World Watchers International Tape 402, August 17, 1979 and Tape 403, August 24, 1979.


1826 The murder of William Morgan, writer, for revealing secrets of the Free Masons. Hitler to fight Masons as well as Jews later.

1830 Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, Revelations. Now the repository for all our lives, front for CIA, computer-fed data banks.

1838  U.S. Civil War. Southern industry destroyed to block further wars. South turned to Armaments, Soldiers. Turned against it's monster. Their revenge only coming to fruit with 1980 elections.

1860s Czar Alexander II and USA, President Abraham Lincoln, working to advance Russian technology. Standard oil, USA, British Empire, Royal Dutch Shell to be threatened. Want Russia subdued.

1862 Nobel family, gunpowder and other inventions, danger to British fleets in Baltic, Crimean War.

1872  Robert Nobel established in Baku, Russia, building pipelines, railroads, storage for oil. First oil tankers. Baron Von Mohrenschildt, father of George, Oswald's friend, in charge.

1877  Standard Oil, USA, gains national ascendancy of oil market.

1870s to 1919 German secret cults forming. Anti-semitic, nationalistic. Pan German movement VOLKISCH, interest on occultism. This movement never ended. Strong today. Strength behind Hitler.

1891 Cecil Rhodes, S. Africa, controlled 90% of world's diamond supply. Formed Round Table, Great Britain, secret society. Rockefeller, Standard oil, started funding University of Chicago.

1902  Rockefeller Medical Institute, Rockefeller U. New York. Oil baron now in "medicine, education." Our institutions of learning and health began to be controlled by industry.

1905  First Russian uprisings, revolutions, hints of future. Japan wiped out Russian fleet, believed they could be conquered.

1906  Russia, Great Britain, France planning containment of Germany. Russians wanted Dardanelles, France wanted to restore Alsace and Lorrain, iron mines and coal, Britain their empire holdings. Germany building a navy that threatened British supremacy.

1908  Col. House, Texas, in Britain with Herbert Hoover. Round Table conspirators. Would defeat Woodrow Wilson's goals later.

1908-1924 W. Buckley Sr. in Mexico City for Rothchild's Shell, Rockefeller oil.

Side Two:

1910  Secret meeting of bankers, Jekyll Island, Ga., started Federal Reserves Act. Finalized 1913, with Woodrow Wilson.

1912  Founding of Germanen Order. To merge with Thule Society. After defeat of Kaiser Wilhelm II's regime, looking for Fuehrer. Anti-semitic. Identified with Hindu racial purity.

1913  Rockefeller Foundation founded. Affects news, TV, radio, culture and communications.

1914  Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria, WWI begins. 10,000,000 died. 10,000,000 lost in famine, epidemics. The plots hatched in 1906 finally "worked".

1915  Lusitania sunk, sacrificed by British for anti-German hysteria. Other planes, boats lost the same way, to present date.

1915 to present.  FBI, founded by Charles J. Bonaparte, grandson of Napoleon's brother, got into political acts with World War I. "Stiff neutrality laws" (plans of Hindus uprising vs. British), to "Slicker raids", getting men who failed to register. Established Alien Act of 1918, deport, exclude anarchistic classes. Bonaparte and Bouvier family had close links.

1917  Bolshevik revolution breaking out in Russia as war against Germany almost over. U.S., Britain troops sent inside Russia to try to save the retreat at that end. Volunteer army of exiles formed, used to present day.

1919-1920  Versaille Treaty, Wilson poisoned, comes home to die. Ku Klux Klan, USA, Thule Society Germany, escalate. Now anti-Wilson. Col. E.M. House, Institute of International Affairs. Urgency on how to deal with Communism, loss of empires, fallen eagles.

1919  South Africa, Broederbond "religion". An experiment of total control, children, education, thoughts. To link with Nazis later. Head of Broederbond, Gerrit Viljoen, Rand Afrikaans University.

1920 National Socialist Movement born. 25 points. For Germans around the world. Self determination for all Germans.

1920s -1930s Lt. Col. White, with Tong Song gang, Asia, pre-Mafia, to move to Toronto, begin Intelligence-Mind Control experiments for OSS, 1942, then, CIA. Move to Calif. for further experiments.

1919 Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, Mass, Senate Foreign Relations Committee against Wilson and League of Nations. Lodge, Jr. to lose Senate Mass. seat to John F. Kennedy in 1952.

#403 August 24, 1979   Side 1


1920  Scheme against restrictions of Treaty of Versailles. Gen. Reinhard Gehlen joined New Germany Army. Later to head East Europe spy system for Hitler, form CIA for USA under A. Dulles. Gehlen-Nazi agents involved with JFK assassination and cover-up.

  Council on Foreign Relations formed.
Press, corporations, bankers, utilities, transportation, retailers, industrialists to advise army, White House, how to gain profits. Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army fight for their gains. We pay.

  HOOVER INSTITUTE THINK TANK, Stanford U., Palo Alto, Calif. Recipient of files of Okrana, Czarist Secret Police. Later to receive diaries of Goebbles, Himmler, others U.S. agencies use these documents to "handle radicals", "protesters".

  British put in Mussolini, Italy.
Russia becomes Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, official.
Onassis in Argentine, selling "tobacco", on way to millionaire.
Time Magazine started by Henry Luce.
Hitler writing Mein Kampf.

  Interpol started. Vienna, later to Berlin. Gestapo Police force. Moved to France after WWII, J.E. Hoover, Nazi connections, later Vice-President. Accumulated files now in Mormon vaults.


W. Buckley Sr. moved from Mexico, sets up oil interests Venezuela.
George De Mohrenschildt working for Creol Petroleum, his subsidiary. Later to link with Auchincloss family, Jackie, Oswald.

President Harding killed in S.F. Concealed Teapot Dome, govt. and oil conspiracies. Harding wanted "DICTATORSHIP" in USA.

Lenin dies. Stalin as dictator began purge of opponents.

Howard Hughes Sr. died. Howard, orphan, age 19, "guided" by Noah Dietrich, "public accountant" from Doheny oil, to supervise Hughes Tool Co. Without the tool bit invention, oil companies were limited to breaking the surface. Howard worked on planes, movies.



Russian Fascists, Nazis, from Harben, Manchuria, moved to US, Conn. Fascist party. 50,000 based here.

Broederbond begins removing all children, age 7, from homes.
Joined Nazi Secret Society, Des Ahnen Erbe. Later, will instigate South African separation of races.


  E.J. Gumbel, who wrote of "400 political assassinations" prior to Hitler election, 1933, fired as Prof. from Heidelberg, Germany. Time, Sept. 5, 1932, "Nazis had one victory for the week." Gumbel.

  Hitler becomes Reich Chancellor. Cover of Time. Total power.
Cachau concentration camp established. Book burning.
Boycott of all Jewish-owned businesses. Gestapo formed.

Side 2


  Roosevelt inaugurated.
Jack Ruby moves from Chicago to LA, with John Roselli.

  Plot to Seize the White House. Exposed by Gen. Smedley Butler.
Feb. 15, 1935, report to Congress, nobody prosecuted.
J. Howard Pew, long associate of Robert Welch, Birch Soc., involved.
1963, Birch Soc., Buckley, Caddy Nazis involved in JFK-YAF links to assassination in Texas. Best kept secret to date.

  Swiss Bank Account became haven for secrecy. To fund fascism and rightist causes. Used today.

  Hitler goes into Rhineland. Roosevelt renominated. Spanish Civil War, testing ground for German-Italian Fascism. It worked.

  Ford Foundation started.

  France being sabotaged by Cagoulards, Hooded men, aided in arms from Germany and Italy, undermining the country for takeover.

  Germans staking out 600,000 square acres, Antarctica. To be used 5 years later, massive escapes, money, gold, Nazis.

  U.S. joined Interpol. J.E. Hoover in touch with top Nazis until Pearl Harbor, then went under for a few years.
    Night of Broken Glass, synagogues destroyed, shops torn down, 26,000 sent to concentration camps. Jews expelled from schools.

  ARMIES OF SPIES, Joseph Gollumb, Macmillan, N.Y. 1939
    Subversion of France. Cells since 1934. German, Italian financed. CSAR, Comite D'Action Revolutionnaire. Hooded ones, Cagoulard.
Jean Marie Bouvier, son of French industrialist, involved. Bouvier member of CSAR.
Hugh Auchinloss, Jackie's step-father's first wife, Maya DeChrapovitsky, White Russian Czar's entourage.
Auchinloss, Navy Intelligence, wealthy stockbroker, host to George DeMohrenschildt when Jackie a young child. Is the "Mystery" of Jackie, Kennedy, Onassis linked to Nazi, Czar, CSAR organizations? Was she a plant when JFK defeated H. Lodge, Jr.

  Jack Ruby, Chicago, aiding Hoffa, Waste Handler's Union. Founder murdered. (1947, Nixon bailed Ruby out of a jam, while member of House Committee on Un-American Activities) Giancana, Paul Dorfman take over the Union.

  Chaing Kai-Shek given $25 million in credits from US.

  James W. Young, US advisor to Nelson Rockefeller, to become Vice-President and director of J. Walter Thompson agency (Watergate). Consultant to Ford Foundation on mass communication. Ford funding Hitler, tanks, trucks, war machine.