by Thomas C. Mountain  © Nov 7, 2000

Almost a month after the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen, the FBI continues to refuse to release any information on the origins of the over 1,000 pounds of C-4 explosive used in the attack.

The FBI, which has a major ongoing problem with Gore campaign and the White House over fundraising scandals, and the media, which have ignored the story, seem to be cooperating in an effort to protect or at the very least, do damage control, on a potentially explosive story questioning the integrity of the US Armed Forces and Government.

To put it bluntly, C-4, a tightly controlled part of the US Armed Forces military arsenal, was used to attack a US military target, killing and wounding scores of American military personnel, and how this came to be isn't something the American public would be very interested in? Who could they be protecting, being that the FBI has known for over 3 weeks exactly where the C-4 came from due to the recorded chemical "fingerprint" unique to each batch of C-4?

One scenario has the FBI tracing the C-4 to the CIA, which has recently been caught lying to the courts in a case involving C-4, Khadafi and a CIA agent named Ed Wilson dating back to the Reagan/Bush administration in the early 1980"s. One would have to be naive to not at least consider the possibility that some how something from the Bush Family background with the CIA has been linked to the C-4 used in the attack on the USS Cole. The FBI has every reason to stonewall, based on their hatred for the Gore campaign and the Clinton White House. A story like this breaking in what turned out to be one of the closest Presidential races in US history could have thrown the Presidential Election, and even control of the US Senate and House , to the Democrats.

The last straw for the FBI may have been the knowledge that Clinton was going to, and did,  veto their long sought so called "Official Secrets Act", the major assault on civil liberties that has been the dream of the FBI for decades.

It seems the media has all agreed this is to hot to handle, that some times in the interest of "democracy" it is in the best interests of the people "not to know" certain things about the sordid underbelly of this system called democracy where with a good turn out 25% of eligible Americans choose the "leaders" of the country.

Thomas C. Mountain has been a long time activist in environmental, land and housing, labor, race and international relations.