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Click. RCMP admit they're investigating `trap'. Critics urge answers on spy claims. Politicians fear security breach.
(Toronto Star 8/26/00)



Click. Unnatural Selection: Survivor, Eugenics and Big Brother
By Robert Lederman

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RCMP admit they're investigating `trap'. Critics urge answers on spy claims.Politicians fear security breach.

By Allan Thompson and Valerie Lawton  © 8/26/00 Toronto Star Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA - Opposition politicians are demanding answers from the federal government over stunning allegations that Canada's national security was compromised by foreign spies using rigged software to hack into intelligence files.

The RCMP confirmed yesterday a report in The Star that the Mounties are investigating claims that software used by the RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) had a ``trap door'' to allow American and Israeli agents to eavesdrop.

``We can confirm that there is indeed an investigation under way,'' said Staff Sergeant Mike Gaudet at RCMP national headquarters. Gaudet admitted that probe had been going on ``for some time.''

Opposition critics yesterday demanded answers from Solicitor-General Laurence MacAulay, who is responsible to Parliament for both the RCMP and CSIS. ``Right now I'm just sort of dumbfounded this could even happen,'' said Canadian Alliance critic Myron Thompson (Wild Rose), who called on MacAulay to come clean.

``I want to know if he can confirm or deny that there's been a breach of security,'' said Thompson.

Progressive Conservative critic Peter MacKay called on MacAulay to make sure all the computer systems are sound. ``This sounds like something right out of a Le Carre novel,'' MacKay said. ``Yes, the RCMP has to be given time to gather information and evidence but the first and foremost priority has to be to secure the computer systems.''

Gaudet said the RCMP took the unusual step of commenting on an ongoing investigation to assure Canadians that no evidence of a breach of national security has yet been found.

``We want to reassure Canadians that as of today we have found absolutely nothing to indicate that national security has been compromised in any way and that our investigation continues,'' Gaudet said.

MacAulay was not available to comment, but a spokesperson said the minister was ``pleased that they have said there's no indication of national security being compromised.''

Sources close to the current RCMP investigation say it revolves around Promis, a case-management software program first developed to assist prosecutors in the United States Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, sources said the investigation also involves allegations that former British media tycoon Robert Maxwell - who drowned in 1991 - may have acted as a middleman in selling the rigged software to Canada.

At the time of his death, Maxwell was locked in a libel suit with an American journalist who had accused him of being an agent for Israel's Mossad intelligence agency.

The Promis software was at the centre of a major U.S. scandal a decade ago. Bill and Nancy Hamilton, owners of Washington-based Inslaw Inc., the company that developed Promis, caused a sensation when they alleged the U.S. government had stolen their software and pedalled pirated versions to intelligence agencies around the world.

A former Israeli spy also alleged the software had been fitted with an electronic trap door to allow American and Israeli agents to spy on those who used the software. A trap door - essentially a computer bug - can be hidden in either software as a tiny bit of rogue code, or in the computer's hardware, stored on a microchip.

A Star investigation found that RCMP officers have now interviewed a number of players in the Promis affair, including an American computer wizard, Michael Riconoscuito, who claims he helped prepare Promis software for sale to Canada.

And sources confirmed yesterday that another former Israeli spy, now living in New York, has also been interviewed by RCMP officers who wanted to know about the sale of the Promis software to Canada.

Software open to hackers found in RCMP computers

Rigged with trap doors: Investigators fear police, intelligence files compromised

Charlie Gillis © 2000 Canada National Post 8/26/00

Illegally produced software suspected to have been vulnerable to hackers has been found in RCMP computers, the National Post has learned -- a situation that may have exposed Canadian intelligence files to theft by foreign spies.

Two sources confirmed yesterday that RCMP officers have interviewed them about a software package called Promis, which is used to store information and evidence compiled by police, prosecutors and intelligence agencies.

The Mounties told both men that illegal versions of the software had been found in the RCMP's own databases -- despite the fact the licensed designers of the package never sold it to them.

"[The investigators] have confirmed to me that they have Promis software in the RCMP," said John Belton, a former Ontario stockbroker who has researched the case as part of an unrelated lawsuit.

"They also told me that they have stolen computer software that was evidently bugged to obtain access by foreign interests to sensitive police and security related files."

A second source, requesting anonymity, said the RCMP has been looking into the issue for more than a year, fearing that intelligence files in Canada may have been compromised.

The case is potentially embarrassing for the Mounties, who routinely compile intelligence on and evidence that could be of interest to other countries. Their files include information on individuals who are considered threats to national security and civil order, such as those linked to terrorist groups, drug dealers and human smugglers.

Moreover, the RCMP also exchanges information with the country's civilian spy agency, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), whose intelligence would be of great interest to other countries.

The RCMP confirmed yesterday that it had launched an investigation but refused to elaborate on its purpose or scope. Nor would it disclose whether the RCMP had been using Promis or any variation of it.

"But we want to reassure Canadians that, to date, we've found nothing to indicate that national security was ever compromised," said Staff Sergeant Mike Gaudet, a spokesman at RCMP headquarters in Ottawa. "Because we're conducting an investigation I can't tell you any more than that."

The revelations come on the heels of published reports that the RCMP has launched an investigation into the origin of software found in Canada -- reports the police confirmed yesterday.

An article published yesterday in a Toronto newspaper suggests the program used here was a pirated version, rigged with a "trap door" to allow American and Israeli agents to dial in to eavesdrop. The reports did not, however, say which agencies had made use of the software, only that Canadian intelligence files were at risk.

CSIS representatives denied yesterday that that agency had ever used a version of Promis, legal or illegal.

And the director of the agency that oversees CSIS noted that allegations U.S. operatives had copied versions of Promis and rigged them with trap doors -- keys that would allow hackers who knew the code to access files undetected -- first surfaced in 1991. According to published reports at the time, the copies were then sold to the governments of other countries, including Canada, Britain and Australia.

"We did ask about it at the time and CSIS investigated," said Susan Pollak of the Security Intelligence Review Committee in Ottawa. "They looked at all the angles and reported back that they used no version of the software, bootlegged or otherwise."

Other branches of the federal government cannot be so sure. The National Post has obtained copies of a letter sent by Communications Canada to Inslaw Inc., the Washington-based makers of Promis.

In it, a bureaucrat says some branches of the government are using Promis, and requests copies of training manuals to go with the program. Another official with the communications department later told Inslaw by phone that the RCMP was using the package in its field offices; altogether, the software was at work in about 900 locations throughout the Canadian government.

When Bill Hamilton, the owner of Inslaw, called back to inform them he had no record of software being sold to Canadian agencies, Ottawa began backtracking. It later claimed that it had mixed Promis up with another software package of the same name.

Unnatural Selection: Survivor, Eugenics and Big Brother
By Robert Lederman
© 2000

The biggest show on television right now is Survivor in which contestants select each other for elimination from a deserted island. The simultaneous appearance of Big
Brother-in which contestants choose each other for elimination from a house-and plans for numerous similar shows indicate a trend far more alarming than the public's bad taste in entertainment.

Unlike most television, these programs have a definite social purpose -the popularization of Eugenics. Eugenics is the scientific elimination of so-called undesirable humans traits, individuals and groups-which Eugenecists claim is derived from Darwin's theory of natural selection.

During the 1920's, 30's and 40's Eugenics programs were aggressively carried out throughout the world. While the best known Eugenics effort was Hitler's selective breeding, sterilization and euthanasia program-culminating in the methodical extermination of six million Jews-Eugenics programs were active in the US and numerous other nations.

The conceit of Eugenics is that it is based on natural selection-the survival of the fittest. The Nazis, for example, imagined themselves to be a part of a superior race-the Aryans- that was accelerating a natural process of weeding out "inferior" races like the Jews.

In reality, Eugenics is a most unnatural form of selection. Based on the principle of natural selection, Jews would have to be considered one of Earth's most successful ethnic survival stories, enduring and even prospering despite thousands of years of
concerted attempts to wipe them from existence.

In America another despised group, African-Americans, have survived 400 years of genocide, slavery, persecution and discrimination of every imaginable kind and despite it all are becoming ever more prosperous, numerous and culturally dominant. Apparently, they also have what it takes when it comes to survival.

Both Survivor and Big Brother spend most of their thirty minutes detailing the contestants' reasons for wanting the other players eliminated. In every instance the reasons come down to basic prejudice-some people just rub us the wrong way.

It's true that life is about making choices. We all decide what to eat or wear, where to live, what our job will be and who our friends are. The difference is we don't usually get to decide who will live or die-or in the metaphor of these shows-who will survive until next week's episode.

Hitler would be proud of these shows and is in a very real sense their inspiration. In the 1930's the Nazis propaganda apparatus worked with the German media to produce countless movies, radio programs and magazine articles aimed at popularizing the
idea of Eugenics and building enthusiasm for the coming extermination of millions. Even in Nazi Germany however, the public was somewhat resistant to these ideas. Perhaps the Nazi propaganda was a bit too grim. What the television networks
have accomplished is turning Eugenics into entertainment.

Now there are even plans to televise executions-and there's no doubt that such programming would be wildly popular. Human beings have a well-established a taste for blood that makes predatory animals seem humane by comparison.

What's more insidious about these Eugenics-as-entertainment shows than the standard violence on TV is that programming like Survivor and Big Brother is exactly that-programming. The government is preparing the American public, and the youth in
particular, for the coming spectacle of population reduction. We are being psychologically conditioned to overcome thousands of years of religious and moral training-and the natural human compassion which counterbalances our tendency for violence-to accept and even enjoy the process of choosing who will be eliminated from the island of life.

On these shows those who can most enthusiastically and aggressively participate in the process are rewarded with large cash prizes-a million dollars on the show Survivor-and the chance to stay for another week. While the making of alliances
between contestants is a built in feature of these shows-the bottom line is that everyone is ultimately your enemy, secretly plotting to make you the next person selected for elimination.

The false premise these shows would have us brainwashed into believing is that it's the annoying person next to us that is our enemy when in reality it is our corporate- sponsored government that has the real elimination agenda we need to be concerned about. While it's true there are racist groups who'd like to kill off all the Jews or Blacks or Asians-these fringe elements do not now and never will represent a serious threat to any groups' survival.

Politicians and the media love to focus our attention on these marginal proponents of Eugenics and on nonsense like hate crimes legislation as a diversion. The real hate-crimes legislation we need in this country would protect us from elements in our
own government that are quietly planning to sterilize, euthanize and exterminate much of the present American population.

It's no accident that the driving force behind these ideas-the owners of the oil, pharmaceutical and chemical companies-are the exact sponsors of these new television shows. It was these same corporate interests-the Rockefellers, the Fords, the Carnegies, the Harrimans-who put Hitler in power and encouraged his population control agenda in the first place. Today their foundations, medical programs and seemingly humanitarian endeavors are the intellectual, financial and political force that is preparing us for the Holocaust to come.

Here in NYC their Hitler-like puppet, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani-has built an entire career on executing a Eugenics agenda. Giuliani's reputation is solely based on cutting funds to mainstream society's least appreciated members, targeting them for Constitutionally illegal police action, imprisoning them, putting them to work either for no pay at all or less than the meager minimum wage and harassing, persecuting and blaming
them for every social ill.

The Mayor's actions-while depicted by his supporters and the compliant media as social improvement-are nothing less than a recreation of the early years of Nazi Germany. Recently our Manhattan Mengele has progressed to the next stage- generously applying poison gas to us in our homes, schools and streets-to fight an imaginary  mosquito "epidemic" that if it exists at all originated in one of three government labs right here in NYC.

Mengele used to stand on the train platform at Auschwitz personally selecting which arrivals would be be assigned to forced labor, which would be reserved for his cruel Eugenics experiments and which would be taken directly to the gas chambers to die. Like a modern day version of his role model, Giuliani decides each day which neighborhood will be gassed next and which will be spared for the moment.

Like the gangsters in the Mayor's favorite film-The Godfather-who announced that someone would be murdered by delivering a dead fish wrapped in newspaper to their
door-Giuliani announces our demise with his own unique calling card-a single dead crow. Each neighborhood selected for spraying with nerve gas gets a dead crow delivered to it-which Giuliani takes great pleasure in personally announcing at his
daily press conference.

Giuliani's good friend, GW Bush-who holds the Guiness Record for supervising executions-will appoint Giuliani U.S. Attorney General as his first official act as the next U.S. President. Giuliani is the perfect man for the job of downsizing the American public.

Bush shares a common ideological background with our Mayor. Both men proudly claim to getting all of their ideas from the Manhattan Institute-a think tank started by Ronald Reagan's CIA chief, William Casey after he finished bringing top Nazi officials
to America and installing them throughout the government, the media and in research universities.

Casey would have loved Bush's motto-compassionate conservatism-which was created by the Manhattan Institute's Myron Magnet.  Magnet is a philosopher whose books Bush claims he admires second only to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.

Next television season picture yourself as a contestant on Survivor. If those who are planning our future get their way, before long you will be.

For documentary evidence and background on the statements in
the above article check out my previous articles at
For an article on the Manhattan Institute go to

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)
  (718) 743-3722

J.A.I.L. News Journal
Los Angeles - August 25, 2000
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LAPD abused whistle-blowers, lawsuit claims.
Daily News, August 25, 2000
By Beth Barrett, Staff Writer
    LAPD Chief Bernard C. Parks and top commanding officers routinely punished low-ranking officers who reported wrongdoing ... .
    The 43 plaintiffs claim they blew the whistle on captains suspected of stealing computers, of falsifying overtime records in the Devonshire and West Valley divisions, and of ordering crime-scene response times falsely enhanced, among other infractions.
    For breaking that "code of silence," the officers and civilian workers said they were targeted by the department as troublemakers...
    The class, which has yet to be certified, is anticipated to grow to up to 500 officers ...
    "Police officers report misconduct and then they are retaliated against for the pettiest things," attorney Bradley C. Gage said during a press conference at his Woodland Hills office. "It comes from the top."
    Gage said... it was the chief's disciplinary policies that contributed to the "pattern and practice" of retributions contributing to a climate of fear and silence in which scandals like Rampart flourish.
    ... Gage said, "It's this code of silence that's created out of fear that can lead to corruption within a department."
    This litigation culminates several years of complaints by members of the Los Angeles Police Department's rank and file... .
    League President Ted Hunt said nonetheless the LAPD's disciplinary system widely is viewed as dysfunctional, with the punishment viewed as often in excess of the infraction.
    "It's not working; it's illogical and irrational," Hunt said, adding that nearly every day, an officer contacts him out of frustration with the department and its rules.
    In the Devonshire and West Valley divisions, officers who reported a captain's falsification of overtime all were forced out of the department or are currently in disciplinary proceedings, the lawsuit states.
    Other officers objected when they were ordered to punch their police-car computers prematurely so it would appear they were arriving at crime scenes more quickly. The lawsuit said they, too, were forced out of the department after bogus claims were filed against them.
    The 10-count complaint includes allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation for filing claims of discrimination and conspiracy to retaliate against police officers for reporting criminal and other serious misconduct.
    The retaliations the plaintiffs claim occurred had the added effect of so frightening other officers that they soon learned to "keep their mouth shut," making them less likely to report corruption, notably in the Rampart Division, where several officers are suspected of framing and physically harming suspects.
    "Once police officers keep quiet, officers, supervisors, and managers are then able to engage in criminal conduct, harming all citizens of the City of Los Angeles," the lawsuit claims.

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by Steve Reed © 2000 

On August 12, 2000 John Quinn aka NewsHawk posted the provacative question:

What connection might exist between the vast wildfires raging out of control in much of the western U.S. (and other areas) and the ongoing, extraordinarily extensive weather control and weather manipulation operations being conducted in this country by factions of the U.S. Air Force, the Navy (HAARP) and other clandestine government groups? My response to this is that it’s tempting, but, according to my information, HAARP has not been able to accomplish anything beyond producing pretty aurorae boreales and irritating the inhabitants of Gakona, Alaska. Its usefulness as a missile defence-system - or even as a means of blanking out radio- communications - appears to be negligible; and as for "creating lenses of ionised air to focus sunlight on chosen areas of the Earth's surface" - it was a fantasy ARCO entertained and entertains no longer.

The main function of HAARP now, AFAICS, is to bluff people into thinking it is any more than a pile of expensive junk - in the hope that dismantling it can be used as some kind of bargaining-chip.

A secondary function is its ability to induce an irrelevant, impotent and paranoid response in that section of the community which retains the capacity for critical appraisal. So that, while Federal Agents set fires to burn out the patriots of Montana, the patriots of Montana are blaming "scientific inventions" which DO NOT EXIST!

John Quinn also posed the question:

Could it be that weather conditions which are furthering the spread of these fires are being deliberately aggravated by these weather control experiments?

No, it couldn't. Anyone who thinks it could has no concept of the size of the Earth and the dynamic stability of its weather systems - the same can be said about "global warming", "ozone holes" and so on. A spell of hot, dry weather and a couple of guys with a "can of gas" are infinitely more effective.

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ANCIENT RUSSIAN MYSTERIES.  Extracted from: The Soviet UFO Files Paranormal Encounters behind the Iron Curtain. By Paul Stonehill © 2000 Director of the Russian Ufology Center

 Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been sighted over the territory we know today as Russia since the days of antiquity. For centuries people have seen objects in the sky that they could not identify, and many of them have recorded sightings, which could not be explained away as meteors, planets, stars, or weather balloons.

Some of the most interesting information concerning UFO sightings is still locked away in the secret archives of the state. Occasionally, the guarded vaults do open up, either by the passing of history or chance, and information leaks out. Recently declassified documents of the Russian Ministry of the Interior, dating back to the beginning of the 19th century, reveal some interesting UFO sightings from the Russian Empire.

Among them is a very unusual report to the Tsar from his Third Department of the Chancellery (the former title of the secret police). The report describes certain extraordinary light effects observed in the sky by the inhabitants of the city of Orenburg, and corroborated by the police and military, during the night of December 26,1830. Other reports mention the appearance of UFOs over Ustyug on January 30, 1844, as well as sightings from 1846 and 1847.

Secret files aside, the Russian history of UFO sightings dates back thousands of years. In the Russian north, near the Arctic Circle, there are ancient stone monuments that were reputedly built at the same time as Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids.

Smaller in size, the spiral "labyrinths" of the White Sea are no less enigmatic. They can be found on the Solovetski Islands, and throughout the area known as the Tersk Shores in the southern portion of the Kola Peninsula. One of the labyrinths lies near the ancient Umba, near the Lesnoi settlement. UFOs have frequently been sighted over the area by the Saami hunters (reindeer-breeders and descendants of ancient nomadic tribes). Similar double-spiral labyrinths have been found throughout the ancient world, in Egypt, China, and Scandinavia; even more amazing is the fact that the same labyrinths were depicted on ancient Minoan coins! As we shall see, Russia is very similar to that labyrinth: full of secrets, enigmas, and mysteries.


In AD 904, the Russian Prince Oleg began his campaign against the Greeks. He marched out of Kiev in the direction of Constantinople, with a huge force of men, pushing on by horse, ship, and, apparently, "flying apparatuses." Upon his arrival Oleg discovered that the Greeks had fortified the strait and closed up their city. Oleg disembarked upon the shore and ordered his troops to beach the ships.

The resultant battle with the Greeks raged for many weeks, becoming too prolonged for Oleg's taste. In the hope of inducing a swift conclusion he commanded his troops to make wheels, which they attached to the ships. When the wind was favorable, they spread the sails and bore down upon the city from the open country. According to the chronicles, the Russians launched "horses" into the air that were well equipped and "colored golden." From these the warriors threw fiery arrows at Constantinople.

However, to ascend into the air for the purpose of destroying a city the Russians would have to have been in possession of a level of technology that they definitely did not possess in AD 904. Where did the Russians borrow such horses? Who was interested in aiding them to conquer Constantinople? The emperors Leo and Alexander both made peace with Oleg, and after agreeing to pay the tribute and mutually binding themselves by oath, they kissed the cross. They invited Prince Oleg and his men to swear an oath likewise. According to the religion of the Russians, the victors swore by their weapons and by their deity Perun, as well by Volos, the god of cattle, and thus confirmed the treaty. His people called Oleg "the wise." He was still a pagan ruler, but one that apparently had powerful friends.

Another curious manuscript that reveals the existence of UFOs in ancient Russia was discovered in Kazan University, and researched by Moscow historian, M.D. Strunina.

The manuscript tells the story of a boy named Yasha, who, while collecting berries one day in the forest, suddenly encountered a stranger, clad in white clothes, next to him. The stranger introduced himself as Timofei, and placed Yasha in a giant "copper cauldron," from where some unknown force ascended them both to Heaven. Yasha spent three years there. Timofei taught him different sciences, as well as "magic." Then the boy was returned to Earth, in the same "cauldron," at the same spot in the forest. Timofei gave him two coins as a present, one golden, the other made of silver. Researchers have made comparisons between folk tales and contemporary knowledge.


In AD 921, the Caliph of Baghdad, Al-Muktadir, sent Ibn Fadlan, an Arabian chronicler, with an embassy to the King of the Bulgars of the Middle Volga. Ibn Fadlan wrote an account of his journeys with the embassy. According to this account, during the very first night spent in the palace of the Bulgar king, Ibn Fadlan witnessed very strange celestial phenomena.

Just before sunset, the horizon became bright red, and from above came a deafening low rumble. Ibn Fadlan raised his eyes to the sky and saw two fiery-reddish clouds moving above him, which continued to merge and then separate during the course of the sighting. The chronicler described incredibly vivid human - and horse-like shapes inside the clouds. He also saw weapons in the arms of the beings within the clouds as if they were engaged in a battle.

The Arabs were terrified by these incredible phenomena and knelt down in prayer, but the Bulgars explained the "riders in the sky" as Jinni (in Moslem legends, a supernatural being who can take human or animal form and influence human affairs); the "faithful" ones against the "unfaithful".

Were the "horses" observed by Ibn Fadlan and his companions the same ones that came to the aid of Prince Oleg in his battle to conquer Constantinople some 15 years before?


The Robozero sighting is the most famous UFO case in the history of ancient Russia. Yuri Roszius and other Russian researchers of paranormal phenomena have studied it extensively. The event occurred "in the year 171" (that is, the year 7171 from "the creation of the world") which corresponds to the year 1663. The details of this amazing and enigmatic event have been preserved because of the efforts of the Archeological Commission.

It published a collection of its historical acts in 1842, among which was an authentic 17th century document signed by Ivan (Ivashko) Rzhevsky, a "laborer," in which he bore witness to a remarkable event. According to Rzhevsky's testimony, on August 15, 1663, between 10:00AM and noon, a "great noise" resounded over Robozero Lake (located in the Vologda Region, about 80 miles southwest of Belozersk). From the north, out of a clearsky, appeared a huge flaming sphere not less than 130 feet in diameter. From its fore-part emitted two "flame" beams, about "20 sazhens ahead of it" (a sazhen is about seven feet). From its sides poured bluish smoke. This huge ball of fire, its height like that of a modern 15-story building, hovered over the lake. The phenomenon was observed by a multitude of people who had gathered for mass at the parish church, situated on the lake shore.

The "great noise" occurred just as the thanksgiving singing had begun. Terrified by this noise, the people emerged from the church, but upon seeing the "frightful sight" they went back into the church and "prayed to the Lord and the Virgin Mary with tears and weeping." Shortly afterwards "the great flame and the two smaller ones vanished," but it reappeared on two or three more occasions, moving in a westward direction (seemingly becoming brighter each time) before finally dimming and disappearing from view a full hour and a half later. Peasants were sailing in a boat on the lake at the time, but the scorching heat forced them to the bank. They saw that light from the unknown object had penetrated the water and reached the bottom of the lake-"about four sazhens down" (28 feet). They saw "fish fleeing from the flame toward the shore."

Rzhevsky's story was corroborated by another eyewitness, a peasant by the name of Levko Fedorov, and he also received written confirmation from the local priests that "such a token was observed on that date." Only then did Rzhevsky report the occurrence to his superiors. However, despite providing a detailed description of the phenomenon, Rzhevsky does not offer any subjective interpretation of it. Others have tried to interpret the Robozero phenomenon. Russian astronomer D. Svyatski, in his book "Astronomical Phenomena in Russian Chronicles," claims that the eyewitnesses saw pieces of a meteorite that flew apart after an explosion - but this does not account for the sighting of the people in the boat approaching a hovering body? Others have tried to explain it as ball lightning-but there was no storm or rain that day. The life span of lightning is short. Its diameter is no more than three feet-certainly not 130 feet.

Yuri Roszius analyzed Rzhevsky's report and came up with a fresh interpretation of the sighting. His detailed analysis included the study of one interesting episode related by eyewitnesses. The document notes a change in the outer appearance of the object: an increase in its brightness when it came into view for the third time. For some reason this change preceded the start of the object's progressive movement westward. In modern times, such an increase in brightness could be attributed to the firing-up of cruise engines (an increase in its thrust). Is it by chance that the object's brightness increased before its departure?

Mankind did not possess such advanced technology then, but it is feasible that the population of Robozero was being observed by an alien civilization. To this day no known scientific theory has explained the phenomenon.


Russian researcher Valentin Krapiva has compiled a series of UFO sightings from antiquity that appear in the Russian chronicles. In 1028 there was a serpent-like sign in the sky, so big that it could be seen throughout the Russian lands. It terrified the natives who fled in terror. The UFO hovered ominously for over two days.


In the Russian Far Fast, an area of frequent UFO activity throughout history, a fiery pillar appeared from the ground and rose several miles into the sky Lightning lit all around the pillar, and it was accompanied by a thunderous noise. The locals believed it to be a sign from God.

1317 TVER

In December 1317 a strange circular UFO plagued the city of Tver for over a week, before eventually moving northward and out of sight. The circle, which was bright green and emitted a pulsating red glow at its center produced three rays: two pointed eastward, and one westward.


During the course of January, at night over most areas of Russia numerous witnesses observed "fiery pillars," similar to those sighted in 1111, that extended from the ground toward the sky Some people also sighted a "heavenly arc." Yet others saw horse-like flying entities, equipped with "lanterns."


Three objects appeared in the sky on June 14, 1403. They were "sun-like," and they emitted blue, green, and crimson rays. They formed a pattern that was something "like an arc." The last object was cross-like, great in size, and it appeared to remain, pulsating, at the heart of the moon. It hovered there for over an hour before disappearing.


A giant bright, spherical object flew over St. Petersburg on July 30, 1880. The UFO was accompanied by two identical craft, only smaller in size. The flight of the UFOs was noiseless, and they were observed over the city for three minutes.

Judge puts gag order on Vallejo kidnap case

Bob Egelko

Over news media objections, a Solano County judge has granted a defense request for a broad gag order on public statements in the case of Curtis Dean Anderson, charged with kidnapping and molesting an 8-year-old Vallejo girl.

Anderson, 39, is accused of grabbing the girl as she walked home from school Aug. 10. Two days later, she freed herself from shackles and escaped from the abductor's car in Santa Clara.

Anderson's court-appointed lawyer sought a gag order after police told reporters they were investigating possible connections between Anderson and other kidnappings as far away as Las Vegas. He has a long criminal record but has not been charged in any other current cases.

Superior Court Judge Allan Carter granted the protective order Thursday after finding a reasonable likelihood that out-of-court statements would interfere with a fair trial.

The order prohibits lawyers, law enforcement agencies and other participants in the case from saying anything publicly about the evidence or trial testimony, from identifying future witnesses or describing their expected testimony, or from releasing any documents or items that have not been admitted into evidence. Public state

ments will be limited to such matters as the defendant's name and age, the time and place of arrest, the court schedule and verbatim quotes from public records.

Violators can be held in contempt of court and fined or jailed.

The Examiner, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Sacramento Bee objected, arguing that there was no evidence a gag order was needed to protect Anderson's rights in a trial that is many months in the future. Carter refused to hear their arguments and instead scheduled another hearing Sept. 7, said Rachel Boehm, a lawyer for the newspapers.

"I think it will create great problems for accurately reporting what's going on in this case," she said. "In order to have a clear understanding of what's going on in court, you have to talk to someone. The gag order is excessively broad. It applies to a great number of people and prohibits a wide variety of speech."

She said the newspapers have not yet decided whether to appeal to a higher court or await the Sept. 7 hearing.

In written arguments submitted to Carter, lawyers for the newspapers said a gag order that applies to police as well as lawyers can be justified only when out-of-court statements pose a "clear and present danger" of imminent harm to a fair trial.

That standard cannot be met in this case, in which the trial is far in the future and the judge has other means to ensure an impartial jury in a county of nearly 400,000 residents, the lawyers argued. If any gag order is issued, they said, it must be limited to a ban on statements by lawyers that would prejudice the case.

Gag order in Anderson case

By Robert McCockran © Vallejo Times-Herald staff writer 8/26/00

Citing a "clear and present danger" that an "avalanche of pretrial publicity" might compromise Curtis Dean Anderson's right to a fair trial, a Solano County judge issued a gag order Thursday barring witnesses, attorneys and law enforcement from discussing the case publicly.

Anderson allegedly kidnapped and assaulted 8-year-old Midsi Sanchez near her Vallejo home Aug. 10. She escaped her captor in Santa Clara on Aug. 12. Police arrested Anderson late that night in a San Jose mobile home park.

According to the protective or gag order, signed Thursday by Judge Allan P. Carter, those prohibited from passing along information to the public include defense and prosecuting attorneys, judicial officers and employees, public officials, police, sheriff, FBI, and other law enforcement or any person subpoenaed to testify at the trial.

Such persons are also prohibited from making statements for public dissemination about witnesses, their testimonies and any evidence tending to establish Anderson's guilt or innocence unless discussing the matter with attorneys in the case.

Carter said the order would take effect immediately and remain in effect until further order of the court.

Anderson's attorneys, Solano County deputy public defenders Mark Roelke and Susan G. Kauffman, filed the motion for the protective order Tuesday.

In the request they wrote: "The overwhelming and pervasive media coverage of the above referenced case requires the issuance of a protective order. Particularly Lt. JoAnn West, spokesperson for the Vallejo Police Department, has issued statements on virtually a daily basis. The tenor of many of these departmental communications is an attempt by the police to link Mr. Anderson to unsolved cases, notwithstanding the acknowledgment by the police that no factual connection to this case has been shown. Recently, Lt. West compared the communication between law enforcement agencies in Mr. Anderson's case to the manner in which police departments worked together on the case of the Zodiac Killer (conveniently, also unsolved). The cumulative effect of these "press releases' by the Vallejo Police Department can only serve to indelibly link the defendant in the mind of the public to any number of unsolved crimes, thereby denying him any chance of a fair trial."

Previously, Anderson's attorney expressed shock that police are potentially linking his client to unsolved missing children cases throughout the country. Police have said they are investigating links to Anderson, but have no evidence that they exist.

Attached were 103 pages of addendum in support of the motion, which Kauffman said consisted largely of articles downloaded from the Internet.

The prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Donna Stashyn, did not oppose the motion.

But attorneys Roy K. McDonald and Rachel Boehm, representing the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle, respectively, did.

Boehm asked for a continuance, noting that her request for a copy of the motion was refused by the district attorney's office and she was unable to reach the public defenders. She wanted time to prepare a response.

Carter denied her request. He said no one was able to see the motion until Thursday because he hadn't received the file himself until Wednesday afternoon.

Carter advised anyone who wants to be heard on the gag order to put their concerns in writing. Anderson's next court date is Sept. 7.

Carter would not rule on a motion by McDonald to unseal two envelopes containing documents related to searches in connection with the kidnapping case.

He is scheduled Sept. 28 at 10:30 a.m. to hear a motion to unseal portions of the search warrant.

Anderson, who appeared in court in a wheelchair, also waived his right Thursday to be present at certain hearings. According to the California Penal Code, that excludes the arraignment and plea, which have already occurred, and the preliminary hearing, portions of the trial when evidence is taken and, at the time of sentencing.


Sex offender loophole bill dies

By Bryan K. Pruitt, Times-Herald staff writer

State Sen. Richard Rainey expressed disappointment Thursday at the demise of legislation intended to close a "loophole" in sex offender registration policies involving parolees.

Senate Bill 1414 was killed in the Appropriations Committee on Thursday. No reasons were given for the action.

The amendment proposed by Rainey, R-Walnut Creek, would have called for a five-year registration period for persons who are returned to prison on only a parole violation after committing a sex offense. He said the high recidivism rate among sex offenders made the amendment crucial, despite objections from civil rights groups.

"Some of the people on the committee, I believe, are cautious about the registration being extended to someone that hasn't actually been convicted of a crime," said Rainey. "In this case, I believe it's warranted because that person is already on felony parole, so it's just an extension of his parole."

Because it was killed in committee, the bill won't be revived before the end of the legislative session Sept. 1 when members return to their districts to campaign. Rainey promises to re-introduce the measure next year, however.

"I think there's a number of people who are more inclined to go with the American Civil Liberties Union and the criminal defense lawyers than they are with the people in the criminal justice realm," Rainey, a former Contra Costa County sheriff, said. "This is not the end. An unfortunate part of it is we believe this legislation is extremely important - we'll try to get it done next year."

Rainey introduced the measure Aug. 17 following the arrest of Curtis Dean Anderson, a former Vallejo cabdriver and parolee now in custody for allegedly abducting Midsi Sanchez.

Vallejo police cite the suppression of Anderson's former arrest for lewd acts against a child due to his parole status as the reason he was not scrutinized during the investigation of the Xiana Fairchild disappearance eight months earlier.

Rainey's amendment was announced with great fanfare on the steps of the Vallejo Police Department in the aftermath of the disappearance and recovery of 8-year-old Sanchez. Police chief Robert Bob Nichelini stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Rainey in applauding the legislation.

"Perhaps if this law was in effect and he was registered, then we would have been looking for (Anderson) months ago," Nichelini said, referring to the probe into Vallejo area sex offenders in December that followed the disappearance of then 7-year-old Xiana Fairchild.

When Anderson was arrested Aug. 12 in connection with the disappearance of Sanchez, it was discovered he had formerly been arrested for performing lewd acts with a 14-year-old in 1997 while still on parole for separate unrelated charges. Instead of formally being charged with the sex-related charges, his parole was revoked and he was returned to prison for violation of his parole.

"The reality is there's a lot of reasons (a child-involved sex crime) may not go to trial, but he certainly wouldn't have had his parole violated if there was not some substance to the charges," West said. "Somehow or another, there should be some way to require them to register if they have that in their background - it would certainly be a good thing to have that kind of information when you're doing that type of investigation."