Policy on teens in rectories criticized


A decision by the Archdiocese of San Francisco to no longer employ teenagers as rectory workers not only takes away opportunities from kids but fails to address the problem of abusive priests, said child advocates and community activists. "The church should look at dealing with the adults who have problems rather than doing away with the kids," said Marybeth Wallace, parent liaison with Coleman Advocates for Youth in San Francisco. "To take this opportunity away from kids is sad. What will they do next, eliminate youth from participating in their athletic league because there are adult coaches? Where does it stop?"

The new policy, ordered Friday by San Francisco Archbishop William J. Levada, is a prudent move to avoid future child-abuse lawsuits, according to archdiocese spokesman Maurice Healy. Recent suits have proven costly and embarrassing to the church.

In May, the archdiocese reached a settlement in a case prompted by a teenage rectory worker who accused his Burlingame pastor of physical and mental abuse.

Catholic churches have a tradition of paying teenagers minimum wage to do basic chores, such as filing papers and answering the phone. The work is generally done in the rectory, which is the priest's living quarters.

The policy will be phased in at the archdiocese's 89 parishes in San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin counties over the next few months. Healy said the details of the policy have not been worked out, but that it's not intended to be Draconian.

"You see any number of institutions taking prudent measures like this," Healy said. "This policy is not meant to reflect poorly on priests nor punish teenage workers. It may be overly prudent but over time it will prove to be a good decision. Youth will still have a number of interactions with priests, in schools, youth ministries, other arenas. It just takes one avenue of interaction out."

Tim Unsworth, author of six books on the priesthood and a columnist with the National Catholic Reporter, said he thinks the archdiocese's policy is misdirected but not surprising.

"This is one more byproduct of rampant paranoia of lawsuits," he said. "I'm terribly concerned the church is turning to its lawyers for advice rather than to its pastors. Here in Chicago, when the cardinal calls a meeting of priests, he has a lawyer sitting at his right side.

"When I was a kid, this was about 57 years ago, I worked in my rectory and it gave me a social status that equated to that of football captain," he added. "Not once in all my years did a priest ever do anything improper. And that's probably the case still, with very few exceptions."

Eighteen-year-old Fernando Gonzalez, who has friends who gained role models by working in rectories, says the church's policy is "going at it the wrong way."

"To me, they're admitting that priests are doing something wrong and they can't be around children," said Gonzalez, whose family attends St. Elizabeth's Church in Oakland. "They should promote the opposite of that. They should start more youth programs, become mentors to more kids. I mean, what better role model can you have in life than a priest?"

San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano, a Catholic school graduate, believes the policy is a tepid solution to a serious problem.

"Removing the apple from the Garden of Eden doesn't take care of the issue of concupiscence," Ammiano said. "There is always going to be temptation. The important thing is to help people with strength of character and commitment to morality."

Several Catholic priests contacted Saturday expressed sadness over the new policy, but declined to comment on the record. They wanted the official statement to come from the archdiocese's office.

Episcopal priest Mark Stanger, an associate pastor at Grace Cathedral in The City, said every adult who works with children should be clear on boundaries. Staff at his church take a workshop called Protecting God's Children that focuses on how to maintain appropriate boundaries and contact with youth.

"Almost all of us have benefitted from a special parent, teacher or mentor who took an interest in us," Stanger said. "Everyone who works with youth has to constantly put the integrity and needs of the young person ahead of their own emotional needs."

The Catholic Church's reputation has been tarnished in recent years by reports of abuse and misconduct by priests. Across the country, the Catholic Church is estimated to have spent $1 billion in clergy misconduct cases, and more cases continue to become public.

"This policy in San Francisco may be wise legally but it doesn't seem to be the most effective idea," said David Clohessy, the national director of Survivors Network Of Those Abused By Priests in Chicago. "It's a small, isolated step that really misses the boat. Besides, the majority of abuses that I'm aware of doesn't happen in the church rectories. It happens on camping trips or, occasionally, in the victim's home.

"I don't see it so much as a bad move," he said, "but a knee-jerk reaction in place of something comprehensive."

Gonzalez has harsher words for the policy.

"Most of my friends grew up without having a father figure of their own," he said. "Some found that in their priests. If you had any problems, you know you can go to a priest. A church can be like your family. I don't understand why the Catholic Church would make this decision. It's really extreme and it takes opportunities away from kids."

CIA backed 1970s terror attacks in Italy: spy
August 04 2000 at 03:43PM, The Independent, Online © 2000

Rome - A former general in the Italian secret service has accused the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of being involved in a wave of bloody attacks in Italy in the 1970s, in an interview in Friday's edition of La Repubblica newspaper.

Gianadelio Maletti said the CIA used its two most powerful networks in Germany and Italy and enlisted the assistance of the extreme-right to "revive nationalism" and prevent Italy from moving politically to the left.

Maletti, who was appointed head of the main Italian military counter-espionage department in 1971, told the newspaper that the CIA channelled explosives through Germany for the attacks in Italy. "The CIA wanted ... to prevent Italian society slipping towards the left. This was the basis of this strategy of tension," he said.

The CIA wanted to prevent Italy from slipping towards the left More than 200 people died in Italy in the 1970s in attacks blamed on extreme-right groups. The investigation into many of the attacks was delayed when police were misled or given false information.

Maletti now lives in exile in South Africa after being sentenced to 31 years in prison by Italian authorities for helping two neo-fascists to escape capture and for misleading police in at least one bomb attack in Milan.

"Nato needed to collect information and use it to maximum effect. But the people who used and manipulated it were the American agents, the CIA," Maletti told La Repubblica.

"The CIA wanted to do (in Italy) what it had done in Greece in 1967, when the coup d'etat ousted Papandreou," he said, referring to George Papandreou, who was removed from power by a military coup in 1967. But the situation in Italy "slipped out of their hands", he said.

He told La Repubblica that in the 1970s he had informed many Italian politicians, including disgraced former prime minister Giulio Andreotti, of his belief that the CIA was working with extreme-right groups and high-ranking Italian officials.

But he said his information fell on deaf ears, because "if they had been passed to the justice system, they would have created a huge scandal". 


Women take control of cyberporn 

Women have seized control of the sex industry and now control more than 50 per cent of pornographic sites in cyberspace.

"Scarlet collar" workers are the feminists of the modern age, say psychologists, free from coercion and the dangers of the traditional, male-dominated business. In the past two years they have moved away from traditional activities such as prostitution and lap dancing to become the majority of cyberporn owners in a branch of the sex industry now worth more than £1bn a year.

Research, presented at the American Psychological Association's annual conference in Washington shows that these "webmistresses" are in their late 20s to mid 30s – taxpayers who are, to the untutored eye, respectable citizens working in e-commerce.

Their interest in cybersex has been driven by a new form of empowerment, it is claimed: the women have independent salaries, control of their work environment and flexibility of hours. They earn salaries similar to those of teachers or clerical workers.

Many have chosen to have children and are leading "normal" suburban lives, hidden by the anonymity of the internet.

Dr Kimberlianne Podlas, a former criminal lawyer and now a psychologist at the Bryant Institute, New Jersey, and author of the study, contacted the women through her previous contacts with the police and vice-squads.

Dr Podlas said: "I have come to the conclusion that it is true liberation for women in the sex industry. Far from being complicit in the oppression and exploitation of women, webmistresses may reflect a degree of emancipation from male-dominated female imagery and economic control."

In the past decade, internet porn has been demonized "as the scourge of the web" and has been accused of leading to physical violence against women. However, Dr Podlas believes that female-controlled cyberporn has combated negative imagery and increased women's power.

"The internet has been, and will continue to be, a great equalizer in terms of power between the genders," she said, pointing to the anonymity of cyberspace and the low start-up cost of an internet business.

Only heterosexual sites were included in Dr Podlas's analysis because they reflected traditional pornography and the type of imagery that has been criticized as harmful. But the surveyed women saw only benefits, arguing that they increased their income, had a greater degree of control over their work, and were better able to bring up children. A minority did it for artistic and sexual expression, and for personal erotic pleasure.

One woman claimed that her salary had increased by 400 per cent while others reported more modest gains of 10 to 25 per cent. Another, who wanted to have a baby, said that she wanted the flexibility to stay at home during the later months of pregnancy and the early years of her child's life.

"The threat of violence or coercion in creating a site is greatly reduced if not eliminated," said Dr Podlas. "The photographer or cameraman demanding a particular shot is abolished."

She added: "Pornography is a tool of men, defining women and resulting in their subjugation and objectification. The internet is also a tool created by men. Nonetheless, with these tools now in the hands of women, they can be used to dismantle the master's house. In this way as cyberporn entrepreneurs, women can truly be mistresses of their domain."


From: Rayelan  
Date: Fri Aug 4, 2000 8:12am

The following email is the one that AOL would not allow the original author to send -- nor could RMNews send it via AOL -- There must be something in the article that triggers an AOL "stop command".

===========RUMOR MILL NEWS AGENCY===========

From Ru Mills, Editor in Chief

The following  was forwarded by Patricia Doyle from the Emerging Diseases webpage. Longtime RMNews readers will remember that RMNews was the first to post that the West Nile Virus was an experiment in bio-terrorism.

(While the original RMNews article is no longer on the Egroups page -- it is quoted in the following articles. They are long, so read the breaking news sent from Patricia first)


Major West Nile Virus Development-please forward.
Breaking News Date: 08/03/2000 3:34:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: [email protected] (Patricia Doyle)
To: [email protected]

Hello Raye:  As I have been saying all along, the west  nile was released as 1. a bioterrorism preparedness  real life drill, and 2. FOR PROFIT.

They chose to release the virus in New York for the  preparedness simulation.

Plum Island had also been working on a JE family  encephalitis vaccine and wrote up the paper on Jan.  12, 1999. On that document they stated they had tested  it on human volunteers.    2 encephalitis vaccines. How did they know that a  virus not endemic to the US would be needed. A really profitable vaccine would be one that would be needed  in the US.  Patricia

Subject: Major West Nile Virus Development. Please forward-Breaking News

WNV Vaccine Announced by Co. Linked to Giuliani by Robert Lederman [Major new development in the West Nile Virus issue]


Peptide Therapeutics, the UK biotech company, said   it had been awarded a $3m grant to develop a new vaccine to   combat  the mosquito-borne West Nile virus, which killed   seven.

The  vaccine will be developed at OraVax, Peptide's US subsidiary, using the company's proprietary ChimeriVax   technology." [see below for their detailed press release]

For the past 10 months I have been writing about a   bio-chemical corporation, Oravax, in relation to the   so-called WNV (West Nile Virus) epidemic in NYC. The V.P of   Oravax, Dr. Thomas Monath has been working behind the scenes  with Mayor Giuliani, former OEM chief Jerry Hauer, Dr. Cohen and the CDC since the very beginning of this issue.

From: Newsday 9/25/99-Deadly Discovery   "Virologist Thomas Monath, one of the country's   leading   authorities on mosquito-carried viruses, called the   discovery ``a   bombshell,'' and added: `` This is the biggest arbovirus story of   the last 50 years. Wow!'' Monath, who works for
OraVax, a   biotechnology company in Boston, said he has been   working closely with CDC investigators in New York since the   encephalitis outbreak began in late August. He is  assisting   federal scientists in trying to figure out a way to deal with the   new development."

As predicted, Oravax has now been given a grant from   the   N.I.H.(National Institute of Health) to create a   WNV vaccine.   The theory I and a number of other activists have   been   suggesting is that the entire WNV panic has been   created   specifically in order to justify the mass
distribution of this very   vaccine throughout the entire U.S.

Oravax was granted a license by the U.S. Army   bio-warfare lab  in Ft. Dietrick in 1996 (Monath was previously a   researcher at   the same lab) to manufacture a Japanese encephalitis   vaccine   derived from a genetically-altered virus the Army   itself   created. WNV is a variation of
Japanese   encephalitis.   Numerous medical and scientific institutions, many   run by the   Federal government, have been quietly experimenting with   WNV in NYC and the surrounding area for decades [see   references below]. Most of this research involved  bio-warfare  applications.
According to the press release and articles below   the vaccine is a live, attenuated vaccine (it contains live WN   virus) and   involves "the construction of a chimeric virus in   which the   envelope genes of yellow fever vaccine are replaced  with the  corresponding genes of the target
West Nile virus".   In other   words, the plan appears to be to expose the entire   nation orally   to a genetically-modified form of WNV.  Since the vaccine is made from a genetically-altered   strain   there is no way to know exactly what other   theoretically   beneficial or harmful genes may
have been added.   Scientists in   the field of GE foods (genetically-altered foods)   have already   found evidence that genes in the pollen of these   foods can   become incorporated into the DNA of insects that   pollinate the   GE plants. In other words it is possible to incorporate these   genes into your own DNA simply by eating the food, or in this   instance, orally taking a vaccine.

[From: [email protected] "Tappeser"   [email protected]
Organization: Oeko-Institute e.V.   Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 15:37:25 +0100

Subject: new stories from Germany   "The German Television ZDF reported on Sunday May 21   that   a German researcher found a gene transfer from genetically   engineered rapeseed to bacteria and fungi in the gut of honey bees. Prof. Hans-Hinrich Kaatz from the Institut   fГјr
Bienenkunde (Institute for bee research) at the   University of   Jena experimented during the last three years with honey bees on an experimental field with transgenic rapeseed in   Saxony,   Germany."]

Mayor Giuliani and his advisors have been massively spraying NYC with a variety of toxic pesticides since last   Fall, despite knowing that experts in the field of mosquito   control have   determined that such spraying actually increases the   number of   mosquitoes, makes succeeding
generations pesticide   resistant   and increases the incidence of mosquitoes infected   with   transmissible viruses like WNV by as much as 15 times.

see:  Are Mosquito Spray Pesticides   Worsening the Encephalitis Problem?

SOURCE: Journal of the American Mosquito Control   Assoc, Dec;13(4):315-25, 1997 Howard JJ, Oliver New York   State   Department of Health, SUNY-College ESF, Syracuse   13210,   USA.

Also see my articles on this

Considering the mild nature of WNV their actions appear to be intended to increase WNV rather than to decrease it. Dr. Cohen implied as much two days ago.

NY Post 8/1/2000-


"Cohen said...Part of the reason for the new skeeter woes is that between 10 and 20 percent of the bugs won't be killed by the pesticide [the ones that are resistant to the   chemicals] - and   those that live will reproduce, Cohen said....Cohen said the traps were nearly empty in
the first two days after   the initial   Staten Island spraying last month, but now they're filling up   again.

"This is not unexpected," he insisted."

That Dr. Cohen acknowledges he knows that the   spraying   would lead to new generations of pesticide resistant   mosquitoes   supports the idea that the spraying is actually   intended to help   create a demand for the vaccine, which the NYC   officials  Major West Nile Virus Development - unquestionably knew was already in development and testing. What the real purpose of the vaccine is one can only guess at this point.

From: NY Times 8/7/98



If you carefully read the very long article this is excerpted from you will see detailed  evidence of how Dr. Monath, former Giuliani OEM chief Jerry Hauer, the president of Rockefeller University  (where they have experimented with WNV for decades) and Dr. J. Craig Venter, president of The Institute for Genomic Research (the co-researchers and co-owners of the Human Genome   Project) have been pressuring President Clinton to spend  billions on a nationwide vaccine program against germ warfare.

EXCERPT: "In April, the president...and his top officials met   at the White House on April 10 with seven private scientists in   the Truman Room, where Cabinet meetings are held.   For an   hour, participants say, the scientists discussed the germ topic and pushed for a vaccine stockpile. Clinton's  attending officials included the secretary of defense, the attorney  general, the   secretary of health and human services, the director of Central  Intelligence and the president's national security   adviser. The   scientists present were Dr. Frank Young, a former   head of the   Food and Drug Administration, who moderated the panel; Dr.  Joshua Lederberg, president emeritus of Rockefeller University; Dr. Lucille Shapiro, a biologist at  Stanford   University; Jerome Hauer, head of emergency   management for   New York City; and Dr. Barbara Rosenberg, a   biological  arms-control expert at the Federation of American  Scientists, a  private group. The scientific panel also had two industry   experts, both with financial ties to vaccine work. Dr. Thomas Monath was identified in a White House announcement as a vice president of OraVax and a former official of  the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Army Medical   Research   Institute of Infectious Diseases, the government's top body for defensive germ-warfare studies...Based in Cambridge,  Mass., OraVax was founded in 1990 to tap an emerging   multi-billion-dollar market in oral vaccines and  antibodies to combat infectious diseases. But the small company   kept having   problems getting beyond research and bringing products to   market. By 1996 and 1997, its survival at stake,   OraVax tried   to win part of the Pentagon's expanding germ work as a subcontractor to make smallpox and other vaccines.

By early this year, that work had failed to materialize and the company's stock price was down 90 percent from $10 a share in the initial public offering...."The way to handle it is to be open, so people   understand that I may have a potential bias," Monath   said. "I don't make it a business of taking advantage of   situations in   which I'm asked to participate to push the OraVax  agenda."


[Note how the VP of Oravax, manufacturer of the encephalitis vaccine who is advising Giuliani on this crisis, was  both a  researcher at Ft. Dietrick Bio-Warfare lab and a CDC   scientist.]   "Thomas Monath is one of the world's leading  arbovirologists.   He is currently Vice-President of Research and  Medical  Affairs at OraVax, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In this   position he is responsible for the scientific direction of programs on vaccine
development... Prior to this he  was the Chief of the Virology Division, U.S. Army Medical   Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick in   Maryland. In   this position he was
responsible for the development of genetically engineered vaccines against arthropod-   borne and   hemorrhagic fever viruses. Between 1974 and 1988 he was the Medical Director of the Division of Vector- Borne Infectious   Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control in Fort   Collins, Colorado."

Peptide Awarded Grant by NIH to Develop West Nile Vaccine

CAMBRIDGE, England, 8/1/2000 /PRNewswire/ -- Peptide   Therapeutics Group plc (LSE: PTE.L) ("Peptide")   announces   that it has been awarded a Fast-Track Small Business   Innovative Research (SBIR) grant by the US National   Institutes   of Health ("NIH") to develop an important new vaccine to   prevent West Nile virus disease ("West   Nile")...

Fears are   growing that another outbreak could occur this year. Infected birds and mosquitoes have been detected over a wide   area from   New Jersey to Massachusetts.  Public health warnings   have   been issued to residents of the affected States, and   intensive   mosquito control is underway in many areas. There is   no   vaccine, cure or specific therapy against West Nile   virus disease.

The US government is actively pursuing a campaign to combat the disease, including funding the   development of vaccines for preventative use.

The West Nile vaccine will be developed using Peptide's proprietary ChimeriVax(TM) technology.  It will be a   live,   attenuated vaccine and involves the construction of   a chimeric   virus in which the envelope genes of yellow fever   vaccine are   replaced with the corresponding genes of the target   West Nile   virus.

This approach has already been employed by Peptide to develop vaccines against dengue fever (in   pre-clinical   development) and Japanese encephalitis (due to   commence   Phase I trials shortly).

Dr. Thomas Monath, Vice President Research & Medical   Affairs of Peptide, said:  "The advantages of   ChimeriVax(TM)   vaccines include their high safety profile, ability   to induce   protection within a few days after a single dose,   and   long-lasting immunity without the need for booster doses.  A   ChimeriVax(TM) West Nile vaccine is therefore   ideally suited for use in an impending epidemic, where rapid   immunization is   required."

Dr. John Brown, Chief Executive of Peptide, said:    "We are   delighted to have been selected by the US government   to   receive funding to continue to develop our West Nile   vaccine.    The West Nile virus is one of the most frightening   to have   emerged in recent years and there is no vaccine available to   protect against the disease.  We are confident that ChimeriVax(TM) can provide the technology to develop  a   vaccine that will provide a rapid and effective   solution."

For further information visit our web site at

08/01/2000 11:22 EDT

See: for an entire clearinghouse for bio-tech companies

Area Labs Have Long Studied Virus

Yale, Rockefeller began tests in '50s page A28   " Epidemiologists suspect that the West Nile virus   has for the   first time been isolated in humans or animals in the   Western   Hemisphere, but the virus has for decades made its   home in   several U.S. research laboratories, including   Rockefeller University in Manhattan and Yale University in New   Haven,   Conn. In fact,
investigators there were the first to   grow and   study the West Nile virus in the United States. The   work began   in the 1950s when unidentified viral samples from   around the   world arrived at Rockefeller on a steady basis."    Newsday 5/9/2000

Mosquito From Asia Could Carry West Nile

In Army tests at Fort Detrick   in   Frederick, Md., japonicus was found to be the "most   competent   vector" [transmittter] for West Nile virus in a laboratory   setting, when compared with other mosquitoes."


[from Federal Register: March 22, 1996 (Volume 61,   Number   57, Page 11812]
Notice of Intent To Grant an Exclusive License of a  U.S. Government -Owned Patent  Agency: U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command,   DOD [Department of Defense].

Action: Notice.  Summary: In accordance with 37 CFR 404.7 (a)(I)(i), announcement is made of the intent to grant an   exclusive, royalty-bearing, revocable license of U.S. Patent   Application   Serial Number 08/348,882, filed November 28, 1994   and   entitled ``Infectious DNA
Clones of Japanese  Encephalitis  Virus and Attenuated Strains Japanese Encephalitis   Virus   Made from the Clones'', to OraVax, Inc., 230 Albany Street,   Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139.

[Requests to the Army for further information should  be directed to the public affairs officer, Mr. Chuck   Dasey (301)   619-2736] Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.   (Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics) [email protected]  (718) 743-3722

For an article on the Manhattan Institute go to

If you would like to help oppose the spraying,   please write to the NoSpray Coalition, PO Box 334, Peck Slip   Station, NYC   10272-0334, or call the No Spray hotline at (718)   670-7110.

Any funds you can send to help continue the lawsuit and this work are greatly appreciated.

For Lederman articles with more on this information see

Newsday, 10/10/99
Bugged by Spraying

The loudest protests heard during the city's   recent campaign   of insecticide spraying came from the city's tiny   Green Party   and the artist-agitator Robert Lederman...Yesterday,   the head   of the mayor's Office of Emergency Management, which   took   the lead in the assault on the city's mosquito   populace,   dismissed such concerns as "irresponsible environmental   hysteria and stupidity."

"If they took a deep breath   [of   Malathion?] and looked at what we did and what pains   we   went through to ensure that we did it right and recognize that   human life is at stake, they'd get the perspective,"  said OEM   Director Jerry Hauer.

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