On October 18, 1983, Mae Brussell wrote Congress a letter about the political birds and bees, when faced with criticism that it was Larry Flynt, Hustler publisher,  who paid $3,000 weekly to pay to send Mae Brussell's tape cassettes to Congressmen.

© Mae Brussell

October 18, 1983

Dear Members of Congress,

My communications with you will be facilitated because Larry Flynt is generous enough to provide the $3,000 each week for these cassettes.

If you act surprised that a twenty year researcher and student of history, who had dedicated her time and energy to this subject, would combine resources and projects with the publisher of "Hustler" and other such material, you are being naive or hypocritical.

Sex and politics have always been bedfellows.

Hitler knew how to use sex for almost total control of the entire world.

Lyndon Johnson and Bobby Baker used sex to influence Congressional votes.

Suzie Parks and your Koreagate scandal included the rooms behind the offices for sex and blackmail.

When unsuspecting voters send you off to Washington, D.C. they have no idea how many of you are sleeping with women behind their wives, or with men, or all three.

History books of USA government will some day combine evidence of Congressional blackmail because of what you do with yourselves, not with magazines.

Remember Watergate "comedian" Tony Ulasewicz?  Representing White House payroll and NYC police, he bragged about his one way view, cameras, rolling, "fixing" men, women, for sexual, political use later.

Attorney General John Mitchell, Jeb Magruder, G. Gordon Liddy, paid by our tax money, CIA, etc, were exposed arranging ships and sex, during Miami convention.  That wasn't for pleasure.  That was for political blackmail.

Howard Hughes, and then the Hughes organization, one of the largest recipients of US tax dollars, used blackmail, sex for contracts.  Johnny Meier knows of this.  The late John Meyer began the sex for Generals, Admirals, defense profits started rolling in.

Paul Laxalt, former Gov. Nevada, knows the intrigues of his state.  Politicians, other powerful people, bugged, photographed, controlled by sex.  That is his power base.  Not intellect or intelligence.

J. Edgar Hoover kept rolling over listening to wire taps of his enemies having sex.

There isn't room on this page to describe the importance of your lust and how it affects the votes.

You can give World War III without a blush, rather than be exposed at home for the things you pretend you don't like on pages.  Double tragedy.... You trade pages of a magazine for pages in the flesh.

This information I broadcast is SERIOUS, not a joke.

At least Mr. Flynt wants you to be exposed to the REAL world as it is.  the things you refuse to admit or recognize.

                                                                  Sincerely,  MAE BRUSSELL

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