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by Tim Ream
- Thursday, 10 August 2000 -


A disturbing trend is developing regarding police pre-emptive response to mass protest. In numerous situations since WTO protests in Seattle in late 1999, police have issued misinformation claiming unsubstantiated evidence of violent plans by protestors gathering for mass actions. The false information is then used as a pretext for unwarranted police actions. The misinformation concerning protestor plans have ranged from chemical weapons to bomb-making. None of the numerous claims of violent plans have been substantiated. Nonetheless, many media outlets appear to have been predisposed to repeat information provided by police without fact-checking
or seeking responses from the organizations accused. The damage to free speech and the mass protest movement has been extensive.


Mass protest of government policies on this continent is at least as old as the property destruction that characterized the Boston Tea Party, involving hundreds of activists in 1773. Since the anti-war protest of the 1960's and anti-nuclear protests of the 1970's, few instances of mass protest have  garnered national media attention. That situation changed radically on November 30, 1999 when activists from around the globe shut down Seattle meetings of the World Trade Organization (WTO). This story garnered
widespread international attention; fueled further by the violent police response to peaceful protestors, the declaration of a no-protest zone and millions of dollars worth of property destruction to multinational corporate buildings in the city center.

The Seattle Police Department reputation was damaged severely by officers' lack of control and brutal response in the streets. In the protest's wake, Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper quickly resigned. Police departments charged with preventing similar disruptions in their cities since the Seattle actions have scrambled to find ways to prevent mass protest.

A disturbing pattern of response has appeared over the last six months. It is loosely characterized by three steps. First, police departments, often in conjunction with city government, begin a multi-faceted media campaign designed to make protest organizers appear to be involved in preparations for violence. Police departments have assembled and distributed collections of flyers claiming violence, released videos of protest from other cities, held meetings with individual media organizations and created a mythic notion of an organization dedicated to violence and central to the protest usually identified as "anarchists" or "Eugene Anarchists."

Once the public is predisposed to expect violence from activists, the second step in the process involves a specific claim of evidence suggesting an imminent act of violence. These claims will later be retracted, corrected or will simply remain unsubstantiated. They have included claims of stolen bomb-making materials, a bus load of poisonous animals, a factory to produce pepper spray, acid filled balloons, a cyanide poisoning or the simple fact that known terrorists have evaded police surveillance and now may be prepared to act without restraint.

The third step in this tactic follows the second closely or simultaneously. It involves a police action publicly justified in the climate of imminent terrorism. It has the effect however, of a prior restraint on free speech and intimidation of those who would speak their mind against their government. Examples have included seizing training and puppet making facilities; seizing training, art and medical supplies; and seizing hard
drives and political literature. Potential protestors have been arrested, beaten and had bail set at ridiculously high amounts to hold them past the event around which the protest was scheduled.

Recent Examples

Philadelphia Republican National Convention - August 2000

The Philadelphia Police Department raided a warehouse where activists were engaged in creating puppets to protest at the Republican National Convention (RNC). Seventy activists were arrested, materials were seized  and the warehouse was shut down. The police claimed prior to the raid that they believed that activists were storing C4 explosives. Also, activists were allegedly preparing weapons in the form of acid-filled balloons presumably to throw at the police. The warehouse was claimed to be a staging ground for both producing weapons and preparing a riot. Police also
claim to have arrested people associated with a bus containing small animals, some of which were poisonous. Police claim that these animals were to be used to attack delegates of the RNC.

No C4 explosive was found. Nor were any other weapons or acid found. The bus driver transporting the animals claims to be a pet shop owner.

At the time of this report's release many of those activists remain jailed. Bail has been set at amounts that preclude easy release generally ranging around $15,000. One activist was held on misdemeanor charges and $1,000,000 bail subsequently reduced to $100,000. This has effectively prevented activists from speaking out against the RNC and the subsequent Democratic National Convention (DNC) about to begin in Los Angeles.

Washington, DC IMF/World Bank Meetings - April 2000

The day before mass protest of World Bank and International Monetary Fund meetings in Washington, DC police raided a training and art supply warehouse popularly referred to as a "convergence" space. Police reports claimed that they found materials for making Molotov cocktails, a laboratory for mass production of pepper spray and bomb-making materials. This, in part, justified arrests that ran to near 1200 people for the week.

In a later retraction, police admitted that the Molotov cocktail supplies were plastic containers and rags that smelled of solvents. The pepper spray factory was nothing more than a kitchen and bomb-making materials were limited to simple plastic water pipe. All of these materials are consistent with activities related to the convergence and art projects.

As a result of police action the infrastucture and political messages in the form of signs and puppets were taken by police and did not appear on the streets or in media coverage. Undoubtedly numerous people stayed home for fear of associating with violent terrorists utilizing bomb-making factories.

Minneapolis International Society of Animal Geneticists - July 2000

Several days before the protest was to begin, police claimed that large quantities of ammonium nitrate had been stolen from a nearby storage area and that unidentifed protestors were suspected of involvement. On the day of the major march, police claimed that a cyanide bomb had been detonated in a MacDonalds restaurant. The FBI called this an act of terrorism and the local anti-protest law enforcement action was placed under federal control. The next day the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, including hooded officers raided a house where some protest organizing had taken place. Residents were beaten, arrested and taken to a hospital. Hard drives and political literature were seized along with less than an ounce of marijuana and a small amount of psychedelics. Police at the raid claimed that an undercover agent had warned that residents at the house wore hunting knives to attack police in the event of an arrest.

Charges on all but one resident have since been dropped. Police announced that they now have no reason to believe that activists were involved in the ammonium nitrate theft. A health department inspector said that there was no cyanide threat, the poison being more concentrated in apple seeds than in the smoke bomb that fogged the MacDonalds. Needless to say, the retractions did not receive the level of press coverage of the original actions. Discussion of the ethics of animal genetics received little discussion.

Tacoma Kaiser Aluminum Lock-out of Steelworkers - March 2000

In the wake of the successful alliance built between labor and environmentalists in Seattle, action was planned in Tacoma to support the locked-out United Steel Workers of America. The Direct Action Network, Steelworkers and more than a dozen other groups allied to call for a weekend of actions. As that weekend approached, police warned the press and community leaders of the violence that was likely. They claimed that "anarchists from Eugene were missing" and actions at the Kaiser plant could
start a chain reaction and "blow up the whole port of Tacoma."

In this case, initial scare tactics were sufficient. Steelworker leadership backed out of the alliance one week before the actions and the protest fell apart. No mass labor- environment action coalition has happened since.

Eugene, OR Eugene Active Existence - June 2000

A six week anarchist conference was the subject of numerous police press releases concerning alleged threats of violence and the precautions the Eugene Police Department employed to avert trouble. Police distributed to the media a portfolio of dozens of flyers spanning five years that they claimed revealed protestors' violent threats. They created a video simulation of a dummy police officer burned by a police-constructed firebomb that anarchists might use.

Two days before the final planned march, police arrested two young men for allegedly burning a truck. They are currently being held on $900,000 bail and face 15 to 86 years in prison if convicted.


Mass media and public perceptions are being systematically manipulated by police departments and other government agencies faced with upcoming mass protests in their cities. These manipulations are designed to squelch protest and thereby the message of dissent. A common thread in the current series of nation-wide protests is a sense that control of government is no longer in the hands of common people. Governments are effectively squashing the challenge inherent in this message.

Editorial pages and conversations on the street are full of critiques that protestors are not clear about what they stand for and seem more interested in violence than meaningful change. This is as clear a sign as any that protestor voices have been effectively silenced and police positioning of protestors is carrying the day.

In addition, activists are scared. Anyone who has been involved in the mass protest movement through a major event of the last six months has friends who have been brutalized at the hands of the system. Of the nearly 2500 protest arrests that have happened since November 30, 1999, more than three-quarters have had all charges dropped and only a small percentage of arrests have resulted in convictions.

These facts notwithstanding, there is little national debate on police strong arm tactics. The reason seems clear. Despite the injustice activists face for speaking their beliefs, the public allows these police tactics because they have been made to fear activists. Unfortunately, the evidence for their fear is the result of misinformation by these same police agencies.

The costs to police agencies since Seattle are minimal. No chief has been pressured to resign, no officer has been charged with misbehavior and requests for special appropriations in the millions of dollars for gear and overtime have been granted.

In Los Angeles we should expect these successful tactics to be repeated. Step one has been completely implemented. The public knows of thousands of National Guard soldiers standing ready, units to diffuse weapons of mass destruction are on stand-by, the public has been asked to phone police whenever they see someone wearing the political symbol associated with anarchism: the circle A. The first protestor arrests resulted in felony charges filed and $20,000 bail for a failed banner hang. Sometime around August 12th or 13th we should expect some stunning news of impending
protestor violence. Sometime within a day or so thereafter we should expect a large scale pre-emptive raid or arrest. By the end of the DNC it will be clear that the stunning news claiming protestor violence earlier in the week will remain unsubstantiated.

When the full range of political dialogue is no longer being tolerated by the government, and the general public remain silent about this repression it will not simply disappear. With debate stifled, energy for change will instead transform and move underground. Evidence of a growing movement of covert acts of sabotage indicate that the movement underground is picking up steam.

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Giuliani Delivers A Dead Crow to Brooklyn
by Robert Lederman 8/15/2000

In Giuliani's favorite film, The Godfather, a newspaper-wrapped fish is delivered to the Godfather's home from a rival gangster.  The message of death means, Luca Brazzi sleeps with the fishes. Trying to do Coppola one better, Giuliani delivers a dead crow to announce that your neighborhood has been selected for spraying.

Last night Brooklyn residents got our first crow of 2000 courtesy of the Grim Reaper look-alike, Giuliani. I love Brooklyn and have spent much of my life here. This is not a place where you can push people around without consequences.

It's a place where sitting on someone's car or just looking at them too long could get your head bashed in with a baseball bat-Harold Giuliani's weapon of choice. The expression, "Are you lookin' at me?" originated here. Men, women and even little
kids know how to be street tough when necessary-and sometimes when it's not necessary. Will Brooklyn put up a fight when the poison spray trucks roll down our streets in a day or two spewing their toxic gas?

Based on the way most New Yorkers have been totally passive in the face of being sprayed with nerve gasses so far, I don't think so. Last night on NY1 they interviewed a young, successful Wall Street type who said, "If Giuliani says it's safe then it's safe- that's enough for me". These safe chemicals that disrupt the endocrine and immune systems, cause birth defects, breast cancer and lower sperm counts-and are known in the pesticide and public health industries to actually increase the number of mosquitoes and the incidence of infection with encephalitis-are being sprayed in
violation of the product label, Federal law and common sense. The spraying, not the mosquitoes, is the real public health emergency happening in NYC.

Some interpret the Mayor's spray festival as Giuliani being overcautious, enthusiastically over killing the mosquitoes in his characteristic manner while addressing a legitimate public health problem. If only it were so. As in so many other things Giuliani is associated with it turns out that the Manhattan Institute is a
major proponent of pesticide use.

When Giuliani mocks anti-spray activists as, "hysterical environmental terrorists", he's merely paraphrasing Peter Huber, a senior fellow at the CIA/Rockefeller think tank whose book, Hard Green, proposes that environmental activists-not chemical and oil companies-are the real threat to the environment and public health. Asbestos, radiated foods, pesticides-they are actually good for us Huber argues.

The fact is-there is no West Nile Virus epidemic even among mosquitoes in NYC-although if Giuliani weakens mosquito immune systems enough by repeatedly spraying them with Anvil-perhaps we can still manage to have one. At the very least
we will be certain to have new generations of pesticide-resistant mosquitoes that consider Anvil a delicacy.

While the dead crows the Manhattan Mengele has been using as his calling card could be coming from anywhere the most likely source is one of at least four NYC area government associated labs (Rockefeller University, Sloan Kettering, Plum Island off LI,
and Trenton NJ) that have been playing with West Nile virus for many years. Some of these labs are also breeding genetically-engineered WNV-infected mosquitoes as part of experiments and were doing so years before the WNV outbreak in the Fall of 1999. [See: for the details]

Like Mengele selecting which Jews would die immediately in the gas chambers and which would be assigned to be worked to death or reserved for his Eugenics experiments, Giuliani decides which Borough and which neighborhood will get their dead crow-announcement next. The Mayor's demonic sense of humor has him solemnly announce the discovery of each dead crow while intoning how "they" previously decided to spray in a two mile radius wherever a dead crow is found.

Who is this "they" he keeps referring to? Health Commissioner Neal Cohen, a psychiatrist who knows nothing more than the average TV reporter about pesticides and mosquitoes? Was it Sunny Mindel, his loyal press flack; Howard Koeppel and Eliot
Cukor, his car salesmen/advisors; or Judy Nathan his mistress that Giuliani decided this with? Was it Clarke Mosquito Control, the company making tens of millions in chemical sales to NYC?

Or, was it Henry Kissenger, another Rockefeller/Manhattan Institute/CIA alumni who routinely advises Giuliani on policy matters? I'd guess it's Dr. Kissenger and Dr. Monath the VP of Oravax, the company that's been developing its West Nile virus
vaccine since before the "epidemic" began and which stands to make billions if West Nile panic spreads throughout the U.S.

To win the NY State Lotto all it takes is a dollar and a dream. To get your neighborhood massively sprayed with nerve gas all it takes is one dead crow.

How hard is it to take one of the hundreds of deliberately-infected crows, either live or from the freezer, from any of the four or five NYC area laboratories that experiment
with them, plant them by the road and wait for an obedient citizen-informer to report them. Or is planting them even necessary?

This City of skeptics is allowing itself to be used for a bio-warfare/eugenics experiment based on nothing more than the Mayor's word-a word that seven years' worth of daily lying on every public issue has rendered worthless.

Not one shred of verifiable evidence has been produced that can be examined by any independent scientist. No infected human, crow or mosquito blood or tissue samples. Not a single slide with a sample of WNV. No name of a single West Nile Virus

According to the 8/15/2000 NY Times the City just announced it will release the names and addresses of 21 New Yorkers with unpaid parking tickets. Unlike Patrick Dorismond whose privacy rights, according to former Justice Department #3 man Giuliani, "ended at death", these 21 people are alive and have not as yet been convicted of any crime. Do we all need to know their addresses but we can't know the name of a single person who died of WNV?

I know that exposure to pesticides causes cognitive difficulties but has it made every New Yorker this stupid this quickly? Twenty thousand New Yorkers marched across the Brooklyn Bridge last year to protest the shooting of Amadou Diallo. Why are those people silent about being sprayed with poison gas?

 Where are the Al Sharptons, the Mark Greens, the Fernando Ferrers and the other Mayoral wannabees? Where are the unions or the useless and inneffective City Council members who lined up to be photographed being arrested to protest police brutality? While they worry about their careers and contracts we are being made into an entire city of Amadou Diallos.

The Bronx will be sprayed tonight, 8/15, because Adolf Giuliani claims a single dead crow was found. This afternoon he will announce that Brooklyn will be sprayed later this week because of another single dead crow. Do you think he would spray his own children like he's going to do ours? Would you spray your kids because you found a roach in the kitchen?

Parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn are so tough, heavily-armed police are afraid to go there without reinforcements. Police officers and firefighters are sometimes attacked with bricks and garbage cans just for showing up on a street. Will the spray trucks of death get a similar welcome? If someone tried to deliver a dead fish to these neighborhoods, would they get off the block alive?

Wake up Brooklyn. Wake up the Bronx. Giuliani is not your friend-he is an angel of death delivering a message of destruction to your door. He is a puppet set up by the racist corporate sponsors of disease and death, wars and pollution. These are the
humanitarian purveyors of vaccines that cause far more disease than they prevent and that are responsible for the developmental problems that are a genuine epidemic in poor neighborhoods throughout the United States. You are slowly being exterminated, made sterile, made brain-damaged and being infected with disease.

It is true that few if any people will drop dead in the street after being sprayed. Do you think that means Anvil is safe? Cancer and most other deadly diseases take years to show up in your body. Giuliani is laughing because he knows that years after being exposed you will never be able to prove what made you sick, or sterile or caused birth defects in your kids.

Tobacco company executives stood in front of the US Congress and swore before God that cigarettes did not cause cancer-yet they knew for decades from their own studies that it absolutely did. Do you really think the pesticide manufacturers or the EPA do not know these chemicals are dangerous to humans? These are pesticides- as in homicide and genocide. Do you think it's called Anvil because it's gentle and effective, or Malathion or Scourge because it is harmless?

These toxic, synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals are derived from ones originally invented in Nazi Germany to kill people. The I.G. Farben company, partners with Rockefeller/Standard Oil patented them and Zyklon-B...the gas used in Aushwitz.

Do you understand yet why Giuliani has had me arrested 41 times for painting him as Hitler? The mustache perfectly fits! Hitler had to put people on trains to gas them. Giuliani one ups Hitler by gassing us right in our homes. Some of us are so stupid
we are thanking him for it and asking for more gas, please!

Wake up New York. We are present at a crime scene in progress and we are the victims. It is an us verses them struggle for life or death and I don't mean, us against the mosquitoes.


Robert Lederman is an artist, a regular columnist for the Greenwich Village Gazette [See: for an extensive archive of Lederman columns] The Shadow, The African Sun Times, The Vigo-Examiner see: ] and Street
News, and is the author of hundreds of published essays concerning Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Lederman has been falsely arrested 41 times to date for his anti-Giuliani activities and has never been convicted of any of the charges. He is best known for
creating hundreds of paintings of Mayor Giuliani as a Hitler like dictator.

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)
  (718) 743-3722
for a detailed exposition on the West Nile issue
For archived Lederman articles see: [For essays and notes on pesticides scroll down to and click on Lederman archive link or go to]
For an article on the Manhattan Institute go to

[Note-This article and all others I write are not to be taken as official statements by the No-Spray Coalition]

If you would like to help oppose the spraying, please write to the No Spray Coalition, PO Box 334, Peck Slip Station, NYC 10272-0334, or call the No Spray hotline at (718)
670-7110. Any funds you can send to help continue the lawsuit and this work are greatly appreciated.



Police investigate Vegas link to Anderson

By Matthias Gafni, Vallejo Times-Herald staff writer 8/16/00

Vallejo police investigating Curtis Dean Anderson said Tuesday they have contacted Las Vegas police about an October abduction of a 7-year-old girl who resembles Vallejo's Xiana Fairchild and Midsi Sanchez.

Police added that Anderson was in Las Vegas at some point and the two departments are comparing notes regarding the missing child cases.

Meanwhile, Anderson, who appeared in a wheelchair in Vallejo court Tuesday, had his arraignment on charges he kidnapped and assaulted 8-year-old Midsi Sanchez postponed until Friday.

As far as the disappearance of 8-year-old Xiana Fairchild, Anderson remains a "lead" and Vallejo Lt. JoAnn West still says: "There is no evidence to link him to the case."

Since Midsi's daring escape Saturday morning in San Jose, however, Vallejo has been abuzz with rumors and witness accounts about Xiana that have been accounted for and discounted by police.

Las Vegas connection

West said Vallejo and Las Vegas police are working together to see if Anderson had anything to do with the disappearance of 7-year-old Karla Rodriguez. Karla vanished last Oct. 20, a Wednesday, in Las Vegas.

Vallejo police discovered that Anderson spent an undisclosed amount of time in Las Vegas which led them to contact police there, West said.

"He may have lived in Las Vegas for a period of time, so they also have a child who is missing from Las Vegas, so that's one of many cases that we may be looking at," West said.

The Las Vegas Sun said Anderson, who has a history of weapons and sex-related charges, registered as a felon in Nevada in March 2000.

According to the Sun, Karla was last seen by her parents on her way to school. She was last seen by a witness playing with friends in an area a few blocks from home, the paper reported. A similar set of circumstances surrounded Xiana's and Midsi's disappearances, although they vanished on Thursdays.

Karla's parents, who have received a lot of police scrutiny according to The Sun, thought she was playing at a friend's house. Her school said Karla never reported to classes the day she was abducted. Her parents did not report her missing until a day later, and she hasn't been seen since.

When she disappeared Karla was wearing a black jacket, blue and white shirt and red pants. She is 3-foot-6, 50 pounds. with shoulder-length black wavy hair and brown eyes. The age and physical description are similar to both Xiana and Midsi.

West said that Vallejo police alerted Las Vegas police of the possible connection to Karla, but now the case is in the hands of the FBI and Las Vegas authorities.


Police are busy piecing together a timeline of Anderson's whereabouts before Xiana vanished.

West said police are still unsure exactly when Anderson was in and out of prison. She said they believe he was released from prison in May 1999 on a kidnapping conviction, and released from parole on Nov. 21. West said he could of been in and out of jail from May through November, but police have no records of that.

"We're still continuing to put a timeline together to try and determine where Curtis Anderson has been since he was released from prison and prior to him being in prison to see if there were any other cases that we need to look at that relate to him," West said. "We have placed him at several locations throughout the state."

She said he was also out of state, but added no specific states except for Nevada.

West said when Xiana initially disappeared Anderson was not looked at for various reasons.

"What we look at were people with similar offenses in the past. We focused initially on the high risk sex offenders and moved on from there to expand it to all of our sex registrants, but initially looked at all those with similar offenses with children. Curtis Anderson was not a sex offender. He was off parole. The address he listed was in San Jose. We had no reason to believe he was here in Vallejo," she said.

As police try to chart his whereabouts, they will also go through old leads and talk to old witnesses from the early stages of the Xiana case, to check if anything can be related to Anderson.

A federal grand jury probe into Xiana's disappearance is continuing as well, West said.

No connection - yet

Connections between Xiana's mother Antoinette Robinson and her live-in boyfriend Bobby Turnbough and Anderson have not been verified, West said.

"At this point we haven't been able to make any connection between Curtis Dean Anderson and Xiana Fairchild or her family or any of her friends Й we're still continuing to look at that," West said.

"There is no evidence to link him to the Xiana Fairchild case, but certainly because of the coincidences of both cases, the fact that it appears he was in Vallejo shortly before she disappeared and we need to look at that," she added.

Reports that Robinson brought Xiana to meet with Anderson and that she knew him were discounted by her attorney Dan Healy.

Healy said his client does not know Anderson, but police did show Robinson a lineup over the weekend and she identified someone who she thought came to her apartment once with an acquaintance. The man identified himself as Dean, Healy said, and this person walked in, used the restroom and left.

"She thinks other than this one chance momentary encounter she doesn't remember him," Healy said. "The connections people are making between Anderson and Toni (Robinson) are ones that could be made between Anderson and a thousand people."

Both Robinson and Anderson are believed to have both worked for City Cab, which has since been bought out by the current owners of Vallejo City Taxicab in February 1999.

Healy said Robinson said she was not working there during Anderson's short stint. Anderson was hired last December, and worked there for four days, according to cab company officials. He left on his own accord, West said, at around 3 a.m. on Dec. 9, the day Xiana disappeared.

West confirmed that Robinson and Turnbough worked at the cab company before Anderson worked there.

Healy said even before Midsi was kidnapped he had seen no reason to believe the Xiana case was approaching a resolution.

"I have absolutely no sense even before Anderson showed up anything was out there saying this case was approaching a resolution," Healy said. "I don't know everything they have."

But he said questioning by authorities has been brutal for Robinson.

"On Friday they were asking Toni where she was the night Midsi disappeared," he said. He did not specify whether this questioning was before the grand jury or elsewhere.

As for the grand jury questioning it is ongoing.

"At this point I don't want to get specific other than to say it's one of the most obnoxious mean spirited things I've ever seen. If that's what they call fact gathering then God help us all," Healy said.

He continued: "What's going on with her isn't much different than what happens when she walks down the street and someone starts screaming at her and calls her a killer. This is the mother of a missing child and they are treating her like dirt."

Turnbough has referred all questions regarding a possible relationship to his attorney Jim McEntee. The Vallejo attorney has not returned numerous calls.

Suspicious cabbie

Relatives of a local business woman believe Anderson was the taxi driver who frequently gave Xiana candy and money, and sometimes drove her to school.

But, police say they know who that cabbie was, and it wasn't Anderson.

Tia Conner, who operates a beauty parlor on Sonoma Boulevard, said the day before she disappeared, Xiana missed the bus to school.

"That morning she was with two little girls, my nieces, and one little boy, which was my nephew," Conner said. (They are Mykiesha Anderson and Lashante Corbin, who both are 10, and Deshone Orr, 11.)

Neither child was available Tuesday.

Xiana, who was crying, asked Conner's sister "could my niece walk her home, because they live on Georgia Street, also. (Xiana) said her mother was going to whup her because she missed the school bus," Conner said.

That morning, a man the children called "the cabman" was at the bus stop, Conner said.

"My nephew and my niece went over to the car with her. They said "the cabman" gave her a white lollipop and he needed some change for the phone booth. He gave Xiana a ride to school," Conner said.

After Midsi was rescued and Anderson's picture was shown on television, "my niece and nephew go "that's the cabman! That's the cabman!'" Conner said.

And that was before anyone had mentioned that Anderson had worked for a cab company, Conner said.

She said the man, according to the children, was in a brown car that morning. Anderson owns a brown car that has been impounded by police and was believed to be the same one he used to abduct Midsi.

Conner said the children also said Anderson was the man they selected from a photo lineup during police interviews just after Xiana disappeared.

Conner said she kept asking them if they were sure he was the man, and they stuck to their story, saying he used to drive "a white Vallejo hoopty, then he came in a brown car when he took her to school."

Conner said the children told her that Xiana said the cabman's name was ""something Anderson.' And (Mykiesha) goes, "I remember his last name was Anderson because that's my last name.'"

Lt. JoAnn West, the police department's public information officer, said they are aware that some children say they saw Xiana talking to a cab driver perhaps two days before she vanished. But investigators identified that person, and he is not Anderson.

"We had information early on that Xiana Fairchild had been seen talking to a cab driver the day of her disappearance or the day before her disappearance. We did identify who that cab driver was," said West, citing Mykiesha Anderson, Lashante Corbin and Deshone Orr as the kids they talked to in December. "Once we identified the cab driver who she was talking to we were satisfied that we had the correct person."



Police said Turnbough and Anderson didn't have contact within San Quentin prison walls.

"What we have been able to determine is that they were not housed in the same location where they would have had contact with each other," West said.

Robinson and Turnbough's discussions with police:

"We have contacted them since Anderson was arrested, but we're not discussing any statements that were made," West said. "I'd say they're cooperative when they talk to us, but certainly we've had some credibility problems with them in the past and we need to keep that in mind when statements are given to us."

Anderson at volunteer center?:

Robinson reportedly said Anderson appeared at the Xiana volunteer center on Dec. 18. Police are checking the center's records of volunteers. Searchers needed to have two sets of ID, photos and fingerprints taken, but volunteers needed to only give their names and addresses.

"That's one of the things we're doing. We haven't completed that task at this time," West said. "There's a lot of names that need to be checked and we're going to do that to see if he was, at any point in time, a volunteer who picked up flyers or in any way came to light in that case."

Stephanie Kahalekulu, Xiana's great aunt, said that the police warned her at the start of the volunteer center that names should be recorded because kidnappers sometimes return to help in the searches.

Was Anderson at Midsi's home?:

Midsi's mother reportedly said she saw Anderson the day after she was abducted at her home.

"At this point that doesn't appear to be the case based on information that we have relating to the events that occurred after Midsi was kidnapped. It doesn't seem likely he was outside the car, in the neighborhood or in the house trying to help with the search."

Midsi mentioning Xiana during police interviews:

Did Midsi hear Anderson talk about Xiana during her time in the car?

"We're not discussing anything that may have been said in that car or anything relating to what occurred to Midsi Sanchez after she was kidnapped," West said.

The truck driver that rescued Midsi reportedly said Midsi told him that she saw pictures of Xiana in the car she was abducted in.

"That's not true, that was a misunderstanding of what she said to him," West said.

Abductor recognized

A couple of Xiana search volunteers said Anderson looked familiar, but could not confirm where they may have seen the suspected kidnapper before.

"When I saw his picture on TV, I said to my son "That guy looks familiar to me. I don't know why,'" said Sue Rogers, a volunteer at the Xiana Fairchild Center. "I know I've seen him somewhere, whether it was when I was out there or what ... he just looked very familiar to me."

Of a possible connection between the two disappearances, Rogers somberly admitted that Xiana might not be alive.

"I'm hopeful, but I've been through this whole thing," Rogers said. "I've always had this feeling that Xiana was alive somewhere and we just had to find her, but yesterday and today my stomach has been in total knots. I don't have a good feeling about this ... and I hate to say that because I've had such a positive feeling throughout this (ordeal). I hope I'm wrong."

Kahalekulu doesn't recognize him, but said over a 1,000 people have come out for searches and over 1,000 people have helped distribute flyers.

"The possible connection (to Antoinette) scares me," Kahalekulu said. "I'm hoping that there isn't one."

Midsi at school

Midsi returned to Highland Elementary Tuesday. Interim superintendent Pete Corona said she came into the school through the back entrance.

Principal Mary Soderberg said she circulated a letter to teachers asking them to speak to students about treating Midsi like a normal third grader.

Corona said the school day seemed calm and normal, and media was kept off the campus.

He added that counseling was available for anyone who needed it.

Contributing to this story were Times-Herald staff writers Robert McCockran, Dorothy Vriend, Amy Harter and Rachel Raskin-Zrihen.

Anderson shows up in a wheelchair for court appearance

By Matthias Gafni, Times-Herald staff writer

To some surprise from onlookers, accused kidnapper Curtis Dean Anderson sat in a wheelchair Tuesday during a brief Vallejo court proceeding.

Wearing jail garb and shielded from onlookers' view by a courtroom podium, Anderson, 39, showed little emotion and made barely audible responses to Judge Allan P. Carter's questions.

Anderson is accused of kidnapping and assaulting Midsi Sanchez late last week. Midsi, 8, escaped from his car Saturday afternoon with Anderson running in pursuit, police and witnesses said.

That was why several spectators, including Xiana Fairchild's great aunt, expressed outraged skepticism over Anderson's use of a wheelchair. Anderson is now under investigation for Xiana's disappearance last Dec. 9.

Police said that when Anderson was arrested Saturday in San Jose, he was not using a wheelchair.

During Anderson's brief court appearance, Solano County Deputy Public Defender Mark Roelke was assigned to represent him. At Roelke's request, Carter delayed Anderson's arraignment until Friday at 8:30 a.m.

The 11-count complaint, along with his criminal history, could subject Anderson to multiple and consecutive life terms of imprisonment, the Solano County District Attorney's Office said. Lead prosecutor Donna Stashyn added that the term would amount to 250 years to life if he is convicted.

The investigation is ongoing and may lead to other charges later, the district attorney's office said.

Co-prosecutor John Kealy would not say anything about the Xiana case, which police concede has many similarities to Anderson and the Midsi case.

Stephanie Kahalekulu, Xiana's great aunt, and Lita Domingo, Xiana's great grandmother, and two friends sat in the courtroom. No family members of Anderson's were apparently present.

Xiana was reported missing Dec. 9. Midsi was abducted Thursday and escaped Saturday, allegedly from Anderson's car.

Kahalekulu shed tears when Anderson entered and displayed disgust toward the defendant outside the courtroom.

"I think it's a bunch of bull. How was he able to run after Midsi?" said Kahalekulu, referring to Anderson's wheelchair.

Anderson had used canes and wheelchairs off and on since he suffered a hip injury from a motorcycle accident, police said.

Kealy said he was surprised as well by Anderson's appearance.

"This is the first time I've seen him in a wheelchair," Kealy said.

Roelke did not return a request for an interview.

Kahalekulu said she was anxious waiting for Anderson to appear in court.

"We were about to see the person who actually did all these things to Midsi. You see it on TV, but you don't see actual criminals - I haven't anyway," Kahalekulu said. "Thinking that this person was just yards away and I just wanted to walk up and ask him, 'Where is Xiana? Do you know where Xiana is?' I don't know if I'd get an answer, but maybe a reaction.

"We moved from Colorado to California to find Xiana and anything that involves possibly getting closer to finding her, we're going to be there," Kahalekulu said.

Although Vallejo police held two news conferences Tuesday to squash rampant media speculation that Anderson is responsible for Xiana's disappearance, West only would say investigators were examining curious coincidences.

Anderson previously served six years and eight months in prison for stealing a vehicle, kidnapping a 25-year-old Vallejo woman and forcing her at gunpoint to drive to Oregon. Department of Corrections records also show Anderson has been in and out of prison 10 times since November 1986.