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The "Assassination" of President Gore

by Michael D. Morrissey © Sunday, Dec. 10, 2000

What we are witnessing now is an assassination without the blood. As in 1963, we are seeing the blatant usurpation of the presidency by the fascist powers that have controlled the country--behind an ever growing, omnipresent media smokescreen--ever since the execution of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza.

This time the murder weapons are not rifles but voter fraud and judicial corruption at the highest level, as demonstrated by the US Supreme Court's announcement yesterday that it, in the person of five judges, will decide (tomorrow) who becomes president, and not the people who voted in Florida on Nov. 7. There is no longer any doubt what the outcome will be.

Gore has long since won the popular vote nationwide by more than 300,000 votes, and it has become clear that he would also win in Florida if the manual recount ordered by the Florida Supreme Court were allowed to continue. What the Republicans have failed to do by massive voter fraud in the state controlled by George W. Bush's little brother Jeb, and have threatened to do by legislative decree at the state level, they have now accomplished by judicial decree at the highest level.

The US Supreme Court is playing essentially the same role now as it did in 1964, when Chief Justice Earl Warren produced a fairy tale known as the Warren Report that the majority of the American people have always known is pack of lies. It is now sanctioning, as the highest authority, the virtual appointment of the president, against the express will of the people.

This may be a bloodless coup (so far, anyway), but it is no less significant, and even more transparent (if that is possible), than the events in Dealey Plaza that put the war president, LBJ, in office in 1963. Whatever the wording of the Court's opinion, it will decide for Bush and he will become president. The message to the people is clear, perhaps even clearer than it was in 1963: "We've got you by the balls. The fundamental principle of the state is not democracy; if it were, the votes in Florida would be counted.
L'état, c'est moi." This is not a fairy tale à la Lee Harvey Oswald, but a clear statement of principle. We know where they stand, and thus we know where we stand.

The power axis is clearer, too. We need not speculate about the "conservative" forces in 1963 who feared a "Kennedy dynasty," and made doubly sure of preventing it by murdering brother Robert in 1968, and who now have achieved precisely that imperial wish with their own anointed family, the Bushes. (The first--erroneous--announcement of Bush as the winner on election night came from the Fox News Channel desk of John Ellis, a first cousin of George and Jeb.) The Bushes' alliance with the CIA, George Sr. having been the first former CIA director (if anybody can be "former" CIA) to occupy the
White House, is in perfect contrast to the Kennedys' distrust and hatred of them (John having vowed at one time to "smash them into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind").

We've come a long way, baby. And where are we? The blood will come, as it did in Vietnam. I don't think George W. is being foisted upon us in this overtly fascistic manner for nothing. We will pay the price for our complacency if we let it stand, which I am afraid we will. Led by the fully complacent--and thus complicit--television (and other) media, we will listen to the interminable bla-bla from the talking heads until we can't stand it anymore and shut the damn thing off. The fundamental principle of democracy, the right to vote and have our votes counted, will have been blatantly violated by the highest authority in the land, which means the last vestiges of democracy are gone, and we will have accepted it. We should not be surprised when the Brown Shirts and the Gestapo re-appear.

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Comment: I thought the article on the mistreatment of German born youth in Norway
(Nazi Children) could perhaps be understood as a response to W.W.II
experiences, but this suggests a much deeper problem.  What else lies behind
Tivoli and the well kept towns of Europe's northland?  Ronn 12/09/00 

More Than 400 People Castrated In Norway Crime Purge
By Timothy Kalyegira © 2000

OSLO (Reuters) - Norway castrated 414 people from 1934 to 1969 as part of a crackdown on rapists and others including mental patients, homosexuals and epileptics, a historian says.

``Castration was to prevent sexual crimes, but it quickly took on a much broader scope,'' Per Haave, who has had access to Norwegian health archives, told NRK public radio on Thursday.

He said 370 men and 44 women were victims of a policy which peaked in the late 1940s. More than 100 people were castrated from 1948-50 alone.

Castration ``was perhaps used most of all on psychiatric patients, on those in mental institutions and in homes for young criminals,'' Haave said. ``Among the men ... there were many homosexuals.''

Neighboring Sweden revealed in 1997 that it had sterilized about 63,000 people between 1935 and 1975, many against their will, as part of a campaign to improve racial purity in the Nordic nation.

Norway, whose population is now 4.5 million, has also been accused of carrying out forced sterilizations, although on a lesser scale than in Sweden and stopping short of castration.

Haave said that many of the victims were aged under 20. The men had their testicles cut off, the women had their ovaries removed. 

Health authorities justified the operation on one 15-year-old girl, for instance, by writing that she was ''strongly erotically inclined.''

L.A. Tabloid Reporter Defends the CIA Against Mind Control Allegations by Alex Constantine © 2000

     How a weekly hooker-ad tabloid, distributed freely on Los Angeles street corners, discredited, in a feature story larded with fabrications and personal attacks, a local documentary on CIA sex trap operations and mind control.

     Brice Taylor has claimed in two "kiss-and-tell" books to be a veteran CIA sex-slave. On November 2, KCOP, a Los Angeles television station, aired her allegations on the evening news. It was "a spy thriller unfolding in the heart of suburban Los Angeles." Taylor, explained KCOP's Jodi Baskerville, was "a typical soccer mom with a successful husband, three kids and a beautiful home in the San Fernando Valley, that is, until she started telling of the secret double life as a MIND-CONTROLLED SEX SLAVE for the CIA..."

     That's "crazy," chides Tony Ortega, repeatedly, writing in New Times, an "alternative" newspaper in Los Angeles that publishes a handful of news articles and movie reviews amid a sea of ads for prostitutes, massage parlors, nightclubs and bars. One might fret that a publication depending for its existence upon the "industry" would exhibit a frisson more civility, it's an acquisition society, and the hookers who advertise in New Times are also "sex slaves," in an economic sense, after all < and not depend upon low blows like "crazy."

     Tony Ortega derides Taylor and others alleging to be victims of  CIA "brainwashing" and bio-electronic process control, viciously. And some subjects of past articles by the reporter find him to be a colorful figure in his own right. Frances Emma Barwood, a Phoenix city councilwoman candidate for Secretary of State of Arizona two years ago, met Tony Ortega at a UFO conference in Laughlin, AZ in 1998. Ortega, she recalls, "lost money gambling and definitely drinking." The drunken reporter was "annoyed
that he had to wait until they introduced me to speak and kept commenting negatively about the people there." At the podium, she discussed a triangular aircraft sighted by legions of Arizona residents. Ortega phoned her to say that a friend of his at a local astronomer's club and one other member  "saw planes that night. He also accused me of not returning his friend's call. The man did call but never left a number and said that he would have the kid call me, which he never did. I find it most interesting that one young man says it was small plane formation way up high and thousands say it was a humongous flying boomerang-shaped object that flew very slow, was very obvious, flew over the most densely populated path from north to south of Arizona, was very low and was totally silent! And Tony Ortega  believes the kid!"

      At this point, it should be said that no judgment regarding the truth of Brice Taylor's claims is made here, and that is not the purpose of this rebuttal. They are indeed "bizarre," as KCOP acknowledged, and unsubstantiated, haven't proven to be true or false, but the New Times coverage of the documentary IS demonstrably false, depending entirely upon vicious personal attacks, selective prying of details from the historical record, innuendo < tactics normally associated with historical revisionism,
with the effect of obscuring the already well-known involvement of the CIA in sex trap operations and mind control.

      Tony Ortega's "Sex, Sies and Video Tape" is a study in bias. "Even tabloid TV didn't buy Brice Taylor's claims of being a CIA sex slave," Ortega notes, as if the Agency's use of prostitutes is news to him, a topic only fit for tabloid television. Forget that John Marks of the New York Times exposed CIA mind control experimentation in The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, based on the government's own documents, over 20 years ago. Forget the books and articles of University of Santa Clara Professor Allan Scheflin, Walter Bowart, Dr. Peter Breggin, Martin Lee, former BBC producer Gordon Thomas and scores of highly credible independent researchers. A recent Atlantic Monthly feature painstakingly detailed a grossly unethical CIA mind control experiment at Harvard that contributed to Ted Kozcinski's mental deformations < the making of the Unabomber. But Ortega thinks mind control is for the tabloids.

     "Channel 13 saw higher ratings in her ravings," Ortega reports, not that Ortega  bothered to investigate said "ravings." He is too busy dribbling a transparent goo of denial over them to actually look into whether or not the sex-slave allegations have any foundation. For support, Ortega turns to a much-quoted "expert" on mind control, Dr. John Hochman, a cult mind control "expert" and practicing psychiatrist in Encino,
California, interviewed for the KCOP segment. Hochman is also a "consultant" in courtroom cases involving child abuse allegations and "coercive persuasion" (a science honed by the CIA in the prison system involving all forms of harassment this side of violence). Dr. Hochman, mind, is also an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine < affiliated for over 30 years by the late Dr. Louis Jolyon West, chair of the neuropsychiatry department and one of the most infamous CIA mind control experimenters on the public dole. The obvious
conflict of interest is lost on Ortega, who cites Hochman as a legitimate source. Hochman, mind again, also serves on the editorial and advisory boards of the CulticStudies Journal, a publication with CIA ties. He is also on the board of the American Family Foundation, a CIA front that boasted Dr. West on its board, and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, another CIA front, and Dr. West again turned up on the advisory board. In 1990, Hochman won the John C. Clark Award for "Distinguished Scholarship in Cultic Studies" from the American Family Foundation ... the CIA front (and all of this is explained in my own Psychic Dictatorship in the USA, 1995, a book that documents the barbaric history of the CIA's use of human subjects in brain experimentation, many of them incapacitated for life by Agency scientists).

     Given his own ties to Langley's Cold War Napoleans, Dr. Hochman's response is predictable: "I'm sure [Taylor] has no evidence that the CIA is really doing this," he sniffs.

     It would behoove New Times to pay attention to current events. As recently as late November, Canadian newspapers reported that the CIA's James Tyhurst engaged in a relationship with a harem of "sex slaves," and he was sentenced for it:

Topless woman whipped by doctor, court told.
Andy Ivens The Vancouver Province, 22 November 2000

A suicidal woman who went to psychiatrist James Tyhurst for help with depression and an eating disorder testified yesterday she wound up in a master-slave relationship that included whippings to her partly clad body. Jill Gorman, 42, is suing Tyhurst, 78, for damages she allegedly suffered during the
nine years she saw the University of B.C. dean of psychiatry from1979 to 1988. "The most common comment was, 'Slave, strip to the waist and assume the position,' " Gorman testified,
describing the punishment Tyhurst meted out for failing to live up to unrealistic expectations she said he placed on her.

     And ...


British Columbia: Patient whipped, treated as slave by psychiatrist, court told National Post

VANCOUVER - A 42-year-old woman testified during a civil suit yesterday she had a master- slave relationship with her psychiatrist, who would whip her partially naked body up to two
dozen times each therapy session. Dr. James Tyhurst, head of psychiatry at the University of British Columbia from 1959 to 1970, made her stand against the wall while he struck her back
with a leather-braided whip, said Jill Gorman. If she moved, she would receive more blows as punishment, she said. Mr. Tyhurst, now 78 and retired, sometimes made her kneel and say: "I am your humble, obedient slave."
     He was tried in 1991 on four counts of indecent assault and one of sexual assault after four women complained of being assaulted between 1966 and the mid-1980s. He was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison but won a new trial in 1992 when the B.C. Court of Appeal ruled the original trial judge misdirected the jury on the question of reasonable doubt. In 1996, the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear the Crown appeal....

     The CIA's Dr. Tyhurst, before his conviction, was himself a treasured courtroom "expert," like Dr. Hochman, in sexual assault cases. In Abuse of Trust (Douglas & McIntyre Ltd.), a book about the case, a publisher's blurb observes that Tyhurst "was making a name for himself as an expert witness usually at murder or rape trials that were destined to be controversial, and invariably by testifying for the defence, never the prosecution. At the 17 rape trials at which he gave evidence, Tyhurst's testimony was always on behalf of the accused rapist, never the victim."

     How many rapists owe their acquittals to the testimony of the CIA's Dr. Tyhurst?
     New Times has evidently not been informed of the fact that many women who have been victimized by the Agency. In 1976, Playboy Press published Donald Bain's account of sex and mind control at the CIA, The Control of Candy Jones. Bain wrote in the introduction: "I have always been able to accept evil as an abstract symbol but, like most people, find it more comfortable to deny evil's reality. To accept the evil displayed for me on the [Jones] tapes would be to accept the resulting fear and anxiety real
evil ultimately produces."

     Denying reality may be comforting, but serves the wrong interests. Ortega makes the fallacious argument that the CIA gave up mind control long ago as "a failure and waste of time." The Tyhurst example alone mitigates against this false assumption, and there are a horde of others.