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1. Jim Garrison investigated Crisman and his right-ring connections.

A. Guy Bannister, FBI agent (544 Camp St, Louisiana) investigated Kenneth Arnold, who, in turn, had investigated Fred L. Crisman and Dahl, on behalf of Ray Palmer. 

2. The House Committee on Assassinations investigated Crisman.

3. The "Easy Papers" – Fred L. Crisman’s alleged resume’.

4. Crisman was a witness regarding UFOs in Tacoma, Washington, 1947.

A. Articles about Crisman and UFOs:

Deros, Donuts, Radioactive Slag and the JFK Assassination        by Paul B. Thompson, Nebula Editor [email protected] Parascope, Inc. 1988,  Click here or read article at:

Before Roswell by Ron Halbritter (c), Click here or read  article at:


SECRETS OF THE MOJAVE, compiled by "the group", edited by Branton (c), Click here or read article at:

Early UFO history, post-WWII, U.S. by Kenneth Hollings, Click here or read article at:

5. Crisman and the Riconosciutos (Marshall and Michael).

6. Crisman and the underground Nazi conspiracy.


Jim Garrison investigated Fred Lee Crisman's many intelligence connections. See Crisman by Don Ecker (c)  Click here, or read article at:

Jim Garrison investigated G. Clinton Wheat of Lafayette Terrace, Los Angeles, an ex-Klansman who hosted meetings of the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian, the Christian Defense League and the American nazi Party. (See Letter from Warman to Garrison, May 10, 1968, as document obtained from the AARC.) In September 1963, discussions concerning assassinating JFK were held at Wheat’s home. According to a former neighbor, Wheat borrowed $400 from him, and traveled in a hurry to Dallas in the Fall 1963. (35 FBI 124-10178-10206, Agency File Number 89-75-907.) Lawrence Howard stated that Wheat’s house in Los Angeles was a place "where paramilitary organizations held meetings and prepared ammunition (HSCA RIF 180-10085-10197. Interview of Howard by Garrison investigator Steve Burton.) Wheat disappeared after Garrison attempted to subpoena him. Wheat hid at Fred Lee Crisman’s ranch in Oregon, then moved to Burney, and totally disappeared. (Edd Jeffords to James Alcock. July 18, 1968. (AARC)) [See Article by D. Boylan, A League of Their Own]

In an anonymous letter sent from Orlando, Florida, Garrison learned that Crisman was linked to Clay Shaw, Serio Archaca Smith and Thomas Beckham. The letter stated that Crisman couried funds between certain individuals and "Cuban factions". The letter asked Garrison to subject Crisman to a polygraph and ask him "certain questions." (Letter from Orlando, Fla to Garrison. This document was acquired from the AARC.) Garrison subpoenaed Crisman to testify before the grand jury in Louisiana. That grand jury testimony was sealed. [See Article by D. Boylan, A League of Their Own]

In an article, in UFO Magazine, (CIA financed) "The Secret Life of Fred L. Crisman" by Anthony L. Kimory, Crisman is linked to Clay Shaw and Project Paper Clip:

"Garrison also linked Crisman to Shaw, and in fact sources indicate that Crisman was the first one Clay Shaw called when Shaw learned that he was in trouble. Is was discovered that Shaw was in business with European Nazis and fascists who were involved in covert operations sponsored by the CIA, according to the article. Shaw was also allegedly tied-in with the O.S.S. Crisman, who worked as a go-between in the Military-Industrial establishment (especially the aerospace companies which were the major beneficiaries of Project Paperclip) was believed by Garrison to be a 'middle man' within a deep-level intelligence network, working in-between those who gave the orders (which included assassinations) and those who carried them out. Garrison also believed that Crisman was involved with the men who carried out the JFK assassination, and Crisman had also made several trips to Dallas just prior to JFK's death, which is why Garrison subpoenaed him.

Crisman was also involved with a government program to 'help gypsies', was tied-in with the O.S.S., and was a member of a secret fraternity of former Intelligence officers, and was also involved with organized crime, according to Garrison's investigations."  Summary of UFO Magazine article by Anthony Kimory (c), Click here or read article at:

A. GUY BANNISTER, FBI AGENT, (544 Camp St, Lousiana) investigated Kennth Arnold, who, in turn, had investigated Fred L. Chrisman and Dahl, on behalf of Ray Palmer.

Crisman by Don Ecker (cClick here, or read full article at:


The House Committee on Assassinations sent its investigators Robert Buras and L. J. Delsa to Jackson, Mississippi to question Thomas Beckham about Crisman. Crisman had died on October 9, 1977 before the interviews. Beckham said that Crisman belonged to a group called "The Organization" which had connections throughout the U.S. Beckham said he went to Lincoln Nebraska after he "took off after the assassination of the President." Crisman’s Organization connections helped him locate Beckham in Lincoln. Crisman told Beckham to move to Omaha where Garrision couldn’t reach him. about his association with the now deceased Fred Crisman on October 9, 1977. (Beckham interview by Delsa and Buras. HSCA 014888. RIF 180-10121-10016. Dated October 9, 1977.) Garry Hemming, when visiting Garrison on July 7, 1967, noted that Dennis Harber made a "recent visit to Nebraska." An implication could be that Harber was visiting Beckham. [See Article by D. Boylan, A League of Their Own]


Steamshovel Press published excerpts of "The Easy Papers" with commentary by Ron Halbritter (c): [Quoted in full below.]

"Here are some examples of statements from the Easy Papers with Ron Halbritter's commentary about those statements:

Para. 6 "...[In one year] The records ...indicate that Crisman sent over a thousand reports on the political leaders in the state [ of Washington].

Commentary--- A thousand reports? That’’s three a day, how did he find time to investigate and write three reports a day.

Para. 7 "... His course of study was an odd patchwork of classes that brought him to the attention of the officers of the University..."

Commentary---Do school administrators really examine each individual students classes? Students have an obligation to take diverse classes, and it’’s not likely the administration will express concern.

Para. 7 "... and Crisman submitted a report to the ... Bureau that was highly critical of the Education Division... His reports were used as a basis for re-drawing the complete civil training methods of..."

Commentary--- Our educational institutions are desperately in need of many reforms, Powerful institutions pull one way while special interest groups and religious organizations pull another. To suggest that Crisman could make changes with one report is not only ridiculous but an insult to all those students who received broken heads trying to bring about change.

Para. 10: " ... He had an office ... with the National Student Association but was asked to resign..."

Commentary--- This is recurring theme throughout the Easy Papers. Crisman is constantly leaving jobs, not because he was fired, but because the CIA asked him to resign.

Para.11: "... Agent’’s of Crisman’’s training are given great latitude..."

Commentary--- What latitude? He was asked to resign in the paragraph above.

Para. 14 "... Crisman was serving as Superintendent of schools at Huntington, Oregon and was suddenly ordered to resign."

Commentary --- Records from Huntington, Oregon indicate Crisman was fired after a traffic ticket and arrest for drunken driving with possession of barbiturates.

Para. 14 "... He applied for a Job in Tacoma... but was ordered to resign and find a job closer to Seattle..."

Commentary --- Tacoma is close to Seattle. He was given a teaching position in Tacoma but was terminated when the background check found the Drunk Driving incident in Huntington, Oregon.

Para.17,-18 Have to do with Boeing Aircraft company in Seattle. Boeing had at the time roughly 30,000 employees. Yet Crisman ... " filed several lengthy reports that demanded Boeing rearrange their hiring process...Boeing...file 11" thick."

Commentary--- A file 11 inches thick is about 8,000 pages, in an era before word processors and Xerox machines. This indicates that same writing skill that allowed him to write a thousand reports on political leaders. Keep in mind his employment at Boeing was measured in months, not years.

Para. 20 "... He considered the discipline of Tacoma Schools very loose."

Commentary --- Is the discipline at Tacoma Schools the type of thing the CIA sends agents to investigate?

Para. 21 "... He was placed in a position of authority in the Longview, Washington school system... he resigned and took a job across the river..."

Commentary --- Once again, his job lasted only as long as the background check. But Special Agent Crisman can easily blame it all on the CIA ordering him to leave. Across the river is in the state of Oregon. Apparently Crisman hoped to lose his background checks by crossing into another state.

Para. 23, 24, 25. Have to do with a clash with the administration of a school in Salem, Oregon with the result that the school administration building burned down and all personnel records were destroyed.

Commentary --- This one I believe. I bet that as a result of Crisman’’s anger the building was burned down and all records were lost.

Para. 28. 29 Have to do with Crisman taking on the Costa Nostra, and he provides proof; A bullet hole in his car.

Commentary —Do those Costa Nostra hitmen really stop after one shot? And then, to add insult to injury the rotten guys sent an anonymous letter to Jim Garrison linking Crisman to the Kennedy Assassination. Is there any other precedent for Mafia gangsters sending anonymous letters to District attorneys?

Para. 31 Crisman is given orders to disrupt the "Manager-Council government of the City of Tacoma". Why? Because the CIA doesn't like Manager-Council city governments.

The Easy Papers are not credible. And when Jim Marrs refers to them, it makes the entire book subject to question. And it's a pity too, as I did want to Believe.

Ron Halbritter, Box 3541, 340 Oxford; Chula Vista, CA 91911


In an Article in UFO Magazine, (CIA financed) "The Secret Life of Fred L. Crisman",  Crisman is linked to UFO’s in Tacoma Washington.  Summary of UFO Magazine article by Anthony Kimory (c), Click here or read article at:

Excerpt: "Of course the strangest aspect of the Crisman connection was that it was Fred L. Crisman himself who handed over 'metal-slag' samples that were reportedly found after a UFO dropped the sub- stance over the Maurey Island area near Tacoma, Washington in 1947.

Crisman handed the samples to two Army G-2 Intelligence officers, Capt. William L. Davidson and Lt. Frank M. Brown. On their way to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio (where several German Peenemunde scientists reportedly worked) with the 'classified' material their plane crashed and both were killed. News reports of the time mentioned that the plane MAY have been sabotaged. Frank Brown's widow did in fact state her conviction that her husband was murdered.

In addition to this, a particularly persistent reporter into the Maurey Island episode died shortly after the investigation, and Kenneth Arnold (who had his Mt. Rainier sighting and almost fatal engine failure only a few days later) reported that his room, where he often discussed the Maurey Island case with United Airlines Captain E. J. Smith, had been bugged.

Kimory suggests that the Maurey Island UFO may have been a 'hybrid' of the Nazi UFO designs developed by the Military-Industrial Establishment and PROJECT PAPERCLIP, which might explain the mystery."


Deros, Donuts, Radioactive Slag and the JFK Assassination by Paul B. Thompson, Nebula Editor [email protected] Parascope, Inc. 1988,  Click here or read full article at:

Before Roswell by Ron Halbritter (c), Click here or read  article at:


SECRETS OF THE MOJAVE, compiled by "the group", edited by Branton (c), Click here or read article at:

Early UFO history, post-WWII, U.S. by Kenneth Hollings  Click here or read article at:


[Site quoted below, in full.]                                                                

THE OCTOPUS, BLACK PROJECTS AND THE DULCE FACILITY  The following article comes from the 'TC TECHNICAL CONSULTANT', Nov.-Dec., 1991 issue:


"(Note: It is interesting what connections we can find here. Michael Riconosciuto was a Wackenhut-CIA employee who told researcher Michael Lindemann that he had attempted to get a whole helicopter full of documents and evidence detailing illegal biogenetic activities and non-Congressionally sanctioned projects involving 'illegal aliens' out of the Nevada Test Site. The chopper was blown out of the sky, killing all five personnel on board. Michael's father happened to be Marshall Riconosciuto, a fascist and a supporter of Adolph Hitler who was a very close friend of Fred L. Crisman. Crisman was involved in the Maurey Island 'UFO' sighting incident in 1947 near Tacoma, Washington, which researcher Anthony Kimory believes involved the test-flight of hybrid CIA - PROJECT PAPERCLIP - NAZI aerial disks. There are several sources which claim that by the early 1940's the Nazi's had succeeded in test-flying wingless lenticular craft powered by rotary devices, rocket power, and DONUT CONFIGURATION jet turbine engines -- rather than cylindrical -- with the cabin stabilized by gyro, the compressors rotating in one direction and the expansion chambers and vectored exhausts rotating in the opposite direction. In fact the movie "THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE" correctly implies that this, one of the largest military battles during World War II between American and German forces, was an attempt by the Germans to buy time and prolong the war just a little while longer, for within a few more months the Germans would have been mass-producing jet fighters, bombers and other super-weapons that would have been invincible to the turbo-prop fleets of the Allies. With the Allied invasion of Germany just before mass-production began, many of the prototypes and plans of the Nazi military machine were captured. However most of the most sophisticated prototypes, plans and even scientists mysteriously turned up missing following the war. We will reserve further discussion on this subject until later in this volume. After the war had ended several of the Nazi scientists who WERE captured -- and who had helped to develop the revolutionary aircraft -- were recruited by the CIA as a result of a secret deal that had been made between Allen Dulles, a member of the Bavarian Illuminati; and Nazi S.S. General Reinhard Gehlen, a member of the Bavarian Thule Society. The deep connections between the Bavarian Illuminati which sponsored the CIA and the Bavarian Thule society which sponsored the Nazi's allowed for the upper covert-ops levels of the CIA to be manned by nothing less than the core of the Nazi S.S. itself, with the help of fascist sympathizers and fifth column double-agents working within American intelligence, although some leading Nazi's were 'sacrificed' to the Nuremberg trials to appease the Allies and establish the illusion that Europe had been de-Nazified. Fred L. Crisman incidentally was a 'witness' to the Maurey Island event and had helped two Army G-2 agents acquire 'slag samples' which fell from one of the six DONUT-SHAPED ships observed. On their way to deliver the samples to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, their plane crashed and both G-2 agents were killed. Some people at the time insisted that the plane had been sabotaged. Two of the reporters who investigated the incident lost their lives, and Kenneth Arnold who investigated the incident after being commissioned by AMAZING STORIES editor Ray Palmer, claimed that his conversations with a high Air Force official concerning the subject were electronically monitored. Also, strange government agents in dark suits were seen in the area. Shortly after his investigation Kenneth Arnold, during an air-search for a crashed plane over Mt. Rainier, saw 9 crescent-shaped discs which he called 'flying saucers'. The news media publicized the incident and the term stuck and became a media catch word ever since. Also around this same time -- 1947 -- Arnold escaped a near-fatal crash when his airplane mysteriously lost power. The connections do not end here. Fred L. Crisman was a close friend to Clay Shaw, whom Louisiana District Attorney James Garrison -- see the movie 'JFK' -- accused of being the CIA-Mafia go-between in the John F. Kennedy murder. Garrison arrested Shaw in an effort to charge him and the CIA with the JFK assassination, however only a few days before the hearing Garrison's star witness David Ferry was killed, and Garrison's remaining evidence was not enough to bring about a conviction. Fred Crisman was the first man Clay Shaw called when he heard that Garrison intended to implicate him. Garrison also believed that Clay Shaw himself was involved with PROJECT PAPERCLIP, the secret operation to bring Nazi war criminals into the United States by the hundreds -- some say thousands -- and give them immunity and new identities in such institutions as U.S. Intelligence, the Military-Industrial complex, the Space agencies, and the various Rockefeller-connected oil cartels such as ARCO, STANDARD [EXXON], ZAPATA, etc., corporations that were supported by the Bavarian-based secret-society lodges, corporations that had actually sold oil to the Nazi's during World War II and helped keep the Nazi "war machine" operating. According to Garrison, Crisman worked as a middle-man between the fascist policy makers and the lower echelons of the Military-Industrial Complex. "Oh what a tangled web..." These American mega-bankers and traitors to freedom had supported the Nazi's in an effort to initiate a Bavarian-backed "New World Order", under the cover of the "Third Reich". Read the book NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by the late Gary Allen for more on the Rockefeller connection, and also the various works by Dr. Antony Sutton. - Branton"


The Underground Nazi Invasion of the United States by Agent `Wolverine’

Click here or read article at: