Dr. SELIM (presenting Dr. Khalaf): Dr. Khalaf is a strategic analyst (Major General, ret.) and fellow of the Nasr Higher Military Academy; a Member of the Royal College of Defense Studies (RCDS) London, and honorary member of the Association of the United States Army, Fort Benning, Georgia. He participated in several training courses with the U.S. Army in the United States and Germany.

Dr. KHALAF: Military-strategic analysis is an independent branch of science within the strategic sciences, and not mere predictions and speculations. But, it has complete rules that are identical to "post-mortem tests", an autopsy process used to find out the causes of the death. First, [regarding the September 11 attacks] we are confronted with a technical operation of extremely great dimensions.

We estimate that the planning organ for this operation must have consisted of at least 100 specialized technicians, who needed one year for planning.

Each stage of this operation has many details, and every single technical detail needs measures, which are called "deception" and camouflaging against around 10 specialized organs in the United States of America, which are called the "Intelligence Community".

We will not say the CIA, but we will say the DIA, which is the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The DIA has a highly qualified technical capability that enables it to -- I will not exaggerate and say it can monitor every single square meter of the planet audio-visually at any moment.

There is an agency called the National Security Agency. Our question is how could the Intelligence Community, which has an Executive Order from President Clinton, and President Bush, an OK from Bush, that this group [Al Qaida] should be put under direct monitoring by the American Intelligence, then it slips under their nose and manages to do planning for two years for this operation?

I agree ... that there was a penetration operation.

Actually, I had difficulty in saying this [before].

Yes, there was a penetration of the security system and the U.S. armed forces, and I will tell you how.

We will ask some questions and try to answer them very quickly.

The first question, the air-defense system the North American aerospace defense command (NORAD).

This system is a very sophisticated system, and it is supposed to detect any airplane that takes off. Even when an airplane lifts its wheels above an airstrip in Russia, it knows about it. Now, the airplanes are flying. With my respect to Dr. Selim who said that the pilot [of the hijacked airplane] did not give the alarm signal, no, he did. One pilot did warn.

He contacted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and indeed informed it that there was a hijacking, and the air-defense command was informed.

We have a surprising case here.

The air base in Andrews: this air base, by the way, has its own defense system around the base, which consists of two jet fighters (which can scramble); they would be in the air within 2-3 minutes.

The squadron in Andrews received the alert in the same moment but did not fly?

This issue disappeared and nobody talked about it.

This is noteworthy. This answers the question why President Bush was unable to enter Washington for 10 hours? This, of course reveals, that there were security gaps at this time. Nobody in the White House was able to reach him before 7:00 PM. There were extreme reservations.

We will now see the navigation system, so that you know the difficulty. Every small country has a radar system, which sends a signal and the signal hits the airplane and then returns to the radar and appears on the screen.

For the U.S., there are thousands of flights. This radar system is "outside." Inside the U.S., of course, [let me give] an example: it is not reasonable to light the whole mountain, therefore you give every person a lamp to find his way in the night. So, each airplane has a device called a transponder inside the airplane. It works automatically, and leads others to its location. As soon as you enter the flying approach in the airport, you get the flight schedule.

The pilot knows his place. He takes the instructions and enters.

Here we have a puzzle at this stage.

This is the first airplane (FLT 11).

This one aroused my interest, I will explain it later.

All the airplanes took off from 7:58 to 8:10.

Combined, they flew 132 minutes in all.

The first airplane took off 7:59 and hit the tower at 8:45.

It took 46 minutes.

It made a maneuver, it went all the way and made a U-turn and hit the tower in the 46th minute.

We want to count in the 46 minutes.

The group, which was reportedly on board Flight 11, whose list was published. Their ages range between 22 and 32 years. If you add up their life times, that would not be enough time for training.

That he [the pilot or hijacker] shuts off [the transponder] while being on board a Boeing 767 and reaches his target relying only on satellite navigation to do what he did in 46 minutes?!

When did he hijack the plane? When did he get control over it?

How could he shut down everything and continue his flight?

Naturally, he turned off everything, and turned off the transmission, because he expected that the air defense would pursue him.

He turned off the transmission and made his maneuver.

Those hijackers must have known a lot about the air defense system in detail, such as that the air force pilots and air controller had never practiced procedures for [confronting] hijacked commercial airplanes.

There is a second issue. The high level of the operation does not match the level of the evidence presented. When we come and try, as usually policemen do in a murder investigation when they look for traces and evidence.

The criminal breaks the glass or steals something and so forth.

But this high-level performance didn't match with the level of evidence, for example, the "How To Fly An Airplane" guidebook left in their cars.

Targetting: Here is a question.

There is something scientific in choosing targets, called "targetting".

This targetting science is very complicated.

Naturally, we know that there are innumerable kinds of targets.

The capability to hit targets may be limited to one time, or, we have to detect which had a first priority and which the second, etc.

Whether they are in the air, sea, underground or satellites in space, choosing the time to hit each target is subject to many elements (in military language), such as something called "target escalation."

So, the task of choosing targets must also be carried out by somebody who is a high-level military expert.

He would say: "What would I strike? With what? And when?"

Now, there is a very strange point in the timing of the strikes.

When we analyze the strikes, we find that airplane Flight 11, and Flight 175 [did the following:]

The first hit the tower in 46 minutes, after making the maneuver.

The second hit the northern tower after 67 minutes, and made a 20-minute difference. Why? Why did it wait 20 minutes?

There is a scientific answer.

The first thing is called escalation of strikes.

This means that someone is observing, he sees and registers: where the first strike hit, and where the second should hit, somebody who can see and report.

The other thing is, when they delay, and take a target with a certain time interval.

This means that they strike the first target and make a "time outside," [this is the time to] bring in the rescue equipment very quickly, and when all the rescue equipment and firefighters have completed their entry, the assailants move to make the second strike.

And this is what happened actually that day.

All the fire and rescue cars got inside the tower, and then it exploded and they lost their rescue capability, and increased the losses.

In the target number 3 [the Pentagon], which is very interesting indeed, the flight took off from Dulles, Washington at 8:10 and hit the crash point at 9:43.

Dulles is just 10 minutes or less from the Pentagon.

Instead, they made a trip westward, and returned.

Why did they choose the timing 9:43? Why the delay?

And wait around 45 minutes from the strike number 2?

Because there was to be a summoning of a group of specialized commanders. Therefore, they hit the helicopter pad. They thought about this meeting as a [meeting to develop a] military concept, to face what had happened. They planned to hit the pad.

Now, who would be at the meeting, is another question.

This was a tactical measure that was carried out.

It was planned that Rumsfeld and his group would gather in a hurry and there would be a helicopter arriving at the Pentagon, and [therefore] the Pentagon helicopter pad would be hit exactly at this time. They did not strike immediately. This target was very well studied.

This was studied rigorously; indeed, the airplane crashed at the pad. This was synchronized....

The other point which we want to say was planned, involves the fourth plane. It crashed in Pittsburgh at 10:10.

It went all the way to Cleveland and returned.

Flying is not as easy as this; they turn off all navigation elements and continued only with satellite navigation.

All this was done while they were flying, and returning.

It was planned to hit the White House at 10:30.

It took off at 8:01. Two hours and a half. Why this delay?

Because the President was not yet in the White House and they had to wait until the President and his assistant came inside the target.

What kind of hijacker would be thinking this way?

And it was planned to hit at 10:30.

From this perspective, then we go back and take a look at the state of things at the White House.

Of course, the American leadership is aware of these things very, very, well. They understood [what was going on] very well.

The state of shock resulting from this performance... , where was President Bush during that day?

He left Flordia, and headed to Barksdale (AFB) Louisiana, and put the U.S. military on high alert, worldwide at (1.04 PM), and flew to Offutt (AFB) Nebraska.

It was a long time before the President would be back to Washington with three fighter jet escorts, and arrived at the White House (6:54 PM) and at 8:30 PM, delivered his address.

Why was the President away from Washington all this time?

There was of course a great deal of confusion in the system, and the jet fighters that took off, came from Langley air base, and this is located about 140 miles north of Washington.

Of course, by the time these planes got prepared and flew and had hardly entered Washington, everything was finished and completed at this stage.

These are the detailed explanations, which I wanted to mention about the puzzling part.

Now, the puzzling question is the preparation and training of these people who had the capability to follow up and execute:

When were they selected? When did the training take place?

When were the surveillance, intelligence gathering and study operations conducted?

From the Intelligence organs....

I believe that the U.S. Intelligence Community, which has now around $150 billion in annual expenses, can gather information, and has "critical communications" and special satellites. Any "critical accident" that takes place in world, whether in Tokyo or Cairo, reaches the U.S. President within minutes with all the details.

There is, actually, one question, which is posed here.

That is that there is no proportionality between the performance of the operation and the performance of Bin Laden and his followers, as we have seen and heard later on in his speeches.

Indeed, the question which we pose here again is ...

It is known beforehand that if President Bush could say, "it was Bin Laden" in his speech one hour after his arrival at the White House at 8:30 PM, and he ordered the U.S. army to move to Afghanistan.

That means he made Bin Laden and his followers into huge enemies of the USA [although] they are worth nothing and know nothing about Islam either. We are not saying this is a plan, because planning takes a long time.

But what we are saying is that, what happened after September 11 was planned before September 11. Everything was prepared before. The US needed to work under the cover fighting terrorism to achieve a lot of mysterious objectives.

The amount of ammunition which is now hitting Afghanistan:

I would say that Afghanistan has been turned into a shooting training field, because what one learns in the first years of military college is that aerial bombardment [in mountain area] does not yield any results, especially if there is no military infrastructure on the ground.

Afghanistan is a mountainous region.

This bombardment is incomprehensible and not clear at all, now, what going on after three months using tremendous US war machine in Afghanistan, against whom?

But we have some answers such as testing for new weapons like neutron bombs and earth penetrating bombs and more....

In the end we still have a question:

Who planned and executed September 11, this strategic operation against the US?