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Click. Maltese journalist discovers Interpol warning.  Air Malta acted on warning.

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Maltese journalist discovers Interpol warning - Air Malta acted on warning

07/06/00 KULLHADD (Malta) There has been a lot of discussion regarding the issue of terror threats towards airlines in late 1988. Maltese journalist Joe Mifsud from the Maltese paper KullHadd has kindly provided the readers/viewers of this website with a copy of the original Interpol warning, sent to several airlines all over the world in early November 1988. This warning described the Toshiba bomb device in detail and mentioned the PFLP-GC as possible designers of the threat and the Toshiba bomb.

Contrary to many other international airlines (among them Pan Am!), Air Malta had acknowledged the warning and acted thereupon. According to Joe Mifsud, Malta Police received the Interpol warning on the 15th November 1988 and this warning was copied to Controller of Customs, Director of Civil Aviation, Terminal Manager Luqa Airport, Armed Forces of Malta Airport Security and Security officer of Air Malta on the 22nd November 1988.

Interpol warning dated 15/11/1988 / page 1 Interpol warning dated 15/11/1988 / page 2 Maltese Immigration Security Branch warning to Air Malta, dated 22/11/1988

Joe Mifsud will reveal a series of in-depth facts about Libyan bogus defector and Crown witness AbdulMajed Razraz Jeaka in "KullHadd" next week and will hopefully share this with the readers/viewers of this website...

Background info:
Maltese journalist Joe Mifsud from the Maltese newspaper KullHadd is currently working on coverage of the Lockerbie bombing trial and has covered the criminal investigation since 1988. He can be contacted for more information and further inquiries by any other journalist through his e-mail addres .