McCAIN'S  CAMPAIGN CONSULTANT - RICHARD M. QUINN, SR.                Does America need another Jefferson Davis as President?  Quinn, Sr. thinks so!

       Richard M. Quinn Jr. and his flag! (We lack Quinn, Sr.'s picture, so far!)

Senator John McCain's campaign consultant in South Carolina is Richard M. Quinn, Sr., the father of Richard M. Quinn Jr., the republican majority leader (Richland)  of the South Carolina Statehouse.  Quinn, Sr. is the President of Richard Quinn & Associates a political consultancy firm.  Quinn, Jr. is the Vice-President of the firm.  Quinn, Sr. is the Editor of the Southern Partisan magazine.  

Quinn, Jr.,  with his father, sponsored a bill to keep the Confederate flag flying above the State House along with his father, who is the editor of Southern Partisan.  The bill was designed to keep the flag from being removed by any court order.  The Quinns supported The Southern Heritage Association, a Columbia-based group which mailed 30,000 postcards alerting neo-Confederates that they needed to lean on their legislators to get the flag bill passed.  The Southern Partisan threw its support behind the flag bill and gave its Scalawag Award to one of the two Republicans who didn't support the flag bill.   Rep. Bill Cotty (R-Richland) was lampooned for "his pompous public pronouncements declaring the Confederate battle flag a divisive symbol of slavery."

When first asked whether flying the Confederate flag above the South Carolina state house, straight-talkin' McCain called it a "symbol of racism and slavery."  Then McCain changed his mind (quaking with fear at a critical loss to Bush in So. Carolina?) and pronounced it a "symbol of heritage."  The word "heritage" is a insider word Neo-Confederates use to describe their philosophy, aka their "heritage."   In January 2000, McCain openly  hired Quinn Sr. who advised Ronald Reagan in 1980 and Pat Robertson in 1988.  But Quinn's main "heritage" is that he is the editor of the Southern Partisan--the leading quarterly journal of the neo-Confederacy, for the past twenty years. (Pat Buchanan is a Senior Advisor to Southern Partisan.)

Perhaps McCain thought he could avoid being tainted by Quinn, Sr., just as Al Gore thought he avoided a similar taint when he hired advisor Tony Coehlo.  However, Coehlo's dealings are hidden in the murk and mire of corporate structured deals, whereas Quinn Sr.'s Southern Partisan has rampaged through the South with a open campaign of racism and hate.  Quinn Sr.'s Southern Partisan voices a literal desire to put a new Jefferson Davis on the throne of America!  Judge for yourself.  Caveat:  If you don't have the stomach of a soldier facing machine gunfire from shock troops, don't even risk reading the following:


"So the editors selected five typical families from all regions and walks of American life ... How does the South fit into Newsweek's vision of the American dream? .. An evil white Southern planter "took his pleasure" with a slave girl (how Newsweek verified this is not made clear) who then gave birth to a half breed son. The planter ripped the babe from his mother's arms, sold her for profit and put the boy to work. As a handsome, angry young man (shades of Mandingo), he rode the freedom train to Ohio where he became the great grandfather to the black woman who started the civil rights movement in Ohio and who presumably gave Newsweek this colorful family history.  In point of fact, massive evidence suggests that slave families were rarely separated. Efforts were made uniformly across the South to keep families together (in part because good morale was good for business). The record also shows that many freed slaves stayed South, kept close ties with their former owners and found for themselves a life altogether more satisfying than their cousins who ended up sleeping with rats in Harlem under the shadow of Newsweek's editorial offices."  From "A Partisan View", Southern Partisan, by Richard M. Quinn, Editor-in-Chief, regarding Newsweek's' special edition celebrating its 50th anniversary.  Vol. 3, No. 2, 1983, pp. 5.

"Slave owners ... did not have a practice of breaking up slave families.  If anything, they encouraged strong slave families to further the slaves' peace and happiness." Hank Williams, Southern Partisan,1996.

"God led [Afrikaners] into the Transvaal, it was with God that they made their prayerful covenant when they were besieged by bloodthirsty savages on all sides."  Southern Partisan, 1987.

[David Duke is]  "a candidate concerned about `affirmative' discrimination, welfare prolifigacy [sic], the taxation holocaust ... a Populist spokesperson for a recapturing of the American ideal."  Southern Partisan, 1990.

"Negroes, Asians, and Orientals (is Japan the exception?); Hispanics, Latins, and Eastern Europeans; have no temperament for democracy, never had, and probably never will.... It may be impolite and impolitic to bring the subject up, but can our democratic system endure unless we close up the frontiers to peoples who are not ... predisposed to honor its assumptions?"  ". ..and as the genetic racial pool in the United States from which the democratic temperament originally derived is dissipated in successive tides of immigration, our country is today being overwhelmed by ... not precisely the Snopes, though there is that too, and it cannot be ignored, but by a coalition of alien temperaments, now in the majority, that are uncongenial to the democratic virtues."  Senior Editor Reid Buckley (Wm. F's brother), Southern Partisan, 1984, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 64.

"The terrible swift sword of the dread AIDS disease is surely what in other ages would be acknowledged as a sign of God's wrath," a just punishment of homosexuals for committing "the most repulsive desecration in the sexual order." Reid Buckley regarding Rock Hudson, Southern Partisan, 1986.

[The Constitution was a] "clever work of war propaganda never intended to be taken seriously." [Our] "commitment to the Constitution and its opposite, the Declaration, is a form of Orwellian Doublethink." "Lie II" [in the Declaration of Independence is] "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." Senior Editor Robert W. Whitaker, Southern Partisan, denigrating America's Declaration of Independence. 1983, Vol. 3., No. 3, p. 17.


In its 1995 Christmas catalogue, Southern Partisan sold a T-shirt mocking the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, which stated on the front, "I have a dream," and displayed on the back side a picture of the "White House of the Confederacy" with the Confederate flag flying over it.

In its 1995 Christmas catalogue, Southern Partisan sold the "Tyrants" T-shirt celebrating the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.  On the front of the T-shirt was Lincoln's face with the text "Sic Semper Tyrannis" which in Latin means, "Death to Tyrants."  On the back of the shirt was a picture of a tree dripping blood over which was written the text, "The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. - T. Jefferson." .  During Christmas 1995, the "Tyrants" T-shirt was so popular, it sold out in certain sizes, per Southern Partisan.


According to the New Republic magazine, "Howard Opinsky, a McCain spokesman, calls Quinn 'a recognized and respected political adviser" whose `reputation is outstanding in the state.' And he claims the campaign is unaware of the magazine's numerous egregious articles."  

Source: New Republic, "No Wonder John McCain Supports the Confederate Race Man" by Benjamin Soskis, 1/31/00, Read the article at:

[Editor: Thanks to Martin Cannon, author/researcher for his suggestions regarding this article.]