by Kathryn Dixon
© May 6, 2002

Make no mistake about it, the recent arrests and some convictions of pedophile priests who abused children is an intelligence operation to cut down the power of the Catholic church.  This operation is cloaked with an idealistic goal --that some priest-child abusers, will be stopped and that abused children will receive compensation.  But truly how many of these molested children will actually be benefited by this operation?  Mostly males from more privileged backgrounds who are mentally sound enough to seek help or who have parents to help them are the litigants in court who will receive compensation.  Female victims of the priests who were or are being abused are far less likely to litigate though more females than males were likely abused.  Few children from racial minorities are litigants in court. The pattern of compensation through these litigations is moving toward being unfair, sexist, and racist.

The exposure of the molester-priests, at this time, is an operation to cut down the political, social-psychological, and spiritual power of the Catholic Church in America.  The power of the Catholic Church is being hacked away by several district attorneys and judges, who after years of applying the doctrine of letting elite pedophiles do what they will, suddenly decided to make serious arrests and obtain convictions. Everyone knows local D.A.s, Judges, and U.S. prosecutors who saw the priest-molesters hopping across state and international boundaries, and let this these perps go free for decades.  The typical pattern of conduct to report abuse by a priest in Northern California was the following:  (1) the very few children or parents who had the courage or insight to make a report filed a complaint with the police or sheriff's department; (2) an officer or sheriff usually contacted the priest or his superior who stated the matter would be handled within the church. There was no prosecution. The complainant was discredited or somehow placated.

Suddenly, in 2002,  a tremendous scandal hit the American Catholic church like a sledgehammer. True, it had been building up for years.  But in 2002, a year of profound religious strife and the rise of the "religious right", the America Catholic Church suddenly faced its Waterloo. Who worked hard to bring about this result?   One of the most prominent adversaries of the Church is a Boston Attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, the trail-blazer in the child molestation cases involving the Boston Diocese.  Garabedian's superb skills in bringing approximately 84 civil litigations against priests in Massachusetts led to the conviction of high profile pedophile priest Geoghan and put Cardinal Bernard Law on the front line of the cover-up.  The end result is that many Catholics are requesting Law resign. Who is Garabedian? Click. For data about Garabedian's family. Click.

The Catholic Church in America has tremendous political power. George W. Bush assiduously courted the Catholic vote.  Prominent Catholics had a skybox at the 2000 Republican convention.  Immediately after his inauguration, President Bush had dinner at Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's home.  For decades, the Catholic Church has pushed its agenda, which has much more to do with regulating sex than promoting social welfare.  The Church has access to politicians, writes proposed legislation and lobbies its causes.  The Church has taken stands against the pill, abortion, homosexuality.  The Church even recommends that condoms be denied to people with AIDS in the third world and of course, to students at local high schools and colleges. Many people know Catholics who would have eagerly voted for Al Gore, except that Gore stood for a woman's right to choose. Thus many Catholics felt compelled to vote for George Bush.

Now, the Catholic Church has taken the slings and arrows of its own pedophile priests and cover-up artists such as Cardinal Law and others.  It has been unable to create a Truth and Justice Commission of any sort.  The Church now looks like a powerless group of old men who are out of touch with reality.  The Pope lacks relevancy.

A fantastic operation was conducted against the American Catholic Church.  Of course, it was a self-inflicted wound. But a wound which now festers in public and lacks a proper dressing, let alone a cure. The Catholic Church can no longer speak with moral authority about its favorite sexual prohibitions; the Church can no longer achieve increased political power, when parents won't let even let a child talk to a priest without another adult present.

Who is now is the next target for this operation, which seems to have been timely planned by some "intelligence group"?  What about all the District Attorneys, U.S. Attorneys, and Judges who always knew that the priests were abusing children and willingly covered it up.  There's a topic for Attorney Garabedian. There's a scandal worse than that of the holy men who were the original perpetrators.  Do the officers of the court who allowed the abuse to continue by not acting have official "immunity" for the cover-up of child abuse on their watch. 

The elite pedophile priests who got away with their predatory practices for decades probably knew of and shared their perversion with  other elite perverts, many of whom manipulated the law itself.  The Catholic Church is, after all, a social place to meet. Catholicism is a social and spiritual bond.  Many Catholics, for example, like to do business with Catholics. An indication of the involvement of prosecutors, the judiciary and law enforcement in the pedophile racket, without going into the personal element, is demonstrated by their delicate handling of the pedophile priests for decades up to the present time.

It is no secret in Northern California that the D.A.'s office in Marin, Sonoma, and Alameda Counties treated the pedophile priest cases very delicately. Statutes of limitations were obviously ignored in San Francisco. Serious clerical errors were made.  Bail was reduced. Plea bargains resulted in light sentences.

Prominent examples are the following:

Sonoma D.A. J. Michael Mullins, himself a good Catholic, worked very very slowly to prosecute of molester-priests.  He moved so slowly one alleged pedophile priest, was out of jail on bail, and killed himself, because he was unable to face prosecution.  Rev. John Rogers of Arcata was found dead in a Belgian forest on Nov. 13, 1995, a week after he was ordered by the Catholic Church to return to California for an internal investigation into allegations he molested a boy in 1976.

Gary Timmons, the one-time priest who was accused of sexually abused up to eighteen young boys at a church camp and in parish bedrooms over a thirty year period at the Santa Rosa Diocese, served only four years of an 8-year concurrent sentence reached by a plea bargain negotiated by Mullins.

Charges of molestation against priest Don Kimball were thrown out by the court after Mullins missed the statute of limitations, and were later reinstated by Sonoma County Judge Boyd.  Kimball was convicted on April 16, 2002 of molesting a 13-year old girl in 1981.

San Francisco D.A.'s Terrence Hallinan and his predecessors let the statute of limitations expire in the O'Shea case. The scores of sex-molestation charges against Patrick O'Shea, a once- powerful figure in San Francisco's Roman Catholic Church, were dismissed on March 14, 2002, by Judge Robert Garcia who said prosecutors waited too long to file.

The Oakland Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church says it is currently reviewing 20 cases of sexual misconduct involving priests, including more than a dozen that involve children. Click. Where was the Alameda D.A. when all these cases occurred?  Tom Orloff, the Alameda D.A. is notorious for letting the Emery School child molesters and experimenters walk free without any investigation and prosecution. 

Orloff is also famous for losing track of NAMBLA member Jonathan Michael Tampico, a former Lawrence Livermore Laboratory nuclear physicist with top secret clearance who befriended a Fremont boy and then repeatedly sexually assaulted him.  In 1995, Fremont Police issued a warrant for Tampico after discovering a storage locker rented by Tampico which held 53 containers of child pornography, one of the largest collection of child porn ever uncovered in Northern California. Tampico's storage space was described by Fremont Officer Goodness as a "clearinghouse" for men with the same interests as Tampico. A series of police and District Attorney errors resulted in Tampico's escaping prosecution. On November 7, 1997, a Federal Warrant was issued by the Federal Court for the arrest of Jonathan Tampico. In 1998, he was arrested in College Station, Texas and was eventually convicted.

It is not surprising, given his pathetic track record in pedophile cases, that Orloff is not requesting that the Catholic Church in Alameda County turn over records of abuse of children by priests.  Sonoma D.A. Mullins also didn't request the records.  

At what point should the public hold the cover up artists for pedophiles accountable?   

Newly elected  Sonoma County D.A. Stephan Passalacqua, not yet in office, has yet to publicly call for records on pedophile priests in the notorious Santa Rosa diocese.  San Francisco D.A. Hallinan has requested records from the San Francisco diocese going back 75 years. San Mateo County D.A. James Fox, has requested records regarding any cases "that can still be prosecuted."   Marin County D.A. Paula Freschi Kamena has not requested any of the Catholic Church records of possible child molestation cases in Marin County.  Santa Clara District Attorney George Kennedy has not requested records from the San Jose Diocese.  The phrase "hear no evil, see no evil" comes to mind.

So what is the solution to the American Catholic Church dilemma? 

Simply, if priests were married, the Church would have to pay higher salaries to support their spouses and children and to provide benefits and education. The cost of a priest would go up about 50%. (And adding gay companions to the equation would only increase the amount of support and benefits which would be required.) Only when it is more expensive to pay off litigants who have been abused that it is to pay for married priests, nuns and brothers and their families, will the legal fiction of celibacy stop and the potentiality of bringing fulfilled sexual life styles and love to the Catholic Church begin. That's the price that must be paid to being normal reality to the Catholic Church in 21st Century. Until then, if the Pope won't give love a chance with all due economic and emotional support, the intelligence operation against the American Catholic Church continues.