Transcript of Mae Brussell’s broadcast from KLRB, Carmel, California on August 4, 1978.

In the morning of July 20, 1878, a press conference was held at the scene of the ordination of Larry Lester, the Black minister admitted to the Mormon priesthood two years ago. The subject of the conference was "Mormon Church Infiltration of Government Agencies Suspected of Sequestering Uranium Ore Outside the United States." This press conference was held by the Latter Day Saints Freedom Foundation in connection with the development of Melody Mountain Ranch, Inc. – an intended boy’s vocational training school to be located at Cornelius, Oregon, in 1958. Charles A. Bean became involved in the acquisition of certain surplus government property. This led to the dismantling of some buildings for resale at the tri-city area in Washington.

During September of 1958, volunteer men were working to assist in guaranteeing the supply of iron ore alleged to be needed in the connection of nuclear cooling processes at Hanford. (Note: Fred Crisman applied for work through the Atomic Energy Commission at this power plant shortly after the Maury Island incident in 1947.) As a result of these efforts several samples of the ore indicated that hard rock uranium ore was located in Washington state and yellow uranium in Utah. Through subsequent arrangements, the interests of 20 volunteers who had contributed to the National Association of Evangelicals–which became involved in backing the Melody Mountain Ranch project, later called Pacific Youth Institute–were exchanged for stock in the Yellow Cat Uranium Co., a Utah-based corp., which later changed its name to Trans Pacific Enterprises in 1957.

Simultaneously, Lyndon B. Johnson (then a Senator) became involved in the uranium discovery through one J. J. McCoy, a fund-raiser who had affiliations with Johnson. Johnson was also a member of the Teamsters Trust Fund Committee at Lubbock, Texas, that was utilized to move money to the number one endeavors of the Association of Evangelicals, made of 30,000 American churches. The Internal Revenue Service eventually became involved because some of the $4,000,000 intended for use by the Pacific Youth Institute was backed by the Evangelicals. A bond of ten percent (10%) was deposited against claims, which might arise from the non-tax-exempt status of the corporation. This bond, deposited with the Justice Department, was made up of $20,000, some parcels of land held by individual owners and subsequently was funded by the Teamsters’ Fund.  Teamster funding of many other projects was guaranteed by the anticipated proceeds from the uranium production.

The Treasury Department and the Securities Exchange Commission were to monitor the activities of all concerned. Ralph Grandquist, an Oregon IRS director recommended to Mr. Bean that he file a Government "Conveniencey" Bankruptcy to secure and preserve for future Americans the file which was developed concerning the uranium. This occurred in late 1958 after the discovery. The file was lost and is not now part of the bankruptcy files. A subsequent file was developed by Mr. Bean, and it also was stolen later!

It began to appear that the CIA was involved, for in 1960, some 15 months before the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the request was made that Mr. Bean, who had the authority, sign off on 60 mothball Liberty Ships stored at a California port, ostensibly for use in the Bay of Pigs. Later these ships were used to transport the mined uranium to Australia for refining although it was described as manure and fertilizer. Since virtually all the ore shipped was mined in Utah under the eyes of the Mormon Church, which controls everything that goes on in that state, it may be safely stated that the Church was involved directly or indirectly in the affair. It is of no small moment that the LDS church is infiltrated the CIA and the FBI, and that the special interests of the church have been handled by those church members who had the agencies of government to assist them in the conspiracy.

It is also interesting to note that the Utah Corporation is also the largest mining and refining organization in Australia. This corporation, affiliated with the Mormon church, was the alleged destination of the shipped uranium. The objective of the Mormon conspiracy was to transport the ore beyond the control of the federal government. The avowed purpose of the church in its secret political conquest council of fifty, was to obtain nuclear capability for future use when it would attempt to obtain world conquest and single world government.

It appears as though president Lyndon Johnson assisted the Mormon Church in this conspiracy by promoting such projects as "Atoms for Peace," "Food for Peace," and "Water for Peace." By executive order, Johnson ordered the movement into an international treaty of one million tons of the mined uranium, which was subsequently shipped to Australia. This order issued in 1966 was violated, in that during three years (1966, 1967 and 1968) all ten million tons of the ore were shipped off to Australia aboard those ships registered to Lady Bird Johnson.

It is a well-known fact to researchers at the LDS Freedom Foundation, that Lyndon Johnson had placed in the limousine, two pillows on the floor upon which the Secret Service agents could push him at the moment President Kennedy was to be shot in 1963. It is also known that the pathologist who conducted the pathology on Kennedy has denounced the official pathology report as not being his report, which indicated that several shots penetrated the president’s head from different angles. The Warren Commission, appointed by Johnson, has been accused of whitewashing the entire episode.

It is also of no small significance that Lady Bird Johnson acquired numerous FCC licenses beyond normal regulations during this period of time, and further that the chairman of the FCC has always been a Mormon since its inception.

The nuclear capability of Israel has resulted from this conspiracy, which provided for the high jacking of 200 tons of ore in 1968. The rumor was widespread in the knowledgeable circles of Salt Lake City that the Mormon Church had arranged to assist Israel in bringing off Armageddon.

Upon hearing of the ore shipments, Lyndon Johnson made a hurried four-day world trip after which he abandoned plans to run for reelection. His death shortly after retiring appears to be part of the cover-up of the conspiracy along with numerous others involved.

Twenty notes for 1.5 million dollars each are acknowledged to be in a Swiss bank to repay the value of part of the one million tons of ore authorized for shipment. Mr. Bean and an associate, Mr. Robert J. Wright, have filed suit in a federal court in Oregon seeking to make the Treasury Department responsible and accountable for the loss to themselves and the National Association of Evangelicals.

Lyndon Johnson was the head of NASA, and Werner von Braun, the Nazi war criminal, was brought to this country. The atomic bomb and nuclear capabilities were moved with the assistance of Lyndon Johnson and the Mormon Church. Mullen Associates in Washington, D.C., a public relations firm, had been a non-Mormon account for the Tabernacle tours overseas, yet all Mormons give their business to other Mormons.

But the LDS used this Washington firm, Mullin Associates, which carried the Latter Day Saints Tabernacle around the world--a good method of disseminating agents from the tours. The LDS also funded the Free Cuba Committee (which again is Mormon) and the ships for the Bay of Pigs. The LDS funded Mr. Riley of Riley Coffee Co., where Lee Harvey Oswald worked. E. Howard Hunt was the vice president of Mullen Associates.  Lyndon Johnson, atomic weaponry and the Nazi-Mormon-CIA, had obvious connections. Australia had one-fifth of the world’s non-Communist uranium, making it a major supplier. The ore was shipped from the US to Australia and from there to other nations. This is thanks to the Mormons.

This all started having steam in 1957, a very important year. That’s when Admiral Byrd died.  His documents and the truth of his visits to the Antarctic in 1946, were never published. That was the year of the International Geophysical Year. This was the year that Candy Jones was put into her mind control experiments, without her even knowing it for so many years. It was the year that Lyndon Johnson made great strides for the Mormon cause. Satellites, launched by NASA, were organizing the earth for the industrialists who use the uranium.

Please note that some parts of the above information was taken from a press conference by attorney Doug Wallace.

"Operation Bernhard"

Information about "Operation Bernhard," is contained in a June 2, 1978 Inquiry Magazine article by Tad Zule. It claims the reason Richard Helms was not prosecuted by Jimmy Carter was that although Helms had committed perjury in the ITT case, his trial would have revealed the CIA connections to the large banks of the world. Harry Truman was instrumental in calling off the investigations of Nazi money in Swiss bank accounts. Operation Bernhard, the project to counterfeit millions of America, British, and German currency just prior to the end of WWI could very well be the main supplier of the founding of the Bilderbergers in 1954.

Mr. Truman was not exactly an innocent bystander.  Truman did not inform the National Security Council or stop the investigation of the flow of Nazi money. This [Nazi money] was one of the things Richard Helms was in immediate control of because he was instrumental in the sources of CIA money.

Nixon's recruitment.

In the Memoirs of Richard Nixon, on page 33, Nixon discusses his running for Congress in 1966. He tells about his letter from Hermann Perry, the manager of a Bank of America in Whittier.

"Dear Dick,

Do you want to run on a Republican ticket? Air mail me your reply.

H. L. Perry."

The date 1966 is important because Nixon was then taken to see Mr. Perry and then was taken to the bungalow of Howard Hughes. And they decided, yes, this is our man. Nixon had already written to the law offices of Allen Dulles, asking to be in intelligence work. When Nixon was in the Navy, he had written to the FBI asking to be in the FBI.

The fact that Nixon didn’t get a response from them doesn’t mean that he wasn’t hired. His answer came in the form of Perry and Howard Hughes, who contacted him, and he was brought to California to run against Jerry Vorhees. In the book "Wanted, the Search for the Nazi’s", this same Mr. Perry was instrumental in bringing war criminals to the United Sates, such as the Nazi Nicholi Moloxi, who was brought to Nixon’s office. Moloxi, of Odessa, then went down to Argentina. Nixon’s first visit to the White House in 1947, was a meeting with Truman who discussed helping restore Europe and especially German industry. German industry included I.G. Farben and munitions makers. This class of "1946-1947" was very important– it included Mr. Smathers from Florida, Gerald Ford from Michigan, and Nixon from California. These men elected in 1946, worked along with the Nazi war criminals and the OSS-CIA officials to form the National Security Council. Then foreigners like Kissinger and Brezinski came in and ran our country. It’s no longer run by Americans.

This group looked at the globe and smacked their lips and decided how it would be divided.

The importance of bringing the German space scientists to this country (written up very carefully in the book Operation Paperclip), is that the satellites tell you where the oil is or the minerals, water, oil, vegetation and population are. Then, from this vantage point, you can displace people from where the oil is or from where the minerals you want are located. Control is either bought or obtained by force. The war was over in May 1945, and in August 1945, the United States dropped the A-bombs made by Hitler and Oppenheimer (a "basket of pineapples") on Japan to keep Russia from going into those oil fields of Asia any further. Russia had already gone west and the United States wanted to stop her from going east.

Hitler’s A-bombs?

Hitler’s A-bombs? Some producer has the National Archive documents that prove that the bombs the United States dropped were Hitler’s bombs. There are tape recordings of Mr. Oppenheimer speaking about those bombs as Hitler’s which were used to end the war. Oppenheimer speaks of getting those satellite scientists over here quickly and getting those satellites launched so that monitoring can begin.

A suggested book is the Swiss Bank Connection by Leslie Walker. This expose is about the Nazi money in the Swiss banks.

Anti "terrorism" and government surveillance.

The following is information supplied by Jim Horowitz, of Los Angeles, who works with Mark Lane and Don Freed. They apparently suppressed information on several issues at conspiracy conferences. Jim Horowitz has a newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 6, about Evelle Younger. Younger’s "Organized Crime Collector School (he advertises himself as a "spy czar") is actually an anti-terrorist Red school. Our country is no longer chasing communists. We’re doing trade with Russia and China. They are looking for "terrorists," and they will become the excuse to open our mail and break into newspaper offices, keep people under surveillance and do anything they want under the cover of "terrorism." Anacapa Sciences, Inc. is a mystery firm hired for politically and paramilitary-motivated campaigns to get dissidents. In Zaire, it is General Motors which is sending in troops. Private corporations work with the Department of Defense and the CIA so we don’t have to declare war, and the FBI doesn’t have to half its underground work. Mr. FBI Webster sent 80 informers to monitor the terrorists’ work. Then the private corporations get money from the government, and the FBI can look at you and say, "We only have 80 agents on this subject." But Anacapa, whose cover is organized crime, is setting up national, as in "Gestapo"–national training schools. They will work with local police officers. Hitler worked with Interpol. Hitler had the best police system. It was not only national, but included Vienna, Poland, Hungary and Romania, and then it became international. Swat teams are formed under all this and they want more swat teams for urban counter-insurgencies and for the militarization of the police forces, with headquarters to be in Los Angeles, California.

Daryl Gates, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department was under the influence of Ed Davis. In San Francisco, Charles Gains is the Chief of Police. Gains ran the FBI counter-intelligence program in Oakland against the Black Panthers, before he was made Chief of Police in San Francisco. Oakland is the third police center in America.

Anacapa is linked with the CIA. It shares with them, their anti-terrorist money. Anacapa’s project director is Jack Kinney of Air Force Intelligence, who is also a top secret National Security Agency executive. Anacapa is also tied to officers of Nay Intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and has reciprocal relations with the CIA. Evelle Younger’s influence reaches through the Organized Crime Collectors School.

The unemployed, especially black  persons who are unemployed, Chicanos who are unemployed–there are no jobs from them. Stealing to get food? Those who are forced to become criminals–these are your "terrorists." There’s going to be unemployment, riots, food-riots and so on in this country. There are no "terrorists." There’s going to be self-defense. That’s the reason the Panthers started.

Younger works with the Organized Crime Collectors School and Anacapa, and also with a group in Washington D.C. called the "Psychological Assessment Associates (PAA). PAA is a deep cover CIA’s proprietary that worked with behavior modification-like experiments. You get a Donald DeFreeze working in Vacaville prison in California. DeFreeze was working under the Defense Department’s mind control program established by Westbrook of the CIA. Westbrook formed the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) which became the excuse to burn those people--SLA members caught in the burning house in Los Angeles, on prime time TV. The burning of these six SLA members became the inaugural of the swat teams’ burning of "terrorists." Boy, its’ really great that they saved us in time from those terrorists, which, had they been merely arrested, would have required utilizing the courts to hear their cases. United Sates prosecuting attorney Browning, who prosecuted the Patty Hearst case, still hasn’t prosecuted Emily William Harris (four years now) for kidnapping Patty Hearst. Browning is running for Attorney General of California while Evelle Younger runs for Governor.

Browing and Younger have links to the mind control programs. One of Younger’s liaisons in Washington,  the firm Psychological Assessment Associates, works under cover with a John Gettinger. J.W. Gettinger is an agent who works under the cover of the Human Ecology Fund, known to be a CIA conduit. Three years ago, a man went to England and told me to get out of the country at that time. He told me about the radio towers used in San Francisco–that is the use of ELF (extremely low frequency) waves as mood setters for the stimulation of depression or suicides or epileptic fits to name only a few. ELF was used to perform mind control on whole cities to break meditations and subdue the population. He told me that an ecology and energy crisis would be the excuse to eliminate 63 million Americans according to a Rand study. Human ecology means to clean up the earth!

Charles Lindbergh was into ecology, and was moving into Germany the day Hitler invaded Poland. Lindbergh thought maybe it would be bad for the American image, so he just stayed over in England. Ecology means (according to the CIA, etc.), as Hitler said, "By losing WWII we get the mongrelization of races and we lose years, eons of time," because then black GI’s went into German and married white German women, etc.

Hitler’s idea of ecology was the "pure white Aryan race." The Nazis will work with the Arabs and the Asians to a degree until they have control, and then will utilize sterili- zation.  An example of this type of sterilization was the American Indian misfortune. Another example was the mass programs of germs and genocide, conducted by white people in South Africa–which was an experiment after WWII regarding a handful of whites handling a bunch of blacks. It works. People may object to Steve Bilko being killed. 33 other men were killed in those South African prisons last year.

There will be no leaders, a parasol will remain. It’s a test case. And it works. And there’s no reason why these people can’t continue their genocide policy and that is the reason for the Human Ecology Fund. All this is from Jim Horowitz’s newsletter on Evelle Younger’s spy network in Los Angeles (rather, some of it is.)

Army, Navy Domestic Intelligence.

Life Magazine’s article, March 26, 1971 (look it up in the library) is about Army, Navy and Domestic intelligence. During this time, there were hundreds of articles about the governments’ domestic spying. Sam Ervin’s committee caught on that Army and Navy Intelligence, the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc were engaged in domestic spying. The February, March and April newspapers will contain a great deal of information. At first the Army said they were surveiling only 7,000 people, then it was 14,000. Then it was 2 million people–one fourth of the U.S. population was under Army surveillance in 1971. This Life Magazine article about San Ervin’s investigations contains a page that describes the reason for military surveillance of any U.S. citizen:

Persons under surveillance:

Anyone who:

The above information is useful to see what was happening around us back then, but it also fits into what is happening right now. The future becomes, unfortunately easy to project, considering that very little has changed except that Americans are less aware now than in the 1960s or early 1970s. Meanwhile human ecology programs are the order of the day.

In many respects our present times are no different those of Germany in 1938, except that the techniques to do us in are much more refined and awesome. In the early 1920s, just as in the 1960s, there was an attempt to educate the public about what was going to happen. In the book J’ACCUSE, the Men Who Betrayed France by Andre Simone (1940), a story is told about 200 people in France who, long before WWII, in the 1920s, decided they would go along with this nazification of the world because the important thing was to stop what they feared–communism. To these people, communism meant ruling out the church’s excuse for existence. It meant ruling out the royalty that Hitler wanted dot put back into power. It meant ruling out the promise to put royal families back into power. It meant breaking up the feudal land holdings of a handful of people.

Regarding Zaire, you can read about how ITT, MOBIL, etc. have divided up the land and booty, which is why we’re in a war. It’s no longer important what it means to send people to die or to kill those black people or whoever.

Americans have the investments for the plutonium and copper, etc, so we go there to get it and keep it. Just as France was given away, this country is being given away and it’s been going on since the Russian revolution when Hitler, the British and the Italians put Franco into power. Then they pushed to collect and save their holdings, tightened their hold, put a satellite up to tell us where the goods are and then went in there and fought for it. People are no longer important. That was the importance of the movie Network, where the TV personality is told that he’s no longer important and that nations are no longer important. Only corporations are important. Dow Chemical, ITT, Standard, ATT, Mobil, General Motors, etc. They don’t think of countries or boundaries, and have long since stopped thinking about that and being concerned.

Those who can ask, still ask the question, "Do I think people in this country are capable of genocide?" One can only say, take the time to ponder who perpetrates and prospers from the 20 million deaths per year from cancers and diseases, from chemicals in the food and water, from starvation, from sterilizations, from microwave pollution, etc., etc., much of which can be traced to purposeful malice. This is the reason there are no publications for investigate reporting left in America. This year, four or five such publications were bought out by Rockefeller or went out of business, and it was not from a lack of things to report of the need to be informed.

The end.