By JIM HENDERSON -  Copyright 2000 Houston Chronicle Family holes up in bunker, evades court  -- By most accounts, John Joe Gray lived a quiet life -- quiet except for the weekends when automatic rifle fire signaled militia training exercises -- with his family on a remote and wooded 47 acres fanning out from the Trinity River a few miles north of here.

Although Gray was a leader in the Texas Constitutional Militia (he referred to himself as "Col. Gray"), and he traveled to Fort Davis in 1997 when the Republic of Texas separatist group was in a standoff with state police, he apparently did not appear on
law enforcement radar screens until late in 1998. Go here for full story:

What is happening right now is the death cult (state) is on the move. Carlton Stowers, a writer for the Dallas Observer, is preparing the way to execute (murder) John Joe Gray, his family and friends. Carlton has prepared a potion of witches brew to be consumed by the public at large. They will all be put to sleep. The public will stand by and witness a mass murder of innocent  men, women and children. And they will not even realize what happened.

Dallas Observer Thursday, July 27, 2000
Between heaven and hell
A father robbed of his sons is caught between a cult and fear of another Waco

See also Racheal Dempsey (daughter of John Joe Gray) for further articles on their beliefs. Ambassador Racheal Dempsey


Mr. Gray of East Texas is being harassed.

I know Mr. Gray and have spoken with him.  He is of good character and will not bow to the corrupt forces that are trying to get rid of him, because he stands for freedom.  Mr. Gray and his family should not give in to these forces of evil that are trying to destroy all of us one at a time.  Mr. Gray's property is private property.  Their attempt to set him up like McClaren should not stand and will not stand.   The battle lines are being drawn all across the United States and Texas now.

Mr. Gray does not have a compound he has a home and a family that he does his best to protect.  He has opened up that property for patriots to use on a number of occasions because almost all land in Texas is private and Mr. Gray has allowed people to use his property for good intent.  Now it is called a compound. Non sense.  It is an attempt by tyranny to attack a citizen.  Just one more example of an out of control government that feels threatened. 

Any attack on Mr. Gray or his family is an assault by criminals and should be repelled like you would repel a purse snatcher! 

The government is really going off, so spread the word.  All militia and patriots around North America should be ready to defend with force of arms if attacked by these criminals.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Militia of Georgia

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Georgia Concerned Citizens:

Presents The Militia of Georgia -  Special Forces  When -  Saturday  26 August 2000 at 11: 30 am Where -  Ryan's Steakhouse on Hwy 120 in Lawrenceville, Georgia As most of you know, we don't have many meetings open to the public.  For many of you this is the first invitation you've received this year.

Don't miss this opportunity! If you want to know what the Militia of Georgia is all about; if you want to know what is going on in this country; if you want to know what we can do to preserve freedom and liberty, this is your personal invitation. Rules: * No smoking, alcoholic beverages, cursing or discussion of illegal activity are allowed in the meeting *  No recording devices allowed and no pictures may be taken without permission of the person (s) you wish to photograph *  You purchase a meal.  That pays for the meeting room. Ask for the GEORGIA CONCERNED CITIZENS MEETING.   Please do not ask for the Militia.  We do not want to attract unwarranted attention.  That is why the
GCC hosts this event. *  Bring the children, spouse, girl friend, boy friend, that relative "from out of town" and your neighbor.   These are family events.
If you need directions:     or call 770 - 962 -3113
between 10 am and 2 pm 7 days per week.

Georgia Constitutional Militia

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