Transcript of Mae Brussell’s broadcast from KLRB, Carmel, California on July 26, 1978.

The Washington Post recently reported: "The CIA Tried to Have Oswald Exhumed." The Post reports that newly released files show that the CIA, suspicious that the Soviet Union may have brainwashed Lee Harvey Oswald, sought unsuccessfully to exhume his corpse, to see if his reported 1959 suicide attempt was a Russian cover-up.  The CIA considered Oswald's alleged suicide attempt, four years before he killed John Kennedy, one of the crucial points in Oswald's experiences in the Soviet Union, according to a Warren Commission memo made public yesterday through the Freedom of Information Act.  The CIA wanted to dig up Oswald's corpse and examine a scar on his left wrist.  He supposedly slashed himself deeply October 21, 1959, after being denied Soviet citizenship.  The CIA felt that if the suicide is a fabrication, the time supposedly recovering in a Moscow hospital could have been spent by him in a secret police hospital being coached and brainwashed for his appearance at the American Embassy, three days later where he renounced his U.S. citizenship.  The body was never dug up, says the commission, and the commission says the CIA made no final judgment whether Oswald's suicide attempt was authentic.  Followers of conspiracy theory contend that one strong possibility is that Oswald was a Soviet agent when he shot Kennedy.  A copy of the memo from one commission assistant, W. David Slaughson, to Arlen Spector, was made available to UPI by Michael Levy, free lance researcher, who obtained thousands of assassination documents from the Freedom of Information Act."

The above facts stated in the Washington Post report are a prime example of disinformation.  E. Howard Hunt was forging documents that could be released later after Nixon completed his election 1972, to show how Kennedy was not only sleeping with various women, but had also ordered the murder of a man three weeks before he was killed.  Neither the Warren Commission nor the Justice Department were deprived of information to find the killers of Kennedy or King.  E. Howard Hunt, a CIA agent, along with other persons would be called to testify at the assassination hearings, and Hunt was caught as a forger at the White House.  The White House, Pentagon, the press, the FBI and CIA were part of a combined effort to deceive the American public.  Top State Department papers trusted to the military were delivered to Mr. Hunt along with scissors, razor and typewriter to blame John Kennedy for the murder of Diem.  It is the admission of new evidence during the hearings into the Kennedy killings that should be suspect.  If FBI agent James Hosty threw Oswald's letter in the toilet after the assassination of JFK he should be indicted for destruction of evidence and perjury.

The UPI memo above is signed by Slaughson. He is the same CIA lawyer on the Warren Commission who took two weeks before the report was published, and stated  they should go ahead with the allegation of Oswald in Mexico, his quote being: "I have fudged the text sufficiently to put in phantom exhibits." This is a crime of falsification of documents.

Arlen Spector is running for Governor of Pennsylvania.  He was the attorney who hid the amount of bullets and the possibility of silencers. Spector did not ask to see the car that Kennedy was in at the time of the assassination which is now sequestered in Dearborn, Michigan at the Ford Motor Company.  Arlen Spector created the Bullet 399 story-- the fabrication of the number of bullets that went through JFK.

This recently released CIA document is false.  The CIA did not ask to have Oswald's corpse dug up. In fact, they ordered it cremated.  And if the Warren Commission had the body of Oswald cremated, then a body was substituted and not the same Oswald that was in Russia.  If any challenged the Commission or the hearing officials to exhume that body now it would be the story of the century.

David Lifton documents an addendum to the Warren Report about a January 21, meeting, regarding Marina Oswald, who was called as a witness before any of the other witnesses were called.  In reference to this meeting, Chairman Earl Warren said, "We will go to the next item H under Roman Numeral 2, the remains of Lee Harvey Oswald, and a letter we received from Nicholas Katzenbaum, Attorney General.

Now the situation is this:  This man is buried in a cemetery and it takes officers around the clock to watch him and watch that "they" don't come in and exhume him and do something that would further injure the country.  No one ever asked Warren who "they" were.  Jerry Ford is still a survivor of that meeting.  He might know.  So it has been suggested that we should save expenses., we should exhume him and cremate him.  The mother (Marguerite) says she didn't care how much it costs or what it is, she just won't consent to his cremation.  But if anyone took credit for cremating this man we would be in trouble.

Senator Russell said, "Do we have jurisdiction in that?  It seems to me it would be in the court down there in Texas.  I don't see that we would have any right to pass that on."  Warren, the same Warren, who ordered the concentration camps for the Japanese in World War II, said, "well, the question might arise as to something on that body.  Now, I don't know what it is, it could be in the course of the bullet, or it might be something else.  But I don't think we would want that disposed of until the report had been made."  There was some question about how Oswald died, that perhaps he had to be helped to the death state, and didn't die from the shot by Ruby.  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Warren, has been told something about the corpse, otherwise why would he make such overtures.  "We can't injure the country.  The country can't stand another shock."

"We wouldn't want to do something until the reports are made," Senator Boggs said.

"Absolutely not," said Senator Russell, "because then they would make a case of if.  I thought we might do this.  I thought we might get a mausoleum to take the body, and we seal it up and put it in the mausoleum and it would be unknown to anybody else."  At the Warren Commission, every secretary and every stenographer and custodian of the minutes of the report worked for the CIA.  Senator Russell continued, "Now the wife would consent to that, and the mother hasn't anything to say about it, if the wife consents.  I would have that rather than cremate it or dig it right now.  We might get into a religious controversy."

John McCloy, head of the World Bank, chairman of Chase Manhattan, on the Warren Commission, released the bulk of the prisoners from the Nuremburg trials.  George Selty said two million files of Nazis were found by the U.S. government in World War II and kept secret.  Her it is 1964, and he's continuing the cover-ups.  "I don't' think we ought to have it on the record that we're moving him on this thing.  We're not saying anything about it."  The steno took it down and it was found in the Archives.  Senator Boggs said that even if you move that corpse 20 feet, somebody is going to say that the body has been switched, that it's not Oswald, and you're going to have to drag that body out and take pictures and x-rays.  It may take a little extra money to pay a few cops to watch it, but in this case, it's worth it.

Quite possibly the real Oswald was flown out of Dallas to Baton Rouge and then to Brazil to the Nazi colony of Daniel Ludwick, described as a missionary of the Latter Day Saints.  Relatives who visited L.H. Oswald in Helsinki before he went to Russia arrived on a military plane.  A former Mormon is trying to expose the conspiratorial assassination links to Mullen Associates, a public relations firm who represented the free Cuba Committee. Mr. Riley, who was receiving money from Mullen and Associates of Washington, D.C. hired L.H. Oswald at the Riley Coffee Company in New Orleans.

A helicopter was left for Oswald's escape from Dallas.  The escape route is not documented yet. Joe Cooper, National Tattler, was doing a big story on the Baton Rouge connections to the JFK assassinations and the Navy Intelligence connections when he was blown to smithereens and killed.  National Tattler went out of publication after that.  This is a very secret story.

The fact that certain witnesses are dead means that Marina Oswald can successfully lie.  DeMorenschildt is dead.  If his wife Jean DeMohrenschildt testifies under oath it will be taken as truth because the man is dead. She put him into Parkland Hospital, where the teacher was given multiple shock treatments to ruin his memory and induce suicide, and he was given drug treatments, then "became suicidal" and "crazy."

There's no accountability of the car that was sent to Michigan or the clothes of JFK or Connally.  The evidence is destroyed.  The witnesses were murdered.  The destruction of evidence and murder of witnesses should have been investigated before new evidence was pondered.  A list of witnesses who have been put in prison or the mental hospital as a result of what they know about the assassination needs to be pursued.  Like Mrs. Stevens, or Abraham Bolden or DeMohrenschildt.  A list of witnesses who worked for the House Select Committee and lawyers who have been blackmailed and are stopping the investigation, should be investigated.

The end.

Letter to President Richard M. Nixon

May 20, 1973

Dear President Nixon:

My name is Mae Brussell.

Have you ever heard my name?

I have a radio program in Carmel, California called "Dialogue Conspiracy."  On  this weekly show I illustrate government conspiracies, how they operate, who is behind them.

My background is nine years research into political assassinations and espionage operations.

The purpose of my work was never a negative one, to hurt any particular people or to tear the country apart.  The sad situation today was inevitable because truth will come out.  To cure a sickness, you have to first diagnose it.

In addition to seeking a diagnosis to America's problems, I spend many hours thinking about the alternatives.  That is why I write to you now.

You are sitting almost alone at this point as the head of a great country you loved which needs your help.

I have studied the causes for this tragedy.

I have also studied the cures.

Half or 3/4 of the problems were created by errors on your part.

But you were also the victim and were going to be the victim of a tragedy worse than what took place so far.

While I am pleased to see truths exposed, and all my messages are proven to be correct, I would still like to help you.

I understand the history of the Cold War, the 1960s, the 1970s and have given a great deal of thought to all these complexities.

I will tell you what I want to do for you, if you would allow me.

What I want is to go with you, away some place, like San Clemente preferably, only because I live in California.

Alone, only with your wife and children, I would give you a complete blueprint of alternatives at this point.

As I stated, my work and research is very positive in many, many ways.

I could take you out of the mess in Washington, present a carefully thought-out plan based upon some evidence, to make you the hero you wanted to be.  You could finish off your office with dignity.  You would not be asked to resign but could establish yourself as the great person you always wanted to be.

The things I would offer you, if you would listen very carefully, would lift you above all this.

Even if there was an espionage squad inside the white House, even if they did everything to assure your election, the problem was they intended to kill you after the nominations.  And you could prove, in a hurry, that their necessity to sabotage the government agencies, the CIA, FBI< Justice Department, was to gain control after you are dead.

Now I am a serious researcher, not some person making jokes or scares.  I have tapes of all my radio shows, and I speak week after week about the plans they had for you later.

As I say, I have alternatives for you to present to Americans on the streets, minorities, Blacks, Chicanos, political prisoners for you to be able to announce drastic changes, make 180 degree changes in your plans and posture, so all would forgive you after the Watergate.  They would all realize that you are a victim, as much as us, of deceit and unlawful plans.

My father is a friend of yours.  He has blessed you in the white House.

We don't agree about many political things because I identify with the underdog and he protects the status quo.  But you, President Nixon, are the underdog today, and I can help heal this nation while the investigations proceed, and you can face the public with a new determination, based upon facts and plans I hold are important for you and all of us at the same time.

Sincerely, Mae Brussell


March 12, 1975

Dear President Ford:

You were a member of the infamous Warren Commission.

You are now in a position of defending these total lies and fabrications or to expose the methods by which public officials are manipulated into the direction of untruths.

[Deleted] was appointed by you to head the Rockefeller Commission.  As a co-worker in this concealment of the conspiracy that murdered President John f. Kennedy, he is the fox guarding the chicken house.

For eleven years I have researched political assassinations. 

This is what I want you to do in payment for my years of dedication and public service to this country.

I want you to provide my transportation to Washington, D.C..

Furthermore, I want to sit down with you, and go into all the avenues where the Warren Commission failed, and how they failed.

Then I will tell you where the gunmen came from, how they got out of town, who financed the assassinations.  How the witnesses were manipulated.

You attended the December 16, 1963 meeting of the Warren Commission.

You must know that Lee Oswald, 5'11"," who was in the Marines, and in the Soviet Union, was flown to Baton Rouge, then to Brazil to serve as a missionary three years.

That Oswald had a top secret security clearance, was trained in radar, U-2 work, and learned language at the spy school in Monterey, California.

I have been in contact with one of the Oswalds, living in the mid-west.

Now is the time for me to tell you what I have learned through my studies.  Lyndon Johnson, before he died, said, "Oswald didn't kill Kennedy."  He mentioned a group in the Caribbean that arranged the murder.  It is time you received the address of this place, and how the "missionary" was financed.

If you don't listen to what I say, this will hang around your neck like Watergate did for Richard Nixon.  This is the time to come forward, with courage and allow these truths to be exposed.

I hope you will not send me a form letter and pass this off lightly because all I have stated above is true.

Sincerely, Mae Brussell