California State Bar Fails to Take Action Against Admitted Child Abuser

Over three years ago, in February of 1998 attorney Marshall W. Krause pled "No Contest" to WIC Section 300 (a) & (b) charges of child abuse and endangerment for actions against his own daughter, Alanna Krause, in Los Angeles Juvenile Court.  There is also a Domestic Violence Restraining against Mr. Krause, issued by Ventura County Superior Court in 1997 and renewed again in 2000.

Soon thereafter a complaint was filed with the Bar Association by  Alanna's mother.  The complaint, which asked that Marshall W. Krause be disbarred, was sent on the recommendation of a former California Bar Association Court  Judge.

To date the disciplinary committee has done absolutely nothing, not even an investigation in regards Mr. Krause.

The issues related to the Marshall W. Krause case and the Karen Winner investigation of Marin County Family Court have been reported in over 50 articles in every major bay area newspaper for the past 1-1/2 years.  Those papers include the Chronicle, the Examiner, the SF Weekly, the Pacific Sun, the Marin IJ, and the Novato Advance.  Further the story has been covered in the the National Law Journal, the SF & LA editions of the Daily Journal legal news and the Marin Court Reporter.  KCAL-9 TV in LA did a three part expose on this case last November.

Marshall W. Krause is the former Counsel, Board Member and Fundraiser for the ACLU of Northern California; Past President of the Marin County Bar Association and partner (of counsel) in the firm of Krause & Baskin. He is still actively practicing as an attorney.

When Mr. Krause pled "No Contest" to WIC Section 300 (a) & (b) charges of child abuse and endangerment for actions against his own daughter, Alanna Krause, the court noted that:

Welfare and Institutions Code 300, (a) and (b) states in relevant part: " (a) the minor has suffered, or there is substantial risk that the minor will suffer, serious physical harm inflicted non accidentally upon the minor by the minor's parent... and (b) there must be evidence that the child is exposed to a substantial risk of serious physical harm or illness."

The LA ruling was based on numerous incidents of Mr. Krause's abuse, which occurred over many years and his inappropriate past and planned placement of a healthy child in a locked, out of state facility.

All charges were investigated by LA social services, who reported that incidents of abuse had been brought to the attention of Marin Child Protective Services nine times and Marin Family Court (Commissioner Sylvia Shapiro), who had failed to take appropriate action.

The LA investigation report was a month long, impartial examination of the Alanna Krause's charges against her father and included testimony and hundreds of pages of evidence.

It reported the evaluation by Dr. Ed Oklan was lacking professionalism and it and the rulings by Commissioner Shapiro were based on "tainted" reports offered by Mr. Krause's family therapist, Lana Clark, LCSW, who had been involved in a "relationship of an intimate nature" with Krause at the time.

Karen Winner reported that Commissioner Shapiro, the attorney she appointed for the minor, Sandra Acevedo, Ed Oklan, Lana Clark and Marin CPS all knew about the abuse and should be investigated for their conspiracy to cover it up.

In her Op-Ed piece for both the SF and LA July 17, 2000 Editions of the Daily Journal, Alanna Krause
had this to say about her father, Marshall W. Krause:

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"My father is an abuser, and living with him was a mental and physical hell and definitely not in my best interests.  Yet, in Marin Family Court, that seemed to be irrelevant..."

"My father, a wealthy and well connected lawyer, used his influence and money to
manipulate the system..."

"The judge, Sylvia Shapiro-Pritchard, an admitted long-time friend of my father's,
rubber-stamped any order my father requested. I wrote the judge letters, called her office and did everything I could to make myself heard.  She ignored my pleas.  I had no rights."

"Finally, one day my father threw me into a stone wall at school and a teacher called Child Protective Services..."

"...My father panicked.  He had worked so hard to build a delicate set of lies to present
himself as the well-meaning parent...  The truth was his worst fear..."

"Acting quickly, he had my therapist, his lover (Lana Clark), suddenly decide I was
dangerously troubled and needed to be locked up.  So I, an 11-year old straight-A student who had never tried sex, drugs or alcohol, nor ever been in a fight, found myself in an out of state lock down facility with 17-year old drug-dealing gang-banging street kids.

I was beaten up, taunted and was blocked from communicating with the outside world.  I was forced into therapy where they tried to brainwash me into believing my mother was insane, that my father's drug use didn't exist and that the abuse my father inflicted on me was all in my head."

Alanna Krause now lives in safety with her mother. She is a National Merit Scholar and scored a perfect 800 on her SAT verbal exam.  She heads to college in the fall.