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Is Katherine Harris is a serious mind control plant?  The recent election scenario in Florida must have been in the works for several years.  It appears Ms. Harris had been involved in a Christian group called L'Abri and had visited to Switzerland.  This group was set up in 1955 by Dr. Francis Schaeffer.  It turns out Schaeffer in 1942 was in St. Louis and was in the middle of the schism that took place within the Presbyterian Church foreign missions group.  It also turns out that Schaeffer joined the American Council of Christian Churches which was founded by Carl McIntire and that he began traveling to Europe during the years of World War II--mostly to different cantons in Switzerland--at the same time Allen Dulles was there!

In reading the history of the schism in the church group, what I found was that Princeton University--a Presbyterian school--was also in the middle of this disagreement.  One of the spokesmen for Princeton was John Foster Dulles who was using the church to push through the U.N.  Allen Dulles himself was closely involved with psychiatrists who were practicing research on human guinea pigs.  

A well-known fact is that Dulles having mistresses drove his wife, Clover, to be suicidal. Once, she consulted Dulles psychiatrist friend, Ewen Cameron, who did much MKULTRA research on the minds of Canadians. Eventually, many years later, the CIA lost about $100,000 each to the Canadians who Cameron experimented on. Cameron was an extremely evil man as evil as Hitler. His story and his studies of Freud and Jung are widely published about e.g., Journey Into Madness: A True Account of CIA Mind- Control and Medical Abuse, G. Thomas.  Clover Dulles also had a Jungian therapist for a while.

ACCC is an extremely fascist group.  The people behind Hitler were actually pulling the strings from places such as Berne and Geneva and were continuing their mind control research during the war years.  It's very likely that the ACCC was being used to train mind control assassins then.

According to the Torbitt Document, J. Edgar Hoover asked his "friend" Carl McIntire to set up the ACCC.

Another organization participating with the FBI's Division Five at the time of the Kennedy assassination, was a religious   group  called  the  American  Council  of   Christian Churches. A.C.C.C.'s West Coast representative, E.E. Bradley, was indicted  by  the  New Orleans Grand Jury for complicity  in  the assassination. A.C.C.C. launched a campaign in 1964, at J.  Edgar Hoover's request, to elect him President of the United States.7

In 1941, J. Edgar Hoover had his good friend and agent, Carl McIntire, organized the espionage and intelligence unit under  the cover  name  "American Council of Christian  Churches"  with  the headquarters  in New York City. This group was able  to  take  in many  innocent  religious  groups who  did  not  know  they  were connected  with a spy and propaganda agency. However, Hoover  and McIntire  through this guise were able to place agents posing  as ministers and missionaries throughout the United States and  most Latin American countries. We will examine the involvement of this
group's agents later.8

      HOOVER  was joined in the cabal to murder President Kennedy by .... H.L. HUNT of A.C.C.C.... 

Francis Schaeffer, who set up the school where Katherine Harris was probably
programmed, was tied in with McIntire's group:

Schaeffer and his wife founded the Children for Christ ministry in St. Louis, which soon became widely adopted by other evangelical churches. In 1947 he traveled throughout Europe as a representative of the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions and as the American Secretary for the Foreign Relations Department of the American Council of Christian Churches. In 1948 he moved with his family to Lausanne, Switzerland to begin mission work, and moved the following year to Champery, Switzerland, where he wrote Basic Bible Studies.

In the center of these battles was J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937), assistant
professor of New Testament literature and exegesis at Princeton Theological
Seminary. Despite temptations from liberalism during his graduate study in Marburg and Göttingen in 1905-6, Machen had become a firm upholder of the conservative tradition of the Princeton theology. He established a solid scholarly reputation through The Origin of Paul's Religion (1921) and later The Virgin Birth of Christ (1930), and he penned one of the most cogent popular defenses of the conservative position, Christianity and Liberalism (1923).

Princeton, long one of the bastions of orthodoxy in the PCUSA, was the next center of controversy within the denomination as that school became the focus of an effort to reorganize the board. This the denomination did in 1929, installing a board committed to a more theologically inclusive course. In protest, Machen left to found Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Joining him were several faculty and students from Princeton, including Robert Dick Wilson, Cornelius Van Til, O. T. Allis, Francis
Schaeffer, and Carl McIntire. 5

The Bible Presbyterian Split

While still an infant church, Machen's group divided into what eventually became known as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Bible Presbyterian Church.

This split resulted from two issues of importance to the Fundamentalist movement: alcohol and premillennialism. Generally, the Reformed confessionalists took a position rooted in the idea of "Christian liberty." Since the Bible did not clearly condemn alcohol, then the believer could follow his own conscience on the matter. Machen himself was not opposed to wine, and he in fact opposed prohibition. Other issues also figured in discussions about the limits of Christian liberty, such as the use of tobacco, but alcohol was the central, most controversial point.

Opposing this tendency within the new church was a group led by Carl McIntire, a pastor in Collingswood, New Jersey, and J. Oliver Buswell, president of Wheaton College. They came out strongly for total abstinence from alcohol and tobacco. They protested vigorously because Westminster Seminary did not ban these substances and charged that even the faculty were partaking.

You can get another insight into this split that occurred at another site, written by a different faction of the so-called "Christian fundamentalists." This was the faction which Billy Graham came out of.  However it traces its roots to the same place and time period in which Francis Schaeffer emerged, even though his name is not mentioned at the website article: { The Association traces its beginnings to April 7-9, 1942, when a modest group of 147 people met in St. Louis with the hopes of reviving the fortunes of evangelical Christianity in America.

The same article does refer to McIntire's role in the split: 

The only source of tension during the proceedings centered upon a motion presented by the fiery fundamentalist from New Jersey, Carl McIntire. He pleaded with participants to join the American Council of Christian Churches, an organization he had founded, a month before the October 1941 exploratory meeting in Chicago, as a declaration of war against the Federal Council of Churches (FCC). The issue had been placed on the table at the earlier Chicago meeting, but in St. Louis the participants declined McIntire's invitation, believing that a more positive testimony to the gospel was needed.

Another website gives more detail about the relationship between McIntire and Schaeffer is {

Carl McIntire is now 92 years of age. He was born in 1906 in the Midwest and while reading such books by J.Gresham Machen as "What is Faith?" (Banner of Truth) he concluded he wanted to study in Princeton under Machen's teaching. But it was not long before he felt he knew better than his teacher. He was ordained in 1931 in the Presbyterian Church USA. In 1933 he was called to the church at Collingswood, not far from Philadelphia, where he has remained. The following year he joined the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions which Machen had organized to make sure conservative missionaries were being commissioned. For doing this Machen and McIntire were ejected from the PCUSA.

A new denomination was started in 1936 with McIntire amongst the 34 ministers and 17 elders signing the declaration, but within months McIntire had probably incited Dr. Oliver Buswell and others to insist that the new church support a total abstinence stand on alcohol. Machen was at the same time voted off the Independent Board for Foreign Missions. Weighed down by these disappointments Machen succumbed to an infection that ended in pneumonia and he died in Bismarck, North Dakota, on January 1 1937. At the General Assembly of that year the whole group split into two, McIntyre and the pre-millenialist non-alcohol people forming the Bible Presbyterian Church while the Presbyterians centering on Westminster Seminary formed the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

McIntire set up a whole series of organizations serving what he called the "20th Century Reformation." He launched his magazine, the "Christian Beacon," began a radio programme, attacked the World Council of Churches and picketed their meetings. His message was enthusiastically received by Fundamentalists. But all was not well. In 1956 the General Assembly of the Bible Presbyterian Church voted to leave the American Council of Christian Churches and the International Council of Christian Churches which McIntire had founded. This split the BPC into two. The majority, which included FRANCIS SCHAEFFER, gave McIntire the name of the denomination, Shelton College, Faith Seminary, the ACCC and ICCC. The remainder formed the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. In 1965 they joined a group from the United Presbyterian Church to become the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod. This denomination joined the PCA in 1982.

Therefore, it seems Schaeffer and McIntire were working within the same organization until another split occurred in the church group in 1956.  It was 1955 that Schaeffer allegedly set up the academy in Switzerland which Katherine Harris later attended.  So the question is, was there a division of labor that occurred at this point or just that there was a decision to further compartmentalize the operations.

It has been suggested in the book entitled Crossed Fingers: How the Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church (a full description of which appears at and an excerpt of
which is posted at the url below) that perhaps the purpose of the split was to gain control of a large number of churches which could be convinced to support the passage of the United Nations after the planned World War II: 

Theological liberalism steadily manifested itself in the affairs of the Church. Consider the overwhelming support given by the General Assembly to the creation of something like the United Nations Organization, beginning in May, 1941, four years before the UN was created. (The influence of John Foster Dulles was crucial in this early support; he was a strong internationalist prior to 1948.)(31) In every year but one, 1946 to 1990,
the General Assembly annually promoted the work of the UN.(32) In 1947, eleven years after the de-frocking of Machen, two decades before the 1903 Westminster Confession was revised, the General Assembly voted its approval of the following position: "We believe that the ultimate goal for World Organization should be Federal World Government. The success of the United Nations is an important step toward this end."(33) Once in the hands of power religionists, the proclamation of the Northern Presbyterian Church's political commitments preceded the proclamation of its confessional commitment. 
NOTES:  31. Mark G. Toulouse, "Working Toward Meaningful Peace:
John Foster Dulles and the Federal Council of Churches, 1937-1945," Journal
of Presbyterian History, 61 (Winter 1983). 32. Robert F. Smylie, "The Presbyterian Church and the United Nations: An Overview," American Presbyterians, 68 (Summer 1990), p. 73. 33. Minutes of the General Assembly, 1947, p. 209. Cited in ibid., p. 78. 3.htm

The Presbyterian Church brags about its New World Order connections:


How long has the Presbyterian Church supported the United Nations? Since before the organization began. Even during the early years of World War II the Presbyterian Church was helping to lay the ground work for such an organization by supporting the work of the Federal Council of Churches Commission on the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace. The commission was chaired by John Foster Dulles, a lawyer-statesman, Presbyterian elder and ecumenical churchman. John Alexander McKay, then President of Princeton Seminary, helped to provide the Commission's theological grounding. The Presbyterian Church established its own Special Committee on a Righteous Peace in 1942 and launched a "World Order Movement" in 1944. From this followed a promotion blitz in the fall of 1944 and spring of 1945 in anticipation of the founding conference of the U.N. in San Francisco. Today the Presbyterian Church's support for the U.N. is manifested in the Presbyterian United Nations Office (PUNO). This office, part of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, represents the church and the church's concern for justice and peace and the United Nations' role in achieving those two goals. The PUNO's role is guided and defined by Presbyterian General Assembly policy, reflected in more than 200 resolutions.

Fritz Springmeier has alleged that Billy Graham--also from a Presbyterian
fundamentalist background, which is one of the primary sources for Masonic activity --was not only a victim but a perpetrator of mind control: .  (For background, also see  The therapist can learn about what is happening so that they can better deal with what the SRA survivors are beginning to reveal. The grooming of the American people to believe massive amounts of lies did work, UNTIL a few loving therapists, ministers, and doctors began to liberate victims of the Monarch trauma-based mind-control. These programmed multiples began revealing a horror story of deception unparalleled in history. ...Everyone
in the Illuminati of any significance has participated in grooming the public to believe that Billy Graham is a great man of God. Graham has stood beside each of the Presidents and the Pope. The Illuminati don't just program individuals, they program whole nations. The public has been led to believe in a television image. But what if the secular media's image of Billy Graham is not real? For Christians it means that they can quit trusting in a man, and place their trust fully on God. For secular readers,
they can begin to see the extent of how America's institutions have been corrupted by the horrible trauma-based mind-control. ...

People don't grasp that just because a preacher can sincerely preach what seems a "perfect sermon," doesn't mean that he can't also be part of the Satanic hierarchy. What is happening with the Illuminati's ability to create programmed multiples is that we are getting perfect preachers who are secret hierarchy members. Some of their "perfect sermons" are full of slides, such as "the Christian people need to get involved in the voting process. Christians love to hear such things, it tickles their ears, but the truth is that the entire voting process has been captured and corrupted. Voting machines have repeatedly been exposed to have been rigged, and the controlled media and public denial have prevented Americans from giving up their myth that the common man's votes run this nation. ... Billy Graham described his friendship with Allen Dulles, I make every effort not to let it appear that I favor one party over another. I count Secretary Dulles a friend, but Senator Humphrey is also a good friend of mine, [who he met] ... when we were both swimming nude at the YMCA pool in Minneapolis where he was running for mayor." A friendship with Allen Dulles? Allen Dulles, director of the CIA, was one of the biggest perpetrators of the trauma-based mind-control that this book is about. Humphrey also received orders from the Satanic hierarchy. And what is this swimming in nude? When Billy Graham had his 1954 Crusade, large sums of the money came directly from people in the Illuminati, the Whitneys, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, and Chase Manhattan. ... As a programmed multiple who participates in Satanic Ritual, Billy Graham has deceived everyone. The second area is concerns about his support for a One-World Church and a One-World-Government. 

There's another interesting theory propounded by "Kerry Thornley" at the following url:

Before Hitler actually put it into practice, that was a very popular idea known as Eugenics and supported by Presidents Coolidge and Hoover, the Morgans, Harriman, et. al. What have since renamed themselves Psychiatric associations were originally Eugenic Societies and Carl Gustav Jung played an important role in the transition. Mary Bancroft, assistant to Allen Dulles, was in therapy with Jung when -Dulles began playing footsie with the SS in Operation Sunrise. My surmise is Dulles,
Jung and the SS guys created a secret society when Kim Philby sabotaged their separate peace idea based on Jung's conception that one of the few problems with Nazism was Hitler and the strong role of the dominating father in the German family unit that made Hitler appealing. Renegade CIA agent John Stockwell, who was close to Dulles, told me that is exactly what happened. 
Kerry Wendell Thornley, POB 5498, Atlanta, GA 30307

There's also the story about New Era, the investment company of John G. Bennett.

It seems their tickling ears just couldn't resist a rumor floating around he Christian financial community that a Philanthropic organization headed by an Evangelical was offering a matching fund program which guaranteed them a doubling of their, (or should I say your) money. By being able to drop names like Rockefeller, Billy Graham, etc. as references, John G. Bennett was able to convince the financial officers of the leading Christian organizations to invest hundreds of millions of believers money into a fund
called New Era. ... A partial list of those Christian ministries who were fleeced are:

James Dobson's Focus on the Family
Pat Robertson's 700 Club
Bill Bright's Campus Crusade
Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship
World Vision
Youth For Christ, International
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
Salvation Army
Walk Through the Bible Ministries
Young Life
Moody Bible Institute
Christian Broadcasting Network
Wheaton College
Chapel of the Air

.. . .and the list goes on and on and on. The government estimates as much
as $550 million dollars were involved. Surely these ministries will throw the
blame onto anything other than themselves.

The American church, as I mentioned on the audio tape entitled, the Church
is a rich prostitute, owns over a trillion dollars of real estate, stocks,
bonds, etc. It's gathering and use of this money is on extremely
unscriptural grounds.