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Only the Demented Grant

Immunity to the Deranged

In ancient Rome the great Caesars did not declare themselves Gods, but the insane ones did. But even the insane ones did not grant Immunity to public servants. Granting Immunity is a god like act, which can only come from God, not man.

With new stories coming out every day of some public servant somewhere, claiming they are Immune from prosecution for their acts, and worse yet, is some judge ruling that they do have Immunity!!!

Just what and how does any mortal person get or grant Immunity? What is Immunity? Is it a Super Power only Gods have? Can a mere Mortal be granted it? Who has the power to grant a mortal this Immunity? Is there really such a thing as Immunity?

If there really was in fact such a thing as real Immunity, would not any person having it, be in all intensive reasoning, be a GOD?

The FBI sniper who killed the wife of Randy Weaver is declared Immune from state prosecution, the federal appeals court ruled Wednesday. This ruling has the same effect as granting a license to kill with impunity to any government agency. 

In 1992 an FBI employee hired a killer by the name of Lon Horiuchi, who shot Vicki Weaver in the head with his 308 caliber high-powered telescoped equipped sniper rifle from 200 yards, while she held her nursing baby in her arms, killing her instantly.

 This woman was not guilty of any crime, nor was she even under suspicion. She had just had her 14 year old son shot many times by two other government agents armed with full automatic machine guns, killing him.

The two heavily armed government agents shot her 14-year-old boy and his dog while he and Kevin Harris were looking to see if the dog was barking at some deer which frequented the Weaver's rural property. They expected no trouble and chatted with each other as they walked into an ambush.

The Government Agents fired from ambush, shooting the boy and his dog many times. The boy had his arm almost blown off and died screaming in agony where he fell.

The government agents were hiding in the underbrush on the Weaver property, complete with full camouflage and armored vests.

One of the ambushers was killed in return fire from Kevin Harris with his old hunting rifle. The other federal agent retreated when Mr. Weaver heard the gun shots and came running to find his son shot to bits laying on the ground dead, with his dog also shot dead not far away.

Mr. Weaver carried his dead son back to their house with his  boy's arm hanging by a shred. They decided to place him in a shed away out of the sight of his young daughters who were in the house with their mother and nursing baby.

The sniper, Lon Horiuchi, shot Mr. Weaver when he and his friend Harris were leaving the shed containing his murdered son's dead body. 

Both Mr. Weaver and Mr. Harris were shot and gravely wounded by the sniper, Lon Horiuchi, but they made for the house, helping each other, where Mrs. Weaver, hearing the shots and seeing her wounded husband, was holding the door open for them.

The sniper, Lon Horiuchi, then shot her in the head, killing her instantly, causing her to drop the baby as she fell dead in the open doorway.

The sniper, Lon Horiuchi, was in hiding and had a high powered telescope equipped 308 cal. rifle, which at 200 yards, he could have seen the color of her eyes before he pulled the trigger to kill her.

 He knew she was dead from his bullet to her head, but for the next few days the government agents taunted Mr. Weaver asking how Vicki was, making rude remarks about her, trying to get Weaver and Harris to show themselves and be shot. 

These government agents knew there was a baby and other children in the house, but still they taunted and made rude jokes about the murdered wife and mother, and the son who was still laying dead in the shed.

These same agents knew both Mr. Weaver and Harris were badly wounded, and Mrs. Weaver's body was in view of the children. They also knew the baby had no milk, and didn't know-- much less even care-- if it was hurt or not when it fell to the floor when the Sniper, Lon Horiuchi, killed the mother in front of the other children.

No medical help, food, water, or even milk for the baby, was offered, only rude cruel remarks from the federal agents about the dead mother and wife were forthcoming.

These people were murdered by our government agents over a missed court appearance. The time of appearance was changed, but the change was not known to Mr. Weaver, and he had no way of knowing of the changed date.

He was later cleared of these charges.

The feds tried to show the Weaver family dangerous and the killing justified, and to this end, they made a show of displaying any and all the weapons the family had. To some, it looked like an arsenal. But to the average rural resident, the guns the Weavers had were not anything special. Most farm and rural families either have more guns in their family and most have better and newer guns. 

There was nothing in the seven or eight Weaver guns that this writer would envy, except maybe that 1917 Enfield, a First World War English design rifle, which was properly the one I would take a second look at. But in real life, they were guns you would find in back closets, gathering dust.

The federal agents involved in these killings all falsified their reports and engaged in a massive cover-up after the crime. The top officials of the FBI were involved in hiding, withholding and modifying the evidence.

The killing of the boy was blamed on the dead agent just by innuendo to save the other from any charges in the killing. No tests were made on the other ambusher's gun, or the dead ones to determine who did the actual killing. The dead tell no tales and cannot be prosecuted.

No one was fined, fired, or even censored. In fact, some were given medals.

The sniper, Lon Horiuchi, has been given Immunity from any prosecution, simply because he is a federal agent and the laws do not apply to them.

Our federal agents are free to shoot any person, commit any crime with Impunity. They literally have a license to kill, as long as they only kill non-government employees, I guess.

The rule of law is no longer a part of this country's heritage. It ended with the judges granting immunity for government agents, even if they kill innocent people.

It's ironic these same agents were hired to protect the Weaver family. 

The Weaver family sued the federal government in court and the government settled for over three million dollars. But they refused to admit responsibility or that they had done anything wrong.

This government will not take any responsibility for any wrongdoing, and they think money will solve all problems. With no admission of wrongdoing, nothing is corrected, and the rot continues to spread.

The Constitution of this country grants Immunity to no one for any reason. Not even the President has Immunity under the Constitution of the United States, which is the Supreme Law of the Land -- or it used to be.

All federal agents must swear by an Oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States. None is living up to that today.

We now are under the Rule of the Gun, not the Rule of Law.

Warning: The government hired gunman, Lon Horiuchi, is on the loose, and is a danger to all citizens.

The sniper, Lon Horiuchi, is a known killer. His whereabouts should be reported whenever and wherever he is spotted. This man has no qualms about killing people.

Soon after he killed Mrs. Weaver, he went to do the same at Waco. It didn't bother him, as he was ready and willing to kill again. And he doesn't even have to know why, or if it's remotely called for. He is a hired killer.

So keep clear of this cold-blooded killer and report his sightings so people can get away from where he is, or is heading. He may be demented and really believe he is Immune.

The life you save may be your own, or someone you care about.

Caution:  Lon Horiuchi may believe he is Immune. Do our servants think they are gods with this granting of Immunity? Have they all become demented with power. Would any good honest person need Immunity? Even God did not grant Immunity to any person.


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