Giuliani Plays Wag The Mosquito
By Robert Lederman © 2000

Once again Mayor Giuliani has come up with a timely distraction to take the heat off his faltering administration. This time it is a wag the dog scenario about West Nile Virus. The emergence of so-called deadly mosquitoes is perfectly-timed to push the Central Park sexual attack story and the Federal Civil Rights Commission report currently demolishing his unjustified
reputation as a crime fighter right off the front page.

The Mayor and his Health Commissioner, Dr. Neal Cohen, have announced that a single chicken has been found to be infected with West Nile Virus and that if the diagnosis is confirmed they will begin spraying the City with Scourge, a synthetic pyrethroid-based pesticide. Their own press release admits Scourge causes skin irritations, headache, stuffy nose, scratchy
throat, dizziness and serious allergic reactions in asthmatics. NYC has the largest percentage of asthmatics of any city in the U.S. with hundreds of thousands of school age children alone who have been diagnosed.

Last year in a taped interview I conducted on 10/16/99 with Mr. John Sondergroth who was in charge of the Malathion spraying from helicopters, he stated that spraying Scourge from trucks driving up and down City streets was relatively useless in killing mosquitoes, which are likely to be found around vegetation and in stagnant water in the backyards of homes and apartment buildings. Spraying the front of apartment buildings and houses
would have little effect on mosquitoes he said. Mr. Sondergroth, a professional pesticide applicator and owner of a helicopter company that sprays pesticides who worked closely with OEM chief Jerry Hauer throughout the “epidemic” said the spraying of Resmethrin from trucks last year was “political”.

At his press conference on 6/15/2000 Dr. Cohen admitted that not a single mosquito has been found to be infected with West Nile Virus. A skeptic might be forgiven for questioning whether the so-called sentinel chickens the City has installed in various locations might not have been deliberately infected with West Nile Virus in advance so as to provide a convenient excuse for
spraying. Chickens, according to the Dept. of Health press releases, do not get sick when infected, therefore a deliberately infected chicken could be “diagnosed” whenever it became politically expedient.

Imagine yourself as Mayor weighing the options in order to make the decision to spray. As the Dept. of Health press releases make clear, West Nile Virus is very hard to get even if you are bitten repeatedly by infected mosquitoes. The vast majority of those who do get infected will have no symptoms and will recover without even knowing they were infected. There is not as yet a single confirmed infected mosquito. Only those with weakened or incomplete immune systems-the elderly, very young children, the HIV-positive AND those previously exposed to insecticides-are likely to become ill if bitten. In other words, repeated exposure to insecticides makes one far more likely to
become infected if bitten.

Balance that with the fact that the City has millions of asthmatics and allergy sufferers and hundreds of thousands of others with compromised immune systems, many thousands of whom are likely to get ill to some degree from the spraying. The Mayoral press release claims Resmethrin, the active ingredient in Scourge, is “relatively non-toxic to humans”.

Note, they do not claim it to be non-toxic. The inert ingredients in Scourge, including piperonyl butoxide, are known carcinogens. Pyrethroids, like synthetic Resmethrin, are endocrine disruptors and estrogen mimickers and have been linked to breast cancer. They are known to damage the liver,
which is our main organ for detoxification. In other words, each exposure to such an insecticide makes our liver and immune system weaker, more damaged and less able to protect us from toxic environmental effects such as the nerve gasses the Mayor loves to spray on us.

After weighing all the facts would you decide to spray the City with this toxic chemical in order to prevent a handful of people from possibly getting ill from West Nile Virus?

The U.S. military has admitted that after years of research into Gulf War Illness it appears the constellation of maladies were most likely caused by the Pyrethyroid insecticides, including Resmethrin the very chemical the City is about to use. These chemicals were impregnated into the uniforms of our troops before they went overseas. The insecticides interacted with environmental pollution, vaccines, other insecticides like DEET (which the NYC Dept. of Health is recommending that people use in conjunction with the spraying) and organophosphate nerve gasses that the troops may have been exposed to (like Malathion). This synergistically potent combination not only
made the soldiers ill but caused their offspring to have an unusually high degree of birth defects and even made their spouses ill when they returned to the US. Hundreds of thousands of former soldiers and their families have had their lives ruined by Gulf War Illness.

Remember Malathion, the organophosphate nerve gas the Mayor had sprayed on the City last year? The Chem-Bio Handbook with the Giuliani seal on the cover describes it as a toxic nerve gas invented for military use. Every person in NYC  was repeatedly exposed to Malathion last year. Dousing us with synthetic Resmethrin and its even more toxic inert ingredients this year after our previous exposure to Malathion will be certain to compromise many immune systems, damage many livers and lead to a real epidemic, not of West Nile Virus but of asthma, allergy attacks and neurological disorders.

The Mayor is still refusing to release the names, blood and tissue samples or autopsy reports from the seven alleged victims of last years so-called epidemic to a single medical doctor or scientist not directly working with the administration. Therefore the existence of even a single authentic NYC victim of West Nile Virus from last year is unconfirmable. Giuliani violated the law
and released Patrick Dorismonds juvenile record to help his own image claiming there is no right to privacy after death. If that is true, why not release these records?

Most people seek a second opinion before having minor surgery, even if they fully trust their doctor. Considering that only a fool would trust Fooliani at this point, don’t we need to get a second and third opinion before allowing this man to spray us with more poison gas?

Seven people allegedly died of encephalitis in NYC last year.
The City has not bothered to publicize the fact that this is a typical number of encephalitis deaths for NYC in an average year, meaning the “epidemic” may not have caused even a single unusual death. They also didn’t bother to publicize the fact that one of the known possible side effects of Malathion and
insecticide exposure is encephalitis.

Nor has the City released a single sample of the West Nile-like Virus (WNV) they claim to have found last Fall so that it can be examined by specialists other than their own. Might it turn out that the DNA sequence of the WNV in NYC is identical to the genetically-engineered Japanese Encephalitis that the U.S. Army created at Ft. Dietrick bio-warfare lab and patented in 1996-and
later licensed to Oravax to manufacture a vaccine for? Oravax VP Thomas Monath worked with the Mayor behind the scenes from the first day of the imaginary crisis last year according to Newsday [See Encephalitis for Population Control and Profit by Robert Lederman for details and documents including the Federal Register citation].

If someone repeatedly lied to you, deceived you about their true intentions and took action that harmed you would you still believe them? Would you let them administer medication to you, let alone poison? Mayor Giuliani has consistently lied to the public on virtually every issue since being elected. Will you believe him now and let him poison you and your family again?

How many news stories have we read about a wife or husband who slowly poisoned their spouse to death, sometimes over a period of years. Not all murders or genocidal population control measures take place in a moment of violent passion.

If that sounds paranoid to you consider that the Federal government has publicly admitted to more than 70 years of medical and bio-warfare experiments it has conducted on an unknowing American public. Before a single additional drop of poison spray is released in this City the Mayor must prove there is a legitimate reason to spray.

1. Release the names, blood samples and autopsy reports of the 7 alleged WNV victims from last year to independent scientists.

 2. Turn over actual samples of the WNV recovered from infected mosquitoes, birds etc. for DNA analysis and comparison to the Army bio-warfare lab version of the virus.

3. Give out the real facts on the toxicity of synthetic Resmethrin and the inert ingredients in Scourge.

If there is no compelling evidence presented to justify spraying and they spray anyway Mayor Giuliani, Commissioner Cohen and Commissioner Safir must be removed from office. Their mishandling and possible criminal conspiracy involving this and a host of other issues is itself the number one health and public safety crisis facing this City today.

If we seriously want to protect ourselves from a dangerous and toxic pest, it is the Mayor himself, rather than mosquitoes, that we should be focusing our fullest attention on.
Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)
  (718) 743-3722
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