The “Mouth” Who Would Be Queen
by Stephanie Donald
 © 2003

In these days of questionable journalism throwing favor to the forces of conservative political powers, to “play fair” against those who would slant the news is no longer an issue. It would be political suicide. Meria Heller does not pull any punches and goes after the foes of civil liberties like a Bengal Tiger backed into a corner. Make no mistake about it; she’s a patriot to the bone. Meria Heller’s internet radio show which broadcasts at 12 noon (EST), 11 AM (CST), 10 AM (MST) and 9 AM (PST) continues to increase in listeners as the United States drawers closer to the first pre-emptive military strike in it’s history against Iraq, proving that not all is rosy with the total population.

Unlike other liberal talk shows that bore you with technical facts and banal rhetoric, Meria grabs the bull by the horns and kicks him square in his private parts. Her show features interviews with people that the mainstream press has passed over in order to give full support to President Bush and his broad re-writing of the Bill of Rights.

Meria Heller of Phoenix, Arizona. A little lady who
makes big waves and pulls no punches. Her Internet
talk show can be heard at at
12 Noon EST, 11 AM CST, 10 AM MST and 9 AM PST.
The show, presented through Real Radio Net Services,
is listened to by over 100,000 people daily. Her listeners
are from all over the world and comprise people whose
humanity concerns the rampant world trend toward lack
of concern over human rights.
(Photo Courtesy of Meria Heller © 2003)

When questioned about what her show is trying to accomplish, she replies wryly that she’s,educating the public on the real news so that the American people can get out of fear and into action”. She adds that she wishes to “bring the democracy back to this country and override the negativity and fear programs that are out there right now dismantling the Constitution and Bill of Rights”. Her eventual goal is teaching people the world over how to get along without dependence on their government programs, uniting as a human race for peace, justice and humanitarian rights for all people.

Since her first internet radio show in July of 2000 she has tirelessly brought quality topics to the masses worldwide who want to hear a different point of view from the slanted conservative views which dominate the normal media.

The cost for her show doesn’t come from corporate sponsors, who often times are the targets of her shows. The entire cost of the show might come from listeners, except she only manages to cover about one third of the cost from the contributions she’s sent. For the majority of her nearly three year run, she has covered the costs from her own savings, not to mention the enormous dedication of giving 14 to 16 hours a day of her time to do so. The show presently costs a total of $1,500 a month, for five shows a week (Monday through Thursday and a special Sunday Spiritual show), with contributions covering about $500 for each show and the difference being made up from her own pocket. If she had the resources, she admits she would, “take the show to radio, television, cable, expand the site to accommodate millions of listeners, advertise, etc.”

During January of 2003 she will be going to broadband so more listeners may gain access to the show and upgrading her access status through Real Net Services to accommodate the changes. This will up the costs of production dramatically.

During her tenure hosting the show, she has interviewed many famous and controversial public figures, including Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Dr. Arun Ghandi and author-political analyst Greg Palast. Each of her guests is carefully chosen to have the maximum impact in the opposite direction of the mainstream press and to shed light on alternative points of view. When asked if she had anyone in the world to choose from to interview on her show, she doesn’t hesitate and gives the economical answer, “Al Gore”.

Her overall view of her listeners is shiningly optimistic. When asked if she ever feels frustrated that people aren’t getting the point, she replies, “No I don’t! The right people listen as far as I’m concerned. My audience is the DO-ers, not the viewers of life”.  Asked for political predictions for 2003, she solemnly admits, “Unfortunately I think the year has a lot of war, strife, economic disasters and environmental disasters coming. I plan to cover them as honestly and hopefully as I can”.

What are her plans for the future?Hopefully still be alive, working because I want to, and in a world that’s better for my work”.

Stephanie Donald holds a Masters Degree in Journalism and Broadcast Management from the University of Central Florida, lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida and writes freelance for many publications both online and in conventional medias.

© 2003 By Stephanie Donald. No parts of this may be reprinted without express permission of the writer.