HACKER HEAVEN AT THE CIA!  FORMER CIA DIRECTOR DEUTCH LETS IT ALL HANG OUT!  Ex CIA Director Deutch used unsecured, unclassified computers at the office and at his home, even after he left the CIA.  Deutch deleted files when the CIA'S investigation began.

    HACKER HEAVEN–SO TECHNICALLY EASY! "According to the report, Mr. Deutch used unclassified Macintosh computers for classified work throughout his tenure as director." Deutch used unclassified Mac’s at home and at the CIA office. An inductive tap on Deutch’s power line, at his home, could pick up what Deutch typed. The signals to Deutch’s monitor could be amplified and received. These computers were not secured by CIA security.  Hacker’s Delight!

HACKER HEAVEN–THE TARGET DELETES AND SHUTS UP! "The inspector general's report discloses that just three days after Mr. Deutch learned that his computer practices were under review, he deleted more than 1,000 classified files from his personal computers. The report also says that Mr. Deutch declined to be interviewed by the CIA's security officials." When learning his computer practices were under review, Deutch just deleted classified files from his computers, and shut up. Can it ever be determined what he deleted? And whether that deleted data was compromised or hacked? The Hackers are sleeping soundly tonight.

HACKER HEAVEN FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO EXAMINE THE GOODS AT THE TOP SUCH AS "PRESIDENTIALLY APPROVED COVERT ACTION PROGRAMS" AND THE DCI’S PERSONAL DIARIES! "Among the 17,000 pages of documents discovered in files on the computers were top-secret and "code-word" files about a wide range of CIA. activities, including presidentially approved covert action programs. The documents also included 26 volumes detailing his daily activities in his nearly two years as director and his previous time at the Pentagon." A HACKER IS ONLY AS GOOD AS WHAT HE HACKS! WHAT A LOAD! (No use asking what President and what covert action was in the top-secret and code-word files! Was this load DEUTCH’S insurance policy? Against what?)

HACKER HEAVEN–TOP LEVEL CIA COMPUTER OFFICIALS OPENED THE DOOR, THUS WERE SUFFICIENTLY ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH! "Eventually, Mr. Deutch was told by the computer official that he could keep the computers if he continued to work for the CIA. as a consultant or contractor. Mr. Deutch then quickly arranged through Mr. O'Neill to obtain a no-fee consulting contract with the CIA. The terms called for him to retain three CIA. computers. The inspector general's report indicates that the purpose of the contract was to allow Mr. Deutch to keep his computers." Who is Mr. O’Neill? Later O’Neill refused to turn over the four portable computer cards that contained files from Deutch’s computers. O’Neill kept the cards in his office safe. Mr. O'Neill rebuffed requests to turn the four cards over to the security staff, according to the report. In an interview, Mr. O'Neill declined to comment on the handling of the cards. A security official complained to Ms. Slatkin that Mr. O'Neill "was dragging his feet," and that his refusal to turn the cards over "made it look like a cover-up." At the same time, Mr. O'Neill said, he, Mr. Tenet and Ms. Slatkin held a series of discussions "over a period of several weeks" about the need to protect the privacy of the material found on the computers. Mr. Deutch refused to be interviewed by the security staff, and senior CIA. officials allowed him to avoid being questioned, according to the report. Eventually, Ms. Slatkin, Mr. O'Neill and Mr. Deutch agreed to allow one security officer to review all the computer files gathered from Mr. Deutch's home. The four portable computer cards were finally turned over, but only after they had been held by Mr. O'Neill for about three weeks, the report states.

HACKER HEAVEN–THE CIA WASHES ITS HANDS OF THE INVESTIGATION! "Without an interview of Mr. Deutch, the CIA's security unit "washed its hands" of the investigation, according to one security official interviewed by the inspector general's office. The security unit did finally write a report on the Deutch case, in the summer of 1997, but the report sat in the security office without further action." A Hacker may feel the world is a but a dream when dealing with such a well-washed group!

HACKER HEAVEN-JANET RENO AND THE FBI NEVER GOT THEIR HANDS ON THIS ONE! The CIA didn’t immediately report the this matter to the Department of Justice and waited until the Independent Counsel statute expired, so that the statute would not apply to the Deutch case.

HACKER HEAVEN–NOTHING LIKE BACKING IN THROUGH THE DCI’S ON-LINE BANKING! "Within days of announcing he was leaving, Mr. Deutch talked with a top computer services official at the CIA. and told him that he wanted to keep the CIA.-owned Macintosh computers in his home after he left the government. Mr. Deutch explained that he wanted them because he was using them for his personal banking." Deutch used government- owned equipment for personal use, such as on-line banking. How convenient that the computer with the classified files was used for on-line banking, so that those who hacked into the one-line banking could back into Deutch’s Mac’s and look around. (A nasty detail– use of government equipment for personal use is the crime of conversion.)

HACKER HEAVEN–HIS OWN GUYS ARE MORE FEARSOME THAN HACKERS! Deutch claims he didn’t want a secure PC installed in his house, and wouldn’t allow CIA security personnel to have access to it, because he feared fellow CIA employees "would see what he was working on."  Was Deutch  more worried about his fellow-CIA agents, than all the hackers out there on the world wide web?  Maybe he had a point! Or was Deutch filing some dirt that he didn’t want the CIA to read.

HACKER HEAVEN–THE COMPROMISED COMPUTERS WERE NOT IMMEDIATELY SECURED! The CIA security did not take immediate possession of Deutch’s unsecured computers, and all equipment including drives, discs and cards and hold them in a secure facility to determine what classified files had been compromised?  Not doing so, the CIA gave anyone with access, a chance to get away with it, and gave Deutch some time to hit the delete button (which he did.)

HACKER HEAVEN–UNSECURED SERVERS WERE USED! "He also found that Mr. Deutch had been accessing the Internet with the same computers, through unsecured services. He had Internet access through America Online, Citibank's personal banking Web site and a Defense Department service." The services were unsecured–just an open invitation!

HACKER’S HEAVEN-"NEED TO KNOW" WAS A TRIFLE! Who gave the order (documents, please?) that Deutch had a "need to know" which justified his storing classified data on his computer after he left the CIA? When handling classified data, no one is permitted to establish his own "need to know."

THE ULTIMATE TOTALLY BLISSFUL HACKER HEAVEN AT THE CIA! WHETHER THE HACKER (OR HIS COUNTRY) ACTUALLY DID HACK  IS UNCERTAIN! "The inspector general found that there was no evidence that the classified material on Mr. Deutch's computers was obtained by another country, although there was no way to be certain."