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It seems obvious that West Nile virus (WNV) first occurred in human[s] in New York City last fall. However, there are some points about WNV in North America which have not yet been discussed. 

In the 1950's, experiments with WNV were carried out on human volunteers at the Sloan- Kettering Institute of the Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases, New York.  A total of 95 patients with neoplastic disease were inoculated intramuscularly with the WNV topotype strain Eg-101 in an effort to achieve therapeutic pyrexia and oncolysis in them. Viremia persisted in
a majority of them 6-12 days post-inoculation, in eight patients even more than 12 days p.i.(maximum, 28 days p.i. in one patient), and titers were 2-5 logs mouse i.c. LD50 (per 0.1 ml?) blood. No  special precautions against mosquitoes were mentioned in the papers. 

Moreover, it is possible that WNV circulated in the New York area without marked signs of its presence at least since the mid-summer 1999 or even (a year?) before. Theoretically, WNV was for the first  time detected in the U.S.A. in 1999 simply because of the extent of the outbreak.  

In  conclusion, it has not yet been documented that WNV first occurred in the New World in 1999.  I would therefore dare to suggest that all past isolates of St. Louis encephalitis virus (SLEV) be  checked whether a  few of them are not, in fact, WNV (Remember the original misidentification of WNV as SLEV virus in New York).   Further, studies should be carried out on representative archived sera positive for antibodies against SLEV to demonstrate whether, again, some of them have not been, in fact, antibodies to WNV. 

For instance, plaque-reduction neutralization microtest is probably one of the best, relatively simple methods to differentiate antibodies against these two antigenically  closely related and cross-reacting mosquito-borne flaviviruses. 

This combined approach (examination of SLEV strains and antibodies, collected before 1999) might trace the real history of WNV in the New World.

Southam C.M., Moore A.E.: West Nile, Ilheus, and Bunyamwera virus infections in man. Am. J. Trop. Med. 31: 724-741, 1951.

Southam C.M., Moore  A.E.: Clinical studies of viruses as antineoplastic agents, with particular reference to Egypt 101 virus. Cancer 5:1025-1034, 1952.

Southam C.M., Moore  A.E.: Induced virus infections in man by the Egypt isolates of  West Nile virus. Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 3:19-50, 1954.
Zdenek Hubalek
Laboratory of Medical Zoology, Academy of Sciences. CZ-69142 Valtice
Czechland <>

[Nice idea to retest archived samples.  However, CDC is already doing just that.  As for the work by Chester Southam and Alice Moore, they were very careful workers and I expect they took the possibility of mosquito transmission into their plans.  As that work was done at least 50 years
ago, I would have expected to hear from WNV before last summer.  Most importantly, WNV from the recent NY City outbreak has been shown by Ian Lipkin, by CDC workers, and by others to be essentially identical to a recent strain from a goose in Israel, and dissimilar from the Egypt 101
strain that Southam and Moore used.  I know of no isolations of St. Louis encephalitis virus from material collected in NY City, so comparisons are impossible.  String cut. - Mod.CHC]

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Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
by Walter J. Burien, Jr. © 2000

Forward by Al Adask - Anti-Shyster -

      As editor of the AntiShyster, I've seen so many unbelievable stories over the last eight years, that I've become jaded, cynical and worldly. There are no surprises left for me. I'm sure that I've seen it all. I've thought so for several years. And generally speaking, about every two or three months, life proves me absolutely wrong by showing me another story so awesome that I'm left (almost) speechless. This article introduces another one of those stories so awesome that it's right off the Richter Scale.

      Walter Burien Jr. worked as a Wall Street commodity trader for fifteen years, but now resides in  Arizona. According to Mr. Burien, every state, county and major metropolitan city is keeping two sets of books. One set (the 'Budget') is commonly available and tracks each governmental entity's casts and tax revenue. The Budget is the financial record that's seen by the public and used by politicians to justify new
governmental services and higher taxes.

      However, there is a second set of books (called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or CAFR) which is virtually unknown to the public but contains the real record of total governmental income. According to Mr. Burien, although the Budget gives an accurate account of government costs, only the CAFR gives an accurate account of the government's income.

      For example, while a particular state budget might report receiving $20 billion in taxes (just barely enough to sustain its $20 billion in costs) - the CAFR might reveal the state's real income is in the neighborhood of $60 billion - three times as much as reported on the budget. If these allegations are accurate, the particular state could
stop charging all the taxes we are familiar with and, not only survive but, either double the amount of reported government services or give every citizen a huge tax rebate.

      The implications are mind-boggling. They'd mean our world is so different from what we are led to believe, so much more corrupt than even I suspect, that we are left with three choices, either; 1) government agrees to end the deception and stop overtaxing us, or 2) the American people agree to accept their status as slaves, or 3) both sides refuse to agree and precipitate a shooting revolution. The issue is that

      But are Mr. Burien's allegation correct? How could any governmental entity dare to routinely overcharge its citizens by 200%, underreport its income by 2/3rds, and knowingly press for higher taxes based on an inaccurate budget? Worse, how could such a fraudulent system become widespread among all states, counties, cities and the Federal Government? When you stop to think about it, Mr. Burien's allegations
are too fantastic to be credible.

      Nevertheless, I talked to Mr. Burien by phone for several hours and found him to be articulate, knowledgable, and apparently sincere. I asked a retired professor of economics to interview Mr. Burien and evaluate his allegations. The professor's assessment? Burien is probably correct. I steered an Alaskan M.D. (who is also a dedicated constitutionalist researcher) to Mr. Burien. The Doctor subsequently found evidence supporting Mr. Burien's claims: The State of Alaska and the city of Anchorage both use Budget/CAFR accounting systems that conceal a 'breathtaking' difference in reported revenue. Another researcher in Wyoming claims that a comparison of his state's budget and CAFR also support Mr. Burien's arguments. In every case, there are two sets of books and the income reported on the budget is millions or billions of dollars less than is reported on the CAFR.

      Does this support prove Mr. Burien's extraordinary allegations? No. But they lend enough credence to publish his allegations to a broader audience who will do more research to confirm, refute or refine those allegations.

      What follows is an amalgam of statements or implications raised by Mr. Burien on our telephone conversation, Tom Valentine's radio interview, Mr. Burien's Email, and an article on Mr. Burien written by "Betsy Ross".


Mr. Burien reports first discovering the CAFR report in New Jersey in 1989, when he helped start a New Jersey tax protest group called "Hands Across New Jersey". While involved with that group, Mr. Burien read in the state’s Annual Budget that the total cost of all public services was $17 billion and the "net available" (the money on hand to pay all bills) was $24.6 billion. But then he asked the first question the IRS asks in any audit: "What are the gross receipts? He added the figures from various sources and came up with about $44 billion and began to wonder how the state could have $17 billion in costs, $24.6 billion in cash on hand, and $44 billion annual income? The numbers didn’t add up, so he bagan to dig deeper.

Because his father had been Personnel Manager for the State Treasury for eight years, Mr. Burien understood how to get around in the various government departments. The state Director of the Budget was on vacation, so Mr. Burien called one of his lowest level assistants and said, "I’m working on a report for Richard [the vacationing Budget Director] and I need all the figures on the autonomous agency accounts, interest accounts, investment accounts." The assistant said, "Ohh, you want the CAFR." This was the first time Burien had heard of CAFR but he said, "Yes" and the assistant mailed it to him.

The CAFR showed that New Jersey had liquid investment funds (cash) of $188 billion; common stocks worth $70 billion, $10 billion in loans due from public and private corporations, and $14 billion in insurance company equity participation. The little state of New Jersey, which admitted to less than $25 billion in annual income on its budget, reported $300 billion in cash, stocks, loans and equity participation on its CAFR. According to Mr. Burien, "On that day, I learned the definition of syndicated organized crime."

The scam worked something like this: Anything that was a cost or expense for public services (the traditional side of the Annual Service Budget, such as the Department of Transportation, health and welfare, etc.) was reported on the Budget where public taxes paid 100% of the bill for those services. That was $17 billion.

However, any governmental agency that was a profit center (the Port Authority for New Jersey, the New Jersey Turnpike, and investment account, etc.) that generated no-tax revenue was "restricted by statute from being reported in the Annual Budget. Why? Because the state legislature passed laws to prevent reporting the income from profit center on the Budget. Instead, income from these profit centers was disclosed only on the CAFR.

But that disclosure was not immediately apparent. For example, when Mr. Burien looked for New Jersey’s 1989 "gross cash receipts" in the CAFR, he found the figure buried on page 174, under the "Waste Water Treatment Trust Fund". It showed the amount of the total cash receipts for 1989 from all 69 autonomous state agencies and departments was almost $87 billion. In other words, New Jersey was charging $87 billion to provide $17 billion in public services. New Jersey citizens were paying $5 for every $1 in services they received, and the state was pocketing the other $4 as "profit".

The CAFR also reported the state owned $32 billion in common stocks - but this figure was footnoted. The footnote revealed that the stocks were valued according to their original purchase price, not the current market value. In other words, if the state bought a stock in 1968 at $1.25 a share and it’s worth $3,000 a share now, they still report it on the CAFR as worth $1.25 a share. Burien determined that the true market value for the "$32 billion" in stocks reported on the New Jersey CAFR was actually about $70 billion.

But Mr. Burien goes further - he claims that the dual system of books is not unique to New Jersey, but also common among all fifty states. Moreover, he claims the dual accounting system was not only used ten years ago, but is still being used today.

For example, "In 1987 Arizona’s annual service budget reported $2.8 billion in revenues but the state’s 1987 CAFR reported total cash receipts of $3.1 billion, a mere $300 million difference."

"However, in 1997, Arizona reported an Annual Service Budget of $5.5 billion while the State’s CAFR (printed by the Auditor General’s Office) showed total gross cash receipts of $17 billion. that’s a difference of over $11 billion. In just ten years, Arizona had caught up to New Jersey in that both states’ annual budgets reported less than one-third of the actual gross income seen in the states’ CAFRs.

"CAFR reports indicate that the composite totals for all government (Federal, state, county and city) ownership of publicly traded stocks exceeds $32 TRILLION (53% of the total ownership of all listed stocks), $8 TRILLION in insurance company equity (should we be surprised by high priced mandatory auto insurance or unaffordable health care?) and $5 TRILLION in Bond Surety Escrow Accounts for future liability of existing or potential debt.

Governments use Bond Surety Escrow Accounts to evade that pesky little rule that government should not operate at a "profit". That is, government should not impose more taxes than it actually uses to run the government. By designating tax revenue that exceeds operating costs as "Bond Surety Escrow" for future liability, government avoids calling excess revenue a "profit" and is thereby enabled to continue to enrich itself at public expense.

To illustrate the potential for abusing "future liability payments", consider the New Jersey plan in the 1950s to build the New Jersey State Turnpike and Garden State Parkway Authorities. The state asked voters to approve a $7.5 billion bond to construct the turnpikes. The state explained that these turnpikes would be operated as toll roads by the bondholders until the $7.5 billion bond was paid off - but the bondholders could not operate the toll roads at a profit. Once the bonds were repaid, the turnpikes would revert back into the state’s Annual Budget as a normal cost/revenue item. The public voted Yes.

Over the following years, the state sometimes alleged that the toll revenue from operating those turnpikes failed to cover their operating expenses, and so additional bonds were passed to fund the turnpikes. As a result, in 1990, the total bond liability still owed for the turnpike had grown to $14.5 billion. But guess how much was in the ‘Bond Surety Escrow Accounts’? $38 Billion! Enough to repay the original $7.5 billion bonds almost four times!

How could that happen? Say the toll road made a $400 million profit for the year and the scheduled payment on the $7.5 billion bond was $100 million. The state made the $100 million payment but kept the extra $300 million in a Bond Surety Escrow Account for ‘future liability payments’. Although they kept the $300 million, they did not declare it as an asset but wrote it off as a line item payment. In other years, even though they made a profit, they’d allege that they lost money and therefore floated more billions in bonds. (Guess who pays?)

The bottom line is that New Jersey is collecting hundreds of billions of virtually unreported dollars from all the autonomous agencies. The motivating factor is not public welfare, but control of those billions.

Mr. Burien not only alleges that the dual accounting system exemplified by CAFR is not only used by all fifty states, but also by all counties, cities and the Federal Government itself. If Mr. Burien’s allegations are correct, they comprise the most damning indictment of big government yet seen. In sum, Mr. Burien implies that our government is in fact a criminal enterprise bent on oppressing Americans by extorting several times as much tax revenue as it spends on public services and using the majority of thos extorted revenues to enrich, empower and enlarge government at public expense.

According to Mr. Burien, although the public is absolutely ignorant concerning CAFR, the primary cause for that ignorance is not the politicians but the mainstream media. When Mr. Burien first discovered the CAFR reports in New Jersey in 1989, he went on radio 101.5 FM in a live 45 minute interview. Two days later, that radio station was threatened with losing its license and was almost shut down. CAFR had become another example of - "third rail journalism" - any reporter or media outlet that touched the issue would be silenced or driven from journalism. As a result, there’s been a total mainstream media blackout on disclosing CAFR reports.

Later, Burien learned that the New Jersey official in charge of discrediting his CAFR discoveries was a former reporter who’d been appointed Assistant State Treasurer - even though he had no former financial background. Burien investigated his background and learned that as a reporter he made $35,000 a year. But as Assistant State Treasurer he made $65,000 a year - plus a Carte Blanche expense account of $125,000. !????????

Burien claims this was not an aberration: "I knew there was a state data search department which tied all agencies and departments together. I called that departement and asked for a data search on all key level directorships and supervisory positions for all budgetary or autonomous agencies, and they came up with some 3,500 names from several administrations. Almost 1800 of these Directors were former editors or reporters! It is a virtual certainty that many of these appointments were payoffs for the journalists’ previous "cooperation" in spinning or silencing stories to suit government.

If you conduct a comparable search in other states, you may find a similar symbiotic relationship between government, editors, and reporters. If so, the media’s "liberal, pro-government bias" may run much deeper than anyone has imagined, and the ‘military-industrial complex" described by President Eisenhower in the 1950’s may have been replaced by a "media-bureacracy-banker complex" in the 1990s.

Therefore, Mr. Burien recommends that once you analyze your state’s Budget and CAFR reports, you insist that your local news mainstream media (TV, papers, radio) raise the "Public Awareness" by reporting the difference between the composite "total of cash receipts from all agencies, departments, investments, etc." and the "actual total composite revenues held or controlled".

If your local media refuse to publicize your state’s CAFR, they may be cooperating with a criminal agreement which has effectively silenced public disclosure of the CAFR reports for over forty years. However, once Americans know how much money is out there, where it’s coming from and where it’s going - the government’s game will be over.

Any media that refuses to make immediate mention of the CAFR report should be publicly and aggressively boycotted. Media exposure is the jugular vein of the evil and corruption.

Thanks to http://www.antishyster.comAPFN and Jon Roland
Constitution Society, 1731 Howe Av #370, Sacramento, CA 95825
916/568-1022, 916/450-7941VM         Date: 07/02/00  Time: 10:34:52    

Crime Runs In Giuliani Family
 by Robert Lederman © 2000

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This has not been a great year for Rudy Giuliani. He dumped his second wife on live television, announced that he had prostate cancer and then dropped out of the race for the Senate. His serial adultery was bitterly commented on by his wife and
documented in excruciating detail by the entire U.S. media. His administration has been scarred by corruption, cronyism and influence peddling scandals involving building inspectors, EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and welfare contracts. He
continued a unique record of losing Federal lawsuits over his habitual violation of the First Amendment. His controversial policing policies-the main source of his reputation- were declared racist by the Federal government. After the recent Central Park incident involving officers ignoring more than fifty women being sexually assaulted in broad daylight, the NYPD has been shown to routinely ignore reports of serious crimes and to falsify crime statistics in order to advance the Giuliani reputation. What more bad news could happen to Rudy Giuliani?

Apparently, a lot more. The Mayor’s fondness for doing impersonations of gangsters may be other than just a rather tired joke. In an article from a forthcoming book about Giuliani by Village Voice columnist Wayne Barrett, reported on in the 7/4/2000 NY Times, Post, Newsday and the Associated Press, it is revealed that the Mayor’s father confessed to and was convicted of armed robbery in 1934 and did time in Sing Sing,
an upstate New York penitentiary. The article goes on to describe how the senior Giuliani later worked as a low-level enforcer for a mob-connected loan shark, enthusiastically beating those who were delinquent in forking over their money
with a baseball bat.

Amateur psychologists are going to have a field day with this one. As the saying goes, like father like son. Writing about the elder Giuliani a shrink described him thus in the prison records: -This aggressivity is pathological in nature. He is egocentric to
an extent where he has failed to consider the feelings and rights of others- which could just about sum up the entire seven years of the Giuliani administration.

You would not need a degree to theorize that the son of such a man might try to compensate by creating a reputation for himself as a relentless enemy of criminals everywhere. Is that the real explanation?

The main problem with depending on a psychological evaluation of Giuliani to explain the past seven years of NYC history is that it ignores some very crucial facts, chief among them being the intimate relationship of the right-wing think tank The Manhattan Institute to his administration. As the Mayor, his former press secretary and alleged mistress Cristene Lategano-and the Manhattan Institute itself-have made clear on
numerous occasions, Giuliani obtained most of his policy ideas directly from the Manhattan Institute. These included ending welfare, advocating mandatory DNA tests for everyone, arresting hundreds of thousands of Black and Latino New Yorkers in order to send them a message and privatizing parks, streets, schools, hospitals, EMS and even the police.

The racially-targeted brutality, Constitutional violations and black bag operations which the Mayor favors are directly derived from the Institute, which was started in 1978 by
William Casey, Ronald Reagan’s CIA chief. These policies in turn were directly derived from the CIA interacting with thousands of top level Nazis, who developed these techniques to deal with left-wing political opponents and with racial minorities they had targeted for annihilation across Europe. The CIA and Casey himself were instrumental in bringing thousands of top Nazi experts on espionage, propaganda, militarization of police, political assassination and terrorizing civilian populations into the US after WWII as part of the anti-Communist furor of the early Cold War years.

On occasion Giuliani unintentionally exposes the ideological source of his policies, as when he told community gardeners whose plots of trees and flowers he was having bulldozed in the middle of the night that, “the era of communism is over”. The Nazis and their millions of collaborators across Europe claimed that the evils of Communism justified the atrocities they were committing-exactly the reasoning far-right factions
in our own government have used to justify selling cocaine in order to finance and arm the Contras and other Latin American para-military death squads.

In a speech FBI director Louis Freeh gave to the latest class of recruits on 6/29/2000, and which went mysteriously unreported by the New York media [see Washington Post excerpt below], he said that Constitutional violations by police officials in Germany made the Holocaust possible. While Freeh was doing a little spin-control for the agency-which in recent years has been accused of similar Constitutional violations-his speech could have been directly addressed to and about Giuliani.

In the wake of the Central Park sexual assaults, which probably did more to deconstruct the myth of a safer New York than any incident in the past seven years, Giuliani has decided to let the cops take the fall for him and inept NYPD Commissioner
Howard Safir. Nine officers and a number of high-ranking supervisors are being blamed in an official NYPD report for failing to respond to reports of the ongoing attacks. Police union officials are calling the report a witch hunt and politically motivated but have yet to tell the real story-that they were ordered to hold back in order to avoid any police-brutality claims that might further contribute to the Giuliani reputation for racism.

Most media commentators have gotten this story wrong. Popular theories suggest that NYC cops have become intimidated by all the protests against police brutality and are
now afraid to arrest anyone with dark skin for fear that they will be sued or even criminally charged. All you need to debunk this theory is a night in Central Booking, aka The Tombs, where 95-99% of the arrestees are Black or Latino.

In reality the NYPD was never criticized by activists for cracking down on actual criminals. The chorus of complaints, lawsuits and criminal charges stemmed from hundreds of thousands of false arrests, a concerted policy of racial profiling and from fatal shootings and a sexual torture by the police of unarmed Black males who were not even suspects in a crime.

Under Giuliani NYPD strategy has been motivated solely by politics and by a demand for statistics useful to the Mayor in his quest for higher office. That quest was best served by ignoring, under-reporting and downplaying difficult to solve crimes-the ones people actually care about such as murder, car break-ins, assault, rape and robbery (which take a lot of resources to investigate and prosecute)-and instead focusing on
very low level or non-crimes such as marijuana smoking, squeegeeing a car window or vending. The result is that Giuliani gets credit for low crime statistics that simultaneously occurred in every State in the U.S. and gets to point to the immense number of arrests in NYC as the local cause of crime dropping.

That the vast majority of these arrests are not even prosecuted is usually ignored. These arrests-which cost the City hundreds of millions of dollars in legal settlements for the handful of defendants who bother to sue-do however accomplish a very important goal. They give the opportunity to create a police file on virtually every minority male in the City. Having such a file is an inestimable asset in creating a police state intended to target that same population. And that, rather than the Mayor’s unquestionable racism, cruelty and downright meanness, is why these policies have been instituted and are still being carried out each and every day and will likely continue when
Giuliani is no longer Mayor.

Blaming activists is an excellent technique lifted directly from the Nazis themselves, who blamed Jews, Marxists and others they planned to target for extermination for every real and imaginary problem in European society.

The Mayor-who has bragged on his radio show that his job in the Reagan Justice Department centered on compiling crime statistics-has a whole arsenal of imaginative techniques for making crime stats go down. One of the best is apparently having only three 911 emergency operators who speak Spanish, the language of two million New Yorkers or 27% of the population.

A story in the 7/2/2000 Daily News reported that Spanish speaking callers are kept waiting on the line while their calls are rerouted to operators scattered across the country-none of whom have any knowledge of NYC geography or cultural norms. Isn’t this just a cost-cutting technique, you might ask?

Not really. The cost for the Spanish language translating service the City has contracted to handle the calls comes to almost $135 an hour or a total of $581,035. According to the Daily News article the City could have hired 15 bilingual operators and given them full benefits for the same amount.

Other similar articles have found that Spanish speaking callers to NYC precincts are often taunted or just hung up on by the police. Like his selective enforcement policies-selective crime reporting and selectively answering 911 calls unquestionably
lowers crime statistics if not actual crime.

It will be interesting to see if the revelation of his father being a violent convicted felon will put a crimp in the Giuliani/Bush plan to appoint the Mayor U.S. Attorney General when and if GW wins the presidential election. Maybe once he has had everyone in America falsely arrested at least once, Giuliani can take a much needed rest. He deserves it. He’s the hardest working man in the police state.

Washington Post 7/4/2000 RUDY'S DAD A SING SING CON?

“Mayor Giuliani's dad did time in Sing Sing for armed robbery - and later earned cash throttling deadbeats for mob-connected loan sharks....according to an explosive excerpt from "Rudy! An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani" by Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett. "This aggressivity is pathological in nature," a prison psychologist wrote about the elder Giuliani, according to the excerpt posted on the Voice Web site yesterday. "He is egocentric to an extent where he has failed to consider the feelings and rights of others," the psychologist wrote. ...He was an unemployed plumber's assistant when he spent a year and a half in Sing Sing after
pleading guilty to holding up a milkman with an accomplice in 1934. Harold Hall told cops Giuliani cornered him in a Manhattan building, shoved a gun in his stomach and
demanded his entire stash of $128.82. Nabbed right away, Giuliani gave cops a fake age, address and name - Joseph Starrett, which is still the name on the court files, the book says...The book says brother-in-law Leo D'Avanzo and a mobbed-up associate ran a lucrative numbers-running and loan-sharking business out of the bar - with Harold Giuliani's help. "That was the gist of Harold's job: enforce Leo's law through threats or violence. He shoved people against walls, broke legs, smashed kneecaps, crunched noses. He gave nearby Kings County Hospital a lot of business," Barrett wrote..."It
brings up very painful memories," the mayor said after he was diagnosed [with cancer]. "And, you know, I miss my father every day of my life. And he's a very, very important reason for why I'm standing here as the mayor of New York.”

FBI Trains New Agents on Holocaust
Friday, June 30, 2000, AP/Washington Post

WASHINGTON –– The FBI has begun teaching its new agents how a failure by police to protect citizen rights helped produce the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews, as well as other minorities and political dissidents were murdered by the Nazis...The training segment for agents-to-be at the FBI Academy began last month and was announced Friday by FBI Director Louis J. Freeh; Sara J. Bloomfield, director of the U.S.
Holocaust Memorial Museum and Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. The trainees are given a guided tour of the Holocaust Museum here and instruction about Adolf Hitler's use of the police in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s to round up Jews, political opponents and other targeted groups....Bloomfield, the museum director, said, "Much of the Holocaust was perpetrated or supported by trained professionals who were 'doing their job."

Boston Sunday Globe 2/22/98

'The Manhattan Institute clearly has become the force, and there is no progressive force to counter it. There isn't even a debate.' "The mayor has a very close working relationship with the Manhattan Institute," Giuliani's communications director,
Crystine Lategano, said...Another sign of how much New York has changed: The most influential source of political ideas is a conservative think tank that was founded by Margaret Thatcher's mentor and Ronald Reagan's spymaster.”

NY Times 5/12/97 Turning Intellect Into Influence Promoting Its Ideas, the Manhattan Institute Has Nudged New York Rightward

“Currently housed...on the second floor of a building near Grand Central Terminal, the institute was founded by William Casey, who then went off to head the Central Intelligence Agency in the Reagan Administration....Mr. Giuliani and his campaign staff began meeting with institute members in 1992, and since that time have absorbed many of its ideas, particularly on such issues as the city's tax structure, economic
development, education policy, policing and quality of life.”

[Note: For a fascinating study of how and why the CIA brought thousands of top level Nazis to the U.S. and installed them throughout the government read Blowback by Christopher Simpson, the first full account of America’s recruitment of Nazis, and it’s disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy-Weidenfeld and Nicolson publishers, 1988.]

Tangled Lifeline for 911 Callers-Spanish speakers wait twice
as long to get hotline help

By DAVE SALTONSTALL, Daily News 7/2/2000

It might be a fire, a choking baby or a gun-toting robber, but Spanish-speaking New Yorkers who call 911 in an emergency have to spend almost twice as much time on the phone to get help as English speakers. The reason? Only two of New York City's 74 on-duty 911 operators on average — or 3% — speak Spanish, police say, despite a city population of almost 2 million Hispanics. So the NYPD spends precious time
transferring some 179 Spanish-speaking 911 callers every day to a California translation company, Language Line Services, which in turn patches operators and callers to interpreters as far away as Utah and Florida...."Sometimes you get people who are dying on the phone, or even giving birth," said Liliana Holdsworth, an interpreter for the Monterey, Calif.-based Language Line, which the city uses to translate all non-English 911 calls....Medical experts, citing recent studies showing that
minutes can mean the difference between life and death, particularly in cases of heart attack or stroke, were flabbergasted to learn of the city's roundabout way of handling
so many Spanish big city with a Hispanic population approaching New York's — about 27% at last count — appears to contract out so many Spanish 911 calls...In all, the city paid $581,035 last year to Language Line Services to translate 65,320 Spanish 911 calls — at a rate of $135 an hour, according to documents obtained by The News...For the same $581,035, the city could have hired 15 new bilingual 911
operators or police communications specialists, who — would cost the city about $39,000 a year, including benefits."

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T. (Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)
  (718) 743-3722