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This is an official DOD report (below) on chemical poisoning of Marines, etc. Read it and tell me what you think.

Note however, how former pedophile CIA head and MIT Israeli spy Dr. John Deutch was totally involved initially with the cover up ...Thank God Sec. Cowan got rid of him...but remember the Pentagon Cherry boys still kept him on (Deutch was mixed up with the Joint Special Ops Command at McDill and their existentialist NATO/SHAPE freemasonic Templar-Shriner network which has been selling and giving things to Israel sub Rosa...all freemasons on the take and on the the CHIEF OF STAFF homosexual gang it took a British (intelligence) gal to bring out of the closet...and which included many of our 'illuminated' Pentagon pedophiles and perverts who now have taken over the JSOC 'training command' in Norfolk under Colonel Brian Bach who is plastering neoNAZI logos all over the place.

This is a Cherry Marine wet ops bunker boy gang which belongs to the Krupp Wilhelm SS brotherhood and now includes group bangers such as Pete Williams, Al Gray, Michael O'Boyle, Phil Holwager, Jim Earl, George Griggs and others I will not mention. Deutch was totally tainted and thus got to destroy his previous DCI to get in place...Now they have an honest kinda guy there, but does Deutch remind you of flamer freemason J.Edgar Hoover who heading the FBI?

If the guys at the top are wacko sickos, is it any wonder that many of those 'under' them are unable to behave like normal men? Like real American men who care about our 'national security', family values, and our Constitution, etc.?

Marine Major Randy Hebert is one of my heroes just as a cousin of mine Chesty Puller...There are and were brave Marines. But the chain of command tried to destroy lots of guys like Hebert; they lied to him. He was in so much pain he could hardly talk at the Congressional heading in 1998 with his wife and officer father sitting beside him. Randy said his commanding officer knew there were chemicals where he was being ordered to go and that he, Randy, notified him of this ( the Commander was in a bunker and didn't give a dern about 'Special' boys ) and was told to "turn off ( your" detector" and take off a level of protective clothing.

I spoke many times with another Marine who was being targeted for speaking out because he helped manufacture ABC/NBC chemicals in Florida in a cover company which had a contract with Iraq which was pretending to make candy flavor. Peter Kawaja made some videos I saw and they broke into my home and his because we were both in the Special Ops family and were telling what they were doing to Americas who were telling how they were targeting Americans, to include wives and sons...Peter has disappeared...he said they murdered his wife...He knew a lot and spoke out about how the 4th Marine freemasonic gang were in on all of this global political wetops and psyops deception against sincere and honest folks...My home was broken into many times to steal things ( done by former Marine JAG dirty tricks Cherry Marine Ernest Reynolds who had done dirty tricks on McGovern for Nixon and Goldwater's gang at the RNC's CREEP group ). I wish we had a third party to get a little democracy going here.

Peter Kawaja was in need of work and told the contract company was protected. He talked when he found out that those who sold the chemicals  at the top...Gray, Stiner, Wilhelm, Pace, Sheehan, Millice, Chuck Shelton, Jim Joy, Griggs, Hartzog, Gehman, Brian Bach...and the New Orleans 4th Marine freemasonic group ( with their CIA, Division 5 and NSA-SHAPE-Special Ops gang ) knew where it was going and who was selling it...particularly Zinni and Bernsen who wanted to get rich after they retired and knew folks there, particularly some Kurds who were royally 'fucked', tired to escape to the US after 'helping' Zinni and were thrown into federal prison...It took a really brave and wonderful former CIA guy ( whom Deutch pushed out and is now an attorney ) to volunteer to help the 3 or 4 Kurds.

The duplicitous Men from OZ ( these are the guys with the 'jewels' who get to go behind the screen and who hang out in the bunkers or at the little spooky room down in the Pentagon, thus avoiding contact with chemicals and biologicals ) such as Deutch, Wilhelm, Griggs, Bach use 'orders' to force good guys into situations they know ahead of time are not healthy

Look at No Gun Re and the Army...Look at the Corps of Engineers $1 billion dollar "doctoring" case brought to light by Don Sweeney who named lots of Generals and Colonels who were and ARE corrupt.

Why did these men lie? How could they lie to get rich when as Colonels and Admirals their retirement salaries were over $80,000 a year? How could they lie about chemicals and biologicals they knew were being manufactured by contract monopoly corporations run by insider Generals and Admirals...and once we knew what they were doing, the freemason and templar global boys lied to wives and honest boys like Randy Hebert and Peter Kawaja. How can they continue to use masonic military initiates to target innocent officers and enlisted wives for psyops games and murder such as  Masonic Temple # 1 ordered under Colonel Barry Kanter USA retired JAG and Norfolk attorney who is connected with Meyer Lansky's Brooklyn mob network?

What do you think about this? Hopefully, we are making progress through discussions such as this. I do not believe in violence or using 'their' unChristian tactics. Isn't it time that we real Americans and real Christians got rid of 'elitist' run secret societies because those who are at the top and keep the lists look at the members as pawns on a chessboard. Believe me I know.

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Subject: DoD Reissues Report on Khamisiyah Demolitions

 N  E  W  S      R  E  L  E  A  S  E

No. 721-00
December 5, 2000


The Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses released today a revision to its Gulf War case narrative, "U.S. Demolition Operations at Khamisiyah."  The revised narrative presents the story of Khamisiyah and the possible low-level exposure of more than 100,000 U.S. servicemembers to chemical warfare agents.  The report has much greater detail than the 1997 original and includes the first look at the new potential exposure hazard area that resulted when U.S. forces destroyed a cache of 122mm rockets containing the nerve agents sarin and cyclosarin.

"Khamisiyah is the benchmark incident for all our investigations," said Bernard Rostker, the special assistant for Gulf War illnesses.  "Today, after three more years of investigation and more precise computer simulations, we can present a better picture of the events than was possible before.  To date, the demolition at Khamisiyah is the only Gulf War event we believe may have exposed servicemembers to chemical warfare agents." 

In 1996, then-Deputy Secretary of Defense John P. White and then-CIA Director John W. Deutch decided an independent peer review of the CIA computer modeling of Khamisiyah was needed to ensure the best process.  DoD requested the Institute for Defense Analyses select an expert panel on meteorology, physics, chemistry and related disciplines for modeling review. This expert panel reviewed the modeling methodology and made recommendations for improvement.  The panel's recommendations were implemented in 1997 and used in the 2000 modeling efforts.  In late summer this year, a technical peer-review panel evaluated and endorsed the 2000 methodology.

"The improved modeling methodology yields superior results and produced changes to our original findings with regard to the potential hazard area location," said Rostker.  "That's why we considered it essential to publish our update now."

The number of service members possibly exposed to low levels of nerve agent by the Khamisiyah demolitions has changed only slightly:  101,000 vs. 99,000.  The new potential hazard area is slightly smaller than the one predicted in the 1997 report.  This, combined with the improved unit location database developed over the life of the investigation, plus improved weather modeling, accounts for the difference in the numbers, said Rostker.  More than 66,000 soldiers who were shown to be in the potential hazard area in 1997 remain in the revised 2000 area.

"We are notifying all affected servicemembers," said Rostker, "including approximately 35,000 people who were not previously believed to be in the potential exposure area.  They will be notified for the first time that if they were with their unit at the time, they may have been exposed to extremely low levels of chemical nerve agent."

Rostker reminds veterans that this remains an interim, not a final report. The report can be reissued and the assessments revised, if new evidence warrants.  "I hope veterans will read this report.  If there is an error or information we missed, we encourage veterans with additional information to call us toll free at (800) 497-6261," he said.

Case narratives examine Gulf War incidents that might have involved chemical warfare agents.  They are part of DoD's efforts to inform the public about its investigations into the nature and possible causes for the illnesses experienced by some Gulf War veterans.

This narrative, and all other publications of the Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses, is posted on the GulfLINK website at

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Subject: 20/20 on J Lennon's Assassin Mark Chapman: 12.8.00, 10PM EST

12.7.00 20/20 on J Lennon's Assassin Mark Chapman: 12.8.00, 10PM EST

Thursday, December 8 at 10 PM EST, the 20th anniversary of the date former Beatle John Lennon was gunned down on a New York City street, 20/20 will air a segment which focuses in part on Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman.

NewsHawk has previously published several articles which made note of the fact that Chapman was without ANY doubt a CIA-trained MK-ULTRA style mind-controlled, "Manchurian Candidate" assassin.

We made note of the fact that in the course of being interviewed by Playboy magazine in 1980, Lennon made comments on certain subjects (many of which were not included in the published interview) which undoubtedly caught the attention of the CIA, as well as that of its former director, then vice-president-elect GEORGE BUSH.

In speaking with Playboy, Lennon referred a number of times to his knowledge of the fact that certain drugs -- such as LSD as well as more toxic hard drugs like heroin and cocaine -- had been spread throughout society as a whole and in particular the counterculture, for the express
purpose of trying to bring about social chaos and a general breakdown in society.

He ALSO indicated his awareness that the Beatles themselves had literally been subjected to mind experimentation with respect to certain drugs they were induced to use; and further conveyed that he knew the Beatles and the entire "Beatlemania" phenomenon were to SOME extent at least just another aspect of some VERY wide-scale, globalist "social engineering and experimentation.

The Beatles were part of the mass experimentation that contemporary society was being subjected to by the CIA, Britain's MI6 and the associated "Tavistock Institute."

More than most of the other boys in the band, John Lennon had become increasingly aware of the extent of corruption, co-opting and infiltration of the counterculture -- most CERTAINLY including the rock music scene -- by these same covert government intelligence elements.

In short; John  Lennon blew the lid off a lot of heavy stuff, even if somewhat obliquely, and even though the final published version was heavily edited.

Believe me, CIA personnel know how to read between the lines. You can bet George Bush knew how to as well.

It was quite clear Lennon had become aware of the extent to which the Beatles, their music and the entire Beatlemania phenomenon was to at LEAST some degree a manipulated, contrived global social event, along with the simultaneous deliberate introduction of virtually unlimited quantities of certain mind-altering drugs into society.

And, here's are a few very CLEAR indications that there is DEFINITELY a CIA/Bush connection to the John Lennon assassination.

A little over three months after Lennon was murdered, newly-inaugurated President Ronald Reagan was shot and nearly killed by John Hinckley, in New York City, again.

Hinckley's father, a Denver resident, is a CLOSE personal friend of George Bush, Sr. and some other members of the Bush Empire "inner circle," including son and convicted criminal Neil Bush and as-yet un-convicted sons Jeb and Dubb-o.

For several weeks before attempting to assassinate Reagan, Hinckley prowled the streets of New York.

HINCKLEY followed as exactly as he possibly could EVERY SINGLE MOVE that Mark David CHAPMAN had made, in the days before CHAPMAN murdered John Lennon.

Even MORE bizarre: at the time of their respective arrests following both shooting incidents, John Hinckley AND Mark David Chapman were each carrying on their person a paperback copy of the J.D. Salinger novel, "CATCHER IN THE RYE." (AS did the MK-Ultra mind-controlled assassin
"Jerry" played by Mel Gibson in the surprisingly revealing movie "Conspiracy Theory".)

J.D. Salinger, certainly a gifted author, had SUBSTANTIAL and enduring ties to the U.S. intelligence community; in particular, the CIA. Was the book originally intended to be a mind-control programming tool? It's hard to say, but not inconceivable.

SO: Hinckley traced Chapman's footsteps, as it were, in an incredibly eerie AND incredibly REVEALING, scripted tableau; which culminated, as it did with Chapman, in mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate assassin Hinckley shooting his prey on the New York City streets.

Which indeed, brings up yet a FURTHER point.

Hinckley FIRST CAME to New York WELL BEFORE his attempt to assassinate Reagan, in order to prepare himself for his assigned role by imitating Chapman's moves and actions of a few months before.

SO: HOW did Hinckley KNOW, several weeks BEFORE-hand, that Reagan was going to be at the place in New York City were Hinckley would shoot him, AND the DAY and TIME Reagan would be there??

SOMEBODY on the "INSIDE," who knew Reagan's schedule some time in advance, positioned Hinckley in New York well before the date of the attempted assassination of Reagan.

Somebody like George BUSH, Sr., maybe? Trying to get a jump on taking over as President? Or, or maybe just sending ol' Ronnie a VERY strong, clear message about who the "boss" really was...

Techies log more hours but produce less
By Eric Auchard, Reuters
December 6, 2000 6:51 AM PT
NEW YORK --Technology professionals are clocking longer hours, but producing less, and are at greater risk of jumping ship for a new job than ever before, an annual survey of business technology development has found.

In a report on worldwide information technology trends issued on Tuesday, Meta Group, the Stamford, Conn.-based technology consulting firm, said long lead times on complex projects had trimmed the payback on technology spending.

"What surprised us was that spending was not moving faster. Hours worked were far longer, but productivity was far down," said Howard Rubin, a leading researcher on software labor patterns.

The survey of 6,000 companies in 28 nations showed that overall information technology spending slipped 6 percent during 2000, cutting an estimated nearly $100 billion from the $1.6 trillion spent on business computer systems last year.

Technology projects continued to increase in complexity even as project deadlines have tightened in recent years, Rubin noted. This has led to a rise in on-the-job learning, forcing computer professionals to work longer hours to keep up.

Longer hours, higher turnover The technician's work year is significantly longer than in years past: Working hours rose 36 percent from last year in the United States to about 45 hours per week, assuming four weeks of vacation, and by 30 percent outside the United States.

As a result, technology staff turnover rates rose both in the United States and other countries. The U.S. rate jumped to 11.4 percent from 8.4 percent in 1999. Turnover at non-U.S. companies rose to 12.6 percent from 9 percent in 1999.

Highest turnover rates were reported among technicians at organizations in India (16 percent), China and Switzerland (14 percent), and the United States and Canada (10 percent).

Productivity among technicians has fallen as they scale an ever longer learning curve. New skills learned in high-pressure work environments help improve the marketability of workers in the job market, increasing job mobility.

The average U.S. software developer produced 6,220 lines of code per year -- about one line of finished code every 15 minutes on the job -- compared with 9,000 lines in 1999, a 47 percent decrease.

For non-U.S. companies, software productivity fell by a smaller amount to just above 7,000 lines of code from around 9,100 lines in 1999, a 29 percent decrease.

Cutting costs is job No. 1 The annual survey, known as the Worldwide IT (Information Technology) Trends & Benchmark Report 2001, found that reducing costs was now the No. 1 priority in technology investments, replacing efforts to harmonize internal computer systems, investments in new platforms such as the next generation of Windows software, and pie-in-the-sky Internet projects.

"We had expected much more aggressive investment in technology than what we're seeing. The spending we're seeing is of a very cautious nature," Rubin said. "Uncertainty in the economy is going to further slow investments."

Weakness in the European economy in 2000 fed a decline of 20 percent in overall technology spending by businesses outside the United States. This was compounded by a typically slower technology adoption rate internationally.

U.S. technology spending grew 8.7 percent in 2000, double the 3.4 percent rate of growth seen last year, when new development slowed to ward off the feared computer glitches due to calendar's turn to the year 2000. Still, this rate was far below the 20 percent to 40 percent rates seen in the late 1990s, Rubin said.

Meta Group predicts more overall decline in technology spending in 2001, as companies invest in known technologies and delay so-called "bet the farm" investments in radical new Web technologies that had been popular recently.