Mr. Billings,

My name is Martin Cannon. The name may be known to you; I wrote a piece titled "The Controllers" which deals with MKULTRA and related topics. It is no secret that I am now sorry I ever wrote that work -- primarily because that field of inquiry has been taken over by nuts and conspiracy cranks of the lowest sort.

I just happened across your site (
Click) following a link provided on

At first, I was impressed by some of the documentation you provided. But as I learned more of what you were all about, I became appalled.

People like you -- whose heads are filled with religious nonsense, and whose motto seems to be "I believe EVERYTHING I hear" -- are the reason why all the serious MKULTRA researchers seem to have abandoned the field in disgust.

Let me address a few of the points mentioned in your asinine page on "The New Millennium and Mind Control."

Like most so-called "Christians," you tend to have a very elastic interpretation of the commandment prohibiting false witness. To put it bluntly: You lie and lie and LIE.

You write:

"By 1776, systematic, organized mind control was beginning to rear its ugly head. A Bavarian Jesuit named Adam Weishaupt was commissioned by the House of Rothschild to centralize the powers of the mystery religions into what is commonly known as the Illuminati or the "enlightened ones." The word Illuminati originates from the word Lucifer which means "bearer of the light." In essence, this was the laying of the foundation of the new world order with the goal of establishing a one-world religion, a one-world government and a one-world banking system."

A pack of lies. I will bet you every dollar in my possession right now you cannot prove a word of this piffle by citing original documentation. (Note: That means ORIGINAL documents -- the stuff of scholarship -- as opposed to citing the work of some latter-day conspiracy nut.)

Despite what your obvious anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic biases may lead you to believe, the facts are these: Weishaupt may have attended Jesuit schools (as did many thousands of other Europeans), but he severed all ties with all religious institutions. I defy to you to offer one (1) piece of genuine evidence that Weishaupt had anything to do with anyone named Rothschild. (Again: Citing something you read in the works of Nesta Webster or some other conspiracy crank does NOT constitute proof.)

I defy you to cite a single sentence written by Weishaupt in which he discussed a one-world religion or government. I doubt he ever discussed banking.

On to more of your lies:

"So who are the Masons and to what oath do our governmental and judicial officials pledge when they become 30th, 31st and 32nd degree Freemasons? Albert Pike is quoted on pages 220 and 221 of Occult Theocracy by Queenborough that instructs:"

I need not repeat here the words attributed to Albert Pike. This quotation has been exposed for over a HUNDRED YEARS as a forgery.

The forger, Leo Taxil (who had a history of elaborate pranks), gave a full public confession -- the text of which you can find on the internet. Over course of a dozen years and many books, Taxil perpetrated a massive hoax
against his main enemy, the Catholic Church; he fed their paranoia about freemasonry, and reaped a good deal of loot in the process.

The Pike "quote" first appeared in Taxil's spoof expose, "Satan in the 19th Century." The quote was repeated in a piece written by a cleric named de la Rive, who later expressed his outrage that Taxil had lied about such a matter. Years later, a very silly lady named Edith Miller, writing under the name "Lady Queensborough," picked up the quote from de la Rive, without noting that the churchman later admitted he had been duped.

I'm writing a book about famous hoaxes, which will include a chapter on the Taxil affair. I'll send you a copy of the piece when I am finished. I intend to mention YOU by name as an example of a modern-day "Christian" who is stupid enough to be taken in by Taxil's ancient prank.

On to another lie. You write:

"This one-world goal aligned the world's very rich with the most powerful generational bloodlines of Satanism. So we have the joining of Satanists and the plutocrats reaching out for the supreme power---control of the people. Spinning out from this Illuminati spider web came many organizations permeated with Satanism, such as, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucian, the Shriners, Palladium Masonry, and Scottish Rite Masonry, just to name a few."

One doesn't even know where to begin with this pack of nonsense.

"Palladium Masonry" is, of course, an invention of Leo Taxil's; it is simply fiction. As Taxil said at the close of his confession: "I created the Palladium, and I am now destroying it."

The "Bilderbergers" do not exist. If you mean the Bilderbergers, they (like the Club of Rome) are an economic grouping, certainly worthy of study -- but I can't see how anyone can connect them with occultism or the long-defunct Illuminati.

Can you cite ANY authentic, original documentation connecting the Golden Dawn with the Illuminati or Satanism? Or with ANYONE who was very rich? I defy you to name even a single GD member who had substantial funds! Probably the most affluent GD member was Crowley -- and his inheritance really didn't amount to all that much. (It was less than six figures; he ran through it pretty rapidly, and lived for decades in poverty.)

The same thing goes for the OTO. I had a girlfriend in the group. Later, I researched its origins pretty closely, when I wrote a screenplay based on the life of Aleister Crowley. They do NOT worship Satan. Nor do they abuse children. How can you connect that group with the Illuminati? Where is the connection to the world's rich and powerful? Can you name a single OTO member who is seriously wealthy (as in: Butler, maid, chauffeur, live-in gardener)?

You're pointing an accusatory finger at a bunch of people who work for a living -- who live in apartments or rented homes -- and you're claiming that THEY are in control of the world! Ridiculous. Have you ever spoken to anyone in the order? Have you bothered to do ANY research?

Oh, and don't make the claim "Well, the rank and file may be poor, but the LEADERS of the OTO are wealthy!" Hardly. I'll bet you don't even know who the leaders of the OTO are.

(Incidentally, I am not in the habit of asking rhetorical questions. I really would like you to mention a single wealthy member of either the OTO or the Golden Dawn.)

I'm not sure what you mean by "Rosicrucian's," since a number of groups use that name. Do you mean the organization in San Jose? Yeesh -- you think THOSE guys are part of a world-spanning conspiracy? Have you ever bothered to meet or talk to them? Again: Can you name a single member who is truly affluent? Can you cite a single piece of hard evidence that they possess power or influence over world affairs? (Nota bene: Assertion is NOT evidence.)

I'll deal with one last lie:

"Although Senator Ted Kennedy, chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research, assured the American public that "These activities are part of history, not the current practice of the CIA," knowledge from these experiments to create actual mind-control slaves for the U.S. government."

First: You have written a non-sentence. It makes no sense. Read it again. I think you're missing a verb somewhere in there. Perhaps you intended to put the words "was used" after the words "knowledge from these experiments."

More importantly: I'm fairly certain that Kennedy never said the statement you attribute to him!

I admit that, just now, I gave my copy of the 1977 hearings a cursory skimming. But I've read all the relevant material very closely on previous occasions. A quote like that one would have leaped out at me.

Can you cite a source for the quote? Or are just engaging in retro-Birchian Kennedy-bashing, without any regard for accuracy? 

As for the proposition that "knowledge from these experiments [was used] to create actual mind control slaves for the U.S. government" -- it is intellectually unsupportable to state as a given, at the outset, the very
thing you should be trying to prove.

MKULTRA was a very real project, and deserves serious study. (I doubt that you have even bothered to read the relevant documents in D.C.) Unfortunately, this field of inquiry has been completely decimated by
religiously-motivated crackpots who believe everything they hear from weepy `ritual abuse' victims, and who buy into every nonsensical conspiracy theory they happen to read about.

By tying in Masonic libels, the Illuminati hoax, blatherings about Satanism, the mythical "New World Order," and a variety of none-too-thinly disguised religious bigotries, ethic-less "Christians" like you have only managed to make serious research into the CIA's behavior modification project seem ridiculous.

Inadvertently, you are part of the cover-up.

Clean up your act. Stop using sensational, groundless claims as a source of profit. (I see you make a tidy income with your videos and appearances.) Maintain a higher standard of evidence. Examine critically those sources which seem to buttress your biases. In short: Try to PROVE what you say.

Martin Cannon