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At this critical time when both the Americans and the Israelis are desperately
pushing to get Yasser Arafat to sign-on to the "final settlement", it's vital to
remember just who is really in charge and who is really pulling the strings. 
And for those who are looking into to all the Israeli spying on official Washington,
this article published by MER three years ago might help them understand the whole
situation much better.


MER - Washington - 6/21/97:

Bill Clinton is out in Denver at the "Summit of the Eight".

Needing alot of help he took Chief of Staff Erskin Bowles with him this time.

Usually the Chief of Staff stays behind to run the White House -- just in case. So, who's in charge of the nation's affairs in the White House while Clinton and Bowles are off summiting?

As hard as it may be to believe, the man in charge was not that long ago a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, and not that long before that a Captain in the Israeli army!

When Clinton was first running for office, he essentially promised leading personalities
connected with the Israeli/Jewish lobby -- one of whom was his Campaign Chairman
-- that if they vigorously helped elect him he would make all kinds of appointments
they would very much like...and benefit from.

Among his first big pay-offs (there have been oodles of little ones) Clinton made
former Israeli lobby official Martin Indyk his National Security Council Assistant
for the Middle East.  Just a few months before Indyk had been an Australian citizen,
and before that, it is rumored, also an Israeli! 
NewsMakingNews: Click re: Indyks' close ties to Israel.

And about the same time Clinton made Rahm Emanuel his White House aide in charge of "political" affairs.  Actually, Rahm's speciality was political fund-raising;
and he had been the main bag-man collecting funds from Israel's American Jewish
sponsors for Clinton's campaign.

NewsMakingNews: Click to read about Rahm and Clinton.
Click re: Rahm's appointment to Chicago's Mercantile Board.
Click to read Skonick's view.

Now, a few years later, Emanuel is "Acting Chief of Staff" in charge of the White
House while Clinton is busy elsewhere.  And Indyk, to the shock and indignation
of many -- but with the continuing endorsement of self-annointed Arab-American
spokesman James Zogby -- is soon to be appointed Assistant Secretary of State for
the Middle East!

The Chinese may have funnelled a little money to the Democratic party hoping to swing a few issues like MFN trade status their way -- call it ChinaGate in this anniversary year of Watergate.  But it's the Israelis who quite literally massively infiltrated the Clinton campaign right from the beginning -- wanted to push Bush and Baker aside if they could with their own men.

Indeed, the head of the main Israel lobbying organization was overhead bragging how he had "infiltrated" Clinton's Little Rock headquarters with "his people", and how when Bill Clinton got elected he would be Israel's man in the White House and do more for Israel than any other American President.

And sure enough, almost literally, just a few years later its the Israelis who have the keys to both the White House and the State Department...and to all of the secrets therein.
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