By Anthony Kimory (c) UFO Magazine

"'UFO' Magazine, edited by Vicki Cooper (no relation to William Cooper  who insists that Vicki has admitted that 'her' magazine was being funded by the CIA), carried an article in its Vol.6, No.5 issue, titled THE SECRET LIFE OF FRED L. CRISMAN, by veteran writer on financial conspiracy, Anthony L. Kimory (Note: IF William Cooper is correct, 'UFO' Magazine's apparent self_ condemnation, in accusing the CIA, might indicate that those who helped establish UFO Magazine may be involved in a type of intelligence war with an opposing faction of the highly compartmentalized CIA, similar to the internal CIA intelligence wars between what appears to be a 'Bavarian' and an 'American' faction referred to by former CIA operative Gunther Russbacher and others).

The article dealt with Fred Crisman's connection with PROJECT PAPERCLIP --a top_secret operation which brought Nazi scientists to America as part of a program to duplicate Nazi flying discs, and to develop other revolutionary technologies. This operation was not actually carried out by the U.S. Constitutional government as we know it, but by a branch of Bavarian Intelligence which had INFILTRATED American Intelligence and later took control of the government through an internal fascist coup d'etat which involved the death of President John F. Kennedy.

James Garrison, the Louisiana attorney depicted in the movie 'JFK' -- who investigated the John F. Kennedy assassination--reportedly discovered the connection between Crisman and PAPERCLIP.

The Project reportedly sent elite teams of scientists and investigators, known as 'T_Forces', into Europe to confiscate all documents, files, hardware in German labs, and even scientific

personnel who were involved in the Nazi aerospace research, an operation which led to the great European 'brain drain' following WWII. The plan was to develop UFO_type craft similar to those which the Nazis had experimented with.

The Army, Navy, Army Air Force, CIA and OSS reportedly assisted in the 'T_Forces' and 'Paperclip' Projects, according to Kimory.

Several high-ranking Nazis who assisted in the 'atrocities' were brought to America also, and their crimes suppressed. Many of these worked at the Peenemunde Aerodynamics Institute, which built the V-2 rockets, German fighter jets, etc., using forced slave labor from the Karlshagen concentration camp. Peenemunde scientists, under PROJECT PAPERCLIP, according to Kimory, have controlled the U.S. rocketry, aerospace and space projects for over 20 years, with the majority of those at NASA being oblivious of the fact. Kimory claims that Wernher von Braun and Kurt Davis, heads of Marshall Space Flight Center and Kennedy Space center were both Nazi S.S. agents brought into America with the help of Nazi infiltrators or sympathizers in U.S. Intelligence.

Garrison arrested Clay Shaw on conspiracy to murder JFK, linking him with the CIA. However, when Garrison's star witness David Ferrie was found dead only a few days before Clay Shaw's trial, Garrison did not have enough against Shaw to make a conviction. It was later discovered in a FOIA document in 1977 that Clay Shaw HAD BEEN in the CIA since 1949.

Garrison also linked Crisman to Shaw, and in fact sources indicate that Crisman was the first one Clay Shaw called when Shaw learned that he was in trouble. Is was discovered that Shaw was in business with European Nazis and fascists who were involved in covert operations sponsored by the CIA, according to the article. Shaw was also allegedly tied_in with the O.S.S.

Crisman, who worked as a go_between in the Military_Industrial establishment (especially the aerospace companies which were the major beneficiaries of Project Paperclip) was believed by Garrison to be a 'middle man' within a deep_level intelligence network, working in_between those who gave the orders (which included assassinations) and those who carried them out.

Garrison also believed that Crisman was involved with the men who carried out the JFK assassination, and Crisman had also made several trips to Dallas just prior to JFK's death, which is why Garrison subpoenaed him.

Crisman was also involved with a government program to 'help gypsies', was tied_in with the O.S.S., and was a member of a secret fraternity of former Intelligence officers, and was also involved with organized crime, according to Garrison's investigations.

Of course the strangest aspect of the Crisman connection was that it was Fred L. Crisman himself who handed over 'metal_slag' samples that were reportedly found after a UFO dropped the substance over the Maurey Island area near Tacoma, Washington in 1947.

Crisman handed the samples to two Army G-2 Intelligence officers, Capt. William L. Davidson and Lt. Frank M. Brown. On their way to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio (where several German Peenemunde scientists reportedly worked) with the 'classified' material their plane crashed and both were killed. News reports of the time mentioned that the plane MAY have been sabotaged. Frank Brown's widow did in fact state her conviction that her husband was murdered.

In addition to this, a particularly persistent reporter into the Maurey Island episode died shortly after the investigation, and Kenneth Arnold (who had his Mt. Rainier sighting and almost fatal engine failure only a few days later) reported that his room, where he often discussed the Maurey Island case with United Airlines Captain E. J. Smith, had been bugged.

Kimory suggests that the Maurey Island UFO may have been a 'hybrid' of the Nazi UFO designs developed by the Military_Industrial Establishment and PROJECT PAPERCLIP, which might explain the mystery.  (For more information on 'Project Paperclip', see also: SECRET AGENDA, by Linda Hunt. St. Martins Press.)

The end.