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6/6/99 7:26:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time DAZZLING! But What's Wrong With This Picture? © 1999 NewsHawk Inc. All Rights Reserved The following material was received from a source who has reported that a computer application known as Dazzle is in fact a mind control tool hidden within what is outwardly a screensaver program. The application was commercially available until about 1995 and received very good reviews in many computer magazines in the early 1990s. The application generates continually changing and very visually attractive, even “entraining” patterns on the computer screen which tend to hold the attention of the observer rather strongly. In fact VERY strongly. The program, for certain reasons, was especially popular among “fundamentalist” and/or “born-again” Christian groups and organizations, perhaps due to the fact that there is a “message” which appears when the program is loading which states that “thanks” is due to the “Creator” for development of the program. NOT the creator of the application, but the creator of “ALL.” That is, God. In fact in the manual there is a whole chapter devoted to what could only be called a “Bible-thumping” treatise on this very topic. The developer(s?) quote a number of passages from religious scriptures in this chapter to further expound on this aspect. The company which developed this application is named as “J.R. Shiflett’s MIDNIGHT VISIONS BLACK OP’S WORKSHOP.” My sources were able to open up a document file on the floppy disk containing the Dazzle application: it was written in Russian! This as it turns out in fact is nothing but a low-level “encryption” of the information within, intended to act as a decoy and “red herring” for anyone who manages to open the file who isn’t “supposed” to; and would serve to detour further scrutiny of the information in terms of the actual origin or source of this information. In other words, whoever opened the file and was able to translate it would come to the understandable conclusion they were dealing with a foreign computer program which had certain hidden and very significant aspects that could potentially be used for negative purposes by “adversaries” of our country. The truth is however that this program was written and designed completely within the United States; under contract from certain branches of the U.S. Navy. Certain VERY “SPOOKY” branches of the Navy, that is. The English translation of the document is reprinted below, indicating some astonishing facts. Also reprinted below is a page from the manual which lists the names and reference numbers of the two Navy contracts under which Dazzle was developed. Dazzle in fact has a whole other and much more serious “purpose” besides preventing a computer monitor screen from “burning in.” The program can be “custom-configured” to utilize certain entirely different aspects. Subliminal “mind control” of viewers can be accomplished in specific ways, according to this documentation. In fact that is the principal purpose of the application. The “screensaver” aspect is a total cover and a way to get the program into general circulation. Incredibly, this secret document notes that the large screens at the Atlanta Olympics were to have the Dazzle program installed, soon followed by installation on screens at other Olympic events AND apparently at ALL other stadiums in the country! Remember the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics? Of course you do. Well, it seems very likely we have uncovered the way that the mind controlled operative(s) responsible for the Atlanta bombing were “triggered;” by the subliminal information conveyed by the Dazzle program running on the large screens there! This program, don’t forget, was commercially available and was in fairly wide circulation in the general population in the early 90s. And there’s more to the story. My source indicated that there is good reason to believe that principal developer and apparent owner of Midnight Visions Black Op’s Workshop in Spring, Texas, named as a J.R. Shiflett, was in fact none other than DAVID KORESH! Remember Waco? Though many people realize that U.S. government agents murdered over 80 innocent human beings in the Waco assault, the actual REASON for the initial intrusion by federal agents onto Koresh’s Waco compound has always seemed a little unclear. There is no doubt that Koresh had been a computer programmer. There is a good amount of circumstantial evidence indicating Koresh was more that just a fringe Christian cult leader who somehow or other became an (apparently massive) irritant to certain federal agencies. Ever wonder WHY legions of federal stormtroopers descended on the Branch Dravidian compound in the first place? there’s a possibility that Koresh, for some reason or other, was not particularly happy about the feds’ intended uses for his Dazzle program and/or had some relatively more benign intentions for how to use the program. Probably in fact Koresh WAS using the program to do some “mind control” of his own on certain people. Perhaps Koresh believed that such a tool/technique could actually be used in a positive and beneficial way (at least in his view) to instill religious beliefs and concepts in targeted viewers. Whatever happened, word is that even before the Waco massacres took place, the programming code for the application had been split into two or maybe more parts as a security tactic. Another recipient of part of this code was Randy Weaver. Perhaps Weaver had similar ideas to those Koresh may have had regarding the program: perhaps not. No matter; it seems that for one reason or another covert fed agencies decided that Weaver had to be taken out. And he was. We now jump ahead several years. Word of Dazzle and it’s purported heritage as just described started circulating on the internet and among members of a very loosely defined “network’ of individuals across the country. This network is comprised not only of what might be termed “new-age” people but also members of patriotic, militia organizations. What’s incredible and highly ironic here is that the program, now being passed around free of charge, is being touted as a “DE-PROGRAMMING” tool and apparently is being used by a whole other segment of the population than it’s original targeted market! This program could perhaps be set up for use as as a deprogramming tool but as far as we know any versions of Dazzle currently available ARE NOT SO CONFIGURED! Those spooks are pretty clever; seeding the program into whole new segments of the population this way, using the mystique generated by it’s (probable) origins as described above as a “selling” point to such new groups. My source says that Dazzle is a kind of “broad-spectrum” mind control tool. in other words it serves to establish a general state of mind of EXTREME receptivity and vulnerability to further commands, suggestions and the like; which targeted individuals receive after activation by DAZZLE. This kind of mind control could instruct the controlled subject call a particular phone number, tune into a certain radio station or a particular website for the specific, detailed commands he is required (as is mind controlled) to obey/carry out. The possibility that Dazzle could have been (one of) the tools used to program people like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, for example, is exceptionally high, though I have no knowledge at this point whether in fact it was used specifically in their case. A possible scenario regarding this possibility could have gone like this. Eric Harris, while updating his website, takes a short break and the Dazzle screensaver kicks in. Broad spectrum, generalized activation type commands embedded in the program go to work subliminally. "Don’t forget to do your job TODAY. Call 888 8888, or tune into station KXYZ, or got to website www.xwz for specific instructions." Harris then does as subliminally instructed to get the day's plans. 4/20 -- go kill lots of people at school today. (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were both witnessed wearing headphones as they set about murdering students at Columbine. They could have been getting continually updated commands etc. from controllers via the headphones.) The two documents cited above, one from the printed manual naming the Navy development contracts, and the other a "secret" document in Russian (translated) which clearly notes Dazzle's use as a hypnotic, subliminal persuasion mind control tool, are reprinted below. © 1999 NewsHawk Inc. All Rights Reserved ======================================== Mind Control Program Setup 07 January 1992 Thus program is designed as a subliminal hypnosis/persuasion system. The general method of use will vary with the attitude of the casual observer; the message will however still be entered in the Substantia Negra area of the brain. This area was chosen as the most susceptible to either neurological disruption or subliminal persuasion for use as an espionage tool. To the trained eye, every 3rd and 7th frame will register and record the needed message in the operative’s brain. The program has worked well in Europe and should work as well on U.S. standard PC systems. The only drawback will be evident as CPU clock speeds approach 435 Mhz; at which time the program WILL fail and the observer will end up with permanent brain damage. The symptoms are visible only as possible epileptic fits and mild fever, but the operative will no longer be of any use and efforts should be taken to terminate all functions as a matter of security. We at the arsenal in Houston are now collaborating with all major chip makers to attempt a jump past 435 and on to 500 Mhz clock speeds to keep this project cloaked as much as possible. The Dazzle screens to be installed for the Atlanta games will be in place by the first week in Feb. of ‘94: all other Olympic sites and ballparks will be ready by July of 1996. This data memo is to be destroyed after you read it: encrypt it then delete it and delete the trash file. J. Shiflett/Microtronics, Spring TX ======================================= Enter “DAZZLE-Z” at the DOS prompt to generate the User’s Manual Enter “DAZZLE-$.>PRN” at the DOS prompt to print an order form. Comments and inquiries about updates and other products are welcome at our mailing address. $15 ($20 US for non-U.S.A. sites) registration payable to MicroTronics requested after 10 days usage, which makes you eligible for an update disk and puts you on our PRIVATE mailing list. Add $5 extra for a printed manual. DOS & Windows screensavers available for an additional charge. A production of J.R.Shiflett’s Midnight Visions Black Op’s Workshop. Mailing address (1992): MicroTronics P.O.Box 8759 Spring TX USA 77387-8759 CompuServe[76236, 1573] Voice/Fax (203) 798-1698 For emergency communication only Programs and documentation (c) 1992 MicroTronics under the following contract numbers: N00792-1643-90 Naval Research Center, China Lake, Calif. 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