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  If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port,
  and the bus is Interrupted at a very last resort,
  and the access of the memory makes your floppy disk abort,
  Then the socket packet pocket has an error to report.
  If your cursor finds a menu item followed by a dash,
  And the double-clicking icon puts your window in the trash,
  And your data is corrupted cause the index doesn't hash,
  Then your situation's hopeless and your systems gonna crash!
  If the label on the cable on the table at your house
  says the network is connected to the button on the mouse,
  but your packets want to tunnel to another protocol,
  that's repeatedly rejected by the printer down the hall,
  and your screen is all distorted by the side effects of
  till your icons in the windows are as wavy as a souse,
  then you may as well reboot and go out with a bang,
  'cuz sure as I'm a poet the suckers gonna hang!
  When the copy of your floppy's getting sloppy in the disk,
  And the macrocode instructions cause unnecessary risk,
  Then you'll have to flash the memory and you'll want to RAM
  your ROM,
  Quickly turn off the computer and be sure to tell your Mom!

THE MAFIA AT THE INDIAN RESERVATION. EYEWITNESS REPORT. "Love, hunger, money" by Sherman Alexie © 2000

I've just returned from the Spokane Tribe's casino-and-gambling mecca at the western edge of our reservation, and I may have to enter the federal Witness Relocation Program because I have seen and know too much. I couldn't  believe it. I had gone there expecting to see a few slot machines and some sweaty small-town gamblers. Instead, there were dozens of suspicious-looking men in expensive suits shaking hands with our Spokane tribal councilmen.

"It's the Mafia," I whispered into the tape recorder that I had carefully hidden beneath the bill of my Washington Redskins baseball hat. Risking life and limb, I maneuvered closer to the wiseguys and councilmen. They barely noticed me, of course, because nobody, neither Indian nor white, ever pays attention to poets.

"The Family really admires what you're doing out there," one of the wiseguys said to the councilmen. His diction was perfect. "We believe your reservation could become a lucrative member of our network."

My true identity could've been discovered at any time. Confidently, I ordered a Diet Pepsi without ice, shaken, not stirred.

"Where do you want us to sign?" the councilmen asked and took out the pens that they all saved for special occasions.

"Sign here. And initial here and here."

Unable to read the fine print, I inched closer and closer - too close, in fact.

"What seems to be the problem?" one of the wiseguys asked as he grabbed me by the front of my Atlanta Braves T-shirt.

"Who is this young man?" the head wiseguy asked.

"Him?" the councilmen asked, and looked at me. "He's just a poet."

"Prove it," the head wiseguy demanded of me.

"My love is like a red, red rose," I blurted. I waited for the response. Had all my years of creative-writing classes finally paid off? The head wiseguy looked me over, slapped my face gently, pinched my cheek.

"Leave him alone," he said to the wiseguy holding me. "He's just a poet. Give him a dollar and a free drink."

I took my dollar and voucher for another Pepsi and went my way. However, I had time to read the fine print on one of those contracts and it said the terms of this agreement would be valid as long as the grasses grow, the winds blow, and the rivers flow.

Help me. I'm writing this from a seedy hotel room in an eastern Washington city. I know too much. I know that the Mafia is on the Spokane Indian Reservation and that they're making treaties. I know the Mafia will break those treaties and only the United States Government is allowed to break treaties with Indians. I'm caught in a crossfire. Help me. I'm just a poet.

Gambling has always been about trust and the loss of trust. It's never been about money. Gambling is nothing new for the Indians.

Gambling is traditional   and began when Columbus arrived in our country. Indians started to roll the dice every time we signed another treaty but we've always been the losers because the dice were loaded    and the treaties broken by random design. Now we've got our own game of Reservation Roulette and I'd advise the faithful to always bet on red.

However, I have the distinct feeling that America is not placing any bets on the survival of Indians. America will not even allow Indians to become citizens of the 20th century. We're trapped somewhere between Custer and Columbus, between the noble and savage. I've heard it said that Indians shouldn't become involved in high-stakes gambling because it tarnishes our noble heritage. Personally, I've never believed in the nobility of poverty.

Personally, I believe in the nobility of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Indians need money.

Forget the discussions about self-hate or cultural dislocation. Forget the loss of land and language. Most Indians cannot even begin to think about those kinds of complicated issues. They don't have the time. They have to spend most of their time worrying about where their next meal is coming from. They worry about how love and hunger can get so mixed up. Most Indians don't have time or energy enough to listen to me or you.

As Billie Holiday said, "You've got to have something to eat and a little love in your life before you can hold still for anybody's damned sermon."

Indians need the money, Indians need the money, the money because we all need all of us (meaning me and you) need the money. Indians need it more because we have less of everything except our stories and poems but you can't buy a can of Spam with a metaphor.

We need the money, the money because money is America's religion, because money is prayer and hymn, because a dollar bill can fill our empty stomachs like a good savior will.

I've also heard so much talk about the morality of gambling. How immoral is the Washington State Lottery? How immoral is Grand Coulee Dam? How immoral are the beer and tobacco companies?

Those questions have their answers buried somewhere deep in the heart of capitalism, and the casino on the Spokane Indian Reservation is proof that the Spokanes have embraced capitalism. There was a demand for a product (gambling) and the Spokane Indians have produced a supply (casino).

Does that frighten me? Of course. But I think it's more important to ask the non-Indians why they are frightened of it.

Is it because of the imagined threat of gangster influence? The profits from reservation gambling are small change on a Mafia scale.

Is it because of the supposed threat to the noble image of Indians? There isn't much non-Indian complaint about the Washington Redskins or the fact that Tonto is still  monosyllabic on television every day of the year.

Is it really because of the immorality of gambling? Capitalism has always rewarded immorality, regardless of race, gender or religion.

I think it has more to do with power. As Indians make money we also gain power. As we gain power we develop a political voice. We can then use that voice to demand that treaties be honored.

We can demand that this country be held accountable for what it did to us and what it continues to do to us. We can make those demands because we'll have the power. We can make those demands because we'll have the money. We'll have the money that used to belong to you.

The writer is a Spokane Coeur d'Alene Indian, a poet, and the author of "The Lone Ranger and Tonto: Fistfight in Heaven."
Tribes Make Easy CriminalTargets
Reprinted under the Fair Use doctrine of international copyright law.

NOW THEY MEAN BUSINESS by Barry Chamish © 2000

     The arrival in Israel today of French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine is the signal that now those who have brought war to Israel mean business. The French, with their agent Shimon Peres, did not murder Yitzhak Rabin for sport. Now they want their payoff and they have lost patience with the pace of Israel's suicide. They want what Peres promised them; the Old City of Jerusalem handed over to the UN, which will permit Arafat a national capital in the areas under its control, and Vatican hegemony over the holy sites, including and especially, the Temple Mount. And they're not kidding around anymore. They want the deal finalized and without delay.

     There is a spanner in the works interfering with the French connivances: the Anglo Saxon powerbrokers of London and New York want the Jews off the Temple Mount and the PLO put there in their place, but they clearly are not enthusiastic about the French and Vatican running the new show. So they are creating an open alliance between their servants, Barak and Netanyahu.

     Last Thursday, Neyanyahu was in the US and received instructions from CFR kingpin, George Shultz. Netanyahu rushed back to Israel for a few hours, met with Barak, attended a Bat Mitzvah as a cover story and then caught the next plane back to America to resume his highly profitable lecture tour. The next day, Barak called for new elections.

    The message to Barak was; the big boys want elections with me in the race. Sharon is having pangs of conscience and isn't getting the job done. He's got to go and whoever wins the race between us, will complete the sellout, this time with a parliamentary majority.

     Meanwhile, Peres was instructed by the French to neutralize the religious, the settlers and, in fact, anyone actively protesting their country's inevitable demise. One act was especially symbolic. He paid a sympathy visit to Chaim Didovsky, the owner of an influential news service based in Hebron, and whose wife was murdered last week by PLO assassins. This courtesy call was aimed at reducing Didovsky's anger, thus controlling the news of the opposing camp.

      And somehow these visits always do the trick. Nowhere was it reported that Didovsky refused to accept Peres's presence, nor did he lambaste him for providing the PLO with the weapons, and the CIA  sniper training, that led directly to his wife's murder.

      So, with another opposition journalist cowed and trained, I'll have to provide some nation- saving information no one else wants to report.

      * Shlomo Mofaz - We learned this week that the Chief-of-Staff's brother, Shlomo Mofaz was placed on a PLO hit list. After that, all we were told is that he is a "senior IDF intelligence officer." Well there is more, much more to his story.

        According to excellent sources, including a high ranking IDF officer based in Hebron, and Israel Media Center founder, David Bedein, the day before the Hebron massacre of February 1994, Hebron's Shabak chief, Shlomo Mofaz met with the fall guy for the bloodshed, Dr. Baruch Goldstein.

        ALL witnesses to the massacre, Jew and Arab testified to the Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry into the Hebron massacre, that Goldstein was not alone in the killing mosque. Most witnesses reported two other soldiers alongside him. The two soldiers threw two stun grenades at the worshipers, the blasts were heard by all witnesses, Jew and Arab and shot six blank bullets, the cartridges were found by the police. Then the two soldiers escaped the mosque, locking Goldstein in to face the panicked mob alone.

       At this point in the commission's hearings, one of the adjudicators, Judge Zuabi noted, "Then there must have been a conspiracy. Goldstein could not have locked the door from the outside." Jewish worshipers reported hearing Goldstein beg for someone to open the door but whoever had the key was not obliging.

       And Goldstein did not shoot to kill in the hall. All wounds were from shrapnel. He aimed at the floor to keep the mob at bay and shot twice in the air, proven because two of his bullets were removed from the prayer hall's ceiling. All who died inside the mosque were old people trampled to death in the chaos. 

      But according to witnesses from the cream of the cream of Hebron Arab society; a doctor, Wakf officials, politicians, the two soldiers stood outside the exit of the prayer hall and shot dead whoever tried to escape, 29 victims in all.

      And Shlomo Mofaz played a central role in this evil atrocity. What we don't know yet, is why the PLO are planning to rub him out. It is not simply because he is the brother of the IDF chief-of-staff; there is much more to the story than that.

      * Since our enemies mean business, so do I. In the name of legitimate national self- preservation, I will reveal information I have withheld for some time, believing it might be demoralizing to the "anti-peace" camp.

        During my interviews with former Eyal members, I was told a most disturbing fact; Moledet MK, Benny Elon was the go-between for Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv. He sought out insecure teenagers at protest rallies and directed them to the claws of Raviv to be hyper-radicalized and maybe even be turned into political assassins.

        As one terrified young man told me, "I was part of a group protesting outside Orient House. Benny Elon came up to me and said, 'There's someone you have to meet.' And he introduced me to Raviv. I would never have been part of Eyal if not for Elon."

        The story continues. Elon's niece Margalit Har Shefi was a Shabak asset at Bar Ilan University. She, Raviv and Yigal Amir had the function of attracting idealistic students to Eyal, where legitimate protest would be delegitimized by fanatic activities. "Immediately after Har Shefi's arrest," I was informed, "Raviv was put in her cell, unheard of amongst religious prisoners, to put the squeeze on her.

        "Benny Elon realized he'd been used after the Rabin murder and exposed Raviv as a Shabak agent. He had to protect himself and his niece in case they were incriminated in the murder, which Har Shefi eventually was. Then the situation got really hairy and Elon stopped being vocal about what he knew. I think he got the message after Shaul was murdered."

        Shaul was a Russian pal of Raviv's, "with weird looking teeth," who hung around him wherever he went. No one knew where he got the money to waste all his time recruiting young Eyal converts. In the wake of the Rabin murder and the exposure of Raviv, he was murdered in Dimona. "He was pushed out of a tall building and they ruled it a suicide."

        Another informant told me, "Here's why they killed Rabin's bodyguard Yoav Kuriel. He panicked and bought a ticket out of the country. He was planning to tell what he knew to the media abroad. He was stopped at Ben Gurion Airport, hustled into a car, and shot to death outside Lod." His body was then taken to the State Pathologist Dr. Yehuda Hiss where organs were removed and attempts made to cover up traces of the murder.

      * I am not Columbo. I don't seek evidence with a magnifying glass. Concerned Israelis pass on information to me. Many wait for me until the end of my lectures and that is how I acquire much of my inside information. This method has been most fruitful in exposing the truth about the murder of Rabin's Deputy Defence Minister, Motta Gur, in July 1995.

       Israelis were told he committed suicide because he was depressed about his terminal cancer. Only, on the day of his suicide, his doctor, head of Ichilov Hospital's Oncology Department, Dr. Samario Chaitchik, told Maariv and the Jerusalem Post that Gur didn't have cancer. He had spent three months at Memorial Hospital in Manhattan and had returned seven weeks  before with the growth completely gone.

      A month ago, a nurse who treated Gur waited until the crowd at my lecture dissipated before telling me, "You're right. Motta Gur was completely recovered."

     Then last week, another woman added, "I know Motta Gur's sister. She told me the same thing. He had recovered when he died. There was no motive for a suicide."

     Except Gur had had enough of the "peace process," had introduced a bill into the Knesset calling for a national referendum on a Golan withdrawal, had publicly encouraged the building of new settlements in Judea and Samaria and knew way too much about who was orchestrating the end of Israel.

     * Another woman who waited for me at a lecture knows the Rabin family. She had quite a tale to tell as well. "It was Friday, the day before Rabin's memorial rally in Tel Aviv. Leah was supposed to attend and give a short speech. She was very ill but still had the strength. Then she read the interview with Dr. Gutman in Maariv, the one with the headline, "There Wasn't A Third Bullet." For five years she was told her husband was shot three times and then she read an interview with his surgeon denying there was a third bullet. She understood that she had been lied to and had a heart attack. There were rumors that her illness was not natural and I don't believe them. But after she realized the truth about the bullets, she was dead in days."

   * Finally, the issue of Justice Minister Yossi Beilin's homosexuality. I touched on the fact recently and was bombarded with information. It has always been my policy to leave a person's predilections out of my work. They are no one's business but their own. However, once again, survival is the issue and good taste must be sacrificed.

     I have been informed that Beilin was turned precisely because of his secret. "The Americans and the Europeans have been blackmailing him since the late 1980's," one source explained. "And to assure his cooperation in their plans, the Americans catered to his tastes when he visited Washington. Everyone has a skeleton in the closet and Beilin didn't want his coming out. He was an ideal choice to lead the New World Order in Israel."

     On numerous occasions I have received similarly sensitive information. There is a Likud politician turned left because of his sado-masochism, there is a religious Minister who has call girls blindfolded so they won't recognize him, etc. etc. My policy remains intact, I will not report this side of our leaders' characters. I made my first and last exception solely because Beilin's weakness is leading to our national downfall.

The author's new book, The Last Days Of Israel, was published recently by The Zionist Book Club. Write In Israel call 02 6712284. In the US, call 1 877
RABINYY. Dandelion Books reports the American edition is at the printers now. Write

The second edition of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, currently being serialized by the Jewish Press internationally, is available from Brookline Books. In the US call  1 800 666BOOK or write

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War without tears. Should 'non-lethal' chemical and biological weapons be allowed?  © 2000

MILITARY advisers in the US want to rewrite the treaties banning chemical and biological weapons so they can develop "non-lethal" versions. To safeguard the lives of American troops in peacekeeping operations, they want to use weapons that, for instance, will allow whole rebel armies to be put to sleep--or perhaps disable their vehicles and weapons.

But arms control experts are already condemning the idea as "disastrous". They believe the crucial treaties could unravel if they are renegotiated to allow new weapons to be developed.

In the past few years, the US marines have become very interested in non-lethal weapons for the complex peacekeeping operations they are often involved in, such as that in Somalia. Such munitions could also help minimise the "CNN effect"--the growing need to justify military actions to politicians who watch them live on television.

Military and police forces already have dozens of weapons designed not to kill, including rubber and plastic bullets, electric stun guns, sticky foam and tear gas. But the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate of the US Marine Corps also wants chemical and biological agents such as sleeping gases, tranquillisers and oil-eating microbes which would incapacitate without injury.

"For example, I would like a magic dust that would put everyone in a building to sleep, combatants and non-combatants," the directorate's head, Colonel George Fenton told New Scientist. But he says that this type of technology would mean reviewing the agreements aimed at ending chemical and biological warfare.

Russell Glenn, a senior analyst from the Rand Corporation, which advises the US Department of Defense, also argues that the ban on chemical weapons should be "updated" so researchers can develop gases that could, for example, calm crowds rather than kill them. "Chemicals can be our friends," he told Jane's Non-lethal Weapons conference in Edinburgh last week.

Although the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention outlaws both lethal and non-lethal weapons, the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention is more ambiguous. It bans the use of non-lethal weapons against enemy troops, but permits the use of chemicals against property, provided they do not harm people or animals.

David Fidler, a legal expert on non-lethal weapons from Indiana University, says that renegotiating these treaties would fatally undermine them, re-igniting some countries' desire for weapons of mass destruction. "It would be disastrous," he says.

The intergovernmental Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons warns that the chemical convention is under attack. Rewriting it would endanger world security, says the OPCW's head of government relations, Ralf Trapp, "creating a spiral of increasing risk".

There are also doubts within the US Department of Defense. Joseph Rutigliano, an attorney with the US Marine Corps in Washington DC, says that unleashing these new weapons on less technologically advanced nations could provoke them to reply with nerve gas or other lethal agents.

But retired Colonel John Alexander, who researched non-lethal weapons at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, argues that the chemical and biological treaties are already "doomed" because they are, or will be, broken by rogue states or groups. If the US abandoned the treaties it could deploy weapons which could, for example, destroy plastic engine fittings or make rubber tIres brittle, he says. "There is almost nothing
that some bug won't eat."

Rob Edwards
From New Scientist magazine, 16 December 2000

Kate - the most detailed list yet available of British concessions at Nice. Steve Reed.


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Sent: Monday, December 11, 2000 12:26 PM
Subject: [SANITY]

Here from EUObserver are the vetoes surrendered at Nice.

Nice result: Qualified majority voting.

Even though the British vetoed article 42 - social benefits - and article 93 - tax provisions - qualified majority is still introduced in 34 different areas and three clauses on enhanced co-operation. This is a reduction from before Nice, where some 49 areas were on the table. Some of the areas on the list include certain dates that state when to introduce QMV. With the documents available now all the can give you is a listing of the articles, where qualified majority voting is in part introduced instead of unanimity. However, will update you, when more information is available.

The list is as follows:

So on top of everything else, Blair wants to allow this hotch-potch of Euro-plotters carte blanche to modify UK-law in each of these areas:

Article 67 - Justice and Home affairs: 12 different areas have gone to QMV and they are: 62.2.a) checks on persons at external borders, 62.2.b) certain rules related to visa, 62.3) conditions for freedom to travel for nationals of third countries 63.1.a,b,c,d) measures related to asylum, 63.2.a) temporary protection of refugees 63.3.b) illegal immigration and residence, 65.a,b,c) judicial cooperation in civil matters, 66) co-operation between the relevant departments of the administrations.

My God! Look how they do it!  Eating away at J+HA, sub-paragraph by sub -paragraph!  All mainly concern treatment of foreigners (although the "persons at external borders" could be citizens of the country they are about to enter) Perhaps we are expected to dismiss them, on these grounds, as not affecting us, until, perhaps, we are told we MUST accept x-thousand immigrants from the Euro-army's latest battleground!  All, that is, except the last two, which impinge on the civil courts and the civil-service (welding the bureaucracies together across Europe is the essential strategy of the super state's conspirators)

Article 100  1 - Financial aid offered to member states by the Community under certain conditions

(more scope for sanctions and bribery)

Article 111  4 - External representation of the European Monetary Union at for example G7 meetings

(UK would now lose the right to attend, FOR EXAMPLE, G7 meetings, if it joined EMU)

Article 123  4 - Measures regarding the introduction of the euro (attendant ONLY upon a decision to join EMU?)

Article 133  5 - Trade, commercial policy on among others intellectual rights

( a Euro-copyright, among OTHER things!)

Article 137 - Minimum requirements in the field of representation and collective defence of the interests of workers and employers, including co-determination

(more red-tape and interference in industrial relations - tending towards a corporatist management/labour structure after the continental - and, indeed, the Nazi - model)

Article 157 - Industry

(what, all of it? hasn't EU-interference destroyed enough of our industry already?  Clearly not!)

Article 159 - Social and economic cohesion outside the Structural Funds (what? Re-deployment of persons displaced by destructive, manipulative policies?)

Article 161 - Structural and Cohesion funds

(money for destructive, manipulative policies)

Article 181 - Economic, financial and technical cooperation with third countries

(WHAT!? Most of Foreign Policy, at a stroke?!)

Article 187 - Association of the overseas countries and territories

(and ALL of policy towards British dominions?  Gibraltar?  the Falklands? all those handy little islands - and their mineral rights?)

Article 190  5 - Statute for the members of the European Parliament 

(saying what? That they shall cease to be members of a meaningless talking- shop and become something approaching the bad excuse for "democratic representation" they are intended to become?)

Article 191 - Statute on political parties on a European level

(THERE IT IS - QMV on whether a political party shall be approved, or not!!!!!!)

Article 223 - Internal rules of the European Court of Justice

(How "internal"? So that they don't affect us?  Only as long as we don't recognise its paramountcy!)

Article 224 - Rules of Procedure of the Court of First Instance.

(same again - Euro-law decided by QMV - and Blair has signed up to this!)

Article 228 - Internal rules of the Court of Auditors

(you could hide almost anything in provisions like this - the Auditors are intended to intrude into every area of government activity to make sure it is following EU-directives)

Article 270 - Financial control

(How does this differ from Fiscal control - an area defended against QMV - and how can you have the one without the other?)

Some articles regarding nominations of EU institutions and organs have also been changed and they are:

("Nominations?" What does this mean?  A member-state's "right to nominate"?)

Article 23 - Special representatives of the Common Foreign and Security Policy


Article 207 - The secretary general and the secretary general adjoint of the Council

(holders of the nascent presidency and vice-presidency of the superstate) 

Article 214 - The president of the Commission

(head of the EU civil service)

Article 247  3 - Members of the Court of Auditors

(hatchet-men to the President of the Commission)

Article 259 - The social and economic committee

(the people who will plan every aspect of your life)

Article 263 - The regional committee

(currently working on tying all local government directly to Brussels)

QMV has also been introduced on the clauses G (procedure on how to establish enhanced co-operation),

[how to make people "love Big Brother"]

 M (the permanent procedure on participation of member states outside enhanced co-operation)

[as if rules for "participation" and for "enhanced participation" were not enough!]

 and O (permanent procedure on enhanced co-operation on Home and Justice affairs) on enhanced co-operation.

[i.e how to let Blair give up the veto on the sub-paragraphs of H+JA he's still reserving from QMV]

Written by Marie-Louise Mller, Edited by Lisbeth Kirk, Marie-Louise Mller, 
Richard Buttrey, Grappenhall, Cheshire, UK