QUOTE OF THE DAY (2/11/00):  "Certainly what happened this week will be at the top of the agenda." David Leavy, a spokesman for the National Security Council regarding President's Clinton's meeting.  The meeting, set to occur next week, will include the nation's top computer security experts, technology executives, and Sandy Berger, the national security adviser.  The White House said the meeting was not called in response to recent computer attacks, but had been pre- scheduled to discuss Clinton's recent budget proposal for $2.03 billion to protect the country's most important computer systems from cyber attacks. Click re: background.


The U.S. Department of Justice, the corporations, the media and the public, frightened by loss of service,  blame "The Hackers"  for the denial of service "attack"  which shut down major web sites, during the past three days.  In fact, the *program that launched the attack, could have been launched by anyone (even someone without any hacker-level expertise)  through zombie computers.  "The Hackers,"  not wanting to be targeted like "The Terrorists,"  "The Communists", and a long list of "The's....". fight back.  Read the E-mail posted all over the world, and the website message posted by "The Hackers"  which fixes the blame on. . . . . . (BLEEP$#!%)   Click  to read.   

*"Distributed denial of service" tools like those used in this week's attacks, known as daemons, can be hidden on hundreds or even thousands of third-party computers and then triggered from a remote location to launch simultaneous attacks on a single target. There are people out there today, age twelve, who can do this piece of work.