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Click. The Real McGuckin Story How do we, the government, steal that valuable property? 
by Don Harkins.

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McVeigh Delay: The Real Reason
Feds are hunting 11 more suspects

The Real McGuckin Story

How do we, the government, steal that valuable property?

by Don Harkins
editor, The Idaho Observer

To all:

The bulk of this release has been composed over the last two days. As you will see, it is our contention that this is a land grab, and the the children and the international media attention got in the way.

Well, we just moments ago learned that we were more right than we thought and certain members of Bonner County government are intimately involved in the foreclosure, seizure and disposal of the McGuckin property to pave the way for a real estate development.

Apparently, the McGuckins, who the media reported had no water, are sitting on the best source of clean water in the area and that source is sufficient enough supply several sites with water. We will not comment further on this aspect of the story until we have more information. But, what we will be reporting soon is the real story here and it may be explosive enough to really damage some very big players in Bonner County government. Stay tuned.

The McGuckin story
By Don Harkins

The McGuckin story, which, as I will explain, epitomizes both the arrogance of county government and the power of network dominant media. The story, which on the surface seems like a simple state- concern-for-the-welfare-of-children case, is incredibly complex. I believe that it boils down to a four (or more) year persecution of an unfortunate family that has a really neat, and possibly strategic, 40- acre piece of property with a pristine lake. This entire travesty would never have made more than a few lines of the local evening news if it had not been for one thing: The McGuckin children sicced their dogs on the "authorities" and made a stand.

Since the Idaho Observer keeps its office within 17 miles of the "standoff" and, since no other media in the area has the editorial license to tell the truth and, since millions of people all over the world are fixated on understanding the truth behind this surreal scenario, I will place things into proper perspective. My wife Ingri and I were able to gain the proper perspective by riding with Joann McGuckin's (former) attorney Edgar Steele while he delivered a letter that withdrew his representation from this case and when we discovered that a bond reduction hearing that had been scheduled for 4 p.m. had been postponed until Monday, June 4, 2001 amid strange circumstances.

Rather than turn this into a series of news stories, this is just going to be Don talking. There will be a mixture of facts that can be verified by documentation and my own interpretation of events based upon my knowledge of the characters involved and other stories that I have covered which are connected or related. I will, however, break each segment down under a headline to make things easier to explain.

To fully understand the McGuckin story, it would be best to obtain copies of the November and May editions of The Idaho Observer wherein we reported the christening of the Cutthroat (a 110 foot unmanned submarine that is now being used for research in Lake Pend Oreille) and the Parkison story wherein another Bonner county family was squeezed for several years until they lost their property. I also suggest that you obtain a copy of the September, 2000 edition of The Spectrum newspaper (1-877-280-2866) wherein some interesting clues regarding this region's importance to sophisticated technology research are found.

It appears that the veneer of propriety on the part of the state is extremely thin in this case. Now that the "standoff" has ended, it will be a matter of simple investigation to prove that the McGuckin's land was stolen from them illegally and that the charges of child neglect alleged by Bonner County Prosecutor Phil Robinson were fabrications that are not supported by evidence.

Breaking News: "Standoff" has ended

By the evening of June 2, 2001, the standoff ended peacefully and the five remaining children have been taken to Bonner General Hospital where they were to spend the night. Three persons, including a family friend and neighbor whom the children trusted, made contact with the children and it was that contact which ultimately led to their decision to come out. Bonner County Sheriff Phil Jarvis claims that he sent word to the children that they would not be separated if he has anything to say about it. The three mediators also gave the kids a note from their mother in jail. It is reported that the note allegedly from mom was what compelled them to go with "authorities." Jarvis' promise that they would not be separated may not be his to keep as the children are now in thecustody of state child welfare workers who have made no such promises to the children.

By all reports the children were all in fine shape physically and mentally were in good spirits when they left their home. The children were taken to the hospital where they would all be given physicals. It is also likely that the hospital staff was be ordered to administer vaccines to make them current with state recommended vaccination regimen. If the children are healthy now and then begin to experience adverse reactions to vaccines, I am concerned that the mother will somehow be blamed for the delayed reaction of ill health and that the introduction of toxic substances directly into their blood streams will not be considered as the cause. I am also concerned that the "authorities" will, in their attempts to pacify the children's emotional needs, start feeding them a bunch of junk food which will exascerbate vaccine-related health complications and compromise their psychological equanimnity. There is still no word on when Joann McGuckin will be released from jail though it appears there is no reason to continue holding her because her children are obviously not the victims of neglect as alleged in the complaint filed by Bonner County Prosecutor Phil Robinson May 29, 2001.

Myths and fabrications:

1. The children have no food and are eating lilly pad soup. This is not true as more than one person reports that the children have plenty of food.

2. The children have no heat. This is north Idaho. They have wood and a wood stove.

3. The children have no electricity. The house has electricity that is hooked up and paid for.

4. The family has 27 vicious and hungry dogs running wild and hunting in a pack. The number is probably closer to 15 dogs that are more protective than they are vicious.

5. The children are victims of neglect. Though they may not live in a family like yours, these kids are not behaving like neglected kids. These kids love each other, their deceased father, their mother and their home.

6. Joann McGuckin spends her money on alcohol. There is no evidence of this.

7. The children are armed. Benjamin said "go get the guns" to start this standoff. Since that time nobody has seen them brandishing any weapons. Benjamin, however, has allegedly admitted that there were five guns in the house.

8. Joann McGuckin has mental problems and does not trust the government. Joann has lost her husband, she has been slipping into poverty for the last several years as her husband's health deteriorated and has been in full knowledge that the loss of her home was imminent. Intrusive government has not attempted to help her, it has been attempted to remove her from the property by a variety of means. Then, charges of child neglect are fabricated, she is tricked by police into being arrested, she is thrown in jail and her kids decide to defend their home. How would you feel?

9. The children must be taken into custody for their own protection because there is no place else for them to go. A family friend of ten years whom the children trust and like, who lives 30 minutes away on a 140 acre ranch has offered to take the children in but the state will not allow them to because they are not "licensed."

10. Benjamin "gave himself up to authorities." Benjamin had apparently left the house on a recon mission two days previously. He was unable to cross the police line and his coming into police custody more closely resembles capture than a voluntary surrender. Since he was taken into custody, nobody but "authorities" have had access to him.

11. The bond reduction hearing was canceled because of a power outage in the courthouse. The hearing was to take place at Bonner County Jail, not at the courthouse. There was a TV setup at the courthouse for media members who were going to watch the hearing from that location. There had been no power outage at the courthouse as of 4:20 p.m. when Ingri and I left. At 3:55 p.m. we learned that Judge Heise was still in the building and that Dublic Defender Bryce Powell was nowhere to be found.

12. Ed Steele had his license to practice law in Idaho suspended. Ed never mentioned such a thing and it does not stand to reason that he would volunteer to represent McGuckin in this high profile manner if he was going to be prevented from representing her in court. Steele said that he has not been informed that he is not longer licensed to practice law in Idaho.

13. The children are unhealthy and malnourished. There is no evidence to suggest this is true. The children appear to be healthy, vibrant and intelligent. Benjamin was given a physical after being taken into custody and is reportedly in excellent health. Benjamin reported that there is plenty of food and water in the house.

14. The children have been home schooled and taught to be suspicious of the government. Both of these things might be true, however the media spin is negative where I see nothing but positives. The children were smart enough to not be taken into custody by police who had tricked their mother into going to jail and had sold their property at auction when it appears that the foreclosure, seizure and sale of the property was conducted illegally. It would appear that being suspicious of government is a survival skill that all children should be taught. They are survivors, they are close-knit and they have proven to be more capable than most children who attend public school.

15. The father died of malnutrition and dehydration. This may be partially true, but persons who suffer for years from the ravages of degenerative disease may not feel like eating or drinking the last few days or weeks of their lives. It would be absurd to conclude that the last four years of his declining health was because he decided to starve himself and not drink water.

Steele withdraws from McGuckin case-for now

SANDPOINT, June 1, 2001-At 2:30 p.m. today Attorney Edgar Steele hand delivered a letter to public defender Bryce Powell and Joann McGuckin that announced his withdrawal from the case. Steele, who I must say is a personal friend of mine, has stated to me that he would rather not practice law in the courts of north Idaho because it has been his experience that law is not the most important part of the judicial equation here. The fact that he decided to try to help this woman and her six children was, in my estimation, a purely selfless and noble gesture on his part.

Steele had an excellent visit with McGuckin May 31. McGuckin thanked Steele for representing her without charge and definitely, according to Steele, wanted him to represent her and the children in matters not related to Robinson's criminal complaint. He learned a lot and found that there were several areas that he could be of service to her because she and her family had been given a raw deal with regard to the loss of the property. Powell was representing her on the absurd criminal charges of felonious injury to children. Steele was up until midnight researching and studying documents pertaining to the case and working out a strategy. The following morning he was unable to talk to her; she only wanted to communicate with Steele through written memoranda and a couple of people friendly to McGuckin were suddenly noncommunicative. Steele said that he cannot adequately represent her under these conditions. He did tell Ingri and I that he left the door open for her, though, and that if she was able to get her thoughts together when things calm down, he would be glad to reconsider.

Based upon what we can infer from the characters involved, the fact that Powell is a young attorney trying to make a living in a tightly controlled small town legal environment, that he is very likely in way over his head in this case and that he must listen to the local power clique to have a future practicing law in Bonner county, it would appear that Powell convinced McGuckin to dissuade Steele, an extremely competant attorney who cannot be controlled by the local power clique, from digging into the injustices that have been done to the McGuckins.

After delivering the letter to McGuckin through her jailers, Steele was stopped by the news media to give on camera interviews. In anticipation of the bond reduction hearing scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. (it was at this time 3 p.m.) there were several local and national news teams and two satelite trucks waiting around in the Bonner County Sheriff's Department parking lot. Steele very eloquently and accurately said several things to the news media that would have made all concerned Americans very proud. When asked what he thought would be the best resolution of this matter, Steele said that McGuckin should be let out of jail immediately so she can go home to her kids and the police should go home to their families. He also indicated that it was his belief that Bonner County Prosecutor Phil Robinson's charges of child abuse were unfounded and demonstrably false.

Bond reduction hearing delayed:

SANDPOINT, June 1, 2001-A bond reduction hearing for Joann McGuckin that had been scheduled to take place at the Bonner County Jail at 4 p.m. here today in the court of Magistrate Judge Heise has been postponed until Monday, June 4 because public defender Bryce Powell was nowhere to be found. McGuckin, 45, was arrested through deception by the Bonner County Sheriff's Department Tuesday after Bonner County Prosecutor Phil Robinson filed a complaint against McGuckin for felonious injury to children. McGuckin is being held on $100,000 bond though most of the charges Robinson alleged against McGuckin have been demonstrated to be false.

Bond is a mechanism that is used to protect the community from the accused if they are at risk for fleeing prosecution or pose a danger to the community. McGuckin is not a danger to the community and the likelihood that she would flee the area and leave her children behind is so remote as to be absurd to contemplate. Therefore it would appear that $100,000 bond is excessive and put in place to keep her in jail so that she does not have the opportunity to speak to the press, have unmonitored access to legal counsel or have contact with her children.

Local and national media with satellite uplinks were positioned at the jail and Court room 2 at the Bonner County Courthouse in anticipation of the hearing. Ingri and I were with several other reporters in the courthouse at 3:30 p.m. when it was learned that Judge Heise was still on site because Powell was nowhere to be found though he was well aware of the hearing time, date and location. It was learned later that he had been out attempting to talk the children into giving themselves up. I believe that he was there doing that, but that it was an excuse to not be present at the bond reduction hearing at the jail. I believe that his controllers, the county that appointed him to represent McGuckin in this case, arranged his not being present for the hearing so that they could continue the hearing to Monday. I think they wanted a couple days to think, hoping that something magical would bring the standoff to an end before Monday. The more conspiratorial side of me is concerned that she will be psychologically manipulated into saying things that will compromise public perception of her in a negative way.

The kids: Kathryn, 16, Banjamin, 14, Mary, 13, James, 11, Fred, 9 and Jane, 8

I have heard several people say that the kids, though sometimes a little dirty, are nice, a little shy, but polite, intelligent and well spoken. It sounds like these children should be used as poster children for the benefits of home schooling rather than being labeled as outcasts unfit to function in polite society. I for one, am proud of the McGuckin children and hope to meet them some day and tell them so.

Conclusions to date:

This is a land grab case not a child abuse case. The kids are fine except that their father is dead and the police tricked their mom into being arrested on charges of felonious injury to children that are either bold faced lies or baseless accusations. In either event there is no evidence to support the charges against Joann McGuckin, there is no reason for her to be in jail and there is no justification of $100,000 bond as she is not s flight risk or a danger to society.

The McGuckin property, which has a homestead exemption and is worth nearly $500,000, was seized for $5,000 in back taxes and sold at auction for $50,000. It appears that the McGuckins have been under attack for at least four years and the intent was to steal their property. I personally believe the attack was subtle, and conducted with the use of sophisticated technologies that to most people are the stuff of science fiction. They became increasingly reclusive, I think, because nobody would believe them if they told them what was going on and they were afraid that people would think they were crazy.

So, the two components of this surrealistic scene is the provably illegal seizure and disposal of their property and the provably fabricated charges of child abuse and neglect. The veneer is so thin that when this thing begins to unravel, the corruption and arrogance behind this property theft will become obvious. I was a disappointed that though there are millions of people talking about this, the public was not represented at the jail or the courthouse. The only people on hand were media types. I guess people wish to be angered by the events by understanding the issue through the eyes of the dominant media.

Copies of the complaint of child neglect filed by Bonner County Prosecutor Phil Robinson (CR-01-01116) can be obtained by calling the Bonner County Courthouse at: (208) 265-1432. The Idaho Observer will FAX a copy. Call (208) 255-2307.

The Bonner County Prosecutor, Phil Robinson, can also be reached at the above number.

Don Harkins is the editor of The Idaho Observer, a monthy tabloid- sized, 24-page newspaper that seeks to report the truth of events that are shaping the socio/political, spiritual and economic demise of our our once free nation. For back issues or subscription information, contact The Idaho Observer at: (208) 255-2307 or by visiting the website at:

The Idaho Observer
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From: "Don Harkins" To: Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2001 7:55 PM
Subject: June 7 - McGuckin Family Update

 Dear Friends of the McGuckins -

On channel 6 out of Spokane, Washington, on the evening of June 6,  Phil Robinson said over the airwaves that he is in the process of  obtaining a search warrant to check the McGuckin residence for  possible electrical and/or plumbing work that could be defective or not  up to code, thereby jeopardizing the safety of "the children". We
received a call today from a Sandpoint resident who was told that  Search and Rescue was called out by the Bonner Cty. Sheriff's  Department to provide round the clock security watch on the  McGuckin residence while Idaho Hazmat (Hazardous materials) out of Coeur d'Alene, a fire marshal from Boise, a plumbing and electrical
inspector and some specialist from Washington state did a thorough  inspection of their home. After writing to a local reporter and asking her  several questions, we were sent the following via email regarding the alleged search warrant(s):

I checked the court file today - no return of service for either/any of the  search warrants. At this point, there are no public records available on the  search warrants or probable cause for the search warrants."

So there you have it. Phil Robinson is getting desperate to prove that the complaint he filed on May 29, leading to JoAnn's arrest, will hold up under
public scrutiny.

Another tidbit -- the county has told a woman who wanted to organize a protest that she would have to file for a permit and it would be 4 weeks before it would be "approved". Also, a non-refundable bond is involved.  Don and I have organized three protests outside of Bonner County and we simply contacted the police to tell them what we were doing and they thanked us for telling them and told us the parameters.

This is truly outrageous!

Dominant Media newspaper contact info:

Spokesman Review - tel 208-344-6718; fax 208-765-7149; email

Bonner County Daily Bee - tel 208-263-9534; fax 208-263-9091; email

Coeur d'Alene Press - tel 208-664-0212; fax 208-664-0212; email

Idaho Statesman - tel 208-377-6200; fax 208-377-6449; email

Address for JoAnn McGuckin, mom:

Inmate JoAnn Guckin
c/o Bonner County Jail
4001 N Boyer
Sandpoint, ID 83864

Bonner County "authorities":

County Prosecutor Phil Robinson: (208) 263 6714

Bonner County Courthouse at: (208) 265-1432.
Bonner County Courthouse
215 South First Ave
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Bonner County Sheriff:
Phil Jarvis, Sheriff Bonner County, Idaho (208) 263-8417

Bonner County Commissioners:

Jerry Clemens. Brian Orr. And, Retired G-Man (wouldn't you know it....),
Tom Suttemeir.
Bonner County Commissioners
Phone: 208-265-1438
Fax: 208-265-1460

Bonner County Courthouse
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Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne
Office of the Governor
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Yours in the Spirit of Truth,

Don and Ingri Harkins
The Idaho Observer
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Army "photographers" present at King assassination by Brasscheck © May 30, 2001

 "Everything in the U.S. is the trial of the century.  O.J. Simpson's trial was the trial of the century.  Clinton's trial was the trial of the century. But  this is the trial of the century, and who's here?"

 - Barbara Reis, U.S. correspondent for Publico (Lisbon)  commenting on the lack of US media interest in a 1999  trial that revealed the close surveillance of Martin Luther  King by US military intelligence units the day he was  assassinated in Memphis

 In my last bulletin, I pointed out that  the My Lai massacre, the cold blooded murder  of over 400 civilians - mainly women, children and elderly men - was documented  from start to finish by an Army photographer,
 Sgt. Ronald L. Haeberle, who was assigned to cover the four hour operation.

 His photos are here:

 In spite of Haeberle's photos, the atrocity was first  covered up and then denied.

 Less than a month after My Lai, Army photographers  apparently had a ringside seat at another dark event
 in American history: April 4, 1968, overlooking the  Lorraine Hotel at the very moment Martin Luther King,
 an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War, was murdered by sniper fire.

 It's a story that almost defies belief, but unless Carthel Weeden, former Chief of Fire Station Number
 Two in Memphis, lied under oath during a trial held  November 29, 1999 in Memphis, that's exactly what

 Full transcript of Weeden's testimony here:

 Here are the testimony highlights (The questioner is  William Pepper, attorney, King colleague and author
 of "Orders to Kill"): 

 Q. On April 4th, 1968, the day of the  assassination, were you on duty?

 A. Yes, sir.

 Q. And on April 4, 1968, were you  approached by two Army officers?

 A. That's what they indicated, they were two Army officers.

 Q. And what did they ask you to do?

 A. They wanted a look-out vantage for  the Lorraine Hotel...

 Q. You put these Army officers on the  roof of the number two fire station on the  4th of April, 1968?

 ... Did you go up there on the roof with  them?

 A. I did.

 Q. And were they carrying anything?

 A. They had some briefcases or some  items with them, yes.

 Q. Did you come to learn what was in  those briefcases?

 A. No, sir.

 Q. Did they tell you what was in the  briefcases?

 A. They said they wanted a vantage point  for doing some photo -- photograph --

 Q. Photographic work.

 A. Right, right.

 Q. Did they at the time show you any  military identification?

 A. Well, I'm sure they did or I wouldn't  have carried them up there but I -- you know,  we had a lot of people coming in and out at  that time, you know...

 Q. Mr. Weeden, has any law enforcement officers  ever asked you about that day and what you did?

 A. No, sir.

 Q. Nobody has ever spoken to you?

 A. No, sir...

 Q. Did any member of the House Select  Committee on Assassinations, any investigator  for the House Select Committee ever speak to  you about this incident?

 A. Not at all.

 Q. Any researchers or book writers ever  speak to you about this incident?

 A. No, sir.

 Q. My, my. Thank you very much.

 More information about the 1999 trial including harassment  of witnesses by government agents and the media blackout:

 Two weeks ago - and 33 years after the assassination -  a judge rejected an appeal by the Coalition on Political  Assassinations (COPA) to make available for public review  the photographs taken from that vantage point and  the complete records of US military intelligence  activity in Memphis that day.

 More about the rejected appeal:

What follows is the basic text of the ruling in our court appeal of a   D.C. District Court ruling that the U.S. Army had performed an  exhaustive search for records of surveillance on Dr. Martin Luther King.  Jr. in the period leading up to his assassination. We based our Freedom   of Information Act request in 1998 on published reports that such  surveillance by military intelligence had taken place up to the day of  his murder, and that it included photographic surveillance of the events of the assassination, and even of the assassin responsible.
After initial denials, and the filing of this suit at the district court  level, the Army claimed that it had "purged" most of those records in the 1970's, and had sent records of any historical, legal or research significance to the Archives, as required by law. The Archives then informed us that they had located one pertinent document, an after-action summary of Operation Lantern Spike, performed in Memphis in  the days surrounding Dr. King's assassination by members of the 112th Military Intelligence Group out of Atlanta, Georgia.
The expedited declassification and release of this report was very significant, proving for the first time that, despite earlier denials, the Pentagon was spying on Dr. King directly. However, this 30 page document could not be, in our view, the only record that met the conditions for preservation under the law. If the summary of records was significant, then were not the original reports on which it was based? Yet, we were told all other records had been destroyed...
In addition, we discovered testimony, in the civil suit brought in Memphis by Dr. King's family against Lloyd Jower and unknown co-conspirators, from the Memphis Fire Chief that he led two individuals who identified themselves as Army Intelligence onto the roof of the firehouse, directly across the alley from the Lorraine Hotel balcony where Dr. King was shot, to set up photographic surveillance on the afternoon of April 4. Yet no record of their presence or the photographs they took was released to us by the Army...
John Judge

Thanks to for providing information for this report.

Help stop the NEXT US atrocity BEFORE  it happens.

Take a moment to read this important message  from Gary Webb about the next civilian  slaughter disguised as a drug war:

Brass Check -

"...if only the press were to do its duty, or  but a tenth of its duty, this hellish system  could not go on."  - William Cobbett, "Rural Rides", 1830

"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in  India, history will look upon the act of depriving  a whole nation of arms, as the blackest."  - Mahatma Gandhi, "Gandhi, An Autobiography"

 "It does not require a majority to prevail, but  rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set  brush fires in people's minds.  - Samuel Adams


From: Edgar J. Steele []
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2001 8:16 PM
Subject: Trouble in Paradise....

My name is Edgar J. Steele. I am an attorney with an office in Sandpoint, Idaho. I have been asked by JoAn McGuckin to provide representation to her where her court-appointed attorney's representation ends, as well as for her six children, now the subject of the highly publicized "standoff" in Sagle, Idaho, which is the rural township where I maintain my personal residence. Here is the statement I released to the press this afternoon:

Edgar J. Steele
Attorney at Law
102 South Fourth Avenue, Suite C
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
Admitted in Idaho, Oregon, Washington & California
Facsimile: (208) 265-5329
Telephone: (208) 265-4153

PRESS RELEASE - IMMEDIATE May 31, 2001, 4:00 p.m., Sagle, Idaho Contact: Edgar J. Steele, attorney for JoAnn McGuckin and her children

Sandpoint, Idaho. A modern American tragedy in the making. That's what the Sagle, Idaho, McGuckin family "standoff" represents.

The McGuckin family home and the 40 acres upon which it stands were recently sold for a pittance by the county government for past-due taxes. It brought only $50,000, while the property is in prime territory, with fully half of Beaver Lake on its eastern edge.

Dad died recently, after a long and valiant struggle with multiple sclerosis, not of "malnutrition and dehydration," which has widely and falsely been reported as the cause of death. Just a couple days after this tight-knit family buried Dad, county government lured her out with a promise of money and free groceries, then arrested her, leaving them only to have to deal with the kids. That was a mistake, of course, but not their first.

Rather than allow this tightly-knit family a decent period to grieve the loss of their beloved husband and father, the county government instead is doing its best to make the family's worst nightmare come true.

For years, Mrs. McGuckin has been fearful of the government taking her property and her kids. Today, that fear is realized, with the issuance of an order through Child Protection Services, making the six children its wards. Of course, the Sheriff can't get near the house to make good on that order.

She has been jailed on a charge of felony child endangerment, allegedly for not providing a proper home for the children, including food, hygiene and education.

Well, admittedly the running water is off temporarily, because the well pump broke and, what with Dad's severe condition as his days drew to a close, they just didn't have the time or the money to deal with it properly. So, they drew water from the crystal-clear lake on their property for washing and to flush their toilets with. And, yes, the laundry did pile up, but what family doesn't have a few domestic backlogs when it loses its patriarch?

And the children are home schooled, fact which makes them politically incorrect, even by North Idaho standards.
But, they do have food, contrary to reports, and the power was hooked up and paid for when Mrs. McGuckin was arrested.
Are they armed? Who knows? Nobody has seen any weapons and no gunshots have been fired. Sheriff Jarvis has shown great prudence in executing the orders he is lawfully obligated to follow. He did not cut off any essential services, as has been reported. He has vowed to keep his men well away from the house and allow us time to effect a peaceful resolution to this crisis.
That resolution must begin with the release from custody of JoAnn McGuckin and the rescission of the order giving custody of her children over to the government. Friends and family stand ready to accept responsibility for the children while Mrs. McGuckin puts her life in order and proves the outrageous charges against herself to be false. However, the demand by the county Prosecuting Attorney that the bail, initially set for $10,000, be elevated to $100,000, effectively guarantees that Mrs. McGuckin will not be given that opportunity.

We are now asking the court for a reduction in the bond requirement and will then seek a modification to the CPS order, whereby the children are given over, as a single unit, to the custody of a trusted family friend. Then, we will take on these outlandish charges and give them the ignominious end that they deserve. We are also investigating this highly-questionable attempted seizure of the McGuckin family home.

Donations to the family can be made to: McGuckin Family Trust, PO Box 1255, Sagle, ID 83860.


McVeigh Delay: The Real Reason
Feds are hunting 11 more suspects


By Diana Kaufman © Globe - May 29, 2001

The shocking delay of Timothy McVeigh's execution was secretly plotted by a group of FBI agents, who believe the whole truth behind the Oklahoma City bombing has not yet come out, say sources.

The agents were behind the "sudden" discovery of the 3,155 documents that McVeigh's lawyers never saw and caused Attorney Gen. John Ashcroft to postpone the May 16 execution, the sources confide.

"The FBI people realized that if McVeigh dies, their chances of uncovering the entire story goes with him," says an insider.

"They forced higher-ups in the bureau to admit that the jury that convicted McVeigh had not heard all the evidence."

One shattering fact that has not been revealed may now come out, says former FBI senior agent Ted Gunderson - that McVeigh was part of a 12-man terrorist team.

In an exclusive GLOBE interview, the veteran agent, who spent 27 years with the bureau says, "One of the investigation team members working on the Oklahoma City bombing told me personally that there were 11 other people besides McVeigh involved in the planning.

"The idea that he acted alone on that day is just downright unbelievable.  He was just the pawn, the fall guy."

Gunderson says it's possible that the missing documents hold vital clues to the depth of the conspiracy that led to the deaths of 168 people in the destruction of the Murrah Federal Building.

"Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier were both low-level people.  Above them were 'handlers', which means the management team in the jargon of this type of operation."

"I don't know if we'll ever learn the complete truth.  But at least the stay of execution gives a little more time for the full story to come out."