by Kathryn Joanne Dixon

On Monday, February 4, 2007, it was revealed in El Dorado Superior Court that Mark Allen Masterson, 56, is the new secret witness whom the El Dorado County deputy D.A. Trish Kelliher intends call to the stand to testify as to a prior bad act of the defendant Phillip Arthur Thompson. Thompson's trial is set for February 19, 2008.

Mr. Masterson and Thompson were charged in 1971 in Sacramento County Superior Court with the rape of Sharon Strain. Thompson was acquitted of the offense. The deputy D.A. intends to show that Thompson feared being caught in a sexual assault of Betty Cloer just days before he was to go to trial in the Strain case, so that he was motivated to murder Cloer to silence her. Besides Thompson's acquittal by a jury in the Strain case, the DDA Kelliher's theory regarding Thompson's motivation was almost impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in that only a preliminary hearing transcript (uncertified by the court reporter) existed. The trial transcript could not be located. In addition, Thompson had many alibi witnesses regarding the Strain case who testified on his behalf at the time. Ms. Strain is now deceased.

Now, however, Mark Allen Masterson will presumably testify regarding Thompson's alleged sexual assault upon Strain.

Mr. Masterson has proclaimed on his website that he calls his company "Masterson Transport" and that he lives and works in Santa Rosa, California and Sparks, Nevada. Mr. Masterson states that his "experience" is as follows:



Transportation Companies - Owned and Operated

January 1993 to Present

Bay Area Plus, LLC - Medical Transportation Owner and Operator

This is considered the most profitable company started in January of 1993, a chauffeured automobile transportation company that worked solely within workers’ compensation insurance injuries. This business provided patient transfers that covered the entire northern and central areas of California plus the Bay Area Proper to take patients primarily to San Francisco for legal and medical appointments. This business was considered by insurance companies as the “first call” company to use. This business developed the most business with the lowest overhead through management.

January 1993 to June 1996, Santa Rosa, CA

Golden State Medical Transportation, Inc. - (CAD MED) Medical Transportation, Owner, Operator

This accredited company was a non-emergency ambulance with wheelchair, gurney and chauffeured auto service, started in January of 1993, that serviced the hospitals’. In June 1996, the company was re-named and the automobile became the sole business venture.

January 1986 to October 1992

Ace Medical Transportation - Medical Transportation, Owner, Operator

This business was started as a company that offered wheelchair and gurney van service. In June 1986, I incorporated and added non-emergency ambulance and became a accredited company. In October 1992, the incorporation decided to become first responders on an emergency basic whereas the company was severed from my ownership as a emergency ambulance. Under new management, this company has closed.

April 1982 to August 1985, Santa Rosa, CA

Am-Care Services - Medical Transportation, Owner, Operator with Partner

This was my first medical transportation business. The business served hospitals’ with wheelchair and gurney service. The business doubled in size within three months and doubled again in six months. I had a very successful relationship with the hospitals’ and their staff. I turned the business into a Medi-Cal provider service that filled a much-needed niche in the Santa Rosa area, and in August 1985, sold the business to my partner for a profit. Am-Care Services is still an operating business.

April 1976 to October 1981, Santa Rosa, CA

Masterson Trucking- Truck-Tractor Owner, Operator

My first lease was to Western Drywall Transport in Vallejo, California and my job site base was for Kaiser Gypsum in Antioch. I carried sheetrock throughout the Southern Bay Area with a 40 foot flat trailer. During the winter, I carried sheetrock to Oregon and Washington and returned with plywood sheeting to the Bay Area and Southern California.

My second lease was to Syar Industry and my job site was for Syar Rock & Gravel in Vallejo. With a bottom dump trailer, I carried gravel for highway base, asphalt for highways, dirt base for leveling out and building up such things as the large Westfield Shopping Center in Fairfield.


Driving and Traveling

I took time during the past 30 years to travel through the United States and Canada by flight, train and car. My travels included the Western States’, all Great Lake States’, Eastern and Atlantic States, all Southern States’. I have traveled by car across from Montreal/Quebec to Calgary and enjoyed the glaciers. I always enjoyed the relaxation of traveling and my knowledge on driving in your behalf will be a pleasure.


Graduated Santa Rosa High School 1969 - California

Medical Examiner’s Certificate: Expires 3/08

Nevada Class A CDL Licensed - File on Request

California Vehicle Sales Licensed - File on Request


After 30 years of handling the business’ I have owned and operated, now is the time for change. Now I find myself able to retire from business’ affairs at the age of 56. My wife and I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren, all living close. I have lived in Santa Rosa, California for 46 years, and Sparks, Nevada for 2 years, closest to our youngest family. We belong to a non-denominational church in Santa Rosa and in Sparks since 1994. Our family lives through our faith and we make our decisions with integrity. will publish additional in-depth information about Masterson in the next few days.

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by Kathryn Joanne Dixon