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U.S. Senate passes bill to combat sex trafficking

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate passed legislation Thursday aimed at combating the growing and lucrative trade in women and girls, who are sold into virtual slavery for sexual exploitation.

The bipartisan bill, which passed unanimously in the Senate, was designed to help law enforcement officials crack down on sex trafficking, which is believed to involve hundreds of thousands of women worldwide each year.

Intelligence agencies estimate some 50,000 girls and young women are transported illegally each year to the United States alone and forced into prostitution or slave labor.

The legislation would intensify U.S. anti-trafficking efforts, strengthen prosecution and punishment of offenders and provide protection and assistance for victims to allow them to testify against their persecutors.

``I'm ecstatic about this,'' said Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, who introduced the bill with Kansas Republican Sen. Sam Brownback.

``This bill will take immediate action against international sex trafficking, before the lives of more women and girls are shattered.''

Companion legislation is moving through the House of Representatives, and supporters are confident President Clinton will sign the bills into law this year.

U.S. lawmakers said they hoped the American legislation would serve as a model for other nations and prompt them to join a global crackdown on the trade in human beings.

Five years after a landmark conference in Beijing set down universal rights for women, intelligence agencies and international police forces have warned that trafficking in women is rapidly becoming a major money-spinner for organized crime syndicates.

Many criminal groups are already active in the sex trade, have the ability to smuggle people between continents and are increasingly making use of the Internet to market and sell women, mainly from poor countries.

``Tragically, this new phenomenon is growing. It is, at least, a $7 billion per year illicit trade, exceeded only by the international drug and arms trade,'' said Brownback.

``Its victims are enslaved into a devastating brutality against their will, with no hope for release or justice, while its perpetrators build criminal empires on this suffering.''

From: State and Local Freedom of Information Issues []On Behalf Of Michael Ravnitzky Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 12:23 AM To: Subject: CIA COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY CONTRACT DATABASE. Listed by Mario Profaca, SpyNews 

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The CIA maintains a database which contains contracts with colleges and universities, as well as other contractor entities. You can request records from this database by sending a letter of request, specifying the colleges and universities in which you are interested, or other contractors, to: Central Intelligence Agency Kathryn I. Dyer FOIA and Privacy Coordinator Washington, D.C. 20505 telephone number: (703) 613-1287 You may wish to refer to the "VENDOR ACTIVITY FOR PARENT ND SUBSIDIARIES" DATABASE. 

Cheney and his homosexual longtime Congressional Aide & Undersecretary of Defense--Pete Williams.
by B.B. Bell, aka "Nato Wife" © 2000 

From Honor Bound: A Gay Naval Midshipman Fights to Serve His Country by Joseph Steffan Hearst Corp. 1992 pp. 229 

Cheney's Boy, Pete Williams--Known Homosexual.

"A few days later, I managed to obtain a draft copy of the Out Week article. The article was well written, and I felt that it dealt effectively with the moral dilemma behind the involuntary outing of ( Pete) Williams. The article explained that Williams was not completely closeted, and that he was out to at least some of his friends, and certainly to Dick Cheney, for whom he had worked since Cheney was a congressman from Wyoming. Williams had been a regular at a gay bar in Washington before the Gulf crisis and Signorile had interviewed several people who had made direct or indirect references to William's sexuality.  

The core question was not really the outing of Williams; it was the hypocrisy people like Cheney who were well aware of William's homosexuality and still publicly supported the military's contention that gay men and lesbians were in inherent security risk. Williams held one of the highest possible security clearances and yet the Secretary of Defense and certainly the FBI were well aware of ;his homosexuality. How could they possibly support the discharges of thousands of military personnel with relatively little access to classified information in light of William's sexuality?  

This was going to be a major story, and the administration's reaction could very well spell at least a partial revision of the policy. The real question was, What was Williams going to do? Was he going to resign? Would Dick Cheney back him, and if so, how would they'd deal with the obvious contradictions with the policy? Did they have some trick up their sleeves to kill the story?  No matter what, I knew the next few weeks would be interesting.  

Later that month, Marc called to inform me that OutWeek magazine had suddenly gone out of business--only four days before the scheduled news conference about Williams. I made a few phone calls and confirmed what Marc had heard. Although several people expressed their suspicions about the timing of the closure, it seemed too farfetched to thing that the government might have been behind it.  

A few days later, Signorile presented that article to The Village Voice. The Voice at first agreed to run it, but then an emergency meeting of the editors was called because of the internal concern about the outing issue. After a heated debate, the editors voted to overturn the decision and reject the article. They would not support outing under any circumstances.    

It was starting to look as if the story would never break. And yet, too many people knew what was going on. By now, many reporters in the Washington press corps had copies of the article, and it was circulating rapidly. If nothing else, the article was on its way to becoming the literary equivalent of the Rob Lowe videotape.  After several weeks, The Advocate, a leading gay magazine, agreed to publish the article as the cover story in an upcoming issue. During the same time, NBC threw its hat into the ring with a focus piece for their evening news on gays in the military, although the rumors about Williams were not mentioned.  

I learned that reporters from at least two major networks were pushing to break the Williams story on their own. To them, the story represented a clear issue of governmental hypocrisy that was newsworthy in itself. Although the network bureau chiefs had agreed, they were all overridden at the highest levels of the organization.  

When the Advocate finally carried the Pete Williams outing as its cover story, it led to a flurry of mainstream media coverage. Most of the stories, however, declined to print Williams name.  During a Pentagon press conference, Williams was questioned directly about the story. He responded simply, "As a government spokesman, I stand here and I talk about government policy. I am not paid to discuss my personal opinions about this policy. I am not paid to discuss my personal opinions about that policy or talk about my personal life, and I don't intend to." 

But the question remained clear. How could the Pentagon reconcile a gay under- secretary of defenses, someone holding the highest possible security clearance, with its policy of kicking out gay privates for reasons based on national security.  Shortly thereafter, under questioning from openly gay Congressman Barney Frank, Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney publicly admitted that the security argument was, in his own words, " a bit of an old chestnut." He went on to say that he simply "inherited" the policy and hadn't spent much time on it. A few days later, he made essentially the same comments when questioned by Sam Donaldson on This Week with David Brinkley.  

Comments by B.B. Bell: "B.B. Bell " is a NATO wife of a high level homosexual White House Chief of Staff and head of SHAPE / SACLANT Assassinations and global Dirty Tricks. Wife is former Norfolk debutante, teacher, historian, Chamber of Commerce officer. Husband ran Belgian and SACLANT global assassin gang run by volunteer mercenary "brotherhood".   

" B.B.'s" husband who is a talkative alcoholic spilled the beans. She was no fool. She had been information officer at Old Dominion University's International Programs Office and Assistant Director of the Institute of Scottish Studies. "B.B." was head of the Virginia Center for World Trade in Norfolk, Virginia and ran the Va. Beach Chamber of Commerce...all before she married him. Her home, Norfolk, is the largest strategic global military and intelligence command center in the world. Her family have served the Commonwealth of Virginia for generations and volunteered in times of war ( Naval and military intelligence, OSS and CIA). She is a Presbyterian ( raised Episcopalian protestant Christian ) studied reformation history at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, is an FSAScot and a former teacher.   Her husband's philosophy is "existentialism". Curious to have him explain his beliefs which included why  "assassination is not murder ", " B.B."  began opening her eyes to a new military culture. Foreign to that of her Naval family. Her husband's duties include mind control, murder of whistle-blowers, and chemical and biological poisoning and dirty tricks.  Bosses in Brussels outside of the United States call the shots. Homosexual recruitment of young and idealistic rising stars "turns" them.  This Chief of Staff , Joint and Combined Special Operations network is run OUTSIDE of the United States. Homosexuals like Marine Commandant Al Gray and his "Boys" (Cherry Marines (called "4th Marines" which includes psyops and wet ops guys like Oswald ) are run out of New Orleans with French Legionnaire pirate- maritime jurisdictional "law".

Quasi-military Masonic brotherhoods totally run  the Rothschild global Zionist network. "Semper Fidelis" is the Rothschild motto ).  At such Rothschild rabbinically chosen spots as Montauk and others for "initiations" and mind control ( Mons, Belgium, Naples, Key West ) occasions are engineered away from wives and home where boys are held "captive". Before sub cruises in a nude bar in San Francisco. While crossing the equator dry humping at a shellback party. Marine Corps all male drunken and nude wetting down parties or blood pinnings. All night, all male nude and drunken "dining ins".  Opportunities are given to drink, cross dress, strip nude and romp.  Christian American boys are intentionally and strategically "led" to climb the Masonic ladder in order to get the SPECIAL billets.  Becoming Shriners, Jolly Boy, Saints and Sinners, Old Guard, Bohemians, Cap and Gowners leads to esoteric experimentation and homosexuality. Wife swapping. or leaving square wives to join the stargate cabala. Once "retired", they pimp for weapons dealers, money launderers and drug cartels and prop up the Rothschild Zionist One World group. 



So, as the political machinery of the Marin family law courts has been revealed, and 3 judges face recall, what's the current status? 

To add a new face, John Sutro is appointed to the Family Law division.  The problem is that he has no Family Law experience. "Clueless John" appears to be an appropriate descriptor.

And this applies to what was supposed to be his first mission--head a committee to develop plans to improve the system. But for the most part, those appointed have very close connections to the very judges facing recall, and taking their time seems just fine. After weeks of assembly, John just doesn't know "where to begin." 

If you are having a problem determining where to begin, why not think in terms of counties that are more progressive in Family Law, that move more fluidly? Try picking up a phone and dialing L.A. Superior Courts? How about working with sources close by with reputations far superior to Marin, such as Santa Clara County?  

Why not add Clueless to the recall list, and have Marin begin anew? Appoint someone who knows how to use a phone. Obviously that is where the fixin' is needed most urgently.

From: State and Local Freedom of Information Issues [] 
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by Michael Ravnitzky © 2000

The Drug Enforcement Administration - DEA - maintains a database called STRIDE. The STRIDE data set includes data obtained as a result of illegal drug seizures, such as drug purity levels and the like. The DEA maintains a large number of such databases. 

The persistent requester can obtain data from, sanitized statistical data from, and descriptions of, the STRIDE database by sending a carefully worded letter to: Katherine L. Myrick, Chief Freedom of Information Operations Unit Drug Enforcement Administration Department of Justice 700 Army Navy Drive Arlington, VA 22202 (202) 307-7596 

Here is a brief description of a portion STRIDE excerpted from the excellent Federation of American Scientists website at: System to Retrieve Information from Drug Evidence STRIDE DEA Information System location: Drug Enforcement Administration, 1405 Eye Street, NW, Washington, DC 20537. 

Also, field offices. Categories of individuals covered by the system: Defendants and suspected violators. Release of information to the news media: Information permitted to be released to the news media and the public pursuant to 28 CFR 50.2 may be made available from systems of records maintained by the Department of Justice unless it is determined that release of the specific information in the context of a particular case would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. 

Storage: The information is stored on magnetic tape. 

Retrievability: The system is indexed by case number and exhibit number. The information can be retrieved by name of DEA case number and exhibit number. In addition, a number of telecommunication terminals have been added to the existing network. 

Retention and disposal: The information contained in this system is retained indefinitely. 

System manager(s) and address: Chief, Forensic Sciences Section, Drug Enforcement Administration; 1405 Eye Street, NW, Washington, DC 20537. Notification procedure: Inquiries should be addressed to: Freedom of Information Section, Drug Enforcement Administration, 1405 I Street, NW, Washington, DC 20537. 

Record access procedures: Same as above. 

Contesting record procedures: Same as above. 

Record source categories: DEA Reports: Scientific Analysis. Systems exempted from certain provisions of the Privacy Act: The Attorney General has exempted this system from subsections (c)(3) and (4), (d), (e)(1), (2) and (3), (e)(4)(G), (H), (e)(5) and (8), (f), (g), (h) of the Privacy Act pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552a (j). Rules have been promulgated in accordance with the requirements of 5 U.S.C. 553 (b), (c) and (e) and been published in the Federal Register.


The Levesque cases were a series of 25 complex cases brought in the courts of the USA and Canada during the period 1988-1990 by a Canadian Plaintiff seeking redress for mind control actions against him by mind control networks in the USA and subsidiary networks in Canada.

If you are located in the USA, you will not be able to find anything about the lawsuit from the courts.  That is because the US Federal Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit claimed it has "lost" the entire multi-carton record on appeal. Meaning - a covet intelligence operation to destroy the evidence and the case after 5 years of litigation.  Call the Clerk of the 11th Circuit in Atlanta and you can verify they lost the court record of Levesque v. Time Inc et al. 87-887-CIV-ORL-18; (Cir.1988) Case No. 88-3178,88-3216,88-3686 (US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, Atlanta, Ga)  The lawsuit was originally filed in US District Court, Orlando, Fla, before US District Judge
G. Kendall Sharp, a former Naval officer.

If you are in Canada, you can obtain official court records at the Provincial Court of Ontario, Bellevile and Toronto; the Federal Court of Canada, Ottawa, and the Provincial Courts of Quebec (Montreal).

The $750 million default judgment was against the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Provincial Police, as agents for the defendants, USA, CIA, and President George Bush. The default judgment was entered on July 25, 1989 by the registrar of the Supreme Court of Ontario, Ottawa in Levesque v. The Queen et al. Court file no. 13258 (S.C.O. Ontario), and you will find it in the Court records still this very day.  In Canada, the Government of Ontario is sued as "The Queen in Right of Canada". 

The Plaintiff, Pierre R. Levesque, is dead, and his estate has not chosen to go forward with the litigation.  Shortly after winning the default judgment under Ontario law, the Ontario courts placed an order against him prohibiting him to use the courts.  Therefore he was prohibited from prosecuting to collect his own judgment.  The corruption of the Courts by the mind control networks is quite ruthless when it comes to a litigation that exposes the networks.

Fortunately, we anticipated this degree of corruption by the mind control networks within the US (and Canadian) courts, and published a book containing many of the original court documents, as well as the entire court dockets for US federal courts, Canadian Provincial and Federal Court and US and Canadian Police and Intelligence agencies involved in the Levesque cases.. 

The book is THE LEVESQUE CASES (PSP Ontario 1990) ISBN 0-9694459-0-3.  I
looked the book up on last night, and there are a number of used copies for sale in the USA. That is the only place you will be able to find the court documents in the USA, aside from used book stores and libraries.

During the course of the litigation, the Plaintiff did advertise in the Washington Post (1988-See book for details) for witnesses and documents that might be in the hands of the public; so the lawsuit does have a media paper trail.  We also had an opportunity to produce a live public radio program on NPR satellite. The position of the Plaintiff was that he did not want to try the case in the media.

I believe that mind control cases in US courts (and Canadian courts, which often are just subsidiaries of USA-based mind control networks) must have a media component built into them by the Plaintiff(s).  Otherwise, the mind control networks which are ruthless and which control the court clerk and other systems (Our judge in the US District Court in Orlando was a former US Naval Intelligence officer!) will sabotage the case without a public trace.  They understand the process, a technique perfected during the Third Reich. MKULTRA, the CIA Mind Control Program, is so named from "Mind Kontrol" the name of the NAZI program.  IMHO, the courts of the USA and Canada are "occupied institutions" of mind control networks on critical cases where exposure of mind control assets is involved. You can forget about obtaining "due process".  One is at war; an information war against an entrenched, covert entity occupying the Courts with advanced mind control technology. and networks.

In the Levesque cases, as well, the court used Rule 11 of the Federal Civil Rules of Civil Procedure, to sabotage the case.  Under Rule 11, the court can fine an attorney for bringing a "frivolous" case, and Reagan-Bush appointee judges use this as a political weapon.  Thus, the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit simultaneously lost multiple cartons of the court record, and fined me as Plaintiff's attorney, EVEN AFTER they had been apprised of the default judgment Plaintiff had won in the courts of Ontario - prima facie our case was not "frivolous" based on that default judgment.

Thus, the defendant mind control networks DID fight the case, but with the covert tools of intelligence operations after they had lost in litigation: (1) they issued a judicial order prohibiting the Plaintiff from going to court to collect his judgment (Canada); (2) they lost the entire 5-year Court record (USA); and (3) they rule the whole case was "frivolous" and fined the attorney under Rule 11 even after the Plaintiff had WON the case.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any information.  The search URL for THE LEVESQUE CASES is below (I do not get any funds from the sale of these books - it is there as a public service.)   Search for THE LEVESQUE CASES

Alfred Webre
Vancouver, BC

EcoNews Service

Madam 'earned up to £7.5m from

London Times 8/1/00

A MADAM who owns a white Rolls-Royce and earned an estimated £7.5 million in two years from a vice racket that she advertised in police magazines was told by a judge yesterday that she could be stripped of much of her fortune.

Josie Daly, 64, who owns a series of sauna centres where women smuggled from eastern Europe entertained between 1,000 and 1,500 men each week, is among the "Premier League of London brothel-keepers", according to Scotland Yard vice officers.

Daly, who had admitted controlling prostitutes, was granted unconditional bail to await sentencing at Harrow Crown Court, northwest London. Judge Barrington Black warned her that although she would not be sent to prison, she would be fined and could forfeit between £1 million and £3 million. He said: "What we are dealing with today is a well organised provision of sexual services."

When police raided her seven-bedroom house in Crouch End, North London, they found £104,000 in her bedroom. Daly, who lives with her daughter and pet dogs and has ten bank accounts, said outside the court that she was surprised at her estimated income. "I don't know where they got their calculations from," she said. "I'm shocked and dismayed."

Daly advertised the services of the girls as "masseuses" in a British Transport Police magazine and also in 999, a magazine for police and fire and ambulance crews. No officers were found in the police raids.

Police investigating the trafficking of prostitutes discovered that she was running three saunas, in and around Crouch End and Hornsey. The North London brothels - called the Aqua Sauna, the Ishka Bath, and the Lanacombe Sauna - had only one sauna between them. At one stage Daly ran a fourth sauna.

When police officers posing as customers went into one sauna they paid a flat fee for a sauna or massage, were given a towel and told to have a shower. They were then approached by one of the girls and offered sex.

Police found that customers had to pay the receptionists at Daly's saunas £10 per visit and then arranged a deal with the women, who also paid a daily fee to the sauna.

Up to 25 prostitutes worked in 12-hour shifts at the saunas which, according to police, were "phenomenally busy".

One sauna was visited by 100 men a day, with the women, aged between 18 and 30, charging clients between £30 and £80 for their services.

The receptionists delivered each day's takings to Daly by taxi. Even the rubbish from the saunas was taken to her house to be collected from there, to avoid police detection.

Daly, who has interests in two hotels, also ran a hostel used by girls from the West Midlands, who came down to work in London each week. Among them were women from Thailand.

Gilbert Gray, QC, representing Daly, told the court that his client, who appeared in court with a grey shawl across her shoulders, sitting in a wheelchair, did not have an extravagant lifestyle.

He claimed that Daly was not involved in the "flagrant setting up of a brothel". He said: "She sits before your honour in that wheelchair . . . utterly contrite and profoundly bewildered. There is no suggestion in this case that she has hidden assets . . . that there is treasure or a pot of gold. She does not live in a grand house. There is no suggestion of rich living, property abroad or expensive holidays."

He said that Daly had been unable to visit the saunas regularly because of ill-health. As a result she was not clear about what was going on in them.

White tea may keep some cancers at bay
Simon Crompton  © London Times 8/1/00

Anti-cancer tea? 

The Japanese and Chinese have valued the health-giving qualities of green tea since its discovery 5,000 years ago. In Britain, we have been told about the benefits of black tea since Mr. Brooke decided to market his Tips as "Pre Gestée" (pre-digestive), or PG for short. Now we learn that the healthiest shade of tea could be white.

White tea is the rarest, the most expensive and the most exquisitely flavoured, of all teas. Research in the past decade has linked all teas with cancer-fighting properties, but new findings indicate that white tea is more effective than green tea at preventing the cell mutations that can cause cancer and that it appears to be good at protecting against colon cancer in mice.

White tea, produced mainly in China, comes from the same species of bush as green and black tea - Camellia sinensis. But the white tea bush is a rare strain with pale leaves and a high proportion of buds, which give the tea its whitish appearance. The tea is harvested on only a few days each year when the buds are unopened. It is not processed, but steamed and dried, keeping the leaves fresh. The lack of processing could be the key to its healthy properties.

Green and black teas have already been linked with combating cancers of the digestive tract, pancreas, prostate and skin. A large investigation in Shanghai found that consumption of green tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer by 20 per cent in men and 50 per cent in women. Though most of these studies are preliminary, and many indicate positive effects on animals rather than people, there is evidence that the antioxidants found in large amounts in tea protect against some cancers.

Teas are packed with antioxidants called polyphenols, which protect against cell damage by reactive substances in the body. Many of the more potent polyphenols are destroyed in the fermentation process, which makes black tea black. The freshness of white tea, however, means they are preserved.

Through chemical analysis, the researchers from Oregon State University found that white tea contained the same types of polyphenols as green tea, but in different amounts. Those in which it is particularly rich may be responsible for white tea's apparently greater cancer-fighting power.

But the claims for white tea need the perspective of population studies if the relationship between tea and cancer rates is to be analysed. Overviews of the studies have concluded that there is no consistent evidence yet that the populations drinking most tea get least cancer. Dr Joanna Reynolds, the science information manager for the Cancer Research Campaign, believes that evidence of anti-cancer properties in tea has to be treated with care.

"Tea has shown some potential in the laboratory for having an anti-cancer effect," she says. "But there's not much evidence available on the effect in humans and much more rigorous studies are needed. Trials with humans are difficult because they need large numbers of people and you need to analyse the quality and quantity of tea drunk and other factors that may influence whether they will get cancer."

One-off research on animals has limitations. This is because the levels of tea and chemicals in a mouse's body will be different from those in human beings, and because identifying the crucial chemical component within all teas' polyphenols is almost impossible.

Until some conclusive research appears, Dr Reynolds advises people to think carefully before stepping up their tea consumption.

"Excess amounts of anything may have an adverse effect," she says. "If you want to make changes that could help to prevent cancer, going on a healthy diet, with lots of fibre, little fat and plenty of fruit and vegetables, will have a positive effect."