defense

In battle for swing states, young voters are top prize. Both campaigns woo under-30 set as a pivotal bloc

Reclusive Amish could be thrown into election battleground

Democrats challenge Fla. voting policy + NAACP sues Fla. county over voting site

BUSH/CHENEY: Poll of U.S. youth links Bush and draft reinstatement + Cheney once pushed to lift Iran sanctions + Booklet That Upset Mrs. Cheney Is History Click. (LAT Reg) + Bush twin chose skin over skull and bones + Engler: Cheney's Salvador

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry pushing stem cell message + Kerry backs tougher laws on education / He would 'fully fund' program by repealing Bush's tax cuts + Kerry's Plan to Rein In Outsourcing Has Holes Click. (LAT Reg)


George Will: Why some Democrats so hate Bush

Mark Morford: It Will All Be Over Soon

Where's debate about Supreme Court?

Bush's campaign of distortion

Xymphora: They're starting to administer truth serum in the asylum

Larry Franklin's October Surprise: Justin Raimondo

Greeley: Exiting Iraq is the only solution

Pickett: White House puts politics above women's health care

Sidelined Neocons Stoke Future Fires: Jim Lobe

Chris Floyd: Dirty glass: Making atrocity the law of the land Click.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: George W. Bush's crimes against Click.

Paul Krugman: Ignorance isn't strength Click.

Blood for pork....

McClellan Air Force Base loss is questioned

Boeing loses US Air Force contract + Congress Nullifies $23 Billion Deal With Boeing for Air Tankers


Kenya's Maathai Wins Green Nobel Peace Prize

At UC Berkeley Molly Ivins' left-leaning humor hits mark

Virginity Still Key to Marriage for Moroccan Women

Stardom: It's PARTY Time

Online dating lures 60-plus players

A Fishy Tale

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Tension grips gay rights caravan

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Sirius offers shares, bonds after Stern deal

Mini Radio Stations

New Google Service May Strain Old Ties in Bookselling

Upstart rap station Power 92.7 had its eyes on big, bad KMEL, but didn't watch its back Click.

Lions Gate to use satellite to show new film

Device translates spoken Japanese and English?

Judith Miller on 'Today': Issue Is Whether She Can Protect Sources

APME Convention Will Mix Reader 'Embeds' with Game-Show Gimmicks

Bush biographer sued for plagiarism

Move to Raise Indecency Fines Scuttled in Congress

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

A knight at the crossroads,
Victor Vasnetsov, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Palo Alto public art preview

At urging of Maria Shriver, revamped museum may honor women

Fleet Week kicks off today -- but Blue Angels not part of the show. Canadian stunt team will perform Saturday, Sunday + Fleet Week events

Mill Valley still a star at Film Festival + Mill Valley Film Festival has helped launch many a career

Marin: The art of inspiration: Painter's fiery lecture uplifts local teens

World's elite cyber players compete for cash in San Francisco

Rio Vista bass festival opens

Pacific Rim Film Festival offers Santa Cruzans a glimpse into other worlds

Union City has high hopes for arts festival

Oscar Wilde Collection for Auction

Separating the actor's persona from the movie

Artist Barney Looks to Brazilian Gods in New Film

Kidman the star of Chanel's red-carpet summer

Russian musical rises from the dead two years after hostage tragedy

French special effects studios have everyone shouting "encore"

Virginia Woolf, The Waves

The history of the Magician card

Comic book artist recreates ancient Rome

A war of the sexes on the boards

Painters take reality beyond the camera

The snaps of a royal paparazza

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 7, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Rockets Hit Baghdad's Sheraton Hotel + Rockets slam into Baghdad hotels + US Soldiers Will Remain in Samarra Indefinitely + Top Aide to Iraq Cleric al-Sadr Says Cease-fire Deal Reached + Al-Sadr aide released + Iraqis may sue US over invasion + Iraqi military camp attacked + Raid captures Iraqi mortar mastermind+ Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Of the $18.4 Billion to Rebuild Iraq, Less Than Seven Percent Actually Spent + Union for UN staff objects to Iraq duty + Iraq's water, sanitation services failing

Hostages: UK Hostage's Brother Urges Support for Antiwar Demonstration + UK Will 'Listen' to Kidnappers, but Still Won't Negotiate

War prisons: Hundreds Released From Prisons in Iraq; Human Rights Lawyers Say Conditions Have Improved

AFGHANISTAN: PART 3: Safe haven in Bamiyan + Monitors in the dark

IRAN: Iran's hardliners tighten their squeeze

SYRIA: Ex-U.S. ambassador: Syria's Assad ready for unconditional talks with Israel

MIDDLE EAST: Explosion in Hotel at Israel-Egypt Border - Radio + Israeli Military Kills Three Palestinians in Gaza

RUSSIA: Russia sees revival of Jewish community + Exhibit sparks rage in church of the czars

EUROPE: Spain Bucks EU Trend with Immigration Amnesty

Tony Blair Calls for European Union Reaction Force for Africa Conflicts + Blair in Ethiopia to Explore Ways of Solving Some of the Most Difficult Problems Facing Africa

ASIA PACIFIC: Car Bomb Kills 40 at Pakistan Religious Rally

AMERICAS: Powell: Brazil Bid for UN Security Council Seat Solid + UN Atomic Agency, Brazil Reach Agreement

Chileans Warm to Female Presidential Hopefuls


Read the CIA Report On Iraqi WMD

Intelligence Bill Passed By Senate + Senate Approves 9/11 Bill at Odds With House Version

Government alerts schools about terror threat

After Convictions, the Undoing of a U.S. Terror Prosecution

eBay executive to work with Homeland Security

Saddam: Saddam Was More Concerned About Iran Than the US + Hussein Made $11 Billion Off Illicit Oil Sales, CIA Reports + CIA: Saddam Bought Off Countries, People with Oil + France disputes Iraq bribe claims + France Says Allegations in U.S. Arms Inspector's Report on Iraq Need Verification; Others Implicated Reject Them Outright

US: Mexico Not a Haven for Terrorists + AP Interview: U.S. Official Sees Risk of Terrorists Infiltrating U.S. From Mexico, but No Evidence Yet

Islamic Group Defies Ban, Draws Educated Pakistanis, wants to remove pro-US Pakistan gov't

German spy chief says bin Laden is alive

Note in bin Laden library book spurs FBI inquiry

Xymphora on E. Howard Hunt

North Korean hackers sabotage computer networks of South Korea

India, the US and nuclear proliferation US spy vs. Indian spy Terrorism links in Indonesia point to military

U.S. Senators Seek Release of Activist from China

US envoy admits 'espionage' charge

Belarus Unveils Memorial to KGB Founder Dzerzhinsky

Closer watch of FBI translation unit OK'd

Local author describes life as the daughter of a CIA agent

Europe to launch 50 satellites

U.S. Grand Jury Indicts a Briton, Charging He Supported Terrorists

Central America Terror Reports Downplayed

Spain Arrests Five ETA Suspects Primed for Action

Malaysian arrested for role in Jakarta Marriott bombing

Al-Qaida bomb plot trial begins in France

Buoys to Help Coast Guard Track Ships

Experts Say Control Systems Vulnerable

Five on trial for planning 'Kristallnacht' neo-Nazi bomb attack on Jewish centre




Kobe Bryant's accuser must be identified in civil lawsuit, federal judge says

UN Panel to Frame Guidelines on Legality of Preemptive Strike

Congressman Henry Waxman calls for action over problems with criminals using fake gun dealer license

Ex-treasurer says Enron sham a desperate act

A Massachusetts District Attorney's Clever Tactic in the Child Sex Abuse Wars: Bringing, then Dismissing, a Child Rape Indictment Against a Catholic Bishop


A day before jail, Martha's lawyers attack gov't tactics + Martha's lock-jawed

Woman: I lied about missing Florida girl

Arizona Bankruptcy Judge Sets Six-Month Deadline for Abuse Claims Against Tucson Diocese

Kodak, Sun Microsystems Settle a High-Stakes Lawsuit Over Java

Charges dropped in autistic kid's outburst


Lawsuit accuses SBA of cover-up

Santa Clara: Sunnyvale officer may face charges in traffic case + Program aims to limit influence of gangs

Sacramento: Ex-cable installer is convicted of sex counts

Alameda: Oakland: 2 guilty of selling ecstasy to DEA agents + Hayward landlord faces federal charge for asbestos dust + Oakland: Massage therapist faces assault counts + Bank robber wins $15,000 from Oakland. Cop kicked armed bandit during his arrest in 1998 + Deputy D.A. James Hugh Anderson retired. He loved putting men on death row + Oakland: Jury finds teenager guilty of murder in street slaying + Fremont: Blunt-force injuries caused toddler's death + Fremont: Shooting victim's brother testifies during hearing

San Francisco: S.F. investment adviser (RS investment, execs) penalized + Boutique mutual fund RS Investment settles timing case for $30 million + Mission High student arrested with gun + Chris Caen: When The City was classy

Sonoma: Ukiah woman gets 10 years for killing father

Central Valley: Two dead, one hurt in Stockton attack + Stanislaus County bigamy case raises some eyebrows

Central Coast: Santa Cruz: Elder-care facilities owner has yet to repay swindled money

Monterey: 7-Eleven fined after explosion probe + Salinas: Street quiet on day of shooting

Solano: Accused phone menace faces local charges

Southern California: Grand jury indicts hunter who allegedly started San Diego wildfire + LA judge dismisses murder charge due to expert witnesses' errors + Mel Gibson gets extension on restraining order against man accused of trespassing

Scott Peterson: Juries hesitant on death penalty


The Governor:  Gov. back on the campaign trail + House Democrats say Gov. hasn't delivered federal funds + Governor May Face Obstacles to Winning Viable Drug Plan Click. (LAT Reg) + Daniel Weintraub: Gov. should abandon 'exotic' borrowing

Invitation wording causes Perata to cancel fund-raiser. Donors told they could discuss issues with state senator

Shelley's office is again linked to partisan work + Shelley hires investigator to question former aides + Shelley's silence

Boxer holds comfortable lead. Poll shows Jones still suffers from identity problem + Jones Urges No Change in 3 Strikes Click. (LAT Reg)

Stark defends vote for red herring draft bill

House OKs $395 million water bill, sends to Bush. Itmay improve Central Valley reservoirs

Propositions: Scott Herhold: Prop. 71 wrong way to pay for stem cell research + Prop. 68 backers calling it quits + Prop. 68 would have ended tribes' casino monopoly + A look at fund-raising and spending on Calif. propositions + Gambling, insurance, stem-cell research battles fuel spending

DMV allowing eligible drivers to renew their licenses over Net

State hopes to reap federal specialty crop funds

New smog law snags older vehicles

Indian tribes: Oakland: Tribe wants to build casino near airport + Richmond council stays neutral on casino

The recall also-rans -- where are they now?

LOCAL NEWS:   TOO YOUNG TO DIE: Part Five: Saving Babies

Experts test out Bay Area radio links

Santa Clara: Assemblywoman Rebecca Cohn probe still unresolved + Assembly candidate Steve Poizner'sfortune fueling tight contest + Affordable housing becomes hot topic as council election approaches + East P.A. to disband condo panel

Contra Costa: Cozy community of Pleasant Hill makes room for business + Pavilion's jazz festival gets back in groove + Richmond councilman Tom Butt's censure fades with silence + Pombo takes up Packs' baby bid + Vasco ready to safely rumble

Sacramento and North: Vintage Lodi: Region boasts of major strides in wine industry + Sacramento decentralization power shift getting costlier + Folsom: Asbestos worries, measures are aired + Roseville race may hinge on growth + Butte biotech allies hold home-grown funding edge + Anti-outsourcing measure advances

Alameda: Marjie Lundstrom: Ballot measure asks Berkeley voters to turn down heat on hookers + Shirek factor stirs up Berkeley's cauldron of council politicking. Protege's backers fear her candidacy will help elect foe + Tribe proposes casino near airport + Oakland: Planners light way for city cathedral overlooking Lake Merritt + Oakland Port approves bonuses for frugal execs + Fremont council tackles utility tax measure details

Napa: Famed architect's design upsets Napa + Maguire's campaign coffers are AmCan's deepest

Sonoma, Lake: Lake County rivals see eye to eye + Taylor leads in Santa Rosa council fund raising + Windsor Council spurns developer + $65,950 raised for Santa Rosa sales tax hike measure

Marin: HUD ruling jars local agencies + Bay water test plant approved + Breast cancer, chemicals linked + County to dissect use of bus routes + Civic Center emptied after bomb scare + Death row expansion causes friction

San Francisco: Who is GOP's Andrew Felder running v. Migden? + Planning Commission to rule on director + Talks due to resume Friday in S.F. hotel dispute + Teng involved in nephew's hiring. Assessor changed requirements for 2 jobs in her office

Central Valley: Turlock: Not exactly a Valley Girl, she feels she belongs here+ Manteca seeks tax hikes for safety + Nauseating chemical fumes drive 11 from Modesto homes+ Oakdale delays decision on water system + Worker killed in Volta tomato cannery accident + Patterson priorities put forth + Growth is key issue on Livingston ballot + Livingston city clerk facing a challenger + Heinz flaunting permits with Escalon's complicity + Motel taxes sound for local government

Southern California: 60,000 San Bernardino County Ballots Flawed Click. (LAT Reg) + Project Begins to Restore Bolsa Chica wetlands Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Cal State considers ditching Hayward for East Bay label + Livermore District's classified employees sign deal + Concord school officials propose cameras to stop vandals + Ross: Parents asked to describe ideal superintendent + Union City district moves forward on tax + A day in the life of the disabled + Deputy heads back to Danville school + Millions, in federal tutor funds unused in San Francisco + L.A. Community College District changes PR firms + Chapman University breaks ground on high-tech film facility Click. (OC Reg)


U.S. Soldiers Honor 130 Fallen Comrades as Division Welcomed Home From Iraq

Navy refuses Purple Heart to officer injured by laser from Russian ship

Crewman Critical as Crippled Canadian Sub Drifts  

Republican Convention Protesters Sue NY on Arrests

It's not Big Brother, but someone's watching at Cal Berkeley

Berkeley students say a Free Speech movement wouldn't happen these days Click.

Prof Pursued by Mob of Bloggers

RFID Driver's Licenses Debated

TIA revived


Chiron flu fiasco: Healthy folks snag flu shots. Despite big shortage of vaccine, many people not considered high risk line up for needle anyway + Tamiflu may help fill void + Vaccine debacle clouds the future of Chiron + Economics of flu shots + 6 million doses of suspect vaccine in U.S. warehouses. Quarantined since August pending tests + Vaccine failure underscores antiquated productions system + U.S. and UK Discuss Chiron Flu Vaccine Crisis

Stanford Scientists Help Bring Study Of Smallpox Virus Into 'Molecular Age'

Diets for people with genetic food related illnesses

Study of Cell Breakdown Captures Nobel

Article on Celebrex cox-2 drug risk hits Pfizer shares

Indian Elephants Fight Losing Battle with Man

Discovery Of The Oldest Remains Of A Woman Who Died In Childbirth

Endoscopic Approach Best For Repairing Bone Defect Between Brain, Nasal Cavity

Exercise Increases Bone Mass: Start Early For Long-Lasting Effects

Doctors turn to 'swapping' kidneys between families

Exercise Increases Bone Mass: Start Early For Long-Lasting Effects

Most Promising Clinical Uses For Stem Cells From Fat Agreed On By International Society

Dying Cells Encourage Neighbors To Grow

Scientists Begin Validation Study Of Test To Detect Recurrence Of Bladder Cancer

Good News: As You Age, Leg Blood Vessels Adapt So You Can Still Exercise Without Fainting

Saliva Samples Offer Potential Alternative To Blood Testing

Cyberknife Radiosurgery Is A Safe And Effective Treatment For Benign Tumors,

U-M Team Treating Mouth Wounds By Engineering Tissue Grafts

Vein Camera Keeps Injections on Target

Diabetes 'catastrophe' means twice as many will suffer from it by 2010

Stem Cells Rescue Mouse Embryos From Lethal Birth Defect

Next Step To The Quantum Computer: University Of Bonn Physicists Build Quantum Data Memory

JPEG images can be infected with malicious code

Robotic Fish Gather Data, Prize

Hot Wheels Hit the Road


Bush Battles CIA Report, Bremer Remarks on Iraq Ahead of Tomorrow's Debate

Bush: Iraq War Justified Despite Wrong WMD Claims

Cheney Defends Iraq War Despite Absence of WMD

Bush: Damaging blow as poll battle intensifies

U.S. Report Finds Iraqis Eliminated Illicit Arms in 90's + Reports put pressure on Bush over Iraq invasion + Only Hussein Had Full Picture +U.S. 'Almost All Wrong' on Weapons + Key findings of CIA Iraqi WMD Report

Paul Bremer: Inner Circle No More?

France Considered Committing Troops to Iraq, New Book Says

Bush postpones election year doctor's visit. Why?

Congress: Senate passes spy upgrade bill. House GOP to pursue own plan in the face of 96-2 vote to improve intelligence system + House ethics panel rebukes Republican leader 2nd time + House moves to end big student loan subsidies for banks + House OKs bill to extend veterans' health benefits + Corporate tax bill heads to Senate, House without tobacco regulation + Big business tax cuts approved


RAMPING UPON ON ELECTION TERROR: FBI to get help on Election Day plots + FBI questions Muslims, Arabs in U.S. in terror probe + Arab, Muslim Americans Wary of New FBI Outreach + Election warning causes anxiety + Block the vote: Bush's 'terrorists want to disrupt the election' meme is working Click.

Thurs. Reuters/Zogby: Bush Holds Narrow Two-Point Lead on Kerry

Bush says Kerry pursues 'strategy of retreat'. President rips rival on Iraq stance, economic agenda

Report: University campaign donations surge, most go to Kerry

Michigan Absentee Ballot Favors Bush

BUSH/CHENEY: Stump Speech Retooled, Bush Goes on Attack + Bush revives push for Social Security reform + Fact says Cheney got it wrong about Halliburton + W hints Kerry a coward

KERRY/EDWARDS: Michael J. Fox back on TV - in stem-cell ad for Kerry + Heinz Kerry presses health plan during Washington area visit


Bush's Case for War Crumbles: Jim Lobe

Michael Moore: Republicans, out of ideas, ask prosecutors to arrest me Click.

Waking The Left Up To Skull And Bones

The war on terror has been a great success

Huffington: The Numbers Game

Cheney's fading credibility

The unsung truth about the war

The myth of 'security moms'

Richard Schwartz: Cheney & Edwards like LBJ & RFK

Naomi Klein: why the US fears Moqtada al-Sadr

Blumenthal: The day that Dick Cheney was silenced

Blood for pork....

Air Force general's nomination yanked over Boeing controversy

LEAKGATES  FBI Audit Leaves Vital Questions Unanswered: Sibel Edmonds


AT&T to Fire 20 Percent of Workforce, Write Down $11.4 Billion in Assets

Crude Oil Soars to Record $53, Gaining More Than $10 Since Hurricane Ivan

Pfizer Defends Celebrex's Safety After Report on Risks Drives Down Shares

KPMG Will Pay $115 Million to Settle Lernout & Hauspie Shareholder Lawsuit

Conway admits vilifying Ellison

Too much auditing, not enough auditors

Execs defend Fannie Mae practices

Big Debate: Cal, Stanford scholars tackle economy

Moonves Could Gain Despite Infinity's Loss

US pensions agency issues warning

India's tickets to US sold out

EU to Give Vintners $500 Million in Subsidies


Diana Griego Erwin: Discussion of recruiters' access to kids leaves everyone up in arms

Wal-Mart wins fight to build near Mexican ruins

AP Interview: Leading Anglican Archbishop Says Episcopal Church Cannot Be Trusted

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay activists mark a grim anniversary. Brutal 1998 slaying left legacy of pain and hope in Laramie + Bay Area: 1st study of black same-sex couples

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Judge holds NY Times reporter Judith Miller in contempt for refusing to name sources + Judge Orders Judith Miller Jailed, Sulzberger Promises 'Fight'

Limbaugh Plans to Appeal Seizure of Medical Records + Limbaugh livid after court OKs data grab

Can Howard Stern Lure Sirius Listeners?

ABC TV lost and desperate no more

Google offers new book-search feature

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers

A knight at the crossroads,
Victor Vasnetsov, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

San Francisco Fleet Week events

San Francisco: Milestone of Chinese history celebrated this weekend

Annual walk gives Fruitvale life

Search for spiritual awareness has Brits looking in Turlock

Tree carvings in California

14 skulls are found at site of old Indian village

Fiery Austrian Writer Wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Paris fashion week: chic Celine, Stella McCartney's carefree summer

New fiction by Charles D’Ambrosio

The Origins and Ancient History of Wine

The Life of Merlin

The grave of Elizabeth Crockett

Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian

Where have all the playwrights gone?

Yakutsk find baffles archaeologists

Rush & Molloy: A nail-biter for Fox's quotemeister

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Brit, manager do the split

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 6, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S. moves on lawless zone south of Baghdad + Suicide Car Bomber Kills 16 People in Western Iraq + Video: US Pilots Celebrate as They Kill Civilians + Iraq PM Says No Truce Deal With Sadr Militia + Sunni Cleric Warns of Jihad Unless Killing of Civilians Stops + Pentagon: About 200 US Troops Wounded in Iraq Last Week + Seven Months Into Iraq, Japan's Troops Haven't Fired a Shot + Iraq leaders vow to retake rebel enclaves as British FM visits + U.S. ambassador has high profile in Afghanistan + Negotiations seek peace in Fallujah + Now for the real battle of Samarrah Take them out, dude: pilots toast hit on Iraqi 'civilians' + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Iraqi Indicted for Proposal to Open Talks With Israel

Hostages: Dubious plan to free French hostages snags Chirac in fiasco + 'Giving in to Terror': Now or Later?: Frank Johnson + Gaddafi appeals for release of Bigley

War prisons: Federal appeals panel rules on bond matter involving Iranian brothers + I Demand to Be Freed From Gitmo: MoazzamBegg + The Hamdi Case Mocks Justice + Guantanamo Prisoner Denies Interrogator's Statements, Says He Has Been Mistreated by American Troops

AFGHANISTAN: For Karzai, tribal ties seen as key to victory + As Afghanistan prepares to vote, the Taliban's 'night letters' and bullets spread message of fear

MIDDLE EAST: Israeli missile attack kills 2 Islamic Jihad leaders. Second air strike kills 2 other militants + Israel: Palestinian State Shelved with U.S. Blessing + Israel Arrests 13 UN Employees for 'Terror Links' + Ex-U.S. official Indyk: Syria's Assad ready for unconditional talks with Israel

RUSSIA: Russia to spend million dollars on anti-terrorist struggle in 2004 + Russia plans to conquer space again + Beslan killing frenzy was sparked by accidental bomb blast in school

EUROPE: Turkey's (conditional) green light

Click. Hundreds of French troops parachuted into Kosovo on Wednesday

AFRICA: Blair issues list of demands on "terrible" situation in Darfur + Sudan agrees peace plan after Blair sets deadline

Talks stall as oil-rich Nigeria heads closer to all-out strike

Seoul, Tokyo and the nuclear card


Pentagon Israeli Spy Rejects Plea Deal

Arab, Muslim Americans Wary of New FBI Outreach

Saved by the Cell

MIRV and Counter-MIRV

Is America's most-wanted man dead or alive?

British Computer Expert Indicted on Terror Charges

Jewish officials predict no long-term damage from 'mole' inquiry

Krongard unclear on future after CIA

A short history of women at the FBI

Introduction: The Making of a Whistleblower

FBI Whistleblowers: A Short List

A Q&A with Fred Whitehurst, the first FBI whistleblower to go public

Senate FBI Watchdog Chuck Grassley on Jane Turner and the Bureau

FBI's backlog is overstated


Controlling SARS easier than thought

CHIRON FAILURE: Blow for flu vaccine maker + Plant making half of U.S. flu vaccine ordered shut / Healthy Americans asked to yield doses to most vulnerable + Limited vaccines 'not an emergency' -- new guide on who needs shots

New Biosensor Rapidly Detects Deadly Foodborne Pathogen

Research Team Develops Nonhuman Primate Model Of Smallpox Infection


Oil Prices Surpass $52 a Barrel on Nigeria Worries, Shrinking Heating Oil Supplies

PeopleSoft open to higher Oracle bid Fannie Mae CEO fights for his job + Regulator Says Fannie Mae Execs May Need to Go + Congress hears from Fannie Mae CEO

120% rate for Wells Fargo payday advances Click.

US and Europe launch subsidies battle to civil aircraft carriers

US scraps aviation deal with Europe, files WTO case over Airbus deal




Former NASA Inspector Accused of Lying About Shuttle Checks Before and After Columbia Disaster Click.

Ashcroft Says Justice Department Will Launch Tougher Crackdown on Intellectual Property Theft

9th Circuit Curt-split plan imperils bill to add federal judges + Judges could wait for help

Regulators Sue Diet-Pill Vendors of Cortislim Click. (LAT Reg)

Nursing home killing shows wider problem of resident violence

Bad apples await Martha

Daily News Exclusive: NYPD's irate as judge outs Brooklyn narc

The Supreme Court Reconsiders the Constitutionality of Executing Minors

Ex-Peregrine Systems Executives Charged in Accounting Fraud

Helping Investigators Gather Crime Evidence From PDAs

Four Ex-El Paso Employees Will Plead Guilty to Reporting Bogus Gas Trades


Bankruptcy Judge Orders California Attorney General to Drop Suit Against Enron

California Supreme Court to decide if ex-con's past was fair game

Study finds bias in temp agencies

Supermarket janitors awarded $22.4 million in class-action suit. Big chains accused of failing to pay workers overtime

Tasers: High voltage, high stakes

Authorities say meth ring used horse-trailers as drug mules to ship from Canada to California

Laptops are hot property

Lockyer wants handgun ammo branded Click.

Santa Clara: Slaying suspect accused of killing 14-yr-old leaves Santa Clara County jail undetected using false name + Stanford law grad fights U.S. to keep cash from Internet escort service + Lawyer Jason Borrevik accused in Net sex case

Contra Costa: Falsified police reports may lead to review + Feds' fund will boost battle vs. violence + Concord abuse suspect coached sports

Sacramento: Child pornography nets prison term + Sacramento family left to cope after slaying of father on doorstep

Sonoma: Courthouse evacuated + Family of drowned boy sues Windsor Waterworks

Alameda County: Oaklands wins lawsuit over police failure to protect witness + Alameda Island teacher investigated for child porn + County has high hopes for new juvenile hall + Two men to stand trial in Fremont beating +Sunol crash stems from CHP chase

San Francisco: Man, 26, arraigned in fight near ballpark

Napa: Baby-drop test causes uproar

Solano: Phone menace leaves jail cell after 4 months

Central Coast: Trial opens in motel killing + McPherson-killing suspect cuts deal; will testify at trial

Southern California: Orange County sheriff's charity denies it is target of investigation + San Benito County: 3 teens dead, 1 hurt after high-speed crash, Stolen Jaguar fleeing from CHP hits power pole + Pasadena judge sentences 35-year-old convicted felon to death + Banana Pickers Sue re: Use of Toxic Substance by Firms Click. (LAT Reg) + LAPD close to consent decree compliance Click.

Scott Peterson: Prosecution rests + Prosecution closes with arrest details + Peterson prosecution rests case after 19 weeks, 170 witnesses + Developments Tuesday


The Governor:  Gov. adjusts Asia trip schedule + Gov. hits trail vs. Dems, gambling + Team Arnold hitting the road to campaign against Props. 68, 70 + Gov. twice used law he blames for frivolous lawsuits + Nevada looks across border to Gov. + Dan Walters: Gov. a reformer? Actions on two bills belie rhetoric + Peter Schrag: Gov. restoring half of business climate + Prop. 70 spurs rift in GOP Click. + Gov. Allies in GOP Take Jobs Representing Private Interests Click. (LAT Reg)

Scrap Bay Bridge plan, panel says

Many felons surprised they get to vote. Registration drives making big push in Bay Area, nation

County Panels Take On Role as Funnels for Campaign Cash Click. (LAT Reg)

Bustamante to lead San Diego group-organized trip on trade to Asia

All Ballot propositions explained to you Click.

Indian Tribes: Richmond council delays Point Molate bid decision + Rumsey tribe pays Yolo County $3.5 million + Tribes place their bets on Prop. 70 + Poll shows opposition to Vegas-style casino / Chevron pushes offer to buy land at Point Molate + Fight Over Slots Might Come to End Click. (LAT Reg)

Scientists: Levees can't save delta islands

House passes $395 million CalFed bill, sends it to president

Feds may stop California hybrid-car perk Click.

LOCAL NEWS:  Last known Santa Monica Mountain lions become parents

Bay Area is inching toward regional approach to terror


Rare whale offers rare research opportunity

Santa Clara: Deadline set for S.J. emergency dispatch system repairs + Mayor asks for review of San Jose Medical Center closing + Almaden coyote traps rejected

Central Coast: Santa Cruz County OKs pot limit

Central Valley: Stanislaus: No money left for firefighters + Waste testing to cost farmers + Modesto Council OKs search for new city manager + News from the San Joaquin Valley + Almond growers combat dust clouds kicked up during annual harvest + Millions pouring into state Senate race between Machado & Podesto Click.

Sacramento and N. California: R.E. Graswich: Army engineers are hustling to patch up damaged Sacramento levee + SMUD board race looks back + Sacramento told to inform the public better in future sewage spills + Several top Sacramento officials will get pay raises + Placer supervisors back two projects + Prune harvest a disaster

Marin: Golden Gate Bridge district's $500,000 ad deal falls through + Limits urged on Tomales Bay fish consumption + Financial turmoil rocks Marin builder Amoroso + Supervisor Steve Kinsey blasts plans for San Quentin + Sonoma Land Trust: Wetlands buy at finish line

Sonoma: Sears Point preserve funding secure + Santa Rosa's bid for $3 million to reunify square rejected + Assembly candidate Evans raises $127,000 in 3 months + Santa Rosa Council hikes building fees

Alameda County: Oakland deal for Oakland Army Base tied up in six acres + Oakland curbing check cashiers + Oakland: Anti-abortion flyers sent to gynecologist's neighbors. Doctor performs abortions in Kansas a week per month + Tax for services on Piedmont's ballot + Children's Fairyland releasing a music CD + Warning signs go up at school crosswalks + Pastor targets trouble in several Oakland hot spots + Livermore ponders metering lights + Pleasanton candidates disclose warchests

Contra Costa: Urban limits will be honored + Walnut Creek approves fee increase for open space + Tree removal plan at Pine Grove site irks Orinda officials + It's a new day for Lafayette business woman Solai Taliaferro + It's a new day for Lafayette business woman Solai Taliaferro

Solano: Kohl's to make Vallejo debut + Benicia delays access action + Vallejo gets to keep satellite registrar's office

Monterey: Carmel Valley lagoon project nearly done; threatened species safe for now + Relief for Rippling River + Raccoons getting bolder, Carmel residents say

Napa: Techel enters Napa mayor's race swinging at opponent + Three companies vie for rights to Napa's garbage + Board of Supervisors adds rules to keep felons, deadbeat parents off commissions

San Francisco: Sexual disease alert via the Net. New Health Dept. program for gays + Theater demolition moratorium approved + Setback for mayor on new top planner + Reverse privatization for broadband + The new RSI: repetitive sunshine infractions + No cars and no cash + Trail Mix: Inside news and insight on the fall campaigns + Hotels extend lockout on workers + 'No on K' draws more than small-biz interest + Dizzgusted! But not with Pelosi women

Southern California: Nursing Dispute Worsens at County-USC Hospital Click. (LAT Reg) + Ventura County Agrees to Buy Hospital in Santa Paula Click. + Cash Rolls In for Bid to Add L.A. Police Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: San Juan school district hopeful had '99 arrest + UC Davis readies annual Preview Day + New high-tech in Oakland schools is put on hold + Berkeley: How after-school programs work + Hearing on no sunshine in school meetings called by Randolph Ward re: closing schools + Ohlone endures economic squeeze + Livermore charter school takes another step + Tracy teachers endorse candidates + Turlock: School districts look to settle land dispute + Monterey schools: Santa Ana administrator tapped for business post + Special Ed Costs Uniting Schools Click. (LAT Reg) + 5-Year Plan for Smaller L.A. Schools OKd Click. (LAT Reg)

Blood for pork....

Bribery begins at home



Drawings made by children of Beslan crisis sold at online auction in Poland


Controlling SARS easier than thought

CHIRON FAILURE: Blow for flu vaccine maker + Plant making half of U.S. flu vaccine ordered shut. Healthy Americans asked to yield doses to most vulnerable + Limited vaccines 'not an emergency' -- new guide on who needs shots

New Biosensor Rapidly Detects Deadly Foodborne Pathogen

Research Team Develops Nonhuman Primate Model Of Smallpox Infection

Chemistry prize goes to California professor and two Israelis + Nobel chemistry winners discover protein-killing cells are key to fighting cancer

Hormones can cause blood clots

Bald Eagles Rebound, Other Birds of Prey in Trouble

Menopause mental relief under study + Clinical Trial Of Botanicals For Memory Loss In Menopause

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Childbirth Simulator Provides Hands-On Training

Face Corsets: An Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery?

Frog Glue Repairs Damaged Cartilage

Europe Is United: No Bioengineered Food

Report: other drugs besides Vioxx may raise heart risks + Groundswell for Safety Review of Other Pain Relievers Like Vioxx; FDA Declines Comment

Medarex's Hodgkin's Treatment Gets Orphan Status

Intelligent Clothing Inspired By Pine Cones

Stress And Aggression Reinforce Each Other At The Biological Level

Early- And Late-onset Blind Individuals Show Supra-normal Auditory Abilities

Engineers Investigate Mars Rover's Steering Problems

Studying The Chemistry Of Drugs In Wastewater

Low Dose Radiation Evades Cancer Cells' Protective 'Radar'

Protecting Our Planet's Ozone Layer

Fungus Knocks A Frog Down But Not Out, Questions re: Amphibian Declines

High Blood Pressure Related Decline In Cognitive Function Affects Adults Young And Old

Receptor Known For Guiding Sperm To Egg Plays A Role In The Nose

Virus writers seek cash from chaos

IBM launches Websphere 6

Search Wars: Google, Snap, Amazon Arm for Battle

Web Industry Still Flies Blind

Atomic Clock To Sync Handhelds

Dutch Government Sites Attacked


Bush Goes on Attack Against Kerry Ahead of Debate + Bush mounts biting attack to thwart Kerry

Bush Backs Israel's Gaza Offensive + US Vetoes UN Security Council Draft Demanding Israel Halt Gaza Raid

Bush rule on V-2 visas tossed out

US to admit no WMDs in Iraq, but Bush unrepentant + Iraq Survey Group Gives Up on Finding WMD + U.S. Inspector Differs with Bush on Iraq Weapons

Bush aides downplay Bremer view on US troops in Iraq + Leader: Rumsfeld's missing link

FAA panel: Airport fire units lacking + Saddam destroyed weapons in 1991, report says

Congress: Ban on foreign-born presidents debated + House defeats bill to reintroduce draft. GOP hopes to quash rumors of its return + Doubt about a foreign-born president. Feinstein, others cool to changing Constitution's rules + Spyware Bill Gets House Nod + US Congress imposes sanctions against Belarus over democracy issues


Kerry Gains on Bush in State Polls Following First Presidential Debate

Muslims seek bloc vote for US election


35 Days Till Disaster: Is an Election Day Faux-Terror Event All But CERTain? Click.

VP debate: For Cheney and Edwards, a Night of Sharp Exchanges + What they said: a Closer Look + Cheney Blunder Lauded Anti-Bush Web Site + Novak: Cheney hit Kerry, but only managed tie with Edwards + Comment: John Sutherland

BUSH/CHENEY: Messenger or demagogue: Bush parlays piety into policy

KERRY/EDWARDS: Bush, Cheney 'In Denial' Over Iraq - Edwards + Kerry Urges Bush to Admit Mistakes + Kerry amplifies his theme that US was misled + Dems need help in South


Bush Continues to Ignore Military Critics

In Round 2, can Bush help Bush?

Kerry, the Hawk: Justin Raimondo

Blowing Up Zarqawi: Brendan O'Neill

Nancy Lewis: Orwell's '1984' predictions may come true if Bush is re-elected Click.

Mark Morford: Why don't American's care

Molly Ivins: Our petulant President

David Hackworth: Uncle Sam will soon want your kids

Pathological liars from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Pepe Escobar: Stretching Cheney

Jonathan Raban: Pastor Bush and the new Puritans

Juan Cole: Bush's team leaving sinking ship


Three US Military Academies Report Drop in Applications

Stand Down Click.

Breaking Their Silence Click. (LAT Reg)

Soldier buried as birth of son nears. GI may earn second Purple Heart for fatal battle injuries Click.

Why You Can't Buy a Soldier a Beer

The Unexpected Legacy of Iraq

British Ship Reaches Stranded Canadian Submarine

Free speech movement turns 40. Celebrating transformation of a pariah into an icon. Weeklong events highlight protesters' campus-rights fight

Senate Wants Database Dragnet

Bay Area activists arrested in D.C. for marijuana protest

Names of High School Students to Go to Military Unless Parents Opt Out

Stardom: Exercising the Right NOT To Vote

Chinese rock 'still held back by conservative public, government'

Islamists blow whistle on Bangladesh's first women's football tournament

Charges dropped against 227 corralled at convention

McCain National ID 'secretly' passed Senate on Friday

Oregon: Cold sufferers will soon need identification to get relief

Examples of the use of the Patriot Act on non-terror cases


Vanity Fair : Cheney Ordered 9/11 Shootdown Without Authority

WTC families want remains out of landfill

Sibel Edmonds: An October Surprise for Bush and the FBI?

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Fremont man becomes leader for gay, transgender groups + Marriage advocates share their stories as they head to D.C. Click. + Cheney's gay family valued + Government Lawyers Present Case to Canadian Supreme Court for Same-Sex Marriage Law

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Howard Stern signs huge deal with Sirius, will leave FM radio + Will Howard Stern Make Satellite Radio the New FM?

Arab publishers hail overdue spotlight at world's biggest book fair

Bob Dylan's Nobel nomination for literature sparks debate

"Born in the Wake of Freedom": John Mitchell Jr. and the Richmond Planet

'Hometown' Paper Cited by Cheney is a Small One in Southern Pines

Cops were right to seize Limbaugh's med records, judge sez

Today's papers

Columbia campaign desk

A knight at the crossroads,
Victor Vasnetsov, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Riverbank unpacks, unfurls, gussies up for big weekend

Oakland's EndGame caters to role-playing enthusiasts

Forget the wine: Napa soil helps resident win biggest pumpkin prize

Geek Trip Begins at Headwaters

Rodney Dangerfield, Comic Seeking Respect, Dies at 82 + One-liners by comedian Rodney Dangerfield

Joyce Jillson, Hollywood and White House astrologer, dies at 58

Paris fashion week: Lagerfeld's eternal chic, Ungaro's Greek fantasy

Vienna puts on the world's biggest Rubens exhibition

Ghosts, Spooks and Specters Haunt English City

The Virtual Absinthe Museum

Miranda Sawyer: Why I love Elton John

Rush & Molloy: Gandolfini method: To read & read not

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Is mag high and dry?

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Liz Smith

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Word of the day


OCTOBER 5, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground: Iraq PM vows to retake remaining enclaves, British FM on surprise visit + US Presses on Multiple Fronts to Limit Flow of Extremists Into Iraq + Officials Say Iraqi Border Guards Still Lack Weapons, Vehicles, Radios + US Faces Complex Insurgency in Iraq + 10 Police Killed as US Planes Pound Vast Baghdad Slum + Allawi Says Peace Deal Reached With Sadr + Latest front for US forces: rural Iraq + Al-Sadr militia pumping up with drugs + Half of insurgents captured in Samara were Africans + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports + Britain's Straw Says Iraq Elections Must Go Ahead  Occupation: Young Iraqis get bitter lesson + A Shi'ite-Sunni Islamist Coalition May Be Dawning  War prisons: Appeal begins for suspects held in 'UK's Guantanamo'

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan President Campaigns; 7 Killed by Mine + Wartime security as Karzai campaigns amid spiraling violence + US and Afghan troops join hands on patrol

IRAN: Iran says has missile with 2,000km range

MIDDLE EAST: Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Leader in Gaza Strike + Israel attempting to head off UN resolution condemning Gaza operation + Israelis, Egyptians to meet on pullout; PA denies report of Gaza truce talks + PA Chairman Arafat says he will step down once Palestinian state is created + 50,000 trapped by Israeli assault + Israeli Military Official Says Low-Level Cease-Fire Talks Have Begun

SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Arabia's first open trial of reformers closed by judge + Gulf activists start their campaign to release reformers

RUSSIA: Is Russia Dying? + Russian aluminum oligarch feels the heat + Most Russians Ready to Exchange Freedoms for Fight Against Terror— Poll

EUROPE: Discreet New Yorker who has become Cherie Blair's new 'best friend'

AFRICA: Thirst, Fear and Bribes on Desert Escape from Africa

ASIA PACIFIC: French go for the big stakes in China talks


Inspector's Report to Detail Iraqi Plans to Undermine Sanctions and Produce Illicit Arms + CIA: No Evidence of Saddam Link to Terrorists

The State Dept's Extreme Makeover: Anonymous

London Ex-Policeman Sentenced for Spying + Met officer jailed for spying

Senate Leans to  Powerful Intelligence Chief+ Senate reform billed as history’s biggest + Senators Offer New Oversight Structure + Senate Nixes Changes to Intel Chief Bill + Spy Reform Bill's Guiding Light Is Up to the Task

Such a thing as too much support for Israel

Keyser's Case Will Not Impede Invitations To U.S. For Double Ten Day + US-Taiwan ties need patching up

Syrian spies grilled diplomats

The Bloat That Hurts Our Spies

Al-Qaida Targeted Korea Eight Times Since 1994

Hizbut Tehrir defies ban, continues to draw educated Pakistanis

S Africa denies 'al-Qaeda' reports

Terrorism tops agenda as Interpol holds annual meeting in Mexico

Al Qaeda leader identified in 'dirty bomb' plot

U.S. 'tapped French leader's phone'





Supreme Court OKs barring gun shows on government property

High court declines religious dispute over contraceptives.

Supreme Court won't disturb Indian gaming

Thirty states ready to ban abortion if Roe overturned

Telemarketing fraud probe nets 135

Limit Reached on H1-B Work Visas Click. (LAT Reg)

FBI backs off organized crime, drug dealers + Report Details FBI's Changed Priorities

FBI digs for mob victims near old Gotti home

Feds seek to keep Gotti Jr. in prison

Martha ink expert acquitted

IRS Claims Restaurant Chain Violated Tip Agreement

Online Auction House Asks Appeals Court for New Trial in $29 Million Patent Case


Balco: Sheffield interview drags Bonds back into case + Sheffield admits to steroid use People Soft/Oracle: Conway's firing at center of trial

Admonished: Judge Joseph O'Flaherty, Placer Superior Court told potential jurors to conceal or lie about racial prejudice and make up excuses to get out of jury duty Click.

Bad Marks for Prison School Click. (LAT Reg) + Crowded Prison Tries to Make Room for the 3 Rs Behind Bars Click. (LAT Reg)

Contra Costa: Inmate's dental death spurs kins' lawsuit. Fatality heightens scrutiny of health care at state prisons + Investors name Livermore assemblyman Guy Houston in fraud suit + Police believe one person may be behind series of burglaries + Teenage mugging suspect's hearing delayed (charged with attempted murder by scooter) + Man charged with kicking officer in head +Police free Bay Point van driver (with handcuffs bolted to floor) due to lack of evidence + West CoCo Health Board member blames colleague for blindness

Santa Clara: He'll avoid jail, says East P.A. councilman

Alameda County: Oakland cops driven to limits by 'sideshows' + Police investigate death of toddler in Fremont foster care + Judge expected to set trial date in abuse cases. Move could push church lawyers to settle out of court + High court denies appeal of gun ban at county fairgrounds. Free speech and right to bear arms seen as under fire + Oakland: 23-year-old man killed in argument + Fremont: Muslim testifies in beating case + Coliseum to treat pot use as low priority

San Francisco, San Mateo: Court denies Penninsula killer's appeal + Millbrae woman shot by husband dies + Plea deal for cop in protester's injury + Defendant in slaying of senator's son agrees to testify + Man pleads not guilty in killing after game + SBC stabbing suspect pleads not guilty + Lantos the leviathan

Sacramento: Two murders leave police with mysteries + Redwood City: Man guilty in murder of mother's friend + Dad, 84, arraigned in killing of disabled daughter, 56 + Marysville stabbing victim identified

Marin: Missing Court Documents In Private Hands Contentious Semrin Ettefagh Divorce Case Returns By Jim Scanlon Click.+ Novato police close to hiring chief + Woman pleads guilty in Novato PTA embezzling + Judges evicting disabled people in Marin + Jury finds Walt Dixon innocent, the case of the missing 911 calls

Solano: Not-guilty plea by carjack suspect. Attempted murder, kidnapping among 22 felony charges

Central Valley: Cothran's family comes to defense + Manteca sting targets liquor + Judge allows more time to study DNA in 1986 Turlock murder case

Central Coast: Jackson moves to oust district attorney from case + Santa Cruz rookie sheriff’s deputy happens upon mail-theft suspects

Southern California: Westminster: Deputy attorney general Dennis Bornstein faces child pornography charges Deputy "A.G. Facing Child Porn Charges + Click. (LAT Reg)+ Woman claims LA priest raped her when she was 17, urged abortion + Lawyer: Author's presence violated Blake's rights in search of his home + Court revives child porn case against Orange County judge + Ex-Judge Hit Anew With Porn Case Click. (LAT Reg) + LAPD Chief Bratton's dilemma about his Homeland Security Chief's illegal gun + Orange County Sheriff's Charity Group Probed by fed grand jury Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Tidal expert links fetus to fishing route + Testimony about dumping of bodies + Tide expert's testimony inconclusive + Expert unable to define spot where Laci's body dumped + Tidal expert testifies + T-shirts cause buzz outside Redwood City courthouse + Changed his appearance. + Developments Monday


The Governor:  Gov. hitting campaign trail + Gov. fights initiatives aimed at his deals with tribes + Gov. Faults Prop. 70 Backers Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov. vetoes measure to curb foreclosures by homeowners groups Click. (LAT Reg) + Gov., Angelides stage rival events about nothing + Gov. names Realtor Jeff Davi state real estate commissioner + Empowering consumers to force down drug prices + Hard-working Latina's struggle to get fair treatment is vetoed again by Gov.

Norwalk Senator Martha Escudia still wants Perata's post

Radical '70s Produced a Conservative Conciliator, Bill Jones

State auditors turn attention to 8 grants

Propositions: Card rooms, tracks gamble on Prop. 68 + A DNA plan that goes too far + Arnold abnormally quiet on Proposition 71

Tempest brews over tap water

Indian tribes: Pomos, winery in land dispute

LOCAL NEWS:  Monterey blue whale may have been dead for 2 weeks

San Jose: Residents want to trap coyotes + New director named for Mexican Heritage Plaza + Crowd vents ire at closing San Jose medical center + State auditors will review grants for 2 area agencies, Discovery Museum, Mission San Jose + Poll watchers to ensure every vote counts + Effort to save low-rent hotel housing fails

Alameda: E-voting doubts surface + Politics is definitely local for Berkeley developer. No shortage of opinions on Piedmont's Kennedy + Berkeley activists challenge feds on marijuana + Fremont area fights anti-gay harassment + Mission grant for restoration under scrutiny + Hearings prioritize measure health spending

Contra Costa: U.S. steps in to halt egg donor for Pack family (Danville couple lost son & daughter to drunk driver) + Brentwood hopefuls voice solutions at forum + Supervisor Greenberg set to skip debates in poll run-up + Richmond Council to ponder Chevron bid, casino + Water district gets funds for canal work + Electoral warfare in the Richmond

Sonoma: Heritage House sold for $15 million + North Coast wine grape harvest early this year

Napa: Farm Bureau airs concern over Yountville well

Solano: Vallejo checks Kemp's past + Benicia council considers sunshine' ordinance

Central Coast: News briefs from California's Central Coast + New affordable housing project in Watsonville boasts on-site child-care center

Marin: San Rafael housing issues aired at meeting + Candidates spar on housing issue

Sacramento: Dire warnings for Delta's future + County hails high-tech voting system + Debate is heated on Davis housing + Campaign 2004: Citrus Heights candidates focus on sheriff's contract + Campaign 2004: Citrus Heights candidates focus on sheriff's contract

Central Valley: Manteca: Committee standards on agenda + UC Merced expanding staff with 9 professors + McNerney facing well-entrenched Pombo + Jones Tract draining delayed Click.

Monterey: Utility official settles Toro chemical-spill case + Skating rink on last wheels?

San Francisco, San Mateo: Bay Area grocery talks take new route + S.F. vote an experiment + Ranked-choice voting a matter of picking 1, 2, 3. Despite outreach efforts, many S.F. residents confused + $4.6 million awarded to homeless programs + Too young to die (from pollution) Part Three: Fighting Back + Hotel Radisson, San Mateo, may house seniors + Hotel strike at stalemate Click.

Southern California: Contractors overbill Los Angeles County + Hahn pitches traffic plans at intersection + Northridge Hospital, Van Nuys, facing demise at year's end + Legislators meet on health crisis re: closing emergency rooms + Time for L.A. to act on meaningful tax reform + Los Angeles County in Talks for New Trauma Center Click. (LAT Reg) + Santa Paula Hospital, Venture deal Click. (LAT Reg) + AES Plans to Build More Power Plants Click. (LAT Reg) + Los Angeles County Population forecast falls Click.

School days: Locke ends quest for school post in Antioch + Huge Spanos gift to CSUS + San Francisco: Long days at Dream Schools. Some teachers asked to stay until 7 p.m., union says + McClatchy endowment funds UC Merced chair + Fremont: Diversity may give Wu edge in schools vote + Santa Rosa electronic scrip program going nationwide + NASA internships open doors for students + Schoolchildren get in gear for Smart Sneaker Week + Vallejo: Class-size reduction funds may help budget woes + AmCan P.E. teacher is Napa teacher of the year + Desperate Cambodian teachers rely on money from students to survive + L.A. Unified Targets Workers' Comp Fraud Click. (LAT Reg) + Bringing students together Click. + Specialty majors are the rage on some campuses + Student dilemma: take old or new SAT?

MILITARY Mother of Soldier Killed in Iraq Collapses and Dies

New Mi-38 helicopter built in Tatarstan

New Canadian submarine sparks major rescue operation

AP Exclusive: Army Official Worries That Environment Cuts Could Put Training at Risk

Hitler's secret Indian army

LEAKGATES  The Plame Scandal, the CBS/Guard Documents Scandal, and Confidential Sources: When Can Journalists Justifiably Break Their Promises of Secrecy?

Going Beyond Wal-Mart's RFID Mandate


Blood for pork....

Outsourcing The Pentagon


Chiron flu vaccine shipments suspended (contamination), raising shortage fears + Full text: Chiron statement

Officials Warn of Major Flu Shot Shortages

New tool detects anthrax in mail

Californians share Nobel prize for study of forces in atomic nucleus + May the quarks be with you: Nobel Physics winners explain tiny matter

An Embryonic Stem Cell Model For Parkinson's Disease

Mt. St. Helens live Web-cam

Quake forecasters at UC Davis on a roll. Team correctly predicted 15 of 16 temblors + NASA Infrared Images May Provide Volcano Clues

The Kidney Swap: Adventures in Saving Lives

A Nobel for Explaining How the Nose Knows

'Kind of a creepy thing': Clues to human origins turn up in head lice

Fishermen, scientists herd shark to freedom

Robotic Capsule Crawls Through Intestines

Medieval Surgeons Were Advanced

Use Of Aspirin Or Other NSAIDs Increases Survival For Men With Prostate Cancer

How Roots Control Plant Shoots: Biologists Discover Gene That Helps Roots Limit Leaf Growth

Novel Drug Therapy For Sleep Apnea

Don't Stand So Close To Me: A New View On How Species Coexist

Tiny Worm Yields Big Clues On Muscle Contraction

Promising New Imaging Technology Precisely Tracks Lung Tumor Motion

Stopping The Invisible Epidemic Of Maternal Deaths

Artificial Neural Networks Can Predict Clinical Outcomes Of Neuroblastoma Patients

Offspring At Risk From Maternal Occupational Exposure To Solvents

U.S. Researchers Show Cottonseed Drug Is Cancer Treatment Booster

Invaders threaten UK ladybirds

Yahoo starts custom search

Human limits plague software


Experts Envision Taillights That Talk

PalmOne, Microsoft in Deal on Mobile E-Mail



Bush signs tax-cut bill in Iowa


Powell Calls on Israel to End Gaza Foray

US to delay cutting its troops in S. Korea

Rumsfeld Says He Was Misunderstood on Iraq-Al Qaeda link

Bremer Criticizes Troop Levels + White House Silent on Bremer Troop Request

Lead Levels in Water Misrepresented Across U.S.

Illinois defies federal law and opens discount pharmacy

Republicans want vote on draft bill to ensure public it won't happen

Congress: House Bill Morphs 9/11 Advice + Fat cat tax breaks stalled by fight over tobacco regs + House told to alter intelligence bill


Bush, Kerry Are Tied in Two Nationwide Polls Four Weeks Before Election

Cheney/Edwards debate: Cheney's influence runs deep + Edwards' accessibility is big asset +War expected to dominate VP debate + For Edwards, VP debate is key to silence doubters + The Slick One Tonight Is Dick Cheney + Probing for Mr. Nasty

Military records: Two wealthy Bush supporters refuel Swift Boat attack ads Click.

U.S. Elections Under a Microscope

BUSH/CHENEY: Bush takes jabs at senator + 'Global test' tactic turns against Bush + Zero-down mortgage initiative by Bush is hit

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry blasts Bush for limits on stem cell research + Opposes role in tribunal + Campaign Dumps Cash on Web + Kerry: Cheney Should Admit Iraq Mistakes


Chuck Zlatkin: John Kerry repudiates Skull and Bones

Religion rents US political landscape

Withdrawal Goes Mainstream: Tom Engelhardt

Breaking out of campaign cocoon

US Troops in How Many Countries?

Carla Binion: Bush is endangering America Click.

Mike Whitney: Red alert means martial law Click.

Rumsfeld can't keep stories straight + Rummy got trapped in The Big Lie

In Bush vs. spies, revenge is now a factor

The nuclear bomb that wasn't

Government Terrorist Warnings Boost President Bush's Approval Ratings, Cornell Sociologist Finds

Ky. Governor's Healthcare Extortion Is a `Sneak Preview' of Bush's Medicare

The Powerless Elite

Kissinger defends past policies on South American dictatorships


Crude Oil Climbs Above $51 a Barrel, Driving Up Heating Oil, Gas Prices

George Soros Hands Control of $12.8 Billion Money Management Firm to Sons

Pension Failures Foil 6-Figure Retirements, Too

Mondavi co-founder resigns from board

PeopleSoft willing to deal with Oracle, director says

Greenspan: US bank mergers ‘good for stability’

Two to be tried over Parmalat

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Taking gay marriage on the road. Same-sex couples, supporters embark on bus trip across country + Antigay lyrics become a black-and-white issue + Amendment Banning La. Gay Marriage Tossed + Criminal responsibility for homosexual activities likely to be introduced in Russia


Japanese ex-teacher claims world first with hybrid taxi service

Parents' language issues hurt immigrant kids, study says Click. (LAT Reg)

Showtime plans terror television show

When Pets Attack

The echo boomers will replace the baby boomers

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

Schroeder, Arab League chief open world's biggest book fair

Washington state's online archive rescues records from history's dustbin

'WSJ' Reporter Confirms Break from Baghdad Was Planned in Advance + Will 'WSJ' Reporter Who Wrote Famous E-mail on Horrid Conditions In Iraq Lose Her Beat?

'Wash. Post' Focus Group Reveals a Shocker: Young People Prefer Newspapers Online

The search for America's worst campaign journalists has begun

Today's papers

Columbia campaign desk

A knight at the crossroads,
Victor Vasnetsov, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Dickens meets Shakespeare in the East Bay hills

It's a celebration of 100 years of Mexican arts and crafts in Berkeley

Vernon Alley,1915-2004.

Hikara Utada, Japan's biggest pop star

Brasilia, the capitol of cults

Lone Star found in old box

Urban greenway for bikes: An alternate route from Maine to Florida

Galliano shows true ready-to-wear for next summer at Dior

Nine art treasures stolen from London museum

Berlin fund unveiled to help film makers in developing countries

Philippines hopes to turn silk and pineapple into fashion

Isaac Bashevis Singer: Yiddish Folly

The Occult: An Exhibition from the Monash University Library


The Mozart Project

Caucasus Travelogue

Elizabeth Shippen Green

Motorcycle to the Arctic Circle

Nancy Franklin reviews “Tanner on Tanner”

Say Goodbye to Tyranny of Hits

Paul Krassner on Dick Avedon

Rush & Molloy: Rocket fire

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown

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Word of the day

OCTOBER 4, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Iraqi Official Killed; Baghdad Hit by Two Car Bombs (Update2) + Three Car Bombs Explode Across Iraq, Killing at Least 26 + U.S., Iraqi forces win battle for Samarra. Air strikes ignite militants' arms cache in Fallujah + Two US Soldiers Killed by Baghdad Gunfire + Baghdad Blasts Kill 21, Wound 96 + Samarra Hospital: Dead Mostly Women, Children + Marines Capture Three Foreign Fighters Near Iraq-Syria Border + US struggles for hold on Iraq highway + IRAQ: Suicide Bomber Organizations + US troops storm Iraqi city of Samarra + Chirac Plants Hurdle on US Road to Fallujah Click. + Targeted in Samarra: 1st ID soldiers reflect on July suicide attack + Poland Should Withdraw Troops From Iraq by End of Next Year, Defense Minister Says + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Hostages: Two Iraq Hostages Killed, Two Others Freed + France vows 'discreet' bid to free journalists in Iraq + New group may have UK hostage + Iraq video shows 'hostage deaths' + Lawmaker's Failed 'rescue Mission' for Iraq Hostages Riles France

Occupation: Iraqi Scientist's Family Seeks Her Freedom + NATO role in training Iraqi Army takes shape + Iraq insurgency slows down reconstruction

War prisons: US Soldiers Charged in Iraqi General's Murder + Supreme Court Won't Review Case of Al Qaeda Suspect + Gitmo has failed to prevent terrorist attacks

AFGHANISTAN: Post-Invasion Chaos Blamed for Drug Surge + As Afghan Vote Nears, Taliban Isn't Only Worry + Aerial show of force fails to reassure Afghan voters

MIDDLE EAST: Israel to increase Gaza action. Sharon says attacks counter threat of Palestinian rockets + Israeli Forces Surround Three Communities in Gaza Strip + UN to meet Monday over Gaza raid; Source: U.S. to veto resolution + Leaderless Hamas squabbles over tactics in Gaza

Syria's Assad announces cabinet reshuffle, Sharaa remains foreign min.

ASIA PACIFIC: Australian election is referendum on Iraq war, U.S. ties


Senior CIA Appointee Withdraws Over Shoplifting + Goss Choice for No. 3 CIA Slot Takes Different Job at Agency

Alleged Shoebomb Conspirator Indicted in US

Air Force pursuing antimatter weapons. Program was touted publicly, then came official gag order

France Joins Spain to Catch Pair Suspected of Terrorism

N Korea’s computer hackers target South and US

Starting, Stopping Suicide Bombers

Iran Hard-Liners Drafting Bill to Force Resumption of Uranium Enrichment


Boot-Camp Virus Runs Rampant as Vaccine Discontinued

West Nile drug for humans years away Click.

Pravda: Bird flu likely to take the form of global epidemic

Thailand bird flu deaths increase

Two new influenza types to hit Russia this fall


Yahoo CFO makes huge gains

PeopleSoft Firing of Conway Tied to Oracle Comment (Update3)

In IMF talks, US shifts toward debt-forgiveness pact

Mexican immigrants risk injury, death for job

AIG says SEC considering civil action against it

Small drugstores seek advantage in prepackaged pills

AT&T plans major workforce cuts

Denmark 'claims' North Pole, seeks oil

Google has many millionaires; How to keep workers

Fortune: EBay's Whitman Topples HP's Fiorina as Most Powerful Woman in Business




Intel, EEOC pact on work disputes. Mediation accord is first of its kind for Silicon Valley

Supreme Court Justices Signal They May Limit U.S. Sentencing Guidelines

Supreme Court Sidesteps Credit Card Dispute

Do-not-call list OK, Supreme Court won't hear case

Jury selection delayed in Medicaid fraud trial of former Alabama Governor

Fastow might be called as hostile witness in Enron trial

FBI digging for mob murder victims

Pastor denies church knew of child sex abuse on Pitcairn

Jury Rules for Kodak in Java Patent Dispute

Union Official: Federal Prison Cuts Will Make It Difficult to Protect Stewart

ACLU Goes to Court to Block Searches of Cars on Ferry Crossing Lake Champlain

Brokerage Firms Win Millions Against Rivals Over Personnel Raids

Prosecutor: Ink Expert From Martha Stewart Trial 'couldn't Possibly Have Been Mistaken'


Real Issue in Banks' Case Is the Freedom to Hound Consumers Click. (LAT Reg)

Power Refunds Still Up in Air Click. (LAT Reg)

Santa Clara: San Jose police capturing Internet predators

Alameda: Hunt for Jane Doe + Fremont: Police suspect gang in Centerville stabbing +Two hurt in Centerville stabbing + Pittsburg suspects face hearings in Oaklander's drowning + Oakland police identify victim Jimmy Blueford in fatal stabbing case

Central Valley: Modestans will stand trial in shooting death + Modesto: Husband kills quadriplegic wife, age 26

Sacramento: Pocket-area man killed in home invasion crime

Monterey: Ex-judge 'Dick' Barelli dies at 67 + Man shot in front of front of Salinas elementary school

Napa: Extradition laws keep officials from bringing murder suspects to justice

Southern California: Security guard at Silverlake nightclub shoots and kills two men + More trauma centers may close as care crisis worsens +Orange County Sheriff Carona's Shining Star Now Smudged Click. (LAT Reg)

Scott Peterson: Tidal Expert in Peterson Trial Says Bodies May Have Been Dumped Where Husband Claimed to Have Gone Fishing + Tidal expert key + Experts: Guilty doesn't always look the same


The Governor:  Gov.'s bill signings could boost Democrats he's targeted + Gov.'s vetoes rile Hispanic activists + Daniel Weintraub: 844 bills define this Gov.'s philosophy + Gov.'s bad faith re: open government + A Gov. defines himself + Candidates look to Gov. + Dan Walters: Defenders of status quo trying to undermine mild reform effort

Propositions: Proposition 72: Worker benefit or job killer? + Emotions high on planned 3-strikes revision + 3-strikes law sets Joe Klaas against son Marc + Ad: Wrong place, and it's not hers. No on Prop. 72 TV ad uses actress, 'convenient' location + Get the facts: "Most medical experts view stem cell research as the new frontier" + Stem cell measure no panacea Click. + Prop. 64 targets business lawsuits + Propositions 68, 70 abuse initiative process + Money propositions could sink state's financial ship + Public Would Win With Open Primary, Wilson Says Click. (LAT Reg)

Indian tribes: Supreme Court won't disturb Indian gaming + State's gamble exceeds predictions +2 tribes join firm for wind-energy project Click.

California sharply reduces future population estimates

From Activism Grew Boxer's Liberal Voice in Senate

LOCAL NEWS:  Monterey: Whale's cutting draws a crowd

Area's mixed politics color public policy

Bark Beetle Numbers Declining Click. (LAT Reg)

Air Quality Improves Markedly Click. (LAT Reg)

Too Young To Die: Babies born in neighborhoods afflicted by pollution Click.

Contra Costa: Refinery flare pollution on decline, data hints + Martinez development drafts not yet public + Council candidates for Richmond spar + Antioch: Contrast between two rivals for mayor nearly nil + Richmond weighs dueling bids on land

Alameda: Fremont dismantling old City Hall + Oakland pastor targets trouble in hood's hot spots + Oakland Delmont Avenue neighbors fear flooding from development + San Leandro, port discuss airport issue + Study finds problems with food stamps + Oakland sideshow car crash injures 3 + Fremont man thanks firefighters with volunteerism + Pleasanton residents split over cell phone towers

Santa Clara: San Jose redevelopment plan to fund projects unveiled + Los Altos, Palo Alto: battles to save historic homes

San Francisco, San Mateo: Big money stoking hot Peninsula battle. GOP challenging Dems 'safe' 21st Assembly District + S.F. independent Police Commission off to a tense start + Big bucks, big names, big Love Parade

Central Valley: News from the San Joaquin Valley + Competitive Senate race heats up: Incumbent Machado stresses his experience + Podesto runs on Stockton's turnaround + Mariposa, Fresno: Hopefuls face off in Republican district + Dumping Ground: Does outside waste hurt San Joaquin county? Click.

Sacramento, N. California: Local celebration marks changing times in China + Folsom Cordova board has surprise 3-way race + Davis activist just part of Democrats' spectrum + Placer has grown this Republican's way + Voting against GOP tide in Granite Bay + An unpopular stance in liberal-leaning Davis

Marin: Houseboats get new attention + Keeping the Canal going + Smaller areas of county will cast votes by absentee ballots + Coastal areas to vote on joining mosquito district

Sonoma: Growth issues drive Sonoma County council races + 'Big-box' vote seen as key to Cotati economic future + Windsor: Wineries eye Gallo skirmish vs. UFW + Union Debate in Wine Country Click. (LAT Reg)

Napa: Voters to decide on raising hotel tax in Napa County + County residents spending big to support candidates + Caltrans removes campaign signs north of St. Helena

Monterey: Seaside rivals spar over money's sway + Residents on goodwill trip to Uganda + Ord project, budget at center of race

Southern California: LA hospital's emergency room to close Monday + Other hospitals set to take up the slack + L.A. City Hall blogger spilling secrets + Glendale in front line of chromium 6 fight + County surplus makes Baca's Measure A push harder + Termed-Out Politicians Head Straight for Lobby Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: Districts to share special ed funding + Some schools flirting with 4-day week + Newark Memorial welcomes counselor's return + Internet Grants to Schools Halted as the F.C.C. Tightens the Rules + San Ramon tackles care of preteens + Fight for control of San Francisco school board

Free speech fight lives on at Berkeley

Black Panthers encourage youth to vote Facial ID software raises eyebrows

Stardom: P2P Persecution SINKS to New LOW

Entrepreneur battles with feds to procure medicines from other countries Click. (LAT Reg)

Polls Finds One in Four Americans With Anti-Muslim Views


Laney: Speak up NOW: War on women is under way

No Internet for 2 Weeks? How 28 People Coped

Woman gives birth to husband's baby 30 months after his death

Who killed Alexander the Great? Introducing a new chief suspect in one of the world's oldest whodunnits

Blood for pork....

How Cheney's firm routed $132m to Nigeria via Tottenham lawyer

Going for a Halliburton

Lawrence Berkeley Lab: Physics feat bodes well for evolved accelerator

SpaceShipOne Reaches Space for Second Time in a Week, Wins $10 Million Prize

Training guide dogs

Two Americans Win Nobel Prize in Medicine

Confessions of a Vioxx-aholic

Making short children taller

Climate Change Plus Human Pressure Caused Large Mammal Extinctions In Late Pleistocene

Scientists Monitor Seismic And Volcanic Activity At Mount St. Helens

Seismic Study Of Ancient Cataclysm Begins

Midwest Thunderstorm Study Points Toward Better Forecasts

Researchers Identify 'Light Meter' That Controls Pupil Constriction

Corps spearheaded 'black day of the German army'

New Therapy For Specific Form Of Leukemia

Sibling's Heart Problems Predict Yours Best -- Study

Startup Devises Way to Squash Worms

World Cyber Games

Chip engineers converge for annual forum

New version of MSN Messenger to be tested

Software disasters often traced back to people

Microsoft aims to tap low-cost market abroad

Genome Model Applied to Software

Geeks Take on the Mississippi


US Says Corner Turned on Iraq

GOP Split Over Iraq Widens

Ill., Wisc. launch program to buy refill prescriptions abroad

Federal Regulators Kick off Consumer Campaign for Digital TV


Washington Post poll shows Bush leads Kerry by 5 points

Debate Assumes New Importance

Real Massachusetts liberals wear label with pride

Conservatives raise profile in liberal bastion Hollywood

Kerry and Bush do their best to craft a sporting image

8 states key in the battle for Senate. If Kerry wins, Dems could gain control by picking up one seat

Pinpointing Voters on a Map

Illinois Elections Clerk Admits Destroying Ballots

BUSH/CHENEY: GOP may seek to exploit Edwards' trial history + rabs in Florida Angered by Bush

KERRY/EDWARDS: Kerry Says Bush Snubbing Science, May Cost Lives + Kerry, in Ohio, hammers Bush on deficit, wages + Kerry hits Bush on lost Ohio jobs + Edwards targets jobless as debate with Cheney looms + Kerry dismisses criticism of 'global test' remark as 'pathetic'


Imperial Hubris: Justin Raimondo

Expect No Second Term Conversion: R.B.St.John

Bob Herbert: Bush and reality Click.

Alone at the Pump

White House's domestic democracy program

Novak: Bush backers have cause for worry

Divided against itself

Homophobia and the Republican Party


Xymphora opines


Rancho Cordova: VA hospital to open new research hub

Soldiers train for medical badge

Diego Garcia: Paradise Cleansed

Hearty eating, in Nelson's navy style

Britons secretly kept in postwar French camps

Corps spearheaded 'black day of the German army'

LEAKGATES  World Trade Towers Design Exceeded Wind Load Codes

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Lesbian couple's activism changes path of gay rights + Tri-City sets example for California + Bay Area groups seek tolerance for transgender youth

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

From Beginning, Knight Ridder Was Right on Iraq Nukes

Fox News Channel admits reporter posted fake story about Kerry

In Its Critique of Rush to War, 'N.Y. Times' Does Not Spare Itself

Russian media "filters" Bush-Kerry debate to please Kremlin

Ad boycott doesn't deter Texas editor who endorsed Kerry

Columbia campaign desk

A knight at the crossroads,
Victor Vasnetsov, Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Sacramento: Artist captures beauty of endangered horse patrol in jumbo painting

Oakland store hosts tiny wizards in role-playing contests

Windsor: Something for every nature lover

S.F. is King of the Road. Copious praise from motorcyclists around the country

Fremont: Owners bring pets for annual blessing

Cultivating art in land of the tree. Oaklandish gives life to homegrown artists

Love was in the air at Salinas Airshow

Maze craze aids farmers who have lost their way

Janet Leigh, Actress of 'Psycho' Fame, Dies at 77

From dust to dust au naturel

Cartoonist Spiegelman Takes on Sept. 11

Japanese Emerald Cowboy Stars in Own Colombia Film

Young stars take center stage as Paris fashion week begins

Asian anime kick-off for world TV trade fair

Argentinean show wins record nominations for upcoming Emmy awards

Paris exhibit looks at history of bags, from functional to fashionable

Exhibit provides insightful portrait of Joyce's life

'Miracle' in Rio Grande after Christ of the Undocumented is saved

David Denby on the Scottish Enlightenment

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Martha has rich potential

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 2, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
U.S., Iraqis reclaim rebel-held city. Sweep of Samarra begins offensive against other no-go zones, government says + Iraqi Officials: Samarra a Model for Joint Ops + Iraqi Insurgents Take Advantage of Web + Iraqis Condemn Prime Minister After Falluja Raid + Analysis: Battle for Iraq's future + Marines fight to free rebel city so Sunnis can vote + War-weary troops tire of politics + Pentagon Iraq strategy 'failing' + Five killed in a new American raid in Falluja + Italian Deputy Premier Suggests Italy Could Pull Troops From Iraq After Elections + U.S. Forces Target Terrorist Safehouse in Fallujah + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

Occupation: Militant Cleric Discussing Plan for Iraq Politics + US Iraq Bases: Sticky Politics, Hard Math + LAWYER: SADDAM TO RUN FOR OFFICE IN IRAQ

Hostages: Freed Italian Hostage Backs Iraqi Resistance + Group Posts Video of Beheading of Iraqi Contractor + Officials Raid Home of UK Hostage's Brother + Bigley's kidnappers may trade hostage for cash + French hostages are safe in Iraq + Militants in Iraq Claim to Behead Iraqi Who Worked on U.S. Base, New Demands Emerge for Indonesian, Jordanian Hostages

War prisons: Guantánamo Bay prisoner claims he witnessed murders + Guantanamo Briton tells of torture and death threats

AFGHANISTAN: Beer festivals and elections: the new face of Afghanistan

MIDDLE EAST: Israelis kill 8 in Gaza offensive. Dozens dead in 3-day assault + Five Palestinians killed in two IAF missile strikes in the Gaza Strip + Hamas militants threaten to fire Qassam rockets at city of Ashkelon + Legislator: Syrian pullout from Lebanon tied to solution of Mideast problem + Analysis: The Gazan pot is threatening to boil over + State of emergency declared in Gaza + Arab League to hold emergency meeting + Europe calls on Israel to maintain self control, AL describes Israeli operations as crimes

RUSSIA: Putin cracks down on threat of subterranean terror

EUROPE: Turkey's EU bid 'may take decade' + Chirac defiant over widespread opposition to Turkey's EU bid

How Blair's exit strategy was born after three months of agonizing

AFRICA: Sudan to let monitors into Darfur

ASIA PACIFIC: Korean talks likely stalled until 2005

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Spain: Bill would legalize gay marriage, adoption + Official at Va. Baptist Seminary Leaves Over Policy on Gays

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

European news agencies pull reporters out of Iraq

U.S. officers complaint Santa Cruz police didn't aid them in shutting down Radio Free Santa Cruz + Feds detail Free Radio Santa Cruz complaint

Conrad Black to Sue Over 'Kleptocracy' Report

Bush, Dan Rather, and the Media in the Age of Chaos

Fellow News Anchors Support Beleaguered Dan Rather

Moscow on the Iowa

Commanders cite difficulty in framing global message for Iraq

Columbia campaign desk

Today's papers




Supreme Court Returns to Divisive Issues

Judge says Franklin Mint may sue Lady Di fund

Woman who accused Bryant says NBA star ignored her pleas to stop, documents say

Academy's army ants lose the battle to a lowly beetle

Charges dismissed in one sniper killing

Martha does Bahamas before doing time

Pitcairn: An island a world apart. A people torn apart

Online banking fraud soars as fake e-mails trick customers


Bay Area: Immigration requires online appointments, no more walk-ins

Court rulings will trump legislators on fluoridation

Santa Clara: Girl escapes kidnapping as she walks to East San Jose school (3rd attempt in this area) + Kidnap attempts may be related, cops say

Contra Costa: Seeno III is ruled suitable inheritor of corporations that own 5 Nevada casinos + Oakley: Convicted robber indicted in new heist

Central Valley: Modesto officials looking into suicide as house-fire probe continues + Inmate arrested on murder charge after punching man in Stanislaus County jail cell

Marin: San Rafael bank robbery sparks police search

San Francisco: Sand mining firm pays $373,000 fine + Suspect in slaying near SBC ballpark caught + Police arrest suspect in March shooting + Notices planned in strip-search case. Lawyers hope to identify pool of detainees for class-action suit + S.F. garment factory execs charged with bankruptcy fraud

Sonoma: Lawyers cite public interest in church suit to obtain secret documents

Napa: Napan who shot wife is denied parole + AmCan teacher arrested for alleged molestation

Solano: Police arrest several in online prostitution sting + Police look for clues in two near-fatal shootings + DNA thrown out in 21-year-old murder case

Alameda: 'Clergy III' trial moves forward + + Pleasanton's big sweep for small gang. 7 held for alleged roles in hapless 'Can't Be Faded' + Livermore store owner indicted in cable TV case + Berkeley: Suspect sought in bank theft + San Leandro police question drivers in slaying probe + Union City: Boy found at alleged meth lab + Fremont woman admits she lied to cops after beating

Monterey: Judges want benefits back + Judge John M. Phillips retiring after 20 years + Salinas woman struck by man in her apartment + Mayor, opponent at odds + Inspiring kids on the edge

Sacramento, N. California: Humboldt: woman's body found in state park; police say homicide victim + Disabled woman's slaying probed + Shasta man gets 3 years, 5 months for cross burning + Superior Court honors its workers in military + Liquor store allegedly sold drugs

Southern California: Wine merchant taken into custody after indictment in Los Angeles+ Wine Merchant Is Arrested + LAPD says terrorism chief wasn't authorized to carry seized gun + Garbage company owner sentenced in Carson scandal + Terror in the L.A. streets, Part VII

Scott Peterson: Prosecution doesn't wrap up, as expected + Was it mistaken identity? + After Months of Testimony, Prosecutors in Peterson Trial Battle Confusion


The Governor:  Gov. takes pro-business stand on bills + Gov. true to business but upsets some on right+ Gov. signs bills to help prison investigations, but problems remain + Pesticide-injury bill becomes law + Gov. terminates $5bn San Francisco bridge plan + Gov.'s vetoes a boon to business Click. + Gov.'s vetoes irk firefighting leaders Click + Gov. difficult to categorize. Pro-business agenda pushed, and socially liberal bills approved + Offshoring: It's the new Darwinism + Duo starts Arnold for president Web site + Rohnert Park mom's adoption bill vetoed by Gov.

Candidates face off in 26th district (San Joaquin, Stanislaus) + District 6 (Marin) candidates vow fight over plan for death row

Registrars assail Shelley handling of voting funds

CHP's pension abuse investigation is not enough to solve problems

Seniors' state funding is focus

Federal rewrite softens report on risks to fish of shipping Delta water to Southern California

The buzz: Boxer and Jones campaigns are debating debates

LOCAL NEWS:   More Quakes Rattle California's Central Coast

Blue whale carcass has researchers eager to get to work

Santa Clara: More Valley transit layoffs possible + 7.7 million public relations pact loses support on Valley Transportation Authority board + Plan assailed for new day worker center + Sunnyvale city attorney quits in dispute

Alameda: Residents still fear hill could slide from Berkeley fire station project + Pixar plans spur animated fight in Emeryville + Oakland: Heavy hitters help launch De La Fuentes' mayoral bid + Paramount tries not to be upstaged + Oakland ethics commission seats open + Crowd fills first Alameda health care hearing + Fremont to fine-tune utility tax

Sacramento, N. California: Orchestra official resigns, cries foul + Indian museum panel chooses parkway

San Francisco/San Mateo: Pacifica man gets to keep Bonds' 700th homer ball + Back home in North Beach. Residents of project glad to return after renovation + Church's drug program flunks S.F. test. Panel of experts finds Scientology's Narconon lectures outdated, inaccurate + 10 hotels in S.F. lock out workers + Hotel lockout stirs a mix of emotions + Controversy over beach fires heats up for Pacifica council + Pelosi, plants, stylish speaker

Contra Costa: Walnut Creek mom-and-pop shops shown the door + Forum seeks end to homelessness + Richmond: Cleanup of marsh set to start next week + Public invited to draw line for new urban limit + Oakley: Convicted robber indicted in new heist

Marin: Sausalito hoteliers outraged re: increased tourist tax + Belvedere city manager ready to retire

Sonoma: Petaluma council still split on trash contract + Pete Seghesio, wine industry patriarch, dies Napa: 360 local employees pink-slipped by Mondavi

Monterey: Bomb scare in Carmel

Solano: Dozens demonstrate against use of force by Vallejo police + Plan for drug rehab project runs into roadblock + Plan for drug rehab project runs into roadblock

Central Valley: Mariposa in arms over gun proposal

Central Coast: Watsonville hikes loan limit in home-buyer assistance program

Southern California: With little space for more sprawl, Orange County looks to grow up + Residents dig in as officials demand evacuation of L.A.-area forest + Inyo resists L.A. bid for more water + Long Beach Area Could Be Pivotal Click. (LAT Reg) + Nuñez Backs Ambassador Hotel Compromise Click. (LAT Reg) + Orange County Airport May Add $4.50 Fee to Outbound Tickets Click. (LAT Reg)

School days: 23 states' schools are left behind + Stan State will grant you this: $15.4M + Stanford president rejects sculpture + $3M Stan State grant helps students with learning, teaching + Pittsburg principal is no pushover + Oakland schools hit by exodus + Livermore charter school petition draws consultant's praise + Ohlone board OKs Newark design + Vallejo schools try for $2.5M refund + Readin', writin' and religion in Paradise


Army Official: Shorter Troop Deployments Would Be 'Chaotic'

Sanchez: Iraq opens new age of warfare

One-Third of Military Reservists Fail to Report for Iraq Duty

Army to Call Up 5,000 More Ex-Soldiers in 2005

U.S. Army floating the idea of using blimps

The Battle of Vimy Ridge, 1917

SoCal peace activist Jerry Rubin launches anti-Nader hunger strike

Free to Be Silent at UC Berkeley

Tutu makes New York theatre debut in anti-Guantanamo play

It Did Happen Here: When Neo-Nazis Terrorized Olympia

The First Ex-Catholic Saint: Memories of Mario Savio


Stardom: Video Games Used as THERAPY

Marjie Lundstrom: She's out of a Mexican prison but not out of the woods

The face of the future

What is the historical Jesus trying to tell us?


G7 calls for greater oil markets transparency

CEO's firing rocks world of tech + PeopleSoft abruptly dismisses chief exec + 'White knight' could be waiting in the wings + Fired CEO Conway takes away a bundle + Why Conway was shown the door + Incoming CEO: Father figure Duffield back at the helm + Pleasanton awaits PeopleSoft's fate + Many workers say they have no problem putting firm's future in its founder's hands

Pilots Reach Tentative Deal With US Airways on Pay Cuts

New rules to require data on where seafood caught

Vioxx was a triumph of marketing

James Surowiecki on Michael Eisner

NASA rules out Beagle resurrection

Scanners 'improve brain surgery'

Vitamins pills do not stop cancer

New wildlife trade curbs sought

UK aims to be major space player

Protection plea for reef fish

'Breed them'. The only solution to prevent vultures going extinct?

Researchers Pinpoint Cause Of A Severe Cardiac Arrhythmia

Microsoft prepares for the worst in Europe case + Gates opens up to Berkeley students + Gates: PCs fall short

Net giants adopt anti-spam system

Fast, Robust, And A Blast From The Past, Mechanical Memory Switch Outstrips Chip Technology


Bush Says $146 Billion Tax Cut Helps Families, Boosts Economic Recovery

Bush tempers argument for pre-emptive strikes. Experts say Iraq war precludes similar future engagements

Longtime CIA Official Laments Surging Battle With White House

Cubans say US remittance, travel policy unfair

Powell wades into campaign discord + Colin Rips Dems On Osama



EU urges Bush to accept Kerry line on Iran

Congress: DeLay Cases Could Imperil His Climb Within the House


Bush, Kerry Clash on Domestic Issues

Bush and Kerry Follow Debate With Sharp Jabs

Thousands of Fla. voters may be barred


KERRY/EDWARDS: Democrats Voice Concerns About the Overseas Vote + Springsteen, R.E.M. Rock Philly for Kerry + Kerry holds his fire + Senator's Tax Plan May Not Raise All He Expects + Cheney's Cronies + Debate Win Gives Kerry Much-Needed Momentum + John Kerry on Criminal Justice


In the End, It's All About Politics

The Grand Illusion: William S. Lind

Even Neocons Agree: Kerry Won Debate: Jim Lobe

Who's Defending the Constitution?: Gordon Prather

Dick Morris: One Winner On Substance, Another On Style

Naomi Klein: You Can't Bomb Beliefs

Blumenthal: Retreat into a substitute reality

George W. Bush Ain't No Cowboy

Escobar: The split screen

Greg Palast: Mr. Tall and Mr. Small

Blood for pork....

Former Pentagon Official Gets Nine Months in Prison in Boeing Scandal + Confession Casts New Shadow Over Boeing Deal

Trade agreement between Qatar and the USA within one week


Click. Extensive New York Times piece documents intentional ignoring of intelligence in the march to war.

Skewed Intelligence Data in March to War in Iraq

Suicide bomber kills 23 at mosque in Pakistan

Project to merge terror lists ripped

U.S. cyber-czar suddenly quits after 1 year

Eureka: Location of nuclear fuel unknown

Report faults Homeland Security + Lack of Single Terror Suspect 'Watch List' Criticized

Was a Greek Tragedy Thwarted?

USAF plans space wars, world's space hardware gets nervous

Tape hints Al Qaeda bigs' days numbered

Pinochet faces fraud charges over secret £4.4m accounts

25 Terror Suspects Nabbed in Afghanistan

From a Virtual Shadow, Messages of Terror

Qaeda plan: Pre-emptive strategy?

Saudi militants down but not out

South Korea on high alert after warning on Al Jazeera

Lady at the Piano,
Felix Vallotton Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

Calabash! festival celebrates possibilities of the gourd

Modesto International Festival is more than a big outdoor party

Kids rule at Sonoma Harvest Fair's opening day

Mission San Jose festival honors olive for fourth year

Autumn color in the Sierra

Oakland: Shakespeare takes a different approach in the hood

Solano: Historic homes open for public tours today

A furry friend to learn by

Adoption reunion info available

How a shipwreck may lead islanders to trace their African roots

There's no need to fear these exotic and mysterious plants + Haiku for orchids

Winter palaces Tom Waits: One from the heart of downbeat America Richard Avedon, 1923-2004 The Matilda Joslyn Gage Page

The Che Guevara Internet Archive

Graham Greene, "Greeneland"

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

The Edinburgh Ras Shamra Project.

Rhinemaidens Turn Bungee Jumpers

Unknown fire and jelly-like creatures live in Earth's atmosphere

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher: Rocco, over coals

Page Six

Liz Smith

Cindy Adams

Your daily braindrop

Word of the day

OCTOBER 1, 2004

WAR IRAQ On the ground:
Samarra Battle Kills U.S. Soldier as Coalition Seeks Control of Iraqi City + US Kills 109 Iraqis in Samarra Offensive + Rumsfeld: Insurgents Have Gained in Iraq + 35 small bodies add up to horror. Car bomb carnage shatters ceremony + Marine boats take fight to waters of Euphrates + US, Iraq weigh major new offensives + Lost on the road to Iraq + Orders of battle + Juan Cole reports

MIDDLE EAST: 28 Palestinians, 3 Israelis killed in Gaza violence. Israeli tanks, troop carriers hunt down militants in camp after rocket kills 2 kids + Armored Vehicles Mass at Gaza Border + Israeli army confronts homemade weapons

RUSSIA: Ethnic Chechens face revenge attacks in Moscow + Russia Considering Military Strike Against Georgia

AFRICA: Why Africa keeps fighting over oil

AMERICAS: Colombia defends British military aid


Military Voter Education Underway

Air Force Leaders Outline 'Space-Cadre' Strategy


Congressman Wants AIPAC Prober Probed

Sibel Edmonds: Congress Afraid of Ashcroft

San Francisco gay marriage and beyond:  Gay marriage advocates take their stories on the road + Gay Republican castigates party over marriage vote

The Pen Is Mightier.... 

The Potholes of Debates' 'Spin Alley'

Solution for Slashdot Effect?

Columbia campaign desk




Rehnquist turns 80, isn't eager to vacate bench

Costly diamonds vanish under distracted Paris eyes

Mutineers' descendants face rape charges

Judge Orders Ashcroft to Release Secret Immigration Memo

Diebold Loses Key Copyright Case

Investigators Find Remains That May Belong to Missing Utah Woman Lori Hacking


Man held in fraud over wine rarities

Santa Clara: Another court date in Silicon Valley's favorite duel + Mourners pray for man shot to death by police officer + Possible conflict probed. Councilwoman's Judy Kleinberg's job involves group that lobbies for high-tech firms + Sunnyvale SWAT team wins `Best in the West' + 35 years given for `3rd strike' + Lucent sued for bias

Contra Costa: Pleasanton police arrest 7 in gang crimes+ Pleasanton Gang crackdown + Man arrested for attempted kidnapping at Antioch school + Richmond Police unit readies prostitution sting

San Francisco/San Mateo: Arrest made in 2002 theft of 127 firearms + 4 accused of illegal abalone trafficking. California bans sale of the popular shellfish + Student's death called not random + Suspects sought in fatal shooting

Alameda County: Sausage factory secretary tells of fear. Employee says she was worried her boss would shoot her in rampage that killed 3 + 'Sausage king' trial drawing to a close + Woman sues over fallout in ID mix-up + Mechanics' suit: Waste firm's trucks faulty + Former fitness exec indicted in kickback scheme + Medical marijuana distributors turn to Fremont clinics

Sacramento: Officer: Dad killed disabled daughter + Sex offenses rose at UC Davis in '03 + Disabled woman speaks at rape trial + 10 years for porn videos of baby girl

Napa: Warrant issued in child abduction

Sonoma: Santa Rosa man gets 30 years for gang-related shootings

Marin: Sausilito: John Hyde pleads cuilty to 64 counts fraud, will forfeit home + Psychologist says killer Kruse not a danger + Ghilotti adapting to demands of release

Southern California: Former L.A. judge arrested for embezzlement + Former Orange County assistant sheriff could have received $640,000 from company, DA says + Trial over alleged secret taping of Michael Jackson delayed

Scott Peterson: Prosecution expert explains Bay patterns + Jurors get education on bay tides and currents + Observers praise officer's testimony. 8 days on stand provide overview of prosecution's case + Day 64 + Developments Thursday + Agents testify about tailing


The Governor:    Governor vetoes most of 121 bills. One to let drug offenders get food stamps gets his signature  + Governor vetoes more bills that would restrict offshoring + Car-buyer protection bill among big vetoes + Governor blocks bills aiding consumers + Gov. rejects bill to rein in textbook prices + Canadian drug bills vetoed by governor. Measures would have helped consumers, let state agencies shop north of border  + State rejects lone bridge bid + Caltrans rejects bid to finish Bay Bridge + State rejects bridge bid. Bay span to be rebid or redesigned

Lawmakers look to drive out car-title loans

2003 donation to Shelley raising questions of propriety + GOP wants Shelley to reimburse. Contractors paid with federal funds went to fund-raisers

Jones attacks Boxer's record on security + GOP Senate hopeful Jones says Boxer bad fit for state

HMOs get an annual checkup

Indian tribes: Casino decision a gamble

LOCAL NEWS:    Sacramento area: Study will look at closing port + Folsom light rail delayed 6 months + Clarksburg looks to old mill for homes, jobs

Contra Costa: Last round played at Pleasant Hills + Concord: Health fair offers free screenings

Marin: MERA approves Tiburon antenna site

Alameda County: Pickets protest De La Fuente mayoral campaign kickoff + Much confusion over food stamps

San Francisco: Hoops league hits rocky court running. Tense episodes don't halt start of Bayview late-night league + Officials to explain new voting system + 10 hotels expected to lock out workers. Action against 2,600 employees is response to strike

Sonoma: Gift doubles protected area on Sonoma Mountain

School days: San Francisco dream Schools program to expand + Contra Costa College district cuts faculty salary in budget. Contract talks between teachers union, board stalled + UC Berkeley: College information available at event + Vallejo schools get grant to tackle drug abuse + Santa Rosa: Religious tracts at school debated + Grant School mural tells stories of Petaluma

Glitch Opens Access to Kids' Records


Blood for pork....

No Bidding on 40% of Pentagon Contracts

Lockheed Martin, European Groups Win Contract for NATO Missile Defense


Crude Oil Rises to First Close Above $50 as Storm Damage Curbs Gulf Output

PeopleSoft fires CEO Conway

Justice Dept. Won't Appeal Ruling in Oracle Antitrust Case

S.F. studio Wild Brain signs with Miramax

Jack Sirard: Getting Medicare may affect other benefits

Samoa makes deal with researchers. UC Berkeley will share profits if cloned gene works in AIDS fight

Shareholder lawsuit over Ovitz hiring, and firing, airs Disney's dirty laundry


Progress made in West Nile virus fight

Out Of Africa: Scientists Find Earliest Evidence Yet Of Human Presence In Northeast Asia

Evidence Shaky For Sun's Major Role In Past Climate Changes

Stress For Newborns Could Weaken Immune System Later In Life

Strong Earthquake Shakes Central California Fulfilling USGS' Parkfield Forecast

DNA Sequence Controls Expression Of Gene Involved In Cancer

Molecular Motor Implicated In Tissue Remodeling

Scientists Issue Mount St. Helens Volcanic Advisory

Cigarette Smoke Causes Breaks In DNA And Defects To A Cell's Chromosomes

Time Running Out For South Asian Vultures, Ecologists Warn

Research Shows Increased Carbon Dioxide Levels Decrease Algae Growth

'Most Recent Common Ancestor' Of All Living Humans Surprisingly Recent

Brain-scanning Life's Memories Yields New Insights

Huge effort urged to curb epidemic of obese kids.

Women opting for new sterilization method

Sun supercomputer to depict data in 3-D

Sandia Creates Motion Detector 1,000 Times More Sensitive Than Any Known

NASA Technology Means No More Flying Blind

Robot Uses Whiskers to Get Around


Bush Steps Up Attacks on Kerry Over Iraq; Kerry Shifts Focus to Economy

Bush seeks to rebound from debate

State Department Urges Israel Not to Go Beyond a "proportional" Response

Senator 'Dismayed' Over White House Writing Allawi Speech

Powell Regrets Saying Iraq Had Weapons Stockpiles

Drug's withdrawal puts heat on FDA. Agency too reliant on drug company studies, critics say

Republicans Abroad Hasn't Reported Contributions, Expenditures in Overseas Campaign

First Polls Declare Kerry Debate Winner + Both Candidates Mangled Facts in Debate

Congress: Specialty crop bill gets House panel OK + Congress to consider easing presidential eligibility. Naturalized citizens would be able to hold highest office

Republicans Abroad Hasn't Reported Contributions, Expenditures in Overseas Campaign


Mark Morford: Does God Hate Florida?

Kerry Cleans Bush's Clock: Justin Raimondo

Betrayed by Bush: Patrick J. Buchanan

Iran: Bush's Nuclear Bogeyman

Breslin: A leader showed up.  His name was Kerry



Tape Linked to bin Laden Deputy Urges Attacks on U.S.

U.S. Cybersecurity Chief Abruptly Resigns

Goss Brings 4 Staffers From Hill to CIA + New CIA Chief Axes Senior Agency Official + New CIA director makes changes at the top

House and Senate Differ on Backlog of Security Clearance Investigations

Information Oversight: Practical Lessons from Foreign Intelligence

Spies work on info sharing

Mexican churches battle cell phones with jammers

The secret life of an FBI agent

New ID checks for foreign visitors. Fingerprints, photos taken upon arrival at U.S. airports

Saudis stall deportation of U.S. 'enemy combatant'. Bush administration requirements annoy officials of kingdom

Plutonium shipment from U.S. to arrive in France. Bomb material to be turned into fuel rods

Kissinger shown angry at envoy critical of junta. He threatened action when ambassador scolded Argentina

Saudi cleric linked to Madrid bombing suspect

US Struggling to Understand al-Qaeda Finances

Rep. Christopher Cox orders review of nuclear reactor safety

Lady at the Piano,
Felix Vallotton Enlarge

Daily picture from the Metropolitan

May the chi be with you

Ashes to ashes, after 150 years. Bones from old S.F. cemetery placed to rest at Cypress Lawn

Shakespeare goes hip-hop in W. Oakland

Kennedy children object to saving LA hotel where RFK was shot

Photographer Richard Avedon Dies at 81

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