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 Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2000 6:06 PM
 Subject: Marin Recall Petition Update

 Today, three of us stood outside the Farmer's Market at the Marin Civic
 Center and handed out copies of the May 3rd issue of the Marin Pacific
 Sun where that newspaper did a full-page, front cover story on the
 corruption of our court's Family Law division. The Farmer's Market was
 packed and between the three of us, we probably got the word out to a
 couple hundred people.
 Most people with which we spoke knew about, or were familiar with, the
 out-of-control situation occurring in our family courts. One one person,
 who happened to be a clerk for a judge, disagreed with us. We spoke with
 other court personnel, lawyers, and even folks from other counties, and
 most everyone agreed that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark"
 with respect to our family court system, both inside and outside Marin
This was very encouraging, because we have a monumental task in
gathering the tens of thousands of signatures needed to recall the
judges from office. Based on today's outing at the Farmer's Market, it
appears that:
1) Most people are already familiar with the problem at hand, and know
what we are doing;
2) Most people would be willing to sign our recall petition.