Click to read the Bush family child abuse questions, Gunderson raises.  (Where's more evidence of this, Ted?)

First  Emailed to the public by ELLEN LECTER, AMERICAN PATRIOTS:

Re: Urgent recent developments in the Franklin satanic cult/sex/drug ring Part V
Thursday, 29,Jun,2000 15:48:26 by TED GUNDERSON © 2000

My landlady advised me that on the first Thursday in July of 1982, at 1:30 a.m., when she was parking her car, she noticed two men sitting in an automobile across the street from my front door. One of the men got out of the car, walked over to her and asked if she knew where Ted Gunderson lived. I had previously told her if anyone asks about me to tell them she didn’t know me. She told the man she didn’t know Ted Gunderson. She went into her apartment and watched from her window until 1:45 a.m. when she saw them leave. By divine intervention, I did not go home that night but was visiting a friend.

I successfully eliminated the Israeli ‘hit’ almost immediately through one of my confidential contacts.

It took me a year and a half to eliminate the satanic cult ‘hit.’ Because I had to go undercover, I was not able to work openly during this year and a half and lost my private investigation business.

A third attempt on my life occurred on May 19, 1987. By divine intervention, I stayed at my daughter’s home and did not go return that evening to my business partner’s home, where I was living. My business partner was out of the country and his wife and 12-year-old son were home. The next morning, when I met my partner’s wife at work, she told me that at 11:00 p.m. that past evening, she heard an intruder come in the front door, on the first floor. She was on the third floor and locked herself in the bedroom. She went to the telephone extension located in the bedroom, but the phone was dead. She laid awake in bed terrified from 11:00 p.m. til 2:00 a.m. when the intruder left.

The next day, I contacted an informant who advised me that Bill Mentzer, known in the satanic cult/sex/drug network as Charles Manson, II, was the individual who was waiting for me to come home the previous night. 

Once again I went underground. Subsequently through my efforts and the efforts of my contacts, Mentzer was tried and convicted of the murder of Roy Radin, a well-known Hollywood producer. Mentzer, along with three others, was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

In May 1993, while driving from Omaha, Nebraska to Lincoln, Nebraska, at 75 miles an hour, my right front wheel came off. I was in Nebraska working on the Franklin case. I called the Nebraska Highway Patrol. The Patrolman, Officer Lamb, told me the lug nuts on the right front wheel had been loosened which caused the accident. Fortunately, I was able to control the car. The repairman later told me that some of the lug-nuts on the left front wheel were also loosened, but apparently the intruder was interrupted while loosening the lug nuts as the others were intact.


For the last 20 years there have been numerous stationery and moving surveillance’s of me. When I see a stationery surveillance, I strap on my gun and confront the individual or individuals. On two occasions, I chased the subjects out of the neighborhood. One ran a red light to get away from me. The individuals involved are probably contracted employees for the CIA, members, I suspect, of the "shadow government". They discontinued the stationery surveillances in 1993. Since then they

have periodically entered my automobile, usually at night, and turned on the directional signal to let me know they have been in my car and are watching me. 

On several occasions, they entered my condominium in Las Vegas at night

while I was sleeping and took files from my cabinet. From May 3 to May 10, 2000 while I was in Philadelphia, my condominium was burglarized. There was no forced entry. The suspected CIA burglars took four of my storage boxes of documents which contained sensitive material and research. I have since been able to replace these.

They also stole my FBI memorabilia, cherished items commemorating the days when I worked with my fellow agents on clean operations.

I have been photographed and videotaped on numerous occasions from automobiles and on one occasion on the golf course and on an other occasion, at a picnic in a public park. I suspect the individuals taking these pictures are CIA contract employees. I have also received numerous threatening and hang up phone calls. Their favorite phone calls involve the sound of a phonograph needle at the end of a record.

I have also received numerous phone calls of individuals chanting on the line. I have recorded these calls. My mail has also been opened and I filed a formal complaint with the postal inspectors.


Between March and August, 1983, the FBI and DEA attempted to frame Ted Gunderson (this writer) through a girl named Pam Fawsett, an FBI informant.

In August, 1983, Fawsett called me and said she wanted to meet with me. She told me of her assignment by the FBI, a plot which involved a series of recorded telephone conversations between her and me. She furnished a hand-written note by an agent which listed the questions she was to ask in one of the phone calls. The agent

carelessly forget to retrieve the note. During the 6 months she was working with the FBI in an attempt to frame me, she was paid $2000 and had access to the FBI Modesto, California office. She even had her own coffee cup. She then furnished a series of three signed statements, and for documentation, the hand-written note the agent failed to retrieve.

When I asked Pam Fawsett why she came over to my side, she told me, "Ted, I woke up the other morning and realized you were the only honest son of a bitch I have talked to in 6 months".

The last time I talked to Pam, she said she was going into hiding because she was on a "hit" list. Pam was heavily involved in drugs and had numerous contacts in the drug community. Up to that time, I had worked a number of cases involving drug activity,

among those was the Dr. Jeffrey R. MacDonald case. This case involved a major drug cover-up involving the transporting of drugs from Southeast Asia in military planes in plastic bags in the body cavities of dead GIs coming into the United States (Time magazine, January 1, 1973). It is very possible that this planned "hit" is due to her involvement in this case.


In April 1985, I learned there was an illegal telephone tap on my office line at 1100 Glendon Avenue, Suite 1200, Los Angeles, CA. I filed a lawsuit and subsequently received an out of court settlement from GTE. I was placed in a position of taking the

settlement rather than pursuing the lawsuit because I could not afford an attorney and

could not locate one who would take the case on a contingency basis.

I learned that the tap was administered by a telephone answering service known as Answer All Answering Service, on W. Pico Boulevard, in Los Angeles. I visited the site and noted approximately 150 wires coming into the building that appeared to have been abruptly cut. The occupants apparently left in a hurry with their equipment.

Prior to filing the lawsuit with the phone company, I was tipped by a confidential source inside the phone company and was able to obtain photographs of automobiles parked in the area and people coming and going from that location. These photographs are in safekeeping. 


In July of 1999, a confidential source advised me, this writer, that my CIA file at Langley, Virginia is the thickest he has ever seen. Despite attempts by the "Shadow Government" to wipe out my documentation through burglaries, my file on CIA-FBI corruption is also the thickest one I have ever seen, except for the copies securely

hidden in a number of places (recall Rusty Nelson), which are about the same size of the original, give or take a stolen box here and there.


1. Is Rusty Nelson going to be eliminated to prevent the exposure of child abuse involving George Bush, Sr., and George Bush, Jr., and possible connections between the Franklin case and the Iran-Contra Drugs-for-Arms Operation, either of which if made public could impede the election of George Bush, Jr. as President of the United States?

2. Was Shawn Boner’s death truly a suicide? Was he murdered to keep his brother Troy Boner from talking? If so, it worked. Boner recanted his statement after Shawn’s death.

3. Was Alisha Owen’s brother’s death truly a suicide? Was he murdered to keep Owens from talking. If so, it didn’t work. Alisha refused to recant her testimony.

4. Why did Gary Caradori’s plane explode in mid-air? Was it a bomb? Was the bomb attached to the rear seat? Was the seat not found to avoid chemical examination for a bomb? What happened to the pornography photographs confiscated at the scene by the FBI? Was the FBI at the crash site to control the recovery of the plane and evidence? There is questionable FBI jurisdiction? Did the FBI at the crash site grab the photographs from the deputy sheriff deputy to suppress evidence and perpetuate the cover-up? Did the FBI know in advance that the plane was going to explode, allowing them to be at the scene almost immediately, according to the sheriff?

5. Was the death-by-car of the wife of the man from the sheriff’s department a satanic "hit", as appears to be the case with Kathleen Sorenson?

6. Why did the FBI try to "kill" the "America’s Most Wanted" story on Johnny Gosch? Doesn’t the FBI have jurisdiction over kidnapping cases? Why didn’t the FBI cooperate with Noreen Gosch?

7. With so many similarities between the wide-scale Franklin and Finders cases, are they actually part of one national/international satanic cult/child kidnapping/child enslavement/sex abuse/drug ring? Who is representing the interests of the abused children in these cases? Where is the mainstream media attention? How many more Rusty Nelsons and Johnny Gosches are running for their lives as others of us sleep peacefully?

8. Is a cleansing operation in place to eliminate witnesses having knowledge of the illegal Reagan/Bush/CIA drug/arms operation in Central America, Mexico, and the United States, again to ensure George Bush, Jr.’s election? Does this cleansing include Rusty Nelson?

9. A San Diego, California Municipal Court placed Kelly Ford under State conservatorship on June 23, 2000 following testimony by her mother, Susan Ford (pen name of Brice Taylor), regarding satanic abuse and MK-Ultra mind control of her daughter and herself, and political corruption at the highest levels of our government. How could the judge and evaluating psychiatrists believe Susan Ford when our media, the FBI, the CIA, and powerful corrupt government officials suppress the truth about satanic child abuse and MK-Ultra mind control? Have organized abuser groups influenced the parties in these proceedings, or were the parties well-intended but lacking in knowledge?

10. On May 1, 2000, Gunderson (this writer) wrote a letter to the FBI and the news media telling them that three of his sources warned of planned CIA assassinations in Central America and the United States. According to these sources, the assassinations were designed to eliminate witnesses who had evidence or knowledge of CIA-involved international drug operations including Iran Contra. The Mexican police have arrested Guillermo Antonio Sepulveda and Enrique Diaz Robles. Both of these men are ex-Special Forces U.S. Military. Both had a cache of arms. Both are Puerto Rican Americans. Are these similarities more than a coincidence? It is logical that the CIA would use Puerto Ricans who speak fluent Spanish on an assignment in Mexico. Are these two men members of the CIA hit-team mentioned in Gunderson’s letter?

11. Did John Millis, Staff Director of the House Intelligence Committee and former high-ranking CIA official commit suicide on June 3, 2000, or was he murdered for his knowledge of government corruption? Was he aware of the CIA hit teams that were assigned to eliminate witnesses to the CIA drug operations in Central America, Mexico, and the United States? Was he murdered to prevent the exposure of additional corruption in the Clinton White House? 

12. Since 1992, local and federal law enforcement officials have ignore Gunderson’s repeated requests for investigations of an international child kidnapping ring and corruption within the FBI, CIA, and other law enforcement agencies. Why aren’t these matters being investigated? Why isn’t the media exposing the above-describe evidence of corruption at the very highest levels of our government? Should any of us sleep peacefully? 


1. Circulate this information, by word of mouth, by letters, by e-mail. Make copies, distribute them.

2. Contact media sources and insist on media coverage. Write letters to newspaper editors. Ask web-sites to carry this information.

3. Contribute to: 

The Johnny Gosch Foundation
1258 Office Park Rd. #2
West Des Moines, IA 50265
503 ½ South Myrtle Ave., # 9
Monrovia, CA 91016

4. Write letters, make phone calls, indicating your concerns on Rusty Nelson and the Franklin Case:

Governor Mike Johanns, Nebraska
State Capitol
P.O. Box 94848
Lincoln, NE 68509-4848

Lt. Governor Dave Maurstad
U.S. State Capitol, Room 2315
Lincoln, NE 68509
402 471-2256

Donald B. Stenberg
Attorney General of Nebraska
P. O. Box 98920
State Capitol, Room 2115
Lincoln, NE 68509-8920

Governor John A. Kitzhaber, MD, Oregon
State Capitol Bldg.
Salem, OR 97310
503 378-4582, 503 378-4859
503 378-4863 (f)

Attorney General Hardy Myers
Justice Department
Salem, Oregon
503 378-6002

Judge Frank Skorupa
Platte County Court
P.O. Box 538
Columbus, Nebraska, 68602
402 563-4905
402 562-8158 (f)

Senator J. Robert Kerrey
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510
202 224-6551

Senator Charles Hagel
United States Senate
Washington D.C. 20510
202 224-4224
202 224-5213 (f)

Congressman Douglas K. Bereuter (District 1)
2184 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
202 225-4806

Congressman Lee Terry (District 2)
1728 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
202 225-4155

William E. Barrett
Third District
2458 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington D.C. 20515

Janet Reno, Attorney General
Department of Justice
Washington, D.C. 20515

Louis Freeh
Director of the FBI
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D,C. 20535-0001
(202) 324-3000

Director of the CIA
George J. Tenet
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505
(703) 482-0623
(703) 482-1739 (f)

Andrea Belgau
Prosecuting Attorney in Nelson Case
(402) 563-4903

Ken Drahota
Nelson’s Parole Officer in Nebraska
(402) 370-3539

Paul Accardi
Chief Parole Officer, Nebraska (Supervisor of Drahota)
(402) 595-2050
(402) 595-3874 (f)

7. E-mail letters to Nebraska State Senators:

Ray Aguilar -
Thomas Baker -
Chris Beutler -
Bohlke, Ardyce Hastings -
Bourne, Patrick Omaha -
Brashear, Kermit Omaha -
Bromm, Curt Wahoo -
Brown, Pam Omaha -
Bruning, Jon Sarpy County
Byars, Dennis Beatrice -
Chambers, Ernie Omaha - NO EMAIL ADDRESS

Connealy, Matt Decatur -
Coordsen, George Hebron -
Crosby, LaVon Lincoln -
Cudaback, Jim Riverdale - Dickey, Robert Laurel -
Dierks, Cap Ewing
Engel, Pat South Sioux City -
Hartnett, Paul Bellevue -
Hilgert, John Omaha -
Hudkins, Carol Malcolm -
Janssen, Ray Nickerson -
Jensen, Jim Omaha -
Jones, Jim Eddyville - NO EMAIL ADDRESS
Kiel, Shelley Omaha - Kremer, Robert Aurora -
Kristensen, Doug Minden
Landis, David Lincoln -
Lynch, Dan Omaha -
Matzke, Gerald Sidney -
Pedersen, Dwite Elkhorn - Pederson, Don North Platte -
Preister, Don Omaha -
Price, Marian Lincoln -
Quandahl, Mark Omaha -
Raikes, Ron Lincoln -
Redfield, Pam Omaha -
Robak, Jennie Columbus -
Schimek, DiAnna Lincoln -
Schmitt, Jerry Ord - NO EMAIL ADDRESS
Schrock, Ed Elm Creek - Smith, Adrian Gering -
Stuhr, Elaine Bradshaw -
Suttle, Deborah Omaha - Thompson, Nancy Papillion
Tyson, Gene Norfolk -
Vrtiska, Floyd Table Rock -
Wehrbein, Roger Plattsmouth -
Wickersham, William "Bob" Harrison -

8. Send letters in support of Kelly Ford’s Freedom and proper treatment:

Herb Maphis, Ed.D 
Court Investigator
Public Conservator’s Office
3851 Rosecrans
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 692-5664
(619) 692-5625
(619) 692-5632 (fax)


Ms. Sharon B. Spivack, counsel for Conservator’s office, arguing for state conservatorship

Gary, Cary Ware & Freidenrich
401 B Street, Ste. 1700
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 699-4724
(619)236-1048 (fax)

Raymond A. Fidaleo, MD
Clinical Director
Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital
7850 Vista Hill Ave.
San Diego, CA 92123-2790
(858) 694-8399
(858) 278-5920 (fax)

The Honorable Patricia Yim Cowett
Municipal Court of the San Diego Judicial District
220 West Broadway
Department 25
San Diego, CA 92101

9. Search related websites. (In text above)

10. Listen to the Stan Solomon Radio Show REFERENCES

"The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, Second Edition", De Camp, John W. (1996), AWT Inc.,P.O. Box 85461, Lincoln, NE 68501, ($12.95 inc. post & hand) 

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"Child Kidnapping in America; The CIA Connection", a report by Ted L. Gunderson, available through Ted L. Gunderson, P.O. Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, NV, 89114. ($20.00, inc. post & hand) 

Videotape: "Gunderson Chronicles I: 90-minute Interview with Three Experts on Government Land Grab Executive Orders and Forthcoming Legislation", available through Ted L. Gunderson, P.O. Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, NV, 89114 ($20.00, inc. postage and handling) 

Videotape: "Gunderson Chronicles II: 4-hour Lecture by Ted Exposing the Illuminati and Corruption in America", available through Ted L. Gunderson, P.O. Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, NV, 89114 ($38.00, inc. postage and handling)

Memorandum of Decision of February 27, 1999, the Honorable Warren K. Urbom, Senior United States District Judge, Omaha, Nebraska, in favor of Paul A. Bonacci against Larry King.

Court Transcript of hearing of February 5, 1999, Lincoln Nebraska, Paul A. Bonacci, Plaintiff vs. Lawrence E. King, Defendants. (Number 4:91CV3037), aavailable through Ted L. Gunderson, P.O. Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, NV, 89114 , ($20.00, including postage and handling).

"Scientific Tunnel Report on the McMartin" (copy available through Ted L. Gunderson, P.O. Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, NV, 89114 $28.00, including postage and handling).

"Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA" Terry Reed and J. Cummings" (available through most bookstores, currently available at a discount at

"Drugging America", by Rodney Stitch (1999). (available through Ted L. Gunderson, P.O. Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, NV, 89114, $32.00, including postage and handling).

"Starshine: One Woman’s Valiant Escape from Mind Control", 1995, Brice Taylor (out of print)  

"Thanks for the Memories...The Truth has Set Me Free The Memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s Mind-controlled Slave", 1999, Brice Taylor. Available through Or through the Brice Taylor Trust at P.O. Box 655, Landrum, SC 29356, fax:) 864) 457-3220. 

Videotape: "Mind Control Goes Public" (1995) Ted Gunderson, Brice Taylor, Chip Tatum, Barbara Hartwell. Available from: The Brice Taylor Trust at P.O. Box 655, Landrum, SC 29356 

Videotape: "Mind Control Lecture- Pasadena: 2-Part Series" (1995) Ted Gunderson and Brice Taylor. Available from: The Brice Taylor Trust at P.O. Box 655, Landrum, SC 29356 


FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge (Ret.) 
2118 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 422, Santa Monica, CA

Mail: P.O. Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, NV 89114 (301) 364-2280 or (702) 791-5195; Fax: (702) 791-2906

California P.I. License # 12878

1979- Present TED L. GUNDERSON & ASSOCIATES, Santa Monica, California

Founder, international security consulting and investigation firm. Attorney F. Lee Baily describes Gunderson as "a person whose investigative skills are unsurpassed by anyone I know or have known".


Consultant, appointed by Governor Jerry Brown.


Consultant on international terrorism and security matters.

1979 PAN AMERICAN OLYMPIC GAMES, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Consultant on international terrorism and security

Special appointee of U.S. Attorney General Griffin Bell December/1951 to March/1979 

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION: Investigated and supervised  Criminal, fugitive, and counter intelligence/espionage internal security matters 1977-1979 Senior Special Agent-in-Charge, Los Angeles, CA 700 personnel and a 22 million dollar budget 1973-1977 Senior Special Agent-in-Charge, Tennessee and Dallas 1973 Chief Inspector FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C. 1965-1973 Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge, New aven, CT, & Philadelphia, PA

1960-1965 Special Agent Supervisor, FBI Headquarters, organized crime (Mafia), White House Special Inquiries, Washington, D.C.

1951-1960 Special Agent, criminal and counter intelligence/espionage

Author and Lecturer: "How to Locate Anyone Anywhere Without Leaving Home", E.P. Dutton.

Lectures and has published numerous reports and articles on Satanism and missing children. Investigator for Dr. Jeffery MacDonald murders, the Franklin cover-up (NE), McMartin preschool (Manhattan Beach, CA), the Oklahoma City Bombing, and CIA drug smuggling.

Electronic Mind Control

MIND CONTROL ... Hypnosis and other manipulative signals conveyed to the human brain and nervous system by radio, voice-FM, or ultrasound signals; this can be accomplished without the target knowing. Pain, sleep deprivation, physical and mental illness mimicry, and memory blanking are easily done with current mind control technology.

Population Control


Mind Control

FBI, David Koresch, "Defense Electronics" and Igor Smirnov From the International Movement for the Ban of Radiofrequency Weapons Controlling the Human Mind: IGOR SMIRNOV‘S DEVICE AND THE THOUGHT CONTROL In the years 1993 and 1994 American weeklies DEFENSE ELECTRONICS ...
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