On April 13, 2001, the Marin Independent Journal reported that Kamena's coterie of law enforcement and judicial bottom feeders who protect their favorite cocaine dealers and the pedophile kidnapper rings, met at an exclusive party in Tiburon to drink it up and eat those Dungeness crabs and tell each other how great and rich and fair they are and how they should stay in power.  Senator Diane Feinstein, actually gave her blessing to Kamena.  Does DiFi know about the BURNS!  About the kidnaps for hire?  Carol Mardeusz and her entire family have been absolutely prohibited from seeing Haleigh Magers-Mardeusz for six years.  Kamena presented fabricated evidence to a grand jury to frame Mardeusz on criminal charges for trying to get a restraining order to protect her child from a cocaine using abusive father.  If Kamena could ever take a few moments from her lovely social schedule with the hotshots she prostitutes herself for, and have Haleigh examined by an independent third party, the physical abuse she has suffered at the hands of her natural father would be painfully obvious.  The scars from the cigarette burns to the FRONT of  both of her legs would be apparent.  During a supervised visitation with her mother Haleigh cried and tells her mother and the visitation supervisor that "Daddy did it".  During the trial of Mardeusz, Kamena and "Judge" Adams excluded all evidence of the abuse of Haleigh Mardeusz.  Kamena knew about the abuse five years ago, refused to prosecute the abusers whom the police and booked and ordered evidence of the abuse to be destroyed.  (Publisher NewsMakingNews)
Click to see pictures of Haleigh's leg burns.


Editor: (4/13/01)

When I approached DA Paula Kamena as a divorce litigant regarding a court appointed attorney diverting funds intended for my child, she refused to investigate, claiming a "conflict of interest." When I approached her as a member of the Marin County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (DVCC) concerned about victimization of mothers and endangerment of children in family court, I received a letter from her stating, "...I will not be available to discuss your concerns with you, nor will any other staff members in this office."

As CA director of the National Alliance of the Family Court Justice (NAFCJ), I understand that the custody switching/fund diversion scam underlying family court corruption depends on the DA's cooperation in suppressing evidence of family violence and child sexual abuse. I understand that the corruption scheme depends on the DA's refusal to prosecute perpetrator fathers and on the DA's collaboration with the family court in shifting blame to mothers trying to protect children from abuse. I also understand the DA's role in child support abatement programs for fathers, that divert funds intended for child support enforcement programs and provide "incentive" bonuses out of federal funds for less child support collected from fathers.

So, I am not terribly impressed that Paula Kamena is hosting talks on family court issues with a "fatherhood" collaborative. I am not impressed that instead of addressing her own role in the family court debacle she is feeding the political and legal elite Dungeness crab cakes and white wine, nor that the dozens of top Marin County officials, judges, police chiefs, detectives, county supervisors, and prosecutors that support her, include those that are participating in the corruption scheme themselves. And I am certainly not impressed that the district attorneys of San Mateo, Napa and Alameda counties support Paula Kamena. Those counties have family courts that are just as crooked as the one in Marin.

Tom Van Zandt is committed to removing political considerations from prosecutorial decisions and to ensuring equal treatment and justice for all of Marin County's citizens, not just the "elite." He does not does not seek, nor will he accept, the endorsement of any political organization, nor of any individual representing these organizations. Tom not only is willing, but has the integrity to do the job that Paula Kamena will not. He is committed to restoring the public's confidence in our local government, DA's office and courts, by properly investigating corruption and prosecuting crimes.

I urge Marin County citizens to vote YES to the recall of Paula Kamena and YES to Tom Van Zandt. Tom Van Zandt, "A Better Alternative, A Positive Choice."

Cindy Ross
PO Box 744
Fairfax, CA 94978-0744

By Gary Klien © 2001, Marin Independent Journal

District Attorney Paula Kamena received a huge campaign boost last night from someone who knows the anguish of recall - U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Feinstein, a Democrat who fended off a recall attempt in 1983 when she was mayor of San Francisco, urged a roomful of Marin's political and legal elite to rally for Kamena, who faces a recall vote May 22.

The recall bid was launched by critics of Marin family law courts and then pushed by a group of medical-marijuana advocates who say Kamena's policies are too harsh.

Feinstein said she was able to beat the recall attempt against her by aggressively distributing absentee ballots in supermarkets and other public places. She called on Kamena's supporters to do the same.

"That can make the difference between victory and defeat," she said.

The reception was held at the bayside Tiburon mansion of Caroline Kristensen, an attorney and Democratic political activist, and her father, Tage Kristensen. Uniformed caterers served Dungeness crab cakes, lime-marinated prawns and white wine to dozens of top Marin County officials, including judges, police chiefs, detectives, county supervisors, prosecutors and educators. Also in attendance were U.S. Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Petaluma, and the district attorneys of San Mateo, Napa and Alameda counties.

But while Kamena's support among the establishment was evident, Feinstein said the real trick will be getting enough people out to the polls to overwhelm the organized opposition.

"Turnout is a real problem, and the recall people know that," she said.

The recall movement began as an attempt to overthrow several judges who handle family-law cases in the county. Kamena was added to the recall list after Carol Mardeusz was indicted for allegedly abducting her own child from the father.

The campaign against the judges fizzled, but the medical-marijuana lobby took up the cause against Kamena and got enough signatures to force a recall election. Her sole opponent for the position is Mardeusz's brother, Thomas Van Zandt, a Mill Valley resident who works as a patent attorney in Sunnyvale.

The special election is expected to cost $500,000, even though Kamena would have had to run for re-election in less than a year.

"I think the accusation of unfair prosecutions of cancer and AIDS patients is completely untrue," Ruth Dell, a Tamalpais Union High School District trustee and a breast cancer survivor, said at the reception last night. "It's a travesty and a waste of taxpayers' money."

Kamena urged supporters to get out the vote by helping on the campaign's phone banks or to join the "e-mail tree."

"I'm proud of our office," she said. "We have the best DA's office in the state."