from Jackie McGauley

June 4, 2006


Remember me?

Jackie McGauley from Manhattan Beach.

Your husband, Felix was recommended to me by one of my conference speakers from the ACT Forum in 1987.  She was one of Felix's patients.

Felix came here to meet some parents of Ritually Abused children during the 1980s preschool cases in Southern California and, I learned later, to promote some sort of group Felix was forming.  Felix brought you and your two small children.

Felix asked me to speak at his conference held at the Mark Hopkins Hotel.  I drove to San Francisco and stayed at the Presidio where there was an active daycare child molestation case at the time.  It seemed to me most of those participants were his students and patients.

You consistently and quietly bowed out of all of Felix's activities.  Felix always claimed you had to take care of the children.  He kept using your name as an active participant.  I could tell you did not share Felix's enthusiasm and I could not figure out why he kept dropping your name.

Even though I never answered his many phone calls, Felix continued, for literally years, to leave messages and try to persuade me to join his group.  I was never comfortable with him or his ideas.

There are some things you need to know.

You need to do some research on the people who are advising you.

During my trial I got some very bad advice from the same people that are now advising you.  They were involved only to promote their own agenda and in fact, seriously hindered any progress we had made.

To this day my case is tragically misunderstood due in large part to the unauthorized misrepresentation and blatant interference in numerous public forums.

It seems you are caught up in the same mistake I and others have made -- trusting the wrong people.

If a mistrial was ever called for, it is in your trial.

You can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Jackie McGauley

Kindest regards,