Why you need to vote YES on Marin DA Kamena's RECALL.
Opinion, by Phil Graf, bureau chief, Coast Writers Syndicate © 5/21/01

The Marin power structure, including the Independent Journal and the Pacific Sun, is solidly in favor of continuing the good ol' boy/girl network of corruption and cronyism that pervades Marin County courts and politics. They appear to be desperate to keep Kamena from being recalled, probably because an honest DA like Tom Van Zandt will act on principle to expose and eliminate corruption and cronyism not only in the DA's office, but in other areas of county government. This means interrupting the power structure's continuing transfer of the People's money to private hands. That thought is always frightening to those in office who are abusing their power, and Marin County is no exception.

Careful reading of the articles in the IJ and the Pacific Sun reveal a clever pattern of deception through omission and slanting of supposed "news". Kamena's smarmy quotes are printed, but Van Zandt's intelligent reply to those who say he is inexperienced is left out, for good reason: it's too effective! (Van Zandt's reponse is, "It's true that I don't have any experience prosecuting innocent people, or protecting the guilty -- and I have no experience abusing my authority or lying in office.") In other words, would you prefer experienced corruption, or inexperienced integrity?

The Kamena DA's office prosecuted one woman for the alleged theft of a used T-shirt. Another woman was prosecuted for reading a public file which was handed to her by a clerk. A man was repeatedly charged and arrested for allegations brought by an ex-wife who is a friend of Kamena's. Multiple reports of the looting of trusts and estates, to say nothing of the willful and wanton destruction of assets and lives at the hands of corrupt officials abound. Cronyism is rampant and documented in the Winner Report. The Mardeusz case is only one textbook example of protecting the guilty, while persecuting the innocent.

But regardless of one's knowledge of the facts, or personal opinion of Kamena or Van Zandt, THERE IS ONE SIMPLE TRUTH WHICH ARGUES IN FAVOR OF THE RECALL -- a truth which literally cries out for your "YES" vote to RECALL Kamena, whether or not you vote for Tom Van Zandt. That truth is contained in the language of the Recall, which is technical, but very instructive:

"The following notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petition was served on May 11, 2000 to Paula Kamena: The grounds for the recall are as follows:

"You have knowledge of DA Kelly Vieira elicited and suborned perjured testimony from Grand Jury witnesses Leo Magers and Betty Magers.

You failed to arrest and prosecute Leo Magers and Betty Magers and Kelly Vieira. By such failure you are in violation of PC 182 (a)(2) & (5), GC 1222, felony conspiracy; and Federal law 18 USC Chapter 1 Section 4, Misprison of Felony, 42 USC 1985-1986.

With premeditation, you are continuing to commit unlawful acts against public justice by acting in a criminal conspiracy agreement with and on behalf of perjurers, Leo Magers and Betty Magers and Kelly Vieira to use their suborned perjured testimony to prosecute a mother Carol Mardeusz, who is both a victim and witness to criminal acts committed against her daughter Haleigh, for which perjurers Leo Magers / Betty Magers were arrested for violating PC 288(a), lewd and lascivious sexual acts. However, you continue protecting Leo Magers and Betty Magers from prosecution for perjury and lewd and lascivious sexual acts they were arrested for committing against Haleigh.

Recently, it became public in newspapers that you failed to prosecute criminal acts of public officials. You violated your oath and Constitution and public trust and you are guilty of malfeasance and misfeasance and nonfeasance. This is repugnant to truth, justice and the American way, and screams for your recall and criminal prosecution."

That is the language of the RECALL petition.

NOW, Marin voters, ask yourselves: "If DA Kamena could refute these charges; if there was no evidence to support the charges, DON'T YOU THINK THAT THIS DA, WHO HAS SHOWN NO RELUCTANCE TO MISUSE HER AUTHORITY TO PURSUE HER OWN AGENDAS, WOULD HAVE SUED OR PROSECUTED THE PEOPLE WHO ARE MAKING THESE CLAIMS?"

OF COURSE she would! But she has not. Instead, she is fighting the RECALL as if it were a simple matter of a political campaign. Why? Because KAMENA HAS NO EVIDENCE TO REFUTE THE LANGUAGE OF THE RECALL PETITION. By her silence, SHE ADMITS HER GUILT! If DA Kamena is guilty as charged, and the evidence (which I have examined) shows that she is, then she should be out of office already -- but who would prosecute her? Not the sheriff -- he's her co-campaign manager! Not the state attorney general -- the AG's staff no longer sees its role as the champion of the people. Through legislation and administrative fiat, the AG ONLY protects its own - which includes Kamena and the network of DA's throughout the state!

The conclusion is simple: the ONLY people interested in the RECALL of this corrupt DA are the PEOPLE of Marin, who are ill-served by having Kamena remain in office. The only ones who want her to stay are those who are part of the corrupt system; or those who are so misinformed and so lacking in mental ability, that they are unable to draw the inescapable conclusion of her guilt from the language of the RECALL and Kamena's lack of response in the form of a suit for libel or slander.

That's it. Any intelligent, literate voter who votes against the RECALL does so knowing that he/she is voting to continue corruption and cronyism in office. If you are not part of that corrupt crony system, your best interests lie in voting "YES" for the RECALL.