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"Somehow we cannot let lying bureaucrats and FBI agents get away with destroying our freedoms and our country and putting our citizens at risk from more terrorism because of FBI failed and corrupt policies and practices. I hope articles like these will wake up enough people to turn things around."
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Thank you so much for your informative posts and truth seeking.

Bush Pressured To Boot Freeh From FBI

Well, I would hope so. From reading this above thread it appears many were sleep walking for 8 years.

Freeh Accused of False Testimony
NOTE: Jim Robinson Posted The Article.

FBI director Freeh admits giving incomplete testimony to Congress
NOTE: Jim Robinson Posted The Article.

Complaint Filed NOTE: Jim Robinson Posted Both Articles.

"Louis Freeh worked for the FBI for a couple of years in cases that were prosecuted by the US Attorney of Southern District of New York, Robert Fiske. [The DOJ's Southern District of New York [SDNY] is one of the most powerful breeding grounds for Flagship]. Then Freeh traveled to DC to work aside Sam Nunn, still as an FBI agent. Then Freeh became a DOJ lawyer with the Southern District of New York...then under Rudy Guiliani. In 1990, a very odd thing occurred in Freeh's life. Merely an assistant DOJ lawyer at the SDNY, he was tapped by President Bush's attorney general Thornburgh to be a special prosecutor in the high profile mail bombings in Alabama, known as Van-Pac. Freeh took his good buddy from the SDNY, Howard Shapiro with him. [You know Howard Shapiro? Freeh broke long-standing FBI tradtion by placing DOJ laywer Howard Shapiro as chief counsel to the FBI when Freeh took over...a job traditionally held by an FBI careerists.]

So Freeh went down, and VOILA! In a stunning stroke of brilliance he, he succeeded where others had failed: The FBI had fingered one guy, the ATF another. Freeh sided with the ATF and prosecuted the case, and won...not just the case, but a bit of prominence. A careful reading of the Van-Pac case leaves one feeling that justice wasn't really served. So it was of no surprise to me when FBI agent Whitehurst went public with accusations against the FBI crime lab for manufacturing evidence, and specifically targeting the Van-Pac case as one of the more heinous examples. The man who was incarcerated by Freeh on this tainted evidence won a new trial shortly after Whitehurst went public. As far as I know, it's still churning though the system. Was the evidence tampered with to provide a "profile WIN" for Louis Freeh? I would suggest to you very strongly that was, indeed, the case.

Suddenly, Freeh "jumped from an assistant US attorney to a judge and that's almost unheard of," said Rogers Abrahms. He was quoted in another bit of unbelieveable theater: When Freeh as given this small court judgeship of no prominence, in a civil court, while Freeh's experience had been in criminal law [like Jamie Gorelick's appointment to the DOJ #2 slot] US News and World Report suddenly found this emminiently newsworthy and dedicated an entire page in their national magazine to Louis Freeh in an article on 10 new 'up and comers". To jump from asst. prosecutor to judgeship is pretty get a civil court judgeship when your experience is in criminal law, is pretty get national press, for a young lawyer, serving in a no- account court-room, in a national publication, smacks of something else. He was being groomed.

And in the end, when he was appointed Director of the FBI the same day that Vincent Foster was found dead at Fort Marcy Park, the press headlines screamed: "FBI-Man Louis Freeh takes helm at Battered Agency", and touted this as FBI-man Louis Freeh being given the top job. The only problem was this: Freeh wasn't FBI. He'd served the FBI for 6 years, in his early career. He came to the FBI after TWELVE years serving in the Department of Justice. Freeh, by then, was no "FBI- guy"; he was a DOJ guy. And when he got in, he placed all his old compatriots from his experience in the Southern District of New York [DOJ] into high ranking FBI positions, ousting career FBI folks. Was Freeh truly the best candidate for the job of heading the FBI? Or was he just one of the stable of possibles that Clinton was allowed to choose from? In the end, it was a silent coup by career DOJ employees taking over the FBI. And the corruption within the FBI is, unfortunatly, something we are witness to on a weekly basis. One could argue that the government has made great strides in turning our law enforcement agencies into repressive machines. The consolidation of national law enforcement since Clinton took office is stunning, and has never been fully reported by the press. I have researched it on my own, and it is plain sight, but never told publicly."

New Report Details FBI Cover-Up in Foster Investigation

FBI official in Foster case promoted

Clinton Loved Louis Freeh - How Come?

Just curious - Don't FBI Files Come From The FBI?

Street Fascism - Where was Louis Freeh when this was going on?

Living In Wonderland: Tired of the lies, Propaganda and Hypocrisy
"Another surprising coincidence is that the day before Foster committed suicide Bill Clinton dismissed FBI director William Sessions. He replaced him with errand boy Louis Freeh, a man who made his name by obtaining a very dubious conviction of a mail bomber. Later testimony showed that the FBI laboratory had manufactured evidence to make the prosecution's case stronger. Freeh is another Clinton lap-dog, a totally unprincipled bureaucrat who has helped orchestrate several large government cover-up's in the last 6 years."


FBI Had Overlooked Key Files In Probe of Chinese Influence


Anger over FBI's Waco revelations sparks new investigations
"Congressional ire was raised with the FBI's admission Wednesday — after years of claims to the contrary — that a "very limited number'' of incendiary tear gas grenades were lobbed near the Davidians' compound outside Waco, Texas, in the hours before the wooden structure erupted in flames. The acknowledgment came on the heels of a newspaper report challenging the earlier statements."

Ex-FBI official says agency used 2 pyrotechnic grenades on Branch Davidians

"Others Known" to the FBI in the OKC Bombing Case


FBI, Delta Force, ATF, All fire Shots into Mt. Carmal killing children

A Graveyard Called Waco - FBI Agent Talks

Three John Does in the OKC Bombing Were Protected FBI Informants


Witnesses, Israelis & Congressional Officials Say Middle Eastern Men Particpated In OKC Bombing?

FBI found no evidence Israeli spies penetrated White House phones - HaHaHaHa! Jackson Stephens is laughing


FBI suppressed likely cause of TWA 800 crash for months, senator says

White House Went After Aide's FBI File
"Following media reports that the Dale file had been obtained, FBI Director Louis J. Freeh accused the White House of "egregious violations of privacy" in seeking secret background files and ordered sweeping new measures to protect the bureau's sensitive background information. He said the FBI had given "inadequate protection to the privacy interests of persons in FBI files."

Hahahahaha. Who's in charge of the FBI!!!

FBI Conspiracy in Foster Death Investigation

The Rise of the FBI

Patrick Knowlton v. FBI Agent Bransford


Street Fascism

Despite evidence, FBI ends two death probes

Pathologist, FBI go way back

New Evidence of OKC Bomb Cover-up

Remembering Ruby Ridge

Lon Horiuchi(Ruby Ridge Killer) Agent in Charge of Waco Sniper Post

OKC Bombing: Bombshell!! The Rev. Robert Millar identified as FBI Informant

Probe Rips FBI Lab "Flaws"

FBI Agent Admits TWA 800 Cover-Up

China Spy Suspect's Wife Was FBI Informant

BLOOD BROKER INVESTIGATED BY FBI ALREADY IN 1974 - Foundation for 1980s Tainted Blood Scandal

The FBI Ignores This

From prison cell, Hale speaks more of Whitewater case
"FBI agents seized Hale's loan files when they raided his office on July 21, 1993.

"The file on the $300,000 loan was three to four inches thick when the FBI took it, but when my attorney and I asked to see it a month or so later, the U.S. attorney's office gave us maybe an inch of stuff,'' Hale says."

Hmmm, what day was Foster assassinated?

Louis Freeh? Only for useful idiots.

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To: OKCSubmariner

FBI Suppresses and Falsifies Information About Middle Eastern Suspects in the OKC Bombing Case
"KTOK radio in OKC has reported that Debbie Burdick of OKC saw two Middle Eastern men in a blue vehicle several blocks north of the Murrah Building, a few minutes after the building was bombed on April 19, 1995. These men are suspected of having been with and having helped McVeigh in front of the Murrah Building shortly before the Ryder truck exploded."

"Debbie Burdick, another in a series of eyewitnesses who sighted additional individuals who appeared to be in the company of Timothy McVeigh. As with other witnesses, she also contacted the FBI about her sightings and observations. She says she was treated "like a loony old lady" by the agents she spoke with.

At approximately 9:00 on the morning of April 19, 1995 Mrs. Burdick and her son were passengers in a car driven by her daughter. They were en route to an appointment with their doctor at a nearby hospital. Mrs. Burdick described what she saw and experienced on that fateful day in downtown Oklahoma City, just four blocks from the federal building.

Robinson Avenue is a one-way street, running from north to south through Oklahoma City, with the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building located at the intersection of 5th and Robinson. The Burdicks had inadvertently pulled their vehicle onto Robinson heading north, the wrong way on that one-way street. Somewhat flustered when she discovered the traffic light was not visible to her, the daughter said, "Mom, what should I do?" Mrs. Burdick said, "just watch them," referring to the three vehicles waiting for the light to change at the cross street. "When they move out of the intersection, we can go." But the cars did not move. "They must have sat there through two light changes," she said. "That's when I noticed the ones in the little blue car were looking off to the left of us, not at us."

There were three cars at the intersection. The little blue car with white interior had three male occupants. They were the only ones visible to Mrs. Burdick who described them as being "of dark descent, but not black." Next to it was the second vehicle, a brown pickup with dark windows which prevented the occupants from being seen. Behind was the third vehicle, a large light-colored Mercury, which had the sun visor down obscuring the driver from view.

The occupants of the small car, two men in the front seats and one in the back, were intently looking southward toward the federal building, "like they were expecting something to happen." Mrs. Burdick commented to her family, "What in the world are they looking at?" She turned to look in that direction saying, "there's nothing over there but buildings."

Turning back around and facing forward, she saw the three vehicles finally move through the intersection. This cleared the way for her own car to move off their collision course on the one-way street. Just as her daughter started ahead, the massive explosion at the federal building hit. "It blew us through the intersection," Mrs. Burdick said.

When they turned back to look in the direction of the federal building, all they could see was debris falling. "When the air cleared, which wasn't long, I saw a helicopter hovering over the [federal] building," she said. Very shortly thereafter, police, firefighters, and the ambulances were at the scene. It all seemed to have been orchestrated as if by prearrangement. When the family refocused on their immediate surroundings, Mrs. Burdick said, "I looked ahead and there was a bomb squad going around the corner." This was not an isolated sighting of the bomb squad on the morning of April 19. It had been seen by others earlier that morning in the vicinity of the federal building.

Later, the Burdicks returned to the spot where they had observed the three cars . She said it was an ideal place from which to see the building being blown up. "I've driven to other locations" for comparison, but "you had the clearest view" from that spot.

As previously mentioned, Mrs. Burdick reported the entire experience to the FBI but they showed no interest. However, after a lapse of almost two and one-half years, the FBI did contact Mrs. Burdick just before the trial of Terry Nichols. This time they called her telling her not to talk to anyone about the incident, especially not Michael Tiger, attorney for Terry Nichols."
[End of Partial Transcript]

Oklahoma City Bombing - USDOJ/OIG FBI Labs Report

FBI=Facilitating Bombing Incidents



11 Q There came a time, did there not, that you wrote

12 a memo to the section chief, John Hicks, asking to be

13 advised as to the FBI's policy regarding concealment of

14 evidence from the court, correct?

15 A Yes.

16 MR. McCARTHY: Objection.

17 THE COLTRT: Overruled. Did you write such a

18 memo?

19 Q Your answer is yes?

20 A Yes, I did.

21 Q Would I be correct in stating that many of your

22 reports were returned to you with suggestions that slanted

23 the conclusions against the defendants in the World Trade

24 Center case?

25 MR. McCARTHY: Objection. Form only. I don't


58enrah2 16347 Whitehurst - direct

1 object to the --

2 THE COURT: Overruled.

3 A That was the reason I wrote the memo requesting

4 that Mr. Hicks clarify our position on biassing reports. I

5 wanted to know if by not biassing my reports I was breaking

6 any federal law or FBI regulation. It was such a strong

7 pressure I thought, maybe I'm wrong about this. Maybe

8 there's a reason that I am supposed to bias my reports. I

9 didn't know what it was. That memo I never received an

10 answer from.

11 Q The pressure that you felt was from members of

12 the FBI, agents within the FBI?

13 A That's correct.

14 Q Would I be correct in saying that you were

15 criticized openly for the wording of your reports and told

16 that your reports could hurt the prosecution's case?

17 A That's correct.

18 Q Did there come a time, air, when you were

19 actually physically confronted by a field agent by the name

20 of Don Haldimann?

21 A That's correct.

...17 Q You were also told, were you not, that it didn't

18 matter what you said because jurors couldn't understand that

19 stuff any-way?

20 A That's correct. Yes.

21 Q And you were also told to maximize the numbers of

22 names of equipment and the numbers of chemicals so as to add

23 a glitz to your reports that would impress and confuse the

24 jury?

....14 Mr. Williams didn't quite fit what he wanted he went to

15 management. One of those situations was in detecting the

16 presence of nitroglycerine in the bottles that were taken to

17 Liberty Park. We couldn't do it. It wasn't possible

18 scientifically. It was inappropriate to say there was

19 nitroglycerin in those bottles based upon the data we had.

20 Mr. Williams would just not, was just not

21 satisfied with that, and I found myself in the section

22 chief's office with Mr. Williams in New York on a party

23 phone with someone else, I don't know who it was. I was

24 there with my section chief, my assistant section chief and

25 my unit chief as Mr. Williams tried to railroad


58enrah2 16359 Whitehurst - cross

1 nitroglycerin into those bottles from the data we had.

2 Ultimately, his approach was so preposterous even

3 my section chief had to call him down on it. We just didn't

4 have the data. There was the issue where my unit chief told

5 me that they wanted qualifying statements out of my reports.

6 I finally had to say, "Well, you'll just have to fire me, I

7 am not going to lie in a court of law."
[End of Partial Transcript]

The Gold Market - World Trade Center Bombing - J. Orlin Grabbe
There's been a bomb at the World Trade Center

"We all looked over at Kelley, one of the gold traders. She was quoting the Telerate news ticker off the monitor on her desk. There was no further information.

We then looked past Kelley, out the seventh floor windows of 222 Broadway, and down the half block of a side street to No. 4 World Trade Center (WTC). The COMEX, where gold futures are traded, was on the 8th floor of No. 4 WTC, and Kelley and one of the other gold traders had open phones lines to the trading floor.

The background voices at the COMEX, heard over the speakers where we were, sounded normal. The street scene outside looked normal also.

"Why don't you ask the floor if there's anything unusual over there," I suggested to Kelley. We had two brokers on the COMEX floor.

Nothing out of the ordinary, they said. No bomb here. One opined he had felt a small shake of the building. The other one hadn't noticed even that.

Those of us at 222 Broadway went back to work, filing away this interesting, but seemingly irrelevant piece of information: a bomb at the World Trade Center. It was, in fact, another hour before smoke began to fill the elevators at No. 4 WTC, and COMEX traders were ordered to evacuate the building. In the meantime, Kelley kept us updated as more news hit the ticker.

"It was centered in the garage area," she announced.

For the first time, someone looked concerned. "I'm parked over there," he said.

Tom wandered by my desk. "Want to go take a look?" he asked. Tom was a PhD chemist who had turned option trader. He had a natural curiosity about explosions.

I declined the invitation. Where there is one bomb, there may be two, and I preferred to wait until the excitement was over. If the bomb was in the parking garage, I doubted there was anything to see, anyway. Tom shrugged and left by himself. He returned with a report: the bomb had collapsed the lobby floor of the Vista Hotel on the ground floor of the tower at No. 1 WTC, as well as the floor below that, and a 20- foot crater now extended out to the street beside the tower. From our windows, we couldn't see the activity taking place because No. 4 WTC blocked our view. I reflected that I had passed through the Vista Hotel lobby the previous day, en route to the walkway connecting the World Trade Center to the World Financial Center located on the other (wharf) side of Manhattan's Westside Highway.

As it turned out, the WTC bomb had been planted by an FBI informant, whose FBI handler had insisted he use real explosives, and not fake that part of the "sting". This was reported in the New York Times before Louis Freeh's media handlers went to work and quashed reports of the FBI connection, and diverted all attention to the supposedly purely foreign nature of the "Middle Eastern terrorists" (with U.S. intelligence connections) whose operation the FBI had been assisting under the guise of conducting a "terrorist sting".

It was claimed the bombers had intended to bring down the tower at No. 1 WTC. Though in fact the van filled with explosive (alleged, but not shown, to be urea nitrate) had done no damage to the building structure. Explosive pressure drops off approximately with the cube of the distance, so to do serious damage with a low-power explosive, you need to attached it to the building columns.

What the explosion had done was to take out two floors in a particular area vertical to the van location, and to fill the building cavities with smoke. Most of the 1000 or so injuries resulted from smoke inhalation, and were basically confined to those taking the commuter trains from New Jersey into the train station in the basement of the WTC. That is, to passers-through trapped in smoke, and not to people actually working at the WTC.

By the end of the day, Tom and I were discussing ANFO bombs instead of options. Where I had grown up in Texas, ammonium nitrate was widely used as fertilizer. It was just one of those things prevalent in the environment, like gasoline and butane, that you used and treated with respect. I had never known anyone killed with ammonium nitrate, although I had known two people, including one neighbor, who had blown themselves up welding "empty" butane tanks.

No, the FBI-assisted terrorists hadn't done much damage to the World Trade Center, relatively speaking, aside from the Vista Hotel. But for a few hours on Feb. 26, 1993, they had shut down the COMEX, and-- London trading having finished for the day--most of the world's gold market along with it."
[End of Partial Transcript]

FBI Linked To Bombing

by Louis Beam

Tapes made secretly by an FBI informant of conversations between him and his agency handlers have linked the nations largest law enforcement agency to the "the most destructive terrorist act in U.S. history."

Emid Ali Salem, an FBI informant used hidden microphones given him by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to record his conversations with agents of the bureau. A Los Angles Times article on 10/28/93 revealed to shocked readers details of FBI involvement in the terrorist act. FBI spokesmen in Washington refused comment.

The tapes became public knowledge when they were ordered released by a federal judge presiding over the case of the indicted suspects. The Justice Department fought hard to prevent their release. The terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center left six dead and over a thousand people injured. The tapes which have been published by the New York Times reveal that Salem warned his FBI bosses that the World Trade center was soon to be bombed and urged them to prevent it.

Speculation is now rampant in political circles that certain factions within the government may have desired the bombing in order to speed passage of new "anti-crime legislation." This suspicion was further fueled by the startling revelation that the FBI denied Salem's request to use phony explosives in the bomb he was helping to build under FBI supervision -- the bomb ultimately used in the World Trade Center explosion.

Former Watergate associate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste warned that these tapes pose "an absolute night-mare for federal prosecutors." One high-ranking law enforcement officer who insisted on secrecy said that in less than a years time the FBI has been linked to criminal abuse of power and the mishandling of cases in three different instances. "First we had Weaver, where an HRT member shot a mother with a baby in her arms, then Waco, where mishandling led to the deaths of a hundred people, and now the World Trade Center, where it appears the bombing could not have happened unless the agency let it."

All of this comes on the heals of a internal affairs report by the Justice Departments Office of Professional Responsibility, linking FBI agents to everything from drug abuse to shoplifting. OPR's annual report provided further startling proof that the agency formally most respected for it's law enforcement skills - has gone bad. The report compiled by Michael Shaheen, the only person ever to hold the position of counsel to the Office of Professional Responsibility, cites drug use, bribery, brutality, and other crimes as "representative examples of misconduct investigated by the office." Shaheen dutifully noted that his office also monitored several hundred misconduct cases being handled by the internal investigative unit of the FBI. The FBI is facing wide spread criticism that the bureau has become a police state agency enforcing political programs considered unpopular by the American people.
[End of Transcript]

World Trade Center Bombing - USDOJ/OIG FBI Labs Report


Open Letter to Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly
Raymond W. Kelly Under Secretary (Enforcement) Former New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly was sworn in as the Under Secretary for Enforcement of the Treasury Department on June 27, 1996.

As Under Secretary, Mr. Kelly has direct supervisory authority over the Department's enforcement bureaus, including the U.S. Customs Service, the U.S. Secret Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Mr. Kelly brings to the position more than thirty years of experience and commitment to public service. A former Marine who served in combat in Vietnam, he rose through the ranks of the New York City Police Department, serving in every rank and 25 commands, before becoming Commissioner in October 1992, a post he held until his retirement in January 1994. His leadership was critical in the successful investigation of the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and in directing the largest increase in uniform ranks in the department's history. Mr. Kelly was recognized as New York State's Law Enforcement Official of the Year in 1993.

More recently, Mr. Kelly served in Haiti as director of the International Police Monitors of the Multinational Force from October 1994 through March 1995. These monitors helped to establish Haiti's interim public security force. President Clinton awarded Mr. Kelly a commendation for "exceptionally meritorious service" and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Shalikashvili awarded him the Commander's Medal for Public Service. In October, 1997, Mr. Kelly was elected Vice President of the Americas for INTERPOL.

Mr. Kelly is the former president and director of The Investigative Group Inc.'s New York operations. The Investigative Group Inc. is an international investigation firm with offices in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and London.

Mr. Kelly is an attorney with law degrees from St. John's University and New York University, where he has lectured on the law, public policy, and crisis management. He is a graduate of Manhattan College and holds a master's degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Marist College in May 1985 and from Manhattan College in 1996 in recognition of his lengthy and distinguished career in public service. He is married and has two grown sons.
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