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Squirt Gun Being Removed from Statue

Thursday, August 3, 2000

    A statue that passed muster 21 years ago when it was installed in the fountain of a Santa Fe, N.M., city park is being altered to remove a squirt gun from the little boy's hand.

    Sculptor Linda Strong said Wednesday that she agreed with those who are criticizing her statue as politically incorrect.....

    Strong's statue shows a boy and girl having a water fight, the girl with a hose, the boy with a squirt gun. Strong created it to show the joys of being young.

    After some reflection, Strong decided to chisel off the boy's hand and give him a new one in which he too will hold a hose.

    "I think it's the right thing to do," she said. "I don't like revisionism in art, but I think art in public places has another responsibility." *


Marin County Corruption Continues. Abuse of authority not limited to civic center.
Grandmother charged for reading public file.

by Phil Graf © Coast Writers Syndicate

Larkspur, Calif, 8/6/00 - Can you request public records at city hall, then be arrested for reading them? You can, if you live in Larkspur! Would a DA prosecute such a silly case? She would, if she's Paula Kamena.

Just ask Jenna LaFleur, who is on trial this week. LaFleur owns her 1,300 sq. ft. Victorian home at 205 Madrone Ave, where she's lived the past 27 years, until the stress of officialdom and a vicious pattern of legal abuse and official corruption drove her to live with friends.

There's nothing wrong with LaFleur's home, except that a new, very large house was built for speculation next door. And there'd be nothing wrong with that, except that the house's architect is Larkspur mayor Dan Hillmer, and the house has enjoyed some suspiciously favorable lapses of code enforcement and environmental review. Predictably, the files have been kept secret from LaFleur, and she's been so harassed by her new, powerful neighbors, the courts and police, that she can no longer bear to live there, especially now that she's being prosecuted by DA Kamena.

Remember Paula Kamena? She's the Marin DA who recently prosecuted single mom
Carol Mardeusz for trying to protect herself and her daughter from an abusive boyfriend. By working with the judge to exclude witnesses and evidence, quashing subpoenas and mis-directing the jury, Kamena's office got a surreal conviction of an innocent mom, while protecting the abuser. 

Now, the good ol' boy/girl power structure is after LaFleur. She is on trial this week at Marin Civic Center, for talking to workmen who stacked lumber against her house, and for taking photos of the house being built next door. She wasn't supposed to do that, because the builders got a court order against her by filing a bogus lawsuit, which they later dropped.

LaFleur's also charged with "disturbing the peace" and "resisting arrest." Imagine that. A small, 58-year old grandmother is confronted by Larkspur chief of police, Phil Green, and resists arrest. Oh my, Chief Green must have been terrified. I know that I'd have certainly been scared, if I were a trained, armed officer, confronted by a woman armed with a pile of assault papers. This arrest ought to make police bulletins all over the nation. Chief Green should get an award for his heroic effort. I'd certainly like the details of how he managed, against all odds, to bring his training and experience to bear in subduing this dangerous grandmother. After all, she was in the act of insisting on her right to view a public file, which the city manager's secretary, Barbara Stephens, was attempting to censor and keep from her.

LaFleur is clearly dangerous and requires prosecution, especially if you're Chief Green, Mayor Hillmer, and DA Paula Kamena. LaFleur has been looking for truth, something in very short supply in the Marin legal/judicial system. She's been asking embarrassing questions. She wants to know why building codes are enforced for some, and ignored for others. She'd like to know why redwood trees and the creek aren't being protected? And she'd like to know why a house which to her, looks like a San Quentin guard tower, can spring up right next to her house, while Larkspur inspectors appear to ignore her contractor/neighbor and his mayor/architect?

There's a real cozy relationship between city government, law enforcement, the DA's office and the courts. That relationship has nothing to do with justice. It has everything to do with money, power, and privilege; to say nothing of the ongoing destruction of people's rights, while government, in its many forms, abuses its authority and power with arrogance and apparent impunity.

Jenna LaFleur could go to jail for attempting, non-violently, to examine public files and attempt to protect her property rights. If you can make the connection between all this and the slow, nearly invisible destruction of your own property and personal rights, and your supposed protections against government abuse, you'll want to become a court watcher in the Jenna LaFleur case, which begins at 0900 Tuesday, April 8, and is expected to run for three days. This ought to be a great opportunity to hear public officials lying through their teeth, in order to convict yet another innocent woman.

Wake up, Marin! Join the Recall Movement, and get rid of the corrupt crony system. The New Broom Marchers have the right idea.

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Jenna LaFleur's attorney is Terry Redmond, 415 395-9000