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Click. Wm. Perkins in Xiana cases faces sex charges re: other children.

Man in Xiana case faces sex charges

By M.S. Enkoji © Sacramento Bee Staff Writer (Published Aug. 18, 2000)

VALLEJO -- A man who was among the last to see Xiana Fairchild before she disappeared Dec. 9 pleaded innocent Thursday afternoon to three charges of sexual assault against two other children.

William Perkins, 21, of Rio Vista was arraigned in a Solano County courtroom after being arrested Wednesday night at a Benicia residence on a $150,000 warrant. He also faces a charge of possession of child pornography.

The incidents resulting in the charges of sex acts with a minor occurred between November 1998 and July 1999, according to Solano County Deputy District Attorney Bonnie Dennison.

She said the two children in the current charges are not Xiana, the 7-year-old girl who vanished while walking to a downtown bus stop, or Midsi Sanchez, the 8-year-old girl who escaped from a man who grabbed her from a Vallejo street on Aug. 10.

"I can tell you definitely it is not Xiana and not Midsi," Dennison said.

A truck driver, who rescued Midsi as she ran from her abductor's car after two days in captivity, got the license number and authorities arrested Curtis Anderson, 39, within hours.

Dennison declined to say what led to filing charges against Perkins.

What, if anything, Perkins' arrest means in the eight-month search for Xiana remained unclear Thursday.

Police previously emphasized they had no link between Perkins and Xiana's disappearance -- other than that he was among the last people known to have seen her.

Perkins slept in the downtown apartment of Xiana's family the night before she disappeared and was among an array of cronies of Antoinette Robinson, Xiana's mother, and Robert Turnbough, her boyfriend, authorities have said. The couple, both ex-felons, are not suspects, but they have clashed at times with authorities and have provided wrong information, police representatives have said.

Perkins also is part of a small group close to the girl called to testify before a federal grand jury, which as late as last week was still issuing subpoenas in an effort to shake free answers about the missing girl.

Perkins, who is in Solano County Jail in lieu of $170,000 bail, was assigned a public defender, John Mendenhall, and a preliminary hearing was set for Aug. 25.

Although authorities say no evidence links Anderson to Xiana, his arrest served to refocus attention on the search for her.

Anderson, 39, who drifted between Vallejo and San Jose, has been in prison 10 times since 1986 on charges that include parole violations, kidnapping a woman at gunpoint and exposing himself to the daughters of a girlfriend. He was last released in May 1999.

He worked briefly at a Vallejo cab company and left that job the morning that Xiana disappeared, according to the Vallejo Police Department.

Robinson, also a cab driver, has said that she believes she met Anderson, but police do not have firm evidence Anderson knew Xiana or her family, said Vallejo Police Lt. Jo Ann West.

After Anderson's arrest on charges of kidnapping Midsi, an FBI team combed Anderson's car, a 1984 beige Oldsmobile Firenza, for two days. They turned up evidence, such as receipts, that he had been traveling extensively, a federal source said.

There is evidence Anderson may have had a companion for awhile, according to the source.

His prolific travels have prompted authorities to look at kidnapping cases outside the Bay Area.

One case bears a chilling resemblance to those of Xiana and Midsi.

On the evening of Oct. 20, 7-year-old Karla Rodriguez of Las Vegas, a Latina with dark shoulder-length hair, disappeared while playing in her neighborhood. She hasn't been seen since.

Both Midsi, who is Latina, and Xiana, whose father is Pacific Islander, have long brown hair.

Las Vegas Police Sgt. Al Salinas said there are no suspects in Karla's disappearance. He said his department is looking for indications that Anderson was in Las Vegas when Karla disappeared.

All ex-felons who move to Clark County must register with local law enforcement, said Salinas, and Anderson did.

He registered in March, according to Salinas, at an address within two miles of where Karla disappeared.

Bee staff writer Gary Delsohn contributed to this report