QUID PRO QUO? Did Mueller fail to prosecute Marin County family law corruption cases because of possible ties to Barbara Boxer?

President Bush has nominated the US Attorney for Northern California, Robert Mueller, to head up the FBI. 

According to CNN, Mueller has strong Republican ties, but nonetheless was originally nominated to the US Attorney post by California’s Democratic Senator, Barbara Boxer.  Boxer is now a supporter of Mueller’s FBI appointment. 

Despite the FBI’s yearlong investigation into allegations of corruption and judicial misconduct in Marin County Family Court, is it possible that US Attorney Mueller has failed to prosecute because of possible ties to Senator Boxer? 

Senator Boxer’s husband, attorney Stewart Boxer, shared an office and worked “Of Counsel” with one of the central figures of Karen Winner’s report into possible court corruption, Marshall Krause.   

Krause, a well-known Bay area attorney and political fundraiser for over forty years, is a former President of the Marin County Bar Association and legal counsel for NORML.  On behalf of the ACLU, he presented and won numerous cases in front of the US Supreme Court. 

In 1998, Mr. Krause pled "No Contest" to WIC Section 300 (a) & (b) charges of child abuse and endangerment in Los Angeles Juvenile Court in regards his daughter, Alanna Krause.  Alanna has written eloquently about her abuse and subsequent escape to freedom in an Op Ed piece published in the California legal newspaper, The Daily Journal, on July 17, 2000. There is also a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against Mr. Krause, issued by Ventura County Superior Court.   

The Winner Report alleges that charges of abuse were – and still are – being systematically ignored by the Marin County judiciary as well as a close circle of powerful family court attorneys, the so called FLEAs, (Family Law Elite Attorney’s) and a select group of custody evaluators who use the discredited “Alienating Parent Syndrome” as a means of giving custody to wealthy and/or politically connected abusers. 

In the course of the various legal proceedings against Mr. Krause, numerous allegations of rampant drug use and abuse were made regarding him and his office – the same office Stewart Boxer shared, “Of Counsel.” 

In addition to information gathered by the FBI on possible misconduct in Marin Family Court, Mueller was apparently sent – at the request of the US Attorney’s own office -- copies of the Karen Winner Report, personal affidavits, and numerous press clipping from the Daily Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Examiner, the SF Weekly, the Marin Independent Journal and the Pacific Sun, etc., all of which served to expose allegations of corruption in the courts. 

Nonetheless, Mueller failed to take action.  Before this man is confirmed as the new head of the FBI, it would certainly seem that the public should know why his office has apparently failed to prosecute.