(Or, The Conspiracy Against Reality) -- Page #12 [7th edition] Compiled by 'The Group' -- Edited by 'Branton' (c) continued from Page 11.)

"Dahl's boss, FRED L. CRISMAN (he also owned the boat), became a central figure in the mystery. DAHL HIMSELF VANISHED SOON AFTER HIS INTERVIEW WITH ARNOLD, and the efforts by later investigators (such as Harold T. Wilkins, a British author) have failed to locate him. Crisman had been A FLIER IN WORLD WAR II, and he was suddenly RECALLED into the service in 1947, FLOWN TO ALASKA, and later stationed in Greenland.

In recent years amateur sleuths engaged in investigating the alleged conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy have tried to implicate CRISMAN. District Attorney JAMES GARRISON of New Orleans subpoenaed one FRED LEE CRISMAN of TACOMA, WASHINGTON, to testify before the Grand Jury listening to Garrison's evidence against Clay Shaw (Jim Garrison was portrayed by Kevin Costner in the popular motion picture "JFK" - Branton), according to wire service stories in November, 1968. Crisman was identified as a radio announcer, but Garrison's investigations implied that HE WAS EITHER A MEMBER OF THE CIA OR HAD BEEN 'ENGAGED IN UNDERCOVER ACTIVITY FOR A PART OF THE INDUSTRIAL WARFARE COMPLEX.'

He allegedly operated under a cover as a preacher and was 'engaged in work to help Gypsies.' These stories caused a chain reaction in UFO circles, since UFO believers have long accused the CIA of being somehow connected with the flying saucer mystery. Of course, the CIA was in its infancy in 1947 at the time of the Maury Island case and was then largely staffed by NAVAL personnel from World War II intelligence units. "Clay Shaw was tried early in 1969, accused by Garrison of having conspired to murder President Kennedy. He was found innocent and freed. The exact nature of Crisman's testimony before the Grand Jury IS NOT KNOWN. He did not testify at the actual trial... "

The Maury Island case fell apart in Arnold's hands. The slag samples given to him by Dahl and Crisman WERE SWITCHED BY SOMEONE; two investigating Air Force officers, Brown and Davidson, WERE KILLED WHEN THEIR PLANE CRASHED shortly after leaving Tacoma; DAHL VANISHED; Crisman was literally exiled to Greenland for two years; Tacoma newsman Paul Lance, who helped Arnold in his investigation, DIED SUDDENLY A SHORT TIME LATER. Palmer claims that a cigar box filled with original slag samples WAS STOLEN from his Chicago office soon afterwards. "At one point Ted Morello of the United Press took Arnold aside and told him: "'You're involved in something that is beyond our power here to find out anything about... We tried to find out information at McChord Field (the Tacoma Air Force base) and drew a blank, and we have informants there who practically smell the runaways for news... We've exhausted every avenue attempting to piece what has happened together so it makes some sense... I'm just going to give you some sound advice. Get out of this town until whatever it is blows over.' "Arnold got into his private plane and headed for home. He stopped in Pendleton, Oregon, to refuel, and shortly after he took off again, HIS ENGINE STOPPED COLD. Only quick thinking and expert flying saved him from a serious crash..."

End of excerpt.