Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?

by Mae Brussell, The Realist, July 1974


I. Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?

II. Cast of Characters

III. Chronology of Events

IV. Why Was the SLA Created BB the Motives?

V. The Tell-Tale Revolutionaries: Conspicuous Banditos or Provocateurs?

VI. Tactical Support BB Where Did It Come From?

VII. How Dangerous Was the SLA?

VIII. Why the Charges Against Patty?

IX. The Death Trap

How Do You Tell a CIA Espionage Plot from a Revolutionary, Radical, Terrorist Guerrilla Army?

1. Cover Story

2. Coincidence?

3. Dummy Fronts

4. Use of Media and Propaganda

5. CIA Collusion

6. FBI Collusion

7. Tom Charles Huston Plan, Combined Military, Justice Department, CIA, FBI, Police Departments, Department of Corrections, Stanford Research Institute, President Richard Nixon, Vice-President Gerald Ford, Attorney General Saxbe

XI. Indications the SLA Was Part of a Larger National Conspiracy

XII. Was This Plan Necessary?





"You only need to have a tape recorder to set up a revolutionary movement today."

-- FBI Director Charles Bates, San Francisco

There are three Symbionese Liberation Armies. This article is about SLA-BC.

SLA-BC (Before Cremation)

A small band of people brought together in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Through various manipulations, military intelligence infiltrated radical groups, specifically the prison's Black Guerrilla Family, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, United Farm Workers, Chino Defense Fund, Venceremos and the Women's Movement. These targets of the FBI and police were to be associated with the importation of persons from out of state. Some local women were incorporated in the group to lend authenticity.

SLA-AC (After Cremation)

Radicals or concerned citizens who responded with sympathy and horror at the public cremation of six SLA members by the military SWAT team. Continuous government murders such as those committed at the Orangeburg massacre, Jackson State, Kent State, Attica and San Quentin, police murders of Black Panthers, Black Muslims and hundreds of others, necessarily cause a genuine response. Silence in the face of these acts escalates genocide. Public disapproval escalates police armies.


More "liberation armies," fictitious messages, forged documents, infiltrators and spies will surface. Legitimate reform groups will continue to be discredited by acts of violence committed in their names. Peaceful rallies will be destroyed by intelligence agents. The organized disruption of the anti-war movement and rock concerts that took place during the '60s will escalate. The kidnaps and bombings will be blamed on the SLA, or "dedicated to the memory of the six slain SLA members." These planned acts of violence will include chemical warfare.

I. Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?

The kidnapping of Patricia Campbell Hearst was as vital to the creation of the Symbionese Liberation Army as the murder of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was to the beginning of World War I. Both the kidnapping and the murder were used as an excuse to declare war. The ensuing battles had been carefully prepared and anticipated by the merchants of death.

The end goal of the SLA -- World War III -- is to plunge the Third World masses into starvation and slavery. We have accomplished this through the CIA in 77 countries. The Third World inside the United States is the next selected victim.

The SLA was nurtured inside the American prison system. This will provide the excuse to isolate prisons from future visitors, creating private Dachaus and another Auschwitz.

The SLA was created in order to spread terror and fear across the country. There will be a forced response upon existing radicals. Domestic chaos will escalate.

Carefully synchronized with the Hearst kidnapping in Berkeley were a series of provocateur-inspired kidnappings. Fictitious "armies" surfaced. As far away as England, well-dressed and well-financed Ian Ball was pretending to kidnap Princess Anne to "feed the poor." After his brief moment in history, Ball was taken away to a mental hospital.

An admitted kidnapping hoax involved Jean Paul Litt, son of a Belgian diplomat, in Florence, Italy.

The timing of international with national kidnappings could easily be planned to instill fear of an epidemic of abductions across continents.

In the meantime, and not by coincidence, only the poor suffer from these kidnapping and shootings on their behalf.

America's first political kidnapping was necessary to justify the creation of laws and the development of police SWAT teams. They can later be used against legitimate guerrilla or terrorist activities.

Increased repressions, planned genocide, starvation, widespread unemployment, inadequate health care and housing must necessarily provoke anger and self-defense in the face of death. Washington is preparing its defenses, its punishments and its armies in the streets.

The series of staged exploits by the SLA has created fear, suspicion and mistrust of genuine avenues of political change. Radical movements can be discredited and associated with kidnapping, terror, murder, bank robbery and violence.

Under the guise of "reforms," the door is now open for increased infiltration and disruption of progressive movements.

The Watergate affair provides only a small glimpse of how the White House, Pentagon, CIA, FBI, local police departments and intelligence agencies rig elections, manipulate candidates and violate the rights of citizens. Wiretaps, smear campaigns, illegal entry, forgery, interception and opening of mail, provocations, planned kidnappings, blackmail, leaks, poisoning, and assassinations are acceptable tactics to the "team members."

The Justice Department, Attorney Generals, government prosecutors, and investigators are used to protect these domestic espionage operations and cover up the serious crimes that are committed.

Intelligence agents don't only work against us at election time. They work every year, in every city, to help the power structure maintain control. They work against leftists, radicals and ordinary citizens assembling to inquire how their freedoms are being taken away.

Government-funded studies are made at Rand Corporation a and other think tanks on how to manipulate the population for maximum effectiveness and profit. The armies put the plans into action.

The agencies that control our elections, and indeed the selection of candidates, by bullets and smear tactics also control domestic productivity and investments. Since starvation and unemployment will inevitably lead to violent objections, provisions must be made to handle the mob. That is what the SLA was about.

Members of radical groups in the Bay Area were taunted and baited to join the revolution, to see how many were ready for the next stage and would accept violence. All of these groups turned the SLA down, suspecting that they were police provocateurs.

The People In Need Program (the Hearst food giveaway plan) and the SLA communiqués identified radical or leftist organizations. Their strength and numbers were added up. Leaders were identified.

Public sensitivities were tested by well-placed cameras which invited us to witness the SLA cremation in Los Angeles. How will we respond the next time troops are deployed to control the people? What did you think of the first military operation inside the U.S., based upon the feeble creation of the mythical SLA., and our "first political kidnapping"?

The 1960's saw the systematic murder of politicians, civil rights leaders, minority spokesmen, educators, Black Panthers, prisoners, and many other concerned citizens.

In the 1970's, large masses of the population, now leaderless, can be controlled and exterminated. We have allowed this situation to develop by not exposing each conspiracy as it came along, pretending the facts and evidence would disappear.

Dr. Marcus Foster, Oakland School Superintendent, was murdered by the same kind of people, and for the same reasons, as Martin Luther King.

Patricia Hearst was kidnapped by the same kind of people, and for the same reasons, as Martha Mitchell.

Our lives are being manipulated by specific individuals who can be identified and exposed. Conspiracy theories only remain "theories" when there is no court, no lawyer, no judge, no Congress, with the courage to expose the evidence. In every case where the evidence is pursued, the "theory" becomes a clear-cut case of criminal conspiracy.

It took ten years for Emile Zola to reveal that Captain Alfred Dreyfus did not betray the French Army.

"Wherever and whenever dissension about social harmony, political expediency and national defense obscures the rights of minorities, the corruption of institutions and the aberrations of patriotism, there is a Dreyfus Affair."

-- David L. Lewis,Prisoners of Honor

America has hundreds of Dreyfus Affairs going. Latest on the list is the creation of the SLA.

Congress gives the CIA and other intelligence agencies all the money they desire. No questions are asked about how much they receive, much less how it is used. CIA Director William Colby wants to tighten the secrecy, with the threat of a $10,000 fine and ten years in jail, for any Paul Reveres shouting in the dark to wake us up.

Until the present time, the CIA was carefully inconspicuous on the domestic scene. Creation of the SLA provides an excuse for the CIA, and special police forces like the German Gestapo, to step forth publicly and assume control of all law enforcement agencies.

The covert operations and psychological warfare techniques that were used to form the SLA were perfected in Britain and Germany during World War II. After the war, our OSS was converted into the CIA by English and German spy masters.

Right-wing groups such as the American Nazi Party, the Ku Klux Klan, the Minutemen and the National States Rights Party are used as fronts for CIA and FBI operations. The military-intelligence teams give approval, funding, tactical support and protection from arrest.

Mass education, political organization and the attempt to solve economic and social problems are perceived as threats to the status quo. Recommendations for constructive alternatives to unemployment, sickness, hunger and poverty are answered by chaos, violence and racism. it is because the solutions to many problems exist today that armies and propaganda machines must step lip their domestic warfare. Police, prison guards, and intelligence agents flex their muscles and take aim at their victims.

Motives for Creation of the SLA

Fifteen goals were to be achieved by the creation of this elaborate conspiracy. They have all been launched, and a careful observer can see them being implemented in today's news stories.

1. Create a national fear of terrorist organizations, and of future kidnappings, accompanied by increased bombings.

2. Link U.S. terrorists to international guerrilla groups.

3. Discredit communes.

4. Escalate domestic fear of Mao Tse Tung, brainwashing and indoctrination.

5. Create the apparent justification for UCLA's Institute to Study the Causes and Prevention of Violence, now temporarily shelved and suspect.

6. Discredit the poor, and test food distribution programs.

7. Isolate prisoners from genuine reform organizations.

8. Escalate domestic race war between blacks and whites.

9. Discredit radical and/or leftist organizations, particularly the Black Guerrilla Family, Los Venceremos, United Farm Workers, Women's Movement groups and Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

10. Increase public and private police forces and security agents.

11. Turn the population into informers, who turn each other In.

12. Create new legislation against future kidnappings.

13. Link demons and the Devil to communists, radicals, leftists and other deviants from the official Government line, and virtuous, right-thinking Christianity to strong-arm police tactics.

14. Discredit the FBI; make military and international police and the CIA appear necessary to control terrorism in the U.S.

15. Set up conditions for martial law, prevent free election choices in 1976 and escalate fear, to keep power in the hands of the military and intelligence agencies.

What was Patricia Hearst's state of mind during these various manipulations? None of us was there, so we can only speculate. Could she change over to think and feel with the "radicals" when she was their captive?

The rank-and-file of the SLA consisted predominantly of CIA agents and police informers. For this reason, Patty could be cleverly controlled in order to make it appear that she had joined them of her own free will.

Sophisticated radicals and politically aware people of the Bay Area rejected the SLA, but Patty Hearst had no choice; she was, and is, their captive.

Each day, we were invited to witness the purposeful manipulation of an individual who had been captured, and subsequently drastically altered, over a four-month period of time. Patty lived with fear, was taught terror, became hunted and oppressed, was given a new name, a new family and new "loves."

Was Patty Hearst brainwashed?

What did Vacaville Medical Facility promise Donald DeFreeze in exchange for the use of his head? What "favor" did he do for them?

Why was CIA agent Colston Westbrook -- educated in psychological warfare and the indoctrination of assassination and terrorist cadres -- chosen to select and train the group that became the SLA?

Joseph Remiro and Nancy Ling Ferry, important to the SLA for military tactics and cover story rhetoric, were dependent upon drugs. Both were political conservatives with a "kill-a-commie-for-Christ" background. Their transition into "radicals" could have been assisted by the same chemical and psychological controls our intelligence agencies are using and experimenting with daily.

Bill and Emily Harris, and Angels Atwood, worked together as a "mod squad" narc team back home in Indiana, for the Indiana State Police. What brought them all scurrying to the Bay Area in the summer of 1972?

Russell Little and Robyn Steiner, college chums from the University of Florida, drove out together from Florida to Oakland is the summer of '72. Though neither had shown any previous interest in blacks or prisoners, both immediately began working with Colston Westbrook and Donald DeFreeze at Vacaville Medical Facility.

Camilla Hall and Patricia Soltysik were at least authentic residents of the Berkeley community. What controls were used to draw them into the SLA and ultimately to their deaths in Log Angeles?

Donald DeFreeze and Patty Hearst are not the only ones who were brainwashed.

The same mass media that told us Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy, that James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King, that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert F. Kennedy, that Arthur Bremer was the lone gunman when George Wallace was shot, and that Ted Kennedy was responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, brainwash this society every single day. The creation of the SLA is only one more propaganda lie. We can't discuss Patty's brainwashing without looking at our own.

Our sensitivities and emotions were tested over the same period of time as Patty Hearst's or Donald DeFreeze's. Patty was taken to a building near the death trap on 54th Street, so that she could witness six of her close associates and intimates for the last four months being shot and burned to death. We watched the event in living color over Friday TV Dinner. All of us took part.

The only ones to gain from the maneuvers of the SLA were the military and police agencies. They have already spent between $5-and-l0-million "pursuing" the SLA. Ten thousand young adults were stopped, searched or arrested within a three-week period. SWAT police teams are now located in every major city. Police helicopter contracts are escalating. Computerized police information systems will increase. And the CIA will openly take over local police departments, where before they hid behind Public Relations doors.

The creation of the fictitious Symbionese Liberation Army was a cruel hoax perpetrated on the American public.

Years of planning went into this operation. It may have started taking shape after the Chicago convention in 1968, when protestors were moving into the streets, displeased with Washington's policies. The intelligence community was determined that large riots such as those in Watts and Detroit would never happen again. The next stage of "political protest" will be planned terrorist activities.

To speed things along, police and the military have selectively provided weapons, knowing that dissidents will be outnumbered, outgunned and handled with brutality. America will become like Vietnam, a battleground of burnings, killings and provocations. Military provocateurs, and the Phoenix Program in the U.S. will be used to control blacks, Chicanos, Indians, and radicals.

The public cremation in Los Angeles on May 17, 1974, was not the end of the SLA. It was only Stage One. Vietnam has arrived in California.

The families of the deceased SLA members wish they understood what the SLA was about. Aside from empty rhetoric, nothing was accomplished that justified their early deaths. The SLA's printed analysis of fascism in America was accurate enough; but their actions did not elucidate any constructive programs for altering society. The military intelligence agents simply illustrated how easy it is to be wiped out once the issues are declared. Police have made it perfectly clear what can happen to you if you don't like what you are getting.

A 15-member team of psychiatrists, criminologists and suicide specialists has assembled to piece together what they call "psychological autopsies" to answer the "puzzling question" of why the SLA members "chose to die." Yet Nancy Ling Perry was gunned down outside the hideout, after she fled from the flaming house.

Why isn't a psychological profile prepared of the police who did not allow her to surrender alive? Her body was found outside the house. What does that tell the so-called experts?

The "psychological autopsies" of the SLA are a typical CIA technique for producing irrelevant facts from a person's life. They will dangle these facts before us as "motives" for violence, but their analysis will make no reference to how the victims were led and tricked into dying.

Donald DeFreeze may have had fantasies of becoming a great black leader. A genuine void existed, because of the systematic assassination of black leaders. The same agencies that murdered George Jackson, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara and Jonathan Jackson were not about to provide Field Marshal General Cinque with his own personal army, without having some purpose of their own. Was Cinque's vision of freeing society's slaves born at Vacaville Medical Facility, known and dreaded for its experimentations on the human mind?

DeFreeze didn't outsmart the law enforcement agencies from the time of his "escape," as the SLA communiqués would have us believe. These agencies permitted his freedom only until the time came when they wanted him dead.

To act out his dreams, DeFreeze needed assistance. His tragic figure can best be summarized when, on the last day of his life, he was draping his body in ammunition belts, while at the same time unsuccessfully trying to recruit an 18-year-old neighbor on 54th Street and Compton Avenue to join his "revolution." The street was choked with Los Angeles police agents, and DeFreeze was an escaped convict, wanted for murder, kidnapping, bank robbery and assault. He never managed to persuade a single black person to join the SLA. The only support given to the SLA by blacks was given by police agents, informers and collaborators, who conspired to lure him into his death trap.

The man was mechanized and robotized by the CIA and other agencies. He is a pathetic example of the way our society uses black males in its sadistic, imperialistic greed. Legitimate dreams are perverted by the military intelligence system. One black male, surrounded by whites, and all of them led step by step to their death by police informers, was presented as a serious army, a threat to all the nation. And the nation responded, like a hypnotized, robotized zombie; like Camilla Hall, or Donald DeFreeze, or Patricia Hearst, drawn slowly, step by programmed step, toward destruction.

Are there really such vicious and immoral people, making long-range plans and conspiring against us? Of course there are. And the more carefully they plan, the more difficult it is to detect and unravel the master plan.

Politica was a game plan devised by Abt Associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Pentagon and CIA wanted a course of action against developing Third World countries, including Chile. Funding came from the Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The aim was to provide methods of anticipating various social groups and personality characteristics that might emerge in response to given specific military actions. Politica became a reality when Salvador Allende was murdered and Chile was delivered into the hands of ITT and other investors.

The Phoenix Program was applied to Vietnam the way Politica was used in Chile. Now-CIA Director William Colby was in charge of the Phoenix Program. It included a continuous policy of political assassinations, rigged elections, political imprisonment in American-made tiger cages, torture and slanted misinformation spread by uncontrollable CIA agents. Colby promised at his Senate confirmation hearings in July, 1973 that he would curb the CIA's activities at home and abroad. Instead, he has imported the Phoenix Program into the United States.

The SLA script is to America what Politica is to Chile or the Phoenix Program is to Vietnam. Methods of political control through manipulation and terror have been perfected. Our response to America's "first political kidnapping" will determine how well these machinations will succeed.

II. Cast of Characters

The California Connections

Donald DeFreeze, Camilla Hall, Nancy Ling Perry, Patricia Soltysik, Joseph Remiro.

Importations--Migratory Birds

Angela Atwood, Gary Atwood, Emily Harris, William Harris, Russell Little, Robyn Steiner, William Wolfe.


Donald DeFreeze, Patricia Hearst


Dr. Marcus Foster, Donald DeFreeze, William Wolfe, Camilla Hall, Angela Atwood, Nancy Ling Perry, Patricia Soltysik.

Military Agents, Intelligence Agents and Police

Wes Davis, Dr. Fredric Hacker, William Harris, Ron Karenga, Ludlow Kramer, Joseph Remiro, Chris Thompson, Colston Westbrook, Attorney General Evelle Younger, Six migratory birds from the East.

Allowed to Vanish

Peter Benenson, Jean Chan, JoAnn Little DeVito and Joseph DeVito, Amanda De Normanville, Dave Gunnell, Bernard Keaton, Tom Mathews, Mary Alice Siem, There Wheeler, Three unnamed black agents of LAPD.

Angels Atwood, alias Deborah Key Crus, General Gelina, Angela DeAngelis

Graduate, University of Indiana.

Trained by CIA think tank, College of Foreign Affairs, University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana.

Worked in a "mod squad," setting up narcotics arrests for Intelligence Division of Indiana State Police.

Angela's father a Teamsters' Union Official, in New Jersey.

Never discussed with best friend how she met husband, Gary, or why she married him. "Nobody could get near him."

Moved to Oakland, California, with husband Gary Atwood. Emily and William Harris, summer, 1972.

Upon arriving in Oakland, Angela immediately volunteered to work for United Farm Workers and Los Venceremos, both highly infiltrated by the Federal Government at the time.

Visited Vacaville Medical Facility, and prisoners in the Black Cultural Association (BCA).

Described personally as warm, sensitive; wanted to be an actress.

Not politically sophisticated upon arrival in California.

Employed as a waitress, at Great Electric Underground, in Bank of America Building, San Francisco.

A close friend was afraid Gary might kill Angela. He had beaten her up.

Gary and Angela maintained separate sets of friends. Their husband-wife relationship was similar to that of known espionage agents.

Gary moved back to Indiana in the summer of 1973.

In the fall of 1973, Angela severed other friendships, saying "I am into my own trip now," and moved in with Emily and William Harris.

November 7, 1973, one day before arrest of Remiro and Little, Angela Atwood bought a .380 caliber automatic Mauser pistol, and registered it in her name.

Library card of Gary Atwood was found at Sutherland Court address after Remiro and Little were arrested.

Surfaced as General Gelina, after the Hearst kidnapping.

Was found dead in the house on 54th Street, in Los Angeles, 24 hours after the five other bodies were discovered.

Gary Atwood

Married to Angela Atwood, who trained with Emily and Bill Harris, setting up narcotics arrests for Intelligence Division of Indiana State Police.

Moved to West Coast, summer, 1972, with Angela and William and Emily Harris.

Occupation in Bay Area not explained. Taught part of the time in Chinatown.

Political involvement "all talk"; described as "indoor entertainment, like an intellectual exercise." Threatened to "blow off the head" of a friend who didn't join his revolution. Spoke of Nietzsche, Superman, revolution, Palestinian guerrillas. No evidence of political activism. Not identified with prison or radical groups.

Mean disposition. Angela told a friend, "if you think he is bad now, you should have seen him." "Nobody could get next to him; he didn't like to be touched."

Summer of 1973: Gary went back to Indiana, to Library School.

Angela's body remained unclaimed for three days after her death. Friends called Gary; he signed the release for her to be buried in New Jersey.

Peter Benenson

Mathematician, employed at Lawrence Laboratory, Berkeley; a sensitive government agency.

Was tied up inside his car, on the floor, while five persons kidnapped Patricia Hearst. He heard the shoot-out coming from the apartment as they exited.

Benenson's car was used to drive to a waiting white station wagon, and he was left tied up inside the car. He released himself, and walked one mile to his sister's home, where he spent the night. The FBI and police were not notified for 24 hours about the use of his car for the kidnapping.

He refused to be a witness against anybody, claiming that he "didn't see faces" when he was tied up.

A letter to the Berkeley Barb, Feb. 22, 1974, stated: "The manipulators are brother and sister both by blood and in mind. The male is a mathematician with the U.C. Radiation Lab. His was the car 'commandeered in the kidnapping.'"

The SLA had in their possession books that might have come from Benenson: Chemical Biological Warfare; The Science of Public Death; and The Genetic Effects of Radioactivity.

Jean Chan

Oriental girlfriend of David Gunnell, owner of "Peking House," where SLA members lived.

Visited Vacaville Medical Facility; tutored Black Culture there.

No information on her background, or any training which would qualify her to tutor in the prison system.

Sold Chinese food from a food stand on Bancroft Way with Gunnell.

Police stopped a 1965 station wagon in connection with Dr. Marcus Foster's murder, and questioned a female Oriental. A number of "firearms" were found in the vehicle, three weeks before Patty Hearst was kidnapped. If Jean Chan was the person questioned, she was never identified.

Wes Davis

Free lance photographer, Empire News Service, a CIA front, in Vietnam and Asia.

Surfaced after the Hearst kidnapping as an expert on Maoist brainwashing. Often quoting Joseph Remiro, inside San Quentin, with "criticism-self criticism" techniques, as proof of Korean

influence in Berkeley.

His sanctimonious speeches ignore the billion-dollar investment in American prisons and hospitals, which funds research on behavior modification techniques, including psycho surgery, chemosurgery, use of mind-altering drugs, electric shock and electrode implants. The Vacaville Medical Facility, where SLA was nurtured, is notorious for such experimentations.

Davis heads an organization called World Humanity Against Totalitarianism. This group helped set up the speeches of Reverend Sun Myumg Moon, defender of Richard Nixon against impeachment.

Reverend Moon is part of General Parks' South Korean Intelligence, CIA. Genuine Christians in South Korea are suspicious of him.

Donald DeFreeze, alias Donald David DeFreeze, Don Cinque DeFreeze, David Thomas, David Kennedy Robinson, Donald John DeFreeze, Donald DeFreeze, John DeFriele, Steven Robinson, Gin, Cinque, General Field Marshal Cin, SLA

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, oldest of eight children; beaten by father, forced to leave home at age 14; left Cleveland.

Lived with Reverend W. Foster, Buffalo, N.Y.; became deeply religious.

Arrested for robbing a parking meter; later, for stealing a car and a weapon.

Spent two years in a reformatory, surrounded by "hell," loneliness, fear, hatred. Tried to keep out of fights and avoid homosexual advances.

Married Glory Thomas, 23, mother of three children. They had three more children. Marriage filled with rejection, disappointment. Tried to work and support Glory. Differences drove him to California. Began drinking, taking drugs, collecting weapons.

Arrested on nine separate occasions. Charges involved possession of bombs and explosives, knife, sawed-off shotguns; robbery, assault, possession of 200 firearms, grand larceny, kidnapping, and escaping arrest.

From 1967 to 1969, worked as a police informer for the Los Angeles Police Department, under Detective R. G. Farwell, Public Disorder Intelligence unit. At the time, the LAPD was supplying weapons to black agents, and hiring them to kill Black Panthers. DeFreeze worked with police agent-provocateur Ron Karenga, head of the US Organization. Later, other members of Karenga's group were at Vacaville Medical Facility with DeFreeze. US used the 7-headed cobra, later adopted by the SLA, for its symbol. Nothing in DeFreeze's background indicated a political consciousness while he worked as a Police intelligence informer.

In December, 1967, DeFreeze led police to an apartment where a cache of 200 stolen weapons were found. On November 11, 1969, DeFreeze exchanged gun shots with a bank guard and wounded him -- using a .32 caliber Beretta automatic pistol, one of the 200 stolen guns that the police had apparently allowed him to keep.

In 1968, Glory DeFreeze wrote to authorities, following an arrest of her husband, reminding them that they had promised him protection from arrest while he worked for them.

In 1969, DeFreeze subpoenaed District Attorney Evelle Younger to testify in his behalf. Younger has always maintained close contact with LAPD's Criminal Conspiracy Section (CDS).

During 1969, DeFreeze maintained a nice house, only a few blocks from the Los Angeles Airport, close to his death trap. He was in the business of pimping for black judges and airport officials, fixing them up with women. He drove around in a city truck during the day, and gave the impression to one of his women that he was employed by the city.

Late in 1969, DeFreeze's religious conscience began to bother him. Detective Farwell decided that he was no longer useful to the LAPD, and "cut him loose." In December, 1969, DeFreeze was sent to Chino for "psychiatric testing." From there, he was sent to Vacaville Medical Facility for a term of 6-14 years, where he was to undergo a drastic, and ultimately fatal, personality change.

Dr. Fredric Hacker, an expert on "terrorism," was assigned to Donald DeFreeze for "psychiatric evaluation." He later became a consultant to Randolph Hearst, after Patty was kidnapped.

In 1970, DeFreeze wrote to Judge William L. Ritzi that he "wanted to tell everything." "I want to let you know what really happened and why. I am going to talk to you truthfully like I am talking to God. I will tell you things no one has ever known before." Judge Ritzi wasn't interested.

In 1970, Colston Westbrook, who had been trained in the psychological warfare unit of the CIA, became the CIA control officer for DeFreeze and the group that was to become the SLA. Westbrook headed an experimental behavior modification unit, called the Black Cultural Association (BCA), at Vacaville.

DeFreeze assumed a militant anti-white cover, while meeting with white agents who were brought into the prison system.

While in prison, DeFreeze worked as a double agent, for Westbrook and the CIA, and for the California Department of Corrections and Bureau of Criminal Intelligence and Investigation.

He was responsible to Attorney General Evelle Younger.

Westbrook, in charge of DeFreeze for two years, bragged about how he brought beautiful women into the groups: "They accused me of taking sexy-looking black women wearing high miniskirts into the prison. Sure I took some foxes, some of my prime stock in there. Because if you want to dangle a carrot in front of the inmates to get them to learn and come to meetings, you don't dangle communism. You dangle fine-looking chicks. The SLA women say I tortured the inmates by taking in chicks they couldn't do anything to. That's why those lesbians were mad at me."

Vacaville Medical Facility was not a political science institute. Colston Westbrook was not instructing inmates in "communism" for the CIA and the Department of Corrections. For what purpose did Westbrook bait DeFreeze with his carrot-stick technique, and his "prime stock?"

In November, 1972, DeFreeze met Thero Wheeler, inmate, for one month.

In December, 1972, DeFreeze was transferred to Soledad Prison. He was placed in South Facility, set up for trusted inmates, and a holding section for informers. One inmate described DeFreeze's departure from Soledad:

"While Donald DeFreeze was here, I had a few conversations with him. I have always questioned his departure as being a simple walk-away. I didn't come into contact with him personally until his last couple of week here. There weren't many who would associate with him. He tried to give the impression of being super-cool, and he came across as cold. When I met him, he was working in the maintenance shop. I asked him if he was happy on his job, because if not, I might be able to find him something else.

"He replied that within a few days, he was going to be assigned to work in the boiler room at the South Facility. I questioned that, because he didn't have enough time here to be given that trust. I know cons that have been turned down for that position. He wouldn't comment; he only gave me a big smile. I should explain that no prisoners were kept at the South Facility at that time, because it had no security. No gun towers were in operation, and there were no guards posted.

"A few prisoners with proven records of trust were taken from Central Facility to South Facility to perform certain duties; then they would be returned to Central after their shift. A few days later, DeFreeze did get that job. Midnight to 8 a.m. shift, in the boiler room, South Facility. On his first night, he was dropped off at midnight, and given a few instructions. His job was automatic; it only required an overseer. He was left to himself, and when an officer returned an hour later to check on him, he was gone."

A few months after leaving Vacaville, DeFreeze was given a special privilege at Soledad prison. He was allowed to use the marital trailers for visits with women, a privilege normally reserved for married men.

Did Westbrook provide women for DeFreeze even though he was not meeting him with prison visits?

Donald DeFreeze walked out of Soledad prison in March, 1973. His transportation to the Bay area was allegedly arranged by Deputy Superintendent James Nelson. Another former employee from Soledad, currently owner of a liquor store in Sacramento, assisted in the departure, which was later classified as an "escape." His name will be turned over to a Grand Jury when there is a proper investigation of the case.

In Spring of 1973, Bernard Keaton, a double for Donald DeFreeze, visited the Foster family in Buffalo, New York. He passed himself off as DeFreeze, who had lived with the family 15 years ago, and he knew intimate details of their life.

In August, 1973, Thero Wheeler walked away from Vacaville Medical Facility.

From August to October, 1973, DeFreeze and Wheeler met "at least twenty times" with the SLA in Oakland.

DeFreeze made his public appearance as General Field Marshal Cinque of the SLA following the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst.

In March, 1974, DeFreeze publicly named Colston Westbrook, Chris Thompson, and Robyn Steiner as CIA and FBI informers.

On May 4, 1974, Donald Freed, writer, and Lake Headley, independent investigator, held a press conference in San Francisco. They presented 400 pages of documentation on DeFreeze's arrest records, the work of Colston Westbrook with the CCS and CII (Criminal Identification and Investigation), and evidence of links of the CIA to Police Departments.

May 17, 1974, New York Times carried the story of DeFreeze and the Los Angeles Police Department. That same day, he was cremated by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The LAPD did not notify DeFreeze's family of his death for three days. His remains were sent to Cleveland, Ohio, with the head and the fingers missing.

Billions of dollars are spent confining, arresting, judging, punishing, altering and experimenting upon men like DeFreeze. If the same attention and money were spent on understanding and helping them, events like the SLA saga would never happen.

Amanda De Normanville

Former student of Berkeley School of Criminology. Supposedly housed Donald DeFreeze after he left Soledad prison.

Again: DeFreeze was allowed special visits with women in marital trailers while in prison, a privilege only allowed to married men; Amanda visited DeFreeze in prison, and was reported to be romantically involved with him.

Prisons keep detailed records of visitors, but the police never went to Amanda's house in the Bay Area to search for DeFreeze after his "escape."

JoAnn DeVito, and Ex-Husband Joseph DeVito

JoAnn was Russell Little's sister; she was interested in prisons and in Donald DeFreeze.

The SLA house in Concord was rented by Mr. and Mrs. J. DeVoto, aliases for Russell Little and Nancy Ling Perry.

Joseph DeVito was questioned by FBI agents in Isla Vista, California, on March 26, 1974. Held for interstate flight from prosecution of a prior crime in Florida; nature of crime not stated.

Dr. Marcus Foster, Supt. Oakland Unified School District

Fatally wounded, November 6, 1973. Robert Blackburn, Deputy Superintendent, also critically wounded.

Both men had moved from Philadelphia together in 1970.

Oakland had put police in the schools as part of the federal government's push to solve social problems with "law and order" government. This and other measures became the excuse for Foster's murder.

Willie Wolfe, who had no children, attended Oakland School Board meetings and told prisoners in Vacaville that "something had to be done to prevent Foster from implementing student identification programs." Colston Westbrook and other prison visitors aroused the anger of black inmates against Foster.

Two weeks before the killing, the American Nazi Party handed out leaflets in nearby San Leandro, predicting the murder of a "Mixmaster school superintendent" and his white friend.

Foster was shot with cyanide bullets and didn't stand a chance. Blackburn, the white man, was shot with ordinary bullets, and lived. The quantity of cyanide in the bullets was not as important as the selective methods of kill vs. survival.

Foster's death was a blow to the black community, where he was needed and well liked.

The SLA surfaced immediately after the murder, taking "credit" for the assassination in the name of the "Symbionese Liberation Army Western Regional Youth Unit."

Two "black" people were seen leaving the scene of the Foster murder. When Remiro and Little were indicted for the crime, black make-up was found in their house. This make-up can be worn by whites emulating blacks.

How many other whites in blackface are killing and kidnapping?

Blaming "blacks" for white murders is consistent with a fascistic escalation of terror to speed up genocide.

Dave Gunnell

In late thirties; older than SLA members. Lived with Jean Chan in house on Chabot Road, Berkeley, called Peking House, which was a meeting place for the SLA. The name "Peking House" was played up by CIA agent Wes Davis as "proof" that Mao was behind the SLA.

Gunnell sold Chinese food from a food stand on Bancroft Way, adjacent to the U.C. Berkeley campus, next to Fruity Rudy's stand, where Nancy Ling Perry worked. Gunnell claimed he did not know Nancy. Gunnell was a jazz musician, like Nancy's husband and Rudolph Henderson (Fruity Rudy).

Chris Thompson, named by DeFreeze as CIA, was a frequent visitor at Peking House, and a source of contact with Nancy Ling Perry, Camilla Hall, and Patricia Soltysik.

Willie Wolfe, Russell Little, and Robyn Steiner lived in Peking House.

If Peking House were indeed a haven for radicals, if the SLA was visiting California prisons, and if Maoist doctrines were being taught at the house, the FBI and California police would have been well aware of the SLA members before Patty Hearst was kidnapped.

Yet, in spite of the SLA's attempted infiltration of every radical group in the area, their weekend target practice at gun clubs and the assortment of guns registered in their names, the residents of Peking House were quite inconspicuous as far as the police were concerned.

Gunnell was "not into politics."

Camilla Hall, alias Gabi

Daughter of Lutheran Minister, Reverend D.G. Hall.

Graduate of University of Minnesota; excelled in English and art.

Social worker for three years before moving to California.

Shared apartment with Patricia Soltysik; wrote poetry for her, named her "Mizmoon."

Authentic Berkeley artist; sensitive; gentle; into ecology and the women's movement. Not into radical politics; drawn into SLA with Patricia Soltysik to lend authenticity to cover story that SLA was a group of Berkeley hippie-radicals.

Traveled in Spain in 1972. What other countries?

Worked as a ground keeper for the Regional Parks. Fired in fall, 1973.

Disappeared in December, 1973, a month after SLA claimed credit for murder of Dr. Foster.

Blue VW, similar to Camilla's, seen scouting Steven Weed's apartment before Patty's kidnapping.

Jan. 2, 1974: purchased .380 caliber automatic Mauser pistol and registered it under her name.

Feb. 4, 1974: Patricia Hearst kidnapped.

Feb. 14, 1974: Camilla moved out of her apartment, taking only her pet cat.

Photographed at Hibernia Bank robbery in San Francisco as a gun-toting radical terrorist. This act was inconsistent with Camilla's hatred of war and violence.

Christine Johnson, the last person to see Camilla Hall alive, said she was holding two bottles in her hands, with "something white around the bottles. She was walking around, looked like a zombie or something, halfway smiling."

Emily Harris, alias Anna Lindenberg, Yolanda

Daughter of a wealthy consulting engineer, from Illinois suburbs.

B.A., University of Indiana, language arts.

Training: CIA think tank, College of Foreign Affairs, University of Indiana, Bloomington.

Worked with William Harris and Angela Atwood in "mod squad," setting up narcotics arrests for the Intelligence Division, Indiana State Police.

When the Harrises apartment was vacated, among the names left in an address book was Tim Casey, from Orange County. Emily and Tim dated during the summers of 1967 and '68 while she was working in California at Disneyland Hotel. Were there any links between two clients of J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency -- Disneyland Hotel and the San Francisco Police Department?

Was Emily in touch with espionage agents from Orange County?

Described as "cold, intelligent, the strength of the family; had leadership ability."

Moved to Oakland late 1972, with the Atwoods.

Employed as clerk-typist, Survey Research Center, "polling office," at University of California.

Not in politics in Indiana; never involved in radical movements.

On moving to California, immediately joined Chino Defense Committee, an offshoot of Marxist-Leninist Venceremos organization. Worked to aid members accused of a prison break; wrote letters on their behalf. Visited prison inmates Doc Holiday and Barren Broadnax, who had long been targets of the prison system and Attorney General Evelle Younger. She traveled several hundred miles from Oakland to San Luis Obispo each week to make these prison visits. At the time, the Black Guerrilla Family and the Chino Defense Fund were filled with infiltrators and agents provocateurs.

Emily's last prison visit was January 10, 1974, the day Remiro and Little were arrested.

It is not clear why the Harrises left Bloomington. They had "toyed" with politics and posed in the school annual with Bill jokingly holding a book entitled About Communism, but they were not into radical politics.

Cover story to the effect that "underemployment radicalized middle-class America" has no basis in fact. Underemployment is consistent with clandestine assignments.

Through her work, Emily Harris allegedly had access to Patty Hearst's school schedule. Denials merely indicate that investigation should proceed on this matter. Remember Watergate denials?

The Harris' apartment in Oakland was modern, well-furnished, with a color TV, a waterbed, imported kitchenware, and fine china. They read the straight press: Time, the Oakland Tribune.

A Maoist poster and a picture of a starving child hung over their dining table. Donald Segretti, White House spy, had a "Free Huey Newton" poster over his desk, and wore a peace emblem and long hair, for espionage cover. William and Emily Harris were verbally and visually "radical."

Emily owned a gun, registered in her name, and practiced shooting twice a week at Chabot Gun Club, in Oakland.

Emily's father, Mr. Schwartz, said on TV that in her last letter, she explained a change in her life-style, saying she had been "pretending for some time." Her other life -- the straight life, with material possessions, non-radical experiences, formal education, and employment at the UCB polling office -- might indicate that the SLA experience did not reflect her real self. Suddenly abandoning her husband for a "black lover" and disappearing with Randolph Hearst's daughter might have been part of her next assignment.

William Harris, alias Rip Kimberley, Richard Frank Dennis, Jonathan Mark Salamone, Teko

B.A., University of Indiana; studied Speech and English. Enlisted in U.S. Marines, served at the supply depot at DaNang. Joseph Remiro and Colston Westbrook were in Vietnam the same time.

Returned to Indiana. Joined fraternity; competed in golf and cross-country running.

Member of "mod squad," with Emily, and Angela Atwood. Set up narcotics arrests for the Intelligence Division, Indiana State Police. Studied at College of Foreign Affairs, University of Indiana.

Taught at Bloomington Junior High School before coming to California.

Received Master's Degree in "Urban Education" at Indiana. CIA agent Colston Westbrook, leader of the group which became the SLA, taught "Black Lexicon" in the Department of Urban Affairs at UC Berkeley.

Not a campus radical, but kept posters of Black Panthers Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in trailer in Indiana following his return from Vietnam. Later, the SLA headquarters contained a map of Huey Newton's apartment, and his name was listed as a possible death target.

In California, worked as truck driver for Post Office. Postal helmet discovered November 10, 1973, following the arrest of Remiro and Little, at Sutherland Courthouse in Concord. Harris could have been identified by police at that time, before the Hearst kidnapping.

November, 1973: purchased 9mm Mauser pistol, registered in his own name.

Joined Chabot Gun Club, in Oakland, and practiced twice a week. Associated with, but not active in, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, a heavily infiltrated organization.

Rented SLA safehouse in December, 1973, that would be filled with propaganda which would later be used by Attorney General William Saxbe for future political terrorism and repression.

Driver's license from Rhode Island. Never explained when or why Harris was in Rhode Island.

Mayor Alioto claimed Emily and William Harris intended to kidnap his grandchildren. Considering the Harrises' provocateur role, and Alioto's election campaign for Governor, it is possible that they obliged him by making themselves conspicuous in his neighborhood without being arrested by police.

Caused an altercation at Mel's Sporting Goods Store, Inglewood, that would be the signal for the pre-arranged murder of six SLA members. Set Patty up in the "shooting scene." Purposely introduced and identified "Tania" to Tom Matthews during an unnecessary 12-hour captivity; supervised her so-called "confession" to Matthews, framing her so that 22 charges would be brought against her.

Harris's military I.D. was found in the death house on 54th Street, in Los Angeles. It was not explained why a radical revolutionary terrorist was still using his military I.D.

Set Patty Hearst up so that she could witness the massacre of the other SLA members.

June 7, 1974: released another "SLA Communiqué," hardly the rhetoric of George Jackson, Malcolm X, Chairman Mao, or Martin Luther King. The man with a B.A. in English and a Master's Degree produced a provocative, foulmouthed public display that can only harm legitimate protest.

Harris is probably currently hiding in a CIA safe house ranch, preparing for his next outrageous actions.

While the Harrises acted as provocateurs, and set Patty Hearst up, they themselves are not wanted for anything.

"The Harrises are less militant than their six SLA comrades.... So far, the Harrises were not overtly involved in any of these incidents...." So says Charles Bates, Chief of FBI, San Francisco.

"I feel that Bill and Emily Harris have lost touch with the masses. They have become isolated. The SLA is not an organized group that plans its actions as far as I can see. My political friends and comrades think the SLA has a superfly mentality. They lined their pockets with the bank robbery money and accomplished nothing but spreading of fear."

-- Bill Brennan, former roommate of Joseph Remiro

Were Emily or William Harris ever in touch with the masses? Or was their role, as police agents, to do exactly as they were told?

Ron Karenga

Black leader of the US Organization. In December, 1967, Detective Sergeant R. Farwell recruited Donald DeFreeze to work for the Public Disorder Intelligence Unit, of the CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section, LAPD). Its purpose was to monitor black political activities in California.

Karenga worked with DeFreeze and the LAPD, as part of a "fuck-fuck unit," running guns to various black militant groups, hoping to set off a gang war between the Black Panthers and the US Organization.

US member Melvin Cotton Smith helped set up Black Panther busts for the police. The Steiner brothers, working with Karenga and the LAPD, killed Panther leaders John Huggins and Alpretnice Carter at UCLA.

Members of Karenga's group were at Vacaville with DeFreeze.

In April, 1974, the Steiner brothers were allowed to walk away from San Quentin, as Thero Wheeler walked away from Vacaville and DeFreeze walked out of Soledad a year earlier.

The Steiner brothers seem to have disappeared without a trace. Where are they now? Did they play any role in setting up their former comrade- informer, DeFreeze, back home in Los Angeles?

Bernard Keaton

Double for Donald DeFreeze. Surfaced in Spring, 1973, after DeFreeze walked away from Soledad.

Claimed to be Donald DeFreeze; moved in with Reverend W. Foster and family, in Buffalo, New York; familiar with intimate details of the family history that only DeFreeze would have known about.

FBI stated they are not concerned or curious about DeFreeze's double; that it "isn't illegal."

The only reason for having a double would be that in case DeFreeze had been accidentally picked up by law enforcement officers in the Bay area during the time between his "departure" from Soledad and the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst, his double could have taken his place in prison. Three long-years had gone into training DeFreeze for his mission at Vacaville Medical Facility. It couldn't be thrown away.

Ludlow Kramer

Secretary of State, Washington State. Director of P.I.N. (People In Need), the Hearst food give-away rip-off.

Hired by Randolph Hearst to distribute $2,000,000 worth of food to the poor.

Previous experience handing out food during NASA and military job lay-offs in Washington. Quality of that food was good, and provoked violence was not a part of this previous assignment.

P.I.N. food program was a disaster. It was a catalytic, provocateur action to hasten Patty's conversion to the SLA.

Meat was bought for Hearst's program, from "the nation's major meat packers," at triple the normal cost; it contained up to 75% fat. Some of the food was contaminated.

Governor Ronald Reagan hoped the people who took the food would get botulism.

His mission accomplished, Kramer returned to Washington in time to run for Congress on the Republican ticket -- with substantial financial backing.

Kramer pushed for "vote by voice print" by 1984 -- identification of every adult by voice and social security number.

During this time, March, 1974, Congress passed a bill to pay $10 million to five chicken growers from the South. Their chicken feed was poisoned, somehow, with Dieldren, a cancer-inducing insecticide. Nobody knows how it got into the chicken-feed. Millions of poisoned chickens had already been delivered to poor school lunch programs in Chicago and Detroit.

Question: Did any of those poisoned chickens make their way into the P.I.N. food distribution program?

Russell Little, alias George DeVoto, Robert James Scalise, Osceola

Father a mechanic at Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida.

Little also stated that father was a retired labor relations specialist.

Graduated from University of Florida, Gainesville, 1967.

Allegedly took a course on Revolution, where he was introduced to Communist writers such as Marx, Lenin, Mao, Cleaver and Malcolm X.

Studied engineering, electronics.

Questioned by police in Philadelphia when Dr. Marcus Foster was leading an anti-drug campaign in that city. Why was Little there? Was Foster marked earlier for identification and death?

Traveled in U.S., locations not identified, before arriving in Oakland.

Summer of 1972: made contact with Willie Wolfe through Peking House in Berkeley; started to visit California prisons; joined BCA at Vacaville with Donald DeFreeze.

No previous radical experiences with prisoners or blacks.

It is strange how migratory birds such as Little, Steiner, the Atwoods and the Harrises entered immediately into California prison "reform" groups -- their "reforms" would set prison movements back a hundred years.

Little joined Westbrook, DeFreeze and SLA members in a small prison group, "Unisight," with a Maoist cover. All took African names.

Little brought controversial discussion and hatred of Dr. Foster into the prisons.

Visited Death Row Jefferson, supposedly the founder of BCA.

Taught at Peralta Junior College, Oakland.

Bought a .380 caliber Brazilian-made Rossi revolver from Chris Thompson. This kind of weapon could be used with cyanide bullets.

October 8, 1973: rented a house on Sutherland Court, using alias George DeVoto, with Nancy Ling Perry. It became an SLA "Liberated Zone."

November 6, 1973: Dr. Marcus Foster murdered, allegedly by two black men. Little and Remiro, arrested for this crime, possessed black make-up and the murder weapons.

January 19, 1974: Little and Joseph Remiro were taken to San Quentin, charged with the murder of Foster, as well as resisting arrest and assaulting a policeman.

While in San Quentin, Little apparently read an interview with me in the Berkeley Barb on April 19, 1974, titled "Is SLA's Cinque the First Black Lee Harvey Oswald?" Little was furious at my suggestion that the SLA was a CIA operation. He wrote a letter saying, in part, "That dizzy bitch can kiss my ass! That pompous bitch has a nerve to call Jonathan Jackson a 'patsy.' I hope she drops dead tomorrow."

Louis Tackwood, in Glass House Tapes, describes in detail how the LAPD knew in advance of the George Jackson "escape" plans and the Marin County Courthouse shootout. Jonathan Jackson was double-crossed and left abandoned without a promised backup. He was murdered by members of the LAPD. Risking his life on the line to tell the truth, Tackwood is the real freedom fighter. Little and Remiro are the mouthpieces that Congressmen will quote to "prove" that a violent revolution is taking place.

Any person involved in radical politics is aware that most if not all radical groups are heavily infiltrated by espionage agents and provocateurs. What angers Little is any exposure of the methods and contacts that created the SLA.

Nancy Ling Perry, alias Nancy DeVoto, Fahizah, Lynn Sedworth

Family background: conservative, well off. Goldwater supporter; political conservative.

Attended Santa Rosa High School; cheerleader, Sunday school teacher.

B.A., Whittier College. Graduate work, U.C. Berkeley, specializing in chemistry.

Married for six years to black jazz musician Gilbert Perry; met when he was working for State Employment office. Described as a "love-hate affair."

Topless blackjack dealer in San Francisco; went through a period of heavy use of psychedelic drugs and amphetamines.

Politics always "vague." After being openly conservative, she seemed to have no politics at all. Remained apart from groups in Berkeley; maintained her older friends from high school. She seemed to like to appear as though she had no past at all. People who knew her sensed a curious intellectual loneliness. Into dope, and a good source of where to buy it.

No indication as to where or when radical political indoctrination took place. Trained in behavior modification.

Sold fruit juice at Fruity Rudy's stand, on Bancroft Way near U.C. Berkeley campus.

Dated Chris Thompson, who was the link between "Peking House" and Nancy, Camilla Hall and Patricia Soltysik.

Began visiting prisoners; cover story was "an interest in prison reform." She and Emily Harris appear to have been given special privileges, in that they were permitted to visit more than one prisoner at a time. Were SLA members given special treatment?

Nancy wrote "Death to the Pigs" inside Fruity Rudy's stand, just as the same slogan was written on the walls of Sharon Tate's home, to make police think that blacks committed the murders.

Nancy paid $553 in cash to rent the house at 1560 Sutherland Court in Concord, using the alias, "Nancy DeVoto." The house was used as an SLA hideout, and filled with ammunition, weapons, and literature.

On January 10, 1974, the day Remiro and Little were arrested for the murder of Dr. Foster, Nancy set fire to the bungalow. She did a remarkably poor job of destroying the evidence, but an excellent job of calling attention to the house and its contents.

There was no personal oppression or experiences in the past that would explain participation in the murder of Foster, or acceptance of a fiery martyrdom in Los Angeles. She was apparently shot by the police while trying to get out of the house.

Joseph Remiro, alias George DeVoto, "B," Charles Robert Peterson

Remiro, in San Quentin, didn't cry when he heard that six SLA members had been cremated. He went on playing gin rummy. "Joe was a political heavy."

Devout Catholic family; raised in San Francisco, trained as a "stone reactionary."

Member of 10lst Airborne Division; volunteered twice for duty in Vietnam. Signed up to "kill a commie for Christ." Participated willingly in numerous search and destroy missions; said they were like Galley's massacre at My Lai.

Declared himself to be a pacifist when he came home; this would be inconsistent with his alleged murder of Dr. Foster, and the subsequent death warrants issued by the SLA.

By January, 1969, Remiro allegedly started to take a lot of drugs. He claimed he "couldn't get outside my house without being completely drugged out of my head." Remiro and Perry, both dependent upon drugs, could be manipulated by CIA agents to form the nucleus of the SLA. Perry was the theoretical "brains" behind the organization. Remiro provided military and tactical support. Chemistry, weapons and radical rhetoric were all they needed to start their "army."

Carlos Marighella's Mini-Manual for Urban Guerrilla Warfare was to the SLA cover story what Marx's Das Kapital was to the Warren Report and Lee Harvey Oswald. The myth that Marx influenced Oswald was pure fabrication, a "cover story."

Remiro was employed as a "mechanic," was divorced, and had one child.

July 19, 1973: purchased a .380 caliber Walther automatic. This gun was found in his possession when he was arrested on November 10, 1973.

October, 1973: went underground with Little and Willie Wolfe. Rented 7th Street apartment in Oakland, with Emily and William Harris, for Foster ambush.

Racist; wanted Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Winter Soldier Organization to take the position that U.S. minorities should each have their own territory.

Helped race war along by owning black make-up. Did he put on black face to escalate violence in the Oakland-Berkeley area?

Developed plans to kill Black Panther leaders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.

Remiro and Little were placed in San Quentin, without trial, immediately after their indictment for the murder of Dr. Foster. They were given maximum media coverage to mouth radical violence.

Lee Harvey Oswald's public radio broadcast in New Orleans, with Ed Butler of Army Intelligence, was to create a cover for U.S. agents operating behind a Communist front.

Colston Westbrook, William Harris and Joseph Remiro supplied the SLA's intelligence and military tactics.

"I believe the SLA actions have had and are having such an inhibiting effect on political works in the Bay Area that I feel the time to speak out has come."

-- Bill Brennan, former roommate of Remiro

Mary Alice Siem

Twenty-four years old; mother of small child, friend of Thero Wheeler.

Frequent visitor to Wheeler at Vacaville Medical Facility.

August, 1973: Wheeler "escaped" from Vacaville, and lived with Mary Alice in the Bay area.

August-October, 1973: Mary Alice and Thero made at least 20 visits to DeFreeze and the SLA in Oakland.

DeFreeze wanted to kill both of them, but was "discouraged." Did he suspect them at the time of being provocateurs?

Mary Alice gave $600 to DeFreeze and the SLA; said she was "robbed." Difficult to visualize prison escapee Wheeler and Mary Alice carrying $600 in cash to a meeting in Oakland with the SLA. Possible source of funding for DeFreeze before the kidnapping?

Visitors to prisons are carefully identified; yet police didn't seek or locate Wheeler at Mary's home in the Bay area, or hold Mary for harboring an escapee.

Patricia Soltysik, alias Mizmoon, Zoya, Mizmoon Monique Erlich

Born in Goleta, Santa Barbara County; daughter of a pharmacist.

Outstanding student; came to Berkeley in 1968; attended U.C. Berkeley.

Worked as a part-time janitor at the Berkeley Public Library.

Involved in radical politics, Women's movement, gay liberation.

Seen frequently with Chris Thompson, connecting link between Camilla Hall, Patricia Soltysik, Nancy Perry and Chabot House, and the out-of-state imports. These three women lent authenticity to the Berkeley image of the SLA.

Mizmoon and Camilla were sensitive poets, artists and sometime lesbians.

Mizmoon participated in the BCA at Vacaville Medical Facility; she worked with Donald DeFreeze. After DeFreeze "walked out" of Soledad, he lived with Mizmoon.

Mizmoon had access to the Berkeley library, allegedly where Cinque found source material for SLA rhetoric. SLA tapes and written messages sound more like E. Howard Hunt than George Jackson or "Cinque," the historical slave leader.

July 27, 1973: purchased .12 gauge sawed-off Mosberg shotgun under name Mizmoon Monique Erlich.

Changed housing from September to December, 1973. Missing during time Dr. Foster was murdered.

Identification and library books checked out in her name found at SLA house on Sutherland Court, January 10, 1974, three weeks before Hearst kidnapping.

Vanished from apartment by January, 1974.

Photographed in Hibernia Bank Robbery, San Francisco.

Cremated in Los Angeles, May 17, 1974.

Robyn Steiner

1970: met Russell Little at University of Florida.

No political awareness, interest in blacks or prisoners. Not an activist.

Drove to California with Little in July, 1972.

Steiner and Little moved into commune, "Peking House," where Little met William Wolfe, and would join Westbrook and DeFreeze at the Vacaville Medical Facility.

Entered the prison as a tutor to blacks; previous training nonexistent.

Worked at Lucky's Market, Oakland.

Broke up with Little. Left California; returned to Florida in December, 1973, and went back to school.

Named by DeFreeze as an FBI informer.

Protected from questioning by U.S. Attorney and Grand Jury; San Francisco police interviewed her in Florida.

Lives in constant fear, "doesn't know who her friends are." So the tables are turned.

Chris Thompson

Named by DeFreeze as a CIA agent.

Black man; not a political radical or activist; described as a "curious man."

Moved freely in and out of "Peking House."

"Dated" Nancy Ling Perry, Patricia Soltysik and Camilla Hall. Served as the connection between the three Berkeley females and the seven who moved west and infiltrated the radical movement groups (Wolfe, Angela and Gary Atwood, Emily and William Harris, Robyn Steiner and Russell Little).

March, 1973: Sold a .38 caliber Rossi pistol to Russell Little. Bullets fired from this gun allegedly killed Dr. Foster.

Drove to Vacaville Medical Facility with a member of BCA, but didn't attend any meetings.

January, 1974: Rented an apartment on 2069 Hillegass Street, Berkeley, half a block from Steven Weed's and Patricia Hearst's apartment at 2602 Benvenue Avenue. His apartment opened on a small alley way. You can walk through the alley way and be on Benvenue, directly across the street from 2602 Benvenue.

Occupation: sells soul food from a stand on Bancroft Way, Berkeley, near food stands where Dave Gunnell and Nancy Ling Perry worked.

After the Foster murder and Hearst kidnapping, Chris was "around now but missing."

He appeared as a secret and protected Grand Jury witness. Typically, in trials of radical groups, somebody in the know remains safe, and suspicious, while the others get roasted.

Not wanted by police or FBI; allowed to "vanish," or possibly to testify against the deceased.

Thompson offered to prove he was not CIA by submitting the facts to a jury which would include Ron Dellums, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis and Mrs. Foster. If he waits another year, they might take him up on the offer.

Steven Weed

Graduate of Princeton University; home in Santa Rosa, California.

Taught school where Patricia Hearst was a student.

Patty and Steven were living together in Berkeley when she was kidnapped.

Black Abductor, a novel published in 1972, described the plans for the Hearst kidnapping, including the "boyfriend who is beaten unconscious." Its publication date indicates how far in advance the plans were made.

Weed's role in the kidnapping can only be clarified by a proper investigation of the author and publisher of this book. His behavior since the kidnapping indicates the need to delve further.

Colston Westbrook, alias Big Daddy, Yajiuma

1962: CIA advisor to the South Korean Central Intelligence Agency. Cover: U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force. Linguistic training took place here.

1962: Enrolled in Inter-Christian University, Tokyo. Got special training in latest psychological warfare techniques. 1962-1966: Worked illegally under cover of AID, Agency for International Development. Handled undercover assignments in

Cambodia, Thailand, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Okinawa and Soviet Union.

Claimed to have personal line of communication with Premier of Cambodia.

William Harris' passport indicates visit to USSR. Was he there at the same time as Westbrook? Willie Wolfe was in Europe for nine months. Was it at the same time or same places?

Feb. 5, 1966, to Sept. 10, 1969: Westbrook listed his employment as Administrator, Pacific Architects and Engineers, a CIA cover.

Provided logistical support for CIA Phoenix Program. His job was the indoctrination of assassination and terrorist cadres.

William Harris, Marine volunteer, was stationed in Vietnam. Joseph Remiro served two volunteer tours in Vietnam. Did Remiro and Harris know Westbrook in Asia?

1969: Plans for the Black Cultural Association were formed.

1970: Donald DeFreeze sent by LAPD to Vacaville Medical Facility. Colston Westbrook, home after seven years in Asia with the CIA, was assigned to visit Vacaville Medical Facility two times a week.

Westbrook ran the BCA classes and decided who would be in the program.

The "cultural" meetings between DeFreeze and his white tutors were infiltrated, under the cover of teaching black male identity. The tri-colored flag of New Africa was paraded on stage, with music and black power salutes. Everyone adopted an African name. DeFreeze became "Cinque."

Westbrook brought in sexy women and pictures to prisoners to induce them to come to meetings.

The Black Cultural Association became the nucleus of the SLA after two black prisoner members, DeFreeze and Wheeler, were allowed to "escape" and join the group in Oakland-Berkeley.

The BCA was a behavior modification and psychological experimentation unit. Illegal funding and direction for the BCA came from the CIA via the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

The cover story was "development of black pride."

Black prisoners were prepared and primed to murder black leaders on the outside. (Dr. Marcus Foster, Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and Richard Foster were on the SLA "hit list.")

"Westbrook's CIA spymaster can be linked to another counter-insurgency expert, William Herrman, an advisor to Governor Ronald Reagan. Herrman was in contact with both SRI, the Hoover Center on Violence and the Rand Corporation in his development, for Reagan, of a plan to win the hearts and minds of the people of California.'" This was the proposed UCLA Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, a front for massive psycho surgical and psychological experimentation on radicals, Third World people, women, children and prisoners.

SRI and CIA Research and Development programs work with drugs such as Librium, which was administered illegally to certain BCA members.

Westbrook's assignment in the BCA behavior modification unit was to recruit future agents for CIA domestic programs. The "zombie" killings, and the Zebra murders in San Francisco, are linked to prison control and training, employing drugs and other forms of mind control.

Donald DeFreeze identified Westbrook as a CIA agent, and one who had betrayed him.

Westbrook must now live in fear for his life. David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby and almost one hundred other persons who served as government agents in conspiracies related to past political intelligence operations, have been murdered.

They were killed by their own team, not by the "enemy."

Thero Wheeler

Described as a "hell of a mind, close to genius."

Brother Bill a member of San Francisco police force.

"Did not relate ideologically with Donald DeFreeze," which might be a political way of saying that his association with DeFreeze was to entrap him.

Allegedly interested in Venceremos. Actually, only mailed them one letter.

November, 1972: met with DeFreeze in Vacaville Medical Facility for one month.

December, 1972: DeFreeze sent to Soledad from Vacaville; "escaped" March, 1973.

August, 1973: Wheeler "escaped" from Vacaville.

Stayed with Mary Alice Siem, a frequent visitor to Wheeler while he was in Vacaville, in the Bay Area. He was never sought there.

August-October, 1973: met with DeFreeze and SLA members in Oakland at least 20 times. Provided the SLA with $600.

DeFreeze wanted to kill Wheeler and Mary, indicating his probably mistrust of them as provocateurs or agents.

Description of Wheeler fits that of the second black man, who, with DeFreeze, kidnapped Patricia Hearst.

After cremation of six SLA members in Los Angeles on May 17, 1974, FBI and police claimed that only William Harris, Emily Harris and Patricia Hearst were still being sought. The SLA thus was reduced.

Why did the police forget about the man who helped kidnap Patty and assault Steven Weed?

Was Wheeler one of the black men who lured DeFreeze to his death trap -- and in exchange, will not be sought or prosecuted?

William Wolfe, alias Charles William Morgan, Cujo

Born in Pennsylvania; son of Dr. L.S. Wolfe, anesthesiologist.

Hobbies, interests, not described.

Studies, education, unclear.

Traveled for nine months in Europe before coming to Berkeley; "not yet decided on his goals."

Only Berkeley class mentioned was course in "Black Lexicon," under Professor Colston Westbrook, who would later bring William into Vacaville Medical Facility.

Westbrook described himself on San Francisco radio station KGO as having been raised in an all-white Pennsylvania town, knowing few blacks. Wolfe had no experience with prisoners, black friends, or radical movements. This team taught "black identity" to a prison study group. They created the pathetic "field Marshal General Cinque of the SLA."

Wolfe lived at Peking House, the common meeting ground from which "prison reformers" would spread into Vacaville Medical Facility, San Quentin, Folsom, Soledad and San Luis Obispo prisons.

Wolfe brought Russell Little and Robyn Steiner into the prison group.

Wolfe, though childless, attended Oakland School Board meetings, and brought arguments against Dr. Marcus Foster into BCA prison discussions at Vacaville. The prisoners were remote from Oakland school problems. Inciting of black prisoners against Dr. Marcus Foster was consistent with police policies. Ultimately, it was two whites in blackface who allegedly shot Dr. Foster.

Wolfe was last seen in Pennsylvania visiting his father in January, 1974, when Remiro and Little were arrested for the Foster murder. Wolfe then went underground; "disappeared."

Burned alive on 54th Street in Los Angeles, May 17, 1974. Not charged with any crime.

III. Chronology of Events

1945 BB- Importation of British and Nazi Intelligence into the United States After World War II.

William Stephenson, former head of British Intelligence, combined with U.S. and Nazi Intelligence to form covert operations and psychological warfare units against the free world. The purpose is to control labor, energy, oil and minerals. Capitalism was transformed into a disguised imperialism conducted by subversion.

The CIA was formed to infiltrate and overthrow legitimate governments. It is now taking over the United States. The SLA is domestic internal warfare. World headquarters for American-Nazi operations were set up at the Tryall Club, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The anti-humanist events taking place in America against youth, experimentations on the brain and robot armies of humans without choices and our tiger cage chains with segregated prisons must be blamed upon courting Nazi doctors and technicians.

1965 -BB Cambridge, Mass.; Political, Camelot

Defense Department plans were worked out to be used against Third World countries. They were applied to Chile. They can be applied to the U.S. Think tanks eventually produce the mentalities and methods to manipulate mass populations through terror and chaos.

1962 BB- Present time -BB Phoenix Program

Directed by now-CIA boss William Colby. Control of the Vietnamese population through terrorism, murder, imprisonment, torture, rigged elections and falsified statistics.

Fear of communism from North Vietnam caused our soldiers to commit illegal and immoral acts, believing the end justified the means. The same rationalizations are taking place in the U.S.

May 1, 1968 -- FBI "Covert Intelligence on the New Left"; "COINTELPRO"

Clandestine intelligence operation designed to cause antagonism between and among the anti-war and black movements, as well as fear in the minds of the people.

The program was designed to threaten and undermine activities of any organizations that fell into the category of the New Left:

"All black student unions and similar organizations organized to project the demands of black students."

"Full scale surveillance and intelligence of anti-war movement, women's liberation, anything with the name Black."

"Denounce, leak fabrications to the press, warn of violence, link to communists, scare away the committed, reduce memberships."

June, 1968 -BB Los Angeles Police Department, Criminal Conspiracy Section

Formed after SUS, Special Unit Senator, the team that concealed Robert Kennedy's assassin and put the conspiracy under the rug.

Secret funding from the CIA, connected directly to White House intelligence and future Huston Plan.

Detective R. Farwell, Commander in Public Disorder Intelligence Units, assigned to monitor black political activity in California.

Donald DeFreeze worked out of this office as a police informant from 1967-1969. Black agents infiltrated the prisons and the Black Panther Party.

Ron Karenga, an agent who worked with provocateur Louis Tackwood and Donald DeFreeze, used the SLA 7-headed cobra as insignia for the US Organization.

Evelle Younger, former L.A. District Attorney when CCS was formed, is now Attorney General. Younger is an Air Force Major General in counter-intelligence, as well as a member of the FBI.

1962-1969 BB- Colston Westbrook, Vietnam and service abroad

Westbrook served in Asia, working with the CIA's Phoenix Program; trained in psychological warfare techniques.

The years he was away, President John Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy and Reverend Martin Luther King were assassinated.

The FBI had targeted all left, radical and black movements to be broken apart.

When Westbrook returned to America, the military and intelligence agencies were to escalate the war at home.

Important to that domestic war were closed prisons, with radical prisoners killed or locked up forever.

July 23, 1970 -- "The Huston Plan" -BB Army, Navy and Air Force Working with Intelligence Agencies and Local Police Depts.

The "Huston Plan" was approved by President Nixon.

Senator Sam Ervin stated in May, 1974 that it is still operating.

This document gave permission for widespread political surveillance by burglary, wiretapping, eavesdropping, mail covers and spying inside the U.S. by the CIA.

The methods were employed against all dissenters, political opponents, news reporters and selected government employees.

Congress continues to give full support to these operations by appointing known war criminals to head our agencies and to finance their operations without controls.

1970 -BB California Prisons

War against political prisoners began overtly January 14, 1970, at Soledad Prison. Black leaders -- William Nolan, Cleveland Edwards and Alvin Miller -- were murdered by a guard. Continuous killings of prisoners and guards have escalated since that date.

Segregation, racism, torture, provocations, threats and fear are rampant in the prisons. This is State policy. Gang wars and narcotics are encouraged and distributed to pit groups against each other, hoping they never get out alive.

Eldridge Cleaver, well known Black Panther leader and writer, fled California and went to Algeria.

The orders throughout the prison system were: "No more Cleavers."

Westbrook came home from seven years in Asia with the CIA to instruct twice weekly inside the politically explosive California prison system.

Late 1969-1970 BB- Black Culture Association, Vacaville Medical Facility

Meeting place of Colston Westbrook with Donald DeFreeze.

BCA was an extension of psychological experimentation projects, connected to Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, and the CIA in Langley, Virginia. The Symbionese Liberation Army was nurtured here.

If the SLA were not meant to happen, DeFreeze and his teacher, as well as the constant associates, would have been identified when Wheeler and DeFreeze left their prisons.

1970 -BB Donald DeFreeze Confesses to Judge Ritzi: Wants to Come Clean

DeFreeze wrote to Superior Court Judge W. Ritzi: "I will tell what really happened and why. I will tell you things that no one has ever known before." Judge Ritzi turned down DeFreeze's appeal to tell of his crimes and his work for the LAPD. DeFreeze went immediately to Chino Prison, and then to Vacaville Medical Center for 6-14 years. This is when his personality change began. He was to meet Colston Westbrook, director of the new BCA.

1970 -BB Joseph Remiro comes back to California after two tours in Vietnam

1970-1972 -CC Colston Westbrook, CIA, and Donald DeFreeze, LAPD, Meet

Westbrook instructed two days a week at BCA, Vacaville. He also controlled all visitors to the group. Future SLA members began to meet with DeFreeze. Their "Maoist" revolutionary discussions included having their own flag, taking African names and discussions against black leader Dr. Marcus Foster, Superintendent of Schools, Oakland. Many of the "tutors" were police informers.

1971 -BB Summer Meetings of the White House Agent Donald Segretti, FBI, Minutemen, and Secret Army Organization in San Diego

Donald Segretti, funded by secret intelligence money, met with para-military right-wing organizations. They planned kidnappings of radicals during the Republican conventions in 1972. Members of the SAO had been shooting, burning, and attempting murder, using federal "anti-poverty" money. The Minutemen have publicly anticipated a race war in the U.S. They are well armed and infiltrated by police and law enforcement agents.

1971 BB- Camilla Hall Moves to Bay Area from St. Paul

1971 -BB William Wolfe Arrives in Bay Area from Pennsylvania

1971-1972 -BB John Mitchell, John Erlichman, G. Gordon Liddy and the American Nazi Party

The history of the SLA has roots in the American Nazi Party. Secret White House money was sent down the line to Lyn Nofziger in California, and to Joseph Tommassi, Nazi Storm Trooper. Additional funds for the California Nazis were promised at known meetings in the Hilton Hotel, L.A., and the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Robert Mardian, Assistant Attorney General in charge of Internal Security, maintained lists of radicals who would be kidnapped in Florida when the Republican convention was moved there from San Diego. Liddy's and Mardian's open interest in German Nazis indicates that more than election votes from Wallace's campaign was involved in these secret meetings and fundings.

The Nazi Party is involved in the murder of Marcus Foster and the Bay Area violence, with the approval of the Justice Department and military intelligence.

1970-1974 BB- California's explosive years of prison violence, conspiracies, entrapments, genocide, segregation, and terrorism

Simultaneous with the murder of leaders on the outside, and genocidal policies becoming law, the California Department of Corrections, working with Attorney General Evelle Younger, began a reign of terror.

1972 -BB Migration to California; a group to change the prisons?

Robyn Steiner, Russell Little, Emily Harris, William Harris, Angela Atwood and Gary Atwood were to make frequent visits to Vacaville Medical Facility, Men's Colony at San Luis Obispo, San Quentin, Folsom.

The Department of Corrections has letters written by members of the SLA on behalf of Donald DeFreeze. They wanted his early parole from Soledad.

They immediately infiltrated the Black Guerrilla Family, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Chino Defense Fund, United Farm Workers, Women's organizations, and Los Venceremos.

November, 1972 BB- Thero Wheeler and DeFreeze meet for one month

Thero Wheeler, the silent mystery man, met DeFreeze in Vacaville.

December, 1972 BB- DeFreeze moved from Vacaville to Soledad Prison

March, 1973 BB The Great Escape: Donald DeFreeze

DeFreeze, assisted by Soledad Prison superintendents, working for the Attorney General's office, walked away. Change of clothing and transportation were waiting for him. One officer who assisted in DeFreeze's escape still works at Soledad. The other now works in Sacramento.

August, 1973 -BB The Great Escape: Thero Wheeler

Thero Wheeler walked out of Vacaville.

August-October, 1973 BB- Nobody looks for Wheeler and DeFreeze

Two black escapees from California prisons, both "associated" with radical groups, Venceremos and Maoists, were not sought by the law. Wheeler and DeFreeze met at least 20 times during this three-month period. Both were living with women met through prison visits; they were easily traceable -- if anyone had been looking for them.

Summer, 1973 -BB DeFreeze's "double," Bernard Keaton

A second DeFreeze was trained and prepared to duplicate "Cinque's" presence. In case the psychologically well-programmed DeFreeze was accidentally picked up in Oakland or Berkeley, Keaton could go to prison for him. Doubles are used in every major conspiracy; it is a standard CIA operating procedure. James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald each had a double. The FBI loses track of them on purpose.

August 21, 1973 -- SLA Declaration of War

Enter American domestic intelligence warfare.

The SLA "Declaration of War," dated August 21, 1973, was not openly distributed until November 7, 1973, the day after the murder of Dr. Marcus Foster.

August 26, 1973 -BB The Cobra Appears

An Egyptian cobra, "long, mean, ill-tempered, very deadly," was released in Chicago. This symbolic gesture was picked up immediately by the KKK, American Nazi Party and the White Aryan Knights. A signal?

"We hope the cobra has nationalistic tendencies and bites a few kikes. The cobras have niggers beat all to hell so far as danger is concerned. All power to the cobra."

September, 1973 -- February 1974 BB- Race War Begins in the Bay Area

Ex-prisoners, some armed by police, have been trained and allowed to conduct planned "vengeance killings." White men wearing black faces commit murder, and black patsies are encouraged to escalate killings and terrorism. A series of murders in San Francisco area termed "Operation Zebra" by police occurred immediately prior to the Hearst kidnapping on February 4, 1974. They were later to be feebly linked -- and only verbally -BB by Mayor Alioto, to the SLA.

October 2, 1973 -BB Race War Escalation

Two policemen died in a helicopter crash in Oakland. Somebody wanted blacks blamed for it. The unknown "August 7th Guerrilla Movement" claimed credit for the deaths. Both the coroner and the National Transportation Safety Board stated the deaths were caused by "engine failure." August 7th Guerrilla Movement literature was found at the SLA headquarters. Black-face make-up, for white faces, was also found.

The message claiming "credit" for the policemen's deaths also referred to the "San Quentin Six." Prior to every major political trial in California, provocateurs create violence to associate the defendants with terror on the streets. The trial of the San Quentin Six was almost ready for jury selection. They have been continuous targets of California "law enforcement" authorities. The indictments were later dropped."

October 8, 1973 -BB The Race War Continues

Murphy Anderson, a black man, and Faith Trumpour, a white woman, were found dead, gangland style, by the side of a highway in Monterey County. A week after their bodies were discovered, the usual pattern of planted evidence occurred. A message from the "August 7th Guerrilla Movement" arrived, taking "credit" for these killings. The message once more mentioned the "San Quentin Six." This is a convenient way of murdering two people, and arousing racist fears at the same time. The cover story was narcotic-related death. Kidnapping involved here. Was it practice for SLA?

October, 1973 BB- American Nazi Party warns that Dr. Marcus Foster will be assassinated -BB this was two weeks before the murder took place

At a shopping center in San Leandro, close to Oakland, members of the Nazi Party handed out pamphlets warning: "There might be shotgun blasts into the guts of mixmaster principals and superintendents."

October, 1973 BB- Black Cultural Association, Vacaville Medical Facility, Lectures Against Dr. Foster

Director Westbrook and tutor Willie Wolfe spread hate stories about Dr. Foster. Inmates were jubilant weeks later when they learned the educator was dead. But another black leader had been assassinated. Violence is nurtured in the prisons by selected agents.

November 6, 1973: Dr. Marcus Foster assassinated, Oakland

Dr. Foster was black. He was shot with deadly cyanide bullets. His co-worker, Robert Blackburn, is white. He was shot with regular bullets, and survived. The men were close associates, often referred to as "salt and pepper." Both men had moved to California together from Pennsylvania a few years earlier.

"Blacks" were seen by witnesses leaving after the shooting.

Nazis wanted him murdered. Nazis are active in education problems in California.

White men possessing black make-up were later arrested for his murder.

November 7, 1973 -BB Symbionese Liberation Army Communiqué No. 1

The SLA claimed credit for killing Dr. Foster out of "love for the people." "Death warrants" were issued against other School Board Members.

January 10, 1974 BB- Joseph Remiro and Russell Little, two white men, arrested and charged with the murder of Dr. Foster

Both men deliberately created the condition for their arrest, by driving around in a van for several hours early in the morning in a quiet residential area, a few blocks away from their "safe house" in Concord.

Remiro surrendered four hours after Little was captured; Remiro deliberately wore the weapon that would identify him with the Foster murder.

On the same evening, Nancy Ling Perry set fire to the SLA "safe house" at Sutherland Court. The "Liberated Zone" contained a goldmine of evidence and information that the law enforcement officials could reveal, or conceal, to their advantage.

Written plans to kidnap Patricia Hearst were found in the house, three weeks prior to her abduction. Police ignored this information.

November 27, 1973 BB- Murder of a Guard at Tracy Prison

August 7th Guerrilla Movement again took "credit." The murder of this guard would signal escalation of the war against prisoners by the California Department of Corrections. Prisoners were reclassified, packages were limited, visiting days were reduced and further repressions were inaugurated.

85% of all eligible paroles were denied during January and February of 1974. Guards are bringing in weapons, encouraging narcotics traffic, and causing impossible living conditions. The emergence of the SLA, allegedly nurtured within the prison system, would set back any hopes for prison reform.

January 17, 1974 -BB Communiqué No. 2: The SLA Explains Their "Philosophy"; Nancy Ling Perry, "Fahizah," speaks

"The SLA were 'freedom fighters.'"

"The USA had been overthrown since 1963."

"Their 'information and intelligence unit' was fighting oppression."

"The SLA was made up of blacks, browns, yellow, red and white people. 'We would never wear make-up or disguise ourself by race.'"

When "confronted with oppression, starvation, and the death of their freedom, they will fight." (None of the SLA had ever been confronted by these conditions.)

"The SLA is not the August 7th Guerrilla Movement." (That "group" was never heard from again.)

"The fire in Concord, California, was only to melt fingerprints." (It didn't.)

"Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people."

February 4, 1974 BB- Patricia Hearst is kidnapped

Two black males and one white female kidnapped Patty Hearst.

Her boyfriend, Steven Weed, was beaten.

This was America's first political kidnapping.

February 7, 1974 BB- Communiqué No. 3 of the SLA: Patricia is a Prisoner of War

February 12, 1974 -BB Field Marshal General Cinque, Donald DeFreeze, makes his first (taped) public appearance

Cinque explains that Randolph Hearst should set up a food program for the poor.

Patty speaks to her parents and fiancé Steven Weed in a taped message: "Mom, Dad, I am OK. I had a few scrapes and stuff, but they washed them up and they're getting OK. I caught a cold, but they gave me some pills. I am in a combat unit that is armed with automatic weapons. There is also a medical team here."

Her voice was drowsy, and she appeared anxious to get home. This was a period of sympathy for Patty, and conditions for her return were being met, she hoped.

Cinque asked for "food of the best quality" to be delivered.

One giveaway of the SLA was the suggestion that the food be distributed from "Safeway or Mayfair" stores. Radicals in California are aware of the boycott of Safeway stores because of Cesar Chavez's strikes relating to non-union lettuce, grapes and wine. It seemed strange for volunteers for the United Farm Workers to ask that Safeway participate in the food giveaway plan.

There were many indications in Communiqué No. 3 that the SLA was a right-wing conspiracy.

February 12-April 1, 1974 -BB The Great Food Rip-Off

Randolph Hearst spent $2,000,000 on the People In Need Program.

"Best quality" food was to be delivered. That was a clear stipulation of the conditions for returning Patricia Hearst.

Ludlow Kramer, Secretary of State, Washington State, Republican candidate for Congress and former employee of NASA, who helped distribute food during defense industry personnel layoffs, was imported to California to oversee the program.

"Top quality" companies sold Kramer meat with "75% slop" at triple the normal price. Cabbages replaced meat in some bags of food.

Food was thrown at the people. Some threw it back.

Food trucks were hi-jacked.

Conveniently-placed cameras photographed violence at food distribution centers.

Some food was "contaminated."

Randolph Hearst was publicly embarrassed, and forced to apologize. What food companies, allegedly the nation's best major meatpackers, sell contaminated food? Do they usually stock meat with 75% fat content in Washington? Did they throw food at the unemployed in Washington? Were the recipients photographed?

SLA members Remiro and Little, now in San Quentin, called the food "hog feed."

Patty's captors could demonstrate to her that "her father didn't care about her safe return," while Hearst was ripped off and made to look responsible for the violence and the slop. Patty's kidnappers could claim they cared more about her than her own father did.

CIA agent William Buckley wrote with authority, from 3000 miles away, that Cadillacs pulled up for food hand-outs.

$4,000,000 was waiting to feed the poor if Patty would come home safe before May 1st.

April 2, 1974 -- SLA Message: Time and place of Patty's release to be revealed in 72 hours

There was a "pray for Patty" weekend.

Her 20th birthday was spent in captivity.

Romantic roses were delivered with a message promising Patty's return, to the Phoenix, a Bay Area underground newspaper.

Family hopes were high.


Patricia Hearst was disappointed with the $2-million food distribution program. Her father had "not done everything in his power" to get her back.

The rip-off of Hearst could easily give Patty that impression if most of the news was kept from her except the negative and purposeful manipulation of the food distribution program.

Patty became "Tania," a name she said she chose, but one month later said "was given to her." (The original Tania was an associate of revolutionary leader Che Guevara in Bolivia. Tania and Che were both killed by the CIA working with Bolivian police.)

Her Dad became a "corporate liar."

Nobody worried about Patricia any more.

The SLA didn't keep their word. Hearst acted shocked. He should have known better.

Bad Guy Randolph Hearst, supporter of fascism, militant dictatorships, napalm, Nazis and news censorship, became a sympathetic figure in the manipulated media. From that point on, it didn't matter whether Patricia was found alive or dead.

We had been taken through a series of episodes along with the Hearst family, anxiously awaiting Patty's safe return. After April 3rd, things went from bad to worse.

The SLA issued "death warrants" for Colston Westbrook, Chris Thompson and Robyn Steiner, who were termed FBI and CIA informers.

Patty said, on tape, "I am not brainwashed, drugged, tortured or hypnotized in any way."

April 15, 1974 BB- Patty stages a bank robbery; makes the "Ten Most Wanted" list

Four alleged members of the S LA posed for 1200 pictures at the bank. They didn't shoot at the cameras.

"My comrades and I have expropriated $10,660.20 from the Sunset Branch of the Hibernia Bank. Casualties could have been avoided had the persons involved kept out of the way and cooperated with the people's forces until after our departure," said Patty on a new tape cassette.

Arrest warrants were issued.

FBI posters went up across the country.

Patty, gun in hand, made the cover of Time and Newsweek.

Her good father was a "liar." Bad daughter was a bank robber.

Get the picture? Patty was toughing it out. What a revolution!

May 2, 1974 -BB Patty living in filth; "Tania" and graffiti on the walls

An empty apartment was found. What next? Cockroaches were coming down the walls.

Chemicals in the tub. "Tania" was obviously here; it said so on the walls!

No fingerprints to prove Patty Hearst lived there.

A downstairs neighbor heard "money clicking on the floors."

May 1, 1974 BB- Ricky Delgado (an Alias) purchases a van to transport the SLA to Los Angeles

One of three vans was bought for $1800 cash. A non-existent address -- a parking lot on Fillmore St. -- and false name were given for identification. A black man, with a woman and child, left their green car behind and drove away in the van. They were never sought or seen again. (Did anyone track down the green car?)

May 1, 1974 BB- SLA moves to Los Angeles

Christine Johnson, a resident of the house on 54th Street that burned down two weeks later, had come to the Bay Area and met with the SLA before their migration South. Their plans had been made in advance.

Question: How could she find them so easily, when the FBI and San Francisco police were looking for them with added forces?

May 16, 1974 BB- Shoot-out at Mel's Sporting Goods Store, Inglewood

William Harris allegedly stuffed a pair of socks up his sleeve.

Employee Tony Shepard, a police science major, just happened to have his handcuffs with him, and handcuffed William Harris on one wrist.

An altercation occurred outside the building in full view of Patty.

The Los Angeles scene was staged -- to prove Patty was capable of firing an automatic weapon.

Nobody saw Patty fire the weapon.

William Harris dropped a gun registered in Emily Harris' name, announcing that the SLA was in town.

The red and white van was unnecessarily abandoned, conveniently leaving the SLA's address on 834 West 84th Street.

Emily, William and Patty took a two-block ride in a Pontiac.

That car broke down, so they took a Chevrolet.

The Chevrolet got them to Tom Mathews' house. They borrowed his van for the next twelve hours, and took Tom along for the ride. William Harris introduced "Tania" to Tom Mathews, and "Tania" told Tom the whole story about what an enthusiastic member of the SLA she was. Then they all went to a drive-in movie, and saw The New Centurions.

Tom Mathews' account of that 12 hour "kidnapping" gave the D.A. the excuse they needed to file 19 charges against Patty Hearst by the next Monday morning.

May 17, 1974 -BB State of Siege; Public Cremation; Patty Observes

6:00 a.m.: Tom Mathews is allowed to drive away in his van, leaving Emily, Patty and William on foot in the Hollywood Hills.

6:00 a.m.: An assault task force of police, FBI and U.S. Treasury Agents surround the house on West 84th Street. At 9 a.m., ten canisters of tear gas are fired into the house. Minutes later, members of the LAPD Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) charged the house. Nobody was inside. There was a two-hour wait before they attacked the empty residence.

8:00 a.m.: The three SLA members -- Emily, William, Patty -- turn up in Griffith Park and drive off in a Lincoln Continental. Two women with a gun say, "We need your car for a couple of hours." Frank Sutter obligingly gives them $250.

9:00 a.m.: Donald DeFreeze and an unidentified black man look at a vacant apartment on 54th St. with the idea of renting it.

The house at 1466 East 54th Street was filled with activity.

On Thursday night there was wine and grass, guests, traffic in and out, weapons delivered and packed under the floor boards, and food brought in on request.

The SLA was trying to recruit new members for their army.

11:00 a.m.: One black man left, saying he would be back with transportation.

Police are gathering in the streets.

3:30 p.m.: Two black men depart, taking Patricia Hearst with them. Where are the Harrises? One whispers into DeFreeze's ear.

5:00 p.m.: One black man departs from the front door, just before the shooting.

5:00 p.m.: Lawmen, who claim they used a bullhorn that nobody heard, said, "Come out with your hands up. The house is surrounded." Five minutes elapsed between the first and second warnings. Why not two hours this time?

Two minutes later, a policeman fired a tear gas shell into the house. Heavy gunfire followed. Incendiary bombs were thrown into the house by the FBI. The house went up in flames.

A fire chief who wanted to go in and put out the flames was threatened with arrest by an FBI man if he crossed the police line.

By 6:45 p.m. the fire had burned the house to the ground.

Donald DeFreeze, Nancy Ling Perry, William Wolfe, Patricia Soltysik, Angela Atwood and Camilla Hall were burned beyond recognition.

Patty Hearst witnessed the cremation of her friends from a nearby apartment.

Sadism and cruelty were employed in every carefully staged scene of this dreadful conspiracy.

May 19, 1974 -BB Patty Hearst in Hollywood, assaulting Mrs. Alcala

Anita Alcala, manager of an apartment house, turned down an offer of $500 rental for one night. Two black men and "Patty Hearst" said they needed a room. "Do you want to die?" asked Patty (with blue eyes this time). One of the men stepped forward and slashed at Mrs. Alcala's dress. The house dress was cut at least six inches. The picture of the dress resembled LBJ showing his scar following surgery. This unverified episode, with descriptions that didn't match Patty, could give her life in prison if she is found alive.

May 19, 1974 BB- "Only Three SLA Members Left: Emily and William Harris, and Patty Hearst"

Stage one of the SLA was over. Randolph Hearst assumed his daughter could now "vanish."

The scenario included murder, kidnapping, bank robbery and cremation.

Now the hunt begins. The word "terrorist" has become as American as apple pie.

IV. Why Was the SLA Created?

(Motives and Goals; How the Goals are Being Met; Suggestions for Investigating and Controlling Intelligence Operations)

1. Create Widespread Fear of Kidnapping and Suspicion of Terrorist Organizations

The CIA uses kidnapping both as a diversion from their other activities, and to escalate public fear.

The kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr., immediately after the John Kennedy assassination, diverted news and attention from political events. Jack Zangetty, the man who exposed this kidnapping and other matters about the JFK-Oswald murders, was found dead two weeks after he revealed a few facts.

Kidnapping scares are all around us now.

"Lethal postcards," bombings of oil company offices, chemical poisoning and threats of "radical" terrorism will escalate.

The protection industry is growing rapidly.

Uncertainties and fears will escalate as well. When citizens are led to believe their lives are in danger, they support more police weapons and harsher laws.

Every kidnapping since February 4, 1974, should be carefully investigated. The kidnappings may be real, but the circumstances surrounding them are questionable. Some are obvious hoaxes. The kidnappers, their funding, secrecy, protection and concealment by the FBI and police, should be exposed. The kidnappings and bomb scares make the headlines. The half-hearted, superficial "investigations" and lack of convictions go unnoticed.

The Secret Service, for the first time in U.S. history, presented an award outside the United States. It is no surprise this was delivered to Inspector James Beaten, the man who was wounded March 30 when Ian Ball was supposed to "kidnap" Princess Anne.

Was there any relationship between this altercation and the earlier abduction of Patricia Hearst? The Secret Service knows the answer. Were they acting accordingly, apologizing for a near victim in a provocateur-inspired event?

2. Link U.S. Terrorists to International Guerrilla Groups

If there were international links to radical movements in the U.S., military intelligence encouraged this interaction.

They need to prove Communism is coming to America.

Many police agents would welcome the arrival of a police state. They are creating the "necessity" to crack down on workers, the unemployed and the hungry.

International money is donated to right wing radical groups. The CIA can also send unlimited funds abroad, to be sent back here through "radical" connections.

Instead of working to improve the quality of life in the United States, Roy Ash of the Office of Management Budget works to reduce both opportunities and hope. When people become radicalized as a result, the finger will be pointed at "communists" and "international influences" -- as though intolerable domestic conditions were not enough cause.

Rather than face the realistic challenge, the usual pattern is to blame outside forces for unrest. If all the hungry and oppressed people in the world were to band together, it would not necessarily be a conspiracy. It would be caused by a common knowledge of who is depriving them of life.

3. Discredit Communes

Why did a Supreme Court ruling recently come down against communes?

Why have intelligence agencies backed up Rand Corporation studies and tried to smear communal living?

Economics is always behind these acts and laws.

By the media's association of the SLA with communal living, with its constant references to the communal "Peking House," the suggestion is planted that group housing breeds violence.

Communes are bad for business. Twelve people living together can get along with one dishwasher, instead of six. Many young people have left their empty, sterile "nuclear family" homes and created a new kind of extended family which provides them with friendship and support. This is seen as a threat to the status quo, with its inbred isolation and suspicion.

The Sharon Tate-La Bianca massacres were the first organized assault by the military upon the hippie generation. The SLA is part of that pattern.

4. Escalate Domestic Fear of Mao Tse Tung, Brainwashing and Communist-Style Indoctrination

Books by Chairman Mao were given to DeFreeze and the BCA.

The "Peking House" commune diverted attention from the way clandestine agents were actually meeting. People living in the commune would be linked to Communism by the presence of a few books about China.

"Symbionese," like "Viet Cong," is an army-coined name and policy.

"Criticism and self-criticism," words mouthed by Joseph Remiro while in prison, would be linked to brainwashing techniques of the Orient.

"Leninism-Marxism-Stalinism" are the whipping boys of the radical right. The detente does not exist for them.

Gunnell's Chinese food stand suggests Asian infiltration in Gunnell's house of spies. Every association of the SLA with China, no matter how weak, forced or trivial, was exaggerated by the media.

The Minimanual from Brazil was used to add to the suspicion of Maoist influence over the SLA.

With this scanty ammunition, the Sacramento hearings on Civil Disorder and the Washington Internal Security Committee stepped up the communism scare.

The best solution to this massive propaganda effort is to look very closely at the so-called "experts" now writing articles and appearing on radio and TV talk shows. They are frequently connected to CIA-front organizations. Check their occupations, their military service, credentials and funding, and expose them for what they are: packagers of scare tactics and government propaganda.

5. Drum Up Support for the UCLA Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence

The proposed UCLA Center to find causes of violence, and the Behavior Research Center in Butner, North Carolina, are the two potentially most dangerous institutions planned or in operation in the U.S. today.

Massive funding from the Federal government, NASA and intelligence agencies will escalate the transformation of human beings into zombies.

Nazi doctors and well-trained American psychiatrists are already using electrode implants, transponders, powerful drugs and similar devices on prisoners.

Many of the current rash of "senseless killings," "massacres" and "zombie type murders" are committed by individuals who have been in Army hospitals, mental hospitals or prison hospitals, where their heads have been literally taken over surgically to create terror in the community.

Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotized to forget the persons who associated with and controlled him before he became the patsy in the Robert Kennedy murder. There is now a contract out to murder him in prison before the facts can be uncovered.

The solution to these charges is not to shake your head and say, "impossible." Ask prison inmates. They know it is true.

Study the medical and military and prison history of every alleged murderer during the past five years. Investigate every hospital and every psychiatrist who treated them.

A good starting point would be the case of Lawrence Kwong, who was programmed to murder a KGO radio broadcaster and then to kill himself, in September, 1973, in San Francisco.

The day after the Marine-trained SWAT team of the LAPD murdered six SLA members in Los Angeles, the L.A. Times printed a letter to the editor. Somebody, disguised as a concerned citizen, begged UCLA to start "finding the cause of violence." Letters to the editor are common CIA public relations plants to influence public opinion. Police did the killings, but they won't be studied. The victims of violence all their lives will be studied instead.

6. Discredit the Poor; Rehearse for Massive Food Handouts; Hand Out Contaminated Food

The food hand-outs ordered by the SLA could serve several purposes.

The poor were ridiculed, provoked to violence, and made to appear ungrateful. Cameras were on hand to photograph violence on the first day of the food distribution.

Even worse than the image of violence and greed projected on the poor, was the possibility that they were being poisoned.

John F. Kennedy was outraged in 1962 when the CIA used chemical poisons to contaminate the sugar crop sent from Cuba to the USSR. He said, "This could be the beginning of chemical espionage."

Controls over CIA activities died with John Kennedy. More sophisticated chemicals have been developed since then.

At the same time the "feed the poor" program was going on in California, it was revealed that five giant chicken farmers in Mississippi had 22 million poisoned chickens. The birds had been fed chicken feed "mysteriously" contaminated with Dieldrin, a deadly insecticide that can cause cancer. Some of those poisoned chickens had already been sent to school lunch programs for needy children in Detroit and Chicago.

The five chicken growers asked $10 million from Congress as compensation for killing the remaining chickens. The New York Times suggested the high payment was in exchange for anti-impeachment votes from five Southern senators.

Lost in the controversy was the question: Were people being handed poisoned food?

A solution is to give annual check-ups to all the people in Detroit, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area who received this "free food." Governor Ronald Reagan publicly hoped that the recipients of the Hearst food give-away program would suffer from an "epidemic of botulism." In future years, will the people who ate this food suffer from an epidemic of cancer? Time will tell.

7. Creation of the SLA Was Intended to Halt Prison Reform Movements

Prison conspiracies are directly related to national conspiracies.

Many political leaders have spent years in prison -- the price they paid for understanding the causes of slavery and oppression.

Potential leaders are nurtured inside the prison system.

When the national policy-makers sent down orders to destroy future black political leaders, violent assaults began taking place inside the prisons, as well as on the streets.

With the determination to transform prisoners into helpless, will-less zombies, the fewer living witnesses, the better.

If prison interviews and prison visitors are carefully controlled, the truth can never be told. That is why selected CIA and police agents were allowed to form the Black Cultural Association inside Vacaville Medical Facility.

Every legitimate prison study group is infiltrated by "the Man," by CIA informers and agents.

Prisoners are turned into informers against each other by the California Department of Corrections, the FBI and CIA. All politically aware inmates must struggle for survival on a day-to-day basis.

The solution is to demand that objective ombudsmen have free access to investigate prison conditions and to keep the public aware of what is happening inside the prison walls. The taxpayer provides the money to maintain these institutions. But prison authorities attack the society that supports them. Many prisoners have been offered parole or freedom by prison guards in return for murdering selected political prisoners, or targets outside the prison walls.

It is the prison system that is bringing violence into the streets, not the prisoners themselves.

The recent Nixon appointed Supreme Court ruling that news media may not interview specific prisoners is to exclude the public from what is taking place away from our sight.

To make sure that prisoners are not coerced surgically into committing violent crimes, the medical records of every inmate should be available to a doctor of his choice. These records should also be available for inspection by independent doctors chosen by the prisoner's lawyer or objective investigative teams.

8. Escalation of the Race War

SLA members kept black make-up for murders and violence. Why did Blacks get the credit for crimes they didn't do?

Were "Zebra" murders in San Francisco, preceding the Hearst kidnapping, conducted by many white men with black faces?

"Hit lists" of Black Panthers and civil rights leaders among SLA possessions prove there is a determination to kill black leaders across the country.

The cover story is that "black militants want to kill false black leaders." But it is not the blacks who want their leaders dead; it is right-wing conspirators who wish to destroy black leadership.

The Nazi Party, KKK, States Rights Party and Minutemen seek a race war.

Howard Hughes, ITT and other equally racist conglomerates send orders down the chain of command. Republican leaders, including the Attorney General, assure the assassins that they will never be discovered or prosecuted.

The White House and the National Security Council worked with these extremist groups in the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

They are also behind the Symbionese Liberation Army.

It is one thing to hate blacks and want a race war. It is quite another thing to receive funding and legal protection from the White House to promote genocide.

The stopping of black males in San Francisco during the recent hunt for the "Zebra" killers could lead to future card identifications and apartheid. The "Zebra" murders and Hearst kidnapping were synchronized and timed in an exact order.

The solution is to investigate and prosecute the first-level agents. Make sure they are sentenced to life in prison for their crimes. When they are convicted, like the persons who were involved with the murder of labor leader Joseph Yablonski, they will reveal who paid for the murders; then the masterminds can be prosecuted.

9. SLA Links Would Discredit All Radical Movements and Groups, and Tend to Identify Them With Acts of Violence

During the '60s, agents infiltrated the anti-war movement. They also broke up rock concerts that were not "political."

Twenty-eight or more Black Panthers were murdered.

Students were shot by National Guardsmen and local police, who were following orders. The murderers were legally protected by Grand Juries and the Justice Department.

SLA members infiltrated radical groups that are targets of the Attorney General and the FBI. These target groups include the United Farm Workers, the Women's Movement, the prisons' Black Guerrilla Family, Venceremos, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Winter Soldiers Organization and Chino Defense Fund.

The leadership of a wide variety of organizations -- the Indian Movement, Gay Liberation, Nairobi College in East Palo Alto, Glide Memorial Church, the Black Teachers Caucus, the National Welfare Rights Organization, Third World Women's Alliance, United Prisoners Union -- were all named by the SLA. In effect, they were targeted.

FM radio stations, the underground press and people's news services were specifically asked to observe and participate in the food distribution programs, and to relay messages. They will feel repression soon.

The same "Gesture of Good Faith" communiqué that identified radical groups as the SLA's "instructors" also named Safeway and Mayfair as possible food distribution centers. Would reform workers with the United Farm Workers make the UFW's arch-enemy, Safeway, the headquarters for a "free food program"?

Every communiqué sent out by the SLA revealed that this was an intelligence operation. The communiqué's also listed the groups targeted for the most infiltration and hassling during the coming year.

Roadblocks have been set up to stop and search hippies across the country. Ten thousand young people were stopped and searched in the three weeks following the shoot-out in Los Angeles.

SLA sightings, like UFO's, can continue indefinitely. The Harris's can keep Patty in a CIA safe-house for the summer, grooming her for her next hair-raising escapade, while long-haired males and females with hair, eyes and skin of all colors are stopped, searched, questioned, hassled and busted.

10. Increase Public and Private Security Guards and Police Forces

On February 22, 1974, private security forces protected golfers at the Jackie Gleason Classic Tournament as a reaction to the recent wave of kidnappings.

Some typical news headlines:








After Patty Hearst's kidnap, and a few other kidnappings, the media escalated the hysteria and created whole new industries.

There is profit in creating kidnap scares. There is also profit in offering "protection."

11. You Too Can Become an Informer: Watch For Patty; Turn the SLA In

The FBI was pictured as inept in the Hearst kidnapping. They asked us to help them find the SLA. That's not the way they did it on the old Jack Webb TV show.

Doctors were officially requested to notify the FBI if any of their patients fit the medical descriptions of SLA members.

Neighbors were asked to sharpen their eyes, play detective and report any of their neighbors living in groups who might be the SLA. Some "suspicious" signs would be that the group would be quiet, inconspicuous and inoffensive. How suspicious can you get? We were supposed to get involved with the numerous reported SLA sightings, just as the Nazis noisily hunted the Jews from people's homes in Germany.

The policies initiated in this domestic warfare are far more dangerous to our society than the six SLA members cremated in Los Angeles.

12. Instigate New Laws and Harsh Legislation Against Kidnapping

Kidnapping is a terrifying experience. It can't be justified.

Starvation and unemployment are also terrifying to people with no opportunity to provide for their basic needs.

Punishment with laws, isolated dungeons and more prisons will not solve social and economic problems, such as tremendous inequalities in the distribution of wealth.

Kidnapping laws will not serve as effective controls, any more than death penalty laws have served to prevent murders.

Corporations want to protect their employees, and heads of firms want to protect their lives. Lawmakers oblige.

Because of the CIA-SLA, new laws will be passed. It is a pitiful commentary on how inadequate our solutions are to the obvious problems all around us.

13. Christ and Christians vs. Radicals and Terrorists

Christianity, the family and God are fighting for survival today. Social change and radical politics are always associated with the Anti-Christ.

Colston Westbrook received his CIA training at the Inter-Christian University in Tokyo. Wes Davis, the authority on Communism and the evils of Asian Anti-Christ politics, is linked to World Humanity Against Totalitarianism -- a Christian organization that could be another CIA front.

Senator J. Harmer, candidate for Lt. Governor in California, described the SLA terrorists as "directed in their scheme against the will of God and the plan of Christ for the salvation of mankind."

CIA agent William Buckley criticized Randolph Hearst's attempts to communicate with the terrorists. He felt that Patty should be sacrificed "in the name of Christ," rather than placate those Commies.

The Nazi Party from Germany emerged openly in Chile after Allende was murdered. They blamed Jews for the radical politics in Chile. Obvious economic inequalities in Chile are ignored.

The Nazi Party is visibly rampant in the San Francisco Bay Area. They were involved in the Foster murder.

Several Nazi Party members work for the San Francisco Police Department. One keeps his Nazi uniform stored in a police locker between meetings.

Following the scare tactics of kidnappings and bombings by police provocateurs, radical right-wing Christians will emerge to compare this violence to the Godlessness of the Russians and Chinese. The bad guys will be labeled "Anti-Christ," and the good guys will be "Christians."

14. Discredit the FBI, and Make Military Intelligence Agencies and the CIA Seem Necessary for Routine Police end Investigative Work

The FBI began to be publicly embarrassed and exposed during the last few years before J. Edgar Hoover died.

The reason the FBI was made to appear so inept in the Hearst kidnapping is that the CIA and military intelligence agents wanted them to appear lost and bumbling.

When the SLA was lured to Los Angeles, they were murdered by the Marine-trained SWAT team. The FBI contributed the incendiary bombs that set the house on fire, but the "weakness" of the FBI provides the CIA with an excuse for domestic police support.

The Tom Charles Huston plan revealed how the military and intelligence would work with local police departments. For all practical purposes, the FBI is now combined with U.S. intelligence networks.

15. Set Up Martial Law and a Police State: Keep Power in the Hands of the Military and Intelligence Agents

Provisions will always be available to cancel any future elections or to rig national-elections. The selection of candidates for 1972 was manipulated; 1968 required a murder to eliminate a candidate.

Watergate Hearings by the Senate and Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski were not about to expose the depth of political corruption or the CIA-military hold over the White House and themselves.

The military controls the clandestine agents, political assassins and potential kidnappers necessary to escalate violence.

Massive uses of nerve gas or other planned tragedies can occur, disguised as natural catastrophes.

Vice-President Gerald Ford's moving into the Navy compound, Admiral Ford, is consistent with a military takeover. Ford was a Secret Team member of the Warren Commission. This is a visible reminder of our monarchy, his enclosure surrounded by Navy Intelligence.

CIA Director Colby helped rig elections in Vietnam. He did well with these tricks while he was away. Imagine how much easier it will be to deceive with his talents as Chief of all U.S. Intelligence

V. The Tell-Tale Revolutionaries: Conspicuous Banditos or Provocateurs?

Were documents planted in specific SLA safe-houses for political use?

Why did California Senator John Harmer and U.S. Attorney General William Saxbe use the flimsy SLA evidence for red scare tactics?

We are becoming aware that the CIA faked and planted the "diaries" of Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and Arthur Bremer. The same methods of falsifying evidence to back up a conspiracy cover story were used with the SLA.

William Saxbe referred to the Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla by Carlos Marighela, saying the "food program and the Hearst kidnapping came right out of the book." He intimated that this document proved the SLA was part of an international terrorist group.

"When you think that the Symbionese and others are taking this right out of some Maoist doctrinal textbooks on how to operate in terrorism and other forms of civil disturbance, you realize it is not just a coincidental thing. There is evidence of a worldwide conspiracy, but it cannot be discussed further."

-- Attorney General William Saxbe

Marighela, a Brazilian revolutionary, published the book, which is popular in Latin America, Asia and Africa. He was killed by the Brazilian police in 1969.

Every important suggestion about urban guerrilla warfare which was quoted by the newspapers to "prove" that the SLA had followed this manual, was in fact totally ignored by the SLA. Indeed, if they had followed the book, they might still be alive today. It is hard to say what rules, if any, the SLA did follow, but one thing is certain: they did not go by the Marighela manual.

The book served only one purpose, identical to the planted diaries: it supplied the match for the political fires of lawmakers and politicians. It served as false "evidence" to prove a lie.

To give only one of many examples: One suggestion of the Minimanual was, "Never leave a track or trail."

Why then, did the SLA leave not one, but three safehouses full of incriminating evidence?

Why did Russell Little allow himself to be arrested on January 10, 1974, and to be indicted for the murder of Dr. Marcus Foster?

And why did Joseph Remiro surrender to police four hours later, wearing one of the murder weapons? He had spent the last four hours inside the SLA safe house, two blocks away, discussing the situation with his SLA comrades. It was decided to "sacrifice" Remiro -- but why did he surrender wearing evidence that linked him to the Foster murder? His comrades could have thrown the gun away for him.

Why were Remiro and Little placed immediately, upon their arrest, on Death Row in San Quentin -- without a trial? How many other persons receive this special treatment?

Were they placed inside the prison to link the SLA to "new recruits" and to give the impression that the "army" numbered more than nine persons?

In March, 1974, a prisoner in Soledad was offered a chance to "escape" by three prison officials if he would "join the SLA army." How did the police and prison personnel know where the SLA was? Why would they want to "help" them recruit more troops -- except to link the terrorists later on with prison escapees?

The house at 1560 Sutherland Court, Concord, the SLA hideout and "liberated zone," was rented by Nancy Ling Perry and Russell Little, alias Nancy and George DeVoto. Concord police did not associate the name DeVoto with the SLA when Little and Remiro were arrested.

Why didn't Nancy and her male companion, who had a van and Willie Wolfe's car, and all the time they needed, remove the incriminating evidence from the house when they decided to vacate the premises? They could have quietly loaded up their vehicles and quietly driven off.

Instead, Nancy lit a fire in the house and split hours after Remiro and Little had been arrested.

The sight of the flames aroused the neighbors and brought the police. The fire was quickly extinguished, and the police were left with a treasure trove containing the SLA's weapons, ammunition, posters, revolutionary documents, blackface make-up, gas masks, maps, typewriters, cyanide bullets and communiqués.

The police found lists of prison officials and their wives and families who were marked for assassination. Records indicate that the FBI immediately placed these people under protective

watch. The Sacramento authorities immediately rushed through provisions for prison guards' families.

The California Senate Hearings immediately received information about the SLA and its involvement with California prisoners, and Senator Harmer immediately began talking up the kidnapping scare at Mormon lunches. SLA death warrants for executives of California industries were also duly noted.

But the police said not a word about the names of the SLA members, who could have been arrested and locked up 24 days before Patty Hearst was kidnapped. And for almost three months, they did not reveal that they had found notes about "Patty Campbell Hearst, Ambush, Art student," and other information hinting that she might be kidnapped. And they did not warn the Hearsts, either.

The information found in the Concord safe-house was used to link a rash of scare kidnappings around the country to the fictitious SLA.

An apartment at 627 15th Street in Oakland, was another SLA safe-house. This one was termed by the police the SLA "intelligence information headquarters."

William Harris rented that apartment on December 15, 1973, one month after Dr. Foster was murdered. He and Emily lived in a lush, comfortable apartment nearby.

What purpose did this "intelligence information headquarters" serve? Nobody lived there. It was hardly used, except by Harris, who carefully stocked it with more "incriminating evidence."

Police "stumbled" on this location several weeks after Patty Hearst was kidnapped.

At the time, Emily and William Harris were not suspects in either the Foster murder or the Hearst kidnapping. They had several weeks to vacate this totally useless apartment of books and weapons before the police "found" it.

Inside the apartment was the famous Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla Warfare that Saxbe would quote. Right wing extremists quickly picked up the line, and booklets were printed and sold over the air: "HOW TO PREVENT YOUR CHILD FROM BEING RECRUITED BY RADICALS"; "WHY TERRORISTS BEHAVE AS THEY DO"; and "HOW OUR PRISON GROUNDS ARE BECOMING BREEDING GROUNDS FOR REVOLUTION" were written and published by W. S. McBirnie, the same author who hurriedly wrote, "A COMMUNIST KILLED OUR PRESIDENT," a decade earlier.

Specific planted evidence is seized upon, and is dispatched by the wire services as proof of a large conspiracy. In the same apartment was William Harris's U.S. Army Manual from Pennsylvania. The official explanation for this book being on the premises was that it had been "stolen." There was more reason to believe the SLA followed that army manual than the Brazilian book.

Colston Westbrook served the military for seven years before heading a group that would become the SLA. Westbrook and Willie Wolfe were natives of Pennsylvania. Dr. Marcus Foster and Robert Blackburn also resided there before they were targets for an assault. Russell Little visited Pennsylvania in the vicinity of Dr. Foster on his way to California.

The Pennsylvania army manual for terrorism is important, but passed off as if it were picked from some shelf and served no purpose. No one mentioned the possible influence of U.S. military intelligence directing the SLA.

The apartment at 1827 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco was another CIA-SLA safe house. It was the third dwelling abandoned by the SLA which contained carefully selected "incriminating evidence."

In each instance, the SLA had plenty of time to remove everything from the premises. Authorities did not know about these locations, and were not close to finding their inhabitants. Yet the Golden Gate apartment contained enough clothing and other objects to fill four FBI vans. They even left a bicycle.

Tania, Patria o Muerte, Venceremos, a 7-headed cobra and other quaint graffiti were painted on the walls.

There were cockroaches, dirty female underwear, empty wine bottles, wigs and stale bread. The SLA left a tub full of chemicals, and insulting notes to the police. Marighela, the tracks-coverer, would have turned over in his grave.

Patty Hearst and other SLA members supposedly lived in this apartment from mid-March until May 1, 1974. The, famous kidnap victim had already gone through agonizing transitions, from pleading with her parents to do everything for her safe return, to turning against her father, family, and fiancé, and finally to becoming a bank robber with an automatic weapon tucked under one arm. The next stage of shock -- the utter filth and disarray found in the SLA safe-house -- would graphically illustrate her social and psychological degradation.

The apartment was only 14 blocks from the FBI office. It even had a telephone.

Photographs taken at the bank robbery were published conspicuously in every newspaper and magazine -- yet none of their neighbors paid the slightest heed to the nine oddly-assorted "new tenants."

The Golden Gate apartment was meant to horrify us, as well as to hasten Patty's "conversion" to the SLA.

In each case, the SLA had ample time to remove and destroy the evidence, instead, the provocateurs left plenty of propaganda: their kidnapping lists, Minimanual, and their bug-infested garbage. The police and the FBI would use it all to feed the anxious news media with more of the same diet of lies we have been fed for the last ten years.

Filth and the Minimanual did exist. They were used to illustrate selective examples of political propaganda. Evidence of military intelligence to support conspiracies is ignored.

VI. Tactical Support

The SLA received many kinds of tactical support. Unnamed and unsought agents provided housing, transportation, weapons, supplies, food, rented cars and information about the Hibernia Bank.

If this had been a genuine terrorist group, rather than a police-intelligence operation, there would be many more arrests and more searches for specific people.

Compare the treatment of supporters of Black Panthers, Muslims, Black Liberation or members of Venceremos. Morton Newman got five years in jail for simply acting as a lookout against police after Ronald Beaty escaped from Chino.

Christine Johnson met the SLA members on an earlier trip to San Francisco. She was expecting them when they arrived at the death house on 54th Street, in Los Angeles, late Thursday night, May 16, in two vans. She is not charged with any crime.

Florence Lishey, owner of the burnt-out house in which Christine had sheltered the SLA, has just received an advance payment from the City of Los Angeles.

"God bless His Honor, the Mayor, the City Attorney, bless them all," she said, waving a check for $489. She had been promised another $80,000 to follow soon.

Three SLA "safe houses" were left filled with incriminating and provocative evidence. But there were other safe houses that we are not supposed to ask about or discover.

Many so-called "blunders" by police and the FBI we're really examples of police collusion. But some visible evidence of tactical support can't be written off as "errors."

Two SLA members are in prison. Six more have been cremated. The FBI and police are looking for "the last three": Emily and William Harris, and Patty Hearst. But how do they explain the tactical support the "last of the SLA" are receiving now, and received in the past? It's simple; they just don't mention it.

1. Safe House at 1476 7th Avenue, Oakland

This apartment was the staging area for the murder of Dr. Foster.

Early in October, Joseph Remiro rented a top-floor apartment, one of 14 units. The building was within walking distance (6/ 10 of a mile) from the Oakland School District Building where Foster was murdered and Robert Blackburn was shot.

Clayton Mosely, manager of the building, is a private security guard. According to Mosely, six members of the SLA used the apartment from October 1 until the end of November.

Emily Harris, alias Anna Lindenberg, obtained a driver's license on September 26, 1973, using this address. William Harris, alias Jonathan Mark Salamone, also gave out this address on September 26, 1973. How far in advance did the Harrises know this safe house would be available for them?

No one in the 13 other units, including manager Mosely, knew the six SLA members had moved out.

"No one actually lived in the apartment at all, but several people came and went at all hours," said Mosely. He added, "This group of young people didn't seem like the others here."

On December 6, 1973, when the rent was due, Mosely "discovered" no one was living in the apartment.

Where were the police and the manager after the Foster murder, five blocks away? A safe-house is exactly what is implied in the name: safe from discovery.

2. Safe House From January 10 to Mid-March, 1974

The SLA went underground after the January 10 arrest of Remiro and Little. They gave up their apartments, jobs, and outside contacts.

There was enough evidence in the abandoned house on Sutherland Court, in Concord, to identify Gary Atwood, William Harris, Nancy Ling Perry, Patricia Soltysik and William Wolfe. Why weren't they found? Where did they live after January 10?

Who arranged for the "combat headquarters" where Patty Hearst was taken on February 4, after her kidnapping? Who rented it, and when did they give it up?

If the SLA moved to the Golden Gate Avenue apartment in San Francisco in mid-March, where did they live from January 10 until then?

Is the rent on that safe house still being paid? And if so, by whom? Would the Venceremos get that kind of protection if they had murdered one man, shot another and kidnapped Patty Hearst?

3. Two black men and a third person, a small man or possibly a woman, participated in the ambush that killed Dr. Marcus Foster and wounded Robert Blackburn

Who was this third person? Some news accounts speculate that it was Nancy Ling Perry. Other news stories describe the third person as Oriental, and possibly female.

Why has no effort been made to identify or locate the third party?

An Oriental woman was picked up and questioned by police on the day of the murder. She had weapons in her car.

Could this woman have been Jean Chan, Dave Gunnell's friend and a tutor at the BCA in Vacaville?

4. Two black men and a white woman kidnapped Patricia Hearst. If Cinque was one of them, who was the second black man?

Thero Wheeler, an escapee from Vacaville Medical Facility, was named as a suspect in the Hearst kidnapping.

The authorities say only three SLA members are still at large: the Harrises, and Patty Hearst. Why are they ignoring the second man who allegedly assaulted Steven Weed and kidnapped Patty Hearst?

Will a yet-unnamed police provocateur testify before the Grand Jury, receiving immunity when he surfaces?

5. Telephone service for the SLA: Who put it in? Who took it out?

Lola Evans, partially blind, listened to the noises of the SLA who lived in the apartment upstairs on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco. She said they made a lot of phone calls. We all know the telephone company has records of every phone call; who did the SLA call?

Telephone company employees could have recognized the faces of SLA members, following the well-publicized bank robbery pictures and massive search for the SLA.

Between the time the SLA rented the apartment in mid-March, and the time the FBI arrived, the apartment house got a new manager, who conveniently had no knowledge of who had rented the apartment. Why the change in managers?

And how did the SLA manage to stumble on a location with a blind lady living below them, and no other witnesses?

6. Who Rented the Two Green Cars Used for the Hibernia Bank Robbery?

Two rented cars, used by the SLA, were abandoned nine blocks from the FBI offices.

Who rented them to, or for, the SLA?

Car rentals require the presentation of a valid driver's license, and handwriting, and possibly fingerprints on an application form. Some employee, somewhere, might remember a face.

7. Why the confusion and contradiction regarding when the getaway cars were found after the bank robbery?

Some reports stated the two green cars were found one day after the robbery; other reports say it was three days later. Which was it?

Three days later, police in Monterey, California were still searching for the two green cars. If they had already been located, why were police still searching 100 miles south of San Francisco?

8. Familiarity with the San Francisco Hibernia Bank

James Smith, the bank manager, said he watched the SLA robbery from a spy hole in his upstairs office.

"It was done in such a precision-like manner," he said. "They seemed to have a knowledge of the bank, knew where to go, and what to do. How did the bandits know that the two tellers' drawers looted were the only ones open before 10 a.m.? The hold-upgang entered at 9:50 a.m. The bandits also seemed to be aware that while the top drawers in the two cages that were robbed contained about $2000 each, there was more money, about $3000, in each of the two lower drawers, and they got that too."

Bank employees apparently did not recognize any members of the SLA hold-up team from previous visits to the bank.

Strangely enough, the SLA get-away car was parked in front of 2330 Lawton Street, the former home of San Francisco Chief of Police D. Scott. When Scott lived in that house, did he do his banking early at the Hibernia Bank? Does he still maintain an account there?

Thero Wheeler, suspiciously missing and "protected," has a brother on the San Francisco Police Force. Was Wheeler a provocateur who helped set DeFreeze up? Did he brief DeFreeze on details of the bank's operations?

If the mention of these possible connections seems shocking, remember that U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell planned to kidnap radicals....so anything is possible.

9. How did Mrs. Christine Johnson find the SLA in San Francisco?

Mrs. Johnson visited the SLA in San Francisco before they migrated to her little bungalow in Los Angeles.

With the police, the FBI and everyone else looking so hard for the SLA, and if there are no more SLA members and no conspirators, how in the world could Christine Johnson find the SLA in April?

Mrs. Johnson almost didn't live through the Los Angeles shoot-out. For some strange reason, she woke up in the middle of the shoot-out at 5:30 p.m. from what she described as a "drugged sleep." If she had died with the others, what a convenient way to ensure her silence.

10. Who purchased the three vans used to transport the SLA to Los Angeles?

Two vans have been found and identified. Where is the third? One black man, with a black woman and a child, bought one red and white van. He used the alias "Ricky Delgado," paid $1800 in cash and gave a phony address on Fillmore Street. When he drove off in the new van, he left an old green car behind. Under whose name was the green car registered?

The new van was registered to 833 West 84th Street, Los Angeles. This address was found on a parking ticket in the van, and the L.A. police said that the parking ticket led them to the 84th Street address. How far in advance did the SLA have this apartment? Two females from the SLA rented it from May 9 to May 17.

Who is "Mr. Delgado"? Does he work for the LAPD?

Were the safe houses and transportation lined up far in advance, pre-arranged to lure the SLA to their deaths?

This red and white van was abandoned by Emily and William Harris outside Mel's Sporting Goods Store in Inglewood.

23. Two black men took Patty away.

On the afternoon of May 17, 1974, a blue and white van pulled up behind the SLA bungalow on 54th Street.

Who purchased, or owned, this van?

Where is it now?

Two black men took Patty Hearst from the SLA hideout and drove away. "Two brothers tipped them off and got Patty out of here, for love of her. Miss Hearst walked to the van with them and drove off."

As they left, one of the men whispered a final word to Donald DeFreeze, at around 3:30 p.m.

After they drove off with Patty, they were never mentioned again. Who were they -- and why don't the police care? Why has no description of them been released?

12. Who purchased the third van?

Authorities said, "Three vans brought the SLA to Los Angeles." Where is the third van? Why no description of the van, the persons who purchased the van, or the two men with Patty?

13. Who owns the house at 833 West 84th Street, Los Angeles?

Van No. 1 was abandoned at the shoot-out at Mel's Sporting Goods Store. The police said they knew the SLA was in town because of a parking ticket they found inside the van with the 84th Street address.

It takes many weeks for the Department of Motor Vehicles in Sacramento to process a change of address. How could they have traced the abandoned van, bought by someone "alias" Ricky Delgado, using a phony San Francisco address, to the two SLA girls who lived on 84th Street in Los Angeles for seven days?

14. Which safe house did the SLA live in from May 1 to May 17?

Two white females rented and lived in the bungalow on 84th Street in Los Angeles from May 9 until May 16. If the SLA left San Francisco on May 1, where did they live until May 9?

15. Where did the rest of the SLA live from May 1 until midnight, May 16, 1974?

Two females were housed in a "safe location" for nine days until they moved to 84th Street. But eight other SLA members needed safe housing from May 1 until May 16.

A second black man accompanied DeFreeze until a few hours before his death. Tactical support in Los Angeles came from LAPD agents. If these blacks had indeed been radicals, they would be sought and arrested for housing and assisting persons charged with murder, kidnapping and bank robbery. Instead, their existence has been ignored.

16. Who is the black man who looked for a vacant apartment with DeFreeze on May 17, 1974?

At 9 a.m. on the morning of the fatal shoot-out, Mrs. F. Lishey, the owner of the house that burned down when the SLA were killed, showed DeFreeze and another black man a vacant apartment nearby.

17. One black man was with DeFreeze and the others inside the house on 54th Street on the night of May 16, 1974

Brenda, 17, spent the night of May 16 in the house with the SLA. She saw guns and ammunition all around. They said they were "getting ready to get out Friday night. It was getting heavy." "There was another black man with DeFreeze." Was he the same man who looked at the vacant apartment in the morning? Why haven't the FBI and the police released a description of this man?

18. One black man left at 11 a.m., May 17, and never returned.

Another black man, not described as the person who slept at the house on Thursday night, visited Donald DeFreeze on Friday morning, and left at 11 a.m. Neighbors said they had seen him before. Who was he? He drove a "green LeMans." He didn't return.

"Ricky Delgado," who purchased the red and white van in San Francisco, was described as 5'11" tall, weighing about 175 pounds. This other "friend" was tall, and did not fit the same description.

The "friend" departed at 11 a.m., promising that he "would return later," but he never came back.

Were DeFreeze and his army abandoned?

19. One black man walked out the door of the bungalow on 54th Street just before the shooting began.

Was this the signal to begin the attack? The murders at Kent State followed a single shot: Did the SWAT team know who was inside the cottage? Were they told Patty Hearst had been removed?

20. Transportation from Mulholland Drive, in the Hollywood Hills, to Griffith Park, on the morning of May 17, 1974

On Friday morning, at 6 a.m., Emily and William Harris, Patty Hearst and the "kidnapped" Tom Mathews parted company. Mathews was allowed to drive off in his car, leaving the remnants of the SLA near Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills.

Authorities have no description of the vehicle used to get the trio from Mulholland Drive to Griffith Park. Did they walk? If they needed a car, why didn't they leave Tom behind, and use his?

21. Transportation from Griffith Park, Hollywood, to 54th Street, Inglewood

The Harrises and Patty commandeered a Lincoln Continental from a Mr. Sutter at 8 a.m. Where did they drive it to?

Did Mr. Sutter drop them off somewhere on foot, like Tom Mathews two hours earlier?

Did they drive his car to Inglewood and abandon it?

Who found the car? And where?

Who found Emily, William and Patty? What kind of support did they receive?

22. Safehouse near 54th Street where Patty watched six members of SLA burn to death

Donald DeFreeze and a black male located a nearby vacant apartment a few hours before the shooting erupted.

Was Patty taken to this vacant apartment by the same man who accompanied DeFreeze in the morning?

She stated she had watched her comrades burn to death. She observed the fire without being seen and recognized.

Was she placed there to further influence her thinking and her determination to stay with the SLA?

23. Two black men with Patty Hearst on Sunday night in Hollywood

L.A. District Attorney Joseph Busch accepted the testimony of Anita Alcala as sufficient evidence to indict Patty Hearst for charges that could mean life in prison.

Two black men and a woman who did not match Patty's physical description knocked on a door in Hollywood, and asked to rent a room for the night.

When Mrs. Alcala refused them, they offered her $500 for the night.

When the $500 was turned down, the woman identified by Mrs. Alcala as "Patty" allegedly said, "Do you want to die?"

A black man slashed Anita's house dress with a knife. Then the trio departed hurriedly, in a "red car with a black top."

Anita Alcala described the woman she identified as Patty Hearst as "blue-eyed, with long, light-brown hair, and wearing a long flowered dress with a brown coat." This description does not match previous descriptions of Patty, who has brown eyes, and had recently been described as having her hair cropped short.

The L.A. police at first said that they did not have sufficient firm evidence that this was indeed Patty. But by the next day, L.A. District Attorney Busch had accepted Mrs. Alcala's testimony and indicted Patricia Hearst with charges based on this incident.

"Patty" was officially last seen in Hollywood on May 19, 1974, with two black men. Yet the FBI and police insist that she is now with the Harrises. On what evidence? The FBI and the police are only seeking the Harrises and their convert, Patricia Hearst. What about the two black men?

24. Will tactical support come from a CIA safe-house in the Mojave Desert?

Charles Manson and his "family" were moved from the Spahn Ranch in Topanga Canyon to the Barker Ranch in the Mojave Desert following their "arrest," and after the Sharon Tate-La Bianca murders.

The SLA reportedly had maps of deserts, parks, wilderness areas and abandoned mines.

At the time of the incident at Mel's Sporting Goods Store, the Harrises were buying thermal underwear, sleeping bags and other outdoor items.

Twelve and a half million acres of California desert have suddenly been closed to off-road traffic.

Will Emily and William and Patty be protected in government safe-houses, while law enforcement officers spend the entire summer searching vans, campers, communes, airports and highways? The excuse to hunt three SLA members has already caused arrests, and persons stopped at gunpoint as possible suspects.

Law enforcement officials in Ozona, Texas set up roadblocks; 24 persons were busted on pot charges, 20 others were arrested, while looking for Patty.

Many people have been stopped as SLA suspects.

Driving down U.S. 101, Linda Lipsett, her husband and a female friend were followed by police. "We thought they were going to shoot us." They were forced to lie face down on the pavement, and seven officers held pistols and rifles to their heads.

VII. How Dangerous Was the SLA?

The reason given for the SLA's instant deaths in Los Angeles was that they were "armed and extremely dangerous."

The Los Angeles police had records indicating that Donald DeFreeze was dangerous. Yet they gave him considerable freedom when he was in prison. He was allowed to leave prison. They never bothered to bring him back after he "escaped."

Dr. Foster had been murdered, and Robert Blackburn had been shot. Yet when the SLA surfaced, police didn't yet believe its members were dangerous enough to be sought. The SLA safehouses and the abandoned apartments in Oakland and Berkeley contained evidence of ownership of weapons, ammunition and lists of possible kidnapping victims. Still, law enforcement agencies didn't bother to identify or search for the "army," except for Joseph Remiro and Russell Little.

Seven of the SLA had weapons registered in their names. All the SLA members except Donald DeFreeze did their target practice at the Chabot Gun Club in Oakland.

Police haven't bothered to locate the third person who participated in the murder of Dr. Foster, or the third person who helped to kidnap Patricia Hearst.

Willie Wolfe and Angela Atwood, cremated in Los Angeles, were not named as suspects in any crime.

Did the SLA intend to kill anybody?

Were the police violent in not alerting the neighborhood that their lives might be in danger, or that homes might burn down? One neighbor's three dogs were burned alive.

The LAPD called in its public relations firm to witness the assault on the 54th Street house. The advertising men would later work with their client, the LAPD, to try to justify the extermination of human lives and gain public approval for police actions.

Did the police hope the SLA would accidentally wound or kill persons in the neighborhood during the shoot-out? This could have provided the SWAT teams with the excuse that they were "protecting lives."

If the SLA and similar groups are dangerous, why do the police supply them with arms? Donald DeFreeze had previously received weapons from the LAPD that were used by him during an armed robbery and shoot-out.

Two men were shot when the SLA left the Hibernia Bank after their robbery. How serious were their wounds? Were the men hospitalized? How come we never heard about them again? Were these shootings sufficient justification to murder six persons later?

California law enforcement paid three men to stage a prison "escape" in San Jose at the time of the Angela Davis trial. One. Of the men was killed. The purpose of this staged incident was to scare the jury deliberating Angela's fate concerning other matters. Were the Hibernia Bank shoot-out and the shooting in front of Mel's Sporting Goods Store staged by the same people? Would this prove to the public that the SLA L could fire weapons?

When the same cast of characters stages continuous conspiracy productions, it is important to consider the similarities.

The worst violence committed by the SLA was the murder of Dr. Foster and the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst. Two men charged with the murder are in jail. If the other SLA members were dangerous, they should have been indicted for Dr. Foster's death. If they were not involved, their "dangerous" description has to be challenged.

Most of the "violence" of the SLA is contained in their tapes, messages and writing on the walls. This obviously planted rhetoric may inflame, but it doesn't hurt, kill or even influence a thinking person.

The SLA had many opportunities to commit serious bodily harm in order to protect their own lives or promote their purposes. In almost every instance, the violence was more a matter of threats than of action.


1. The Assault upon Steven Weed:

Patricia Hearst was kidnapped from an apartment she shared with Steven Weed. Weed received some injuries and was treated for assault wounds.

Compare the media coverage of Weed's bandages and his injuries to Martha Mitchell's. Martha was also a kidnapped prisoner. She required hospital care and stitches on her finger. Stephen King, the man who inflicted the injuries, was later promoted. He became Chief of Security for CREEP. From there, King became Chief of Recruitment for the Department of Agriculture. Martha wondered why no arrests were made.

If assaults by the SLA are dangerous, why are assaults not dangerous when committed by security guards? Law enforcement and selective media coverage make some crimes more "criminal" than others.

2. The "shoot-out" between Joseph Remiro, Russell Little and Police Sergeant Druge:

Remiro and Little were cruising around in their own neighborhood in a suspicious manner. They opened fire on Officer Duge -- but didn't hit him. It was two armed and dangerous men against one. If the SLA team was dangerous, and if they wanted to protect their comrades, they could have either gone directly home or silenced Officer Duge forever. Yet nobody was hurt badly. What was this unnecessary street scene about?

3. Why did Remiro turn over his weapon to the police?

If the SLA members are "armed and dangerous," why do they give their weapons away, or leave them lying around in vacant buildings and apartments when there is plenty of time to pick them up?

Remiro walked out of the Concord "safe-house" wearing his weapon. He told the arresting officer which pocket it was in.

4. Why didn't the SLA follow the "Mini-manual's" advice, and barter for their comrades?

Were Remiro and Little really the SLA's political comrades, or is this all just talk?

The Mini-manual the SLA allegedly "followed" instructed its readers to exchange kidnap victims for comrades in prison. But the SLA never mentioned trading Patty Hearst for Remiro and Little.

5. How bad was the shoot-out at Mel's Sporting Goods Store in Inglewood, California?

Was Patricia Hearst instructed to "shoot" if she saw a member of the team in danger of arrest?

Was the William Harris-Tony Shephard episode intended to cause Patty to shoot in response?

How many witnesses positively identified Patricia Hearst as having fired a weapon in front of Mel's? I haven't read of a single one in the newspapers. (I subscribe to eight.) Was Patty Hearst in the van? Again, no witnesses have made any such statement.

The automatic weapon was fired 30 feet in the air; the bullets plowed harmlessly into the store front.

Lee Harvey Oswald, U.S. Intelligence and FBI-agent, staged a phony altercation with Carlos Bringuer in front of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans. The incident was created for the benefit of TV news cameras. The scene was to portray Oswald as a pro-Cuban sympathizer. Did the same people who planned that event also plan the Los Angeles spree which would provide the excuse to move in and attack DeFreeze and the others?

Whoever fired the shots did not intend to injure anybody.

6. How do you borrow a Pontiac?

The Harrises and "Tania" abandoned their $1800, just-purchased red and white van. Instead of asking for a short ride, they projected an unnecessarily violent image upon an unsuspecting woman who happened to be in the vicinity. "We are the SLA. We need your car. I have to kill someone, but I don't want to kill you."

Two blocks and a lot of talk later, the car was abandoned.

7. Do you need a submachine gun to borrow a Chevrolet?

The Pontiac "malfunctioned" within a few minutes. A man "believed to be William Harris" (never verified) ran up to a man "with his submachine gun" and commandeered the use of a Chevrolet.

Was the SLA dangerous, or merely showing off their weapons?

If they needed this car badly enough, they could have kidnapped the owner, tied him up or murdered him, and kept the car for a while.

8. Why didn't the SLA tie up Tom Mathews and keep his van?

The Harrises and Patty allegedly drove Tom Mathews around Hollywood Hills for twelve hours.

One of their stops was at a hardware store. They bought a hacksaw to remove one handcuff still on William Harris' wrist. Why didn't they buy rope as well, tie up Mathews, take his van and warn the other members of the SLA about the loss of Emily's gun at Mel's, and the loss of the van, important transportation that they obviously needed?

The SLA was so nonviolent and polite that after taking Mathews to see The New Centurions at a drive-in movie, and driving his van around all night, they let him drive off in his own van, and they walked the Hollywood Hills on foot, at 6 a.m.

9. Mr. Sutter wasn't hurt by the SLA:

At 8 a.m., May 17, the SLA was walking around in Griffith Park. They borrowed a Lincoln Continental, drove around for a few hours, and took $250 from a Mr. Sutter.

It isn't clear whether Sutter went along for the ride, or was left off when they took his car.

Did Mr. Sutter, like Tom Mathews, leave the SLA on foot again?

The pacifist yet violent SLA got around in Los Angeles without hurting anyone.

10. Why didn't the six SLA, so soon to die, stave off the assault with hostages?

Were the SLA capable of harming people? When the police arrived to encircle them, they didn't hold Christine Johnson, Brenda or the children in the cottage.

There was no indication that they would have harmed anybody to save their own lives.

11. Who fired the first shot?

There has to be a reason for the massive gunfire and firebomb siege.

Would careful examination of the building, if it wasn't burned, and the bullets, show that the SLA fired the first shot?

Is it possible that the first bullet came from behind, and through the building, as a signal to begin the massive and deadly assault?

Police claim that a bullhorn was used to issue a warning. No neighbor or nearby person heard it.

Remember the Gulf of Tonkin "raid"? The illegal bombing of Cambodia? The one-shot signal that set off the Kent State murders? The umbrella that went down just before John Kennedy was hit with a deadly cross-fire?

Did Cinque fire at the police? Or were the SLA surrounded on every side, with no chance to live after police sent out the first shot?

If Cinque were prepared for a battle with the LAPD, might he not have aimed to take at least one "pig" with him?

Even in death, the SLA gave no indication of being violent. Counting the amount of ammunition available is no proof of their capacity to kill.

Not a single officer or passerby was injured by the SLA.

12. Why did the SLA cut Mrs. Alcala's dress and not use her room if they needed a place to stay?

Violence isn't cutting a six-inch slice in someone's house dress and threatening, "Do you want to die?"

There is no proof that Patty Hearst ever went near Mrs. Alcala's motel.

If the SLA really needed a place to stay, and there was an empty room, and they were short of money, all they had to do was go into Mrs. Alcala's apartment, silence her, use the place for the night, keep the $500, and leave. Patty was charged with "assault with a deadly weapon" anyway, although the gun she allegedly pointed at Anita Alcala didn't even go off.

VIII. Why the Charges Against Patty?

"I no longer seem to have any importance as a human being. However, I have become all-important as a political pivot point for certain right wing elements and I can only be used successfully by these people if I am killed."

-- Patty Hearst, March, 1974

Why was it necessary to introduce the conversion of Tania with writing all over the walls in the Golden Gate apartment? Why was it necessary to introduce Tania to the tellers at the Hibernia Bank while the SLA was taking the money? "This is Tania," they said.

William or Emily Harris dropped a weapon registered in Emily's name at Mel's Sporting Goods Store. This action announced that the SLA was in town. Did these provocateurs create the excuse for slaying six SLA members the next day? They had used aliases at other times. Why not with the weapon purchase?

Was it necessary to abandon the red and white van after the shoot-out? On the seat of the van was a parking citation with the address of the SLA house on 84th Street. If the police would be on their trail following the shooting at Mel's, the dropping of the weapon and abandoning the van, why didn't the Harrises use their next transportation to get back to the other six comrades and warn them?

William, Emily and Patty commandeered a Pontiac for a few blocks, announcing they were the SLA. The Pontiac broke down, and they grabbed a Chevrolet. Were six SLA members doomed to die because the Harris's and Patty went to a drive-in movie and rode around all night?

Why was it necessary for William Harris to introduce Patty Hearst to Tom Mathews? Bill, Emily and Patty had "kidnapped" Tom on the pretense that they needed transportation. Instead of using his van for any rational purpose, they created the circumstances by which Patty Hearst would be indicted on 19 charges the next Monday morning.

The ride with Mathews had to have a purpose.

Who arranged the "For Sale" sign on the van that belonged to Mathews? Was he a police provocateur who willingly went for the ride -- and cooperated with D.A. Joseph Busch?

During the ride, William Harris made a point of introducing his partner in crime. "Do you know who this is? This is Tania," William announced to Tom.

Why would Patty bother to wear a wig or disguise if her friends are always presenting her by name?

Why build up a long kidnapping charge, on a 12-hour ride, killing time at a drive-in movie, when they didn't even use the van for any specific purpose?

During the 12-hour ride, Patty explained how she robbed the bank.

Next, she confessed to shooting it out at Mel's Sporting Goods Store.

Patricia demonstrated the loading of an automatic weapon.

By the time the twelve hours were over, 19 charges could be filed against Patricia Hearst. And they were.

At 6 a.m., May 17, Tom Mathews drove off in his own van, leaving William, Emily and Patty on foot in the Hollywood Hills. Twelve hours later, their six SLA comrades would be dead.

Why was there a classified ad in the L.A. Free Press the week the Harrises arrived in L.A., with references to their "attempt to destroy the potential of a human mind"?

The Harrises led Patty Hearst through her numerous confessions that caused the indictments against her. Yet the provocateur Harrises can come out clean.

FBI Director Charles Bates stated publicly, on May 10, 1974, that "the Harrises are less militant than their six SLA comrades. So far, the Harrises were not overtly involved in any of these incidences."

On Sunday night, May 19, Patty acted out an assault scene, if you can accept the description of "blue eyes" as referring to Patty.

Two black men asked Anita Alcala if she would rent "Patty" and themselves a room for the night. When their offer of $500 was turned down, Patty allegedly pointed a gun at her and said, "Do you want to die?"

One of the black men cut Anita's house dress with a knife.

The three departed.

For that episode, Patty Hearst was charged by Monday morning with "assault with a deadly weapon." If convicted, the penalty could be life in prison.

The black men were never described or listed as wanted by the police.

Patty had been framed and led through all the actions that led to her 22 indictments.

District Attorney Busch and U.S. Attorney Browning charged Patty with five counts of assault with intent to commit murder, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon, three counts of unlawfully taking a vehicle, kidnapping, and kidnapping for the purpose of robbery.

The last charge carries a life sentence upon conviction.

How would Tom Mathews know the woman in his van was Patty Hearst? He never saw her before. If Donald DeFreeze has a double, was there a double for Patty as well?

Who witnessed the shoot-out at Mel's Sporting Goods Store?

The FBI admitted all along they never had fingerprints of Patty Hearst. Yet the basis for indicting her after the 12-hour ride in the van was said to be the "fingerprints" they never had.

Why was D.A. Joseph Busch in such a hurry to press indictments based on the testimony of such flimsy witnesses?

Why was U.S. Attorney James Browning so anxious to press immediate charges against Patty after the SLA deaths in Los Angeles?

Patty knew the FBI wanted her dead.

She was no longer important to the SLA charade.

By reducing her alternatives, a shoot-out could be encouraged, thereby assuring her death.

Police can justify her murder by saying Patty was "dangerous," as they did with the other SLA members. With that many indictments against her, who would disagree?

Only by analyzing how she was charged, and who set her up, is it possible to realize that Patty and the SLA were not the dangerous ones. As usual, the military and the police have the monopoly in that department.

IX. The Death Trap

Before: "If you see him, nail him."

-- Los Angeles Police Department

After: "Our mission is accomplished."

-- SWAT Team, LAPD

"In all my years as a coroner, I've never seen this kind of behavior in the face of living flames."

-- Dr. Noguchi, L.A. County Coroner

Were the six members of the SLA willing to die by choice?

Was the SLA deliberately massacred?

The SLA tapes made frequent references to accepting death as part of their struggle. The passages about death could have been written by agents. Did they mean death after service, not realizing they would be killed as patsies? It is noble to die for the things you believe. It is pitiful to lose your life without having accomplished any of your goals.

The SLA murdered Dr. Foster, wounded Robert Blackburn, robbed a bank and kidnapped Patricia Hearst. This was the sum total of their revolutionary contributions.

They left behind a heritage of death lists, which included black leaders Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and Richard Foster.

Six comrades were killed.

Notice how the military-CIA agents who gathered this group together, and who managed to frame Patty Hearst, are still alive? They are not even suspect.

Donald DeFreeze named Colston Westbrook, Chris Thompson and Robyn Steiner as espionage agents. They are alive. DeFreeze is dead.

Cinque had to be murdered.

He was talking too much.

The number of people with DeFreeze, and their guilt or innocence of the crimes committed, was not important to the law enforcement agents.

In order for the cover stories about the purposes of the SLA to hold together, the group had to be lured to their death trap BB- and they all had to die. Sam Williams, president of the Board of Police Commissioners, said: "Their most important task was to neutralize the SLA members."

Their strange "behavior in the face of living flames" is only unusual if they had a choice.

What were the alternatives?

1. Immolation: burning alive.

2. Expectation of escape support, which didn't arrive.

3. Out of contact with reality: drugged, or medically, or electronically controlled.

4. Escape attempts thwarted by the police.

5. They never had a chance to live. Were they murdered before the flames consumed the building.

1. Immolation

Was the SLA as dedicated to its tiny army as Buddhist monks who set fire to their bodies?

If they wanted to die, why would they wear gas masks, and cartridge belts, and load guns?

Were they dedicated to that point?

How could these college graduates from the Bay Area know enough about oppression to choose to make this sacrifice?

The FBI's incendiary bombs fired into that building gave them little choice, much less a religious dedication. They didn't set fire to themselves.

2. Expecting back-up support?

On Thursday night, Donald DeFreeze told a neighbor, "We are getting out on Friday; things are getting heavy."

9:00 a.m., Friday morning: DeFreeze was looking for another location, an apartment in the neighborhood.

11:00 a.m., Friday morning: A tall black man left the house on 54th Street, promising, "I will be back as soon as I get a car." He never returned.

3:30 p.m.: Another black man whispered into DeFreeze's ear and then departed. Did he make a promise to return? Was DeFreeze hypnotized, or programmed, and instructed to "remain in this building and don't leave"?

The same LAPD that lured DeFreeze to his L.A. death trap had advance notice of the prison escape in Marin County a few years earlier, when Jonathan Jackson was murdered. Jackson was expecting some vans, working with him, to follow behind. When he got outside the Court with Judge Haley and the other hostages, Jackson was left stranded and alone. LAPD officers Mahoney and Sherritt were up there at the shooting. They told Louis Tackwood to "get his ass out of there" and he was put on a bus.

3. Out of contact with reality: Were the SLA controlled by drugs, electrodes, or hypnosis?

What "favors" did DeFreeze do for Vacaville Medical Facility?

Massive experiments in mind control are being performed on prisoners' brains today.

Were electrodes or transponders inserted into DeFreeze's brain?

The wires are no thicker than a hair; the insertion point no larger than a grain of wheat.

The effect of tranquilizers that alter the brain can persist for a month after withdrawal from the drugs. There is no way to detect their presence, because all traces disappear from the blood-stream within a few hours.

Joseph Remiro and Nancy Ling Perry, two SLA members, were dependent upon drugs.

A druggist was mentioned as being behind the entire SLA operation.

Christine Johnson, the last person to see the SLA alive, woke up from a "drugged sleep" in the middle of the gun battle. That is unusual, considering the excitement in her home. Her house guests were storing ammunition under the floor on Thursday evening. Was Ms. Johnson bored? It was 5 p.m., and all this activity going on ... Why was Christine Johnson asleep?

Camilla Hall, according to Christine, was walking around "like a zombie. She was carrying some bottles in her hands."

Dr. Thomas Noguchi said, "The only two drugs which are not detectable by laboratory procedures are marijuana and LSD." One guest at the 54th Street house on the night of May 16 said the occupants were all "drinking wine and smoking grass."

If the six SLA members were dependent upon outside suppliers for their wine and LSD, grass or cigarettes, would it not be possible to control their emotions and reduce their anxiety in the face of death? The CIA and intelligence agencies have an unlimited capacity to subdue persons through additives to their food and drink.

Black FBI agent William O'Neill, Black Panther leader Fred Hampton's "bodyguard," drugged Hampton and Mark Clark the night of the police shootout in Chicago, in 1969. Hampton and Clark died. San Francisco FBI Director Charles Bates, who is now in charge of the SLA affair, was Director of the Chicago FBI at that time.

There were two messages in the underground press that referred to the SLA and thought control. Who put them there, and why? What was their meaning?

"Two are cowards who are fascinated with their own talent, that being to manipulate others to their own destruction without those others even being aware of their own manipulation."

-- Berkeley Barb, Feb. 22. 1974

"Angela A., Emily H., and Bill H., your silent support for the attempt to destroy the potential of a human mind, and anti-humanist philosophy that teaches impossible purism is unbelievable."

-- L.A. Free Press, May 4, 1974

One of the 15 motives for creating the SLA was the revival of plans for the UCLA Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence.

The proposed Institute is anxious to experiment with transponders, electrodes and reduction of prisoners' reasoning abilities. They would also deal with blacks, Chicanos, Indians, women, children and radicals.

A carefully guarded secret has been the massive brain experimentation and hypnosis programs taking place in prisons and mental hospitals during the past 15 years.

An inmate from Vacaville Medical Facility wrote that he was employed holding down prisoners against their wishes while Actine and Rudall were administered. Double doses were given, for no reason, which caused "distinct changes in personalities."

Over the past year, I have been accumulating evidence of mind-altering methods and how they pertain to past political assassinations.

The U.S. has financed psycho surgical experiments in Boston by Drs. Mark, Ervin and Sweet that are now spreading around the country. Plans exist that could turn large masses of the population into zombies to be used for future slave labor and kamikaze war troops. Prisoners are the experimental scapegoats.

Dr. Jose Delgado, funded by NASA and Navy Intelligence, is an expert in controlling behavior through implanted electrodes. Because this is being done at the present time at Vacaville Medical Facility and Atascadero Hospital in California, it is important to relate Delgado's underlying philosophy, which is used to justify this radical procedure, to the SLA:

"We need a program of psycho surgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

"The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.

"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."

-- Dr. J. DelgadoCongressional Record,No. 26, Vol. 118February 24, 1974

The anonymous message to the Harrises in relation to destroying "the potential of a human mind" is exactly what Delgado and California prison doctors are working on.

Is it a coincidence that the red and white van which brought the SLA to Los Angeles was purchased under the fictitious name of "Ricky Delgado"?

Delgado is the man who destroys the mind before the others destroy the flesh.

All of the men registered at the Watergate Hotel on June 17, 1972, used false names taken from E. Howard Hunt's spy novels. The use of aliases with special meanings for "insiders" is common procedure in CIA operations.

What appeared as irrational behavior by the SLA in the face of the flames could possibly have been explained by examining the medical records of DeFreeze at Vacaville -- if they had not been destroyed.

The behavior of the six SLA members on the day of their deaths, from all available accounts, seems to have been out of contact with reality. In some way, they were drugged, hypnotized or controlled. When the flames grew hot enough for a few to try to escape, they were shot and killed by the police.

All six were well educated and aware that they were fugitives from the police. They were associated with the death of Dr. Marcus Foster, a bank robbery, and the kidnap of Patty Hearst.

They were surrounded by police, yet they showed no anxiety.

They loudly announced their presence -- "We are the SLA" -- instead of hiding while they tried to build up a larger "army."

They were dependent on others for food, drinks, cigarettes and other supplies, allowing themselves to be boxed in.

They sent strangers in and out of the building on errands, showing no anxiety or suspicion of betrayal.

They showed no fear or tension while the streets filled with more police agents.

Recruitment went on "as usual," even though the SLA had not added one new member in a year's time.

White women wore Afro wigs, a pathetic identification that hardly went unnoticed.

They strapped on ammunition belts while they asked a young neighbor, "Please join the army. We need more blacks."

Pathetic "guerrilla" outfits were worn -- shades of Che Guevarra in a Hollywood Bolivian jungle set.

Donald DeFreeze casually walked out the front door, and came back in. Willie Wolfe lay on the bed, turning his pistol toward the ceiling. There was no transportation available if they wanted to leave.

Guns were strewn all over the floor. Stephanie Reed, a casual visitor, was asked if she had "any bullets or knives."

Christine Johnson fell asleep, drugged. The shooting woke her up in time to run outside before the flames burst out.

If the SLA intended to have a war with the LAPD, nobody on the other side was injured.

This was a group of six persons cut off from the world, calm, detached, going through the last few pathetic motions before they died.

4. Escape attempts thwarted.

Did the SLA make any effort to escape before the heat of the flames consumed them?

There are indications that some would have left the building -- if they had been allowed to.

Nancy Ling Perry's burned body was found outside the house.

Camilla Hall came out of the house, and was slain.

Police radio logs reveal some would have departed.

"There's one down and one's firing."

"He came out and went back in, possibly hit. He's still firing. Three females are shooting."

-- LAPD radio

Who came out? Was he hit as he came out?

5. They never had a chance to live. Were they murdered before the names consumed the building?

First accounts said, "Bullets that killed the victims came from a considerable distance."

Twenty-four hours later, DeFreeze must have grown a long arm. For, on second thought, he became a "suicide," shot through the temple at very close range. Was the change of "cause of death" to prevent lawsuits and investigations?

One of the SLA had "an unidentifiable severe head injury." The investigators were puzzled about how she got that. Have they come up with an answer yet?

Camilla Hall and Nancy Ling Perry died instantly.

Camilla was shot through "the center of her forehead." That was good aim, considering the SWAT team was far away, the SLA wore gas masks, and the walls of the house were plaster with no view from the front. It was later announced that she had been killed outside.

Nancy Ling Perry died from a "gunshot wound through the back that severed the spinal cord." The window to the back alley was open. Were they killed at close range from the back of the house?

As the fire in the front of the house created a wall of flames that prevented their leaving, and they were pushed toward the back, were they murdered from behind?

The police radio picked up a conversation between two officers during the siege. At the height of the shooting, a barefoot man in shorts and T-shirt, with a police badge, was seen trotting past the rear of the besieged house. "What is he, a jogger?" asked the FBI.

There was a window in back of the bungalow. It gave a clear view through the alley to 56th Street and Compton Boulevard. DeFreeze sent Brenda Daniels to Sam's corner store on 56th Street for some food and cigarettes. "He told me he was going to watch me through the alley."

Was this the same alley where an off-duty sheriff was seen running before the flames consumed the building?

Radio-police units described a man running down from 56th Street behind the house. "There's a man moving on you north on 56th, a hundred yards, that could be an off-duty sheriff in plain clothes. I just saw him a while ago. There's one down and one firing."

Were some shot at close range?

It is impossible to tell, since both Nancy Ling Perry's body and William Wolfe's body were cremated. Dr. Wolfe couldn't locate his son's body. By the time he arrived in Los Angeles, he was informed that Willie had already been cremated with his "mother's consent." Would a medical doctor have hurried to destroy possible criminal evidence?

Donald DeFreeze's body was sent back to Ohio three days after his death, minus the head and fingers, for burial. Why the delay in forwarding his remains? Why was the only black member of the SLA singled out for decapitation?

Witnesses saw gasoline poured along the back of the building. Both sides of the house were in flames.

The bodies were burned beyond recognition. Black men had assisted DeFreeze into the house. The LAPD knew exactly who they had to murder. Long before the dental charts arrived for identification, the media announced: "Donald DeFreeze is dead." And the SWAT team retired, and radioed: "Our mission is accomplished."

If Patty Hearst was no longer of importance to any group except the right wing, neither was the original SLA.

The motives for creating this first army had been accomplished.

The most important reason for murdering them was to bury any facts or information about how such an unlikely assembly ever came together in the first place.

Donald DeFreeze, Nancy Ling Perry, Camilla Hall, Barbara Soltysik, Angela Atwood and Willie Wolfe were slain.

The agents who directed this episode are preparing for their next assignments.

X. How Do You Tell a CIA Espionage Plot From A Revolutionary, Radical, Terrorist, Guerrilla Army?

1. Cover Story

2. Coincidence?

3. Dummy Fronts

4. Media and Propaganda

5. Indications of CIA Conspiracy

6. Indications of FBI Collusion

7. The Tom Charles Huston Plan; Combined Efforts of the White House, Vice-President, Justice Department, Intelligence Agencies, Military, Police Departments, and Prison Systems.

Other methods of operation to be detailed in a forthcoming book (examples too numerous to be included in this article):

Use of Aliases; Secret Fundings -- SLA money; Trips to foreign countries; Destruction of evidence; Planted evidence; Delayed evidence; Threats of death; Related deaths; Supporting cover stories; Fictitious armies; Phony kidnappings, CIA-related; Prison escapes; Bombing scares; CIA provocateurs.

Witnesses not called; Department of Motor Vehicles, licenses; State Department, passports; Military bases; Safe-houses; Unsubstantiated charges, courts used; U.S. Attorney, S.F.; International funding, oil money; CIA psychiatrists; CIA authors -- "official accounts"; Use of doubles; Disguises; Libraries and espionage.

1. The Cover Story

Secret intelligence operations do more than gather information. Espionage agents overthrow governments, select leaders and do everything possible to prevent Third World changes from taking place.

The cover story is the official version of what clandestine operatives are doing. These lies are used to conceal multiple crimes.

A. The SLA was influenced by "Maoist" teachings, and based upon "The Urban Guerrilla Mini-Manual"

The "blueprint for terrorism" is an excuse for government escalation of a red hunt.

There is nothing Asian or Brazilian about SLA tactics.

Every action they took was against the book's instructions, including kidnapping, feeding the poor and failing to protect themselves.

A ring of high-level public figures, assisted by intelligence agents from Florida to California, have been determined to break the University of California for 7 years. The desire to discredit radical movements centered their conspiracy in Berkeley.

B. The year of the kidnappers; the body snatchers

A few years ago, provocateurs and the FBI assisted some hi-jackers in order to gain complete control over airport entrances.

The same agencies are creating a series of kidnappings. They began to escalate immediately after "America's first political kidnapping," that of Patty Hearst.

John Patterson's kidnapping, and subsequent murder, in Mexico involved the CIA. The agent, Bobby Keesee, was arrested at his home in San Diego on May 29, 1974.

The facts behind Reg Murphy's kidnapping in Atlanta were hushed up because it is part of a wider conspiracy.

Albert Dantzler's escapade in Florida was first called a kidnapping, but then turned out to be a hoax.

There are about 27 of these recent kidnappings, each of which must be carefully studied and exposed before "kidnapping" gets out of hand. The Argentine police have been calling them "self introduced kidnappings. "Money transactions are unimportant; it is the excuse for further repressions.

C. The Black Cultural Association gave birth to the SLA. Officials at Vacaville and Soledad prisons may have been asleep.

Conspiracies against radical prisoners have existed for years. The public had just begun to wake up and become involved, seeking better legal aid for prisoners and questioning prison policies.

Allowing CIA agents and police informers to create the SLA inside the prison system provided the excuse for tighter control over visitors. Genuine reform movements can be kept outside.

D. The Black Cultural Association was formed to teach black history and identity.

Black studies programs were allowed for black inmates. But the BCA's "tutors" who entered Vacaville Medical Facility had no training or familiarity with black people or the prison system.

Colston Westbrook, the black leader of the group, grew up in an all-white community in Pennsylvania.

E. Donald DeFreeze was consumed by his fantasies

DeFreeze couldn't have survived for a year outside of prison without police support. The Prison Superintendent didn't provide transportation for DeFreeze's departure because he loved Maoist-trained black radicals giving revolutionary raised-fist salutes.

F. The group of young people going into the prisons regularly were interested in prison reform.

Why would any out-of-state police agents, with no previous friendship for one black or one prisoner anywhere else, arrive to reform the California prisons?

How did these people manage to single out some of the most-wanted targets of the California Department of Corrections for their visits, such as Doc Holiday and members of the Black Guerrilla Family?

Where did they get the names of the particular prisoners they visited?

Why were the future members of the SLA permitted to visit more than one prisoner at a time? Nobody else can.

Why did Emily Harris drive 200 miles to San Luis Obispo and back, twice a week, to visit Doc Holiday? He had been held back from parole by the Department of Corrections and was ready to get out of prison. The Senate Hearings on Civil Disorder may now link him with the SLA and keep him in jail to prevent "violence" on the streets.

What reforms did any of the SLA instigate or suggest?

What political trials of prisoners in the Bay area did the SLA attend, where radical prisoners were being framed during the past three years?

2. Coincidence?

A. Knowing too much can be bad for your health.

1. William Williams, charged with kidnapping publisher Reg Murphy in Atlanta, Georgia, said: "if we're caught, you tell them we know all about the Symbionese Liberation Army."

Immediately, a notation came down from the Federal Marshal to the police blotter saying Williams had "suicidal tendencies." This information came from Williams' Navy discharge.

2. Three men kidnapped Eunice Kronholm in Minneapolis, in March, 1974. The FBI, under the Hobbs Act, protected them from being charged with kidnapping. Instead, they were charged on a lighter count of extortion.

James Johnson, one of the three men charged, pleaded innocent in the case, claiming "the hoodlum element downtown was involved in the abduction." He was mysteriously shot in the head in May, and was taken to the neurological intensive care unit for possible brain damage.

B. San Diego espionage?

Black Abductor, published in 1972, was a short novel which detailed most of the Hearst kidnapping two years in advance. The unknown author, using a non-existent publisher, is identified only as coming from San Diego.

San Diego was the city designated for the kidnapping of radicals in 1972. This plan came from Attorney General John Mitchell, White House intelligence teams, and the same agencies involved with the SLA two years later. Attorney General Evelle Younger, Los Angeles Police Department, and the LAPD's CCS, the desk Louis Tackwood and Donald DeFreeze worked with, were to crack down on hippies and anti-war protestors.

C. Is selling the Zebra murders like selling 7-Up?

The J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency, a well-known supplier of White House staff members, took on a new client in the fall of 1973. San Francisco Chief of Police D. Scott announced at a press conference that San Francisco law enforcement required the services of an advertising and public relations firm. In August, the "Zebra" killings and the Hearst kidnapping were about to break. Were the San Francisco Police Department preparing to protect their image in the media?

D. "Victim" candidates

Election years and criminal conspiracies often seem to coincide. California State Senator John Harmer, Evelle Younger, and Joseph Alioto were running for office in the summer of 1974. The men who exploited the racist, radical-scare tactics the hardest, tried to identify themselves as victims of SLA-type violence. Alioto and Younger, by coincidence, were victims of what I believe were provocateur bombings. Senator Harmer spread totally unfounded fears of kidnapping and future terrorism.

E. The Use of the Dead for identity -- a Common Espionage Tactic

Russell Little, SLA member, used "Robert James Scalise" as an alias. Robert Scalise had died of leukemia in Oakland in 1963.

Frank Sturgis, defendant in the Watergate break-in, was granted IRS tax-exempt status for his Miami Church three days before his arrest. One of the three people listed on the Board of Directors of the fictitious church was a Mrs. Doris Hunt. Mrs. Hunt had died of cancer in a nursing home on March 22, 1952.

Eugen Wrangell was sent to San Quentin Prison for the purpose of murdering Sirhan Sirhan. $25,000 cash is in an account, paid by one of the White House Plumber team from the CIA. Wrangell has asked for help, and wants assistance to get out. They now have him confined on an altercation with the San Quentin priest. Vladimir Alexander Zatco is the espionage name he uses in prison. The name is from a man who died in an automobile accident in Italy in 1968. He was given orders to assume his identity.

F. Visible deception

A "Free Huey Newton" poster hung on the walls of Donald Segretti's office when he was a military intelligence spy at Fort Ord. Segretti wore his hair long, and a peace symbol dangled from a chain around his neck. At the time, Segretti was flying to the White House, preparing for espionage assignments.

A "Free Huey Newton" poster hung in the trailer of William Harris, recently returned from Vietnam, while he was a student at the University of Indiana.

The burned-out SLA safe-house on Sutherland Court contained Huey Newton's name and the floor plan of his apartment, suggesting that the SLA planned to murder the Black Panther leader. Posters of political subjects or personalities can often conceal the motive of the owners.

3. Dummy Fronts

A dummy front may be a legitimate business or a fictitious operation. The purpose of creating or using the organization is to conceal espionage activities.

A. Department of Urban Affairs.

Is the University of California Extension a cover for CIA agent Colston Westbrook? SLA member Willie Wolfe became a student in Westbrook's class immediately after he arrived in California.

Wolfe had recently returned from nine months in Europe.

Westbrook had also been in Europe.

There were no indications of what other classes Wolfe took besides Westbrook's class.

Colston Westbrook after serving in the CIA in Asia for seven years, returned to the University of California to teach under the Department of Urban Affairs.

William Harris, police agent in Indiana, had just received his master's degree in Urban Affairs. Westbrook was teaching Black Lexicon -- a language course. Harris was driving a postal truck.

B. Survey Research Center, Polling Offices.

White House tapes and recent Watergate exposures illustrate how many hundreds of thousands of dollars went into secret "polling offices."

Emily Harris, teacher and college graduate, moved to California and became a typist at the Survey Research Center. During her free time, or while employed, she visited black radical prisoners. Was this done on office time?

Did the Survey Research Center have access to Patty Hearst's schedule? They denied this allegation. But then, John Mitchell denied employing James McCord for the Watergate burglary.

C. College of Foreign Affairs, University of Indiana

Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C., and the University of Indiana have similar think-tank study groups.

Future SLA members Emily and William Harris and Angela Atwood all studied at the latter together.

There is no indication why the Harrises and Atwoods moved to California together when they did. Upon arrival there, they were employed as waitress, typist, postal delivery truck driver and part time teacher. Gary Atwood's employment for over a year was never stated.

D. "Architects and Engineers":

This Los Angeles-based film provided logistical support for the CIA Phoenix Program in Vietnam.

Colston Westbrook used this firm as his cover. He worked for them from February 5, 1966, to September, 1969, and traveled to Cambodia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Okinawa and the USSR.

E. Black Cultural Association, Vacaville Medical Facility

The original BCA was approved by prison officials because it would soon be infiltrated. Westbrook, home after seven years in the CIA, "volunteered" his services twice a week to head the group.

Out of the BCA was born the SLA. This controlled manipulation of agents was nurtured inside the prisons, to hurt inmates later.

4. Use of Media and Propaganda

San Francisco FBI Director Charles Bates knew that it took more than a tape recorder to start a revolution. Newspapers had to print the messages. Radio stations had to play the tapes.

Just before the SLA was launched, and during the months after Patty was kidnapped, there was a series of murders and kidnappings of media persons, to ensure extra media attention.

9-73: Shooting at San Francisco KGO radio station while Jim Dunbar was on the air. Ben Munson, station employee, was killed. Lawrence Kwong, suspect, shot himself. The circumstances surrounding this shooting episode are wide open for investigation. It was quickly buried.

2-74: Robert Shethen, film editor for KBHK-TV, San Francisco, was murdered in the Tiki Bar.

2-74: Patricia Hearst, heiress of the famous newspaper-chain family of William Randolph Hearst, was kidnapped.

2-74: Reg Murphy, editor of the Atlanta Constitution, was kidnapped. Radio and TV were used to play his tapes.

3-74: Ben Maidenberg, publisher, and his son, from Akron, Ohio, were the objects of a $2,000,000 "feed the poor" kidnapping threat.

Radio stations in the Bay Area were manipulated into playing the SLA Communiqués, "to save Patty's life."

Newspapers were ordered to print all SLA Communiqués.

The media were put in the position of advertising a "revolution." If they failed to cooperate, Patty Hearst might be killed. TV and radio time worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was donated free for the SLA's public appearance.

William Knowland, editor and publisher of the Oakland Tribune, died mysteriously on February 24, 1974. The Tribune had refused to keep printing the SLA Communiqués. Knowland had refused to hold up the story of Patty's kidnapping.

The cover story for Knowland's "suicide" was his worry over the shooting of Dr. Marcus Foster and his "fear of being kidnapped." Can this be the first time a man shot himself because he was afraid he might be murdered? There is much more to this story.

The J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency told us the Cold War and the Marshall Plan, and conceived of the War Advertising Council to promote World War II. Is it any wonder that their new clients, the San Francisco Police, felt they were ready to undertake domestic U.S. warfare with media support behind them?

The LAPD wouldn't murder the six SLA members until their Public Relations men had been called in to observe, Commander Peter Hagan, LAPD's Public Relations Chief, was told: "An operation is coming down that will require a public relations spokesman." TV cameramen and reporters were given more time to get to the SLA house on 54th Street than the occupants were given to leave the building.

Immediately after the Marine-trained SWAT team burned a few houses and cremated six individuals, media praise began to ring out. Members of Congress, L.A.'s black Mayor Tom Bradley and Randolph Hearst were interviewed, and all defended the police action.

The media forced us to participate in the destruction of lives and homes. They were on the spot with cameras, tape recorders and pencils.

The media called in people to acclaim the historic actions of the brave SWAT team, and praise them for "saving lives."

Media conventions didn't waste time, either. Their guest speakers were persons directly involved in the SLA conspiracy.

FBI Director Clarence Kelley warned of the dangers of "kidnapping" at a newspaper editors' convention in March, 1974. There is nothing admirable about legitimate kidnappings. But why do law enforcement officials talk only about certain kinds of kidnapping? What about the kidnapping of Dita Beard? Or Martha Mitchell?

Raymond Procunier, Director of the California Department of Corrections, lectured at the 28th Annual Convention of the Associated Press, and Television and Radio Associations. Kelley and Procunier should have fired some of their agents for their bungling work, collusion with the SLA, and obvious conspiratorial involvement. Instead, these men spoke to the media as honored guests, continuing the propaganda about the fictitious army.

The media are still using the Cointel-Pro orders to "leak fabrications" and "warn of violence." FBI Director Clarence Kelley is now warning of future violence. The CIA, in conjunction with the warning, can cause the violence. They work together.

5. Indications the SLA is a CIA Operation.

A. Victor Marchetti, a former CIA agent and author of "The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence," warned about CIA plans to target subversives:

"Upheaval is what prompts the CIA to begin planning clandestine activities. The CIA conducts semi-legal operations around the world. It might begin to conduct them in the United States.

"The men of the Agency are superpatriots. It is only natural for them to view violent protest and dissidence as a major threat to the nation. The inbred CIA reaction would be to launch a clandestine operation to infiltrate dissident groups. The U.S. intelligence community is already targeting on groups in this country they feel to be subversive."

The radical groups and movements the SLA members infiltrated were the exact targets of the CIA and FBI. The White House moves on these groups after special monied interests invest huge sums of money to buy political officials, including the President.

Phony letters such as the SLA communiqués are standard CIA policy.

The U.S. Embassy admitted that a CIA agent sent the Thai government a phony letter in January, 1974. It was signed with the name of an insurgent leader, and proposed a cease-fire.

The SLA claimed credit for bombings and airplane crashes, and threatened that poisoned gas would be released over Los Angeles. These, too, can be CIA creations.

C. Louis Tackwood, agent provocateur for the Los Angeles Police Department, exposed CIA links to police agencies in 1971

The Glass House Tapes, Tackwood's account of prison, police, FBI and CIA conspiracies against radicals and black prisoners, is vital reading in order to understand the concept of the SLA


D. SLA weapons and ammunition were partly supplied by police and the military

Only a few guns were traced to purchases in the local area. The CIA keeps a stockpile of unidentifiable weapons in the midwest.

"They have all kinds of military equipment, all kinds of unmarked weapons. Over the years they have bought everything they could get their hands on from all over the world that is untraceable. The CIA even used to send weapons buyers around to buy arms from the Soviet bloc countries."

-- Victor Marchetti

William Harris, Willie Wolfe and Colston Westbrook did a lot of traveling. It is possible that they met earlier, purchased weapons, or contacted military intelligence for SLA supplies.

E. Louis Tackwood described and illustrated CIA infiltration inside the prisons starting late in 1969

Colston Westbrook returned from his CIA Asian assignment after seven years. In January, 1970, he began his "tour" at Vacaville Medical Facility. He "volunteered" his time as a teacher, twice a week for two years.

On January 14, 1970, William Nolan, Cleveland Edwards and Alvin Miller were murdered in the yard at Soledad Prison. This date marked the beginning of internal domestic warfare by the rigged courts, police departments, FBI, CIA and prison officials against radical prisoners. Creation of the SLA is an escalation of the policy that began in 1970.

6. Indications That the SLA is an FBI Operation.

After Patty was kidnapped, Randolph Hearst was completely surrounded by the FBI. It was impossible to reach him by telephone or letter to suggest a police or FBI conspiracy. All messages went through the FBI.

The FBI controlled the media coverage. KGO radio wouldn't broadcast talk shows that didn't follow the radical-terrorist cover story line. The San Francisco Chronicle kept from its pages all evidence of police collusion.

The FBI was responsible for preventing the three suspects in the Eunice Knothole kidnapping in Minneapolis from being charged with kidnapping; they were charged with extortion, instead.

The FBI quickly closed the investigation of the Reg Murphy kidnapping in Atlanta. They protected the right-wing para-military that worked with the agents.

The FBI taunted Joseph Remiro and Russell Little in San Quentin. Before an evening meeting with the men regarding Patty Hearst, they took Remiro and Little, in chains, past the gas chamber.

On March 1, 1974, Camilla Hall withdrew $ 1565 from the Bank of America's Central Branch, 2187 Shattuck Avenue, in Berkeley. The FBI offices are across the street from the bank. Although the FBI admitted that they knew Camilla Hall maintained an account here, and although they had some 300 agents assigned to the Hearst case at the time, they could not spare a man to stake out the bank. They did not even arrange to have the bank notify them if Camilla Hall came in for some money. Camilla Hall could continue to use her account, safe from FBI or police interference.

This is a safe way for an espionage operation to be funded.

The FBI was quick to place the children of Folsom prison guards under protection. At the same time, the names of others listed as potential targets of SLA assassination or kidnapping attempts were withheld. Black educator Richard Foster and Black Panther Huey Newton were not notified that they might be in danger. Neither was Patty Hearst.

Selected Senators and Assembly members, the ones who work the hardest for the death penalty and harsh legal punishment, jump on the bandwagon for more laws against terrorists. But only civil rights leaders or workers for the less privileged ever get murdered. The FBI throws its protection to the extreme right wing.

The FBI rushed out a new "Ten Most Wanted" poster, with Patty Hearst and SLA members. They did not include the third person who kidnapped Patty, or the third person who murdered Dr. Marcus Foster. There was the usual selective urgency in dramatizing their story.

Robyn Steiner, Russell Little's friend from Florida, was protected by the FBI and police. She moved west in the summer of 1972 with the others, went into the prisons, and stayed with the group until December, 1973. Robyn didn't have to come west to testify before the U.S. Grand Jury. A police intelligence officer quietly went to Florida to assure Robyn that things were cool for her.

Robyn was named as an FBI informer by Donald DeFreeze. The special treatment some SLA members received proves that this FBI-CIA conspiracy is no different from Watergate or their other affairs.

The San Francisco law offices of attorney Vincent Hallinan were broken into to get SLA messages. The FBI wanted them, so they broke in and took them.

The SLA warned that Patty Hearst's life depended upon fair treatment being given to Remiro and Little in San Quentin. Guards beat the men in custody, and forced them to conclude that "U.S. Attorney General William Saxbe and FBI Director Clarence Kelley want Patricia Hearst to die to discredit the SLA." Deputies spread rumors throughout the jail where Remiro and Little were taken that they had attacked a black prisoner at San Quentin. They hoped this would lead to Remiro's and Little's assassination by fellow prisoners.

The FBI participated in what appears to be a phony provocateur bombing scare at Shell Oil Company in Fresno. A pipe, 6 to 8 inches long, with a dynamite cap, was found. The FBI said they came into the case "because it might be a national conspiracy." The intelligence agencies want to link world-wide terrorist organizations to the SLA. But when evidence surfaced that Arab money was donated to the CIA-SLA to bomb American oil companies, the FBI shut up. Right-wing Arab oil money was involved in the Reg Murphy kidnapping.

Every witness at the Hibernia Bank in San Francisco was ordered not to talk by the FBI. This is standard procedure. Silence protects conspirators, not suspects. If the wall of silence were lifted, it might expose who arranged the bank robbery. No members of the SLA had accounts in the bank.

The FBI was involved in the kidnapping of Aris Graham, another banker's wife in Minneapolis. Local police didn't learn of the kidnapping or the ransom. Only the FBI knew the details -- but the media and the Justice Department could add one more to their list of kidnappings.

A "prowler" was discovered one mile from the home of Mrs. Kronholm, kidnap victim in Minneapolis. Danny Callendo, 20, from Chicago, was shot by the FBI. James Johnson, a suspect in the Kronholm abduction, said the case involved "hoodlums from downtown." Did "downtown" mean Chicago? Johnson was shot in the head a month later.

FBI actively participated in the Los Angeles killing of he SLA. Los Angeles police called headquarters asking permission to use incendiary bombs on the 54th Street house. Chief of Police Ed Davis said "No." But the FBI had already used them, and the house caught fire moments later. In the official story, the use of incendiary bombs was denied, and police blamed the fire on Molotov cocktails they claimed the SLA kept in the house.

Use of a double for Donald DeFreeze (Bernard Keaton), is an old FBI stunt. Lee Harvey Oswald, FBI agent, had several doubles. Sirhan Sirhan's look-alike was Michael Wayne. James Earl Ray had three aliases, and three doubles. The FBI claims it was "not illegal" for Keaton to impersonate Donald DeFreeze. But it might be illegal if you consider that these doubles are used in conspiracies that result in murders.

Robert Hyde, a prisoner at Soledad, notified the FBI of conspiracies inside the prison and asked for their help. His troubles began. Hyde was blinded in one eye with acid in a medicine bottle that, he was told, contained eye drops. Then he was scheduled for psycho surgery at Vacaville Medical Facility because "he knew too much." When that plan was halted because of public exposure, the prison guards put out a contract for his murder by another prisoner. It all started when he confided to the FBI that he knew of illegal prison conspiracies.

The FBI knew in advance where Patricia Hearst was before the SLA deaths in Los Angeles. The FBI is part of the CIA-SLA conspiracy to string out events according to a pre-arranged CIA scenario.

7. The "Tom Charles Huston Plan"

The White House intelligence army was given that name to conceal the involvement of high military brass and intelligence agencies in domestic operations. Huston no longer works in Washington, D.C., but Senator Sam Ervin announced that the Huston Plan is still in operation.

It is impossible to define exactly where collusion between the various agencies starts or ends.

A prison guard may allow Donald DeFreeze to escape from Soledad. It is the responsibility of the police to see that he remains free.

The SLA was born, functioned and died through the cooperation of the San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley Police Departments, Vacaville Medical Facility, Soledad Prison, Stanford Medical Research Institute at Menlo Park, the CIA, FBI, Criminal Investigation and Intelligence, the Justice Department, U.S. Attorney James Browning, District Attorney Joseph Busch, U.S. Attorney General William Saxbe, Vice-President Gerald Ford, President Richard Nixon, and well-paid public relations firms.

An image of terrorism is going to be forced upon the public.

This will allow the Gestapo-like CIA police to control local police agencies.

In order to escalate fear over the next few years, we were taken on a trip along with Patricia Hearst. If she is killed or is never seen again, the scenario will still be the same.

Listed below are several examples of collusion between various agencies. What appears to be "bumbling" or "blunders" are not errors at all.

(1) DeFreeze did a favor for the prisons.

DeFreeze "did a favor" that allowed him to be eligible for parole earlier than usual. He had been sent to prison for 6 to 14 years, on conviction of armed robbery. His past record was one of continuous arrests involving bombs, weapons, assaults, kidnapping and forgery.

A "favor" at Vacaville Medical Facility usually means submitting to medical research on the brain. SLA members were asking for DeFreeze's parole after he had spent only two years in prison. DeFreeze was given his own prison group to lead,"Unisight," and lots of white CIA-police agents to keep him company. Several legitimate, warm, friendly persons kept the group together. One of them was Patricia Soltysik. After DeFreeze's "escape," he lived with her for a time, and probably felt secure during those months in Berkeley.

(2) William Harris and James Douglas Garske

In 1970, Garske was at Vacaville Medical Facility serving time for armed robbery and forgery committed in Los Angeles. Harris made numerous visits to Garske in the summer of 1973, while Garske was in San Quentin.

What did Harris have in common with Garske when they met? Consider Harris' military and police background, his interest in sports and fraternities, his master's degree in Urban Affairs. Why did he meet with this particular prisoner? His motive was more than prison reform.

Subsequent events indicate that Harris's "friendship" with prisoner Garske had other reasons. Garske "failed to return" to San Quentin from a "work furlough," from which he was due back on May 19, 1974, two days after the SLA massacre on Los Angeles. How many convicts for armed robbery are allowed out of San Quentin on "work furloughs"' Garske remained free for one month, and was then arrested at a remote cabin in Calaveras County, in the Sierra Mountains of California.

"There was immediate speculation that he may have helped the Harrises and Patricia Hearst escape into the Sierras. However, FBI agents ... found no indication that the SLA members had been there." Did Garske help the SLA? Did William Harris enlist Garske's aid, in return for Harris' "helping" Garske to get out of San Quentin?

(3) SLA members had guns registered in their names. Their names were in the safe-house on Sutherland Court. Police had 24 days to find them before Patty Hearst was kidnapped.

Camilla Hall, Angela Atwood, William Harris and Joseph Remiro all had bought weapons under their own names. There is a five-day wait between the purchase and delivery of handguns in California. The State Criminal Identification Bureau and the police cleared an of their names.

The same people were all identified with the house on Sutherland Court abandoned on January 10, 1974. The SLA had already released their Communiqué No. 1, with the "Declaration of War," and Communiqué No. 2, by Nancy Ling Perry.

Police had over two weeks to find these people, who were all living in the Oakland-Berkeley area.

(4) Patricia Hearst was not warned about the kidnapping danger. The Hearst family was not alerted that their names were on a list.

"Patricia Campbell Hearst," "art student," "Secure van," "ambush," and related messages found in the Sutherland Court house suggested that Patty Hearst might be kidnapped. Books on kidnapping were found with the lists.

Why did it take three months for the police to admit they had in their possession information received on January 10, 1974, which indicated that Patricia Hearst might be kidnapped?

The Hearst name is, after all, that of a famous California family. Patty's mother is on the Board of Regents of the University of California, and could easily have been located.

Patricia Hearst attended classes regularly at U.C. Berkeley, and should have been notified.

Other businessmen on the SLA "list" were allegedly warned of possible danger.

(5) Department of Motor Vehicles: Transportation used in the Hearst kidnapping could have been identified.

Registered weapons could identify the SLA members immediately.

Library cards, a postal helmet, Parks uniforms and lists identified the SLA members who used the safe-house at Sutherland Court.

Why didn't the police locate automobiles registered to persons identified by the existing evidence? The SLA had claimed credit for the murder of Dr. Foster, arid had promised a "Declaration of War."

Try to imagine a situation where two blacks are arrested for murder; their comrades set fire to a house and flee, and the police don't' seek the other members of the group.

A blue Volkswagen owned by Camilla Hall was seen "scouting the scene" around Patty Hearst's apartment for a few days.

If the police had wanted to, Camilla Hall's car could have been identified before the kidnapping, because of her association with Remiro, Little and the SLA safe-house.

A station wagon assisted in the kidnapping of Patty Hearst. Nancy Ling Ferry had an automobile. What about the others?

(6) Police didn't search the area where Dr. Foster was murdered and Robert Blackburn was wounded.

The SLA had rented an apartment less than one mile from where the shooting occurred.

The manager of the apartment building recognized that the persons who rented the apartment were not using it as a permanent residence.

Thirteen other tenants in the building might have noticed there was an unusual commotion on the evening of November 6, 1973.

(7) Polite made no effort to solve the murder of Dr. Foster and the shooting of Robert Blaekburn

Did the police know that if the Foster murder were solved, there would be no Patricia Hearst kidnapping?

Don't laugh. Sheriff Preston Guillary left the L.A. Sheriffs Department following the arrest of Charles Manson and his "family" at the Spahn Ranch. Guillary complained there had been numerous complaints from neighbors about activities at the ranch. There were reports of automatic weapons, drugs, young females and questionable activities.

The orders at the Sheriffs office were, "Don't touch Manson."

"They" were setting the Manson family up for a killing of some kind. The Sheriffs office believed the Manson family was going to murder Black Panthers, which was acceptable to the officers. The surprise set-up against Manson was the Sharon Tate-La Bianca massacres, where seven persons were murdered, including an unborn child. Manson, like DeFreeze, is a patsy of our society. Patsies are used by law enforcement for their own purposes, to spread terror.

(8) The SLA "headquarters" were not sealed off after the arson, and following the arrest of Joseph Remiro and Russell Little

Shades of the Texas School Book Depository? Identical to the apartment of Arthur Bremer? What about the removal of boxes from the garage of Mrs. Ruth Paine without any warrants, following the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald?

The safe house at Sutherland Court in Concord was a nest of revolutionary documents, addresses, weapons, ammunition and evidence. Bayonets and pistols were taken away. The building was open to the public. Anything could have been removed BB or planted.

(9) Police could have located Willie Wolfe's car and looked for him after January 10, 1974

Wolfe was in California when Dr. Foster was murdered.

Unmarried, with no children, he had attended Oakland School Board meetings where Dr. Foster's policies were discussed.

Willie's versions of these meetings were taken into Vacaville Medical Facility to incite violence and hatred against Dr. Foster.

Wolfe's car was used by Nancy Ling Ferry and another male to vacate the Concord house after it was set on fire.

The car was abandoned in a residential section of North Berkeley. Police did not look for Willie Wolfe, and he was without transportation upon his return to the West Coast.

Why did it take 13 days to find his car?

(10) Police didn't locate the house at 1560 Sutherland Court, Concord, rented by "Nancy end George DeVoto," for 17 hours after the arrest of Remiro and Little

When Little was arrested, Remiro ran from the police and hid, two blocks away, in the SLA "safe-house."

If Remiro and Little shot at Sergeant Duge, why didn't other officers search the neighborhood? They knew Little's companion had escaped on foot.

Four hours later, when Remiro decided to "surrender himself." the police were still obligingly hanging around the neighborhood. This was at about 5 a.m.

Yet police did not locate the building until 17 hours later, and then only because Nancy Ling Ferry's fire called it to their attention.

(11) Why did the SLA burn a house "to melt fingerprints," when they had plenty of time to remove more incriminating evidence, such as identification, before the house was discovered?

Identification of the SLA members was left in the house.

References to the kidnapping of Patty Hearst were also left behind.

Was the SLA sure the Police would not halt their plans, or could even be a part of them? Whatever they left behind, the police and the FBI didn't use this information to find them.

(12) Why did the police stop looking for an "Oriental woman"? Is there a record on file of her being stopped on the day of the Foster murder?

An Oriental woman, driving a white 1965 station wagon, was stopped by police on the day of the Foster murder. Her vehicle contained a "number of firearms."

A third person, small, possibly female, possibly Oriental, was seen leaving the Foster ambush.

A small female, possibly Oriental, accompanied the SLA when Patty Hearst was kidnapped.

Jean Chan, a friend of Dave Gunnell, attended BCA meetings at Vacaville with the SLA. She lived at Peking House, the meeting place of Wolfe, Little and Steiner.

Was the female stopped with the all the weapons, the same female "prison reformer" who attended Colston Westbrook's classes at Vacaville? If not, who was she?

(13) Two White Station Wagons Ownership? Links of Foster Murder to Hearst Kidnapping. Why Are Police Protecting Conspirators?

The woman driving a white 1965 station wagon, stopped at the: time of the Foster murder, had a vehicle containing firearms. She was released, never a suspect.

A woman driving a white station wagon followed the convertible used when Patty Hearst was kidnapped. The authorities believed Patty was transferred to the station wagon, which became the eventual getaway car.

If it wasn't Jean Chan, who was driving the white station wagon in both incidences?

The police stopped one white station wagon and could have records of the owner. After a second wagon was described as being used for the Hearst kidnapping, and the SLA claimed credit for the Foster murder as well as having Patty, why wasn't this evidence used to locate a possible member of the "army"?

Tim Findley, reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, left his job over the coverage of the SLA. He claimed the media wanted the appearance of a "much larger army" than there was. The law-enforcement agencies were using the possible size of membership for scare tactics. At the same time, their own backup support was ignored.

(14) Why did Colston Westbrook delay in telling police he knew Joseph Remiro and Russell Little?

Westbrook was teaching at U.C. Berkeley.

Two members of his former group at Vacaville were arrested for allegedly murdering Dr. Foster.

There were pictures taken of the SLA group at Vacaville that Westbrook could have produced immediately.

It was alleged that Westbrook himself used to speak against Dr. Foster at Vacaville.

When Remiro and Little were arrested, and the SLA issued their "death warrants" and "Declaration of War." did Westbrook go immediately to the police and tell them how well he knew these men and women?

Did the police inform Westbrook that the "leader" of his prison group, Donald DeFreeze, had escaped almost a year earlier?

Did the police tell Westbrook that There Wheeler, another group member, escaped from Vacaville in August, 1973?Two prison escapees, two alleged murderers, and there was silence?

Given the evidence at Sutherland Court, and the four men involved, the kidnapping of Patty Hearst could have been prevented.

(15) The police department supplies weapons for terrorism

Beginning in August, 1973, money and weapons were supplied to the SLA on a regular basis. The supplier attempted to involve Chicano, American Indian and black prison reformers with the SLA.

Unguarded U.S. Army arsenals supply left and right-wing radicals. In an eventual shootout. the army will back up the right-wing.

(16) Did Dr. Hacker tell Randolph Hearst he had known Donald DeFreeze?

The official CIA psychiatrist-in-residence, Dr. Fredric Hacker, author and "expert" on provocateur violence, acted as an advisor to Randolph Hearst.

Hacker's claim to fame was a book about the Olympic Games massacre of Israeli athletes. Germans and Americans killed the Israeli men. Hacker's book did not analyze the violence of the Germans and Americans who had killed the Israelis. Instead, it analyzed the violence of the Arab "terrorists" who had taken the Israelis as hostages.

Dr. Hacker was the psychiatrist assigned to Donald DeFreeze on November 21, 1968, while DeFreeze worked for the LAPD as an informer.

(17) Why have the FBI and the police concealed evidence-of Arab oil money offered to the SLA to provoke bombings?

The LAPD knows $1,000,000 of Arab money was offered to the SLA. The purpose? To cause bombings. The result? To crack down on terrorists, and to link the terrorists to international guerrilla movements.

William Williams, arrested for kidnapping Peg Murphy, had an address book in his pocket. The name of the Saudi Arabian Embassy was in the book. A diary indicated that Williams had communicated with both the Saudi Arabian Embassy and a right-wing political leader, J. B. Stoner, head of the ultra-conservative States Rights Party.

(18) Are other police connections with the SLA part of the conspiracy?

Amanda de Normanville has been named as a woman Donald DeFreeze lived with when he left Soledad prison. A former student at U.C. Berkeley, Amanda studied at the School of Criminology. Why didn't police seek this person? Compare the favoritism shown to certain SLA contacts, to the San Bernardino trials regarding Ronald Beaty's escape from prison.

Four persons who assisted in Beaty's escape were found guilty of a wide range of charges, including murder, because a guard was murdered when Beaty escaped. But the murder of a black man, Dr. Marcus Foster, does not result in any charges being pressed against the SLA. And harboring a prison escapee is not a crime if you are working with the SLA.

Tony Shepard, salesman at Mel's Sporting Goods Store in Inglewgod, provided the feeble explanation for the LAPD knowing that the SLA had come to town.

Police agents had actually lured the SLA to their death trap.

The Shepard scene was meant to provide a convincing dramatic sequence, one that we might accept, provided we did not think about it too carefully.

When William Harris allegedly stole a pair of socks, Shepard took him outside the building and put a handcuff on one of his wrists. Emily (or William) left her registered gun in the store.

Shepard is a student in Police Science, and he just happened to have a pair of handcuffs with him. The robbery was a $.45 pair of white socks.

Was this scene pre-arranged between the LAPD and Harris?

Thero Wheeler, the missing black man in the Hearst kidnapping, has a brother who works on the San Francisco Police Force.

DeFreeze suspected Wheeler, and almost killed him.

Wheeler is "not politically like DeFreeze," which means that Wheeler is the opposite of "radical," if you accept the premise that DeFreeze was radicalized.

Wheeler is not charged with Patty Hearst's kidnapping, and his name is barely mentioned. Did he work with the police and against DeFreeze?

(19) How could the police not search for escaped convict Donald DeFreeze for eleven months?

DeFreeze had an elite group of tutors at Vacaville for two years. White college graduates, teachers and "friends" were employed in Berkeley-Oakland-San Francisco.

Each visitor to prison must present complete identification, including driver's license, address and social security number.

Russell Little, Robyn Steiner and other SLA members corresponded with Soledad Prison on DeFreeze's behalf, asking for his early parole.

DeFreeze was allowed to use the marital trailers with visiting women friends at Soledad Prison.

In March, 1973, Donald DeFreeze walked out of Soledad, and had clothing and transportation waiting for him. He didn't go back to Los Angeles. He didn't go back to Ohio, to his wife and family.

DeFreeze went directly to the Bay Area, where he lived for eleven months with his former friends, and the police never looked for him.

Black men living with white women are still conspicuous to the racist police.

Black men joining Venceremos, offering to be a "hit man" and suggesting murders, are highly conspicuous.

(20) Did the San Francisco police ever look for Thero Wheeler after he left Vacaville Medical Facility?

Donald DeFreeze walked out of Soledad in March, 1973.

Thero Wheeler, the second prisoner who knew members of the SLA, walked out of Vacaville in August, 1973.

Didn't law enforcement think these men might meet again on the outside?

Wheeler and DeFreeze both stayed with former friends and visitors from their prison days, and also met each other frequently.

(21) Why does the repressive California Department of Corrections encourage the study of Maoist books, revolutionary hand fist salutes and radical revolutionary dialogue?

Colston Westbrook bragged that he brought "chicks" into the BCA classes to bait the men, their appeal being greater than that of "communism." Since when is communism a subject to be taught in prison -- and by a career CIA man, at that?

At the present time, the Department of Corrections is encouraging the study of Maoist literature in prison. If violence is committed after these men "escape" or are paroled, the "foreign influence" will be blamed.

(22) Donald DeFreeze had assistance when he left Soledad Prison. Two men were on his ease. Transportation was waiting for him.

DeFreeze was stationed alone in the boiler room, at the unguarded South Facility, late at night. An hour later, he was gone.

Another inmate at Soledad was told that his classification would be changed to minimum if be would work in the boiler room with DeFreeze.

"A custody reduction chrono was given to me to have my boss sign so I could move to South where I would be allowed to escape and join Don DeFreeze and members. I went for reduction in August,'73, but I refused to do this for the fact I realized I was being set up along with DeFreeze. Classification results are in my central file to prove I refused to let my custody be dropped to minimum.

"On April 18th, 1973, a letter changing this prisoner's records was completed referring to five months previous work inside the boiler room."

That date coincides with the entry of DeFreeze into Soledad from Vacaville Medical Facility in December, 1972.

James Earl Ray, another famous inmate, was allowed to leave a Missouri prison. A "safe-house" prison trailer was waiting for him nearby. Eleven months later, James Earl Ray was named as the assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King. James Earl Ray had been carefully set up as a patsy.

So was Donald DeFreeze.

(23) Did the police and the California Department of Corrections know where the SLA members were? How hard did they push to recruit for the SLA?

On March 26, 1974, an inmate at Soledad was offered a chance to "escape" if he would kill inmate Jerry Lee Johnson, join an outside organization -- the SLA -- and act as an informer for the state. The prison committee who approached him consisted of a Mr. Martel, a Mr. Dobuff and a Mr. Mac Endrec. Their orders came down from either Deputy Superintendent Morris or Associate Superintendent Marquez.

The catalytic activities the prison officials wanted the prisoner to help out with included "collaboration with officials; instigate tactics used to stir up racial disruptions, promote 'tips' and control the population to instill a constant sense of fear and apprehension."

Did the FBI and the police know where Patty Hearst was in March, 1974, if they were asking prisoners to join the SLA?

Did they want a "larger army" to be used for future propaganda?

(24) Donald DeFreeze worked with Ron Karenga and the Criminal Conspiracy Section of the LAPD. Isn't it more than a coincidence that two of their co-workers walked out of San Quentin in March, 1974?

"Dear Mom and Dad,

The prison system is going through a strong repressive stage and we know for certain that we will do another five years or more. We love you more than you can ever imagine."

-- George Steiner, age 27-- Larry Steiner, age 26

The Steiner brothers were serving time in San Quentin together for murdering two Black Panthers on the UCLA campus. Ron Karenga, Donald DeFreeze and the Steiner brothers had all worked for the LAPD.

A lengthy note was left by the bed, in a visitors' cottage outside the walls of San Quentin, where convicted murderers George and Larry had been kindly allowed to stay overnight with their parents in March, 1974. It is possible that their "escape" was conveniently timed to allow them to help set up their old co-worker, DeFreeze, back in Los Angeles.

No one is looking for the Steiner brothers, either.

(25) Why the discrepancy in the diagnosis of Donald DeFreeze?

In 1970, Donald DeFreeze wanted to "confess," and end a life of running from the police -- or working with them. The LAPD's CCS "cut him loose," and sent him to Chino Men's Facility for a diagnosis.

Medical reports at Chino described DeFreeze as "disorganized; had impaired social adjustment; was a schizoid personality, passive-aggressive, needs 24-hour program of treatment."

DeFreeze was sent on to Vacaville Medical Facility.

For 2 years at Vacaville, DeFreeze was befriended by a highly educated, socially elite group of visitors and tutors: college graduates, two "professors" and graduate students. They met with him twice a week.

There is no mention of any unusual behavior, depression or lack of organization when DeFreeze participated in the Black Cultural Organization, or later, when he led his own group, "Unisight."

How did he make this miraculous recovery?

DeFreeze spent four months at Soledad. He was not considered dangerous. He was allowed to work unguarded, and he showed no aggressive behavior or disorganization.

DeFreeze's prison and medical records have probably all been removed and been destroyed by now.

For eleven months, DeFreeze lived with members of the SLA in the Berkeley area. Emily Harris was "in love" with him. Mizmoon was "in love" with him. His depression and his "schizoid personality" seem to have vanished.

Was the original diagnosis exaggerated to provide the excuse to send him to Vacaville, where his mind could be altered and programmed?

DeFreeze had to be murdered so that the image of the violent man would remain in our minds. Given the chance, Charles Manson and DeFreeze might have surprised the public by refuting the CIA psychiatrists' diagnoses. They have different personalities than the ones that the media projected of them.

(26) Why are CIA and police intelligence agents stationed inside the prisons? Was the purpose to promote stiffer legislation?

British and U.S. Intelligence share the same agents and the same techniques. British agent Kenneth Littlejohn surfaced recently and explained how and why British Intelligence come down upon the Irish.

The CIA uses the same strategy in the U.S.

Lady Onslow, an English countess, visited prisoners often as part of her espionage assignment. She was the link between prison inmates, military intelligence, and the English "dirty tricks" department. Kenneth Littlejohn was hired to commit a bank robbery and a murder. He worked with Lady Onslow. The purpose of his assignments was to provoke stiffer legislation by the British against the Irish. The espionage agents are disguised to make their attacks appear to come from the "enemy."

(27) The House Internal Security Committee of the U.S. Congress becomes an expert on the SLA.

In February, 1974, the Committee had already linked the SLA with every radical group on the West Coast, including prisoners.

How can they maintain these lies in the face of overwhelming evidence that the U.S. military worked with police to create the SLA?

(28) U.S. Army identification of William Harris.

Harris served in the Marines in Vietnam before he finished college. Would he still be carrying and using his military ID card five years later?

When was the last time he used this card? Were the supplies to maintain Patricia Hearst and the SLA obtained at the Marine bases?

(29) Proximity to the FBI.

Camilla Hall withdrew her $1,565 from a bank located acre the street from the FBI. Twenty-five days after the Hearst kidnapping, Camilla felt safe enough to do that. The FBI knew she had an account at the bank. The Central Bank at 2187 Shattuck Ave. failed to notify the FBI of the withdrawal. The FBI didn't ask bank officials for help. They asked doctors. Money for SLA tactical support was more important. It allowed the "army" to continue their escalation of episodes as directed.

The two rented getaway cars used in the Hibernia Bank robbery were left nine blocks from the FBI offices.

The red and white van purchased for the SLA getaway to Los Angeles was bought a few blocks from the FBI offices.

The SLA safe-house, decorated for our benefit with the Cobra mural, graffiti and filth, was 14 blocks from the FBI offices. Six of nine of the SLA lived there, rode a bicycle and did their marketing at the local stores for six weeks.

The SLA safe-house that produced the famous planted Urban Guerrilla Mini-Manual by Marighela, was conveniently located one block from the Oakland police and FBI offices.

(30) Is the creation of the SLA by the CIA part of a plan for future genocide? How closely does the SLA script follow the King Alfred Plan?

John Williams, in The Man Who Cried I Am, included who purported to be a National Security Council plan to exterminate all black people. It was called "The King Alfred Plan." The creation and activities of the SLA appear to follow the King Alfred Plan.

In the King Alfred Plan, the United States was divided into districts. Joseph Remiro wanted the Vietnam veterans to help toward legislation separating non-whites into their own geographical area.

Both the King Alfred Plan and the SLA wanted to eliminate black leaders.

The SLA list of assassinations to follow the murder of Dr. Foster included Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and Richard Foster, an educator instrumental in ending segregation in the Bay Area. Does the Marcus Wayne Chenault death list have links to the King Alfred Plan and the SLA?

In June, 1974, Chenault, a black college graduate, flew from Ohio to Georgia and murdered Mrs. Martin Luther King Sr. in an Atlanta Church. The papers said Chenault "had a list of people to murder. The list included Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Hosea Williams, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Rev. Jesse Jackson, head of the Chicago-based Operation Push, and singer Aretha Franklin, who had contributed to the Angela Davis Defense Fund.

The FBI is purposely concealing five other names that were on the death list.

The SLA wanted to kill black leaders. Marcus Chenault told Martin Luther King Sr. of a "whole army" dedicated to killing black leaders. The cover story is that they want to kill "false black leaders." If every prominent black leader in civil rights is slated for extinction, who then are the "true" leaders -- police informers like Donald DeFreeze?

When Martin Luther King was murdered, Howard Hughes said, "I know this is not a very praiseworthy point of view, but I feel the Negroes have already made enough progress to last the next one hundred years, and there is such a thing as overdoing it."

Charles Colson and other witnesses have revealed that Howard Hughes is the CIA. Colson said that Hughes is the largest private contractor for the CIA. As such, he controls the White House and the National Security Council.

Is it the plan of ITT and the Hughes empire to employ espionage agents, directed by the CIA, to exterminate blacks across the country?

Whites are painting their faces black to commit acts of violence. How many blacks are being taught, compelled or programmed to frame or murder blacks? William O'Neal, working for the FBI, framed and set up Fred Hampton. Chris Thompson, Thero Wheeler and Colston Westbrook are black, too.

They helped lead DeFreeze to his death. Don't they know their own deaths will follow not far behind? One of the reasons Louis Tackwood left the LAPD was because he was aware of their racism and their desire for a police state. Tackwood knew that after he had served their purposes, they would murder him.

(31) California Attorney General Evelle Younger: Military and FBI Connections; Links with Donald DeFreeze and a National Conspiracy.

Evelle Younger is an Air Force Major General, trained in Counter-intelligence. and a member of the FBI.

The LAPD's Criminal Conspiracy Section is under Younger's direction.

As Los Angles District Attorney, Younger was directly responsible for concealing the identity of the real assassin of Robert Kennedy. Sirhan Sirhan was the chosen patsy who did not commit the murder.

Every major conspiracy in the California Police Departments and prison system is directly linked to Younger and the National Security Council in Washington. D.C.

One reason Younger has pushed so hard for the death penalty and the deaths of political radicals is because their murders would help conceal larger Conspiracies.

Evelle Younger was called as a witness for Donald De Freeze in 1970.

Did the Attorney General tell Randolph Hearst of his working relations with DeFreeze earlier?

Will he have more to say about the SLA when its last three members are dead?

(32) Comparisons of how the police and the prisons treat their selected agents and how they treat genuine radicals.

Ruchell Magee was charged with armed kidnapping in 1963. Evelle Younger keeps after Magee with a vengeance. The prison system wants to keep Magee ineligible for parole.

But the Steiner brothers, DeFreeze, James Garske and other police agents are eligible for parole. Shooting police officers, murdering, kidnapping and armed robbery are not considered obstacles to parole -- if the right people are behind you.

(33) Why do police supply weapons to black radicals?

On December 6, 1967, Donald DeFreeze turned his partner, Ronald Coleman, over to the LAPD. DeFreeze and Coleman had a cache of 200 weapons, stolen from a surplus store. Police knew the guns were intended for a black nationalist group, the US Organization.

Two years later, DeFreeze exchanged gunshots with a bank guard and was wounded. The gun he used in the shootout was a .32 caliber Berretta automatic pistol. There is evidence that this gun was one of 200 stolen guns turned in to the police in '67.

With all the editorials about the causes of violence and terrorism, the basic cause is always omitted: the police and prison guards who supply the weapons.

(34) U.S. Attorney General William Saxbe

The Justice Department has been covering up criminal conspiracies for the past fifteen years.

William Saxbe of Ohio said he would close the Kent State investigation if he were appointed Attorney General.

There is no safety in ending wiretapping and electronic surveillance alone. Agents provocateurs should be illegal. As long as the top U.S. law enforcement official attempts to cover up a national conspiracy like the SLA, then he must be considered part of the plan.

Saxbe stirs the fire of fear with quotes from planted documents. He has inherited John Mitchell's role from the Pentagon.

The Attorney General should be confronted with the evidence of the SLA conspiracy. He should be removed from office if he continues to try to cover it up.

(35) Admiral Ford? Or Vice President Ford?

Gerald Ford, a member of the infamous Warren Commission, condemned the "crime by revolutionaries in California."

Ford praised the L.A. police for their excellent response to a "murderous group of self-proclaimed revolutionaries."

This is the same man who signed his name to a fictitious document called The Warren Report. Lee Harvey Oswald was described in The Warren Report as a "self-proclaimed" Communist. Gerald Ford had known from the very first meeting of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald was an espionage agent of the U.S. government, and an FBI informer as well. Portrait of The Assassin, Gerald Ford's own book, opens with the important information about Oswald's background.

(36) President Richard M. Nixon

At a time when Patty Hearst's life was in danger, and she was in the hands of her kidnappers, Richard Nixon got into the act. He asked for "death to the kidnappers." With limited alternatives, the SLA might have murdered.

The police, the FBI and the President egged the abductors on, letting them know that they might as well go through with the murder; they would not live anyway.

Remember that this is the same President who said "Charles Manson is guilty," while Manson's trial was taking place. Manson never entered the Sharon Tate home on the night of the murders. Police intelligence agents did. Charles Watson wrote "Death to the pigs" in blood on the door, hoping Black Panthers would be blamed for the murder. Who moved the bodies around after the "Manson family" departed?

37. FBI bait for the provocateurs

FBI Director Charles Bates offered what amounted to immunity if William and Emily Harris wanted to surface.

"So far, the Harrises were not overtly involved in any of these incidents."

-- Charles Bates, 6-10-74

The favoritism that police, prison guards and law enforcement show towards espionage agents is identical to the special treatment Watergate defendants are receiving. If any one thing proves that the CIA is behind the SLA operation, it is the way the law is handling their agents. They murdered six SLA members. The others can surface now, and go on to their next assignments.

House keys for the 7th Avenue Oakland apartment, found on Remiro and Little, linked them with the murder of Dr. Foster. This apartment was used as the hideout for a murder and an attempted murder.

William and Emily Harris each obtained drivers' licenses using false names and the address of this apartment, in September, 1973, a few days before the SLA moved in.

Why doesn't this act link them to the murder of Dr. Foster? Why haven't they been charged with murder and conspiracy? As intelligence agents or provocateurs on a higher and more sophisticated level, they are safe from the U.S. Grand Jury and from prosecution. Selected patsies take the rap once again.

(38) Accessories after the Fact

The Warren Commission was provided "delayed evidence" by the FBI to back up their finding that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy. Oswald's famous planted diary, the camera that took his superimposed portrait, and famous bullet 399 are examples of delayed props.

Investigators of the SLA, working with the police, are coming out with delayed evidence reminiscent of other conspiracies.

The police had Patty Hearst's name with the SLA three weeks before she was kidnapped. It was revealed months later.

Cyanide bullets were allegedly found in Patty's apartment, behind a book-shelf. A "more thorough search the next day" produced this mark of the SLA. The Hearst family and news media were not told of these findings for two months. Bullet 399, that allegedly traveled through John Kennedy and John Connally," the subject of two books, was "found on a stretcher" in the hall of Parkland Hospital.

Photographs allegedly of the SLA were located a week after their deaths in the burned out house. The use of Polaroid negatives from the SLA location could hopefully link the SLA to Polaroid negatives found near a dead police officer in Compton one week earlier.

Piles of maps, dozens, were found at the SLA house Jan. l0, 1974. Some included the Hillsborough area, home of Patty Hearst. A map marked "Graton Road, Sonoma County, led to a federally licensed demolition contractor permitted to possess, use and sell high explosives and detonation equipment. Investigators found three bunkers of dynamite at the site." July 23, 1974, the police revealed the presence of maps. They had three weeks to use them before Patty Hearst was kidnapped. Who was the government contractor?

An unmailed letter was supposedly found under Camilla Hall's burned body. It took one month for police to reveal this fact, if it is a fact and not a forged document. The death message perpetuates the violent language of the SLA. The purpose is to coax radicals to take to the gun, and denounces "so called radical leaders" for lack of support.

(39) The SLA and the CIA; the Spanish Connections?

Paul Halverson, friend of Camilla Hall, was called before the S.F. Grand Jury. He didn't understand why they wanted a postcard mailed by Camilla from "Spain two years ago."

Howard Hunt was associated with the Spanish Embassy. Dorothy Hunt, his wife and CIA partner, worked for the U.S. Spanish Embassy. William Harris had been to Spain recently. Willie Wolfe and Colston Westbrook had traveled extensively in Europe.

Did any of the SLA know each other or meet in Spain?

Did the U.S. Attorney General want to cover up these "innocent" pieces of evidence which proved the SLA members had mobility and funding of some kind?

Joyce Halverson, Paul's wife, went to jail for refusing to give information about Camilla Hall. They had known each other for a long time. Joyce added: "I hope the grand jury will look into the charges that the CIA was behind the SLA."

XI. Indications That the SLA Is Part of a Large Scale National Conspiracy

"We had to keep the lid on all the other things that were going on here that would have been worse, I think, than the Watergate business."

-- former Attorney General John Mitchell, phone call to John Ehrlichman, April 14, 1973

June 17, 1972, the day of the Watergate arrests, was an important date in American history. The CIA was caught altering the electoral process one more time. This event provided us with the opportunity to expose methods of clandestine agents working on domestic terrain.

Two years after the arrests, Congress and the Justice Department are still protecting the conspirators. The top directors and agents of espionage will not be asked to reveal how many horrors were and are being planned for us, and what they have been doing to destroy our Constitution.

The SLA and the violence that will follow it in years to come would never occur if the secret military intelligence army were smashed and exposed once and for all. We are more afraid of progressive social changes than we are of a murderous dictatorship.

There are many reasons for believing that the SLA is only part of a larger national conspiracy.

Listed below are a few reasons for this conclusion. They, and others, will be detailed in a forthcoming book.

1. FBI Director Charles Bates's Role

In 1969, Bates was a special agent in charge of the Chicago FBI offices. In 1971, he moved to the General Investigative Division of the Washington, D.C. FBI. He is currently Director of the San Francisco FBI, and in charge of the SLA investigation.

There are startling parallels between the FBI-Police murder of Black Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark in Chicago in 1969, and the deaths of Donald DeFreeze and the SLA in 1974.

In each case, black police-FBI informers took an active part in their deaths. Hampton and Clark were drugged before the police broke in and killed them; Christine Johnson, who almost died inside the SLA house, said she awoke from a "drugged sleep."

In Chicago, the police were deliberately misinformed that the Panthers had killed police officers. The LAPD was told that the SLA; had murdered a police officer a few days earlier.

In each case, the FBI was responsible for both the killings and the subsequent cover-up of the facts.

2. The Cobra as the SLA insignia

The cobra is used as an anti-Semitic and racist point of reference by the Ku Klux Klan, While Aryan Knights and Christian militants in Brazil. The US Organization, part of Ron Karenga's LAPD-infiltrated group that killed Black Panthers, used the same 7-headed cobra (the "Kawaida") that DeFreeze and the SLA adopted, the "Kawaida" is a concept developed by the OSS and CIA. It is a set of indoctrinational precepts used in brainwashing technology, imposed upon the victim.

3. SLA "help" was rejected by every radical group in the Bay Area.

The services of the SLA were turned down by Bay Area radical groups. Their offers to provide "hit men" for violence were rejected. They were suspected of being police provocateurs.

4. Prison escapes as national policy

James Earl Ray was allowed to leave a Missouri prison 11 months before he became the patsy in the Martin Luther King murder. California prisoners were offered a chance to leave the prisons if they would join the SLA. This was not the decision of individual prison guards, but is part of a national conspiracy.

5. Intelligence agencies or law enforcement had never heard of the SLA before the Foster murder

The FBI has informers planted in every legitimate radical group.

Unless the SLA were police agents themselves, they would have been known to police as radicals, either in the prisons they visited, or in the Berkeley-Oakland area.

6. SLA communiqués are pathetic imitations of radical thinking

The SLA's messages were hardly inspired or written in the style or spirit of other radical leaders like George Jackson, Malcolm X of Martin Luther King. William Harris, a teacher with an M.A. in Urban Affairs, revealed his "advanced political thinking" in the tape he created in May, 1974. He referred to the "jive-assed pig agent school superintendent, sick-assed racists, mindless cunts and gigantic black penises."

7. Breakup of Black Leadership

The purpose of FBI orders issued in 1969 was to break up all radical and leftist groups. Organizations with the word "black" in their names were particular targets.

Then what about the Black Cultural Association inside Vacaville Prison?

Black leaders were to be "neutralized" by FBI provocateurs, which included assassination when necessary.

DeFreeze's army was so "neutralized" that he was its only black member.

8. More Kidnappings, assassinations and violence will follow the Hearst kidnapping.

FBI Director Clarence Kelley warned that there will be more kidnappings in the future. He should know. The earlier rush of kidnappings will be followed by a steadily escalating stream of bombings, scare tactics, murders, arson, robberies and assorted violence blamed on terrorists. The facts behind these incidents are protected on a national level, and never fully exposed in the courts. They are concealed by careful selection of evidence and witnesses.

9. National brain-altering policies

"Medical" experimentation on prisoners' brains in California are directly related to national conspiracies. The work on prisoners' brains was developed at Massachusetts General Hospital, where federal money funded a team working on electrode implants and psycho surgery.

The punishment and "experimentation," using drugs, electroshock, behavior modification programs and surgical techniques to alter behavior that have been prominent at Vacaville. are also taking place in other prisons and hospitals around the country.

10. Links between California Governor Ronald Reagan and former Florida Governor Claude Kirk, and the planned destruction of the University of California.

Former Governor Kirk of Florida ran his gubernatorial campaign with promises to "break the University of California," over 3000 miles away.

The day after Kirk and Reagan were elected in 1967, they met in Los Angeles. On the following day, University of California's President Clark Kerr was fired, without a day's notice.

This was the beginning of many changes at the University of California, which is now moving rapidly backwards.

Kerr had dreamed of a college education for every high school graduate. The University of California had a flowering humanities program.

Today, the hopes of a college education for every child are gone. Courses on social justice and in the humanities are disappearing.

The location of the SLA at the doorstep of U.C. Berkeley was a purposeful act, designed to link the radical-hippie movement with violence.

Shana Alexander is writing a book on the SLA, "explaining" how it was nurtured in the permissive radical community. The California climate did not breed violence. The military-industrial police agents deliberately created violence, to discredit necessary and legitimate organizations against genocide and fascism.

H.R. Haldeman, who has always represented Richard Nixon, took an active role in the firing of Kerr from the presidency of the University of California.

11. the Olympic Games massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich, Dr. Hacker and the SLA

The Massacre in Munich was wide open for the investigation of a larger conspiracy, involving U.S. and German military police.

"Arab terrorists" kidnapped the Israelis after the German police watched them climb the fence.

Dr. Fredric Hacker, an expert on terrorism, wrote a book deploring violence and guerrilla movements. But he never mentioned the secret funding behind the Arabs, or elaborated on the fact that it was the Germans and Americans who murdered the Jews, not the Arabs.

Hacker, as a consultant to the LAPD, became Donald DeFreeze's psychiatrist when DeFreeze was working as a police informer. When Patty Hearst was kidnapped, Dr. Hacker moved on to become Randolph Hearst's advisor.

12. Links of Saudi Arabian and Iranian oil money to the Reg Murphy kidnapping, the Watergate plumbers, dirty tricks and SLA bombings

Saudi Arabian money was involved in the Murphy kidnapping and was linked to J.F. Stoner's States Rights Party.

Money from Iran went into CIA funds in Mexico, for White House dirty tricks.

Stoner's States Rights Party employs the brother: of James Early Ray, patsy in the Martin Luther King murder.

There is a link here between conspiracies and provocations in the U.S., funds from right-wing oil companies and the SLA kidnapping and related bombings in 1974.

13. U.S. Military assistance to the SLA

The media and Congressional hearings emphasize the influence of Mao, the Brazilian Mini-manual and international terrorists on the SLA.

But what about William Harris' U.S. Military I.D.? The SLA also had a copy of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Nazi influence was prevalent in the Justice Department in the persons of G. Gordon Liddy and Robert Mardian, and visible in San Leandro, with the Nazi prediction of Dr. Foster's death.

14. The true story behind California's epidemic of violence has not yet been told.

Juan Corona, Herbert Mullen, Edmund Kemper, Charles Manson, Charles Watson and Sirhan Sirhan might have interesting stories to tell, which would confirm their involvement in larger conspiracies.

These men are isolated, not allowed to be interviewed, and not permitted to have fair trials.

The Zodiac killings and the Zebra murders are part of the same pattern of pre-arranged terrorism.

Judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys make a mockery of court proceedings, and refuse to examine the evidence. The SLA and Zebra scare are a continuation of a sequence of events that have common law enforcement links.

15. The Criminal Conspiracy Section of the LAPD is linked to the White House secret intelligence army -- the "Huston Plan" -- and operates throughout the state of California.

Louis Tackwood, in The Glass House Tapes, illustrates the interlocking of national and state police agencies. Since his book appeared, the CIA has admitted having agents in local police departments.

Donald DeFreeze worked as a part of this state-national agency, the Criminal Conspiracy Section.

16. Future germ warfare, the American Nazi Party, SLA threats and the U.S. military.

An alleged SLA memo published in Los Angeles June 1974 threatened future radiation and chemical poisonings.

American Nazis stationed at Ford Ord, California, working on a national project called "Operation Blue," were studying books about how to spread botulism and murder large sectors of the population.

The SLA had books on Chemical and Biological Warfare, The Science of Public Death and The Generic Effects of Radioactivity. The U.S. Army could use chemical warfare -- blaming terrorists and radicals.

17. U.S. Attorneys Branden Alvey and Robert Merckle were flown from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles, to prosecute the SLA Case

These imported Government prosecutors also have their assignments.

Legitimate radicals are imprisoned and harassed.

Police, CIA and FBI informers are protected and not charged with crimes. Did Alvey and Merckle work with Bates in Washington, D.C.?

If this had been a legitimate radical group, the supporting cast would have been rounded up and put into prison.

18. Were 12.6 million acres of California desert land closed to off-road traffic in November, 1973 for future military operations?

The SLA had maps of abandoned mines and desert locations.

The Manson-Watson family was protected at Barker Ranch, safe-house on the Mojave Desert, until they were arrested for stealing dune-buggy parts.

The Harrises were buying camping gear and clothing at Mel's Sporting Goods Store when they departed in a hurry. Was this a clue to where they might be found? Can Patty and the Harrises be hidden somewhere in this large area for the summer, while hippies in vans and communes are harassed?

19. "Black Abductor" San Diego, the FBI, Minutemen, kidnapping of radicals and White House intelligence

Black Abductor, the 1972 "novel" containing a blueprint for the Hearst kidnapping, came from an unknown writer, Harrison James. The publisher in San Diego, Regency Publishing, is also unknown. Is this a CIA dummy front?

San Diego is the area where radicals were going to be kidnapped during the 1972 Republican Convention.

San Diego is where Donald Segretti, emissary of White House military intelligence, met with FBI agents in the Minutemen, the Secret Army Organization.

The Minutemen have created provocateur situations to hasten the arrival of a police state and race war. The SLA marks the beginning of the implementation of this plan.

XII. Were These Game Plans Against Humanity Necessary?

The Phoenix is a mythical bird of great beauty that rose from the ashes and represented immortality.

The American Phoenix Program in Vietnam, under the CIA, represents sadism, greed, hypocrisy, lying, torture, false imprisonment, terror and assassinations. Every decent human being should have rejected these actions from the beginning. Instead, we promoted the leader of the Phoenix Program to become director of all U.S. intelligence.

The symbol of the 7-headed cobra originated in Asia. It represented unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative production, purpose, creativity and faith.

The CIA and military intelligence once more perverted a symbol. They utilized the cobra for the Symbionese Liberation Army. The purpose was to associate symbols of hope and progress with

murder, kidnapping, suicide, bombings, bank robberies and terror.

From the ashes of Vietnam the Phoenix rose. American youth marched in the streets or left the country in preference to murdering.

A body of citizens met and publicly protested the killings and warfare. Those individuals became enemies of the state, and had to be infiltrated and discredited.

From the ashes of the SLA, another group of persons may arise. They may resent the military SWAT teams, intelligence infiltration, assassination squads, false imprisonments, torture and all the other horrors brought from Vietnam to the United States. If we can see the parallels between our military operations at home and abroad, perhaps clandestine operations of this kind will be halted. If we don't see the comparisons, they will escalate.

The truth about the SLA -- and future acts by provocateurs posing as "spin-offs from the SLA" -- can be scrutinized.

Crimes do not remain unsolved for long once participating agents are identified by name. The wide discrepancies between the SLA cover stories and the hard evidence will emerge from asking the correct questions and pursuing every lead.

Public Relations offices acting as CIA fronts and military intelligence organizations give their versions of U.S. history. These accounts are false. The SLA requires the same scrutiny given to other political conspiracies.

America is a nation groping for culture and art forms. Whenever an opportunity appears, those in control divert what might be good and beautiful into ways of channeling public money into a few private pockets, waging war, increasing profits and industrial productivity.

Every time a political or civil rights leader emerges to effect necessary changes, the military kills him.

When youth begins to awaken and ask the right questions, their culture has to be crushed.

Military intelligence has made a profession for the past ten years of destroying lives and dreams.

They pervert idealism.

They pump the poor full of drugs and weapons and TV images of murder, rape and violence.

They turn masses, organizations and individuals against each other.

We must protect our feelings, and separate them from these contradictions between what is imminent death and what might become creative life. Our only hope is to become aware of how we are being manipulated, and by whom.

-- July 11, 1974






Donald Freed, of Citizens' Research and Investigation Committee (CRIC); Author and researcher, Executive Action, Agony in New Haven, Inquest; Editor, The Glass House Tapes.

Lake Headley, Independent Investigator; Chief investigator in Billy Dean Smith Case, Wounded Knee.

Stephanie Caruana, writer.

The Fifth Estate, CARIC, Counter-Spy Campaign Organizing Committee. P.O. Box 647, Ben Franklin Station, Washington, D.C., 20044.

Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts.

Prisoners from Vacaville Medical Facility and Soledad Prison, who have risked their lives to assist in exposing Donald DeFreeze's contacts while in prison.

The End.